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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is fox a 5 local news at 6. pass juniors fed up with anothea incident on a metro train. thanks for joining us, i'm marina maracco. and i'm mattma ackland.klan the latest problem happened jus last part of the redline was shutdowo after smoke spotted when a track insulator caught fire. and first on fox tonight, new video showing the tense moments when passengers had to be evacuated. fox5's alexandra limon starts off us life from tenly town with alex. >>reporter: we understand that the federal transitl tr administration is noww investigating last night's incident that led to total chaoo on a redline train when an insulator fire broke out between this station here, tenly town, and friendship heights and then filled a train with motorrain vehicle.
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the bypass converse on boardconv thatç train. you can hear just absolute terror in some of those people'p voices. now, we spoke to a woman who waw on the she said her rumor a accidentally shot that by accident, that's why it's hard to know what's happening. but that passenger, lindsay rogers says during the entire thing they had little communication from metrometr employees and people on theople train had no idea what was happening. here is her account of what went down last night. the lights off.ts we were in the second car or the third car. we were slowly moving because it was backed up. i hit my jaw and then i heard ae explosion and looked out the window and there's fire that i saw. that happened about
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times, i want to say. theythey're saying they heard tr three explosions. that's something we didn't hearr from metro last night, so i asked out to ask them if that, in fact, happened and they'reeyr saying no. they're not confirming any explosions. the passenger i spoke to says she's very upset by this this. she saturdays she's riding inrii the very front of the train anda she says she definitely saw and heard them so it's unclear metro and that passenger has differing. several other people on twitterr and online also gave a similar account as lindsay tonight, metro says that the investigation is still ongoing. they can't confirm the exacte cause yet, but they say it is a likely that it was an arcing insulator and that's what th sparked this fire. reporting life in northwest, d.c., alexandra limon, fox5
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> you can understand why peoply were so nervous. a beautiful day,.,. it was a spectacular sunday.nday we're hoping to a good day to the workweek. you're right, a really beautiful day and hopefully people got outside and enjoyed it. we've got even better weather as we start the week. let's take a look a the pap t because nothing really to showhw you on satellite today becauseo weda have a nice strong ridge of high pressure that's built in.t that actually is keeping our skies really clear and giving us all the sunshine that we're getting. that will continue right through into your monday.nday here's a look at your currentnt temperatures. it is a very nice day out there. 67 grows right now at d.c., 66 at baltimore and at gaithersburg.gait we've got 68-degrees at winchester, 72 at fredericksburg, 60 at annapolis and 70-degrees at manassas. nd
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continue to be that way all upl and down the midlantic we're seeing temperatures pretty mucht in the same ball mark as far as 60s and 70s are concerned but we're in for a big rice in ourbi temperatures as we start to get a pretty strong southerly flow. we're looking at tonight, our planner by the time we hit the 9:00 hour, about 6 # grows under mostly clear skies and 67 by the 11:00 hour and we've got a big warmup heading our way, folks.y, we're going to have a little taste of summer for the earlye part of the week. i'll let you know what to expect and just how long that will stick see you inic a about it. tonight, d.c. police are investigating a stabbing thatbbn happened late last night in northwest. it happened on kennedy street around 10:00 last night when las officers arrived they found the victim, 38 year old demass us de lassoes stabbed numerous times. he was taken to the hospital for treatment, but efforts to safe him failed. police are now looking for the person responsible.rson if you have any information, police would like to hear from
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now to fairfax county where a vigil is underway for a teenager who was found unresponsive in an school bathroom.thro officers were called to lake braddock secondary school in burke, virginia last week.gini when they arrived they found a 16 year old brenda so the oh unresponsive in the school'shool bathroom. she was later pronounced dead ad the p this is not a common situationcm to find a 16 year old female whl was unresponsive at the high school and then later passes. we want to make sure the parenth aree aware that we don't believd that there is a threat to safeta at this time. a go fund me page has beenen created for so the oh's family to help cover about your yell expenses. if you know anything about this death, you're asked to call police. good news to report out of o prince george's county tonight. a volunteer figure is out of th hospital after he was shot over a weeing a during a welfare check in temple hills. you'll remember t this, 19 year old kevin swain is at homen tonight. he was release from baltimore shock trauma last
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a prince george's county firetruck picked up swaink pi present the hospital.t there you can see in theth vide. he actually got into thethe firetruck with a little bit ofb help. you'll remember he was shot fouf times last week.. 37 year old john um schneiderhni was killed in that shame shooting. both firefighters were entered the home on a welfare check.eck. it's got to be the brightest point at the very end of a trying week for us as the fire department. visited him in the hospital.spit he's ready to go home and complete his recovery is a verya good thing.od he was worried, especially earlp on of a the incident. he became more up beat. there's a lot of trying timesing for him for as he completes his recovery both physically and emotionally.emot > good to see him doing better. no word if or when swain will wh return to home. meanwhile the homeowner who shot the firefighters is not facingt any charge cans. > now to mount wherewher investigators are trying tong t figure out what
