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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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assault and battery charges. >> so, so, so, that video got so much publicity, and cps actually knock on the door, didn't they? >> a lot of people are really upset about the video the other day, a lot of people want me to go to jail, like a lot of people saying that is child abuse, needs to be lock up. how does that make you feel? >> that's the latest controversial video posted by a man in prince william county, after child protective services visited his home, because of this initial video, the verge man posted on facebook. it shows him boxing his son, and caused fire storm on social media. >> the video also shows the teen's face and shirt, bloodied, during the clips the teen's dad says there are boxing family, and he was trying to teach his son
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after the 17 year old cut class. >> you got to move. got to move. tell your teacher you're sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> it is inapropriate for an adult to be the -- to beat a child that far nature. he wasn't boxing him. he was fighting him. the son was running. it is in black and white. and it is not fair to a kid. >> i think it is okay. i think it is okay. i don't believe he was going to hurt him and sometimes you got to discipline them, especially after peterson incident, where the gentleman, the football player, goes to jail for disciplining his kids. i think you got to draw the line somewhere. >> people done brought police to our house, what you want to tell them? >> ya? well, in the state of virginia -- >> asking me questions like she was stuttering, like she sound more nervous than i was.
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william county police department sees it, there is no debate. the actions are a crime and his reasons weren't enough to keep child protective services away for long either. police say agents came back and removed the 17 year old from the home. >> sellers was released on an unsecured bond after turning himself in. but the prince william county police department says the investigation is ongoing and he could face additional charges. guys, that's the latest on this story. >> wow, i just -- i have a problem with it, i mean, i understand if you are a boxing family, but to have that kind of injury, to see that blood -- >> a lot of blood for sure. >> went little too far. >> thank you. >> we are learning more tonight about what led to the police shooting after 13 year old boy in baltimore. authorities say officers saw the boy walking with what they believe was the handgun on wednesday. police say when the officers order he had him to stop, the boy took off
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hitting the teen in the shoulder, the gun turned out to be a replica in video posted on line an officers is heard trying to explain to the boy's older brother why the teen had been shot. >> i can't tell if you it looks real or not. i can tell you right now that gun looks real. that's one -- no possible -- nobody -- somebody's got a gun, how am i supposed to tell? make sure that he shoots you first -- >> the boy is expected to be okay. >> we're learning new details about yesterday's bomb threat at a baltimore tv station. police have identified the man who walked into wbff wearing an animal suit in what appeared to be an explosive device strapped to his body. they say he's 25 year old alex brizzi of elk ridge, maryland. it does not appear he has any ties to terrorism.
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yesterday, demands dollars the station air the content after thumb drive he was caring. police say that drive contained rants brizzi made about the ends of the worlds. investigators say it -- he appears to have some mental health issues. his father appeared to confirm when he spoke with fox5 marina last night. >> brizzi's family has been very cooperative as we continue to investigate the situation. although what alex brizzi eventually had was a fake explosive device or replica explosive device, the fear of what he had shutdown an entire community and scared a whole lot of people. >> about two weeks ago, my son came up to me and said i have had a revelation from god, in jesus, that he gave me the message that the world is going to ends in june the third, and i need to get this message to people. and that is when we figur
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wrong. >> his father right there, he said days earlier his son wands neared someone's backyard, and police arrested him. he says his son was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with dehydration. the family thought he was doing bet nerve recent days, until yesterday's incident. officers shot him four times when he would not surrender and is recovering right now. facing numerous charges including arson and possess ago fake bomb. >> a rowdy crowd of several hundred protesters turned out to heckle donald trump at the gop california convention. one group broke down police barricades and burst through a police line to reach the entrance of this host hotel. one protester hung a ban their red dump trump, while others waived mexican flags. protesters surrounded several streets, entrances of the building in an attempt to prevent trump from entering there. but trump and his security team were escorted through a back
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potential confrontations. heads up if you are planning to take metro today. be prepared for some delays. a massive repair blitz is underway on the red lion. after a series of metro malfunctions, over the last few weeks. today, crews are cleaning tunnels, inspecting power cables and boots. the work is being done from the vaness to the medical center stations. officials say the goal is to stop the water leaks rusting and corrode g of electrical lines on the tracks. straight ahead today at 5:00 death of local firefighter shedding some light on underground message board. could anonymous disturbing posts offer some insight into her death? >> then sick at sea, where hundreds of cruise ship passengers are being quarantined after norovirus outbreak. >> and an expensive purchase hits a soar note with one local school system. why many say it is the wrong way to use some of it budget. sue? >> happy friday,
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it is the weekends, unfortunately i don't have any significant change in the weather pattern, but it does look like we're going to be able to put a dent in that rain deficit. maybe not what you want to hear. a lot of people have big plans for this weekend, it is orthodox easter, as well. we will gave you a look at the weekend forecast when fox fox knife at 5:00 comes back.
