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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> breaking at 5:00 police ine alexandria on the scene of adrih barricade situation. situ it's been ongoing for hoursor hu now. we're live with the verye li latest. >> plus outrage and concerntrag after a dozen d.c. test positive for elevatedleva levels of lead.levele the city now admit there wa adme was a flaw in telling parents. s >> good morning.>> we're all here as is gary is gay mcgrady with a litt
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weather word. hi, gary. >> we stay gloomy today andmy td chilly. ch there's a better chance ofhancef showers than what we had yesterday: radar, all that that stuff coming up. >> even the weather bailed on us. >> little draining.>> nobody wanted to hear that. ge lt aten early start.arly s rain moving in could mean aea dicey ride. >> breaking news from northern f virginia. a barricade situation intionn it's been going on all night.ll. some people forced out of o their homes for safety. s >> this is all happening near ai an apartment complex on eastn reed avenue. that's where we find fox5's f annie yu with the latest and i know they had to push you backh a bit. what's the latest now? now >> reporter: yeah, good good morning to you, ladies.ou we are directly across the street from the situation. situn this is right off of routeoute one. situation happening on e. reed avenue beyond the apartmenthe at complex deeper in at a duplex ae and this has been going on going since 10 o'clock last night. n heavy presence in the area. if
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heavy presence, we're beingpres kept back due to safety reasons. reas alexandria police on the sceneip as well as members of the swate team and we just heard a loud a bang, part of some sort of tactical move involving flashvih bang and we can expect to hear more loud noises as theyiss t attempt to make contact with w this person barricad barricaded. a hostage negotiation team haseg been making contact in aak variety of ways one of whichewh includes a loudspeaker.peak right now we have been toldwe h they have not been able toe to make contact with this person.ts situation unfolded late laste la night between family members.amm everyone involved are adult a men. men. they got the 911 call around 10 o'clock from a person whosono had been shot at by a relativeet inside the home. h the family member was not hit n by that bullet and was able to get away thankfully.hafu the area has been contained. con three homes have beenes h evacuated and no word at this point when these residentsse res will be allowed back inside i but, you know, ladies any time you have this type ofhaves ty
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it's going to go and how longgow so we're not sure at this timeai how much longer this road will i be closed off for foror residents trying to get in,s tr you will not be able to get ae in. route one, however, is opened to traffic at this time and noin injuries reported as well sol that is the good news back to you in the studio he. >> annie thank you for that update.up we'll keep checking in with chek you all morning as thishis continues. developing news out ofve greenbelt maryland. police investigating a homicide there. police say they got aloee call about possible gunfire aroundrea 6:00 p.m. last night.asig when they arrived they found a u man lying dead on the floor ofao a condo. c no harvests have been made. m following developing develon overknees.knees. powerful north korean missile exploded seconds after after liftoff.lift the explosion marks the second failed launch of midrangenge missiles by north korea in b recent weeks. the midrange missiles beingan ms testified could one day reach far off u.s. military bases inas asia and also in the >> this morning police areg ce a still searching for a princechi william county woman who wan vanished more than a week ago.ka yester
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surveillance video of lizeth ofi yadira lopez.yadira lopez she was last seen shopping at a cvs pharmacy in bridge. b it's five minutes away from fm lopez's job.z'sob her car was found parked p there. police also visited her h alexandria apartment. currently sealed with evidenceye tape. police say at this point ins in the investigation no foul playo is suspected in lopez's disappearance. >> did you see the police car? no, it had -- we only knew onl k idea because a friend of oursf and i happened to come back bac from dropping off trash and ish say did you guys see theee evidence place and she's like ss oh, yeah i saw it earlier and is i meant to say something and she forgot.e fo that's it. arguing and crap like that. anda last i heard anything likerdthi that was weeks ago.ks a >> and you heard arguing.oueard >> i mean yeah like during the l day 'cause i'm the only one o here during the day.hereth everybody else works.erybod so then like you'd hearear screaming yelling the >> anyone with information iswi asked to call police.olice.
