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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking at five a violent night and four people shot leaving one person dead. we're live with the latest. >> and the search is on in the district for whoever stabbed and robbed a 17-year-old student on the way to school. >> and good morning
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"fox5" is the time right now. >> it will be hot today. temperatures mid 80s. chance for thunderstorms some of which would could be severe is coming up in the full forecast does problems already. >> construction 395 near duke causing delays and we just hit the 5:00 hour i'll get you around to all that. >> breaking news out of prince george county this morning a murder investigation happening right now. police say a woman was gunned down and killed and three othe others injured in the deadly shooting and it happened overnight hill more drive in forestville. melanie alnwick is liver with the latest. good morning, meling. >> good morning, yes, and still quiet an active crime scene hillmore drive. you can seat activity down the street around starting to go around the bend. there hard to tell from our vantage point whether this activity is focusing on a residents or whether there's a
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apartment complexes here on millmar drive at we and we can see they're still processing the crime scene it happened 1:30 there morning there was a call for a shoting and they found the female deceased on the scene. and then they found the other adult male suffering from gunshot wounds as well. one in critical condition and the other two suffering what we're told are non life-threatening injuries and at the time of that, which was about an hour ago that prince george county police put out this information they said all were at the hospital. so detectives still here on the scene. we saw k 9 units when we got here. that unit left from where we were standing can't tem you whether they're back there continuing to investigate or not. and but prince george county police public information office says they'll continue to update us and probably a little later. we're not going to get a ton more information on the scene and if we get anything from
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developments here well let you know. back to you guys. >> thanks. 5:0 2 breaking in the district a man was stabbed to death shortly after 1 a.m. northwest. no word about a us is secretar secretary. we're hearing this may have been one of several stabbings in d.c. overnight. >> to montgomery country now people living in a home in germantown escaped a fire overnight. it was taken by firefighters from the tillford court. six people were able to make it out saferly. no word what caused that fire. >> this morning d.c. police are looking for a suspect they say stabbed a student woulds with on their way to school a block away from wilson high school. a man in 30s tried to rob the 17-year-old at knifepoint during a struggle the student was stabbed in the league an a suspect took off of the student went to school and was treated with non life-threatening injuries. if you have information police want to hear from you. >> to montgomery country polic
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murder mystery that unfolded at a public park sunday night. police say 18-year-old oscar bonetez was stabbed to death center way park in gaithersburg and bow neat he's was rushed to holy cross where pronounced dead. two others were injured during the attack and treated and released. we spoke with her mother who says her son is leaving hend a daughter. >> he has a daughter and she's almost eight months now and he loved her she would do anything for her. >> so far no ainvestigates been made. police are still investigating if it was gang related. >> and it is he lengs day in maryland. primary voting opens 7 a.m. and closes 8 p.m. the latest poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump leading in the state and voters make their picks in the race to replace retiring senator barbara mc
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colsky and they had a cop test in district 4 and 8 close to d.c.. if you are not registered it's to late to the vote but you can vote in the general election primaries are held in other statesen including pennsylvania and delaware. >> five minute after the hour this morning and super mild outside. i mean now this is kind of coming to life this warm this early in the day. >> all gone tomorrow. >> okay we'll live in the moment. >> that's what i was trying to get to great for voter day and those that do that i encourage if you can here's what's going on. temperatures wooivrz holly said it. we must believe it. 67 in town now. up and down. it's 54 frederick and still frederick you guys are the only place in the general area in the 50s. way out cumberland western maryland 57 degrees there and fredericksburg 69. quanitco
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annapolis 6. mild to warm this morning and later on hot. temperatures will be up to about 86 degrees for a high temperature today. there will be thunderstorms too. it's that window of time between 4:00 and 7:00 where the thunderstorms will start coming on through. now, list ep, after 7:00 there could be thunderstorms lengt lengthiering in the area. but arrival time for these from the north, northwest will be round 4, 5:00 and extending through the 7 or 8:00 hour this evening and that's what we're dealing with a few thunderstorms strong maybe severe keep and eye on that. erin cuomo keeping an eye on roads on this tuesday morning. hey, erin. . >> well, 5:06 now starting with a look of construction zone on 395 northbound that is slowing things down and just after etsel road duck street you file into one lane of traffic. this is causing atypical delays for this time of morning and cones are se
