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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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report it or care about it. >> after elevated levels ofd lead are found in dozens of in n d.c. schools. soo the city admitting mistakes mta were made. m cashing in. the incentive one university une is offering students tog uden graduate in four years. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> all right, good morning toori you. we're all here.we googood morning.go my colleague erin como he maureen umeh gary mcgradydy what's up with the weather. w >> i'm working on the weekend od forecast right now and i wishigw i could say it' as going to be e little -- it's not going to be b completely bad but one off those weekend days not that t eaeat. the full forecast coming up inin just at bit. >> erin, how is the commute c this morning.orng >> we're worried about theorriet rain coming in later is goinginl to impact things. t already dealing with some wh problems on 270.. we'll get to that next. >> perfect.>> p >> let's get to breaking news in northern virginia.erir barricade situation intuatioi alexandria. some people forced out oft of their homes for their >>
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apartment complex on east reedne avenue and that's where we find fox5's annie yu. she's thrive this morning withvt the very latest. annie, good morning.e, >> reporter: hey, good gte morning to you, wisdom andto, wd maureen.mauree this actually in at they in a apartment complex but they've t' blocked off beginning at the entrance of this apartments apa complex for safety reasons.satyr the home involved is actually deeper in on e reed avenue atav a duplex. we want to stay out of the waytt and let the authorities doties what he he that do. we're positioned across theos street closer to the hops h restaurant off route one in alexandria.exan e reed avenue is blocked off blo as you enter this complex. incident further in at a a duplex. duplex alexandria police got the 911he9 call from a person who had who been shot at by a relative. rat that person was not hit by the e bullet and was able to getble t away and call for help. hel the shooter remained insidemain the entire time so again shots fired from the individual indiva inside the home at a relativeelv who was standing outside manyden the area has been c
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for safety reasons. rea three homes have beenom evacuated and no word at thisd t point when they'll be allowed al back inside but since butin 10 o'clock last night thereig has been a heavy police presence and that includes thain alexandria police as well as members of the swat team t parked along e reed there are several armored aor vehicles as well as a hostageosa negotiation team.tiatioam they're using a variety ofusing ways to contact thatva person.eo one includes a loudspeaker.dspe. we are told at this time theyatt have not made contact withtact w this person but any time you teu have this type of situationituai you just don't know how it's h going to go, how long it'song i going to be so we are just areus standing by and waiting to waing watch this sort of unfold but again e reed avenue blockedreed off. no other traffic is affecteds a by this.byhis. route one is opened.ute on ope the only thing you might seehinm he is heavy media presence asrec well as police along this alongi section of route one. back to you in the studio. stu >> real quick i'm not sure if se you said was it a domestic domec dispute that brought theute police officers there? i'micer not sure if you were able to figure that
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okay, we'll keep moving on.ovg we'll get that from annie later. developing news out oflo greet maryland where policeland are investigating a homicide.omd police got call about possible l gunfire around 6:00 p.m. last nightly they arrived to find a man dead lying on the floor of a condo.a so far no arrests have beeneen made. >> police are searching for ahir prince william county womanliam who vanished more than a week ago. yesterday they released surveillance video of elizabetlizethlopes. police say at this point ins in the investigation no foul play is suspect in there her disappearance.disappearanc >> happening today the familyngt and friends of fairfax countyou firefighter nicole mittendorfted will celebrate her life and legacy at the mclean bible b church. her body was found a week w fou after she went missing in shenandoah national park.ah nat. a medical examiner says the s 31-y
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>> also today montgomeryls county leaders will discusso the use deorsf tasers by countyu police. at 9:30 this morning a countynty council committee will hold a a work session in rockville.ille this comes one month after the t baltimore sun reports police may be overusing tasers. since 2009, 11 taser relatedel deaths have been reported in maryland, four involved montgomery county police officers. >> ♪ >> this morning an update on ain story you saw first on fox5. fox 10 students facing charges in juvenile court after severalev fights broke out at h.d.t d. woodson high school tuesday.chod the violence was captured ontudo cell phone video.ho vid police say all the studentsdents arrested are female including iu one who is accused of punchingfg a police officer.a there were no reports ofre anyone receiving treatment orato being transported to the tthe hospital.hospit the recent spike inthe violence in and around d.c. d schools has left many of you asking question abouts exactlyoa what's being done to make the te city and its schools safer.lsaf that's one of the issues we'll be talking about
