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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, terrifying moments caught on camera as passengers had to be evacuated from a redline train.rai you'll hear from someone who waa on board. police in fairfax county are investigating a suspicion deatha the victim was found this afternoon at home in centerville. we'll bring you the very latest on the investigation. and donald trump made a campaign stop in maryland ahead of of tuesday's big primary.y' the news at 10 starts now. but we are going to begin with some good news about this week's forecast. good evening, everyone, thankshn for joining us tonight, i'm matt ackland and i'm marina maracco.' it was an absolutely perfect day across our area. >> but over the next few days it may feel a little bit more like super. let's check in with gwen.wen. gwen has the latest on ourç forecast. and i'm hearing may be
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80s or 90s. we're going to get a little taste of summer with the temperatures. we're definitely going to be ine the 80s. it looks like tuesday is goingda to bey the warmest of of the to days. i can't rule out maybe flirting with the 90-degree mark. let's take a look at where wee hit today. tod temperatures today exactly where they should be, give or two a degree. our temperatures in the upper 60s. those are our seasonal sea conditions. we are really going to get aet treat when it comes to the next 48 hours.ours we'll be leaving that in the the dust. in the meantime for tonight, right now it's 56-degrees in the nation's cap to.ap the same at annapolis, 6 # at baltimore. we have 58-degrees at dulles this hour, while fredericksburg is at 66. at look at cumberland. they are at 63 degrees. a little warmer there. th 59 at hagerstown. ha the winds are fairly calm and a they're going to bree pretty cam for tomorrow as well but we're e going to start to seat door opening up for the winds to kind of more in more from the sout
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and the oust east and that's going on usher in the high air. it will give us clear skies forr tonight under the full conditions, but it will also set us up for the sunshine for tomorrow. so 51-degrees for tonight, then, mostly clear skies, winds from the south five to ten miles an n hour, but what are we talking about, well, a very warm early r workweek as we mentioned and yes, we are talk those 80s. and i'll have though details on that in just a about it. fairfax county police are investigating a suspicion deathh in center tillville, a 21 year e old man was found dead inside a townhouse on kresson lane. fox5's alexandra limon joins us more on this. >>reporter: the fairfax countya police department says they're investigating several leads and for that reason they can only release limited information at n this time. however, they want to reassure the public that thisc t was in the a random act. the centerville neighborhood was shutdown for several hours after police got a
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member who found the body of the 21 year old man in the family's townhome. police paveed off the townhouse as well as two vehicle also in the parking lot and we were tole they were looking at the cars for possible evidence. we also spoke to neighbors who e said they heard a woman panicking before the police arrived. i heard a whaling, a woman a screaming and whaling for quite a while. whi it sounded really bad. and then i saw the police andhep the ambulance. so i figured somebody found somebody in not such a good g situation. officers located a 21 year old man inside the residence with trauma to the upper body. it doesn't appear that a firearm was used in this incident. again, police are calling this a suspicion death investigation at this time and theyed a they expect to have updated u information to release tomorrowe in the studio, alexandra limon, fox5 local news
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> new video tonight showing tho tense moments when passengerswh had to be evacuated from thehe tenly town metro station after a smoke was reported inside the te redline tunnel and on the train. this all happened last night. we spoke with one passenger who explains what she saw. sa >> the lights were off complete limit he don't remember if we dn were in the second car or the third car at this point, but we were slowly moving. all of a sudden we heard an explosion and looked out thehe window and there's fire that iha yotu a. and that happened about two oro three times that i say. metro is still investigating the incident because says the causee of smoke was likely an arcing insulator that caught fire. metro adds despite what passengers think they heard, there were no explosions. > now to five seconds and the washington capitols will move on to the second round.oun the washington capitols areol mo
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the team defended the philadelphia flyers this afternoon to keep their dreams t of winning the stanley cup alloy. the caps lead the series three r games to nothing at one point, but needed a win today to avoidd hosting a winner take all gamell seven. it was a scoreless game until un the second period when some nice passing to niklas backstrom turned things around. he buried this. back stomach's second of the series put the caps up 1-0 and d that's all they needed. in the final seconds of the game, the flyers can't score and the caps move on to the second e round. we wanted to close it in four, five, six and then it comes to the sixth game. ga they're not going to go down easy and we knew that and that's a good team over there and a hard-working team. and so to close it out in six, x it was huge. obviously now we look forward tw round two. two coming into this series i ser probably looked the
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going to be a long series. i wasn't going to be four and out. and when we got to 3 and 0 we surprised ourselves.urs i think it finished up the way e we expected it to be. a nice win for the team. next up for the caps will be the pittsburgh penguins. the schedule has not been be release yet, but game one and a two will be right here in d.c. go caps. > donald trump trump is in maryland just two days before voters head to the polls. we're going to have a previewrei for you. bee and say, she does it again g surprising her fans with some brand new music. mu we'll tell you all about it. i stay with us. us.