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catch fire in the white oak area of silver springs.ings the fire broke out around 4678. 30 this morning. when firefighters arrived flamev were shooting from the first and second floors and into the attic. the homeowner managed to escape, but still suffered smoke inhalation. lead found in drinking water at several d.c. schools has parents concerned. the lead problem could go beyond schools and the district. fox5's teisha lewis has more on the story. >> you definitely want to make sure your kids are safe. the water is very important. mark us man tire has four daughters who attend minor elementary school in northeast.o it'she one of 12 schools across the district with lead levels above the environmentalviro protection standards. i don't think they want to put our kids at risk. mcintyre is optimistic. even though michael and sons plumbing guru says homes and bi
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at risk for elevated lead leveld in the drinking since the incident in flint wewe do get -- we've had an increase in calls from people concerned about their water filtration. if schools are having trouble protecting the water is there hope for you at home. >> yes, have a water resin soft inner installed because that can remove all the lead.ç if you're concerned about it, the best thing to do is take ae water sample and send it to anto independent lab, make sure thatt it's certified to test forst looked and have it tested. the cost to fix the problem is based on how many water sources are at risk. d.c. public schools says nearly 4,000 tests were performed. 17 water sources district widede high levels of lead. the filters are being used to bring water quality back to epa
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standards. they are recommending theycomm contact their pediatrician.diat we've seen it in flint and across other parts of the country. to know that it's happeningit's again in the district, we've had issues before with lead.e wi one of the issues, too is it could be coming through thero pipes and if you have an older hours, the lead could be anbe issue inside your home. i guess that expert wasx recommending go ahead and get your pipes checked. it's a scary thing. check with your pediatrician. > dozens rallied through theouh streets of baltimore this afternoon to mark the one-year and verse i of the arrest of freddie gray. the 25 year old died after suffering a severe spinal injury from being thrown around in the back of a police van. the tension between police andan baltimore residents was thrust into the nation's spotlight. a year later the city is tryingg to heal and make changes to
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police department.ce a major rally in d.c. today to support the plight of sighry and refugees. i was organized by the turk kirk national american community. thousands walked from theom national square to the turkish embassy in northwest.hwes they want to show support forr turkey to giving a home to more than 2 and a half million syrian rev gees. they also marched to protest. a key portion of the congressional inquiry into the 9/11 1 # terror attacks keptpt secret for all these years. now the obama admission may release at least a portion of its conclusion.lusi fox's garret kenny has moremo present capital hill.ent >>reporter: the white house hae been moving in h connection over the past couple of weeks. been roads told reporters att least some of the classified 28 pages would be
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am people believe those pages os the congressional inquiry intoto the 9l11 attacks contained evidence that members of the saudi government provided aidded and support to the 9/11 1 # terrorists.te neither of the congressional inquiry, nor the 9/11 commissio1 found any evidence of seniorior saudi government officials founding the 9/11 1 # terrorists. but critics say that doesn't rule out lower level officials or other members the royal family being involved. the most important unanswered question of 9/11 1 # is did these 19 people conduct these very sophisticated plot alone or were they supported? and i think all the evidence points to saudi aryan arabia. they tell fox news that the data draws connection between severan of the highjackers and saudi arabia's healthiest individuals. many current and formerr officials say in the end thesese documents may not live up to the speculation that's green over the last 14 years. i think the ideas about what the
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saudis may have done are probably far divergent from whah actually happened. so release the 28 pages, letges, people make up their mind.nd. this news comes amid growingd pressure on the white house over the past few weeks to releaseeae documents, from the family 9/11 1 # victims and members of congress in both parties. the white house is expected topt make its decision in the next te several weeks. in washington, i'm caret ken can
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> this week president obamaek said thes
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carolina bathroom bill should bs over turned. he criticized the law that forces transgender people to uso public bathrooms according too the sex on their birth certificate. the president's stance comes ass presidential candidates tednd trues and donald trump publicly spoke about the law and now they're getting push back frombk their constituents. pretty much everybody who is up for office they represent bigoti try, policies that i haven'taven worked for most.t. i will vote for any of theof democrat candidate before i vote for a republican. donald trump spoke out against the bathroom law in north carolina. he says transgender peoplerans should be able to use whatever bathroom they want. tedúc[uz says it's a clear indicator that trump is not a conservative. here in the nation's cap local lawmakers are making d.c.maki business owners comply with its gender neutral bathroom law. under the rules a single use bathr
