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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 27, 2016 7:00am-8:08am EDT

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how to get around the mess sfraiingt ahead in a live re democric race. more on theid and results of local elections. >> what a difference a year makes or does it? it's been one year since massive riots broke out in baltimore over death of freddie gray. some are questioning whether anything was done to ease teption in that city. >> looking live outside this wednesday morning april 27, 2 2016. oh, yeah it's a bit of wet start to the morning. also cooler temperatures ahead. weather and traffic on the fives coming up 7:05 in the moan time i'm maureen umeh allison is off today. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning". we'll start with developing story in montgomery country massive water main break causing mess me bethesda. water crews are on the scene and this busted pipe will put a damper on the morning commute. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live in bethesd
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how this is impacting. but you can see those posts there.hat will happen momently. that's good news and bad news repairs done but it will be quite sometime. look at video when we first arrived on the scene this morning the water flow was fast and powerful and looked leak a driver coming down from rockville pike to parkway to cedar lane. it was poling and collecting debris as well pulled up from underneath the sidewalks and parts of
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causing trouble out of the way so they were able to on up that. it's 16" water main installed in 1941 and again burst last fall and nearly very same spot. wsse spokesperson tells us they will look at whether more needs dobb done to replace this stretch of wife. >> it is 75-year-old stretch of pipe and it's not uncommon with him that age it's not uncommon when you have main obviously we'll look at it and physical auto outta where it needs toe go in priority list for replacement. >> certainly frustrating for those that have to deal with this time and time again 118 customers affected in terms of rotor service and just
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newly cheerily it's needed. male mel, thank you for the update. we want to turn to presidential race. five more states holding primariesocrat hillary clinton it looks like the finish line is really in sight. she won four of the five states last night maryland, pennsylvania, delaware and connecticut and bernie standers took rhode island but likely not enough to make a difference for him. clinton has 90% of the delegates she needs to clin itch of nomination and to the republican side tweeping all five staiingts he's calling hi himself the presumetive nomine nominee. he has 7p% ever the debt gats he needs to get the gop nomination right. ted cruz and kasich say not soo fast. they're confident they can keep trulp from getting full delegates before the con sdrengs in july. trulp will number d.c. today to give a foreign policy speech at the may flower hotel. >>
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against donald tr switch scheme he wa involved in thhiring process ot c and deni any wrong doing and he want the case to two to trial. >> let start to race for u.s. senate. >> congressman chris van holland beating donna edwards. van holland will face kathy zelega in the november election. >> here's a surprise we mentioned story of grassroots feeding out big money. maryland state senator raskin won for dem calts beating for forler ak avrk or woman kathleen matthews and david tron founder of tone at wine traib. trump spent his own money on that case and matthews and raskin will face off with cox
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>> if the south district rmt mc. at 7:30 this morning political reporter veronica clearly will breakdown the results locally and national results from the primary day yesterday. >> happening today the supreme court will hear former virginia governor bob mcdonald appeal of public corruption conviction and justices will review the lower court rulings that appealed the con vicks based on when mcdonald claimed was overly broad definition of the world bribery. they were coin viinged of doing doyngs favors for welly businessmen. >> it is 7:05 now let's check in with tucker barnes to look at the forecast today. >> ready for cooler air. >> looks likes we're dropping already. >> back in the 50s. only mid 60s for daytime eyes. lane showers out there light rain showers early
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at ts to mid 80s yet. 60 quantico and 64 frederick and 55 winchester and rain showers moving right along the front which is now just to the south and you can see the rain showers moving west to east. most this is very, very light we'll keep at least the threat of few rain showers in the forecast for the first half of today and as we get into the afternoon we'll keep clouds around with cool temperatures. we you this most little have a chance for the afternoon hours. 64 the day the time high 65 maybe daytime high 4 p.m.. again dry later this afternoon. >> okay. looks good. all right. erin cuomo, you coming in a little late? that must mean problems on the roads. >> yes the water main break and then motto delays that just popped up. in bethesda, rockville pike one southbound lane on as you head inbound and
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seed area lane we're talkslive w crawling through the active work zone and packing upfrom the neighborhood area i would advice -- best wet to get around that are 270 or old georgetown road consider those as alternate you will be into a pack log. new carlton is offer loading foggy bottom dealing with equipment problem and next orange train at courthouse. that was after 7 metro tweeted that out. we'll keep you up diet add side from orpth problems the rest of rails are on time this morning. i'll let you know if that changes. fairfax, 286 fairfax county parkway past 123 we're also tracking a lot of slow-moving traffic 66 inbound through falls church and centerville from earlier crash by 2. bw southbound inside the
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we'll tell you things are backed up on 3555 look at delays as you head towards the water main break location where you down to one lane. >> i want to get to "fox5" sdlusive now there have been several stabbings and fights surrounding d.c. public schools and the latest caught on camer camera. >> this morning one parent of one student involved in the fight is speaking out. "fox5" annie yu is live atwoodston high school. >> good morning, any. >> good morning, maureen, stev steve, when you see this video in a second you will see how awful and disturbing it s you have multiple young ladies involved in this attack here. school gets underway atwoodston high school athis morning and some students
