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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00 an emotional plea for the safe return of a virginia woman. >> one week after her disappearance there are still more questions than answers and new details in the investigation emerge. >> new tonight, police locate a missing man with autism in a fair fax down they park. but instead of safe return home he ends up in the hospital and now he's dead. what happened? and what the man's brother is saying about the tragedy. >> and d.c. teen aimner jail for a high profile murder ser now linked to death of secret service agent. . >> i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. >> tonight a family of a virginia man want ants. he had autism and was reported missing. tonight that man
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following an encounter. >> sarah simmons spoke with the man's brother. she's live with the detakes. what do they know? >> well, shawn, what i can tell you what police are telling us at this point. which is that this happened 1:00 in the afternoon, middle of the day. here around tree park. paul genelis was here with a group home for an outing when he went missing and caregivers then called police. it was not long after that police were called and an officer arrived and found paul ginela wandering somewhere around annandale road a busy stretch here a mile and a half to two miles away. as we mentioned paul is autistic. profoundly autistic according to family. he cannot speak. he would not understand police orders. they also say they never have seen him become violent. fairfax county police say a 22 year veteran officer trained in crisis intervention was the first officer at the scene and
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lis. chief of police described what happened next. >> during this rapoport and awaiting for caregiver to respond to the location for reasons yet to be determined m mr. gilanis became physically combative with the officerch the officer called for backup and three additional officers arrived on the scene. the officers were then able to get mr. gilanis under control and they restrained him by using handcuffs behind his back. >> and following that the police chief says that the officers called medics because they had to struggle ginelis and he went down and scraped his head as they described it and he was still alert and breathing during this time according to officers. when medics arrived according to police they say they witnessed him going
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cardiac arrest and that is when medics started cpr. and as they got to the hospital, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the chief of police says at this point this is a criminal and investigative -- or a criminal and administrative investigation that they're going to be looking into both sides of this and these are very preliminary results and information they're looking at right now. the family says that they're expecting an autopsy tomorrow. i was speaking with the brother who says they don't want to say too much or make a statement until they find out more information which is what everybody wants to know exactly what happened here earlier this afternoon. that's the latest around tree park. sarah simmons, "fox5 local news". >> thank you, sarah. >> d.c. police are looking for the gunman that shot a man at a bus stop in southeast it happened this evening 3300 block of 18th and alabama avenue. teachers at a nearby school said they had to scramble to get the children on the playground inside to safety and the victim is expected to survive. >> and now to fairfax county where tonight friends and family are still searching for
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answers nearly a week after 31-year-old nicole mittendorf was last heard from. marina morocco joins us where tonight's vigil was held. marina. >> incredibly emotional vigil at family and friends gathered at fire station 32 second vigil held since monday and community here wearing a red ribbon held together by fairfax fire pin. 70 miles from where we stand at the shenandoah national park federal and state agents wrapped up their serve today for nicole mittendorf and they resume at day break. >> wednesday of last week was really the last type of contact that anyone had with nicole. >> it was a text message to her father at 10:50 in the morning a message the family is not willing to share. that same morning nicole mitte mittendorf called out sick for her shift here at fairfax station 32. >> we need your
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>> yet volunteers were denied aiding in searching for the 31-year-old firefighter an hour and a half away from woodbridge home at the shenandoah national park. four days after her last contact with family, on saturday, her mini cooper was found parked along the white oak canyon trail. her family says she could have been training there. her friends say stress in her life led her there. >> stresses of that job are really, really difficult and so sometimes she do like to get away and to run and challenge herself to get away from that stress. and we're hoping that she's just there somewhere needing our help now. there's no indication we know that nicole was sad or needed to get away there's just a stressful job♪ her he church family st. paul's united methodist is holding around the clock vigils. >> that candle will burn here at fire station 32 until
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comes home. >> her fire family also holding light in hope and the power of prayer will bring her back [ siren ] p on behalf of fire chief all personnel will have a moment of reflection of hope to bring nicole home. >> her husband and family have declined interviews. but steve mittendorf after sergeant did offer a public message to his wife. >> i have a message to my wife. sweetheart i love you. and i am praying for you. and i'm not sure where you are. but know we're all looking for you. and i look forward to your safe return. >> reporter: now, today, nicol nicole's family was made aware that files were downloaded on to her cellphone about the same time that she went missing.