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must be gender neutral. single use means for one persons only. here is an example we found at a d.c. restaurant today.oday it has both female and male access. safe bathrooms d.c. is a way toy report places that are not compliant. the office of human rights takes a notification from the public and then sends the business an official warning letter.tter we're told today in most cases it is result right away. we send them a letter in the th mean and say within 30 days please change your signage and send us a picture of it andan we'll close the casecase immediately. there's no fines, nothing likenh that. it's just to make sure they makt the change. if for some reason the businessi either wants to refuse to make that change or if they don't respond to us then we'll file a formal charge of discrimination against the business.usin that passed back in 2006 and 200 then thec
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program and they just want business owners who don't knowkw about it, to say you don'tou realize that, make some changes. they say most businesses complyi right a way.ri they have a couple that they have to push a little harderrder with. at the same time you have to let people decide. it's a debate across the country for sure. it targets new transgender policies is causingcaus controversial. they are welcome to use bathrooms and fitting rooms tha correspond to the gender theyen identify people are upset with the policy and they started an online campaign against the store creating the hashtag boy cot target. as of last night more than 350,000 people had signed the to virginia now where virginia governor terry mcauliffe is making a bold p move by giving 200 ex felons the right to vote. his order apply to all violentlt and non violent felons who
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completed their sentences and supervised release. it also applies to those whose have not applied for restoratioe rights. virginia is one of ten statestat that doesn't automatically restore rights of a sentence. virginia lawmakers failed to over turn a bill to leave confederate monuments andnd memorials alone. the proposed law would haveave stopped local governments from removing or changing confederate monuments as they see fit p. the house of delegates voted overwhelming to over turn ma cullive's veto, but the measure fell three votes shy in the senate. they consider in a number of cities across the commonwealth,o including richmond which was the capital during the civil war. ahead at 6, a right of passage at a high school in wisconsin. fans continue to say their final goodbyes to prince. the celebration and fanfare. plus the latest on
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investigation. when we return.e re stay with us. .
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purple rain. what an awesom
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night. the boss paying tribute to prince. bruce springsteen and the ee street band delivering a a stirring performance of prince's purple rain last night in brooklyn.broo springsteen gained fame in the 70s along with prince and michael jackson. the two performers had ha dramatically different styles, they both shared a reputationreu for stirring life consons certificates. earlier this year springsteenprn also payed try bought to daviddi bow i and glenn friday. he ended purple rain last night by pointing to the ceiling and simply saying, prince we love you. >> all of them, but to see two of those named gone, michael jackson and prince so young ever but their music is so much larger than life.han i watched that entire performance on u tube lastast night. it really is moving. > i can imagine. as the tributes continue to pouo in we're learning more about
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what have led toç prince's sudn death. will car has more. >>reporter: the medicaldica examiner says it could take days potentially, even weeks to getgt the results back from prince's autopsy. so with that in mind here's whae we know right now. prince's plane made an emergency he was on his way from atlantatn to minneapolis. his publish list has maintainedn that he was fighting the flu. a couple nights later he performed at a few days at jazz. authorities say there were no signs of violence and noviol evidence that he took his own life. we're now learning friends say prince had hip problems from performances and we also know he struggled with epilepsy as a child. while investigators say they're waiting on reports from the autopsy, they also say they're looking into his pharmaceutical records to get a better understanding of his medical history. this is a tragedy to all of
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to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us he's a community memberit and a good neighbor to hisis family he's a loved one. we've been seeing just how much prince meant to his community.ou fans have been gathering for the past couple of days outside ofof his paisely park home. they've been leaving balloons and signs all in purple. his dads delivering pizza to the fans thanking them for their support. everyone recommending remembering the seven time gram i. prince was 57 years old. > so sad for sure.sure what a beautiful >> hopefully this week it continues, gwen. i've got some n good news. we have a little bit of ait variety going on on the weather buffet. did you guys get out to enjoynj it. >> all day. all morning.morn > hopefully our viewers did, also. let's take a look and see
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going on out there right nowrigh because we had lots of sunshinef and the good news is we're going to be on a role in the sunshinee department. it's going to continue beautiful blue skies out there today. didn't get quite as warm as we had anticipated, but that's another going that that's going to change in my forecast becausu we're going to see a rice in high temperature here's a look at the highs for today. we hit 67 at reagan, 69 at dull, 69 at baltimore.69 temperatures not bad. actuallyat we're right in thehe ballpark of where we should be in terms of our daytime high.hih we're actually very seasonal. i think we've been spoiled a lit lately. we're going to get even more spilled a taste of summer.mmer 66 at baltimore and at martinsburg, the same ate quantity course, # 63 at leonardtown this hour. we have 60 at annapolis, 68 at winchester and look at cumberland. they're at 73-degrees. pretty light winds today, soso much happening in the windning direction.
