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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  April 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.nei >> ahead this morning, the search for a missing woman hasnn now turned into a homicide investigation.investigat and fairfax county firent fr chief asking for a web site to be taken down delete commentseto posted on the site about a firefighter who killed herselfer play a role in her death.eath. pack your patience.atie metro's red line is on delay.el we'll tell you which stationschi are impacted the most. good morning and welcomeni to fox5 news morning on thisng s saturday. i'm annie yu.m ane yu. >> and i'm caitlin roth. i'm car good morning, annie. >> hi. >> good morning to everyonetory else on this unfortunatelyorna very dreary weekend. weeke let's take a live look outside. we've been stuck under theen stu clouds for days and nothing notg has changed not yet on this ts last weekend in april.n ail may begins tomorrow.giw. today is the last day of theast april.apri april 30th and feels more like
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a crisp fall day. d this weather is down right chilly and you needed a jacket c the past couple days to be outdoors because temperatures have been stuck in the 50'sst anduc 60's. storm track radar not slowinglo any rain just low clouds andudsa fog.g. with that you'll see someeeom drizzle. iz but the steady rain is stills sl far off towards our west sot so don't count on any sunshine ssh today or this weekend for thatt matter. temperatures outside right out now, it's a cool 51 inl 51 i washington, 52 manassas, 48sas, gaithersburg and 49 in and 4 baltimore. hey, if you're a fan of this cooler weather then you'rehe you liking it and this rain thatn t has been coming through has at least been helping diminishimish the pollen counter. allergy sufferers may bemay b getting a across the northeast we're we' seeing cool readings, 45 boston, 47 in pittsburgh and 52 in richmond. ricon not a big storm system that'sha overhead of us right now butut that persistent easterly flow it's bringing the clouds andg the look at your futurecastly youasu see just a spotty shower along
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today. toda it's not until late tonight tig early tomorrow morning thatornig the steadier rain comes r through and while we're on thern air fox5 news morning tomorrownm at this time we'll be talking wa about some of that heavy rainvyi possibly even rumbles ofmbs thunder coming through sundayday a lot of that pushes out sunday afternoon but count onouo a washout for tomorrow androw just a really dreary weekend. we looks like showers linger into s homonday. here's that weekend forecast. fs 61 today is the highhe temperature. little bit warmer 68 tomorrowarw with the chance of af thunderstorm. i'll let you know when wew whe finally see the sunshinehe s return. it might take awhile.ight take that's coming up in your up in seven-day forecast in just at s bit. annie, let's get back over tock you. >> thank you. well, this morning we aree following some breaking news brg out of prince george's countyin where a deadlyce crash happenede on indian head highway.hw according to police right now rg the driver lost control of his i car and hit a guardrail. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have closed the highway g at homer road. r it should be reopening soon. s and a woman's body was w discovered in a ditch more ditch th a
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missing and police say they believe it is lizeth lopez and z she was murdered. fox5's tisha lewis has more m on this investigation. >> reporter: the call cameter: t in just before 11:00 friday1:00a morning reporting a body in the drainage ditch.drainage a resident made the discovery do and in mere moments the worst w case scenario became all too too real. re police say it's likely lel 36-year-old lizeth lopez and they believe she was murdered mr and dumped in this woodedth area. >> it's shocking at the samehe s time but it sucks because becau given that amount of time you to a like the outlet doesn't look o for her to be found >> reporter: we visited lopez's neighbor mika. every time that guy came over o there was a lot of fussing and fighting.ghti our walls are thin and you thin could hear even regulareg conversation but you could butoc hear them screaming if you were outside, if you were in yor here. >> we're learning more aboute ou the young alexandria woman who w was last seen at this woodbridge cvs pharmacy. phaac her friends and coworkers call
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worked the overnight shift at an independent living home liv where she was one of two counselors supervising young adults. on the heels of lopez's deathz'd her coworkers are concerned conn about their safety. saf >> the way that she washae w positioned down there believeshl us to believe it's a homicide.ic >> reporter: a murder thatr t may be challenging to solve to v because of less than ideal of la weather conditions.hes. >> we had some rain and where w she was located the evidence evc would have been washed beewash downstream. the body will be reported tol be the medical examiner's office for further examination and autopsy to see the exact causexc of death. of death. >> that was tisha lewisa l reporting. police say anyone withe information should give them aim call. call in maryland the judgearylan threw a book at a man convicted of attacking andki a sexually assaulting women atom the metro station.e metro st the judge sentenced christianti jordan to 20 years in prison pso for sexual assault and 100 years with five suspended fored robbery with a
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weapon. jordan admitted to attacking aac three women in 2014 and20 a forcing them into unwanted sexad acts. new details about the mans involved inab thursday's bombmb scare at a baltimore tv a b station. statio police say alex brizzi walked into wbftv wearing what appeared to be an explosivexplo drive on his body.on h bod he had a thumb drive and wanted to put its contents onnt the world.the investigators say the mans sayhe appears to have mental health ht issues and is not part of any organized group.up. >> the incident is not thencid connected, not connected tocted any type of organizedfrg terrorism.te brizzi's family has been veryil helpful and cooperativey as wee continue to investigate this situation. >> officers shot and wounded brizzi when he refused to listen to their commands toheira show his hands. han niece serious but stable thist morning and facing numerous nums charges including arson and posses
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fairfax county fire chiefire lashing out at a local webg ou site following a firefighter's death. vial and vicious commentsnd v about firefighter nicolere mittendorf were posted on the web site called fairfaxe underground before her death.erh virginia state police say theay blog posts about mittendorfittef had nothing to do with her with death but the fairfax countyy fire chief still wants the posts removed as he investigates whether anyone intn the department wrote them. >> clean up this blog andog people need to act right. r i am appealing to and i'm i'm using the media here, to the person that hosts this site to one take the lewd commentsewd co down and two, turn the site sit off if people aren't going actnt right.rit. >> it really is a deflectionleco of game it's a chalkboard or a bathroom stall and you don'ttald blame -- when someone comes and writes graffiti on a chalkboard you don't blame the e chalkboard you blame thekb you author and it see
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obvious, of course it's not n certain but it's prettyrett obvious the author of these malicious coats is a fairfax county firefighter and feels anf like he's trying to deflectefle blame from the author onto thehn web site. s >> steve bowers says he wasowerh unaware of the bullying on the n site and says people postt anonymously on the site he hasas no proof the lewd comments came from within hisis department but wiedemann saysnny these comments are part of a long thread including lewdncludl comments about another femalethm firefighter in the police issued a court order inrr february asking him to removeemv those as part of an ongoingng police investigation.ti and in montgomery county, mm fire and rescue wants morentmore women on their team.n on they're hosting a special speal event today to recruit womenit m firefighters.. fox5's lindsey watts live iniv i rockville with more. good morning, lindsey. lin >> reporter: good morning, annie. this event is going to be t b starting in just about an hournh but we're here to give you aou a
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september and i'firefighters see why hold something like this? ti >> we're just trying to beg to b reflective of our community cmuy and certainly although we have a pretty high percentage whenr you look atce national statistics for women in our i o fire service we're alwaysvie'rey trying to attract the best and d this is a good opportunity totuy have women and young ladies to e come out and see what our jobt j is all about, that they can doen it. those that are interested kindre of get an ori ientation ofentaof what's going on, what tong wha expect. ex we have our applicationppca process that's going to being b opening soon so again this is ai a good opportunity for them tomt kind of look at this as a great career opportunity. >> reporter: we have someter: volunteers who are demonstrating whatnstrating what participants are going to be art doing here today.g hereod talk to me about what we're w seeing. >> we have a few participantscit already here but some of ourf staff members, career, c firefighters herely in montgomery county and they --ou what we will go through todayoud are a number of the station. sta
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pack, the stair climb you wear w awaited vest but all the t participants today will get aodg and opportunity to do that.t. put on the vests, helmets, hel gloves do a few minutes on minut that to kind of give them anki idea of what's goingnd on. o >> reporter: over here.ter: >> then we have the hose drag hr and again this is one of our candidates who is here earlier.r. she came in early so she'she actually running through the process here. h explain you kind of run up theue hose and they'll go around theh' corner. co this is just simply hose drag.ed kind of gives them idea of what some of the fill f functions that are involved invl with that type of process.f pro. >> reporter: all right,ep well, thank you so much foror coming in early and giving usk u a preview. pre we're going to be back ae goingo little later on in the show o te with much more on this.onhi again, this event is going tos g be starting at 8 o'clock. olo people can still come out ande you can go to the montgomery county fire blog for moreog f m information if you would liken
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for now we're live in're in rockville, lindsey watts, fox5tx local news. n >> thanks so much lindsey.soh li if you're riding metrong m this weekend be prepared forpadr delays. a massive replayer blitz isr under way on the red lineed le after a series of problems probm over the last few crews are cleaning out thoseclea tunnels inspecting power p cables and booths and metro boon says they'll be single single tracking over the weekend wee between the medical center andle van ness stations.tations. officials say the goal is too stop those water leaks and theke rusting and corroding ofding electrical lines on the on t tracks. and heads up if you areads headed to reagan national airport today. today if you see a swarm of first of i responders don't worry. it's part of a hands-onn training drill involvingll i airline staff hospitals andstafp other emergency personnel.erge you may hear sirens and see helicopters.s. the drill will be in a remotell area s bo it won't affecton't a flights or be visible to most passengersism donald trump mayi have won this week's primaryrimy but the state's governor says sy he won't back the gop t presidential
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governor larry hogan toldry hant reporters his position has noti changed even though trump wontr all of the state's 38 delegates.s. last month the republicanepub governor said he was not a fanht of trump and didn't thinkhi trump should be the republican nominee for just days ahead of theof t presidential primary indiana's governor announces who he is aes voting for but at the samesame time praising another contender.conten fox news rich edson has more from the campaign trails. >> reporter: ted cruz'sorte barnstorming through indianaghna courting voters and desperately seeking toee recapture momentum. >> indiana faces a choice, a choice between one campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults and another campaign that is a positive optimistic forward looking conservativeonse campaign. >> reporter: and a boost for bsf the cruz camp indiana governor r mike pence throws his supportth behind the texas senator. >> i see ted cruz asro t a principled
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has dedicated his career.isar >> reporter: though beforeef that pence was commending donald trump and while the who'sier state such next onta the primary calendar somear candidates are focy using onusi other delegate rich se both john kasich and trumpnd t were speaking at california'sal' gop convention though it wasou trump who entered through thed u back door avoiding a largeg a l crowd of protestors in frontin of the venue.of >> that was not the easiest eie entrance i've ever made.ance oh, boy, felt like i was like crossing the border. >> reporter: hillary clinton hil is delivering her first publicit remarks since winning four of five northeastern primarieseaer tuesday. >> every child can succeed and c we have got to believe that t and we've got to invest in i that. >> reporter: speaking at apeakia breakfast for new york city school clinton offered no offed remarks on republicans, theepub race or even bernie clinton has yet to call for sanders to exit the race. r her campaign stresses this week it plans to continuee competing against sanders inanrs the prosecutors whileprecut acknowledging she is alsoing beginning
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to the general election.lectn. in washington, rich edson, fox >> meantime at donald trump'salp rally a trump supporter apparently got pumped in theumpt face. it was wearing a red colored cor make america great again hat h chanting for police eventually had to escort the plan to a safen to a location as some protestors pros claim the trump fan was pretty aggressive. during the ♪ 17 people were arrested. president obama pushing for new action to protect people. caitlin roth will be back with another look at our forecast. stay with us. time right now 7:14.