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now those files railroad rewest totd phone carrier they initia initially denied providing files and following legal intervention, those files whatever they may be, will now be given to law enforcement. live tonight fairfax county, marina morocco,. >> typeal farewell to prince george county firefighter today john olmssnyder was tried rest they gathered at st. john catholic parish in hollywood, maryland for his funeral. he was shot and killed last friday while checking on someone in a home in temple hills and today remembered for bravery and selflessness. >> anybody who knows him knows and would understand or know that he's only here to help. always was willing to lend a helping hand. >> he was the most down-to-earth person i've ever met. he's the guy that found a way to make you file smile. his family was a priority without a doubt. >>
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nickname skillet and the shooting is under investigatio investigation. so far no one has been charged sky fox was over a massive fair in fairfax country along the 6800 block of ferris calvary road centerville. fire officials say a man and woman were inside the home and managed to get out. and take a look at thin credible ground video taken by a nearby residents and you can see the home almost completely engulfed with flames with smoke visible from miles away and no word on what caused that fire. . >> and anne arrundel county is asking the sheriff to resign for a domestic incident involving his wife el si e. we heard the 911 call she made to police the night her husband was arrested. . >> what's going on there? >> he punched me in the eye. >> are you injured ma'am do you
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>> no but he --. >> sheriff baitman denied assaulting his wife and said the statements railroad not true and happened during a time of high stress and anger she shortly recanted after her husband's arrest. >> in a district the bill called ban the box questioned applicants about criminal history. d.c. council member wants to do the saiming thing for housing applications and for council member kenyan mc duffy said it's about getting everyone a fair chance to find housing. land lord would not be allowed to ask applicants about prior convictions until they offered them housing. >> coming unnext at 10 a teen who was already behind bars for a high profile murder at a d.c. metro station is now linked to the death of secret service agent. we're live with the details, sue. >> tony, what a beautiful day we h we could call it spectacular it's a comfortable, cool, evening what should you expect thursda
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preview of the forecast in a few minutes. shawn. . >> and thank you, sue, the face that graisz the 20 dollar bill is about to change and what you're saying about the historic move to put a woman's face on that note. coming up at 10.
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>> we're back with a follow up for a "fox5" exclusive we're looking for a woman that broke into a home and vie leently attacked two children. the woman repeatedly punched a 2-year-old in the face. officers already arrested another woman in connection with the assault and they believed the attack was retaliation stemming from shooting of 7-year-old girl earlier this month. >> and well tonight we know the names of two people killed in a deadly plane crash in queen anne county. richard hess and friend janet meds both of ellicott city were killed when the plane went down and crashed in a field near the bay bridge yesterday and burst into flames. hess was the pilot. ntsb and ffaa are investigatin
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ntsb and ffaa are investigating. >> criminal charless were filed against three officials connected to the flint water crisis. two state regulators and flint water plant employee accused of misconduct, neglect and alte altering test results to show lower levels of lead in the city water level. these are the first charges filed and won't be the last. >> the road back to restoring faith and confidence in all michigan families in their government. >> we will turnover every stone and go down every rabbits hole. this is the first wave. >> if convicted the men could face up to 5 years in prison for each felony and up to 10,000 dollars in fines. >> all right return to weather now. it's another beautiful spring evening out there. very, very pleasant. >> i think today was the best day we had so far this year. >> yeah, really? >> perfect temperature-wise not too hot or cold or wipty and little polleny. >> yes,
