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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 27, 2016 5:00am-5:55am EDT

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breaking at five a massive water main break causing headache and traffic in montgomery county and erin has you covered how to get around it. >> just need to get together and stop all this violence. >> "fox5" exclusive more violence at a local high school this time the brutal fight caught on camera and the
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answers. >> and goodd 60s and maybe somef you will stay in0sature category huge changes more coming up. >> problem for bethesda commuters. >> all northbound lanes of rockville pike reopened cedar lane all southbound lanes remane shut down for the morning commute as far as you know. >> we'll give you detail later we have some now. takes 16" water main break in 9500 block of rockville pike that will impact commuters and people in that area. >> melanie alnwick is live on the scene with all the details. give us juror update and vantage point, mel. >> water flow has been turned
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off and the bad news is there will be a problem here for " ins spos person. this is the same section of pipe that popped last october and. >> it's a old section of pipe it's not uncommon with a pipe this ache that time of year bipter it's not uncommon when you have aging infrastructure when mains break there's repeated fail turz obviously we look at it and fiing ur outta where it needs toe go in the priority list for replacement. >> is it problematic when you think you repaired it and you have to come back again? >> it's not uncommon when you have an old strep of pipe and i put a new section pipe in there and then you put it back under pressure and it does its job when already been doing the job 75 years and you only put one section in it's not a surprise. we have 5500 mile of water main in the system and we
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about 55 miles a year. we can't reple ck >> what should commuters expec expect. >> avoid the area if you can. two southbound lanes all northbound on and two southbound lanes copy can't stress this enough. cars are flying by here. there's a work zone here. there's people working. if you come by slow down. i know it will slow the commute down if you see this get up and moving early if you have to go through this area. >> thank you very much. lip. guys, as you heard lynn say here two southbound lanes on now on wisconsin avenue rockville pike but it's still going to be a mess, back to you. . >> thanks for the update mel appreciate. it 5:03 now and down to hillary clinton and donald trump and democratic contest last noyingt and gop front runner swept all five repub
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now trump is per gender saying women don't like clinton and prim over yet and candidates will head to indiana for the primary on may 3. >> let's get to local races congressman chris van holland over donnaet ward for u.s. senate. on the republican side kathy won the republican nomination for senate. she will face van holland in november. . >> millions of dollars in campaign adds didn't help kathleen matthews nor david tron last night. dan cox would the republican primary. >> in the democrats for the congressional district primary it was anthony brown over glen ivy former maryland lieu ten apt governor is looking to make a political come backaf
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ago.right coming up on 5:05 it's cooling down. >> yes. >> getting cooler. >> yeah, but i mean --. >> when we came in it was. it's getting cooler. that's what i'm saying i want everybody to know when they wake up it will be cooler toda today. and 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. >> then it was -- wow why aim acting brand new you said it would get cooler as the week went on. >> i'm not trying to correct you just set the record straight. >> newspaper of us is above being ekt corrected i'm okay with that. >> it's about fist impression right when you get out there and it's not dramatically cold or anything like that but it is cooler and temperatures continue to drop off a little bit and passing showers and it's not a big deal. we're not talking about a the love rain here. i notice a
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in out i 24eu some sections oe commute could be a little problematil righ planners show for -- i'm going to say cloudy this morning even though i believe there should be showers passing by for the next several hours and cool noontime temperature of only 6 62. late this afternoon we'll be mid 60s. some places upper 50s to low 6 60s. pretty much all day long. there's your forecast. a lot going on this morning in traffic. here's erin cuomo with that. >> visit buy a toy oat for special officers. >> commute in bethesda still active water main break and repair scene and all lanes reopened ce
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ut a better bet to get around that. we'll have more traffic in a few. thanks, erin, here's a question for you. do you know an alley that needs prusing up text 311 it marks start of alleypalooza. it is a plea to fix alleys in the district. this year the city will repair or renovate at least 64 alleys. d dot last year fixed 128 alleys. >> also happening today area residents can drop off expired unused or unwanted prescription drugs at one judiciary scare as part of take back event. proper disposal of unused drugs is important to
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montgomery county and police need your help finding those responsible. plus. >> well a fight in one high school one d.c. high school, several girls areged for assault and mother of the victim outraged this morning. we'll have that exclusive story coming up for you after this break. stay with us on "fox5 news morning".
