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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ this is fox5 newss morning. >> ahead at 5:00 an overnightve shooting in arlington countyy leaves one man injured. now the search is on for a gunman. >> plus, flames rippinglames rig through a prince george'sh county building. we'll have the vera y latest. >> good morning to you.. 5 o'clock is the time. tim maureen, holly, erin, mike thomas in the weather center. c >> the man of the hour. >>
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>> good morning. >> i almost said guys. g ladies. good morning. hey, it's another good dayoo today. we will have more clouds andlous less sunshine than yesterday but that will not affect theffee temperatures. nice spring day coming your way. temperature in the mid 70'sdae e this afternoon. mft rain on the way for friday.the a i'll detail that out in just ata bit. >> thank you very much.hank erin you came running in here.e. hopefully the commute not bad b just yet.stet. >> oh, it is nice and quiet iicn was drinking my coffee.fee. [laughter][laughter] >> everyone needs coffee earlyeo in morning on thursday.n >> all right. you'll keep us updatedpd throughout the morning. >> you got it.>> yot >> developing overnightvernight investigators working toatorrk determine just what happenede sw on columbia pike in >> a man was shot late lasttat night at a burger king on kg o columbia pike. p that area still an active act crime scene for hours now it's n been. fox5's annie yu live thereue with what we need to know this morning. good morning, annie. ann good morning maureen. maure police still out here sixer hours later.hourlate i want to point this out.s there is a 24 hour laundromatro directly across from theom the
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the owner says he's providedrovi surveillance video tosurv arlington police before due too trouble in that very samein thae parking lot that we're talkinget about this morning.t th morni unfortunately, though, theely, t camera facing this directionir of the burger king at columbia pike not working so he won't h w be able to help them this timeh around but i got to tell youl this is a pretty busy roadway r with plenty of businessesnesses around.nd. so perhaps the police will be able to pull footage from the 7-eleven.7- you can see police focusing their attention to this area thi tucked inside the auto bodyide b shop as well as the back lotk of the burger king the together truck just showed up but police aren't sayingre much. this is a fairly busy roadway. a we know that they spent quitepet a bit of time out here laste night. they just took down the tape t p and it looks like things areike sort of wrapping up here, but hb just minutes ago we saw a a dozen or so evidence markerse ma scattered outside bothside b businesses here.bu they got the call, 911 calll around 11 o'clock last night nit for multiple shots fired ints the area. the
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a 20 yield man with a gun shot g to the leg. to he was taken to the t hospitalos with nonlife-threatening injuries. at this time, guys, the guys, circumstances surrounding theanr shooting remains unclear.lear. but it looks like they aree thea wrapping up the investigation in just a bit. back to you in the studio. s >> all right, annie thank youha for that update. upd also new this morning we are learning of breaking newsing from the district.from d a man shot and killed in southeast. happened around 1:30 this 1:3 morning in the 1600 block ofbloc 16th street. no word on the victim's victim' identity.tity a suspect or even a motive.ven t we do have a crew on the wayon e to that scene. sce >> we've learned of a>>e've heartbreaking story fromtb northern virginia. a two-year-old girl dead thisea morning after being left all lea day in a police tells the man drove thehe toddler the child's mother andr two older siblings to theder sis woman's work in arlington yesterday morning to drop hery o off. then he dropped the two olderhed children off before returning ri home to annandale. aan later in the day, the manhe drove back to arlington too pick up the mother.he mother. that's when he noticed thehe
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911 was called but the littlehe girl was dead. police will consult with the commonwealth attorney to seeth e whether charges may be filede fi in this case. >> northern virginia a family fl waking up with questions aboutso how an and counter betweenou police and their son with with autism turned deadly. dea melanie alnwick -- excuse me.- u melanie alnwick joining us now w live from falls church with more. more. mel. >> reporter: hey, maureen and holly,te the story as youto can imagine upsetting to soso many. there is currently a criminal and ranked administrative investigation into whatt exactly happened after paul gianelos left this park here and wandered down annandaleownn road. he was visiting the park hereare with others from his group home. his brother tells us that that 45-year-old paul gianelos wasia a silent autistic. aistic. we're told he could not talkcoul but he could scream and alsoands his family says he would not have been able to understand a police officer's it was 1:00 p.m. wednesday. wed. caregivers called police tove cl help
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realized he'd wandered awayd wa from the the an officer found gianelos onnes nearby annandale road and approached him. arlington police chief ed rosser describes what happenedea next. >> during this rapport andis rad waiting for the caregiver toariv respond to the location, foroci, reasons yet to be determined, mr. gianelos became physically combative with the officer. offc the officer then called foror backup and three additionalit officers arrived on the scene. the officers were then able to e get mr. gianelos under control and they restrained him by him using handcuffs behind his back. >> reporter: now, police polic we're told called medics m because mr. gianelos had h fallen down, there was a struggle and he suffered somefee scrapes on his we're told he was still alertill and breathing when he was w taken to the hospital but then shortly after went intoent cardiac arrest
