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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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high school. how this case could have a much wired impact. >> also a husband's desperate plea to bring his wife home. missing for a week now. still a lot of questions in disappearance of a fair fax country firefighter. >> and first a live look outside. it's wednesday morning april 20. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:0 r5. >> good wednesday, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we have breaking news to report coming from over seas in ecuador a strong after shock hitting that country this morning a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast about 90 minutes ago and no reports of damage though from this after shock. ecuador still reeling from a 7.8 quake that hit saturday killing more than 500 people. hundreds remain missing. >> in the race for the white house now a sweeping victory forefront runner trump in the new york presidential primary climbing
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prosecution of the vote. ohio gone nor kasich name second followed by cruz. on the democratic side race for nominations in the home stretch for hillary clinton she picked up at least 135 delegates up for grabs and senator bernie sanders will grab about 100. >> we have seen it's not enough to diagnose problems you have to complain how you actually would solve the problem. we we don't have much of a race any more. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> and the focus now shifts to next tuesday where voteers in connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania, rhode island and maryland head to the polls. quick note for maryland voters early vote are of state end tomorrow and today trump holds a rally on the eastern shor and ted cruz campaigns in frederick
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6. >> and another news happening today flint water crisis is about to be a criminal case and michigan attorney general is expected to announce charges against two ovrlz with the state department of environmental quality. and also a water treatment plant supervisor in flint for 18 months flint's new water supply was not properly treated >> closer toe home friend and family say fine gal sgrai bye no john olm snyder and a funeral will be held this afternoon in hollywood, maryland he died friday night on call to check on someone at a home in temple hills. he was shot by someone in that home who thought the firefighters were intruders. >> "fox5" learning new mvtion in the search for a firefighte firefighter. nicole
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week ago. >> live in fairfax station where the missing woman worked. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison, we're learning this morning nicole's family is asking for advice from any telecommunications attorneys out there they say that they believe nicole downloaded files to her cellphone that could offer clues to where she is or last was. but they say the wireless carrier won't help them and at this point a warrant won't help either because it is not yet considered to be a criminal matter. it's just one of the ways they are reaching out for help from the public and anyone else who might help try to find her. and a text message to a family member was nicole's last known communication that was wednesday when she doesn't show up for work at the fairview fire station friday people knew something was wrong. virginia tate police found her mini coopner a parking lot
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the base of white oak canyon trail shenandoah national park 90 minute from the woodbridge home she shared with her husband. her husband had a necessaryage to the community and wife. >> sweetheart i love you and i'm praying for you and i'm not sure where are you. but know we're all looking for you. and i look forward to your safe return. your commitment to ser search commendable and very much appreciated. . >> take a breath, take a breat breath. it's all right. >> to the media. thank you. thank you for helping us spread the word about the disappearances of my wife. well, now of course there's big questions about nicole's last movement. so the text message on wednesday who was it to. police are not telling us. what did it say? where was she then on wednesday, thursday, friday,
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trying to find information on. so, we want to you take a look once again at the picture here. take a look at nicole's 2009 mipy cop cooper and her picture there next to it. if you recognize the car or think you may have seen it or nicole anywhere around the area even wider region, wednesday, thursday, friday, that is also something that police want to know about. they're not just limiting their inquiry to shen de national park area. of course they're saying if you recognize anything you can call virginia state police 703-80 703-803-0026 pound 77 from your cellphone in virginia i the vigil tonight here is at 7:30. we understand nicole's family will in attendance as well as fire department family and members of the community are invited to attend. steve, allison. >> mel, thanks more from melanie later and we wanted to tell you about a huge legal victory transgender teen from virginia and federal appeals court ovtu
