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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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set up. the latest race to the white house and what you need to know about local elections. >> from the field to highest court in the land. what the redskins are asking the court to do to protect the team's name. >> tuesday, april 26, 2016 it's a beautiful start to morning. sunshineing and few clouds notice sky. you'll love the way temperatures feel today. weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good morning everyone i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". we'll start with break being news out of prince george coun county. one person dead and three others wounded outside foretville. >> mel. . >> good morning, guys, quite the scene here on hillmar drive in forestville and large portions of the street continue to be shut down as police are starting tail end of investigation. we saw as many as 20 evidence markers here up and down the street fortuna
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careful with the cameras here but the body is here on the scene. i want to you look past and see the white vehicle it's window is shot out. there's glass on the ground and you can see the evidence marker ten. some witnesses here told me that they actually saw vehicle pull up behind that white car and come out and start shooting and then people got back into the vehicle and sped off down the road. and one resident described it to us. >> it sound like firecrackers going off. i didn't think it was actually a shooting. i see now it was. sorry to say we lost someone but getting hot and people you know getting going different things it's getting wild all a sudden. i don't know. >> police have n
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any of the details of what exactly happened here and i can tell you that those other people that were shot last update we got from prince george county police is that one of the men is still in critical condition, two still hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries and place have not put out information to us as far as suspects and no id yet on the woman either and also some of the evidence is a purse and personal items on the ground there and the sidewalk as well. i difficult scene there. and so, police are asking if anyone has information they would like to hear from them you can call prince george county police and there is a reward being offered for information also notice there's a couple security cameras in this apa
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we're standing steve and maureen and possibly perhaps police could get extra information from that as well. >> melanie alnwick with the details. thank four that. breaking news in d.c. a man stabbed to death overnight here tyler house in the 1200 block of north capital in north west. no word about a suspect. we're hearing this may have been just one of several stabbings in d.c. overnight. >> breaking out of montgomery county maryland firefighters battling early morning house fire there 3:30 on tillford court germantown. six people inside and they all made it out saferly. no word what caused that blaze. >> voters across the mid atlantic will make voices heard in the white house. >> this is a looked in the poling place in rockville. not a lot of activity but if you believe the polls leading to today it may be beginning of end of marathon for the two presidential front runners this as big
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the end of day. "fox5" wisdom martin joining us live with details, wisdom. >> both front runners donald trump and hillary clinton pois poised to sweep all five states today and other republicans meanwhile have already moved on to next tuesday in indiana vot vote. that that will be crucial because the first test of cruz case of alips starts. . >> the cruz caseic alliance got off to rocky start hours after it was announced they would split the coming months of states. >> i never told them not to vote for me. they ought to vote for me. >> this alliance plays into trump's narrative that the establishment is corrupt and nominating process. >> it's called collusion. so i wrote up something. here is a guy couldn't fight by himself he was saying h
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he did and look he's lying ted sgle today trump is expected to win all five states. pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, delaware and road island. but he needs more than wins. he needs blow out in order to secure 1237 delegates before the convention. hillary clinton meanwhile is looking past today's contest, past bernanke person bernie sanders and past con veptions and she saved all her fire for donald trum. come out of the towers named for yourself and talk and listen to people. don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> for bernie sanders this could be his last day. he vowed to stay in the race until california and he has the money top do so. but, yesterday, the bern seemed to be running out of fruit. >> how many of you are coming out to vote tomorrow.
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>> and let's talk about the local races now intense battle between representatives chris van holland and donna edwards for nomination for op u.s. senate seat it's about quite a rice endplay here. van holland and edwards are giving up house fees to run for senate. that created a key race to replace him in the fourth disstrict which edwards represents. former maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown and in the 8 plg district at top three in a huge deal for democratic nomination are matthews and jamie and david pitrone. you can see all thee of them there. that's what's happening today. people have decisions to make and of course we'll be all on top of the entire thing when it happens. back to you in the studio. >> yes, indeed, wisdom martin locally and nationally. >> a lot of stake in maryland
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>> geez. >> tucker barnes good dale to get out to the polls if you vote early. here's my vote for you steve sgle me too, tuck. >> steve, steve, steve,. >> what are you running for steve. >> whatever i have the best chance of winning. >> that is the "fox5 news morning" anchor team. >> tellps 66 wash to be and 67 annapolis and mild start to the day. if you love the summertime temperatures early you will love the feel when you step out. 68 quanitco and 63 culpeper and mid 80s for daytime highs and humidity out there as well with a lot of sunshine to start the day. clouds and frontal system come through in a couple parts and a around of showers and storms. at least possibility of round of showers and storms mid to late afternoon. so any time after 4 p.m. look at the sky for us. storms for us later this afternoon. 7 day features cooler air. details in a minute. d
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i know airport will. oh, yeah. . >> yeah. >> didn't know that got you so excited we need a summertime song for you to work to. it's been a while. >> it has been a while. >> and think about it maybe will smith. >> we could do that. >> okay. >> we'll washing on that. >> as you make your way out to anne arrundel delays because ever a deadly accident. route 3 shut down southbound side at john hopkins road and diverting traffic there and take right l road to get around that to 424 and make a left to three and watch for congestion as secondarys try to navigate and 270 south. 80 to struck scales and sky fox is over that fatal crash. folks are out of their vehicle. accident investigation underwa underway. a will get out of the way. route 3 shut down johns hopkins anticipates we're dealing with big investigation. let's go ahead and put things back. you can see traffic is backed up in the area diverting through loca
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causing issues. aside from that we'll go ahead and take a look back at maps. this is breaking news this morning. 270 southbound and frederick jammed through gaithersburg you know the drill typical morning congestion now. 66 east. 234 to centerville and 13 mile an hour average and jammed in falls church and as you make your way inside the beltway delays continue. metro update for you no alert on red line and no more residual delays woodly park and green line to branch avenue earlier malfunction pg plaza five yourself extra time there. back to you. >> this morning d.c. police looking fire suspect they say shabd a students and a block from wilson high school and man in 30s tried to rob the 1 17-year-old and at knife point and i during the struggle the student was stabbed in the leg and the students took off and the student made it to school and was treated with non life-threatening injuries. if you have information police want to hear from you. >> to montgo
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morning police serving for there in answers in a murder history that unfolded public park sunday night. 18-year-old oscar beneted was stabbed to death. she was noushd rollly cross germantown hospital where pro noungsed dead. two werz or attacked and treatsed and released. we talked to the mother who said her son is leaving behind a daughter. >> he as a daughter. she's almost 8 months now. and he loved her dearly and he would do anything for her sgle so far no ainvestigates been made. police are investigate physicaling this is sgang related fairfax country police are investigating a suspicious death there. it happened yesterday at a home 530 0 block of bedford terrace in alexandria. a woman found a man dead inside her home and she had a previously relationship. no word on i us is spokt or motive hire. >> during the trip overseas president barack obama discussed fight
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with leaders of britain, germany, france, italy and the meeting in germany came after mr. obama announced deployment of 250 more troops to syria and today's terrorists will learn their hatred is no match for nation anesthesia unltsed in defense of way of life. >> accuser of center at dep is hasrick case. he said he never finished paying 3.5 millionto settle sexual abuse allegations and so far demand says she pocketed 1.7 million he was high school counselor and coach and police believed he molested four boys. >> protesters on both side of the debate gathered in charlotte. at the end of the day not all demonstrators made it home while 50 opponents of new law were arrested. it condones hatred for the lgb. it and supporters says it protect children from sexual preyedtors.