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pronounced dead at theed dea hospital a short time later. shm fairfax county police tell us p that the officer who first w fir responded and approached mr. gianelos is a 22 yearea veteran who has training in crisis the family does expect someoeexe sort of an autopsy report r later today.latetod holly and maureen. >> ♪ >> six past the hour on thisur t thursday morning mike.thur you're going to need your tneed jacket if you head out right out now ay. >> you're absolutely right.'r a little cool a-little chillye t and you mention the breezere earlier today.r tay >> yes. >> we'll get right to those g breezes right >> okay. >> slight breezes out of thebr south, that's g-it will warm things up later on this u afternoon. >> i like that word warmor things up. >> warm things up.arm th up. hey, we've gotten rid ofotten ri winter i think and we've puthinw it behind us and here we go right into >> yeah. >> 8 miles an hour winds here wr in it's sustained. d'stained these are your sustainedurus winds, not your gusts. you g yeah, just a little bit of aittf breeze. it's coming right off theght off river if you live in thee in northern part of the city.hern so, probably a little chill inth
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morning but by the time we get to the afternoon, yes,no, temperatures will warm uplar rather quickly today once the o sun comes up. 49 degrees your current numberoc here in thure district. distric 48 for 49 for dulles. d 45 manassas. manas 51 for quantico. 46 degrees this morning inrees t leonardtown. more clouds out there thisuds morning than the past several sv days especially for those living west of the city. it will be a mix of clouds and sun as we led through theough course of the day today. t temperatures will warm up nicely later this afternoon.eron 76 degrees for a high temperature. some down to the south and dow west, if they get enough e sunshine could approach thatppah 80-degree mark that we love to t see so much this time of year. again, rain on the way for tomorrow. tomo full details on your fridayr fri forecast coming up in a bit. happy friday eve to erin comoayt and >> on-time traffic brought to ta you by visit buy a for special offers. >> hey, i'll take 76 for a76 f high today. but i will say it was a little l colder than i expected thisecd morning. so, maybe a light jacket and then short sleeves later.hort ss th
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the day. th >> i like it. you give great fashion advice. a >> sounds good. as far as your traffic adviceffc prince william county youount don't need to leave early. ear moving very nicely dale city cit into woodbridge.oo let's go ahead and take a liveel look outside at the beltway.eltw right now well, this is a little bit of a raised viewaisee but i can tell you traffic is ti cruising along just fine byus f new hampshire.ire things are definitely pickre pentagon up on the american thee legion bridge on the innere thr loop and outer loop but no o loo major delays yet.s y just some folks getting out gett and about early this morning.ori you can see by braddock things are still cruising on the inner loop despite the fact a dc little bit of volume has olume picked up.picked outer loop very quiet. by 414 same story. we'll keep you posted on thatou one but i got you covered this morning. back to you on the desk. to >> thanks, erin. england's queen elizabeth,s ii is celebrating her 90th birthday today becoming theecomn first british sovereign to t achieve the milestone.iltone how does she plan on celebrating? the queen will start her day with a wal
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about before lighting a beaconia relay in the evening.lain the eg later this summer formal celebrations will be held to het mark her official culminating with a national nioa service of thanksgiving ativing saint paul's cathedral an an giant picnic outside o buckingham palace for 10,000 fo0 guests. >> her closest friends. clo >> she looks good for 90 though. >> sure does. capitol hill going to the dogs. . the canine training program set to be demonstrated forrate lawmakers >> and later she is the face t f of the abolitionist movement mom and now harriet tubman is setma to be the new face of the 20-dollar bill.ollar l. reaction to the change justthe j ahead.ah stay with us. fox5 back in just 30 seconds. 99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> today the man who flew his fi gyro copter up the front lawn of the u.s. capitol will learn a his fate. fat did you go has hughes is seto ha to be sentenced for stunt lasttl year that sparked a security scare. the florida man was protesting t the involvement of big moneyon in politics. polic he pleaded guilty lastas november to flying a planeing p without a license. lic hughes faces up to three yearsha in prison but the governmentovem is expected to ask there he serve 10 months behind bars. >> the campaign trail travelsraa through our area this week.our ted cruz scheduled to be ino ben frederick, maryland, thisand, ti morning.rn he is thein first 2016 candidate to stump in that city.tu in th nasterday donald trump wasy do also in maryland campaigningamig in the eastern shore.
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maryland's primary is tuesday april 26th. also maryland this week ayl debate between hillary clintonan and bernie sanders sort of. st o tomorrow the university of u maryland is holding a a surrogate foreign policy debate between the two. b itet means they'll have standend ins representing the two t t candidates to show how they howt would address foreign policyoliy issues. >> also today, united airlines flight attendants will be be picketing at dulles airport. apo they will be pressing for a new contract in the midst of record profits for therdts airlines. the protest will take place atce united ticket counters from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. this afternoon.aften. today the protests will alsols be taking place at six otherx or airports throughout the on capitol hill the houseolh military veterans caucus isaucus holding a and event tovent demonstrate the benefits of assistance dogs for vets v suffering ptsd. p >> an organization trained andni placed over 5,000za assistancesa dogs with program graduates since
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead, reactiongh pouring in t this morning to tho decision to put harriet tubmanaa as the new face of the 20-dollar bill.ol b why the move is catching many mn by >> first, though, mike and, ough erin are going to have anotheree check of your weather andweat traffic. that's coming up on the 5's. 5:12 is our time right now
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>> ♪ >> back now 5:14 andac developing overnight in laurel, marylandng, firefightert batter ling this fire at ag thi warehouse building one buding on lafayette avenue.fayette ave parts of the buildings coofllapsed.llapd. thankfully firefighters goters the blaze under control aroundna 2:00 a.m. a.m. they're now working to put outnt any hot spots. >> ♪ >> all right.ll thursday morning outside.utde few more clouds out there than the past several mornings butor don't let it scare you.
