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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> and it might feel a littlegh more like summer today.e taking a live look outside onsue this monday april 25th. mike thomas has the details --a- is that mike or is it gary >> gary mcgrady.ra. >> we're playing musical chairs this they'll have details of yourrset weather. erin como has got your trafficrc update on the 5s.te on good morning, i'm maureen umeh in for allison.llison >> and i'm wisdom martin inmarti for steve chenevey. we're going to begin this morning with breaking news onree the outer loop of the beltway o in northern virginia.irgini let's get right now erin como to fill usco in on what's goingi on and how we can get around.d. >> well, it is a nasty morningoi commute.mmute. an overturned vehicle, crashe, a investigation shut down between 123 as you make your way to leesburg pike. pik skyfox just got to this jus location. again they're forcing trafficrct to exit at 123 and you are at aa a standstill back toll bac georgetown pike.geor this is the first view we'rew getting at tat
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right now and you can seeee they're wiping some debrisng from that stretch of road. seve sral miles of backed upd u traffic literally parked asarke they wait to exit at 123.23 my best advice to you this morning exit at georgetownow pike. if you exit anywhere past thatta point, you are going to be at b a standstill if you try get to g the dulles access road or 123. . those folks have been sitting there for over an hour this inner loop normal volume. nor like i said georgetown pikeetow will help you get to the to airport if you're headed toead the dulles airport leave lea early. those secondaries are eagoing to start to back up as folks lookkk to get around this huge messuges this morning at 6:01.:0 we'll have more traffic inraff just a few minutes. maureen. ma >> thank you erin. developing this morningng out of gaithersburg, maryland,al police are investigating aga murder they say an 18-year-oldyo man was assaulted last night at center way park. the man later died.later no word yet on his cause ofse death, though. no one has been arrested atd at this hour.r. police are investigating.estiga. we'll bring you the latesteat information as soon as we get it. >> today we may learn more about a suspicious death
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centreville over the weekend. we police say a 21-year-old man a 2 was found dead inside ans townhouse on gresham lane. lan the neighborhood was shutors down for several hours afterft police got a call from a a family member who found the body in the family's townhome. neighbors say they heard asatheh woman panicking before policeole arrived. arrive police say this was not as s no random act.ct they say they expect to haveexca an update later on today.ay >> happening today, montgomerynt county the mother accused inotha the disappearance of her two het children will be in court.ourt katherine hoggle has a competency hearing.. her children jacob and sara sar were last 172014.724. a group called find sara, find f jaby jacob will be holding ading gathering outside the courthouse their goal to get g answers and find the missinghe m children.dr. >> beginning today in thening district two high schools inwo c washington, d.c. will change their dismissal times in hopes h of deterring fights betweenhs students. mckinley tech high school willil let students out at 3:05 and
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their students out at 3:25. 3 the changes will also affecto fe each school's start time by 10 minutes. both schools are about 10 minutes from the nomeome gallaudet metro station. station >> another incidents on metronco this weekend, this time ine northwest d.c. on the red line between tenleytown and friendship height metroip stations. smoke was reported inside the te red line tunnel on the train.ran metro says it may haveys i been caused by an electricalctra arcing and the root cause isau i still unknown. >> in the race for the whiter te house the presidentialntia candidates gearing up for a u fr busy day on the campaign trailtn ahead of tomorrow's primaries in five it's being called a mini superip tuesday and big news on thes te republican side.blicide. we've learned senator ted cruz z and ohio governor john kasich ks they've joined forces to makeinr sure donald trump doesn't getoen the delegates he needs to wineen the party's nomination.ination. trump took to twitter tott respond to the move as youto tov
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and kasich are mathematicallytil dead and desperate. after a rally sunday in i hagerstown maryland todayylan trump is headed to road rd islands and pennsylvania.ylvani recent polls show he has double digit leads in three of the five states voting tomorrow. today montgomery countynt john kasich will participate in a town hallgo in rockville aa the community center the event e gets under way at 2:00 p.m. p.m he's the only presidentiales candidate with plans to make ana stop in maryland today.. and meanwhile senator teden cruz moving on focusing on two o states with primaries nextitim month. he'll head to indiana andnd nebraska today part of his his team's new strategy with thewi t kasich campaign.ampaig on the democratic side,emocd frontrunner hillary clinton cli has planned stops in delaware,ar pennsylvania and connecticut. on sunday she attended a church service in northvi in noh philadelphia and promised toia a work on reform, the criminalna justice system.ys as for senator bernie sanders he will be in connecticut a