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>> the city will pay 3 million this year and next year to his family and the 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by a police officer. he was paying with a pellet gun that resembled a handgun and civil rights investigation is ongoing. >> and still ahead this morning d.c. councilman and metro board chair jack evans joins us live and talking about the latest smoke incidents and metro problems. >> supreme court could weigh in on burgandy and gold name debate. bob barnard joins us live with that story
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> will smith summertime♪
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to walk. the cool walk. >> what time will it heat up. >> like this minute? >> it's 6 a5. >> when will we hit 5 and mu muggy. >> early afternoon. >> okay. >> give it a couple hours. >> whipped out of the southwest here. early summer preview. it won't be you know full haze heat and hawtty we get in july. >> we'll wait for that. >> that was something special. >> and 64 now in washington. yes, mild start overnight lows in the 60s and again we're featuring mid 8008s today and thermometer up ahead of the next frontal system morning working its way in north and west. showers this morning and pittsburgh that comes in couple different spokes of energy. main event for us will be mid to late afternoon with possibilities of thunderstorm activity and on the strong side. gusty winds. if you're going to the nationals ga c
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possibility of the delays at onset of the game. i think the game will get in and notice cooler temperatures. 86 today. 20 cooler than tomorrow with daytime highs in the mid 60s. most of the week feels like early spring. today feels like summer. >> yesterday was great. with the no humidity and just crisp and. >> sunshine. >> perfect afternoon. like to order up a few more weeks of that. >> yep. >> thanks, tuck. >> erin hopefully the roads -- i don't know how are they doin doing. it was bad earlier. >> pretty bad messy out there and spent an hour on roof deck yesterday reading getting sun and spreng time weather. unfortunately we're dealing with breaking news in anne arrundel sky fox over 3 south shut down john hopkins road and huge police press tlens and person hit by a car and killed and diverting traffic and it's causing major delays as you make your way to anne arrundel and three south. police consider alternate this morning as you can see from sky fox just a few miles of backed up traffic lead
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theme. we'll let you know when things reo let's look at maps now. i want to show you closer look at alternates so you don't have to wait until you get around that. right now ridell road to 424 back to three i would give you yourself extra time to scott around that close you're this morning and let's welcome live at the cameras and show you delays. delays westbound side of the freeway solid main avenue taking out a lane and because of that traffic is dealing with major backups from the third street tunnel. we'll switch it over for a look at maps now. in addition to that other problems 270 south typical congestion to the truck scales and dip town to 20 miles an hour closer to the spur. 66 east is very heavy through falls church and slow 234 to september areville and 17 miles an hour and if you're waking up and taking metro residual delays branch avenue and earlier malfunction setting us back and ride lion back to normal and fredericksburg heads up for nmi
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there's an accident center port parkway. back to you steve and maureen. >> thanks erin a gun store in arlington is firing back at opponents with a lawsuit. the "washington post" reporting owner of inova armory is suing 64 people that protestsed the opening. they cop spird to destroy the business and harrah the owner and made death threats. before the store opened in march 7 elected officials in virginia signed a letter asking the store's landlord to reconsider the lease and those elected officials are also named in that lawsuit. >> and the redskins logo debate could be headed to the supreme court now. >> nfl asking for the highest court to hear the case. bob barnard joining us live to tell us exactly why. bob. . >> and hey good morning, steve, good morning. issue here is the federal protection of the redskins trademark. and lasts summer a federal judge ruled against the washington redskins. the team is challenging that ruling now appeal
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appeals court in the meantime, snyder, inc. wants top join another case going to the supreme court a case in which a federal appeals court sided with a dance band in oregon that has a name some say is insensitive to asian americans and in the case of the red skips the u.s. pat erpt and trademark office was ordered by that federal judge to cancel the team's trademark calling it offensive to native americans and but then other appeals court ruled that the oregon band's choice of name is matter of free speech. so, we'll have to see whether redskins case is picked up by supreme court which will hear the other case. in the meantime whatever the court's decide redskins can keep the name it means if someone else uses the name the skins cannot sue them in federal court guys and you know dan snyder says he'll never change the name and now, redskins are appealing to the supreme court to rule on this
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because of this name that many across the country deem insensitive to native american americans, guys. >> we'll see how this blaze out. bob barnard thank you. >> still ahead this morning. tom brady suspended. a judge saying he must sit out four games for the deplate scandal and what is means for the quarterback and team. >> and hail poppeding parts of midwest. latest on the severe weather next and our forecast too at 7:20
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>> 7:22 is time and appeals court overturned a lower judge and ruled brady must serve suspension. it was not posed by nfl had after brady was found to use under inflated footballs. the ruling can be appealed. >> trouble fora manziel. he'll face a judge for ales he attacked his exgirlfriend earlier this year. he could face a year in prison and $1,000 fine. it would ipd hader what is left by his football career. he no longer has endorsements. >> erin andrews was awarted $55 million after jurors found her stalker gultty after poeting nude videos of her on the internet and owner of owe hotel was to blame and appealed the virdist and both sides reached confidential settlement to
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avoid years after peel. >> three people hurt after a plane crashed into a florida home. two help and one woman were inside the plane in critical condition this morgue. firefighters say no oneed in the house was injured. faa says the plane is renal sterd to nor day aviation academy and pilot was practice is takeoffs and landings when the crash occurred. national transportation safety board is trying to figure out what caused the crash. >> people in oklahoma are bracing for possibility of severe warm. tornadoes, wind, hail as larng as baseballs will likely pound the southern region of oklahoma to southern nebraska. >> huge hail stones already pounding central kansas and reports of several isolated tornadoes and no damage from funnel clouds, but potential for severe thunderstorms and possible tore tonados continue through the entire week across the plains. . >> yeah, pretty high risk out there. moderate risk. let me show you a map in a i minute. locally summertime out there. reagan national currently 66 degrees. 63ul
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nice mild start to the day. warm finish. we'll be in mid to upper 80s with possibility of some thunderstorm activity mid to late arm i think after 4 p.m. we'll start to have storms developing from the north and west and that will bring us cooler weather for the day tomorrow. kind of a one day special with a warm-up and temperatures in 80s and touch of heightty out there as well. quick look at 7 day warm again. mid to late afternoon thunderstorms and we'll keep clouds in the forecasts tomorrow. with a spotty shower. notice cooler temperatures. 86 today, 66 tomorrow. and then a little unsettled here to end the week with cooler temperatures here to stay, thursday and friday. and all right, way to warm the weather. let's find out what is going on with with traffic. >> lot of traffic. >> no, i mean what's going on. >> in life in general? >> yes. >> you can see the sunshineing and you don't need to worry about a jacket but do need to worry about getting stuck in terrible traffic 3 soutcl
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traffic crawling along several miles being diverted you can see the alternate is tracked as well. a deadly pedestrian crash and they are investigating a huge police presence just beyond the sky fox shot and cameras wested freeway and beyond this point taking out a lane and back to the subthird street tunnel and time there as well. we'll show you other problems we're facing this morning and let's take a look at maps right now. and 270 south remains jammed in frederick and 66 inbound from mannasas and centerville and down to 17 miles an hour. ton of stop and go traffic. very heavy in falls church an anded in the beltway in fairfa fairfax. metro update earlier malfunction pg plaza residual delays to branch avenue green line no results for rest of rail and that's good news there and morning commute 95 southbound slow from icc to beltway and bw
7:27 am
south bound with stop and go traffic as you make your way through buoy you'll hit a lot of stopped traffic. 50 unbound slow kenilworth and waking up in annapolis trying to get into the district you're backed up. same story new york avenue inbound to bladeensburg road heavy traffic and outer loop heavy 95 georgia to wilson bridge and upper loop also slo slow. steve and maureen. >> still to come this morning update to breaking news in prince george county this morning and police investigating a deadly shoot there. >> and z.c. course ill man and ward trair zach evans join is us live to talk about the latest smoke
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> real nice start to the daynie today. enjoy the first half of the day,
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we'll check in with tucker t barnes in just a couple of coupl minutes. 7:30.7:30 let's get to break news out of n the prince george's county.ce g one woman died, three other o people all men hospitalizedta after an overnight shooting tha happened in police say the woman died at tht two of the men were hospitalizes with non-life threateninghr injuries. the third man is in criticaln ci condition this morning.or in the district man stabbedb to death overnight. deavern this near tyler house which isse in the 1200 block of north capital street northwest.thwe no word right now about about a suspect.suspt we're hearing this may have bee one of several stabbbings in ths district overnight. in maryland the polls ared s now open.w it is election day.s elec the state one of five holding hi presidential primaries today bub that's not all.'s not all voters will also make their mhe picks in the race to replacelace retiring maryland senatord s barbara mikulski and eight and g congressional seats up for graba including contests in districtnr four and eight close to dc. the polls will be open until 8:00 tonight.. >> investigators are trying tots determine the cause of saturday's smoke incident onidet metro they have ruled out power cables as a contributing factorf the chaos captured on
7:31 am
ridertosses cell saturday night in northwest d.c. d. riders say smoke filled the care of the train, hundreds of peoplo were safely though many said even metro m workers reactioned with panich and that is just the latest incident to concern riders sinsn the full system shut down lastn month. here's what we were able toerabe count.un end of march an arcing insulatol at medical center, april 1st,, no power at the courthouseuse station.station. april 15th, a train gets stuck u in a tunnel near rosslyn.slyn. just three days later arcing ain insulator at rosslyn then this past saturday arcing insulatorsl at beth dan the incident atncidt friendship heights.nd heigh joining us now to talk morek about he's on-going problemsblem with metro and what's being dond to try to fix them jack evans. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having m >> upping the first thing that i goes through your mind here wemr go again. i want to first understand whatw was your reaction when you heara about this latest incident onidn metro?? >> well, my first reaction is i alwa
