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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 21, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> this is "fox5 local news at 11". right now at 11:00. >> they restrained him using handcuffs behind his back. >> a disabled virginia man died after a struggle with police in a virginia park. what happened? plus where is noyk ol mittendorf as the mystery dee deepens we're learning more about the investigation. >> and why you'll vl to pay a little extra to fly comfortabl comfortably. your news starts right now. >> off the top tonight the question surrounding the death of a virginia man while in police custody this afternoon. thank you for staying with us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> it all started when the 4 45-year-old man with autism went missing from fairfax county park. sarah simmons is live tonight in annandale with more on what happened, sarah. >> shawn, tony, this started 1:00 this afternoon paul genelis was herar
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park here at i group outing he wandered off and that's why he called police and the first offer that showed up was able to find hem a short time later a mile and a half to two miles here along annandale road and things after that turned very dangerous. as we mentioned, paul genelis is autistic and his family says he cannot speak and would not understand police orders. and fairfax county police say a 22 year veteran officer nraind crisis intervention was the first officer on the scene an he was the first to approach ginelis and the chief of police described what happened next. >> during this rapport and waiting for the caregiver to respond to the location, for reasons yet to be determined, mr. gilanis became physically combative with the officer. the officer then called for backup. and three additional officers arrived on the scene. the officers
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get mr. gilanis under control and they restrained him by using handcuffs behind his bac back. >> and then police say what happened was they called medics because they had a strugglingle and he went down and scraped his head. still alert and breathing during this time is what police are telling us. when medics arrived they say they witnessed him going into cardiac arrest and then cpr was started and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. there say criminal and administrative investigation that has been launched today because of this and i did speak with the family and they are not saying much at this point but they did tell us there is an autopsy scheduled and they want to wait and get more information but, objection being they have a love questions like a lot of others do as well. the late nest fairfax county, sarah simmons, "fox5 local news". >> tonight a community is asking where is nicole mitte mittendorf it's been a week since
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the missing virginia firefighter and today investigators revealed she called into work sick last wednesday and didn't show up for a shift on friday. investigate towards will get phone records from cellphone carrier in hopes of finding any clues the search for nicole is focused in shenandoah national park and her car was found in the park near a trail over the weekend. and meantime tonight dozens of family and friend gathered station 32 to pray for nicole a candlelight vigil was held at the station where she worked her loved once are hoping out hope the power of prayer will help bring her home. >> "fox5" is in the district tonight where d.c. police are looking for the gunman that shot a man at a bus stop southeast this evening in the 300 block 18 street and alabama avenue teachers at a nearby school had to scramble to get children on the playground to safety. police say the victim is expected to survive. >> and a twist in murder of secret service officer arthur baldwin
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d.c. police announce they made to two arrests one suspects was charged in connection another high profile crime. "fox5" jeep fer dave sis live in norm west with the story. >> hey there tony this is quite a twist and police chief making announcement here late this afternoon that a teenage suspect already in jail charged with one high profile murder is now charged with a second. that suspect's name maurice belmy 17 years old and in jail the police chief says with second degree murder are for march 26 killing of de'vante washington at the metro statio station. chief linear called it senseless over nothing but a look and as part of that investigation bell my and 2 29-year-old charles sims were charged with first degree felony murder while armed for murder in december 15 of last year of 30-year-old arthur baldwin. baldwin was off duty secret service agent in the area waiting for a friend when police say he was ambushed and shot several tes
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robbery and the suspects only got an ipad. baldwin died within the hour at a local hospital. the chief tells is we important that crimes like this be solved to put the community at ease. >> people in the khunty don't cooperate or won't cooperate or help us is not the case. we get help from our community. and i think we owe it to them to come back out and publicly let everybody know and make arrest in this cases and get coverage when it happens and when arrest is made. >> bellmy is in court todd tomorrow and will be tried as app adult. as for the victim balanced within i spoke with one of his sisters tonight she says the family is relieved there has been arrests and heartbroken to hear this was attempted robbery gone back bad. also so sad to har a teenage suspect is the one acquisitioned. sister says she's devoted life to runing a gripe program for troubled teensch she's tear bally sad to hear that that is the
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her brother. as for her brother he was a def soted secret service agent and eight years with the agency and father of three. back to you. >> there was a final farewell to prince george country firefighter john olmssnyder in hollywood maryland. he died friday night on a welfare call at a home in temple hills. he was shot by a man in the home who thought the firefighters were intruders and a 13 year veteran of the force will be truly missed. >> he was well loved by cowork aerpz family and i want them to sigh not only were we there with him that night and we'll be here today and his family as long as they need us. >> i know it's a long, hard process and the one good thing is we're a family all
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>> the home ownner friday's shooting was released from custody kout wharjs and it's still not clear what type of protocol the firefighters follow as they approached and entered home. a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter was critically injured in that shooting. >> developing tonight in ver vir a fire in shenandoah national park scorched more than 5600 acres and caused a portion of appalachian trail to be closed and the child fire has steadily grown since first reported over the weekend and so far no reports of property damage or injuries and no word yet on what sparked the flames. >> take a look at this massive fire in fairfax country and a neighbor shot video of the home going up in flames and this is right along the 6800 block of ferris calvary road in september areville and today we're told a man and woman wer wereed in the home but got out in time and there's no word on a cause. >> tonight we know the names of two people killed when a deadly plane crash happened in queen anne county.