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pittsburgh today. t he is once again calling foror clinton to release the t transcripts of her lucrative lti speeches to wall street after she left the state department.te >> all right, gary mcgradyrycgra is up here now to talk weathereh and good things are in ourur future, in our immediate ied future all day, right. >> the weekend wasn't goodn'go enough?ough? >> the weekend was great. great >> saturday a little meh. >> first half day there wasre w obviously some rain.y so >> but we like to movmee forward gary, remember. rembe >> exactly. especially on a monday, right.a >> reflect and move forward.orwa let's see.le 51 now.51 n it's pretty nice outside. outsi it's beautifully clear. clear great looking moon out there,t t too. 39 degrees for frederick soricks out in the suburbs it's stillt'l a little cool but a lot of l places still right around aroun 50 degrees as well.l. as you can see today we're inayw great shape.greaha we don't have a the lot -- we we may have a few thigh whohigh who clouds. you already know thatady knha temperatures today will go
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84 here in town, manassas 85, fredericksburg 86.ksburg how nice is that? annapolis anp 72. weather today a lot nicer than the traffic this morning.ning >> yeah, erin como talking erin about problems on tcohe roadshea already some serious ones as a matter of >> that's right, serious crash has the outer loop complttetelyt shut down.ow skyfox at this location. at traffic is being forced toei exit at 123 chain bridge road.oa the outer loop shut down between 123 and seven leesburger pike so quite a significantig stretch there.retcthere you can see no traffic moving mv by at this time and you are youa parked for miles leading to that 123 forced exit.ced exi do not wait until you have to to exit at that if i were you i would exit atu georgetown pike if you're if our working your way down toown to dulles airport or to tysons tys corner this morning for work.moo you can see right now traffic t on the ram doesn't appear to't be moving at this time underer the overpass there so we'll so ' check in and see exactly exa what's going on but it's i parked waiting to exit.d wa no reports of a crash though thg so again we'll keep you postedod
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huge backups in that areaat are causing additional morningdional traffic that is just notat is n looking so hot for this monday morning. let's switch it over and showt you a look at our maps.ovmaps aside from that we have someeom other slowdowns and red line right now delays delay between van ness and dupont circle as you make your waye yo out to watch for delays on the red line. more traffic in just a few >> thank you erin.hank you eri still ahead a big step sp forward today in brussels as some city recovers from terror attacks. >> more trouble for johnnyy nonfootball manziel.oo we'll tell you why he has been indicted by a grand jury. we're back in 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> new this morning just over a month after the deadlys h terrorist attacks inaf belgium. the maelbeek pretty togetherttye isn't brussels has isis has claimed c responsibility for that deadlyea suicide bombing that happenedt e at the metro killing 16 peopleop and injuring dozens more.e a remembrance wall has beenwalle set up at the metro where w people can write messages toanre honor the victims. vic >> president barack obamaes expected to announce major new idsteps in the fight againstigha isis. those plans include sending an additional 250 u.s. troops to syria. sy they'll join the 50 specialpeci operations forces already inslr there war torn country.torn the president will make thatmakt announcement today in germany g as he wraps up his week long trip and a new twist
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mass shooting of eight familytam members in ohio. investigators found marijuana mj growing operations at 34 of a34f the crime scenes but it'scrim still unclear what, if any, roles those pot farms had inn friday's killings.'s the victims range in age from af 16 to 44 all shot in the head execution style while sleeping. a four day old baby a sixy a month and a three year oldold survived. police say this is a well planned out murder and believe multiple suspects are surviving family members areg fe staying at a church because ofco concerns for their safety. the s >> more trouble for johnnyble fh manziel the former clevelandr browns quarterback has been indicted by a grand jury ina grj dallas on a misdemeanordemean assault charge. cha a formal announcement isement expected today. t manziel is accused of hitting hi his ex-girlfriend so hard thatot she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. if convicted manziel could spend up to a year behindr beh bars. the nba's reigning m.v.p. mv steph curry will undergo an uero mri today and could be out foryl game five against houston
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wednesday.wedn curry sprained his knee he ins h game four yesterday after heyest he appeared to slip on a wetp on spot on the court. golden state went on to wino without him.out him. they destroyed houstontred housn yesterday even without steph wih curry. they now lead the series threesh games to one. o. and the l.a. lakers that team that kobe bryant playedkoba for they won 17 games but he got 50 points or 60 points in pt the last game so hooray forhoory him. they fired their coach. c byron scott won't be back next season. season in his two seasons as head h coach swot won just 38 gamesust8 the worst record in franchise history.story. >> just hours ago organizationat of the 2020 olympic games in0 om tokyo revealed the new official logo.ficial log take a look at it.take aook the design for the summeror them games and another design for the paraolympics.arly the winning logo features a sisimple indigo color. col pretty cool. still ahead, an update ond,e that murder overnight avenue
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teenage intermovement oure melanie alnwick live on theal scene with the details. >> and a live look outside asnw we head to breakwilo on thisak h monday morning.nd weather and traffic on the 5's coming up next. kathleen matthews: in the race for congress, i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done.
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and i approve this message.
