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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we're live with the very latest. latest. >> a woman last seen in prince p william county more than amore a week ago. video police want you to seece o coming up in a live reu port. >> my friend and the next vicet president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> another bizarre twist and turn in the race for in the racf president. ted cruz picking former rival r carly fiorina as his runningunng mate. mate. even though he has not securednc the nomination. more on this strange move inis the world of s politics, a rarer move plus what donald trump istu saying this morning. >> let's go ahead and take aak live look outside on thishi thursday april 28, 2016. 2 can chilly, damp, not going to g be the best of days.s. tucker will talk more about itet and maybe give us a sneak peeksp of the weekend as erin talks tks about our commutes, both ofoth o those coming up on the 5's at 7:05.7: first good morning to you, i'mng holly morris. allison is off today. off t >> i'm steve chenevey.'m ste che welcome to fox5 news morning.or breaking news from metro.
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commute right now on twon two lines.line >> fox5 melanie alnwick livela at the addison road stationniisa with more.thore. so, mel, what's the problem today?toda >> reporter: well,>> apparently there was report of e some sort of smoke here. here. have not seen any of that and d.c. fire did respond here but r they are gone now. n all we're seeing are maybe m just if you can look behindyou once these buses clear just j what are generally some metro m maintenance trucks. tck now metro rail is saying thatg they are single tracking heree right now because of theecau report of smoke in the tunnelne and that they are single tracking also and they're andhe describing it as a track problem. we know those track problems prl can vary in severity. in ver we haven't had a chance to gohao to the platform and see what sew sort of an impact that ist at having but i can tell you asl ya far as emergency responsense here, there really is none. back to you. to >> all right mel.
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much more on metro later this ti hour. the issue this morning at addison road one of several safety problems this week. yesterday it was smoke at friendship heights caused by hei an arcing insulator.ghulator. we captured video of firefighters down on thefiters d platform. then there was the incidenthe ic saturday night where smokeay nit filled the tunnel and a train t at friendship heights, sameghts issue, same station.e staton these are bound to come upboundm when metro's board meets lateres this morning. another breaking news story. the barricader situation in in alexandria it happened all h there are breaking details. >> fox5's annie yu has beenannie there all morning longmo following this story and hasg ts the latest update now. what can you tell us, annie. >> reporter: good morning, holly and a after hours of police trying trn to make contact with someonehom who they thought was insidens this home, they were able toe gain entry about an hour ago. a they did a thorough search ande found no one was in side. sid they searched neighboringrche homes and the area. east
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opening now that thisinnow thats barricade or standoff is over.fe this is a neighborhood across from potomac yards along routenr one so they are now in thearin e process of slowly breakingg down and clearing units fromts the scene. ce police do know who they areho te looking for so they continuehey to investigate this and look l for the suspect but they are t not able to give us the name n of this person or a photo of this person at this time.n at tt without giving away too much regarding tactical operationspen police and swat were out hereut since 10 o'clock last night n parked along east reed trying to make contact with who theythw thought was inside.e. around 5 o'clock this mornings they started using flash bangs n to draw attention and try to gain entry which they d theyhih did a search and no one wason w found inside. it's unclear when this personn p left the home because when the 911 call came in the familyamil member did let them know thatm this was the situation. situati. this stems from a shootingtems f between family members, one adult man shot at another adult relative he was male ass well. there were no injuries and thejt victim is
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for help.for h as a precaution the area was contained for safety reasons. ra we know that residents from three homes were evacuatedvacu last night around 10 o'clock.0 . those folks will be able to gain entry back into theirnt homesry and everything resumes as normal but here east reedaste avenue reopening up slowly. back to you in the studio. sdi >> annie things. anniehing we're following developingfoll news this morning also out ofo greenbelt maryland wherenbel police are investigating a murder. murd this off hanover parkway at the hunting ridge condos.on police got a call about 6:00 p.m. about possible gunfire. they found a man dead on themane floor of the condo.on no arrest have been made. mad >> a deadly stabbing in takoma the victim has been identified t as a 36-year-old woman a man man was also stabbed and rushed to o the hospital.thsp police believe the victimsic were targeted.arted. anyone with information isor asked to call police. >> coming up on
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check in with tucker barnes.r be we took that live picture earlier. perhaps we shouldn't have. h doesn't look too nice out. o >> rain showers coming. maybe we'll get to the uppergete 50's to about 60 but with a real cool northeast flow andnd our front from yesterday stillea hanging up across the area thert clouds and the rain showershowe unfortunately stay in the forecast today. any other raining a whole lotin early this morning but plenty of rain moving in frominni thene west and the south. andhe sou you can see that now intonto central virginia and ournd viewers out to the west alongt o 81 you guys are getting raintinr showers at the moment.owers the so yeah keep an umbrella handyry here. we'll get a period of wave of rain. rain. cloud cover continues throughcot the evening hours. not going to be a great looking day. upper 50. that might be optimisticht be getting to 60 this afternoon. an cloudy cool with rain showers so for your i'll be back with the your you seven day.ven day let's do traff
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>> rain is causing problems. prm let's take a look at ourur twitter upday. red line expect delays in bothit directions.dire there's a signal problemem outside forest glen.t that's new with metro. tracking problems with the blue and silver line. a trains singlend tracking betweee morgan boulevard and a a track problem outside ofutde addison road. roa that happened before thene 7 o'clock hour so watch out watt for both of those issuesse i slowing us down.slowinus d wilson bridge local lanes down to 13 miles per hour through tou lanes checking in about abo 27 miles per hour. per h very heavy traffic as you head h from prince george's countye geu past 414 and oxon hill gettingln into alexandria.le we'll now take a live look outside.tside. other delays because of theys b rain, this is 66 east you canyon see it's just a little bit of a light damp condition outnditit there. pretty dreary ought there ashera you pass by fairfax county cnt parkway.parkway. inside the district typicalictyp congestion as well.s wel you can see right now the inner loop again slows acrosswss the wilson bridge.ri a lot of delays picking upicki u there. more traffic in just a few few minu
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i'd suggest getting an earlyge start and presidential candidatey packing thatatey umbrella early today.ay. back to you >> police are searching for ae n prince william county womanountm who vanished more than a week ago.o. lizeth yadira lopez was lastir seen aa t a cvs pharmacy in in woodbridge five minutes from fm her job. >> bob barnard joining us from f that very cvs with the latest. s what's the the word bob. word >> reporter: still no signr:tils of her. this is where she was last l seen guys. she was last heard from aboutm o an hour we can show you her picture. she's 36 years old lizethh she works from her home for a local government contractorrn occasionally works nights and n on weekends and so slaw lastola seen on videotape here at the cvs store on sunday night april 17th around 9 p.m. 9 she was shoppin you can see she's got like an la implete d taid tag around her n. her car was found about a five a
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the family had reported ther r missing the day before that. t now prince william countyou police have searched the woods near her home and they have thea also searched her apartment.part when we were there last night t you could see there was was evidence tape across the doorhe of her apartment. apart they have found nothing so far. police say they don't believey o she's the victim of a crime. ofi they have just deemed her ameer missing person but a neighbor bt told our marina marraco lastt night that she had heard arguing and banging noise fromoo miss lopez's apartment repeatedly in recent the police know that but are still saying they don'they don suspect foul play.ect foul play. police have released theleae the surveillance video yourveill just saw from this store sre hoping that maybe someone will recognize lizeth lopez, maybe, have seen her in the past 10 pt days or so and will calll police.. guys. >> all right, bob, thank youht,, for that.fort. >> also happening today,ing family and friends will gatheri to say goodbye to fairfaxrf county firefighter nicole
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mittendorf. a visitation will be followedilf by funeral at mclean bible church.chur a medical examiner said thedhe 31-year-old took her own life.if fire officials are now lookingoo into reports that she was bullied and harassed on an o internet forum. fum. >> an update on a story thatry t you saw first on fox5. 10 students facing charges inhai juvenile court after severalever fights broke out at h.d.t h.d. woodson high school onool tuesday.tu police say all the studentss arrested are female including ii one accused of punching achin police officer. oicer happening today d.c.happenda school officials are planning p a walk through of simonim elementary school. sch the walk through will helpp parents and students receiveecei the lead testing process thistig as the district general gener services are testing the water t sources of all d.c. public. p schools. last year inspectors found elevated lead levels at 12 schools but because of theecaust communication breakdown the the results only recently came to light. >> a 13-year-old boy>> a
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police in east baltimore.tire happened about 4 o'clockedut 4 o yesterday afternoon therey rn officers saw the boy walking with what they believed was happened gun when the officersue ordered him to stop he took stok off running. one of the officers fireder fir hitting the boy in the i shoulder. the gun turned out to be a bb gun can which looked exactlyxact like a semi automatic hand 21. n this happened one day a after the one year anniversary of asa the freddie gray death.eddie eah >> following breaking newsing ne from overseas a powerful northeo korean missile exploded justlo seconds after liftoff this according to south koreanor media. dia. the explosion marks the second failed launch of midrangerange missiles by north korea inrth ko everecentweeks. >> propaganda video.. huge storms. we'll show you the damage.amag >> carly fiorina talks aboutalko being ted cruz's choice for vice president and berniesidentd sanders scales down hisnis campaign. we're going to
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the campaign trail coming up u next.xt. 7:10 is our time right now.
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>> right now at 7:13 on thisht n thursday breaking news from metro a a track problem at the addison ais road metro station impacting imp the can commute on two lines.o there you can see metroro transit police and trackce a t workers looking onto one of ontf the tracks at addison road.addir right now metro is single sgl tracking on both the blue and the silver lines betweenines b morgan boulevard and stadium-armory so expect somexpc delays there's your metro he updatee at at 7:13.: >> how about some good news. we could use it. caps preparing to take on the ot pittsburgh penguins tonight atig the verizon center for round two of the playoffs.