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all this happened inside the school we spoke to mother of the-up individual dim tier a awas jumped by a group of girls in school. you can see her on the ground being attacked and kicked and punched a mit or so. a school resource police officer eventually broke up the fight. >> she kicked me in my eye and somebody was kicking me in my side and arms the girl said she been waiting to fight me and said she was like what's up to me and then we started fighting and then all the girls kind of jumped on me. and i never got jumped before i didn't know what to do. but call my mother. when her mom finally arrived to the school d.c. police were out on school fwround and officials
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arrested four girls on atawlten. tierra's mom cherylyl plans to g her a victim reached out to d.c. ps and have not heard back to them regarding this incidents. that's the latest northeast back to you in the studio. >> it's disturbing ying people are choosing to resolve conflicts this way. that you for that update. >> developing overnight severe weather throughout many parts of the central and mid western u.s. in oklahoma tornadoes watch remain in effect until
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hours ago and remained in effect after the ha a sident wichita nearly rainfall and nuro sus in french custody sal am extradited from bell sdwroum paris hours ago and is expected to be in court later today and eventual charges and 6-year-old arrested last month after four months on the run and killed 130 people. >> still to come scam alert in montgomery counts
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criminals are ripping
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like cars getting by there. what you can't see is miles of backup behind it. so, if are you trying to come into d.c. or just really anywhere inbound on rockville pike probably wanted to choose either connecticut or another road maybe old georgetown to get around it and causes a big mess this morning. a lot of work is done and still a lot more to go. you can see better looking backup for miles this morning. >> what a mess. >> 'tis
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>> 40 in bosswh nor not bad hu?. >> yeah. >> all right. around here. couple showers to start the day. frontal system from yesterday is pushed just to the south overnight. and we're watching notice shower activity moving west to east there and we'll keep showers in the forecast the first half of day. generally cool this afternoon and highs in the mid 60s. if you travel the tr
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today eastern texas, louisiana, arkansas central portions of kupt write. >> it does. it does. >> okay. erin cuomo details on the commute this morning. >> oh, 7:16 it's a mess out there. we'll start off with water main break and rockville pike coming from bethesda only one lane on water main work at cedar lane let's look live at that and delays extending past the beltway as you head inbound and traffic is very much reducing speeds past that location and causing miles of backed up traffic. let's look at cameras and show you how stacked you are. as you head from inner loop jammed as well look
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backup by old georgetownoa th th the zone. chge issues in d way causing delays and bigcc scene they crash after activity fairfax county north past 123 as you make your way inbound we have other problems. 50 unbound jammed up and sutland parkway heading to the douglass bridge is stacked. we'll have more delays to talk about next up fortunately that's a look at traffic become to you. >> eastern, thanks very much. it was one year going today the world's eyes focused on
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baltimore. for all the wrong reasons.rtorns feeling makes. we're het one year going in the madness that followed the funeral of freddie gray april 27. if you were with us that morning you might remember the wig shop beauty shop trashed here it shop on the
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floor that spand not what you cn inviting place and was not much to write home aboue, f chickenone year ago and o takeout restaurant next to pawn shop. >> when you see your business torched like this what kind of feeling do you have. >> i feel bad about it you know. i up vehicle aid lot of non it. >> we showed you what happened to another family's
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wig shop destroyedinwhat had become of her life years now. >> has add smith said he's 21 and he was in west virginia last april when his city was up in flames. >> i never changed the channel i woke up watching it and went to sleep watching it this is my
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>> he consider it's me gekted at kids are on the corner selling drugs if if h say >> the city government just talk. i've about living here 47 years baltimore i come from cuba and baltimore is getting worse and worseer. >> we met julio vales on west pratt street where the chicken place is under new ownership. >> it's a psychpsychle. it's a cycle. and city government leaky
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about isttepha city is recovering and it says 93% of busint'essewhere we're next guys we'll be there in the 8:00 hour. >> such a big difference when cvs has corporate money to reon and you see mom and pop businesses unfortunately a lot of those that one business with no insurance doesn't have a chance. >> any word to the family that had the business? did they stay in the area? >> you know what they were planning to retire anyway and some of their friends started this go fund me page it was not enough they war starting to back off a little bitro
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business and they just decided not toyme but there's so many w t happeningcycles the plan to improve response times in one local county details coming up. >> who will end up with princ prince's multi-million dollar estate and what we're learning about the late singer's will or lack there of at 7:23
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few ghers working through the region inre will happening out in the neighborhood today and we'll get rain showers roll ago long that for morning hours. this afternoon i think we keep clouds in the forecast and
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north heres ry, very minute. >> practicing dance moves main . cop con avenue or old georgetown road. keep in mind inner loop old georgetown is very backed up. overturned vehicle causing delays in montgomery country as well. ridge road between brin
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and little seneca parkway and ie heavy this morning as wel ck . >>ase get closer to the convention and surprising result in maryland's local election and recap next with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. everything's on sale at havertys anniversary sale.