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>> happening today, the familynt and friends of fairfax countyrfc firefighter nicole mittendorfor will celebrate her life and life legacy at the mclean bible church.urch. mittendorf's body was found wasf week after she went missing inn shenandoah national park.doah na the medical examiner says thenes 31-year-old took her own life. l want to let you know aboutw something special coming up on o good dadaisms mayor murielai bowser will be with us atsm 9:39 this morning. mning we'll talk about a lost issuesus including the recent spike ofeck violence in and around d.c..c schools and problems withro metro he and future plans for rfk stadium. stadi got a question for the mayor. tweet us using hashtag fox5 d.c. and you can also postos questions on our facebookur page. >> five minutes past the hourr and chilly, rain headed our way. way spin it, brother. >> we need the rain. w >> you're right. you'r it's dry out there. we need the rain.eai see, i knew i could count onnt you. you. >> it's good because the rain bc we get is not going to just t js evaporate rht
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sky in a couple of hours. hou >> our plants are going to gng soak it in.soakt >> did i pass my test.ass myt. >> you passed with flyingith fln colors. >> there's showers coming our way.y. i suspect western areas startres to see something maybe asomethie early as 6 o'clock. olo then it will basically just j kind of move on through the city. ci temperatures out there right now 54 in the city, 52 for gaithersburg.he still not seeing any upper 40's out there. well, that's not westminster right now, which no is not on this map,ap westminster right now isight sitting at 48 degrees.ees. so, still pretty chilly out there.ther gloomy, that's going to be the setupetup all day long. lon best chance of rain will be for the first part of the day.. a little drier this afternoon.n. but still a chance of a shower e or a drizzle possible evene late in the day. the day here's erin como this morning ts with a look at your traffic. tra hey, erin. >> on-time traffic brought torat you by toyota. tyou by visit buy a for for sp
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>> well, 5:06 right now and now taking a look at our maps.s. fallen tree did clear 650 newle6 hampshire avenue in montgomery county northbound side has reopened at griffith road. griih things looking good there forngg your morning ride.yo we don't have any problems onblo our secondaries in silversilv spring or bethesda thisethesd morning. inbound traffic is quiet as q a you make your way in fromrom annapolis and you're headingou'r in on 50 you're not going hit any slowdowns to the beltway bel and entire stretch of the beltwayofb moving along without any problems. inbound routes like to five and 301 in prince george'se or county are quiet. q light volume in the usual the spots. 95 northbound between 630 and 610 and then again as cruise acr up through prince william you hit that other area of slow othe moving traffic dale city to cy t woodbridge. get an early start if you can because that rain is moving in r and can definitely start to stat slow things down.s d grab your umbrella and take a your time this morning.imng we'll let you know if anything n picks up. right now metro is on time. back to you. >> ♪ r
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south and midwest arehtut h recovering from a second s straight day of severe weather. the storm stretched nearly 800 miles from the gulf coasts r all the way to nebraska andwato southern iowa. there are reports tornadoesorna formed in at least three lea t states but none touched down.ed that same weather is expected ep to bring rain to parts of our region dan also tomorrow. tomro. >> space-x is pursuing anuring a unmanned mission to mars.on the private company announcede n it wants to send an unmannednman craft to the red planet asedlane early as 2018.s 2018. the program known as red dragon is intended to develop dv the technology ande telogy infrastructure needed to ultimately put a man on mars. the spacecraft is designed to land anywhere in the solarheol system and red dragon will be its first test flight.tet. the company plans to unveil to u further details at the international astronautical congress. >> howard university offeringun a major incentive for students the graduate on time.iv
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details of the tuition rebateuir they could get for doing see s but first... >> reporter: expanded leadxp testing at d.c. public schools. i'm melanie alnwickly i'lllanw tell you the reasons behind ited and whether any parents should be concerned when fox5 news morning continues ♪
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>> ♪ >> it's just about 5:10 this thursday mstorning.ayor we're following a developing dep story from baltimore.timore a 13-year-old boy isr-oly recovering after being shot by police yesterday afternoon aft officers saw the boy walking wkg with what they thought was a when the officers ordered himere to stop they say he took off running. one of the officers firedhe o hitting the boy in shoulder.houl turns out the gun was a bee bee gun which investigators say looked like a semiem automatic handgun. >> this time last yearyear inspectors found elevated leadve levels at 12 differentiffent schools.ols. >> but the community was anyas other immediately notified and the results only recently cameec to light.toht fox5's melanie alnwick iswi i live in northeast now with more. more. mel. >> reporter: well, good morning, yeah, d.c.p.s. sent a.e letter home to parents last lt friday saying 3700 lead tests they've done at d.c. publicub schools only 17 drinking waterar sources in 12 schools totaloo t came back with those elevated ea levels.lels even though so, the see he ise i offering now on some blood b
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and the staff and students asdea well here at d.c. public.ub schools. the city is admitting mistakes a were made and protocol was not t followed.followed d.c. department of generalt of g service has been testinges drinking water sources, we'rerc' talking about drinkingabout drin fountains and the like at d.c. public schools since 2007. elevated levels of lead levels discovered at 12 of those of the schools. now, that was eight months agow and not only was the schooll community never notified butotif in some cases effort efforts tox the problem were never madeev m and it is possible that kidss continued to drink that >> what our goal is is to really just help d.c.p.s. and dgs work more smoothly for ourur whole school system make sureyse that all schools are safe forafe our children. cldren. that's not a lot to ask. it': findsomething wrong, tellt parents. >> reporter: the departmentr: said the t e
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lead were discovered lastcoved t summer and they were wer considered dangerous and its an did require certain protocolsr be put in place like puttinge in filters until repairs couldei be done and a retest could bed b done. done in some of these will will elementary schools that has tha been done that the retestse th e came back with levels showing so nothing elevated. eleva now as far as the blood tests ts go, it's being offered in an an limited anybody of d.c. publicc schools. ones here at captor hill capitol montessori, none of theri, o results came back elevated.lete good news there.od newther back to you >> thanks mel. tha appreciate it.prec we've got new developmentme there is a push to requireush women to register for the military draft and the surprising twist the billst theb faced on capitol hill. >> but first howard universitysh really wants its students to its graduate on time.grte o the incentive it's offering offn for those who actually do. d >> ♪ >> first, though, gary isgar i
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>> ♪ >> happening now in along,pe police there dealing with nia barricade situation on then t east reed street. that's just off route onete o across from potomac yards shopping center. some people have been out ofha their homes all night long.all they have been evacuated bycuatb swat teams. now, at this time we have notist heard of any reports off we're on top of that situation.tua we'll check back in with anniein yu in just a few minutes. min >> all right. 5:15, gary mcgrady what's shaking, bacon? bac >> i can't help but thinkhink we're paying for last week. forl >> i know, right. rig >> you know were i mean. m >> got to pay the piper sometimes.ti >> spring showers bring may bng flowers. >> this is typical april andyp even into may we can get stuck s in this rut with the clouds around here.