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now to the raise for the whiteai house.ho voters in maryland will soonwill have their say in then presidential raise.pres maryland is one of five states holing primaries on tuesday. we get the latest now from fox's john roberts. >>reporter: the 2016 presidential candidates are campaigning hard throughout theo east. i would hope that road i land adds its name to the previous other 16 states and say we arere going to go forward with a political revolution. i would like get back to the b economic policies we had when my husband wasn't. candidates are both sides areare scrambling to collect enough delegates to become their party's presidential nominee. 1237 delegates are needed. gop front runner donald trump is less than 400 delegates shy of f hitting that park.
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2,383 is the magic number to to secure the democratic nomination. front runner hillary clinton maintains a clear lead over all with 428 pledged delegates. this could all change on tuesdan when voters go to the polls. donald trump remains confident saying his remaining gop rivals won't within.won' they can't win, but on tuesday, i'm expected to win all five. > but during a fox news town haul in philadelphia sunday, ohio governor john cusack and texas senator ted cruz showed ns signs of slowing down in theirn raise for the white house. i have a record of bringing together, making sure thatsure economic growth is not an end to itself. i couldn't be more encouraged at the conservatives who are coming together in pennsylvania, comino together in maryland and coming together really across the country. as important as the fiveive contests in tuesday
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reel play is for indiana. the following tuesday may 36789 that's where he hopes he can understand and for all stop donald trump. in hagerstown, maryland, john roberts, fox news. > meantime a connecticut man is free on bond tonight after he threatened to bomb a donald don trump rally in water bring. his name is sean work bring.rin the secret service says he posted a threatening message on twitter. they contacted state police andi they arrested the 20 year old at his home.hi the secret service determined he wasn't a real danger, but states police still charged him for for making a threat. he's due in court next month.onh after visiting london, presidenl obama has arrived in germany anr during his two-day visit he'll meet with german president tores try and progress on a transatlantic trade agreement ar between the two countries. fox's kevin. >>reporter: president obama arriving in germany.
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dollar momentum for a us year trade it has made sure that our businesses are the most competitor in the world. during a news conference, mr. obama said the benefits of a well designed trade deal are in disputable. if you look the at benefits toto the united states or to germany of free trade around the world it is in disputable that it has made our economy stronger. president obama also praised america l l for her handling of year's crisis. germany respond to immigrants who are desperately fleeing the situatery and conflict. tens of thousands of protestorse gathering over the weekend toto express their opposition in hanover. critics would favor the interest of large corporations and causes a shift of jobs to outsiders. ou still the president is hoping to finalize the deal before leaving office in
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time is not on our side. if we don't complete negotiations this year, thenn upcoming political transitionstn in the united states and yearstt would mean this agreement won'ti bes finished for quite sometim. before returning to washington late monday, mr. obama and chancellor america l l will meel with david cameron, france president and italian prime minister to talk aboutta intelligence sharing.ce s the ongoing battle against isis and knew and improved counter terrorism.. with the president in hanover, germany, kevin cork, fox news. > more on the passing of one of music's biggest stars. we'll hear from local residents about the memories they have of prince. stay with us. .
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democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us. protecting women from domestic violence. taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash. powerful interests don't want democrat donna edwards. that's a powerful reason why we do.