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ckow a results of last night's primaryy on the national state stage drum and and hillary clinton scored big wins. trump enjoyed a five state fivse sweep. hillary clinton clinched a four state win.clstate now each widening their delegatg lead in the request for theor t nomination.minaon. let's break it down and joiningt us to do so the local ando e lo national
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political reporter ronica ofhatt wants to unify the party very different than it goo >> joh maryland little seven closer to d.c.o >> we expected.e expec this is a region where john jn kasich should do well.o i think he came second in 34 ofo the races not enough. e i think he scored five delegates last night with all of thosefho
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that's really not enough.e berns night, he appeal directly to races so it was, you know,w winning that primary really is a big deal. dea in that senate race van hollen l won in great victory againstinst edwards.was you know, donna edward.s, she consistently an openly
7:33 am
with what we call identity int , chris van hollenn admits they have similar votingg that opened up a couple of ousee seats. tthe casualuessthe observer watching tv and seeings all the ads or listening to theo radio this might be a little bib of a surprise but for those whoo are in the weeds with politich p not really.eay >> that's true.s tr so we're talking aboutreking congressional district eight, e okay, so this was down to three-person race.on rac you had state senator jamie raskin, david trone, a self funded businessman.
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put over $12 million of his owke years has name recognition jamim raskin theintereseia for working on this law to create strictor punishment for drunk driving -- drunk driversnd and i think that is an issue i that is so important to maryland certainly he won for many other reasons. that's just something i thinkhik really helped him in likeike ability, in connecting with theh voters, in doing something thatt people really feel matters. but i was in congressionalsion district eight last night for voting, and i spoke with severav voter who's did vote for david that's just hasn't folimat notit surprised he came in >> yeah. i mean obvioly
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much money you want to finish wl really thought after anthony >> those are your winners.inne teebsi at any time. it is now i believe
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can't see the clock righths rain showers out there early. e 57 in washington. washington.
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plans later today, sportsile sey right now it is closed becausedb of thaten e right thert ther five vehicle pile up right now. they are evaluating severalg sev injuries. we'll keep you posted on as you make your way out in clarksburg germantown areantowna please find alternate route tote get around that this again, the location ridge road at the intersection of apple ape orchard way. w more information on the seventyn three rest those injuries and when they're able to reopen thae road but again just incredibleri scene coming out of montgomerygo county right now. r now we'll switch it back overl w for a look at our maps. m aside from that big crash, metro probl
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no elevator or escalatorrsc service. >> thank you, erin.hank, er a warning for people living inpo what police want you to know t
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dreamers daycare sent out of hif convicted.te >> this morning montgomery m county police sharing theice in warning sign us need to know neo scammers will go to home saying they were doing work fordo neighbor and claim they noticed some kind of urgent problem liko a dangerous tree or maybe somebs clogged up gutters. 11 out of the 12 reported repte victims in montgomery countyy cu over the age of 70. if someone approaches you abouto housework ask for a contract ant card. if you know a family member or neighbor who
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victim call police as soon asolo already happening inlready austin, texas, and in london, england.glp icon and his will. plus, more beyonce' news. beyonce''s new album might win n few grammys but what about anbuh emmy? huh? those stories andes more next. next. ♪
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and liberty.. american eagle foundationndat announced the names yesterday ye after more than 36,000 votes0 vs were cast online. >> aww. >> yeah. resting peacefully.cefully. >> president and first lady andy freedom and liberty.liberty >> yeah. >> great little family. lit >> cozy this morning. bundling up a little bit. few extra feathers needed thisd >> definitely. temperatures cooled off into tho 50s and much much cooler todayly than yesterday.terday. >> um-hmm. >> heat things up.>> h >> what would heat things up. >> you shall hit it and just hiu role with it.sro >> oh, snap.h, sna i like this one. >>
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>> hey, hey, hey.ey, he >> no, no, just the len back int 50s. 57 in washington.western suburbi showers for the h most of the stuff is prettys prt light.ght. it's not even touching the t ground but i keep umbrella handn for the first half of the d
7:47 am
it will get far enough southnouu we'll be left later today that's the focalhe c point for the potential for loo baped sha on time here.e here. it will just be kind of take a jacket. j there we are overnight toni
7:48 am
seven day, 66 today. eagle dance. danc >> i have full confidence thate yo his w w overturned vehicle in montgomero county crash involving severalns pete piringer letting everyonee know route 27 ridge road between bring road and little seneca parkway is closed in clarksburg. several cars involved in thisd n crash. look at that picture right nowit this is from pete. pe. suv actually on top of one of o those vehicles involved.olved several injuries. injurie a lot of issues going on out there montgomery county avoid ad ridge road at apple orchard wayy incredible picture there. there. we'll get back to our maps righi n
7:49 am
have other problems but i'm wann to start you off wiuhes.ue let's take live look outside ata s around thee. asae view i'll get out of out of the way right now.y righnow. 395 stack from the springfieldpe interchange to the 14th streett bridge. 295 from the bottom side of thee beltway through the navalgh thev research lab a lot of of slow-moving traffic. tra bw parkway southbound jams theue entire way.enre w 50 inbound from the beltway oneo in we're just seei
7:50 am
downs right there. more traffic
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ht nig ndformer forme band the revolution appear app pas weekend.d. locally i know some people saw s it here on saturday.urday they were on four prince's
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albums.albu stop playing togeth songs and 650,000 albums since hisumince pasin hourhe long visual album l eemmmy. e no word on what category ity would be submitted in butbemitt beyonce' has been nominated ford emmy two other one for her super bowl 47owl performance which was amazing.mi and another for her on the run tour. could lemonade be that ne
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gives her the win? if you of late night hite right now.ite gn people tune in for the bio b ews. beiber has 73 million views.n vy have 4 million subscribers myrsm favorite is the jennifer lopez version when she teched leonardo dicaprio from the car, she said quote hay baby, i'm kind ofin feeling like i need to cut loose, any suggestions, let meme know, j.lo.j.lo that came from james corden on j.lo's phone. pne leonardo dicaprio respondedpo
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>> yes! dng pretty good. >> 12 million.millioa. i we're over 12 million.mi that's not bad. bad that's not bad for us. >> got to brainstorm see what w can do. >> we do.e d we'll get to that billion veryy quickly.y. >> any day now.>> a >> thanks, kev.. fox5 spring concert serieses continues with friday morning with the muddy crows tucker barnes, erin como will be oughtt farragut square park at 17th at7 and k streets to host that big b >> muddy crows are d.c. band voted b
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washington city paper readersr r
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fox5 news morning anringurg good day d.c. d.c things.