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stay opened an extra hourr late. those stations are galleryry place, the seventh and f street entrance, judiciary judic square the f street entrancentra and metro center 11th and gh a g street entrance. metro says fans must enter those station entrances nota later than 12:445 a.m..m passengers will be able toe exit all stations during theri extra hour of service. tonight's game puck drops at at 8:00. >> something special on goodng day d.c. today the mayor will join us. mayor bowser will join us atin t flynn:30 this morning.30 we'll give you the cla and to ask questions for the mayor m via twitter.a twitt we're going to tackle a lot of issues including the recent r spike in violence around d.c. schools, plans for rfk stadium. if you have a question tweet us and make sure you use the t good day d.c. hashtag like youiy see on the screen there, #good # day d.c. d.c include that in your tweetr t with the you can also post questio
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our fox5 d.c. facebook page.oo p >> all right.ll rht 7:14 is our time right now. n just about quarter past theast hour and tucker, the weather wea is not so great but i know wet need the rain, right.n, r >> at this point yeah you're yea right holly we do need the rain shower we got some moving in. som it is foggy drizzly and very 55 in washington.55 48 up in new york city, 53 cy, this morning pittsburgh, columbus 50 degrees. you might be able to see thebe arrow there is giving us thatint flow. we're getting our flow out ofou the north and the east thiseasts all right, rain showers quickly moving in.ghquickly we've had a few sprinkles and light showers early but lookshrl what's on the horizon here on th from the south and a w we've got a pretty good wave of rain shower activity that'ssw going to be moving through b over the next couple of hours hu and even this afternoon ifter think after this gets east of et us we're going to keep the to ke clouds and the drizzle in the forecast so it's not going to gg be a great looking day. in fact, you got the hang in here. the pattern is not going too switch up a whole lot until lot saturday. so, today, tonight, tomorrow, more of the same, cool conditions with some light someh rain, driz
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i think by saturday thingsaturdh will get a lot better.otette maybe an early shower and then d partly sunny and drier by dri saturday afternoon, maybe, m showers return by sunday.rny so, a little unsettled, erin, ei over the next couple days butayu definitely a jacket andfitely umbrella today. it's going to be a cool one coo with the shower activity. >> fox5 rocks on friday youon f should come join us ats farragut park i'm excited. exc right now traffic problem.robl some light fog as you come outo of gainsville this morning onisi 66. 66. watch for visibility problems. use your low beams. take your time. a crash blocking the shoulderho by prince william parkwaya adding to the the delays.el you can see all the slow moving traffic as that crash blocks the right shoulder andsho right lane.t la. aside from those problemsse p coming in from virginia we vgi have some metro delays and delan other slowdowns.other owdo want to show you some twittere i dadays. earlier signal problem outsideui of forest glen wrapped up.en wed things getting back to normal then.en. residual delays on the red
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line. steve has told us on the blueheu and silver lines train arere single tracking between morgan m boulevard and stadium-armorytada do you a track problem outside t addison road.oa we'll let you know as soon as things get back to normal.ack let's see if we can forwarde n r our maps.ou map other delays from the rain r across the wilson bridgeilson b through lanes locally and aocal lot of jam up through oxon hill. hill once you get into alexandriaet 395 inbound remains very slow. i 295 from the bottom of thehe b beltway as you make your wayray up just heavy traffic and 95 between 630 and 610 dip down d d to about 16 miles per hourles rh with congestion. south of that point heavy hea traffic and morning commute on the outer loop top of the beltway 95 to georgia a ton oftf congestion once you past pas connecticut things start tocu pick up and open up but i got you covered if that changes. 270 southbound slows through gaithersburg and rockville asrga usual. back to you holly.back >> thanks erin. no nominee yet but already a vice president pick for thek gop race for the white house.heu
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will be carly fiorina. fori frontrunner donald trump now has 80 percent of theperct of delegates he needs for theds f republican nomination and heio d was clearly not impressed with cruz's vice president pick.e pr. >> wisdom joins us back indo studio now with more on thishi latest twist and turn.nd >> maybe ted cruz knows something we agai we don't know. after losing every primary onri tuesday ted cruz's hopes for a a contested convention now restsre largely on tuesday's primary pi in indiana.nd 57 delegates are on the linehe and that's where he announced that he was tapping fiorina asri his vice president pick.s both are eager to takevi onn trump and the democraticrac frontrunner hillary clinton. >> with my vice presidentiall nominee carly fiorina. fio >> reporter: ted cruz pickedor a formerte rival to send a message that he's in it to win
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it. >> i'm pretty good at can pre challenging hillary clinton.nto. people think i'm pretty good irt at challenging donald trumpngonl and i'm just going to keepo k right on doing >> reporter: but it will be b a huge challenge. chall >> and i give you donald trump. [cheers and applause]he >> reporter: legendaryer indiana basketball coach bob coh knee knight introduced donald trump at a rally in rly indianapolis and the gop the frontrunner was eager tor s eage remind everyone of cruz's c uphill battle. b >> he is the first presidental l candidate in the history ofe inh this country whose mathematically eliminated fromli becoming president who chose a o vice presidental candidate. cani >> reporter: on ther: o t democratic side bernie sandersis is wrestling with some wit daunting math, too, and that's s resulted in hundreds of jobed i cuts at his campaign anpaig attempt to keep things lean inne the final six weeks before thel california primary can whichhich he says he can win. w >> i am very good in arithmetic.hmic. [laughter][laughte and i can count delegates
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but you know what, unusualsu things happen in politics. >> sanders campaign says it's simply consolidating itsng its resources to focus on the remaining contest.on cruz and fiorina will be all over indiana trying to close the gap on trump's six-point s lead in the hoosier state. [laughter] i don't know what else too say. say. >> people decide.>> >> there you go. i put it out there and you make up your on mind. yeah, it's crazy. >> thanks, whiz. >> all right. >> still ahead, a mighty fall for a man who was o, nce a very powerful politician. polit >> heavy rain and tornadoesand s still a problem for some partser of the country this morning. moi more on the storm threatren ther coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> president obama will in flint, michigan next week togan address that city's water crisis at the request an ce requ eight-year-old girl. little girl one of 10,000f 10,0 people affected by the city'she' lead tainted water. wer the president responded sayingng he'll make the trip to make tri sure that people like thathat oe little girl and other families are receiving the help they need and deserve.nd >> an amazing fall from grace fr yesterday for a man oncea man oc second in line for thee r t presidency. former house speaker dennis d hastert will spend the next 15 months behind bars. he was convict fled a husha h money case that revealed hereede tried to cover up the
7:24 am
abuse of four teenagers when f he was aou teacher and wrestlini coach decades ago.go hastert will also lose his los pension from his time at thate t school. >> a former oklahoma deputyoma y found guilty of shooting an of g unarmed man last year former oklahoma reserve deputy robertut bates never denied heating the victim. victim. bates should there and killedld the 44-year-old while members t of theold violent crimes taskr force tried to take harris har into custody after an illegal gun sting came to a end. he said he thought he was firing his taser instead of his gun.hi gun >> tornado did touchdown in virginia.inia winds estimated around aro 90 miles an hour.mile several trees were uprootedoote and a church was damaged. this was the second straightt day of severe weather acrossther the midwest and the reports of other twisters are being investigated from texasgam to >> 7:25 right now. r. nothing like that just a littleg drizzle this morning, tuck. >> some rain showers moving in o and some cool temperatures here to statement upper 50'snt 5 for daytime highs so
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and a jacket unfortunatelyortune today as it will not be -- it i will feel like early spring honestly.ho let's go to the numbers currently 54, 55 now in 5now washington. winds out of thewind east-northeast at eight.t eight we are seeing some light raine n showers moving in here prettyng quick from the south and west ws and i think we're going to goint have a wave of light rainf li around here for the nexthe nex several hours and then wehen should be reduced to clouds c and drizzle this afternoon. afto so that nationals game ate a 4 o'clock probably gets inbabl although conditions out theres e won't be ideal with the clouds and the cool temperatures.peratu again highs today only in theonn upper 50's to about 60 and i 60d would definitely take and finitt umbrella here as we'll have periods of rain shower today,ery tonight p some leftover drizzle, tomorrow lightli showers and drizzle during theiz day. the good news is saturday is is think should be generally dry with a mix of sunge and clouds c and mid 60's. 6 there's something to lookng to forward to. a chance to dry out over thever weekend. more weather in a minute. a min more traffic right now with erin.erin >> 7:25. we're seeing delays on theng inbound side of 66 out by deprince william parkway.kway there's a crash blocking theck
7:26 am
just wet damp conditions onon our roads.our 66 inbound dealing with aith sluggish commute. cmu speeds under 20 miles per 20 hour. give yourself extra timeime coming from gainsville.m gainsvi we're seeing delays by fairfax county parkway on 66 inbound. iu just slow moving traffic againga speeds under 50 miles perles per hour. this is a look out by 123 as3 a well. well let's go ahead and take a lookak at our maps right now. n we have other problems thatem t we're dealing with. volume 66 before and after 50 a5 down to 16 miles per hou and metro is dealing with w delays this morning as well. w silver line and blueline single tracking because of abe problems at addison road. r other things we're dealingings w with. with rain causing delays throughsing virginia and take a look atnd this. top of the beltway as t you pasp colesville road just a very a heavy flow of traffic from 95m 5 to connecticut a things startngs to open up.penp. if you're taking cabin john you're basically parked with congestion inside the beltwaye b to clara barton. as you take a look at the keylok br aidge from rosslyn into georgetown sluggish commute.h
7:27 am
backed up as well and we're w seeing heavy traffic in fort i f washington on 210 inbound. very slow as you makone your way out on 301. o30 things jamming up in upper uer marlboro as you make your waye y out on four inbound pennsylvania avenue andlvia suitland parkway inbound to inbd the douglas bridge very slow. same story new york avenue inbound the usual spot byusua florida. back to you >> a piecest of nationals merchandise that is notndiss accurate being sold on line.ol we'll tell you about that.ou ab. >> plus the secret service haser plans to increase protectionroct around the white house.he w we're going to have thoseto havo stories and more coming upomg next.
