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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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fox5's annie yu is lives there with what we need too know this morning. m good morning, annie. annie >> reporter: good morning,ter: wisdom and that man is recovering at the t hospital this morning let mernin get out of the way so i can w s show you. it's still a very active sceneee hours after the shooting lateina last night. nig ed happened in the burger kinggk here along 3600 of columbia pike. pike they had columbia pike closed between south glebe and quincygl as police were proceebssing the scene and talking withalking witnesses but it appears to be opened now at this hour.this hou burger king remains closed offff however which is where the shooting occurred just beforeef 11 o'clock last night. lasnight now, this location according a to its web site stays opened ope until midnight and we're toldret when police got here they t found the man inside the burger king with a gun shot tot the leg. he was taken to inno, sir havesa a fairfax with nonlife-threatening injuriesat is that expected to recover just fine. what led to the shootingenedthog remains unclear at this timethim but we understand that thed thae suspects did get away, did g awa possibly in a gray dodgee ch
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direction of 395. 395 now, there is a 24-hour laundromat across the streettret back out here live justive jus correct across the street fromtm the burg are king and i spoke so to their owner early this t morning who says he's providedre surveillance video to policece in there past for an v incidentn that happened near the burgerheb king parking lot. l. unfortunately though the the camera facing the burger kingin and columbia road has beensee broken for the past few days d and unfortunately he won't be hb able to help police out this time. however, there are several businesses here including a 7-eleven that perhaps pe olice p will be able to pull footage foo from. that's the very latest here from arlington v-have a.av annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie thank you for that. we're learning of a heartbreaking story from northern virginia. a two-year-old girl dead afterdr being left all day in a car. the ma dropped two older childrn off before returning home tour annandale.annand
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later in the daye. the man drovo back to arlington to pick upic the mother and that's when he h noticed the two-year-old wasar-s still in the car. 911 was called but the little girl was dead. police will consult with theon commonwealth attorney to seett whether charges may be filed bee in this very difficult case. >> ♪ >> one of the two men arrested for an allegedly killing aneged off duty secret service svice officer will be in court. court officer arthur baldwin waswi was shot to death in southwest d.c. back in december. 17-year-old maurice bellamy is facing a murder charge. bellamy was recently charged cha in the murder of a 15-year-old boy at the metro station lasttin month. the family of a northerna virginia man still looking for f answers. he had autism and was reported e missing.m >> police found him at a parkd i in falls fal this morning in man is deadman a after an and counter with police. melanie alnwick joining usick i live from falls church with more. more. mel. >> reporter: good morning guys
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story just upsetting to so g io many. there is currently a criminall and administrative investigation going on intoon io exactly what happened afterd aft paul gianelos left this park p and came down annandale road.lea he was here with others fromer o his group home.e. 45-year-old paul gianelos wass a silent autistic.utisti they say he could not talk but t he could scream and they sayth y he would not understand a police officer's commands. commd it was 1:00 p.m. wednesdayed caregivers called police to cal help find him after theyhe realized he had wanted awayted a from the group. g an officer found him on nearbyrb annandale road and approachedro him. arlington police chief ed rosser describes what happened next.. >> during this rapport andapnd waiting for the caregiver toegiv respond to the location, forat r reasons yet to be determined, mr. gianelos became physicallycl combative with the officer. o the officer then called forle f backup and three additionalddl officers arrived on the