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>> a tragic death of a 6-month-old girl kia dip van owns little dreamers daycare center out of his home. he was caring for 6-month-old millie littleyton what she died. the baby suffered massive injuries to her little body. if convicted he faces 95 years if prison. >> also in rockville police looking for suspect responsible for vandalism that is believed to be hate based and police say a witness saw two white teenagers spray painting swastikas in wood area between beatle elementary and welsh park.
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grounds. d.c. police looking tore terrace northwest last egg week. investigators offer say they offered her candy and trieded to lure her into the vehicle. they were between white and hispanic and see that to the auto of a beatle on the middle the man owe on the left has that often the back of his nec neck. >> 5:10 to a fox5 exclusive several stabbings and fights surrounding d.c. public schools and this latest caught on cam ral. >> one paept of one of the students involved in the fight is speaking out. "fox5" annie yu is live northeast now with more, annie. >> hey, good morning, mature each the mother this victim is outraged over what happened her daughter. but, also, as you mentioned, the uptic in violence around schools and in schools this ha
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and we do have cellphone video this video the young students here on the ground being punched and kicked around during school here and she was left with bruises and a black eye. this happened yesterday. tierra said this went on i minute or two ago until a resource officer broke up the fight and her mother quickly arrived to the school here. the mother of the young victim cheryl thomas angry and demanding answers and we sat down with her exclusively. hear what she has to say. >> we need to get together and try to stop all this violence. >> now, officers say they arrested four young ladies yesterday. but tierra says those are not the students involved in the fight that she was in. rather separate fight.
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tierra says there were at least doe at the school just yesterday alone. mom is outraged of course and wants answers an we reached out to d.c. public schools yesterday asking about secure any schools and what they plan top do move forward to better protect student and we're waiting for the answers. that's the latest norm east and back at the studio. >> thank you annie. series of tweets going viral and the powerful message sending about cyber bullying and women in immediate yeah. >> new details surrounding death of prince the heart-warming tribute his former band had planned. first though gary and erin are back with a check of the wednesday morning commute and forecast. stay with us.
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>> extreme weather rocked parts of -- severe lightning d
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flooding to kansas with some miles an hour ass weresh you'd throughout the. >> i have a friend that lives in oklahoma and texted me last night woke me up said 107 mile an hour winds in his town. i don't know how they verified that. but, what i saw this morning really did surprise me. they had a lot of severe weather out there. and dissipated. but t i did not see any tornado reports for oklahoma which is good. and the tornado reports di see yesterday they simd to be fairly minimal sure capes. i know hurricane minimal f 0, f 1 or 2 likely ef 1 or 2 not as bad as forecasters were thinking, of 2 in the city and temperatures continue to drop as cooler air settles north.