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you do not need the umbrella uma today. it will be a nice afternoon,ftno just not as much sunshine but surprisingly temperatures evenly warmer than yesterday. t tn ye temperatures later on thisthis shternoon should reach atn least the mid 70's here in d.c., maybe a little bit a l warmer than that in some i places south and sou there are those clouds you alosa talking about.. this little spurt you see at the end here of green, there's e no showers out there. they're not hitting the no need to worryin about that it you're watching from the west w today.da it will be a dry morning, dry, d afternoon. aftern temperatures, though, are on, the chilly side this morning, mg 49 degrees right now in washington, 48 for gaithersburg.hersburg. , 45 for baltimore and '52td 50 this morning in annapolis. al for the bus stop this morning, i maybe light to moderate jacketa out there.ouhe cool start to the day.o e some sunshine.shine. and then after school cloudschl start to move in, kind ofind partly sunny afternoon hereer but warm for the afternoon hours, 70 to 77 degrees.7 gr and maybe some locationsations pushing 80 degrees by that tha time. all right, futurecast for thethe afternoon.rnoo couple of clouds out thereclds t early afternoon hours.ou we kind of mix back and forth ah between the sun and the cloudss through the 5:00 p.m. hour.e 5: up towards the
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border mason-dixon line therein maybe a couple of showers here h and there but not here in d.c.b we should keep it dry through the afternoon. afternoon mostly cloudy this evening. e front starts to spill into the region by tomorrow we have a couple of showers gomg through. and then tomorrow afternoon is i kind of prime time for a you believe can of thunderstormsof here and there.he we'll have to keep our eye onye this again tomorrow afternoon.fn today dry, mix of clouds andnd sun, 76 degrees. 76 degr your planning your day out today, kind of just goingst through the motions here.ns h partly cloudy skies byly clo 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock, mix of cloudsx and sun, 71 degrees by 5 o'clock, nice and warm,m, 75 degrees.rees. again, we're staying dry allll day schoo62 tonight. skies mostly cloudy. we'll keep that breeze out ofeee the south and west five to 15 miles an houou 76 for thursday. trsday. 77 for friday.77 fri we think it will be dry fore dor concert time but we'll keeput we our eye on that.nha maybe a couple of showersrs around during the early part of the morning.of 70's for saturday.orur lots of sun, gorgeous, 73 on
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sunday. monday could tie the warmest t day we've had so far this far t year. we were at 85 on tuesday. tsday could do it again on monday. mo. 85 here in washington.hingn. maybe close to 90 degrees inn fredericksburg there.eric wow. what a warmup.what but then we cool things downl tw by the middle of next week. one. all right, that's a look att'oo the erin como has got yourou >> 5:17 and we'll take a look'la at how things are shaping uphanu around the dmv right now.ight. if you have an early morningly i flight to catch things on the way to reagan national andgan na dulles you can see plenty of green. traffic won't slow you down on n your way to an early same story on the way to bwi. conditions looking good there. bw parkway and 95 northbound noo are quiet.ui we'll hop outside for a livee look, show you how things arehis shaping up.shapin this is out by the eisenhower en of a connector on the inner loop and outer loop.op a a little bit of volume increasing but no major slowdowns justng yet.t y we're still in great shape byhae 414. as you cross the wilson bridgeng and make your way past the springfield interchange ierchane through annandale same we're nice and quiet. and quiet this is out by richie marlboro r and traffic is also movingls along just i got y
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this volume starts to turnrts to into slow 50 inbound from annapolis aap still cruising as well.el back to you. >> ♪ >> checking our on the to their stories arlington policesr looking for a man they say tried to lure children intour his vehicle. happened tuesday night along 30th street near yorktown high school. the suspect is described as being in his 40's or 50'ss wearing a blue tattered tankred top much police are also looking for an older modelerod blue pickup truck with dentstr and scratches. anyone with information isucima being asked to call arlington police.police. >> d.c. police are looking forca the person who shot a man at a bus stop in southeast.outhst it happened yesterday eveningay in the 3300 block of 18th8t street and alabama avenue.venue. teachers at a nearby schooleasc say they had to scramble toame t get the children on theon t playground to safety.aynd t the victim is expected to survive. survive. >> today police are resumingolie their search for a missing for i fairfax county firefighter.efig. this is their fifth dayifth d searching for nicole mittendorf.