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kept gave ingrim from using boys restroom out in his -- he's pictured in the middle of this video. grim was born a girl and identifies as i boy. and appeals court ruled dmrosster country school board policy that banz transgender students from louising bathroom of gepder they identify with is discriminatory. >> target taking a stand on the sportsfever television network going national debate the retail giant announcing transgender employees and customers can use rest or fitting room for the facility that correspond with their gepder identity. they're decision coming on heels of nationwide debate of whether transgender to behal behalfing sexual birth. north carolina facing backlash for controversial legislation and hb 2. >> comedian tracy morgan pulling out of performance in mississippi over that state religious objections bill and allowed certain businesse
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deny services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and set to take effect later this year. morgan was scheduled to perform next week. he says ticket holders to performance will be refunded. >> 6:07 now checking in with tucker barnes, good morning, tuck. >> good morning how are you feel. >> little bitter. >> yes. >> happy to be here. >> 52 now in washington. cooler overnight. notably cooler. yes. >> not yet. >> i didn't notice yet. >> you didn't. >> no. >> i have not spent much time out yet. >> i trust you. >> i trust you. >> thanks for asking. >> yes it's cooler outside, 43 dulles and bwi marshall and 45 degrees and cooler today than yesterday and 10 degrees or so low 70s for afternoon eyes and meantty sunshine and another beautiful spring afternoon. there's a live look at storm tracker radar and showing a few cloud out there to start the day. generally sunny conditions this afternoon and bit of
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high temperatures in the low 70s. should be a close to perfect afternoon. rain on the 7 day and forecast and whatever you talk about. time is way up. >> one or two. >> one. . >> and traffic gets two thumbs down because it's bad. sky fox over 50 on inbound side out in chefly as you make your way well before 202 head to the delay. there's a crash kenilworth taking out a lane. inbound from annapolis give yourself extra time you will hit a wall of traffic and alternates this morning 450 to 214 to head into the district and much better alternate depending where you're waking up and where you're frying to get to. we move things over because we have several other accidents, delays and problems top get through. five now branch avenue dealing with
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four inbound near do youer house and also a crash. pennsylvania inbound is really slow 301. 95 north delays route 1 to bement way as you head out in lorton a major delay. earlier correction 35 on northbound side by duke street. that has wrapped up but still heavy traffic back to you:. >> airport, thanks, 6:09 the caps try to get it done tonight and sbeep the flyers in philly. bruce orpick got crushed here and rule out from that hit. braden left practice after collision with a teammate. he should be good to go. this a free watch party at the verizon center. doors on at 6:00. >> still ahead, first ever all, whoop, whoop, on the caps, still ahead, exclusive fox5 two children assaulted in agency of alleged retaliation. next how this case is linked to shooting of a 7-year-old girl. >>
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if i hadel castro talking about states of his health. we're back in 30 seconds >> welcome back. it's 6:10 this morning we continue to follow "fox5" exclusive a 2-year-old punched in the face. and an 11-year-old lass tacked in their southeast home. >> police think it may have been act of retaliation
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been act of retaliation stemming from shooting of 7-year-old earlier this month. annie yu is live with the latest. good morning, annie. >> good morning to you allison and steve. just a disturbing disturbing story and basically this stems from shooting that happened earlier in april, april 8 a 7-year-old girl shot on harlt ford street south eekt as she was walking home with parents after nice dinner there in southeast community. now police did make arrest in that case arrested 27-year-old michael wiggins in connection with 7-year-old shooting and tuesday a source confirmed tom fox5 there's a warrant out for arrest of wiggins' sister. the report we had. wigginscy ertz broke into unknown woman's apartment rpt along with cousin and female victim was attacked as the second suspect draingtd the 11-year-old out of his bed and beat him while accusing him of outer her br
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alleged gunman in connection to the the shooting and documents reveal each more disturbing details they say the victi victim's-year-old son woke from the motion and was punched in et cetera face from women seeking retaliation. source have confirmed to us that the 11-year-old did not provide any information that he had nothing to do with the arrest of michael or this shooting. so very, very disstawrk news. moving forward we know police made arrest. they arrest one of two suspects however there was a warrants out for michael wiggins sister. that's the late nest north west back to you in the stud dwro. >> also in the district off duty secret office officer baldwin he was gunned down in december. investigators believe he may have been victim robbery. this week they arepingted charles systems and charged him with first degree murder. >> ntsb is investigating a deadly plane crash in