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>> ♪ >> no excuses. that is the message from thee u.s. transportation department to metro. it has replaced three metrothree board members in the wake of w the continuing safety problems l that have plagued the transit t agency.ency the transportation secretary sre says he's been frustrated byra the board's delay in createing e a new safety oversight office. f the district took a major mr step towards pursuing its i state hood. state hood. d.c. mayor muriel bowser andor m four other d.c. officials voted to publicallyer release aa draft of a new constitutionst for an eventual state.te the draft constitution will best released next friday. fri mayor bowser says the unveiling will proceed severalre thmmunity gatherings over thega next couple months leading up lp to a formal constitutionnstuti convention expected to taketi ec place in mid june. m the house voted to renewew the d.c. school voucherool vo program. it's renewed for another fivethf years. the bill provides $20 million0 in annual funding forun scholarships for low incanhips come district children tot chilt attend private schools and the bill also authorizes federaledal funding for the district's public and charter schools.
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>> ♪>> all right. well, has been days of rains and clouds but as you y mentioned earlier it's beent's b great for us allergy sufferersgf because we don't have to take'tt the medicine.e medicin >> i know. trying to look on the brightloo side of what lab such a dreary few days. ds. this soggy pattern is stick around. there are signs this could go all week long.l we >> wow. >> i know this weekend aprilthir showers are a definite andine then we're seeing that chancet a for showers linger. l in the springtime this is typical, you get into these ints patterns where it's kind ofns we one wave of wet weather afterft another and, you know, we had h a fantastic couple of weeks in n there, mid april, but nowut now we're back to the soggy the weather and that's the tha headline for this weekend asnd we close out april today, mayay, first tomorrow. looks like a wet and cool and cl start to the month.. hopefully turning that aroundt n but like i said it's going to gg take a few days. day at the airports right now 51 now at reagan national, 51 dulles, bwi 49. bw it's cool out there right nowert but it's not overly wet. we had some p
7:18 am
during the overnight hours andoa we will again today but the b steady rain is not expected. exp i think maybe you need thed raincoat with a hood today andoy you certainly need some layers a to be outside for the kids'ouid soccer games but you're notou'r necessarily going need the umbrella. umbrella you'll need that tomorrow. nee 51 as i said in washington, 48h, in gaithersburg, 48 in frederick, 50 in martinsburgic and 50 in winchester.inch we've kind of been stuck in the 50's and 60's over thever past couple days as this as t weather pattern is taking t shape with the clouds anduds and showers. you can't really warm up whenar you have this dense cloudhis del cover. satellite and radar, you seeand it's not showing much overh washington, just a little bitjul of drizzle out there forhere the main event is this line of showers and storms stuck in the midwest. the midw it could bring rain laterer tomorrow. here's the setup for your the weekend. if you plan on just stayingn indoors and watching moviesonhim this is great weather for if you want to be outside andsie there are so many things goinghi on around the dmv this weekendkd unfortunately you'll beun battling the gray skies today,oy again not
7:19 am
but it is cool, it is cloudys c and we could have some some occasional drizzle once thatal warm front moves in by sunday,yn not looking at the best day especially in the morningthe hours. ho rain possibly thunder as thatndt low pressure system exits late s in the day sunday we might have a dry break but with with these dry breaks probably noty even much sunshine.un for today, mostly cloudyudy skies, 61 degrees with a passing shower.g sho and sky cast even trying tory indicate a few bright spotste a later on this afternoon.on we'll see but that will be probably the only bright spott s we see for at least the next thx few days.few day check this a very cool wet pattern p continues. cont periods of rain on sunday.da second wave looks to be early b monday morning.or we are at least warmer w underneath that warm front on monday, 75 degrees.5 degr a chance of showers remains. rem we just cannot rule it out as ot we stay pretty unsettlednsettl tuesday all the way through t friday with temperatures atratus least closer to normal, theer normal high by the way 71 foray1 this time of year.f y that's your seven-dayouven- we'll send it back to annie. >> thanks so much caitlin. cait. the white house pushinge wh forward with plans to
7:20 am
violence. it released a progress report rp centered around so-calledd sole smart gun. fox's kevin cork has more onor the debate surrounding the new technology.te >> reporter: unveiling hisepor latest push or smarter gunmarter technology president obamanolo laid out his plan to use executive action to speed up its use and development to prevent accidental shootingshoot smart guns use high techse h features such as fingerprintgeri activation that allows only onl certain users to fire the weapon. >> if we can set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless n the you got the right fingerprint, why can't we do w the same thing for our guns. if a child can't open a bottle e of aspirin, we should make shou sure that they can't pull a c'tp trigger on a gun.un >> reporter: it's theepor couldn't asian of an effortsian that kicked off anin january jan when the president tasked theket departments of justice, jus homeland security and defensendn to study advanced gun safety s technology resulting inulting in today's 17-page report which promised further research
7:21 am
collaboration with local lawat enforcement in the future.he f in addition to boosting bstin development of smart gunrt g technology, the white house wte says its plan ensures thatsus background check providersgrou would get the federal mental m health records of those prohibitd from buying guns. f but even as critics warn ofti w the possibility that smart tt guns could one day be required r for government firearment purchases, white housepurc officials rejected the notion. . >> i think this is consistentnk with the kind of wil td eyed conspiracy theories that we've heard on this issue for years now. >> reporter: still, some experts believe so-called smart guns make potential users like law enforcement enfme less safe because they run onunn batteries and the software s could be prone to hacking. hac >> i think it's federaleder overreach and frankly it iss dangerous. if anyone has an iphone with a fingerprint app, think hownk often that has failed and notndn worked and now think abouthink t trying to apply that to guns. >> reporter: at the whiteter: a house, k
7:22 am
>> tonight president obamaight e will havnte his last laugh atlag the white house correspondents dinner.di this is his final nerd prom. pr. during his presidency willsi smith his wife jada kerry k washington and kendall jennerlln expected to attend. a the event will be hosted by wilmore.wi time now 7:22. be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:25.ti some passengers on board a board cruise ship docked in virginia are being quarantined for the fe it's currently docked in norfolk. the cdc says 153 of the ship's i 917 passengers reportedd getting sick during the trip. ti seven guests are still inests ai isolation and the cdc plans to have its staff evaluate theate ship when it arrives back in bak baltimore this and the first u.s. deaths.ea related to the zika virus has vs been reported. repor puerto rico's health secretary announced a 70-year-old man from san juan died in februaryar due to complications from the mosquito borne b the news comes as experts warnew zika could reach epidemicpide status in the u.s. as early as spis summer fox correspondentre phil keating with the storyith h from miami. >> ready to sting and in fact f don't care that we don't ha
7:26 am
they're here. >> reporter: as the fight ons tt capitol hill to fund the batunht tell me against the cbs virus cv rages on stunning news todayne d that south florida will most likely witness epidemic levelsde of the disease this that prediction coming from fm nasa. na the space agency also says the mosquito which transmits zikansz is expected to spread furtherd r north and live longer this summer. miami dade county alreadyda cou leads all counties in thent nation with confirmed zika infections, 39. nasa's map ranks the regions most at risk these cities inrisk red miami orlando and from newfn orleans to charleston.harl orange indicates a moderate mer abundance of the zika carryingrg mosquito. the cities in yellow rank lowral risk. miami dade spends $1.6 million a year on mosquito control isoni asking the state for more butore isn't panicking >> we feel that we arere prepared and we have the the resource that we need to be able to do the appropriate t spgu
7:27 am
surveillance, the appropriate education and outreach.utre >> reporter: presidentepter: obama's requesting reque $1.9 billion in emergency in funding to fight zika whichhi causes brain defects inects babies.babi but in the senate republicans ri sent a democratic spending snd spree.sp >> they haven't told us whatn' the plan for the use of these oe funds is. >> reporter: the zika bill zika filed get a vote this week. wee health officials say the zika battle is extremely dependentepn on you the homeowner homeo specifically removing allovg all standing water from yourer f property. they say all it takes is this it much a bottle cap full off water for the diseasefor spreading mosquito to lay eggs e and thrive. in miami dade county, phil keating, fox news.s. >> the first commerciallyommerca developed test for the zika virus will soon be available soo in the united states. sta quest diagnostics says it received emergency authorization from the foodio and drug administration to sell thisn test on thursday. ta before this approval the onlynl zika blood test with fdat emergency use approval wasuse as available from theen
7:28 am
disease control and contr prevention. the company knows this news th test can only detect the virus r when it is still present in the blood and a negative teste does not completely rule out a zika infrench all right. new rules from uber.w rules frou if you make your driver wait,r w you could actually face some consequences. we'll tell you about those inouo just a minute. plus caitlin roth back rothb with another look at today'sk ay weather and that all important a work week preview. week previ stay with us. st fox5 news morning on this saturday will be right back.
