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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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> this is fox5 local newses att 10. right now at 10, a fox5 exclusive. a brawl in the hauls of a d.c. c high school. several girls arrested foray fo salt. and this wasn't the only fight. an outaged teen caught up in the chaos is speaking only with fox5. and emergency responders in northern virginia want faster fa access to patience. and they think motor motorcycles could
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plus, victory for donald trump r and hill try clinton in maryland. but today's primary didn't comen without issues. what delayed a final ballot count. right now at 10. > and we begin with late lat breaking news about tonight's primary raise he. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. right now donald trump and hillary clinton are celebrating big withins in maryland. donald trump picked up rightic there as youke can see 55 percet of the vote to # 2 percent to 2 john cusack and only 19 percent to ted cruz. fox news projects a clean sweepc for trump in all of tonight's primaries, that's connecticut, maryland, delaware, pennsylvanie and rhode island. isl also hillary clinton wonon maryland tonight.oni she has taken 66 percent of the democratic votes to bernie sanders 30 percent at thisat t point. fox news projects clinton will also win delaware and del pennsylvania. at this time it's projected that sanders will take rhode island and pennsylvania, as we said
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right now being projected that t hillary clinton will win thathat raise. tonight the results of maryland's primary were delayed by an hour. h a judge ordered baltimore precincts to stay open an houror late because they opened laterar than expected this morning. at this point all of the ballots have been accounted for. for they are still being counted. c meanwhile, in the us senate us raise in maryland, representative chris van holland has won the democratic nomination for us senate.. and now to fox5 exclusive. ex there was more trouble in d.c. public schools caught on camera. this right here is a group of of girls. it was just one of two fightsigh between female students that happened today at the same high school. lindsay watts talked to bothoth mother and daughter about this and lindsay joins us life with more. >>reporter: > shawn and tone initial the ma'am of that student you saw sw being kicked in that awful video says that she is va
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this happened to her daughter. i was just talking to a staff member here at hd wood son.o he says there were multipleul fights just today. to tonight parents are demanding answers about what is being done to keep their kids save in d.c. public schools. >> iwatch the news and i see people die every day because of these kids jumping people. cheryl thomas never succeeded ta be on ths e news hearse. her daughter at her side nursing a black eye after a nasty fighta at school. somebody kicked me in my eye ane somebodies was kicking me in myy side and my arm much that's tierra on the ground being be beaten by a group of the girl said she been waiting to fight me. she said what's up and then we h started fighting.ight all the girls just started jumping on me. i was shocked. sho i never got jumped before. i didn't know what to do. when her mom arrived she found d.c. police outside
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high l school. officers said they arrested fouo girls on the assault charges. tierra says those girls weren't the ones that jumped her. that brawl was a totally to separate incident. she says there was at least foul fights in school today. we need to get together and stod all this violence. stay in school. why she wasn't protected. she says her daughters was suspended for two weeks, something she plans to fight. she was the victim. tierra says as bad as this one as she won't it stop her fromrom going to back to class, finishing her senior year and graduating. >> that fight happened duringt lunch and shhae thinks she was n the ground being kicked about ao minute before a security guard s came in, broke thing understandd and got her out of there. > lindsay, let me ask you a you quick question.uest we've been seeing violence in some of the schools in the district. do we know if the district is is considering increasing securityc at the schools. >> we reached out to d.c. publi. schools and asked them at
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question. is there anything being done too increase security. we also wanted to know how many guards and officers are currently at these schools. we are still waiting for a for response to both of those questions. but of course we will continue to followup to get you those answers.s. back to you lindsay watts reporting. also in the district tonight two teenagers are under arrest inrre connection with the stabbing at northwest. it happened at 9:00 a.m. in the 4,000 block of georgia avenue. deangelo ma combs threatened a young man as he was getting off bus. moments later the suspects tripped the victim and stabbed d him with a knife. the victim is expected to fullyl recover. there is no word yet on a motive for that stabbing. > tonight we were looking atooi the potential for some storms to move through our area. am of us have dodged a bullet, but not everyonbue is off the hh tonight. sue palka is here with your forecast.. >> hey, there. hey we didn't get a lot of severe weather although it is still st
