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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 27, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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maryland, some surprising results. >> plus a "fox5" exclusive. >> a brultal fight at d.c. high school caught on camera and a mother demanding more be done to keep students safe and later a warning for parents why spanking your child may result in long term effect. "fox5 news morning" starts rite now. >> all right. rise and shine. 4:30 is the time. maureen umeh. >> erin cuomo sgln wisdom martin, gary mcgrady. >> hey, guys. >> hey, good morning. >> good morning. >> notably cooler this morning out there. and it's still muggy, though, especially today. yesterday in the 80s. today we're only going to be in the 60s. big changes and we're not going to see 80s for a
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>> in the meantime rockville pike a huge mes>> huge necessara water main break shutting down southbound and some northbound lanes. >> we're talking about this out of bethesda, maryland there's a water main break 1600 block of rockville pike. it will affect commuters. >> melanie alnwick, good morning. >> good morning, guys, yes, take a look at the debris all over the road here. we're standing close to where the end of water rushing down where it settles is here at the intersection of 355 and cedar lane. you can see all of the debris, mudd, the gravel and rocks that have been pushed from the site of the breakdown to the intersection. the site of the break is actually further up wisconsin avenue -- not wisconsin avenue, well, yeah, 355 rockville pike. it's rockville pike here
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the fsh while i was talking to the crews they think they pin pointed where they need to start digging. here's the interesting thing. there is pretty much the same location if you remember where we had water main break here in october 2015. so less than a cer ago, a break in the very same location. i don't think it's the same part of pipe and really causing in this stretch the same sort of problems we're seeing. you can see here dlaiping a fire hydrant trying to get the pipes flushed out and clear so they can -- once they get the main repairs they need know that everything sealed and back up. that's why they have to drain all the water out of the pipes here too. it's a 16" main and will take time here to get it put back together and the road and all of the traffic that bottle necks through here moving smoothly again. back to you guys. >> melanie, that's for sure
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we'll check in with details on what is happen night for donaldd hillary clinton. voters choosing trulp over john kasich and i ted cruz. and also winning in connecticu connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and rhode island and has 77% of delegates needed to clinch the gop nomination and democratic side hillary clinton had a big night she won connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and maryland and bernie sanders fwhon rhode island. she now has 90% needed for the nomination. >> it was chris van holland to win the nomination for u.s. senate. they were in a touch contest to succeed barbara mc colsky who is retiring, kathy zelega won republican nomination for
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holland in november. meanwhile millions of dollars in campaign ads didn't hel math you'd or david tron. on the gop side didn't cox won the republican primary. >> i in the dim kratz fourth congregational district anthony brown over glen ivy former lieutenant maryland governor was looking to make a come back after a loss at the gubernatorial race. donald trump will number town today and give a foreign policy aid dress at the may flower hotel in the district. some of the issues include global trade and economic and national security. >> time now to check in with gary mcgrady and see what's going wouldn't weather. gary, good morning to you. >> that's what's going on temperatures in the 50s and 6 0s. temperatures in the city started dropping because the front is moving on through. let me show you numbers right now. when i came in temperature was 66. now it's 63. 57 for frederick. we'll be stuck. it looks like stuck in the 60s
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we could get down into the pe and done. listen, best way to descbe today's weather, clouds, unstable, passing showers, could be a few showers this horng and looks likes most of the afternoon hours we'll dry out. and the trend the next several days just going to be clouds and showers. little sun here and there. and certainly cooler temperatures. say good-bye to 80s that we had the last couple days. 66 for a high today. temperatures going to be all over the place to let you know we're starting off this morning. some spots in the mid 60s. you'll cool off and warm up more and the front in the area in the clouds and little bit of sunshine here and there. temperatures today will be a little on the tricky side but you get the idea, right, a whole lot cooler. there's the forecast. let's get to the traffic. it's hump day. what's going on, erin. >> breaking news, team coverage with melanie alnwick this morning. if you head out in bethesda a water main break, 16" causing huge problems.