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county and it went down in a field near bay bridge airport. both people on board were killedch the plane burst into flames when it hit the ground. >> flooding, use continue in texas and ft. area has been lay lujs and at least president barack obama landed in sauly arabia a short time ago. he is expected to push mid east alleys to do more in the fright against isis and will bheet king solomon. defense secretary ash cart ser actually traveling with the president. >> filled castro made what could be a last pub sick experience the almost 90 xwreerd discussions health and urged party toe fulfill position in 2006 after nearly dying from intestinal i
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>> still ahead pepco customers not happy about proposed bill increase in one of the big areas. tuck says it's cooler and we very traffic issues too we'll check in with he and erin cuomo
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>> good morning, welcome back. sun up early. just before 6:30 this morning. now 6:16. we'll see the sun in a short period of time. cooler this morning than what we've been dealing with. numbers in the 40s for much of the area here. slightly cooler day today. still sblez enter day. highs in the low 7 0s and not 80s we had around here the first couple days of the week. good morning, bus stop forecast. let's get to it and there's pickup forecast. again temperatures right now in the mid 40s much of the area and upper 60s loan low 70s after school perfect out there dry
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and current numbers 52 washington and obviously that's warm stop spot. 49 annapolis and west and north we go lots of 40s out there this morning and 45 hagerstown and 45 winchester avenue 42 martinsburg and 43 dulles with cooler air that moved in late yesterday that frontal system is well to south. don't have a lot of weather feet turz to talk about locall locally. little cloudyness here out in mountains to the west. few clouds around today. generally sunny conditions and with high pressure north and nice northwesterly breeze we're looking at very nice conditions around here later this afternoon. and all right, couple big storm complexes dallas getting more rain. fortunately not down to housto houston. that section of texas has had plenty of rain over the last few days don't really need it and good rain showers to home aa ha this morning and that heads in our direction the end of week and friday, particularly friday afternoon we'll get rain showers around
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all right. high president bush you're today. keeps things dry. 0s by tomorrow with warm front approaching we have increase in clouds and by i think early friday chance for showers around here best chance for showers will be second half of friday. friday afternoon. so our concert keep our fingers crossed concert friday morning should be dry. should be dry and most importantly airport weekend forecast really couldn't be better look at saturday and sunday. high temperatures 70 to 75 and plenty of sunshine. . >> i like it. >> you like? >> this is perfect weather. right before that. >> maybe we'll skip that this year. >> i'm kidding we never skip that. >> this is first full summer. 395 north delays with all lanes on and these delays all the way from the springfield interest change on 95 and
6:19 am
extra time and jammed up through ewington leave early as you make your way through the district this morning. we'll switch it over. 197 to powder mill road beltway to 450 as well and bw parkway southbound delayed. take 9 5 southbound and stop and go traffic of icc as usual and we're dealing with crash activity on branch avenue nous noush. caution there. and crash by do youer house cleared. pennsylvania slow 301 in. >> and one word to this license place. council member allen introduce aid bill to add word indin front of phrase taxation without representation it's more asivrt way to get the point across if you say end taxation
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>> number two now for verizon workers a rally is bland on columbia pike. hundreds of members of communication members of america they're calling on verizon ready to negotiate a fair contact agreement. >> live look at the capital behind me. in just a few hours librarians across the country will be on capital hill to promote the importance of reading at a young age. and the founder of dia national library program will meet with congressional members to raise awareness of the critical role libraries play for children of all background. >> pepco is looking to raise your rates by about 10% and this comes less than a month after merger with exelon and utility company filed increase le quest request maryland public service commission and i commission will ultimately make decision and it's not exhibited to do so until