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>> back now at 7:00 as w 7:30 ak a live look outside.side. caitlin will be along to giveo us a full forecast in just a few. few. and bad news for air air travelers this summer.r. airlines are closing down a cost saving loophole that allowed savvy travelers to fly for the cheap. cheap. frequent flyers have longnt f known that flights with a fewli stops along the way cost muchgh less than direct flights butghtt flying from new york to miami m by way of seattle will no wl longer be a budget friendly option. airlines raising the price for multi-see flights. fgh uber testing out newew policies to ensure pun punctualities. >> reporter: i shallep encouraging passengers to beg on time for their rides. uber's web site reads ready anywhere any time but today b t their message to riders seemsers
7:32 am
anywhere but you better be onetb time.ti the ride sharing giantng gnt announced two new policies encouraging punctuality fromtym their passengers.pagers the first paying drivers for drr waiting past two minutes.o minu. meaning once you get the get t notification that your driver has arrived, two minutes later l the meter goes on. the second shortening the shortn cancellation window frinom fivei minutes down to two minutes. mut we spoke to some uber driversri who were happy with the news. n >> that is very good thing for driver. >> reporter: uber is sayingbeisg they're trying to make it moreke friendly for drivers. drirs >> wants to make up for the the uber x and xl's.nd xl's. they want to try to make it i better for them. t >> reporter: some riders received an alert about then alr new policies warning them to only request when you'ren y'r ready. the passengers we talked to were pretty split on the issue. >> any time spent waiting one sp you is time money out of theirfe pockets and with the app and app technology you know when they're going to be there sog you have all the time so it'she all about being responsible.nsib >> yeah, i know, that's that' ridiculous.ridi i don't think that's very v fairmount i would b
7:33 am
inkind that take avia. a >> i would much rather pay the t two dollars rather than waitars out here trying to get a cab.etc >> reporter: uber is testingis g in new york new jersey dallas dl and phoenix.ho the company that calls itself everyone's private driver just e got a little d pricier for us procrastinators. joe tooey fox news. >> subway offering free breakfasts. guests who purchase a subho p before 9:00 will receive a free 6-inch breakfast sandwich c of their choice every dayvery during the month. it's valued for a limited timedo only. on that sounds pretty goodound that's a good deal.'sood our weather not so much. s muc >> not so much. yes, focus canned on breakfast, that's always tha fantastic and then if you've'v got outdoor plans today got to focus on staying drainying drain probably staying warm.ably rain not a big issue today butub as you take a look outside, we, are socked in with the clouds i and some spotty drizzle. d
7:34 am
show much over washington.ton. the plane event the steady the rain that we're anticipatingic for tomorrow, still way outay o towards the west from chicago ci all the way down to houston hout seeing some more rain there.her. spinning storm system moving sym through nebraska with even withe some snow across westernses portions of nebraska. so, that is very slow moving but once it gets here, it does e look like we'll be on the warmw side of things. thi it will bring some rain andbrin possibly even some thunder tomorrow morning.tomo in the meantime it is still alla pretty dreary saturday and it is a chilly a c it has felt much more likeh morl fall than late april the past couple of days and today is no exception. 51 d.c., 49 baltimore, 50 50 annapolis, 51 dulles, 50 in0 i winchester. these temperaturehes will go upg a bit but when you have sobut many clouds out there, it'ss ou really hard to get any warming r going so i think high temperatures will be aroundes w 60 degrees. that's about 10 degrees below normal.normal all across the northeastroth seeing the same weather.ea 48 in new york city, 45 in boston, 52 in richmond.d. no one really is going tooi climb too futurecast shows a lot ofcast clouds around today.d spotty drizzle
7:35 am
and i wouldn't go out withoutit the raincoat but i wouldn'tcoat expect a washout today.asut t it's not until we get thesehe showers to come in latete tonight early tomorrow morningwm that we've got more green and gn more yellow on the map indicating the steady fallingtei rain. rain this is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. showers pretty numerous ner through the whole day.h the not looking at a nice sundayda unfortunately.unfoel earlier this week we thoughtwe o maybe the weekend would be salvageable at least half of let it. today is the better day but idai better i mean less rain.essai we're going to have the rain t r tomorrow. that will probably linger intort much of monday and how muchowuc rain? well, we're not talkingal about a lot but we could useou u it. it we've got about an inch below bl schedule here for april. for a we could make up for that over t the next 24 to 48 hours looking at a half inch to anncho inch generally around thed t washington here's that weekend forecast. 61 degrees for today.ay 68 tomorrow. little bit warmer but with w that the steady rain andnd possible thunder. seven-day forecast is stillfo ahead. we'll show youre if we've got we any brighter days ahead.s ah that's still coming up. annie.anni >> thanks so much m well, a new art sce
7:36 am
arrived in d.c.ved d.c the dupont underground hasground been transformed.ransform coming up we'll tell you when yw you can see this new exhibit coming up.
7:37 am
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>> montgomery un
7:39 am
rescue hosting a special event to recruit more female firefighters.ghte. lindsey watts with more.s wi m last hit it was pretty neat toto see that insight into what itigt takes to really be a firefighter.firefigh >> reporter: right, annieter: and we have more to show youo sw right now. in about half an hour, therere are going to be a lot moree a r women here at the montgomery mtg county fire training academyca in rockville.ockvle this event starts at 8 o'clock o and this isn't one of those'tos things where people are goingpl to come and just sit and hear aa a lot of information. the ladies today are going tood be getting hands-on fighting fighting -- firefighting experiences. i'll take your attention over ao this way.n this is a dummy drag and dg danielle is making it look loo easy but having tried thised myself that thing weighs aboutbo 165 pounds and you need some s muscle power. i'm here now with montgomeryh county fire chief scott s goldstein and scott, this iss obviously a physicallyhyca demanding job and that may bee daunting to some women. women can you ta
7:40 am
qualifications. >> that's why we're havings wh these events.thes while it is physicallyycall demanding, it's also all a learned ladies come out here, understand that these skills,t e these stations which look likeo something that they're goingat to be t challenged with is ais skill they can learn, learney, how to practice, learn how to do those exercises and werc andw expect people to come into our r academy with the basic skills, basic physical general weller w fit bodies and then we get those learned skills to it's part of the job. j any applicant is welcome and look forward to them applyinghe on may 9th when we open our applications.plic >> reporter: with the recentter: death of fairfax county cou firefighter nicole mittendorfr o it's come out that she mayhe have been being bullied online potentially by male coworkers.oe there's challenges for womenorom in male dominated is there anything that you do an to account for that? t >> as a large organizationn about 2700 people we have to00 look at the entire body andnd the entire person. from their physical elementshy to their mental and their t stress and
7:41 am
we have full-time staff, sta psychiatrists as well asias counselors and peer support technicians that work through tu and help our members deal with w the stressors of ourf o organization as well as thehe incidents that we respond to.t s we have to do that because bec it's the responsibility to theit members as well as their t family because it's ant's important factor that they'reort part of our family apart from af it as well as their homeir family. >> reporter: certainly a a stressful job but very rewarding one as well. w >> it is. >> reporter: there's a lotter: mr. to show you.. to we'll be back at 8 o'clock 8'clo with much more.ore. for now we're live in rockville, lindsey watts fox5at local news.lonews. >> the dupont underground iserod showing its first art exhibitrtb to the public. it's a transformation of an exhibit that was firstas shown at the national buildingli the dupont underground usedgroud to be a trolley station theretie but became a forgotten spacettee in the city and tomorrow its
7:42 am
first exhibit opens to theex public.hi >> so, 650,000 balls were50 brought over to the duponter underground.un we had a design contest that had submissions from aroundro the world, 19 different we had a jury pick one designpin and this is it. all the balls were made into mai cubes and then the cubes are meant to be moved around, aund, repurposed, put into differentit shapes. people can do whatever they t want with it. i >> art exhibit will runrt e through june 1st. je the underground space only room for 49 people at a time a and we're told that ticketstoldt are going pretty fast.going ty . the dupont underground usedgrouu to be a trolley station buttatib again became a forgotten space s in the city. c pretty neat. very northeast. neat.> neat. prince's jacket from his's r film purple rain. r how much it costs and how youowy can purchase it. caitlin. >> i've seen better weekendettee forecasts i'll tell you that.ela plenty of clouds and drizzle waiting on the steady rainon which
7:43 am
into early sunday morning.orning how you can plan your weekendany as we take a live look outside i at those low clouds hangingsan over the city.over the we'll have that in your seven-day forecast coming up right after this.
