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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10:00, the creator of a local online message board is speaking with fox 5 after lewd messages appeared on the site. >> a sad end to a search for a missing virginia woman. her lifeless body was found one week after she went missing. now police tackle the mystery of what happened to her. >> take a look at what's heading our way for the weekend. more rain. it's already soggy outside and it's about to get worse. fox 5 local news at 10:00 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. fairfax county fire chief lashed out at fairfax
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>> the chief wants the posts removed. >> this blog and social media is out of control. people have no common sense. and they have no sense of responsibility. >> tonight we spoke with the administrator of the fairfax underground site. he says this was the second time this year that lewd comments were posted about a female fairfax county firefighter. >> he says that points to a problem within the fire department. jennifer davis joins us with the story that you'll sees first on fox 5. >> virginia state police said that the lewd blog post had nothing to do with her death but they have certainly put a microscope on this site and the threads on it about the fairfax county fire department. tonight we obtained these court documents showing that just three months ago as part of a official i
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asked to removed profane information written about a different female firefighter. rather than attacking him it's time the fire department looked within at the culture that it is creating. >> reporter: fairfax county fire chief lashed out at the people who post vial and vicious times. >> you need to clean up this blog and people need to act frightened. i'm appealing to the person that hosts this site to one, take the lewd comments down. and two, turn the site off. if people aren't going to act right. >> reporter: the creator and administrator responded in an interview with us over face time. >> this is clearly a deflection of lame. basically it's a chalkboard
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bathroom stall. when someone comes and write graffiti on the chalkboard, you don't blame the chalkboard, you blame the author. it's pretty obvious in this case the author of the posts is a firefighter. it seems like he's trying to deflect blame away from the author and on to the website. >> reporter: the chief says he was unaware of the cyber bullying on the site before nicole mittendorff's death. he has no proof the comments came from within his department. but these are part of a long thread on a variety of subjects including lewd comments about another female firefighter in the department. >> a couple months ago i was served a court order for this very same discussion thread to reveal the identity of another poster who had a very similar post
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mittendorff basically calling a female firefighter some lewd names. >> he also deletes personal attacks when abuse reports are made. he says that never happened in connection with the mittendorff comments. he says if asked he will delete them. doing it now would feel like covering up a problem. >> my only interest is for the public to see the trukt truth. if you look at the thread in question, and granted i haven't read through these, it's pretty awful. there's a lot of things. it's not just this one poor woman. there's a lot of female firefighters that have been talked about very foorly and it looks like a culture of machoism. >> reporter: many of the comments in that thread are so vulgar and crude we had to blur the video. the department has launched
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investigation into the posts and the chief says he hopes he can identify those responsible. he was not aware of the profane comments made about the second female firefighter a few months ago. he is now implementing zero tolerance harassment training and he's looking at bringing in a third-party consultant. he also plans to write a letter to ask to remove the contents. >> jennifer davis with the story tonight. new tonight the judge threw the book at a man convicted of sexually attacking women. the judge sentenced christian jordan for 20 years for sexual assault and 10 years for suspension. he admitted to attacking women and forcing them into unwanted sexual acts. developing tonight a sad end to a search for a missing alexandria woman. a body was discovered in a ditch more than a week after she disappeared.