5:19 am
last week. her car was found alongis the white oak canyon trail inail shenandoah national park.l par her family says she could haveld been training there.en t her friends say stress had her life led her there. tre a vigil was held for her last night people praying for her safe return. >> 5:19 right now and a change g to the 20-dollar bill. b harriet tubman is not only onl making history again but she'sus making change.ha >> wisdom martin here to tellert us all about that.uthat. hey, whiz.y, >> good morning.>> g the treasury department madeurrt this announcement, the five, f the 10 and the 20-dollar billllb all getting but it is that 20-dollar billr b that's getting a lot of lot attention that's because abolitionist harriet tubmannist going to replace andrewtoep jackson on the front andro andrew jackson is moving tos the back. interesting move here.g move h a lot of people talking aboutngo this.this this will make her the first african-american to be on the t united states paper currency.rre our jim lokay caught up withghtp some people on the nationale te mall to tell us what they whath thought about the change.the >> i think it's great. gre i think the change in america is great and that they're they' starting to recognize women.ogni i think it's
5:20 am
>> it's a great example for people, for women especially eec and for people, you know, k around the country. >> reporter: who is on the currency in new zealand. zeand we're making a big deal of this.. for you it's another day.. >> yeah, it's just another day. >> we'll have to wait a little t while get our hands -- to giveno the bank teller the tubmans. tms we won't see the new harriet tubman 20-dollar bill until 2030. >> that is a long time.hati >> also i want to tell you tl y treasury secretary jack louack says the five-dollar bill is going to get a change as welle w to reflect historical eventsl e at the lincoln memoriall including dr. martin luther king's "i have a dream"have speech.speech. >> that's cool.>> >> when are we going to see that one, 2040. 204 >> what's happening totten? didn't something happenng happen totten. >> yeah, something is yea happening to all our money, the money that you have. >> i think hamilton is getting a little face-lift i think. >> they're going to do some goi things with the
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>> i wonder if we shouldwe shoud collect some of the ones weme o have now. >> i would keep them. >> that's aou good point. point >> we have time.vt >> pass them on to your kids ks as collector's items.te i say do it. it. thanks, whiz. w >> time now is 5:21.ime now is let's take a look at the otherhe stories you're engaging with eng most on social media.cialia. using our realtime newsime ws first up, some sad news from wwe wrestling world legend leg china hachyna has died. die officials are investigatingesga the incident as a possible possi overdose. they say though there is no sign of foul play. pla >> snapchat is getting blastedld over this controversial bob marley filter. some are calling it digital blliack face and say it ists offensive or racist. others complaining that it wrongly associates marley with smoking pot.ot snapchat added the filter just yesterday to make people looke k like the late reggae legend. leg >> and jimmy john's offering ofr one dollar subs today.ll sub nope, you're not hearing, you'ra wrong. let me say
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jimmy john's offering oneering n dollar subs today. it is part of the customer custr appreciation day.ap here in d.c. there are severalrl locations in northwest thatwestt are participating.ticipati i hear you got to stand instandi they don't even care if youvecaf stand in line over and over ove again. agai just come on in get your one yon dollar sub. >> i have lunch plans now.h plsn >> i think a lot of people. >> 5:22 is our time. cats fans, put away those tho broomstick. i had mine ready the home team just can't c secure the playoff sweeplayoff e against the flyers.agains highlights from last night'sromt tough loss.h >> you know what it was, youou didn't have your cow bell.ow be. will you rung it a coupleou runl times could have made ae difference.s co hodilly.ffhoy. later yesterday we tacked about the best way to dry your w hands but did you know there'sno also a proper way to sanitize sz them. what you need to know comingnoom up in today's health watch.
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>> in today's sports breakfast the caps were not able toere eliminate the flyers from the playoffs.playoffs philadelphia was able to ae
5:25 am
during the first period though r there was a pretty scary moment.nt flyers scott laughton lost hisnh footing, he really slams hardrd into the boards. his lower back taking a hit. there it is. i laughton lay motionless as as aa hush went over the crowd asover you can imagine.u ca he was taken out on a a stretcher and taken to a local hospital. despite the flyers ago big win though the capitals still leada them three to one and i don'ton know the update on hise pdate oh condition but nonethelessheless obviously we want him to be b okay. that's always scary he when w something like that >> mike thomas you stayed upd and watched that game. >> yes, did i. i >> hence your bleary eyes thisr >> it's playoff hockey.playhocke >> i know, you're a huge fan.e f >> that's okay. ts o they won one up there. there now clinch it at home. >> i think they lost on purpose so that they could winh at home. >> i'm following your theorylowi and i like it. >> they can clinch on friday.y >> go caps.>> go >> all right.>> talk about these coolhese temperatures right now,ur thoughes, yuck. yuc >> yeah, you're right.h,'re chilly start here in d.c. d.c 49 degrees to start the day
5:26 am
but you know, rather seasonal. 50 degrees in annapolis.nnapolis 49 at dulles. dul 54 at winchester.inte maureen don't you worry i goty t warmer temperature on the wayrao later on this afternoon.fteron all ahead of a frontal system. . we're seeing more cloudse co in the past several days here and by the time we get toet t tomorrow afternoon we'll bee'llb dealing with showers and maybera a rumble of thunder or two ofr thunder. by the afternoon today is warm. 65 at the noon hour and bynd b 4 o'clock just for you maureen 74 degrees.74 d >> yes. >> mix of clouds and sun.ds a >> i like it i like it. i >> hopefully we like what's on ' the roadways this morning. morn. let's go ahead and check in c with erin. >> surprisingly we do.e d right now 5:26 we have a6 we little bit of volume building bd 95 from dale city to 123 but a relatively quiet start.tart don't want to jinx it for this i thursday morning commute.te dale city he to 123 quiet qui except for a littletle we had an earlier stallier stall reported on the outer loop atthe leesburg pike. that quickly cleared so ced s traffic is cruising along once again on the inner loop and outer loop at that location. and the outer loop is alsols moving very nicely from 95 to georgi
5:27 am
congestion just yet. bw southbound 197 to powder mill still looking good.ll loo same story 95 southbound fromun the icc down to the beltway secondaries in silver spring spn and bethesda looking good. g and our airport travel timesim are exactly what they should the be. back to you. >> ♪>> >> ahead at 5:30 an overnightveg shooting in northern virginia vi leaving one man injured.on now police are searching for are the gunman. >> and a family mourning theil loss of a disabled many sa m following a struggle withgle w police officers.pos. what led to that deadly encounter? time now 5:27. 5:2 we're back right after this.
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>> ahead this morning, ahead tragic discovery in virginia. ia a two-year-old girl found deadl inside the back of a what we're learning about her heartbreaking death.. plus, a northern virginiagia family demanding answers afterwr an autistic man dies followinglw an encounter with police.ol what we know about whatow aut wt happened in the moments beforenh the and later, a rapida r wildfire spreading acrossoss shenandoah national park. p this morning, thousands ofands acres are lost. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning. mor we're all here.'re all here. >> we are. >> good morning to you, holly. good morning, erin. e >> good morning wisdom. >> everybody is in a good a mood. mike thomas please continue our good mood with good newsoo as far as the weatherd is concerned.