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beyonce surprised her fans last night releasing her sixth album lemon aid after an hbo premierri after an hour-long film based around her music. the show is based on her husband jay z shot called title. based on every woman's gurney of self knowledge and healing.ling the weekend james blake as well as jack white. purple rain, purple rain. purple rain, purple rain. the boss playing tribute to bruce
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street band delivered a stirring performance of prince's purple rain in brooklyn. he along and with michaeli jackson all dominated airways in the 1980s. while the two performers had dramatically different styles they both shared a reputation for steering life concerts.e co earlier this year springsteenrig also paid try bought to david bow i and glenn fry. springsteen ended purple rainnd last night by pointing to theed ceiling andy po simply sayingayn prince, we love you. it's incredible how am people, if you ask what kind of general redid prince play, some would say, pop, some would say rock,k, it wasn't one specific. that's what made him so great. three, four days and people areo still talking about it. you and i just talked the entire commercial break about hisut impact. i was in miami this weekend andd going to the
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booths were lit in purple andnd then you would pass thehe billboards and they would alsols say his birthday and then when he died.d. across the globe. > it has been days, but the tributes to prince are stilltil coming in.n. so am people wanted to share their favorite songs, their first prince con earth and muchc more. laura evans saturday down with so local woman who like am ofe m you were stunned. we also talked with a psychologist to the out pouringi of sorrow of one of the best recording art artists of all time. there was simply no one like prince. ex sten trick, fearsly independent. he was prolific, his music touching millions and panning generations. sabrina consider was a teenagerw when she went to her prince concert. it was the first memory that surfaced when she heard
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prince's death on thursday. i never been to a concert fieldl with such excitement. all the joy and happiness. i just immediately thought back to that moment. i've been to many concerts, but that is one concert that always will bring joy to my soul. psychologist dug laveer says it's not only prince's enormous talent that's sparking the widespread reaction to his death, it's about how he he evolved as an artist so fear leslie and genuinely. i think what it stirs in peoplet is a recognition that we allll have. whether they're created or aspect of our personality thatps we keep in check for one reason or another and long to express and break free. each of us have thoughts and feelings and desires. maybe i could do this or i could be more of that or i could try t this. and you see somebody who represents doing that.
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it really is -- it touches you because it gives you a sense off hope, of aspiration. even president obama who hosted prince as a guest at the white house said he and the first lady are joining millions of fans in mourn. the president release this th statement, few artists half influenced the trajectory of popular music or touched quite so am people with their talent.e a strong spirit transends rulesn prince one said and nobody spirits were stronger, bowlowl error more creative. prince meant a lot of things tol a lot ofot people. for sabrina consider, sunshine, joy, love, togetherness. he just loved life and he loved people p. heç loved music. he will be missed tremendously.r > laura evans, fox5 local news. > did you have a f
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>> purple rain and i think it means that much more now that he's gone. it was just such a hit. the castellani of the color purple sang that song rightght after he pasted at the closing and it was incredible to hearo them do the rendition. but a lot of people don't knowel that he's a hugely under rated guitar is. >> i didn't learn that until after his death. in one album he plays every instrument. >> it makes his music so much greater. >> for sure. police in ohio continue to investigate the execution style murder of ate people. what one community in fairfax county is doing to help the high school student of student foundd dead. that story and more when fox5 local news returns. turns.
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> this eggs fox5 local news at 10. tonight the search is on for th shoot error shooters who killede ate family members execution style in ohio. investigators are still processing evidence and are certain it was a pre-planned attack. but as fox a 5 bryan llenas reports, police have not pol identified any suspect. >>reporter: a family targeted in ohio community on edge as th man hunt continues on day two and still no answers yet as to who and why someone would killol ate members of the same family.i is it one shoot error multiple shooters? the ate victims all members of the road den family
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shot in the head execution style on friday, some as they slept is four separate homes. three of those homes were just a mile and a half apart from one another in pike county, a smalla rural community of about 28,000 people. a community frankly struggling to comprehend how this happeneda to the road dense described by b the local pastor as a well we known, close it in and hard working family. fam the victims discovered by b relatives friday morning. some of the victims were murdered as they slept including hannah road den a mother in bed with her four day old baby nearby. the first 911 call coming in in just before 8:00 a.m. when a a female found two of her relatives. tell me what is going on? >> there's blood all over the house. > okay. >> my brother-in-law is in the e bedroom and it looks like lo somebody has beat the hell out
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there's blood all over the covers. > the ate victim the 16 year old boy was found miles away aty about 1:30:00 p.m. police don't know when the shootings occurred can. they have finished analyzing aln four crime scenes. autopsies will be finished thist weekend. they do not believe this was a murder-suicide. the suspect or suspects are considered armed and dangerous. police are taking precautions to protect the rest of the row den family. one cincinnati restaurateur hasr offered a $25,000 reward for r anyone with any information. you are being asked to please pe call 1-855 d.c. i-ohio. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. > now to a ledly prom in wisconsin. quick action by police prevented what could have been a terrible tragedy. officers were patrol in the pat parking lot of the school and ad quickly responded when two people were shot leaving the dance. they confronted the suspected