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>> we got to set the scene s first. first of a you will we're in studio b the loft. t l we're having some issues nextssx door so we're giving you different scenery. >> they just said go sit down. w >> but you look good. >> hey. here's what's going on. >> that's what's up.s >> look good sitting next to you. striking in your red thisng i morning. >> thank you. >> few showers. this is just west of us.>> fju >> i feel like a third wheel.el >> west of the beltway. that's okay, you know. kno you can love two people, right?righ >> at the same time. at >> that's true.>> didn't we discuss thatcuss t yesterday? showers to theda west of us.y? these are tracking in the i direction of d.c., okay..c i think we're probably goingin to see a few more of these of te popping up over the next -- nex certainly over the next coupleol hours or so.o. 53 degrees. d hey, erin como.he 54 in the city now.54 in e ci i just mentioned that up northpn in westminster the temperature was 48 so we have one location in the upper 40's. tpper 4 look at all the cold stuff totu the north. n new york city 39 trees,
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we stay kind of living in thein trough for the next couple -- te well, actually for the next thet several days.severays. we're below seasonal right onl i through the weekend. w. 50's and 60's for the nextex several days. d and as a matter of fact iac lowered the temperatures for the weekend from what we hadfr yesterday. 65 on saturday.65 on saturda saturday does look dy.ry butry kind of mixture of sun andnd clouds. ds more showers coming into the t forecast on sunday.y. temperature of 63 degrees.3 degr i know, right? i mean, thisn,hi is not good.oo but again we need the rain so s no complaints. complnt here's where we w are you see the big rain's rain tracking from west to e that will start moving in 6:00, 7:00, 8 o'clock thatlock a will be with us but ahead of that we could have a couplee a u showers firing up here ors ng u there. so, this morning at 8:00 a.m. aa i think it's going to be wetoe w for the commute. 59 degrees by lunch, stillrees some showers and 59 degreesgrees later on this afternoon.fternoon drier this afternoon the way afr it's looking, just cloudy. clo we stay in the 60-degree rangegr for the next several days. sevey
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and next week perhaps we're upe' close to 70. >> i have a buddy now i feell >> that 59 tomorrow -- >> wisdom is lurkingng somewhere.somewh >> he needs to bring us someeds coffee. >> do i put my mug on fox newsow or midday.oridday. >> but it right from therifrom e middle.midd >> i'm so confused right now.cof let's talk traffic.let'ff >> we already have problemsem this morning at 5:18. 5:1 rain is moving .. light volume 95 north between b 630 and 610.630 and 610. north of that point we'll move w our maps to prince williameil we're seeing slow movinglow movg traffic as you make your waye yy to the springfield interchange.intercha 95 northbound is never a fun ride. same story as you get into thent district area. are coming from alexandria 395ri39 northbound road work should be e cleared soon. duke street to seminary let'sin' take a live look outside we'llsi show you how that camera howam traffic is starting to pick uprn and move.d mo if we can get a look at thek att camera. ca if not -- there you go. g traffic is ligh
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i like the way that lookst looks moving to the 14th street bridge. all inbound bridges are things over the douglas bridgeai memorial bridge and we'redge problem free over the 11th andrh key bridge from georgetown.eorg. i got you covered if if that ift changes. metro is on oim grab your umbrella an. >> let's take a look at the at stories you're engaging with wit most this morning on socialrninc media. we'll do it using our realtime ted cruz has chosen a running mate. he announced he's selecting carly fiorino.. >> dennis hastert is headed to d prison for the sexual abuse ofus five boys. >> a house committee approved
5:20 am
requiring women to register regs for the draft.for the dr in a twist, hunter voted vot begins his own amendmentme saying he doesn't support'tup drafting women to potentially fight on the front lines. t >> and finally the departmently of education launching a new t web site to help people with student loans find a repayment option that best suits theirt needs. the web site is part of an is pt effort by the obama administration to enroll an additional 2 million borrowersoe in repayment programs. pgram also this morning have youh seen this trailer? it belongst to the boys of boy scout troop t number 43 manassas and they say it's been swiped, stolen,ed yeah, the trailer hasrailer thousands of dollars in tents ts stoves lanterns and other equipment inside stolen fromns the parking lot of the river riv of grace church. if you've seen the missingissi trailer call police.olice. >> can we say something bad issi going to happen to those people you steal a boy scoutoyco trail forty three a churchy thre parking lot. >> honest. get your life together whoeverro did that.d th >> 5:20. straight good news for caps fans they t
