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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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tragedy straight ahead. >> plus, still a lot of questions this morningtions thir surrounding the death of ani virginia man while in police custody so what happened? we'll have a live report. >> and a historical change to the 20-dollar bill.r an american president is out.. and this woman is in. i plus how a broadway hit played e a role in the money makeover.r. >> giving you a live look outside on the thursday morning. it's april 21st 2016.1s 2016. sudden that sky looks likehasky rain to m i think it's just the angle.e ang i think it's going to be all be right gary will be along shortly alo along with erin.along we'll get you the latest onatt weather and traffic on the 5'se5 at 7:05. 75. good thursday morning, i'mr allison seymour.n ymo >> and i'm steve chenevey.he a lot of headlines to get to. we'll start in the district where police are investigating a deadly shooting happened h overnight about 1:30 this 1:30 h morning in the 1600 block of bck 16th street southeast.oueast. that is just outside off anacostia high school. sch no word yet on the victim's identity a susct
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motive. >> an overnight cha shooting in arlington county left aeft 20-year-old man injured. injed happened unside a burger that man taken to the hospitalta with nonlife-threateningfehreatg injuries. detectives are now searching n for the gunmaown.n. >> and in prince george's county this morningty firefighters battled an early tt morningtl fire in laurel.nau a commercial storage building bn was destroyed. firefighters were able to geter the flames under control. contrl they're now working to extinguish hot spots throughout the complex. the it is a heartbreakingarre story coming out of northern virginia northern.ia n a two-year-old girl dead afterft being left all day in a car. >> fox5's annie yu iss ane yu following this tragic storyragiy for us.r u she joins us now live fromro fairfax. annie. >> reporter: good morning,d ing, allison and steve.allisod steve. well, early indications atat this time is that this was an accident.nt. police are telling us that the two-year-old was being caredeinc for by a friend of the motherr when the caretaker realized reae that the car was -- that the t baby, rather, was in the back of the car all ay
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ultimately did pass away. no charges at this time andis td also no arrests have been madene and we're told that detectivesee are continuing thein the investigation and they willthil actually consult with thelt commonwealth's attorney's a office here in fairfax county ct and so that could change. cha now, this happened yesterdayd on wednesday. the caretaker was supposed tod drop off all three children at two different locations. the two older kids ages 10 andr0 15 were dropped off where theyhy were supposed to be. and then the infant or the o t toddler actually was supposed sp to be dropped off but instead is of going to that location, the caretaker went home in annandale and hours later the caretaker got back into the car went to go pick up theo go mother in arlington county andoa when he got to that location,oc, he looked in the back seat and realized that the child hadhe c been in the car all day longr d and was unresponsive andiv a called for help. h and it was just too late.t o l so, the medical examiner now is going to be determining the exact cause of death here in h this case. meantime for the older kids,er d the 10
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has stepped in and they have the been placed with a relativewitha pending the outcome of this thi investigation. just a heartbreaking story, sto guys. back to you in the studio.di >> annie thank you. happening today, one of two men arrested for allegedly d killing an off duty secret service officer will be in court.urt. that officer arthur baldwinhur n was shot to death in southwestns d.c. back in december.em well, now 17-year-old mauriceaui bellamy is facing a murder charge in that case.ase. now, if that name sounds sou familiar it's because bellamyela was recently charged in thehe murder of a 15-year-old boy atoa the deanwood metro last month. >> in meantime police are resuming their search todayrch for missing fairfax countyy fifth day searching for nicole mittendorf who has been missing since last week.e st w >> her car was found along the t white oak canyon trail in the shenandoah national park.l pk. a vigil was held for her last n
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people praying for her safe return. >> let's get to politics now. the presidential campaignpaig trail in our area. yesterday donald trump was inlds maryland campaigning on the eastern >> the the democrats also haveov maryland in mind. min chelsea clinton will makeilak stops on behalf of her mother mt hillary clinton today in silver spring. chelsea clinton will makele stops in silver springpring beltsville. >> what was go from politics to pomp and circumstancemstance overseas. a big celebration for queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. bir live pictures of the queen rtllecting some birthday welle i wishes, some cards, some flowers. this is windsor right outsider of wriindsor castle. beautiful. it british monarch marking theae milesto w
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obviously many, many fans.y fan seems like the entire towniren came out for this grande ceremony outside of windsor castle this morning.orning she's like oh that's lovely.t' >> look at her beautifulereaut outfit.ou >> of course.rse. >> steve, you know, we're we' fortunate enough to have our parents with us and do you realize how old 90 is. i >> here's what i'm not seeing se in that crowd right now. selfies. >> nobody's turning around andrn trying to --trng >> nobody is trying catch a selfie with the w >> that's a good observation.ti perhaps you feel more propere pr when you're around the >> i love the fact that she'se a just out there walking, taking k it all in. she just seems now to just be be able to relax and breathe and a smile and look around a bitokun and really enjoy and appreciate. >> always amazing.lw 90 years old.90 years o you've seen the pictures this t week of four generations ofns o future pretty remarkable time. >> i think so, too. t >> how funny wouhild that be if she busted
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>> if she took one that would be epic. ec. >> then everybody else would eld be oh, it's okay to do it. >> i think protocol would probably --ly -- >> nice time to be travelingme g to england. engla >> it is and did you see the set sunrise out to the east thise morning? gorgeous.rnin >> was it gorgeous?orou >> an almost full moon thison ts morning before the sun camefore up. it will be fulton night they tell me. >> all right.>> a >> all right.>> a >> they tell you -- who is they?ey? >> what? i think that was my phone over there: here's --ere' you saw a little bit -- look-- o like a little bit of >> it does. does. >> showers way out west.ut wes i don't think we have anything v to worry about today. aboutoday 50 degrees here in town. tow 43 for manassas.anassas. tomorrow is a different story,a diokay, some rain showers in tht area tomorrow.or and you see the 40's outs out few 50's as well. well. forecast for today, i think as t we progress through the days th the clouds will thicken up aen little bit. not much sunshine late todayeody but it doesn't matter with the m temperature because we're still going to head up intoto h the mid to upper 70's today. and that means with late -- just a little bits of suns
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and again rain holds offerol until tomorrow.til tomorrow so, we're dry all day long. l little bit breezy in the late afternoon.afternoo here's erin como with traffic tf on this thursday morning.orni >> oh, yeah, we've made the to friday eve, gary. gary. 7:07 right now and we do have hv some delays. this is a look at the outer loop botto am side of theof beltway. there is a crash on the outerhet loop on the ramp to 95 t southbound at the springfield inner change causing some slow g moving traffic leading towardsdg that ramp.that this camera is from the the robinson terminal but it'sutt' pointed at the off ramp thereame you can see traffic is movingovg but a little bit slower thanlo usual so please give yourselfe u that extra time as you makeou your way from the outer loop oel bottom side of the beltwayel towards 95 southbound.thboun 95 northbound from stafford onso through dale city a ton of stop-and-go traffic in the usual spots down by 610 anddown then again through dale city dac as you make your way towards newington. a look at our maps from this thi crash we're tracking on the outer loop. looks like we lost our systemure there at 7:07 but there's a a crash 95 south after 32.fter 32. delays back to 175.o75
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baltimore trying to get to the beltway, bw parkway southbound may be a better bet. b. we do have that typical typic congestion right there. t we'll certainly keep yourtai updated.up metro still on time. tim back to you. to you. >> in have a is a still a lots of questions this morningorning surrounding the death of ag virginia man while in policepoce custody.custod 45-year-old man with autismm went missing from a fairfaxa faf county our melanie alnwick joins usns u now with more. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, morni steve and allison. as you can imagine this storys y really upsetting to so manyo son and bringing up a lot ofp lot questions. we can tell you there isl yo currently a criminalmi investigation and an administrative investigationti going on right now.veon rht n and so exactly what happenedd when 45-year-old paul gianelos wanted out of this park and of down annandale road.dale road. he was here with others from aer group home. the 45-year-old was a silent autistic according to familyo fy members. they say he could not talk but k he could scream and that he wouldn't understand a police officer's commands.s it was 1:00
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caregivers called police toallei help find gianelos after 33 they realized he what happened away from the group.omhe g an officer found gianelos ane mile and a waffl half away. a three backup officers arriveds v and gianelos was restrainedestre with handcuffs behind hisind back. fairfax police chief ed e roessler said the first responding officer is a trained 22 year veteran of the force. >> during this rapport andapport waiting for the caregiver to respond to the location, forionr reasons yet to be determined, mr. gianelos became physically combative with the officer.icer the officer then called for f backup and three additionalitioa officers arrived on the scene. e the officers were then able too get mr. gianelos under control and they restrained him by h b using handcuffs behind his back. >> reporter: now, police sayay
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because during that struggle, gianelos went to the groundhe and had a slight scrape on his head. then when medics arrived, they noticed that gianelos wasnelo suffering some other sort ofort distress, that he was going goi into cardiac arrest. cac arr they began cpr at 1:17 and hee was taken to the hospital when mr. gianelos was pronounced wasp dead. again we're told that officer had crisis interventionti training but we were also toldol when we were first talking to fairfax county police about this case steve and allisonevan that the officer apparentlyfficp tried to reach out and shake mr. gianelos' hand and that ish wheni he became agitated. the family is looking for aki a little bit more information me today and certainly we alsoy ls have questions about where where were the caregivers as wellegivl steve and allison because just j looking at the time line weimwe know that police say they t called for the caregiver to come and the caregiver stiller i had not arrived. police say after the man was was in handcuffs.. so, we do think that an autopsy report should come out o la
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family will give us a littletl bit more information afternformi that.on back to you. >> lot of questions still tons s be answered there mel thanks. we're getting closer toingle the end of the school year. yr. their schedule is about to change. >> this involves two highvo schools and the times that the students get dismissed in thelv afternoon.afte bob barnard is live inn northeast to explain.lain bob, just two schools? schools >> reporter: yes, just two schools.s. relatively nearby dunbar and mckinney tech high schoolshigh where after school students stue come to this metro station to sn go home and there have been been fights recently, one a week ago monday that was captured in a photograph shared on social media that was veryy concerning to school officials. there were estimated a hundred d people by the time this photos t was taken a lot of kids will wil left but there were about about hundred kids fighting.ighting. 10 police cars, two ambulancesms called. we're told it started at a nearby fast food restaurant rest and then spilled over here to th
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apparently a longstanding rivalry between students attude dunbar mckinley these fights apparently getaren scheduled through textdu messaginleg between students ana now dcps says they're trying try to break it up. u they're going to shift s dismissal times for thesal school -- the two schoolswo sch which is currently 3:15. mckinley tech students willech get out at 3:05 which meansch ms they'll go to school 10chool 10 minutes earlier and at dunbar they'll get out at 3:25 3:2 meaning that they will go heill to school 10 minutes now in a statement to fox55 news dcps spokesperson michelle learner says say staggered timing will allow a a 20 minute gap between betwe dismissals which will meanl fewer students heading to the metro station at the samen at te time. ti she goes on to say we are committed to fostering a learning environment wherehe students feel safe and securee both in school and to and fromro school.hool. whether this will actually do d anything to stop these groups gp of students from fightingigin we're not sure.noture. but the school system isl sys i trying and
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actually changing the bellth times for these two schoolsoo dunbar and m mckinley tech tote try to keep the kids fromm fighting at this schoolsoo especially at this nearbyt is n metro station. guys. guys. >> bob let's hope that works.ths appreciate it.ecia >> 7:13. coming up down in texas inex they've had a lot of problemsf s with the deadly flooding down there dther continues this morning.ues th the question is when will theyly catch a break.a eak >> big changes coming too american money.oney harriet tubman will be thelt new face of the 20-dollar t bill. details on this money makeover next and it is still money.