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a grave discovery in prince william county, police
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ditch and they believe it is liz it lopez. the woman from alexandria was reported missing and in danger ten days ago. fox5's mat ackland starts us off tonight in woodbridge. matt, what's happening there? >> reporter: laura within just the last couple of minutes, authorities here in prince william county started to take down the crime scene tape you can see behind me, they were gathered, the crime scene van moving out. basically look down in the area, that is where the body is found, we're told that a resident found the body, in a ditch-type area, beyond those trees. if you walk over here, joe, you can see this area here for the last hour or two there have been police, shoulder to shoulder, basically walking down, apparently looks like they are searching for any type of evidence. we have some video, if we can take to you video right now, lopez was reported missing
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police say they've resumed the body found here is lopez, and they have notified her family. surveillance video, you might remember, was release from the a cbs recently hopes of locating her. prince william county police say no suspects yet. but they are looking for additional evidence. they're asking for additional clues, authority say that they searched all of this area, right now, they can only tell me that the reason that they are believing this is a homicide, is because of the way that the body was actually found in the ditch, they wouldn't elaborate, wouldn't tell knee there was trauma to the body. that that would be announced after autopsy is reported but they are treating this as a homicide investigation. live in prince william county, matt ackland, fox5 news. 55 degrees out there, cold and chilly one again. i feel like it is just like
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groundhog day over and over. >> i know. >> or back in time. >> exactly, february, what it is starting to feel like. >> it is cold out there, sue. soap, and as you mentioned, we're going into orthodox weekends, a lot of people going out to church tonight, and tomorrow night, and spending the evening outside. >> a lot of people with outdoor plans, i want to say welcome to punxsutawney, i'm bill murray, i'll be your guide this weekend. >> right. >> and white house correspondence dinner, as laura mentioned, a loft surfaces outside, as well. and at least at this point, we're only seeing clouds, and cool temperatures, not as much of the drizzle and mist that we had the past couple of days, but we do think that could redevelop little later tonight. so if you have plans, for the weekends, we just have to tell you there are going to be some rounds of wet weather, satellite and radar right now, just showing clouds, i just checked the observations not too many people reporting any drizzle or mist right now. so short-term headed out for bite to eat, probably don't need to keep the umbrella at the right hand of your n
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plans, but i would certainly pacca umbrella for later tonight, and then we have to watch for this area of low pressure that's going to develop over the weekend and get little closer. now the bulk of tomorrow should be dry and probably not going to be able to make a lot of headway in warming up. it is that east winds coming in off the atlantic keeping us in those mid 50's, and that will likely continue late tonight, tomorrow. i want to show you future cast, because we know so many of you have plans for tonight, as well as tomorrow, as the orthodox celebration begins for easter this weekend, and while we're seeing the re-development of some very spotty, light showers or mist around 11:00 it, doesn't appear that that will last all night could there be drizzle during the day, yes, but late saturday night, and overnight, into sunday, when we're going to have to deal with perhaps our most significant batch of rain, some of which could come in the form of some heavy downpours, maybe a rumble of thunder, so thinking about services on sunday
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definitely looks wet for much of the area. break in the afternoon then maybe another rounds of showers coming in as we get into sunday evening. so here is your weekend in a nutshell. 62 degrees tomorrow, little warmer than today. fingers crossed. some drizzle, and then the showers hold off until later in the day. bigger round every rain sunday, we could pick up inch there. maybe rumble every thunder, the bulk of the rain looks to be in the first half of sunday, with another weaker wave coming in a little later. let's talk about the possibility of thunderstorms, too, this weekend, because we do know with the evening rain that's going to be coming on in, we may be able to hold that rain off just a little bit. but this could produce one or two thunderstorms, hoping for few dry areas in the afternoon, that's about it. is there a risk of strong storms? there is possibility of some isolated strong or severe storms to the south of that warmfront. and boy that warmfront is going to be giving us a lot to work with this weekend, because if it moves through sunday