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police identified the victim as 63-year-old richard hess and friend janet mets poming of ellicott city. this plane went down in a field near the bayne bridge airport and burst into the flames. hess was the pilot. federal investigators are trying to figure out why the plane went down. >> tonight the pressure is on a local sheriff following his arrests last weekend. >> he's denying he assaulted his wife. tonight for the first time, we're hearing the 911 call from that night. you'll hear part of it next. sue. >> tony, shawn, we're looking ate comfortable night overnight temperatures not as chilly as last night and few clouds roll into the picture thursday afternoon and what to expecton thad and into the weekend with the full report in a few minutes. shawn. >> first some of other store didn'ts on the run down. take a look.
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>> "fox5" in anne arrundel county where pressure is growing for the county sheriff to resign. >> they arrested ronald baitman earlier this month charged with second degree assault for his wife elsi le we're hearing the the 11 call the night her husband was arrestd what's going on there? >> he's drunk and punched me in the eye. >> are you injured mam
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>> no but he -- at all. >> sheriff baitman spoke after his arrest and denied assaulting his life wifech the statements she made were untrue and it was said during high stress and anger. she recanted claim her husband hit her shortly after he was arrested. >> the guy that thought it was a good idea to fly a gyrocopter up the front law of u.s. capitol will learn his fate tomorrow he will be sentenced for the stunt last year that sparked a security scare. he was protesting involvement of big money in politics. he mrelded guilty to fewing a plane without a license and faces up to 3 years in prison gone and the government is exhibiting to ask for him to serve 10 no behind bars. >> if we are not nickeled and dimed enough they want to charm us more for window seat. delta charges if you want to pick your seat otherwise you
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have to wait for 2 hours before your flight. if you fly with your family my goodness you have to pay the upgrade for everybody. if you wait until 24 hours before flight most aisle window seats will be gone american and united are now planning similar tactic to get money southwest does not assign seats but it charges passengers $15 each way to boar the plane first and give you an opportunity for a good seat. >> imagine that fly with a family of five people. >> i only fly if absolutely necessary now. i used to to do all time. now i don't need it. >> historic change coming to our cash. >> harriet tub man will be first on u.s. paper currenty in 100 years they announced 20 dollar bill will feature abolitionist and underground railroad leader and the treasury department hopes to release the design cop september by 2020.
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20 dollar bill current look of the bill has been around since 2006 there's nor than 8 1/2 in circulation get that 8.5 billion average life span two years and counterit miting measuresen cloud color shifting egg, walter mark and 3 d printing. andrew jab son is not decision pier appearing xhootly. now you know. >> thut he was longer on there than 2006. >> he was on they redesigned the bill. >> oh, redesign okay all right got you that makes sense. >> okay. >> sue palka. >> shawn, tony, are we loving the weather or what. >> we're enjoying that. >> fantastic. >> you cannot say that without meping tion we need the rain and i'll think about that horrible fire burning in shenandoah national park and we hope friday's rain that kill come through will help assist in getting that nor control and
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beautiful this evening and today was squizit and on this wednesday here me d.c.. it looks like we're going to have another nice day. and i think -- >> i think there's a microphone problem. >> there's a short in my mic is that better. >> yes that's better. nothing worse than short in mic on a wednesday when it's nice out i hate it when that happen happens. >> and by the way folks watching on twitter microphone is on legs sometimes when i wake it gets loose jim can attest to that. and looking like i'm on house arrest.