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>> wawa. >> never goes over well. >> if you have a visa or walmart credit card with new chips the ones you stick into the chip reader your time in checkout line is about to speed up a bit. we'll explain. >> first up real or fake. this video appears to show a dare devil sliding down a skyscraper and he catches himself before he reaches edge and terrifying to even watch. but there is speculation that this stunt could be fake staged to look real. >> it looks fake. it does. >> looks way page. >> there it is what do you think let us know 6:21. >> fake.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> how are markets looking this morning. can't complain. dow closed
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time high. it is at a 2016 high ditto for broader market. coming back. china down one of the reasons the que is to sell this morning xing we have news coming out we'll see if we can get elements back. >> bad news for intell they're cutting a good chunk of workforce. >> 11% of their workforce or 12,000 jobs. and those cuts will happen fast. the reason is intell makes chips in the pc market and chips go into computers and pc market is declining. they're not making transition to mobile fast or strong enough and hence handing out pink slips an a lot of them. >> okay good news for the consumer. our checkout time may be quicker if you have one of those chip readers for the chips. >> do you have one. >> yes. >> chip card. >> yes. >> it's confusing. sometimes you go -- see the slot to insert your card and the store clerk says no you swipe it here
6:25 am
other times. it's confusing and when you finally figure it out it actually takes what feels like eternity. >> forever. >> feels like 20 seconds to make this purchase and the retailers are complying that this technology is annoying customers and slowing gown lines. visa is upgrading software so you can put in and take out card in just two second and cut 18 second off chip transaction time and walmart eliminated prompt where it says do you want to confirm this amount they've cut 11 second off transaction time and we're fin finding outweighs to make more secure method of paying faster too. >> i'm all about it. >> lauren, thank you. >> see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. >> so i have the chip in my deb the card and not credit card i'm not going to lie i used credit card in places like --. >> it takes forever. >> you situate wait and wait. >> then it makes anowing noise sometimes when it's done it's
6:26 am
>> i don't think i heard one. >> no. >> maybe that's --. >> waet a minute. what's that noise again. >> you're like okay. >> perhaps that's only happened to me. >> ma'am, do you have another card. >> i never have any shame with that hold on. >> 52 washington 50 new york and 45 boss spoken to. and we're off to cooler start. notice flow. there still pleasant 72 daytime high and i low humidity and nice afternoon and dry afternoon into the dry day with a few clouds out there early and beautiful sin rise and beautiful sunset and beautiful couple days. looks like next chance of rain is friday hoping to keep tut of here until aft big concert friday morning. >> what time does it look like it's moving in. >> bulk of it in the
6:27 am
>> thunderstorms? >> and it will be a close call. right now looks week we're oka okay. weekend great too. >> i have a great monday from for it rain, rain go away and i'll dot lest later. >> that's clever. >> i like it. >> you're welcome everybody. >> maybe that could be tucker's walk song today. >> rain, rain, go away come back another day. >> image has gone out temporarily 95 northbound crashing on shoulder in dale city topside of screen blocking lane there and this is not adding to the clear traffic. we had delays. it's been backed up because of construction 395 northbound that cleared by duke street. you're backed up well into stafford. tons of stop and go traffic. as you cruise to dale city watch for that adding additional delays. look back at maps now aside from the crash there's one 2935 southbound after bureaus avenue backed up from eastern avenue inbound crash kenilworth cleared to the should erin delays extending past 202. more delays traffic back to you. >> still
6:28 am
wednesday morning. >> another huge gain for bryce happener hits second career gland slam. >> two in a week. >> caps looking for a sweep. they may have to do it without the star goalie.
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♪ snack patrol, saving the snack world. ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa... ma'am, we can smell the bland snack all over you. but, it's just a... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...yeah. yeah. new hershey and reese's snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it's snack justice. >> it's wednesday. everybody. it's going to be a nice
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gary and erin will be long 6:35 with your traffic and weather. >> happening today, friend and family will say their final goodbyes to a fallen prince george county firefighter. john olmssnyder his funeral held st. john's catholic church in hollywood, maryland and he was gunned down after checking on someone in a wael fair check. >> plea trial hearings for two of six baltimore police officers facing charges in death of freddie gray. edward nero trial is expected to begin next month and brian rice will go on nril july. >> and this morning donald trump and hillary clinton waking up winners after sweeping their new york primaries last night. trump took a whooping 60% of gop and hillary clinton took 5 58% of democrats.