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>> ♪ >> gary got a good job today. >> it'gos beautiful.utif >>
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days. >> being able to talk about how great it is being withit everybody outside.od >> thank you allison always. alw >> we're happy that you'reu' here with us. >> anything i can get -- anything is fine. fe. he'll be off through the parthe of next week. listen so you're stuck withre sw me. 50 degrees here in the city.erit it's gorgeous out this gorgeoush morning, it really, it 43 degrees for cool in spots. s not cold by any means. 52 degrees for winchester and 53 degrees for hagerstown so it's a little milder back upmi there in those higher elevations. listen, some clouds are going to be coming in, they'rehey're thickening up just a little a lt bit. bit. there are showers way back outs to the west.wato i don't think it's anything wean have to worry about.worry about. we really wait until tomorrowor into tomorrow evening to geto gt showers and a few few thunderstorms, too.unde but again, today's forecast forc really calls for thickeningin clouds.clouds. temperatures, though, willh, wil respond. we're middle to upper 70's today.y. some of you guys south andnd west may even pop 80 before bef it's all said and done.e. little breezy this afternoon.ero winds coming in out of the southwest five to 15, occasional gusts higher than h that but no weath
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today. >> i love it.>> nice and relaxing.axing. >> yeah, it's great. >> we're finally getting ain little spring.altt >> enjoy it.le it usually lasts for about a aba week around >> what is up with the froggy fo tone. >> i must be getting tucker's -- >> no, this is laying thein t groundwork see you at workrk s tomorrow. >> it's so beautiful out i beaut think i need to have a night a g of dining outside oysters. >> he's trying to flea where are you >> i think i got to roll. rol i'll see y'all on monday. monda >> take me with you. take me wio let's take a look at trafficat right now.righ nice relaxing day except for on the roads. r usual congestion right now.esti this is a look outside as youuta make your way out outer loop really heavy traffic because bau of crash activity on the rampit to 95 south at the springfieldge interchange so bottom side ofm the beltway this is a look attho the camera from the robinson terminal. you can see the ramp.n traffic is getting byse but but slowly so please watch out fore that one as you're heading southbound.hb new crash so let's move over m for a look at our maps.ap aside fromha
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have inbound delays westboundayw side of the freeway there's a crash at the -- at eighthat eigt street so you can see a bigre red linen a lot of slow moving traffic tra there. eastbound side in muchuc better shape than yesterday.este that crash that we had involving a dump truck hadck things backed up for hours. in howard county 95 southbound in maryland a crash after 32.ase delays are pretty heavy alleavyl the way back to 175.75 so coming in from baltimore balo towards the district i wouldtriw say your best bet this morning taking bw southbound but watch for usual morning traffic. traf. inbound slows from annapolis.oms you're in good shape until you hit 202 and then you get those e delays. back to you.back >> we've been talking abouttalk changes coming to money. money it started with the 10-dollar0-r bill now the 20's dollar bill. >> 5's 10's and 20's getting major makeovers.eove harriet tubman gets a freshbman turn in the spotlight and alexander hamilton getsn get saved by pop culture.tu maureen umeh joins us with all the money
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get it 'cause money changes. c >> i get it. but you have to wait awhileait e for all these changes to takegek place. take a look at the 20-dollar0-do bill because it's goingoi through a big overhaul.verhau president andrew jackson whoackn has been the face of the bill bl for almost 90 years is about 9 to be pushed0 aside for harriei tubman and that is just the president andrew jackson was given his spot on the 20 back in 192 back then, that was some pricey real estate. but now make way for harriet treasury secretary jack lou. >> the harriet tubman on the 20-dollar note. >> abolitionist harriet tubmantm born a slave but eventually avey leader of the undergroundergr railroad and a force for women's suffrage. she'll become the firstec african-american onom u.s. paper currency one of a slew of changes announced by the b treasury department and fornd many including her g
7:20 am
grand niece it has been a longit time coming. h >> people need to know aboutw a her because she was the only woman who helped change the the outcome of these united stateste during that and i'm very proud of >> and while it is hard to keep money out of politics,olitc it's also difficult to keepeep politics out of money. initially the treasuryiall department wanted to displacepl not jackson but alexander hamilton.mi but hamilton is enjoying new cache because of the popular musical that bears his name.are. if the 20's value has fallen f over the years so too hasas andrew jackson at least inst some eyes but he has his h defenders including former republican presidential candidate ben today are on. >> we have lots of options here. we can have a 200-dollar billril but, you know, andrew jackson was the last president who actually eliminated the national
7:21 am
>> and dr. benn carson did say y that perhaps harriet tubmanet ta will be better suited on a o two-dollar bill.two-llar yes, those were his commentsom but anyway if we are going tooio have to wait awhile though tough see that harriet tubman on the t 20-dollar bill treasury department secretary jack lieu i says it won't be in ourn wallets until 2030. >> that long. that long. >> takes awhile for them to like -- the circulationcuti process is what's going to g t take so long. 2030 at the earliest.e e >> generation away. gay >> it is. so save up on the 20's now 'cause you know how they t become collector's items.'s ite. >> they are expecting hamiltonao will have a run on broadway.way. >> didn't rent and cat runrent t forever and a day but 2030 but 2 y'all. it's amazing though. tho it's groundbreaking. >> it is.>> it >> i would like to see the bills more colorful likeful foreign current see.reig >> i agree. maybe that's a change they might institute while we wait.wi we've got time. >> thanks. >> absolutely.>> >> all righy
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>> also charges have been b filed in the flint waternt w crisis but prosecutors saysecuty more are coming. could it all go all the way uphy to the top?to >> speaking of water the water r levels unfortunately still rising in texas.singn te the threat of flooding stillinsl there. there. still very real. rea we'll find out when that mayhay change coming it's 7:22.
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ears. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> ♪ >> prosecutors say moresecu criminal charges are likely to come following the water the w crisis in flipped.
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yesterday two state regulatorser and a city employ chargedloyha accused of failing to do theirne duty to provide safe drinking water. they face potential prison sentences.sentces. >> houston texas now where at tx least seven people have died had because of the flooding there. e riff levels in some areas thes h highest in more rain is expected today but the threat of flooding isini expected to be over by the weekend. >> ♪ >> how are we looking. looking. >> we look good, yeah.look g y there's a few showers back out to the west of us, so, soo light it's not a big deal. we'll zoom down to this here d in just a second though.ow once you see what's happening hi farther out to the west a lotes of rain there.of r we'll eventually get there t here but it's going to be i tomorrow and into tomorrow int evening.ev we need a little drink ofrink water around the region so aound little bit of rain will be af rl good thing.goodng. hopefully some of us play get py as much as a quarter of ann inch from that rain once it oe i comes across tomorrow andomorw d tomorrow few showers out to the now they're just basically dissipating. still dry at the lower level. l not a lot of support for thisrt so it gets closer to theser to higher elevation and it's
7:26 am
basically dissipating. as a little wave gets over the mountains maybe they'll find atn little bit more moisture andstur kick up again but nothing toon h heavy and i doubt anythingbt anh that falls it will really getll to the ground. g it's dough sew dry. so dry. sory we're sunshine by noon today.od later this afternoon clouds a will thicken, mostly cloudy byly late this afternoon. afterno it's still going to be warm to w though. mid to upper 70's possible possl around here.arnd here. a quick look at your weekendee forecast looks great. saturday 70. sunday 75 degrees.degrees. sunday is the best day of theay weekend but i'm telling you telg what, saturday looks realday lks good, too. t. because we'll be dry and we'll have a lot of sunshinee saturday afternoon.fternoon 77 tomorrow. tomrow. tomorrow the better chance of rain, thunderstorms especiallyst afternoon and evening. eve sunny skies this weekend. some clouds around by mondayyona but temperatures, wow,, 85 degrees. that means some places may bes y close to 90. 90. here's erin como. c >> 90 sounds good.soun goo 7:26 right n we have some problems
7:27 am
roads. in the district northeastth rhode island avenue south att north capitol street northeast crash at that location causing some delays. also keep in mind new york avenue inbound delays by bladensburg as usual.ssu suitland parkway inbound verynbd slow by the douglas bridge and pennsylvania avenue to suitland inbound also slows. westbound side of the freewaysi there's dea crash at eighth at h street southeast.ea that is causing some very slow traffic as you head inboundnb this eastbound side of 695 in muchn m better shape.hape right now we are taking a look at our morning commute as youteu make your way out fromwat fr baltimore towards theltore district, 95 south you'reouth ye going to pass this crash c location after 32.ft 3 delays back to 175. 1 just checked in with bw parkway.rk that is an alternate but the southbound side has typicalhaypl morning congestion. constion. we'll hop outside for a lookou at our cameras and show youwou what else you're up against aint this mor traffic on the inbound side of 395 slow and outer loop a outero crash on the ramp to 95he ram t southbound at the springfieldprf interchange causing delays. keep it to we are back in just a few.ew >> ♪
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♪ looking across the river at rosslyn right now it's beautifuf start to this day.arhis temperatures in the 50s and plain landing at reagan national airport right there in thet th middle of the screen.dd very niclee start to the day.o . 7:30 right now.7:30 right now. north carolina remains in the ri eye of a storm over a law denying transgender peoplegendeo access to the public restroomses of their choice. cho now on the other side of the sif coin federal appeals court thist week ruled in favor of a transgender teen in virginia ina his fight for access to the t boy's bathroom at his school. s there are many people concernede about the transgender peopleerel using the bathroom they identife with and so that us asking at what point in transgendergender person's journey do they know io would be appropriate for make fm that switch it's a hot buttonotb issue we'll try to sort it outut with
7:31 am
clinical psychologist with 15sy years experience working withrir transgender individuals and communities. thanks for joining us this for morning. >> thank you. >> the first question is, whats we just kind of mentioned.ti i think lost this obviously hasy to be sorted out unfortunatelyly through the courts right now aiw loft it is going. goi but the question then becomes,, if someone identifies as a certain gender, is there i guess a time period or how would yould know, say, for example, if you identify as male, you can nowoun use the men' bathroom as opposed to who may say that morningor morning woke up i feel like i li identify as male therefore iheri should use the male bathroom?hea >> it isn't something thathi tha typically happens that morning.g it's a developmental process.ce. gender identity or who ourho psychological sense of who we are is develops over a period of time, and it starts in childho childhood, and for some people a it may not emerge until later in live in adolescents or evenn adulthood, but the process the begins in childhood.n cld it's not something that justha t happens like a switch.
