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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> straight ahead, panickedt ah, passengers.en riders fear for their lives as s smoke reportedly fills adllls tunnel once >> and the search for a killerfl this morning after a man iser found dead inside a northern nor virginia home. h the very latest on the >> first though we say goodveh o morning to you on this monday. i'm holly,
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are all here, mike thomas is in the weather center with a cet great start to your work weekouk i understand. >> yeah, holly it's going to i be a fantastic day today.ic we're talking about summertime preview. temperatures later on thisur afternoon getting into the midio 80's i want to mention it'st' still chilly this morning song still going the need theing th jacket as you head out the t door but later on this o afternoon shorts and t-shirts.-i >> oh, yeah.eah. >> not much happening lasta half hour.half hou anything on the roads yet. on >> right now roads are stillre l quiet. typical volume picking up butp t metro is on time. got you covered when thatco changes. >> thanks erin. >> ♪ >> goodness gracious. yeah, just very scary momentser ony metro this weekend. wke an incident in northwest d.c. caught on cell phone video. veo. that's what you just saw. s happened on saturday night. otu passengers will to beenge evacuated from the tenleytown tt motor together after smoke was reported inside the red linee tunnel and also on the train.ra >> the wild scene unfolded ondeo parts of the red line in northwest d.c. on saturday satur night. >> fox5's melanie alnwicks meni
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d.c. this morning with thehis details about the ongoing investigation. mel, what can you tell us?tell u >> well, i can tell you thatl yt the federal transitthe fede administration is looking intotn this but remember, fta has hadad safety oversight of metro he h since last fall so not unusual u that fta would be getting on geg top of this right away. fortunately no one was injuredar but as you said you can just j kind of hear from that celltel phone video that people are are very nervous and frightened whenever anything now goes any wrong on metro. met that is the reaction after thena lights went off and one rider rd tells us she heard an heard an explosion. it was 7:15 saturday eveningtu after a red line train leaving friendship heights encounteredei heavghy smoke in the tunnel.then the train did reverseain direvee directions and passengers weresw offloaded at the platform.helatf the station also was evacuated. d.c. fire and ems crews arrived at friendship heightsght and helped ventilate smoke inen the tunnel. the fire department reportedar there was trouble in as oubl mechanical room
5:03 am now metro told fox5 there wereerwe no explosions and said the problem was likely anotherth arcing insulator an ongoingn ooi problem as we know from metro m especially in the tunnels. also that morning, saturdayatura morning there was another arcing insulator incident atnsul the bethesda metro stationtion just a few stops up from here h on the red line, both of thoseho still under now, metro gm paul wiedefeldiefd did testify to congress just atr few weeks ago that he is working on a new safety action plan and should have thatd he ready for the public in a few aw weeks.s. holly and maureen. >> melanie, just quickly, tocklt we know if there are any plans a to shut town any lines again in the wake of this new ts incident perhaps to make me repairs or check for problems? m >> reporter: this is an ongoing problem it's a problemsl with the arcing insulators,ulat metro knows it has this this problem. they also know that there'sre also problems with water in i the tunnels so it's somethingeti that they are constantlyy staying on top of. o we
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about any kind of a shutdownn to fix this. t >> as we learn more about a suspicious death in centreville over the week.ov police say a 21-year-old man 21d was found dead inside a townhouse on gresham lane. l the neighborhood was shut downsw for several hours after policefl got a call from a familyamil member who found the body in by the family's townhome.ow neighbors say they heard aey hed woman panicking before police arrived. police say this was not aay t random act.random they say they expect to have he an update today. tod >> in the district the search continues for whoever stabbed a man to death in northwest.ortt happened saturday night on night kennedy street.nnedy str police say when officersn offic arrived they found the victim stabbed numerous times.ous tim he was taken to the hospitalosta where he later die police are asking anyone with w information about this case toas give them ae call. >> happening today a tay montgomery county mothergomery t accused in the disappearanceappn of her two children will be in i court.cour katherine hoggle has a h competency hearing. heang she's charged with neglecth n
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justice.ju her children jacob and sara were last seen in 2014. a group called find sara, findd jacob will be holding aol gathering outside of thesi courthouse. the group says the gathering ghe will be peaceful. pce their goal is to get answers and find the missing children. >> ♪ >> five past the hour on this t monday morning.orning. okay, not a bad way to startota the morning. mor >> no. >> i like it. the walk was warm. >> no one likes mondays. >> you're right about that.ri >> if you're going to getghre gt through monday you might as well do it with some warmth wart and some sunshine.and going to be a nice day. day >> that's what i'm talking about.ab >> little cool let's go to those tempetlratures around the region right now. 51 degrees your currentses number here in the district.e d some mid 40's and even lowernow 40's starting out.ut martinsburg 41 degrees, chillygl start for you. y 45 for manassas, 42 fors, 42 f culpeper. some locations today will putut 40 degrees on these numbers