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him. we regularly train for thesee situations through the school and we use the differun, buildings of the schoolngs district. what is the school districttric going to do next? n >> i can't answer that. > investigators say wagner is a former student who was posed to graduate last year, but did not. police say they don't believe he targeted any student and instead planned to enter the prom and start shooting randomly. ra > let's take you back to our lead stock the good news we started off with tonight, thehe beautiful weather that you're expecting, gwen. >> definitely. it was really nice today, also.l hopefully our viewers got out. but it's going to get better. we have a little l tease of summer heading our way, whichhih isn't too bad. ba i think it's a prime choice cho weather buffet coming our way. clear skies tonight, a little cool. it was pretty chilly last name.c it won't be quite as cool tonight outside, but it's stillt going to be pretty much on the n cooler side. we have clear skies and a cool evening, very light winds
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very warm monday. we've got some afternoon clouds coming. but for the most party am seriously talking no shortage oo sunshine for your monday.r and tuesday is going to be now the warmest day. originally we thought it wasght going to be monday but p now it looks like tuesday us going to i be even warmer. some storms in the forecast. fo some could be strong as we getet into the later part of tuesday. ridge of high pressure sittingrs right over the mid atlantic atl clear skies really not too much to be concerned with.ed you can see the clouds well to the west, but we won't deal wita those forth better part of of tomorrow. that's at least some good newses. our highs today right on thehe mark pretty much of where theyhe should be. be. these are seasonal averages ones or two degrees above or blow. bo but pretty much this is the ballpark of where we should be. we're going to get a reel treate over the next 48 hours, so bes, prepared for that.epar here's a look the a the current temperatures, 56-degrees in d.c., a little cooler at
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baltimore 51. take a look at cumberland at 63 degrees. 59 at hagerstown. we've got 55 at manassas and at fredericksburg and youricks overnight lowe's expected to be into the 50s pretty much every e where. we'll have a few upper 40s here and overall we're going to see the o winds kicking in very lightly and temperatures staying in thee 50s. tomorrow here's what'st's happening. this ridge of high pressure is going to make a a little bit ofo an exit out to the east. ea what does that door? it opens up the door for more of a southerly flow to come up the mid atlantic and really warm us up. we are talking about 80ut 8 tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. then as we get into monday nighd things start to change because a we have a frontal system to theo north. this is a back door front and fr it's going to start to sync it's he way to the south towards us. by monday night we'll see we increasing clouds from it. by tuesday it looks like it's going to bring us some thunder storms and that's because this who the air mass will already br in place. the clashes of the
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think of some sill bombs clashing we're going to see some instability. there is a chance that we could see marginal risk of some strono storms and severe weather by thb time we get into tuesday tachypnea the later part of the day.da highs tomorrow, look at this, unbelievable. we're going to be in the low to the mid 80s. it's going to be very nice. here we're talking tuesday 9 the marginal risk of severe storms. once we get past that and we gee into the thursday, friday period we have a few low pressure systems that are going to push o their way through. a little bit of a disturbanceisu kicking up there.her we're not ruling out any showers. in the meantime for tomorrow, no showers. 70-degrees by the time we hit midday, 82 by the time we hit high temperature 8:00 hour. a little chilly with light li winds, but tomorrow we are serving up some summer sunshine and some warmth at 84-degrees. by the time we get to tuesday we are going to be in the upper 80 #
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that could mean lower southern w maryland and areas to the southh of the i95 corridor could possible be flirting with that 90-degree mark. we'll see how that all pans outt because matt isn't going to let me forget i said that. you said 90 last night. >> who the is who the. justen p joy it. what's a few degrees. de we'll have the 90s soon enough. > thank you, you can track the weather 24/7 on the go with youo mobile device. dev download the fox5 news and fox5 weather apps. ap search d.c. news and d.c. weather in the app store andre remember the apps are treatment moving on now, the search is ont tonight for a person who stabbed a man to death in the district. it happened on kennedy street kn northwest around 10:00 last night. when officers arrived they found the victim 38 year old demass o lassoes stabbed numerous times. he was taken to the hospital foo treatment. but efforts to safe him
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police are asking with anyoneith about information about this tob give them a call. now to montgomery county wherecn investigators are trying toator figure out what caused thisause house to go up in flames in silver springs. sp the fire broke out around 446789. 30 this morning. mo when firefighters arrived flamea were shooting from the first ann second floors and into the attic. the homeowner managed to escapep but still suffered smoke inhalation. now to fairfax county where a vigil is underway for a teenager who was found unresponsive in a school bathroom. officers were called to theed t school last week and when they arrived they found a 16 year old brenda so the oh in the school's bathroom. this is not a common situation m to find a 16 year old female whf was unresponsive at the high the school and then later passes. we want to make sure the parente are aware that we don't believee that there is a threat to safety at this time. > a go fund me page has been hs created for the family to help
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if you know anything about thent death can you're asked to call police. still to come tonight, everyver wonder why a movery doesn't do o well? we're going to take a closer look at what may cause aa film to flop at the box office. .