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in just f the bad crashes andasd
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20 degrees cooler than it wasal trapped in elevator. ele>> rescs within the last hour. fox5's melanie alnwick is there mel, what's the update? >> reporter: i can tell that tet you everyone is out of the elevator and the power has be
8:01 am
restored here to the medicaledic center stargund donees has causu electrical problems in the past. i'm sure that i this is what stacey e erience. >> i'm at asthmatic so it was aw dull time. t then they started the middle escalator after i was already on the other side.the her i was too far up to come backack down.down. >> yeah.>> you ride the red line everye evy glare yes, i do.are >> reporter: it's beent's b frustrating lately. lely. >> yes, it has.
8:02 am >> it's very unpredictable. person i saw really havingy havg trouble getting up those stairse were taken out. but this is by no means the only problem on the red line. we know that it's been plagued d even though in the last montht h there have been dozens of issues along the red line with track tk problems, with signal problems.. all sorts of thing not to not mention the trouble that is wetw had with smoke in the tunnelhe l down at friendship heights.ts definitely something that is s frustrating to rid back to you guys.. >> continuing indeed, thanks, t, m
8:03 am
>> all right. rig. problems on the roads, too. lo 16-inch pipe it.tion of pipe oi so it's not uncommon with a pipp that age, you know, this time of year, winter, not uncommon whenw you have aging infrastructure, but when mains break, andak a there's repeated failures in ann old section of pipe, obviouslybs we'll look at it and figure outu where it needs to go in then t priority list for replacement
8:04 am
>> no word yet ond wit 54% of the vote. vote. he now has about see >> hillary clinton earnlary victories in four of the states losing rhode island to bernieofi sanders. clinton has 99% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. >> as far as local races and fod the casual observers a big surprise. >> let's start with the race fot the u.s. senate. congressman chris van hollen beating fellow donna edwards.. >> in a rather surprising story to some grass roots maryland man state senator jamie raskin won w the hotly contested eighth eighh district primary for the the democrats beating formerr
8:05 am
kathleen matthewse gop. anthony brown will faceace republican nominee georgay,e sue court will hear former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's appeala ohi publicn convictions.conv the justices will review the lower court rulings that up helu the convictions based on what w mcconnell claims is overly broad definition of the word rivalry. annie yu will have more comingha up at 8:00 their.ve0 their. >> let's check in with tuckerke barn. barn. chilly compared to yesterday.. hot yesterday.terday. >> 50s. 80s yesterday.s yesterd rain showers across the area. ae for the morning hours then reall be mostly cloudy and cool thisli afternoon let's go right to thet numbers and ar
8:06 am
now in washington.ngn so the numbers cont riding right along 66, and you y can see the rain showers ahe time so the -- here's what we'rehae' lookinlooklooking today.. rain showers will fade south during the course of the day. we'll be left with clouds ae nda cool temperatures and not muchs of a warmup thismu afternoon.ern highs only in the mid 60s. so in addition to that umbrella needed for the morning hours,ors you may want a jacket thiske t afternoon.rnoo i think we should remain dry ory dry out this afternoon most oftf the shower activity should fadee off to our south by late thiss afternoon.. plenty more whether in just an a minute. steve, holly, toss it back tot you. yo >> we're getting word of mored r trouble from metro possibleossi arcing insulator at thethe friendship heights station alsoa on the red line. lin >> not the first time we'vee heard that. of course the red
8:07 am
now being affected.ffte erin what's the latest let's move over from this camerr and pull up our maps.p ou m i want to get that t again, pete piringer reportingep the friendship heights station investigating a possible arcingc insulator.sur. watch out for delays both directions between medicalen center and friendship heights.. single trackin tracking on the e as melanie showed us medicaled center station just got back to working as far as the power isa restore.stor let's take live look outside. other delays on our roads ins in addition to our metro problems. this is a look at wisconsin avenue right now.en right neauer the metro stop in friendship heights you can see e lot of traffic is backed up in that area. we aren't seeing any firee activity right now but againut a we'll certainly keep you posted as that happens.ns so looks like traffic israff i starting to slow down whichow leads me to believe there is a a scene developing.oping. we'll keep up it dad
8:08 am
steve.ev >> new developments out of pari ma.s morning. ml are causing we'll have that back in justt bi 302nd. ♪ >> developing overnight severeop weather throughout many parts on the central and midwestern united states. in oklahoma a tornado watchho wh remained in effect until a few w hours ago. a winds reached speeds over
8:09 am