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> ♪ >> all right time now say good t morning to our facebook fansur of the day. the this is quiana and lamontt jackson.jackson. the couple says they tune intono fox5 every morning and night. nt thank you very much. muc that's sweet. appreciate it. to be our next facebook fan offn the day just post
7:46 am
right beneath this one.s >> all right.>> a right as we take a live look outside, not seeing muchg muc thanks to the clouds that have t been hanging over the city for r days now. we are stuck in this dreary dar pattern of april showers andho a that will continue here on a on saturday morning. morni a soggy spring weekend. wee that is your weather headline. the soggiest weather probablyhe tomorrow morning.orning despite the cool damp weather wh we haven't had much falling fal rain during the overnighthe orn hours. we won't through today. throughy 51 at reagan.t rea same at dulles and bwi bwi 49 boy, these clouds keeping uss k cool. it did not feel like lateate april if you were out yesterday and it won't againit a today because temperaturespetu won't rise too much.t ri too maybe 10 degrees from where w they are right now. right n 50 in annapolis, 53 culpeper. ce so many events going on aroundro town this weekend as well asl a your normal busy lives and any kids' sports probably noty not dealing with the muddy socceroce fields or lacrosse fields today but you will be for surewi
7:47 am
morning. satellite and radar right nowrao clouds around and drizzle dri which satellite and radarn r doesn't really pick up veryp ver well but the actual fallingualng rain is still far out towards our west. here it is moving across aos portions of the upper midwest, d northern plains including someln snow in western nebraska nebsk arcing all the way down intoow the houston area whererewh unfortunately that waterloggedao spot still seeing some heavyea rain right now.rain this is slowly movingg eastward.ward should arrive late tonightte ton into early tomorrow morning.w mg so here's the setup.up plenty of gray skies today, maybe a peek of sunshine latere on out ahead of this thi stationary front if we can get f thatro. otherwise, with high pressure towards the north that'ss th bringing in the cool air. a stalled front towards our towr south and when these things thi stall they take a very long time to get out.ti that brings just the drizzlehe z and the clouds.lo when that moves northward andwa that storm system approaches apc tomorrow we've got rain and and possibly even some thunder. thunderstorms especially south h of washington in the forecast. now, early next week i can'ti ct say we're going to have too many changes. the temperatures will warm upat a bit at leastur for mondayor ma because we're south of this of warm front but
7:48 am
front towards our north, thenn approaching cold front you'rentr just stuck in this unsettlednstd weather and we've got showersoto in the forecast through monday, tuesday, much of theuchf seven-day 61 degrees today, clouds and and drizzle with a passing shower.we let's check that seven-dayven- forecast real quick. 68 with periods of rain oai early rain monday, 75 degrees 7e in the and then we have that chancenc of showers through the rest ofoh the week. th i don't think we're fully dryry until next weekend.eeke that's your seven-day forecast f t we'll sends it back to annie. >> thanks caitlin.>> thanks ca in today's fox beat the famous jacket prince wore in hiswo in h movie purple rain will be up for auction.n. the auction will be heldauct between june 29th and july 1st s in calabasas california.alornia. during the film prince woreprine the jacket while riding while through the woods with his on screen love interest seatereres behind him. the company that is hostingos the auction believes theau jacket will sell for bctetween t six to $8,000. and country music fans musis gearing up for one big for one exciting nht the second annual americann country counterdown awards arerr set to take place
7:49 am
honoring the biggest names ines the business.e bu here's foxes will carr wayl ca sneak peek. >> reporter: preparationsorter:e under way for fox's second's son annual american country c countdown award sunday night n with some of the biggest namesot in country set to perform including carrie underwood luke bryan thomas rhetts and kelsie ballerini.leri >> i'm feeling nervous and excited. awards slow are a new thing to t me. being nominated and performingen is very weird for me.ird for m it's very fun, though t reporter: both she and rete. rhett feel like they're like a e family reunion. reu >> when you finally all getn together for events like the acca's, you just spend likependk five hours hugging each >> it's really fun.s >> i just love getting to seeo e my buddies because we tore so much and we never get to seegeto each other.each so i'm really excited to see
7:50 am
everyone perform or hear their e new songs or songs that did very well.el >> reporter:. reporte >> reporter: they appreciate: the aca's are all about radio it's based on radio spins, airns play which is a really cooly c element and i think too because it's a into youre it awards show, it's kind of like evolving and it's kind of, you u know -- it's creative and it's fun and there aree opportunities to do these collaborations and do these do t performance that are really rea kind of out of the box and different.ffert. it's really a fun thing to be to part of. o >> the fact that it's based on stats it's cool that theit winners are winning because they sold'swi more or their sonn got played more so it's different in aspect. >> ♪ reporter: the americann country countdown awards airrd a live from los angeles sundayelun may first on fox.ox in hollywood, will carr, fox f news. >> all right. coming up we'll tell you about o an organization that isization h helping children with with disabilities stay active fore f free.
7:51 am
be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> welcome back. well, keen greater d.c. is anc.s organization that helps children with disabilities play socialize and be part of aa a team in their community.munity next month they're having some special events and we want to at get you guys involved in this. t here to talk about sit barbaraar gutter man and serena epstein and carly morris are high are hg school students and organizers of some of
7:54 am
the keen prom. prom. welcome. thanks for joining us. barbara let's begin with you.wih i know this organization has been around for well over 20ve years now and over the years y it's grown into this amazingng program that really helpsy h hundreds of kids in our area with disabilities.ities. >> exactly.>> every sunday there are keene arn activities going on in d.c., in virginia and baltimore and rockville and every weekendeeked we're serving more than 450 kids with a variety of activities. >> so, take us back to thehe early 90's when you thought of this idea or, you know, you all kind of got together to --tr what was sort of the thinkinghin behind it? why was there such s a need for something like for this? >> well, obviously every child deserves to have anse opportunityrv to play and exercise and keen takes all no child's turned awaydy regardless of the severity off v the disability and so thelitynds thinking was and i wasn't one wn of the original founders, i'mnd, just a board member now, but n one of the original
7:55 am
was that all kids deserve as de place to play and so thiss started many years ago as you ay said with only five kids and we have grown and grown and gro grown and one of the reasons ths is because so many fundraisingui activities for keen so that we f canor provide more opportunities for more athletes to come betoe be part of keen.een. >> wonderful. it's everything from swimmingin biking, alg l of those tho activities that kids love tods t do and sabrina and carly, you, all have sort of stepped upf std and you're part of this nowof tw and you all are now working together come up with someup w s really cool events for your peers and younger kids.ids. so, who wants to talk morek m about that? >> well, right now we're in we'e the midst of planning a keen a prom at our school bullis inbuis potomac maryland and we'ree' really excited.ited we really hope that we'llate'll leave a legacy for not just notj our school and the keen club kel itself but also for other kids k here who are interd in starting something at their a t school and having this
7:56 am
athletes to a new experienceexic and have them participate in an prom or just some sort ofort event that they might have notht otherwise had the chance to enjoy. >> right.>> and serena, what does it take i to put something on like this. >> barbara is so helpful, soul they've been really helpful inpi like planning the prom and they're giving us the gym toheym use. so, they're really helping. heli >> great. a d barbara i know somear families might be at home mige t watching right now wondering w how they can get involvedan g iv whether it's volunteer or justuj receive some services. svi how can they do that? >> well, i wanted to mentionto m we have one more special event e happening tomorrow which is the eighth annual bullis givel back 5k race. happening on the bullis campus for keen and several other and l organization that is haveha hav special needs kids and so and s tomorrow we'll be having a hundred special needs kids needd come on the campus.s. anyone is welcome and we endnd can courage everyone to comee c out and run with us and playla tomorrow
7:57 am
campus at 8:30.mpus a3 >> so that's one way to get to involved. what's the web site? >> >> great. thank you so much to all of you. and is there a web site for se the keen organization that yourn want to put out there. >> yes. keen greater d.c. >> and that's k--- n. that does it for us at 7:00. there's much more ahead. stick with us
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> welcome back to fox5 newsmeko morning on this saturday. satda time now 8 o'clock as we take a live look outside.ou it is very cloudy and very and r gloomy out there but you knowuto what, it's actually prettyre mild if you step outside. o >> it's not so bad. >> it's knot that cold evenknot though the sun is not out. good morning be i'm annie yu. thanks for joining >> i'm caitlin roth. r is there anything about this any weather that you enjoy.r th >> the fact that the pollen p has been washed away, there ise, a big plus.a g plus otherwise, no, because it can it really do a number on your mood. >> yeah, if you get day afteryo day of the gray skies after awhile you're like if i just i j saw the sunshine i would feelldf so much better about life. l >> i >> unfortunately what you seelyw is what you get this a soggy weekend forecast. forec. most of the rain doesn't fall until late tonight earlyht e tomorrow morning but for theninr most part we're kind of stuck s in this doom and gloom atnd g least