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the officers were then able too get mr. gianelos under controlol and they restrained him by using handcuffs behind his back.back >> reporter: now, police saye that medics were callede calle because of that little bit ofttt a struggle and that gianelos went down and scraped his head. head we were told he was stilllde alert and breathing at theatng time. when medics arrived they sayedyy they witnessed him going into i cardiac arrest and immediatelyie started cpr but he was pronounced dead at theed dead ae hospital a short time later. tea the officer that approachedpproe the man is a 22-year-old veteran of the force who has had crisis intervention int training. there were no guns or tasersr ta used but it appears from what w police tell us that the t officer reached out his handis n to try to shake paul gianelos's hand and paul had a adverse reaction to that.ion ta the family is expecting an autopsy report sometime today.m. back to you. >> melanieln
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thank you very much, mel. time now is r m 4:34. 4:3 let's head to the forecastad too with mike thomas. >> we've had basically startedtt out that it is week with lots w of sunshine.unshine. we had mid 80's monday,y, tuesday.tuesday. yesterday much more seasonableel temperatures only reached 70'sr7 here in washington.n. today back to the 70's.e 7 a little warmer than than yesterday, up into the midhe mid 70's. little less sunshine, we had a frontal system approaching from the west. the s it really won't make it heree until tomorrow and i do wantwa to let you know for thosehose watching to the north and westnt up towards the morgantownnt garrett county maryland areaan that rain you see there is not hitting the ground. g it's just general cloud cover.o. again all streaming in aheadad of this frontal boundary.fron we'll bring some warmer air, though.though. we'll have a nice southerly nico wind today. that will get temperatures into the mid 70's later thisatet afternoon we will just do that l without as much sun as we'vese' had over the past severalever days. temperatures right now on theig cool side. yohtu'll need the lighter jacket as you head out the door thist morning reagan national at 50 degrees. dulles 49 degrees. bwi marshall 47 degrees.des. here's your planner for the for day toda start with a ltl
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sunshine.. 51 degrees. des. temperatures quickly rise.ures q by the noon hour partly sunny, y mid 60's out there and thennd t we'll end the day with mid 70's but also mostly cloudymo skies. i'll have the full details onetn your upcoming forecast including the weekend andnd a another day in the mid 80's on0s the seven day in just a bit. a t erin como has got a check of the roads. >> that's right.hat'sht 4:36 and we'll start you off yoo way look at our maps. m paving has cleared on the o t inner loop past little rivereiv turnpike.turnpike. looking nice in fairfaxni in problem free. f same story mre road workd wor cleared out by georgetown pike as you head down 270 none ofnone the typical congestion juststion yet from frederick downderick dn through rockville.rough we'll let you know if and whenon that changes and this roadsoa work outer loop past new pas hampshire clearing as well.ell. so everything that was goingg tt on overnig wht that was slowingi down our overnight ride ises starting to wrap up which is u really good news for ournews morning commute and metro is gearing up for service at 5:00ei a.m. that is on time. i got you covered if that changes. chan we have made it to friday evedae or as you like to you willu li today it thursday.y back to you. >> all right, 4:36 is the
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time. the caps unable to eliminatemi the flyers. philadelphia was able to able clinch a win last night. a win during the first period scary moment, flyers scott laughton lh lost his footing slammed hardlah into the theoard his lower back was injured. that's what took the brunt ofun that he lay there motionless as a hush went over the crowd. he was taken out on a a stretcher to a locala l hospital. despite all that the flyers fly managed to win the game. g the caps lead the series threese to one. >> ♪ >> coming up, the sports worldso mourning the sudden death of a wrestling legend.tlingend. details of what may have led to the tragedy. t >> i'm holly morris trackingg other big stories that are thata trending on this thursday including that historic change coming to your money.oney fox5 news morning back right after this.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family.