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pressuredg that's large and inin charge. that's what's going to continue to give us the clear skies we'r' going to get and all thell sunshine that's going to be sticking around as we start thet beginning of the week.of no complaints there.nt that ridge of high pressure wile open up the door for some pretty light winds, but tonight it wilt be clear and the cool side, relatively speaking cool i want to say because actually we'ree' going to have some of ourur overnight lowe's which are going to be into the 60s. it's going to be fairly here's a look at those numberst fo tr you. 51 at d.c. and then we get aet little warmer. take a look to the north and tod the west and that's a pretty goetod example of what's headinn our way once we get into monday. 51-degrees oh off to a pretty good start and the warmer air will move its way all the wayay up. take a look at the mid section of country and to the south. gets what, that is heading to the mid atlantic. we're talk a pretty nice day tomorrow. the jet extreme is well to the north of us. that is going to allow the doore
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prepared for a little taste ofof summer. in the meantime 51-degrees unden clear skies tonight. what's to complain about. you mentioned 90 last night.90 l i'm going to hold you to it. i said in some areas. probably southern marylandly because they'r se going to be me close to the southerly flow. may flirt with the 90-degree90 mark. i quoted you improperly, mayimpr flirt. > that gives you cover. we're back in a moment.mome stay with us. .
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> taking a look at night's top' stories. scary moments for riders after another incident on metro last night. part of the redline was suspended between van necessary and medical center.cent officials say it appears to be another insulator there were no reports ofof injuries and some passengers say they are frustrated with a series of metro problems. a l volunteer firefighters isee out of the hospital after he wa shot last week during a welfare check in temple 19 year old kevin swain was release from baltimore shockhock trauma last night. another firefighter 37 january ulmschneider was killed in thatd same shooting.shoo dozens rally through the streets of ball more to mark the onehe year anniversary of the arrestth of freddie gray, the 25 year old
6:31 pm
suffering a severe spinal injury from being thrown around in the back of a police van. protests erupted putting theut city in the nation's spotlight.i the remains of legendary remains of prince half been cremated. family said goodbye in a private service. meantime an autopsy has been completed. results should be in the nextthe couple of weeks. the washington capitols are c moving onto the second round. the team defeated the th philadelphia flyers thisadel afternoon and are keeping their dreams of winning the stanley cup ahead. tonight the search is on for thr shoot error shooters who killed ate family members execution style in ohio. investigators are still processing evidence, but are certain it was a pre-planned attack. as fox's bryan llenas reports, police have not identified any suspects. a family targeted this in an ohio community on edge as the man hunt continues on day two and still no answs
6:32 pm
who and why someone would kill ate members of the same family.. is it one shoot error multiple shooters? the ate victims allvt members of the road den family f ages ranging from 16 to 44 each shot in the head execution style on friday, some as they slept ip four separate homes. three of those homes were just a mile and a half apart from one another in pike county, south earn ohio, a small ruralrura community of about 28,000 people. a community frankly strugglingsu to comprehend how this happened to the road dense described by the local pastor as a well known, close it in and hardlose working family. the victims discovered by relatives friday morning. some of the victims were murdered as they slept, including hannah road den, a mother with in bed with her baby nearby. the first 911 call coming in just before 8:00 a.m. when a female two of her
6:33 pm
tell me what is going on. >> there is blood all over the house. my brother-in-law is in thehe bedroom and it looks likeke someone beat the hell out of him. there's blood all over the the 8 #th victim, a 16 year oldd boy was found miles away at about 1. 30:00 p.m. they have finished analyzing all four crime scenes.cene they do not believe this was aws murder suicide. the suspect or suspects areus considered armed and dangerous. police are taking precautions to protect the rest 6 of the roadhr den family. one rest tour has offered an award with anyone with information. you are ask to call 1-855. to a deadly high school prom inm wisconsin. scott walker says quick action by p