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hagerstown 56 andal7 and pittsbh 37. it's cool today and good and dry. and then we're kind of living round the front here today. so it means clouds, maybe a passing shower from time to time and obviously a whole lot cooler, 20 degrees cool are today than where high was yesterday. we managed 6 degrees for official high temperatures yesterday. today we're 66. showers tomorrow. 62. even colder. and that's pretty much where we'll be the next several days. watch where the showers primarily are lining up. to the south of us. that will be the trend today. but there are a few showers knowledge of us too. so you see a couple showers here or. there most of the xhit is dry. a little heavier shower bubbled up out of washington county as it gets close tors higher elevations in western frederick country seems to be dissipating li
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we're cool today because on north sidef e great getting sho. watch what happens with the front tomorrow edges every so slightly more north. better chance of showers will be going into tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon a. and here's the setup with the planner today. cloudy skies this morning. could there be a shower, yes, 2 noontime. cloudy, cool, few showers -- a few spovts sunshine late in the afternoon. temperatures will make it up to middle 60s. there's your forecast. here's your morning commute with erin. she's dealing with water of a different kind this morning. >> that's right. >> coming from the ground not the air. >> seriously gary and bethesda this could cause delays even traffic is once again fweting by and water main break and zone repair will be there throughout the morning and rockville pike a live look at the crew working to get the road back to normal. all northbound lanes of rockville pike jonesville road past cedar lane reopened
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on th ou still suggest keeping to alternate and using old georgetown road or connecticut avenue will be a better bet he if you head inbound. reduce speeds and and extra time through the work zone on rockville pike headed to bethesda. let's look at the cameras. let me get out of the way. right now if you take 39 5 north beltway to 14 street bridge there's a construction zone and mrury camera there that caused delays out by duke street. right now, it looks like all lanes have reopened but watch a little bit of residual backup and if you head out in college park route 1 northbound construction taking out lanes and that is by university. that's your look at traffic. back to you. >> thanks, erin. how do celebrities read mean tweets of themselves has been app easy laugh. >> and here's a different and sobering take. wisdom is joining us with the story.
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>> people you know get on social media and say what theyt. >> social media gang sisters. let's talk about some of them now. social media has given us all a voice these days many so-called sports fans use it to direct anger at players, refs, owners, one might argue one could say female sports writers have it worse than anyone. podcasts just not spots had normal every day men read actual mean tweets sent to two female sport writers right to their paces and reaction, absolute disbelief. take a look. >> i hope your boyfriend beats you. i'm sorry. >> lot of c words. >> lot of c words. >> yeah. >> i hope your dog gets hit by a car you [bleep]. >> you need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck
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killed. >>. >> that's some mean stuff clearly. to share the videore #more thano educate other sports fans about harassment of women in sports. that's awful. some of the things going on social xwleed are tacky, tasteless and it's crazy because i said a lot of times there's just no consequence and anybody can make upthing, jobl and go on twitter an make a face then say anything about anybody. >> and somebody else picks up on it and it spirals out of control. >> and the thing is i love the guys reading it. you know they're the ones in disbelief. i can't believe someone wrote this. there are real people on the other end of those tweets or postings you're putting on facebook. >> i like to think sometimes aside from real overt ones some people post things not realizing thousand affects the person they're directing at. >> they don't think you have
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feelings then. >> i love responding to some people you don't c you can hide behind a screen and be anon say it to my face. >> there's a lot of social immediate yeah gang sisters and though know what they're doing they're mean. there's no con consequence they know that and they're bullies. so yeah. >> i'm glad they're doing that opening people's eyes. stop it already. >> thanks, wiz. >> speaking of social monthiai monthiaia. let's take a look at what other stories are you engaging with most right now using realtime news tracker. first up prince's sister has no reason to believe he had a wil will. his estate could be divided equally among his siblings. >> former governor bob mcdonald's of public convictions convicted former
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september 2014 on 11 counts of fraud for having absented more than 175,000 a 107-year-old womo gained internet fame for dancing president obama paved the way for d.c. residents over 0 to moreysly get government identification. they presented her with a temporary id card. they will now have more options to obtain identification. >> timely drum roll please the baby eaglets are no longer nameless and the public decided they should be freedom and liberty. big names. i like that. >> still ahead battle brewing on capital hill emergency funding to for zika virus. >> and nats honoring special fans against the phillies. time 5:22 we're back with stories this and more. powdered with sugar, layered with frosting,
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filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. america runs on dunkin'.