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>> you're taking a live large this is the outer loop of thee beltway where traffic isouere blocked because of a crash.beca traffic is being allowed to all pass on the shoulder but laneseb are still again, this is a traffic accident on the outer loop closing the beltway. btw traffic forced to exit at virginia 123. erin como will have the details of this as we continue i to follow it this morning.or she'll have more in traffic inav just a le ittle while.hi >> more breaking news thisg n morning this from montgomerythis county. let's get right to melanie to me alnwick right she's got details on that. hey, mel. hey, mel. >> reporter: hi, good r morning, guys. yeah, so we're here at cepenter way park.way park. this is right as you get into yo montgomery village in gaithersburg.gaithe
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this is where montgomerytg county police say a young man reported that he was assaulted t a little after 10 o'clock ork let's say a little before be 10 o'clock on sunday night.. but what happened is thatned ta person we're told with twoith o other people went to thehe hospital, the holy cross sort s of like the emergency carecy center here in gaithersburg, showed up there saying thatgha they had been assaulted hereault at the park and really it was ws being treated and investigated as an assault until just at short time ago when montgomerynt county police announced one of the victims, the 18-year-oldar did not survive his injuries. ir we don't know the extent of extn the injuries obviously but to t say they were rather severe rat but we don't know what sort of r trauma, just that it was some kind of trauma that the victimav was suffering from thatfferinomt attack. atta no suspect information at thison point and really just kind of
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happened sunday night.y n. back to you. >> thank you no for that update. 6:15 on the nose. >> the next couple days d especially tomorrow, todayll we're going to go 84 degreesg te far a high temperature. there's going to be some of inmo you the middle 80's and then adn little bit warmer down to the wo south, perhaps an 86, maybe an 87. 87. tomorrow down right hot.rr we're going to go 88 degreesdeee for a high temperature.emperatue that's right.that close to 90 and i do suspectpe that some areas tomorrow willor be right up to 90 degrees whengr we get that full heating h tomorrow afternoon. after could be a thunderstorm or two tomorrow afternoon as well. we'll be talking about that. more coming up. 48 degrees now forowor gaithersburg its a chilly start. we'll warm right up.l right up. 51 in town. t check on the trend. t high today where we should beld about 70 degrees or so.
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we're 88 tomorrow and thenorro look at this, you knew it k couldn't last forever, right, temperatures just 66 degrees onat wednesday, 64 degrees on thursday. trs we do have a couple showers cous coming back into the forecastk r for wednesday and for thursdayhs as well, so it may end up u being a chilly rain.y rai beautiful this morning. the sun is coming up andnd sunrise off to the east is is just gorgeous. a few contrails, with high wig clouds way out there, that'sre,t about it and then you see someos cloud cover coming in from thevo west. that's going the stay outoing there.the. don't worry about it.n' mostly sunny today.moly s very warm as the temperatures get up to about 84. 8 winds out of the southwest atofe five to 10 and occasionalnd occ gusts higher than that but fort the most part it just looks l great. p.m. thunderstorms in thehu forecast for tomorrow, 88 for a highnd t there. there. spotty showers on wednesday,nesd mostly cloudy. c showers will be likely on thursday around here, temperatures only in the lowereo to mid 60's. friday still a shower in the forecast, and possibly we get back up toau right
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for the weekend. wkend there's your forecast.ror now let's get a look at yourk at it's monday morning.'s erin como is already busy even e though she won't admit it to. >> that's right.>> tha our closure is improving onrovig the outer loop. we were dooling with a crashg wh involving an overturnedn o vehicle and an earlier vehicle c want to show you a look --ook we'll get to this 123hi northbound closure between 166 and hunter mill road utility m pole replacement. that's causing problem but let's take a look at miles of backed up traffic. trac we had been being forced off at 123 chain bridge road. chainb right now the express lanesress are opened past the accident a scene and the right lane isthghe getting by.ingy. so, we do have someav s improvements here.emen however if you're heading to to tysons that's good news.t's od n if you're heading to thehe dulles airport i would suggestst exiting at georgetown pike.e even though they opened the one express lanes and the right rigt lane we're still seeing hugeeegu delays and exiting at georgetown pike weaving your way down the secondaries toondat the dulles airport will save s you time thi
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leave early if you have to take the outer loop. we're seeing massive delays d despite fact that traffic ist tr getting through. thr center lane still completely col shut down by that accident accid investigation. aside from the outer loop thisel morning we are seeing trafficini very nicely on the outer loopp between 270 and the 270 spurhe s so that's not affecting theffece top of the beltway.of t if you're taking metro unscheduled track repairs redai line van ness and dupont dup circle delays in boths b directions.di no alerts for the rest of yourrf lines and then typicalyp congestion building as you buily said suitland parkway inbound. alabama avenue delays through dale city. get an early start.rt back to you guys.u g >> breaking ground today inakin the district on d.c. united's ue new soccer stadium at wizardt w point. the $300 million facility00lion which sits in the neighborhood h on the banks of the anacostia river is set to create nearly na 900 jobs and at tract at 1 million new visitors each
6:19 am
year.year. >> redskins fans talking aboutsa the big signing josh norman.os r scot mccloughan is goings g hold a press conference toree talk more about norman andorman also discuss this week's nfleekl draft. the redskins own the 21st1st overall pick in the draftin t which starts this thursday.hurs >> next could there costcohere s membership soon cost you an c little bit more money? bore mo details after the break. b >> first running in space. spa. it took this british astronautso just over three and a half a hours to run the london marathon on the internationalnti space station. you can see the real pathl p under his feet in realtime rea courtesy of an ipad. >> that's pretty cool.