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squeezing by once you pass duke street to seminary things on up. i'm worried this delay increases back towards the beltway as the morning continues and we'll let you know when things get back to normal on 395. let's take a look at maps and show you what you're up against this morning and you can again see the long line of red indicating speeds 10 miles an hour through the stone and good news bottle of beltway and upper loop moving fine across the wilson bridge. we look at 66 and 95 next. that's traffic sneext screaming ]. >> investigators are still trying to determine the cause of saturday's smoke incident on metro. they have ruled out power cables as contributing factor. the chaos was captured there on a rider's cellphone saturday night friendship heights metro station northwest d.c. smoke filled cars of the train and hundreds were safely evacuated happening today maryland governor l
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a bill signing ceremony plans to approve 170 bills during the signing. it's legislation that would create a program to help ninth grade students ab toyp a high school diploma and high school degree in six years putting them on par to land a high tech job. >> maryland officials release new data on how deadly the roadways were this past year. press conference starts 10:00 this morning and officials say there's been a tragic rise in roadway deaths. at today's event they will offer advice to drivers that could save their lives. >> happening d.c. muirial bowser the mayor wants to clean up the district streets. yesterday she kicked off a district wide spring cleaning campaign and today relaunching city adopt a block program. through the program organizations can adopt a neighborhood block to ensure it's always well maintained and her event starts 11:30.
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>> and still ahead the redskins taking their name debate to the supreme court. why it's asking for a review of a ruling involving the team's trademark. >> and first rather unique way to settle a difference of opinion. how one senator that's not him but how one senator chose to solve a controversial proposal. we'll explain it in 30 second. stay with us
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>> a massive search for the killer that took out a family of 8. three large scale marijuana grow houses were found at three of the four crime scenes and three young children unable to speak because of age survived the shooting and counselors and psychologists are in town to help us process the grizzly murders. there's a 25,000 reward leading to arrest. >> the mother of a man accused of shooting two people outside of wisdom martin prom says her son is not a monster but a victim of bullying. and at least two of jacob wagner's classmates say he was bullied and they say wagner shot and killed two people with a rifle saturday night before killed by police outside the high school. police have not said what they think caused wagner to carry out the shooting. >> today marks 300 years sin
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worst nuclear disaster in history and on april 26, 1986 reactor in chernobyl exploded and thousands of deaths were atrited to the disaster. areas around the plant remain uninhabitable. >> the accuser says hastor never finished paying money in cash to settle sexual abuse allegations. so far the manziel he only pocketed 1.7 million. he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach when prosecutors believed he molested at least four boys. >> a book helped table a sales tax proposal in missouri. missouri read the book almost an hour in the filibuster. they opp
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unincorporated areas to voteen a sales tax to fund law enforcement. they should not seek additional funding unless it address the way law enforcement handle protests in ferguson of the shooting of brown. >> still ahead this morning is that epic feud between fox news host megan kelly and donald trump officially over ever the two set to come face to face once again. we'll have the details ahead. >> first burgandy and gold name debate taking center stage. why the team is asking the supreme court to weigh in. >> first a taste of summer today at least. could be different tomorrow. gary will tell us how hot it will get on tuesday. erin will have the latest on morning commute. weather, warm, "weather and traffic on the 5s"
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oklahoma bracing for possibility of severe weather. tornadoes. heavy wind and haim adds large as bainls will likely pound the southern region of oklahoma all the way to southern naeb nebraska. today is not the only day meteorologists are worried about. potential for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes continue through the week. and hey listen this morning we don't have to deal with any severe weather this morning. but that could be different this afternoon. because it's not going to be definitely like oklahoma, nebraska, kansas for us or even texas for that matter. but we are going to have a chance of severe thunderstorms late this afternoon. i'll show you that outlook area coming up here in maryland and all the way up north and east as well. we're on the southbound of the front today. thunderstorms ought ahead of front. this front is important we're hot. good you stay south of the front you will be hot. norm ever front you will be not so hotch the change comes in tomorrow