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and west. including across parts of highland and pendelton and on into west virginia. we're going to start with a look at radar. not much around here. we were fortunate that cloudshat came in early in the day. da boy, down to the south we've been watching heavier activity h and there are a few scattered lighter showers across charlesc county and over on to the earn a shore. i'll put these in motion for the hour. can see they've kind of popped up really very recently. another big area. this is aan repeat for charlottesville and along the ilañ corridor. and then as we get a little bitb wider there's the new edge of the thunderstorm watch. wat it goes through west virginia and kentucky with really strong storms and lines of strong of storms moving along the frontal boundary. we're on that frontal boundaryh as well. it's getting ready to move t through our area right now, but just didn't find as much energy here locally, but i still
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maybe a quick rumble of shower, especially south as we go go through the overnight hours. futurecast has a good handle onn some of the heavier activity inc west virginia. it only leaves a spotty shower p around for the morning. tomorrow is going to feel completely opposite of today. o we got up to 86-degrees today. we've got this frontal boundaryl that's going to come through again with a couple of showers o around tomorrow, but the big but story is going to be the be temperature drop. dr it is unbelievablely mild out there, 77 drey goods. binghamton, new york, 346789 it snowed in the buffalo area today. boston is only 38 and we are we going to see our temperatures dropping back to early springtime levels likely only in the 60s and maybe low and mid md 60s for high temperaturesratu tomorrow. you may want a jacket in the the morning. it looks like temperatures wille head for the 50s and rain gearan may come in handy over the next day, not just tomorrow, but theu next day as well. >
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george's county where police ar looking for the person or persons responsible for shootint five people in forestville. this happened overnight on hilll mar drive. joann woods of district heightst was killed. kil four other people were wounded. two of the victims remain in tha hospitalin tonight.ital police say the shooting happenea on the street. where the shooting took place, o this is a residential area and it took place out side towards the street sidewalk area. > police believe the victimse were targeted. so far no one is in custody. and police are still trying to y determine a motive for the attack. new at a 10 they are calling ita an epidemic of home repair scams. tonight montgomery county police are sounding the alarm and a sharing the warning signs thatt you need to know. fox5's jim lokay joins us withos the details. that alert came out today. there's already been a dozen a cases of scammers taking advantage of some nice area and unfortunately trusting
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they have a name for these kindr of scammers. they call them wood chucks. they were doing work for a neighbor like this home and and claimed they noticed some kind i of urgent problem, like a dangerous tree or maybe some clogged up gutters.utte they don't get every home. they scout out locations along the way. what exactly are they looking for? they'll hit a house that h appears to be neglected. they'll go to a home where theye believe an elderly person livesv that person may not have all hav their faculties about them, may be intimidated and may just agree to get the job done soone that person goes away. > now, 11 of the 12 reported r victims so far in montgomery county were indeed over the age of 70. and yes, we have reported these things before. b they pop up in local news all the time. but it bears repeating because it's a reel threat. ask for a business card.s if you're in maryland, these, th businesses have to be licensed.v if you
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neighbor who may have become a victim, call police. pol > still ahead at 10, thehe possibility of first responders coming to your aid on two wheels. teisha. >> tony it's all about reducing their response time and this neh idea is creating a lot of buzz. it could include medics on motorcycle. fire stations in arlington is behind it all.ll. stay with us. plus another case of trespassing near the white house. what happened when a suspected robber jumped the fence of the building next door? the supreme court will hear an appeal to former virginia bob mcdonnell's corruption conviction tomorrow. we'll have a preview for you coming up next at fox5 local news at 10.
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we're back now with the resultsw from today's primary w electiony in maryland. the results are still coming in, but here's what we have retama.h for president on the gop tr!)qáq right now with 29 percent of precincts reporting donald trumt is the winner with 56 percent over john
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and ted cruz at 19 percent. let's move over to the democratic side of things. fox newses is projecting that hillary clinton is the winner in maryland. 37 percent of precincts reporting right now hillary clinton with the commanding lead, 63 percent over bernie ber sanders over 33 percent.3 pe just a short timing a we werewe going to tell you about the bige raise for us senate in the state of maryland.