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>> 7:30. a few seconds before 7:30 to bee accurate. it's also being accurate not sos pretty out there today.od rain showers moving inform we'll check in with tucker barnes in i just a couple of minutes and gef all the details for you. f
7:30 am
nine hours later, a barricadeari situation in alexandria nowaow over. it started last night whenighthe police say they received reportr of shots fired from home.m h residents were told to stay awaa from their homes now we have not heard reports of any injuries ir again that situation is now ov over. this was along route 1 right across from potomac yard. >> d.c. schools officials offias planning a walk through of simof elementary school. sool. walk through will help parentsgp and students see the leadead testing now this as the district generar services are testing the waterhw sources of all d.c. public schools. last year inspectors foundctorsf elevated lead levels in 12elsn schools.hos. but because of communicationmuni break down, the results only oy recently came to light.. and we continue to followooo track trouble for metro. mro a track problem at the add son s road station is impacting thetig commute right now on two lines.s we're talking about blue andutle silver lines. l this is video that our crews c shot of transit police and metro track workers just this morningi inspecting the problem at add aa son road.oad. metro is single
7:31 am
blue and silver lines between morgan boulevard and stadiumum armory.. fox5 viewers are furious and frustrated over the state of ouo metro system. sys hey, look, i am, too.oo just look what we all said abouo riding metro yesterday after into latest incident att friendship heights. >> wmata chairman jack evansac e talking about the need for funding, these incidents iiden underscore the need for fundingo and frankly saying what more cae they do if they don't get the g money they can't fix these had d bitch tal problems we'll keepe' seeing tse. the only thing do you care justd say help us feds. f let's see.. >> they do.>> they do. the back and forth is frustrat frustrating. >> a lot of pressure on the newe general manager to get everybody to work together.togher >> meanwhile i'm not ridingle i metro. metr >> lot of people are not. n >> i'm not letting my familyyaml ride metro.rideetro >> you take your life into youru own hands literal when you do yo this it's not good way to feel t when this is your transportatioo system and major city and facedd with day in, day
7:32 am
>> we want you to know that wewt have invited metro gm paul we'd field on fox5 morning news for the latest several weeks. we have been saving this seat s just for him so he can explain p to you what's being done toon t address the safety problems.roem what repairs are being plannedna that could impact drivers in the weeks and months ahead and we a want to ask him questions fromno our fox5 viewers who are deman demanding immediate action and d accountability.unlity >> it's serious business.siness metro gm salary is paid for witw your dax pair dollars.lars there's crisis unfolding and you deserve answers. awe let's take yesterday, forrday, r example, once again we sent an s e-mail to metro asking if mr. wiedefeld would join us.d wn the response from hism h spokesperson reads "we are aware of your request, he is availablb for your reporters to ask to questions to address thes to ars concerns of your viewersie tomorrow at 11:00. 100 because he often has earlyarly morning meetin meeting the in sr talk back during morning shows s are tougher to schedule quote would the meeting being refer the metro board meeting being bg
7:33 am
held today.od. if you're the least a transit at system on daily basis that hasht multiple safety issues you makee the time to come on one of theot most watched morning shows inedg the district to discuss thehe problems what it will take to tt fix the problems.the p that's what public leader do'seo in big cities like boston,n, philadelphia, new york andphia chicago. >> you talk with the peoplek wi before they get on the trains bb they go to work or school.. fox5 is the perfect forum toum reach riders in virginia,a maryland and the district all at once. as we said, our viewers arere furious and they are frustrated. >> full disclosure we do like mr. wiedefeld's style he thoughe safety was so important he shutu down the entire system for onemr day in march for inspections.ns. month and a half later insulat insulators are still arc,rs elevators are still stuck, sck escalators are out of serviceeri and crime continues underground. >> once again, mr. wiedefeld,ie, talk to the riders. rider talk to the taxpayers.axye come join us.n you can come later today. tomorrow, next week. w this seat right here will bee yours.yo and we will have a frank fra discussion about metro's safetyf and what needs to be done to fix
7:34 am
it. it. we also do want to let you knowk fourth fox5 will be at the 11 a.m. availability this morning.r time right now want to get a check on you areoo forecast once again.e a send things over to tucker tke barnes. >> hey, steve.>> we've got cloudy rain showers moving in from ther south and west, and a rather gloomy, rather cloudy, rather r drizzly day to look forward tood here for thursday. 55 now in 54 in annapolis.apis 52 leonardtown.eona north and west everybody isrydy hanging out in the low to midid 50s not a whole lot of movementm here at the past 24 hours hours temperature wise as we've beeneb just kind of locked in very cooo northeast flow here with ouritur flow off the ocean.hece that's locking in the cool foroo the day.e da so clouds continue.onnu and you can see this rain showes activity pushing in from the inr south and west.soutand that will be with us for thesore neck several hours.everalours so i think we'll get morning mrg showers. this afternoon it might bet reduced to drizzle out there. te but the clouds aren't going lift today and cool temperatures wils stay intact for another day orr two. two. honestly tomorrow probably
7:35 am
saturday before we get a returnr to sunshine.ine. clouds and showers, staying sta cool. winds out of the east at five ts 10. 60 your daytime high.ig jacket and umbrella today, erin. >> galoshes, too.. rain boots. b. >> galoshes? gs? >> rain boots?? >> galoshes are -- -- >> paddington bear. you remember that book when you were a kid. >> emit not have read that one.t >> i'm just saying. sin out of the '80. >> metro problems but they'reem improving.improvg problem outside addison road residual delays left on the blub and silver line as you make youu way out by stadium arm reach beb prepared for that.ared fha red line got back to normal. nma keep you posted on metro if any i was changes pop up.p volumes and delays 66 eastbounde before and after nasty ride there. light fog in gainsville watchvit out for visibility problems uses your low beams. low bea down to 16 miles per hour so i'd get an early start as you make m your way and side the beltway.ew wilson bridge remains very slows in the local and through lanes. 395 inbound jammed to the 14th4h street bridge. bdg 50 inbound slows from 202 too kenilworth live look outside osi we're seeing delays as well bwlb parkway
7:36 am
southbound past powder millwderl road. so give yourself time there.he that is not a good shot of 395 exactly what i was saying heavya volume on the northbound side.hh bottom of the beltway to thelt 14th street bridge tons of extra time as you make your wayw from alexandria into arlington.l freeway is also slow by the third street tunnel. we're seeing a lot of stoppedoto traffic on cabin john inside tht beltway because of volume toe clara barton. bto clara barton also heavy this ts morning.morning. we're seeing delays as you getes to dulles airport and a looknd l back on the our maps aside fromo that crawling shot on 395 395 northbound, as we take look at o our maps other delays 95 looking very jammed up through stafford and dale city and volume top side of the beltway 95 to5 connecticut.nneccut 95 southbound jams from the icc to the top of the beltway. btway any questions for your morningrm ride or metro, erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.te let's help you get to work on wk time on this rainy thursday trs morning. back to you. >> thanks erin. thankerin coming was that a new studyt says about the connectiononnect between parents income and
7:37 am
child's food allergies. >> also a major recall to talk k about this morning.abouis m the problem thousands fordor vehicles. that's coming up next. it's 7:37.
7:38 am
7:39 am
♪ live look outside on thistsd thursday morning.sdorning. 7:39 is our time right now. 55 degrees is the temperature.tu it's little gray out there. tre. little damp. d. pretty much going to be that waa all day.l day tucker will tell us more in a ia few.fe if you own shares of facebook fk you're probably actually havingh pretty good
7:40 am
quarter earnings wednesday andid the report shattered earning eag estimates. the social media giant reported 77 cents per share on slightlyty less than $5.4 billion inion revenue.e. that's roughly 120 million moren than analysts expected. ete ford making recall now morew than 200,000 vehicles.le two separate issues here.te isse first up, several models gettini called back over a speed sensoro that could cause auto mat tick transmissions to shift gears. g. automaker saying more thanre 80,000 ford explorers could havh steering problems due to a ta glitch in the rear less money, more problems especially if you are a child with food allergies.llgies. families who make less than $50,000 a year often have less s money to spend treatingin allergies. now that's less money foress moe special food, medical specialists, medicine and injectors which means thosensho children and their families area forced to deal with more severer food allergy reactions.. step aside baby boomersy there's a new number one in to town. >> millennials have of
7:41 am
taken over boom boomers toomer become the biggest generation in the us. us census bureau shows there are 75.4 million millennials and 74.9 million baby boomers.oomer. millennials were born between 1981 to 1997 and baby boomers were born between 1946 to 1964.1 >> still ahead howard universitt offering a major incentive nowe for students to simply graduatet on time. plus washington nationals are selling merchandise onlinein that had a lot of people of peop scratching their heads. hea. we'll tell you about the mistake that was made coming up next. ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
♪ fox5 spring concert series e continues tomorrow morning with the muddy crows. crows tucker barnes and erin como will be at farragut square park at 11 many and k street to host the show. they were voted best local band by washington city paper readerr last year.r. they really are an excite and and coming rock group back from their first european show where they played 25 shows in 21 in 21 cities.cities they'll play at farragut squarer park friday warming up during fox5 news morning and really going to gett going on good day d.c. come join us. it's absolutely free. unfortunately, tuck, i thint it might be a little wet, right? >> at least cloudy and damp dp tomorrow. i'm not sure it will be raining tomorrow. >> oh, good.>> okay. >> keep our finger crossed ir will be and that's the themewi aro
7:45 am cool temps and showers continuei in the forecast for much of thee day.y. in fact we got measurable rainen moving in from the south andouta west. look at radar in just a second.c here are your cool temperaturesa 55 in washington.hing 52 up in gaithersburg. frederick 52.eric mountains looking at low to mid 50s culpeper fredericksburg 55 degrees. degrees. these numbers haven't budged aha whole lot nest past 24 hours ana won't later today.od. today time highs only in the o upper 50s maybe we'll get to g t 60 degrees if we get lucky butuy most of the day just kind of ind the upper 50s and damp and coolo here's your rain shower activitt moving in quick from the southr and definitely keep an umbrella hann it won't be raining every b minute.e when it' s not raining they'll be b drizzle and low clouds and fog,g and just kind of miserable grayy sky out there later thishi afternoon. what's happening we have a w frontal system just off to our south, and kind of hung up herer for the time being, and we'vende got what we call cold airir damming strong northeast flow f kind of locking that cool air ar mass in place f
