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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 23, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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starts right now. right now at 11:00, high levels of lead found in drinking water at dc schools. >> we definitely want to make sure your kids are safe. >> how common is the problem? an expert has what you need to know. >> plus, new details about prince and his final days. and how hackers are taking advantage of the death investigation. >> and the redskins tradition continues. the deal that's bringing another free agent to the burgundy and gold. >> thanks for staying with us tonight. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm jim lokay. toinl and shawn are both off tonight. news no parent would want to hear. investigators zis covering high levels of lead in drinking water at several dc schools. >> this is a reminder of dangers that could be lurking in older buildings and home. tisha lewis is here with the
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>> reporter: beyond schools, older buildings and homes across the dmv could be at risk for potentially dangerous levels of lead. in this case dc public schools says a does skwools have elevated lead levels. >> definitely want to make sure yu kids are safe especially your babies. that's a health condition for anyone. water is very important. >> ma are cuss has four daughters who attend minor elementary school in northeast. it's one of 12 schools across the district with lead levels above the environmental protection agency standards. >> i'm sure whatever it is they're taking care of it. >> reporter: homes and biltdings across the dmv could be at risk. >> since the incident in flint we do get -- we've definitely had an increase in calls of people krnd about their water filtration. >> and if schools
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issues protecting the water, is there home for you at home. >> actually, they have a resin-based water system because that can remove all the lead. if you're concerned about it, the best thing to do is take a water sample and send it to an independent lab. make sure that it's certified to test for lead. and have it tested. >> from schools to businesses to homes, the cost to fix the problem is based on how many water sources are at risk. dc public schools says nearly 4 thoi tests were performed. 17 water sources district wide had high levels of lead at minor elementary schools filters are being used. letters did go home to parents tonight. dcps is recommending they contact their pediatrician. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> staying in the district, police have made an arrest following a deadly stabbing and a bomb scare this morning at a northwest apartment complex. they found a man
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identified as 59-year-old charles sikes covered in blood and a woman dead inside the apartment. the bomb squad searched the build forego a suspicious package. they were stunned to learn a murder had taken place. >> it's a very safe neighborhood and a wonderful building to live in and something like this to happen is just unbelievable. >> we have always thought of this as a very nice neighborhood. but i guess things can happen anywhere. >> sikes has been charged with second degree murder. police have not yet released the name of the victim. >> the shooting that killed a prince george's county firefighter. john ulmschneider died on friday night. he was shot by the man in the home who said he thought the firefighters were intruders. the 19-year-old volunteer firefighter was also shot but survived. tonight to mark the moment
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the shooting the county fire chief asked dispatch to call for a moment of silence across the radios. >> the homeowner in friday's shooting was released from custody without charge also. it's not clear what type of protocol the firefighters followed as they approached and entered that home. >> now to the latest on prince. there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the legendary musician's death. earlier today the medical examiner completed an autopsy of his body. it could be several weeks before the cause of death is released. he was found dead yesterday. >> no obvious
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we have no reason to believe this was a suicide. this was a tragedy for all of us. to you prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us he's a community member and a good neighbor. >> reporter: tmz is reporting that prince was treated for an overdose of percocet while travelling home from concerts in atlanta. he was briefly hospitalized. and it appears hackers are taking advantage of the public's interest in prince. the better business bureau is warning people about scams that have popped up. limpgs are appearing on social media with descriptions like his last words or you won't believe this. in order to spark interest. you click on the link and your computer is attacked. experts say these are common scams in the wake of a celebrity death. >> turning now to the weather as we take a live look outside on this friday night. a live look at the washington monument. a couple of showers here and there across the region and
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the way. gwen is here with a look at the forecast as we move into the weekend. >> radar is starting to fill in and we're going to see more widespread rain as we head into the overnight hours. wide swath of the precipitation heading its way from the south southwest from the atlantic seaboard and it's starting to fill in a little bit. we've had a bit of an isolated storm here and there. take a look at the rain right now ahead of the frontal system and there's a low pressure system with this associated front that is responsible for all this wet weather and you can see that it's starting to fill in quite a bit there just along that i- 81 core dor. we expect this to last through and until a good part of your saturday morning. late morning into midday we'll start to see a clearing. here's a look at your current temperatures. 65 degrees at dc, 63 at gaithersburg, 61 at frederick this hour. leonardtown at 61,