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rockville pike from the live look it complete water main break site is closer to cedar lane. northbound traffic at least two lanes blocked from jones bridge road on up. huge scene crews working hard and this can cause big problems for the morning commute. let's look back at maps and help you chose alternates. nih watch for traffic take the beltway to old georgetown road on town. if you want to get to the d.c. area take connecticut avenue as a route for the beltway. folks will try toe work their way around that big closure we're practice tracking on rockville pike. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning and check in with 395 construction by duke street next. back to you:. >> 4:36 is the time. weather threatened millions in central united states overnigh overnight. with storms popping up strong enough to produce hail and even tornadoes in sop parts. this w
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with hail poundy airport. tornado watches were in effect texas to nebraska and thunderstorm watches were nut place for portions of po mow all the way to pennsylvania. . >> and a battle brewing this morning over emergency funding to fight the zika virus. details coming up. ed until montgomery county how con artists taking advantage of weather to rip off unsuspending home owners. >> i'm holly morris. tapping stories trending this wednesday morning including new details in death of singer prince and tribute his former band has in store. stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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>> the search continues for a sheert that killed a woman in prince george county and left four other people hurt. this is braeinging news at this time yesterday 49-year-old joanne woods died in the shooting on hillmar drive in forestville and four other people were shot two are still in the hospital and there's a 25,000 reward in the case. >> and time now is 4:20 that means it's timep to check -- 4:40 rather time to check with holly morris using stories that are trending. >> we're trending forward we don't want to go backwards. >> right we want to day to keep going. first up supreme court whim hear former virginia governor bob mcdonald's appeal of public corrup
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of 11 jury convicted former counts of fraud for having accepted more than 175,000 in gifts and loans . >>. and a new study finally proving that spavrpinging is not the answer. the study found that children punished using spanking were more likely to experience aggression and anti-social behavior and that's the more they were spavrpinged the more likely they were to exhibit those behaviors. the study also revealed that spanking and physical abuse were associated with the same negative outcomes. >> prince's sister into tron believe the late sing her a will which means his estate could be divided equally among siblings and members ever the singer band revolution announced tuesday they will be reuniting for live is shows together to honor his legacy. >> and finally happening ending for a local kitten three days after stolen from the washington hugh main sew tie
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washington rescueleue 3-month-old princess jazzy was returned to the shelter. >> she's awfully cute but who is breaking in to steal a cat. >> they didn't break in to steal tractor-trailer person was there with children asked to see the cat and took off with it. >> twlaz something specific to this cat come into my neighborhood. >> i think they wanted to -- you. >> know. >> she's cute. >> maybe the person didn't feel like they could afford. i don't know the situation. i feel bad for the little sglidz back to the spanking stories that explains a lot about my childhood, just sayin saying. >> aggression he. >> ants eye social wisdom martin. >> i. >> wiz whaiz did you do. >> my parents took turns and grand sglaernts they lined up. >> it's okay, wisdom. >> 4:42 is the time. medics on motorcycles asked plans to improve
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in local community in one erin are back with weather and traffic on the fives this wednesday morning. we'll go get wisdom a little hug when we come back from a break. it's okay, wisdom
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>> 4:45 is the time. a water main is busted rockville pike and 118 customers are aekt philadelphia and commuters will feel the bankrupt of this one. 4 southbound and 1 northbound lane all closed in that area. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you the latest development and talk to erin cuomo how you can get around that mess. that's the last things you want to hear this early in the morning waking up way to work seeing on tv your normal route to work.