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>> and we're all feeling that. you cannot help but feel it even if you don't havealery juries. we're at intense time right now. it's a beautiful day. it's a gorgeous evening as you are well aware and bit on the cool side overnight. still really looking like a great day on thursday as well. this is where we were today. 71 degrees with the high temperature. thursday should be a few degrees warmer than that. and at the moment our temperature here in the district is 61 degrees and one of the cooler spots to frederick 50 and otherwise a great night. hope windows are on a little bit and you will not have to worry about anything wet sneaking through the windows. we have clear skies overnight. as you look back to the west. towards ohio, towards eastern portions of kentucky. parts of west virginiau see a little cloud cover beginning to show up. we will have clouds thickening around our area tomorrow afternoon. and a spotty chance of shower late day. but most of the rain we see in the forecast will likely hold off until friday. here's what we'll change
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high pressure which has been close to the coast will move away and that will allow the frontal boundary to get closer and short term, school, comfortable, clear skies overnight and some clouds around as we get closer to tomorrow afternoon. but i don't think you'll need the rain gear. you may need a light jacket in the morning it might come in handy northern erin western suburbs to drop as low as 43 frederick to 44 mar tipsburg and 44 mannasas as well and staying around 50 here in the d.c. area. so no worries about any kind of frost or freeze and probably a little warmer than last night by a few degrees. at the bus stop 48 to 55 in the morning and on the cool side and kids will not need those jackets after school with temperature range of 70 to 77. we could really use a little bit of rain and there is a bit of rain in the forecast on friday. and is it going to be substantial or washout or just a few showers. we'll talk more about that and take you hour by hour through the friday forecast as well as look at the weekend coming up a bit later. tony and shawn. >> thank you, sue. >>
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made two arrests in shooting death of secret service officer arthur baldwin. >> one was charged in connection with another high profile murder. "fox5" jennifer dave sis live in northwest. jen, police didn't have to look far to find their suspect. >> that's exactly right. police chief kathyinear coming out in front of headquarters and saying this teenage suspect was already in jail fwor one high-profile murder at the dean wood metro station and he's charged with murder of secret service agent as well. take a look at picture of this young suspect. he's 17 years old and his name is maurice bellimmediate he was in jail charged with second degree murder for march 26 kil killing of 15-year-old devr an take washington of the dean wood metro station that's a killing chief lip ear called senseness in nothing but a glance. as part of that investigation bell my and charles sims was charged with first degree felony murder while armed for a killing last year in december of
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baldwin was an off-duty secret service agent on leave after arrested following a domestic dispute. police say he was simply sitting and waiting for a friend in the middle of the afternoon on first street southwest when he was ambushed and shot several times in attempted robbery and the suspect only got an ipad and he died from injuries within the hour. the police chief saying today, it is a very important to solve these crimes for the community. >> people in the community don't cooperate or won't talk with police or help us it's not the case. we do get a lot of help from the community and i think we owe it to them to come back out and publicly let everybody know and make an arrest on these cases and let a lot of coverage when this happens and the same when an arrest was made. >> bell my will be in court on these charges and will be tried as adult. this evening i spoke with onep baldwin's sisters and she tells me the family does feel some sense of
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there is an arrest although she says they're heartbroken to hear a teenage ser responsible. she runs a home for troubled teens in midwest and says it's so sad to her that someone who is part of a group she's devoted her life to trying owe help is the one who allegedly took her brother's life. she did say she hopes her brother is remembered for his service to his country and eight years with the secret service including time with the white house, she says he was also a loving father to three children. back to you guys. >> that's sad. jeep fer davis, thank you. >> for the first time in nearly a century a woman's face will actually grace american paper currency. >> so what are people around the d.c. area saying about the move? >> who is harriet tubplan is he was a president. >> right on. >> oh, no are you serious? jim lobe a will give us a history lesson and the decision to put harriet tubman's f