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for the second week in a row the jungle book grabbed the top spot at the box disney film made over 60 million this weekend and more than $191 million in under two weeks. the hunts man, winters war debuted in the number two spot
10:41 pm
with $20 million. mil rounding out the top five was barbara shop, the next cut, sue, tone yeah and the boss starkrk melissa mccarthy.arth in hollywood no one wants their film to fail at the box office. fox's jonathan hunt takes a look at. hundreds of big screen movies are made each year.. even top named actor admit nothing is a sure bet. nothing is guaranteed, unless it's star wars.wars very collaborative. it's called show business. there's tension andtens responsibility to art and commerce. there's never a guaranty.rant no one -- no one ever sets out to make a bad movie, but bad movies still happen. i think you have to get over the fear and take risks and know if
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> even if you have a perfect script. s on jar winner russell crowe remembers being skeptical to signing on gladiator back in 2000. we were shooting and writing and shooting and writing as we went. we often get together and laugh about that because that's the biggest bullet dodge you can get in this business, not only for it to be financially successful, but for it to win the best picture. a film like this is a lot less of a gamble because you spread it over 10 people. the gamble is spread out over the d.c. universe and it's me and margo. there was no one else attach. there was no script.crip
10:43 pm
the suicide squad comic books. all i knew that david air wasir writing it and directing it.t. the two time best actor winner chris to walls who stars in the legend of tarzan believes there's a way of making movie maker less of a gamble. it's a real good movie is more than just good luck.k. it's fabulous writing, great directing, good cinematographer i, an inside full producer whode knows what he's doing. in high school wood, jonathanont hunt, fox news. > coming up tonight, ever wonder what happens to the boxes you recycle? wait until you hear about the footprint that all of those online shopping boxes are leaving behind in the environment. we'll have more on that coming
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up. .
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> so you thought riding aough whoever board down the street was dangerous? take a look at this video right here. get ready. this video shows a dare devil stunt along a ledge close to ao sky scraper in dubai.ubai he's actually on the top. the guy is an expert known foror scaling and dangling from wallsl that makes you sick just looking at it. he doesn't seem scared rocking back and forth before spinning in a circle
10:48 pm
wait for it. i saw this video last night. >> a hand stand on the whoever > what does his mother think about this? his mom probablyroa didn't know until she saw the video. > if your social media skillsea are world class, buckinghamuck palace has a job four. >> the british monarch i are looking for someone to head its digital engagements 6789 the job is about finding new ways for the queen's presence in the world presence. play it plays between $75,000 a year. you get lunch every year. > i say post pictures of thehe kids. >> that picture of prince georganne president obama. you get a free lunch, i'll take > online shopping is one of thi best ways to
10:49 pm
and fast, but what happens to all those cardboard boxes thatbe you get delivered to you?s as fox's correspondent tells us, recycling centers are floodedloo with cardboard boxes and now it's worse than ever. still entrepreneur buys groceries online every week from olive oil to detergent, even though he lives five minuteslive from a team. >> it's more convenient. it safes me time. and your time is convenient. >> he does recycle but worries about all the boxes that end up at san francisco's recyclingcycl plant. still less than loss angels att 115 tons a day, or new york att almost 900-tons a day. when you buy things online theye can show up in two or three boxes within a box, a box within a kind of a russian doll of boxes. that's really bad
10:50 pm
we just encourage people not too support that with their consumer dollars. packaging is frustrating.stra here atom son we're dog something different.if in response to customer concernc amazon has launched what it calls frustration free packaging. whenever possible products shipc in their original packaging, eliminating the need for an additional shipping box. while an 90 percent of corrugated packaging is recycled, that has its own costt like shipping to recycling whice in turn use a lot of energy and water. maybe there is a better way off shipping things. mas.ybe we could recycle every time. like a fee if it comes in a boxx or a discount if it's returned intact. and environmentalists are urging folks to shop organized soso they're not buying a lot of of things at different times.