5:31 am
seems to go by so quick. >> such a charmer today. tod >> too charming. >> it's a nice day today. it's a goonid spring d we have temperatures in theatu mid 70's later this afternoon.fn not as much sun as the pasthe p couple days but a dry day in rain does come our wayay tomorrow. some showers maytobe a rumble or two of thunder. t y. we'll get to that in just aust a bit. bit. >> sounds good. g thanks mike.ksike. a quiet morning so far ono the roads. >> i like what i'm dealing. a little increased volume fromom stafford. i'll take a look at the maplook and show you wha at areas youary need to leave just a touchusa t early this morning.rly this mor. >> sounds good.>> thanks erin. let's get to the news.t' crews are still working too determine what happened one at h columbia pike late last night.ig >> a man was shot at a burgerr king in arlington. fox5's annie yu is live onsive the scene with the very latest s in this story. >> reporter: hey, goodorte morning to all of you.f y this happened around 11 o'clock last night and some s seven hours later police justolu wrapping up the investigationesi it looks like but we have abut v detective sort of scouring the area behind me. this is the 3600 block of columbia pike. you can see th
5:32 am
body shop as well as thel as burger king here and police pic really focusing their t attention since we've been outee here to an area tucked insideedi the parking lots of both of bot businesses. they just towed a silver bmwsilv from the burger king lot and a then two vehicles from theehicfm auto body shop, one of those cars a mercedes benz had itss bi window shattered and at least l two bullet holes on the sideet h there. not exactly sure how s these vehicles are involved ornl how this shooting went down.we police on scene remaining rai tight lipped but i counted a b a dozen or so evidence markerse mr scattered outside bothsi b businesses along the sidewalklo and the park and lots ands witnesses reported hearingring multiple rounds late lastndte night. i also spoke to some business owners who tell me there'shere been some trouble here at thelet auto body shop in the past. ie s police tell us they got the 911 call just beforet bef 11 o'clock last flight forck ltl multiple shots fired.iple shots when they got here they foundheu a 20-year-old man with a gun gun shot to the leg. l he was taken to inova fairfax ff hospital with nonlife-threatening injuriesthre so he should recover justou r fine. again, the circumstances cir
5:33 am
remain unclear this morning.hioi we also do not have a suspect lookout from police at theice t moment.nt that is the very latest herery in arlington, virginia, anniegie yu, fox5 local news. new >> thanks annie.>>hank appreciate it. i >> we're also following some aoo breaking news from washington, d.c. right now.d. a man shot and killed in kle southeast. this happened around 1:30 this h morning in the 1600 block off 16th no word on the victim'ss identity just yet or a suspect a or a motive. a they have a crew on the way toay the scene and that >> in northern virginia, ania, a family is waking up with devastating questions thisuestio morning about how an encounter u between police and their son with profound autism turnedd deadly. melanie alnwick joins us now live from falls church withhurct good morning, mel.orni, >> reporter: well, holly and and wisdom, good morning. morning there is a criminal and administrative investigationve i currently going on right nowight as to what exactly happened when 45-year-old paul gianelos e wanted away from this park andnd down annandale road. he was visiting thi
5:34 am
others from his group family tells us that paul gianelos is a silent autistic, s he cannot talk but he can scream and they say that he wouldn't understand a police pic officer's commands. it was 1:00 p.m. wednesday wne caregivers called police to cle help find gianelos after they realized he had what happenede a away from the group.away an officer found gianelos onsn nearby annandale road and he became in the words of police three backup officers arriveds d and police say gianelos was restrained in handcuffs. fairfax police chief ed roessler says the firstheir responding officer is a 22ffic s year veteran of the force.or >> it appears that way. clearly the officer that responded is a crisis intervention team trained and he was building a rapport andin from ourg preliminary findingsi his ultimate goal was toas t reunite mr. gianelos eveniane after the struggle. suggl >> reporter: now, police sayices they called medics becauseicause
5:35 am
gianelos went down and scraped his he was still alert and a and breathing during that time. but when medics arrived theyed t say they witnessed him going him into cardiac arrest and started cpr. cpr paul gianelos would you pronounced dead at thenc hospital later. now, weho also understand there apparently when the officerly w approached mr. gianelos, hee apparently put out his handisan and tried to shake his hand and that is when they say that mr. gianelos had an adverse reaction to that approach. appac also fairfax county police wanted to clarify no guns or tasers were used in thiss were incident. the family is looking for an autopsy report sometime lateror today. wisdom and holly. >> ♪ >> time now to talk weather.k w. mike thomas back now.k now. we had some -- a little bit ofet a breeze this morning but it'sn' going to warm up today.od >> this breeze really seems toy be bothering people.eople. >> not bothering me.>>ot bot i happened to notice it.ppno after you have a fabulous dayul during the daytime and into ao
5:36 am