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get set for round two of thend o playoffs. metro wants to make sure fansto get home safely. mt home sely. details of this extended een service for tonight's game. >> and later how does one does minute of exercise sound? i say terrific. why it could have as muchuc benefit as nearly an hour ofr working out.rking yesterday we said two minutes. s >> we're down to one.n to >> one minute. you don't want to miss this. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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>> back now at 5:23 with somew 5 good news for caps fans as the caps prepare to take the pittsburgh penguins tonightin tn for round two of the select metro stations willonsil stay opened an extra hour those stations are gallery place, the seventh and f f street entrance. judiciary square, the f street entrance and metro center thehe 11th and g street entrance. metro says fans must enter those station entrances noraes later than 12:45
5:24 am
now, all other entrances will close at midnight.e mid but passengers will be able toet exit all stations during thehe extra hour of service. tonight's game puck drops at 8:00 p.m. >> all right. so, have you heard about this one? about a hundred howarddrer university students are goingtue get a serious tuition refund ref from the university. all part of a new program aimed at reducing student debttt and sent advising an on time graduation. >> look who it is on thewhit i couch. wisdom martin joining us now with details of that plan. >> this wouldn't have applieduln to me no matter what school i so went to because it took meook m about eight years to graduate.t at least i gotye there. the howard university promisesnivery students a great education torea help them get started at young professionals but what aboutals the financial obligation thatia is come with that commitment? ha this is the issue that the university is planning to addresses through a ne iw program. pr they're going to he refund hre more than 100 soon to bee graduates half of the tuitionhei they paid out of pocket thisoc semester up to almost $6,000.6, and here's how it works.or now s
5:25 am
graduation on may seven.ev the school will take a look atoa how they paid for their finalhe semester at the university.t th if they paid without loans witul they'll get a portion that ofrtf money refunded to them by the university. howard president wayneward frederick says the goal of theoe refund is not only to help students financially but tocialt incentivize younger studentstude to plan on completing theiring e degrees in four years instead of the wisdom martin plan, p five or six. six >> i think that's an awesomen ae idea. >> it's a great idea. for now the refunds s will justu be given top students payingntsy out of pocket but the school soo considering the possibility of extending this rebate tore students who pay for students st whschoolout of pocket. ooc >> i want to know this. t i know the university has beenie struggling financial. f how could they afford do this? ? i would be curious to do that. >> there's probably two students paying out of pocketayu and that have finished on o time. >> if you want to kick it up a notch award them for
5:26 am
graduating in three years.. >> the caveat is how many students pay for their school s ouout of pocket.ou >> howard university is a private school and it isol andis expensive as college goes but it's as expensive as marylandarn university or gw, one of thene most expenses places in the can country so you can pay for a semester or two, it's i possible. >> all right. >> it's a great idea. >> it's so great.t' i love the incentive program.. >> gary you concur with ther wit whole thing that only a couple students paying out of pocket.o. >> it's a pr move. 57 to 63.o3. bus stop forecast don't get me startd on this because i could c go all day on it. o i temperatures right now 54 in ri5 the city, 52 in gaithersburg,th 50 in frederick. iederick. do unto the south temperaturepe in the middle 50. gray and gloomy. and gloomy. showers are on the way.s time now to geart a look at youu traffic this morning. erin como is in with that.o i watch this, erin. e i'll do this.
5:27 am
way. boom look. we got some traffic maps up right now.ow. light volume continues 95 9 northbound in stafford as wells as dale city to woodbridge asdb you come from virginia thisgini morning we'll let you know if'l any heavier traffic starts tol s ckck up. t right now not seeing any wet ant conditions on our roads but as s gary mentioned rain is moving mn in for the morning ride song factor in extra time for that. that can cause a lot of additional headaches andal headh congestion. 395 north that road workoad w clearing duke street to seminary. i'll let you know if anything ky else pops up.ops right now we are crash free inre the district.the dist that's your traffic. traff >> all right. at 5:30 breaking news out ofoutf northern virginia.rt police on the scene of a standoff in alexandria. we are live with the latest details. >> for the second time in a sec month the search for another a missing northern virginia woman. the last time she was seen caught on surveillance video.eil the question now, what happened next?