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mayor muriel bowser.ow she'll join us today on good t day d.c. at 9:30. 9 she'll address the string of violence across the city amongia other topics that matter toat you. you. if you have a question for the mayor tweet us using #good #good d.c. d.c. d you can also post questions on our facebook page. p >> we've got rain can comingn cm our way. let's talk to gary mcgrady.rady hey, gary. >> yeah, it does look a lotk l like yesterday in the senseteth that we're going to stay cloudy today. tod there's a better chance ofnce o showers. let me show you radar to kind t of give you an idea. i there's a spotty sprinkle, spotty light shower here orht se there. ere. it's pretty much inconsequential at this point.s. they're showers back out toower the west of us. we have showers in theower forecast at 8:00 a.m. a as a matter of fact, lookste like more rain moves inr pre obably as early as about 6:30 western areas, 7:00, 7:30 7 here in the city its going g stay with us on and off through the morning hours.e i do believe this afternoon is going to be
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drive. it will stay cool, though. c we stay up are 50's to right around 60 degrees for highss fos today. that's about the best we're going to be able to do ande again it's the first part of the day that looks like the wettest around here.t around he. there's your forecast.s yo now let's get right to traffic. hate to saint, eri say the erino it does look like our commute is going to be wet.oio be >> as you head out in out montgomery county new county hampshire avenue northbound atbo griffith road a closure roa because of a fallen tree.n t you'll need to detour around that. that let's take a live yes look outside.outse. 270 northbound side earlier eari vehicle fire blocking the right lane.t southbound commute wide opened from frederick. frede no congestion by the truck scales. 395 by duke street earlier earli construction in the process of clearing. looks like traffic is movingrafg much better than what weth wha normally see during thating t
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metro he is picking up service r at 5:00 and in reported delays y just yet. y that's your look at traffic.look back to you. you. >> 4:36 is the time. good news for caps fans ass fa a they get ready to take on thee e pittsburgh penguins tonight atog the verizon center for round two of the select metro stations will w stay open a extra hour late. l those are gallery place, the, seventh and f street entrance, judiciary square, the f street e entrance and metro center theen 11th and g street entrance.ranc metro says fans must enter those station entrances nost lateatr than 12:45 a.m. all other entrances will be closed at midnight but a passengers will be able tors wil exit all stations l during the extra hour service.vice. tonight's game begins at 8:00ins p.m. >> still ahead new detailsetai surrounding the death of chyna. what her manager is saying ledyg to her tragic passing. >> and i'm who eight morrisho e tracking the other big stories o that are trending this morninggg including a push to requireo r women to register for thethe military
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stay with us. we're back. here i am in a moment.
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>> right now parts of theight south and midwest recoveringmi from a seconds day of severe weather. hail and strong winds killedds k one person and injured fourur fu otherothers in texas just outsio of houston.ouo tornadoes were reported in at at least three other states but none of them touched down.n. breaking news right nowt ow from ov
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missile has exploded secondss after liftoff.after liftoff this is according to southh korea media. m the explosion marks the secondkt failed launch of a midrangeidra missile by north korea iny recent weeks. >> time now is 4:41. 4 let's get a check of the othereo stories you're talk about thisbi morning using our realtimeusing news trackerr.nerack holly joining us with those. tho >> good morning mo, goodgo, morning, everybody out there.odt senator ted cruz has chosen a running mate. should he clinch the clinch the republican presidentialrentia nomination. cruz announced he's selectly carly fear reno. next an amazing fall froml grace yesterday for man who was once seconds in line for sei the presidency.presi former house speaker dennis hastert is headed to prisonrison for charges connected to thenece sexual abuse of five boys between 1965 and 1981. a house committee hasee approved an amendment that will require women to registerrw for the military draft. d the house armed services committee approved
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hunter's measure by a 32 to 20 vote n a twist though hunteruger actually voted against his own n amendment saying he doesn'toesn support drafting women too potentially fight on the front line. line and finally howardlyowar university is refunding more than 100 soon to be graduatesats half of the tuition they paid out of pocket this semester. it's fall an effort toan encourage more students to sdent graduate on time.te university officials say thesi f gesture shows that they care about giving students a good g start after graduation. >> i have never heard that of. >> not a bad i like that. >> that is called incentive.en >> absolutely.>> >> tell me about it. >> if i'm the parents of those students --st >> half of their tuition paid.on >> maybe i need a postgraduatera degree from howard. howd. coming up this morning a dozen d.c. schools test. sc positive to elevated levels of v lead. what the city he is doing to calm parents' concerns.aren >> football is back. f well, not really but at least the draft is her
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we'll tell you what thehat t redskins have on tap for this year's picks. picks >> but first gary and erinut have a check of your weather and traffic on the 5s after the break.