the >> you're a picky guy.a pi >> yeah, i'm a very picky i like what i'm like.ik >> i'm trying to satisfy. satis. >> you know what, i'm goingoi give you a phrase that you canay use. >> go for it. >> you get what you get an>>dd you don't cry a bit. a b use that in weather. wea it will go a long way. my kids taught me that.taug >> i thought you were going toor say something else there for a minute. temperatures 49 degrees herees in washington.hito i did. did just briefly there. there. i was a little worried.ried 54 degrees at winchester.ter. 43 this morning in martinsburg. 53 for hagerstown.or hagstow cool start to the day buto the t we'll warm it up later thiser ti afternoon.afn. few more clouds today.more c kind of a mix of clouds and clod sun. sun. something we haven't had over hd the past several sever it's been absolutely gorgeous gu the past week, the past 10 days just very dry as well butel you see that front coming fromom the west. that will bring some showersng by the time we get to tomorrow. 76, though, this afternoon, 78e for manassas, near 80 for fredericksburg.ic a gorgeous day coming up.usup all right, that's the weather. w erin has got the roads. >> 5:36.>> 5 now that we passed that 5:30
5:37 am
of congestion picking up inp the usual spots but right now r inner loop is moving veryigs mor nicely from branch avenue tovent the wilson bridge.ridg five inbound is quiet as yous ut head towards the beltway. beltw same story on 210. 210 i'll let you know when thew he normal morning congestion m starts to kick in.orar aside from that volume is increasing 270 south 70 to thehe trucks. trucks. usual slow down there.l sl once you past that area making your way through gaithersburgthr and rockville and germantown get this morning, traffic is, trfici moving just fine.vingust outer loop is moving just -- jt very nicely 270 to the spur.pu you can see as you make yourou way through silver spring. s we are in great shape.tha we'll take a live looklook outside.outs 95 southbound is in greatd n gr shape and this is a look onook n the beltway outer loop by new hampshire. hamp again a little bit of volumeshle picking up but not the usualhe u inner loop nice and quiet as you make your way out by oldld georgetown pike.geto quiet as well.t as w i'll let you know whenw w anything else picks up ore pick that's your traffic. your back to you. you. >> coming up, facebook nog up longer just for keeping in touch with friends.touch with fn we're going to tell you how you could earn some money frommo using social >> first though how do you clean your
5:38 am
way that you should bed sanitizing them for the bestr te results. that's ahead in our health watch. >> ♪ hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> good morning again everyone, it's 5:40, i'moo maureen umeh back, with your wh health watch. yod news if you like nuts.if researchers say a diet rich int them play reduce your risk ofis colon cancer. they say men who reported repte eating a half ounce of nuts atfs least three times a w
5:41 am
69 percent lower risk of colon o cancer. and women will more than anha 80 percent lower risk of developing the disease. they say the study does improve eating -- doesn'tg -- dt prove eating nuts was the solese reason for the reduction in risk. more research is needed.rch is . you may have been cleaningni your hands incorrectly.ncorct yes, scientists say a common technique for applying hand sanitizer one recommended by red the centers for disease d control and prevention isventn i inferior to an alternativelter method with twice as manyany steps. new guidelines can be held onel the world healthworld healt organization's web site.zation it might be worth incorporating into your dailytig routine. officials say washing your hands is one of the singlee most important health choices a person can make.person can so, again, we may have beenave e all been washing our handsur h wrong. there's more to it than justhant lather. >> oh, it will be all right.will >> i thought it's just fors washing your hands in general gr or for using hand sanitizer.anir >> it's actually for for they say what was have been whae doing it wrong.g we're not doing it long enough g and we're not covering all ofg a
5:42 am
the areas. so,.,. >> aren't you supposed to sings happy birthday. >> that's what i thought. apparently not go online. onl >> happy birthday. birday. >> that's how long you'reou supposed to wash your hands for. >> i'll keep that in mind. thatn >> but we're doing that wrong.t. >> now you go the to sing likeil the whole like beethoven'seeov fifth symphony.m >> coming up, a lesson in love. why this adorable local couple is going viral this morning. vat >> but first, mike thomas and t erin have a check of yourck o yu weather and traffic coming upomg on the 5s. >> ♪
5:43 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> happening now, police in northern virginiangrt investigating the tragic deathha of a two-year-old girl.old she was found in the back seat a of a car after being leftei left there all day.all day. police are now consulting withst the commonwealth's attorney towl see whether charges may be filed in the case or if this is just a tragic mistake. miske we're going to have much moreucm on this investigation comingvest up at 6 o'clock. >> ♪ >> all right, taking a livehttai look outside, traffic seems toem be running smoothly on thison thursday erin como will be along inwill just a moment to give you agiou full update on the roads around the region. i can tell you that the roads t around the regiohan are dry,re d that's for sure.that'sor s no rain not just today butustoda over the past week or so. or we haven't had any rainad any rn falling in d.c.faing that will change tomorrow. today the biggest change thehe more clouds in your forecast.ors cool to start the day here, 49
5:46 am