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leads businessman david troe. to razz kin with 37 percent of the. former tv news anchor kathleen matthews coming in at 24 percent of the vote. again that's with 12 percent of of the the precincts reporting. in other news there was a briefa scare this afternoon at the oldd executive office building, also known as the eisenhowereise executive office building. that is right next to the white house. a man jumped the fence along 17th street northwest.nort secret service officers quicklyk arrested the man.n. early reports indicated that tht fence jumper was running withh with from a robbery that he had just committed on g street northwest. new tonight, remember the 107he year old who made headlines forn dancing with the first family? well, virginia mack lauren got another special treat as d.c..c. mayor muriel bowser presented her with what's called a reel ik. that is
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years old and older.lde the reel id is part of a new regulation to provide identification for seniors whoho lack the proper documents like a certificate to get a driver's license or a social security card. maryland governor larry hoganhoa had quite a busy day today. he signed more than 70 billsthan into law. l voting opportunities and also measures to enhance education. our top priority is education and we wanted to encourageen innovative ideas that give tha parents better alternatives toae prepare children for higher education for the jobs of the future. the governor also said the stath of maryland created more than 63,000 jobs. in fact, last month it created more jobs than any other statete in the us. > tomorrow the supreme court will hear former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's appear of his public corruption convictions.
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appeal based on what mcdonnell claims is an overly broadver definition of the word bribery. he and his wife were convicted back in 2014 for doing favors for a wealthy businessman inn exchange for monday and gifts. a decision by the court is expected by the end of june. > still ahead tonight where neighbors are banding togethergh in a maryland county to try and stop a major construction the latest chapter in their efforts to stop a brand new shopping and an apartment complex from coming to bethesda. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. we want to take you to article county now where a proposal pedo consideration means we could see something like this. paramedics riding on motorcycles to make their calls. emts in london and in austin, texas currently traveled this way. so will we see it here?
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teisha lewis is life inn arlington with more. >> that is the big questionuest tonight. what we do know that the motorcycle riding medics woulded travel with somethi%g similar to this, a first aid or anr emergency kit, but think something much larger, bigger,g, heavier and with more tools inside. this is still an idea in thethe early stages, but it is up and running in several other cities and could be coming to arlingtot county soon. what gives? medics on motorcycles. they're already in austin, texas. this has certainly been a whoeen the button topic.opic they're even across the pond in london and could possibly be zipping around arlington streets. >> it is a possible idea. no assignment leaves the fire station that just introduced the idea. the newly created group includen residents and first responders. >> the whole idea is how could we improve response
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residents who live in the in northern part are of the countyn it's just one idea to help get residents help in an anan emergency. >> he wouldn't have oxygen and all the equipment, the iviv hookups and everything else. they could come out and evaluatd whether they needed to send another piece of equipment but that's another delay. sometimes are minutes are lives lost. alan free lander has needed an ambulance three times in theimes last four months alone. when it comes to this idea, yea, or anyway?nywa >> give it a try and see if it works. see if it benefits the opportunity and them by saying them money and everything. > what about you. >> i'd say anyway fox5 local news has learned other ideas include expanding this historic firehouse or moving it fort north. and back out here life the firee station and task force meets every other thursday and they have three
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they will discuss this idea this thursday and then write their report and then submit their recommendations to the arlington county board by the end of next may 31, to be exact can. the county could make a decision as soon as july and of course that will spark conversations in other jurisdictions that arere also looking to reduce responses time and deal with traffic and distance. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > plans to redevelop a shoppinp center in bethesda near river road brought protestors to the r montgomery county councilnty building this morning. the planned redevelopment of the west bart shopping center in bethesda was supposed to replace an aging supermarket complex with a modern town square am the developers say it will be a good project for the area but it's touched off an anger responseane from residents who say the plann will make congestion worse in the area. >> they have tried