100 miles an hour in some place. >> in kansas residents seeingids nearly 4-inches of rainfall inn wichita. police reported numerous callses people getting stranded in the t knee lie water their callsir stalling in the flooded streetse >> head overseas now.ead ovseas big developments there on the war on terror. the key suspect in the paris pis terror tax is now in frenchrench custody. he was extradited from belgium m to paris just hours ago. he's expected to be in court cou later today for eventual charges.ges. 26-year-old was arrested lasts d month after four months on the run. run. wanted for his role in the for n november attacks in paris that killed 130 people. p back here in the states hert former house speaker denniss haskert will face sentencingtenc today.toda the banking charges part of broader allegations that haskerh molested at least four formerroe students when he was a teacher t had a high school in chicago.cha at least one of those students s plans to speak in court. haskert faces up to five years v
8:10 am
>> search crews found therch t missing data recodeit was foundy 15,000 feet under water near th. the medical examiner said all sl but one of the victims was shots multiple times. tim one victim in fact suffered nini gunshot wounds. some of them were also beaten.te authorities say it was a a carefully planned attack. they are still searching fortils whomever is responsible butrespb officials have not yet suggestee a motive. 8:10.>> still ahead today marks one yeao since riots broke out inke o i baltimore over the death ofime v freddie gray, so where does thee city stand now? bob barnardrd will join us live with that that story.sty. >> let's take a live lookake a outside on this wednesday morning much it's not so prettyy out there. t there are troubles on
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ 8:13. we're dealing with metroin problems this morning.s a couple of them actually. aual. on the red line this morning.ori some power outages at the nih and then at friendship heights apparently could be anotherouan arcing incident there. tre so problems all along the -- th- rockville pike in general todayy in wisconsin avenue is notvenuet having a good morning.ood mong >> the not having a goodin wednesday at all. and of course, this is yet
8:14 am
another incident on the red lind we just had one -- last week stw speak. >> all right.>> we'll check in with him in a a minute. first we saw umbrellas pop up in melanie's live shot and you seee a few more out there now, tuck.c how we looking out there?? >> a couple of showers acrosswer thar much cooler here to stay.y showers first half of the dayha and think afternoon.oon. >> decent rain or just drizzleri out there?the? >> for most part pretty light.ig look at it here in a second. sec >> not rain that will cancel any afternoon sports practices?ic >> no. most of that should be all systems go unless you don't wann it to to be >> i know. i'm borderline. >> i know a few parents who wann a rain out maybe we can make it happen fore you. 56 in washington.asng 41 up in a lot of cold air off to our north.north and we're going to be in thatn t flow here forhe
8:15 am
days. with won't be bitter cold buter much coo it's eastern texas and missourir and that part g fanything.t do >> it's pretty gray out there. e i was actually just out therehe not too long ago. longo. >> it's 60s with rain showersths the first half of the day.half this afternoon just cloudy.. sports events i think we'll hav those later on.the la >> play on. >> let's get to the rails. tom fitzgerald outside the ships heights metro station thistion morning much what's going on,s o >> reporter: hi there.. i didn't expect to be talking tt you folks this morning.or how are you. >> maybe people riding the metrt weren't expecting a problemng a either or maybe they were.r i don't >> reporter: this is ti he situation. we were on our way down thisow morning to the u.s. supreme supe court to cover the argumentsents later on for governor bob mcdonnell.donnel we get into the metro station in friendship heights immediatelyly you could see this kind of grayy haze throughout the station,
8:16 am
and, you know, again, that odd smell tatrned we ed .round and there's a half a they're on the radios talki about the smell. sme they're talking about the haze.z they're talking about the fact c the station was -- is loadedoadd with passengers and you know those information sign that isn are up there, they areyre announcing these elevator outages and these power outages up at -- up the line from wheree we are, however, the, the firefighters that were standingn neck to me they're on the radiod talking about whatever is going on into in this tunnel here ater friendship heights.ship hei so i can tell you this much theh signs down there are saying s these trains are single tracking and
8:17 am
nd noes that cep going back anda trains.trai ansit police is on thee truck scene. the only thing we don't know kno from the announcements whatentsa exactly is going on down therere right now. no i can't say it was an overwhelming amount of smoke. so i can't say it's probably probal nothing you've probably haven't experienced before if you've yov ever ridden metro on a regularer but it's more disruption.ptn you can turn around jason and a see all these people are justrej leaving this this mi what's going on down there? any trains? >> i don't know. >> nobody nobody knows.body no trains.ins haze, firefighters showing up. not a good morning on the red line. >> hang tight for a second tomd we want to keep your liver live picture up right now we saw thaw fire truck jus
8:18 am
>> reporter: sure.>> >> we want to bring erin como cl pike down to lane b cedar b ced lane s jam as more firefighters arrive on scene.. we're hearing from metro they'rm single tracking on the red linee between medical center where wre they had the earlier power t outage and friendship heightsp i we're dealing with possiblewiose arcing insulator.ns that you see all thoseee a tho firefighters getting off the ofe truck to go inside andk o insi investigate. you see all the people comingom out of the metro this morning. if you're looking for a workork around, i would say take the rer line right now if you haven't hv left your house probably not tht best bet f you're pass throughah medical center and friendship fn heights. and traffic as you can see on sn rockville pike as it turns intoo wisconsin avenue on down from fm bethesda into friendship heights he can trially jams.s old georgetown pike, connecton connect avenue, leave early.enua we're dealing with messes on ths roadway as well as with metro this >> th
