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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

5:00 pm it may be a little bit longer before we see that moving through the suburbs. you can see the storms closer to the culpeper area.eper a little bit of a down pour there. i'm not seeing a lit of lightening. it is not a severe storm, but it is growing a little bit as it moves to the southeast. as we put everything in motionvy here you can see there's a about it of a split with some energy north to pennsylvania and downnd through central virginia.virg at the moment nothing to be too alarmed about but we are on high alert because we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in the yellow. this is places for likee frederick county, washington county, carol baltimore and up earn maryland and the oceancea front. that's where the best potential is in a few hours of seeing some stronger storms begin to d. we're going to watch radar inadr the next 90 minutes and beyond. meanwhile check out the
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temperatures, 835 quantico. d.c. up to 85-degrees, but a big change in temperatures for tomorrow. listen we know the nats arere playing tonight, too. it's possible there could be a delay, but they also could guest mis, too. we will be watching this here on fox5 d.c., but on facebook and twitter.itte we'll make sure you're ahead ofd any storms that may pop up nop > shocking charges out of montgomery a 35 year old man under arrest d for the murder of a six-month old baby. the baby was in the saw peck's care at the daycare center. he claimed the baby choked on milk. an autopsy later revealed the baby massive injuries broken br ribs and bruises on her head.ead > bond hearing was held this afternoon. tomorrow what happened today. >>reporter: ha laura,s there's really no other way to put it. . this is a horrible story. in court today the prosecutor ao one point became so visiblyisib shaken she had to take a breath an
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too many injuries to list befort she could go on. the injuries according to court documents were consistent withoi what was described as repeated instances of physical abuse. these charges. who is this suspect? well, his name is kia different bed.ed tonight he is charged with second degree murder and child abuse. he owns the little dreamersle d daycare center out of his home in rockville. ro the baby, six month old lilly was in his care. they were called to shade i groi hospital for the report of an unresponsive incident. they say different been told investigators that lilly choked on milk. she turned blue look and hebl performed cpr.
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hospital where she died a fewew days instead of choking, it showed that the baby showed repeatedly injuries of abuse. hemorrhages, five left rib fractures, broken legs andnd bruises to the baby's forehead, neck and face.a his attorney in court says thers has been a rush to judgment in this the states attorney john mccarthy in maryland says thisis is a homicide, an outline the injuries this baby suffered. there were heeled flak terse ine her legs.egs there were acute, which means fresh fractures to her ribs, multiple. i think the total is # 1 or 1261 her ribs were broken. there was head trauma.raum there were subdural hematomas. mr. different band is adamant and looking forward to defensing himself in this we're in a
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and getting a the look of information right now but mr. different band looks forwark to having his day in court andnd to defending himself. > in fact, in court today prosecutors revealed that milli legal ban's pedestrian has alsoa injuries that appeared to have been older and healed. investigators say that they went to different band's daycare center they found out that het e had thrown out bloody baby wipes had removed milli's name with a container with her belongings. and prosecutors say there werewe suitcases in the driveway. a hearing on this case isas scheduled for may. we're life in rockville. tom fitzgerald, fox5 news. > to the district where d.c. police took two people into custody this afternoon callingng them person's of interest in a morning stabbing near several d.c. schools in the petworth area. this comes just one day after a wilson high school student was t stabbed in a robbery attempt and another wilson student was robbed near school last week. matt ackland is in
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where the police tracked down a person's of interest just afew u blocks away from the stabbing matt, what happened.matt >>reporter: d.c. police had.c. this area blocked off for several hours today after witnesses say they saw two young men trying to jump a fence and then they hid somewhere close to these houses. after we waited here for a whill then police were trying to bring two young men out. after a stabbing took place in northwest we noticed a group of high scullers at roosevelt highv l zoo. then they started rushing to their cars. we followed them to this spot t not far away where policeolic shotted commands at the two young men.en. i scene two guys running from where the school was.. we heard the fence ratting. then we just heard the policee say put your hands up. put your hands up. police taped off the area. even brought in k9 units and then over an hour later they escorted two young men out inin handcuffs. we are