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ticketyomu h patriotic uniforms for the gam game. all right. 5:25 you're up to bat. >> battling some weather today. >> for the game i don't think it's an issue. not today. there could be a passing shower here or there but could they have a delay, yeah, i guess there's a chance of that. but it looks likes it will be pretty good for them. cooler. you know the cooler air has been lurking north even though weaver been in 80s. so it'set gooding a little push and coming to visit us a little while. kid owes big range in temperatures this morning, north am west temperatures lower 50s. if you're really metro south you're in the upper 50s
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60s. look at temperatures after schonyagain it does not look lie a big deal. temperatures today depending on where are you anywhere from about 60 to 66 degrees which is tam isly cooler. >> than yesterday. >> yeah, 86 the high yesterday. >> 0s for a while. >> yeah. >> thanks. erin we're still working on commute problems in bethesda right. >> that's right 5:26 active water main break repair zone oing on rockville pike they opened all northbound lanes cedar lane and southbound traffic getting by right now looks like one lane of traffic is moving slowly through at active work zone. and delays if you come from the beltway in towards wisdom martin where rockville turns into wisdom martin you hit this big slow down. i wod say using either connectic
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georgetown road is better bet this morning and at cedar lane l active scene even though traffic getting by. if you head for early morning flight things on way to bwi and reagan national looking good. 395 northbound by duke street cleared all lanes reopened. a live look in virginia and show you how things are looking 95 cameras now. little cop just john dale city to woodbridge and traffic in virginia on 95 if we can get the live lookout still looking good stafford between 6 owe 30 and 610. you can look at that and volume increasing as usual. that's a look at traffic. back to you . >> ahead at 5:30 more on tough ride for drivers in montgomery county, melanie alnwick live on the scene with the latest on the repairs. >> plus a "fox5" exclusive a brutal fights at a d.c. high school all caught on cam are ra. you will hearing from the victim and the changes her mother says needs to be
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh.mmmm, from your milk, is de >> ahead this morning the result are in. >> that's called a massive landslide. >> i want to thank everyone. >> the latest primary a blowout for two presidential hopefuls and local politicians in maryland surprising results. plus a "fox5" exclusive. >> a brurtal fight at d.c. high school caught
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victim's mother now demanding long term effects. "fox 5 nts right now. good morning to you. holly morris, erin cuomo we have it altogether. wake up, rise and shine, gary mcgrady is downstairs with an update on the weather. >> i'm trying to wake up, thanks, wiz. >> 20 degrees. that's how much cool ter will be than yesterday. that's headline weather-wise this morning. back up to you guys. >> head line this morning is water main break. people are dealing with that. >> rockville pike in bethesda traffic all northbound lanes on and one southbound lane getting by it's a while before they're able to get the respares finished. >> melanie alnwick is on the scene already this morning. so what's the vantage point now, mel. >> well, you know we had to move to higher ground because they said they will try to charge that war
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and there will be more water flowing d at least so they can try to pinpoint exactly where that break is and they want to make sure obviously they're going in the right spot before they start tearing up the roadway here. this say 16" water main. so it's generally got a lot of power in it. and there are 118 customers affected as far as water service goes. it's 75-year-old pipe and wssc tells us yes it's the same section of pipe they renaird october of 2015. so less than a year ago. but not uncommon when you replace an old pipe with new sections then down the way another part will break again. and they would like to perhaps reassess this pipe here and see if there's anything they can do to do more apartment repairs along a larger stretch. it but really they're just trying wssx
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is the way things go as the seasons change and there's constantly dealing with trying to fix those go and preemactively repair water mains. it will be several hours we're told here an rockville pike. we're south of the beltway. but before cedar lane. and it's going to be quite sometime. we'll keep you updated as they start breaking in here and let you know how the progress is going. thank you, guys. >> it's klitch a but pack your pain wednesday. avoid that area. >> let's talk politics now. the race for the white house this morning is in clearer view with big wins for trump and clinton. trump swept all five states that held primaries and he now has 77% of the delegates needed for the gop nomination. clinton won four of five states and now has 90% of delegates needed to clench democratic nomination. >> let's go ahead and take a look at local races now. first up