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as an anti development. we are not. we fully support development we just don't support somethingomet that which will over crowd our schools and over crowd our roads. we have a disagreement. am of us believe very strongly that what about we are about to improve will enhance the westst bart community. they plan to be at the council vote next week to demand thehe project be scaled back further. police need your help finding the suspects responsible for a r hate crime in rockville.oc it happened sunday a witness says they saw two boys spray painting swasticas in an area between beal elementary school and wales park.ark. the second was painted on a personalized memorial stone andn the third was on a piece ofof exercise equipment. if have any information you're asked to call police. alarming news from the tsa. they discovered a record of guns in carry-on
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tsa officials say passengers tried to bring at least 71 gunss on board. last year the tsa confiscated more than 2500 gubs on board. officials warn anyone who try to bring a gun on a plane could face jail time and a fine. > oversees the us is ramping up it's fight against isis. troops in iraq antsiry a will soon get some extra power. they are sending high mars. it is capable of gps rockets 200 miles.s. it will be able to range exactly where we need to it to range. it will work in combination wita our air assets. the move comes a day after president obama announced his decision to
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troops to syria and to train troops there. another additional 200 americann troops will be deployed.loye > a six-month baby girl died from the injuries she sustained at a rockville daycare. the man charged with her care is facing serious charges.rges > nearly a year after a northeast d.c. man and their housekeeper were found murdered in their home. the details when we return.
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this is fox5 local news at 10.0. we're back now with a recap of tonight's top stories. parents are outraged tonighttr after a series of fights brokerk out at wood son high school.choo school administrators say there was a large fight in the cafeteria between two small groups across all grade levels. no one was seriously hurt. four girls were arrested onon assault charges. police in montgomery county are
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on the look out after a recente string of home repair scams of the 12 reported 11 have involved a person over the age of 70. police say the people involvedpp claim to be workers doing work at nearby homes and telling homeowners they need urgent problems that need to be fixed. > and maryland is having itsts say in the presidential raise r today. the votes are still being sti counted from the primaries, but here are some of the results as they're coming in to our news it's been a big night for donaln trump, republicans voters inoter maryland favored trump over john cusack and ted cruz. right now 45 of the precinctsecn reporting donald trump looks to be the winner there with 57 percent of the vote to john cusack, 21 percent, ted cruz 19 percent. on the democratic side, hillaryd clinton coming in with 63s p of3 the vote, bernie sanders at 33 percent and that is with 46 percent of the precincts reporting. also i nude mention that
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news is projecting now that hillary clinton will win in connecticut. 30 minutes ago to thaw was too close to call. cal right now fox news callingling hillary clinton the winner inin connecticut. the associated press projectsroe that maryland congressman chris van holland will meet maryland congress woman donna ed wars. 456 the precincts reporting van holland is at 51 percent. donna edwards is at 41 percent.c now we turn to the who thely contested eighth consciousted primary for the democrats.mocr just a small percentage of the precincts reporting. 18 percent jamie razz kin coming in the winner at this point witn 345 percent of the vote. david tone who launched a huge tv came, 28 percent and kathleen matthews i believe i said was at 24 percent. anthony brown,
10:32 pm
district. and thely brown 42 percent of the vote right now. glenn ivy 36 percent and that is with 60 percent of the precincts reporting. they are running right now too replace the seat that congress woman held. > disturbing charges against an maryland man who was accused in the murder of a six-month old girl. prosecutors say the suspect was caring for baby at his home daycare. he claims she choked on some milk. fox5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >>reporter: this is a disturbing case.ase. in court tuesday the prosecutor had to take a deep breath whiler she was reading out the longlong list of injuries suffered by six-month old milli legal seen.g in court the prosecutors saidhep there were too am to list. the suspect in this case tonight is facing 95 years in prison if convicted. a medical examiner's report said these injuries are
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kia different band is now charged with second degree child abuse. he owns the daycare center out of his home in rockville.ille six month old was in his care last tuesday. that's when they were called to the shady grove hospital for ail report of an unresponsive infant. police say different band told investigators that she began choking after drinking milk, became unresponsive and then turned blue before he performed cpr. she was transported to children's hospital where sheer died two days later. but instead of choking, a d.c.'. medical examiner's office report said the baby suffered repeated injuries. they include hemorrhages, broken legs, bruises to neck and face. there has been a rush toto judgment in this case, but the state's atto