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>> that costco membershipco could get a little morege expensive. but first a check of the markets and joining us now from the fox businest s networkk studio lauren simonetti. good monday morning to you,ng t, lauren. >> reporter: oh, it feels like a monday today, o doesn't n it. >> it does. hard to get going, it reallylly is. is and of course with the mixed
6:22 am
bag of news in the stock t s market, yeah, it's stuff all, if around, right? rig >> reporter: completely.omplel and when you look at the stock s market, friday was a mixedfray w day. the nasdaq was down 39 points but the dow gained about 21. so, relatively flat trading.ra that trend continuing today.g ty we need see what these huge hug earning reports coming out, weut have a third of companies inpa the s & p 500 reporting this week.week. tremendous name. apple, exxon mobile chevrone cho twitter facebook amazon.. the list goes on. as these companies reportes r stock prices will move. waiting for there was to happen we're pretty flat. >> sounds like it.>> s we're also talking new home n h sales. >> reporter: what's up with this? this? >> reporter: yeah.>> we he do get a report later l this morning on prices and the sales pace of new homes fores fr the month of the housing market it's spring, the spring buyinguyg season it is slowly but b steadily improving. we he
6:23 am
numbers go up to see if folksols feel more comfortable buying buy homes especially if first time t home buyers are stepping in. i >> costco raising the price for membership. i just got in the mail to renew mine so i'm glad i got sml in while it was still $55.55 but they're raising prices.ri what's going on?'s goin? >> reporter: to $60. t $ business insider is reporting rr there's going to be a five dollars increase that goesoe into affect later this yeart maybe early next year. this is every five or six years costcoro does raise prices but business insider saying this is theyis is year it's going to be five be fe dollars. if you're the executive memberex it's going to be $10 going to to $120.20 >> that's not going to reakg b the bank so no alarms there.s t wanted to really talkll talk about this.. beyoncé's lemonade of coursee oe we use the term breaking the internet but a lot of people are saying it broke thesayi internet. she was supposed to releaseease this exclusively on tidal. what's about her cheating aer little bit getting o cnn itunes. itunes
6:24 am
a lot of infidelity was talked about in her album. alb ime itunes is a much larger service. so many people download songs from a there are reports that at midnight but that did notid n happen but at midnight she midn would release lemonade onrease itunes. it's available for some usersomu in europe not available for us u right here in the u.s. yet.. y what she did on saturday was make it available only for for paying subscribers to a streaming service where she is a part owner as her husbander ha jay-z on tidal.jay- t one and half days later she'satr going to put it out on apple >> what's going on with tidal? seems like all the artists,, beyoncé, rihanna, kanye,, kanye, they're kind of abandoning tidal -- they're sort of looking at other musicing at otr streaming services to get mg sev theiicr music out there. there >> reporter: the issue is 93 is admire wha
6:25 am their subscribers aren't just a' that great. when you want your song to go st to the top and, you know, tono bring in all this money yous m have to make it a little bitit more accessible for people it i seems like not as and manyanan people are subscribing too tidal. tidal. >> did you watch the video.ou w >> reporter: i didn't.or should i? >> i didn't watch it either. all i heard is that it wast as about infidelity and at the the end it's happy-happy with theh t family. so, i don't know, maybe bae is e trying to tell us something. set i'm not sure. >> reporter: everyone in ther: e news is talking about it thisut morning. i've seen like clips ofli different parts of it.t. >> yeah. >> i will say she's al say sh marketing genius because we'reee talking about it and that's thas always a good thing.ood thi >> reporter: i guilty bigger things to worry about quieter honestly. there's this huge feud between t rachel roy and beyoncé.on someone posted something on instagram but look i don't do entertainment. >> isn't it weird if that even if you're not paying attentionat peripherally we still kno
6:26 am
what's going on. what does that same time just s learned let me make sure i have it right. i believe when you callliev someone becky that means they're a valley girl.ey g >> not quite we'll have to qui talk off camera.amer vial to tell was a becky. becky with the good hair. h they're wrapping me.ap have a happy monday. >> reporter: you, too.oo >> bye buy. buy >> all right. gary mcgrady is here. h when you call somebody a gary g what does that. >> means your a professor. you got all kinds ofinds interesting things going on. >> i don't know. kno >> i'll just roll with it.l jush >> i want to know what beckyhabe is. you'll is to tell me that.ha i have no clue about that. no >> you know. >> no, i don't. >> uh-huh. n >> 47 to 56 degrees thisgree morning so it's chilly o look how much we warm up after school you guys 78 to t 85 degrees when you get offhen the bus.the . so, it will be grit out there.he little taste of summer theum next couple days. temperatures out there thisre t morning, dulles, in and around dulles 47, 48 for temperatures up in
6:27 am
wow, you've cooled off into the 30's in martinsburgnsbu 38 degrees.38 d nice sunny, mid 80's today. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> lovely. >> not complaining a bit. b >> but what is not lovely iselyi what's going on over in the tysons area erin >> what a beautiful day to sit in standstill traffic.ra unfortunately that's just aust terrible tease. skyfox is over the outer loop. o it had been shut down all lanes blocked between 123 and leesburg pike, seven. s right now here's the update.pd express lanes are getting by.s . traffic is if you want to pay for the express lanes this mondayne morning might not be a bad idea.idea traffic you can see thec through laneyos completelyomplel blocked except for the rightcepr lanes and the leigft lanes.eft . actually look at this.k at t just like that all lanes have reopened. they cleared the accident fromcr the center lan are you still seeing standg an still traffic from georgetowneot pike through this point buthiint now that traffic is once again moving everything just changedrh like. that i like it wisdom, what dom you think? i would still s watch for delays leading toeang tysons and
6:28 am
we'll keep you posted. poste more flask a few. >> thank you erin.>> t it was a big weekend in sports. sports the caps finally getting theinal job done moving on to round rou two. >> sports junkies join us live v after the break to talk aboutalu that. they're also talking redskins football. josh norman trending this morning. >> ♪ jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks
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is different. follow yours.