7:32 am
passengers on the train and sons we're all thankful that we werer able to get everybody off safely, and didn't have anyn' hv injuries, and then my second my reaction is, this is on-goingn-n problem only going to be fixedix by a dedicated funding source, more contributions fromontr congress, and a plan that our or general manager paul wiedefeldie is putting together to do a real rehab in the system. ste again, you have to remember, metro is 40 years old. o a lot of metro is we're having break downs acrosss the system. sys this is another example of thato and until we did a reallyly thorough repair i think these things have propensity to continue. >> let's talk about the fundingb as spec. did you go to congress a few a f weeks ago to ask for funding ang that turned into shouting matcht of sorts with you saying we neee this money. m they saying you know what, heyha we are having a hard time cominm up with this.his. where do things stand now? it? doesn't seem like that money ist going to be forthcoming any time
7:33 am
>> well, i'm going to continue to work on it. i've had an opportunity to meeto with a number of business grou groups, residents, elected officials to me in getting --- convincing congress that theyngr need to contribute their fairai share of $300 million it's the same amount each of the three jurisdictions puts in on thetisu operating side, and federaler government which we carry 50% o% the federal work force needs to contribute that for the congress $300 million is an affordableanl amount they need to then the other part is theis t dedicated funding source.e. the only major transportationrtt system in america that doesn'tht have a dedicated funding sources and maryland, virginia and thent district have to get togetheretr identify a source and make sures that metro gets that every year. we are going to need and i've ie used this figure about $18 billion a capital money over the next 10 years to fix this system. it these come from somewhere.fre >> that is huge amount of money let's talk about what we can
7:34 am
now. you talked about metro's gm paul wiedefeld has plans in place. ie he may be communicating thoseti plans to you, but there's aut ts perception that he's not geekote extremely transparent witnessit rider who's frankly are loathedl to get on metro because they are concerned for their safe team s more and more people saying tha and that's what we're hearing.rg what's your response as far as r communication and having peoplee understand really what'seall wha happening and where things areds going?? >> well, what paul is doing hiss team is evaluate the wholete t w system.syst all six lines and he's going geg back to all of us with a plan. what is the extent of thef maintenance that needs to beo done? and how are we going toeg get it done? and the second t part is something that this that whole region has to focus on. fs what we're doing now in trying t to address the maintenance issues, we closed from midnightt to 5:00 in the morning.orni get about three hours of work w done because we have an hour se up, an hour of take down. then on the weekend the servicee really disruptive as we try tort work on the lines single tracking,
7:35 am
and all of that over the last five years spending i thinkg somewhere upwards of $5 billioni has not that is evident by the litany oo things you just read to us abous break downs.owns so we have to do more. now, i suggested --sted- >> what more be communicated to the people --e >> close >> moving the plan forward. >> the problem is people just dd not feel they don't feel like they'rehe being told what's happening andi that's really the concern here, council members evans. how is this going to beo be communicated to people in a ia clear concise way that makese wt them feel safer getting on met metro? >> are you just talking about an incident happening or the longer term?te >> overall. overall. we're talking about the big picture. noint just one incident becauseu there's been so many. many. >> again -- yeah. yeah. yeah, again h paul gets his --- all of his facts together andog comes forward to the board andhd we will communicate that to tha everyone in the region. elected officials, the riders, d the business community, the reason
7:36 am
we need feedback at metro howrow you want to address this. ts how do you want to close down different segments over thet weekends? what is the level of inconvenience that people riderd are willing to tolerate in orden to get the system fixed? that'a the feedback we all need. >> all right. all r we're going to hold to you it yu and check in with you and hopefully gm paul wiedefeld wilw talk to us on cam a thanks forhs the information thus far.r we'll be checking with you as things develop. dev thank you council member. >> okay. oka thank you. all right.all r looking outside.side beautiful day. tucker barnes bring it on home.h >> a little warm out there to tt start your day.t yo mid to upper 60s. 6 get ready for some 80s believe b it or not.. 80s one day special. one day summer special coming um and then maybe some maybeom thunderstorms this afternoon,non and cooler weather for the reste of the week. so today is our day -- our week of summertime here late t
7:37 am
afternoon.afte 66 now in 67 annapolis. nice mild start hagerstown 62.n look at cumberland, good morning cumberland already 72 degrees is comer land.lan 67 in fredericksburg. everybody off to nice warm sta start. lots of sunshine early muchnshi we'll get clouds in see the showers moving in fromrm the north and west there,st the already moved throughovedou pittsburgh. we'll get a couple differentlefe waves of energy coming through.r the main event will be kind ofeo mid to later afternoon somebodym just tweeted me asking me wheniw the rain potential for hail f h would get here that would be with thunderstor bm activity mit to late afternoon probably after 4:00 through six, seven, s 8:00 o'clock night our frontallk system moves on through. m all right. get out and 86 your daytime high. very warm out there. tre late day storms, winds south wiu southwest at 15 to 20.o humidity out there as well.s we'll have the seven dayve t forecast in just a minute. let's do more traffic and gete f the latest with erin. >> 7:37, we're dealing with a lot ofg wil congestion, crashes problems ism that righting off in anne arundel of portion three thr southbound remains shut down for
7:38 am
deadly pedestrian crash investigation by johns hopkins road. void that area.t are significant delays on theys o southbound side of three leadina towards that locate. loc we'll switch it over for lifeorf look outside.ut a crash right now northbound third street tunnel. this is the outer loop sidethe e right at massachusettsr avenueu heavy traffic because of that oa crash taking out the right lane. you'll need additional time tonm get through that area.that a rhode island of a also dealingal with a crash scene so watch outh for by florida avenue.ave we'll fake a look at our mapst p right now and show you howshow u things are shaping up. u 210 north right now in princeow george's county typical inboundb christa swan creek road to kirby hill road 12 miles an hour.. pennsylvania of a inbound slowso in upper marlboro just seeing ag lot of slow-moving traffic asic you make your way 50 inbound inb from annapolis you'll hit that t delay by kenilwo we'll have more traffic in justj a few. keep it to fox5 news morning.nig ♪
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job.
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and i approve this message. ♪ mother of man accused of ofo shooting two people outside of l wisconsin prom says her son isas not a monster, but a victim off bullying.bullyi at least two jacob wagner's classmates said he was bullied.i wagner shot and wounded two wou people with a arrival saturdayrt night before he was killed byild police outside of a high schoolh police have not said what they t think caused wagner to carry ouy that shooting.otin in ohio the massive statewide search continues for the killer or killers who tookho out a family of eight.f e >> authorities say the shootings are drug related. three large scale marijuana groa houses were found at three oft o the four crime scenes.ce
7:42 am
facebook threat targeting a a 16-year-old boy who was kill inl the shootings.e ooti there's $25,000 reward foror information leading to arrests.s the father of one of the of teenagers who went missing at m sea while on fishing trip says y he will share the informationora that his found on his son fossef pone with law enforcement and the other boy' family.e ot two, 14-year-olds went missingem last july when their pope p capsized off the florida coast f during a severe storm.erto the boat was spotted andtted recovered on board the boy's b's phone and fishing gear. g their bodies have not been recovered.recovered. still ahead, beyonce'' news album fueling rumors ofng r infidelity in her marriage s cheating a deal breaker in a relationship sarah phrases sewas sorry joining us live with livew tuesday talker.esday talker. >> real nice start to the daynis today. we'll have weather and trafficnt with duck kerr and erin coming c up next.up nex ♪
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♪ it's almost friday again aga like how i did that, it'st, i tuesday but almost friday.. spring concert series continuess this friday morning.y morng. great band for you called the muddy crows. cro tucker and erin will be down ata farragut square park at 17thrk and k streets to host show. s we hope you show up to them. tot >> they are from dc voted best local band by washington city c paper readers last year. last they are an exciting up and co coming rock group just return from their first european tour.. just listen to them.he ♪
7:46 am
>> yeah.eah. muddy crows will play at pla a farragut square park fridayquar morning warming up during fox5 f news morning and then really geg things going on good day d.c. d come on out and join us it's all free. little different sound from ouro last two groups. i think you'll really going likl them. >> good variety of free live music. to get your fridays started. stt speaking of tucker barnes br he's got look at the forecast as we loca towed friday, tuck. >> i was thinking dance movesanv but maybe i'd be a roadie foroa those guys.ose gus. what do you think? brief summem preview. absolutely warm today. t you know mid 80s for daytime highs. hi get ready for -- you know, ifw, you haven't had a chance toha sport the new shorts yet thisrti year, this is your day to do it. as we'll be good 20 degrees orsr warmer than that later this this afternoon than we are right nowt 66 off to nice mild start.dta 66 here in washington.hing 67 in annapolis.apol 64 in leonardtown. fredericksburg 67 degrees.deee look at the 72 out in cumberland already.alre mountains waking up to numbersn in the very comfortable range, , 62 in hagerstown
7:47 am
and mid 60s there in winchesterr all right. so plenty of sunshine to start s your morning.your you can see we're getting alle n clear at the moment. mom we will get some clouds and clo eventually couple differentnt pieces of energy drop down fromw the north and west and our bests chance for some rain showers not so much with this round one butt round two which arrives mid to t late afternoon and that couldhac kick off around of showers andha thunderstorms across the area a few storms which could locallylc be heavy or strong storms as that front kind of fades througo the area. here's our setup.up. front drops in later today. tay very warm even a little sticky.i i think you'll notice theote humidity up ahead of our front o later this afternoon with highsw in the mid 80s. 80s. that's your set up for tomorrowm we'll get the cloud cover back.c we'll keep the cool conditions c in place but with win out of tht north and north and west.nd w our daytime highs tomorrow onlyo in the mid 60s.0s. about 20 degrees cooler than future cast look for stormsto together l we go at 6:00 o'clo 6:00 o'clock. they're kind of widely scatter not everybody will get them, and they'll only be a few locally l strong storms. stos. however, t p