7:32 am
>> you understand my point if u we're talking about legal l boundaries being placed there are people who are going tole w bring up that point and say, and what's to stop a boy from usingu a girl' room if suddenly he decides now i identify as a girl? i mean tears the types t things that when we startwhen ws working through the legal system now and talk about this thats will be brought up into questi question. >> and i can understand that,an but it's interesting u that we t have several school districts in the country that have instituteu policies that allow students tos use the restroom that isat consistent with their gender identity.identi d.c. is one of the longest lon standing policies it's almost 11 years old. la school district is a little l more than 10 years old.n 10 yrs. in none of the school districtsc have there been any problems. >> let's talk about the main the issue here when it comes to identifying, because it's becse something we've heard more andvm more recently over -- lastr number of years. yrs the difference between someone's sex and their gender and howand they identify with where you said typically thishi starts in youth.ou do people identify
7:33 am
gender typically in youth or inu does that typically come later t in life? >> well, typically it does. does we have a social expectation een especially in western culture that, um, that your sex assigned at birth which is based on if's l or anatomical appearances iss consistent or couldn't unit witi your gender identity which is ih the psychological concept of who you and for most people, that's the that is for the vast majority oy people that's the case, but fort some people it isn't.. >> once somebody realizesli psychological who they are, whoo they associate with gender wise does it typically stay that wayt or is that something that asts either the person the hyped evolves overtime or the personn evolves overtime does thatoe t fluctuate? does it change backa or does it pretty consistently stay the same it. s >> rarely changes back but itact can be a slow process.roce that's simply because when you're steeped in a cult
7:34 am
says if you are born -- if you- are assigned mail at birth, that you are male in terms of your o it can take a lot to overcomeom that.. >> the acceptance part of that.t >> right. >> you've been working in thisen area for years now. do you find that now in 2016 at6 least that acceptance is easiers is it better received for peoplo who are dealing with these typee of transitions themselves?elves? >> it is better.r particularly with youngerh yng so what's interesting about thit whole issue with the schools that our kids are way ahead of o us on this issue.s i i mean, for those of us who are over 30 or over 40, they're way' ahead of us. o u >> it's interesting when you start at the younger age, age letting them basically take thet lead here, then a lot of casesos we see it with some of theh some information we see here, youn we see, you know, when there wereer groups of people gettingpe g together a lot of times it'sfims younger people leading theng coming back around to the school issue right now obviously we'vew seen different states, differen, communities, different schoolie, districts take differents iffe approaches to tohi what do you
7:35 am
solution?so >> the solution is simply to leo students use the bathroom or tht gendered facility and thatiland includes locker rooms actuallyct that is consistent with theirhe sense of gender identity ofntity their sense of who they are. and when that's been institutedi as a policy in schools across ar the country, there haven't beenb any problems. some people have talked about alternative single use genderde neutral restrooms realisticallyy that's not very, um, likely toik happen because it would be extremely costly. cos you'd have to reconfigure allfiu the restrooms in every schoolch across the country.ntry >> we know -- kno >> we can't even maintain oroides. oroides >> we know costs play as hugeose factor in any change like that.. >> sure. >> no matter what the social orh governmental issue.rnme a lot of times it unfortunatelyu does come nadown to the cost factor. >> and what we know from the school that is have instituted these policies across theoss t country is that it isn't even necessary.cessar >> dr. hendricks, appreciate yos joining us this morning. m
7:36 am
a lot mr. attention these days. you can't read a paper or the oe internet or watch the newsch the without hearing about it prettye much on dale basis any more. anr i have a feeling we'll beling talking with you more in thewiot future. >> okay. >> thanks for joining us.s let's check in with gary mcgrad and get a look at thgae forecas. >> hi, gary.i, g >> temperatures this morning aru pretty cool.repr in some spots. somots upper 40s, mid 40s you get places where it's already in thi lower to mid 50s. so give us another hour or soour temperatures really going tooint jump up even though we're goingg to have some clouds today and id does look like we'll be more and more cloudier as the day goes ge along and become mostly cloudyyc this afternoon, we're still we'e going to warm up real nice. ice. temperature here in the cityretc today gets up to about 76, 77 degrees.77 deg a couple of places down to theoo south and southwest culpeper, fredericksburg the usualhe usu suspects up around 80 for a high today the winds southwest fivett to 15. to 1 a little bit breezy.tre we will stay dry today. tod here's erin como a look at youra thursday morning traffic. >> 7:36.>>:36.
7:37 am
on the northbound side theide bridge over oxen creek there ise an accident. a that is causing some big delaysb from the bottom side of these of beltway on up oxon hill so please use caution there.. also, the inner loop very jammej up as you make your way towardsw the springfield interchange.nteh you'll need a lot of extra timee to battle that traffic as you y pass by 414 so be prepared for that as well.s w in southeast inbound delaysndely continue westbound side of the industry freeway crash eighth street southeast causing delaysy eastbound side of the freeway f backs up a little bit as you y cruise towards the third streete tunnel. crash in the northeast section c as well road oy land of a southu at north capital causing delayss keep in hyped new york avenue inbound is also very slow as you head past bladensburg.lade that's your look at traffic. >> erin, thanks.. coming was that volkswagennw is offering its customersrs following that emissions essio cheating scandal.cheating sca and as we take you to the breakk here's a live look at queenlesse women and a parade celebratingg her 90th birthday in thatt moving -- that
7:38 am
motorcade waving adoringly to all of the people that have come out to wish the queen a happy 90th birthday.. ♪ ♪
7:40 am
new life expectancy research
7:41 am
out this week. for the first time in over over decade live expectancy for white americans has declined. white women have more avenueorav drop than men. those live span has virtually been unchanged.. african-americans also had altered live spans. theirs increased by tenth of ata year. which contributes to the gain oo more than a year of life expectancy in this group since 2008.2008. capitocapitol hill will comi when it comes to zika asll republican lawmakersco appear tt be giving into the president'sdt request for funding to fightto f u.s. zika outbreak.break. the president wandered nearly $2,000,000,000.1.9 billion to b9 exact. a measure being circulated woulu provide 1.1 billion..1 billi zika is mainly spread byea b mosquitoes it can cause severe v birth defects includingcts inudg abnormally small heads. volkswagen reaching a dealag witness feds over thene emissios cheating scandal. scand today is the deadline to fight t resolution to the matter.e mte the automaker is expected to bud back half a million vehicles ans offer individual owners
7:42 am
piece as compensation.pensatio the projected costs of buyingf n back all the u.s. vehicles vehle involved in the scandal morecanl than $7 billion.7 biio coming up, can vincent grayy really leave behind theehd t investigation into his campaign finances as he seeks office onco again? will simmer joins us live to discuss >> as we head to break right non here's a live picture fromcturef england once again moree festivities for the queen'sue 90th birthday.. ♪ ♪
7:43 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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7:45 am
not great night fort capsgra last night. they've had a great play off series but last night were not osle to close it out incl philadelphia much the flyersely able to clinch a win last nightg but just one caps still are up three-one inhi the series but a scary moment aa flyers player scott lawton wentw crashing into the boards. right here. into the boards real hard and h was motion less on the ice for quite sometime. sometime. taken out on a stretcher toeter local hospital. h caps still up in the series ss three games to one. tne they get a chance to close it ce out tomorrow and move on toov o round two.d two. >> before we get to the weathere forecast tomorrow is another anr fox5 spring concert series thisi week featured band is secretsec society with influences like stevie wonder, john coltrane, marvin gay.ay they'll be at farragut square s park the 17th and k streets.tree the concert is free. fx5
7:46 am
if you go down there tomorrow t morning can check out the band b also allison will be there and wisdom will be there and kevin will be there.. it will be a fox5 party att farragut square. we hope you are there as well. w thanks lot, steve.te i think rain will hold off forof that. there could be a sprinkle orine light shower, too, but ito, shouldn't be a big deal.oun't bd shouldn't be a problem there.em that's the way it's lookinghe right now. w ri listen, here's saturday.s jump ahead to the weekendke because it does look really rel really nice for the weekend. wed the front will exit early on saturday, once it gets throughhh here it's definitely going to bb nice. nice clouds will clear and sunshineun comes out and temperaturesra probably lower 70s right aroundo 70 or so here in the city forit high temperatures on saturday.y. sunday looks fabulous as this high pressure builds in, warmerr temperatures we're talking notot low 70s but mid to perhaps inhas some spots upper 70s. 7 before sunday is finished here'h specifics on the weekend lookses real nice. n 70 on saturday.70 o that's a high tempe
7:47 am
a few early clouds.lylo we'll be dry on saturday.atur saturday afternoon just great. e sunday perfect. 75 degrees there with loads ofls sunshine.suns a couple of showers fry tryingrt to move out west this but, again, no big deal. d this is i was breaking up. heavier rain is further back out into the ohio river valley,al midwest there. it will move in our direction.ti that will break up, reform, andf we'll have, again arc betterrc t chance of showers in the t forecast for tomorrow, tomorrowo afternoon and tomorrow evening.e future cast this afternoon we'rr all good. go we'll have some clouds acrosscla but we'll be dry.but we you can see how by tomorrowor morning, spotty little sprinklen or shower here or there but it t look like we should be again ini good shape for tomorrowor t morning's concert.g's conce it will be cloudy the way itay looks right now.ght now perhaps little bit of sunshineih popping in late in the morning.g and then we'll have the building showers and thunderstorms latess in the afternoon coming onomg across hopefully some good rain, too. too. maybe as much as a quarter of an inch, little bit more than thata in spots if you get under aer thunderstorm which is certainlya possible tomorrow afternoon.fter here's the forecast for today.ay notice more clouds in thelouds n
7:48 am
about 76 degrees.grees clouds will thicken winds will s be south southwest at about 10 to 15. 15. maybe little bit gustier than gs that late in the afternoonin tho here's your seven day forecast.c looks good.looks goo temperatures still in the 70s. one day, monday, middle 80s for highs. high i do believe we're turning a a rnrner. going to be a nice spring arouno who are finally.who e fi here's erin como. >> beep beep. beep. >> nice spring sounds nice.e. 7:48 right we have a crash reported out in oxon hill. to 95 north blocking the centerc lane at the bridge over oxenr on creek. so give yourself extra time to t get through that delay.t d inner loop extremely jammed as e you make your way from princeron george's across the wilson bridge. br we have more inbound delays onnd the westbound side of thebound e freeway a crash at itth streettt southeast causing some big slows downs. eastbound side of the freeway io jammed by the third street s tunnel. crash activity northeast section of the district rhode islandslad avenue south to north capitolap street northeast want to show i was look outside at new york avenue.ue inbound side there is all backec up by north capitol street. s we'll get a look at that cameraa