8:01 am
reagan national 51, dulles 51 de and bwi 49. 49 so it is cool to go to g along with this cloudyslo weather. you definitely needed a jacket j if you were outside yesterdayous last night. the same could be said forai this morning and it's just it's like you can't fully get into that warm weather wear atear least not quite yet here on he n this last day of april. apr we are ending it kind of thet ko way we started it with this uncharacteristically coolteri weather. temperatures outside right nowut mainly in the 40's and thehe 50's. 50's 48 in gaithersburg, 51 dulles,ul 54 culpeper. culpe these low temperatures aren'ttep really the abnormality.mality. it's more the high t h temperatures 'cause we'reus really going stay in the 50's t5 most of the day, maybe get toayg 60 degrees. normal high temperatures thismpr time of year right around 70 degrees. storm tracker radar couldn'tr be you don't see any rain on theait map right now. now. while we may have some pocketsee of drizzle most of the fallingal rain does not occur until lateit tonight, early tomorrow tom morning. so here is that weekend setup. 61 degrees for the high temperature a little bit warmer as a warmara front approac
8:02 am
with that warm front we also als get the steadier rain, r 68 degrees there on sunday.unda so, a little bit of somefome drizzle, maybe a spotty showeryo today but it's mainly justust cloudy and cool. coo tomorrow is a bit of a washout unfortunately.un stay tuned for that seven-dayore forecast. those shower chances c we'll let you know if there'sknh any brighter weather ahead. annie. >> thanks so much a woman's body was discovered in a ditch more m than a week after she wenthe missing and police say theyy believe it is lizeth lopez, a woman that's been missing forsi about 10 days now and she was murdered. fox5's tisha lewis has more hasm on this investigation. >> reporter: the call camer: t in just before 11:00 fridayri morning reporting a body in bod this drainage ditch.raine di a residents made the discovery o and in mere moments the worst tr case scenario became all tooallt .eal. police say it's likely 36-year-old lizeth lopez andzetz they believe she was murdered me and dumped in this wooed area. >> it's shocking at the sameat m time but it sucks 'cause like just given that amount of time
8:03 am
look good for her to be found bf along life. we revisited lopez's neighbor ni mika. there was a lot of arguing. argg every time that guy came over ce there was a lot of fussing and fighting.figh you could hear them screamingcrg if you were inside, if youide, i were out here. out h if you were in the hall you could hear all of that. t >> reporter: we are learningterr more about this woman who wasanw last seen at this cvss pharmacy. her friends and coworkers call l her liz and she worked the wd te overnight shift a the an independent living home whereli she was one of two counselors cs supervising young adultsrvis between 17 and 21 years old. o on the heels of lopez's death,ea her coworkers are apparentlyppal concerned about their safety. >> the way that a that she wash positioned down there leads us to believe it was a homicide.wah >> reporter: a murder thatr: a may be challenging to solve to s because of less than ideale of weather conditions.c >> we had some rain and where she was located the evidence eve would have been washedd
8:04 am
the body is going to be transported to the medicals he d examiner's office for furtherurh examination and autopsy to see the exact cause of death. d >death.h. >> now police say anyone withnyt information should give them anv call. in maryland, the judge m threw the book at a manar convicted ofthe attacking andai sexually assaulting women att the ' the judge sentenced christianeds jordan to 20 years in prisonn po for sexual assault and 10 years with five suspended for f robbery with a dangerous weapon.weap fairfax county fire chiefche is lashing out at a local webaow site following a firefighter's death. vial and vicious comments about firefighter nicolefire mittendorf were posted on the web site callede fairfax fai underground before her desk.d fr virginia state police say the blog posts about mittendorfbout has nothing to do with herer death but the fire economye ecoo wants those posts removed as he investigates whether anyonese in his department wrote them.te. >> clean
8:05 am
and people need to act right. rg i am appealing to and i'mnd using the media here to thehe person that hosts this site to e take it lewd comments down andcs two, turn the site off if off i people aren't going act right.. >> really is a deflection ofle blame. it's very easy -- under ground o is a chalkboard or a bathroom bo stall and you don't blame -- bme when someone comes and writes we graffiti on a chalkboard youbod don't blame the chalkboard youby blame the author and it seems ss pretty obvious in this caseth that the author of these malicious posts is a fellow firefighter, fairfax county couy firefighter and it seems like he's trying deflect blame away from the author and onto thehe web site. s >> chief about we are says hebot was unaware the cyber bullying y on the site before nicolee ni mittendorf's death and says ands since people post anonymouslynoo on this site he has no proof pof the lewd comments came from within his
8:06 am
wiedemann says these comments are part of a pretty long postgp with comments about anotherntabu female firefighter in the department. police issued a court order inco february asking him to removeino those as part of an ongoingng police investigation.estigation. and montgomery county fireme and rescue wants more women onso their they are hosting a special event to recruit women firefighters.figh fox5's lindsey wattsey wts checking things out inn rockville this morning for us. hey, lindsey uh hey theredsey annie. as you've seen this morning th this is an extremely hands-on event.evt. earlier we were showing youershw women climbing ladders, ladde pulling hoses, dragging dragging dummies and now we're at thed station that focuses on thes emergency medical aspect of firefighting. you can see some montgomeryme mo county firefighters as well as w a few of the women who have w he come out for this recruitmentmet event. i'm here with slain tell brown and this recruitment event is is really your baby. b it's been your idea.rdea. you've done it in years past. p why do you want to do this? t
8:07 am
women an exposure to what it's like to be in the fireo service, to give thembe opportunity to see theice, event of the candidates physicalphysic agility test we have to offere o for the hiring process and toinc show them they can do itism i think some women don't reallyea think about it as a potentialenl career path because it's a it'a career that's been dominated din by men. m what would you say to them? >> it's definitely at's denitela challenging pn. it's a hard job and you haveouav to work every day to stay upta and make sure that you're physically fit for the job, job ready to help the citizens out there and to deal with the mental demands as well so it's s definitely a rounded jobnd j that's going to make you focus on some different things what d. >> reporter: what is itorte about this profession thatsion a keeps you doing this every thive day.da >> it's rewarding. rewardi it's wonderful to help theelp te citizens and come out hereut seeing people on their worstn te day and you're the personheer that's going to make it just a little bit better. >> reporter: very good. thank you for your timete andime for planning such a greatch are event.en >> absolutely. >> repte
8:08 am
awesome to see everything and se we're still taking a lookking ak around. there are a lot of differentre we'll have another look for a yonou coming up at 8:30.:3 for now live in rockville,il lindsey what's fox5 local's fox news. ne >> thanks so much lindsey.nkso well, if you're ridingll, metro this weekend be prepared a for some delays.for some del a massive repair blitz isz under way on the red line red l after a series of problems p over the last few crews are cleaning tunnels inspecting power cables.erab metro says they will be single e tracking over the weekend t between the medical center ande van ness stations and police say -- officials say rather r the goal is to stop the waterto leaks and the rusting and corroding of electrical lines l on the tracks.hera no excuses that is theusests message from the u.s.agfrom transportation department toti metro.on it has replaced three metroeet board members in the wake of we the continuing safety problems m that have plagued the transit agent z anagency.en if you're headed to reaganea national if you see a sw
8:09 am
first responders don't worry. it's parts of an emergencyny drill they're conducting.they it includes a simulated sul aircraft accident. this hands on training drilll will involve airline staffff hospital and other emergencyency person nell.pers you may hear sirens and see see some helicopters.elicters. again this is just a drizzle a d it will be held in a remote rot area so it won't affect't affec flights or be visible to most mt passengers. maryland governor larryland hogan speaking out about one a of the gop presidentialhe g candidates. who he says he is not going to be supporting. sup plus we'll have more from thee t campaign trail. time now 8:09. we'll be right back.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
>> welcome back. as we take a live lookta outside, yes, it is cloudy, itl, might even rain, just a slightti drizzle caitlin says.izzl right now temperatures steadys t at 51 degrees.dgr if you're weak like me you're wk might want to grab a lightig jacket. donald trump may have wonru this week'mps maryland primary but the state's governor says s he won't back the gophe presidential hopeful. hopef governor larry hogan told lar reporters his position has not n changed even though trump wonru all of the state's 38 gopte's 3 now last month the republicanepi governor said law not a fan oftn trump and did not think trumpnkp should be the republicanlin nominee for president. psi and just days ahead of the presidential primary indiana'sms governor announcing who he ise s voting for but at the samethe se time praising another contender and more commotion coi follows donald trump arounddo nacalifornia. fox news rich edson has more has from
8:13 am