7:46 am
not a whole lot of changes untit we get into later friday andatea saturday.satu saturday our next real dry day y across the thea. all right. there's the setup.therthe little area of low pressurere riding along that front to ourtr south. bring us showers and drizzlele today. we'll keep it in the forecasthet not much improvement tomorrow. o i think tomorrow morning we maym have a dry slot that works in wr the area so may not be rainingrg for our concert fingers crossedd because i'll be out there all bh morning. come and hang out with us.outh u the clouds and cool temperaturee will stick around all right. right. there is future fut notice the shower activity stili with us through late this afternoon maybe we get a ga bit of a break and a few showers and sprinkles and drizzle around this afternoon and tonight.onig there we are tomorrow morning.oo again, we're hoping we'll keep e it dry for tomorrow morning the clouds will remain intact and id will only be in the upper 50's. fox5 rocks! rks >> come join us.>> >> come join us tomorrow morni morning. hey, saturday looks getteroktt sun and clouds mid to upper tper askings. would you like to point toint t saturday as well.ll. >> sunshine.>> sunshine. >> there we go.. >> erin, how are r >> i'm having momenthi
7:47 am
morning. i clearly need another cup ofnoc 7:00 frick. you probably need an extra onean if you're battling this rain,hi, wet roads and traffic thistraffi 66 out of gainsville lightight elevated fog but if it causess visibility problems as you headd out on 66 or secondaries lowriew beams reduce your speeds policec gotten to the scene of a crash,a 66 eastbound blocking the right shoulder by prince williamilam parkway. move over to the left keep those folks safe as they aid in the t accident cleanup. cleanup. move over to our maps right nowi aside from seeing those issues e on 66 eastbound, other problems. volume and delays after 50 as well.well. 29 picking up in volume.olume we'll move things forward and f show you the wilsoorn bridge. local lanes through lanes as you pass oxon hill a slow roll fromo the rain and congestion.stion. upper marlboro the outer loop al little heavy as well. four issue slowing down and wen also have typical delays in fort washington on 210 inbound.ou thing not looking so hot on 3010 and bw parkway southbound fromrm 197 to 45013 slow miles per houu as you try to pass through thr greens belt getting signed thegi beltway and
7:48 am
the beltway the entire stretcheh all the way 295 past east capitol is just jammed. jammed. metro update for you. you. track problem outside addison an road as completed -- concluded,d wrapped up. delays from earlier singleingl tracking on the blue and silvere line out by stadium armory.y we'll keep a close eye on andnd that let you know if and when we anything pops up with . other than that just for yourhar ride out of frederick, 270ick, 2 southbound very slow a lot of lo delays inbound because of thendo rain and the tip wal morningal r rush. get an early start.tart have some patience, be cautiouso driving and any questions atd y erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.. holly?? >> thanks erin.>> tnks in case of -- a case of tuberculosis has been confirm at bethesda chevy chase high school.scol. school officials let a letteriat hope to parents to let them knoo the affected individual is being treated.. it be a sure there's no risk ofo additional exposure to studentso or staff. montgomery county health department is providing freeeinr testing for anyone who may havee come in contact with this individual.vidual the secret service is outeru with new plan to increase
7:49 am
size and strength of the fence f that surround the white house. this follows two incidents ofwo fence jumpers this week. and several over the past year. new design includes anti climb features and intrusion detection technology. a new april zen tiff for z howard university students todeo graduate on the school will be refunding run more than 100 soon to bee graduates up to half of the tuition they paid out of pockete this semester for graduating in four years. university officials hope theffs gesture encourages youngge y students to graduate on time. the school is considering thensn possibility of a extending the t rebate to students who paid for schooschools with loans in the future. future. 7:49 right now.> 49 r metro most recent problems have lost riders asking questions, o course, concerned about safetyda and they want to know what's being done to fix the issues.sss well we haven't been able to geg answers from metro general genel manager. joining us now with more will sommer loose lines columnist with the washington city paper. good to see you, will. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> this time every thursda
7:50 am
put out a call to metro general manager paul wed field to joinej us here on the morning show. sh. we haven't had success, howssw about you. >> it's not personal to you guyl at fox. f we had trouble reaching pr people will talk to you, whaw have you and certainly have the media availability as you wereli tatylking about when they say te will as far as getting into it t with him on an interview we've had no luck either.k either. >> does that seem strange to yor for someone who is new to thisoi position and seemingly to takeok the lead in this position saying they want to change things up,tu they want to take accountabilitu for what's happened in the pasts >> i think so.. certainly we can all appreciatee he's busy a lot to fix. fix. obviously we had the famousamous metro shut down for day. f so much going on.h goin but at the same time i think sat metro riders are wondering whatg is going on? we've seen monday, wednesday and tuesday this weeke all right just disastroustrous >> we hear from riders all theil a lot of times through socialoca immediate y hob you at cityatit paper. >> metro is one of the hottestot topics on social media to the t for any good reason.good reason. >> let's talk about some otherme issues in the city of course tht city paper and loose lips you're
7:51 am
related. rela we'll have the mayor on at 9:309 this morning.orning. one thing has making headlines in the city right now you goes g talking about dc >> yes.>> yes. >> to become no more.beco people might not be familiar with the d.c. trust. tru but it's a long history andto a unfortunately not always goody s history.hiory. >> exactly.xact this is sort of a catch all no non-profit organization meant tn fund a lot of otheriz non-profis a lot of separate disadvantagedd youth or anti-violence sort oft thing for long time it's been a piggy bank for politicians.icias your viewers may remember harry thomas ward five council memberr bust went to prison for all thea money he took out of the trust.. this week it's been reportedepor that the dc trust will have to o shut down because of all theusee mismanagement all this money hah been spent on credit cards and c stuff like that for the people who work there.who rk the >> so to kind of dumb this down basically you have this programr supposed to help disadvantagedva youth in the district. the dtric >> um-hmm.m. >> after school things like that to help out.atp essentially the money was there. the money is no longer and there it doesn't appear that moneyearm went to the kids.the ki. >> exactly right. it looks like it was spent onpeo executives want have y so now the question is, upping,
7:52 am
we head not summer. summe big time for violence what'se w going to happen?goin happe >> right. that's the key as well. keywe aside from harrow thomas ans we find out what happened to him because the mismanagement anygea other executives caught up inu i any legal issues because of this trust?? >> yeah.>> y it's a great question.stn this is all still being resolve. the council committee supposed e to do oversight on this now that the trust is dissolving we don'n oversight now and of course thih is i think a key timed too oversight.over we'll have to see how this shakh out. out. >> accountability obviously key in the district. t something that may be new to the district something a lot ofo people who lived here for long n time never thought they'd see in the district because guns for so long were not seen in the district from legal standpoint.. now not only guns being sold but guns being fired legally in thee district.. >> exactly. gun range is -- people plan to bring one to ward five queens chapel road. a gun range and gun shop. sp it lab lot of logistical hurdles to jump through.hrou the dc government hasn't has
7:53 am
received an plick yet.ived some companies have been madee with this plan we'll have to het seem it's very sort of tumultuous block, strip club,lu, nightclub and marijuana farm. a lot of couldn't influence. >> a lot of things going on.thin what's the reaction been like le from i mean you said it hasn'tt officially been brought up tougt city leadership at this points i what about folks in the area.ols what are people saying aboutyi o this.this. >> certainly i talk to one of the neighborhood commissionerso there and he said, you know,aid, this area is really already alra stretched to the limit as farhe as, you know, places you don'ton necessarily want in your neighborhood.or nightclub, strip club, what hava you, and so he says, you know, i just can't even imagine howne people will react to this idea i avenue gun range if it happens.e >> all right. we'll see how that battle shapeh up between the folks who live fe there and like you said the amc, city leadership will make ae final decision i assume on that is oi ne.isne washington nationals --gton n >> yes. >> got off to great start.. last couple games not so good but it's a question as to wheree this team may be located and that i guess depends on w
7:54 am
cup you're drinking out.gut >> exactly rig you might not think this would i be such a dispute. sa disp the stadium doesn't move aroundn major league baseball selling si this cup that has the state ofta maryland and then d.c. sort ofoo an necked or what have you righr on there. the obviously the nationals are notn in maryland. but, you know, what can you say. >> if they would have just pute virginia on there, you probablyy could have gotten away with ah little bit even though it lookhl like it's obviously -- it's nott in the right place.ightlace it's just -- that's nowhere d.c. s i don't think this is quite agregious as the maryland massachusetts situation thattioa came up recently.ecen >> yes, yes, yes. >> but what does this say for , d.c.d.c. >> people always say if dc wants voting rights they should gothey back to maryland. mlb has done the for you. you >> nationals welcome all fans wa from m >> exactly. >> to be fans of the nationalshn but in the sake of accuracyacy let's keep them in d.c. >> car to have there exactly.
7:55 am
>> will, thank you very much. yu you can read loose lips in theip washington city paper.ity par. we'll see you again next week.e. >> absolutely.>> absolutely. >> let's check in with tucker i barn. we see him every 10 minute. hey tuck. t >> hey, steve., st cool temperatures cross thehe area. umbrell and la jacket today.kety 55 in washington.ton winds north and east at 12. 12. that's going to lock down that t cool feeling for the day as daya we're not going to get any g any sunshine this afternoon.erno it will be mostly cloudy day with occasional rain showers.ino if it's not raining, thehe potential for drizzle out there. there's live look at your stormt tracker radar.ackerada rain showers moving in quicklyui from the west our friends in,, let's see, martinsburg, frontbun royal, winchester all gettingl i light rain culpeper, working up 29 and 66 6 there the rain is moving in from the west rain showers throughout the day dan cool temperaturesema here to stay.he 60 your daytime high. pattern switches up this weekend by saturday we may actually getg a chance to dry it out and get sunshine with temperatures in the mid up to per 60s.o pe that's the weather update.