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chris van holland and representative donna ed words td on the republican side state delegate kathy is -- her party's nomination and the two face each other in november. >> and millions of dollars in campaign ads did not help kathleen matthews nor david tron it was state senator jamie ras kin that won for the democrat and gop side dan cox won the republican primary and democrats fourth congressional primary anthony brown or glen hiveych the political governor was looking to make a come back after lotsing the governor's race two years ago. >> all right. time now to get an update on weather with gary mcgrady. >> i'm working here. >> i know you're working you're getting it done here. we may have a couple sprinkles here and there today. >> just a few. >> passing showers. >> and you're doing baseball practice tonight and so am i i feel confident for thees
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baseball, whatever kind confide. tomorr of having more significant rain. we're not talking about a lot of unrain unfortunately because we need the rain but tomorrow is better chance of getting showers around here. listen. here, 62 now. temperatures continue to drop off" little in the city. annapolis 56. gaithersburg 57. northern neighborhoods generally in the 50s. d.c. to the south, generally in the 60s. leonardtown a little cooler now at 59. and we do have a few showers out there kind of passing by. most of it. and it's not a lot. so to the south of city. i think most -- the way it's looking now this is good news for erin especially who is dealing with this all morning most of the commute is dry. cloudy today. and around 65 to 66 some places will stay in the lower 60s and even upper 50s would no
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surprise me north and west. herer eain break location in bethesda and rockville page all lanes and lie southbound side one lane squeezes by take your time. slow it down. active work zone. customers affected dealing with some waking up with no water this morning. so what you can do to get around this if headed inbound from the belt way to bethesda i would avoid this stretch of road. as more hit the road this get congested. old georgetown to nih take connecticut avenue or metro. right now all metro rail lines on time. let's take a live look outside. first we'll start you off with maps. light volume new hampshire top side of beltway outer loop to silver spring and volume budding in stafford. 95 northbound 630 to 610 we he a line of red. things
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95 spring field we're dealing with a crash blocking shoulder. it's on the ramp right there as you exit to 61. we'll keep you posted on that traffic is still getting by. more updates to come. that's your look at traffic. >> still ahead medics on motorcycles that's the plan to improve response time in local counties details coming up. aand way warning for parents why spank child may impact them longer than a timeout.
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>> good morning everyone i'm maureen umeh back with health watch at 5:40 this wednesday morning first up obama administration is urning coming gross pass legislation to fund the fight against zika they want to get emergency fund approved before summer when southern states are vulner toobl mosquito born virus. republicans are questioning how the money will be spent. and democratic senator harry reid wants emergency bill passed before lawmakers leave washington on friday. . >> childhood obesity rates continue to climb. they went through data finding one third of american children between 2 and 19 were overweight and early one quarter nearly one water were
5:41 am
obese and 2% consideredverely os were most likely to be suffering from obesity. >> how do you punish children. what do you do, do not spavrping them. spanking can increase aunt a social behavior agress avenue mental health problems and difficulties deposit stop once children spanked reached adult hood. the more often kids were spavrping the more likely they were to have mental health problems as ahuments. >> again it's not funnily because it's --. >> now you know what is happening here. >> everything answered. it would be interrogatory see an serious note interesting to see what study was show about kids put in timeout. i don't think personally timeout works. think it's a reward for kids i think that's me. >> there's a hybrid i think threat of spank works well and honestly with parent you he hope do you it right. kids need discipline in some
5:42 am
form or fashion. >> you do what you do in youry d parent. >> this could be your child. >> if you spravrping. >> this could be your future. . >> this is poster child for everyone named martin in my generation. >> still a head a blowout win for two presidential hopefuls and look at primary wins in the white house. >> first gary and erin have a check of weather and traffic on the fives. stay with us.