>> reporter: ted cruz is barnstorming through indianaiana courting voters andurng v desperately seeking to recapture momentum.tum. >> indiana faces a choice, a choice between one campaignen that is based on yelling andd screaming and cursing and insults.insu and another campaign that is a a positive optimistic forward looking conservative >> reporter: and a boost foroost the cruz camp indiana governor o mike pence throws his supportce behind the texas senator.exas >> i see ted cruz as a principalled conservative.onse >> reporter: though beforeug that pence was commending cruz's main rival donaldal d trump. while the hoosier state is ups some candidates are focusingf on other delegate rich states.ta both john kasich and trump were speaking at california'sal' gop convention hoe though it was trump who entered through t the back door avoiding a largegr crowd of protestors in frontin f of the venue. >> there was not the easiest entrance i've ever made.r mad
8:14 am
crossing the >> reporter: hillary clinton h is delivering her first public b remarks since winning four of o five northeastern primariesea tuesday. >> every child can kick seed kk and we have got to believe haveo that and we've got tot invest v in that. >> reporter: speaking at a breakfast for new york cityork y school clinton offered no offed rocks on republicans, the race r or even bernie sanders. clinton has yet to call tour sanders to exit the her campaign stresses this week it plans to continueo conti competing against sanders int ne the primary while acknowledgesno she's starting to shift herhi focus to the general election. t in washington, rich edson, fox news.. >> at donald trump's rally a's y trump supporter apparently goty punched in the face. the he was wearing a red coloredol make america great again hat aih chanting for trump and and protestors did not respond in n a very peaceful way. w police eventually will to e escort the man to a safe s location and some protestors pre claim that the trump fan was trf pretty aggressive during theng protests 17 people in total
8:15 am
were arrested.. >> ♪ all right. so, another week of gloomy temperatures -- gloomy glo conditions. >> we have a soggy springve a s forecast for. that first let's clear'sle everything up with somethingng s that's always adorables our fox5 first got to put you in a good mood gd when you look at littlely.ouk >> she's got the right . >> ready for those april tse apl showers with her so cuteo umbrella. i want one just like that.hat. remember the days when youhe were a kid and your umbrella was actually really cute ande it was fun and it wasn't just j something that you consistently forget or lose. los >> right. >> this is lilly waiting at l the bus he r mom says whenever it rainsev she brings her trusteeee umbrella and she's go together need it this weekend.ed it this lilly thank you for that cute picture.pi you're so cute and so readyndo for the weather. weath if you want your child to be the next fox5 first fiveiriv post their picture on our fox5 f first page right below lilly's. >> let's take a look at thatok t weekend forecast where youst will need an umbrella
8:16 am
it's not a washout but i think i it's going to be very hard tohad shake the clouds and thee cl drizzle that's a we had some pockets of drizzle during the overnight hours andoa probably see that again that a throughout the day today. tod satellite and radar shows extremely quiet across the acros midatlantic right now, just n, u cloudy and cool. waiting on this storm system sys back towards our west that is bringing a hefty amount of amotf rain down to the southeast.outh on snow on the backside ofw on this in nebraska, western nebraska seeing snow rightig wild weather including houston t with heavy rain and severee storms.stor. unfortunately southeast texasy e taking a beating from strong str storms. this will move east during the e overnight hours tonighturon bringing in some rain for us. f looks like mainly just rain but we could have a rumble ofblf thunder or two tomorrowro morning.rn temperatures outside right nowdt 48 in gaithersburg, 54ur 5 manassas, 51 in d.c. and 52 in winchester. doesn't feel terribleout sidet s just pretty cool.ttyoo as we go through today notoday seeing too much warming. much w i thin
8:17 am
day in the 50's. 5 let's time it out. fox futurecast slows a lot ofcat clouds around today. tod unfortunately not seeing theot e sun any time soon.e sn. drizzle around this afternoon at will give way to steadier rainri into early tomorrow morning so g 8:00 a.m. we've got the falling rain and sunday itself unfortunately looks like much of a washout so if you do have early morning plans especiallygn the kids' games i'm thinking thk you might be dealing with somehm cancellations just because thehe rain looks pretty persistent through the day on sunday before moving out late sundaylae night into early mondayinarly morning. maybe starting off okay monday n but more rain is in the t forecast for the coming work week.ek estimated rainfall amounts we could actually use this.tu half inch to an inch to just jus above an inch expectd here intdn washington and we're about an inch behind what we shouldt wsh have for april rainfall. fpril today's forecast, 61 degrees light east wind clouds and drizzle with that passing shower. a chance of showers every single dashy. we know it will happen tomorrow.rr we think some early rain s monday but we can't take that t
8:18 am
because it remains so unsettled.unsett tuesday through friday butday temperatures at least warmingstg up closer to normal therehere through the work week. that's your seven-day forecast. back to annie.nn >> that's painful to z thank tha you caitlin. caiin the district took a major mj step towards pursuing its i state school district.e d.c. mayor muriel bowser andur four other d.c. officials voted to publically release a d draft of a new constitution for an eventual state.. the draft constitution will beut released next friday and mayorao bowser says the unveiling will l proceed several community gatherings over the nextings couple months leading up to a formal constitution convention in june. >> d.c. voucher program progr refluid for another fiveth years. it provides $20 million for for scholarships for low districtorw children to attend privated schools. the bill authorizes federalho funding for the district'st's public and charter s. and the white house isthe pushing forward with plans to ps curb gun it released a progre
8:19 am
centered around so-calledso smart guns.smgu fox's kevin cork has more ons m the debate surrounding this controversial new technology. tl >> reporter: in unveilingnveili his latest push for smart gun technology on the white housen blog president obama laid outnt his plan to use executive oo e u action to speed up its use andsa development to prevent pve accidental shootings smart guns use fingerprint fingerp activation that allows onlynl certain use stories fire thee weaponst. >> if we can set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless h you got the right fingerprint,gi why can't we do the same thing h for our guns? if a child c can't open a bottle of aspirin, we should make sureoul that they can't pull a trigger t on a gunnism it's the is t continuation of an effort that t kicked off in january when therh president tasked thehe departments of justice, jus homeland security and defenseec to study advanced gun safety s technology resulting inesultin today's 17-page report whichch promised further research andrch coll
8:20 am
enforcement in the future.ut in addition to boosting development of smart and the technology the white house h ensures its plan background providers would get mentalt men health records of thosese prohibitsd from buying guns.un white house officials rejected the notion. >> i think this is consistent ct with the kind of wild eyed conspiracy theories that we've heard on this issue for years y now. >> reporter: still some experts believe so-calledie smart guns make potentialenal users like law enforcementnfcemt less safe because they run on batteries and the software softw could be prone to hacking. hac >> i think it's federal overreach and frankly it is if anyone has an iphone withit a fingerprint app, think how thw often that has failed and notot worked and now think abouthinkbo trying to apply that to guns. g >> reporter: at the white at house, kevin cork, fox new
8:21 am
>> coming up, the first u.s.irss death related to the zikaohe virus is reported and now a n experts are warning of a o possible summer epidemic.r ep time now 8:21. be right back. living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about
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>> ♪ >> some passengers on board a cruise ship docked in virginia are being quarantined for the the norovirus.orovir the cdc says 153 of the ship's i 917 passengers rep
8:24 am
getting sick during the trip. t seven guest are still inilln isolation. the cdc plans to have its staff evaluate the ship when it arrives in baltimore this weekend.weekend. the first u.s. deathfiu.s. related to the zika virus has te been rep puerto rico's health secretary announced that a 70-year-oldye man from san juan died in died february due to complicationsomo from the mosquito borne virus. v the news comes as experts warnew zika could reach epidemic epimi status in the u.s. as early assa this summer.u fox correspondent phil keatinghi with the story from miami. >> mosquitos ready to stingti and infect don't care that weart don't have a budget they're here. >> reporter: as the fight on ash capitol hill to fund the t battle against the zika virusik rages on, stunning news todayody that south florida will most likely witness epidemic levels of the disease this summer. sum that prediction coming from nasa.nasa the space agency also says the mosquito which transmits zikansz is expected to spr
8:25 am
north and live longer this summer. miami dade county already leads all counties in thees in e nation with confirmed zika infections 39. nasa's new map ranks the the cities most at risk. miami orlando and from new orleans to charleston.harles orange indicates a moderate abundance of the zika carrying mosquito. the cities in yellow rank low everything are. miami dade spent $1.6 million6 o a year on mosquito control istr asking the state for more butut isn't panicking y >> we feel that we arewe f prepared and we have the andhave resource that we need to be able to do the appropriateppropa sprague, the appropriatepr surveillance, the appropriateia education and outreach. outre >> reporter: presidentr: obama's requestingequest $1.9 billion in emergencyilli funding to fight zika whichhi causes brain defects inefects i babies. but in the senate republicans ri sent a democratic spending spein spree. >> they haven't told us whatn' the plan for the use of thehe ut funds is. i >> reporter: the zika billl failed to get a vote this thi week.