6:34 pm
have been a terrible tragedy. officers were patrolling in then parking lot of the school and quickly responded.pond they confronted the suspected gunman, jacob wagner and killed him. we regularly train for these situations. what is the school districtol going to do next? >> i can't answer that. > investigators say wagner whor was a am toker student who was supposed to graduate last year, but did not. police say they don't believe he targeted anyone, instead planned to enter the prom and start random shooting randomly. > a fight broke out at howard high school and then several others joined in. a 16 year old was badly injuredu the girl's father is stills trying to understand why his daughter's life was
6:35 pm
soon. she was she helped a lot of people in her school, her she did a lot of things. she loved her family, her mother she atoward her mother.he > police arer waiting for theth results of an autopsy toto determine the teen's exact caust of death.deat some students are being questioned, but no charges haveg been filed yet. scary moments for members of the uva baseball team. the driver of their tour bus suffered a medical emergency and triggered a chain reaction crash in florida. fox's alex pratt oh has more. >>reporter: the bus carryingarr the university of virginia baseball team smashes into a row of cars. it only came to a halt a whenal one of the cars was pushed up against the tree. ryan what leo was walking near l bird avenue and us1 when he saww the bus veered out of control. he could see through the windowo the driver wasn't conscious.scio his head was
6:36 pm
he run off the road and crashed. he wasn't conscious. inside the bus two virginiair coaches got up from their frontr row seats.ea one pulled the driver from his seat, the other tried to stopo the bus as it plowed into thehe cars. this metal rod shot through the window. an employee at the car wash ranr to help. the pole was inside the bus right there in the windshield. me and a co-worker pulled itt out. the driver was then pulled froml the bus and rushed to thehe hospital. officials say the pole from them fence ended up where the two coaches were sitting. very lucky for them what they did, not only did it avoidv serious injuries, as a result ou them getting out of their seatsi they prevented injuries to themselves 6789 the post that ended up through the windshield went to the seats where they were.we it is a miracle no one on theon street or in the bus were injured. your life cod
6:37 pm
we just have to enjoy every minute of every day and cherish it. > incredibly and thankfully the baseball team and the coaches were not hurt. > for sure. a strong warning present policei tonight. just ahead. the dangerous new drug trend among teenagers involving e cigarettes. media vocal
6:38 pm
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a new drug craze among teens and young adults has fairfax county police and some parents pa concerned.conc the issue is over harbor hashash oil. apparently it can removed from a marijuana plant that contains high levels of phe, the active ingredient in pot and the chemical responsible foric providing theal high. teens and young adults are inhaling the oil through e cigarettes. investigators say it is tough to tell what chemicals are really in the hash oil, but they say iy could be dangerous and lead to e huh lose nations, panic attackst or even violent behavior. marijuana lovers gathered in the district
6:40 pm
of national cannabis festival. the festival was held at the rfk stadium it was to mark the progress of the legalization of marijuana across the nation. the event also featured some life music. people are saying that i spoken at the festival how excited thei are to be here.e. a wonderful opportunity to learn as well as experience a varietya of products that they may nothe have known about prior to being here, as well as enjoying a phenomenal day of sunshine andss great music. organizers say the event is morn than just a festival.fest it's a cans for the cannabis community and industry to to connect with members from abuse the country.coun a lot of people involved. >> huge. > it seems like it's only going to keep on growing. >> it seems like it's gettingeti bigger for sure. > now to five seconds. the washington capitols will c move onto the second round.