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>> we're back with b good news. accident has cleared on the outer loop at 123 he near tysons corner.or delays still back to theto t george washington parkway. parkw
6:31 am
beware.beware. all things are clear but still s some delays lingering there.gere welcome back to fox5 newsews weather traffic coming up onfic the 5s at 6:35. 6:3 happening right now, right now, montgomery county police are c investigating a deadly assaultds there happened at a park inn gaithersburg. here's a live look at center act way park.y police say an 18-year-old manard was attacked at the park last night. he later died.he so far no arrests.rrests today we may learn morern m about a suspicious death ins dti centreville over the weekend. we police say a 21-year-old man was found dead inside ad de townhouse on gresham l neighbors say they heard a hrd woman panicking before police arrived.ri police say this was not a this o random act. a the federal transite federar administration investigatingnves an incident that happened onent metro saturday night. n a red line train leaving the friendship heights metro station in northwest d.c. encountered heavy smoke in thehe tunnel.av one rider tells u s the lightshe lig went off and she heard an hrd explosion. the train reversed directions. passengers were off-loaded at the platform and the stationheta was evacuated
6:32 am
>> ♪ >> time now for the morning buckle up. alexander ovechkin versus sidus the kid. the caps advance to the secondd round against the rivals the penguins. let's check in with the junks jn 106.7 f.m. the fan. fan and bye flyers, bye. bye they're gone.e. i got some applause norlause no little: i'm not doing itoi again.a they got the penguins coming up, sid the kid. they have home ice advantage.dva what say you about this next nex round of the playoffs for thela home team? >> it's going to be dicey,ey you're right they have homehaveh ice advantage but the penguins n have been playing as well asay anybody in hockey the lasty thet couple of months.couple o they just completely pummeled their opponents in the first t f rounds of the playoffs,un scoring a ton of goals anda to there's the history here where the pens knock off the o capitals a lot. l. so, i think a lot of people ppl were going to be very moves inen about this series.ou >> what's our record againstst pills burg in the playoffs. >> pens have won seven of the wn eight
6:33 am
>> one and seven against pittsburgh. >> they can score. the finished with the seconds bestet record in the eastern conference, 104 points, theyce,0 can match the caps in scoring, s they finished with 245 goals to 252 for the caps. they've got superstars. this is going to be a nerve n wracking series.wracking serie it's going to go deep.oee >> the ninth time these two tse teams have met since 1991 in 1 the playoffs so this is a is common layoff opponent. oonen the caps fan base, the pens the fans base no love lost between l the two of should be a great i wouldn't expect it to go anything shorter than six short games. >> it's going to be extremelyxte difficult, wisdom but here'sut r the thing. the if you're a caps fan this is the best caps team that we cans remember. >> right. >> so, this is your best all you can dot. is keep k knocking on the door, keep kp getting to the playoffs. the stanley cup trophy is the hardest trophy h to win.
6:34 am
if any caps team is going tos knock off this pens team it'seas going to be this b i'm trying to stay positive. pov >> we'll all stay positive andie hope for the best. those numbers scare me though.rg seven out of eight times inht t the playoffs, not good. but let's switch gears to ourarr other winning team in thism in s town washington redskinsashi because they seem to haveey see solidified everything onthg on defense now that they haveav josh norman in the foal.heoa >> i wouldn't say everything. they might have solidified the i back end of the defense thereeft a little bit.ttle bit i still think they need reald rl help at they obviously need help at hela rhinebeck and along the t defensive line.defe there are plenty of holes thatfs can be addressed with this withs draft this week.draft this >> but this is a redskins team n that will not hesitate theesitat past few years if they see a premiere free agent looming on the market they'll get h they did it with deseanse jackson, they've done it now now with josh norman to upgradede that second edema you need toyo plug a few more holes.e holes i would expect mccloughan topeco do that in the draft.he draft i like the move. theove. don't worry about the money.on it's dan snyder's money, it'sne not coming out
6:35 am
month. you got a premiere 28-year-old - guy in your secondary i thinknk it's a good move. >> he just fell into their f lap.el franchise player for carolina. they couldn't get a deal done and the gm said okay we'reaid oe just going take that tag awaytaa you can sign with whoever youoeo want and like cake says one sayn owner that's going to get his guy it's dan snyder. s >> signed like a business owelie wisdowisconsinwisdom martincontt >> he was he didn't have wisdom martinar money yet. y wink, wink. wk. what do you think about that t 21st pick of the draft where w sh should they go with it. >> on the defensive side of se the >> i saw they might go mht offensive line like a centerenr to told if i that. if it was me i would gowas me defensive line. i would try to get a pass p >> linebacker, a guy like reggie rag slapped av