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was murdered. tisha lewis is live in woodbridge with the latest. >> reporter: we want to show people exactly what police are dealing with. this is what it looks like with the lights off. it's dark and desolate. this is what it looks like with the lights on. all of this could present a challenge for police in finding witnesses, people who may have seen anything. because you can see the stark contrast with lights off versus the lights on. and if the body was disposed here with the lights off, it could be hard to find someone. now police are turning to the public for help in this tragedy that has garnered the attention of the entire community and beyond. the call came in just before 11:00 friday morning reporting a body in this drainage ditch. a resident ma discovery and in mere moments the worst-case scenario became all too real. police say it's likely the 36-year-old was murdered and dumped in this area. >> it shocked me
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time but it sucks just given the amount of time, the outlook doesn't look good for her to be found alive. >> reporter: we revisited her neighbor. >> i remember there was a lot of arguing, every time that guy came over, there was a lot of cussing and fighting. our walls are thin, you could hear them screaming. >> reporter: we're learning more about the young alexandria woman who was last seen at this woodbridge cvs pharmacy. her friends and coworkers called her liz and she reportedly worked the overnight shift at the independent living home where she was one of two counselors supervising young adults between 17 and 21 years old. on the heels of lopez's death, her coworkers are apparently concerned about her safety. >> the way she was positioned. >> >> reporter: a murder that may be challenging to solve. >> we had some rain and
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she was locatedest could have been washed downstream. the body will be transferred to the medical examiner's office for further examination to see the exact cause of death. >> reporter: and all of that means that tonight lopez's killer is at large. police are turning to the public for help and asking anyone with information to come forward. since we've been out there there have been groups of people who have been coming here to where lopez's body was found and saying prayers. some loved ones and also some friends. and they were too distraught to talk. we reached out to lopez's family and they were told that they are simply and understandably devastated. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> we turn now to the weather. more rain is heading our way for this weekend. gwen tolbart is standing by to tell us about it. i'm not going to criticize the rain because we need the rain. the question is how much will we get over the course of the weekend. >> i thought you were going to say
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you because of the rain. >> i'm not going to do that either. >> you know what, you're absolutely right, tony. we do need this rainfall. and we're going to get a prolonged period of it. unfortunately, as they say, be careful what you ask for. let's take a look at our radar and satellite picture here. plenty of clouds are socked in across the area and that's not going to change too much soon either. somebody tweeted where's the sun and i said on vacay because it's going to be a while before we start to see it. wet weather is going to move its way in but once we get into tomorrow in the later part of the day, we'll see a different picture. we're going to get most part of the day fairly dry. what we're dealing with now and early tomorrow a lot of drizzle and fog and clouds. look at the highs for today, unbelievable because we should really be about 71 degrees. so well below the seasonal average. the cooler air kicke in as well so we have a whole combination of things.
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check it, it is spring. 53 degrees right now, winds from the east northeast fairly light and elsewhere temperature-wise we're into the0s across the board and that's what we're talking about for tonight. low 50s and upper 40s. we'll have information about just when you can pack that umbrella away. back to you. >> the man cued of causing a bomb scare at a baltimore tv station is in a hospital tonight in serious but stable condition. he walked into the station yesterday dressed in an animal suit and wearing what appeared to be an explosive device strapped to his body. he had a thumb drive and he wanted the station to put his content on the air. it contained his rants about the end of the world. he appears to have some mental health issues and is not part of any organized group. >> the incident is not connected to any type of organized terrorism. his
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and cooperative as we continue to investigate the situation. >> officers shot and wounded the man when he refused to listen to their commands to show his hands. he is facing numerous charges including arson and possessing a fake bomb. >> coming up next at 10 can cl, the father who spoke to fox 5 after boxing his son is now the one being punished. the charges he's slapped with and an update on his son. >> maryland governor's comments about donald trump. why the republican governor is refusing to back the gop presidential front runner. >> and a baby monitor allegedly used to spy on a mother as she cared for her infant who she says committed the crime will floor you. these stores and more next on fox 5 local news at 10 can cl.
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. we have a follow-up now to a story you saw first on fox 5. a man in prince william county posted a video of himself boxing
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his teenaged son. >> the father says he was teaching his son a lesson for cutting class but police charged him with domestic assault and battery. alexandra limon reports. >> so, so, so, that video got so much publicity that cps actually knocked on the door. >> a lot of people are really upset. a lot of people want me to go to jail. that's child abuse and you should be locked up. how did that make you feel? >> reporter: that's the latest controversial video posted by a man in prince william county after child protective serve stes visited his home. because of this initial video the virginia man posted on facebook. it shows him boxing his son and it cost a fire storm on social media. the video also shows the teen face and shirt bloodied during the clips
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they're a boxing family and he was trying to teach his son discipline and self-defense. after the 17-year-old cut class. >> tell your teacher your sorry. >> i'm sorry for getting up and walking out of your class. >> it's inappropriate for an adult to beat a child of that nature. he wasn't boxing him. he was fighting him. it's in black and white. and it not fair to a kid. >> i think it's okay. i think it's okay. i don't believe he was going to hurt him and sometimes you've got to discipline them. you have an incident where the football player goes to jail for disciplining his kids. i think you've got to draw the line somewhere. >> people brought police to our house. what you want to tell them?