6:41 pm
> yes, the washington capitols are moving onto the second round. the team defeated thethe philadelphia flyers thisphia afternoon and are keeping their dreams of keeping the stanleyth cup alive. they led 3-0 at one point and needed a win. the scoreless game, secondond period and after some nice passing, the puck licensed on the stick of niklas backstromack and he buries it, back tomorrow's second of the seriess put the caps' up one-1. the flyers can't score and the o caps are going to be moving on to the second round. > we want to close it in four, five, and then it comes to the sixth x game. they're not going to go down easy. we knew that.we and that's a good team overood there and a hard working team. and so to close it out in six,i, it was huge. obviously now we look forward to round two. coming into the series ierie probably looked at it
6:42 pm
series. i wasn't going to be, you know,, four and out. when what he got to and 0 wend 0 were a little surprised ourselves. i think it finished up the wayhe we expected it to be. > next up for the caps will bee the pittsburgh penguins, the schedule has not been release but games one and two will bewil right here in d.c. i don't even want to talk aboutu the nats because once you startu saying they're going to do well, and then things turn.urn. >> they're looking good. > they're looking really, really i don't want to jinx it. coming up tonight at 6, a new bionic hand allows amputees to feel again. z z z
6:45 pm
> one california company isor making new pros theftic that amt say heare straight out of sigh i movies. fox's gina silva shares theares story i of two men who both feel like they have lives back. >>reporter: i'm actually pulling my arm into the socket. jonathan has worn different pros theftic since he lost his handhs to cancer, but he says none has been as cool as this one. my son says my dad is a transformer. you're look at the i limb quantum hand which has surfacerc electrodes that pick up the signals that our muscles produce when they con tract. jonathan is able to cut an apple, have a drink, even
6:46 pm
hands with his artificial limb. it feels like a part of me. when i move my arm it moves with me. it also gives me a lot more flexibility all of that is madea possible because oft the designg of the socket. a specialty of bio design in de west lake randy alley is hard at work. it's a combination of art and science. he's carving the model of someone's limb to eventually make a high fidelity socket likt this one. this is the design that we make and we have compression zones and relief zones so the tissue can flow out of these areas here so the whole socket can't moveve inside the pros theft is. pr it used to be completely closed. and transparent in shape. i'm going to be able to walk longer, run and definitely hikee and i definitely will be in less pain. there are many
6:47 pm
of artificial limbs. you've got the hook for servers. they really like this one butt they push off the serve boardar and they can also paddle. and for people who want to make it look realistic they use this to go over the socket. the prices vary from the most basic at around 40,000 to thee most expensive over 100 now the important thing is to understand what's available out there. that's wonderful that you can actually feel.l. technology is really, reallyal improving so much. they always say when you loseu the limb you have that ghost limb feel. you don't have the tactile effect. now to have that back, sciencec, is advancing so much. good for them really. modern it's getting better and better.. > let's switch it over to thiss beautiful weather that we are having. >> what a weekend. gwen, you talked about it last night. let's just say you were right again.agai >> yes. you know you used the word,d, better and that's
6:48 pm
in the weather department.epar take a look outside.u we've got a pretty nice day today. hopefully everybody got out and enjoyed the weather because weec had a little bit of rain as we started weekly, but thingsgs greatly improved and guess what, folks, it's only going to getget better for you. we have another clear evening, a little bit on the cool side in some of our neighbor hoods, but over all it's the not going toto be too bad. we have a warm monday, a few clouds in the evening hours. tuesday is going to be the warmest day. we have a few storms to talk about by the time we get to tuesday as well, a little unsettled. not so today. a ridge of high pressure inno charge. we've had plenty of clear skies across the area. not any clouds to speak aboutak for tonight at all and temperatures today, our highs at all three airports were exactly right on the money by a degree or two.o. we are where we should be and that is going to change once wee get into tomorrow and tuesdayued we're going to get a little taste of summer from the weather buffet.