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many locations head for those ft low 80's. 8 satellite and radar showingho clear skies overhead thisrhd morning.mornin we'll have a few clouds come across later on this afternoon but should be a dry day foray the bulk of the region. of here's your highs for the day. 84 here in washington.asng 85 manassas, culpeper fredericksburg, warm day, 82ay for martinsburg.artinsbu 80 degrees for hagerstown. hst that's a check of thehe of t forecast. erin como's got traffic.t traff >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.oyot visit buy a toyota to the comtoe for special offers. off >> that's right 5:06 and wend have you covered. coved a little bit of congestion picking up stop and go condition cans fairfax county fu parkway to 50 on 66 east justt s light volume no crashes. cshes things to start to open up aspe you get closer to the beltway. w things in arlington stillonti quiet on 66.quie 6 now taking a look at our maps. aside from that live look we have some construction in fairfax leesburg pike all pe lanes opened right near right n gallows things are cruising along forlog your morning ride. r chain bridge road looking ifoong
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reagan national bwi or dulles.u. 395 dealing with a active workir zone between duke and seem mali. not causing any issues yet.any 295 still in the clear and our r secondaries downtown in d.c. i d are all moving along withoutngio any problems.probems. metro is on time this morning mr and the inner loop lookingner ol good from branch avenue to thee wilson bridge. 210 inbound and five inbounde iu problem free.oble we'll let you know when any ofh that changes. back to you. y >> thanks erin. tnks e the campaign trail continuesnu through maryland today. today. gop presidential candidate john kasich will hold a town hoo hall meeting in rockville thisie afternoon ahead of tomorrow'ss meanwhile john kasich and tedndd cruz have now made a pact topact stop donald trump from securing the gop nomination. the two announced theired alliance last night.ig the cruz campaign says they'llam focus their resourcespa inn indiana and clear the path for h john kasich to compete inompetei oregon and new mexico.ex analysts say the move acknowledges that neither cruzeu nor
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in the race. the announcement didn't sitt dit well with the donald. dal trump in fact tweeted this message when hearing of thering alliance. wow. just announced that lying ted lt and kasich are going to gng collude in order to keep me ord from getting the republicanca nomination. desperation. >> more u.s. troops headed torod syria to help fight isis. i white house officials say 250ay troops are being sent to the war torn country that wouldou increase the number of u.s.he forces in syria n to 300. to00 president obama is expected toop make the announcement today t during a speech in germany gma he's there wrapping up a week long trip. tp. it includes special operations i forces and middle and logistical personnel.ernn new details in the murderurr of eight ohio family members. ms why officials much officialsls believe it was drug relateed.rue >> tributes continue to poure tr in for the legendary prince leg including a heartwarming nodrtwn from the boss himself. stay with us. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> happening now, the hap investigation continues inton cn the mass murder of a southeastern ohio family ofy eight.eigh the ohio attorney general sayses the killings are drug related ar and that marijuana was found at three of the murder scenes.fh authorities believe more thanbe one killer wlias involved andole they are still on the run. listen to the graphic andphic intense 911 call when a family member made a gruesome mad discovery on
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>> dead. there's blood all over theoo house. >> stay out of the house. dot n't let anybody go in there, okay. >> yeah. >> surviving family members f are staying at a camhurch due tt concerns for their safety. s meanwhile deputies are still s guarding each there's a $25,00ar0 reward forew information leading to theng t killer or killers. wisconsin school>> counselors expected to be on> hand today following axpayollowi shooting at a high school prom m over the weekend.ovhe w happened saturday about about 150 miles outside ofde o milwaukee.milwaukee. officials say two prom goerswo o were shot but are expected toxpo be okay. oka two police officers who were w on patrol at the time returnedat fire killing t the 18-year-old gunman. the school administrator toldtrt the associated press he believes the teen intended toent begin shooting randomly once insidinside but an exact motivee still unclear. ulear >> a teen was found unresponsive in a schooll bathroom. 16-year-old brenda soto was pronounced dead at the
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hospital. a go fund mhoe page has been created for soto's family to help cover burial expenses.xpen if you know anything about soto's death you are asked to yu call police. >> happening today, a virginiaa man who once worked forrked f fairfax county public schools pc is set to face a judge today t for arranging to meet an under u aged girl for sex. s wesley breed den will be bre sentenced today. today undercover agents arrestedeste breed den. they caught him during an an undercover they say breed den engaged ined e-mail and sent text messagesesa to what he thought was an was under aged girl he faces up to r 30 years in prison iff convicted.ed. >> in maryland still no wordnd s on what caused a house fire in silver the fire broke out around 4:30 yesterday morning on cher o brook winds when firooefighters arrived flames were shooting from thengm first and second floors andoors into the attic. the homeowner managed townanag escape but still suffered suf smoke inhalation.ion. >> ♪ >> coming up, it was a goodoo weekend
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including a historic win forri the nats. highlights in today's sportsrts breakfast. kf >> first though beyoncé hash bee done it again. aga queen bey shocking fans andsnd breaking the internet yetntert y again with her latest >> and mike and erin back withaw a check of your weather andeathr traffic on the 5s. 5 5:12 is your time. we are back in a moment. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> new this morning, check outrk this rare whale sighting inin the chesapeake bay. bay it happened on friday f afternoon. the video shows a 35 to 40-foot humpback whalempback whe breaching near solomon,neolom maryland. >> wow. >> a fishing party on boardrd the marcy lynn got a front row r seat to this awesome site.ome s. the captain of the boat shott s the video. vid he said the whale breached bac about a dozen times altogether. >> that's pretty cool.t' >> didn't we just joke the other day about whales being wha in the chesapeake.hesaak