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a lot warmer, could even get into the 70s, but if it stays south so many times it does not move through it this time of year. it will only be in the 60s, so you're all caught up on the weekends, we'll take you hour by hour for the forecast, show you what next week is starting to shape up like. are we going to be able to scrape the barnacles off? sarah, laura, back to you, that's it from punks town. >> i so we need to keep a cover -- >> will you sends pictures out? >> we will, absolutely. >> very good. thanks, sue. prince william county's newest high school is getting a fancy upgrade. >> very fancy. charles jay coal began high school soon home to stein way and sons grand piano, the same piano you will find at the white house as well as the kennedy center, the school paid hefty $125,000 for the piano, the price of the piano is know for its high quality craftsmanship and superior sound. but, th
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quite a stir among some parents and school board members who feels the expense sends the wrong, and it was important, because they want to expose students to high quality instruments, and, if they want well known musicians to come and play, they need instruments of a certain caliber. >> wow. >> a lot of people feel music really plaza part in academics. >> it does. >> and they all are intertwined. so, you know, there is controversy, though, because of the price. >> important. >> music is important. >> muse sick very important. also in prince william county donation g pouring in tonight, boy scout boys gear stole friend a church parking lot. so far the troop received $500 to replace the equipment. scout leaders say their trailer went missing between monday and tuesday night, it was parked at river of grace church. scout leaders say the
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was worth about $3,000. but the equipment inside was worth over $10,000. >> wow. glad, though, people are starting to donate the money. hopefully, you know, can't believe someone stole all of that stuff. >> i can't believe it either. >> today thowls of local high school seniors received a special honor. >> recognized by dc mure bowser, graduating seniors from most if not all of dc public high schools came together at the smith center on the gw campus today for rally to celebrate their milestone. we spoke to few of the college-bound seniors who say determination and the support of family and friends is the key to their success. >> motivating knee do better, so she is living through me, and i want to make sure i live up to it. >> i had some bump in the road. but my family, like my mom has helped me get along, and different organizations, has helped me to fulfill my dreams. >> dc
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part of first lady michelle obama's commitment to inspire every student across the country to pursue and complete their higher education. meanwhile, it was career day today at lyle's crouch traditional academy in alexandria, and photographer don, and i, spent a few hours this morning with the elementary school, telling them about the news business, what it takes to become a reporter and anchor or photographer. we even gave some of the kids an opportunity to practice their sign-office or their dig-out, as we call it, in front of the camera. that was me explaining how sometimes you have to blow out the entire run down of the newscast, and everything changes, just like it happened yesterday, and something happened today, as well, and every day is something different. but, mostly enthused about being able to see themselves on the camera, and then it coming up on the monitor there. the whole idea of being on tv was exciting. >> oh, sure, ya, it is for
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even some grownups, when we're on stories, too. >> absolutely. >> bridges the kid out in everybody. >> everyone is a kit wick it comes to this presidential election. just ahead at 5:00 what actress have i did a fox has to say about donald trump. here is a hint, she said he is nothing like he seems. and there is nothing wrong with having a little me-time. one author ostracized after advocating for me-ternity time. what off initials maryland are doing to ease concerns over the zika virus.
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>> politics in hollywood, off continue linked especially during presidential campaigns. it is not unusual to see actors, actresses or singers endorsing one candidate or another. and, on good day dc this morning we spoke with have i did a fox. she is promoting her new movie independence day resurgence, with co-stores jeff gold bloom and seal award.
