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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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it ends under caution. >> you can see blocking was going on, say shoving but the biggest thing going on is the checkered flag was waving for these drivers. see logano moved up got pushed right there and right about here is going to be the moment of caution. you see the yellow light. i'm not going to say that's right or wrong i question why we didn't let them race it to the end right there. >> nascar reviewing every angle they had ending under caution give the win to elliott sadler. to chris standing by with jeremy clements. >> jeremy clements with his best finish ever in the xfinity series. what a wild last lap. talk us through that. >> pretty exciting. i sat here watching the replay. i know i was pushing the 48, made a deal with them. i was going to push him until we got here and try to pass him. we got a good run and we kept coming and man we finished third.
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hope everybody checks out the race on xfinity x 1 sports app and thanks for all they do. >> congratulations. great run. >> thanks. >> impressive top five finish for brendan gaughan. could you put yourself in any better position at the end. >> we put the south point chevy in as good a spot to get a good finish and end with a top five. great job by acr and rcr. i love richard and me and elliott sadler saved each other. he saved me from going to the outside wall and i saved him from going to the inside wall. he ends up in victory lane and i end with a top five. i call that fair and head to the next one. >> fifth place finish for brendan gaughan. >> yeah. couple dnfs for gaughan coming into the day. all in all a good afternoon. the best afternoon, though, for the birthday boy, elliott sadler. >> i see two drivers in the top ten, brendan gaughan and aric almirola. they had to come to pit road early because they locked bum r
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bumpers and nascar made them come through a pass through penalty. >> big day for junior motor sports. justin allgaier, his best plate finish of second means two cars inside the top five. how about your son, brandon mcreynolds, when it was said and done kept the car in one piece came home 23rd. >> right in front of him erik jones, a rough day for him in the 20 car. >> junior motor sports now back-to-back victories. dale earnhardt, jr. brought the car to victory lane the 88 last week at richmond and now elliott sadler snaps a 65 race winless streak. >> i mean danielle, start the show. we're talking about joe gibbs racing and richard childress racing and now junior motor sports back to back races won a third of the races in 2016. >> we will be talking about this finish for some time, how will it impact tomorrow's racing. >> i think there's more to come. there's more to follow. >> tonight on fox, premier boxing champions starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow the geico 500 at
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talladega. our coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. eastern. right here on fox. the xfinity series will see you in two weeks at dover. ♪ this copyrighted telecast may not be retransmitted in any form without the authorized written consent of nascar broadcasting. nascar would like to thank our fans for your support
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you enjoyed today's broadcast. we are! fox sports!
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right now at 6:00, fighting back against crime. dc residents voicing their concerns and looking for solutions after an uptick in violence. >> then, showing women the ropes. inside montgomery county's effort to recruit more female firefighters. >> plus, another dreary day in the district and more rain is on the way. fox 5 local news starts now. >> i'm matt ackland. >> and i'm tisha lewis. we start tonight with the forecast. after several dreary days, we're looking at more rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. >> no. >> that's a live look outside. it doesn't look too bad for everybody going to the correspondent's dinner tonight, maybe you want to take along an umbrella. let's check in with gwen first to see if that's the case. >> they will need one probably a little later. not when it starts. by the time they c
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there, because they'll be hanging out, we know. they're definitely going to need an umbrella, yes. let's get right to it. look at radar for you and show you what's going on. not a lot happening right along the i-95 corridor right now. to the south you'll see a few spotty showers popping up, otherwise you might get a little bit of drizzle well to the west you can see we have a pretty wide swath of rainfall and that is going to start to make its way toward the mid atlantic and that is what we're going to be keeping a close eye on. in the meantime, clouds in full force, they are not going anywhere. we're also talking tonight in the overnight hours of some fog that will kind of start to kick in for tomorrow as well and be lingering through. so not looking at the sun at all for your sunday. so be prepared. today's highs, another story because we are very much on the cool side. temperatures only into the mid to upper 50s at all three airports. guys, we should be in the low
