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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we followed them to this spot sp not far away where a witness says police shouted commands at the two young men. me >> i scene two guys ran from where the school was. we heard a fence ratting. and then we heard the police sae put yourç hands up. put your hands up. police taped off the area, even, brought in k9 units. and then over an hour later they escorted two young men out in handcuffs. we are activitily pursuing the case. we asked d.c. mayor muriel m bowser about the recent crime near schools. >> any crime in the district iss concerning to me, we want nott only the students, but anybody who may have been around to see something suspicion to call 911 and let us know. police have few details about the victim or where he may have attended high school. sch but made it clear the stabbing today was not connected to the crimes near wilson high school. we asked th
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was prepared for what is usuallu an increase in violence over thr summer she said, yes. yes she even said that police willce be focusing on high crime areas throughout the city throughout the summer months. > in northwest, matt ackland, k fox5 local news. > meantime police arrested several teenagers girls for a ii am s many assault after a fightg in the cafeteria at woodrow wilson high l school. police were say and there was. no one fortunately was seriously hurt. > disturbing charges tonight out of montgomery county. a 35 year old man is under arrest for the murder of a six-month old baby girl. kia different band is charged with second degree murder and m child abuse. he owns and runs the little dreamers daycare center out ofte his home. hom prosecutors say six-month old milli legal son was in theso suspect's care when he claimed a the baby choked on milk. an autops
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baby suffered massive injuries. there were heeled fractures inrs her legs. there were acute, which just w means fresh fractures to her ribs. multiple. i think the total is 11 or 126 her ribs were broken. br there was head trauma.a > if convicted, divband faces 95 years in poison. > nearly a year after members of the receive plus family were murdered in their d.c. home, the man at the forefront of the case has yet to go on trial. > new court documents just release show a large number of files are still under seal and being kept secret. win is set to appear in court on may 206789 we have the potential of some strong storms moving into the region. however, the weather pattern isn changing and maybe forth better for us. >> it's always good to get off t the hook from a stronger storm.s right, t
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>> we were seeing some counts to the north under a severe thunderstorm watch. just a few minutes ago that got dropped. we are still seeing some stronger storms towardser s pennsylvania, the philly area. some remain in effect across the bay. that will go until 9:00 tonight. still some potential but with the sun going down here in a a little while we're likely to set the window closing. a life look as we're out in montgomery county.gome a lot of blue skies showing up. that's been good news for voters, a good turn out in maryland.ryla i don't think weather is going g to cause a problem because i literally see no storms inno s maryland right now, but i do se a very strong storm and a warmrm storm toward the philadelphia area. > the you go across the bay toy the earn shore and across delaware to new jersey and it remains in effect for a little bit longer. what we have noticed is there'ss a about it more activity just at south of our
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> it's not particularly strong, but there is a little bit of lightening associated with ang a cell thats has been p moving ha southeast out of charlottesville, along interstate 64. so some pretty good down powerss there heading down towards the e ashland area.hlan the frontal boundary is headed up to the north toward pennsylvania. it's very slow to sag south so that's preventing the storms from firing up. it will fire along the front. fo if the sun goes down as the front is coming on through it will lose a little l of its energy. the front won't be stopped, though and what it may be doing more than anything is a big droo in temperatures tomorrow with the potential of some scatteredt showers and storms as the fronts passes. maybe they won't be that strong. here's a big story for for tomorrowment we got up to t 86-degrees today. we're still 8 # 4 now it's 39 i9 wing hamilton. it snowed toward the buffaloo area today. boston is only 39 and new york city 51 while chicago hashica dropped to 44. guess what, it'sing whying to be feeling a the
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early spring tomorrow, highro temperatures only in the 6 20s. we'll talk about your temperature, the changing forecast, take you hour by houry through thest of this evening ti let you know what that threat is for any showers left. > it is primary day in maryland. you have until 8:00 this evening to head to the polls. >> that's right, of course no secret here. people are buzzing about the presidential candidates, but several local raises are also as taking front and center stage.. ronica clear i is life with more. >>reporter: hi tony and shawn. well, you've probably seen the commercials. it is a heated -- there are a heated set of primary raises that are we looking at today. first to fill that senate seat that will be left by senator barbara mack encloses ski and then in conscious district 4 ani 8 who are running for thatat senate seat. we're going to walk you throughu some of these democratic primary
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now, as i said, chris van holland and donna edwards they e are running for that seat and van holland himself he has admitted that they have ae a similar voting record.. donna edwards, she has brought o identity politics into this in raise noting the fact if she were to win this primary andnd then go onto that senate seat she would be the only black senate female. in a recent university poll vac holland was in the lead. there were a lot of undecided voters. let's look at congressional district four. that's the seat that is held by donna edwards and two people whl you may have heard talked about in this case, anthony brown, former lieutenant governor under martin o'malley and glenn ivy. now he previously attempted toet win the seat in 2012. he left the raise due to financial issues. now, in this raise,ye has been endorsed
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general eric holder. let's look at congressional district 8.ct this has been held by chris van holland. it is up for grabs. u > the people they're talkingeyr about. they are looking at state senator jamie razz kin. he has made a lot of headlines with his work on noaa's law, new drunk driving legs. leg kathleen matthews, she was ans anchor in the area for 30 years. in her commercial she has taken time to focus on women's issuess andç then there's david trone,a businessman who has potentially set records by putting $9 million of his own money into this raise.. of course there are republican prims today as well.ims but it is widely believed that a these seats will be filled by democrats.mocr reporting life in bethesda for fox5 local news. i'm ronica clear i
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> every time i see this radio and see her face it makes me smile. you guys remember when she met the president and the first ladd during a trip to the white house. even got to dance with them. d.c. mayor muriel bowserl bo presented the # 07 year old long time c resident with what's called a reel id. it's for people who are 70 and olderment the reel id serves as an identification for seniors who lack the proper documents like a birth set, to get a a license or social security cardr she lost her photo id years ago when someone stole her purse. she's had problems replacing itt since then because of strict federal guidelines.ines 107 years old. she's pretty fabulous. > that's great. straight g ahead tonight at 6, parents are bleeding with the government they're asking the federals to release a life safing drug that could improve p the lives of people batting a
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just dei disease. 202-895-3000, you can also e-mail your tips to fox5 tips ti fox5tips@wttg.comcom we'll be right back.
