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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> broadcasting overnighter ansn american sentenced in northen korea to 10 years hard labor. what he'stear accused of doing. plus a man dressed as a panda threatens a baltimore tvea station with a bomb. bom the dramatic standoff and whatfd he was really wearing underringd that animal also, rocking the red.ed the caps win game one in dramatic fashion. fhion fox5 news morning starts now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> happy friday everyone.very we're all here. h erin como, maureen umeh, garymeg mcgrady down there to talk tal about this yucky weather.ucky >> i know, rig
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but i it's friday.y. it's all good. g >> what can i do about it? you know, if you've lived here u for more than a year you knowyou when we get stuck in this pattern, it's hard to get out.h >> yeah. >> and that's the deal. d already tweaking the weekendee forecast unfortunately.tunately. >> okay. all right. details to come. erin hopefully -- well, i'm sure it's going to wreak havocav on the roads this rain. >> yes, my best advice get an early start. s >> leave now for yourve n for 9 o'clock start time.start . >> ing school. s right now it's quietch.w it'suit >> thanks erin.. a man shot and killed in kille prince george's county.rge' police officers were calleds cl out to the 1700 block of kenilworth avenue in capitol heights. that was around 10:30 lastt night. gh that's where feather found the victim. crews bot him to the hospitalm where he later d no word right now on anyt now a suspects.. >> developing overnight theoverh search for a missing for m seven-year-old in maryland.. jaquan hall was last seen wearing a blue jeans an bluejean top. he was with
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uncle michael clark if you see jaquan or michaelel please call police immediately. >> new this morning, a u.s.s citizen sentenced to 10 years in a north korean prison. kim dong ch an ethnic korean k has been detained on suspicion n in engaging in spying and stealing state secrets. he was sentenced today after a brief trial. the north hasn't released any more details't about what kim wa has been accused of dog his sentencing comes after a u.s. college student wasge sdent convicted in engaging in antistate activities during aaci visit there. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.ri >> more protests at a donaldpres trump rally this time in southern california lastnia la night. police say white powder sentr to trump's new york cityor c campaign office is harmless. yesterday in an envelope containing the powder wasinin mailed to the office.ed back i tn march another envelopl containing nonhazardous whites h powder and a threateningthreani letter was sent to thett apartment of trump's soner eric.
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baltimore television station back on air after a story came o right to them in a way they w never expected.xpte >> yesterday a man walked intoke the station and threatened tohre detonate a bomb. b annie yu live with the detailshe of of annie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning tornin you, wisdom and maureen. maureen this morning we know that theknh 25-year-old man who was shotas by police after a standoff isndf in the hospital in serious the frightening and bizarrere situation began aroundd 1 o'clock thursday afternoon. ao police say this man alex brizzi of elkridge marylandrylad was dressed in an animal costume stand with what policete thought was an explosivet an exp device and walked into the fox f 45 news station and made m demands before threatening aeate detonate a the device turned out to be chocolate bars wrapped in foilel attached to that a computer circuitboard. for 40 minutes police tried to t keep the suspect the suspect's car was up in flames and eventually theuall te suspect walked out but he
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failed to comply with commands from authorities and that'sri when city police officers fired attipo least three roundsr and finally were able to take te him into custody and now thehe family of the suspect isheuspe speaking out and providing pvidi more insight to the mental men state of brizzi.zzi. >> about two weeks ago my son m came up to me and said i've've had a revelation from god and jesus that he gave me the me t message that the world is world going to end on june the third t and i need to get this message s to people.ple. about four days later he wenteen out for a walk. w he wound up in somebody's yard.yard they called the police. he was laying in the yard and td the police came. came. it took seven policemen toceme hold him down. my wife, when he was in the hospital, she went downt there,, not in the hospital,pi my wife the other day went day w down to his room when he had had left for a little while andle said there was, he was workingar with something with wires, you and we just weren't able toe co