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investigating the case and pursuing some leads.pu wers asked d.c. mayor murielay bowser about the recent crime near schools. any crime in the district isistr concerning to me. we want not only the studentsthe but anybody who may have beenben around who have seen somethingot suspicion to call 911. police have few victims aboutbou the victim or where he may have attended high school but made i clear the stabbing today was noy connected to the crimes nearnear wilson high school. we asked the mayor if the city is prepared for what is usually an increase in violence over the summer months.summ she said, yes. she even said that police willha be focusing on high crime areass throughout the city throughouty the summer months. > in northwest, matt ackland, fox5 local news. > new tonight, it was a busy day for mayor governor larry hogan signing more than 1730 bills into law. some of the programs includedncu
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education and voting opportunities. our top priority is education and we wanted to encouragencou innovative ideas to give parents better alternatives to preparepa children for higher education for the jobs of the future. the governor also said thehe states created more than 63,000 jobs. in the last month they created r more jobs than any other state o in the united states. > coming up, the spanking debate rages on. we'll tell you why the form of discipline is under scrutinycrut once again.on it rears its ugly head everyd once in a while. > step away from the dog, why scientists say your pups hate ta be hugged.ugge who knew. sue. hey there, laura and jim. we're keeping the eye on the possibility of a stronger thunderstorms. the strongest one is just west of charlotte and areas to our north do remain under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00
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we'll have another look at your weather and take you hour byy hour. if you're in maryland, this is a good time to get out and about. i'll see you on the other sidesi of the break. k.
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first up, if you are allergicgic from peanuts there is a w
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out from chik-fil-a.fil- over the weekend they announced a voluntary recall over its chocolate cookies. the cookies supplied by cm baking solutions. customers who have the affected cookies can them to any chik-fil-a for a refund. they friday everything in peanut oil. > there is a new research thatt is showing that am women using an acne drug that can cause severe birth defects are aren't taking effective measure to avoid pregnancy. accutane, as many of two-thirds of women aren't using oral conta stiffs while taking accutane. only 8 percent of the pregnancies resulted in r liability in the us the fda has very strict rules for prescribing accutane, includingi counseling patience on the drug's risks and pregnancy
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testing.test despite the measures researchrch shows many women are ignoring the warnings. meanwhile, obesity in kids is getting worse in this country than that is a finding in the new study published in the journal the obesity society. the rate of children with obesity is going down, in fact, they found that there are 4.5 45 children in this country with severe obesity. it can lead to type 2 diabetes and even cancer. dr. william keats at george washington university says there are three important take awaysay for parents. number one avoid sugary drinks, number two, dial back on fast food and recognize that pizza is a significant source of calories. the more physical activity a child has the better off theyf are in terms of health and the prevention of obesity.ty. speaking of children, punishing children by spanking could backfire on parents and
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in long term effects. new research shows spanking could. the difficulty didn't stop once children who were spanked reached adulthood. the more likely they are to have mental health problems as adults. > we've ton this.e' you have a doing. a >> we do. > i have one and we like too cuddle it sometimes to relieve a little stress. it doesn't do the same thing for your pets. >> hugs can actually stress outs your dog and they're telling us to quit dog it, but we're not reading the signals. turning their heads away,y, closing eyes, lowering or slicked back ears and showing the whites of their eyes, thosee are all signs that a dog is stressed out. experts say dogs prefer you show your love with a pet on the head or a belly rub or a treat. i don't really, totally buy that because when i start
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cuddly with my dog, he'llll respond in a happy -- they seem- to like it. >> in tail wagging sort of way. > you see the thunder vest, yos put it on your dog and it's supposed to simulate the feeling of pressure around their mid-section which is supposed to leave them when there is a storr going on.goin >> it seems to do it for my doing. maybe it's the hugs from the th kids. i see that. > maybe just a little bit.ust we have been enjoying this day, sue, but it looks like someli people are going to have to hunger down a little bit later if the indications are true.ue >> because it feels like a dog day. > it does. it has been a about it of a treat. we did get up as warm as 85-degrees. we do have a trigger that will come through a little bit latert tonight.toni it is a cool front and boy does it do a number on your onur temperatures tomorrow. first things we have a severe thunderstorm th our north, but at the moment