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>> ♪ >> we are following breakingll news out of alexandria that isan where police are dealing way barricade situation on east on e reed street. people living nearby have been b forced to leave their home forof their safety.theifet police say it began last night n when they received reports ofor shots fired from a home. we haven't heard of anyea of reports of any injuries so inj far. >> 4:45 is the time. tim gary mcgrady is back to talkalk weather.her. yesterday a little bit gloomy.t >> oh, yeah.>> o >> a little chilly, on theon t chilly side.e. >> i thought it was cold, downon right cold actually, i'm sorr sorry. >> too cold to be outside yesterday. ur had to cancel our baseballtoo practice. >> you did. >> because of the o >> yeah, we're talking thirdalnt
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>> that's true. tha >> the kiddos. kiddo >> fair weather team. >> leave him alone, alo. >> we were out in the dirtn ther last night, wisdom getting it done. >> okay. different strokes for different folks. >> getting the boys better. it's a process wisdomt it's b a process. that's what i always tell wisdom about coaching, it's a process.s. temperature out there rightou now it it s cool. 55 degrees rig marks dullesig 53, bwi marshall 52 degrees.s. remember all that good stuffd we had last week through thehrgh weekend. we're paying for it now.t now let's just skip ahead to the t weekend shall we 'cause that'sl really what's onwe everybody'svy mind. mind saturday at least looks dry. dr. it does look like at least to lt me that saturday is going tooint be the first good chance too get a little bit of sunshineunie coming back n high pressure tos the north. north it will push a little bit off that moist unsettled air totl the south of us so i think ahink little bit of sunshine coming c back, should be dry on saturday. sa sunday is a different story. sry more low pressure coming up from the south and the sth and southwest.t.
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in the cool air, though. t notice we're north of this red line. that's the warm front, right war association we'rright.we're cooe at least warmer temperaturesturs coming back next week. otherwise saturday is dry.ry sunday another chance for some e showers.showe here it is specifically.. one thing about this weekend's forecast. we he did have to cool it offcoo a little bit.ttleit. so we went middle 60's onsn saturday, lower 60's on on sunday.nday. again, sunday's the chance fornr some showers. showe erin como standing right overve here. it's going to be wet coming ing this morning. this is 8:00 p.m. >> boo.oo. [laughter]ghte >> i'm still here. i'm still h you can'ert just hit the stinger.stin >> boo, just like that.ehat. gary, i'm kidding they canhey bring you back.brg yo >> no, that's fine.s f you get extra traffic now.ow >> i've already talked aboutkedb the weekend and that's theth's t most important part anyway.y. >> absolutely. also to know that rain is tharan moving in for this thursdayhurs morning commute, correct gary,r, the 8 o'clock hour.e 8 o'cl >> i won't mention you any
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you gave me thing. thing >> i'd suggest getting an get earlier start.. watch for slick spots on those o interstates and secondariesecda throughout the volume is building as usual 95 northbound between 630 and 610 6 in staff no surprise there as you getth into prince william this morning same story, some light 95 north dale city intoto heading into newington passing i the springfield interchange we have construction on 395n 95 northbound near duke let's take a live look outside.ide. in addition things are slowing down past duke.t let you know as soon as things get cleared out of the way.out looked like they were in thee th process of clearing it buting it right now this could cause c delays. la 270 northbound local lanesanes earlier vehicle fire blocksck the shoulder. we got you covered thiser t morning, maureen. men. >> thanks erin.>> t this time last year inspector its found elevated eva lead level at 12 d.c. schools. h >> but the community wasn'tt immediately notified and theno results only rectiently came to light. fox5's melanie alnwick livewickv in northeast with more on this i still developing
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mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good, oo morning, yes, and so d.c.p.s. d. sent a letter to parents last lt friday will iting them knowitg h thaletting them know 17drinking2 schools came back with elevated blood lead levels. lev this is one of the schools schoo where d.c.p.s. is now offering those free blood lead leveld lel tests to parents and staff.aren the city is admitting that mistakes were made and a protocol was not followed. follo d.c.'s department of generalener services or dgs has been testing school drinking water since 2007. elevated levels of lead againell discovered at 12 schools. schoo that was eight months ago andtha not only was the school schoo community never notified in some cases efforts to fix theo e problem were never made and it is possible that students maynta have continued to drin