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>> the suspect's father saysay the family has a history ofry mental illness. iness he says it runs in the family fy back to the father's own sister and the suspect'suspe mother. he believes the son may suffer e from a mental situation but at this point it hasn't beenast b confirmed by a doctor. dto right now the family is just i s focusing on their son's son's recovery and then trying toryg decide what to do next. maureen. >> thank you for that. happening today we aretodare expected to learn more about me the cyber bullying connectedonnd to nicole mittendorf.ittend she allegedly suffered months ofline and workplace bullying bl by coworkers.oworke this afternoon the fairfaxhe frf county fire chief will releasela new information about thebout te cyber bullying investigation.stn the chief also will addressill s steps to prevent suicides among rank and file firefighters.reghte >> ♪>> >> 4:35 is the time.>> 4 let's get a check of today's dreary forecast and talk toalk
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good morning to you.go it's been going on for aod couple days now. >> it's going to go on forn gor today, tomorrow. tomor i think by the time we seeeee sunshine we'll appreciate it,re how about that? we'll be b ready for it around here. listen, here's what's goings whi on. temperatures are cold thisur morning.morning. temperature of 48 degrees.8 de it's chilly. chi it's raw. raw. 48 for culpeper, 49 for9 f fredericksburg.ksbu now, the rain is not a big problem this morning. we have a couple of showersco back to the west of us and youud can see on the bigger picture pc yesterday morning we wereor seeing a lot of rain back out o to the west. we're not seeing that this thath we're not going have a rainy r morning commute.omte a few showers, yes. otherwise it's just going tot gg be a little bit drizzly outt dzz there and once the sun comes up it will stay drizzly. clouds, drizzle. di later on a chance for moreor showers. until then a passing spottyen ai shower here or there.ower look at temperatures, though.ret we'll stay in the 50's today.'s a couple of places south ands west will get up into the into t lower to mid 60's.
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but we are firmly in thisinhi wedged in pattern and thetern looks like it's going stayli it' around at least through through tomorrow maybe sunday, too.aybe more weekend details coming upog in the next weather hit.erit. right now let's get over to erin. friday morning traffic.raff >> friday morning gary four:37. right now road work 95 north after 1982 lanes closed in prince george's county. geo no major slowdowns yet. slons things are still flowing on o the road despite the road work on 270 southbound as well as the spur past the lane divide.e. warren county this morningor heads up for you. you. overturned trailer. til 66 east is closed after aftr 522. 522. use route 55 to rejoin 66 at66 a exit 13 to watch outer for delays in that a area. in addition to that let's takets a look at some of your drive times. things are flowing freely 270 south, 70 to the truck scales ta problem free 95 south to 200 t20 to four night. as you head towards the beltway and 50 westboundea from annapolis 301 to 495 usi
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along. same story in vionrginia thisn 95 north in stafford, 66 east 66 from manassas through centreville and 267 east,as twenty two to it seven,o it sen problem free.problem we'll let you know if and when those typical morning delays do pick up. pic back to you, wisdom. >> a hat trick by t.j. oshiesh sealed the deal. now, oshie entered the game with just one goal 36 careergoac post season games. gam braden holtby gave up three goals. he turned back 42 shots.. game two stays in it's tomorrow night at thew nigt verizon center. it was an exciting roundin r one of the nfl draft. the washington redskins traded a their 20's first pick swapping with the houston texans foror their 22nd pick and later l round pick as well.s w the question is who did they get. this is their guy, wide receiver josh dobson. fifth year senior. sen the wide receiver was a first a team alla
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6-foot two going give kirkive rk cousins another option forn for those deep plays. p he was drawing comparisons as well to odell beckham jr. >> metro riders plan tore forn e delays throughout the weekend.g a massive repair miss is under way. those details coming up.omg >> i'm holly morris checking the other stories trendingr this morning including a big drop istn teenage pregnancy rates.rates. plus the royal couple backhe in the spotlight today.