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in our area.a. i'll take you down where it's a little about it more accurate. as i put this in motion it's coming out of the interstate 71 corridor to our south and east. s that using to effect places farther south and we will probably have to wait for this cold up that's up throughro pennsylvania to get a little bie closer to trigger some storms. so at the moment not too bad. but that front sags southwardtha tonight. so we're not off the hook until much later tonight with some possibility of showers and thunderstorms, a few of which can be strong especially inly those areas to the north, the mason dickson line and over to o the atlantic ocean. we have the battle of the air masses now. look at the south and west windt over our area, but then look at boston at 40 degrees. new york city 51.yo there is a push of cold air behind this front and it's really going to change things us for us tomorrow in a big way, changing seasons, if you will.l. now, we are in baseball season
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playing tonight. they are taking on the phillies 7:05 first pitch.7:05 we have to say there is a slighs chance there could be a t thunderstorm the at any pointhe during the game today i tonight. so take the rain gear, there ise a boundary not too far to the west that could fire up during around the first a better chance that you could see something later inning, but i would also not be surprised if the stadium gets missed tonights as well. that would be good, too. get ready for wednesday.we 66 for the high temperature here in d.c. 62 for gates but, 63 for hagerstown and 66 for d.c. that will also include some vere light showers as a possibility pennsylvania earn that becomes a little bit more active for us with at least some chance for rain on several days this week. so we're heading downward in temperatures. get out and soak up the last of this warmth because it's going to be a while
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back into the 80s again. we'll have another look. > we do want to take a look atl some of the up to the minute conditions on your commute homee tonight. the roads are dry, but traffict is backed up in some areas. in virginia, involve is starting to build along i395 near the george washington parkway and the 14th street bridge.e. there is some slowing on the beltway at this hour. take a look at the commuters on 495 at bradley boulevard. you can see here some slowing in both directions.di and as you heard sue mention we could see some storms later in this evening, so use caution ass you head home.e. > i'm a former traffic guy. you nailed that. >> thank you very much. > i don't -- no. coming up, who gets prince's estate? what new documentsdo filed today reveal about the late singer's will.nger i needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts. up to 26 years with this company i earn the
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> our long national nightmare is over. kelly rip a is back. the host returned to morning tv. what she had to say amid the drama of losing her coast host. in jeans and sneakers after the lead gets sing during a performance. .
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this is very appropriate rightrr now. we don't know exactly what's happening on the set of michael -- i was going to sayay regis and kelly. >> i lose tract. > it's kelly and michael.el. the bad blood on the set of kelly and michael appears to be over or is it. >> kelly ripa was back on the show for the first time since ic was
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leaving for good morningrn america.ic kelly made it clear that herat issue was made with abc, not her cohost.coho >> apologize have been made andn the best thing to come out of all of this, you guys, is that our parent parent company has assured me that life is a priority. i am thrilled for michael. this is an tremendous opportunity and i couldn't be, and we wouldn't be prouder of you. > we had a guest >> you probably didn't see thiss because you were watching good day d.c. the at 9:00. we say the drama is over, but consider this michael's departure has moved way up. his last day is going to be b may 13. i don't know what's happenings there, either. i think that was veryry appropriate that she did that. she needed to clean it up and button it up. it's a very strange that shet went to the center of the stage and did her
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it was strange. it was weird.rd. they're all going to make a lot more money than us. > let's move on, talking about prince. he left behind his fortune when he died last week but apparently he didn't leave behind a will.. prince's sister has filed some local documents to ask a judge to appoint a special administrator for prince's estate. that's the process that's taken under minnesota law if there is no administrator in the will. if he did die without a will his estate will be divided among his siblings. there are six half brothers and sisters. > his legacy is living on at the smithsonian. his guitar on the national museum of american history. it was made back in 1989.19 it feature his symbol on the top and his finger board. > prince's death has lead to a rush of people wanting to buy p his music in the few
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hisç death 654,000 prince lh 65 albums sold. in comparison, david bow i sold 682,000 albums in the week aftek his death. michael jackson sold 422,000 and the notorious big sold 639,000 albums. ahead, new developments tonight in the d.c. mansion murder mystery. information fox5 uncovered that was apparently being kept second r. plus the redskins taking their name debate to the high court. we'll tell you what they're asking the supreme court tort protect its image and the rather odd way to present their case. > and the nestling have been named. a photographer shows a unique way to shoot wednesdayings.dnes glove that translate signgn language into speech. that amazing nose investigationa still ahead. .
