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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> all right we apologize for that difficulty
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this morning. we'll get you up and out of bed and starting with news ahead at 5. as you saw the video there of hillary clinton and donald trump victory in the empire state with donald trump and hillary clinton's big wins what they mean for their arrival sglel let's goat weather and traffic. gary mcgrady standing by with a quick check of the forecast. >> saying bye to the 80s and hello to 60s and 7 0s. it will be a great, great day. dry. nice out there. i got no complaints. . >> neither do we. >> we'll take it. >> hopefully no -- on the road. >> just construction 395 coming out of alexandria on the northbound side duke street we get you for that. metro on time today. chilly start than before. >> all right. thanks a lot, erin. fist newspaper head blinds breaking news from south america another strong after shock hitting he can door. an earth quik off the coast and killed more than 500 so dpar
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hundreds are missing in ecuador. we'll continue to monitor breaking news and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> happening today, brendz and family say final good guy to fallen prince george firefighter john ol mssnyder. and dozens came out jedd evening to pay respect during a private viewing of fire nighter john olmssnyder he was gunned down while checking on someone in a home. >> criminal charges pending against two state regulators and city employee and charged with violating michigan drinking water law. official misconduct and destruction of utility property and evidence tampering and attorney general is expect odd to make the announcement today and nearly 18 months after the water source was switched residents drank and bathed in toxic water. >> and now to those big wins for the president citizen shall front runners donald trump and hillary clinton. for the first tim
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new yorkers are helping change the trajectory of 20 16 presidential race. wisdom martin joining us to talk about it all. >> good morning, wiz. >> it was epic in the empire state. new york city fighting up the empire iconic -- lighting up the empire state with red and blue can indicates. and reaction is pouring in to what victories actually mean for their rivals. >> a sweeping win for donald trump in home state of new yor york. and despite all the problems and turnover within his campaign staff over the last month. one of the biggest states and he won it overwhelmingly. what does this tell us he's a great campaigner and won a brilliant campaign of course not. it tells us he's doing and saying things people wanted to hear. >> cruz had difficulty winning over new york voters after criticizing their values during a debate last year. trump believes
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senator fruz it just about mathematically eliminated. >> hillary clinton takes empire state for the democrats after a race with bern sglern the nomination for her is effectiv effectively resolved. bernie will fold eventually because he cannot win. >> this ends his winning streak and is a major setback for the vermont senator as he tries to play catchup with hillary. >> under the bright light of new york, we have seen that it's not enough to diagnose problems. you have to explain how you would actually solve the problems. >> while voter turnout was high this year in new york state it was not without prob mremz as the new york city comptrollers plans to investigate problems at the polls in brooklyn. >> we'll go in and ask some very tough questions. for example, why
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that 25,000 people were removed from voter rolls. >> by the way today is last day for early voting in maryland. looks like we're heading to that heavy weight bought between hillary clinton and. >> dan: on the way. back to you. >> what is the last time the primaries this late in the game mattered so much. you know what i mean. >> only thl political cycle. >> crazy, crazy. >> maryland primary tuesday. donald trump he's heading to eastern shore to rally reporters one day after last night's big win in new york and cruz will visit tread frederick maryland being the first 2015 presidential candidate hosted in the city so far. >> president obama is in saudi arabia today he will meet with king solomon. the president's visit comes at a time tensions are growing. he criticized the country saying they need to learn to share the middle east with iran. saudis are also angry over proposed bill to let familia fa
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saudi arabia since most of the terrorists were saudis. later in the week president obama will travel to the uk and germany. . >> all right. six minute past the hour gary mcgrady. cool this morning. had to grab a jacket. >> see i'm more not to take anything away from you but more on lines of wisdom camp. this is great out there. >> really? >> it was the last couple of mornings it was so mild. >> you had a jacket. >> i had a jacket but maybe a planned for that too. >> i knew you would be a little cool. i was shocked. >> we can agree it was not bad right? >> no, no, no, no, no make major complaint. >> bright sunshine -- i mean bright moon shine out there this morning. 44 to 53 for the kid owes at the bus stop. obviously suburbs are colder. we have a couple spots in the suburbs that dropped off into the 30s already. respectively to that it is cold in some spots. okay? after school, 67 to 72