8:19 am
those is just stay home probabs. it's the frustration, i don't ko n, a's goi o lot of people trying to figure out how they'll make their wayir to work. even tom was on his way down to the supreme court this morningum and he got stuck.he g stu isn't we'll bring tom back inton this how now. now obviously the frustration fromro the rider ships ship is felt ont daily basis.asis we have been trying and trying n to get metro's general manager r to talk to us about the situation particularly the ar arcing situation specifically and we have been asking forskinr weeks now for him to come on ana t th us about ouwhit and he hast this point. so we'll put the call out again for metro to do that. that. tom, ino downtown.wn if you just happen to bump intot him pass the word along. >> reporter: steve, i'll tell, t you this. we don't have to go very far
8:20 am
back in recent history there way a problem at th te station. s this h appeaw. initialing that was thought too being insulator. insulat o know, i don't i don't that's been on thisfor anybody.y system knows full well about ito we don't know whautt this is.t i i can tell you it was not n overwhelming. it was just a consistent thing.g but certainly there's a big mess going on down there today. today if you have to get to work on this station i would recommend d go some place glimpse whatever e it was tom, it's enough tonought continue to shred the confidence that people would have in our metro system right now. now. >> reporter: don't know how k muchs
8:21 am
yeah, that, too
8:22 am
hi dad. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
8:23 am
♪ i could rise above ♪ washington wizards willshinn officially introduce the team'st new
8:24 am
scott brooks today.ay at the verizon center.res released schedule for round twou of the stanley cup finals the fs caps play the penguins in gamen one tomorrow night at verizonon center.nt prime time 8:00 p.m. game. game two saturday in prime timee the series then moves to pittsburgh for games three andea four monday and wednesday.nesd all games will start at sta 8:00 o'clock.8:00 they don't have five, six andix seven start times yet because, u you know, if there's a sweep yop don't have to worry about it. >> wouldn't that be great. that means you and tucker willrw be at the says center threer nights in a row. a r >> i'll see a lot of tucker.ker >> you have the caps, biebs, caps. caps >> i forgot we have the justin i beiber concert friday night. >> i can't wait. can you got us good seats this timet around.ound. >> sorry. >> 400 section is good, right.. >> good enough. enough. hear the screams. tuckheer's i mean. m
8:25 am
umbrella honestl idstuff. few showers around.roun. looks like saturday is our nextn rain free day with partial par sunshine temps about you got anything outdoors latera this afternoon think about going to the nats game tonight i thint you'll be okay.yo most of that rain showerai activity should be out of hereho by early ear all right. that's weather update. the traffic world that's where a things are busy in the metro met world much what's happening, erg glenn start you off way look atl our maps at 8:25.maps at 8 want to give you updated u information. metro couldn't philadelphiaul international airporting the fire depth as we saw from tomdn fitzgerald's live shot sho responding to an arcingrc insulator at the friends
8:26 am
heights stop right now becausesp of that the red lineat q streetr northwest also causing big causi delays for metro bus riders.s. we areeeake your way w past cedar lane on rockville pike before you even get to thet issues in traffic at the a the friendship heights station optio wisconsin avenue again delays d both directions on the red liner medical center to friendshipriei heights. here's a closer look at thatloot water main break. you are jammed up from north ofu the beltway past rockville pikee you head south of cedar lane.da it is a huge delay.e the inner loop by old georgetoww is jammed up and we have a crasa on the outer loop betweenpetwe colesville and georgia.eo so tons of issues with trafficha and metro this morning.ning any spe
8:27 am
to head to work at erin fox5ox5 coary of the freddie grayray riots. b baaris live with thath ullying andin women in the media. it's 8:27. ♪
8:29 am
♪ >> 8:29 right now. 8:2 live picture of the friendship heights metro station. stati a lo
8:30 am
in fact we can tell you the t friendshor evacuated feeble that station.ti you saw in our llilierks were ww d.c. firefighters are rightigs r there. we saw the trucks roll up.roll u you saw it live right here aer short time ago much there'suc t video from inside the station an firefighters were walking alonga the rails just a few minutes ago. but, again, all riders asked tot leave the station right now friendship heights station son evacuated on the red line.edin >> keep updated as this as continues to develop.. meanwhile, one year ago today the world's eyes were on as peaceful protests followings the death of 25-year-old freddie gray turned violent with stores looted, rocks thrown at policeol and buildings and cars set a blaze. >> we were there the morning after the riots.riot a year later baltimore stillll struggling
8:31 am