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when she appeared with donald trump on celebrity preen tis. kevin mccarthy asked fox what she thinks about trump and she did not hold back. >> you were amazing on celebrity preen tis. and you were mr. trump on the show. have you been following this? >> yes, in the top three on celebrity apprentice. and, you know, my sentiment like this, yacht that i worked with when we did celebrity preen tis is nothing like the jerk that thinks he can buy the white house. >> i just find him to be insultive, just, you know, just like bringing reality to politics, and i finds it to be disturbing to be very honest with you. >> she did not hold back. >> no, she didn't. >> very interesting opinion there. while fox has some strong opinions, about trump, she did not say who she likes for president, right now. >> and another actor, who dropped by good day dc this morning, lance gross, he appears on the tbs citcom house of pain. gross is an activist, he is part of toyota
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which helps to promote the benefit of green living. he will appear tomorrow along with some other entertainers at the second annual broccoli fest. >> you know, i was always interested in going green. i just didn't know the proper steps. >> right. >> so i kind of looked at it as a great opportunity to educate myself while i educate other, and inspire other, and, you know, i'm not getting any younger, you know, so i care about the things that i put in my body, you know, it started out with me saving on my electricity bill, just changing my light bulbs from regular light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs, now kind of evolved into vegan lifestyle, juice being, just taking care of my body. >> right. awesome that he is spreading that kind of awareness. ticket for the broccoli fest, sorry, you're too late, they're sold out. event organizers say some tickets may become available tomorrow. meanwhile, new book is out, stirring up some debate among women. it is called me-ternity. >> real interesting here, prem cyst
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should be allowed time off from their jobs for some me time. the author megan said those sabbath cast can help prevent burn out consideration help women reassess their life goals. she also says pregnant women who go on maternity life have an unfair advantage over women who are childless because they get a break from work, and come back with a clearer focus of what they want. also said she thinks it is unfair that women with children often will leave work earlier to take care of their kids while childless workers have to work late. she believes working mothers have more flexibility at their jobs. >> i don't know. >> i kind of want to laugh. i really, really want to laugh over that. because i feel like when europe a on maternity leave you are working. >> you are working. >> clearer focus? you're more confused. please, give me a break. >> yes. >> you are more confused overdo i want to stay at home, do i want to work? i don't know what i want to do. you're more
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>> give me a break. >> you got her work up over that. >> that was coming from someone without children, not seeing it from the other side. >> i remember one time a colleague of ours, who will remain unnamed, when you go on maternity leave, oh, my gosh, you will have so much fun, you can put the kid on the side, take cooking lessons. i thought doesn't that sound nice? hum. >> oh, boy, little more work than that. >> ya, interesting, though. we'll be right back.
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>> fairfax county fire chief lashed out today at the owners of the fairfax underground, website, where leud and vial comments were posted about firefighter, paramedic, nile
5:30 pm
own life. the chief wants the post cents removed. at this point, it is unclear why she took her own life, but virginia said the leud blog post had nothing do with her death. paul wagner joins us live from fairfax tonight with the story, paul? >> laura, that last information for virginia state police is new information, that we received just couple of hours ago, we made an inquire toy verge state police after the chief told thaws there was still a criminal probe ongoing. virginia state police said that their investigation, although still open, is basically a closed, as far as how the nicole died. they say now they have no reason to believe that these blog posts had anything to do with her death. however, the fire chief says he wants to get to the bottom of any cyber bullying that may be going on. fairfax fire chief lashed out at people who posted eamon must vial and vicious comments about people,
5:31 pm
fairfax underground. and on any, anomaly right now, out of control. people have no common sense, and they have no sense of responsibility. when you have anonymous posts, and people can say anything, and it is not factual, it is not true, it is wrong. absolutely wrong. and it is terrible. >> chief because says he doesn't know what was in the note, left by nicole mitten door of, before she took her own life in sean endo a national park, says he has no idea at this point if the people who wrote the vial notes about her sex life are firefighters connect in the some way to the fire service. >> that's why i'm appealing to the person that hoses this site, take down the leud comment, and certainly consider shutting the site down. >> chief because says he was unaware of the cyber bullying on the site before her dea,