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>> ♪ >> back at 4:42 on this friday morning. new details about prince's death. law enforce force.larc officials say the singer maysayi have died from a drug d overdose. investigators found prescription opioid medicationpn pills used to treat pain on tt him and in his paisley parksleyp home in minneapolis.neapolis. so far no indication thato prince had a valid had a v prescription for thoseon tho medications. autopsy results are noty expected for another threere toe four weeks.ur wee >> time now 4:42. 4 let's get a check of the other o stories you're talking aboutngbo using our realtime tracker andca for that we turn to holly morris. morris. >> happy friday.>> first up this morning, teen pregnancy rates in the unitedhe states have hit a historic low.w. the rate has dropped a staggering 61 percent. 6pe researchers believe the dropersv can be attributed to mored or te
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effective contra septemberptbe activities. a big milestone today.od today is prince william and kate middleton's five yeardl wedding mourn 3 billion people tunedbill in to watch their wedding back in 2011. 201 and finally those pesky software updates always seemes s to pop up at the most inconvenient even on live a meteorologist in iowa has gone viral after her wednesday e weather cast was actuallycast wa interrupted by a reminder from windows to upgrade herer computer's software. stw just goes to show you you y never know what will happen onpn live tv. we demonstrate that dalely. >> i was going to say.. >> things happen.hings happen. >> happy birthday holly. bir >> happy birthday.da >> thank you.>> t i share it with the weddingng anniversary of kate and william.llm. >> special occasions alwaysal come together. o thanks a lot. >> still ahead more wild weather down south creat> ing ct the worse flooding in more flooi than a decade. a d >> a live look outside as wede a head to break on this friday tsf morning. weather and traffic on the
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that's coming up next. next. z1yosz
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>> back now 4:46 and take a look at these pictures out ofre mississippi.missis the state is seeing the worst flooding since hurricaneurrine katrina. crews are making high water rescues. some roads around gulf port mississippi have been shuthaveen down and schools have beenee closed because of the because o flooding. south getting hit pretty hardprh down there with all this rain and >> i'm can you have bummed can 'cause it's the fox5 rockss ther concert today. >> you know what, listen, itat could be worse and it's nots not really going to be raining so ri much. had it been yesterday morning, i it would have been pretty muchav a washout but this morning ie tg don't think i think jusn't some clouds and drizzle and maybe a passing a shower. >> okay. so they can get it it just not going to be the besto e of times. >> that's exactly right. >> oka
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>> really nothing we can doy about we just have to deal with i t. that's the unfortunate thing.oru look on the bright side. s we're chasing any littlech silver linasing in thiss forecast.. there's not many. 48 degrees at reagan national. o 46 for dulles and 47 bwi marshall.ha of course fox5 rocks thiscks th morning spotty showers out there.there. it's not going to be wet soet much from rain but more so drizzle. driz we're just stuck in this pattern where the boundary is to the south of us and south s of that you're talking aboutki a 80's and then you get downetow deeper into the carolinas it's i going to be 90's today but youou jump the boundary and we have wv this flow coming in from thefr east and the northeast andst it's just setting up against aga the mountains. mountai it's locking in the cold low cd level moisture and then wendhe have warm air running acrossnnir the top. t. it's perfect ingredients forts f drizzle, maybe a passing a shower or two.. and until this front getsro g north of us, we're not going g to have a chance to actually aua warm up a little bit and todaynd we'll just continue wit
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drizzly cloudy skies and thend boundary is going to be righto r down here to the south of us. ou we went and took it off theff graphic but it will be theret i and it looks likbee as we get into the weekend, the boundary d will shift now to the northth nh and we didn't anticipate this ts yesterday. we're stuck in the yuckin yuc tomorrow.omo only 64 or so with showers and drizzle.iz sunday the boundary starts totat come back, okay, and gets a little closer to us and that at means the potential for some thunderstorms.thunderstorm it looks like right now we'rere going to go 68 degrees.8 gr some of us will be in the 70's s and if we continue to see aee trend of the boundary comingomin back by sunday and getting getti north of us, we may actually aul end up in the 70's by the timehm we get to sunday and thathat would change things but righthir now we're going to keep it ineei the 60's for the weekend. 70's will return next week. wee here's erin friday morningy mni traffic. tr >> well, 4:48.>>l, we have some breaking newsg new right now. we are seeing a transformerrafo issue that we're dealing withh southeast section of theasctio district. south capitol street closedet co between brandywine