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> this h is fox5 local news at 5. it has been nearly a year since satisfy a supplant plus, hislus, wife amy and their son phillip and a family housekeeper were all visionally murdered insidein their northwest mansion.hwes the man accused in the case, darren within the has yet to go on trial. police and prosecutors have release some of the evidence in the case, but there are new court documents which show a large number of documents are kept under seal. jim and laura, prosecutors in the the case have filed two letters detailing all of theof t evidence that has been turned
5:29 pm
there are hundreds of reports, photographs, documents andand videos that will shape the case against karen went. but in examining the documents we've also learned prosecutorsen are protecting some evidenceome they don't want the public to see. these are just some of the pages listing the evidence that has now been turned over to the defense. more than 300 items that include a post-crime video of the inside of the supplant plus estately home, copies of text messages, video of the burning muriel bowser stolen from the home as h well as autopsies of the fourfo victim. >> i think they are turning over an awful lot, especially out of epa abundance of caution.f there has been a lot off controversy recently about prosecutors intentionally or unintentionally not turning oven evidence that might help the defense and so in this case itt looks like they're making surean that everything that they caney turn over they are turning overr and they're turning it over early. gym train up is a
5:30 pm
detective homicide investigative with experience with complicatep murder cases. sewer surveillance video from the what does it show? and this address as well, an office billing on wisconsin avenue in chevy chase where policee recovered surveillance videod su from the loading dock, the garage and the main lobby onon may 13, the day the abduction began. prosecutors have also turnedalso over jail recordings of darrenae went's phone conversations. the prosecution doesn't have too explain what this stuff is. they just have to turn it over.t over the course of several hourl examining the letters, fox5 discovered more than 20 searchhn warrants that are still under seal, wanes pertaining to phonet numbers, a suitcase, facebookacb accounts and a laptop.apto why? initially they thought,ugt and i'm sure that they do feel
5:31 pm
person involved.olve they don't have those people yet in custody. and so this is still an ongoingo investigation and as such theyuh need to protect certaintect information so that it doesn'tds jeopardize their search for the other people. satisfy a,ç sammy and phillippl were all held captive for well over 20 hours before prosecutors say a ransom of $40,000 was delivered to the house that may day. instead of letting them go, prosecutors say darren went, beat, stabbed and strangled them to death before setting the house on fire.ire. > one thing that we did noticet in these letters is that the prosecutors have also turned over a number of news paper articles about this case, as well as a cable newses special.a it's unclear why because these are things that the defenseense would have beensly been able ton find themselves. darren went is due back in court may 20. paul wagner, fox5 local news.
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> voters in maryland today are castellaniing ballots for their presidential nominee.iden but there is much more to today's primary than justimar picking a candidate for the white house. voters are also choosing candidates for congress. some of these raises are very who thely contested and oneand house raise in particular has become hugely expensive. fox5's ronica clear i lifee tonight in bethesda with that story. big deal here. >>reporter: yes, thanks jim and laura. you have probably seen those commercials for these heated primary raises. one for the senate seat being left by senator barbara mock column ski and then for presidential district four and 8 being left. those two are competing for the democratic primary to fill the senate seat. we want to he that you through these raises. let's start with the senate raise. chris van holland and donna isis running for the seat.