6:36 am
good pick. p if mccloughan gets a call a c from somebody don't beody don' surprised if he trades backradea accumulates some more that could happen as well.appeaw >> guys always a pleasureleasur talking to you and i'm going y to take the wisdom martinoutin money -- hey i'll take youe guys all out to mcdonald'sonald' and we'll get a two for five fiv big macs. big >> we'll take come on down.ow >> got you covered. cov as soon as that check clears. ce all right.l rig see you guys. guy >> you know what, were you ineru new york this weekend at kell kelly's show, kelly and wisdom.wiom >> let's talk about gary and t weather. we don't want to talk about talt what i >> 93 time wisdom startss talking third person i want tod sit back and there's no need to talk about t the weather. weath let's just let wisdom go.m . 51 degrees in town, 37 for what is wisdom martin money? my
6:37 am
>> it's slang for two for fiveiv dollars.dolls. >> 40's out in the suburbs at 8:00 a.m.8:00 a. 72. 72. quick to warm today.arm tod we're up into the lower to midow 80's for highs today and if that wasn't good enough, enoug tomorrow upper 80's. 8 come on now. now then it gets chilly after.fter. the rest of the week gets kind i of cool. coo >> hey, as long as you can sit outside and get that mcpickcp two.o. >> i what is it alfresco att mcdonald's today. t >> there you go.>> >> come on now.ome on >> play land is on you. is ou >> pay for half. pay f >> let's get over to erin como m now because she's got someot s serious business.usin >> i'm going to be cravingbe cri french fries the rest of theri morning esafter hearing the the song. song >> do you know if we can eat e french fries here >> the all you can eat frenchatf fries. >> it's not here. >> wisdom would know. outer loop had been completely shut down between 123 andbetwn 2 seven. all lanes reopened expresspr lanes and y
6:38 am
completely moving. however delays are extending een back past georgetown pike all the way to clara barton. b let's switch it over and show as you residual leftover delaysr dl as you try to get to theet to dulles airport or tysons orys corner this morning. ts m very heavy traffic.ffic. it just continues to slow socont give yourself a lot of extraf aa time to get through the outerhho loop. otherwise cabin john parkway p clara barton parkway inbound inb dealing withdrawals. inner loop looking much betternb right now than the outer loop tr for that portion of your road. a let's take a look at our maples. other delays and typicalla monday morning problems youroou need to be aware of.o awa right now there's a closure in fairfax 123 north between 66 and hunter mill road. r utility pole replacement.le repe the outer loop right now in montgomery county lookinguntyki good. as you make your way from 95ro to old georgia -- excuse me toc georgia of a things lookingngki good but we have volume vume building from new hampshire to georgia avenue causing that typical morning slow down.low d as you make your way out for your morning commute on fourur westbound slow in the yeesh yee spot between woodyard and
6:39 am
five slowing to surratts road.oa suitland parkway slow. s dealing with typical slow traffic in stafford virginiatafn on 95 northbound. metro unscheduled trackd track repairs delays between van ness and dupont circle int cil both directions this morning. 66 eastbound flowing.nd 270 southbound jammed by thed by truck scales.scal nothing out of the ordinary there but we got you coveredered with all of your money morning r dmv traffic.ff back to you >> coming up next, we're going ' to talk about what's hot on hot the web right now including a a solar powered plane soaring across the >> plus what some locallus college students arewh doing dng today to relieve a little stress before their exams. we'll be right back. democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us. protecting women from domestic violence. taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash.
6:40 am
that's a powerful reason why we do. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
6:42 am
>> we're back now at b what's trending on thendinon the quarterback this mondayarte morning. these are the stories you're engaging with right now on social media. med a plain plane that runs on solar energy completed a three day journey across the pacific ocean. it took off from hawaii and landed in california.ifni the death of princefrinc tributes poured in all weekendnd including a special saturdayatua night live which showed postwe performance on the show andnce t skits about him.s ab prince's body was cremated andnd ashes burr need a privater ne a ceremony. and beyoncé once again proving to be a ground breaker with the saturday night the release of lemonade a stunning and revealing visual album visuu shown on hbo.
6:43 am
it hit itunes overnight. wisdom.wi >> all right. lovely.lovely we're moving on now.we'r it appears little princee p george is becoming a trend tre said. coming up a picture that wentha viral that has a certain piece p of his clothing on back and a reminder before were e head to break that if you haveiv a news tip you can share itha with us. us. call that number right there 202-895-3000 or e-mail yourr tip to fox5 tips at wo we're back in a moment.