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>> is a river. >> is a river and now now uas t' it's all good, just saying. >> i'm all about the jobs. don't get me wrong. but it's getting hard. >> you're about the inconvenience. >> and it's hard to -- >> you need a work around. >> you need a work around. >> i don't now how every exit is blocked. >> it's a little buggy this morning. >> absolutely. >> and it was muggy yesterday. >> it was i felt that more today i don't know where. >> mugginess is building overnight philadelphia and tonight and buggyness less and cooler air from the north or coming down from the north and with a little drier air too. we have showers in the forecast. i know we kind of have scattered thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and last evening. maybe you got some. maybe you didn't. and but most of the activity was way back out to the west of us. here's temperatures this morning. we're rop droping a
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63 dulles and 64 dulles and 63 i marshall much cooler temperatures in the 50s. northern tier suburbs into the 50s. again cooler air is comeing across. listen, here's the deal on this. passing showersed is. you can see where the showers are lining up. the front is right here across district. so to the north slightly drier and showers lining up down to the south of us we'll get solve this activity from time to time you can see how it's breaking up now the best way toe describe where we are passing showers comeing across that really is the general rule today. mostly cloud. little sunshine. especially northern neighborhoods and just a little bit. otherwise we stay cloudy. 66 for a high. temperatures will drop off a little more and come back in the afternoon just a little bit. a few showers passing by from time to time. look at future cast. i'll let it run here. you'll get the idea of where we'll be the next few days with the packing areas of show
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coming right through the mid atlantic. ape timing them to be perfectly honest will be difficult. know over the next three to four days we'll be unsettled, clouds and showers will be the general rule and temperatures instead of being in the 70s and 80s where we have been it means well be only in the 60s for the next several days. 66 today. spotty shower to few showers coming through. and tomorrow a better chance of area wide showers. temperature 62. some places 60s. we get to friday morning with "fox5" rocks concert there's a good chance of showers. there sorry erin i know you will go out there. 64. sun and clouds day. saturday looks dry and back to showers on sunday. kind of a 50/50 weekend at this point if you will. >> there's the forecast. erin all morning long at least for the first couple hours i thought it was tuesday. >> it's wednesday. >> i know i was so happy. it's really hump day. >> it's hump day that is great news but it's bad news if you wake
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melanie alnwick from the live camera a lot of debris in that stretch of road. as what you need to know. all southbound lanes closed else mere avenue an actual water main break scene at cedar lane. you can see traffic there is a mess right now. police kind of barricade things off and have them choose alternates this morning. northbound lanes a few of them are blocked and let's take a look at maps and from jones bridge road past cedar lane where the water main break is you can get by with limited lanes. give yourself a lot of time to get to nih and bethesda and rockville pike where the water main break is turns into wisconsin avenue after jonesburg road. that is exactly if you're wondering rockville pike in bethesda is that that lobe. best advice if you head up bound exit beltway connecticut avenue or use old georgetown road. that's a great alternate to get you around this morning we'll keep you updated and quick look outside. construction, 395 by duke street two
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traffic is already back up and it is. we you have covered on all the issues back to you. >> 4:50 is the time. parents at one d.c. high school are concerned about recent fights there. >> one was caught on camera and parent of one student involved in that fight is speaking out. "fox5" annie yu is live at the high school in northwest. northeast now with more, good morning, annie. >> hey, good morning to you maureen and wisdom you don't have to be a parent to watch this awful video and find it disturbing. as you mentioned the fight that went down here h.d. woods was caught on camera and we have that for you and was taken by one of the students. mother of the victim cheryl thomas spoke to you sklutsively yesterday and thomas tells steve hershorn daughter, tierr tierra, was jumped by a group of girls at school lee leaving her with bruises and a black
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on the ground for a minute or so. she saysha take a listen. . >> they kicked me in my eye and somebody was kicking me in my side and arm. >> the girl said she about waiting to fight me and she said she was like what's up to me and then we started fighting and then all the girls just saw her jumping on me. i was shocked. i didn't know what to do. i called my mother. >> d.c. police was on the scene and officers arrested four girls on assault charges and according to tierra those were not the girls that jumped here they were girls involved in a totally separate incident. there were at least three other fights reported in school yesterday alone. so obviously a lot of parents concerned specifically tierra's mother was outraged over this