7:48 am
for a few strong storms and letl me just mention here in d.c., nats game tonight 7:00 o'clock0l against the phillies.nst the phl certainly a possibility that wee could have a few storms around. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies ana cooler temperatures behind the front.t. as we'll be in the mid 60s. 6 here's a look at your seven dayd 86 today.od get out enjoy a beautiful warm m maybe even a little too warm too be dining outdoors in the hot erin?? >> it's never too hot to grill.. >> okay. all right you go. and then cooler weather on the wa y. all right. take over. ta >> all right. i will. we're tracking breaking news ouw of a run done he will deadly pedestrian crash route 3 rou southbound shut down at johnst hopkins road. caution there. also a lot of folks taking 32 t2 get around that. t that is seeing extra flow oflowo traffic.trafc. backups leading towards thatgowt closure and you may want to takk 424 back to three to avoid thatt area. prince george's county right now 95 southbound icc to the beltw beltway, 15 miles per hour. really jammed up there.ammed te bw north and southbound by powder mill also dealing with
7:49 am
outer loop remains heavy 95 to georgia. look at that long line of red. 18 miles per hour average.a simply because of congestion and 66 east heavy through falls f church heavy through manassasgha and centreville 234 to centreville 29. 17 miles per hour average. avege no crashes.raes. just a whole lot of traffic. tff same story 95 northbound we hadh an earlier crash insh i fredericksburg involving a tractor trailer by center pointo parkway and we have typicalical congestion north at that point o dale city to woorg 17 miles per hour average.. bottom side of the beltway inney loop jams across the wilson w bridge especially the throughhr lanes and we'll finally end wite good news for metro right no alerts all rail lines on or o close to schedule this morning.g some bus delays because of becau congestion in the district.istrt new york avenue inbound remainss very slow and crowded as you y pass by florida. that's your look at traffic.ok i back to you. >> all right, thank you.hank yo. it is tuesday.>> that means sarah fraser joiningg us 35 chat about some of theome biggest talkers this first up, it's cheating a deal breaker? >> good morning.orni
7:50 am
>> we had an interestingnteres conversation just prior to thiso >> we did. >> all right. rig i do not think cheat sag dealaga breaker. >> let's give it context thise e comes on the heels of beyonce''e let me made.le mad >> yes. . >> everyone is thinking readinga into the video talking about,ngo you know, she's spilling thepile beans about inn fell fidelity in her relationship with jay-z.h jz was he cheating or not. o n >> are they getting a divorce? o what's going on >> is cheating a deal breakers k you say no. >> i don't think it is.'t t i hate toison like that person o was telling you to this i feelsf like it's always pretentious but have i mindful living therapistr who calls it the blessed or blessed affair and she says thas lots of times in relationships that people have affairs becausu something is really missing wing the relationship, right? >> and either one person hasas changed dealing with issues fros their past. you're not communicating.ommuni. which i think there's some trutr to that. >> i >> i think -- we were talking wr about this.t th in my experience i'm 34 i feel i like the older i get the more
7:51 am
i feel like things -- you know k what i'm saying? i feel likeeee you could see how you could staa together much that's my opinioni >> i don't think that cheat sagg deal breaker eat. maybe again eighths function ass you get older you've been in ben relationships. there are other issues that coms into play you start weighingeign things.thin do i want to be cheated on? absolutely not but i don't feele think cheat sag deal breaker ana an automatic divorce.ivorce that's if we're married f we'red just dating, then it's differene for me. i'm like, so long, farewell. fal plenty of fish in the sea.he s >> you had a different --fere >> i feel it's a deal no matter what the circumstances is, the cheating comes down to d the lack of happiness in aness relationship.ti if you're not happy, thenpy t somebody is going to stray andnd thus if someone strays and you're already now happy now you don't trust that person on toptp of it. so it become like a doubleoubl whammy of unhappiness. i don't see how you could ever d bring back the spark that was t there >> really? really? >> okay. >> i see your point. >> yeah.>> y i do. i do. but i don't know.bu i think if you have a family and kids, aren't you inclined tod maybe work it out and seed what -- >> you are going to want to wort
7:52 am
you see that so often.oft sometimes for the sake of the t kids it's better not to have tww miserable people in the homeplie trying to put on this front.s f >> it's the circumstances of thi cheating.rc was eight drunk night in vegas?s it was like one-time thing ore r are you carrying on this veryhiv emotional deep affair with somebody? that is -- >> that's another layer to emotional cheating, physicalsica cheating. which one is worse? we actualll talk about this earlier.arlier i think emotional cheating is far worse than physicalcal cheating. we disagchree.. their >> all signs of unhappiness.piss >> something is going on we in don't know say and jay-z you twt kids work it out.ork out >> makes for good lemonade. lemn >> it sure does.>>su >> or hot tea. ot te let's tack bout next one.out xt government shaming people.ment what is this about?ats th >> have you guys scene this thet government is actually -- peoplo who are caught texting andting driving right and get ag ght violation, or more importantly a the government is going online n and if you're bragging about oro texting and taking a picture a lot of people on snap chat orat driving and snapping. sna so the government is actually aa
7:53 am
handle and going, hey, at maureen, way to go that you'reou tech and driving. driving do you think it's theou t government's place to be outingg people? a lot of people thinke this is bullying.lying. >> the government has betterer things to do. to at the same time i don't havee e problem with it because it's au and effective way to get thetoet point across. acros >> i agree.. >> the extreme example the kidsk that were snap chatting the speedometer and crashed the cart and killed somebody because them were trying to get theeb spryeedometer thing up there.he >> right. >> there are dangers it to are that's why the slaw in place.n e i don't have a problem. problem. if they're going to put a team 100 government employees.mploes >> dedicated to shaming.ming >> patrol social media all day d long, yes, there's a better uset of tack pair money.on >> you are violating the law because it's illegal in almost a every state.everstate. a lot of people feel by thehe government doing this you couldi be in danger of loses are your job. job. you're being bullied by thenguld government.vernment. >> why are you brag buying the fact you're texting and driving in the first place. i would think that cinheould cau to you lose your job. job >> i would think so, too.nk so,t >> if you're a idiot that doingg it whatever comes down the thymt pike for y
7:54 am
repercussions, you got to dealea with it it. >> we're talking cracker jax.ckr >> have you seen this? crackera jack is now going digital. remember for years you'd get you your tattoo in the cracker jackk box. bo >> totally. >> not happening any more.peni you'll have a digital experien experience. >> when is the last time you l used that at a time, too be hahn >> i know. >> when is the last time you ate cracker jax. j >> when i was six. >> yes.. >> digital experiences will beiw various thing it might be a game instead you'll get a code when d you open your cracker jax and jx you'll go online and play like l family game or something. doesn't sound awful. awf >> that's what every four loadod wanted to go online and enter a code.code. >> give me the eraser or tattoor back much that's what crackertrk jax are all about.e all about i haven't eaten them in 1515 years. years. >> it's just not fun.t's >> having to log in, get a code, give your information probably.. forget it. it. >> makes me wonder do they stils give toys out in cereal >> i think they've gone away.hee i don't think they do that anyi more.
7:55 am
too.. >> no more but more of you later on in goo day. day. i'll be here, yes. >> more talkers. more t >> oh, my god a lot -- i'm suree we'll get a lot of tweets.f twe. we can talk about >> is it a deal breaker,l bak cheating, i don't tucker, what do you think?atyouh >> i'm more concerned about theb fact there's no good toys in ton cracker >> right. let's talk about the real abouta important things here. >> that's why you eat cracker ck jacks. >> the toys went away long time >> steve all about let's go to the forecast.e fecas mid 60s out there early. mid 80s this afternoon. summertime feel for one day special.ia we'll be cooler tomorrow.omro 67 at reagan national.nal. dulles 66 and bwi marshall 65 degrees. there's your storm tracker rad radar. sunshine for southwest flow up ahead of our o frontal system is going to pumpp the temperatures temporarily. can you believe it's snowingli this morning in maine, sarah?evr >> what?hat? >> yeah. it's snowing in maine thisng in morning.g. see it way up off the screen.n.
7:56 am
late this afternoon and there ae could be a few strong storms.gto keep that in mine. have more on that coming up.g 86 today.od cloudy skies with temps in the e mid 60s tomorrow so the cooler weather settles back in midweek. but again one-day special withh summertime and could bend cld b summertime thunderstorms thisers afternoon with a few strong a fw storms. storms. all right. that's the weather update. one more round of traffic thisii hour with erin. eri how is it looking. >> 7:56. very slow outer loop 95 tooute georgia down to 18 miles pers hour.hour 95 on the southbound side jams s from the icc to the inner loop.l very slow-moving traffic there.e 15 miles per hour bw parkway north and southboundo jams as you pass by powder milll road. road still tracking this closure a dealed pedestrian crashestrian h investigation out in anne arundel. three southbound remains shut rs down at johns hopkins road. roa traffic trying to get aroundd that 32 inbound is dealing withi a lot of slow-moving traffic. take 424 back to three but giveg yourself plenty of extra time.xt that is your normal route. 66 eastbound jams 29 dealing deg with the usual flow of traffic.a
7:57 am
234 to centreville.evil inside the beltway secondariesea very heavy in the district andta suitland parkway inbound jams ud a make your way to south capit capital. that is your traffic. i back to you, steve. >> erin thanks.s t erihank coming up at 8:00 we'll'l catch up with actress bella b thorn and talk about her newer w >> how local girl is spreading r message of kindness andnd gratitude with cookie sales. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. look outside on thissin t tuesday, april 26, 2016. 2 it is one-day summer special spe headed our way on this tuesday.d tucker will talk more about the it's going change come tomorrowm erin of course has your latestos oh and traffic coming up on theg 5's at 8:00 sorry five.y f first we say good morning to you. i'm holly morris.ris allison off today.. >> i'm steve schenn z welcome to fox5 news morning.or following a developing story oug of northwest d.c.. police are investigate a deadlyd stabbing on in this capitals cit street near tyler house.tyler no word on motive or a suspect.. also developing thisevopin morning, police investigate i wagon appears to be a possible i drive by shooting in forestville maryland.ryla >> actually four victims.uall one of them a woman is dead. d and right now there are no suspects. fox5's melanie alnwick is livee in for rhettville with thettvilt latest g morning,, m >> reporter: good morning, mni guys. so t
8:01 am