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it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> 4:39 is the theime. the campaign trail travels through our area this week.r ted cruarz scheduled to be in
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frederick maryland this morning. he's the first 2016 asked to aed stump in that city. cit yesterday donald trump was w also in maryland campaigningig on the eastern shore.he maryland's primary e is tuesday april 26th. also in maryland this weekry a debate between hillaryween hia clinton and bernie sanders,d be well, kind of sort of. sor tomorrow the university ofnivers maryland is holding a a surrogate foreign policyate debate between the two andet the that simply means that they'll e have stand ins representingreseg the two candidates to show how h they would address foreign for policy >> time now is 4:40.ime w is let's take a look at theooat stories you're engaging withagii the most this morning on social media using oural realtime new ms tracker. traer for that we go to holly. hol good morning. >> good morning, mel.d morning, good morning, everybody out eve there. first up let's start inp michigan.mi the water crisis in flint i fli officially becomes a criminall case. two state regulators and a city employee are now facingowac several charges including misconduct and evidence these are the first charges to come over the leadead contamination.amat michigan state attorney says this disaster is blamed on a series of bad decisions by bureaucrats and political
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leaders. snapchat getting blastedat g over this controversial bobob marley filter. f some are calling it digitallit i black face and say it is offensive or racist. others complain that it wrongly associates marley with smoking pot. snapchat added the filterhe filr yesterday to make people look me like the lighterage gay legend. legend. finally change for a 20? abolitionist harriet tubmanont a going replace president andrew jackson on the new 20-dollar bill. bill tubman will be the firstirst african-american on u.s. paper.r money ever. e jack lou says the 20-dollar 2dol bill isn't the only monetarynly change on the way. the five-dollar bill will ber bi changed to reflect historical events at the memorial including dr. martin luther king. king >> we're not seeing the tubman b 20 for awhile. awh a couple years.a couple years. nk i think it takes time.hi remember it was going to be hamilton and. >> right and then that play pla saved t >>
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in time to save --ave -- >> i think it's a great tnk it' change. >> it is. t that's exciting. i>> >> looking forward to f thanks holly. >> still ahead search effortsh e expected to resume today for atr missing virginia firefighter.eft the heartbreaking plea from her family and friends as wend learn more details about what aw she she may have been doingee before she disappeared.ap. >> first gary -- no, that'sary not righ tt. not ri that's mike and eghrin.dri they're going to have anotherav check of your weather andour wer traffic on the 5s.he we're back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> we are back at 4:44.are ba you're looking live at arlington virginia, the 3600he 0 block of columbia pike a20-year-old man was shotar inside a burge sr king lastinla night. he was hit in the leg, has nonlife-threatening injuries. police are searching for the suspect. >> ♪ >> 4:45 is the time right now.. mike, when you were coming inou this morning, when we were all a coming in, i did notice thereer was a little bit of a breeze outside. >> i'm glad you said you're never >> was it cold for everyone. ern >> it was a little bit of ali bo cold it wasn't bad, just a littletl bit. t. >> well, it's seasonal il,s se guess. >> yeah, all right. yh, a >> it's going to warm up asing the day goes goes on. >> and the breeze is coming com out of the south side so as weth continue to go through the daygy we'll get warmer air in.n >> rain? >> we'll be mighty comfortablere by the afternoon.he afternoon rain tomorrow.ra tomor >> okay. >> we're all right today. a >> okay.
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we just got te'hrough, what, 10a days in a row without any rain i at all. a >> it's all good. g >> it's tax season.ea we have to pay our taxesurax tomorrow afternoon. afteron. dealing with coolerdeal temperatures here.erat her 50 degrees in some of the suburbs are in theet 40's this morning but notut n many. many 57 for pittsburgh, 43 up in i binghamton, new york.hamtonw look at the mild air kind ofirin spilling up through the the midwest here. h 61 degrees in columbus, 64 in lexington, 67 in beck bee that will pushing its way in way our direction this afternoon. an temperatures will rise once werw get the sun in the sky ahead a of this frontal system that stem will approach our region regio through the day today bringing g more cloud cover and by theud cv time we get to tomorrow itomor will bring showers and a bri sho couple of thunderstorms as well. we let's do futurecast for youurfo here. here we are at noon today. you can see generally partlyly y sunny skies out there.he. maybe we get some breaks of sun later noon. if we get this much sunun temperatures can approach app 80 degrees in a few locations lt later today.later to heading into this eveningeve though m
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tomorrow morning maybe waking up to a couple of showers here r and there but it's tomorrowro afternoon that we could see a we couple of thunderstorms thu approaching the region throughnh the afternoon and into the early evening hours.ours again as that front actuallyualy crosses. let's skip ahead though.skip let's get to the weekend.eekend here the front moves throughes r late friday night through to saturday morning and maybe a leftover shower early saturdayar but by saturday afternoon northwesterly breeze spills bre in. temperatures will be moreatur seasonal in the low 70's butthet it will be generally a nice n day and sunday looksy loo absolutely beautiful.eaut lots of sunshine, highine,ig temperatures in the mid 70's. 73 degrees for your quick look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecastecas here. 77 for friday.ri weekend beautiful.eaut next week temperatures ratherpea mild on monday, 85 degrees.5 gr all right, that's the weather. r erin como has got traffic. trafc >> that's right, 4:47 right:47ig now and taking a look at our early morning thursday ridedayid inbound traffic on fiveaffic n i looking nice from brandywinebyw road to the beltway problem free. pennsylvania avenue inbound isni also quiet and suitlandtl parkway looks great as you gre cross the douglas bridge.