7:56 am welcome to my buffet. >> i came up to the weather barr >> what would you like.e. >> not the rainy forecast yout have to offer.ha but if you are waking up aroundn the area you won't like the l t traffic.traf rain causing big problems not nt only for us because it gives bab hair days but for other driverse trying to get to work. wor >> i'm definitely concerned witl bad hair dayy days. >> i know. tucker comes in every day and dy say how does my hair look.oo i'll show was you're up againsta crash activity 117 clapper roada at first field road inield roadn montgomery county.gory c that is causing slow downs thisi morning.morning. in addition to that, as you makk your way out in fairfax, volume and delays. 66 eastbound before and after 50 down to about 16 miles an hour.. also keep in mind new crash 95 9 on the northbound side by 619 it's causing some significant si delays as you pass by the marinm corps base give yourself extra time there. once you get into prince william also very slow on 95. wilson bridge delays continue from prince george's passingas through ox september hill tryinb to get to alexandria. t delays because oo f heavy trafff on the local and through lanes. 395 northbound is basically b
7:57 am
the belt with to the 14th street bridge.street bri new crash 295 on the northboundd side by lavatory road that ists causing huge slow downs andwownd southbound from 197 to 450bw parkway slow.low 95 southbound slows.lo. cc to the inner loop and thed t outer loop remains painfullyul slow as you pass new hampshire.. more traffic in just a few few moments. moments. >> erin thank you very still to come 88:00 good news i you're planning a summer0 vacation booking airplane ticket may have got den a little d a lt cheaper.chr. >> sounds good.>> sounds how does this sound? one minutm of exercise.xercis >> bring it on.>> b >> one minute.ute. why now research suggests itsu could be just as beneficial as nearly hour long workout.. >> i like the sounds of that.ha ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 live lookk outside on this april 28, 2016 1 it is looking gray and drearyre out there.out the i know. it's hard to get out of bed butb do it. i it will be terrific day.erfic d weather and track coming up on u the 5's at 8:05. 8 i'm maureen umeh in for allison >> i'm steve chenevey. cnevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.ori metro no longer single onsge the blue and silver lines theree had been an earlier trackra problem at addison road thatd caused metro to take thate tha action.on it is unclear exactly what thatt issue may have been.issue may but again metro back up and upnd running full service on the blur and silver lines. barricade situation in
8:01 am
alexandria that lasted some nine hours overnight now over. ove started about 10:00 o'clock whee police say they received reporte of shots fired from a home on o east reid avenue.eid ave that's right along route one. o some residents were evacuated. this across from potomac yard. y others were told to stay in place. when police finally went intoe o that home they did not find notd the search continues forch u missing prince william countyy woman.won. lopez vanished more than a week ago. ag police released new surveillancv video showing where she was lasl before she disappear. ♪ if i'm nominated to be b president of the united states s that i will run on a ticket with my vice-presidential nominee carly fiorina. (applause). >> well that senator ted cruz tu announcing his running mate m should he clinch the gopinch t p presidential nomination.ination but several analysts agree it is mathematically impossible
8:02 am
cruz to win it out right at thii point.point. >> we need help sorting throughl this latest bizarrep twist. fox5 political reporter ronica r cleary joins us now.ow. >> hello. >> eighths bizarre twist. bizret >> never happened before whatd e i'm wonder.i'm wo >> it has happened before butd it's been awhile. we saw -- last time we saw it was 1976.s 197 interesting thing about that tha relatively similar situation sui ronald reagan took on presidenti ford in that race.n that r they did go into a couldn'toun' testified convention and beforeb that convention, ronald reaganea nounsed his running mate pennsylvania senator richard schweiker.hweike reagan lost that convention they did have a couldn't testifiedt t convention. he lost to president ford. pnt f so, you know, you look at it at like i say it's interesting that cruz cam up when they announced theyc said if you vote for me in thisn upcoming race in end inn whichni is do or die for cruz, we'rez, ' going to give you the most information possible and that'sa if i win this thing it will be a cruz fear recent in a tick aic that's the strategy if it if doesn't work i think, though, strategically long term for tedr cruz as a candidate andnd
8:03 am
rest of his career, just asus a reagan went on to win the the nomination the next time around, reagan went on to becomeo bom president one day i don't thinka it's bad for him politicallyitay down the line.down t line. i don't think this is going totn seal the deal for him. f h does that make >> it makes sense much here'sses what i'm concerned about. he is trailing so far behind ine second place you pick a a vice-presidential running mateng right now.ow. it seems almost you're pandering because you're looking at donalo trump saying where is he weak,, women, let me pick the only woman who couple weeing a monthn ago we were at each other'sth throats and all of a suddenl she's my running mate? what vew diagnose dough?nose dough? >> that's an interesting point. i think people would come toopod that conclusion. however, fear or recent in a has been on the trail for seveneven weeks. i never saw her. saw her. >> i did see her.>>er but i will say of the people who have endorsed cruz, that were i the race previously, i didid always feel that her endorsemene was the most genuine and that t they real dollar have similarimr policies. so could be interpreted aset pands
8:04 am
to be united front more so thano some other decisions that mightg seem more strategic. >> i'll call spade a spade it si wreaks of addition per race at this point in the race.oint in what possible he gain from thisi is there anything left on thet t political spectrum that he can c still pull out by playing this so-called fiorina trump card? >> well, maybe winning indiana.a that's what he has to do. >> what's in it for her really?? >> she's new to the scene.cene. and i don't think she's goingt h anywhere. and i think most conservativeate circles they are well like andla like i said strategically iegic don't know if it's a the way tot win endnd right now in real rea clear politic average polling hg is not winning in indiana.iana it is not a winner take allstata they can take some delegatesmeeg away from trump making iting impossible for him to get to that 1237. 123 but i think a long-termterm strategic move i think it is a i good one.good one. >> i think a lot of the blow t b back around this move may be the fact that you know it was just s week ago we announced the the supposedly allies with john kasich.sich >> right
8:05 am
something else.ingls the whole -- i know you talk tok john kasich about this you chattechatted with him recentlyl >> funny they know about both ow these candidates they really rly are -- and this is consistent,s, okay? every candidate i've evev seen until the day they get outg of that race they say they are e in this to win it when i spokets with john kasich earlier thislit week one of the things i askedtn him about was the fact that it almost seems donald trump hasn'' even recognized him enough tonoo give him nickname.ame am like you're not worthy of one of my nicknames and so i askedoi to nickname himself. himse take a listen to what he came up with.with. >> governor one of things that noticed that -- i don't and if d want to say made me smile but ib couldn't help notice i saw aotiw tweet from donald trump and he called you by your name, john kasich, and then he has now newn nickname for hillary clintonry i he's had nicknames for ted cruzu marco rubio.. would you give yourself a nickname? >> yeah, president to be. >> okay.
8:06 am
certainly putting together that energy out there that he's stils in this thing to win it. i there was a delay in theay i satellite. i'll give him a little credita t for that. there was a delay.s a dey. but, you know, when i look atk the numbers this alliance aia they've got, you've got indianaa that cruz has to win.o kasich has to win oregon and nen mexico. me the problem with the alliance,ic would it be possible if theythey were, you know, all on the same day? maybe. m it's this idea of maintainingai momentum when so many voters are not super excited about thiss they feel that it's, you know aw funny thing to do, and you'vend got indiana on may third, oregoe on may 17th, new mexico ono on june how do you maintain the mow penp tum and convince people stick ii us on this strategy.. the whole time i don't know.t k >> all of it me leads to theo credence donald trump is sayingy the fix is in.x this is all rig.all full alliance carly fiorina desperation you call it i
8:07 am
concur. >> maybe john kasich needs marcr rubio as his running ma. >> my head would explode. explo. >> i would love to see someoneee name another running mate inunnm this cycle. this >> you've got a delicious >> here's what we know for suren these guys will be talking aboui it on sunday morning.. and so much more talking about on the hill ronica joined by tom fitzgerald and the hill'sill' editor-in-chief bob cusack foruk the smart test sunday talk 8:30am talk right here on fox5. thanks ron any casm check in with tucker and get a look atgeo the >> steve, cloudy skies, cool conditions and rain showers andi moving back in for the south ana west. 55 in washington.ton. gaithersburg 52. 54 manassas. 55 fredericksburg.sbg low 50s to the north and numbers haven't budged a wholeuo lot in 24 hours and won't todayy as our winds are off the ocean o here out of the north and eastrd at about 10 to 15 and here comes the rain shower activity thaty t we've been watching the pasthe t several hours.severa so we'll have rain with us forhs the morning hours.morning i think this after hnoon we'll keep the clouds and the drizzlez around just not a whole lot of o improvement today.od sorry about that.rry abt both a jacket and an um
8:08 am
needed today with showers and sd cool conditions expected andecda again highs only in the upper 50s about 10 degrees below bel normal temperature wise.rae. i promise we have sun on thee sn seven day forecast and more m spring like conditions. foll have for in you just ailment. ai let's get traffic with erin. >> just bad tucker with the rain and thursday morning.y morni take look here.k here we have delays in fairfax, 66, 6 inbound a crash by princeri william parkway. 395 james from the beltway toel the 14th street bridge. 295 northbound a crash by b lavatory road and big delays day across the wilson bridge frome m oxon hill. as you pass through upperher marlboro the outer loop is slow and bw parkway 95 on the t southbound side taking a closero look at the top side.t the top d i want to show you this crashsra activity first. 117 clapper road at first fielde road dealing with a crash inithn montgomery county and also 27070 southbound really heavy trafficf from frederick through gaithersburg. want to show you live look nowik top side of the beltway is veryv jammed look at that basicallyas parked through new hampshire avenue. from 95 all the way down pastas
8:09 am
traffic. you can see as you htread past colesville road heavy flow continues. 95 southbound jams icc to the tt beltway and once you get to gett connecticut do you open up so y that is good news.ew bw parkway very heavy past 197 in both directions.ti and then we're also dealing witt delays on gw parkway by spoutpo run. clara barton basically parkedlyr cabin john inside the beltway bw not so hot. hot leave early give yourself time.m back to you. tu >> still to come this morning another possible victim of charles manson identified. some five decades later. >> new information about prince's death. d those stories and much more when we're back in just 30 seconds.en ♪
8:10 am
>> he's charged with killing acr female friend back in 2000 sand to keep her from talking to newe york prosecutorings about theut disappearance of his first wifee now details this morning in the death of former wwe star china. >> her manager announced heround death was caused
8:11 am
accidental overdose of a prescription sleeping pill and d tranquilizer. the 46-year-old was found deadl in her california home apri april 20th and official causeice of death has not been announcedt by coroners because results oful the toxicology tests stilltill pending. china's manager announced herand brain will be donated forat research on cte a concussive disorder primarily affectingec he has been dead for a weeke now. somebody already filed a claimla though against prince's estate.. >> california man says back in 1995 prince gave him the legal rights to his full music catalog. comes after judge appointedappnt temporary executor for the multi-million dollar estate thee appointment came at the quest oe his sister. they'll have to determine howow the estate will be >> you knew that was going tooio happen. >> space x setting sites on then red planet the company plans toa send unmanned capsule called th red dragon to mars as soon ass 218. >> trip will take six if successful the mission wouldn