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resulting in a cruel decline.rul and death by the mid 20s. one small trial, 10 of 12 boys were able to ambulate or tibia walking after three years on he step sin in add season jones ha been taking it for a year and falling down less. it was four and five times a day. now it may be four or times a
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despite dozens of compelling com stories like that the fda advisory committee picked apart the drug maker's study noting its small size, methodologyiz californiae, flaws. this is not this large difference between the treated patience and the national treated. it in furnish rated the patient history. caution and fine motor skills are improved immensely. andrew has experienced zero side effects. we ask you to recognize the safety and effectiveness of this critics say the fda remains handcuffed by its plotting, caution pace which grants it net authority to kathleen matthewsmt celebrate the approval of drugsf for fatal illnesses. you want to make sure that they realize what this family is going through, what the child is going through and look at everya possible chance of approving a drug. in an recent
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journal said the company likes to see the company's failure. another agonizing wait for young patience whose time is lightly running out. > in hyattsville, maryland, dug mucocele way, fox news. > break ups it effects people differently. it appears some people are turning to bow after a tough breakup. doctors in las vegas say they are seeing an up tick in botox.x 47 percent of people who got breakup botox walked away with less depression after the injection. some plastic surgeons suggest looking happier makes peopleeop actually feel happier. we inject way up here in the forehead and it raises their rai high brows so if their sad is a little bit with their eyebrows e going down, the botox raises itt up and when they ok
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mirror after a day, two, three t days they actually feel like lik they're happier. >> i could see how that could be. > people are tapping into joint bank accounts to fund the procedure before a divorce is final. that probably makes people feel happy, too. > that's right. r you hough what, you're going toi pay for this, too. > we're going to switch gears s little bit here. tonight we are remembering a musical legend. tonight what we're learning about prince's estate and what could lead to leant i battle l over his fortune. a baby of baby bald eagles werel named freedom and liberty todaya > here come the bald eagles. e the american eagle foundation launched a socialç media campam to name the eaglets using the hashtag name the nestling.g. freedom and liberty got the most votes
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> welcome back. new tonight, we are learning music icon prince did not have a will when he died. his sister filed court documents in minnesota petitioning for a special administrator to overseo prince's estate. e prince died at his home in i minnesota last week. he was cremated over the weekenw and his family held a private ceremony. an autopsy has been completed, but it may be weeks before the results are release. > that is the music from the video and the song diamonds and perils. if you look closely, did you zoo he that yellow guitar. >> yes. guess where the yellow guitar is going to go? starting today you can get up close and personalonl with that piece of prince collection. it is going
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smithsonian american museum of history r. prince wanted theed sm tithsonian toive that it. the music played the yelloww guitar at several concerts. he also had different color versions of guitar made. he also played those throughoutu the years. > he obviously had guitar, different styles that went witht hihas particular, you know, performance flare. fla it's really fun to be able to have it in our collection. > the guitar will remain on display through labor day. very cool. i'm go to go see i'm going to go see i think it's weirdo oh noto oh weird, but i wonder if when stars of this magnitude, we lose them, there's usually some sorts of public memorial. i understand his family wanted to have something private. i wonder if there will be wi something publicly. >> my suspicion is and i've read nothing to indicate this, my suspicion is there will be somes kind of benefit
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point with other stars performing his > that would be nice. i think people need closure. >> absolutely. > contestants are you ready tor play how is your weather in. >> yes. i feel like alexing try beck.k >> i am i will put 200 on that o cloud way up there. i'm going to put a double jeopardy on caitlyn roth in montgomery county chasingy storms. a good plan, caitlyn, but we'rew not seeing too much at the moment. no, it was a good plan for me to sit outside and relax. it's a very, very nice evening. i didn't exactly lose here todah at fox5.. waiting on some storms to materialize along a cold front that is still far off our north as sue has been showing us over the past hour. h most of the storms up by philadelphia. behind me in montgomery county,g i'm right at the intersection of where 270 hits shade i drove, you can see there's beautiful blue skies, some nice fair