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chesapeake street this is on the southbound sou side.side. please use caution.ti you're going to need to detour t around that location this tha morning. we have a crew on the way andew we'll brin og you any other updates as they becomee available. traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles is i moving along just fine.ustin i want to hop outside for ade f look at the outer loop by by connecticut avenue. we are getting reports of a car into the wall between this point and wisconsin.iscons now right now you can see it'ss not slowing traffic down.raffic it's blocking the right t shoulder north of that pointhapo traffic is still light but as bs you travel on the outer loop t between wisconsin andn a connecticut please use caution this morning. we'll switch it back for at for look at our maps.ourap as you make your way out w taking a look at our maryland commute things are shaping up very nicely on your inbound inb routes 270, 75 as you head from 200 to the beltway and 50 a westbound from annapolis intoolo the beltway looking good andg go as we take a wide view in virginia in stafford taking 95, 66 or 267 things areings moving along without issue. back to you on the des
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>> thank you erin, if you plan on riding metro be preparedd for delays. del all weekend long crews will be b performing a repair blitz onli the red line. >> melanie alnwick is live oniv the red line at tenleytown with what we can expect. eec good morning. >> reporter: that repair r blitz actually startedtart yesterday just as the metro m board meeting was gettinget under way some decisive action t here by metro's general manager paul wiedefeld and a this is happening after justg ar really a month of majorf m troubles on that red line, finally getting some intensiveei care.. during this maintenance blitz this is the kind of stuff that's going to be going on.e n. workers will be cleaning tunnels inexpecting power p cables and boots and removing debris and mud all of thisth because of water infiltrationiln causing problems. metro's gm says the underground stations were not w sealed when they were built.hen now the water
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they are taking their toll and metro's gm says it will get wilg worse if it's not addressed. >> looking at all the cables,ab orange boots and cakes in cakes general track, anything with the third rail itself, leaks basically if we patch the leaks but as you know it's aw is losing battle out there.tlout it's like a leaky basement. basn until you get in and redo it, i, it you can't control it.ontr i >> reporter: from van nesster: to metro he sent single tracking that went ont wt yesterday and it continueson today so today friday fromday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and then it picks up back againcks that single tracking startingtat again from 8:00 p.m. untilntil closing. the work we're told is plannedsd to go through the weekend. really important here at the bethesda station, friendship heights station and here atio tenln eytown this is where metrm he expects to see the mostt delays, the most crowding on tho
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single tracking going throughg g here. he therefore, they were just were advising passengers customersas to please pay attention to those overhead signs, maked si sure you get on the rightight train.trai back to you guys. >> melanie just for just clarification this isic something they already hadg they planned to work on before allef this other stuff that we he we h recently have been talkingki about happened? hpe >> reporter: no, i don'to, think so. i think this was a decision that they made that they saidthy really just had to be donee d because of really a month of as we know we have beene covering it seems like red red line problems every singlery sgl day. i think this was decisive decisv action they needed to take toeek get this under control. >> thanks, mel. thank >> 4:52 is the time and alsond s in the news this morning ani montgomery county man isnty ma behind bars accused of stabbing his pregnant fiancée to death the victim maria mbunga was 20 weeks pregnant. pe her unborn child was alsoo killed.kied. police arrest and charged tear
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thierry nk a witness caught the crime i on camera. >> tomorrow the mayor willay w host the second annual reach higher d.c. college signingllegi day at george washingtonton university.iver it's to celebrate more thanha 1500 college bound high school b seniors from the district. it's part of first ladyout fir michelle obama's compliment topm inspire students across thes t country to complete theirir education past high school.chl. with community college c training programs or four yearfa colleges and universities.veit today mayor bowser willy ma attend a screening of the documentary southeast 67. she'll be there at creamer at c middle school. the film follows 67 seventhseve grader in the districts duringth the 80'se promised collegemisee scholarships with an area businessman.ssman.