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you'll be shedding it late this morning. because temperatures will warm up upper 60s. low 70s for highs today and temperatures out there right now just so you get an idea of what is going on. 54 in town. gaithersburg dropped to 43. that's kind of cold maureen. 37 for frederick and 50 down in mannasas. temperatures on the rise quickly, 60s and 70s later today. here's erin cuomo tracking traffic. . >> and there's problems early gary. ongoing construction overnight to arlington between douk and seminary road because of that atypical slow down. you're down to one lane right. there let's hop outside for a look at cameras as you make your way bottom of the beltway to the district and cones are set up just the left lane now is squeezing by and this is causing a again delays that you normally would not see this time of morning. and really long line of basically sparked traff
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and so again leave early. we'll let you know when we're able to wrap up this construction and once again lingering much longer than we typically see this time of morning. aside from that slow down 395 northbound things are look going on beltway and let's take a look at maps. no problems in silver spring. topside of the beltway cruise ago long as you make your way 95 to the spur and good news you come out from frederick clear from the truck scales on down. we'll let you know that's traffic. back to you . >> thanks, airport, let's take a look at other top story this hour n cubafy del castro makes a rare public appearance and gives unpress departmented farewell speech to country come unight party. he tells party members he's nearing end of his life and encouraging them to help his ideasture viv it came at the end of three day communist party congress where raul castro was reelected ahead of party and
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allowed in cuba. >> a man accused of plotting terror attack against u.s. capitol will stand trial. christopher cornell is come tent enough to do so. they showcased letters from cornell is proof he understands charges against himment cornell plead not getty to four charges including attempted murder and is currently held without bond. >> major victory for virginia transgender teenager what a federal court ruled in his fight to use the bathroom of his choice at high school. >> first "fox5" exclusive new details of investigation into shooting girl in southwest d.c. and they're seeing violent attacks of retaliation. we're back in 30 seconds
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>> now to a "fox5" exclusive this morning police are trying to figure oar out why someone broke into a home and attacked two children including a toddler. >> unthinkable they think they may have been retaliation stemming from shooting of 7-year-old erltier this month. annie yu is live in north west with the latest. and it's just impossible to understand this story annie. >> i agree with you. two innocent children attacked in their own home and as you mentioned police do believe this is in retaliation to a
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a week and a half ago. you may remember the 7-year-old girl shot on hartford street southeast as walking home one night from dinner we parents. again in that southeast community. now, police did make an arrest in that case they arrested 27-year-old michael wiggins in that case. but on tuesday, we learned from a police source that there is a warrant out for wiggins sister and here's why. according to police report we obtained it says that just four days after the 7-year-old was shot there wiggins sister broke into unknown woman's apartment along with cousin and female victim was attacked by one of the female suspect as a second suspect drationd the 11-year-old son out of his room beating him while accusing him of snitching on police and outing her brother. it reveals that the victim 2-year-old woke up from the commotion and was punched in the face four to five times by these women seekgng retaliatio
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retaliation. disturbing news here. police sources have confirmed to us that the 11-year-old victim did not provide any information and had nothing to do with the arrests. so that just makes the situation even worse. agn there is a warrant out for michael wiggins sister at this time. police did let us know, though, that yesterday they did arrest that second suspect in this break in and she's been charged with burglary. that's the latest here northwest back to you in the studio. >> thanks annie, appreciate. it city of baltimore police department once again investigating a controversial arrest at the hands of a police officer. we'll have details coming up. >> first gary and erin will have a check warm and traffic on the fives when we come back pass passion
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>> 5:14 wednesday morning breaking news in south america another strong after shot hitting ecuador. a 6.1 magnitude earthquake
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striking 25 minutes ago after the devastating quake over the weekend that killed more than 500 people. hundreds are missing in that country. we'll continue to monitor breaking news and bring you updates as we get them. >> happening now thousands of people in the houston area are evacuating homes. people there are still dealing with severe flooding. high waters causing several deaths right now, nine counties in the loan star state are under a state of emergency. more than 1,000 water rescues have been carried out in the houston suburbs alone. and great out there this morning. now, look it's cold in some spots and in the city temperatures are mid 50s. no wind. skies relatively clear. couple clouds out there and really bright moon shine out this morning. today look we're mostly sunny, dry, cooler today than yesterday. of course we had a couple days in 80s. middle 0s monday and yesterday generally speaking we were lower 80s. today looks like we will be upper 60s