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>> clearly whoever shot it had quite the expression that continues beeping we hear there. >> oh, snap; holy --y >> whale. whale >> exactly. >> that is no whale of a tale. t >> i was going to say the sameog thing. mike thomas, hey, how you doing this morning? morng >> i've never seen that before. >> neither have we. n >> all right, so far mondaeiyy morning, good morning too everybody. everyb bus stop forecast today,t tod pretty good one.d o not bad. cool to start. 47 to 56 degrees around town.ow. 78 to 85 degrees later on this afternoon.tern it's going to be an absolutelybl beautiful day.l d 51 your current number here inue d.c., though.d.c., tho again i mentioned the cool t c start. lots of 40's out there in the oe suburbs to start the day.s to 47 buffalo, 48 detroi 48 detroib look at saint louis, sixty sixxi degrees, 60 slick,64
5:16 am
little rock, 62 degrees in i nashville this morning so all of this warmth is heading inng i our direction and by the timehet weim get to tomorrow afternoon,, we're going to be dealing withli upper 80's and potentially a 90-degree read organize two for your tuesday but today'ssd not a bad day either in the mid 80's. satellite and radar clearite skies to start the day.ay few clouds will side acrosscr later on this afternoon but thi it's a dry day here in d.c. futurecast will show you here. 11 o'clock full sunshine outulss there. later on this afternoon there's a couple of cloudsud sliding across, maybe a showerho or two down through our southuru but for the most part we stay sy dry this afternoon. afternoon tomorrow starts with sunshinetat and the clouds increase and we get a frontal boundaryt a approaching and that couldg kick up some thunderstorms in the afternoon some of whichf whi could be severe so we're goingeg to keep our eye on this on situation but let's handle's hae today first 'cause it's going'c to be 84 degrees, mostly sunnyegre skies, very warm conditions, arm beautiful day and check outy anc your fox5 accuweather 7-day 7 forecast it's not a bad one at alltll especially early week if youk if like summer time temperatures. 88 deg
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thunderstorms rumble across. that will cool us back down and we'll snap back down to springtime.ri west it day of the week looks lo like thursday 64 with showers we likely. that's your forecast.ecas erin como has got traffic. >> 5:17. breaking news for your mondayfom morning we have a huge crash on thesh on outer loop.ou this is between 123 just after 123 chain bridge road as you approach seven.even all lanes blocked right now. reported vehicle fire ande overturned vehicle. veh they had been letting trafficra sneak by on the right shouldergr but as you can see a lot of loto standstill conditions.onditi traffic has been temporarilyempi halted and then you can seend t they are letting some folksetti get through on that rightha r shoulder. it's just a mess out there and a delays already starting tolreadt grow. i'd avoid the outer loop thise morning if at all possible. pos you can see it's just a mess m right now. ri police lights to the left justtj ahead of this shot wheret where traffic is basically parked. pa. let's take a look at our mapsurm right now we'll show you exactly where this crash srash again, outer loop mostly alltly lanes blocked. block they had been temporarilypora letting traffic through on thehr
5:18 am
right shoulder and you can seenc just how backed up things arehig as you pass by chain bridge bdg road. we got you covered. covered i'll let you know how longhow ln this is going to be outero be there as soon as we get any a updates from police.ole. aside from that thi morning we have road work in alexandria 395 north between not duke and moreup dates to come can.mean. the rest of the beltway quiet but that is our big problemro spot right now. back to you. >> all right. thank you erin. e time now is 518. 5 beg your pardon dee and gold anl gm scot mccloughan will hold w a news conference today ahead of thursday's nfl draft. we're likely to learn morern m about his plans for picks. beyoncé once again proving o to be a ground breaker withker w saturday night release of lemonade.. it hit itunes overnight. farewell to musical icon.lco prince's remains cremated following an autopsy oning an ap friday. a private celebration of his ois life ceremony was held on
5:19 am
but that was not the only wayy he was remembered. rembere wisdom back now with thosehose details. wisdom, i know it's beensn difficult. you are our resident super fan. fan. >> yeah its hard because its hac was so unexpected. uneecte >> i think it was a shock on friday.iday >> exactly. >> and now it's really starting to sync in.ti >> right, right, it's real --l really real right all right. basically the tributes poured in all weekend long includingnci a special saturday night live lv which showed his past past performances and the show and s skits about him as well. wel we learned prince's body was cremated and his ashes buried a in a private service.te s fans honored the music icon at the first avenue nightclub inub minneapolis.nnea many waited in line for hours f just for a chance to rock to the late singer's music onceus o they got inside.nside. the nightclub was made famous fu in prince's 1984 film purplee rain. in many credited him and his music for putting minneapolisinp on the cultural map.. the los a
5:20 am
art is paying tribute toribu t prince with a purple rain room. it allowed visitors to strollorl through hundreds of gallons ofrs falling water but this weekr t the museum turned that water purple. outside the late singer's minneapolis home paisley park family members and friends andds handed outer gifts to his loyal followers.yafollower the purple boxes contained c books shirts and other memorabilia.mobili many fans placed purple balloons and flowers on a on fence outside of the compoundth where he lived and worked.ord. also bruce springsteen andru the e streecet band delivered ad stirring performance ofri per prince's purple rain last pple n night in brooklyn. >> ♪ prince michael jackson and springsteen dom nated th domina. ri