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59, baltimore at 65 and culpeper at 64 degrees. winds are light and they'll continue to be light tonight but they will pick up tomorrow. so expect it to be pretty breezy tomorrow. 58 degrees for your overnight low. not bad at all. and as i said we'll see those showers lasting for the early part of your saturday but we'll have improvement by saturday afternoon and i'll let you 2340e how long that will stick around. jim? >> virginia governor making a bold move today by giving more than 200,000 ex-felons the right to vote. that includes those who have not applied for a restoration of rights. virginia is one of ten states that do not automatically restore rights. >> you won't have to worry about driver's ed in the state any time soon. >> the city was on the verge of enacting a new rule all
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to complete extensive education classes before getting their license but now they're making a u-turn on that plan. jennifer davis is live with the story for us. jen? >> reporter: hi, there, guys. yes, this new rule was just days from going floo effect. the city says it really needs to take a closer look at the exact impact this would have had on residents. there's a lot to learn to become a licensed driver. and in 2014, the dc dmv decided that would best be done with commercial driver's ed courses consisting of fleerly 40 hours of classroom and car training to the tune of about $1,000. the city said the rule was aimed at creating safer drivers and reduci reducing accidents but it's suspended the plan to take a closer look at what it means for residents. there had been several complaints about the cost of the commercial classes. >> they could do
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classroom work in two hours and instead they make them pay all this money for a 30-hour session. it was a total, make work, waist of time for everybody. >> that's not to say people don't think dc drivers could use a little education. >> drivers in dc are sometimes, i think, a little crazy. >> i think they should absolutely have the driving test. i mean, driver's ed, especially the young people now. you hear what accidents are either under 18 or over 65, so yeah it's definitely important. >> there is still a test but for now future drivers will have to study on their own time. >> they better be safe because i got a kid out here. >> drivers are welcome to take one of those commercial courses it's just note required at this point. all you hav to do is pick up a study guide and figure it out yourself. >> it's a lot of work that goes into it. it really is. >> thanks, jen. >> still to come tonight, reaction as the caps loss, plus
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big-name free agent. >> the monster truck that came to the rescue in texas this week. >> and later in the show we are saying cheers to the weekend! with molly.
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you are looking at a bold jewelry store robbery that was caught on camera. authorities say the suspects took off in a gray or newer model honda civic. >> southeast texas has been dealing with historic and deadly flooding this week. at least seven people have died. more than a thousand homes have been destroyed by water damage. in many cases homes are completely
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he broke out his monster truck and drove it straight through the flood. he rescued a neighbor who had been stranded on the roof of her home. there you go. that's how you do it. >> i have a friend who moved down to houston. this is the third round of catastrophic flooding. >> they say turn around don't drown. we're not going to have that much rain here. we do need the rain however. at least we will not have to deal with flooding. so tonight we're going t see more widespread showers. some of you have seen a little bit of wet weather so far. some of you haven't seen anything at all and to areas of our north it's a lot heavier rainfall coming down right now across the region. we're going to keep a close eye on that for you. it's not sticking around for the
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so we are talking scattered showers and storms for tonight, isolated in nature as far as those starms are concerned. so we're not talking about anything that's going to be too bad. we've got this frontal system that we're dealing with and ahead of this front is where all this is coming from. and by the time we get into tomorrow, things will change a little bit. we'll get some sunshine. lingering into the early part of saturday and they're out of the picture which is good news. the remainder of the weekend is looking really nice and by the time we get to monday, you are going to have a real summer teaser because look at these temperatures. unbelievable as we head into the upper 80s on monday. it's just a little bit of a tease, however. it won't be sticking around for a long time but at least you'll get to get a taste of what summer is going to be like. here is a look at the wet weather moving its way pushing in in a south southwesterly direction. a frontal system continue toss move through tonight into tomorrow all of this is going to be ahead of
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as i said we've seen an odd storm or two pop up isolated. you can see all this rain heavier now for hagerstown. this is going to continue to start to fill in. so you may not be seeing much right now but if you are more to the east don't be surprised if you start to see some of that. it's not a lot in terms of the big picture, however. look less than .1 inch at all of our locations by the time we get through the midday by saturday when it's all going to end. current temperatures right now 65 at dc, the same at baltimore, 61 for frederick, 64 at blus, mannasas and fredricksburg this hour. and 61 at hagerstown. winds are very light, that's going to change tomorrow. we're going to see those winds start to pick up as that frontal system moves out and high pressure builds in. tonight temperatures in the 50s and under the light winds and with the showers. it's still pretty mild out.