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in the state of virginia. >> she was stuttering sound more nervous than i was. >> reporter: but the way the police department sees it, there's no debate. the actions are a crime and sellers' reasons weren't enough to keep child protective services away for long either. police say agents came back and removed the 17-year-old from the home. alexandra lim, fox 5 local news. >> sellers was released on an unsecured bond after turning himself in. but the prince william county police department says the investigation is ongoing and he could face more charge. >> new at 10:00 tonight, the state's governor says he will not back the hopeful. larry hogan told reporters his position has not changed even though trump won all of the delegates. last month the republican governor said he was not a trump fan and didn't think trump should be the republican nominee for president.
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appearance drew hundreds of protesters today as the demonstrators blocked his motorcade's path. he got out of his car, walked down a small incline surrounded by secret service, jumped a fence and walked into the hotel through a back entrance. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called and she said there are helicopters following you and then we went under a fence and through a fence. it felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> meantime trump's chief rival senator ted cruz spent his days campaigning in indiana. carly fiorina joined on the campaign trail. indiana's crucial primary is tuesday. >> today actress reriifd her character to give a press briefing. she showed up at the briefing
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just moments before white house press secretary josh earnest. she used her brief appearance to address the fight against substance abuse. >> i am here today to draw attention to the opioid epidemic and to celebrate those who are working to help others combat substance use disorder. ten individuals from across the country will be honor as white house champions of change. they've been selected for over 900 nominations for their leadership in preventing prescription drug abuse and heroin use. >> last month president obama identified the epidim i can as a greater threat than terrorism. today the district took a manl or step toward pursuing its state hood. muriel bowser and four other officials voted to publicly release a draft of a new constitution for an eventual state. the draft constitution will be released next
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the mayor says the. it will lead up to a formal constitution convention expected to take place in mid june. >> new tonight, a michigan woman is suing a police officer for violating her privacy. megan pierce said police arrested her for marijuana. that phone is the device she uses to monitor her baby. she says one night she took a bat and breast fed her baby and she activated the find my iphone feature to figure out where the phone was located. it turns out a police officer had the phone. she is suing the officer for violating her privacy. >> coming up, will ferrell's decision to back out of a movie making light of the illness that claimed ronald
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>> if you're riding metro this kwenld be prepared for delays. a massive repair blitz is under way on the red line after a series of problems over the last few weeks. crews are cleaning tunnels and inspectling power cables and boots. there will be single tracking over the weekend. officials say the goal is to stop the water leaks and the rusting and corroding of lk kal lines on the tracks. >> it has been years in the making and tonight the dupont underground is getting ready to show off it's first exhibit. it used to be a trolley space but became a for gotten space in the city. tomorrow its first exhibit opens up to the public. if it looks
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transformation of an exhibit that was first shown at the national building museum. >> 650,000 balls were brought over, we had a design contest that had some missions from around the world, 19 different countries. we had a jury pick one design, and this is it. all the balls were made into cubes and the cubes are meant to be moved around, repurposed, put into different shapes. people can do whatever they want with it. >> it looks very cool. the art exhibit by the way will run through june 1st. the space only has room for 29 people at a time and we are told tickets are going fast. very creative. >> coming up next, will ferrell has decided to back out of a movie about the late ronald reagan. >> careful what you wish for. >> the first family's play full challenge for the royal family. it's allom
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here on fox 5 local news at 10:00.