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ever us and pulls up stationar stationary. we is clouds and showers and much, much cooler warm. for 0s today. we're 60s tomorrow and possibility of a few showers tomorrow. 86. i said that right 86 today, 66 tomorrow. thunderstorms this afternoon and few showers out there for tomorrow. just so you know. 67. quantico is still 70. look how nice and mild it is across the mid atlantic here across the ohio valley and st. louis this morning 71. we're close to that here in d.c.. thunderstorms north and west. you get excited about that can't you erin. we have generally clear skies and later on today the forecast does call for late-day thunderstorms into the evening hours. other than that warm highs out auto head of it but into the middle 630s. so the green area today a marriage mall risk we would have a couple of thunderstorms strong and severe you get to
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maryland to southeastern p and and part of delaware and financial energy there's more likelihood of having severe thunderstorm a 60 mile app hour wind plus. very heavy downpours. ground to grouchbd lightning. we'll keep a close eye on the thunderstorms around here as well. some could be severe. much cooler tomorrow. 66. even cooler on thursday. with a greater chance of showers around, 62 degrees. ep and still showers on friday. 66. saturday looks pretty good few clouds, 70. and showers possible for second half of our weekend. that's your forecast. how about traffic this morning, erin cuomo. >> 5:17. >> i'm sorry. >> we're still waking up it's tuesday morning. >> i'm awake i have no excuse for that. >> unfortunately if you wake up in degree which is what you're up against north on 395 roadwork 395 northbound at duke street takes it down to one lane of traffic just outer left lane getting
5:18 am
up and big plays extending past etsel road and once you pass seam anywhere yeah add 15 extra minute to the morning commute because you hit the atypical slow down. southbound side earlier construction cleared and you're in better shape a move to the rapz will see how everything else is shaping up. 66 east 234 to 28 to september areville and light volume there things in fairfax looking good and problem free in tyson corner. 270 southbound by struck scale scales. we'll let you know when things get congested back to you girz. >> thanks, erin, 5:18 now. let's look at stories you're engaging this most this morning on social media. first up big reward ward for tiny kitten in washington humane society offering up 1,000 for the arrest and conviction of whoever stole this cute gal right here. she's a 3-month-old tabby
5:19 am
princes chas question and swiped from adoption center new york avenue on saturday. apaep lrnlt a meet or it was to to the no cause. the rocks that hit the ground are cool. >> owner of a new gun store is suing 60 peopleen including local and state lawmakers. he claims he conspire to destroy his business before it opened and makes claims he was harassed. >> and also trending in region this morning the burgandy and gold logo debate could be heading to the supreme court. >> this is a little complicate complicated. stay with me on this. redskins name has long been debated that's not complicated some support it and the controversy around the name has been handed beyond the court. redskins were told by u.s
5:20 am
that it could not trademark the name because federal lay prohibits registration of anything scandalous, demoral or disparaging and team not backing down from this and saw another chance to fight the name debate because in another case a federal court ruled in favor of the smrapt and asia group that wants to trademark there their name. case khaevrpings the same law involving redskins and the government asked the supreme court to overturn that ruling and now the team is asking to have its case heard alongside the slant case. now keep in mind that taking away the trademark doesn't mean the redskins can't keep his name it means anyone can sell items using redskins logo without paying league to do so s dan snyder says he's not changing name and says it's not offensive to americans though many native americans dispute that. >> i'm going for when it could
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it could never end. >> when it come to the supreme court xor. >> hopefully. >> hopefully it doesn't get to that point. who knows. >> we'll have grabbed children by then. >> always trauma in the dmv. >> in today's sports breakfast today embattled quarterback johnny manziel is expected to be indicted on allegations he attacked his girlfriend. manziel's case was heard by a grand jury thursday and they signed off on a misdemeanor assault charge for family violence. that charm care why 1 year in jail and $4,000 type. >> tom brady must serve a deplate gate situation as all and ruled brady must serve the suspect spetion and it was after he was found to use under up natured footballs in a gamech the ruling can be owe peemd. >> skev cur
5:22 am