6:32 am
>> all right time for morning line now. 6:31 big night for caps tonight let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 fm the fan. >> how is holpe will he play tonight. >> yeah he'll play. >> we're guessing. >> he sent me text last night. >> good i want to make sure we're on the same page. >> he waikd off. >> was likely to play though eb is pitching theory based on trends the trend say those that sweep series don't fare well in next round and he's advocating throwing game. >> possibly. >> maybe we should throw this one. trend since 2000 teams that swept, steve are 7-8. we have losing record in that following round. maybe we should win series 4-1 instead of 4-0. >> here's advantage of doing that eric if people subscribe to theory then at least you clinch the next round victory
6:33 am
the home crowd. >> then you can dliv that. >> less of of a layoff. if you take jp's theory and rest. throw grubey out there and maybe lose a quakeer and you go out and close it out with less of a layoff. >> more kaimz you gay the better chances of another injury. we already heard about the hurt and let's watch the penn's rangers siris to see who we play next. >> hopefully they sweep tonigh tonight. what you seen the with the capitals team they were not playing great hockey the month or two they were coasting because they had best record. they turned it on. 3-0 serious lead get philadelphia out of there doesn't matter if you close out on road or home. >> get it done. they've fevr broken around. >> i
6:34 am
>> yes, it would be nice to see him at home. maybe next around. >> nats rolling. i was crunching numbers earlie earlier. looking at numbers 152 wins. and it's ridiculous. >> yeah i mean home runs the guy has five homers in last six games and two grand slams and i don't know last 7 games or so something like that. boz well points out boz well in washington post you know what nats seriously may want to consider rediping this dude or making him the best contact offer now because we've seen enough right we're talking about arguably the best player in baseball if he stays healthy many, many years to come. . >> if you could lock him up. >> plea more years. >> for a couple years. >> what you saw at the nationals last night they couldn't get anything going offensively and then just explosion where you see the potential of this lineup like jason werth who hit a second home run and ryan mm
6:35 am
first home run and wilson ramos had a bad year and bryce harmer mvp. was nice to see the explosion. plus strasburg was in total xhant looking great and allo allowing three hit. you saw kind of the full force of this team. >> that's bigger story for me for last night is strasburg. everyone expects him to have a huge year. they need him to have a huge year. he needs to stay off the disabled list. hartford will put his numbers up. strasburg is key to me. he shows what he can do when healthy last night. again we've all seen it years. numbers would be much, much big were bryce but i guess what you're saying or boz well if you think what they did with app dr
6:36 am
steel now for mvp. steal. >> bios charles stanton a 13 year, they're throwing out 4, 450 in bryce that's the things. how much money do you need? >> you don't. >> if they called you up and said we'llive give you $400 million. >> you can't turn that in. >> no, i think i'll wait because i think i can get 600 that's crazy. >> if we work 3,000 years maybe we can make that kind of money. >> probably not. >> what i like about bryce you said it answering lose as he doesn't get hurt and you. >> all right guys and got to leave it there. well auto see you tomorrow. . >> this is just getting good. >> tha
6:37 am
go. >> happy and dez monts you take the money when offered to you. >> that's completely different end of spectrum now. >> vunling by the way miami stadium it's a piece and if you hit as a home one. >> they play to be fannie arctictis. i don't know what that green i is. . >> look cool out to start the day comer than yesterday trivia beautiful afternoon georgous spring weather to look forward to. low 7 0s yes you can hear it in any voice the pollen is high. tree pollen my apologize if you're having issues. you know what's interesting i never had issues my whole life but now i go. you never know when you have something to look forward to. >> you'rwe
6:38 am
>> 71 degrees this afternoon and sunshine. okay i'm done. >> oh, boy. >> great. >> erin, what's going on. >> we'll take care of tucker you take care of traffic. >> i sneezed about 55 times this morning it's just bad allergy surprise here it's enough washington. >> i hate you guys are suffering. >> well you know what he unfortunately these people on 395 are also suffering in traffic this morning. northbound residual sdlaiz back from welt bay to seminary road on 395 because of earlier construction that lasted into the 5:00 hour and traffic at a stand still now all the way to king street and goes south of the beltway as well. we have a crash on 95 on shoulder by springfield frank cone yeah experts and 5 northbound dale city to springfield interest changes once you get to 395 this is what you're up against. give yourself extra time in sure vir today. 270 southbound and you hit a
6:39 am
lot of slow moving traffic traffic will hit that stand still condition as you head to the spur. . >> we're deal with 25 south delays and accidents crash after burrows avenue and earlier crash kenilworth 50. 50 from before 202 to kenilworth jammed you need a loft extra time there you can take 450 or 213 to get around that. metro update for you. blue line delays to frank coneia spring field. any questions "fox5" d.c. on twitter. >> thank you, steve, allison. >> why a local health institute halted trial studies. >> and hottest neighborhoods in d.c.. we'll let you know if you live in one.