in washington.asngton. kind of some mid 40's out in o i the suburbs.e suburbs. 40's and 50's to start the srt day. 45 for richmond, 41 for binghamton, new y pittsburgh though up to 57.up to you see kind of this warmfhis stream of air coming up through kentucky and up into up ohio that's all ahead of a cold front that's kind of gotot itself draped across the acrs te midwest here and it's going to ' be sliding its way eastward astw we head through the course ofrs today and into tomorrow. tomor by tomorrow, we'll have somee s rain around.rainround. all this green you see hereee out in west virginia none ofa ne that is hitting the ground. gron don't worry about that as youaba head out the door this d morning. no umbrella needed just kinded s of partly sunny skies to start t the day here. all right, here's what's going on. on high pressure off the coastline today.astline nice southerly wind.d. temperatures this afternoon in the mid 70's.e mid tomorrow mid 70's as well.el but again as we get that coldhao front into the region we'll the have some scattered rainttered r showers as well as one or two oo thunderstorms here or there.herr so, definitely tomorrow theit day you're going to want theel e umbrella as you head out the door. weekend, though, we'll getugh, g that cold front out of here byoe saturday. maybe a leftover shower veryrer early saturday morning but byy the time
5:47 am
saturday and into saturdayat afternoon lots of sun.un comes with seasonal ssonal temperatures with 70 degreeses on saturday. by the time we get to sunday sua we'll start warming it up slowpo and steady, 73 no shortage ofho sunshine for your sunday.un 76 your daytime high today,hod mix of clouds and sun.. probably more sun earlier inarer the day than later in the again, it will be a cool startor but by the time we get to we g 11:00 a.m., 63 degrees, 2:00 p.m., 71.1. 75 degrees by 5 o'clock and'clod again, highs today about 76 degrees. later on this evening, clouds cd continue to build, 62 degreeso , so a mild night thanks to that o cloud cover and that southwestst wind. five to 15 miles per hour. fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast here, again, 76 today. tomorrow don't forget fox5ox what, erin, fox5 --ox >> rocks. >> there we go, fox5 rocks.oc tomorrow morning farragut square park spring concertark series round two here. secret society will be playing. temperatures mild in the 60'sil mostly cloudy.inmost we think it will be drlyy but b we'll have to keep our eye onr o it. we may have to dodge a
5:48 am
or two tomorrow weekend looks fantastic.antaic big warmup on monday then wen cool down slightly as we gets wg towards next wednesday.edneay that's weather.'s wther. erin has got the roads.ot the r >> things are definitelyngs ar starting to pick up. congestion 95 north 630 to 610 1 as you make your way from falmouth into stafford. you'll hit that slow down andha then again ast you cruise you s through prince william same story there dale city toy 123 just a little bit of a bit a jam. morning commute right now inow i the inner loop looks goodp lookg branch avenue to the wilson bridge. branch avenue inbound volumei picking up just a little bitle but you're still in the clear from 301 on up to the beltway. w 210 still looking good as youoo make your way out as well. problem free on 50 from f annapolis but keep in mindbukeep you're going to hit thisoing tos little bit of congestion by 202. congestion also 270 from 70's to the truck scales in frederick.frederick. then in montgomery countyn mo moving well past 270 and thepa 270 spur. secondaries in bethesda silver spring, 29 looking good. loo north of that point b wpot b w parkway a little volumea lile v increasing on the southbounduthu side by powder mill.owder mi but nothing terrible just yetjut and metro, hey, that's onat
5:49 am
just grab a light jacket. little bit of a chilly startf at but it's warming up as mikesik said. back to you. >> ♪>> >> 5:49 is the time. a wildfire that erupted officer the weekend in shenandoah national park is still ablaze this take a look atze these imagesma that have been shared on social media. the park is located in larayn ly virginia 90 miles west of theesf district.stri. due to the dry weather and wea gusty winds the fire spread rapidly and spans 5,000 acres.. it's being dubbed the rock r keep mount fire and has forcedde more than a dozen trails to tra close. >> to texas where river levels continue to rise amid historicis flooding. it is the highest some areasomar have seen in decades. deces thousands have been displaceded and it may not be over withver w more rain expected today. tod. many schools are already canceled through next monday. mn officials say while the reservoirs continue to rise,rs c they aren't expected toren'expe the threat of flooding shouldg d be over by the weekend. weekend the climate also takingclim center stage in europe.tage
5:50 am
sign an agreement on climatent change today. o it's a symbolic move for the landmark deal many thoughtth would never happen.d neveap under the agreement countriesnti agree he to reduce carbone rb dioxide emissions and otherer greenhouse gases. g they can set their own targetswe for doing so and must update upd them every five years.ea >> here at home, montgomerytg county fire investigators aretia still trying to figure outfie ot what sparked a two alarm fire f in '. flames broke out yesterdayay morning -- yesterday afternoonft at a home on berry street. that's in the glenmont area ofnm '. it took about a hundreddred firefighters to put out thato ot blaze. thankfully no one was hurt. hur. and firefighters in fairfaxairf county were also busy skyfox over the scene of this massive fire along the 6800 block of ferris calvary road in centreville.entr fire officials say a man and ais woman were inside the home buteo managed to get out. out and take a look at thisk ati incredible video of that fireha taken by a nearby resident. rid you can see the home almost lm completely engulfed in flames fa with smoke visible from miles m away.