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>> tisha lewis in woodbridge, virginia with more on a woman found dead. >> reporter: this woodbridge ditch marks the tragic end to the search for a missing alexandria woman. the woman's body was discovered here this morning. police say she was murdered. now the search is on for her killer as police turned to the public for help. jennifer? >> fairfax county fire chief is calling on the fairfax underground to remove lewd posts. the creator of that website says the department is just trying to deflect blame. he says just three months ago he was issued a court order asking him to remove lewd comments
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firefighter. he says it points to a:tour of machoism. >> posted this video of himself boxing his 17-year-old on line. >> first responders in prince george's county are holding a vigil for one of their own tonight. >> in memory of john ulm schneider. he was performing a welfare check at the home. the event tonight also recognized kevin swain who was kritly hurt during the shooting. he is out of the hospital and recovering at home. >> vice president joe biden is pushing for a global commitment to end cancer as we know it. >> he spoke at a conference at
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the stage with pope francis. biden, who lost his beau to brain cancer last year, urged increase in funding and speed up cancer research. >> cancer is a constant emergency. in the united states alone we lose more than 300,000 people a day to cancer. we should be doing everything possible to accelerate cancer treatments and cures with urgency. >> more than a million and a half new cancer cases will be diagnosed this year. comedian will fellell has had a change of heart. he says he will not participate in a movie. >> there was a lot of back lash from people who didn't think the idea was funny. >> this is an important day. >> reporte
10:33 pm
time will ferrell made a republican the butt of his jokes. so it wasn't a huge surprise when the magazine "variety," ferrell agreed to star in and produce a movie. >> to make a comedy of out of a drijdy was a huge mistake. >> to poke fun at a whole group of people through a president for a disease they can't do anything about and that's tearing a family apart, that goes beyond the pale. >> early friday ferrell backed away from the project. the reagan script is one of a number of scripts which he had considered. by it is by no means an alzheimer's comedy, mr. ferrell is not pursuing this project. >> i suspect the blowback is more about ronald reagan than about
10:34 pm
>> it's unclear if reagan suffered from dementia while in office, the movie is set during his presidency. an inturn must. >> it is entirely possible that there was a table read and that will ferrell liked it and said that might be interesting to do. >> ferrell is a long-time democrat who recently switched from bernie sanders to hillary clinton. in comedy there are no sacred cows, while ferrell says he won't make the movie doesn't mean someone else won't. >> still ahead tonight, how some local high school students are being rewarded for encouraging their peers to stay safe while behind the wheel. >> we are in for a soggy weekend. gwen tells us when to expect the biggest downpours coming up on fox 5 local news at 10:00. >> talk about a pain in the
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prices at the pump continue to drive higher. the national average of regular unleaded now at $2.20 a gallon. that is up $0.50 in the last couple of months. you're making more cash and putting more of it apparently under the ma trets. personal income rising in march with the savings rate hitting at its higher level a year. mixed month for the markets. the dow, the s and p500 in the green and the nasdaq in the red. we know weddings are getting more expensive. it turns out going to the big day is costing more too. according to a new survey the average cost of attending a wedding is more than 700 bucks a person. including things like airfare, hotel rooms and clothes. but guess this, it doesn't even include the gifts. that's where you take the cuts. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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two tenth grade students are smiling from ear to ear to be the. they entered a video challenge. their assignment to create a video to encourage teens to drive more safely and avoid risky behavior. the teens came up with a unique idea comparing the car to the size of a whale. take a listen for yourself. >> the reason it matters is this is the same weight as
10:40 pm
>> talked about how crazy we get to drive the equivalent of a whale in an cha lantly. it's been a long running idea. >> in addition to their winnings, the teens will get a chance to remake their video. >> prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it. >> careful what you wish for. >> that was great. >> that was a
10:41 pm
elizabeth trash talking barack obama and the first lady along with prince harry. it's all part of a promotion. the sporting interwill be held in orlando this year and it is a big deal. >> it's a huge deal. but it's so cool to see her because we usually see this image of her that's very uptight and prim and proper but the grandsons came in. that was pretty cool. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, the feds they're telling metro no excuses. the changes being made following a string of safety problem. >> sick at sea where a cruise ship is docked and passengers are being quarantined. >> take a look at this bear cub. he's about to take a jump and learn a lesson. we'll show you what happens next at 11:00.