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back now with what is trending on the web wednesday morning. these are the stories you're engaging with on social media. victory phone transgender teenager as supreme court prohibited gave ingrim from using boys restroom in gloucester county in southeast virginia. he was born female and identifies as male. the school board ruled they
6:43 am
must use restrooms that correspond to biological fwepd fwepdzer and appeals panel says that's discriminatory. >>. national institute of health with concerns over lab contamination. nih said it is not complied with safety standards to protect patient from up appropriate risks. so far nih says there's no evident patient should have been harmed and agency will conduct a review and they won't enroll new patients in the expert are involved. >> according to washingtonian magazine five best place in our area mount pleasant trinidad shaw and boston and virginia and hyattsville in maryland. >> i totally agree. i love high atville you have been ton old hyattsville. it's a quainlt neighborhood there. >> thanks so much steve. >> with what's trending. >> after the break the theater that is facing loss of liquor license over the movie dead
6:44 am
pool. skechb back with that and reminder before we take you to break if you have a news tip share it with us. do that by calling 202 853,000 or emailing tip "fox5" tips we're back in a
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>♪ after a couple days in the 80s and more sunshine today it's hard to
6:47 am
complain. >> never felt super hot when it was in the 80s. >> it was dry. >> i like dry heat very much. okay. tucker barnes joining us a smith aft five. >> perhaps wow like to feel the heat you can go a ride in my car on the beltway yesterday. >> is that a dry heat. >> it's a hot heat when the windows don't go down proper le and there's no air airing.on >> sunshine and dry today. and not be 80s it will below 7 0s daytime eyes and should be very, very pleasant out there and 30s in gaithersburg 39 degrows and 36 now in frederick and these numbers have fallen again in the past 45 minute or so. 39 mannasas, 35 culpeper and 44 fredericksburg and 50 leonardtown. again relatively school temperatures to start the day. sun unnow and that warms things up quick. nice quiet
6:48 am
pattern for the time being. we had a weak front come through yesterday and winds overnight out of norm and north and west will lock in that relatively cool air for the da day. again it will be still very pleasant throughout highs in the low 7 0s. rain showers out west. this will get us back together and get into our region as we get foot day on friday i think friday morning will probably be dry. and then bit second half of friday that will be best chance of rain showers. there we are tonight at 7. beautiful sunset. and again most of eastern sea board nice and quiet today. no action today. we get clouds tomorrow. i don't think any rain tomorrow i'm fast forwarding to friday. there we are noon. cold front out west and that rolls in here. we have a concert friday morning. we're me good shape for concert. mowing of that rain should hold off to a5 or 6:00 and happy hour may be compromised. . >> reern you have to love i have all my priorities taken care of. >> i appreciate that. >> 72 today.
6:49 am
we do warm it up. near mid to upper 70s with rain showers and maybe a thunderstorm friday and then little cool they are weekend and beautiful weekend. saturday and sun look fantasti fantastic. sunshine, got to love this time of year with temperatures where they should be. that's weather update. erin back with the roads. >> beautiful weather update. roads not so great today. 6:4 now earlier crash blocking shoulder in urbana and dealing with heavy trvrk caming down from truck scales on through this point and once you get closer to spur by father hurley are you dealing with heavy traffic and i would say frederick you need at least 45 extra minutes we move the cameras over. outer loop, sun glare, grab shades this morning you'll need them. watch for visibility problem. you're backed up 95 to coalsdale. other delays and other carbs you need to be aware
6:50 am
south after burrows avenue another reported by bening and crash kenilworth clear and as you make your way through chefly top of stop and go traffic. 214 or 450 best bet to get around 50 congestion metro problems and delays largo town center blue line delays branch avenue delays to hunting ton and green and yellow line. give yourself time for metro. red line no reported arert this morning and 270 south again look at delay. 95 northbound parked from stafford to springfield ipt change and 395 northbound very backed up towards 14 street bridge. back to you. . >> erin thank you students in mc country can blame this yea year's blizzard for adding an extra day to the school year. and instead of getting out june 17
6:51 am
17 there's no time in the curriculum to add cursive it takes aaway from other important subjects. >> and pain relief for newborns especially preemies that are poked and prodded to help them survive. used to be they were too young to feel pain and preemie pain relief ertz are often inadequate. they're now looking into methods. >> the little eaglets the campaign to nam the nestlings settled on five finalists they are stars and stripes, freedom and liberty and anacostia and potomac and honor and glory and cherry and blossom. ifou