5:51 am
that fire. >> a fallen prince george'sce go county firefighter has been bee laid to rest. >> ♪ yesterday a final farewellar was held for john ulmschneider. family friends and fellowri firefighters gathereden at the saint patrick's day john's cath saint john's catholicatholc parish. parish ulmschneider was shot and killed last friday. frida he was remembered for hisd bravery and severallessness.ssn. >> anybody knows skillet wouldwd understand that -- know that he's only here to help, always a was willing to lend a helping hg hand. >> skillet was the most down d to earth person i've ever met.eo he's the guy that always foundtu a way to make you smile. you smi his family was his priority without a doubt. >> the shooting is under investigation. so far no charges have beenn filed. filed. >> well, as summer approachesppo air travelers can expectect longer lines at security due to new t.s.a. cut backs.ew.s it comes
5:52 am
up for the t.s.a. precheckhe.s.a officials expected around aroun 25 million people to sign uppleu for the program. and laid off about 5,000bout 5 t.s.a. screeners in in anticipation. turns outer only about a 9 million people registered with precheck. >> we're talking about facebook. the company he is considering adding tools that would lethat users aren't money in a i variety of ways includingofs in through a virtual tip jar and tr new ways to earn cash throughhhh branded content.andecont now, the options are still early in the planning process so don't bank on pulling inullii that extra cash just yet. y >> i'm signing up.p. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. interesting. >> as soon as we figure out a how it works.s it w >> a virtual tip jar. that makes me nervous.e nervo what are people going to do ineo order to get those tips. >> good question.dst better put some rules inn >> exactly. that's why it's just the early e stages. this next story will warmilm your heart.your h it proves that you're never're v too old to go on a first >> just ask
5:53 am
steiner and 90-year-old harold they met on a blind date this week at a d.c. book harold's granddaughter madeer m matchmaker after meeting miriam. the bookstore staff asked thee t couple if they would pose for pe a picture and it has beenhas b shared thousands times on tho >> i might give a tip to thato t story for them to go on a o seconds date. >> a real tip. harry and miriam both say theyms enjoyed that date is it thatat d is like the cutest everly iverl love that they're still living life and you know what, i loven that they're still willing to wi like meet people newly.eet pe >> right. >> 'cause even i -- don't you sometimes are like i've got myy friends. >> yeah, my roster is full. my >> i don't need to make any n more but they have inspired me heee. >> that's cool, that's cool.thao very nicely done.el d >> do you think he gave her a hr kiss on the first date?firs >> i hope so.ope so >> i lop hope tow, so, too. t >> now we're taking it toini another level.her level. time for our facebook fanfa of the day. today it is cecilia and look anl who is with her. h >> maureen and i had t
5:54 am
pleasure of meeting cecilia last friday at the fox5 rocks concert. conc she says she hopes to meet wisdom.wisdom >> what? >> she's got her eye on you, buddy this friday.ri i'm so glad you're coming backin out to the concert cecilia.. that's awesome. for your chance to beyo tomorrow's fan leave a curommene below cecilia's photo on our on facebook page. p there were a lot of wonderful l people down at the concertown ae last week and it was a lot of fun. >> awesome.weme >> ♪ >> and speaking of fox5 rocksoxs we are just one today awayay from the next fox5 concert series. tomorrow the band secret sec society they're going to bethey rocking out. secret society has been around since 2008. 2 in 2012 they were nominated for a whammy by the washingtonai area music awards for bestes urban contemporary group.orar go >> so come check them out tomorrow at farragut squarera park 17th and k streets. see it's absolutely free or you or can tune in at fox5 rocks friday morning throughout thenih show. especially on good day.
5:55 am
>> uh-huh. >> ♪ ly. >> all right. rig in the morning jackets. >> i got your tip jar right j here. come on, this one's nots one' nt virtual.vil. fill it up. up. >> we'll take that with us just k >> uh-huh. >> come down to the concert. to >> but we do need it to be dry in the the morni >> we think it will be. we may have to dodge a shower ao or two. we'll watch for that. tha but definitely last time you tiy went you had the heavier had thi jacket on.ja >> oh, it was chilly.i it was a beautifulll morning bub it was definitely chilly.ity >> it will be a lot warmere a lr this week than it was lastt w week. temperatures tomorrow morningomr look like they're going to beoi in the 60's maybe mid 60's by b concert time. tim >> okay. >> don't think you'll need thehe heavier jacket tomorrow. it is ahead of this frontalead f system.stem we'll watch out for showersout r tomorrow morning but it's mornit mainly tomorrow afternoon that most of the showers and a fewa w thunderstorms will comeill c rumbling through.rumbling 76 for a daytime high today. 77 tomorrow. tom weekend looks fantastic. fanstic 70 on saturday, 73 on sunday.un monday that is not an error. 85 degrees.85 drees. >> wow. >> some models are saying 90'sg9 down to the south of here. of h >> love it.
5:56 am
>> summer time. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.eah. open the pools but the water t w would be so cold.e so cd. >> it would be. >> getting closer though.ting >> thanks mike.>> thanks let's check in with erin now. n >> holly i await the day we day can leave work and go lay by gay the pool and have lunche lunc outside. right now congestion innow co stafford 95 north slow fromw fro 630 to 610.o and then as you make your wayour out in prince william anotheriao area of congestion dale citystic to 123. once you cross the springfield interchange 395 northbound is still looking really nice tog rc the 14th street bridge.idge. typical volume 270 south fromtho 70 to the truck scales.cale as you head in from annapolis ap 50 on the inbound side iss quiet. qu however, you will have aou wille little bit of congestion by 202 and for metro look at thatht beautiful board no alerts toler report. if you're taking metro i wouldko grab a light jacket. a little bit of a chillier of ai start to the morning and yourniu airport commute is lookingt co good on the way to dulles, bwi and reagan national. natio that's your traffic. back to you. >> 5:56 is the time. t as it's 49 degrees outsideeesuti right now. right no >> this is a live pictureeicture
5:57 am
live. it is live. is it is live even though it tug doesn't say it on the this is in olympia greecere where they're beginning the torch for the summer olympics.lp >> awesome.some >> yeah, so how exciting iso ho this? and so it of course the actual olympicsmp happening in brazil. bzi they will be later this l summer. should be a good time. so the torch relay begins. beg >> 5:57 is our time right now.e. we've got a lot more newseew headed your way with steve and allison.allison. >> ♪ ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> straight ahead at 6:00, the t search for a suspect after act t man in shot in arlington overnight. this happened near a burgerd nee king on columbia pike.ike. we're live on the scene. >> a disabled virginia man dead after a struggle withgle w police in fairfax county. cnt this morning a lot of questions about what happened. >> first, though, a live look l outside. it's thursday morning, april we'll have weather and traffictf for you on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 >> little daylight alreadytl 6 o'clock this morning.e ocni >> very pretty. good morning to you, i'mng allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.ney. welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we'll start with breaking newst coming out of the district. disc this was the scene moments agoom as police investigated thegad shooting death of a planf pla outside of anacostia highiaig school in southeast d happened about 1:30 a.m. in the 1600 block. no word on a victim's identity t or suspect or motive. miv >


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