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the 20 dollar bill when when he come back. jim lokay
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>> making change and making history. the treasury department announced a major redesign of the five, ten and 20 dollar bills. >> but it is the change on the twenty getting the most attention. abolitionist harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the front with jackson moving to the back of the bill. jim lokay joins us with reaction. >> shawn first this is an 8-year-old girl that wanted change made and here it is harriet tub sman not first woman on paper currency in the u.s. but first african-american to do so and the move is catching many by surprise and not for the reasons you may think. >> did you hear about the news about the 20 dollar bill. >> the face will change. >> who will it be. >> it's not decided yet. >> it has been. >> do you know who harriet tub sman. >> yes. >> who is harriet tub sglap he was a president, no? >>
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>> yes underground railroad and bringing slaves to the north side from freeing slavery. >> she was conductor of underground railroad now you know and now she'll be on the 20 dollar bill. >> for real. >> yeah. >> i think it's great i think the change in america is great and that they're starting to recognize women. i think it's a great gesture. >> one, two, three. >> it's a great example for people who for women especially and people around the country. >> i don't necessarily think it should be the 20 it dobb another bill you know. but you know i don't make that decision. >> it's people who make a lot of these. >> right. >> who is on currency in new zealand. >> [ inaudible ]. >> and $10. >> yes $10. >> we're making a big deal this for you it's just another day. >> just equality yeah. >> we're behind on the times here is what he said. >> just a little bit. >> many other countries have had women on bills for years
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>> yes. >> and it's been as you said before more than 100 years since any woman on paper currency that woman was martha washington on the silver certificate. so she didn't merit actual dollar mark but a silver certificate. >> we had to wait 100 years for this. >> had to wait 100 years for sure. sacagawea counsel nobody cared about those. we all touch a 20 once in a while it's like a history les lesson in our pocket. what's great is the back of the mill is mosaics of american history. andrew jackson will be on the back might be statue lafayette park in front of white house but it will be interesting and it's nice toy switch it up a little. >> i'm excited about it, 2020 it will roll out. >> it will take a decade to roll it out all in all but we'll see it. >> i snow some of us are like why does it take so long. >> it is what it is. they make the money not us. >> and a lot of th
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>> thank you, jim. >> all right. >> we'll be back with more in just a couple moments.
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>> recapping tonight's news stories the latest news out of police lead quarters sis suspect already in jail at a metro stop and now charged with murdering off duty secret service agent. the suspect just 17 years old. >> sarah. >> a 45-year-old man went missing from a fair fax country park died while in police custody. paul ginelia described as pro foundly autistic said he wandered away from group outing and police railroad called in search ensued and encounter turned physical. he die aid short time later at the hospital. police are still investigating. >> marina. >> and tonight another emotional vigil for nicole mittendorf exactly a week since she went missing this scandal here at the 3 window will
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remain lit until the 31-year-old fire file theer comes home and the search for nicole mittendorf will resume at day break. now we turn to alarming problem freeing across the region. culpeper county sheriff is sounding off about the heroin epidemic. >> the number of heroin overdoses in culpeper matches the number of overdoses in all of 2015. lindsay watts spoke with a person that lost her son to his addiction. >> and with very private hell that you went through. >> a year ago this week malala moira had to bury her son he was 31 after an overdose on heroin after a long bat toll quit. >> mommy dream -- it invades my dreams and it's -- i think about testify day. and it's a daily struggle. and i hate this.