5:33 pm
they the two have similar voting records. donna edwards she has brought through the idea of identityntit politics in this case, i guess in an effort to differentiate hearse because she would be the only black woman in senate if she were to win this primary and then go onto win that general raise for the senate seat being left by ma column ski. recent polls they show van holland in the lead, but it's important to note that thereote have been a lot of undecided voters in those let's look at congressionalgres district four. this is the seat held by donnana edwards. there are a the look of people vying for this democrat raise o the democratic side. two names you have probably heard are anthony brown. he's the former lieutenantie governor under martin o'malley and glennivey. he ran for this seat trying to take it away frommette ward back in 2012. he left the raise for financial reasons. now, in this raise, ivy, he hase
5:34 pm
attorney general eric holder. congressional district 8, that is the seat held by chris van holland, many are predicting this is down to a half person raise. jimmy razz kin has madeas headlines recently for focusing on noaa laws. this is drunk driving legs. kathleen was an anchor in theint area for the past 30 years and during her career she has takens the time to focus on women's and finally david drone has brought a lot of money in this case, some say record breaking amounts, some over $90 millionor to fund his campaign.ampa with all of these primary raises today and how who thely contested they are we asked as people at the this bethesdabeth polling location, did you feel sure about your vote today? did you know who you were go
5:35 pm
vote for.vo >> i looked at the evidence and knew what i wanted to do and voted -- it was -- for me it wases an easy decision. > can you tell me who youyou decided on.on. >> i voted for chris van holland. > and how about the raise to fill chris van holland's seat? >> i've -- i voted for davidr tone. ' not going to win, but i add murder some of his possessions. i admired him not taking money t from lobbyists.obb i probably threw away my vote. but if it was a close one i would have voted for kathleen matthews. > who you thinking for the republican national or congressional district raise. >> for both of those i'm not going to talk about who i'm going to vote for.. but i'm happy to talk about theb presidential one.pres >> i voted for trone. i like the idea of having somebody who is self funded and not part of the
5:36 pm
holland. > early voter turnout it was reported that three times that of 2012.of we're still waiting on numbersn for voter participation in today's primary. reporting life from bethesda for fox5 local news, i'm ronica clear i.. > as voters in maryland castellani ballots in today's primary we are following thelowi presidential raisin otherth political developments aroundveo the country, including a major court ruling that will effect voters in north carolina. a federal judge upheld thethe state's controversial voting requirements yesterday. the law requires voters to provide a photo id in order toer castellani a ballot. critics say the law is dim crime try and is aimed at suppressing minority turnout.tu they do plan to appeal. > well, are you surprised about this one? donald trump apparently is his own after his campaign stumbled astm couple of weeks ago he brought e in more seasoned political operatives to help him with his
5:37 pm
off the. th he may have stumbled himself when he told that trump was just projecting an image during his primary and would soon tone dowe his controversial rhetoric. reports are that trump didn't like that and are shoveling once again. read says he doesn't believeelie bernie sanders can win. he doesn't believe sanders has the path to the nomination. meantime a new poll out shows sanders campaign has general apologized so-called millenialsl and changed the way they think about politics. nearly half support universalunv healthcare and say the government should spend moreore money to reduce poverty. there's already some talk about who will fill seats.eats when it comes time to picking the cabinet, the department
5:38 pm
heads she would choose wouldose reflect the us and of course half the country is made up ofof women.wo mrs. clinton says she wants thee cabinet to have a broad set of experiences.expe > genius idea, the gloves created by two college students that can actually translate sign language into text and speech. why didn't i think of? take a a look at this softball-sized hail where millions of residents are dealing with severe storms that had the potential toç leave soe widespread damage in its path. mike thomas is going to focusing on that major storm outbreak. law schoolly we are also anticipating some storms.ting we're not seeing much at the moment, but we are not sounding to the all clear yet.t. we're waiting for a about it off energy coming out ofomin pennsylvania and we're expecting that to happen in the next t couple of hours.our we'll take you hour by hour andr show you what to expect forfor tomorrow. hence, don't leave home withoute your jacket.ket. we'll be right
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> the had the bright idea ofad riding a bike earlier t today. it was so smart on my part because it wasn't hot and humid at all. >> least where i was attempt so who the. so far so good. at least you're not going to geo wet in the short term. ter people are saying can i get my run in between now and 7:00. >> get going. lots of volatility across the ar country today.y t we've got some snow, some severe weather and mike thomas is standing by to kind of recap o three seasons in one day. >> we were just talking about this downstairs. it's been kind of a wild weather day across
5:43 pm