5:21 am
david bowie and bruce fry. prince pointed to the ceiling and said prince we love you.rinc prince died on thursday atot the age of 57.the ag his body was found in an i elevator at his home ande recording studio paisley the cause of death is still unknown.unow reports an autopsy done onan friday are still a pending. >> goodness.>> g >> you know one thing that'soneh touching me about his death isea the more we're learning about a his humanitarian side. i am just so blown away by how b kind and giving this man was.. >> right.. >> beyond the >> people say his music was ausw small part of his life. l he was so much more than that. t i'm more hurt today thanod friday. >> i hope that he realizes howzo much he mattered. i always wonder when stars wonde were that big thr eir lives werw so different than ours but irsut hope he realized how much heuch >> he was a big dealg d especially when you you consider -- >> he was such a littlewa person. >> he was a small person buta at think about all the things did d he from the time he came ontoe a the scene from the way hee from produced all the acts
5:22 am
different for the time we're talk about a guy wearing makeup heels and tight pants.igs back in the late 70's early 7s a 80's. i mean, that -- tha >> we could talk about himlk abm forever.reve >> he did his own thing. >> thanks, whiz. >> i'm sad all over again. all . >> i know, right.>> i kw, r >> thanks, whiz. t >> straight ahead,ha this wills cheer you y weekend for d.c. sports fans.. we're going to have highlightseh from the ice and diamondnd dia coming up next.coming >> new warnings about the dangers of children and thosese laundry pods.drod the changes experts say need to be made to keep kids safe. 
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> topping today's sportsop breakfast it's onward for pithee caps. playoff game six against the the philadelphia flyers yesterdayly was scoreless until the second period.od nicklas backstrom would putback the caps on the board. b despite a last ditch efforth ef the flyers couldn't score in the final seconds.thnal so sad. the caps win one to zero. zer next up it will be the pittsburgh p
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the schedule has not been bee released but games one and twone will be right here in d.c. d.c >> that's how you get it done. n okay, to baseball now let'sl just say it was a marathon sunday for the nats. nat setting a new team record. rec bryce harper tied things up inrr the ninth with a pinch hitinch homer sending the game into i extra innings. innin the game would last, get this, t 16 innings or five hours 56 5 minutes.mi that is the longest regulargestr season game in nationals history. bryce harper was supposed toer have the day off by the wayff bw but was called up in the ninth. final score nats win six to five. five. >> that's how you get it on. ge. >> that's how you get it done. >> great day for d.c. sports.. s >> we'll take it. >> caps-pens i couldn't bes- morepe excited.xc >> who are you rooting for. f >> the penguins. i make no secret of it.f >> you can leave n >> mike, we thought we knew you.yo >> they haven't done it since 2009 so i'm more than >> what you got weather-wise.-w >> weat
5:26 am
pumped for this afternooned f because we're heading foring fo summertime temperatures latermet today but we're starting cool.l. 51 washington, 48hingto gaithersburg, frederick chilly 39, 51 up towards hagerstown, hr 51 in annapolis, 60 in leonardtown this morning.n th all right, satellite and radared clear skies to start the day, d, just a few clouds here earlye this afternoon. a here's your planner. planner. 54 by 8 o'clock in the8 o'cl i morning, 72 degrees and mildgrsn and sunshine 12:00 p.m. today.pd by the time we get to 4:00 p.m., 83 degrees, lots ofs o warmth today. >> love it. >> if you can later thisyo afternoon get out and enjoy it after work and school. >> yeah, why not. okay, erin como hopefully the t roads not bad. b >> if you're taking the outerg o loop we have all lanes completely blocked. b >> it went from zero to a a thousand. >> it was super quiet thiss morning and now we have aanno crash involving an overturnedver car an earlier vehicle they had been temporarilypo letting traffic through on thehr right shoulder.t sh right now all lanes includingdi the express lanes look at thats live look completely blocked and some folks are stuck inretuk the backup right now as
5:27 am
once you pass chain bridge road 123 between 123 andnd seven.ven. vdot adjusting the camera,era, flashing lights just ahead so from just before 123 these folks are trying to get offo o right there at 123, that's,hat's where they're making you exitxi and it looks like they've beeneb able to clear out the delay d between 123 and seven. s if you're heading to dulleso d access road to get to the airport you may hit someay h s delays. right now traffic is at as at standstill between dullesween access road and 123. exit at 267 to avoid getting g stuck in that backup. b we'll copy you posted on thisd n one causing huge problems forros our monday morning ride.orningid back to you maureen and holly.el >> thank you erin. y ahead at 5:30 metro on o damage control again afterft smoke is once again reported rer inside a tunnel. tun the panic all caught onaut cell phone video he. >> one day from maryland'sand's primary. prim two republican rivals banding bn together against their party'sip frontrunner. we'll have details on their on r plans to stop trump. >> ♪
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>> ahead this morning, another h scare on metro. passengers fearing for theirrine lives as smoke fillets ake f tunnel once again.tunn how metro is responding thisndin morning. plus, an investigationan under way i in northern virginii after a 21-year-old man is m i found dead inside a townhome. and later, target facing backlash over its decision to dc let everyone use their t restrooms.