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>> ahead this morning another ti search for a missing northern a virginia woman. it's been more than a week since she m was last seent see leaving a local drugstore. drugo the question now, what now happened next? plus, parents demanding dan answers. >> the fact that they didn't report it or care about it.bout >> reporter: after elevated eva levels of lead are found in of dozens of d.c. schools, theools city now admitting mistakesis were m and later, cashing in. in. the incentive one university uni is offering students tofferg st graduate in four years. fox5 news morning starts right
5:31 am
now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> hey, good morning f. h, go we're on the move thisweon morningly we want to help you y get informed before you get on the move. wisdom martin, holly morris, m erin como we're all here ready to go. >> morning news is ready to go. go wouldn't be complete withoutletw gary mcgrady.ry m >> tracking a couple showersoupo about to move into the beltwayhb right now and so that means not very good for the morningr r commute. 66 onto the beltway you'rebetway getting wet right now. n guys. >> all right. thank you gary mcgrady. all right.u what's happening on the roadsape erin besides a lot of traffic.f >> things are starting to picksr up. i'm going start with the gooda news. who doesn't like good news in n the morning. m metro is on time.e. how about that. i'll keep a close eye on thosee roads and let you know whenn the rain starts to causeo thatst huge headache. >> thanks erin.>> t let's get to the news nows at 5:30. we are following breaking newss from alexandria.ri that's where police are whee dealing with a barricade situation on east reed >> it's been going on alloi on l night and some people havet ando been forced out of theirheir homes. fox5's annie yu
5:32 am
there with the very latest onat this story. sto annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to all of you.g ll o that's right been going on fornn hours now into the overnightrnig and they still have a presence e behind me here. residents are being warned that they may hear loud noisesd throughout the morning andhe this is part of a tactical ttica move in an attempt to make t contact with the personct wite e inside. if you look behind me, you can y see that they still have reed he avenue closed off and you see s the flashing lights there.ghts e they didn't have those going tho on earlier today, but as the a traffic is picking up here one o route one, they want it to bet known that you cannot enter yano that roadway. it's blocked off. o the incident happened furtherurh in. it happened on duplex on eid o avenue. there's heavy police presenceic along that we heard a loud bang not too ba long ago, just a tactical movec they're doing to make contact with this person.wi we know that the hostageos negotiation team also tryingat to makioe contact with thishhi person in a variety of ways ways but unsuccessful at this
5:33 am
the situation is between b family everyone involved are adult men and alexandria police areril telling us that the 911 call11 c came in around 10 o'clock last night from a person who hadn w been shot at by a relative whoae was inside the home.ome. the family member who was shotas at was not hit by the bullethe e and was able to get away andy a call for help thankfully.hank the area has been contained for safety. for we know three homes have beenom evacuated.te no word where these residents rd are at this point or whenor they'll be allowed back inside s but, you know, this is an thi is ongoing situation and we'reon aw doing what we can to stay outo t of the way. w we've actually been positionedoe across the street. police don't have a reason to rn believe right now guys thatuys t there are hostages inside.stagn. we're told that there are not te injuries at this time so that is the good news but situationia continues to unfold out here hee well into the morning hoursou after a hostage -- excuse me,exe a barricade situationon unfolding at 10 o'clock lastcl night. that's the very latest here inhe alexandria.alexandr back to you in the studio. to yo >> thanks for being on top offo it an
5:34 am
appreciate it.prec we'll check back in a little bit. we're following developingel news out of greenbelt maryland o where police are investigatingf a homicide. police a got a call about possible gunfire around 6:00d p.m. last night. they arrived to find a man fd lying dead on the floor of ade condo. so far no arrests have been made. this morning police> th searching for a prince williamlm county woman who vanished more v than a week ago. yesterday they released relea surveillance video of lizethllid yadira lopez.yadira l she was last seen shopping at a cvs pharmacy in woodbridge.ooi the cvs is just off old bridgefe road and five minutes awaynd from lopez's job. her car was also found parkedd a there.ther police also went to her to alexandria apartment.ex now, it's currently sealedrently with evidence tape. police say at this point in the investigation no foul playit is suspected in her disappearance. >> also happening today, the family and friends of the fairfax county firefightery fef nicole mittendorf will gather wa today to celebrate her lifete hr
5:35 am