8:12 am
colonizing mars by the middle ot next decade.he ec nasa working with space x on the space agency has its own mars on program intended to send s astronauts in the 2030s. 2 >> okay. coming up why booking anki airplane ticket got a littleittl cheaper. >> a new study says just one j minute of exercise can be good o for your health.for h >> yes, i knew it!! >> if i just waited long enougho one minute is all i need. ♪
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>> we want you to know somethin special coming up today on good day did. c mayor bowser will be with us at 9:30 this morning. check lost issues including the recent spike in violence in and around dc schools. problems with metro and futurepf plans for rfk stadium. sta if you have a question for thee mayor tweet us using the #gooddaydc.ay you got to use that #gooddaydc.d post your questions on fox5 d.c. facebook page and we thank theha mayor for coming in. >> talking to her at 9:30. >> yeah. yh >> tuck clever not be joining un he is headed out to go -- go >> national weather >> play with weather equipment.u >> going out to sterling they'v got open house this weekend oped to the public.lic. >> nice. >> anybody can go out and check it outo . o. >> anybody.. >> how they make the weather? kt they don't make it.they d you know what i mean. >> actually though actually makl the weather out >> you'll have an exclusive.. >> holding me me ba should be very exciting.ry e >> are you going to jump in thei wind tunnel. >> i don't think -- it's 150 miles an hour winds up to. >> kind of rough. rgh >> maybe do experiments. that will be between
8:16 am
0.:00. i was little down yesterday.le i didn't get a chance to do myom first five.rst five. i'm making up for it today.ay let's do it. time for foruten >> okay. all right. >> we got my first five photo oo the day. day fox5 first five.ive. >> lock at her. >> this is a zaria and she's a very cute. ve four years old and loves. >> like your hair.. >> ,, what does she love, guys.g >> i'm sorry, tuck she loves lov basketball, she loves school.esh >> yes. >> she does. >> loves looking cute. >> i like that.. nice pose she's learning early e hand on the hip, one leg, one le slightly out, that is the pose. >> that cute smile.e >> yes. >> can't beat that. can >> that is >> smile is appealing.pp >> we love your picture to sendt us your child's picture go facebook page fox5 d.c. and zend it all in. you got to be -- b >> cute to make it. it >> relove the smiles. relove thm 55 now in washington. washing it remains very cool to the north.rt binghamton 36 this morning. mor. 46 up in boston.n we are locked in a cool patterne here for the day t
8:17 am
so only upper 50s for daytimeme highs. you'll want an umbrella or a rain jacket i'm not exactot e exactly sure what galoshes are e any erin has been talking about thet all >> aren't they the ones thathe t gown -- what are galoshes.os the ones that go up to your hiph >> i have no idea much the t funnier name than rain boots. bs >> i'll get erin a pair of theme any ways. storm tracker radar.adar rain shower activity moving ing from the south and west. and wes it will be with us for the morning hours i think thisg hoih afternoon cloud cover andcloud n drizzle so it's just not going i to be a terribly sunny and and bright day but we'll save thatat fort weekend by saturday partlyp sunny, dry it out. o i met a gentleman earlier this t week getting married saturday. a he tweets me all the time.heim he wants to make sure -- hang in there. saturday is going to be justju fine for your >> good.>> good. >> how do you spell galoshes?he >> starts with a g. >> that's as far as i go.. >> okay. >> check in with in wi i'll look it up. >> i appreciate that. t we can go back to rain boots its doesn't sun as fun.esun right now metro update.o upe track pr
8:18 am
road cleared but we're dealing with residual delays froms earlier single tracking. blue and silver line no alertsnt for the rest of your rail linesn we'll certainly keep youda poste oh it is dreary conditions at bwi marshall this morning t tweeting out no delays howeversh showing anywhere in the nationae system. system good news. but bad news on our roads furoa you're trying to get inside thed district especially 395 jammedae the beltway to the 14th streett bridge 295 northbound there's as crash out by lavatory road wey are jam pack all over t let's take live look at some ofo those delays. inbound canal at fox hole it's e just a steady flow of traffic. f a lot of our secondaries inn northwest connecticut,nectut massachusetts, wisconsin arein it looks to be improving a bitra on the key bridge coming in frof rosslyn to georgetown but it'sut still slow-moving traffic not an much rain what we were seeingwee earlier this morning. inbound 14th same story there.he new york avenue inbound verynbov slow as you make your way pastap bladensburg and look at this. ai as you head over the douglasou bridge from suitland parkwayd pw over south capital, jam pack aak lost our bridges are seeing ares lot of heavy traf
8:19 am
bridge is heavy flow of traffica as well. well. and keep in mind as you make yoe your way out in virginia earlier crash by the marine corps base on 95 northbound by 619 is stils causing delays. del back to you. y i found out it's rubber boob that's slipped over your shoespe known as dickersons or overr ovr shoes.. >> you found out how to spell tl it. >> yes, i did. >> all right.>> a let's tackle some more news thiw morning. the search still on forar prince williamch county woman wo vanished more than week ago. a liz said lopez last seen onast n surveillance video shopping at n cvs pharmacy in woodbridge justs minutes from where she >> bob joins us this morningthig from woodbridge with the verydgv latest. what happened here, bob? >> reporter: steve, we don'tve n know. family doesn't know. d kno police here in prince wl yuml county, alexandria don't know what happened to her. hap this is where she was last seen cvs store on touch tone circle in the lake ridge seconds of of woodbridge.wood we can show you surveillanceyouc video that prince william countu police just released. that's liz set lopez, 36 years3a old. she lives in alexandria.ri. she works ab
8:20 am
from this cvv store. she works apparently for aor a government contractor out of an apartment complex. compl this video was taken sunday night, april 17th around 9:00d : p.m. p. she's wearing a land yard arouno her neck.her neck. it's believed she was workingd a that night at this apartments at complex not far from here. and her car was found lastas so three days later near that t apartment complex. so police have search the woodsw there. they've searched her apartment e in alexandria and they haveave found nothing.hi they are police are still s classifying this as a missing person's case not saying whethew they believe she was a victim oi a crime or met with foul play but fox5 spoke to neighbor inbon alexandria last night who says y that she had heard banging b noises, arguing sounds from thee apartment where miss lopez lived and a man, a balled headed maned had been, you know, in her lifel it seems for some time. and that there had been some disturbances apparently in her
8:21 am
apartment.ent. but where she is, what happenede to her, family doesn't know,sn friends don't know. k police don't know and again thin is a joint investigation between alexandria police and prince prc william county police and her last known appearance was that t sunday night april 17th 9:00 p.m. here at the cvs store touct tone circle in the lake ridgeakr section of woodbridge.dbdge. police are obviously hoping wilw see this video, recognize his mm miss lopez and perhaps help thee find her alive and well, >> that's hope that is the case. bob, thank you for that you.tou >> how to improve your memory with one simple trick.erick the fox medical team will joinli us 35 explain.xplain >> how does one minute ofoes exercise sound.seound >> glorious. >> why it could have as muchul benefit as nearly an hour of hoo working out.ut. ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ okay. turns out 60 seconds of exerciss three days a week can change your overall health. there's just one little catch, though. it has to be a high intensity ii form of exercise. canadian researchers found one f minute of high intense exercisec a day for three days is actually the same as 45 minutes of o moderate exercise like walkingng on treadmill. treadmi i'll bet tomorrow they find thed that's not exactly rye. >> well you know.elu the bottom line you got to get t there and do something. >> got to move.o >> start with one minute thenont you decide where you go fromhe u there. >> go to
8:25 am
>> hi, tucker barnes. >> one day i'm one i'm presideni i'm going to ban all studies. si they change every two weeks.. >> contradictory. >> keep a lot of people busy.t >> that's trueof.t'sru >> i'll probable dollar studiess the second half of my life.y lif all here we go. current conditions, yes, 55, 5 we're looking at rain showersnho across the area.a and they'll be with us on and oa off throughout the day today. td cool temperatures and cloudsresd will remain in tack as well as we're just not able to break upb this pattern any time soon.ime s in fact it will probably b later tomorrow night into saturdayntos before we can really break thele pattern down. dow rain showers moving in from the south and west.h w they'll be with us for the for e morning hours and drizzle low clouds maybe a little fog developing. high temperatures only about 60 degrees. >> you may not love this weatheh but your garden will maureen. me >> i guess. guess >> let's just hope it holds outl tomorrow for the fox5 rocks concert. i'm a little concerned for youcy guys. >> clouds, fingers crossed itind won't be raining.wot be >> okay. >> here's the one thing we d
8:26 am
tucker will know how to dress for >> that's true.t's tr. (laughter).gh. >> thanks. you will be the expert. b >> i'm wearing my fox5 >> there you go.>> there you >> i'm just saying. i'm just sai if you see tucker bundled uppedu in rain gear you know how to t dress appropriately when youropr come down to join him.. >> absolutely.>> aolut >> true. >> putting my caps shirt on right now and not taking the ofe until after the series.erie >> you always smell like you've got a secret.sre like you're up to something.eth. >> he's always up to something.g >> he's got a mischievous smilei >> he's thinking of something he knows he can't say outloud.. i'm more nervous because of whaw he does say outloud i'm wonder n wagon is going on in his head.d. >> normal service resumes forsec the blue and silver line.r l no more delays. day metro looking good.lo g grab your umbrella on the way te the stop headed to the airportso you need to leave early. ely we're seeing big delays on bww parkway northbound, 95d, northbound, southbound side of f 95 as well heading from baltimore towards outer loop jams reagan national commute isc slow there and to dulles look ak that long line of red leading tt the airport.airpo. we'll take live look outside. rainy it's causing those delays.ay this i
8:27 am
hampshire jammed all morning a m since that rain kicked thank you tucker. t it is national super hero day right, maureen?? >> i like your cape.your cape. is that wonder woman c >> every hero needs a came everv driver around the dmv is a heroo today battling this traffic. colesville road very backed up.e extra time needed across theoss wilson bridge local lanes really jam through and local lanes oxon hill into alexandria look back at our maps.s. looks like the rain iss dissipating still enough togh cause a headache this mornings m and some slow conditions. 85 to the truck scales 31 miles per hour 270 southbound keep ith to fox5 news morning. we have your5 8:30 half hour coming right up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> it's at 30:00. at 30:00. it's not so pretty out there. s it's tough to see reagano national airport clearly there. air force memorial in the background as we look across the river to virginia. there have been more problems for metro this morning speaking of gettingourt ie tee m around l a topic when the metro board b meets in just a couple of hoursh fox5 melanie alnwick live at the addison road station with therow details on this latest mel g morning. mor >> reporter: good morning,ni guys. yeah, another day, another trace problem, right? or somethingom going wrong on metro it seems ie like it's an every daynve occurrence right now.. this one began around 6:20 thiss morning here it seems like itmsk was sort of contained to the mat form area here toward the backk of the blue line. addison road. there were reports of smoke herh but no fire.