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water. >> what our goal is to really just help d.c.p.s. and dgs d work better for our schooll system, make sure all schoolslls are safe for our children. cldre >> reporter: the department dar says that levels of leads of le discovered last summer weren'tre considered dangerous but again, some of those fixesseix guys just weren't made as theyat should have been. that means putting in filterstil shutting off the drinkingriing water source and then goingnd tn back and retesting the water and d.c. public schools nowch nw saying it's going to test all tl sources of water in theer i the schools not just drinkingrinkin water sources so we're talking l about water that comes out of sinks as well as drinking drinkn fountains. also later today d.c. publicub schools is going to go out into other communities,ommuniti, there's going to be an event at simon elementary schoolment where they're going to showho the lead level testing processno for water and also answer someee questions.
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from out of here at capitol hill hospitality sorey montessoe students that had their blood level tester none were w elevateed. >> students at chevy chase high school are being asked tosk pay close attention to their t e health after a case of tuberculosis was found in their school. schoo a letter assured them there's no risk of additional exposurelu to students or staff. staff montgomery county healthy coun department will continue toill provide free testing for for anyone who may have come in com contact with that individual.iva >> efforts to combat the zikahez virus hit a snag. ana house democrats rejecting a bipartisan effort to boostanort funding for combating theti t virus saying it falls short of t president obama's original request.requ two month ago presidenth ag obama's original proposal was for $1.9 billion.biion. that's a figure derived from meetings with federal health het officials with the senates wi proposal coming up at aboutut $800 million short.
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>> ♪ >> a look at this hour's top stories.ies. a 13-year-old boy is-y recovering after being shot by b police in east baltimore.altimo. around 4:00 yesterdayesterday afternoon officers saw a boyrs b walking with what they thoughttt was a handgun. han when the officers ordered himerm to stop he took off one of the officers fired oicer hitting the boy in theg boy shoulder. the gun turned out to be a bee e bee gun which looked like ad li semi automatic handgun.andgun happened one day after the weren't year anniversary ofiver the freddie gray death. death. montgomery county policemer copter investigate a fatal f stabbing in takoma park in the 600 block of houston police have only identifieddeie the victim as a 36-year-old-o woman. a man was also stabbed andbbed a taken to the hospital. hospita police don't believe this was a random >> in fairfax county, we'renty,' learning new details about theaa death of a disabled man who died last week while in police custody. paul gianelos was reported repod missing last week and whenlast officers found him at him at roundtree park they noticed he e had cognitive disabilities soab they tried to restrain hi with
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there was a struggle and herugg suffered a head he was transported toju theo t hospital and later pronouncedund in the district now policeir need your help identifying thete people who violently attacked a man near howard university. this happened on march 20th. you see a group surrounded thedt victim then hit him and kicked k him. police say the victim and one ao of the suspects got into ann argument before the assaultssau and robbery. robbery. if you have any information i about this you're being askednfk to call police. >> new details this morning ins the death of former wwe star chyna. her manager has announced that her death was caused by an accidental overdose of a prescription sleeping pill andep tranquilizer. the 46-year-old was found dead in her californiatr holomen april 20th.apri an official cause of death has not been announced by coroners because results of as o toxicology test are still s pending.g. china's manager announced hernc brain will be donated forat f research on cte, it's a concussion disorder primarilyor affecting athletes.letes. a company has been