investigation at least here onen hill march drive has wrapped upu so the road is back open but you can still see some of thel e remnants of the crime scene herr from overnight.rnig. glass on the street from whererw the window of a vehicle was shot out. that has just been towed away,wa and you can still see a few would be,, what were evidencevic held down by some rocks. some r you can see those all up andthop down the street here, too.e,oo now, this happened about 1:300 this morning. mni people who live nearby told meod that they heard what soundedound almost like multiple cannonanno shots. that's what they said theaid gunfire was so loud that that it what they heard here. definitely something that theye were not used to. t another man described it as something almost like popcorn. n listen to what he toll us. >> just sounded likeed firecrackers, you know, going off or something like that.meth but i didn't think it was actually shooting but i see now that it was, and sorry to say ww lost someone
8:02 am
it getting hot -- getting hoteti and people getting doing different thing. t just getting wild all of ad all sudden. i don't know. >> reporter: so the woman her h body was laying there right inrg the driveway in front of this house here on hill march drive for many hours this morning.. so we don't have an an identification on her yet.. also as far as the three victims as well.el no update on their condition c other than what we were tolderet this mor one man in critical, twotica t suffering non light threateningi gunshot wounds. wound people here think they saw the shooters get into a vehicle andc speed away.eea so i think that's where theheree drive by shooting term came fr from. although when i tried to pressis prince george's county police oy that, they said that drive byvey shooting is an actual technicall term.term. so until someone actually givesg that it designation, that's notn what they would call it, and therei
8:03 am
point that says that a car was w driving by and shooting perhaps people got into a car and fled after that. a lot of information but a lot of people around as well. w so we think we are going to get little more more information later today and other people in this neighborhood telling usd ln pretty much they've had enough.e back to you guys. >> thanks fort update, mel. >> primary day in maryland. polls have been open for aboutnf an >> hillary clinton and donaldr.c trump are poised tlio take theae state no problem.ate problem along with four other statesther they're holding primaries ini i today.toda but several local races are also taking center stage in maryland. fox5's bob barnard is live in in fort washington this morning. so people out and voting alreadr i hope, bob? >> reporter: yeah, light and steady so far here at oxon hill middle school.oo so far this morning the pollsol only been open about an hour, .uys. no school here in princeoo george's county to allow for tht free flow of voters.ot same thing in montgomery countyu as well.el no school in montgomery county.u a lot of schools being used asss polling pla
8:04 am
several big races. r three big races and, sure, there are republican races as well bub the democrats are likely to winn these and then go on to win onwi election day in november.ovem but the first big one is tones replace the retiring barbara mikulski u.s. senator and it pits donna edwards who will bedl voting here at oxon hill middlel school in about an hour versuser chris van holland of course racc and party loyalty playing big roles in this particulars pa campaign. the other big races in marylandr to felt chris van holland and a donna edwards seats in the housh the representatives.ntate maryland's eighth congressionalr district you have former he fo anchorwoman and married mri executive kathleen matthews. david tone you've heard his heah commercials. he's a local businessman and a state senator jamie raskin for maryland's eighth congress shaat district to replace chris val holland.d in the fourth congressionalgr district former states attorneyr glenn ivy running formeror lieutenant governor anthony govn brown who lost to larry hogan
8:05 am
last year's race for governor of maryland. there are plenty of other democratic candidates anddas a republican races, but, again, an guys these are the key ones herh for the senate and the twohewo congressional districts which wh are opening up because of chrisc van hollen and donna edwards run fog u.s. senate. senate. polls close here in maryland m 8:00 o'clock tonight, guys.. >> busy day across the state ofo maryland today.od. bob, thank you very much.uch. >> 8:05. nice looking start to the day,ey tuck.tuck. >> people voting in shorts.. >> certainly can do c looking at summertime for your y day today. mid 80s for daytime highs.ig mid 80s, it is as mentionedd one-day special because we gotl cooler weather on the way and potential for late afternoon thunderstorms.rstorm we'll have all things summerme today. southwesterly breeze, littlee, e humidity, temp way above normal. yeah, we're all systems go herer we need the pools open.pool 69 in annapolis. annap 66 in leonardtown. 69 already in fredericksburg.ri. not much cooling overnight. ovet one of the hallmarks of warmf w temperatures with the overnighto lows back in the mid 60s. first piece of er
8:06 am
through the next couple of houru will bring us a little cloudlo cover i think the showers willkh hold off until we can reallyeall build the daytime heating here.r that will be more like mid toe m late probably after 4:00 p.m. start0a to see some showers ande shers thunderstorms move in from theft north and west.des 86 today, very warm.y w again look out for late day latd storms.or could be a few strong storms. so officially we're under a marginal to slight risktisk depending what part of the pof e viewing area you're in for severe weather thirty eight. thi there could be gusty winds and d maybe a little damaging hail. h i'll have the seven day in justi a minute. cooler tomorrow.. >> t minus one month to theth t pools by the way.ols >> memorial day,.orl day,. >> memorial weekend.>>l >> about month away now.ut month >> all right.>> all right. count fg one of those days,neth erin, too.oo >> any day after work is my poop opens i say we have noon happypy hours.hour just throwing the idea out there for you guys.s >> i'm available.ille >> thanks, right now 66 east 234 to centreville still very slow down to 17 miles per hour.s pe let's take live look outside ana show was else you're up against. 395 northbound dealing with a w disabled vehicle
8:07 am
channel that is causing slowsinw downs right now you can seet n traffic very heavy disable bus blocking the right shoulder.houe it looks like two buses rightesg now no reports of any off off loading of passengers no reportp of injuries.uries. just a disabled bus and you canu see disable car just north attha that point. slow traffic 395 from the beltway to the 14th street4t s bridge. bridge. forget about it you need a lot i of extra time. t look back at our maps aside froe the 395 northbound delays andaya stalled bus, twitter update ford you. keep in mine anne arundel we arl still dealing with a closure. deadly pedestrian crash investigation three southboundoo at johns hopkins road. that is being traffic is beingsb detoured around thatund tha intersection. 32 backing up because of that. 422 seeing heavy traffic, and, a three south very jammed up tomet the detour. keep in mind if you're take're t metro new problem right now. shady grove bound red lined lin passengers may experience eer delays. there was an earlier off loadede train at forest glenn just aftet 8:00 this morning. t look at all the red on the map.m want to point out you're slow oo the he were through annan dell.
8:08 am
295 from the beltway on up and a 295 southbound by eastern avenue a little bit of technical glitch there with our map.ther things are slow as you make your way through the area past upper marlboro on the outer loop asoop we'll. we'll keep you moved in you'reoi headed to the airport thisait ts morning you need extra timextrae whether you're headed to bwi,wi reagan national or dulles.les dulles access road seeing heavya volume. back to >> erin thanks.ha coming up two more celebritiesti canceling their shows in northti carolina because of the state'so controversial transgenderia bathroom and later we'll tell wheree you you can now see one of prince's custom made guitars. we're back in just 30 seconds. .
8:09 am
♪ live look there at two babye wob eaglets nameless for now butname that won't last long. las lon we'll officially hear what theit names are later this day wheny e the national arboretum announces them. 66 degrees is our temperature ie right now.ght 8:09 is the time. the t take a look at this. huge hail stones poundingon poun central kansas.ransas that state along with others in the planes are bracing for ther possibility of even more severev weather.weathe tornadoes, heavy winds and haild as large as baseballs will likely pound the southern regior of oklahoma all the way to southern nebraska. looking for garage.for >> yeah, right. >> big time. keep that car protected todayed marks 30 years sin the worsthe nuclear disaster in history.tor. >> survivors and former and fore employees of the chernobyl poweb plant held a vigil for those whe lost their lives. l
8:10 am
it was april 26th, 19866 reactor at the chernobyl plantyt overheated.heated millions were exposed toll dangerous levels of radiation. 31 people died initially butnial since then thousands of items oi have been attributed to thed to disaster. the areas around the plantnt remain completely uninhabitable. it's official. oicia two big companies one stepanie o closer to becoming another cablb giant.ant. us justice department approved p charters bid to buy time warn tw warner cable for $55 billion.lin but with some strings attached. designed to protect theo otect competition and consumers.sume among the conditions, no customer data caps or usage based pricing for up to seveno e charter is not allowed to chargg net mix and other online videoio providers for improved deliveryy of its content.. >> cleveland the city of city cleveland reached a $6 million i settlement over the death ofeath tamir the city will pay $3 million3 mn this year and $3 million nextlln year to his family.. the 12-year-old was shot and and killed by a police office
8:11 am
police say he was playing with g pellet gun that resembled abl a handgun recent fused to put upee his hasn't.s ha a grand jury failed to bringo b criminal charges again the officer but federal civil rightv investigation is still on going. north carolina controversyia over hb2 the transgenderge bathroom bill continues.. protesters gathered in charlottt yesterday.yest >> at the end of the day not ale the demonstrators made it home. about 50 opponents of the newf t law were arrested. opponents say the bill condoneso hatred towards -- condones hatee tread towards the lgbt commune n supporters of the bill say itayt protects children against sexual predators.s. meanwhile, demi low vat tonn he nick jonas are coolingoo canceling their shows in northth carolina to protest a new statew law limiting lgbt protections.rt they issued a joint statement se saying they will not performerfo shows in raleigh and charlotte.e they say they know the theow cancellations are disappointingn but they ask fans to stand withw them against what they call a hateful
8:12 am
8:11.>> 8 coming up local girl scoutl serves up a sweet treat to somes local police officers.l police c why she brought them boxes and boxes of cookies.oo >> let's head outside on tuesday morning. looking good so far.od so f you have about a good half day d to get your outdoor stuff done. tucker is back with your fullul forecast coming up next.t. it's 8:12.:1 ♪ ♪
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hot, hot, hot.. >> summertime tunes, are we.,re >> bringing out the hot play list. list. >> switch our cuteness factor te the coolest factor.ol fac >> look how green everything isi really green. green all right. let's do cuteness and we'll dodl weather. we got it right here. a aww. >> rocking wizards cap.ards c. >> kendrick, everybody.y >> his batman hoodie. >> batman and spiderman.pirm >> that's right.>> that's right. >> it could be the next batman v spiderman movie setup here.up h >> could be. be >> possible friend of kev's. >> possible. pble >> this is kendrick, everybodyko much he's two years old and as a you can tell he loves his superr heroes. including steve chenevey andve a watching fox5 in the morning. mi >> i think he likes super hero h john wall as well with that hata on. >> i think you're right.nk >> kendrick, we love yourove y picture and love that smile andi super heroes.s he might have super hero shoes on. on. >> i would bet that they are. >> yup.>yup. >> superman to go with spidermae and batman it's tough had you're that age to pick a favorite super hero.ero. >> back when we were that age ww had underoos.