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inbound 295 cruising in bothg directions many none of thosenoe slowdowns.wns. freeway 695 is in great shapeeap and we're not seeing anyseeing issues yet on 395. 395 northbound is cruisings crug from the beltway to the 14thay t street bridge.ridg earlier road work clear.road w e live look outside. 270 by father hurley somey s volume increasing on thein southbound side towards thetowat spur but speeds still whatstil they should be from frederick fe on down. on down. things on 95 from staffordrom fo through dale city cruising. that's your traffic. back to you. >> ♪ >> some sad news to share thisth morning. wwe wrestling legend china has h died. the 46-year-old was found deadwe in her apartment after friends became concerned after not hearing from her.he officials are investigatingare n the incident as a possible possl overdose and say there are noan signsas of foul play. >> ♪ >> today police are resuming> oe their search for a missing fairfax county firefighter. firg this is their fifth dayth searching for nicole
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week.week her car was found in shenandoah national park.ah her family says she could haveou been training there.been her friends say stress in heresh life led her >> stresses of that job arere really, really difficult and a so sometimes she likes to getese away and to run to challenge chn herself to get away from thatm t stress and we're hoping thating she's just there somewhere somee needing our help now. there's no indication that we id know that nicole was sad or or needed to get away.wa it's just a stressful job. >> ♪ >> a vigil was held last night. people praying for her safe return. a wildfire that eruptedfire over the weekend in shenandoah d national park is still ablaze this morning. take a look at these imagesma shared on social media.. the park is located in virginia 90 memes west of0 washington, d.c.wa due to the very dry weatherryear and gusty winds the firends th f spread rapidly and spans 5,000 acres. it's being dubbed the rock d keep mount fire and has forced r more than a dozen trails torato close. >> to texas now wh
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levels continue to rise amide a historic flooding. foding. it is the highest some areasomea have 17 decades. dad thousands have been displacedn l and it may not be over. with more rain expected today. t a lot of schools alreadylr canceled throughout next monday. >> firefighters in fairfaxight county also busy yesterday. yes skyfox over the scene of this massive fire along the 6800 block of ferris calvary roads cr in centreville. ceneville. a man and woman were insideensid the home but managed to geted t out.t. and take a look at thiske lo incredible video of that firet taken by a nearby resident. rid. you can see the home almostome completely engulfed in flamesine with smoke visible for miles away. no word yet on a cause of the o fire. >> a fallen prince george'sce county firefighter has been hase laid to rest. >> ♪ >> yesterday a final farewell fl was held for john ulmschneider.ul. family, friends and fellow firefighters gathered at sainttn john's catholic parish inrish hollywood maryland for thear funeral.fural. ulmschneider was shot and killed last friday whilet fridaw
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in temple hills.e hil it was he was remembered forber his bravery and selflessness. >> everybody would know thatoult he was only here to help, always was willing to lend a tod helping hand.he >> skillet was the most down d to earth person i've ever met.eo he's the guy that always foundan a way to make you smile. you sm. his family was his priority without a doubt.ou >> the shooting is under u investigation and so far no charges have been be in virginia, arlington aingt police are looking for a man a they say tried to lureed to children into his vehicle. vehle happened tuesday night alongsdaa 30th street right nearight nea yorktown high school.rkto the suspect is described ast iss being in his 40's or 50's, wearing a blue tattered tankredk top. police are also looking for anor older mol blue pickup trucke pi with dents and scratches.ennd s anyone with information isinfori asked to call arlingtongton police. >> still ahead, it's sentencing day for the man who m flew a gyrocopter over ther t lawn of the u.s. capitol.the u.. we'll talk about the'll ta punishment that he faces. faces >> tragic discovery in dn northern
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a two-year-old girl found dead-d inside a car. what we know about the investigation. stay with us. we're back right after this. kathleen matthews: in the race for congress, i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done.