8:31 am
we did see metro emergency emeen repair crews checking the trac tracks. we arrived passengers crowded ow to the platform for long waits w as trains single tracked througr the area from morgan boulevard u to stadium armory. it was cleared and pretty muchrh back up to speed both trains coming through on both tracks by about 7:30. now yesterday it was nothing bub trouble for the red line. le. same issue at friendshipp heights, a smoking insulator set off haze in the undergroundndgr station.statio metro rail did call this one ana arcing insulator incident.t. firefighters evacuated thevacuat friendship heights station at one point but that also shortrt lived.. still, plenty of panic as we know saturday quite a scary incident on that red linee friendship heights. people heard a loud boom.d b they thought it was an tught explosion.expl metro has since come out andomet said the cause of that of t particular problem was a part falling off, a large metal partp falling off of one of the cars hitting the third rail, that'slt what caused that loud boom, and then the smoke and fire
8:32 am
fortunately that train was ables to back up and make it to the tenley town station andtati passengers were off loadedrsere there. but really it just seems like se every day now we have this we hi litany of trouble on the tracksa certainly this is going to bethe something that is up for for discussion at the board meetingg today. they go through a lot of otheru things, too, administrative and budgetary issues as well. as there's also going to be time be for public comments, and then we expect that metro general manager paul weeder felled willw address media after that board t meet dag live at addison road, i'm i'm melanie alnwick. back to you. >> mel, thanks.>> mel, than 8:32. 8:32 time for today's fox beat.odayea let's check in with kevink in wk mccarthy and see what he has foe us this morning.his mning. hi, kev. >> thank you, steve and maureen. i think -- i was a nationalnal administrative assistant at onea point in my career years ago.rsa >> okay. >> i know what this job is like i worked as a sales assistant as for while this is kind of cool.. chris hemsworth play asemswth p secretary in the new ghostheew busters movie reboot film and on ellen yesterday, hemsworth, th surprised a woman who has then h sa
8:33 am
lot this is for administrativee professionals day.s take look at this. >> let's go. quieter. hi.r. how you doing? d >> how are you? >> oh, my. my (laughter). >> are you kidding >> no we're not.>>we'r >> happy administrative professionals day. >> how are you? >> oh, my god! (laughter). >> i don't believe this. i don'b >> how is it going.el>> >> i want to know who she hung n up on.g up >> she did not say word to theao person on the phone.pers on she just hung up that phone.hat >> who did she hang up on? thet had -- she had hemsworthswor pictures all over her wall.verew the best part her colleaguesag flipping out and then he startet giving her a massage during thii and the best part was they puthe the camera behind the cubicleice and through clothes over it soit all the employees thought thatht something bad was happeningappe behind there.. she also got a ticket to ghost busters pr
8:34 am
city. i love een >> i love the video.e the vid it's funny. she was genuinely surprised on the show yesterday they actualle had all the people from the the office in the audience watchingn the show.e >> fun.>> >> to reveal the videos veryeosv very cool. cl. listen.. chris hemsworth won the intern internet. today is national super hero dao i'm rocking out by captainy cap america tie bar and my pac-mandc tie. another video gone viral with w chris hemsworth that has moreasm than 5 million views in the viei first 24 hours.firs the directors of captain america civil war asked the big question, if he's team captainaa or team iron man? remember thoe is not in the movie. neither is luck he has a prettya funny response. watch this. >> leave the two strongest stroe biggest avengers out of this. t maybe i can even pick up then pt hammer any more.ha let me see. >> now -- the funny part he actually keeps d
8:35 am
with one han he's clearly standing oning something.some but i mean he's thor. it was a funny viral got millions of views because bc he's not in the >> right. >> that was the big question as to wthhy. if you saw the avengers age of you will tran -- - >> there will be another >> they'll be plenty more.hey'e >> whoever through that hammer did pretty good job, too.oo gnarly catch.gnarly cat >> it was very good catch.s veoo those are the viral videos fromf yesterday days after breakingdas the internet with lemonade l beyonce' kicked off herer formation world tour last nightt in miami.. i saw so many videos on my o twitter instagram fans took tost twitter throughout night to posp videos of the epic performance numbers i saw incredible dancinn she was in water with a bunch oo dancers and kicking water on the crowd, and bay looked fierce asa she rocked the stage with mix of brand new songs and classic hith and lucky for us the formationoa tour will make a stop in baltimore on june 10th.une 10 if you have tickets for that,tsa you're very lucky because i bece would love to go.o. >> our meghan our writer she has tickets. >> she's going. >> about 130 bucks she pai
8:36 am
>> after i did my 6:00 a.m. hit iran downstairs and she washe w basically she's going. goi i'm very excited. exced >> best thing about raven aut stadium it's always an homage te prince. because it's purple every day. r >> all purple. all all purple. purple. >> that's awesome. >> very very cool.ery those are the stories and back to you guys.ou guys. >> thank you. >> we do appreciate a let's check in with tuckerin w barnes.. 8:36. hey, tuck.y,uck >> hey kev i love quiet on yourt tie >> you love what on my >> quad. >> come on. i have a whole suit, whole pac-man suit.ui >> he has no idea who quad is, i steve. >> i don't. i'm not following the joke.llow >> you have no idea who quad ish do you. >> collide? >> collide is one of the -- - >> pac-man, yeah.ea >> i didn't follow that's correct sorry. >> 55 in washington. 55 in annapolis.55 ina 52 leonardtown.. cool temps here to stay.o highs only in the upper 50's to about 60.out jacket weather, umbrella weathea as well as we got pretty good g batch of rain showers notifyingi from the west here in the past p hour or so. or so. i think the rain will be with ul for the morning hours and thisan afternoon it will be reduced too low clouds, drizzle maybe a
8:37 am
little fog out there.. as the pattern just notrn j n switching up any time s today, tonight tomorrow more ofm the same here kind of stagnant n think by saturday we shouldy wes start to clear it out and more importantly most importantly dro things out with highs in theut w upper 60s.r so we've got at least the the weekend to look forward butorwab again rain showers today aboutrd 60 your daytime high. all ink key, bling key, collide, c hooks is the last one? >> great question. >> bling key, ink key -- keyink >> i'll look it up. i'llook >> maybe erin knows.. >> what? w >> it's not claude. >> i wish i could contribute to this conversation.rsio >> right now on thursday morning i can't believe it's not friday yet i really did think today waw friday crash activity 295 inbound at lavatory road justav north of the beltway you'll hitl some big slow downs there. the other side of the inbound 295ou coming from 50 also jams. inner loop remains very slow veo across the wilson bridge and wea have a crash blocking the shoulder inner loop after loop springfield interchange by bradb dom rock slows things down asngw well. slow is the motto of thiso of ti thursday morning ride.sday r police get an early
8:38 am
have some patience.atnc crash lingering 117 clopper roar at first field road. roa other little minor delays and dd big delays on your way to theyoo airport. take look at this map f you're u on your way to bwi, bw parkway r slows same story 95 northboundoo and coming from baltimore, youmu jam from the icc on 95 o southbound to the beltway to tho inner loop and as well bw parkway from powder mill roadrro down you can see that heavyan sa delay bw parkway inside thee beltway.way. 395 is jammed all of your inbound bridges douglas bridge,b hem ya, 11th street, 14th 1 street heavy traffic.ic normal service resumes melanie e showed us on the blue and silvel line. earlier problem outside of out addison road did resolve. rol however, we will certainly keepc updated if any metro delays popp get an early start, grab yourb y umbrella and patience it's a wew ride out there and it's causingu issues.sues steve. >> ink key, bling key, pink keyi and collide the name of the pac-mans.c-mans. >> looking to get away butooki worried about the cost of flyi flying. we'll tell what's behind a dropa in airfaret'. >> if your kids ever made aur kd purchase they shouldn't havehouh online,
8:39 am
this the big ruling against rulg amazon in favor of ♪
8:40 am
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> little grace period here.e gr it will happen in phoniex, new i york and dallas for now they'll' toast out there. if it works, maybe we'll see ite in d.c. d >> man, get ready to book your u flight airfare getting cheaper.p two reasons behind the drop.he d oil prices and low cost carrieri like spirit and allegiant. spanning to new cities andw cit putting pressure on existingn carriers to drop their fares. fr win for us. >> all right f you're a parent with child who uses amazon appss and bought items in those appsha virtual world you need toee t prepare for nice refund.efun >> yesterday federal judge ruler that amazon has to give a refund to parents of for all the t virtual stuff they're kidsy'reid bought with real money while w playing games on amazon app. a the court needs to decideo did exactly how much of a refund aef parents will get. >> they should get what theyha spent. >> exactly. >> coming up the single --ingle simple trick that is can boostao your memory the fox medical teat joining us live th
8:43 am
details. >> head outside once again on this thursday morning. not the best start to the day.ty we'll get the update from garyar mcgrady whose in next with theit forecast. it's 8:43. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ fox5 spring concert seriespn continues tomorrow with the banw called the muddy tuck concern erin will be at farragut square park to host thk big show.w. >> muddy crows fro
8:46 am
best local band by washingtonhio city paper readers last year. yr they are an exciting up andnd coming rock group. g got back from their first european tour they played 25 2 shows in 21 cities. cit they'll play at farragut squarer park on friday morning. mni they'll be warping up during fox5 news morning then reallynea get things going on good day god d.c. come on out and join them along with erin and tucker.ker. it's all free. it's going to be fun. >> they have played all over tht world but i guarantee they've te never played free show for fox5x viewers before. so we'll get to enjoy it i together tomorrow morning. morn. >> we are. if the rain holds off, gary.. >> concert is rain or shine. ori >> that's right.>> good things not this rain starting to move and in.e d it's wet for d.c. now. heavier rain just off to theff o south and the southwest.ouwe prince william county, central southern fauquier county down starred stafford spats spats spotsylvania that's good rains r there. we need it, though. need it will come on across. a believe it or not there's been n little bit of lightning and
8:47 am