5:31 am
the retail giant.t. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> all right, good morning toori you. everybody is here ready to go.ed good to see you.eeou >> good to be here.ere. >> good to see mike thomas ass well. hey, mike. hey, >> hey, wisdom, yeah, i'm, yeahi going to be your favorite guyity today because we're headingea for a little summertimettle smet preview later this afternoon. in the 50's right now but someum places will put as much as 30 a to 40 degrees on those morningog lows. lows full details on your forecast fr coming up. >> mike you're our favoritere ot guy every day.y y. done you ever forget that. meanwhile you all of a sudden are very busy. >> yes, and i'm not yournotou favorite girl this morning m because the outer loop is shut s down between 123 chain bridgeini road and seven.road and this is out in tysons ands an mclean.mcle it's going to slow you downyou d this morning. traffic forced to exit at 123. 1 this is south of the dulles d access road.acce if you're heading to theng to t airport road to dulles we'lls see major delays.or delays. coming from frederick ordeck maryland trying to get throughtt the outer loop i would leaver op early. we'll keep a close
5:32 am
growing slowdown.lo >> thank you for that.hank we'll check back in just aba few. right now we want to get to the news and what's happeningt'p today. a montgomery county motherntothr accused in the disappearancepear of her two children will be inl court today. co katherine hoggle has a h competency hearing.etenearing. she's charged with neglectt abduction and obstructing justice. her children jacob and sara s were last seen in 2014.014. a group called find sara, find jacob will be holding ae gathering outside of thedef courthouse. the group says the gathering thg will be peaceful. p their goal is to get answers and find the missing children. m >> d.c. public schools areisic changing the dismissal times of two of their high schoolsls in washington, d.c. to deter to fights between students. bet this all starts today.oday. we're talking about mckinleyckin tech high school because hig they're going to let theiring et students out at 3:05 and dunbar high school will let their students out at 3:25. 3 the changes will also affect a each school's start time by 10 b minutes. both schools are about 10re abot minutes from the noma-gallaudet metro stationud which was the scene of a massive student brawl earlier th
5:33 am
>> the campaign trail throughig maryland today. tod gop presidential candidatees john kasich will hold a townidwn hall meeting in rockville thislt afternoon ahead of tomorrow's meanwhile john kasich and tedhn cruz have now made a pact topa t stop donald trump from securing the gop nomination. t the two announheced their t alliance last night.ig the cruz campaign said they would focus their resources in i indiana and clear the path forh john kasich to compete inomte oregon and new mexico. mic political analysts say the move acknowledges that neithered cruz nor kasich can overtake vet trump in the race.he r we're going to talk more about this including donald trump's reaction with fox's doug luzader.luza breaking news we need toking share an 18-year-old who was assaulted last night at a parkar in montgomery county has died. >> now police tells the teenic wase attacked around 10:00 last nightly the victim was able to make it to holy cross hospital a where he later died.e later no word onhe
5:34 am
identity or any suspect sct information. a developing story out of so centreville today.nt we may learn more about a suspicious death of aicio dea 21-year-old man over ther-ol weekend. police say he was found dead inside a townhouse on greshamsh lane.lane. the neighborhood was shut downht for several hours after policeol got a call from a familyam member. me neighbors say they heard ambor woman panicking before polics ee arrived. >> i heard a wailing, a woman wn screaming and wailing for quite awhile. sounded really bad and then inde saw the police and the ambulance, so i figured somebody found somebody in notyn such a good situation. sitti >> this was not a random hack. . they say they expect to havet h an update later on today. onod >> the federal transit administration which overseeshio metro is investigating after a r red line train had to be evacuated over the weekend in northwest d.c. because of o heavy smoke in the tunnel.