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says it has been ruled a homicide as he outlined the injuries milli suffered. >> there were heeled fracturesrt in her legs. there were acute, which just means fresh fractures to hero ribs. i think the total is 11 or 12 of her ribs were broken. there was head trauma. there were subdural hematoma ass. mr. defense band is adamant andd looking forward to fully defensing himself in this matter. we nature a fact-finding stage.g we are getting a lot of information retama. but mr. different band looks forward to having his day in court and for defensing his day. milli's pediatrician hadn identified injuries that appeared to have previously heeled. investigators say when they went to the daycare center differente band had removed milli's name from a bin con containing her possessions thrown out some bloody baby wipes and had herips
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he is being held on $2 million bale. > the montgomery county council held a ceremony this morning in honor of local cute remembrancee day. it was organized by members of of the jewish relations council. it presented. the first viewing of a 30-minutm documentary featuring memorize of six holocaust survivors who now live in the country. you should tell it to your you should remember those. you should remember the history, the good and the bad. and that'sçó why we have to remember this, the hope not toot kill each the internationally recognized date for holocaust remembrance day this year is thursday,thur may 5. > it has been nearly a year since a d.c. family and their housekeeper were killed in their northwest
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the man accused of killing the family has not gone on trial. some of of the evidence against darin win, a large number ofn, a files are still under seal and being kept secret. fox5's paul wagner reports. >>reporter: these are just some of the pages listing theting evidence that has now beenow turned over to the defense. more than 300 items that include a post crime video of the inside of sue plus' stately home, copies of text messages, videoeo of the burning important issuemp stolen from the home as well ass autopsies of the four victims. >> i think they're turning over an awful lot, especially out off an abundance of caution.auti there has been a lot of accusations that prosecutors nos turning over intentionally or untensionly that might help thee defense. they're making sure everything that he can turn over they're turning over and they're turning
10:37 pm
it over the letters we found list some intrigue i items. surveillance video from this home on rock creek drive, aroune the corner from the soup plus' home. police and prosecutors haverose never mentioned it.t. what does it show. and this address as well. an office building on wisconsin avenue in chevy chase where police recovered surveillanceov video from theer loading dock, garage and the main lobby on on may 13, the day the abduction began. prosecutors have also turnedlso over jail recordings of darren win's phone conversations. the prosecution doesn't have too explain what this stuff is. they just have to turn it over. over the course of several hourr examining the letters, fox5 discovered more than 20 search warrants that are still under seal. warrants pertaining to phone numbers, a suitcase, facebookuic accounts and a lap p top. why? initially they thought, and i'm sure that they do feel that there
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person involved. they don't have those people yet in custody and so this is still an ongoing investigation that as such they need to protect certain information.rtai so that it doesn't jeopardize their search for the other people savvas, samly as well as their housekeeper were all held captive for well over 20 hours before a ransom was delivered tv the house that may day.. instead of letting them go, prosecutors say darren win beat, stabbed them to death before be setting the house on fire. > prosecutors also turned over a number of newspaper articles and a cable news special about s the case. darren win is due back in court may 20. > keep an eye on the scroll of your bottom of your screen we have results of tonight's primary. it was an hi
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district. the baby eaglets that we have been p following for months now finally have names the big revoluntarily after the break.rk call it the new american dream. most adults believe they can still leave that dream, butdrea their definition of it is changing, according to a new ne survey sick out of ten are now saying that a happy family lifei and financial security are moree important than making more money and having more opportunities than their it t looks like shoppers arere starting to feel a little shaky consumer confidence falling ovel a concern over the economy. apple first quarterly decline in revenue since 2003 and it's first drop in iphone sales ever. twitter also taking a tumble. the company reporting expectations shy.ions a new survey showing thee customer satisfaction for airlines rising this year to a record high, fa
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prices and better in flight experiences are two big reasonss why. in case you're onerring, jet blue and southwest scored the best. that's business, i'm neil cavuto
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> the baby bald for exampleab less at the national arlington county borrow the up have finally been named, freedom and liberty. the american eagle foundation launched a social media campaiga to name the babies using the hashtag name the nestlings. the names were revealed today. the two previous had been called d.c. 2 and d.c. 3. 3. appropriate names i'd. > i coming up next on fox5 news at 11, a d.c. high school playinged by fights today.