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more wild weather
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pounding the northwest tonight. >> meanwhile people are bracing for wildfire season. trace gallagher has more from los angeles. >> reporter: severe storms striking the southern plains states. a tornado forming in southern oklahoma. wind gusts up to 115 miles per hour reportedly flipping this semi on a turnpike. little rock and shutting down an outdoor festival in fort worth. meantime wildfire season has begun outwest with crews battling a brush fire in southern california. high winds pushing the blaze to 50 acres. >> it's the primary cause of spread right now. once the fire crested the top of the hill, the wind is now pushing it. >> officials
10:46 pm
southern california preparing for the possibility of more fires as the four-year drought continues. >> if you live in a wildzone interface, it's time to get your fire hazard reduction down now. >> reporter: that same storm system is also bringing heavy snow to the rockies. winter storm warnings effect through new mexico, colorado, wyoming and nebraska. >> we got a little good news to report now about the wildfire in shenendoah national park. crews have contained a fire. now that the fire is under control skyline drive is open once again and flight restrictions near the park have also been lift. a portion of the appalachian trails and several other trails are still closed as workers remove damaged trees. >> all right.
10:47 pm
outside tonight. more rain is on the way. gwen is here to tell us all about it. >> they could definitely use the rain. we're really going to get socked in for a few days. >> oh, joy. >> somebody tweeted me what about the sun? i said vacay. >> we pick up milk and toilet paper? >> let's see. maybe a movie or two. i think you'll be okay with the milk and toilet paper department. but he's right. it is misty outside, it's foggy outside, we've got drizzle outside, clouds that aren't going anywhere for a while if you're going anywhere you're going to have to deal with all this, the clouds, the showers, the fog, the drizzle and tomorrow we get a little bit of
10:48 pm
for you. we're going to get a little bit of a dry spot. so for the best part of the day you're actually going to have dry conditions. although it's going to be gray. it's not going to be sun filled at all. later in the day we're talking about rain moving back in again. periods of rain on sunday, can't rule out some thunderstorms on sunday as well and once we get into next week, i can't even give you much improvement at all. we're still going to end up seeing a very unsettled pattern, jet stream is just going to have all this moisture riding along it and we're going to get sokd in all over again. so be prepared. so right now mainly clouds, some drizzle and fog across the mid atlantic, all the strong storms we just mentioned to areas to the south and we've got a couple of systems that we're going to have to keep an eye on sass all of that starts to move its way towards the east and we start getting sokd in with even more widespread rain showers. we do need the rain. we're actually well below our levels of what we should have for normal for this time
10:49 pm
year. 53 degrees right now in dc, 51 in baltimore, 55 at quantico, 52 at dulles and 51 at martins burg. our highs tomorrow warmer than we were today. 17 degrees below seasonal average. we won't make it to where we should be but we will be into the low to mid 60s under the cloudy skies. we've got a frontal system to the south. ridge of high pressure to the north, a little bit more pushing to the west and all this cool flow coming in from off of the atlantic and that's just keeping us socked in on all the moisture. this frontal system is going to end up stalling. it's going to be a major weather maker for us as we look into sunday to see exactly what it does and how far north it starts to move how severe storms we'll get but we are anticipating some instability getting pushed in here. so we could look to thunderstorms by the time we get into sunday. as we get into tomorrow a little bit more of a different pattern. sunday we're actually going to be right now we're under a
10:50 pm
marginal risk of seeing severe weather. to the north we're talking a general risk but it's going to depend on where this front is at any given time, in terms of just where that marginal risk line will actually be. but just know that there is a chance of seeing some storms. how much rain? we're talking an inch or just a little bit more. and once again, overall, we do need to get that rainfall in. just think of the beautiful green grass and flowers we'll have from it. as we progress into tomorrow we end up with a dry day. you might see a little bit of drizzle or light shower here or there. and once we get into saturday night or sunday, it fills in, moderate to heavy rainfall at times as well and once we get into monday that pattern starts to get up and down. 49 degrees for tonight, clouds and showers and some fog and then for tomorrow we're talking 62 degrees. early drizzle with clouds and fog, we get a break, then by the evening hours or late afternoon we'll start to see another round of that rain moving in. our 7-day forecast unfortunately