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weather couple lose cloudsuple behind me. that's really what we've beene seeing all day. it has been breezy. you can see my hair blowing in the the wind.the this is all wind that's out ahead of the cold front. temperatures in the 80s. it feels like summer, but that has not between without the th really gusty wind. so far today nothing to speak of. we're waiting on the thunderstorms which looks likelk they're not going to be arriving until later on this weekend. w we think the severe weather threat has diminished. of course we'll send it back to sue. she can fill you all in for the rest of the details for this th evening.even hoping, too, sue, we can get int most of the nats game in. it would be great if we can get the whole game in. >> i think there's a good chancg of that happening. but whenever we have a boundary pennsylvania, you have to keep that chance in c we want you to be safe, not sorry. we were encouraged to see that t the severe thunderstorm watch got scaled back a little bit inc the the last hour
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of the maryland counties with c the exception of the earn shore were dropped out of it.f but the energy is still up there north through we're going to have to wait for that to move on through and as it does it could touch off another round of showers and and storms. maybe they won't be severee becauses as the sun goes down we'll lose a little of that energy from the heat and t humidity of the day. we have had some storms fired up along the share lots area. th it looks like another one isne blowing up toward the stanton area and that also has a good amount of lightning it with, too. a little bit of a boundary here that is helping fire up storms u wndoo our south, but it has been fairly quiet c on form. you can see there's more activity towards philadelphia.ha it seems like westernit s pennsylvania is getting a aboutg it more active, too. t we'll watch all of that. west of ill kinsey see someome stronger storms, some showing indications of having hail with them. so let's take you hour by hour h through our forecast p.t we're certainly go to watch uph towards
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a)und 7:00. it could be that something develops there. take you to 9:00 and we ' a couple of other storms trying tt fire up right along the mason dixon line and we still have this activity that we'll be watching out here toward the west, towards ill kin and downwd toward morgantown where youhe mightre be getting before it moe activity. you can see by 11:00 it's more active to the south. we are aren't out of the woods in esmolol formulation t testifr showers because ourmu futurecasf is kind of bullish on the ideasd of some showers around tomorroww morning, not too much thunder, some lighter rain which would be good for the gardeners and good for our deficit.. keep the rain gear handy. it also looks like the nexthe couple of days are unsettled. we expect to see more showers around even on thursday. after hitting 86-degrees att reagan today, dulles 84 and bwi86 check out what is going to be changing. that frontal boundary, whetherod or not it does touch off more showers and storms for us,
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billion dollar in some muchh cooler air tomorrow. forecasting a to degree drop. temperature tomorrow only 66-degrees. by the time when get to this time tomorrow night, low 6 20s. the better chance of showers may be thursday at this point. so keep the rain gear around as our frontal boundary is going tt stall to our south after itr moves south out of pennsylvania. it's been taking a long time. that allows the cooler air toer come out of the north and northeast. you saw some of the temperaturet up toward the northeast. n they've dropped into the 30 #-s and whose. another area of low pressure o will ride along our frontall boundary andon push along more a showers around storms as we gete into the thursday timeframe. love because 10:00 we may still be 71 degrees, but watch the temperatures start to drop as we get into the morning hours. ho 53 for the district. we get to 1:00 tomorrow we're in the 40s and low 50s.50s. by 6:00 tomorrow night only 54-degrees heading down into thi low 50s, if not upper whose. u so 57 tonight. 5
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storm. but again keeping our fingers crossed for the nats. n a lot of clouds, kind of an unsettled day tomorrow withw w northeast breezes and showers, 66-degrees. your fox5 accuweather forecast. we don't have any more 80s. we only have one day, showers s likely on sunday, a few showers possible monday and maybe by next tuesday we get back up to about 72-degrees.rees a about it unsettled, but we'll take every drop of rain we can get at this point. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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> take a look at this, a portuguese dad is melting hearts online. this is video with him with his disabled son strapped to his t t torso. it's gone viral why you ask. >> his son wanted to know
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it was like to play football. he can't walk so he did it for him. > it's been viewed more than 2 million times.mi look at his face. you could see how excited he is, too. i just love it. i love that. > where there's a will, there's a way.ay. >> that's what you do for your children. > the joy on his face.ace. >> remember you can vote. vote until 8:00.vo if you're in line you can still vote. see you at 10.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: kelly ripa and michael strahan, their acting is flawless. >> i love you, and i'm so happy you're here. >> it seems like they like each other. harvey: what i see is someone who walks out who boycotted a show. >> he's upset. harvey: the respect you got was a $15 million check. >> you can't say i will treat you horribly if you take a check. >> oh, yeah you can! >> tina knowles showing some support for beyonce's new album "lemonade." she posted jars of lemonade, and she wrote, no matter what you have gone through in life, you can always come out on the other side. >> well, i guess she drinks out of mason jars. hipster. >> beyonce's mother is from louisiana. it's not hipster for us. i have been drinking out of mason jars since i can remember. >> that's the most hipster thing


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