mittendorf's body was found arfo week after she went missing in shenandoah national park.l p a medical examiner says ther ay 31-year-old took her own life. also happening today, montgomery county councilmery cu members they're going to takento a close look at the use of tasers by police.ta since 2009 there have been 11ee taser related deaths in maryland, four involved montgomery county policeme officers. the most by any police department in the state. s the county order add review of v the tasers used by montgomery b county police that's expected ep to be complete in june. je. >> mayor muriel bowser will beir with us at 9:30 this morningthng and we're going to tackle a tac lot of issues including thehe recent spike in violence inpike and around d.c. schools, also, problems with metro and future t plans for rfk stadium. so, do you have a question forav the mayor? all you need do is tweet us using #good today d.c. you can also post yourca questionn s your questions on our fox5 d.c. facebook page.acoo
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>> time to talk weather with wew gary mcgrady.rycg we'll get to talking aboutking o weather right now.weathe >> yeah, it's 54 so it'so chilly out there right now. temperature in frederick isris 50. it's pretty much whereit's pretu temperatures have been alles morning long. it's 53 for because and leonardtown is 52. it's gray and gloomy.lo shower a moving along 66,ng 66, western sections of the beltway now.y this is just about to get t newspaper gate falls,newspape eventually potomac and may may move across northern sections sn of the city there. citthe some showers affecting theng morning commute already. alrea i was hoping they'd hold offhopi for another half hour to anhe hour or so but they're alreadyre starting to pop up. pop u cool showers, especially thisll morning, okay.rn we'll have some drizzle possible especially later thisil afternoon. winds will be out of the east b at about fivee to 10 miles perp hour. hour. temperature today, it only tops out at about 60 degrees0 dr so not much warmer than we arere and, let's see, north and west s neighborhoods only middle 50's. far cry from the 80's.r cr >> that's tr
5:37 am
say. >> i'm sorry, i'm hanging onto that. >> we need to turn that frownt r upside down, gary.side dn, g >> yeah. >> holly you know what i say,no you got to go through it tohrghi get to it and that's exactlys e what's going on.'s >> i feel like i need my pom poms today to be thee cheerleader and keep ouree spirits going. >> i've had a smile all a morning long. i have to smile to keep fromkeef crying. >> to help us get out the dooroo is erin como.n i think we're talking traffic.ra are we talking traffic.ra >> i got you covered. i got youv guess what if it's not renneenne enough to smile it's fridayile eve, the day before friday andry that always makes me happy. h light volume right now as you make your way out in stafford,wu down tt o about 43 miles permile hour between 630 and 610. once you get into princeto pri william same story, volume vol continues to pick up dale cityet to woodbridge 27 miles an m hour. ton of stop-and-go traffic. gary has been mentioning rainona moving in. once the rain kicks into theck area it's
5:38 am
down lanes getting by 395 dukeyu to seminary. seminar watch slowdowns headingownsea towards the 14th street 1 and keep it to fox5 news morning. we got you covered this morning and we're back in just a few minutes.
5:39 am
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>> ♪ >> i'm maureen umeh back with your health watch at 5:40. uwat5 students at bethesda chevysda cy chase high school are being dodd pay close attention t
5:41 am
their health after a case of tuberculosis was found in their school. soo the affected individual wasdivi being treated. the letter assures themer there's no risk of additionalna exposure to students or the montgomery county healthmery department will continue toill o provide free testing foror anyone who may have come in in contact with that step aside baby boomerser there is a new number one in millennials have thatenni officially taken over baby bab boomers to become the biggest generation in the u.s. the u.s. census bureau shows there are now 75.4 million millennials and 74.9 million9 ml baby boomers.mers. millennials were born between bt 1981 to 1997 and baby boomers were born between 1946 to to 1964. turns out one minute ofminu exercise is a day three days aya week is all you need to stay healthy. one minute, that's it.te it's according to a canadianadin study a minute a day over ove three days has the potentialas n to improve your health they the say but that one minute mustutmt consist of high intensity
5:42 am
training.aini researchers found that one thatn minute of high intensityen training was the same as 45 as minutes of moderate exercisexeis so you have to decide if youidef want to go hard for one minutein and save time or potentially spend 45 minutes on a treadmill.treadmill. >> go big or go home. hom going for the one minute of mint high intensity. outrage this morning asth dozens of d.c. schools testoolss positive to elevated levels of l lead. what the city is doing to calm c parent ccern >> but first gary mcgrady and erin como are back withh are weather and traffic on the 5s. stay with us.