weeks off because of a knee spray. results of mri on knee shows it's been sprained and his knee will be reevaluated we're hearing in two weeks. >> and what does a star baseball player do with his day off. did you see this one. he plays tourist in d.c., bryce harper snapping an epic selfie at the national history. he has no idea hi favorite player he stepped away. >> with the glasses and hat i would pass him all day and not know. or you could map it looks like -- i wonder if anyone ever told him that before. >> when you cover up the sdwri sdwrimy neutron hair. >> love it. >> if you look to lose weight go ahead and indulge. why new research suggests binge eating is key to shutting one wanted pound
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>> where you can catch a fwlap fwlaps. that's next. pats pass
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>> happy today to see prince guitar on display national museum of american history this custom made yellow cloud electric guitar was made by the singleer in 1989 and has distinctive symbols on the top and side and that remains on display through babe labor day. plenty of time to get down to see that. tonight. >> did you notice bryce harper stole my glasses. >> come on, let's go. temperatures out there are in the 60s this morning and 70 degrees this morning. >> too late. . >> sorry. >> it's reagan national tower
5:26 am
in the distance there. bus stop forecast 66 degrees. >> i have not been around the last few days and have not been able to harrah you. >> welcome back. >> i sense the excitement in her voice. >> there's thunderstorms later today we'll watch those a few could be strong possibly even severe again have to keep it clear. temperatures 67 in town and still a 70 reading in quantico and airport erin is walking in and should talk traffic this tuesday morning. >> can you hear me. >> now we can. >> for good day i'll be down at the national museum of american history and if bryce harper watch to come down and check out prince guitar with me i'm saying we could use help for the live shot. >> i'm in. >> let's do it. >> throwing a bone out there. >> volume building 85 to truck scales 270 southbound extra treatment to get through that. and once you pa
5:27 am
heading through gaithersburg and rockville this morning things quieter in bethesda as well. taking a look at outer loop moving well 270 spur no problems silver spring and in montgomery country looking nice on the secondarys and i'll let you know if and when that changes and roadwork now 395 northbound duke street one lane getting by and huge red zone delays to etsell road and past etsell road unfortunately as we head to 5:30 half hour. ai will have look outside we'll sew you what we're up against we can see traffic crawl ago long at this point and give yourself 20 extra minutes to go towards the 14 street bridge. back to you. >> thank you, erin. ahead at 5:30 quadruple shooting leaves one person dea dead. melanie alnwick on the scene with the latest. >> it's primary day voters set to hit the polls in five states including maryland and what's at stake for the candidates.
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>> redskins taking name debate to the high ort. and later a class field trip takes a turn for the worse. >> why these student were kicked out of 9/11 memorial
5:31 am
tribute. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> all right. everybody up. >> we're awake and ready to take on tuesday. >> that's right, let's take on gary mcgrady right now. because he has information for us. >> come on we have thunderstorms this afternoon. and there is a chance a couple thunderstorms could be severe. maybe mostly strong i think for us and we could have large hail and heavy rain and dangerous lightning as well this afternoon and evening. i'll have more in the forecasts coming up. 80s again today. >> love it. love the traffic already. >> bad construction 395 northbound causing delays duke street and red line single tracking and all details together to help you get around this tuesday morning. >> all right. . >> thanks, erin. >> you got it. >> let's get to news now this afternoon of half hour rights now d.c. police are settinging a possible fatal stabbing it happened behind tyler house 12 1200 block of capital street north west we heard reports that t
5:32 am
neck. no word yet on a suspect. >> in prince george county a woman was shot and killed in the 6500 block of fillmore drive in forestville and three other people were also injured in that shooting. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live with breaking detail on this one. hey,el mel. >> guys we were able to get closer to the scene you can see the police activity starts sort after round these brick houses here on hillmar dri and i want to you peek through the fence you have see yellow evidence markers and coming one more car down you see the dark blue car and then this white car here looks like the windows have also all been shot out as well. so this is really the center of the activity of where this happened and this quadruple shooting last night 1:30 this morning is which police came here on the scene. we talked to a residents that said he didn't think much of it because it sounded like a bunch of firecrackers, we know that's what a lot
5:33 am
it's in fact gunshots. when they arrived on the scene prince jorng county found the woman deceased on the scene. and then the other three male victims one in critical condition and two with non life-threatening injuries and last told several hours ago all were at the hospital we can't tell you at this point with those with in life-threatening injuries were treated and released. this willing an ongoing investigation here. we saw k-9 units here earlier. the ones at the top of the street left that particular post. we'll let you know as we get any more developments and it looks like what we can tell this was something earlier it was described perhaps as a drive by hoot shooting and police are not con frm are fil filling that that's something we heard through other sources definitely something that played out here in the middle of hillmar dri. mel, thank you. >> let's go to montgomery country now people living in a
