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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with one high profile murder haf now been charged in connection o with a second. a take a look at his picture we'rw talking about 17-year-old 17-yer maurice bellamy. bla had he been in jail after beingt recently charged with secondh s degree murder for the march 26th killing of 15 yearr duvonte washington.ashi he of course the young man whonn was with his mother and sisterss on his way to get a haircut just before easter when he was shotho at the deanwood metro station.on the chief said just for making k eye contact with the suspect. chief lanier says as part of onf going investigation bellamy and 29-year-old charles sims chargea with first degree murder whilerw arm for the december 15th,, 2015 murder of 30-year-old 30-ye arthur baldwin. baldwin was an off duty secretee service agent. a he was on leave after beingeing arrested for allegedly trying td break into his girlfriend's apartment.aptm as that case proceeded he wasede found shot several times on first street southwest in thethe middle of the afternoon.ftnoon he later died at a local hospital. chief lanier says the motive in th c
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and she says getting resolutiont to cases like this is very i important to the community.. >> people in the community don'y cooperate or won't talk with thh police or won't help us is not t the case. e we do get a lot of help from ouo community, and i think we owe ie to them to come back out and out publicly let everybody know when we make an arrest in these cases gets a lot of coverage when itai happens. happen we need to make sure it gets the same coverage when an arrest is made. >> reporter: bell lamb knee was moved from the dc jail thisi morning to the homicide branch. he is going to be charged as an adult in this back to you guys.. >> jenny davis reporting. r thank you. friends and familiar ofnds prince county firefighter johnoh ulmshneider said their final goodbyes today.byes his funeral was hell thiss afternoon at saint john'snt j catholic church in hollywoodolwo maryland. he died friday night while on on welfre
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hills. hi he was shot by a man in the homm who says he thought thehoug t firefighters were intruders. friends say ulmshneider a 13id year veteran of the force willcw be truly missed. >> skillet was well loved by his co-workers, by his family and ia want them to see that not only were there there with him that a night we're there with them to t today and we'll there with hishe family for as long as they needh us. >> i know it will be a long, hard process, and the one goodne thing is that we're a family all of us. >> they made reference tode rene ulmshneider his nickname wase ws homeowner friday's shooting released from custody withouthot charges still not clear whatlear type of protocol the firefight firefighters follow as theyte approached and enter the thers e 19-year-old volunteerr-ol firefighter was also criticallyl injured in that it has been a week sinceeekn anyone has had cop tact with taw missing northern virginia v firefighter.figh today we're learning new detaili about the case that raising soms eyebrows investigators sayes nicole mitteor
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sick last wednesday. wednesd did not show up for her shift oo friday. her husband made emotionalmo appeal for her to come homee hom during a press conferencerenc the fairfax county seastrch andh rescue team is now joining the e search for nicole and shenandoah national park.tion over the weekend her car was w found in the park near a trail.a virginia state police are askink anyone with information to calll the number on the screen. the number of people inpl culpeper county who haveho h overdosed on heroin has risen to 15 and that's just this month. m the county sheriffs offices offe believes the heroin being sold l now is cut with something called fentanyl a powerful addictive painkiller stronger than t morphine.morpne while none of the recentne overdoses were deadly the sheriffs department warns it could be only a matter of time.e >> i can't stress enough onh on family members or loved ones,s you have to step in.te this is a drug that doesn't give a second chance sometimes.ometes >> the sheriff's office sayse ss there's no particularcula demograph b
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this. those who have overdosed thisedi month are between 18 and 61nd years old of all races and income levels. tonight anne arundel countyu leaders calling on the sheriffcn to resign. t police arrested sheriff ronald n bateman earlier this month andh charged him with second agreecod assault for an incidentncen involving his wife elsie. e today for the first time, we are hearing the 911 call she made to police the night her husband waw arrested. >> sheriff bateman spoke out spo after the arrest and denied eved assaulting his w he says statements were made tod the police during a time of high stress and anger that weren't't true.true elsie bateman recanted her claia that her hub hit her shortlyho after he was arrested.. a baltimore judge ruled onel of the two officers who arrestes freddie gray last year can be forced to testify against his fellow officers.ers. the ruling aenea