deems with the same demons thatn brought people gotten back to normal here in i west baltimore -- looks like a a weekday morning here.ning h people hopping the buses. bus if you take look at the right t here this is the cvs store thatt was old cliche ground zero ofgrd that night one year ago.r a the store is reopened.eoped they're back in business a lotul of same employees who were thert before the craziness there arete now. ea ago. a it was an awful night.ig this was the night of thehe funeral of freddie gray apri april 27th of 2015. 2 there was looting, rioting,
8:32 am
cvs store here. duringed din the worst of it all during thehe unrest have reopen.e eycity is r they mentioned a place calledcec sneaky pete's in highland town.w the rite aid on mlk that werehaw damaged and reopen.. you'll know the mayor stephanieh rollings blake did not run for re-elect last night in the t democratic primary state senator catherine pew was -- won the t nomination license likely been k elected in november. nem but i'll tell you drive around the city. t c you drive from where we were in the 7:00 o'clock hour from westw pratt street here up too pennsylvania north avenues andtu what you see, what you're struck by all the abandoned and boarded up homes.up homes. now, i asked a woman deniseise andrews taking her son to school this morning about what we saw. >> a lot of homeowner
8:33 am
don't even care.n'even they just left stuff how is iara >>mean it's okay. oeporter: it'm >> reporter: but have things ba improve at all? >> no. stuff is stilt same as it was the riot and everything startedd i don't see anything differenten at all. nope. i mean, the community is prettyp much keeping it together. tet so that's about it's been.. i mean other than the people yoo see every once in awhile walkini around. arou other than that, still the same. >> reporter: guys, theuy t community is getting together tonight. you see here vigil for peace and justice at a nearby presbyterian church. they will be marching theingt anniversary b
8:34 am
>> bob, it's interesting when'si you look at the mayoral racee ma last night and of course this ii democratsic the mayor with catherine pew winning lasts night she defeated anotherd anoh former mayor sheila dixon from baltimore do you take that as as sign the city wants to move in different direction now? >> reporter: yeah, i believe i b so. even the husband city councilmal the husband of the states attorney here was in that very crowded field. field he lost as well.el nick moseby. moseby. i think so. i a lot of people want to move pet forward. i'll tell you this part of baltimore, west baltimore hasre long felt and still feels feels awfully neglected.eglected. >> even though it feels likegh it's getting back to normall there from your sense, bob, i bb think we're collectiv holdingol our breath as the trials are ine our future and need to play outo as well. >> reporter: yeah, to say the city is still on thet bring may be
8:35 am
little too dramatically, but i d businesses you look here -- tha bwi rain showers moving through mosv of it's been p. but enough to wet the roadwaysos you want an umbrella for the fot first half of the day ourhaf th frontal system from yesterday yy remember we thought it might big bring thunderstorms it has brought clouds and showers earle this we'll be dealing with the with showers the next couple ofhe nef hours. as we get into the afternoonfter hours as we get into the afternoon hours this front
8:36 am
be far enough south left withugt cloudy and cool conditions andls temperatur l l >> that's right, tucker.hake walking in the studio rmindespoy wisconsin avenue for commutersom as well. so big problems as you your way out between bethesda andnd friendship heights.eigh the fire response is checkingise out that arcing insulator. give yourself a lot of time toim get through those stops muchugh also a few accidents in the same area.area connecticut avenue at mccombom street northwest units are on ae their way police responding tonn that, and there's also an ao a accident wis
8:37 am
street. a lot of frustrated driver this. from north of the beltwaythe twy re extremely jammed up and stationo wisconsin avenue. avee. also, montgomery county, a crash involving at least five cars and serious injuries this morning. route 27 ridge road betweenen bring road and little senecaa parkway that remains shut down as well this morning. w m you need to detour around that.t if you're coming from bethesda d into friendship heights, obviously, huge red line delays this morning.thorning rockville pike not great optiono old georgetown road ord o connecticut avenue but watch fot tons of extra traffic there ass well. we leave early.rl have some patience. som back to you guys.guys >> all right, erin, thank you.ha coming up a series of tweets getting a lot of buzz on the bz internet the powerful messagel m they're sending about cyberboutb bullying and women in the media. >> later in the fox beat kevintv sits down with director gary
8:38 am
we're back in just two minutes. it's's 8:37.
8:40 am
♪ >> having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves haselve become a go to easy laugh. >> just not sports added aed different and sobering take on n it wisdom joins us were thinker story.y >> some people on social mediald can be mean. >> we call them. >> social media gangsters gantes because they can do whatever they want and there's no
8:41 am
consequence or pre repercussione sports writers have it worse w than anyone.ts. writer writers r faces.s reaction salute disbelief.isef take a look. >> i'm sorry. >> responded with the c word. cr >> there's a lot of c word.ord. >> i hope your dog gets hit byy car you bleep. >> you need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed.ed.