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look at numbers this morning. gamersburg dropped to 4. frederick starting off cold at 37. that's coldest spot. fredericksburg is 53 in culpeper this morning is 49. nothing too cold across the region. up to new york city 51. boston 46. pittsburgh 48 this morning and look at all the 60s at this hour down to the soul of us. high pressure building in behind a frontal system. warm front approaches us for tomorrow. we're still going to stay in the 70s tomorrow. that's front gets closer to us showers will be approaching and look, it looks dry today and really it looks dry tomorrow. maybe a shower gets hereby late in the day tomorrow evening and tomorrow couple of spots out west late tomorrow afternoon possible. but it doesn't look probable. tomorrow stands to be dry in my book. 70 on saturday. weekend right now still looks nice. nice, nice. and i don't see any wrinkles here too. looks like this one will play out. few clouds on saturday. and then little warmer
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sunday. 72. i'll tell you now modeling suggests maybe mid to upper 70s on sunday. let's just be conservative and start off in lower 70s on sunday and we'll increase it a little bit as we find a little bit more confidence in those models. here's today's forecast. still looks good. and cool this morning. 53. that's in town 8 a.m. out in suburbs spots in 40s. we warm up quickly. lunchtime 65 and later today look at that temperature 71 degrees or so at 4:00. no complaints on the old weather line this morning. 75 tomorrow. more clouds. again looks dry tomorrow. few clouds late in evening. "fox5" rocks early friday morning i think dry, few cloud clouds. down at fargate square and secret society is playing friday morning. wouldn't that be nice. you're impressed i know that aren't you eastern? >> yes. temperatures look really fantastic this weekend. >>
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>> you can be out there dancing dare. >> i might be out there i don't know maybe i'll stay here. >> either way you'll be dancing and right now breaking news in frederick. crash activity serious crash right now on a15. we have a lane closed in each direction near angleburger road use caution there. we'll certainly bring you more information. getting reports of overturned vehicle involved in that crash at that location. again this is north 270 in frederick along 15. lane closures in both directions and aside from that in frederick this morning, 66 eastbound. you're moving nicely 234 cente centerville and problem free 29 things looking good mannasas and fairfax. not seeing any issues inside the beltway i'ller. we're dealing with roadwork zone lingering later than we typically see for overnight construction. 395 northbound down to one lane between duke and seminary. this is causing a big backup. let's look live outside. just aheads up if you head out in alexandria trying to get to arlington or towards district
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basically parked getting through the long construction zone. once you pass by duke street things on on the way to 14 street bridge. back to you. happening today pretrial hearings for two baltimore police officers facing charges in the death of freddie gray. there's a hearing this afternoon for upcoming trials of officers edward nero and brian rice. prosecutors requested to have garrett miller compelled to testify at nero's trial. miller was involved in gray's initial arrest and nero's trial is sketched to begin may 10 and this week marks one year since gray's death. >> meanwhile police baltimore investigating another violent arrest caught on camera. >> this shows an officer dragging a
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on the video you can hear the young men repeatedly say they live there and were not breaking in. the men in the green shirt was arrested for disorderly conduct and charged on criminal citation and charges since been dropped and has been released. over to d.c. police arrested a man accused of killing offer duty secret service officer charles sims is charged with first degree murder for shooting death of arthur baldwin. baldwin may have been victim of robbery when shot in southwest last december. time now 5:20 let's take a look at stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social immediate we'll do it with realtime news tracker. first up victory for transgender virginia teenager and federal appeals court overturned a policy prohibiting gave ingrim from using boy's restroom at high school in gloucester county and grim was born female and but identifies as male. the school board had ruled that students must
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that correspond with their biological gender and judge now says that rule is discriminatory and the ruling comes as the state of norm carolina face as i lawsuit challenging its law requiring transgender students to use the restroom that correspond with gender on their birth certificate. national institutes of health is halting some research because of concerns over lab contamination. the work was suspended in two facilities because nih says they have not complied with safety standards to protect patients from inappropriate risks. so far nih says there's no evident any patients were harmed and the agency will conduct a rigorous review. they also won't enroll new patients he in affected trials until issues are resolved. >> and next up pepco customers listen up you may have to pay a little more. it is asking for a 10% rate hike in maryland. now the request follows last month merger which saves cust
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final decision would be made by par mar public service commission later this year. and would you like to know the hottest neighborhoods in d.c.? well according to wash toneian magazine, these are the five best places in our area. they include mount pleasant, boston, trinidad, shaw and hyattsville. all great neighborhoods i agre agree. . >> do they know you live there. >> ding, diping, ding. >> have you ever lost your train of thought. >> i think i did so now. >> well now they know what causes. it details in today's health watch. and first caps getting ready for day four of playoffs. flyers we will not see on the ice tonight. details after the break . he had grandpa move in with us.