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nobody lanes of rockville pike are getting by. . >> and yeah that should not be a problem. that's not going to be a problem this morning. >> we on the beltway. moving back and forth. listen, you know the roads are dry this morning not all the roads but obviously around the water break and there's not a lot of rain falling and where it is it's light and sporadic. i'll show you radar in a secon second. temperatures dropping off. 62 y
5:46 am
suburbs around dullesmarshal t'o north here. d.c. to south in the 60s and the front is making its way through. boston is 3. up to the north ever that that's where cooler air s we've been separated from that. because we've been so warm the last couple of days. temperatures well up into the 80s. yesterday 86 degrees for a hig high. today's high temperature only going to be in the middle 60s. right about 20 degrees cooler. then where we were yesterday. colder stuff stays the coldest to the norm of us. we look like the next several days instead of being in 70s and 80s we'll be in the 6 owes. 66 or so high temperature today and we'll warm back up a little to that point. there can be a passing shower here or there. tomorrow it does look like clouds and better chance of
5:47 am
doesn't look like a washoutn thr 6 0s. here we are this morning. koudy here. there's a spotty shower here or there across the north most of it is staying south of us. latered there can be a little bit of sunshine poking through and especially up in the northern neighborhoods maybe not so much for d.c. into the south. obviously with the clouds comes chance for few showers. winds out of east 5 to 10 miles an hour and here's 7 day forecast we have to wait until saturday to get back to a drier pattern. temperature -- well not really a drier pattern but drier one day and temperature gets to 70. 67 defreeze on sunday. few showers possible. dry on saturday. few showers on sunday. kind of 50/50 weekend type of deal. we stay around 60. upper 60s the next several days and next week we break
5:48 am
lower to mid 7 0s. re erin cuom at morning commute. >> 5:47 night mayorish wednesday morning with water main break in bethesda. first starting off in virginia volume building 95 north 60 to 610 and traffic slow and factor in extra time there and as you make your way prince william same story down to 34 miles app hour dale daley to woodbridge. it's a lot of congestion this morning. now on to water main break. traffic is getting by. all lanes on on the northbound side of rockville pike. southbound one lane getting through else mere avenue past cedar lane where the work zone is. dive yourself extra time. inbound from bez avoid that area. you want to give yourself extra time to get around. again we can drop that because this is actually a look on rockville pike as you make your way past cedar lane. this work zone will be out there all amorning. cop con avenue inbound or old george
5:49 am
to this morning back to you. >> all right. time talk politics. back to the president ben shall race. we can stk a fork in the primary process after last night's result. the answer is probably yes for the democrats. but what about the republicans? with a five state sweep donald trump is calling himself presumetive republican nominee. >> even with new campaign alliance the question is can ted cruz and john kasich do anything to stop that. peter join us live from capital hill and after last night peter what does it all mean and where does it really stand. >> swell stabdz that last night did not hurt hillary clinton or donald trump. one bixt
5:50 am
one bixt the behind and you lose five contest why now trump is calling himself primitive nominee for first time this cycle. at a speech in d.c. at the hotel trump is expected to give foreign policy details of his platform we had not heard before and focus on contrasting himself with hillary clinton completely ignoring his republican rivals john cruz and kasich and trump is shifting to full on general election mode something hillary clinton seems focused on doing as well. although clinton not calling on sapd others to drop out at least not yet. >> that's interesting. it's interesting that cruz and trump
5:51 am
worked. where do they getoil donald trul goots lock up the nomination. whether or not it comes before con veption or at convention or at some point in some other crazy procedural thing they're hammering out now there are nev returns in the party that say at least that it is more important to them to defeat donald trump than it is to defeat mill hillary clinton basically. >> that's a big thing. >> they don't want to give trump any kind of advantage if he's only got 900 something delegates now which he does they don't want to say he's got it they want him to urn the next 3 owe 0 0 or so. >> key word you said peter is crazy because that's how it's been. >> of course maryland vote
5:52 am
overrulely has 170 new lalay hogan signed them yesterday. some legislation included programs to expand voting opportunities and measures to enhance education. and the governor also said the state of maryland created more than 63,000 jobs in last month and it created more jobs than any other state in the united states. montgomery county police showing scams you need to know. examiners are going to homes and saying they are doing work for neighbor and noticed a dangerous problem like a tree or clogged gutters 11 of 12 viming items in montgomery county were over the age of 70. >> they'll hit a house that appears to be neglected and go to a home where they believe an elderly
5:53 am
that person play their faculties about them and may be intimidated and may just agree to get the job done so that person goes away. >> all right. investigators say if someone approaches you about housework make sure you ask for contract and card. and if you know a family member or neighbor that may have been a victim of this or about to be one call police as soon as possible. >> and the next time you call 911 in mnl emt on motorcycle could be the first one to the scene. there is a proposal in arlington county to have paramedics ride motorcycles to calls although it may sound strange it's actually already happening austin texas and lon done. the idea is to respond fast to residents that live in northern part of county. "fox5" spoke to people that lived there to see if they like the idea or not. >> it comes with this idea yeah or nay.