5:32 pm
will not be tolerated in his department. and he promises to get to the bottom of it. >> now that we have been able to respect and honor nicole and her family, i have all of my internal affairs department on the anythings, if you will, turning over every leave, looking under every rock and pebble, and peeling back every piece of onion to find out where we are at, i indicated when i said aggressive, i will use any local, any state, and several resources. >> the chief says he has now implemented additional zero harrassment training, and will implement comprehensive suicide education and prevention program throughout the department. >> the chief also said today that he's asked anyone who put any of those posts onto fairfax underground a step forward, but he says, no one
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a task force with representatives from the local firefighters union, as well as female firefighters and other employee groups to address any issues that may exist within the department related to discrimination and bullying. live in fairfax, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> meanwhile detective in spotsylvania county need your help to solve the murder of 21 year old woman. heather's body was found in her vehicle, in a driver off piney branch road five months ago. investigators still don't know who was responsible for her death. while police have recovered her cell phone, they still don't know why she was murdered. >> now to anne arundel county, caused by snap chat conversation. aberdeen police have charged gab re he will joiner of half de grace with stabbing 17 year old girl last week. investigators say, joiner and the teen apparently had argue over a photo posted on snap
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chat. it apparently involved joiner's boyfriend. the teen is recovering from her injuries right now. join err facing first and second agree assault. frederick man is facing serious charges tonight after he allegedly tried to trade pot for a car tire. police say 28 year old anthony harris, jr., offered some pot to a wal-mart employee on wednesday, harris admitted he had drugs in his car when deputies arrived short time later. harris claims he was selling pots to pay for relative's funeral. he was released from jail after posting a $15,000 bond. some passengers on board a cruise ship docked in virginia are being quarantined for the norovirus, left britain almost two weeks ago, currently docked in norfolk. according to the cdc, 153 of the ship's 917 passengers have reported being sick during the trip. spokesperson for the cruise line says conditions have improved, and there are now just seven guests in
5:35 pm
isolation. >> when people are reporting with the illness, they are being in the cabin for 48 hours, after the last symptoms, make sure they are healthy and symptom-free. >> the cdc says it plans to have its staff evaluate the ship when it arrives in baltimore tomorrow or sunday. it may not be warm outside today, but warmer weather is coming, and so are the mosquitos and the zika virus. right now nationally the cdc reports there are nearly 400zika cases, all travel related. but, scientists are projecting the zika virus could reach epidemic stat just parts of the united states this summer, so federal and local lawmakers are working to raise awareness, so no one is caught by surprise. the state of maryland has designated this week as zika awareness week, today montgomery county council unveiled new public
5:36 pm
campaign, urging everyone to protect themselves against mosquito bites, and to eliminate potential breeding site. in in addition to the zika virus, which is not currently found locally, mosquitos can carry the west nile virus. there was no vaccine or treatment for zika, so the best way to avoid the zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites. >> this is serious and we are very serious we want our resident to be careful this summer, on rainy days like today it is easy for water to pond, and what we need everyone to know is to try to clean out as much of the standing water as they see and protect themselves. with long sleeve shirts, socks, may have to pay more attention and be more aware this summer. complications not just for pregnant women but also for adults. >> the county formed zika
5:37 pm
force of agencies, municipalities, to work collectively on zika awareness and prevention n annapolis today, governor hogan held news conference for update on what the state government is doing. >> for distribution to pharmacist, doctors, and social services offices. today i'm announce that our administration is budgeting an additional quarter of million dollars for zika preparedness expenses and i urge marylanders to stay informed, continue to use common sense in the months ahead, as you plan your summer vacations or go about your day-to-day lives. >> it is spread through the bite of infected mosquito can also be transmitted secondly, many people infected with zika will not get sick. if you do, it is usually a mild illness with symptoms including fever, rash, joint pain, and red
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>> coming up at a we new this was coming, actor and comedian will ferrell, some say this is in bad tails. today the altzheimer's association standing firm, altzheimer's is no laughing matter. plus most of us are guilty of this, reading reviews before buying something on line. may not really matter in the longrun. we're back after this.