we're paying the tax man here after what was kind of a quiet past two weeks. we i'll take you to tornado alley. they're expecting a tornado outbreaks we head into the evening hours out in the plane states. take a look at this incredible video we got in.we g this is from see lien a, kansas where yesterday they had hail ua to the size of baseballs coming down out of the sky. of course this very same area later on today already under a tornado watch. they could get more storms like this and they could get some tornado around the region as re well. so we're going to keep our eyeee on this.his. of course we're checking in witn social media as well. and as sue mentioned we've been dealing with three seasons today. here in d.c. it feels like summer. check this out just off to thehe north it feels like winter. snow on the spring flowers in maine says lauren up there near portland, maine., portions of that region got up p to one to three inches. now let me take you to st. louis
5:44 pm
hammered the entire region. you see the green in the clouds there. that is because there's hail ina that storm, very gusty winds rocked st. louis. st. did a little bit of damage out there and currently ongoing as we go to our next image here. this is just the start of the severe outbreak.. daniel shaw put this on twitter. he's a storm chaser and he's tracking severe storms just west of ind oklahoma. that particular storm was rotating. no word yet on whether it whe dropped the tornado. tor we're going to continue toti follow this story because it's expected to get even worse as we head into the evening hours. ho > sue palka has the latest on n what's going out >> we're getting off easy all ea things considered. that is definitely tornado alley for a reason. what we're much whatting is a frontal boundary that is north towards pennsylvania. right now not a lot going objection to the form you see a little bit more of activity up towards pennsylvania.enns a about it more active down towards the charlottesville
5:45 pm
where a little bit have had a about it of lightning. a little bit of activity to our south. we still anticipate that we'll have some scattered showers andh storms a bit later tonight. to they have been holding off. we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in place and it goes until 9:00. we'll let you know in this gets expanded. we have an update. hav it looks like part of it just got dropped. d so the only area still remaining in that severe thunderstorm arem in the earn shore and up througu pennsylvania. that must have come up just a little bit ago. we are back to spring temperatures tomorrow, though. o this is a big part of the story. the temperatures why aring to drop. 66 should be our high. hig 61 for leonardtown. 59 for annapolis. we will get a few more shower s chances this week.çthis at least if you are a gardener and have been waiting for that rain and if we don't delivereliv today there are lots of little showers and thunderstormrm possibilities in our forecast at we go through the rest of thisof week. here is your fox5 s
5:46 pm
forecast. while we're only going to be inn the 60s, maybe 6 # on thursday, i think our best chance of showers will be thursday. pry we do still have a chance of a shower with our fox5 rocks concert.t. 65 will be our high on friday, but for the concert itself whice will be at farragut square.t we haven't what you to come dowo and join us, the muddy crows are a who the group.a wh temperatures will be in the 50s. there's a slight chance of a shower. into the weekend, dry dayay saturday, showers likely on on sunday. maybe even a few showers on monday. so all of a sudden as we begin g the month of may on sunday, we n start upping the anti on the att least some chances for showers. we've been dry for a up kevev months. we can sure use them. > laura, jim, back to you. yo >> thanks, sue.hank > lots of excitement for caps fans and we just learned thehe date of when they're going to play. >> round two on tuesday.uesd > round two against the penguins. they take off
5:47 pm
justin bieber. i don't want to see him wearing your jersey because that is a curse. first four games at 8:00. two of the leagues marque starss alex ovechkin and sidney cross bi, this is only the second time when they started off in the in play office.ffic as far as rivalries go, this isi as good as it gets. get it's one of the teams that you a just get up for and get excited to p i'm curious to see how aggressive it's going to be, ifb it's just going to be a hockeyok series or if it's going to be more of a physical therapy battle because two teams that ta don't have a great history. > former redskins star chriss cooley has a new job and we're not talking about the new the morning shift for the morning show. he will be the tight
5:48 pm
in arlington.. for a guy who once thought he would be a teacher he is comings fuel circle. > the controversy over thehe redskins name could end up before the supreme court. they have asked it before a judge's ruling that upheld thehe team's trademark. the team doesn't want the justices to consider the case te unless they look at another case involving a band called the slants. the band lost its own patent where it lost the trademark disparagingation americans.meri last year they threw the decision out. if the high court decides the te slant's case they want the the team's case heard at the same time. > we head the picture of brycep harper at the smithsonian, well, the nats are in the communityhe every where. last night, a day off with geo gone l sals, take a look at this, he took in the whitman-blare gonzales posing with pictures with everyone, including the
5:49 pm
> the important thing is i is think when i was a kid and if you would pupil bump in to the e stars, they're not out at bars, they're do what you and i do.o. >> it's so impactful and that's something that the kids will remember forever. > let's head over to tony and o shun for a look at what's aheada at fox5 at 6. >> welcome back, shawn. b > thank you, guys. >> hello, shawn. > hi to you, too, jim. > do you remember the 107 year old woman who dreamed of of visiting the white house, great story, her dream came true. the law prevented the woman getting a federal issued id. that is until today. > then it's the latest trend ir the beauty business. why some people are rushing to get break yup botox. we hope you'll join us for those
5:50 pm
stories and much more tonight on fox5 local news at 6. 