7:49 am
taillights that are jammed up tr right there. you can see the traffic on traio inbound new york is also slowlso this morning. you need a lot of extra time tim northeast section of thetecti district.rict aside from that live lookt live outside.outs we'll go ahead and show i washos look at our maps again. a other delays and slow downs 2700 southbound is very slow making m your way from frederick by theyt truck scales and then as youd ea head towards the spur threwr lanes at 370 to the spur down to about 14 miles per hour.s r let me get out of the way theree the outer loop from 95 to georgia 13 miles an hour 95 hou southbound slows from the icccc down to the inner loop and then 95 southbound aside from that bw parkway slow by mother will asrl usual. no metro alerts.le i'd grab a light jacket for thet morning walk to the metro stopss things are warming up as garyp s said getting into the mid 70s. that's your look at traffic. tff back to you.. erin, thank you.hank former d.c. mayor vincent gray g says he is leaving the investigation into his campaign finances behind him.ind him will, i can
7:50 am
today. (laughter).aughte >> behind him andce concentrating g his energy on a run for councill seat in ward seven. ward sev but can he truly leave it behinh as he runs again for public office? joining us now latestt will sommer loose lips columnism with the washington city paper.p good morning.go >> good morning. thanks for having me.anor >> when we last spoke we werekew waiting for these papers toaper become unclassified if you willw >> exactly. >> going to be exciting news, and you're here to tell us what did we learn. lrn >> exactly. we got a thousand pages from tht investigation. whole lot to go through.o thrgh we found out couple of thing. there was more evidence about a this close relative of vincece gray's who took $10,000 from jeff thompson more evidence it's his son s although still no charges torges come from that. ftha perhaps most interestingly wetiw saw an e-mail account controlled by vince gray sent e-mails aboua the elicit shadow campaignpaign suggesting i think more than m ever he had evidence of it.e evd obviously it's not going to gont anywhere because they clove thee investigation now the questionn how this plays into the ward seven race. se >> okay. how does it play? how is he hi polling? how are his numbersums looking
7:51 am
polls of this race, but vince gray's campaign commissionedssne reputable polling for him toim issue a poll this week they wee claim he's ahead by 30 points.s. >> wow. >> incumbent and former protegee yvette alexander.nd very significant amount to amo overcome.erco >> and what's her reaction beenn at a certain point you becomee competitors?competors? >> exactly. exactly right.exacy right. she's been going hard at him al the way through. tou in least these new documents t that came out, the past 24ast hours, she sent out threeut different fundraising e-mails e ripping and blasting him whichbs is funny because in 2014 when20 all of this was still in the stt news she endorsed him and his hs re-election campaign almostn immediately now they're bothey'r kind of in this weird thing,weih they were once allies and nowied they're turning on each other.or >> look, all fair in love andend war and add politics. >> exactly. >> i want to talk about this biu talker about crystal c but let's talk about the push tt perhaps change d.c.'s licenses l plates.plat >> exactly. >> instead of taxation without representation, end taxationax without representation. >> this will really changes rea things. (laughter). >> it's a little word but with a
7:52 am
>> right exactly, exactly., exa muriel bowser is geared up for a big statehood push, you know, we'll see how it goesly.y. obviously she wants to have ae a referendum on statehood thatteod would have no legal effect but t get d.c. riled up.p. council wants to add endnd taxation without representation. i don't know. >> um-hmm. >> you're not a fan, will.ill. >> i do like the current oneurre explains our situation.plains os kind of like well -- we're notee happy with it. i >> we're used to it from there boston tea party.arty >> exactly. exactly. >> what about no instead of -- >> no taxation without who reputation. >> that's a good point.hat' >> you heard it here first,e fir folks. don't try to take credit 40.t 4 let's talk about crystal csl city being d.c.'s brooklyn. bok i spent last end in brooklyn. crystal city no shade. sde it's not brooklyn. >> exactly. >> who thinks this first of allh >> the new york city times raney this article hyping up crystalic city. now, perhaps coincidental allota of developers who have emptyemp land and office space in chris c
7:53 am
it's so cool now. n chamber of commerce type womanem crystal city said all the millennials are saying chrisaygc city city is so cool now. n i don't know if ya'll been toeeo crystal city it has its benefi benefits. i don't know if it's about to bt the williamsburg or next brooklyn. >> that's halloos actually. (laughter).(lau. >> before we let you go we oftet talk about d.c. because. washington city paper.ity but some pretty big races are re going on. we're seeing the ads all overllo the place now for chris hollandl is running for center city and d also for the seats -- chrishr holland vacated in congress.on what are you hearing about thist is this creating a big buzz. >> exacexactly. your viewers are seeing all the ads. chris van holland was the favorite and now it's really a dead heat while we're seeing alg these ads.e ads he's hitting her saying she's an effective effective legislationa much she's saying he's tightg ht with the nra. it's getting ugly. u good race to watch. wat >> look at the smile on this
7:54 am
guy's face. will sommer thanks so much.hankc see you next week.e you ee in the meantime will sommer isr the author of the he is steameds loose lips column in the washington city paper.shin thanks so much. >> thanks allison. gary, over to you., o y >> thanks lot. i'm right here.i'righ right here.e. listen, it's great out this o ti morning. i mean lots of sunshine.of suns. temperatures it's not too chil chilly. 40 some places. 50s other places and we arere really, really going to warm upu today. one thing here's the headline. less sunshine today than perhaps yesterday and the day before it's been so great around here d for several days now but againgn increasing clouds as we gose along. i want to show the planner for a today and gives you an idea wait looks like. look by later on this afternoon really think we're mostly cloudd we may be mostly cloudy as earle as early afternoon.. temperatures start off in theff lower 50's.s we're up into -- way up into tho 60s by lunch time. later on today, we'll top out in the mid 70s, 76 or so for high h temperatures here in town. herit a couple of places actually will get into the upper 70s before b
7:55 am
so it's not a bad day at all. rain holds off till tomorrow wew need it we'll get some tomorrowr tomorrow evening even theowninge possibility of somepo thunderstorms as well.derstos as so there's a look at your at you weather forecast for thiscaor t morning. now, it's friday eve. e so erin como in lie with a look at your yr tr >> 7:55 right now.:55 ri we do have some crashes and delays slowing us down. d crash activity 295 northboundoro it's on the bridge over oxen ovr creek and oxon hill and biglnd delays from the bottom of thetho beltway on through that point. p other side of 295 inbound also a backs up past east westbound freeway still trackink this crash active seen at eightg street southeast.outh now the eastbound side of 695f 5 also backs up through the third street tunnel as 395 northbound is also backed ue as you make your way past theayt 14th street bridge. bri rhode island avenue south andnd north capitol street northeastt dealing with a crash at that c t location causing some big slow w downs.dos new york avenue inbound is alsos very backed up by florida so fla you're seeing a lot ofeeing lot congestion in the northeast section of the district.n of t s no alerts from metro right nowig that is great news and we'lle' keep update a
7:56 am
routes like 95 northbound nthbo through staffed for and daleor e city continue to see a lot ofnus congestion. back to you steve.. erin, thanks so, ths still to come 8:00 o'clock thisk morning fox medical team willfo join us with five types of foodf that you might want to ditch toh avoid bloating. >> plus, did you know there isee also a proper way to wash yourhu hands? we'll show you the bests way to do it. it. ♪
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. coming up at 8:00 o'clock,ck here's live look outside on this thursday morning. mni it is april 21, 2016.01 we will have weather and traffic on the 5's at 8:05. 8:0 nice looking shot of the dmvhe this morning. mor good morning to you. mor i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.he welcome to fox fox5 news mornin. we'll start with unfortunatenfoe story in northern virginia.gini. two-year-old girl dies afterdiet left all day in a car. c. unfortunately it's something wem see happen each year as thear ae temperatures get warmer. fox5's annie yu has the detailst on what is trial als tria heartbreaking story.reg story. she's life in fairfax thisfax ts >> reporter: really is,lly allison and steve.son and ste
8:00 am
my heart goes out to that moth mother. the two-year-old was sitting ing the back seat of a car and car police tell us that the caretaker accidentally left that two-year-old in the back seat ba all day long and this person waw apparently a friend of theend t child's mother. now no charges have been placeda at this time but detectivestimes obviously continuing theiry co investigation and they're going to consult with the con commonwealth's attorney inweal fairfax county so that couldld change.change meanwhile, police telling us tes that this happened yesterday ono wednesday.esday. caretaker was supposed to dropdd three children off at two different locations.t latio the two older children ages 10s and 15 were dropped off at wherw they were supposed to be and heh then went to the home forgettini to drop off the hours later we're told we're not sure how long the caretaker gotg back into the car to pick up the children's mother which her work in arlington county, and when he turned around and got there he e turned around and realized thatd the child was in the still in i the back seat of his carar unresponsive and called 911 for
8:01 am
help but it was too late. l right now no charges filed or nr arrest made. me. the medical examiner will now wl determine the actual cause of death, and meantime, the cps in fairfax county has stepped in i and older two children 10 andn 0 15-year-old have been placedd ve with family members pending thet out come of this investigation.. so a very tragic, tragicragi situation here in fairfax in frf county. back to you in the studio. >> really is. rlly annie, thank you very much.. also, happening today, onene of two men arrested forrresd f allegedly killing an off duty dy secret service officer will be in crt that officer is arthur baldwinrw he was shot to death inth southwest d.c. back in december. now, 17-year-old maurice bellamy is facing murder charge in thatg case.. if that name sounds familiar tof you, it's because bellamy wasmys recently charged in anotherno murder the murder of a a 15-year-old boy at the deanwoodd metro last month. steve?e? the florida man who landed gyrocopter on the lawn of u.s.. capital year ago scheduled to b
8:02 am