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. these are the results of whattsh happened earlier. ear the backups.e ba you can see the mess that's tha already out there now.. this in addition to whatn twh happens. throw an accident in the mix m and this is what you get even e worse of a situation.itti we're talk about what happened e at tysons corner.or of course erin como has goterom all the details on that, howhat, you can get around it the best e you can. c >> it's always a ripple. >> i hate when that happens.hat >> pebble in the brook and just -- pebble in the pond. pon the brook.the broo oh, boy. oh here we are. here we ar you saw -- it was beautiful,ifu, though.ough. >> gorgeous.>> >> so nice. >> lovely. >> hard to come to work. wor going to be in the 80's today. are you with us, wisdom.with u s >> i'm here, baby.'me, >> you okay. >> i'm ready.'m ready. i need some coffee.offe >> somebody
6:47 am
wisdom a cup of coffee. a rough morning start for him. reagan national, 51, dulles dul 47, bwi marshall 48. the next couple days upperspp level pattern going to provide o us with warmth.armt we're warm today, middle 80's. hot tomorrow because temperatures will be into the w upper 80's.uppe cool air is lurking to theki toe north and we're going to see awr bit of a pattern change coming n into the latter part of theat week. actually by thursday, friday. fa latter part of the week. t wee cool temperatures settle in soss it all changes.haes. it goes from the middle -- midd 80's to the lower to mid 60's really for thursday and for friday parts of wednesday willsl be in the 60's and we'll have60e temperatures hopefully back upel into the 70's or so by the the time we get to saturday and sunday.nd it's monday so that couldy so change but just so you lots of sunshine today. t very warm, too. too winds will be out of the westt e five to 10. to 10 we could have a gust higher hige than that at times today bt
6:48 am
other than that looks really,okl really nice. n again 84 for us.84 f we'll have some 85's and 86's down to the south and down to dw the southwest. here's the deal on today. tod we're still under high pressure so you see pretty dry d conditions for us here. h big thunderstorms getting get tremendous happen out in the hap midsection of the nation. of not today but tomorrow.omorrow. tomorrow for us we could have a few high clouds don't worry too much about theuc little shower activity you'rewe seeing here on futurecast. futuc should not be a big deal. as a matter of fact tomorrow'sr temperatures we're back upof into the upperes 80's for highsf some of you will stay mid 80's0' but a lot of us will be 87, 88 , for high temperatures so notreso too terribly bad and again and n maybe a few spotty showers or or even a thunderstorm way out to w the west of us.west o as we get into wednesday wnesd things change.things it looks like by wednesday lik we're on the other side of theif front so the front gets to the south of us. of we'll be in the cool flow here with clouds but wednesday to be per turnpikely honest is aiko bit of a tricky forecast forastf us because we could haveldav enough sunshine to keep it kee pretty pleasant around heret ar and just a spotty shower on
6:49 am
better chance of showershance he likely on thursday,, 66 on friday with a few showers there and the weekend right now around 70 degrees.0 dr i hope the traffic gets better e somehow. >> breaking news from red line is bypassing woodleydl park and cleveland park cle because of single tracking. tckn they are trying to anticipate ae some of those big delays. big d you can only use -- actually aca just got word from my producer e all trains inbound and outbound on the red line bypassing woodley and cleveland park so you need torko pick another stop.pi we'll get more information onoro that but watch for big delays bs on the red line. morning commute 95 northboundoro dale city to woodbridgeoodbridge 15 miles per hour.15 south of that point inpot stafford same delays the 610ys 6 on through and that is because of congestion.gestn. earlier incident on the outer tr loop after 123 chain bridgehadg road cleared.road c all lanes opened.spe delays still really heavy past gw parkway a look from skyfox.o. we'll give you an indicationindi of what you're up against thisst morning.rn outer loop completely look how heavy thaplt tetrafficf as you make your way
6:50 am
clara barton parkway. from a clara barton parkwaylato through i would say leesburgeeur pike seven that is what you'rehu up against. if you're heading to the dulles airport i would suggest exiting at clara barton and clar weaving your way through yourghu secondaries if you're headedif h to tysons corner for work your u need to give yourself a lot ofa extra time or consider your y secondary alternates. the outer loop is slow but theoi inner loop moving along much better. problems 123 north between 666 and hunter mill road inr mi road fairfax shut down right nowht with utility pole replacement.ol so you need to detour there. the as you make your way out more m crash activity reported in thett work zone inbound 395 at massachusetts avenue.achusetts so huge delays picking up atys u that area. it's usually slow because ofw bf the work zone this time ofe this morning and as you can see the e freeway slows on the eastboundhe side as wie had well. more delays on the outer loop, top of the beltway typical volume. same story from the icc to them inner loop and bw parkway southbound by powder mill.ou
6:51 am
a lot of slow moving mondayg traffic right now. back to you guys. >> erin thank you very with warmer weather that means ddot is get you to the inspect bridges and tunnels. today you'll find crews on i395 westbound under the ninth e street ramps.. there will be alternate laneltee closures from 10:00 until 3:00.. ddot inspecting chain bridge over the potomac.otom and co and o westbound right lane will bed r closed. >> extra stress you need relieve? perhaps you should pe head to the campus of georgef go washington today. tod students are hosting a pettingtg zoo.zoo. there will be baby ducks piglets bunnies, llama, othermao four legged friends. frids gw students are taking their t finals soon so this will help them relieve some of their high anxiety. >> ♪ that's one way to do it it suppose.suose. >> 6:51 is the time.1 ishe t in today's fox beat we gote got more sad news from the music world. worl soul singer behind the classbe