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it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course...
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nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >>
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game four of playoff match-up against the philadelphia flyer flyers. this game comes following monday night's heated game including this nasty hit against brooks. hopefully we'll see it here. it's a tough one to watch. head coach says he will miss tonight's game as a result. and also though a scare for braid ep yesterday when he collided with a teammate. he expects him to play tonight. the puck drops at 7. i believe the person that administered hit is suspended for tonight's game. even though tonight's game is in philly you can catch all the action at the verizon center and it's hosting a watch party. doors on there 6:00. that would be fun ! >> uh-huh. >> try control all your excitement over there. >> video would have helped. but hey the gremlins in the system. >> i don't know about that. >> i should have brought my cow bell that would have cured all. >> no, no, you should not have
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>> i'm trying to get you going. >> see what we deal with people this goes both ways. >> gary. nice day out there. >> i dare you holly bring the cow belly think we could have fun with the cow bell. >> stop trying be my friend no now. >> see how she is? >> you have not heard the cow bell. >> no. >> i want to hear it. bring it on. >> he has not -- temperatures now this morning --. >> temperatures out in the suburbs. don't hit me maureen you don't need to kick me under the desk like that. 730 in frederick this morning. here in town temperatures have been in middle 50s. we'll continue to cool off in some spots. dulles 51. 54 again in city and leonardtown now coming in 50. annapolis you will be great today by the water. temperature now in the 50s. you warm up to 60s. here is the forecast for kid owes big range in temperatures, 43 to 53. sunshine, dry, 72 dropff
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ride with the windows down right? because that cool breeze will come in. >> right? >> searching for a segue to erin cuomo. >> unless you have allergies and then you want to roll the windows up. >> it's rough for us this morning. >> all of us have puffy eyes. if you suffer from allergies listen to me i can't get the words out. you may want to take care of that before you leave the hous house. crash activity 15. serious crash involving overturned car. lane closed in both directions right near engelburger road. again 15 area is frederick give yourself extra time to get around. we have another crash now 270 reported between 80 and 109 and construction continues 395 northbound by duke street a look at that next. back to you. >> ahead at 5:30 nearly a week after first seen frantic search for missing firefighter continues and now her husband
5:28 am
her safe return. >> and water crisis playing city of flint michigan and who is expected to face criminal charges in the case today. 5:27 is the time right
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>> and speaking of voting it's time to name d.c.'s new baby eagles. how you can get in on all the fun. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. . >>. >> all right. rise and shine good morning. >> good morning to you wisdom martin. >> erin cuomo. >> holly, wisdom. we made he it to wednesday. >> gary mcgrady, working hard in the weather center. good week for you gary. >> i'm trying to figure out how i make it 80s again. 84 yesterday. not having it today. only upper 60s and 7 0s. full forecast coming up and it's a good one. >> we'll take that. good on the roads? >> unfortunately we have a few accidents and big construction zone causing slow downs on 395 northbound by duke. we'll get you around all that this morning. >> thank you erin cuomo. >> 5:31 is the time now and breaking news we want to report. from the country
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strong after shock hitting that country this morning. and 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast that was just about one hour ago. now there are no reports of any damage from the after shock. ecuador is still reeling though from 7.8 quake that hit saturday killing 525 people. hundreds still remain missing. >> happening today, friend and family members say final goodbyes to fallen prince george county firefighter george olmssniper and he was gunned down last friday while checking on someone in a home in temple hills. >> update now opt flint water crisis. criminal charms are now pending against two state regulators and city employee. the three will be charged with violating michigan drinking water law. official misconduct, destruction of utility property and evident tampering and michigan attorney
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expected to make at announcement today that for nearly 18 months after flint water source was switched. residents drank and baiminged in toxic water. >> that is politics now. good morning from donald trump and hillary clinton the two are waking up winners after swee sweeping last night. trump took a whopping 60% of vote while hillary clinton took 58% of democrats. today trump is heading to maryland eastern shore to rally supporters there and maryland primary is this tuesday, april 26. >> today marked one week since nicole mittendorf's husband last heard from her. her car as last seen in a parking lot in shenandoah national park. >> today police and her husband are desperately asking for your help to bring her back home. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live with more. melanie. we just learned nicole's family is asking for help from any attorneys because they think she may have downloaded files on