5:54 am
sin oafia say huge fan for face back fan of the day and her whole family nund. >> i love the purple lipstick. she had a chance to catch sox our concert series with co-workers and became a bigger fan afterwards. we're a big fan of you, for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below her photo on our facebook page. >> listen up dog owners hug yuring dog might relieve your stress but scientists say it does the opposite for your pet. new research shows hugs can actually stress dogs out. so how you can tell if your dog is stressed some signs i
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it turns its head away from you and closes eyes ak erhaps a belly rub a ce treat. . >> then my dog is most stressed out in the world lots of hugs. >> i think depends on the dog. >> she constantly gets hugs she doesn't pull away she kind of likes it. >> you had that one time she bit you right. >> no. . >> she would never do that sdmri wish coye say the string of 80s we had the last couple days will stick around but changes coming and we'll be settling into the northern side of the front and that's going to keep us in the 60s for the next couple three days and maybe a few showers as well. bus stop looks like this if northern neighborhoods lower 50s and metro south lower 6 0s range out there this morning in temperatures and after school big range as well anywhere between upper 50s to mid 6 0s
5:56 am
we get a little sunshine poking through in places alsol chance of having few passing showers around not a washout or anything like that. let me show you temperatures so you see. 59. we dropped. we dropped down to upper 50s in town. >> thanks gar. >> i erin cuomo has a lot to talk about with regards to the water main break. >> 66 eastbound out of virginia a crash taking out a few lanes and traffic squeezing by and this is 66 out by 2 and we're seeing big delays picking up. again this is out in virginia on 66 eastbound. give yourself extra time to get through there. 35 northbound delays beltway to etsell road. be prepared for that earlier construction zone and look at maps now as wisdom mping add side from congestion in virginia 630 to 610 bethesda we have a water main break taking out lanes on southbou
5:57 am
rockville pike give yourself plenty of extra time to connecticut avenue better options. we have you covered th morning keep it to "fox5".
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>> ahead at 6 a water main break is causing a traffic nightmare in montgomery county and we're live in bethesda with what you need know. >> and fresh off five state sweep trump taking aim at hillary clinton
6:00 am
his controversial comment about thki outside wednesday april 27. tively mild degrees. it's decidedly going to be cooler than the last couple. talker talks about it in the weather and erin busy with traffic. 6:05 good morning to you i'm holly morris in foral mall. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning" we want to get to breaking news melanie alnwick on the scene at the water main break in bethesda. good morning, melanie. >> and good morning, guys, so they're making progress and it started to drill down into the road and try to pinpoint the source of that break. fortunately as you can see, all of the water has now been stopped and so everything is starting to dry up a little bit. and but the damage is definitely quite impressive. and as you can take a look at some video, you will see what it looked like when we got here this morning a river of water flowing


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