5:34 am
fire overnight. take a look. this is video taken by fire tighters and it's from tillford court. fire broke out two hours ago. six people made it out safely and no word what caused tat blaze. >> our other big story this morning election day in maryland. ops 7 a.m. and closes 8 p.m. the latest poll shows hillary clinton and trump heeding there the state and voters will make their picks in the race to replace retiring senator barbara mcclosky and two on congressional seats. it's too tlit register to vote philadelphia you're not registered but you can vote in the regular election. . >> and it looks like donald trump and fox news host megan kelly but their differences behind them. kelly will do an interview with trump. he will be a guest on megan kelly present. the inter
5:35 am
on "fox" and this will be first interview with the host since fallout during a debate last august. >> bern bernanke and hillary clinton appeared at a town halle vent last night. she discussed her perhaps if elected and she'll and i to appoint half the cabinet to women if elected president and bernie sapd herbs says he will do everything to make sure no reps gets into the white house this election. >> 5:35 top story on tuesday police in montgomery county are searching for a person that killed a teenager sunday night in gaithersburg park. two people were injured in the deadly altercation. they expected to make a full recovery. so far, no one has been arres arrested for the heinous crime. >> and this morning d.c. police are looking for a suspect they say stabbed a studentp who was on his way to sool. it happened a block away from wilson high school a man in 30s tried to rob him
5:36 am
and during the struggle the suspect stabbed be in a way. the student made it to cool once treated with life-threatening injuries. if you have information place want to hear from you. . >> we want to hear from gar gr and talk weather, gary. >> i heard you say good things about today. >> yeah until we get thunderstorms this afternoon. getting that point it looks like it will be super nice. 80s. you up for that. >> always up for 80s. >> and 90s. there you go no the 0s. no 9 0s. maybe we touch 90. we'll be close toe it down south. >> we're all good. >> later on today coming at you right mild this morning, 71, a.m. and thunderstorms possible late this afternoon. and some of those could be strong maybe even severe. there is outlook for slight risk of severe weather northeastern maryland and delaware i'll outline for that coming up in a few minutes. high temperatures for today.
5:37 am
i think we topped out here are in town. and look down south an west culpeper fredericksburg really close to 90. so look we're already mild this morning. it won't take much to warm up to the 80s. and even into to the upper 80s as well. more on the details with thunderstorms potentially this afternoon. right now we knee to get to traffic this morning. >> 5:37 metro problems this morning taking a look at 395. northbound side roadwork in the process of clearing near duke dealing with residual delays. give yourself 15 to 20 minute now lanes reopened since they were blocked. 270 through klarkszburg things looking fine. increased volume and not terrible this morning. as you pass through germantown slow there. moving over for a look at maps right now. volume building 85 to truck
5:38 am
again construction picking up or congestion picking up and airport travel now looking good on way it dulles and reagan national and bwi singing tracking between dupont and van necessary. that's because of a problem woodly park. i'll have more information on metro next. they're weeting out to let all the riders know all other lines on time. back to you. >> still ahead a setback what could have about a medical break through for a devastating disease and why experimental treatment has fallen short. >> looking to lose weight. why watching what you eat may not be the answer. that's coming up in today's health watch
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>> federal health adviser and a treatment for muscular distrophy. they voted that the drug was not shown to be effect fivetive for that debilitating disease. if you're looking to lose a few pounds. binge eating may be the key. you're not hearing wrong. binge eating may be the key sounds like dieter's key. they tracked weight and will power of 36 men and women and half asked to eat 1500 calories a day and other half 13 0 0
5:42 am
calorie as i day. self-control weak end for those on traditional diet and it did better for those on the cheat day. . >> i guess it goes to common shout if you can at least feel like you're not being deprived maybe you toe the line. >> the difference in the diets were 200 calories not even a snickers bar. >> as not even like -- little two hundred calorieo gurts. >> here's the thing. moderation that's what they say right? >> sure. >> thanks, mol. >> a local girl scott delivering a sweet thank you to montgomery county police officers and why she gave them boxes and boxes of cookies. >> gary and erin had a check of weather and traffic on the five. 5:42 now is the time right now. stay
5:43 am
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us.