douglas hughes pleaded guilty to a felony of operating arati gyrocopter without a license a n much prosecutors are seeking a 10 month my prison sentence. april 15th flight was a wave a w calling attention to the the influence of big money in politics. fairfax today actually fairfax police and authoritiesti still searching for missingng firefighter. it is their fifth day search fog nicole mittendorff. mittendorff her car was found along the white okay canyon trail in shenandoah national park.ationar vigil was held for her last h ls night. nigh people praying for her safe return.. d.c. public schools takingc action to try to end violencence between students. stunts. not fights in school but afterua school and off school grounds.lo >> what they're doing is changing dismissal times.ssal t how does it all work? who is i affected. affect bob barnard is in northeast nor breaking it down for us.down f bob, good morning. mni >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning this involves studentsis at dunbar and mckinley tech high schools who are coming and going via metro a lot of them and some of them are arriving for schooll this morning
8:03 am
after school and right hereer right where we're standing lasts monday there was a big fight. f it was captured in a photographr taken by someone in one of theoe nearby office buildings this waw after school monday about a hundred students, 10 police care were involved, two ambulances an called, we don't believe anyonen was hurt. h but apparently it started at a a nearby fast food restaurant and spilled over here to the metro station and apparently this iss an on-going thing between bet students at these two schools. o dunbar and mckinley tech. th. they apparently a rage these rah fights via text messaging andgi meet here after school, and now d.c. ps is trying to get in thet miffled this and try to break ii up if you will and so starting a this coming monday, they are, ea staggering the bell times at at these two schools. schoo they are shifting the dismissals time which is currently 3:15 for both schools mckinley techy t students will now get out at 3:05. 3: so they'll go to school 10 schl0 minutes earlier.s earlr and dunbar students will get ouo at 3:25 they'll go to h
8:04 am
minutes later. lat now in a statement to fox5 news, spokesperson michelle lerner said staggered time willl allow 20 minute gap between dismissals which will mean fewef students heading to the metro station at the same time.he same we are committed to fostering aa learning environment whereirnt students feel safe and secureec both in school and to and from school. just a short time ago we spokews to a freshman head to go go mckinley tech this morning.orni here was his reaction. >> i don't know if it will be much of a difference if it's 10 minutes.te some people usual after schoolch that 10 minute i feel like it wouldn't make to much of a difference. differe >> reporter: what's going onhatg with the two schools? sools >> they just been reallyhey fighting for no reason. i mean, i don't really know mucc about it. >> reporter: apparently it's a long standing thing rivalryry between students at these twoseo schools. yeah, that's kind of the, reaction we're getting from fro students who are taking theho a metro to school this morning. mi they're saying, that's not really gng
8:05 am
difference because even if theye don't get out at the same time, they often are lingering here at the same time because students leave campus at different timest and head to the metro to heado h home, guys, so on-going o situation that d.c. ps is trying to get a handle on.e >> all right. right. bob, thank you very much.hank interesting approach it to. no doubt about it changing upin the times hoping that thathaha changes the attitudes as well ii >> gary mcgrady joining us nowgn with a look at the he's thereat, trust us. (laughter).(laughter) >> there he is.>> >> hi, gary. >> i think this is where i wasrw supposed to be much i'm prettyy sure that's what it said.t itai lee is shaking his head. h what's up, gary. u g >> you got good for us. >> ut-oh. ut-oh >> it's good.>>od today is great. because we'll warm up. u not as much sunshine obviouslybo been talking about that. t but we will stay dry today. tay temperature now up to 52. we'll be 58 before you know it k around who are, okay. o 55 right now for winchester. west minster is 52.s2. so most of these temperaturesre have um can up into the
8:06 am
still a few locations manassas a fredericksburg holding in thergi upper 40s but trust us, theses, temperatures are going to get uu 60s and into the 70s even withit limited sunshine. satellite shows definitely clouds increasing. ire we think that's going to thickei up the clouds ckthat is during t day today.ay and temperatures will respondles nicely.nily. we'll be dry.we'l we'll be warm. we'll be a little bit breezy. 76 in town. 79 fredericksburg.sbg might as well have said 80 inn fredericksburg. >> may as well.>> >> just call it.>> >> 80 for fredericksburg.frederu >> you'll like it even though ih says 79. 7 (laughter).ghr). >> his scientific mind won't lel him say it.say i >> stick to the details.ti to >> but maybe 79. may i don't know. >> thanks any way. erin como g morning. morning >> good morning.>> i'm going to get into traffic but i need a volunteer to comeom over here really quick.y >> gary you go. i don't have my big girl shoesho on. on. >> wait a minute.>> w crash activity right now 295 north at the bridge over oxen creek. cree big delays there inner loop isno jammed as well across the wilsoo bridge. come here. >> i don't know. wait a minute. should i do this. >> it is national high 5-dayou. >> oh, hey
8:07 am
>> i needed that as part of my morning. trying to give the cameramanamen high five too. too. 295 north aside from that crashc the inner loop is jammed awesome... southeast truck lotrk of poles on the roadway eighthig street southwest on the westbound side of the freewayre two lanes are blocked poles pols taking out those lanes this is i causing big delays eastboundsasb side also backing come on gary know you want another high five northeast second of the districs crash cleared rhode island atd south capitol street.t delays on new york avenue.k aveu come on in. tag you in.. >> high five. >> good stuff. i love high fives. >> it looks rep pee now.s rep e. >> more traffic in just a few je minutes.mi metro is on time.meis o back to you steve and >> five days to go the maryland primary and presidentialsint candidates not skipping a bit oo the. th ted cruz will rally supportersll from frederick maryland this morning. that will happen just about twoj hours from nusow, 10:00 a.m..m. ronica cleary will be therell be we'll talk with her later this morning. on to the democra
8:08 am
now. chelsea clinton will campaign og behalf of her mother today. with stops in silver spring, sp, maryland, beltsville, maryland,l and baltimore.baltimore. for her part hillary clinton will be in new york city today.d she's attending a fundraiser.. coming up the sudden deathda of a rest link legend what mayta have led to that tragedy.. >> plus espn severing ties withs baseball legend curt shilling.hg why the network decided to let him go. g those stories and more whenorehe we're back in 30 seconds. secon.
8:09 am
>> former wrestling star whome went by china has died.r she was found dead by at herer california home.lifo she was 45 years old. during her time in the wwe chinc broke many barriers in thes industry often wrestling againsa men and was the first and onlyno woman to win the wwe's inter continental championship.. authorities have not yetot y commented on the cause of death. former major league baseball star and commentator has beeneen fired now in espn. esp curt shilling got the act aftert meant he made about transgender people using public bathrooms.hs wisdom is back with that story.. wisdom.wisd >> here's what happened. her former red sox pitcher and espn baseball analyst curt shillingts posted something online aed o comment critical of the effortsf to let transgender people usese public restrooms that theyt choose. he actually reposted an image oo an overweight man in women'sen clothing and a wig. w he later deleted the image withh the caption, that read, let himl into the
8:10 am
daughter or else you're a narrow minded judgmental unloving unlov racist bigot who needs to die. d he also said a man is a man andd no matter what they call themselves i don't care whatlves they are, who they i sleep with, men's rooms were designed for the male body part, women's not so muc now you need laws telling us differently.differ pathetic. >> espn firing schilling saying this conduct was unacceptableccp and his employment with theem company has been terminated.erma he had been with esp inform infr since 20 tepp and actually noteu the first time the 49-year-old e red sox legend has been known k for his controversial stances ii november of 2014 he went on twitter to argue in favor of creation i against evolutionvolu sparking a huge debate thate bae lasted over four hours and thene in august of 2015, espn barred him from covering little leaguee world series games because he tweeted an image that comparedpa muslim
8:11 am
he delete thed beat and put outo an apology calling it a badad additions every way on his part. >> speaking of decisions i thins it's a good one on espio inform' part. >> you can't continually do thio and think people will look thepw other way.ay i don't know how many times you have to bring up the nazi thingi and think that's okay.y. >> >> i don't understand it.on't ud so -- >> right. wisdom, thank you.u. >> okay.>> still ahead, some awesome ae new photos of the royal family f in honor of the queen's 90th birthday. it really shows that she is just a regular granny.rann >> okay. >> there is also believe it orir not right way, a correct way toy wash your hands and a new studys says many of us have been doingg it wrong all this time. t so what is the correct way? we will all learn together next. it's 8:11
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8:13 am
8:14 am
oh, gary, you've got biggary business to do right now.o do rn >> i do? i >> come on over.on >> this time i'm in the wrong im place. wisdom --wisdom - >> you're right.>> ye ri >> wisdom is talking it up withh me. he's got lot to say. l to >> that's why we love him.ovim >> looking across from virginiai into the district of columbia il the background.ckgrod. georgetown university lookingki real nice this morning.thng >> great shot. you have to be here because it's time for my first five. >> oh, that's right.t's photo of the day. >> um-hmm. >> this is george. t >> okay.>> oka. >> okay.. >> what's up. >> george?eo >> little basketball 11 months old.. >> he's doing good standing up,g
8:15 am
>> 11 -- oh, yeah.--h, y >> 11 months is right in there.e >> that's as far as i'm concerned.s i'm cr >> i think so. i think so. good for you, george.geo future athlete. he loves waking up to fox5 in the morning. and obviously if you have your own george doesn't have to be h standing there with a basketbale in his hand could be doing lotss of different things. d >> look at his little hands on the. the. >> what's his hat? can you seea his hat.t? >> it looks like, you know,, maybe rocking the whole jordan a it looks like it's me but i'm just so entranced by his face. . >> beautiful little boy.eautif >> yeah he is. look how low they must have hava gotten to take that picture youy know he's only about a foot and a half off the ground.round. >> i can see it in the big seeit monitor.. yeah. he has a 30-inch vertical.tical. >> exactly.>> exactly he's a phenom.he >> that's right.hat's g >> hope off super day.ay >> he's already getting recrui recruited. sports town filling up with -- georgetown is filling up theirpr mailbox.ilbox. >> georgetown, we get it.rget >> thank you steve. >> h
8:16 am
>> what do you mean i didn'tou d mean to do it? good i'm a'm professional.esonal >> all right.. >> absolutely. i don't have to think about t things like that it justo ike t happens. clouds this morning. at 11:63 degrees. deges mostly clouds at 2:00 o'clock.a mostly clouds four, 5:00 o'clocc kind of a muted sunshine day. the clouds will thicken through the day in terms of where we'rew going, i want to show you thehoe seven day forecast here we stays in the 70s. we're 76 today.. 77 tomorrow.or that's with clouds an few an showers maybe thunderstorms inet the afternoon as well.el saturday is gorgeous.orge a few early morning clouds.ud. but other than that looks tha lo perfect.perfect. sunday will be perfect highl bep temperatures will warm up intoea the lower to mid 70s.. monday pulling out all the sto stops. st 85 degrees.. >> wow! >> that means close to 90 somewhere in the >> that means i will be outsidee frolicking up and down the t streets.stets. >> that's why probably steveteve getting a little tickle in hisis >> wednesday timing it outay tio >> don't try it. >> you're on to meme check in with erin.n.