5:43 am
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>> happening root now inni alexandria police there aere barricade situation east reedasr avenue just off of route one o across from potomac yardsac yar shopping center. you're looking at livengt li pictures from the some people have been out ofeenu their homes all night long evacuated by swat teams. at this time we haven't heardent any reports of any injuries. ine our annie yu is live on thee one scene.e. we'll check in with her at 6:: 6 >> right now though we are going to check on the weather w 'cause it's the one story thatra affects all of us, right gary.a. >> right its a little gloomy.e . we need the rain and it's coming across right now so let's look at this in theat thi positive and not in then t negativity along westernty sections of the beltway that'sba going to create a fewe a f problems, obviously some slowdowns. northern sections of loudoun lou county coming just throughhr fairfax county as well, a few f showers there running right along 66.along 66. we'll just watch this.ju wat i think t
5:46 am
little bit more numerous. numeru you can see how this has been bn moving in from the west and chilly this morning especiallymo up into westmrninster -- well, westminster was 48.8. now you're 50 degrees.0 ee lower near in the 40's or so.'s. washington 54 degrees.ees. weekend setup looks like right now saturday is dry. dry don't expect a lot of sunshineuh but saturday looks dry as high pressure tries to come in fromet the north its a one day wonderon because showers come back into the forecast for sunday. we're cooler now.r now saturday we're still in thelle mid 60's.d lower 60's for sunday. and of the two days, it is itt s not look like a perfect perfe weekend but of the two days it i does look like sunday is they it day we'll get some rain coming speaking of rain, look back out to the west. wes this will continue to move in our direction. certainly once this gets here ti the morning is going to beoing t wet.wet. setup for at a, it' today, it'st be wet and then drizzlerizz possible late this tomorr
5:47 am
we'll continue with this same basic sebase setup.up cool, clouds, shower and a drizzle possible againssible forecast for today looks like ls this. you know were i'm going too say, right? staying coo we'll have clouds and showers.w. showers more prominent thisnt ti morning, a little drier in the afternoon and here's wheree' we're going.going. unfortunately the fox5 rocks5 ck concert tomorrow morning whichoi erin como you're going to be there -- >> can't wait. w >> it looks like -- let's not n go there. looks like it's le it' going to be wet but it will be b a blast.a blast. >> tucker is joining me ande a we'll be dancing in the rain. ri grab your umbrella and joinoi us. as far as the morning ride isidi concerned gary it's fridaysy eve. can we just celebrate that for t a moment.en we've almost made to it friday which means the weekend isth right around corner.r. if jury just trying to get out t the door and make your way to work 70 to the truck scales sca dips down
5:48 am
hour.hour. typical congestion once younges get into gaithersburg. you'll hit stop-and-go traffict- conditions before the spur. problem free in silver spring bethesda. things looking a lot better on o wisconsin avenue. metro not facing any delays.elay we have light volumeume continuing in virginia on 95 o northbound between stafford and dale we'll let you know if anything i else pops.else that's your traffic.traff. back to you holly. hol >> thanks erin. happening today, d.c. d school officials are planningnnn a walk through of simonon elementary school. s the walk through will helpill hl parents and students see the see lead testing process. t this as the district generalal services are testing the water sources of all d.c. publicub schools.schools. this time last year inspectorsor found elevated lead levels ats 12 d.c. schools.choo >> it were the communitywe wasn't immediately notified and the results only recentlys y came to light. to li. fox5's melanie alnwick iswick live in northeast with more on o this story. melanie, if i'm a parent, iaren, know they said everything is okay, i know if i'm
5:49 am
and i hear lead and you foundou out about this a long timing aa i'm outraged.ra >> reporter:ge you got lookou go deep at those tests and seee tet what exactly is the level and at what source.hat sourc the important thing toimpoant remember here its not that the elevated lead levels were pervasive at every drinkingin water storm. it may have been one fountainfon or one faucet in a particular classroom or a particularticular hallway so if you're a parent ar concerned about risk that'sriska good information and i thinkion the big question is here that ta some of the parents just j didn't have the informationorman that they were looking for.. here at capitol hill montessori school, it's oneon that had the elevated levelsd ll and now d.c. public schools is i offering blood lead tests to capitol hill montessori and two other schools offeringering those to students and to staff s as the city he is admitting that mistakes were made in this t process and protocol was nots n d.c. department of general services has been testing drinking
5:50 am
since 2007.00 elevated levels now discoveredco at 12 schools in the last round of testing at capitol hill montessori again big questions about communication, tests done eight months agohs ao but the school community never r in some cases we're told td efforts to fix the problemsroblm were not made and it's it's possible kids may have hav continued to drink the water.her >> the fact that there's leadhea yeah that's they shouldn't testing but the b nictate didn't report it or be b clear about it, you know, that a concerns me because then you have to wonder what else iser there? >> reporter: now, the department says the leads levels discovered last summer sm were elevated but not dangerous.dangerou in some cases 15 parts per p billion is the level that d.c.h requires some sort of action to be taken you you need to put a filter on, shut off the drinking water source until aila filter is installed and then t retester and cleared. a in some cases the levels arere up to
5:51 am
billion but we did see some seem that were much, much higherigher than that.thant. today d.c. is also expanding exn the testing to not justust drinking water but to allll water sources and that is the reason for the press events evet later this afternoon.. back to you guys. >> mel thank you. m >> efforts to combat the zikacoe virus has hit a house democrats rejecting ati bipartisan effort to boostanffo funding for combating the t virus saying it falls short of f president obama's original request. two month ago presidenth obama's original proposal waags for $1.9 billion.llio that's a figure derived fromd meetings with the federaleral health officials with theicialst senate proposal coming aboutbo $800 million short.on s one country is taking preventive measures againstait the mosquito borne virus aheadia of the summer south korea is sending its olympians to rio with specially made uniforms tomade protects their athletes against the zika virus. virus the clth