5:51 pm
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor
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so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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> hello. my name is thomas and this is in a seed. those two university of washington discounts areingt introducing themselves withg their ownth invention.. they created gloves that can can translate sign language intoangu speech in realtime. rea the invention allows people who are defense to communicate withi people who don't know americanw sign language. lan right now the gloves exist only as prototypes, but the student were recently awarded a price from mit to continue to developo that invention. >> that's amazing. really amazing. ama > a wedding photographertogr meantime has come up with a verr unique way to p contact tour couples in the reflection oftion their rings. check out some of the stunningg photos here. peter adams shawn is the photographer behind theseehin pictures.
5:54 pm
what he calls ring scapes since 2012. sometimes the reflections in the rings are the couples, sometimeo they are other objects like bridesmaids dresses or other things from the wedding. > they're beautiful. >> they really are beautiful. > the baby bald eagles finally have their proper names, freedom and liberty. >> i knew it. my favorite. fav > the pair had been referred to d.c. 2 and d.c. 3 since their d. birth in march. their mom and dad are known as mr. president and first lady. l the new baby's' names were unvailed today after more than 36,000 votes were castellani online.line they did this one probably properly without the voting fiasco that happened over there london. >> appropriate name. > bravo, an under study getstud his big break after the lead tenor loses his face. fac >> the impromptu performance made in jeans and sneakers. we'll
5:55 pm
for you next. .
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> that huge applause was earne by an under study. 54 year old fran chess could he afeel i made his debut at thehe metropolitan opera in new york over the weekend wearing jeans and necks with his cape.neck the lead of the show got sick and couldn't sink in the final act. he was rushed out onto the stage so he could quickly fill in and it was so quick that he couldn't even change. this h was his debut. > that's pretty amazing. >> the value of of the under study right there. > amazing.> awesome.
5:59 pm
thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. fox5 local news at 6 starts sta right now. > this is fox5 local news at 6. two people are ared after a teenager was stabbed on his way to school. good evening, i'm tony perkinsty and i'm shawn yancy. > today's stabbing follows a series of violent attacks on d.c. high school students blocks away from area schools. police acted quickly to stop today's altercation. fox5's matt ackland starts off f us in northwest where officers track down some of the persons of interest just blocks awaylo from the stabbing scene. matt. >>reporter: d.c. police haveolc this area blocked off for several hours today after witnesses say they saw two young men trying to jump a fence and then they hid somewhere close to these houses. after we waited here for a while, then police were able too bring two young men out. after a stabbing took place along 13th street in northwest we noticed a group of officers f here at roosevelt high school. and then they started rushing tr
6:00 pm
we followed them to this spot sp not far away where a witness says police shouted commands at the two young men. me >> i scene two guys ran from where the school was. we heard a fence ratting. and then we heard the police sae put yourç hands up. put your hands up. police taped off the area, even, brought in k9 units. and then over an hour later they escorted two young men out in handcuffs. we are activitily pursuing the case. we asked d.c. mayor muriel m bowser about the recent crime near schools. >> any crime in the district iss concerning to me, we want nott only the students, but anybody who may have been around to see something suspicion to call 911 and let us know. police have few details about the victim or where he may have attended high school. sch but made it clear the stabbing today was not connected to the crimes near wilson high school. we asked th


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