6:52 am
have until midnight april 24 to vote and whipping names will be announced next tuesday. what do we like here. >> cherry and blossom. >> okay. >> you don't like that? >> i think i like stars and stripes. >> i like that. >> let's go with that. >> they're both good. >> cursive story i missed -- i country curseive anymore i miss it i used to work in second grade and practice my autografts. >> and postcards from journeyes and write them in curseive. >> welcome home. >> did you see the pearl jam thing yesterday on twitter when they were canceling show in north carolina they hand wrote the note. people don't hand write notes anymore. >> what's going on. >> dead pool stirring up controversy in utah they're going to pull liquor license for the place that is showing dead pool they violat
6:53 am
liquor control board act an establishment that serves alcohol is forbidden to show a film that contains text sex. that's a weird law. the movie theater is subject to a fine and possible suspension of their liquor license. reps for the movie theater say the state is over stepping its bounds. why is it specific to sex --. >> that movie is not overly sexual either. you can't show r-rated movies --. >> there's that one major montage it's like a yearlong. you saw dead pool. >> i don't know. >> by the way dead pool by the way 58 million budget and $758 million. >> probably biggest grossing movie. >> it's one of those things getting a tension i think it's ridiculous lutely ridiculous. >> and kanye west ran into a roadblock with his latest album released in february. wait until you hear what happens to original r
6:54 am
and kanye were on episode of cocktails with chloe look at this. >> kanye had every single rap in iphone before he started working on pablo and north flushed it down the toilet and they could not be retrieved. >> and we sent it to four places. >> and no happening genius is genius enough. >> and he didn't get mad. >> oh, my god. >> i would have screamed. >> that's crazy. you flushed your --. >> probably. >> this is true steve. . >> i'm eye tv nerd i love the concept for the show do they sit around and talk at a table. >> tucker lovers those shows. . >> takes pain tons not get bad about that says a lot about him as a dad. >> in the
6:55 am
she to stop breastfeeding saint because north was jealous. interesting. >> finally, john legend and christie teeing an gave birth to baby girl last week. teeing an took to instagram to share the first picture of their newborn daughter luna sim moan stevens and teeing an captioned post hi my lul uconn gratlations to both of them. they're actually really tight with kanye and kim kardsahians as well. i'll be back at 7 a.m. with shay mitchell whoa is wuvrnt people that gave you a birthday shout-out. >> pretty little liars we'll have her on at 7:47. >> it's 6:55 now and let's checking in with our own kardsahian fan. >> i love that show you. >> love those shows. >> i watch them it doesn't mean i love them. >> what a great concept sitting around a table talking. >> yeah, yeah i guess so. >> i mean if you tolerate those shows. >> what's going on in weather. >>
6:56 am
>> she already does that. >> no, i mean watching if. >> you want to performty get. >> let's doe weather. cool temperatures to start the day and daytime warm-up near 7 0. lots of sun shib. 50 washington and 44 dulles and 45 bwi marshall. cooler than yesterday morning and but should be dry and beautiful day. lots of sunshine. nice quiet radar. 6 just a few clouds to start the day a and high pressure north and temps cooler than yesterday. looks like next chance of rain will be on friday. maybe a thunderstorm too. that's weather. >> a lot of cars. 15 north near engel burger road and traffic getting by and previously closed. watch for delays as you head to northern frederick county this morning and in urbana crash between 80 and 109 delays heavy to 70 and once you hit that point normal congestion father herlly to the spur
6:57 am
you know the drill. get an early start. inpound to sycamore street and fairfax on 66. keep it to "fox5" back in a few and we'll help you get around the crowded roads.
6:58 am
h 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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sdmrch right now primary jury election results, hillary clinton and donald trump big
7:00 am
presidential race now coming our way and what is next for candidates and challengers in the maryland primary right around the corner. >> and desperate search fairfax county firefighter now missing for a week. this morning steve hershorn us desperate plea to bring her home and why her family needs help getting into her cellphon cellphone. >> and a battle over bathrooms transgender teen in virginia fighting to find the boy he's he's bathroom and his victory. . >> how this affects other states. >> and first a live look outside. it is wednesday morning middle of week folks april 20, 2016. straight up 7:00 right now and we'll have weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 7:05. good morning. i'm allison see more. >> i'm steve chenevey, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >>


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