8:16 am
i had wonder woman. >> maybe they're happy theyap don't have those any more. all right.all r to send us your child's pictureu to our facebook page fox5 dc. kendrick we love your pictureouu love your smile and everythingrn you're wearing there.earingre >> have great day, kendrick.y,dr >> take on the world.ld. >> have a super day. >> clever, steve i like that. >> 67 in mid to upper 80s.8 can you believe it? mid toliev upper 80s today.od already off and running heree near 70bwi marshall. 69 degrees and the possibilityoi of a summer thunderstorm late l this afternoon with a cold fronf which will bring us much coolero air here for the middle and ende of the week. this is just going to be a one-day warmup. war there's live look at your stormo tracker radar looking at showers now pushing into extreme westerw maryland and southwest pa anda that will head in our distribution later thisater t afternoon. our best chance for showers ands storms will be after 4:00 p.m. m today. but again we could have strong t storm or two.wo if you got sports later today,oy going to
8:17 am
keep a close eye on the foreca forecast. fox5 weather app will give you the latest withpp w the possibii of some thunderstorms laterms today. cooler tomrow. 86 today.ay. x60 tomorrow. okay? >> all right. sounds good, let's check in with erin get a look at the roads. ra what's up, erin. >> 8:17.:17. traffic slow heading into theowa dmv a lot of congestion. cgest beltway to 14th street intr alexandria and arlington down to 14 miles per hour.ou you can see south of the beltwal as you head towards the tards springfield interchange things really start to back up.rto back all of our bridges really slow s right now, 11th street, third t street tunnel slow, memorialemor bridge, gw parkway southboundoun jams by 123 as you head to thete key bridge from rosslyn intoyn o georgetown you're stacked andstd then suitland parkway reallyay a slows down let me get out of th way there. wath as you make your way inboundound towards 295.. 295 both directions inbound frod the bottom of beltway backs up u and then you can see the southbound side also delays asas you make your way past easternae of a northbound side down toboui 14 miles per hour as well. five inbound branch avenue veryv slow towards 295. a live look outside in
8:18 am
to those delays, westbound sided of the freeway as we take a live look moving much better. b earlier disable car out by -- excuse me boundary channel. chan that cleared out of the way.ay. inbound 395 hov lanes boundaryny channel drive excuse me there ih activity on the shoulder so shor caution there.he freeway getting back to normal r after dealing with a stall bytab mine traffic moving along much bettet outbound new york avenue.ndew your typical morning congestionn at that location. locat in addition to that petro rightr now is dealing with some with problems. we'll look back at our maps. shady grove bound train wase dealing with some slow downslows because of an earlier off o loading issue. iue and the outer loop top side ofop the beltway remains very heavy same story 95 southbound in i maryland from the icc down. steve?e >> erin, thanks. in other news this morningis mor nine-year-old girl in montgomero county plan a sweet surprise fof her local police department.tmen now she sold cookies this year a she asked people to buy an extra box of girl scout cookies for cf police officers.ffics >> in her efforts resulted inor dozen and dozens of boxes for oo men and women in blue. fox5's lindsay watts
8:19 am
the thoughtful girl scout. sco >> girl scout cookies that iha love to eat are thin mints andnd samoa i would say those are thoe before the cookies.he c >> reporter: they're the kind td of treats that seldom -- sell themselves self. sel elizabeth barry had a selling tragedy.ed >> i would say hi and smile. >> for this girl scout it's notl all about making money she wantw to make others smile too, t particularly police.. i thank them for everything thaa they do to, like, fixing all the crime that is people do. i heard that one station lost a police officer a couple of months ago, and i wanted them tm smile again. >> reporter: she got about 250 cookie donations and shend delivered some over the weekend. along with letters. lters thank you for being brave and ba keeping us safe. >> it make the day go by a b little bit easier. easie makes it a little bit ease youre to go to each call there
8:20 am
know citizens that really carelc about it. >> reporter: officers admit oic eighths tough time to wear a ti badge. >> police officers all over thes country are mindful every dayry when we go to work that, youha y know, we may not come home. home so when we see a gesture like l what elizabeth did for us it it reminds of why we wanted to thet job. >> reporter: it's a jobr: it' elizabeth knows othersh kno appreciate, too. >> i wasn't surprised because ii know that people really, reallya care. >> reporter: and it doesn't stop with police officers.ff her next stop, the va hospital i in d.c. >> it just makes me really,y, really proud, and happy that i'i making a difference. difrence. >> that's really sweet.ha >> we said earliert', she shoulu get like five badges for that. >> this is actually the third t year she's delivered cookies tot the veterans at va hospital.. after her talk there officer o noah leotta was killed by aled b drunk driver in december and ded that touch tou >> very nice. still ahead this morning tomorng brady suspend
8:21 am
judge says he must now sit out o for games for deflate-gate.-gat sounds like it's 2015 all overr again. ag >> lee suspended. what does this mean for the quarterback and his team.his we'll break down the legalwn the options.opons. >> first, off day activities with bryce harper.arper. the secret selfie he took with t fan coming up next.p nt. ♪ ♪
8:22 am
8:24 am
♪ pretty cool if you're aty c prince fan or just fan ofan history or music. guitar that on ocest belonged to prince will be on display at the national museum american historo start dag. dag. it is the custom made yellow yel cloud electric guitar designed g by prince in 1989.98 you can see it has distinctivene personal symbol on the top and p on the side. it's going stay on display at the smithsonian until labor dayr today on good day d.c. we'll. w head down there for how on thisi famous guitar came to livee toiv there.ther speaking of smithsonian what is does a baseball player on hisr s day off? if he's interested ini history or being pretty coolyoo he's a tourist in d.c. g bryce y harper posted this self foe yesterday.ry. this is so brought great after a visit to the natural historyis museum. muse the young fan behind him lookshl like he has absolutely no idea i that his favorite player iss literally like two steps away.w. >> he's at the information bootb saying do you know where i canrc find bryce harper? >> exactly. exa >> turn around.>> t turn around.turn >> how funny. how
8:25 am
>> awesome of bryce first of alf to go to the smithsonian andni hang out on your day off when ow there's a thousand other thingsi to do but funny to take thatt picture.ct >> he's taking advantage of thiv great city.great ity. >> as soon as he saw thatsoon picture, are you kidding me?e? >> are you kidding me? rightid there.. >> has he seen it at this point. >> i guess he has.>> >> don't you think someone hases conclude him in. >> i would think at this point.i >> great picture. >> i'd be mad if it was me. >> right.>> r meanwhile let's do weatherlo nats game tonight.onig there might be thunderstorms tnd around but up ahead of it we'll be very summery this afternoon o make sure you got comfortable cb shorts as we'll be in the mid tt upper 80s. 80s 67 now no washington. much cooler north and east.t so cold in fact north of bostonn it's snowing this morning up ini boston -- up in maine.. parts of new hampshire and vermont up we're looking at clear skies.. again southwesterly flow upsteru ahead of our front will pump tht temperatures and the humidityum around here.around her so mid to upper 80s. 8 very warm afternoon and then
8:26 am
thunderstorms as we get into get late afternoon time frame and aa few of those storms could be onl the strong side.stronge just heads up to the skyfox five weather app. a we'll give you the latest on any thunderstorm activity thatit t develops. 86 today. 66 tomorrow.66 t much cooler for middle and end d of the week.of tee >> thanks, tuck. >> check in with erin get a look what's happening on the roads o and the rails.n all that transportatioann stufff >> definitely. want to give folks head up tool grab their umbrella before theye head out and watch for dice knee ride home for work once that ona rain moves in as tucker mention. in anne arundel keep in mindp in road closed for a deadly pedestrian crash investigation. route 3 southbound johns hopkinn road avoid that area and because of that 97 south is jammed fromm ben field boulevard on to 32, 33 southbound jams and yourou alternate detour very backed upu so you'll need a lot of extrafxt time there. tre congestion this morning fromsori virginia.rgia really heavy as i get out of tht way there from the beltway to ty the 14th street bridge. 395 is basically parked speeds d picking up to about 14 miles pe hour.