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temporarily placed in champ ofmp overseas prince's estate.s es a judge said an emergencymergcy administrator was needed neede because prince doesn't appearoer to have a will.will. the appointment came at the came request of prince's sister. sis. the company will manage thel assets of the estate is thatate it will also have to identifydet his heirs besides his sister. se prince also had five halfivef siblings all of them couldld potentially share in his h estate. >> well, football is back on your tv screens tonight as theeh first round of the 2016 nfl 2 draft kicks off.aft the redskins have the 21st 21st pick tonight. the first of their eighthe eig picks. they got eight picks in the pice draft. they're expected to prioritize t their defensive line as welle l as seek a new inside linebacker, a safety, a quarterback, a running back ank wide receiver.r. meanwhile the los angeles ramsem and philadelphia eagles arephia the first two teams on the on te clock. they're up first tonight.irst they're expected to draft d jared goff out of californiaifni and carson wentz from north fm o dakota state.da sta both of these guys. guy
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baseball on the diamond.he dmo the nats wearing special sci uniforms in honor of military mt appreciation day. nats facing off against theoff phillies and this match changeup would prove to beou tough for the home team. the nats lose threlde he to zipz it's their first shutout of o the season. final game of the philliesie series is tonight at 4:00. >> 4:55 on this thursdayon thi morning, gary mcgrady.cgrady what's going on sir. sir >> temperatures out there are pretty chilly n some placesy n temperatures are almost in the e upper 40's.upr 40 frederick at 50 right now so s you're just staying above that upper 40-degree p you could drop off a little bit more before it's all said and do. martinsburg 52. winchester 52.wi here in town we're down to t 54 degrees right now.ow fredericksburg you're 55.ksburg so, cloudy, chilly, little bitie of drizzle possible out thereoue but, look, look back to the south and the there's another line ofthere of showers, it's moving in our direction. i think it's probably going to g be here, start to move intoin the area as early as maybe
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and off during the morningdu commute.ri your forecast looks like that. showers at 8:00 a.m., 54.:00 , we stay in the upper 50's. 5 couple of laces lowe of places r should be a little drier thiseri afternoon, could be a little bit ofittle drizzle but just really cloudyyo out there this afternoon.noon temperatures upper 50's again 5g lower 60's.we0' here's erin como.omo. thursday morning time for aningo look at your morning traffic.ff. >> 4:56 grab your umbrella,mbre, your patience for the ride. r >> your rain boots. >> your rain boots galoshests and maybe some extra hairxtra hr spray if you're going try too do anything fancy because it's ' a flat day for me because ofcau the rain.the >> your hair looks great, great, erin. >> thank you.ou but i was fishing for compliments. i threw it out there, reeled, re it back in. i new hampshire avenue ate a griffith road closure theret montgomery county.go give are self extra time tome t get around that area.nd tt a headed out for an early ely morning flight here's a wide a e view our things on the way to bwi looking good on bw parkway andky 95 northbound.orth no problem on the way tothe way reagan
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construction 395 northbound asto you pass duke street. it's not causing any majorngny slowdowns and things as youd th head out to dulles are lookingoo very nice as far as your as your commute is coned. problem free on 66 eastboundtb but watch for congestion 95stio5 northbound down by six thensix t stafford. more traffic in a few. wisdom. >> thank you erin. >> we're following breakinglo news out of northern virginia. police on the scene of a standoff in alexandria. we're livwie withn the latest.t >> plus for the second name ad a month the search for anotherr a missing northern virginiarthe woman. the last time she was seensh caught on surveillance videoll what neighbors are saying thisas morning.morn >> but first we'll take a lookel at how the markets may do today. toda dow futures are down 116, nasdaq futures down 19 and s & s p futures down 14.25. back in a moment.
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> breaking at 5:00 police ine alexandria on the scene of adrih barricade situation. situ it's been ongoing for hoursor hu now. we're live with the verye li latest. >> plus outrage and concerntrag after a dozen d.c. test positive for elevatedleva levels of lead.levele the city now admit there wa adme was a flaw in telling parents. s >> good morning.>> we're all here as is gary is gay mcgrady with a litt


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