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prosecutors to call adversarys garrett miller as a witnessmill against officer eredward nero no whose trial begins next month. n the two are among sick officerse charged in gray's death. death each faces assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct anda office charges.fice crg >> that was the motion.otion. the prosecution moved to grant immunity and the judge is saying that that motion will bel be granted, and then the prosecution will decide whetherh or not to call officer miller. l but he's an important -- he's an important part of what happenedp to freddie gray from the momentn that the apprehension >> gray died of a fatal spinal s injury while being transportedeo to central his death became a focal point p in the national debate overr police treatment of blacks.f b straight ahead at 6:00 tonight -- >> we will turn over every every stone, go down every rabbit hole much this is just the first waa wave. >> first criminal charges in the
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today. >> and later, avoiderring thatt dreaded middle seat could costoc the new tactic airlines are airs trying to get you to pay more money.mone sue?sue? a good day to walk or drive and skip the plane.. shawn, tony, what glorious daygo we've had and actually at at 6:00 our temperature went up atn little bit at reagan national. t back to 70 degrees.s. get out there and enjoyerjer evening.even but first stay tuned for thatsty seven day forecast.vey i'll have it for in you a fewyo minutes. shawn? >> yes, of course,, important seven day forecast.y c thank you. harriet tubman will soon beu the face on the 20-dollar bill. today treasury secretary jack lu announced the former slave andve conductor of the undergroundnder railroad will replace andrewre jackson.jack tubman will be the first blacksa person and first woman to appeap on us paper currency in a a century. the new design expected to beecb available by 2020.020. ♪ ♪
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 400 people.e th more than 2500 were injured.njed criminal charges were filedl today against three officialseeo connected to the flint water crisis. to state regulato regulators fll plant employee are accused of of misconduct neglect and alteringr test results to show lowerhow lw levels of lead in the city's water.r. state officials say these ares a the first charges filed and thet will not be the last. >> as i rode back to restoring faith and confidence in allnll michigan families in their government.gove >> we will turn over every every stone, we'll go down every e rabbit hole.bbit. this is just the first wave. w >> if convicted the men coulden
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for each felony and up to $10,000 in all right. r so we probably know that dronesr help with everything these daysd from search and rescue missionss to surveying and photography. but misuse even when whe unintentional can create someome major safety hazards hards particularly around airports.irt >> that's right. rig fox5 photojournalist chip, spene the day in saint mary's county where one university is taking on drone safety. >> command, do you have annd, do update on your weather status.. >> weather is better than we hah hoped inform we're in bush woodw maryland today.od we're testing today as part of a national campaign nasa traffic management system. ♪ >> weather is green. six locations.ocatio maintenance for the virginia
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site.te. ♪ >> you can look anywhere on the news today and find all kinds os stories about how many folks ara trying to fly manned aircraftt commercial and hobbyist.t. >> ♪ >> we are open tell low tel conference there's a test's a t command that we're talking toe'e and we're getting our directionc from them.from we've got sites throughout the united states as far as alaska,, hawaii, nevada, new york and virginia tech we're all flying and what rear trying to do isin stress the system. >> out here in virginia i'd like
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confirmation. >> they are talking down to thee ground stations independentlyept and then that -- those independent feeds go into the utm system in if one of thosefho was to go into the other area's' area we'll get a non-conformance message back to tell us that us we've exceeded our air space. s the idea would be that the othet folks that we intruderred on o would also get that message too let them know there's somebodyob in their air space. spa this is about safety.ety there's a lot of them trying tog get airborne.borne. and with that becomes congestioo and then deacon applicationpplii that's requirement to keep themt from, you know, going into eache other and also causing problemsl foremanned aircraft.ircrf recent incidents we've had somes of these that are operated nearr airports can cause problems. i don't think we'll ever prevenp the bad players from doing badad things. th this system the idea here we'llw at least know what's happening,i and hopefully be able to restrict some of those
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operations and also to know whew people are in the air space they shouldn't be in. ♪ important lessons there. >> fascinating.ti >> does it make you want to hav drone. >> in way, yes. (lau>>ghter).au >> i would. you can get some amazing photography from some of thosest drones it's really great.. >> that's what's real cool aboul it. >> important to be safe.orta coming up it is a dying art.dyia just ahead at 6:00 today's worlr may be dominated by computers cu and tablets but we're going toog show you where there's a new n push to make sure kids know howo to write in cursive. ♪ >> speaking of the mac speaking mcdonald's is considerings coide serving up bigger and smallermal versions of the big mac to revive business it is testing a grand mac and mack junior to seo if customers like it that's notn all. all. the golden arches announce itou will offer an all you can