5:35 am
>> (screams). >> those chaotic and frightening moments wereing ment captured on camera saturday s night. d.c. fire and ems crews arrived and helped ventilatevene smoke from the tunnel between friendship heights and theship tenleytown metro stations.ti the train reversed directions. passengers were offloaded atffld the platform and then theatrm ah station was evacuated.ated the fire department says thereer was trouble in a mechanicalhani room and an insulator on fire at the platform. t now metro told fox5 there weree no explosions and confirms the problem was yet another arcing c insulator which has been anhichb ongoing problem for metro especially in the tunnels. tun >> all right. 5:35 is the time right now.e riw we want to get over to mikeik thomas and talk about the abo weather. we hey, mike. >> hey, wisdom., we're off to a chilly starty sta this morning but lots of fantastic warmth coming ourou way this afternoon.y this in fact going to feel a litt all bit like summertime both todayod and tomorrow. tomor take a look at temperaturespera around the region so far this fi morning. again, we are off to a little bit of aof
5:36 am
satellite and radar fit clear skies across the region rg so far. far high thin clouds coming your coy way later on this morning ashing we work our way into they to t afternoon, maybe a few more fewr clouds butter generally genal speaking a good amount of sun of today, enough to warm us up later this afternoon.on there are your temperatures at this hour. we're sitting at 41 martinsburg, 51 at hagerstown,a, 48 at dulles, 48 in gaithersburg as well.sel here in the districtict 51 degrees.51 deg quantico is at 52. leonardtown 50 degrees thisdegr morning. jet stream on its way off to the north. e no that will make room for the 80-degree temperatures to comere on up from the south bothouthot today and tomorrow on the warmhr side. side. things will change, though, as we get into your wednesday anded thursday. back to a springlike patterna sg with temperaturelis returning tt the 60. 60. full details in just a bit. bit erin como has got the roads. >> 5:36 right now and we? you have the have a big mess on hme our hands so i want to show to o you a look outside at one ofat our virginia cameras.amer. the outer loop is completelyompl shut down right now
5:37 am
123 chain bridge road andnd leesburg pike. you can see traffic is i basically parked as folks are forced to merge onto 123. they let the traffic throughhr that you stuck between thewe the closure points.ur a crash of an overturnedverturnd vehicle and earlier car fire. traffic at a standstill.tandstil whether you're headed to the dulles airport or inbound exitt at 267.67. otherwise you'll be sitting ingi about 45 minutes of extraes exta traffic right now.right now we'll let you know as soon asn s they're able to reopen anypen a lanes i want to show you ao sh look at our maps and asideand from this big issue whichssue could slow us down on the waywno to the dulles airport this apo morning we have other issuese ot with m red line right now trains areras single tracking between vanetenn ness and dupont circle. cire. late clearing track work so so anticipate delays there asthe a well. holly.y. >> thanks erinl erin. e we want to take you liveou l to germany. president obama is giving aama speech there. in it
5:38 am
to send more u.s. troops to tro syria to help fight i white house officials say up to 250 troops are beingei sent to the war torn country.orn that would increase the number n of u.s. forces in syria to t 300.30 the additional troops includenc special operations forces andnd medical and logistical personnel. >> ♪ >> 5:38 is the time.he coming up a new warningning regarding those laundry pods.ndd the changes experts say need sae to be made to keep kids safe. details in today's healthea watch. want to live longer? just get in touch with mother nature. wheel explaiwe'll explain why cp next. powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> hi. 5:41. i'm maureen umeh back with your health watch.h growing concerns over children d being exposed to the dangers dan of laundry detergent packets. pe each day about 30 childrendr exposed to the dangers.sed to the chemical can cause serious s burns.bu if the chemical gets to thel get lungs it can cause severe cause damages. experts say parents should s avoid using laundry packetsaundy altogether and if you choose ife to use them store them up highoh or lock them away.y. the great outdoors can be o great for your health.foyour that may come as no surprise.ur but now there's research to's ra back it up. t a new study found that livingt l near green areas with lots off trees, slushes and plantsnts could help women live l
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it found several factors mayacto contribute to the lower deathtet rate including improved health, increased incre opportunities for social engagement and increasednc physical actity. also lower exposure to airosur pollution. so, get outdoors and enjoy the t fresh air. you could live long longer.g l >> fresh air is g we always know that. >> thanks mo. m >> two republican rivalsn r banding together to stop sto trump.trump. details of their plan in a a live report. rept. >> but first mike thomas is t back with a check of yourf your weather on the 5s and it's aon rough morning on the roads butob erin has got you covered. back in a moment.
5:43 am
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>> ♪ >> we're back now at 5:45 with some breaking news from theing beltway in northern virginia. n the outer loop is shut downs sht right now at route 123 in tysons corner that's becauset'se of an overturned vehicle that caught fire.caug this affects both the mainai lanes and the express lanes lan off the beltway in that all traffic is being divertedive off of 123.f erin como is going to havengo more on this in just a moment. >> ♪ >> all right taking a livea l look. look washington monument.umen chilly start with temperaturesre in the low 50's in d.c.he 5 as we work our way into thent afternoon maybe a little taste of summer. something to look forward tord o for your monday.r m 51 degrees in washington,ton, richmond 49, 43 up in
5:46 am
burg at 52 this morning butning there is warmth out there.mtoutt look at chicago at 60 this60 morning and by later this afternoon the warmth will be b in place over d.c. as well. as w clear skies to start the day. d lots of sunshine for theshin morning hours. few clouds later on this afternoon but that's it foror today. another dry day coming your way. y. here's the setup. s high pressure moving off theress coastally it was overheady itaso yesterday and was able to keepy it cool but today it's moving off the coastlinely we'll getly a nice southerly breeze and bre that will bring up some 80's um8 by the time we get into theet i afternoon hours.rnoonrs tomorrow even warmer, mid towart upper 80's tomorrow afternoon ar but this cold front will slide southward and by the afternoonen andlilearly evening hours we hos could be dealing withe alin thunderstorms. some of those storms could be severe. they're expecting a severee weather outbreaking ay across ar the plains we'll keep an eye on our area, a marginal risk for severeor sev weather around d.c. tomorroworro afternoon so again somethingom we'll watch here. 84 degrees, mostly sunnyeg skies, very warm day todayer with winds out of the south side and west. o tonight is a very mild nightd n as well.