8:26 am
battle is extremely dependentepn on you, the homeowneromeoer specifically removing all standing water from your fro property. they say all it takes is thista much, a bottle cap full of water for the diseasefor th d spreading mosquitos to layo eggs and thrive.nd in miami dade county, phil keating, fox news. news. >> the first commerciallymercia developed test for the zikad te virus will soon be available avb in the u.s. u quest diagnostics said it received an emergency authorization from the foodio and drug administrationn toio sell this test on thursday. trs. before this approval the onlyy zika blood test with approvalppa was available from the sendsthen for disease control anddiseas prevention.evenon. the company notes this newny n test can only detect the virus r when it's still present in the p blood and a negative test doese not completely rule out a zika infection.infection. and if you never haved if enough time to fit in a workout this new trends may have you looking for a new lki excuse not to exercise. fox's jennifer lammers has more. >> reporter: going to theng to e gym is great but we w
8:27 am
we live in new york andork sometimes that's not alwaysot aw possible.poible. so that's why especially hereiah in the city the micro workoutort has become very popular andop a today we're going to work with w a trainer to show us how it's done. everything comes at a premiumesi in new york city includingorcity time. while it's recommended we get the blood pumping for 150f 150 minutes a week, most of us are a stuck at an office all day. adam is a personal trainer ater new york sports club. do more you have of your have ou clients come in and ask you asku what they can do at home? h have you been noticing that.been >> yes, that's been happening b more often than not because bau people don't have time to come c to the gym as often as theyshe used tomorrow. end the micro workout a simplete quick way to burn someourn some calories and clear your head.ndc >> it can be extremely effective from beginner beginner standpoint to really advancedlye athlete. you can use apelike crowpelike c workout to get the best of a workout program in a very short period of time. >> reporter: all you need isou n five to 10 adam tol td me a circuit you cau do in the space the size of a stud
8:28 am
>> start off with a zest four zo exercises. do one repetition of eachioof ec exercise and the next set you do the same exercises but doses two repetitions each and thenndt move on. push-ups, a sit up, set of o lunches and a jumping jack. gets every muscle group of themc body and adds a littledds ttle ballistic work which is effective.effective. >> reporter: depending onte how much time you have adam says with a circuit like this you e can burn uprc to 500 calories so whether it'ses to kick off sa busy morning moi shake off the stress or breaks r up the afternoon, with theh t micro workout you won't haveon h to go a day without >> coming up severe weathereea causing damage in parts of the t u.s. is more bad weather on the way t out west? plus, caitlin isin back with another look at our at weather here locally and thatha all important work week preview. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> welcome back.>> w wicked weather striking the w southwest spawning thunderstorms and even tornadoes in in areas and a brush fires blazing inh southern california as residents out west brace fort br the wildfire season.thldfi fox news correspondent traceon gallagher has more from loslos angeles. >> reporter: severe storms striking the southern plainthn l states. a tornado forming in southernour oklahoma wind gusts up to 115 miles per hour reportedly re flipping thistl this semi on a
8:32 am
flying debris 33 say could be life-threatening.-threate tornado watches and flash flood warnings also in effect i for parts of texas arkansasexasn and louisiana. louia severe weather damaging homes h in little rock and shutting shut down an outdoor festival inl fort worth. wor meantime wildfire season has begun at west with crews battling a brush fire inli southern california.ut high winds quickly pushing thehi blaze to 50 acres thursday in the millions north of ventura. u >> wind was a big factor with this fire. it's the primary cause of spread right now. pight. once the fire crested the top t of the hill is now pushing >> reporter: officials and offia residents in southerndents soun california preparing for the possibility of more fires as the four-year droughtyear continues. >> we haven't had much rain. rai hasn't really produced too prodo much so i'm not surprised. >> if you live in a wildfireil interface time to get yourr fire hazard reduction donene now. >> reporter: that same storm is bringing heavy snow to the winter storm warnings now in
8:33 am
colorado, wyoming and in los angeles, tracees, gallagher, fox news.ew >> and that's right wildhat's rw weather out towards our west. that whole storm system moving s our way but probatobly just bringing rain and we actually at could use the rain there's a live look outside.k od you see the low clouds hanging over northwest days.orwe we've become used to that view v and we'll stay used to thathat view for the rest of theesof weekend and unfortunately orr fortunately depends how you feel about this type of a weather lasting into next week.bola satellite and radar right nowght a lot of clouds outer andter maybe some pockets of drizzleriz today.y. but the actual steady rain r still off towards our west.rds s here's that storm system just mentioned in that fox newshaox report. it is bringing heavy rain togi portions of the midwest,idwe severe weather down south,n sou heavy rain north of houstonf h and yes snow in western wes nebraska back along the rockies into colorado. cor winter not ending quite yette for the higher elevation alsols outer there where the winterer e storm warnings are in effect.ref by early tomorrow morning i think we see that storm systemhr in our neck of the woods theoods bringing us some rain
8:34 am
possibly even some thunder. temperatures outside right now pretty cool, run inl, washington, 48 inwaingt gaithersburg, 50 in annapolis, p 53 quantico and 49 up in baltimore. don't expect temperatures tores jump too much. m the setup this weekend highke pressure is towards our northur not thanksgiving much niceanks weather but it does keep reinforcing the cooler airoor moving in from the north nor around it.arou it. drizzle along this stalledhis front towards our south.s ousout so, the clouds and drizzle, dri the cool weather today as that storm systemystem approaches tomorrow, expectorroe rain steady at times, maybeaybe even some thunder south of souf washington.shingt so, tomorrow unfortunatelynf looks like more of the washoutht day. da today is just a little gloomy.go weekend forecast 61 today today drizzle and showers 68 on 6 o sunday with that steady rain. r look at this seven-dayis seve forecast.forecast chance of showers every single day.da the steadiest rain looks to bedi tomorrow intoes monday.on and then temperatures reboundeb a little bit.litt b 75 on monday back to normalor through the rest of the week wek but staying kind of cool andool cloudy with the chance of cnc showers through friday.
8:35 am
annie. annie. >> thanks so much caitlin.hank happening today, theod, montgomery county fire andgome rescue hosting a very specialspc event to recruit more firefighters, female firefighters to be exact.ghte 5's lindsey watts lab inattsab rockville all morning longning l with this event. lindsey i know it kicked offi oi about eight clock.ou we're 30 minutes in.we'r how is it looking out there? the >> reporter: annie, thingsnnie are well under way now and a right behind me you can see me n some of the women who havemen wv come out for this female f firefighter recruitment event. e as we've been showing youn ow throughout the morning this isns very hands-on. ds these women are getting to do some real experiences, hands-on activities to showon a them what it's like to be a female firefighter. firefig montgomery county fire says about 80 women have rsvp'd for this for the morning and afternoon session so there hasso been significant interest. i'm here with shantel brown and how long have you been a firefighter here?fireghte >> 10 years.0 >> reporter: and i think t some women worry that theyhat t might not have the
8:36 am
strength to do this job. to do i what would you say to that mind-set? >> i would definitely say this f is a challenging professionross but we can do this. it's a day to day challenge and we have to continue tonue work out every single day anday make sure that we're ready for the physical demands that iscal required so we go through intense regimen of exercise, ers different types of circuits that help us keep our body in shape and ready to responddy ton when we need to be.wh >> reporter: i know you have enen telling me that you really get that training.rain so, when you can come in and you make the commitment, you're able then to learn the technique and get the strength n training. you don't have to come in with that, right.thatrigh >> absolutely not. absoluty no it's something that'sng that's developed over this job is mostly aboutbo techniques.ches. we understand as women thatas we're built differently so wefey have to use different musclesnt so typically we're stronger ontn the bottom so we have to do hav things that are going too better facilitate the use of those muscle groups. gro so we can do it. we just do it in a different dft way. >> reporter: absolutely.or well, are you an inspiration.nsi thank you so much fo
8:37 am
with me today.od >> thank you. >> reporter: live inive in rockville lindsey watts fox5eyt5 local news. >> thanks lindsey.>> t coming up we'll talk to a ua local author who wants to geto g more children to get involved g in reading and expand their vocabulary. we'll be chatting with herttingh coming up next about her books. join us.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> a local author trying to a help improve tuthe literacy lity state in the u.s. by writing ait book then courageous kids to kis
8:40 am
joining us to talk about it is tish.ti. two people who helped inspirepi the books her son victor andtoan his good friend ale can ko. good morning. m thanks for joining us.s. you see yourselves on the tv screen. victor and both aleko are eight years old and welcome. wco >> thank you. >> thank you so much fornk y coming in. i love the book. boo i just quickly scanned it and it it's very colorful and youlnd just told me it's based on bas n their lives.their live it's a true story of their th everyday friendship.ri >> it's based on a true story. if your viewers have childrenerc or have children in their in t lives you realize they comee home and they tell you funny things.things >> great stories right.reat >> he would come home withd some funny little anecdote andot i said i'm going to write this down many it's a true story of them building their friendship from t
8:41 am
kindergarten. in the front there's a piece t to parents and guardians educators on helping theirng children develop healthy hlt >> that's wonderful. i know it's about friendship,en, it's about improving vocabulary and introducing,ntro you know, the foundation of a a good friendship but i alsolso notice that it's also becoming b about more culturally diverseivr between the races andnd different -- you know, justno j historical backgrounds of ourdsf races as well.ra >> exactly. e certainly, you know, victor is o african-american and aleko'sle line is from argentine floridael his dad is from greece and soe s when your viewers see the book it's very culturally diverse.y e we have children of alienationln analysis and raises and sois a that's part of the building up e of the friendship before thefore vices of life have a chance toht come in and make divisions. >> right. vick how does it feel that yous inspired to make thiits happen?e you were the inspirationnspira behind this? t >> kind of
8:42 am
like a bunch of people in myunch class are like you're going onoo the news tomorrow and theyw ande were saying that and it was in my homeroom teacher, ale can ko and he saw it and he knew hek it was happening.ap >> it's kind of an interesting t thing to kind of watch unfold ul right but it's really neat? llne don't you think it's pretty p cool you're on tv, you get to gt be under the lights here. and also for you aleko, do you y kind of think of, okay, so youyy guys have a really goodyo friendship every day are youayre guys coming up and brainstorming what's the next tn book going to be about or dobouo you just let it naturallyally unfold.unfold. >> yeah. we just usually play footballllo when it's recess and we juste j talk about the book and stuff.f. >> yeah.>> >> like what's going to happen.happen. >> i read this and it's aboutisa you guys playing football. i think it's pretty cool thatoo you guys look just like theus lk guys on the cover. c don't you think that's neat.. >> yeah.>> >> yeah. okay. well, where can people geteople thing. >> so they can go to our web can site which is
8:43 am
music and they can download a great sample of thehe book and they can publish itubli as well. well. >> fantastic. thank you so much for joining m us. thanks guys. ou'rou're welcome.uc >> you're welcome.e welc>> you'e >> coming up after receilcvingom backlash actor will ferrellill r says he won't actor in a movie that portrays former president ronald reagan.naea more on why the movie was mie causing controversy.caus as we take another liveer look outside caitlin will bel back with when the sun will sunl make an appearance.ranc don't you guys want to see thent sun? it's been awhile. yeah. they're both nodding yes. we'll be right back. time now 8:43.