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fry option on some menus. ♪
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♪ question for you guys. is the gym making you bald? ak health experts say weight lif lifting prone teen shakes arehae rich in growth hormones thatormt help thin the hair. >> cree ya tin and dhea are found in fitness shakes.ha they can raise testosterone levels and attack hair follicl follicles. only men pre disposed to malesel pattern >> does this mean you, what,u, stop working out or you stop sto drinking the protein shakes -- >> stop drinking protein shakes. >> matt our floor director istor bald no you don't stop doing
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>> bald is beautiful, baby., >> that's right.ght. (laughter).aug >> all right. res si due of poisonous chemical herbicide could be lurking inn your breakfast foods.. they testified 24 popularopul breakfast foods found traces ofo glee phosphate -- i don't knowte what it i -s.s glee foss say the in several store bought breck fest itemsst such as oatmeal, bagels, whole w wheat bread, eggs and coffee creamer.crmer. in 2015 the world healthh organization classified it as a probable human carcinogen linking it to breast, thyroid, kidney, pancreatic, liver andiva bladder cancers. >> i don't want to eat anything. i mean it's found in organic food. >> this is not good news that ww present sometimes.imes >> stick to water and lettuce.du >> water and lettuce. atuce all you can eat. you can. airlines are looking for -- to- make window or aisle seats a costly luxury.uxury >> that's right.>> t apparently some of the major s airlines want to charge you a
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premium for certain seats. seats delta won't even let you pick yp your seat until 24 hours beforef your flight. flight. that's about the time that all e of the aisle and window seatsw a are taken by people who aid paip the higher fare. >> boo. >> american and united aren an planning something similar toomi get passengers to pay more mon money. southwest does not assign seatss but now it charges passengerss $15 each way to board the plane first to improve your chances os getting a good seat.. >> when will it stop? s >> like i keep telling people,nl stop flyin stop flying. tell them why you're not flyingy and maybe they'll get thell g message. >> i've done the $15 thing withw southwest.hwes wait until you get there and do the little upgrade which iss nice. all right.. there's a push to makesh to cursive writing mandatory in i louisiana.loui many educators want cursivet return to the curriculum theycul say there are benefits forefs students as they get older andld need to take moats in class.. >> when you're learning letters, via cursive, you are end gappinp parts of the brain that are t involved in language production.
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engaging areas of the brain than are interested in touching and a sensing touching and movement oo the hands.. >> however critic say there is i not room in the curriculum to add cursive writing because ittu would take away from more --e -- from other more importante impta subjects. republican state senator is sta behind the legislation.ti. the bill is waiting action in a the state senate there. it is weird to think that it might be going away.y >> i mean i remember when myr he daughter was in fourth grade an she's 30 now they said we will l not be teaching cursive and i ai was like ---- >> wow!>> >> that is an outrage.t an you have to teach it. tea >> i don't even remember how too probably -- i can right in in cursive. not to make the letters proper properly. it's kind of shawn version ofha cursive writiwnng. >> i can do perfect palmer. pme one day i handed a note to a a producer and she goes oh, myh, m gosh, occur sir. (laughter). >> i'm so old. >> like y
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ancient language it.anguage it. >> will come back. w some day you'll need it.t >> weather wise beautiful again today.y. >> absolutely. autel we couldn't spell it out more or beautifully day. i really think it's one of the nicest days we've had this had t spring. >> very pleasant outside. >> not too hot, not too cool. c no win. breaking news is the weather isi so nice.ic >> wahoo! does we need to lead a with it. i i have to tell you there is a weather story and i'm reminded n of it as we look at this haze ia is one of the first thing i'llng show you beautiful day.ul day we've had bright sunny skiesnyki here, but there is a brush fire in rocking ham county in in shenandoah national park and this is one of the pictures iice just got in on twitter.. that shows some of the smoke from the fire has made it to it bryce resort and some of thee he sunshine obscured and icured a understand people can smell thet smoke out there, too. too it is in very steeply wooded woo area. a lot of mountain laurel on firf but several thousand acres now r part of the appalachian trailaci closed as well as small sectioni of the skyline drive. caitlyn roth will have more onhr this story tonight on our news n at 10:00. 10:
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frankly and i hate to say thatat on such beautiful day.ul. but we do have at least a littlt bit of forecast -- rain in the e forecast on friday and maybe any that will help with the wildfires, we had red flag f warning yesterday because of tho breeze and the very dryhe vy d conditions which simply means m fires can start and spread eas easily. we have not had as much rain asn we usually have since marc march 1st. we're running only aboutinonly 2.5-inches up to 3-inches at bwi that's 3-inches below average.aa hopefully we'll make up a littl bit of that defmaicit on fridayf but in the short term, we enjoy what we have which is ach is beautiful day with high temperatures all in the low 70s. a couple of degrees aboveeg average.av average is 68 degrees for this t time of year.f what a beautiful evening we'ren' having just a glorious night.ig high pollen count one littleitte draw back but these temperatures are comfortable and it'smfortab actually a significantly coolero than it was yesterday. yeste this is 24 hour temperatureture change.change so we're 6 degrees cooler inr d.c. but 17 degrees cooler in captain company 5 degrees coolee at dulles.ulles. we'll have a cool andha
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comfortable night with mainlyai clear skies. ses now tomorrow, thursday, little bit of a change we start with sun.un. we'll see some clouds thickening in the afternoon.noon a frontal boundary will be will coming in our direct but i thin most of the day stays dry. if anybody sees anything lateinl tomorrow i think it would be faf to the west. w short term tonight, lovely 7:00 o'clock temperatures shouls be about 66 degrees.6 degree by 9:00 o'clock, 61 and by 11:00 o'clock, 58 degrees andeea again cool start at the bus st stop. 48 to 55 after school tomorrowrw about 70 to 77 but you should s see a lot more cloud cover after school and again keeping it dry tomorrow. we'll warm up a little bet asa t this warm front gets closer.. then we'll introduce rain back c into the forecast on friday itri has been slowing down just ant little bit which secretly i'mtl kind of happy about for our fox5 rocks concert series. here's the future cast startingg tomorrow morning.orning 8:00 a.m. still got sunny skiesi but you can see clouds clo approaching for the noon hour, maybe a spotty shower towardd hagerstown by 6:00 o'clock.
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the friday morning 8:00 a.m. still dry. d pausing this at 10am still dry s get the concert going and thenne we see some showers moving maybe even a rumble of thunder for the afternoon.afte it's probably not as much rainhi as we could use, but at least as it's a start.ta we wrap it up with your fox5r f accu weather seven day forecast. look at this weekend.nd. it looks great by the way t comfortable for our concert onco even if we will have little bitl of rain on the doorstep. drs 70 and 71 on sunday, plenty off we're warm again on monday, pushing 80 degrees.degr and all of a sudden we're onud really nice run this april.s a maybe a few more showers onhoweo tony and laura -- and shawn. >> ♪>> we're following breakingfole news right now in the district.d police say a man was shot in the 3300 block of one itth streetret southeast.southeast. officers were called to theer scene arounde 5:30.:3 we're toll the vick tip has has non-life threatening injuries ir we're still working to get moret information at this pointatpo there's no word yet on suspect a motive. we will be right back.
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells...
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stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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travel company luxury escapes is looking for someone to go on ame trip of a lifetime and blog, blog and use social media to tell people all about it.e all b >> i'm in.>> i'm >> well, you can't do it. the only requirement you'd havee to be over 60. b >> oh, my goodness. goodn >> lucky candidate will spend 11 days in bali while there the t intern will review five star s properties including experiencec at spa spas and day he canay he concussions.concus why an intern over 60? ther ? company says it wants to understand the demographicsics preferences and needs when ithei comes to high class travel. tve >> how do you sign up.. >> i want to zen out informatior for my mothe
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she'd love that. >> i have forwarded it to somees people that i know who are of age and can do it. >> very cool. >> great opportunity.tu >> 20 years i'll be ready. (laughter). >> he, he. h. (laughter).. >> thank you sue palka.. >> thank you guys so much fors o joining us tonight for fox5 local news at 6:00. >> tmz is nt.s next. we'll see you tonight at 10. >> i thought the music was coming back.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so there is an empty seat next to kelly ripa, and there are lots of stars now who are angling to fill it. >> who do you think should replace michael strahan? >> me! >> you? >> marlon wayans said to himself -- >> he had suggestions who he thought would be good. emmitt smith, lynn swann and dude who blew three of his fingers off on the fourth of july. [laughter] >> waka flocka flame out at the d.c. airport. we talked to him about how the e.m.t. came to get him because he had an overload of weed. he's like, i just overloaded on it. he said when you start seeing a ghost vagina, that's when you know you had too much. [laughter] >> rihanna released her new music video for "needed me" and it seems like she's sending a threatening message to her


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