8:27 am
from 414 across the wilsonn bridge from prince george's intn alexandria.dria very jammed especially the lowlo and through inbound 29515 miles per hour on the southbound side as you passp by 50 and then northbound northn 14 miles per hour as you pass as from the beltway through the naval research lab. for traffic in just a few. holly?holly? >> thanks, err rip.>> t still ahead we catch up wite actress bella thorn. we'll chat about her newou h animated movie ratchet and clinic. cl >> first top brady just can't ct shake deflate-gate. he's suspended for games. gam. reaction to the ruling and a what's next for the quarterback. what legal options are out there? it's 8:27. ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 right now. deflate-gate reinflated thistedi morning after a judge ruled neww england patriots quarterback tom brady must serve the four game suspension imposed by the nfl.. so let's take look back first aa how we got here. her tom brady's troubles startea wiley new england patriots werew cruise to go a crush down of the indianapolis colts in the afc championship game.ame it was january 2015. colts player noticed that theert footballs being used seemed offf it was later determined thatmi several balls had been slightlyl deflatdeflated.ated locker room a attendant andendaa equipment assistant and brady ab came under suspicion for takingn part in the tampering. inform fl requested brady's celc phone looking for text messagese from brady to the other menth under suspicion.. he said he destroyed the phonehe his normal procedure afterdure a getting a new phone. pne
8:31 am
was more probable than not thatt brady was involved. involve and the nfl suspended him. federal judge nullified that tt penalty last september and thent came yesterday when the appealsa court sided with the nfl. so if you're tom brady do youbr take the punishment and move on or fight perhaps to the supreme court? joining me ellen, sports attorney and arbitrator whor w teaches sports management atortn george washington good morning, he will glenn goo morning. >> so what are his options righg now as far as mr. brady? does he take the punishment? does h have a chance legally to fight this?th? >> well, his options twenty fouy fold. he can either go back to the circuit court the second circuit court made of 22 judges andudgea whether it's unanimous they havv to decide or majority, they havh to decide to review the veryhe v case that they just decided.ed. the second is what we call a writ of certificate. he petitions the supreme court u to review the case. c it is highly unlikely that thiss would create the, you know, thee supreme court to say this is soo
8:32 am
review it.ew it. now that's not to say patriotsat fan this is not so important,mpt but to the supreme court not son much. >> which has a few other thingss to handle of nationwideioid significance >> let's go back to the firstbat option when it comes to theit ct circuit court.ui what are the chances those 22 te judges on the circuit court sayt we've done this but let's go l's back and take look at this again?again? >> that's almost like askingmoss commissioner goodell to changee his decision that he made the decision in the originall punishment.shment so very few people like to review their very decision in ai different light. l >> ton get everybody on boardvey now, not just the judges thatget made the initial ruling. ruling. >> i'm going out on a limb and say virtually impossible.mpsi >> you're the legal expert.legar i'll agree with through. w as far as the supreme court, if, it happened, what type of timetable might it to be geto bg something before the supremere s court this could drag on for d years, right?ars, right >> absolutely. even if it goes to the seconds o circuit it could drag on for years. year so really the league is focusedc on finding out if the collective
8:33 am
absolutely provides the commissioner the authority to look over discipline that isth detrimental to the game. gam that's the standard. stand this case was not about tom this case for the nfl was about enforcing the collective collece bargaining agreement that thente nfl players association and its members agreed to.s aged t if they don't like it, when thit expires, they can go back in ori even prior to, you know, expiration, they can try to negotiate better terms and conditions for player contact... conduct >> so the bottom line is, thisst is the commissioner of the nflfl saying i have the power to doowo this, i have the power to, you y know, take control over these disciplinary matters. when seen the need. if that is in fact the way thist goes that's the end result in rl this case can they reopen oldn o cases then, old disciplinarypliy cases? what does this do for do the power of the nfl and the a t commissioner in the future?th ft >> they just wanted to said a precedent so future playersla
8:34 am
every time they don't like the decision of the nfl. n or in this case commissionermise goodell.goodell. so this is about setting ati precedent to trigger the actiont of the future. fur >> they want to be it starts and it stops here without -- with -t the office in new york that'sork the end of the game.d of tam >> that's end of the game.t' if you want to alter this you g back to the collectiveollectiv bargaining agreement just like r any other union in management gn back to the terms and conditio conditions. >> don't take it to court.ake >> don't make eight less priority when you're making it.g make eight top priority.rior remembering when you go in,in, you've got a list of 100 thingsi that you want in that unionni agreement isn't sure.n't se >> and what gets push to the bottom is often some thing as little as arbitration. >> until tom brady gets to be a part of it suddenly it's adenly bigger deal. bi if you're tom brady's legaleg adviser this a matter we've beeb dealing with well over a yearovy now. if you were his legal adviserldv would would you tell him to do?? >> i would hope that if he was able to say he was somewhat
8:35 am
was the throwing the cell phoneo away or something of that sort, that he didn't add to the t process to be more, um, stream lined, then perhaps he can get a lesser penalty like two game or four game.ame. it saves space for the nfl because he's now part of the t but if he stands in his corneror and doesn't back down, then the nfl will most likely keep the ke four game suspension.uspeio >> all right.>> all right. we'll wait and see what happense we thought we were done with this awhile ago and we weren't.t we'll see where it goes fromgoeo here. ellen, thanks for joining ushan this morning. >> thank you very much.nk y >> to to hear the legal minds.e. let's check in with tuckerr barnes.rnes 8:35. 8:35 tuck, how we doing today. >> more base bull weather thanwn football weather today.ll wea mid to upper 80s with steam heat ahead of our frontal system.m. 69 at bwi smash shaat.shha 66 dulles.. reagan national 67 degrees andde again very warm start overnightg not whole lot of cooling takingg place.plac lots of sunshine.nsne bright sunny skies to start youu day. we'll get a little bit in thetle way of cloudiness
8:36 am
next couple of hours. and then i think get into the it afternoon the actual front willw start to pivot into the region r and that will likely kick up atp least some scattered showers ans thunderstorms.unders so this will likely fall apart a but the main event arrives midim to late afternoon.ftno we'll kick off around of showere and thunderstorms and we couldo have a few strong storms outs there so keep that in mine.n m there's your forecast for today. how about mid 80s by 4:00 p.m. with afternoon thunderstormsndsr developing.g. seven day featuring much coolero air. mid 80s today.80s to how dawarm it will be tomorrow?? you'll have do stay tuned, erin. >> good tease, tucker. tker >> was it.>> was it. >> great tease. >> took me all morning. >> at least right now we canht e tell you there's a busy morningm commute going on.mmute crash activity suddenly roadnlyd shut down at casser opinion roaa you need caution around thatn au intersection in prince william.m also, in prince william thisamhi morning 66 on the eastbound sids remains very slow throughw ro centreville. and falls 95 on the northbound side inndi prince william ton of congestioo right now as you pass from the
8:37 am
once you hit the springfieldie interchange you remain stack from the beltway to the 14thelth street bridge. i'll get out of the way as youes head out on the inner loop, loo from, say, the area of 414 414 making your way across into alexandria, you are very backedb up. same story as you pass thehe springfield interchange through annandale. light volume there.he in tysons typical slow-moving-m traffic on leesburg pike. p 97 south jammed from ben field f road on to 32 that is because be three southbound johns hopkinsso road remains shut down becausenu of a deadly pedestrian crashn cr investigation.n hey sod the big backups on three southbounde as well. wel typical delays into the district cabin john backs up from the beltway clara bar bon. b clara barton very slow from thet bottom of the beltway andelay inbound dealing with tons ofs o congestion this morning.orni steve? >> erin. when we come back actress bellab thorn has a new animated movie out called ratchet and she'll share her thoughts withih kevin and
8:38 am
could wait to meet.uld it t >> boost your baby's brain.ra what babies should listen ton to help them learn faster. ♪
8:40 am
democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us. protecting women from domestic violence. taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash. powerful interests don't want democrat donna edwards. that's a powerful reason why we do. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> beautiful flowers to startifl off this tuesday nice day outside. we'll check in with tucker in a few minutes and get the details there. tucker and erin join us now we want to address a loss that effects all of us at fox5. it touches all of us very tni mm you've noticed allison is hass not been here the last couple oe ys
8:41 am
unfortunately she and if youe df follow her son social media youm have noticed by now she's unfortunately mourning the losst of her beloved mother barbarara seymour. >> allison's mom passed away paa sunday after a brief time in tht hospital.hoal allison had spoken about that last week. mrs. seymour was 76 years old ys and if you saw allison surprises birthday party it had a lot of touching moments but one of thee most was when she spoke with heh mom and dad on the phone thathoa day during the broadcast.. >> yesterday allison postedon these beautiful pictures onn facebook this and she and momnd when she was very very young aog little baby resemblance amazinga look at her mother looks likeksk allison now.allisonow. the other one more recent photop she shared with us that has her mother -- her mom played so many roles in her life.s in caregiver to allison's girls shs never had to have outside help.h also as a pastor's wife to hero father who's a minister. allison said lastly that her moh was her biggest cheerleader inar live and that's something that we certainly have seen allisonsn pass on to her three daughters h as well. wl >> i know and knowing allison
8:42 am
touched and overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support that she's getting on her social media from all the viewers. v we are like a big family.. and allison if you are watchingt you know that we are holding yog and your entire family in our hearts as tightly as we can andn we look forward to you coming >> well said. we'll be back in just a minute.. 8:42 right more of fox5 news morning cominn up. up. hi dad.