8:17 am
lunch how thing next w >> oh, fun.. >> sorry, there was a loud a l noise. taking it all in.ta right now airport travel movee over. a lot of slow-moving traffic bwi marshall tweeting out that o tha current conditions are normal.or and just give yourself extra time to score parking. pki traffic on 95 northbound and bww parkway northbound is slowing.ii give yourself time to get theret same story typical delays on thy way to reagan national andatnal dulles. 395 northbound stacked fromhbous south of the springfield t spr interchange from the 14thomhe 1 street bridge.dg you're heavy through dale city c and outer loop crash we had oned the ramp to southbound 95 at tha springfield interchange diderchd clear.clea the inner loop completely jammee across the wilson bridge and 295 north in oxon hill there's a crash over the oxen creek bridge. you need extra time to getraimeo through that the area andat ta freeway is very delayed rightded now on the westbound side a truck lost the polls on theoln t roadway eighth street southeasth that is taking out two lanes, ss as you can see several miles of slow-moving traffic as you makey
8:18 am
eastbound side by the third thi street tunnel back up.nel key bridge is heavy from rosslyr into georgetown.etown 270 typical slow moving traffica through maryland this morningrya much that's your traffic.. >> thanks, erin. en >> olympic torch is on its way y started it's journey to rio this morning it was in athens. a greek gymnast the first of o roughly 12,000 athletes who wilo carry that torch. t it is due arrive in brazil nextx week.week now, if you the olympics aren'te until august, once it arrives iv brazil it will be taken throughu 83 cities and 500 towns reaching about 90% of brazil's populatiot before the games start laterer this summer. i love the olympic.mpic >> it's an exciting i do. i must admit.i st adm over in the uk a biguk aig celebration underway for queen elizabeth second's 90thon90 birthday. holly is in studio and joins uss now break down all the pomp andp circumstance, holly.anceol hello.
8:19 am
wrist. >> i see how you worn your english inspired >> 90 years young.. today is a special day for the t historic day for england thehe queen is very first british monarch to reach the age of 90. the queen's family cease this ts milestone has a huge personal pl moment for her as well as a a special moment to reflect on their relationships with the queen.. >> she's a very strong female, and having lost my mother at ar very young age it's beent'see particularly important for me that i've had somebody like thet queen to look up and whose understood some of the more complex issues when you lose aea loved >> william was just 15 when hish mother princess diana died in an car crash and seldom does he d speak about his grandmother'sras roll in helping him heal fromim that tragedy. the monarch key is also takingak this moment as an opportunity ti sh
8:20 am
the ruler.ul the palace's instagram account posted these three photos pho showing the queen with herh daughter the princess royal, her beloved corgis and then with tw of her youngest grandchildreniln and her five great-grandchildren.ea now, of course, we cannot talk about the queen without witho mentioning her famous black handbag.ha she never leaves the palaceal without it.wiout and has called it her most m valued possession.valu it looks like she's not the only royal with lust for take a closer look at the mr. interest. her granddaughter mia isia i clutching the queen's bag.. palace officials say mia'say m actions weren't she just loves her granny's bag. .> aww. >> photo series shot by same -- famed photographer annied otog liebowitz.lieb she's celebrating her birthdayeh with a walk about near her rainr residence in windsor. she will host more former celebrations later this summer. they will be hosted for her.
8:21 am
buckingham palace for 10,0000, guests or so.ts or so. >> what brand is her bag? do we know. ow >> that's a great question. i don't know. >> what's in it? could she possi ibly need? maybe a hankii a mint.. >> maybe a hankie. h she probably has lipstick instic there if i had to guess.. >> gloves perhaps.. >> i have to get this fact.t. last year, she did some 300 plus engagements about 50 them weree abroad.. now, william, kate, harry alsoas did some thee hundred engagements. i mean between the three of thee they did 300 engagements. >> she's amazing. a >> that's why prince harry thise is insider info calls his grandmother boss.os >> love it.t >> love it.ove i love everything about it.rythg b >> think about what she's scenes in her time helping they areng e country through wars to having g an instagram account. >> exactly. >> evolution of what she's scenh is amazing.zi >> let's not forget looking amazing as well. w >> thank you so much, hold.uc h >> you're welcome. isn't appreciate it.n't prec >> chances you have been washins or sanitizi
8:22 am
wrong way for years.rrs coming up we'll show you the right way, correct way, why thew change is >> and later, running a marathot is hard, right, steve? howteve about running it in space? pa we'll talk about the astronaut who planed to just that. t stay with us much 8:22 now.
8:23 am
look, i know you're a cow and all.
8:24 am
i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. ♪
8:25 am
for it it will be rolling in asn second.cond there it is. th interrupted softball game in in virginia swirling around forinrn about 30 seconds or so. secon o this was down in bridge water,ar virginia.viin caught on camera by the visiting lynch berg hornets sports hor network.. dust devils pretty common on dry warm days but not usually this big. that's when you have to wait it out,ha gary. g >> you know what i said.. >> taz main yann >> are we sure the taz main yani definitely is not there. >> all right. rht >> you can get hurt by those. >> yeah. >> when they pick up things -- hit you in the face and whatnotn >> pick up debris.s >> you're never -- they're not-e strong enough to pick you up bu they can pick up small debris.. >> i've seen kids runningun through them on videos.ugh when i went to college a ton ofn them out there. o >> i have never lived through a dust definitely.efinitely. how about steve.ho >> i've seen them.>> not that big. >> dust definitely.t d >> that's what i said.t' >> what did you say, al?hat di >> i don't know.>> i don't
8:26 am
life.. >> taz main yann definitely.yann >> have you ever seen one in real life.real l >> not that big, though.hat g, . not that big. >> if i was a kid i'd probablyba try to run through it. thr it. >> oh, no. >> why wouldn't you, right?oun' >> >> who cares about debris.s >> warm enough for dust devils. 76 degrees here in town. tow. 79 down in frederick.derick i'm sorry, 80 in fredericksburgg we were going to call that 80 in fredericksburg. same for f culpepe upper 70s just about area wide.. limited sunshine today. tod i think i have enough time to show the weekend forecast fec because this is spectacular.. 70 degrees on saturday. surda 75 and sunny on sunday. all weekend it looks dry and nice, okay. (laughter). >> okay. oka >> why are you laughing at me lu this morning.. >> because i just love whenlove you're working with us in theusi erin como, over to you. >> >> just the giggles.ust >> gary makes me have theave giggles.le >> i get them.>> i understand.i it's friday eve much crash activity 295 northbound it'sd over the bridge over oxen creeke as you make your way from theayo bot.