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whore says she was attacked by students. the smithsonian is talking about a custom guitar that is now on display. something you may be doing at home may stressing your dog outu i'll explain so you could stop it. coming up at 11.
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> some severe storms sweptse through the midwest that's right. take ae look. in missouri large hail fell at the kansas city international airport. take a look at that.ha the hail is as big as pink upon balls. over the last 4 hours several tornadoes have been reported. for more on the water let's on check h in with caitlyn roth. a very active day across thec middle part of the country. this is video of hail. no flights getting out at that moment from kansas city international. we had some video that depictedi the whole area, what they were seeing was severe weather. not just hail, but some winds, too. there were reports of wind gusts
10:48 pm
city of kansas.ans luckily nothing that has caused any damage at this moment. let's take you to radar rotenone i'll show you what to expect ass we go through the rest of the evening. one cluster of storms and some severe thunderstorm watch across virginia, kentucky and southern ohio. here has been the main threatn this line all the way downy through dallas. these are yellow boxes that indicate active severe thunderstorm warnings. no active tornado warnings at the people which is good news,w, but the threat for very high winds and large hail continues into the night for the centraltl planes. we'll see some showers ourselves from that other complex. this is over the past 24 hours, including some just towards our here. the philadelphia area saw someom storms and they saw hail up toup about an inch in wilmington,il delaware. here's the tornado reports thatt touched down across parts of indiana over towards kansas, one just west of dallas. no
10:49 pm
these tornadoes at least notleas quite yet. for more on this storm which ish moving east will impact us inn the next 24 we're glad that we didn't have a big severe weather outbreak >> thank goodness. will they effect us in some way? > i think that there are somere storms passing to our we're fortunate in the timing now with the sun down and thehe fact that we got warm today, not so warm at the moment. certainly warmer for may than we -- late p than we usually are, but a lot of that energy is gone. we are still watching some showers, tomorrow we change it up big time. still a little bit of light rain in the forecast tomorrow, but a big temperature drop.erat that is the headline after 86-degrees today we'll be lucky to hit 66 tomorrow. grab your jackets and keep a little bit of rain gear handy over the next several daysseve because we are going to need it. we wanted to show you thatt locally we don't have a lot going on, but we do have somee storms down to our
10:50 pm
lightning. we have a little bit of activitt that's moving across st. mary's county, calvert county, not a a lot.ç here's the cluster of activityit east of charlotte.harl the second round moving down interstate 64 generally west too east. we do have to keep an eye on this big complex with the severe thunderstorm watch in west virginia, parts of ohio, ke,ntucky. all of that we think is going to continue moving eastward, muchaw of it passing us by to our south as it all sinks out with theks frontal i think there could be a couple of light showers hanging around tomorrow morning. clearly best chance for scattered storms will be southle of d.c. big temperature drop wednesday. that's that 20-degree droopy was talking about. and then shower chances are going to remain in the forecast this week. gardener want to hear about thio becauses it's been dry. some of of your grass might already be starting to dry up. we'll have weak areas of low pressure that will ride
10:51 pm
and give us another chance of showers, not just tomorrow,omo maybe a little better chance one thursday as a waive of low wai pressure rides just to our south 678 we're not going to be doingo this again for several days. mid 80s. it definitely felt like a summer day with a touch of humidity and the storm.rm. here's what's changing, the frontal boundary that is getting in the process of movingving through. i'll show you temperatures herem in a moment. it's going to drop us into the 60s and that will happen as early as tomorrow morning. way above the average today at 86. blow it not aow lot of sun the next few days.da saturday looks dry and a little bit warmer with a temperature of 70. i love this map it really tellsl the whole story. south winds for us. we're still at 77-degrees. average high is 70. we are really mild tonight. rail cooled at richmond at 70. binghamton 34 degrees.34 there was snow in buffalo today.