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>> will ferrell will not be starring in that move bye ronald rake and any more, was supposed to be featuring ferrell as 40th president during his second term, when he was struggling with dementia. reagan's son and daughter have been very vocal about the movie, patty davis wrote an open letter on her blog, saying, i would like to thank
5:42 pm
you for severing ties by using altzheimer's for this material. it is to isn't a great day for a lot of people. michael reagan tweeted out, thank you for taking the right path. if you want to know more about this disease, contact myself or patty. joining me now is robert egggy chief public policy officer of the altzheimer's association, robert, thank you so much for being with us today. >> pleasure this stirred up a ton of controversy. >> so will ferrell was going to do this, starring as ronald reagan watch was your re when is this first came out? >> well, i and the alzheimer's association, were appalled, it was puzzling this ever could be thought of as the premise for a comedy. the best we can come up with just was no understanded wag this diseases really like. >> yes. this is not a comedy. >> no, it is not. >> at all. not a laughing matter. however, playing the definitely's advocate, does it
5:43 pm
raise awareness to make assume about this if done in the right way? >> you know, i don't think you could do this film in a right way. the movie is out recent lip it, did shine a light, wonderful way to raise the conversation about altzheimer's, but the idea that could you do a comedy about someone who died of a terminal disease, and call that terminal disease anything other than tragic, is baffeling to those who have experienced this disease. >> and i guess there is question, too, about ronald reagan didn't necessarily have alts here's while he was in office. and i think there is a question how will ferrell was going to be playing this, and what era. >> that's right. that would be another set of questions. for us more funds mentally, the basic idea for the millions of americans who have dealt with altzheimer's, dealing with it right now, that's where we stop, that question of how did you think that this could be comedy material. just nothing fun bye it, if you thought about brain c
5:44 pm
that is almost as deadly assaults him err's, would you never think to do a come bye about this topic. >> and of course we saw and i mentioned how reagan's son and daughter came out, and their reaction to this, as well, what we didn't talk about was their strong reaction, negative reaction, they were reacting to the fact that will ferrell decided he was not going to do this film. but in the negative reaction, what stands did the altzheimer's association take when this was first announced, before will ferrell said i'm not going to do this? >> it is being consistent, which is outrage or appalled. this is not -- kind of dark ages of looking at this disease. >> did you make a statement? >> yes. >> did you be weighing in. >> did will ferrell respond? >> i can't speak to that part. all i know is that we have spoken out about this, and not just us, there have been advocates, i mean, twitter, for instance, lighting up, anybody who experienced the disease, what's going on here? how could this be considered
5:45 pm
so yes, we've been very clear. this is unacceptable to be thinking of altzheimer's in a comedic way, not the ways we need to think about this. fortunately here, still alice, in town here, in washington, people are taking altzheimer's very seriously as a priority. that's exactly what we node to do. turn the corner on this disease. >> thank you very much. >> glad to be here. >> let's go over to see take a look at the weather for this weekend, sue, no changes in the last 20 minutes. >> we're all hoping for something. >> those models update every few hours, laura, and we're looking for some signs. could be some changes as we get into sunday. that's for sure. now listen, there is something i want to let you know that you might have fun doing this weekend. the national weather service is going to be having an open house saturday and sunday, the national weather service located out near dullos airport. you can get out there saturday 9:00 to 5:00. sunday 12:00 to 5:00. phenominal facility, staff
5:46 pm
see how they work with the forecast, maybe ask them why we're stuck in the pattern, although i will be happy to answer that here in a minute. they dot weather balloon launches out there, show you how that's done, even become sky warn weather spotter. very child friendly, it is free, parking free, there will be hundreds and hundreds of people taking advantage of it, i guarantee you will find it quite fascinating. think about that on soggy weekends. tonight we have a lot of clouds. that's for sure. not seeing much in the way of drizzle at the moment. but dow think that may build in a little bit later. we could even have couple of light showers by about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. we will watch this complex head in the our direction, that will be getting closer to us tomorrow night. so the soggy pattern will continue, and in fact, it is going to pick up in intensity as woe get into saturday night and sunday. so what you can expect tomorrow is drizzle, off and on, during the day, but believe me it will be the drier of the two days. rain will begin to develop late after, say, 10:00 tomorrow night. the rain continues, into
5:47 pm
to heavy at times, with maybe rumble every thunder, our kind of our out lie err is a warmfront that's going to be to our south. will it come through. if it does clear much of the area, thunder will be a little bit after bigger deal. no big improvement next week. maybe little bit of an increase in the temperatures, but here's why we're in this pattern. stalled boundery down to our south, allows that ocean air to come in, and it is really loads us up on moisture at the lower levels. now, that boundery may move just a little bit over the weekends, and as it gets a little closer that's why we will increase the intensity, focus the showers here over dc. short-term patches of drizzle later tonight. not much change in these temperatures, these are the highs today, really close to the highs yesterday, and maybe we're a little warmer tomorrow. but right now we're still at five. notice that winds direction, still bringing in the east wind. so we're thinking tomorrow, maybe 62 degrees. because we will be little bit drier, the showers will be later in the day, drizzle can't be ruled out earlier in the day. sunday we warm up to
5:48 pm
deal, we may pick up an inch of rain before we get to sunday night. in fact, i just wanted to show you this is what we are thing in terms of the potential for rain, maybe another inch here in d.c. that is great news because you know we need the rain. we have been running a deficit for couple of months. but, not everybody want to hear about it on busy weekends, lots of outdoor activity. so we keep the scattered showers going into monday at 72 degrees, can't rule out few showers tuesday. but notice, the temperatures are beginning to come up just a little bit. and we will keep the showers possible thursday, and friday, as well. we'll have another update of your forecast, laura, i promise you i am looking for drier hours sunday. we will be right back.