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8:46 am
>> clem balk.>> clem balk caitlin is back. the deal is it's just going to's be pretty much of the same pattern for >> yeah. pretty much just stuck in you win some you lose someose s with our weekend weather.. this one unless you're a fan uu' of the cloudy cool weather, wear some are, no judging, look at, t that view of the capitol building. someone told me last flighte thalast nightthat a little bit t chunk gets taken down week bys a week progress is being made. m a nice view down there of there capitol hill but you see the s gray skies in the backgroundackn and weather headline soggyoggy spring weekend. weend not a lot of rain fallingalli today.da just kind of stuck in thetuck gloomy type of weather but wee do have plenty of rain on tapn for late tonight into earlyoar tomorrow morning. morning foggy spring weekendnd unfortunately. all right. reagan national 52 degrees.degre 51 out at dulles. bwi is at
8:47 am
it's pretty cooling to along toa with this cloudy showery typewey of weather and we've will that t for days now. it will continue through thehrgt weekend and actually throughd at much of next get used to it.t it 52 degrees in washington, 49 49 baltimore.baltim 54 manassas and 51 out atut dulles weekend plans today,o you've got a lot of clouds.lo you need jackets it's cool butai not looking at a washout today. to we're waiting on the rain r which is back towards ourrdur west. we you can see showers moving min across the west and even snownnw in western nebraska.ebsk once this arrives, we'll havee steady rain tomorrow. torro that will last through much ofgc the day. unfortunately sunday does looksd like a washout where you do y d need the umbrellas. we'll time it out for youou today. still pockets of drizzle fromzzm time to time along with theti low it's not until later this evening that you see the actual rain come on thrntough. u 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morningwor rain heavy at times especiallyip north and west of that will move southeast wardthd and we've got pockets of raint o throughout the day sunday.e day. probably lingering into monday a
8:48 am
into early next week warm week a front lifts north soh so temperatures are at least a are little bit more we kind of shake offer thehaffer cool weather but we do keepo the showers. srs so for today the coolest it'slei going to be for the next few days, 61 drones a light eastro wind clouds and drizzlene with t passing shower. let's give you that seven-day te forecast one last time. l periods of rain tomorrow,tomorrw sorry, just kind of soggy. warmer on monday but we have a chance of showers through thewer rest of the week withh temperatures at least a littlett bit closer to seasonal. annie. >> pop star ke$ha releasingeleai her first single in nearlyn three years. the the singer is in the midst d of a heated very public legalal battle with her label sony s music and producer dr. luke. dr. the courthouse drama has kept k her out of the studio for a o bit buf t the 29-year-old teamea up with grammy award winning deejay sea ed. the can
8:49 am
collaboration made its debut at coachella earlier thishi month. president obama will haveav his last laugh at the white house correspondent's dinner. this is his final nerd prom during his pregnancy.recy will smith wife jada kerryer washington among the stars t s expected to it's going to be hosted by comedian larry will more. m >> reporter:. >> fox's nationalio correspondent williamponden largeness reports on a storyrtos that for many was no laughingo g take a look. >> this is an important day.nt it's not the first time will wil ferrell made a republican thema butt of his jokes so it wasn'to' a huge surprise when the hollywood magazine varietyva reported wednesday ferrell agreed to star in and produced r a movie mocking president reagan's battle against a alzheimer's. >> to try to make a comedy outa of what's really a tragedy weray think is just a huge mistake
8:50 am
>> reporter: reaction to ther: o news was swift and seemingly universal. >> to poke fun at a whole fun group of people through a president for a disease theyisee can't do anything about andythit that's tearing their familyeari apart that goes beyond thebeyond pale. >> reporter: early fridayly fda ferrell backed away from thefroe project, his spokespersonpo saying "the reagan script isscrs one of a number of scripts scr that have been submitted toubmid will ferrell which he hadelwhic considered can. while it is by no means an means alzheimer's comedy as has beensb suggested, mr. ferrell is not is pursuing this project. pje >> i suspect that the blow t blo back is more about ronaldonald reagan probably than abouthan a alzheimer's. >> reporter: while it'sor unclear if reagan sufferetedsufe from dementia while in officer f the movie is set during his presidency. >> reporter: to save faceac he's an actor playing the role g of president in a movie. mov >> it is entirely possiblee that there was a table read r and that
8:51 am
and said to somebody, yeah,od y that might be interesting toerei document ferrell is a longnt fer time democrat who recentlywho rl switched to support fromed t bernie sanders to hillary clinton. critics say in comedy there comd are no sacred cow while w ferrell says he won't make thewa movie doesn't mean someone else won't.el in los angeles william wli largeness, fox news.oxew >> we all know the heart of d.c. is funk music and coming c up we'll tell you about a festival that celebrates theeleb sound of the don't want to miss this, the funk festival.estival. be right back. right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> all right. next weekend hundreds of people will descend to the u street corridor for a day offor music dancing food, fd, friendship, all kinds of kinds o stuff.f. it's going to be a big day celebrating the sound of theoune city. it is the funk parade andaradend joining us now to tell us allll about it is christina miller communications director for the funk parade and andree andr johnson a member of rareare essence. good morning to both of >> good morning. t >> good morning. >> thanks for coming in on such an ea grly like saturdayda i know it's a lot to ask butsk this is such a big deal in our i know last year 50,000 people l came out.came o. that's a lot of people andeo this year you're expecting a lot more. t >> yes, we're expecting aboutbo 70,000 people.e. ow wow. >> day festival. parade.parade music festival at night.stiv 12 to 7:00 next saturday. it's going to be amazing. >> it just sounds like a dayli d of fun really.y. just, you know, dedicate
8:55 am
day from 12:00 to >> yes. >> it's going to be a bunch ofaf fun. like give us a sense.e usense we're looking at some pictureses of last year's event.year's eve give us a sense of how you navigate through awful thishrou and what it's really like.s >> really just come down any time of the day starting at a noon. we're going to have art you'll see technology, you'reolr going to see music performances from the howard theater all the way to the lincoln.ol there's a giant paradee's giant starting at 4 o'clock.'clock we close down u street. stree everybody's welcome to join in the parade. you can download an app that apa gives you an instrument that plays in the >> that's amazing. a >> and then 7 o'clock the venues on u street open theireei doors free to the public and and musical performances bys everybody and our headliner. he. >> you cannot celebrate thecebrt sound of the city without rarehe essence of course.essenc you all have been around forund so long providing incredible >> yes. >> what is it -- what is it-- for you that, you know, you ww,u were like i havto
8:56 am
of this. >> well, i mean, the fact that a it is the funk parade, you know, and we've grown up androwd we've been playing funk musickus for, you know, decades now.. >> decades, yeah. >> so, it just seems like a natural fit to be. b we wanted to be part of itt last year. yr. but we got on it this year. yr. >> it's exciting this years yea because we have more things to o celebrate with rare essence. rar >> absolutely. >> tell us about it.l >> we have a brand new albumlb that's coming out on may sixth.h. >> the day before theay b festival. >> the day before the funke thfu parade, yes., ye that's how big the funk parade p s we had to make sure that we t had this album finished inisin order to be -- to have it. >> is that the cover right t there. >> this is the cover, yes, ithev iser, . >> hold that up there.d th this is what it looks like.s le. >> yeah, the title of thehe titt album is called turn it up. we did collaborations with dj cool, with raheem devaughn,
8:57 am
with casey williams from black alley band, can kim a bunch of artists. >> i wanted to ask you real quick. i feel like we're at thiss interesting point musicallyly here in d.c., too. in d. you have the young artists really making moves using all a kinds of social networking andia all that to rise up and then ant you have the, you know, the seasoned musicians hereians h collaborating and things likeinl what -- how do you look at allda of this, this new relationshiphi that's happening.peni >> well, it's a great thing toho be able to collaborate the old o and the -- the seasoned -- >> don't want to call anybodyto old. >> the seasoned and the younger musicians. that helps to bring out a better, a into your ando your a uniquer sound.un >> more music, better music.ic >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> you don't want to miss thean funkt festival happening nextnx weekend.we mark your calendars.r c where do we need to go for information. >> funk >> funk he's z that does it for us this morning. mor thank you so much for joininguc us. hope you
8:58 am
day. bye now.. turn it up.
8:59 am
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