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>> in this rural part of virginia the heroin epidemic is in full swing. while you'll all 15 overdoses involved sa dults a new study out of neighboring fauquier county shows 679 student self reported using heroin some in 7th grade. >> i would describe it right now as a plague. >> culpeper country sheriff office believes heroin being sold now is cut with phentenol stronger than morphine. >> i can't stress enough family members and loved ones you have to step in. this is a drug that doesn't give a second chance sometimes. >> seder knows it too well she quit her job as a nurse to start a non profit dedicated to prevention and helping many others in her shoes. >> we want to get into the schools. i think there's just a lack of education and knowledge of what -- how bad this drug is. >> and that was lindsay watts reporting and culpep
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sheriff office says there's no particular demographic being impacted by heroin abuse. and the people who overdosed this month have been 18 to 61 and all races and income levels. >> new at 10 arlington police are trying to find a man accused of luring children into his vehicle it happened last night along 30th street near yorktown high school suspect described as man in 40s to 50s wearing a blue tattered tank top and looking for older model pickup truck with dents and scratches. >> "fox5" in the districts a teen age girl is under arrest of connection of back-to-back rarmd robbyes and mary shay, police are serving for the gir girl's sister and boyfriend and they're all accused of robbing two people at knifepoint at the intersection of brandywine and river. the next happened minutes later problems away. councilwoman tells us this group may be connected to similar crime along volta street. >> baltimore judge rud
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two officers who arrested freddie gray last year can be forced to testify against fellow officers. the rule ago louz city prosecutors to call officer garrett miller as a witness against officer edward nero whose trial begins next month. and the two are among six officers charged in gray's death. each faces charges including a salt, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. >> that was the motion. prosecution moved to grant immunity and the judge is saying that that motion will be granted and then the prosecution will decide whether or not to call identify miller. but he's important -- he's an important part of what happened to freddie gray. >> gray, of course, died by a fatal spinal injuriesry while transported to central booking and his death became a focal point in national debate over police treatment of blacks. >> "fox5" was in montgomery county when investigators sparke
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fire he at duplex in wheaton. they responded to call around 4 this afternoon on berry street glen mont area of wheaton. it took 100 fire file the others to put out the plays. thankfully no one was hurt. >> right now fire fighters are battling a massive wildfire shenandoah national park. >> we'll detail how large the blaze is and how it's impacting people visiting trails coming up at 10. up at 10. pay teption if you want a bigger paycheck a new report naming highest paying companies in america, google, facebook, twitter, visa i. microsoft and consulting form at keerny is tops in come pesation and historic face-lift abolitionist harriet tubman will replace president andrew jackson on fronts of $20 bill. and jackson will move to the backside. tubman
10:36 pm
african-american depicted on u.s. money. and back of $5 well that's going to show civil right leaders including martin luther king. meanwhile the back of $10 will show pioneers in the women's rights movement. alexander hamilton can keep his day currency job he's not going anywhere. meanwhile car val give ago way ice cream part of free cone da day. customers can choose from soft serve vanilla, chocolate oregono cookie. that's business i'm neal
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taret is tag a stand in a national debate. transgender people can use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity at all target stores on the heels of a nationwide debate over whether transgender people should be allowed to use bathrooms that match their sex at birth. north carolina is facing backlash a big victory for transgender teen at center of bathroom case in virginia federal appeals court ruled high school junior gave ingrim can sue his school board for banning him from using the bo boy's restroom. he was born a female. the u.s. departments of education says requiring transgender students to use a restroom that correspond with biological sex is violation of title 9. d.c. mayor muirial bowser is one of nine mayors urging tennessee governor to take a stand on controversial bill. group of mayors want governor bill haslamb
10:41 pm
bill to allow mental health therapists to deny service based on relimingious beliefs. it would allow them to ranl do domly discriminate against patients. coming up at 11 the airlines looking to nickel and dime you again. why you'll have to pay a little extra to fly comfortably. >> and we're going back to top story tonight a disabled virginia man died after a struggle with police in a virginia park. what happened the details coming up on the news at 11 in about 18 minutes.