5:34 am
believe could offer clues to her last movements but they say they can't get any help from the wireless carrier and they cannot get a search warrant for it because at this point nicole's disappearance is still not considered a criminal matter. there will be a vigil at fire station 32 where nicole works at a job her family said she absolutely loved. and text message to a family member was nicole's last known communication and that was wednesday when she deposit show up for work friday at the fairview station in fairfax station people knew something was wrong. saturday night virginia state police found nicole's 2009 mini coopner a parking lot at the base of white oak canyon trail shenandoah national park 90 minutes from the woodbridge home shared with her husband. her husband had a mess am for the community and his wife. >> i ask that you not focus on
5:35 am
the face of worried husband or family members but that you focus on broadcasting her picture and telling her story so none who has not seen the coverage will. as i close a message to my wife. sweetheart, i love you. i am praying for you. i'm not sure where you are but know we're all looking for you. and i look forward to your safe return. >> so many people out there now helping in the search trying to offer whatever information they have that might be useful to finding where nicole mittendorf is. virginia state police who are in change of the search efforts have been quiet. we have got really received any updates from them about whether they found or didn't find anything. we know they've been searching. saturday, sunday, monday, we don't know yet if they'll be back out there again today
5:36 am
they can to try to find nicole. back to you guys. >> mel, thank you very much owe for that. we'll get to a "fox5" exclusive now and d.c. mees are looking for a woman that punched a 2-year-old in the face. and also attacked an 11-year-old. and this happened in southeast. another woman already arrested in connection with the assault. police believe it was retaliation stemming from the shooting of a 7-year-old earlier this month. all right i'm here hanging out with gary mcgrady to get an update on the forecast. >> i didn't know i would have had donuts or -- >> you like those cinnamon bun buns. >> i'm simple kind of guy plain donuts is fine glazed i'm simple with the weather i want sunshineing and temperature above 70. >> 70 dunkin' donuts, simple. >> you might be able to get half that today. 54 this morning in d.c.. gamersburg you guys dropped.
5:37 am
39 now. frederick dropped. another degree down to 36. fredericksburg 51. baltimore 46. who has not gotten a shout-out. winchester, 46. martinsburg 44 and hagerstown 47. we have a couple clouds out there this morning coming out across. i think it will be gorgeous sunrise and gorgeous day. cool, 8 a.m. and nice at noon. sunny and 65 and there you go wisdom. 71 for you. here's what's going on. >> he'll have expectations of donuts or something like that. >> all expectations and breaking news for you crash alert 50 inbound crash by kenilworth this camera by 202 and once again chefly do backup 202
5:38 am
in from annapolis headed to district be prepared to factor extra time. 395 also still dealing with active construction zone. as you make your way from bottom of beltway towards duke street a huge slow down and things fun toll one lane and as soon as that clears it's a big delay back to you wisdom. >> all right. thanks very much. coming up, actor tracy morgan taking a stand against controversial religious freedom laws and how he's showing opposition this morning. >> first if you ever lost your train of thought you may now have an answer as to why. we'll have details coming up in our "healthcheck".
5:39 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> fewer years without disability than people without diabetes according to new study researchers found men and women with diabetes had a life expectancy of three years less than men and women without it. the team knows diabetics are living longer than in the past and the condition still carry as i large risk of other health problems. >> you have ever lost your train of thought? hm. scientists think think found why or at least found out why it happens. they found a link of why it could happen. turns out can happen when someone interrupts you or you simply forget what you're saying like right then, even
5:42 am
your train of thought. scientists university of calipari say unexpected event tends to clear out what you're thinking and there appears to be a link between the just lost thought and one classic symptoms of parkinsons disease. no word if this could lead to some sort of treatment for parkinsons but they pinpointed why people may lose their train of thought. >> that's interesting. >> i think lack of sleep. >> you can use your train of thought at any time. >> i forgot what i was about to say next. carry on. time to name d.c. eagles et cetera. >> and first gary and erin checking traffic own weather on the five. stay with us.