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it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> we're following two breaking news stories. first we start in prince jorming county. investigating a murder scene a woman was shot and killed and it happened in the 6500 block of omar drive in zc. police are investigating the possibility of a man stabbed to death this happened tyler house which is in the 1200 block of north capital street. >> and okay. listen. surprise is m coming up earlier and earlier. there's that'sa
5:46 am
just a faint hypothetical of sun coming up. it probably has not been out yet this morning. mild out there. you're probably not going to need a jacket or sweater. there's one chilly spot spread rick in the 50s and everybody else 60s. pickup from the kid owes couple spots, if he wanted to wear shorts let them wear shorts. 85 this afternoon. thunder should hold off for the most part until we get all the guys home from school. that's not a real big concern for us. i put it in there so you know later today we would have a chance for thunderstorms. mild, 60. 6 7 pardon me. we're ft. 6 0s. here in the north i want to show you this boston, buffalo, check chick, detroit. they're in the 40s. frontal system to the north of us and it will change thipz. enjoy today in the 80s. you see this real low of mild
5:47 am
75. mild temperatures coming in here and moisture. cold air coming down into the front range and that's perfect ingredients and jet stream energy to provide thunderstorms today and severe thunderstorms way out west. we could have some here too later this afternoon. warm today. front gets to the south of us tomorrow. 60 degrees weather. 86 today, 66 tomorrow. thunderstorms late this afternoon. there's a chance that we could have severe thunderstorms and we're outlooked to the northeast for that slight risk. that means a pretty good risk we could have a few thunderstorms up here that will be severe. large hail at times. cloud to ground lightning and heavy downpours and wind gusts what i'm mostly concerned about. more than 60 miles an hour. marginal risk for d.c. here and most of the suburbs. that may change. thaet may may broaden that slight risk this afternoon. i say they the storm prediction center in north oklahoma. high 86. winds gusty southwest 1to
5:48 am
and quick look at the 7 day. notice here after today it gets cooler and more unsettled. here's erin with a look at traffic. 5:47 we may see residual delays in both directions earlier. single tracking because of problem atwoodly park. keep youp date odden that. 395 northbound a crowded commute because of earlier roadwork in the process of clearing and all lanes on duke street and because we were down to one lane this morning for quite sometime we're dealing with overflow of traffic from the beltway as you pass by sem fairy give yourself 20 extra minutes because i have to battle a lot of traffic and two lanes getting by to duke street where you hit the slow down and merge left. we'll switch it back to the maps. slow down from construction we have usual congestion and 95 north between 6:30 and 610 in stafford and towards the aquaquan
5:49 am
as well. holly and wisdom back to you. >> 5:48 is the time and big apple there is fall out over how a group of children were treated at the 9/11 memorial because they sang the national anthem good for the landmarks we watch, were so galantly streaming♪ and the rockets red glared, the bombs bursting in air♪ . >> a guard told this group of students they could not sing the national anthem ground zero because it would be considered a demonstration and they would knee need a permit for that. the teacher said they were so touched they asked to honor the best way they knew how and singing was their way of paying respeblingts. a spokes woman admits it was miss handled mean word ft. security guard was disciplined. >> i'm curious to know what miss handled means
5:50 am
>> i think he was gich a set of rules and no demonstrations no matter what they are. i have a hard time believing they were all like hello teacher let's burst into song. >> she was directing they rehearsed this. so there is a -- it's a strange story. and. >> i think it's blown out of proportion. >> right. >> today guess what we could learn the names of d.c. eaglets online voting to pick the names actually closed yesterday. some pour lar choices up for grabs were freedom and honor? really i thought it was freedom and liberty and honor and glor glory. could be wrong. cherry and blossom and sasha and malia. and the only reason i say that is because i think we decided we liked honor and glory didn't we? >> it was something like that yeah. i like cherry and blossom too that was fun. anyway, we'll find out today. there they are. >> they're going to have a press conference with the parents there and it will be a big thing. >> yes. . >> right. . >> and all right.