8:42 am
twitter with the hash tag moreor than meansbout harassment oft o women in sports. spo so this is -- we talk about this all the time how people on twitter and social media sites can pretty go on there and saynd whatever they want to same time nobody is checking them.s chec >> when you're not saying it too someone's face it's easy say say >> exactly. just mean stuff.. inappropriate in a lot cases ass we just saw, yeah. bad stuff. >> i shared it on my facebookebk page. >> did you? okay. dou? >> i'm the only one talking but i'm also on the only woman wan sitting in. >> i don't think -- interestingi >> i don't think you shouldul limit it to female sportsmale ss writer. >> i agree.>> >> cut out the hate online.ate i it's too easneyto people to dop and it happens way too often and it's incredibly hurtful. >> there are real people on the other end of those tweets ands a messes
8:43 am
>> kevin will join us with an ui interview wt.tion. closed right now riders.ider firefighters investigain another pl get exand your foreco after the break. ♪
8:45 am
♪ >> somebody is waking up.odis w >> hello. good morning.goorni >> one -- live look.oo >> one of the twins is >> there we are and waking theea other right. r t
8:46 am
national arboretum of courseum s ororsome freedom and liberty sound ames.. >> liberty and freemewhen i camm work at 3:30 than it is now. n >> frontal system has beenystes pushing to the south and -- ♪ >> that keeps the clouds in the forecast.foreca >> i think you're supposed to y walk to thisou. >> ♪ >> awfully good time at my a expense back there in the soundd department.departme >> come on. entertain.teain. entertain. >> working on your eagle danc
8:47 am
>> i'm working on the eagle on dance for the end of the week, w evnowiexact wrl i'm headingct with this dance.with i don't want tochtoo mu away too early spring50'sernoon particularly wn you compare it to yesterday when we were in the mid 80s today i t think we'll be luck dee get bacc in the mid 60s by afternoon. 54 now in frederick. gaithersburg 52. 52. 59 in fredericksburg, mountainsi looking at mid 50's as well. w 54 in winchester.. rain out there for parts of ther area as well. pretty good batch of rain of ran develop in the past few hours sr what's happened our front isfnti pushed through overnight. and with winds out of the northo and east will lock in the cool c for the watching watin rain showers kind of ride alongo that front west to east here ata least for the morning hours. moh getting into thaf
8:48 am
front will get pushed far enougg of thunderstorm down there. 100,000 people without power at the mome.hopefully the baseballs wers showers row develop tomorrow with a feww showers around thursday andday friday as well. as well.
8:49 am
sunday not so much. m maybe a few moreesteseeo what's coming up today on good d day d.c.n insulatoroh, but thate problem this morning. mni >> all new at 9:00 a.m. former redskins player lorenzo alexander joins us live in theln loft we'll talk about hisbout h charity bike ride and of coursef talk football as well. w >> we're live with tmz they have developing new about prince andt his estate left behind. lt b >> and don't have time to work out? there's new trend called e the micro work out. so what is it? we'll show was w it is >> are you actually doing it?llg >> we'll see. we' see >> we will see.>>will all new on good day at 10a your exclusive empire preview forieor tonight's episode and we'll talk
8:50 am
out.out >> i have timele. oome y watchay w rock hugs his crying mother.othe johnson was so touched that he t posted this picture to instagram and explained that the fan wasds willing to wait all day to meete his hero
8:51 am
go lucky guyucky to be in this position and havea this platform.orm he reposted the instnsteda abouw also have as well ended instagram post by saying this. bet quote he said "this is byis far the best part of fame. f all ashley wanted by th
8:52 am
a kiss from the rock and videond on his hbo, moie after after at tweet and theyd thea,eeted hh connected and they sent picturee back and forth. forth it's just cool. social media is amazing but for good for him for doing and thata using his celebrity.elebrity >> that's when social media
8:53 am
>> this director gary marshall as pretty woman and valentine's day andjia dinner salad fork, shrimp forkhr and dinner fork in mother' daysy hector is back and has seen with julia roberts where they mentioe and reference the salad fork.saf watch this. >> there is a moment where you do mention the salad fork from r pretty woman. woman >> yes. >> i'm wondering was that thehe script or was that improvised by
8:54 am
them?them sixrix, after working a lotking people from pretty woman cuck te first time shot with a drone. d i don't even know what a dronehn is but he shot with drone.throne he does the big shots. sho. but we figure we'd do somethingt and low and be hold we did it hector got choked up.. he said he was looking at julia who who was 21 when we dideid pretty woman and we did her 21st bon h boulevard and gave her sid here' cake, bow out the candles. cdl good, enough.good let's go. move
8:55 am
he remembered that and got a g story up on the credits.. >> absolutely..nks kev. >> check 8:55 tuck.k. yeah, let's do that, >> okay.>> o hi. we got cool conditions, 55 now5n rain showers it cross the area e
8:56 am
it lab cool one this afternoonrd showers keep them in thehe the forecast thursday and fridayda ucst a few of we have good news for yo. the fire
8:57 am
lingering and it is fair to sayo g betweenwi bet family members of prince.nce. tmz has got gym. g i'm al in that. good day dd coming up nex d.c. . don't go anywhere.
9:00 am
gallons of water rushing from aa broken water main bringingriin traffic to standstill in standst montgomery county. how long do repair work could last. plus a good night for thenio front runners. donald trump sweeping five f states. hillary clinton extending herto delegate lead.delegate l now it's looking more and more m likely that those two will facel off in november. the only card she has is the woman's >> we have a look back at lastk night's primary results.. a lot can change in a year.a but for one baltimoremo neighborhood torn apart byrty riots, little has.eas we'll go live to charm city fort look at why it's stillti struggling to recover from lastm yea


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