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protect the students. and tierra is suspended for two weeks and mom is going to fight that arguing her daughter is the victim in this case. that's the latest from northeast d.c. back to you in the studio. >> unbelievable annie thank you for that. it's not just woodson that seen an uptic in violence and wilson high school student stabbed in robbery attent and another wilson high school student was robbed near school last week it's a mess going on at those schools. checking top stories disturbing charges against a ar mar man accused in murder of 6-month-old girl. prosecutors say kia defman was caring for the baby at little dreamers creative center in ro roxville when she died. he claimed she choked on milk. the baby suffered massive injuries to her body. if convicted he could face 90 years in prison and held on
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million bond and hearing in the case is scheduledlooking for two men who they say tried to lure a young girl into their car on aring i'll terrace northwest last week. take a look at the screen. the man allegedly offered candy in an attempt to lure her into the vehicle. police described anymore as white or hispanic between 60 and 0 years old. see that tattoo the man on the left has that on the back of his neck. >> well they're calling it epidemic of home repair scams. montgomery county sharing warning soonz you need know. examiners go to a home saying they're doing work for a neighbor and they noticed a problem clogged gutters or dangerous tree. 11 of twelve victims were all over the age of 70. keep this many mind. if someone approaches you about housework maybe sure you contact for contractor contract and card. if you know a family member or neighbor who may have been a vick it will o
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one call police as soon asuny ts a proposal under consideration to have emts respond to emergency calls on motorcycle. yeah the motorcycle riding medics would travel with first aid emergency kits and the idea is to get arlington residents help and fast and there's critics. some say not everyone would benefit from first responder own motorcycle. the idea will be submitted to county board by end of next month and arlington county could mack a decision stns july. >> mean while obama administration is urging congress to pass legislation to fund the fight against zika. they want to get the emergency funds approved before the summer and that's when southern states are most vulnerable to the mosquito born virus. democrats cast the blame on republicans for holding up the bill and republicans are questioning how the money would be spent. harry reid wants emergency bill passed before lawmakers leave washington on friday.
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>> topping today's sports breakfast the caps return to ice in more than 2 4 hours from now the nhl released schedule. caps face pittsburgh penguins tomorrow night verizon center puck drops at 8. and in d.c. saturday night and game and four they move to pittsburgh. let's talk baseball now. for nats facing the phillies again tonight the team hosts a special honor for a special group of fans. the nationals are offering free tickets to service members in honor of military apreciation day. up to two tickets will be given to active duty reservists, retirees and families and you must have a valid military id and they'll wear patriotic uniforms for the game. all right. now it's not going to be a lot of rain. we have a chance -- chances to today to get showers coming on across. otherwise it will be mostly cloudy to cl
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cooler than wher city. notice northern neighborhoods you guys are in the 50s. cold front is coming through. that's bringing temperatures down just a little bit. much, much colder way up north. okay. showers passing by not everybody will get wet this morning we'll have a few showers comeing across just in time for morning commute. hopefully not too much of a problem. high today eventually making it back up into middle 60s for some. northwestern neighborhood look ak that you stay around 60 for generally highs today so cool day. here's what's going on with traffic. here's erin cuomo. >> 4:56 breaking news and improvements and problems lingering, water main break southbound lanes remain shut down completely at else moyer avenue and is that the for this water main break at cedar lane however all northbound lanes have reopened and
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you heading from the district or friendship heights into bethesda use wisdom martin to rockville pike southbound side remains shut down with ton of debris in that stretch of road and let's take a look back at maps to help you get around that from the beltway what you can do is exit connecticut avenue or old georgetown road. that is your best bet if headed to nih or making way to nih leave early and take old georgetown pike road excuse me or metro is a good option rights now. fraer gearing up for service at 9. next back to you. . >> or on that massive water main break in montgomery country causing problems on the road. >> we're live with the latest. >> and primary blowout for two presidential candidates and surprising results in maryland local elections results next.
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breaking at five a massive water main break causing headache and traffic in montgomery county and erin has you covered how to get around it. >> just need to get together and stop all this violence. >> "fox5" exclusive more violence at a local high school this time the brutal fight caught on camera and the


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