10:51 pm
practically almost every day when we get into beginning part of the week and a little bit into the later part of the week as well. we have that up and down pattern going. we have a series of low pressure systems to deal with. unfortunately keep the umbrella handy, as you can see we'll finally get back to close to seasonal condition as far as those temps are concern. >> prince george's county newest high school is getting a fancy upgrade. it will soon be home to a steinway and sons concert grand piano. the school paid a hefty $125,000 for the piano. the prizy piano is known for his high quality craftsmanship, but the instrument has hit a sour note with some school board members who feel it sends the wrong note about priorities. they say it was
10:52 pm
because they want to expose students to high quality instruments. >> that's a lot of money. >> a 10-year-old boy got the surprise of a lifetime today. >> eli received the ultimate birthday celebration at toys r us. nelson jones was there to capture the special day. >> we made special plans with eli and his family. the whole team at toys r us. would like to welcome you to our birthday celebration. >> he levrnd he would be having a special birthday party. he received a $250 gift card
10:53 pm
through the store and pick ut r out anything he likes. >> it can always be worse. he's really been blessed to be reacting to the treatments he's going through well. >> that's hawk, flash and robin. and this one is spiderman. >> eli loves legos he loaded up his cart with kits he doesn't have yet. he's so excited because his wish is to have a lego clubhouse where he can play and build and not have to worry about cleaning them up all the time. now he has plenty of new sets to play with in his clubhouse once it's completed. >> are your arms getting tired if. >> a little bit. >> who can stack the most? it's like jenga. >> what
10:54 pm
>> it's fun getting all these lego sets. ♪ happy birthday >> look at the smile on his face. >> great work. >> absolutely. still ahead tonight at 10:00, some boy scouts recently found themselves out of luck after someone stole thousands of dollars worth of camping gear. >> now they're getting some help from the community. we'll tell you about that when we return.
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>> thousands of local high school seniors received a special honor today. >> mourl bouser recognized them as part of signing day. they gathered at the smith center for a rally to celebrate their big milestone. we spoke to a few seniors who say determination and the support of family and friends is the key to their success. >> i have my mom motivating me to do better. do things she never got to do and got to have. so she's living through me and i want to make sure i live up to it. >> i have some bumps in the road but my mom has help me get along and different organizations. >> par
10:59 pm
obama's commitment to inspear every station nicewide to pursue and complete their higher education. >> a boy scout troop whose camping gear was stolen from a parking lot has received a donation. scout leaders say their trailer went missing between monday and tuesday night. it was parked at river of grace church. the group says the trailer was worth about $3,000 but the equipment inside was worth over $10,000. >> wow. >> hopefully they'll get even more donations. >> we hope so. >> fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00, the investigation into a firefighter's suicide. >> this blog and social media is out of control. >> did lewd comments posted about her on a local website play a role?
11:00 pm
administrator is speaking out. >> and more april showers are heading our way. what you need to know before you make your weekend plans. >> and how the feds are stepping up the pressure on metro following a strong of safety problems. your news starts right now. >> and off the top tonight, fairfax county's fire chief is taking aim at a local website following a firefighter's death. now that website is responding. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. investigators say she committed suicide. although it's not clear why. today the fire chief called out fairfax underground, an online message board where lewd comments were posted. fox 5's jennifer davis talked to him. >> reporter: virginia state police first of all said today that the lewd blog post had nothing to do with her death but they have certainly put a


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