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i understand a lot of mountain lourl and dry bush out there. meanwhile today's temperatures 71 reagan and dulles and bwi across the board a very comfortable number and number that may be too high for you. tree pollen is running high. mold, trees, glass on the low seed this is the problem for tree pollen you will see oak and pine and maple coming on strong. temperature-wise we're looking at a nice stretch of warm. average high temperature 68 tomorrow above where we were today coming in 75 and friday, 77 and then another front swings on through that's the one that will bring us showers on friday and drops us to 70 on saturday and a lot of sunshine back in the forecast and sunday about 71. feel a lot like it did today. meanwhile as we looked at temperatures we dropped 59 in the disstrict and cooler in frederick at 46. 54 fred rikdzburg and 55 annapolis and freder
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the out liars being one of colder spots and with clear skies i expect everybody to get down to the 40s tonight and then as we look out to the west we begin to sew a little cloud cover coming in and so we'll be saying goodbye to sunshine tomorrow afternoon as high thin clouds start to come in and there's a chance further west you could see a couple showers and we hope we can center those all over the luray area and get that fire under control. we have a front that is approaching and this is the same system west produced epic flooding in houston and rain has done there now and system moved far enough away to force floodwaters and continue to rise as streams and runoff from the land continue to drain on in. for us we'll be cool. clear, and comfortable and we'll also have another dry night and dry day essentially tomorrow you can see some of those clouds here. this is the system we'll be tracking and it's a slow mover that front will crawl towards our area and take pretty much all day friday to cross us. ahead of it tomorrow, warm front will get closer and we pop our temperatures back into the mid 70s
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a couple of hit or miss showers late tomorrow and it looks like better chance ever showers coming in during the day on friday and we get our future cast updated several times a day and it just update aid few minutes ago. you will see a new future cast here for friday. and it looks like it went to bring the showers in earlier this will bounce around a little bit. few showers out north and west tomorrow and not sure we'll see much of that future caston that idea cloud in he tomorrow night and then for 8:00 in the morning on friday we have a few showers showing up especially norm and west. pausing this at 11 because we rather it not rain on our fa fargate square concert and right now future cast is brin bringing showers back into the picture and few more pass through during the afternoon and into the early part of friday evening. and it looks like just about everything is out of here for a nice, bright start to the saturday and really good looking weekend and overnight range of temperatures 43 to 50 and tomorrow
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clear comfort overnight and good at of sunshine as the clouds start to thickening in the afternoon. getting us up to 75. south wind 5 to 15. weekend looking nace as well. we keep it warm monday and dry again, 79. tuesday maybe a few showers and little cooler then. again on wednesday with temperature of 68 degrees. all right. that's if for weather. jim over to you. >> hank thank you, sue, inexcuse annual lack of sportsmanship and moan p monda monday's loss serves them right and the off season think about what they do wrong. off season was one day away shot through plenty of traffic out there and beats braden ho holfy and powder play to a 1-0 lead and second period. another fwlaingt deep andrew mcdonald's flyers down in front 2-10. third, matt's
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t. j. oche back hands it pact former cap goalie norway fwort bring deficit to one. series goes back to verizon center game five friday night. >> full credit to them we didn't quick it up quick enough and you know we got to do a job back home. >> it won't be easy obviously. you won't win every series. >> there you have. it all right nats and marlins top of first ryan zimmerman after last night's homer runner on two out base hit to fwap and anthony ran don't off for first chug around third and will try to score and not it time. and marlins cuts down to third still 1-0 nats and top of third crush this breaking ball toll deep center over the extended glow
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to this. scores on heart for double nats win 3-1. 11-3 nat have best record in major leagues. just like that baseball is back. >> yeah. >> today eagles became second team to move up to next week's draft for browns second over first next year and second in 2018 that likely means browns are confident with former quarterback robert griffin iii and red skindz defensive lineman tweeted shaking my head where are we talking about browns carter back in d.c.. am i missing something here. somebody asked why they don't talk about him in san francisco they said why i been gone four years they must have blank to talk about and still love the bae though. 26% says keep sharing rg3 news and some say no move on he's gone you know what we agree with that.
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redskins are heck of better team that broncos are and there's a lot of good things to happen now. >> he's not here now. >> when he comes back. >> that will be a big sgleel if something happens to him god forbid that will be news. i agree. >> no problem moving on and looking towards football. we have good baseball to talk about and hockey and talk about and good time to be here. >> yes, it is. >> i love it when you're all fired up. >> let's go. >> all good stuff coming up next stories of love and
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♪ . >> barry white. >> this is marvin gay. >> whoops. >> we were talking about barry white. >> we were. >> let's get it on. >> we're talking about love to wrap up your night. >> i'm sorry i was not paying attention. >> she was in a zone. >> i'm sorry first up you are never too old to go on first date ask 93-year-old merriam
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blind date at a d.c. bookstore. harold granddaughter played match maker she waited on merriam. the couple asked if they would pose with the picture and it's been shared thousands of times on facebook. merriam and harold both enjoyed the first date. >> fantastic. >> i love it. >> very cool. >> great. >> we don't always get to witness true love on arena kiss cam this may be it no not kissing couple but woman with pizza behind them look at this. going down. >> double fisting it look at her [ laughter ]. >> oh, how embarassing. >> nobody is looking at the couple who cares about them they're like look at us they're like no look at chick behind you. >> this happened during celtics versus hawks in atlanta. some are wondering if it was staged. >> really? >> it looks like she -- >> once you see the camera is on this couple then doing it on
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>> i think she'll be at coney island this summer eating hot dogs championship eating. >> he has a better relationship with pizza then those guys will have. >> thanks for j j thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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