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and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> happening today, the mann who flew his gyro copter upyro the front lawn of the u.s.nt l capitol is going to learn his h fate. douglas hughes is set to bes tob sentenced for the stunt thatd rh sparked a security scare. sca he pleaded guilty lastlty las november to flying a plane p without license.ic hughes faces up to three years y in prison. in pri the government is expected tovee ask that he serve 10 months m behind bars. >> united airlines flight attendants will be picketing p at dulles airport pressing forre a new contract in the midst of t record profits for the e.rline. the protests will take placeests at united ticket counters fromus 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. today..m protests will be taking place tp at six other airportser a throughout the country. >> ♪ >> all right, well, as you r
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look up in the sky early this ey morning you'll notice a few not things we haven't seen inen i awhile. don't history those are justre called clouds. clo no rain today. however we have rain on thewe h way for tomorrow.w. there's your satellite and radar. there's a front draped acrosscrs the midwest. mid slow moves. they'll not get here untilt geru tomorrow afternoon. aer more clouds streaming in aheadeg of it. we'll have breaks in thereak clouds and some sun thisdsnd s afternoon, just not as much as m the past couple days but that ba will not stop the temperature if warming up. 76 degrees later on thisis afternoon.te 77 for friday. fox5 rocks don't forget about fe our concert tomorrow morningrong during the 9 o'clock hour. h please head down and see uswnnd for that one.r tha we think it will be dry but d bt we're going to keep our eye on e that. we head into the weekend.hekend weekend looks g70 on saturday, 73 on sunday. sun monday could tie the warmest war day we've had so far this yearr at 85 degrees and then we'll slowly start cooling things down as we head through thehrouh middle of next week. of next w all right, that's a check of che the forecast.the fore erin has got a check of the roads. >> i like what you've done
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looks great. gre >> thank you. >> as you make your way out too bwi things looking good.oo they're tweeting out currenturre conditions are normal.or make sure you check for signs fs for available parking uponrki u arrival. things on the way to reaganthe national and dulles are also als quiet. you can see all the green on all right map. that's what i like to see ihat would say before the 5 o'clock hour. hour. we deserve some quiet u i-95 northbound moving nicelytho dale city into woodbridge. average speeds in the 50's.. still quiet by quantico.yuant i'll let you know when thatwh normal morning volume kicks innm but so far i like what i'm far seeing.seei. aside from that 66 on the inbound side smooth sailing s from manassas throughidthrgh centreville into fairfax this fx rnrning. and the inner loop throughlo thr annandale we don't have any problems probl across the wilson bridge right t now. in fact all of our inbound i bridges looking really g thellyt 11th street, key bridge, douglas, memorial everythingemoe has quiet conditions rightht now. in the district ourt our secondaries northwestorth massachusetts wisconsinco looking good. i'll let you know
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usual morning slow down startsos to kick in. as far as your metro commuteom they're on time right now.e on i i'llgh let you know if thatif t changes. back to you. >> ♪ >> 4:57 is the tim ahead at 5:00 police ine i arlington county on the sceneuny of an overnight shooting ashoin they search for a gunman. g we've got the very latest.veryas >> and also in virginia, agini a family demanding answers afterrs an autistic man dies after aes a struggle with police.leol what we are learning aboutarning what led to the tragedy. tra >> first, though, a look at the premarket morning stockss trading is up this morning.g isr the dow is up 14 points. poi the nasdaq is up 25 points. and the s & p 500 is up 1.75 1 points
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> ♪ this is fox5 newss morning. >> ahead at 5:00 an overnightve shooting in arlington countyy leaves one man injured. now the search is on for a gunman. >> plus, flames rippinglames rig through a prince george'sh county building. we'll have the vera y latest. >> good morning to you.. 5 o'clock is the time. tim maureen, holly, erin, mike thomas in the weather center. c >> the man of the hour. >>


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