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>> time 5:45 breaking news from ecuador a strong after shock hitting country and 6.1 magnitude earth quake struck off the coast and that was an hour ago. and no reports any damage from this after shock and ecuador still reeling from 7.8 quake that hit this past saturday killing 525 people and hundreds remain. >> cold in town. 354. out in suburbs temperatures colder. last hour gaithersburg dropped to 39 and
5:46 am
middle 30s. again outside of town pretty cold. since natty is 51. nashville 62. wilmington north carolina 61. up in boston 46. listen, if you travel around this morning no problems. no delays. cold stuff for the rockies. denver 34 there and down through texas temperatures in 60s and 70s. our trend for the next few day days, 72 degrees today. great. and tomorrow, 75. more clouds tomorrow. friday we have a possibility of showers, few thunderstorms as well. and then we drop again for saturday. only down to 70. high temperature this time of year normally right around 68 degrees. so we're super close to that. this weekend 70 saturday. few clouds. i still think it looks really, really g i don't see a reason why this weekend forecast not going to verify. no tricky systems coming up the coast or anything like that. we'll go 73 sunday and both days look nice. but i do believe that sunday is probably best of the two.
5:47 am
frontal system dropped through yesterday's high temperature is up to 84 today and we're cooler only 72. super nice. winds north, northeast 5 to 10 miles an hour and here's 7 day forecast and look there's a chance of shower the way it's looking now tomorrow late in the evening and during the hours of daylight 77 on friday. and few showers and thunderstorm looks like that happens in the afternoon and evening concert series friday morning should gb to go. few clouds saturday niece mostly sunny 73 and close to 80 monday. here's erin cuomo. 5:47 turning into a nasty commute. crash 50 west kenilworth avenue because of that you hit delays in cheverly to 202. give yourself extra time dealing with ip
5:48 am
heavy traffic now. and construction zone still lingering because of that duke and seminary. you hit bumper to bumper traffic and these delays starting to extend now. a.m. some cones get up and still construction zone. this is what you're up against this morning from alexandria and you need extra time for keep it to one of secondary this morning. we'll switch back to the maps now aside from those big slow downs other problems. as you make your way out to frederick county this morning. 15 lane closures in both directions near engelburger road big crash scene involving overturned car and give you yourself extra time slow downs pick up at 15 and another crash urbana between 270 and 109 we you have covered this wednesday morning lots to get through back to you. >> happening now a new push to change the d.c. license plates since the year 2000 district
5:49 am
without representation on them the way to raise awareness of city's lack of voting representation in congress. now council member charles allen introduced bill to add the world in in front of the phrase. it's more areartive way to get it across. several are supporting the bill. >> marijuana legally allowed in private d.c. clubs? not going to happen. lawmakers put a permanent ban on use of got private clubs. it's been in effect the last two months. lawmakers were going back and forth on allowing it after possession of marijuana for personal use was legalized last year. they blocked the city from further change it's heads to the desk for mayor for her signature. happening today, hundred of cwa verizon employees are picketing and this time outside of the chesapeake complex in silver spring. rally starts at 11. verizon work areas cross the kintry went on strike earlier this month. they've
5:50 am
negotiations ten months and the issue is verizon continues to send more american jobs overa sa s and out-source to contractors and accepted employees away if home months at a time. strikes are happening all across the country. >> also today another local school board will be looking at changing school year start and dismissal time. anne arrundel county board of education will look at a few step air joys depending on budget and these options would be for 2017, 2018 school year and last month the board asked school officials to look into potential options. >> montgomery county students can officially blame old map winter for longer school year this year the last day of school is pushed back by one day from june 20 or june 17 to 206789 last day is now june 20. montgomery county public schools after state of maryland to waive two days that were missed due to the snow and the state waevshed one day. it says the request was denied because montgomery county did not show any effort
5:51 am
the snow days on a previously planned holiday or vacation da day. virginia tech is trying to develop an air traffic control system for drones. yesterday, they flew the groans at test sites in blacksburg, virginia and bushwood maryland the warm was perfect for plying by the way. demonstration showed how different drones can communicate with central air traffic control platform without requiring same software and this is part of national campaign involving nasa technology. >> comedian tracy morgan is taking a stand against mississippi law that impacts the lgbt community and cancelled his performance next week citing can't vorsial religious objections bill. it would allow certain by businesses to cite beliefs to deny services to gay, his bee app, bisexual and transgender people and morgan says ticket for the performance will be refunded. >> target taking a stand on the debate of what kind of bathrooms