6:49 pm
it a little in the meantime 67-degrees inee the nation's capital. 60 at annapolis, a little cooler by the water.r. 63 for leonardtown. we have 64 at frederick, 66 at martinsburg, quantico and 67 at hagerstown. take a look at cumberland thisis hour. they are at 72-degrees. we've had fairly light winds and that's going to continue tonighi and your overnight lowe's are going to range between 50s and 60s pretty much every where.. 51 in the city, but to the south it's going to get a little bitte warmer as we move into the upper 60s.60s. we're going to see a nice southerly flow that's going to pick up. can you believe it, we're goinge to be in the 80s. from the 60s today to the 80ss tomorrow. it's really that roller coasterr kind of thing going on. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, but a very warm start to your week. we are actually going to be even warmer on tuesday, believe it or not. tuesday, though, we're also going to deal with this boundary. this is going to be a
6:50 pm
frontal system with a lowh pressure system that's going to move in into the late period ofd monday to tuesday from the mide section of the country. but then the front is going toto be the north and back its way down across the mid atlantic. that is going to set us up for some storms on tuesday. possibly on the severe side inde some of our neighborhoods.ighb however, before that front movee in, that warmer air stays in place. so that's where we're another going to start to get someme instability building in. tomorrow's highs expected to beo into the low 80s pretty much every where. we could see some mid 80s to the south. by the time we get to tuesday te we're going to be into the upper 80s and we're going to be flirting with the 90-degree marge especially across southere maryland. by the time we get to tuesday afternoon with the storms. behind the frontal system, we get a reel in flux of cooler air moving in and we're going to see a pretty significant temperature drop, we're going to end up going back to the 60s again before we warm up in the later
6:51 pm
keeping an eye on anotherr system. it looks like by the end we have a few showers we're going to have to deal with as well, butll at least we're not talking someg thunder storms at that point. for tomorrow, no shortage of sunshine, 70-degrees by the mid-day, by the 5:00 around 82-degrees. 51 for your overnight low, just a few clouds, light winds. tomorrow as the heat starts toar move in, we're going to be warming up.. plenty of sunshine in the morning, a few clouds in the afternoon. the afternoon cloud are alln going to becl ahead of that system. as i mentioned that will bring us some storms by tuesdaysd afternoon. by the time we hit tuesday, drum role for 87-degrees, flirting with the 90-degree mark across the south. please remember i said that. flirting, what does that mean? like a couple degrees. >> the nats are going to be in florida. right, it was actually cold in florida. you just came back from florida, right, marina. >> i was who the. the temperatures fluctuate just
6:52 pm
to see all the sun. > all right, well, matt you didn't see it this saturday.rday >> no. > i did not. did you seeç it, bee answer say premoored her new video, lemon said last night. the music is now available on her husband jay z's site title. the video has blown her fans away. one major theme is infidelityin and reconciliation. re the video is also a note to black women in power. beyonce kicks off her world tour in miami and ends on july 31 in belgium.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
crohn's help with everythinglp from search and rescue missions to survey than' photography, but misuse even when
6:55 pm
can create some problems. saint mayorys county where oneco university is taking on drone safety command, do you have ann update on your weather status. >> weather is better than we had happened.ha > we are in burb wood, wo we're testing today as part of a national campaign, the nasaasa traffic management system. ground control to major tomorrow. weather screen, light winds,ds aircraft are green. six locations. loc vehicle maintenance for the virginia site. affirmative. unmanned aircraft you can lookan anywhere on the news today and find all kinds of stories aboutu how many stories are trying tori fly aircraft, both commercial and hobby
6:56 pm
we're good to go. this is ground control to major tom. we are on an open teleconference.te there's a test command thatom we're talking to and we'ree're getting our directions from them. we have sites throughout the united states as far as alaska, hawaii, nevada and new york. virginia tech. we're all flying and we're trying to stress the system. > which one is it?t? >> they are talking down to the ground stations independently and then those independent feede go into the nasa a utm system.t. but if one of those was to go into the other's area we'll get what's called a nonconformance message back to ill us thatba we'veck
6:57 pm
the idea would be that the othee folks we intruded on would also get the message and let them know there was someone in their air space. this is about safety.afet there's a lot of them trying too get airborne and with thatthat becomes congestion and then deconflicts that's a requirement to keep them from going intont each other and then also causing problems formaned aircraft. we've had some of these that are operated near airports can cause problems. i don't think we'll ever prevent the bad players from doing badbd things. this system, the idea here is we'll at least know what'shat' happening and we' be able to restrict the operations and to know when people are in high temperature air space they shouldn't be in. i think my spaceship knows which way to go. that's interesting. keeping an eye on all of them one time. and on
6:58 pm
full of crohn's.fu who knows what will happen then. we'll see you at 10 and 11 tonight. see you, guys.
6:59 pm
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