8:27 am
lane bck inner loop slow from princeince george's as pass by five trying to get to the wilson bridge.dg once you cross the springfield interchange traffic is slowtrafs through annandale as well.ell inbound delays this is a hugehih problem on the freeway westbounu side truck lost its poles on thn road. so the left lanes at eighth aig street southeast are blocked. bk a few miles of backed up traffif because of that crash location.t eastbound side of the freeway f jams through the third streethir tunnel as usual and 395 inboundu very slow traffic through thehru 14th street bridge.ri taking a look on 270 south of o through lanes threw 370 to theoe spur slow and then north washington street at martinstar lane a crash.lane a cra we'll have more traffic in few.. >> erin, thanks.ha 8:27 right now stelle to come this morning -- >> say bye to the bloat.lo the fox medical team joins uss with five types of food to avo avoid. >> also, running the right way.t how to get the most out of youry next workout. wor we'll talk about that as well.l. it's 8:27. 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
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♪ all right. there's look outside 8:30 this morning. nice start to the day.tart te da we'll check in with gary again a in a couple of minutes find outf more about the details ofls today's nice forecast.orec time for kitchen conversation.vs social media taking a stab at at snap chat and the wrong andand w right way to wash your handsr h using hasn't sanitizer.anitizer. holly, wisdom and maureen joinan to us talk about this.ut ts. >> hello. >> first up let's talk aboutletk snap chat getting blasted overbd this controversial bob marleyobe filter. fi take look at it.ta some are calling it digital d black face. they say it is offensive or even ra
8:31 am
others complain it wrongly associates marley with smokingng pot. snap chatted the filter fte yesterday to make people look pl like the late reggae legend. leg >> this came out 4/20 bob marl m system often associated withtedw that.. >> iconic person associated witt smoking pot in modern times.. >> a lot of people officere ofcr fenned.nn but have i oh to add this.dd t snap chat responded saying this is a quote, the lense wehe lee launched today was created in partnership with the bob marleyr estate and gives a new way too share appreciation of bob marler and his music.. we respect his life an chiefhief manies. man so with that caveat does its i mitigate people thinking thatlei this is racist or perhaps disrespectful in any way.nyay >> nothing is going to mitigatee people being upset about thing.. >> the first time i saw it i wam not necessarily offended but i i kept looking at and hearing hri commentary i can see how peoplep might say it's modern day blackk face, but i don't know.'t know. i honestly say this is one ofe f those issues i don't know issi o necessarily where i snd
8:32 am
i'm kind of like --ik >> i hear you.>> i hear y i hear what you're saying in sa that, and but i think that if you say you cannot black face ii offensive then just don't do itt >> don't do it.o >> just don't do it.n't do i >> if there's a question youere' probably shouldn't do it. i >> some people said it had to gg through multiple layers of people sounding off on it. i why didn't someone say --omeo s- >> you can do it without it.. >> sure.>> s >> it sounds like they went toli the marley family to get theamyo okay to say, okay, if we go g through them it can't beitan't offensive because the marley'sys okayed it.okay i that's what it sounds like.ndse. you got to is the question youiy shouldn't bother with it.. >> if they went through thegh marley foundation, family youam know they're getting paid.. >> listen we have less thane len three minutes and this next onen ever bit of that time.t t i have some gross news for younf this morning you probably been,b you know, cleaning your hands all wrong i mean washing yourr hands. scientists found that the commo technique of applying san hand h teaser in the way the cdche recommends is inferior to an al ulterior
8:33 am
the world health cdc, everybody take some.. >> a little please. pleas >> cdc does rub your palms p together. do the back of it.ack it. like this.his. right? and then just let themee dry.y. right?ri >> yeah. sure. su >> should take about 35 secondse >> right. rig. >> now, are you all anti washing hands.hand >> here's the thing.>> h i don't do hasn't sanitizer sit because i don't think it works.r i wash my hands.. >> the world health organization says this is how it work.s are you ready? you needis ann advanced degree to go through these steps there's allege we'rw only steps two through six. six. okay. here we rub your palms together.he now rub each palm front to back over the other hand inter lacing your fingers.yo >> okay. i get that. >> now, twist palms with fingern inter laced and rub between youe fingers. >> i get that, too. >> these are areas -- >> interlock your fingers someos should be on the opposite sidess like this. t >> now i'm losing.>> now >> you want the back of one hand and the palm of the other so
8:34 am
can get that >> okay. oka >> you understand that right. rt >> yes. >> now clasp your left thumb anm right hand and move in a circular motion --n >> and turn yourself around. >> allison since you're the onlo one still with me and everyonery else is being disrespect full fl press your right fingers together and rub them circularia motion on your left palm then >> um-hmm. >> who is actually going to doog all that. >> then you're done.>> then you' >> you're ready for surgery. >> exactly. >> you're ready fort nexte re episode of gray's anatomy. ato >> hands up and this is why. how many times have we been tolt we're brushing wrong? sameng? m thing you got to brush the and tire tooth.ti t it's the same thing because youb do this, but you don't do this.. and you don't get in here. i h it makes perfect sense. >> yet we survive. >> we have but, upping, other -- >> i personally think we're too conscious about we need germs in our lives. how many times as a kid did youu pick up dirt and eat
8:35 am
you didn't my kid hasn't died. k has >> i also didn't wear a bike bie helmet. >> i get that.. >> things we know now that arent not good for us.or >> wait a minute.>> wait a minu. >> if you want lots of germsot touch anything and this set. set you'll be just fine.n >> i'm with you holly. >> we build up a resift tans. >> here's the thing about hand sanitizer i need to do the samee steps with hand lotion. my hands are so dry. >> >> maureen has doctors in herasi family.mily i'll defer to her.i'll defer t >> thank you.o t >> that stuff right there ise i not -- not -- >> i'm not letting anyone inn maureen's family operate on me.. >> gary, over to you. >> he's not touching it either.. >> okay. here we go we're starting off in the 50s now.w. we're 60s by 11:00 o'clock. 71 degrees at 2:00 o'clock.0 clc mostly clouds.s. mostly clouds later o
8:36 am
it still will be nice and warm.r i think we'll end up with these increasing clouds thickening upg not much sunshine late today.lae a few showers possible moving mn through tomorrow morning.. and then as we get into tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, awg better chance for showers and aa few thunderstorms as well. w this will all get out of here ii time for the weekend so the s weekend does look really reallyy nice. 76 today. 77 a few clouds early in the day oy but we will be dry. dry. 70 degrees there. sunday looks great. temperature 73. by monday up to about 85 degrees. here's erin como with look at l your thursday morning traffic. >> 8:36. after following along withowin holly's tutorial how to properle sanitize your hands i feel likee wiping down my entire office. oc >> i was going to high five bute i don't have time --e >> i'm properly sanitized. sanit >> i don't have time because i'v e not. maybe you don't have time aftere >> i got to turn down. d we'll move on.n. >> if i did this, now i'm goingi to spend 20 minutes just kind oo sanitizing my hands. >> little germ x. little germ x. >> you got to get the step to dp
8:37 am
>> crash 295 north still a crasc on the bridge over oxen creek ae you come out from oxon hill. hl inner loop still very jammed up as you head from prince george'n across the wilson bridge. and the freeway is all messed uu because a truck dropped some drp poles taking out two left lanesl at eighth street you can see you're still backedc up for miles as you inboundnd there. eastbound side is dealing with slow down as you approach the third street tunnel. no metro alerts that is reallyel good news there.go new they've been pretty quiet alletl morning. traffic on the way to bwi slowlw and 95 north and bw parkway north typical delays on the wayy to reagan national and dulles ds because of morning congestion.ot 66 on the inbound side fromero centreville all the way to the beltway you're going hit a lot a of stop and go traffic. 395 inbound jams from south ofoh the springfield interchange onae 95 through the 14th streeth see bridge. 29550 inbound all the usual theu spots are facing those delays. d delays are from the beltway to o 410 on the inbound side of bw b southbound and 50 slows, too.. back to you.ou. >> when we come back first lookl at much anticipated murdere mur mystery that will hit theatersat soon m
8:38 am
be huge. what's old is new three company's reboot in thehe works? details on the projectho coming up up next.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ first time look at a much anticipated l murder mystery m movie. it's called the girl on theth train. ite 's an adaptation of the bess selling book.b in the movie emily blunt starsta as recently divorced woman who w becomes strangely fascinated byb a couple she spots on her way tt
8:41 am
but one of them disappears blunt's character finds herselfe caught in the investigation. movie is not out october 7th. trailer is out now. n kev have pretty excited aboutbot this.this he says it very popular. very gone girl esk. >> hollywood breathing new lifel into the show three company. >> it's being reimagined fortner big screen.cree so far very few details aboutbo the movie but insiders say thist version will still be set in the 1970s.s >> it will be ashton kutcher. kr >> you know what, that's reallyl good call, though. tho that's really good call the cale producers are taping the writing team or tapping the writing team of abby kahn and mark silver 15 they collaborated on valentine'e day and how to be single. steve loves both of those movi movies. he cannot stop talking about tao them. >> they're excellent.y' >> i did see valentine'sre day.d i would like a refund.. >> a friend
8:42 am
said that the late john ritterni has a son who looks a lot likee him. so won that be a nice little --t >> if he wanted to much it's ada way to honor your dad i guess ge that would be something.somethi >> can i do quick shout out.ics >> please do.>> pleas >> if you follow me on facebookc you know my mom is in thes in te hospital right row >> we wish her the best. bes >> yes, we do i met the mostt wonderful family the johnson jos family, and although their tir mother is battling pretty serious stage four lung cancer n they just found out they were we just the most pleasant familyt l and wished my family well.ell it's like amazing that in thatt time they would have thate that generosity but so good morningd to y thank you for watching and we're all pulling for your mom.urom >> wishing your mom the best as well.ll very sweet.ry sweet five types of foods you maym want to avoid to banish that hateful bloat. >> bathing suit season aroundn o the >> york it is isn't running innn space? how will this astronaut run a marathon in zero gravity?y >> we'll final out. we'll final.
8:43 am
8:45 am
♪ i'm hypnotized by the mew si.ews >> i really really love it.eally >> if you want to see these guys live you can do so tomorrowomorw morning time again for fox5 forf spring concert rear cease thisct week featured band is secret society. >> all right. all rig they have been jamming since 2008
8:46 am
jamming. >> i do. sometimes you got to drop in grn and go with the jam minute since 2008.08 in 2012 festival of familiesf fs nominated for w a.m. my. for best urban contemporaryy group. their influence amazing stevie wonder, awesome john coltranetrn and local man marvin gay.. check them out this friday aty a farragut square park the 17thhe1 and k streets the cop the certificate is free or tune in e as fox5 rocks friday morning. >> that sounds awesome.we you'll be down there. kev will be down there.he >> wisdom.dom. >> wisdom will be down there. b that is a party. is >> it's going to be a blast. bst >> that's awesome. that' now the question gary mcgradyycg will the rain drops hold off. o that's the tough one. o >> i'm seeing stuff now and i'md thinking ut-oh. ut-oh what do we do? what's the contingency >> stand out there and get wet.t >> all of our great fox5 viewers and allison and wisdom and keviv all have a rain party. >> okay.y >> because i think now we haveh to say there's at least a chanca for a shower tomorrow morning ii
8:47 am
>> okay. o maybe we'll deal with it.'lal w austin is rung the camera rightg here. you got backup plan, austin? >> umbrellas. that's good. that's'sood. shake your camera -- he's gote's the steady hard to do that. tha 54 degrees gaithersburg.erur 52 washington. washingto we'll see -- we'll do we can don to keep it as dry as we can.s we how about that? 55 for westt minster.mi. 52 for frederick.. current temperatures out theremp right listen, clouds in place for soms of us already. you can see tried to bring ao bg couple of showers across thes t mountains.untas very very spotty sprinkles and a think really this is what it'swh going to look like tomorroworro morning.g we'll have chowed dee skies ando just a couple of showers movings on across.os how strong will they be? that'a the big question tomorrow.or and how much rain will they behb putting down.own. i still believe most of the rair comes in tomorrow afternoon,ften tomorrow evening. we need a little bit.a little bt so it won't be a bad thing.hing showers back here all ahead ofao the frontal system the same t s front that will come throughou here and bring us a chance forne those showers tomorrow.