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vo: victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza® is not insulin. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting.
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> whether to book hotel, visit restaurant, even buy clothing. >> new research shows on line product reviews are even less trustworthy than you think. researchers analyzed on line ratings for more than 1200 pr
5:52 pm
comparing every day items like sun block, smoke alarms, and bicycle helmets. study found there is little to no connection between better on line ratings, and the quality of a product. in fact, the likelihood an item with a higher rating performs better than one with a lower rating, 57%. researchers say that basically the same as making a decision with a coin toss. >> okay. so there you go. don't trust them at all. if you are planning an early retirement, listen up. new study found that those who work longer, live longer. researchers studied nearly 3,000 people between 1992 and 2010, and they say, healthy people who worked past 65 years old, had a 11% lower risk of death, while unhealthy workers over six a had a 9% mortality rate. the study found staying active and engaged has expedential benefit. i think it is probably in moderation, you don't want to be working like 80 hour
5:53 pm
totally stressed out. you have to be, you know, taking care of yourself, while you are working. keeping it all on a level playing field. >> yes, got to take care of yourself. we'll be right back.
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5:56 pm
>> ten year old battling a rare tumor got the price of a life too. received the ultimate birthday celebration at toys r sus, photo journalist, nelson jones, captured his special day. >> he had no idea what was going on, limo pulled up at their house, they came in, they came over here greet the by the team at toys "r" us. >> happy birthday, eli! >> we at toys "r" us would like to welcome
5:57 pm
rural wish day birthday celebration. >> he learned he would be having special birthday party. $250 gift cards, and had the opportunity to shop through the store, and pick out anything he would like. >> changing season. toy shop. king castle. >> could always be worse, others worse off, and he's blessed to be reacting to the treatment he's going through, everything well. >> this one, spiderman ... >> eli loves leggos, so he went straight for the leggo aisles, where he loaded up his cart with all sort of kits that he doesn't have yet. >> he is so excited because his wish is to have a leggo lighthouse where he can play, build, not cleaning up all the time. now he has plenty of new sets to play with in his clubhouse once it is completed. >> are your arms getting
5:58 pm
tired? >> a little. >> little bit? >> common into the party. >> go, go, go, go. who can stack the most without dropping them, like jenga. >> thank you. >> it is fun! it is fun getting all of these leggo sets. >> ♪ happy birthday dear eli ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> awe, so sweet. >> special day even more special for him. >> kids dream come true. >> yes. >> really, really special for him. and so much more than just the shopping experience. but, you know, he was honored in so many different ways, could you see it in his face, absolutely. >> thanks for joining us tonight here at 5:00. fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox5 local
5:59 pm
6:00. >> right now at 6:00 police in prince william county believe they have located body of miss missing woman, we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> individual joe showing father punishing his teenage son with a boxing beat down has spark backlash on social media. and backfired on his family plans. what's been happening since you saw this video first on fox. >> and metro is still working to fix issues with the red lion. we'll tell you what you can expect if you plan to ride the rales this weekend. fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with new development in the disappearance of virginia woman, prince william county police believe they found the body of liz it lopez. >> she was reported missing back on april 19th by her family, two days after the 36 year old was last seen leaving a cvs is in woodbridge. fox5's matt ackland following this story and joins us live tonight with the very latest.
6:00 pm
matt? >> reporter: hi, tony, sean, since we last talk to you at 5:00, we have been able to get a lot closer. i'll step out of the way. you see this creek behind me? that is where lopez's body was found. we are told by police it all took place right around 11:00 apparently resident or somebody passing by spotted that body, right there, and then notified police, police then set upper iometer, and have been investigating for quite some time, they dropped that perimeter, i would say, about an hour ago, and opened up the scene. that's why we can get you closer. let's take you to video now, tell you what we know so far. lopez reported missing over week ago, police say they presumed the body found here is lopez, and they have notified her family. you might remember surveillance video was released from cvs recently hopes of locating her. prince william county police say no suspects yet, but they are looking for clues, and they are asking the public for help. take a listen to the public information of


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