5:52 am
they can use the restroom or fitting room facility that correspond with their gepder identity. their decision also comes on heels of nationwide debate on why transgender people should only be allowed to use public banl rooms and facilities using sex at birth. norm carolina is facing backlash for the legislation hb 2. >> credit card transactions about to speed up visa has a quick chip to let customers dip and use their card. consumers will insert chip card at terminals which again rates the chip automatically and the card can be removed from the terminal while the rest of the transaction continues. >> and the national asha receipt up two bade eaglets are one step closer to being named. >> a campaign to name the nestlings settled on five finalists ready. >> stars and strip
5:53 am
freedom and liberty, anacostia and potomac. my favorite honor and glory and cherry and blossom. >> i'm going with that. >> you want to wake in like holly and i laid in and you find a lincoln line to d.c. eagle you have until midnight april 24 to vote and winning names will be announced next tuesday. >> they're predictable. ways look are for something more creative. >> away from cliches. >> gotcha. >> yes. >> they're so national capital orientd we're two days away from another "fox5" spring concert series this week's fruit toured band is secret society. they've been around since 2008 and in 2012 they were nominated for a whammy washington music awards for best temporary group. >> influences stevie wonder and marvin gay. check them out this friday fa fargate square park 17 and k street and the concert is free. you don't
5:54 am
unless you want to you can tune in "fox5" rocks friday morning. >> if you do have money don't give it to wisdom. >> yeah i'll spend it quickly. >> 5:54 time for facebook fan of the day and today is iris stunning she is. >> styling and profiling she's been watching "fox5" since in high school and now her own children who are in middle school nun every morning. >> loving lashes irish. for your time to be a fan leave a comment mr. iris's photo. >> now it's shout-out time. we have great news to share. big con grationlations in store for holly morris. holly morris won edward r more row award one of the biggest honors there is in journalism. it's for best future reporting in d.c. region and it was for a story holly told as part of our pay it forward series i remember that. she profiles a young girl named rachel harris and she was
5:55 am
kindergarten to do good for others. gop gratlations holly morris. >> thank you i'm very excited and humbled and excited. >> "fox5" photographer won for best use of video as well. >> and i won mine along with lansing who was a photographer who used to work here i want to give him a shout-out too. >> congratulations. >> i found out when lance texted me i was like what i didn't know. >> do you have a speech ready. >> no. >> just like to thank the academy --. >> yeah. >> i'll thank all of my brilliant people that support me day in and day out. these two handsome men here. >> that's like an award for us wisdom. >> yes. it is. >> exactly. >> don't get used to it. >> anyway. >> trust me, we won't. >> house weather. >> good today, award whipping warm. that's a lousy segue, whatever. 72 in town. we're starting off chilly this morning. some spots mid to upper 30s. we'll warm up with the sunshine and
5:56 am
we're in good shape. and 7 day forecast, you know, i don't see definitely anything i don't see major problem with the forecast. lower 70s today. tomorrow warmer. i'm trying to get machine to change to the 7 day forecast. it doesn't want top do it. not much i can do about. it weekend looks georgous. >> we'll focus on the big word sunny. >> sunny and 72. darn near perfect. >> that is darn near perfect. >> as is erin cuomo day in and out. >> so are you congratulations. >> thank you. >> i can't wait to watch the entire story. if you're wacking up now huge fwlaiz. 95 northbound delayed route 1 to beltway to lorton because of construction and on 395 northbound between duke and seminary out there all morning and has not wrapped up traffic at a stand still 95 flew springfield toll this point. we'll show you a live look look outside what you're up against rights now. 395. it's not 6:00 in the morning yet.
5:57 am
once it's past this point at duke street things on up. it's getting there that's the problem. give yourself extra time. try to keep it to saekd your i iy s. we'll keep up updated keep it to "fox5" we're back for the 6:00 hour in a few.
5:58 am
5:59 am
straight ahead at 6 a big win for a transgender teen in virginia. what a federal court has ruled and his fight to use the bathroom of his oi
6:00 am
high school. how this case could have a much wired impact. >> also a husband's desperate plea to bring his wife home. missing for a week now. still a lot of questions in disappearance of a fair fax country firefighter. >> and first a live look outside. it's wednesday morning april 20. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:0 r5. >> good wednesday, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we have breaking news to report coming from over seas in ecuador a strong after shock hitting that country this morning a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast about 90 minutes ago and no reports of damage though from this after shock. ecuador still reeling from a 7.8 quake that hit saturday killing more than 500 people. hundreds remain missing. >> in the race for the white house now a sweeping victory forefront runner trump in the new york presidential primary climbing


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