5:47 am
65 degrees, partly cloudy skies. and take a look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecastt 84 degrees once again today.e at beautiful day.ful day tomorrow even warmer, 88,r, 8 maybe a little touch of tch humidity as well ahead of that f cold front that will bring us bu thunderstorms for the evenings e hours. then back to spring we go. we 66 on wednesday.ed 64 with some showers on thursday.ursd 66 on weekend doesn't look terrible ti at this point but we'll keeput e an eye on it. 70 degrees both saturday andothr sunday. all right, that's a check of cck the erin como says roads are getting busy. b >> that's right. we continue to track thisto breaking news out of virginia.ti the outer loop right now completely shut down between b 123 chain bridge road and road seven leesburg pike. huge crash involving anolving overturned vehicle.ed v there's an accidentthere'an a investigation.ven. traffic is at a standstill between 267 dulles access road and 123 he where they're ty' forcing traffic to exit. you can see an arrow truck arr ahead of this shot as well. they're trying to get t everything organized. if you're headed for an earlyary morning flight at
5:48 am
prepared for huge delays trying to exit at 267. a 267 traffic is starting to back up c past that pointer. p we'll certainly let you knowrtnl as soon as they're able to abl rehope to stretch of the outerot s lookition to that let' at our maps. o we have other problems thatprobs we're dealing with this morning. i would say this is definitely the biggest issue.biest i we have another closureotr cl however on 123 north. nor this is out in fairfax between t 66 and hunter mill road. they they are replacing aepla utility pole so avoid 123 aid 1 northbound as well.s wel if you happen to be taking metro this morning unscheduled m track repairs between van ness n and dupont circle causingcle ca delays on the red line.line typical delays 95 northboundorth through stafford and daleugh city.e more traffic in a few.a few. back to you. >> ♪ >> 5:48 is the time. t happening today d dot isay d dos getting out to inspect thepect bridges and tunnels across theos city. ty today you'll find crews on i he 395 westbound under thender ninth street ramps. ram. there will be alternate lanete closures there from 10:00 to 3:00. ddot inexpecting chain bridg
5:49 am
over the potomac river and c and o the westbound right lane will rg be we may know more m information about the 9/11ion investigation. now officials say the obama administration is on the verge v of releasing part of a 28-page8- document that could shed lightdl on possible saudi connectionsont to the attackers.acke the document is a joint congressional inquiry into foreign support for thesupp highjackers while they were inel the united states. the pages were withheld from the report on the orders of then president george w. bush. >> overseas now and a possiblesl terror threat thwarted in australia.ra police arrested a 16-year-old6-r in connection with a plotonne targeting a veterans dayerans d service.rv this is the second year in aondi row authorities have stoppedetop an attack linked to theked national holiday. holid police believe the boy was belvt planning to attack the ceremony in sydney this in morning.morng. the 16-year-old faces life inac prison if convicted. >> police in a californiaor investigating the death of ah oa marine originally fromrigi maryland.maryland 20-yr-
5:50 am
shot and killed outside of a san bernadino club early ear sunday morning. he was stationed at 29 palms.t p police say he was shotsho numerous times in the parking p lot and was pronounced dead atda the scene. s friends tell us he's a use's a graduate of high point high school in beltsville.el so far no word on a motive or suspect. >> thousands of people arean boycotting target after thegetfr retailer announced transgenderre employees and customers can use whichever bathroom theyichea identify with. w as of this morning more than t 400,000 people have signed a0 oe petition drawn up by the the american family association. the group argues a man can a mac simply say he feels like als l woman and go he into a woman's w restroom or fitting room withoo young girls inside.e. in minnesota where target ist headquartered a republicana repi state senator has proposed ased bill that would limit access to restrooms and dressing dress rooms based on an individual's a biological sex. sex. 5:50 is our time rightime r let's go to the campaigno the ai trail.trl. yet another twist on the roadthr to the white john kasic th and ted cruz are
5:51 am
now teaming >> now the two are so are s determined to stop donalddo trump that they're joining forces. fox's peter doocy joins us to us discuss these newdiscuss th peter good morning to you and,om you know, this is strange that they would tag team at thisld ts point but is it really goingllyg matter this late in the game? >> reporter: it may nottay matter, wisdom, but what's so interesting about this is it iit is two career politicians, tedis cruz and john kasich admitting that they cannot go any further in the republicann nomination fight without each other.ot they are now wheith their t campaigns and they're askingtheg outside groups to follow their lead. they are saying to supporters sp to everybody else, to us, thatt they need to split delegates del if they want to have want to hs the kasich people are going to t clear the path for cruz inin indiana.