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start to ease its way out and we'll see a high pressure start to build in. sunday, that's the key day. that's the day where we've got no precipitation whatsoever. into the 70s both days but we'll have more sunshine. you can get out saturday afternoon and sunday and just really enjoy yourself. things are going to change at the beginning of the week but in a different way. because we're going to see the jet stream move more to the north, opens up the door for more warmth and that's how we're going to get to that 80-degree day. it's going to be anywhere from mid 80s to upper 80s. it is really going to be an exceptionally warm day because our daytime highs should only be in the upper 60s. so a real treat. mostly cloudy, can't rule out an isolated storm. winds will pick up tomorrow, a little breezy in the morning hours we've got the showers to deal with, grab an umbrella if you're heading out. by the
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it at all. it will be dry. we've got some afternoon sunshine. mixture of sun and clouds and by the time we hit the 5:00 hour, 71. there's the big day, not bad this time of year. >> let's talk about hockey right now. we go from that to this. the caps try to take care of the flyers. but after wednesday's loss. fire in their eyes. alex ovechkn throwing his weight from the very beginning. look at that. the hits keep on coming. you can feel it. second period no score flyers power play winding down. a shot towards the net stopped in traffic but ryan white somehow miraculously scores. white was definitely lucky. meantime the caps
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flyers. turning aside every single one of them. his second career shutout. their lead now 3-2. the series shifts to philadelphia for game 6 on sunday. high noon. the caps say they believe they'll get the job done. >> they're a hard-working team and you can't give them any hope. >> i think we're pretty happy with the process how we played. unhappy with the result. >> five
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the south carolina native played at coastal carolina. there was talk the 49ers were interested but he's keeping it on the east coast. tonight the nats play outside the nl east for the first time. bases loaded, base hit to left field brings in two more runs. nats with four in the first. in the top of the third, the twins take gio goinz late into left field. watch this. times it perfectly, he snags it and the nats win 8-4. all right, coming up next it is almost time to raise a glass. sarah is standing by for tonight's guest for cheers to the weekend. she's showing us how
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provincetown. cheers to the weekend is next.
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>> i don't feel right without shawn yancy here, but we are saying cheers to the weekend! >> they serve new england influenced cocktails and food of course too. what are you making for us tonight? >> this is kwon of our most popular cocktails. it's called the provincetown. it's a great reflection of our bar program because we're using all these fresh ingredients. >> house infused cocktail has become a big thing.
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your drink. >> it gives you the ability to give a good price point. >> i love the boat right there. >> yeah. the boat of ice. >> so you were calling this like a patio pleaser kind of drink. >> indeed. >> tell us more about the restaurant. you guys just celebrated your one-year anniversary. what do you serve besides the lovely lobster roll over here? >> we have a really great raw bar. >> did you just double dip? >> we have oysters and little necks and just k
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bit of everything you would want after a day on the beach. >> there we go. you top it off. >> we have a cup of here for us. which is just the way we like it. >> what is your favorite way to have a lobster roll. there's two ways. >> the hot with the butter or the cold with a little bit of mayo. >> what in your mind is the way to go? >> tell me, both of you. >> i like hot but i think it depends on the season. >> that's true. >> here we go. province towns for everyone. cheers. >> thank you. >> delicious! >> remember, if you drink, please do so responsibly. that does it for us tonight. have a great weekend. the morning
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