8:48 am
we've started off way lot ofot sunshine. i think they'll be times still s today we get some sunshine butib it will be a muted sunshine and mostly cloudy later on this on t afternoon.teoon. temperatures respond noisily,oiy though. we'll be up to about 80 degreess down south. sou 76 here in town. and just about everyone a way ee from the water today will be mil to upper 70s and annapolisapis you're still great 70 degrees 7 there and leonardtown littlee cooler than the rest of us at 74 degrees. so we'll continue to monitortoon that forecast for you tomorrowor morning allison.alli evening you don't want to takent an u but i got a good one if you'df like to take it. it >> i don't need an umbrella i'la just be out there. it will be warm, right?ig >> it will be pretty mild, yeah. >> okay. okay. >> i think it will be great sho no matter m >> we'll work it out.ork it out >> speaking of great shows we s have one coming in about 10 minutes.mites good day is the name. n holly and maureen wisdom are the host.ho >> we have tough headlines toouh share this morning on good daygd but they are important foreyre i parents to hear and to thinko tk about. >> that's right. a tragedy in northern virginiaa as two-y
8:49 am
left in car.left in ca we'll tell you how police sayolc this happened.this plus d.c. schools changingog when some students will get outo of school. s why they say they have to do ito to keep the streets safe.. and money changing. c tubman in, jackson out.. hamilton saved. s we'll talk all about it.ll a it. >> also at 9:00-a former navy seal who has seen combat frommb africa to iraq sounds like the per member person to be a team leader on fox's american grit. g commander roy denver will joinrj us live.usive. >> at 10 it's ome. that means that plus somethingom the ladies, you know, they won'w want to miss.iss how to dress up your man gq style. >> sounds more like a segmentiks for ya'll.ya'l and some young steppers that ar really going get us going this morning. we'll have all and much moreuchm just minutes away. >> all righty. rhty. can't wait. thank you so much, guys.uch, g in the meantime check thisht out. new footage from nasa showing a light phenom -- phenomenon inn space.. >> see the
8:50 am
parent physical you go into go o space you can see amazing vieww of the northern lights. aurora bore rheal list and us au strahle i didn't say list videoy spot from the iss shows the hazh lights forming and passingas across the night sky of the sf planet earth. eth people go all over the world too see view like that and there's e one from literally above thehe world. >> you remember that game lightt bright. >> of course.>> it. >> looks unreal. >> beautiful.if. british astronaut planning tolan take part in the londondo how does he do when he's one' board the international spacepa station. >> he plans to run those 26.2 miles on a treadmill.remill that's about 2.5 lapse around earth.. a harness, is that right,ht, harness will be used to copy him from falling off. pete completed the londondon marathon in just over threeree hours back in 1999. 199 he's hoping to finish under fouf hours this time.e. >> three hours is a ridiculous pace. that's like pro, you know what w mean, top athlete.. >> right. >> but if you'll be answer towwe naught you have to be in greatat shape and he's proven he is.s.
8:51 am
the runniakng shoes with the nie weather. are you doing it correctly?it >> the fox medical team's deena centofanti joins us now with now tips to get the most from our fm next workout. wut good morning. >> reporter: good morning,dni guys. this is a season for 5ks or 5 o maybe you're saying this is it s i'm going to d io it i'm goingtg start a nice running habit, anda you think you know how to run t but you know what, you might not. no i talked to running expert i wai surprised by this that our formf can be all wrong.r so the fir thing he showed mewed was proper posture. postu you have to stand, of course, c, straight up and that soundst s obvious, but a loft of peoplefee start to run and start to hunken over little bit. you have proper posture butosret here's the biggest mistake that many of us are making includingi myself you're going that nice n long stride. you know like running like ae re gazelle he said that is allats wrong you need short little tiny steps. watch how he does it. >> running more on your mid foof which in some ways looks like l you're running underneathh yourself and that way you're not landinladi
8:52 am
front.ont. if you were walking the sameinte couldn't september applies. ali >> reporter: so did you see youe that? he just running rightig underneath and he said 180 steps a minute. that's how many eighty two manyo you're supposed to be taking in you're doing it right. so short littltoe steps. s short strides, quick steps.. and he says that's more mor efficient instead of puttingin that foot out in front of yout f because that's like putting ae kick stand out it slows down tht whole motion. motion so there you go.sohere you might be running wrong. wro this might give you a whole newe lease on running and get you g y excited to start training. train >> i guess the key no matter what ease your way into it so you're not diving in and gettini together injuries right off theh bat. >> reporter: well, yeah,h, exactly. you got to -- you either pick ak time frame that you go for i'lli run for, you know, five minutes and then walk for five minutesft or you pick, you know, you run to the mailbox and back or your neighbor's house and back. and b you keep small little goals andg you keep increasing them to makm it enjoyable.ab you go out, go out and try to run 5k the first day you'll be
8:53 am
>> running is one great way tooo stay in shape.stay but a lot of times bathing suiti season around the corner. we want to tighten up a littleie bit.t >> having anxiety and i'm a i'm probably eating the wrong foods and make mike bloat even worse. >> reporter: i know. well, this is -- foods that area kind of you won suspect ofusct causing problems that might makm i was little more bloated. bated so one of them is our super food broccoli which is normally our friend but because of it missins enzymes it's hard to digest.t. broccoli might make you feel gas see causes bloat, and that's tht same story with dairy guys. so if you're looking to flatten out the tummy you might want too skip the dairy that, too, hard to digest some people takeple tk lactaid to help them digestig dairy if you want to eat ice cream it can bloating you won w suspect.ect bread i know right away when i' eating bread i'm going to beng b bloated. it's the same thing your body b turns itself into sugar rightar away and that, too, causes bloating.bloating one of the -- another surprising
8:54 am
this is really because you're yr just chewing it and taking in ii air.r. >> um-hmm. >> that may seem like minoror issue, but you do it long enougo untake in more and more air that cause some subtle bloating.atg. and of course, sodium, salt anda it's not really the salt we'rere sprinkling on our food it'soo really the sodium that's in our processed food.d. that we don't even know we'reven eating to be honest. to beon and that cause us to, you know, retain water and cause littleset extra bloat. if you want to look lien andk la mean, you want to cut out some s of these thing.hesehi >> got to watch that sodium.m. sometimes one sandwich or, you know, one soup whatever you get full day supply of sodium rightg there. you got to be careful. >> thanks, deena. >> i had a salad once and wase w all bloated from the salad dressing. >> you got to put that on theo side.pu see you next time. t >> thanks guys. t >> time to say good morning forg our facebook fan of the day.he it's cecelia. cec she was there on friday justridy like you can be there tomorrow t and get to meet awesome fox5 crew
8:55 am
holly at last friday's concertse and she hopes to meet wisdom anm allison this friday.riday kev will be down there, too. th. >> did you add the allison. add she really wants to meet oureeto green eyed bandit. >> wisdom martin. m >> who doesn't.>> w >> right. >> well -->> w-- >> i would go just to meeto mee wisdom. >> i'm going to mack sure i get a special hug from is he slowlo celia tomorrow. >> she'll maybe make to allbe m three of our concerts.onr >> if you want to be the fan ofn the day comment and leave yourvu picture on our facebook >> let's head over to garyover g mcgrady at the weather wall. wel >> i'd love to meet wisdom att some point,. poi >> yeah. >> it would be good.t 55 degrees here in town we're warming up manassas still 48.48 dulles 5 here's were woe go with g temperatures today for theesay r planner. it's going start getting getti cloudier and cloudier throughude the day.e ay 63 degrees at 11 a.m.. but look by 2:00 o'clock we'rekw in the lower 70s. mid 70s, 5:00 o'clock.o'clk we peak out in the upper 70s for a lot of us.
8:56 am
even with the cloud cover.ov talk about chances for rain rain coming in not today or this evening but tomorrow and intont tomorrow evening. okay? possibility of somef s thunderstorms as well. w a few am clouds on but overall the weekend looks gorgeous.go 70 on saturday.urday. 73 on sunday.. and why not? 85 for monday. mon sounds good.. here's erin. >> 8:56. taking a final look at youral ly traffic we're still backed crash activity taking out lane 295 north at the bridge overdg o oxen creek. cre and you are all jammed up fromll the bottom of the beltway as yoe make your way inbound.nbnd the inner loop remains very slow across the wilson bridge.n once you pass the springfieldpre interchange you still jam all sl the way through annandale.anle please be prepared for thosese slow downs this morning.. inbound westbound side of thend freeway a truck lost poles ont the roadway taking out two leftl lanes at eighth street southea southeast. eastbound side of the freeway jams through the third street otunnel.he and thee 95 inbound is slows slo through the 14th street
8:57 am
bridge. br in addition to that new york avenue inbound slows by b bladensburg and florida andsb taking a look at our wide view w lot of red zones i'd get an an earlier start toe so you're note running late.. >> changes to your money when t you can expecto to see harrieti tubman on the new $20 bill. >> american grit returns to fox o tonight so we're sitting downngd with one of the stars of thers t show, he's a navy seal.av he's going to show us what it tike complete ---- >> competition. >> good day is next.
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♪ straight ahead, cashing inhi on history. hisry the treasury departmentepen announcing major changes to your money.mone harriet tubman taking andrewingw jackson's place on the 20-dollar bill.ll but that's the only upgrade on a the way. dc schools taking act after multiple fights between rivalenr high schools.chls what officials have planned to stop the violence. put away the brooms.. washington failed to finish the flyers sweep.flyers sweep. that sets up a critical gameup g five for the caps. c we'll have a preview. and later, wishing her magesty a happy 90th birthday.. we'll show you how the queen iss celebrating the milestone and me the new pictures of the extendee royal family. good day at 9a starts now. ♪


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