5:52 am
they're just going to giveoing e cruz whatever he needs in indiana. that doesn't mean that cruzt will win indiana necessarily.eca the poll pretty close withpo trump but theyll think that cruz should have indiana and thenav in turn the cruz people arez going to pull out of theull t of northwest and the west to givege kasich the best chance ofhae racking up as many delegates del as possible there to try to put a dent in trump's big delegate l will it work? don't but trump certainly doesn't think that it is.thin trump is out and he's already aa calling this desperate. desrate this campaign team is tellingeli us that they still think trump u will have enough delegates toelt win on the first ballot at the convention and all this will ts be for nothing.or nothing. >> well, i mean, i guess he'seae not wrong in saying that it's desperate cause it appearse it that they are trying to doy arei whatever they can but here'sy ch my question, peter. pet clearly there is a big groupis g of people that are antiestablishment,establishment, anti-washington and they wantng the alternative and thatot'sha basically what trump trump with a move like this, doesn't
5:53 am
even more? >> reporter: it very wellery w may and it's going to bes goto really interesting to see if see they can even with the two of o them combining all of their resources and asking outsideg o groups to combine all their resources against trump, ifainsi they can even get more than me a half the party togetherhe because right now trump has such a commanding lead and c things are looking so good for him in some primaries, they'rem' coming up including right here in maryland tomorrow, thatorw, t they may not even combined beomd able to overtake him and then if trump has that delegateel count there he needs at theeedst convention then it doesn't i doe matter, the will of the republican party by rule would w be that trump is the these other two did their bestdr and that would be that. bha >> so it might be too little lit too late, right. >> yeah.eah. >> peter doocy thank we d appreciate your perspectivp this morning. >> reporter: thanks, guys.
5:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ we've got a thing going gog on ♪ >> the soul sing are behind the classic r and b song me and mrs. jones has passedassed away. aw billy paul died yesterday atul d his home in new newer paul was 81 years old.ld. his co-manager says he wass he recently diagnosed withh pancreatic cancer.atic me and mrs. jones was released in 1972 and won a grammy for gro best r and b male vocal performance. >> so smooth.>> >> yeah, classic and cool. c >> for the second week a row ser "the jungle book" grabbed thera top spot at the box office.ox of the disney film made more than $60 million this weekend andnd more than $191 million inn in under 22 weeks. the huntsman winter's war debuted in the number two spotts and rounding out the top five fe were barbershop the next cut,, "zootopia
5:55 am
starring melissa mccarthy.y. >> ♪ >> all right. time for us to say hello tolo our facebook fan of the day and today it is tawana. tawan not only is she our biggest fan, self proclaimed, but shemes says she is also the queen ofthe her family. i believe that. t it says so right on her hat. >> tawana adds that she loveshat how all of our personalitieser mesh together. toget to be tomorrow's fan leave aeave comment below tawana's photo on our facebook page. >> are you impressed or amazed? [laughter] love that. and love when the work week is off to an awesome weather start.t. >> oh, yeah. sunny skies later thisy afternoon, temperatures getting up into the 80's >> love it. >> lots to enjoy surprisinglyis for a monday. >> excellent.>> excellent >> here's your satellite ands yo radar. clear skies overhead for now.adf we'll have a few clouds later on this afternoon but that'ss it and that's as badaf as it ast will g
5:56 am
cool start. grab the jacket as you headou h out the door. d later this afternoon check it out 84 glorious degrees. glo tomorrow even warmer with evermw perhaps a touch of humidityumid but then back to spring we go. >> that is near 90 on tuesday.ue >> that is near 90. that ear >> that's some good stuff. s >> one or two places down toce the south could see 90.uldee >> very good.od. anything but gloriousness onrios the roadways this morning.. >> it's even worms right now w g holly.ho traffic on the outer loopfic one completely blocked between 123 1 and seven. seven. because of that, delays are extending back to georgetownet pike. so if your to get over to theveo dulles airport exit at et georgetown pike and work youre o way through are secondarieson otherwise you could get stuck su into up to an hour's worth of extra traffic working your wayr through outer loop shut down, traffic diverted to 123. 1. it's shut down between 123 and23 seven leesburg pike.sburg pik we'll keep a close eye on this o and let you know when they'rewhe able to reopen that portion of n your drive. dri big cras
5:57 am
overturned vehicle, an earlier r vehicle fire at that location lc inform fairfax 123 north shutors down between 66 and hunternd hun mill road.ll rd. dealing with utility poleing wi replacement. red line delays as well out by dupont.dupo. closer look at that and we'll tw be right back with yourightack 6 o'clock hour of mondayf m morning news.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> and it might feel a littlegh more like summer today.e taking a live look outside onsue this monday april 25th. mike thomas has the details --a- is that mike or is it gary >> gary mcgrady.ra. >> we're playing musical chairs this they'll have details of yourrset weather. erin como has got your trafficrc update on the 5s.te on good morning, i'm maureen umeh in for allison.llison >> and i'm wisdom martin inmarti for steve chenevey. we're going to begin this morning with breaking news onree the outer loop of the beltway o in northern virginia.irgini let's get right now erin como to fill usco in on what's goingi on and how we can get around.d. >> well, it is a nasty morningoi commute.mmute. an overturned vehicle, crashe, a investigation shut down between 123 as you make your way to leesburg pike. pik skyfox just got to this jus location. again they're forcing trafficrct to exit at 123 and you are at aa a standstill back toll bac georgetown pike.geor this is the first view we'rew getting at tat


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