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>> it's longted in low jp ray. >> due to dry warm and gusty wind the fire spread rapidly and spans more than 5,000 acre acres. caityln. >> shawn, tony, the fire unfortunately keeps expanding and it's being dubbed rocky mount fire and it has f
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close in the park. hundreds of personnel along with helicopters and emergency managers are helping to contain the plays. despite the trail closures the park itself remains on along with visitor facilities and highways surrounding park. you can see the rising smoke on clear days from miles away as well as invisible satellite imagery and many of you have shared your imagery on sat lights and social media and what you're seeing outside your yard that's actually visible satellite and one of natural weather service and satellite works with the daylight and since we don't have clouds out there it will be black, gray, or altogether clear and on the scene on both images indicates a fire burning over 5,000 acres out in shenandoah park. and some of those other images s
10:46 pm
is striking behind me out of elkton virginia this man on twitter september this he's 20 minutes away from burn site the mountains are on fire in the foreground looks like a school or track and athlete ikdz field there those of you up and close and personal this is what they're seeing. others closer at home can see the smoke bloom even if driving to the blue ridge. despite favorable conditions for wildfire to start and spread it's been nice out but dry and windy. despite all this the national park is saying that they do believe the rocky mount fire was human app caused. however it does remain under investigation. >> fortunately rain is in the forecast and should arrive in shenandoah valley late thursday night. here's hope
10:47 pm
alleviate the burn and spread if not put out the fireal together. it usually takes more than just within day of rain to help with these large wildfire situation situations. we'll keep you posted. >> the images are just wow. >> i know. >> striking. >> thank you caityln. >> and power fill images now out of texas. people continue dealing with the floodwaters in and around houston. take a look at this. firefighter captured the most after he carried a dog to safety after abap doneing their flooded apartment. thousands were evacuated from homes. a flash flood warning is in effect in that area. >> did the rain stop down there? >> we had rising waters and the worst of falling rain the system slowly moving along we and another round again today. >> we could use rain in our area. >> good. >> we're about 3" behind. march and april were dry here. we only had an inch of rain each month. we should be up closer to 3" in both those months and little in the forecast friday caityln mentioned that thursday night
10:48 pm
so, fingers crossed and be very mindful of the fact in these dry conditions these wildfires can start and spread easily as we're seeing in the shenandoah. actually got a picture on twitter too earlier today of some of the smoke that they're seeing here in the bryce resort beginning to obscure sun and people are saying they can smell the smoke in these areas. unbelievable this scene out to the west hopefully it will be under control sooner rather than later. overnight will be comfortably cool locally. temperatures fall into 40s to 50 and another dry and mild day tomorrow again we could use rain and there might be a few spotty showers later in the day out to the west. some rain showers maybe rumble of thunder friday hour to hour timing in a moment and right now looks like weekend will be pretty spectacular as well. for tomorrow it will be warmer than ted getting up to 75 degrees. mild day. showers in the
10:49 pm
and the timing of these showers seems to be holding off a little bit late morning into the middle part of average. but wanted to mention that since march first this is amount of rain we had reg app, dulles and bwi. we're running deficit at all three and let's hope we can make that up. so we don't see some kind of sad jeans like we're seeing in shenandoah national park tonight. temperature in the district, 61 degrees. gainersburg 64 and going to be a comfortable night overall and i think a few warmer than last night and although we have clear skies and light winds and those very dry conditions continuing and we begin to she a little bit of cloud cover starting to push into west virginia and western pennsylvania and ohio and we will see clouds thick eping around our area tomorrow afternoon as high pressure gets out of the way. clear skies will change over to those cloudy skies in the afternoon although i think for the most part everybody remains dry with a couple chances for spotty showers out to the west. 48 to 55 at bus stop in m
10:50 pm
and 70 to 77 in the afternoon. and of course we don't think it's a washout on friday and here we go as high pressure is moving out of the way and warm front crosses tomorrow and cold front that crosses our area on friday will squeeze out that shower activity and maybe a rumble of thunder. so let's take you through to your thus starting 9:00 in the morning and we have a few, hig high, thin clouds and sun more than anything else coming through and maybe a shower along the interstate 81 corridor tomorrow afternoon and if you see it you will be one of the few that get to see that as we good through the rest of night, 10:00, cloudy skies. and we watch for our frontal boundary to get a little close closer. friday morning at 8 a.m. only spotty showers still around and we'll pause this at 11:00 wrapping up our concert series and still looks like most showers are to the west and then they start to get close are by the noon hours and roll through the vrn ach. and again this is not a lot of rain. i don't think we collect much in the rain bucket and still a spotty shower left around late in the