6:52 am
has passed away. a >> billy paul he died bie yesterday at his home in newe in jersey. his co-manager says he wase recently diagnosed withwaly d pancreatic cancer. cce me and mrs. jones was released e back in 1972 won app grammy appy for best r and b male vocal performance. >> very cool, very classicylassc look right there.. while the world waits to find out what caused the death d of music legend prince new new questions are being raised.ingai one of them is who's going to inherit his $300 million0 millin estate. it's still unclear if princencle had a will but if he doesn't d it could go to the -- to his his sister. sist under minnesota law the estatehe would fall first to any grandchildren and then to his parents.pare because prince had no had n grandchildren and both his parents are deceased the estate goes to his siblings.ibng prince also has seven half >> to the box office now for now the second week in the row "the jungle book" was the was t favorite among moviegoers. miegr the disney fil
6:53 am
$60 million this weekend andion more than $191 million in mli under two weeks. we the huntsman winter's wars debuted in the number two spot with $20 million.20 m and rounding out the top fiveopv was barbershop the next cut, "zootopia" and the boss bos starring melissa mccarthy. marth >> all right. all well, it appears little princeei george is becoming quite a trend said.. >> the white robe the little thl prince wore in those pictures you saw with president obama pso and first lady michelle obamaheo when he met them last week, no surprise here, it sold out. didn't take long. l you can still order one thoughho from my first that's my first the blue and white trimmedri again ham bathrobe can bee personalized with the child'sh t name. cost about $40 and they t outgrow it in about four days. >> a robe for a child that's th' not royalty.not oyal >> every kid is royalty tooyal t their parents. >> i don't know about in yourou house. 9
6:54 am
>> tawana is royalty. ralty she says she's the queen.he q >> good for her. her >> at a want florida is ouranor biggest fan and says she's also the queen of her we would have never guessed. hav way to go lady. >> tawana adds she lovers howds all of our personalities meshesh together like a 40-dollar robe for a little kid can.a li for your chance to bee b tomorrow's fan leave a commentom below tawana's photo on our facebook page. p >> looking good. >> we got a remind as well. fox5 spring concert series serie wraps up this friday with thewit muddy crows. tucker barnes and erin comone they're going to bes out at a farragut square park at 17th and k to host the show. >> the muddy crows voted besteds local band last year. y they just got back from their first european tour where theyy played 25 slow 25 shows in 21 ci take a listen. >> ♪
6:55 am
>> did you catch them dancing. n >> you don't want to miss thehe muddy crows this fridayy morning at farragut square park. we had lots of fun friday withit secret society. society. >> did you catch -- did >> my goodness.odne >> are we doing this again. >> yes, please.e. >> ♪ >> we got the old music going. fox5 going.oi i'm done and i'm done, i'm going to pass the mic to theo t one, the one, the only. only. >> you guys thought this wasghts hot. so wisdom at one point tookook the mic, he started doing a prince song was it beautiful but one that you did. this guy did the yell, got onot the ground, go online andine watch this. ts. this was like wisdom as you'vesv never seen him before.ef i was at a cookout and folkskoul said we thought we lovedt we led wisdom. after seeing that, you've got yv super fans now.supe >> okay. >> your dedication to princee unparalleled.un that video
6:56 am
>> there are no words so i'll just toss to gary. gar hopefully he'll talk about weather. >> has he lost his ever losingie mind. >> the little one that i had, yes, i did. d >> he was into it. he was to >> i saw it. >> you d-right. it was good stuff. wasd st >> so how is the weather? aret we going get any purple rainn gary. gary >> hold on. i got to push this button. but >> any purple >> no. >> 'cause right now we have agh strange relationship. >> 51 degrees here in thes in city.ty. 48 degrees for gaithersburg,er 47 degrees for fedsegrees fed fredericksburg. mostly sunny skies today.un very warm. tempnyerature of 84 degrees. 84r winds out of the southwest at t five to to here's erin como.o. erin come on in here and doo this traffic thing. thi >> oh delays and problems andems issues gary right now morningorg commute 15 miles per hour average, 95 northbound dalerthb city to woodbridge f you'ree f u taking metro we have problems. red line outbound trains are bypassing woodley park andg wo cleveland park to try to helprkr with some of the delays fromheaf single tracking.raing. ei
6:57 am
directions on the red line so oe heads up there.uphere 395 is backed up and the outer t loop still jammed by clarad by a barton tow down to 70 because of an earlier crash. keep it fox5 news morning. we got you covered.
6:58 am
6:59 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> right now at 7:00 we're following breaking news ing newn montgomery at least one person is deadsoisd after an assaults in a park. a
7:00 am
and we've got a live report r from the scene straight ahead. >> plus a suspicious death under investigation in fairfax.fafax. learning about the victim andhea what neighbors say they heardaya before police arrived.. >> plus, ahead of tomorrow'somro big primary in maryland, tedyld, cruz and john kasich making a big announcement.nnncement. they're coordinating their campaign strategies to put aiest stop to donald trump. tru we'll tell you how the you how e frontrunner is reacting tois ri their plan. >> a live look outside on this t monday april 25th 2016.5th 201 it's going to be veryng t ver summer-like today. tod in fact i think it's going to t be a pretty awesome weather start to the work week.t to gary is going to talk about that, erin will have an update u on the already busy traffic morning on the fives the seven:05.ven: first we say good morning toay you, i'm holly morris.'molly >> and i'm wisdom martin. mar we will can up twelcome to fox5. breaking news from overnight.rng an assault at a park in a par montgomery county. >> an 18-year-old is dead andye he might not be thdee onlyot beo fox5's melaniea


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