8:43 am
yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
8:45 am
♪ >> there they are. the our baby eaglets. ets big day for them they're gettini named today.od so here are the choices. choes freedom and liberty stars and stripes anna cos city ya and potomac, honor and glory, cherre and blossom.and blossom big announce the set to be at ta 10:00 o'clock this >> little over an hour away.ovea >> yeah.>> yeah. we'll fine out during good day.o that's exciting. >> about time they get someime h >> got to let them get through u the terrible teens before theyee get their regal names.eir n >> it looks like there's littlet breeze roughly link theirink feathers there.feathe the slightly. now they're really high, i knowo >> it's amazing how they blendyb right into the nest you canto t barely even see them.lyven >> camouflage.ou >> i know. >> so cute.>> so cute >> there's little bit of breezee and will be out of the southhe h every west today will pump inll that hot temperatures they'll get their first pushing 90-degree day today. i don't know if eagles pant ors sweat the out.the >> they do. we were talking about the momute was breathing heavily like l panting like a dog and that'sndt
8:46 am
>> i thought you were the onewhr who toll us that.wh if i did i made it up. >> he forgot.t >> we'll verify with the peoplep at the national arboretum.tiona. >> if i said that was a fact, ii want to be very clear, have i n >> brief summer preview.ri summe yes. everybody will be panting laterr today.toda especially your dogs as we'rese' going to be nice and warm mid to upper 80s later this afternoon n make sure plenty of water forerr everybody.ev 67 now in washington.hing 68 in leonardtown.. 70 fredericksburg. 70 winchester culpeper 70 degrees.70 degrees mild temperatures to start youry day. morning sunshine and steve wante to know exactly when it will bee the 80s by early afternoon weern should see 80s out there.he we do have showers just off to f our north and west if ourfur viewers out in the mountainsou some of these may hold togetherr here temporarily.ri. the main event for us as far asr the possibility of showers andhs storms arrives a little later ar this afternoon. as we get a better push of cooler and drier air.rierir so the setup for today southwesh breezes and then that cold frono drops on in.ops on a little later and again there t
8:47 am
and thunderstorms mid to late afternoon.n. nats game tonight atgh 7:00 o'clock.00 o. possibility of delays.ibil i don't think it will get rainei out but possibility of that gamg could be delayed as we'll have e scattered showers and storms.s t here's our setup for tomorrow. front hangs out to our south. sh temperatures only in the 60s. 80s today and mind that front we won't get out of the 60s tomorrow for daytime highs.ig there we are at 7:00 o'clock.0 c scattered nature of the shower e again, the possibility is there that we can kick up a few fireef up a few strong storms latertosr this tomorrow generally cloudy skiesi a couple of showers around. cooler temperatures are here to stay. stay there we are late tomorrowow afternoon with again a fewin f scattered showers redevelopingev during the day.rihe d all right. right officially under a marginal tol slight risk, slight risk is offi to the north and east up towardr baltimore and philly but anyny storms that develop could be ioc think the main culprit here thee main issue we could have veryavr gusty winds winds 60 plus milese per hour and again they'll be b widely scattered as far as the
8:48 am
to throw it out there for you. y 86 tomorrow.omorrow. 66 tomorrow.66 unsettled to end the week the receipt now saturday lookssa loo fantastic.fant 70 with a few clouds metlo gentleman getting married on med saturday. good news for you if you're getting married on saturday. all right, guys, tr hat's thehe latest weather forecast.orecast toss it back to you.tossback too >> let's check in with wisdomhdo and maureen find out what's wt' coming up in just about 10 about minutes on good day d.c. >> live in the lot of formerr burgundy and gold tight end e chris cooley. cle new radio show, tossed from the -- talk skins now and we goe to mention rgiii comments. commt >> zimmer down, wisdom.. >> zimmer down. >> common pills we pop for colds, flu, heartburn could havv serious side effects c mike hass what we need to know.o k >> live in the ndmv1 of prince's prized possessions. we'll tell you how you can see w it. >> all new at 10a gettinga gting personal with this one. with oe beyonce' is starting a nationala conversation about cheating. cat is that a deal breaker? >> join our discussion
8:49 am
>> don't miss a minute of good g day dc this morning.or it all starts in just few minutes. all right. thank you let's go ahead and get toet t today's health watch now.ow a heart stopping momenten experienced by many parents maym now actually have a reassures explanation talking about when baby turns blue breathing irregularly or doesn't respond to gentle touch. seconds later they're back to'r north.rth. the american academies ofmi pediatrics is saying there's no connection to sids, suddeno , s infant death syndrome.e still there's no clear cause or treatments. these episodes typically happene in babies that are aunt-year-ole and they last less than minute,n and generally resolve on their own.n so here's question for you.u do you want your baby to grow up to be smart? no brainer, right. >> ha, ha new study says you ss should play music for yourfor yr >> researchers say if you playrs music for your infant it cannftt help them learn to speak fasters even learn a foreign language.e. scientists say the brain scans s of babies who listened to m
8:50 am
were more active than thoseha te babies who just played with to toys. i don't find that to bet anything new. eathought we already knew that. >> i did, too. did, too it's a new study >> good reminder. >> break ups always effect people differently according tor recent study some people aretudm going their doctor hoping toop walk away a new person.erso. >> doctors are calling the trend, break up botox.. people are looking to theng procedure in order to mask theom pain of a break up. literally. recent study of 30 people showss 47% walking away with lesss depression after the injection. doctors say looking happier has people actually feeling happier. >> okay. >> i wonder if that's brought ta you by the plastic surgery association. >> botox commission?miio >> yes. >> in today's fox beat, actresss bella thorn is the voice behindn one of the characters in videoiv game turned movie ratchet andcht clank. >> she's 18 years old. she she sat down with kevin to talkk about why she's excited aboutbot this new film and what it would be like meeting her favoriteite who is it?who ist? >
8:51 am
>> great idea in this movie thiv idea where the characters meetse his hero and he's not the persor he thought he would be.. ratchet meets his hero. >> yeah. >> you don't have to name namesv working in this business, do yoo meet people that you looked upod to that didn't turn out the wayy you want them to be?he b >> yeah, ooh met some peopleomee where i'm just like, oh, my godd i love you i've been waiting tog meet lil wayne i hear he's thehe most crucial homey. such a homey. h yeah you want to talk come downw and sit with me. let's talk. i like to say i do that a lot a with my fans. so that's kind of who -- not aspire to be but aspire to be i the way with fan dom. d >> if you're in this business and you want to meet someonentme that you admire, how do you go about doing if you want to meet lil wayne can you reach out toet his people and say i want toantt meet him. do you you >> honestly i'll take my chance one day i'll just see him and hm his beauty from a far because iu i went up to him, you know, anda asked him for a photo he'd be like, okay., o okay. but really i would just like tot
8:52 am
talk to him without taking aho k photo.ot. just like have a conversationone with him.. it would be so cool.oo >> you nerd out about that.out t that's kind of cool.. >> i did i admire is lil wane. >> awesome. ame when you're voice work in moviem what are you seeing? do you seu any of your character? what do you see? see? >> it depends on how far you're working in the animation process i came on board his this t character was already created. t i'm literally seeing cora withat her voice moving but no voiceuti coming out of it and her mouthth moving you get a strip of a line and they have the cues and theyy go beep beep beep and then youhe say your line. and nobody else usually has aas voice in the film you're justt acting with --h >> nothing.>> nothi >> yeah, just characters.ust ace with their mouth moving.ov >> the movie itself ratchet and clank hits theaters this fridayi morning.rn i thought maybe she'd say she want to meet kevin.meetev >> c
8:53 am
>> accomplished.he fox5 spring concert seriesnceree continues this friday morning. g it is round number three. this year's stars the muddy m crows tuck concern erin will be out at farragut square park atk 17th and k streets hosting the show starting friday morning. >> muddy crows were voted bestt local band by washington city c paper readers last year andt yed they're exciting up and comingom rock group that just returned rr from their first european touro they actually played 25 shows in 21 cities. c take listen.take ln. ♪ >> muddy crow there is play at farragut square park this fridaa morning they'll be warming upng during fox5 news morning and a then of course they'll reallyy'a get things going on good dayd dy d.c.c. so make sure you come on down and join us absolutely freeutelr tucker and erin will be have bev whole lot of fun out >> great music, too., >> i like it. i like all three weeks haveeeksv didn't so deci
8:54 am
let's say hello to our facebookb fan of the day.ay today it is tiffany her mom joyce and sister lisa. lisa. now they say they tune in everyy day and they want to wish theirr mom a happy be lated birth day.d the good girls they are.od girl. for your chance to be tomorrow'' fan leave a comment below theirw photo on our facebook page.. >> let's check in with tuckeruce right now. 8:54. get another look at ourok at forecast. good start at the day at least.h the question ce an he hold it,d, tuck.tu. >> temperature wise.>> perhaps a couple thunderstormsnt later today.later today mid 80s.0s it if legal summer right out rht there.the. reagan national sketch.tch. bwi marshall 69 degrees. dulles 66.dulles 6 so sort of early summer previeww today with lots of sunshine to o start the day.start the day. there we are. still doing mostly clear skies.. we'll get some clouds later thit morning and some filteredsome f sunshine this afternoon.hine tsf by late afternoon with good southwesterly breeze he had setting up we've got theg up prospect or the possible avenuev few scattered showers andand thunderstorms developing soelin again kind of mid to lateat afternoon.rnn if you have outdoors plans latet today, sporting events, nats n game tonight, be on the look o
8:55 am
here. he we can get some scatte scatterem activity.ti 86 today.oday. 66 tomorrow. tomor much cooler air settles into th middle and end of the week.e wee but right now, much of the weekend looks good particularlyr saturday with daytime highsytims about 70. that is a cooler seven day day forecast.. let's see if traffic conditions have cooled down. >> that was good one, tucker.god good toss.go 8:55 right now.ow unfortunately not in princerinc william crash activity suddenlyn road shut down in both directions at dessert pin road.. you get the gist. gt use caution around to crash activity right now as youu make your way out in reston. 267 dulles toll road east atastt hunter mill road crash there. delays are all the way back to k the greenway give yourselfouel plenty of extra time. tim and in prince george's countynt morning commute inner loop rea really slow to the wilson bridgg and i'll get out of the way. ou the outer loop remains slow too bw parkway. bw parkway slow and 50 very mucm backed up as you head into thedo district. keep in mind we've been trackinn this for several hours.. deadly crash involving aveing
8:56 am
pedestrian hit by a car. route 3 southbound is still shus down for investigation out by ot johns hopkins road, and that isi anne arundel much that isuch at causing delays on 97 south fromo the beltway all the way back from ben field boulevard and ond to 32. huge delays as you make your waw out in millersville thisville t morning. i'll say leave early and detourt also backing up you need a lot t of extra time to get aroundd route three if that's yoursr normal commute.rmal normal congestion in thein the district still lingeringingering including 395 inbound very slowo to the 14th street bridge. we're also seeing degrees on thn key bridge gw southbound slow on 123 inside the beltway cabin cin john backs up to rah barton. bar back to you.ou >> coming up the scary side sid effect of common medications.ict we'll check in with the foxh t f medical team for all the detai details. >> former redskin chris cooley e will join us in the loft he's here to tills about his new gigw and his opinion on some of theno other nfl drama making headlinel all coming up on good day dcc next. next.
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♪ straight ahead, four peopleo shot in prince george's county. one is dead. the gunman on the run. r we'll have a live report. election day in the three states. how maryland voters could helplh end a marathon for two front t f runners and the other big race r is up
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when life hands you lemons you made lemonade.u de lemonade. but what if you're not beyonce' how do deal with a cheater a cat especially if you want to stay s in plus, the new clues that could o reveal who becky with the good d hair really is. and later, let me takee selfie. bryce harper and bruce springsteen surprising fansurin witness pictures of a lifetime.. good day at 9a starts now.. ♪ >> let me take selfie. >> wait, me, too. wait.. >> wait. >> we shall take a selfie.l >> ready? >> ♪ oh, yes, it's 9:00 o'clock0c and it's time to give moreor information and more a m entertainment than goldenolde warriors chances without stephhs curry an selfie, too.oo >> let me take selfie.el >> good day dc. it's tuesday, april 26th.pril 2t i'm wisdom martin alongside the selfie taking holly morris, steve chenevey maureen umeh. and myself.. >> he


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