10:52 pm
60. boston 38. this is the cold air that's going to start slowly singing south tonight and that's why we'll be so much coolerler i wanted to run you through the futurecast because it's pickingg up on the showers and stormsnd down to the south.e you can see at 8 in the morning there are still scattered very s light showers around in our area. grab the rain gear just in case it looks like by the time we get into the middle are theiddl pennsylvania of the day, not much. it looks like things pick up again on thursday morning, 7:00 a.m.7:00 here comes another wave of lowve pressure that will spread a few more showers through here. no huge chances of rain, but the whole focus of it will be the boundary that stalls to our south, keeps us cooler over the next few days. the showers look like they'll be a about it more widespread on thursday. here's our forecast overnight.rg we're eventually going to headto to 57-degrees. it will take a while to getget there but it
10:53 pm
drop by the sun the sun comes up tomorrow morning. 66-degrees tomorrow. your fox5 accuweather seven daya forecast. a couple of really cool days.ay. can't rule out an early morningy shower although we're hoping foi our fox5 rocks concert friday morning, 9 to 11 down at farragut square north.rrag temperatures in the 50s. we're oh excited about the muddy crows. for the weekend we kind of splif the decision with a few moreore showers possible on monday.onda > changing things up we're going to head on over to jim lokay for an update on sports.r. about 48 hours we're going to be wrapping up game one of the capitols game against the penguins. here's a look the at the break down, game one thursday night at verizon center. friday they're off becausebeca justin bieber is doing a show there. don't worry, tony they'll air out the air. all ga
10:54 pm
do not send any hate male my way. what do they call them baby letters. this was the scene at verizon center april the game winner in over time. this of course a marque matchup between two top nhl the caps head coach barry trot says it's a lot more than that. it's actually quite disrespectful if it's one against one, cross biversusros ovechkin. that's he a good story line for you guys, but in reality i think it's quite disrespectful toisre every player that's in there because everybody that's inhat' there has contributed a lot to the success of both teams. you don't have success with one person. you have success with a group. to me it's the washington capitols and the pittsburghtt penguins going head to head andd they have a lot of star power.oe > of course we're talking abouu more he --
10:55 pm
lokay. >> that's right. it's a believer. > shouldn't you be in bed. >> every now and then he starts to grow on me. like after prince passed away. >> he's not the last living great artist. > he said that. >> he did.
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you don't have to be rich to bee my girl. you don't have to be cool to rule my world. nearly a week after prince's death we are learning the ledge try singer apparently had no will. that's according to his sister she filed papers today to get a special administrator to oversee prince's he was reportedly worth over $3 million. he was not married. prince did have six siblings. under minnesota law his estate would be divided among them. > can you imagine? >> it seems weird that someone like him did not have some sorte of legaloh i'm sure a lawyer would have advised him a long time to have something. >> absolutely. fox5 local news at 11 starts right now.. this is fox5 local news at 11. righ
11:00 pm
fights at a d.c. school.ho tonight, one of the teenagers who took a beating is talking only to fox5. pollution medics on motorcycles. the plan to improve responseonse times in one local county. you may be stressing out your dog without knowing it.t. fox5 local news at 11 starts right now. and we begin tonight with the fox5 exclusive.clus a d.c. high school playinged byd fights today, one of them led to police arresting several students. we thank you for staying with us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn tonight we are hearing from one of those students who says sheys was targeted and beaten. fox5's lindsay watts spoke exclusively with her and her mother tonight.ight lindsay. >> the mom of that student you saw on the ground being kicked in that awful video says she is devastated this happened to her daughter. and also that school vialen has become so common.o i was talking to a staff


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