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>> ♪ >> the beach boys will be the te headliners for this year's yea memorial day concert at the a lawn of the u.s. capitol.apol the concert honors america's ari service members and veterans. actors joe montegna and gary and sinise they're going to hosthe the eventy'.theve both are long time advocates adt for veterans' issues.ue this week's special fridayaf give away is for the hottestot ticket in town. town. you could win admission forsion you and a guest to fox5'sox big empire season finale party may 18th at the howardhe h theater. >> hot.>> hot >> magic 102-point 3's donny simpson plus little mo and quick silver wkys they'll be there along with allison seymour and holly morris and and many more fox5ers are going to i stop by as well. wel >> enter for a chance to 200 winners will be selected sec by random drawing on may
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all entrants and guests have to be 21 years or older.ld complete resumes are at good luck. l >> welcome bac listen the just cloudy and drizzly and dank out therey an this morning.ning now, we find a few showers onrs radar.da what you need to see first isiri temperatures out there becausere they've really dropped off.ff frederick you're 45, 45, westminster the same.e sam near town we're upper 40's and d just about every locationat coming in mid to upper 40's.s. one spot, quantico up to 50 degrees.rees everybody else is colder than that this morning.n storm track radar shows, yes,, y a few they're passing by.'re nothing like what we hadad yesterday morning. morni i mean, the commute is going g to be compounded just becauseuse the fact that we do have the hat drizzle out there so the roadways are a little bit lit damp, a little bit slick inlileb spots.spots. just keep that in mind. min 8:00 a.m. drizzle. dzz all day long there could be aoub
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mostly it's drizzle. it's drizze if we get -- not if we get toet the afternoon but when we getn to the afternoon there is a better chance of having more mor widespread showers out there. temperatures today only upodaynp into the mid to upper 50's.0' that's the forecast. fe how about some traffic on thisth friday morning? here's erin her como.como >> 4:56 right now and taking a k look at our maps we're seeingee a clear commute on the way to wo our airports and interstatesntet inbound heading from 270 down to the spur past frederick rede things are looking really nicee into gaithersburg thisersburg ts morning. we're tracking a problem in a the district. dtr a transforminger issue. big problems on south capitol cl it's closed between brandywine street and chesapeake streettrt road work 95 northbound 198,8, two lanes closed there as youedt head up towards bwi. metro he is gearing up forfo service and is on time.d is o t. i got you covered if thate if changes. ange back to you. >> 4:46 is the time. t tense moments outside a massive trump rally i
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california plus a white powder r delivered to his new york cityth office. we've got details next. >> a good laugh during thegh d capitals game. game. that's a stick stuck in jayn jay beagle's helmet.elme it didn't appear to faze him either at first.eith we'll be right back with theacke details next. ext.
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details. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 5:00 a.m. fox5 f talks with the father of a man a who threatened to blow himselfhs up at a baltimore televisionev what he says about his son's mental state and find out whatha police say he really hady strapped to his body. b >> and we are rocking the red. the caps winning game oneinnie against the penguins inpengns dramatic fashion. that included one caps player going one-on-one with his ownwn stick . >> [laughter]ug >> doesn't matter and whatevert it takes. we're one game up.e u happy friday.ri good morning to you hollyyouol maureen erin. e >> hello


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