10:51 pm
in san francisco, claudia could you between, fox news. > do you recycle a lot? >> i do and i leave it right next to my trash bin so i don't for g. but you if get some sort of discount or incentive to get it in the original packaging, then it's worth it. if you order them altogether, a lot of times you can order onene here and one there, and i never thought of it until i saw thish story.stor you look atom son prime, you want your package quickly. if you want them quickly they'ri not going to ship together. maybe they could recycle the actual box.actu > we're going to show you how one college is trying to develoe an air control system for drones. stay with us, that story and more coming up. .
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> help with everyone from fro search and rescue, but misuse even when unintentional canl create some major safety hazards, particularly around airports. saint mary county where one university is taking on drone safety. command, do you have an updateae on your weather status. >> weather is better than we had hoped. we're in burb wood, maryland.arl we're testing today as part of f national campaign.mpai the nasa air traffic management system. the weather is green, aircraft are green.ree vehicle maintenance for the virginia site. you can look anywhere on thehe news today and find all kinds of sto
10:57 pm
trying to fly aircraft, both commercial and hobby. personnel are all in place. you're in good we're good to go. may god's love b with you. this is ground control to major tom. we are an open teleconference and we're gooding our directions from them. we have sites throughout the united states, as well as hawaii, nevada, new york; virginia tech. we're trying to stress the they are talking down to the ground stations independently and then those independent feeds go into thena
10:58 pm
if one of those was to go into the other's area we'll getet what's called a nonconformance message back to ill us that we've exceeded our air space. the idea would be that the otheh folks that we intruded on wouldn also get that message to let them know that there is somebody in their air space. this is about safety.fety there's a lot of them trying to get airborne and with that becomes congestion and then deconflicts that's required toeu keep them from going into eacheh other and then also causing problems formaned aircraft. recent incidences where they've had some of these near airports can cause problems. i don't think we'll ever prevent the bad players from doing badbd things. we'll at least know what's happening and be able toble restrict some of the operationse and also to know when people arw in the air space they shouldn'td be in. and i think my spaceship knows
10:59 pm
which way to go. what an important thing to do. >> yes, it is. especially as technology keeps going. chip did a great georgereat washington as always.lwa the news tonight is far from onr the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. good p evening once again,ag everyone. thanks so much for staying upsty with us i'm matt ackland and i'm marina maracco. it was an absolutely perfect spring across our area, but over the next few days it might feel a little bit more like summer. let's check in with gwen for the latest forecast. >> you're absolutely right. it is going to feel a little bie like summerment i'm calling it a up ser teaser because our temperatures are going to be into the 80s. can you believe it? let's take a look at conditions right now. ridge of high pressure, large and in charge all up and down the mid atlantic. we are seeing fairly clear skies. not much to talk about in terms of clouds. there is a little bit of a precipitation that's moving oven
11:00 pm
pennsylvania. but other than that things arere pretty here's a look at a the highs for today, which are exactly where we should be temperature seasonal conditions, a degree or two maybe above or blow, but other than that this is where we actually should be landing. but we are going to land waya&c& above that in the next 48 hours. your current temperatureempe 58-degrees at quantico. a that'st the same at d.c., 52 at baltimore. frederick 50 at winchester. 58 at hagerstown and a little warmer for cumberland at 61-degrees. winds are light and we're not going to see much happening in the wind department, but that bt ridge of high pressure in placen keeping the skies clear.kies that is going to be what's going to make the changes in the nextn day or so as it moves its wayts out to see and opens the door ur for a southerly flow. in the meantime, cool and clear skies for tonight. your overnight lowe's expected to be in the low 50s pretty much every where. we have a few upper 40s on thete map. but generally we are talking low 50s with light winds.


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