10:51 pm
most part it will be lucky to get a half inch out of that the way things are looking now. friday, again, 77 degrees. we're hoping we can hold the showers off a little bit as bad as we need them for the concert series that will be on friday. and we'll be down at fargate square park temperatures in the 60s between 9 and 11 featuring secret society. we hope you can join us onward to a beautiful weekend. monday warms up again to 79 degrees and chance of few showers on tuesday and wednesday, cooler at 6 degrees. that's your 7 day forecast jim over to you i wore my red. >> you're rocking red and they needed one win tonight that was all. they could have used sue's red that's all the different that's all they needed for caps to sweept flyers and tonight the flyers were the ones that exercised demons that flagged them in the monday free for all and did it with familiar face. former caps going michael norway bert in place of steve mason. six minutes into caps short-handed and
10:52 pm
through traffic it beats -- that's the first power play goal series of the flyers. challenged it and wanted goalie interference. didn't happen. denied. not happy. later in the first scary momen moment. loveton gets checked by john carlson look again nasty lower back took the hit he laid motionless and they who to mobilize his head hen put him on a stretcher and all tests at hospital were negative which is 'good sign. flyers fans on feet. earlier caps down 2-0. caps rights back-1. ment ty of chances to tie. it tom wilson on door step. denied pointblank range caps cannot complete the sweep tonight they lose 2-1 series back to the verizon center game five they could clench it at home. >> wizards have their man in sight. multiple
10:53 pm
went to california to meet with brooks about being the next coach. he was coach of oak of course city thunder and led them to the 2012 finals. a reason he may be appeal are draw for d.c. there's one familiar face in pg county kevin during coont this pave the way for reunion. we'll see. they got their man. by the way we talked last night kurt shilling espn fired him today for the comment he made online pertaining to transgender individual. that will be a controversy we'll hear more and more about for sure. >> thank you, jim. >> coming up next tonight a sneaky peek at a new song that will debut on "empire". >> one star takes us behind the scenes into the recording studio. we'll be right back.
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ome or oh, my "empire" if you watched there were jaw dropping moments and most involved lucious. >> we won't give it away from tonight's show but a special sneak peek from next week's show. shack i'm is here to geoff under the c
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glimpse of get that work. >> i think fans find interesting about the recording process is that we don't sleep straight from set twelve hours onset and straight to the studio for about eight more. work. you turn this up. ♪ ♪ waip e the record is just speaking the lifestyle that i'm living right now and it's fast and it's fun♪ it's a club thing it's fun
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i hope you enjoy it it's produced by murel i'm giving you bars and just swag. >> tony has swag like that [ [ laughter ] not quite. >> by the way find more behind the scenes extras on empire >> "fox 5 news" at 11 starts right now. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". right now at 11:00. >> they restrained him using handcuffs behind his back. >> a disabled virginia man died after a struggle with police in a virginia park. what happened? plus where is noyk ol mittendorf as the mystery dee deepens we're learning more about the investigation. >> and why you'll vl to pay a little extra to fly comfortabl comfortably. your news starts right now. >> off the top tonight the question surrounding the death of a virginia man while in police custody this afternoon.
11:00 pm
i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> it all started when the 4 45-year-old man with autism went missing from fairfax county park. sarah simmons is live tonight in annandale with more on what happened, sarah. >> shawn, tony, this started 1:00 this afternoon paul genelis was here around tree park here at i group outing he wandered off and that's why he called police and the first offer that showed up was able to find hem a short time later a mile and a half to two miles here along annandale road and things after that turned very dangerous. as we mentioned, paul genelis is autistic and his family says he cannot speak and would not understand police orders. and fairfax county police say a 22 year veteran officer nraind crisis intervention was the first officer on the scene an he was the first to approach ginelis and the chief of police described


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