5:52 am
mosquito repellant. because of the rules andul a concerns with their performance they didn't altern'l their uniforms.thr u >> new details this morning in the death of a former wwe star chyna. her death was caused by an accidental overdose of aal prescription sleeping pill andlp tranquilizer.anquiliz the 46-year-old was found dead in her california home onhome april 20. an official cause of death has not been announced by coroners because results of ae sult toxicology test are still pending.g. chyna's manager announced her h brain will be donated forated research on cte a concussivess disorder primarily affecting athletes.athles >> space-x is pursuing an unmanned mission to matches the private company announcedmp it wants toan send an unmannedne aircraft to the red planet as early as 2018.s 2018. the program known as red r dragon is intended to 12 the
5:53 am
needed to put a man on mars. the spacecraft is designed toes land anywhere in the solar system and red dragon will bell its first test flight.ght. the company plans to unveilo unl further details at the t international astronauticalnautc congress this september.. a soldier returning from deployment got a sweet surprise thanks to a clever a ce plan from his dad. >> a washington, d.c. based pilot learned his son was that s scheduled to return fromled kuwait on april 14 so heil 14 sh signed up to pilot the flight f and waited until his son boarded the plane and then t appeared in the cabin toabin t surprise him. him lucky for us the tear jerkingr i moment was caught on camera. >> my gosh. like how does he then go backheo and fly? >> hopefully they got a backup pilot. pilo >> what a great story. love it. that's making me tear up. >> 5:53 is the time and timee for our facebook fan of the day.da today is
5:54 am
>> they tune in every morning.yr they tell us they are movingre m soon but they still plan on watching us using the app. app that's what we call dedicatededd fans, love it, love it, love it. i thank you so much.uc for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below carolyn and torrence'srenc photo on our facebook page.k p >> before we get to weather -- >> ♪ let's talk about this.ta fox5 spring concert series serie continues tomorrow morningorni with the muddy crows. crows. tucker barnes, erin comoomo they're going to be out at a farragut square park to hostquar the show. sho >> the muddy crows are from d.c. d. they were voted best local band by washington city paper pp readers last year.readers they're an exciting up and coming rock group. >> the muddy crows will playil a friday.frid they'll be warming up duringpurn fox5 news morning and thenrnande they're really going to kickng t
5:55 am
can come out and join us us because it won't cost you a coso dime. dime. dime. it's free to enjoy the >> you'll have to be doing your best jean kelly dancinganci and singing in the rain. >> threatened last week.d la wee i think tomorrow there will beh a few showers around.d. hopeful it's not going to be a rainout.rainou there's a contingency plan but b we don't want to go he there.he. temperatures for the bus stophe chilly out there and it will be pretty chilly and cloudy later on. o expect showers for the morning f hours. really it's kind of a drizzlyor fo orecast as we get into the t latter part of the day today.ofy hopefully the showers willho break up in just a little bititt so it's not going to be a all aa day washout. who i don't suspect that that isha going to be the case outout in the next seveern days it days looks like we stay gray and a gloomy for the next few. saturday won't be too bad.. saturday looks like we'll havekl sun and clouds but mostly dry. d that's the way it looks right now. showers possible coming backingc in t
5:56 am
beginning of next week nextk hopefully we'll dry out and bring temperatures back upraturk into the lower 70's where theywt should be this time of theof t year instead of the 50's and 60's. 60's. >> thanks gary.>> t >> let's head to erin como anddi get another check of traffic.ic. >> 5:56 right now and taking a n live look outside, volume is definitely increasing out ing oi virginia. you can see he a lot of slowf moving traffic as you kind of o pick up heading in throughou dale city so be prepared for that. that. let's switch it over from that camera.ra things slowly moving on theovint key bridge from rosslyn into georgetown.or steady flow of traffic thereof t on the inbound side. the once you get into georgetowneoew we have typical slowdowns on m street, wisconsin volume volum building through secondaries in the neighborhood.ei give yourself extra time tome get inbound.. umme lighter volume increasingol gw parkway southbound by 123 by as well.l. we'll take a look at our mapsur right now and show you what else you're up against this morning.rnin 270 frederick through the truck scales down to about downa 34 miles per hour.ou more stop-and-go traffic asd- you get closer to
5:57 am
headed to the beltway. bel outer loop moving well from fro new hampshire to georgia. grg keep it to fox5 news 6 o'clock hour coming right up p and we have everything you need to know before you hit the road on this thursday morning.
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at ox6:00 breakingin right now in the stev city of cy alexandria a barricade situation.atio we're live with the late ofve the. w ails o details on the search
6:00 am
william county more than am week the vide o that police want you to take a good look at. a >> a live look outside on this thursday april way. w it is gloomy start to the day. weather and traffic coming uptrg on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning, i'm maureen umehru in for allison today.od >> and i'm steve chenevey. cne welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's get right to breakingto bk news in alexandria virginia viri annie yu is there where policeoc are dealing with a standoff inin its eighth hour. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning to you steve andto maureen.ur that's right, for eight hours now here we are dealing withe ar this barricade. it started athround 10 o'clock0c last n police still have east reede eat avenue closed off to traffic t and it's directly across fromos the potomac yards shoppinghopp center just to kind of giveto kg you a landmark there. there. and so route one is flowing ifl just fine for those of you heading out this morning. it is just east reed avenue e closed off to traffasic in this alexandria police stilldria dealing with this barricades rri situation and any time you tim have this type of situation itui calls for a very intensent


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