5:51 am
happening today is that it is primary tuesday. yet another primary tuesday is upon us. five states headed to the polls including maryland. voting opens 7 a.m. and closes 8 p.m. if are you not registered it is too late to vote today however you can still register and there's time to vote in the general electio election. >> polls ipt indicate northeast belongs to front runners in both parts. >> new alliance trying to shut donald trump now. that strategy may backfire. fox news kristin fisher jous us live to breakdown primary tuesday. give us the play-by-play what we expect today at least. both front runners trump and clinton are poised to sweep the east coast today. the primary focus shifted to next tuesday, indiana. that will be the first true test of this new cruz kasich alliance. now, on the democratic side, hill
5:52 am
she's expectsed to do very, very well today and the one state can pull out a win that would be rhode island. and independence tend to skew a bit more towards bernanke if he is able to pull off a win it would number road island. each then it will be almost impossible to be check it out. holly and wisdom. >> i'm trying to figure out how he'll stay in it and why he's in it if he doesn't have a legitimate shot. >> sanders satisfies says he wants to stay in the race to influence the party direction and push it more towards left away from the center and he believes he is been able to make a good enough case to do that and earn enough support to do that. he also has a ton of money. let's not gore get he's been a fundraising power house he has the money to stay
5:53 am
california perhaps all the way into the convention. so i think to really floor for tonight is what sanders says in the speech tonight. and specifically does he continue to attack hillary clinton. that's going to be something really that is i'm going to watch tonight after all the polls are in and voters are going home and we get to watch this play out. >> all right. >> thanks. appreciate it. bernie saying he'll do what he can to make sure the return are not in the white house. i'm thinking he's --. >> bit of a different strategy than trump, wellthy kasich, cruz, i'm saying --. >> they'll try to figure tut out. >> 5:53 is the time out of montgomery county a th the-year-old beryl bringing here's the
5:54 am
she asked if anybody wanted to buy an extra box to mees force. this year she expanded donations to law enforcement. >> i thank them for everything that they do and to like the crimes that people do. i heard one station lost a police officer a couple months ago and i wanted to let her smile sgechb. >> it doesn't end there. elizabeth plans to keep going with good deeds next stop veterans hospital. in d.c. >> good for her. >> there should be a special special badge for that. >> she should get five bamings. >> facebook faming ever the day tiffany, joyce and lisa. tiffany is on the left, mom in middle and lisa on the right. >> mom you look like you could be a
5:55 am
they tune in every day and wanted to miss their mom a happy dated birthday. . >> eave a poet owe on other safe book page. dan cuellar . >> bearer of good news is gary mcgrady. >> i think it's cool in frederick and not bad. we'll warm up today. i want it talk about severe threats. heavy down towards large hail possilbe in slight risk area and after any thunderstorm that becomes testify ear it will be large hail. marginal risk here in city and metro and that means a few thunderstorms could be strong or severe and greater risk of more severe thunderstorms up there in the yellow area and that yellow area is actually could be expanded later on. this is issues by the storm prediction center in
5:56 am
and watching the at morse fear and update ago accordingly. high temperatures today 86 degrees. much cooler after today. in the 60s after today. >> hm more like what it should. >> schooler than should be. we have bay above and below and we have to afternoon. >> 5:56 it's getting busy 395 dealing with construction one lane closed at duke. you'll hit a lot of stop and go traffic. give yourself ca time to get through the area. legalities switch it over for a look at maps right now. and show what you else you're up against. 95 new york slow between 6:30 and 10 as you head out to stafford. norm of that time to wood brim knot nothing typical
5:57 am
kip call throw down from the parj way. again that delay through seminary. keep it to "fox5" with your ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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5:59 am
>> ahead at 6 breaking overnight in prince george county several people hit with gunfire in a neighborhood. one victim a woman killed in the shoot
6:00 am
police are saying about the crime coming up in a live report. >> also primary day in maryland voters set to hit the poll about an hour from now. >> live look outside on the tuesday april 26. very mild outside right now. and it if you like 80s you want to get out and enjoy today. it's all going to be different tomorrow. we'll talk about weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. first a good morning to you i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning" we'll start with breaking news out of forestville maryland where a woman was shot and killed and three others were injured in a anothering on hillmar drive. life at 6 with breaking tails. what do we know. >> we don't have a whole lot new guys we can tell you the investigation continues here on hillmar drive happened 1:30 this morning you can see where police are continuing they make their way down the street. we've seen up to 20 different evidence mark rz here and between the 650


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