harrison burg towards frontowarf royal and winchester you can sen kind of the path of that it's calmed down i think what'si going to happen here this comes into cooler and more stable air. so this weaken quiet bit. bit i don't expect thunderstormhundr activity coming aos if it does happen, i think it ti will be well back out to the west of light showers coming on across.s now but it won't be long beforef this heavier activity comesity m right up i-95 into parts of fairfax county the district and then moves on off to the northhn and northeast.orthea it does look like the morninghei showers certainly will be veryrt very we have do this have disturbanceisrbance moving across here so this hashh to get through.hrou behind this, you can see the clearing back here notot necessarily clearing but atringt least drier conditions westditi virginia, ohio, once this swings through late morning early early afternoon we will begin to dryio out a little bit.. we're still going to stayl goin cloudy, though.dy, with chance of some drizzle. it's 55 now. now gaithersburg still cool at 52. manassas 54.ssas 5 all this rain ac
8:48 am
southwest here for culpeper andd fredericksburg temperaturesrg there are in the middle 50s.e 5 here's the forecast for today t still showers around atun a 11:00 o'clock. few showers possible bybly 2:00 o'clock but i do believe bb then things start to taper offoo just a little bit and by late in the afternoon, four, fou 5:00 o'clock, we're thinking some clouds, some drizzle dzz around, yes, there may be aaye shower or two for the eveninghee commute but really it does lookl like most of this is going tongt end upcoming through by about noontime maybe lingers tillgersl about 1:00 o'clock or so.k so there's your forecast itorect looks like a wet one.etne we'll continue this trend comind up in few minutes i'll show you the seven day forecast so youaso get an idea of what's going totg happen right on into the weekend forecast.. guys?? >> all righty. thank you gary.ank let's check in with hollyol wins dom fine out what's comingn up in a few minutes on good dayy d.c. >> all right g to see you guys.e very special guest is going to i join us on good day.oo it's d.c. mayor muriel bowser. >> some so much to tuck about.. metro safety and funding, also,s violence and around dc sch
8:49 am
plus, the mayor will be appsinga your questions. questio we've gotten a huge response tot that on twitter. we can't wait to get thoset et t answers for you. y also at 9:00 talk about making n the grade a local university iss giving refunds to some students we'll tell you what's behindehin tuition rebate and who iss eligible to get it.t. >> the stars shine on good dayrs at 10a. listen to this. region in a bell, chante moorenr and of course this thursday it's ome!e >> dishing about last in it'sin' empire.empire. >> and don't miss what will't m happen to our own tucker barnesr you'll be blown away and so will he. he. we've got all that and a lot anl more just minutes away. >> oh, yeah.ea tucker is in for is in fo. i don't think he knows it,in though but he is. you might have your mine on the ice tonight.onht the caps facing off again thein penguin in the stanley cupnley c finals it's also the first nighg of the nfl draft and the redskins have pick number 21 tonight. they have eight picks overallt v this weekend. they are expected to prioritizei their defensive line mayb
8:50 am
inside linebacker, safety, running back wide receiver lookl for them to go defense on numbem one.on la rams and philadelphia eaglese top two teams expected to draft quarterback jarrod gov fromd gof california expect thing toein number one carson wentz from north dakota state expected to e go number two.ber caps getting ready for theor t second round of the stanley cupc playoffs. to night they take on thenhe penguin at verizon center. game starts at 8:00 o'clockcl tonight.t metro will stay open late in in those areas three stations t sta closest to verizon center so yoo can get home on time. o t good news for caps goalieoae brayden hold pee. hol p he had to settle for a tie whenn it came to most wins all time be a goalie but he's up for one for heck of a consolation prize asri the nhl says he's one of three finalists for the trophy givenpy to the best goaltender of the season.seas no surprise there. surpris the others jonathan quick of the kings, ben bishop of the lightening much there's there's something wrong in the world of hockey if he does not win thiss last cap to win it cole sick cos back in 2000 sand.00sand caps take on the pennsylvania tonight, select metro stationsro
8:51 am
lavement here are thosee t stations, gallery place, sevents he is tree -- those are the low zest tot to verizon center.verin ce metro says fans must enter thoso station entrances no later than 12:45 a.m..m okay. . keep in mine these games if they go overtime they play untily u somebody scores a winning goal. >> ut-oh.>> ut- >> so no guarantee what time tht game will be over.ill ove but you have to get in the metro by 12:45 a.m. all otherer entrances will close at midnight those three stations open 45eeti minutes later. later. once you're on board, of coursec you'll be able to exit any metro station during the extra hour of service. >> going back to burgundy andtod gold draft if you have more if draft picks does that meant m you've had bad team? >> no because you can makean m trades and dover come late theer draft picks.drafpick >> i saw eight draft picksht drp that's a's got that straight.trgh are you one of those peopleo who can't funk without a to doh list when it comes to to remembering information? a loto of us write it down but a new study shows if you really wantly
8:52 am
should actually draw it.t. fox medical team's beth galvinln joining us live to talk aboutbo this good morning,, bet i'm not great artist apparentlyr it doesn't matter how goodowoo you're drawing is and can itrawg help your memory really?ea >> it doesn't matter, maureen.rn i'm not a good one either. e this is really interesting study out of the university ofhe waterloo where researchers gavee volunteers a list of pretty ease to draw words you can eitherit draw it or write it down and, you know, send it to them. tohe they had a few minutes to get mt the work done and they did it. . and then they distracted themtee with another task and then they had them come back and saidnd s write down the words that you remember. and they found that if the i person drew the word they weretw twice as likely to remember itt than if they wrote the word outt no matter how many times theymay wrote it and he will women bellb accomplished the word and... embellished the if you drew that picture youicte were much more likely tomorliket remember that word maureen. maun >> do they know whth
8:53 am
>> they think it might be athin mixture the drawing effect.ngff they think it could be it helpsh engrain a memory because you'veu got sort of you've got your y motor skills. s university got your language got skills. you've got your visual skills when you'r er drawing. dwing so that might help the memoryem form a little bit more stronglyy in your brain so that you'reou'r able to recall a little bit more easily. maureen. maureen. >> that does make sense. we're also talking about epipeni injuries and kids. k to start off what exactly is fos an epipen for those who don't d know weights and talk about howw kids are getting injured from this. th >> an epipen is sort of an a allergy emergency rescuerg medication for people who have h severe allergies. it is an injectable automatic -- automatic injectable device that they use to stop sort of a lifee threatening allergic reactionc t that maybe child or a person may be having.. and so it's pretty simple to use allegedly but when you're inou'e really tense situation and it'sn a child and a parent, you know,k a parent trying to administerine
8:54 am
children's hospital found that,d you know, it is possible forsibl children to be injured by these epipens they found 22 cases nationwide of kids getting somes of them pretty severely cut by the needles and in some caseses the needles getting stuck in the children's leg. leg in some cases the needles -- the child being injured because thee needle came out too quickly andy the parent tried to rein joke r the needle.e. what they're really saying is,ni parents need to really rea occasionally think about i look at how, you know, maybe train with it and really prope properly restrain children when you're trying to administer ones of these epipens or epipen junior devices to make sure makr because the child is going to bt wiggling and going to be scareda and you'll be scared so just practice what they'retice what t encouraging parents to do.o d overall these devices are veryy safe but they are sayingg especially with younger kidsngek it's possible for them to get g pretty bad cut if they're fighting.
8:55 am
much. see you later.see thank you maureen. >> ♪ listen it's turned into a wet a morning out there and it's onlyo going to get wetter before itori gets drier this afternoon.fternn look at all the rain here. obviously we've been stuck inees the clouds this morning with mor little bit of drizzle but now this rain is coming in.g i it's a line, too, it's moving uu to the north and to the to t northeast there's actually been a little bit of thunderstormderr activity coming from west toest east in this all of this is is happened west of 81 but some pretty good rain heavier fromro winchester right down i8081. i real wet through front royal this morning and then coming down into 60 as well thel t heaviest batch of this you can u see all the yellow and orange og down just to the south and s southwest of the city. cit this eventually is going to goio swing on through up through alla the neighborhoods of fairfax, southern parts of dc. arlington, alexandria, northern, virginia, really getting wet anw this will come right across into prince george's county as well.w still wet for the northwest as s well. again, from winchesterrom wiches eventually back up intop
8:56 am
county everybody just gets wetry this morning from this coming oo across it's a soggy thursday morning.morning. drizzle this afternoon.iserno once this line moves through. so we'll dry out little bit this afternoon it will be a little wa drizzly and certainly a littleit dreary out there and this will continue too right on into on tomorrow as well. w so we don't really get a chancec to dry out a little bit until wl start getting into at least thet first part of the weekend.. saturday right now is not looking all that bad. temperatures in the 60s onn saturday and then lower 60s witw showers coming back on sunday.y there's your forecast now let'st get one last check of your oour morning commute with erin.g mmut at least we got part of theart t morning commute in fairly dry.el >> that's right.>> but we still have problemsem regardless. they just got worse. wor look loo at that. tha that looks awful. >> braddock road over theock roe beltway inner loop is jam jammed. fire activity other oh the braddock road overpass as wellaa slowing things down it's a bit't messy over there. t i almost wanteed to -- 66 is
8:57 am
parking lot right now. n this is out by 123. 1 you can see eastbound traffic ac you head inbound is super backer up as welcoming in from virgin virginia. delays stay heavy on 95tay northbound from stafford ontaffr through dale city making your ct way into newington. 14th street bridge jams as j well. a lot of our issue routes areoue still seeing a lot of heavy a lt traffic. we got you covered though anyh y questions at erin fox5 d.c. d back to you steve and maureen. e >> still to come on good dayoo d we'll share highlights from last night's all new empire. eir >> plus d.c. mayor muriel bowsew joining us in about 30 minutes in the loft. t get your last minute questions m in. just use the #gooddaydc.daydc.
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♪ straight ahead, an all night standoff in northern virginia.. neighbors evacuated. evacuated. how it all started and howrted police were able to end it peacefully. with my vice-presidential nominee carly fiorina. (applause).laus. >> plus, an underdog acting likl a frontrunner.. ted cruz named former republican rival carly fiorina his runningg mate a move donald trump openly mocked the impact thet t announcement could have on the e cal pain. ♪ a good reason to graduate on time.ti howard university now promisingg to pay back tuition to some se students.stud what you have to do to qualify i and why the school says it's a'a good idea. and later, the look of fear


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