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70s. no sight of that at all for today and that was the same story yesterday. right now 55 at mannasas, 57 at dc and 53 at martins burg. pretty light wind for tonight pushing in from the south and from the southeast. so we're talking clouds and drizzle but the rain will be moving in mainly into the late night hours. but i can't rule it out maybe even close to about 10:00 or listen:00 or so. but it will be lingering through. but we are talking a wet pattern that is going to continue. i'll let you know when you can put that up brel la away in just a bit. >> in recent weeks we've seen a spike in crime and one of the safer parts of the district. so earlier today concerned residents attended a community meeting to discuss the uptick in crime. >> dc mayor bowser and councilmember
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discuss the problems and solutions. alex? >> reporter: guys, that's right. tonight's evening meeting here at american university happened as a result of the recent crime wave we've seen in and around the tenleytown area. the most recent and concerning incident involves a wilson high school student that was stabbed in the leg. this happened on monday when that student was headed to and the dc police department said that was an attempted robbery. the ward 3 council member and the mayor as well as other city officials. >> just last week another student was robbed at knife point in the same area. now people from the community also expressed concerns about crimes in and around area metro stations. they also q
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response to certain recent incidents. >> for most parents where your kids, your child is 12 going on 13 or 13 going on 14, you want to make sure that they can become more independent and that means they have the right judgment. so you're assuming that they know how to take care of themselves. but if the neighborhood is actually unsafe, if people are accosting them or robbing them even before it occurs, it makes me feel like are we making sure that doesn't happen. >> i think we heard a lot of good suggestions about how students travel from the school to the subway, how the community itself might participate in protecting the students and each other against crime. >> my feeling about crime in metro is they should do things differently because people on metro, they're very vulnerable. and i think they deserve
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advanced penalty. >> reporter: a couple of the ideas that came as a result of this meeting include adding lighting to certain cut-throughs that students use to get to and from area schools. another idea was adding more visible uniformed police officers, especially during those critical hours again when students in the area are heading to and from school. those are just a couple of the ideas that were mentioned in this meeting. and again, city officials say they do expect to make some changes and take action to help improve security in light of the recent crime we've seen in the area. reporting live in northwest dc, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> thank you. we're learning about another violent incident on metro. police tell us a man was stabbed about 12:30 this afternoon at gallery place. someone attacked the man while he was standing on the platform. that man was taken to a hospital for treatment. he is expected to survive. police are still looking for the
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>> and staying in the district, a man is in police custody charged with shooting another man in northeast. this all happened around 10:30 this morning on 21st when officers arrived, they found the victim. he was not breathing. he was then taken to a hospital where he died this afternoon. police are still investigating and trying to determine a motive for the shooting. and fox 5's in anne arundel county tonight where police have given the all clear after a bomb threat at an annapolis mall. the mall was evacuated but after a search no evidence was found. police have not said how the threat was made. >> now to prince william county where police are still collecting evidence in the murder of an alexandria woman. the body was found in a ditch near lake ridge park yesterday and police believe it is lissette lopez. she was last seen april 17th walking into a cvs store in lake ridge.
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be conducted monday. >> and in montgomery county, the fire department is reaching out to women and hoping they will join their ranks. the recruitment event was held today specifically for women. as lindsay watts reports, the ladies were shown the roops. >> reporter: in the time chantel brown has been a firefighter. >> ten years. >> reporter: she says she's watched the profession change. >> and sometimes change is not always easy, but certainly we've come a long way over the years. we've had women in the fire service. they're ranging from firefighters up to assistant chiefs. >> reporter: montgomery county fire's recruitment event wasn't about telling women they can do the job. it was about showing them. >> this is not just a male-dominated profession anymore. we're coming in and we're doing
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>> reporter: for some of the women here, this hands-on experience was brand new. but others have already been out there, pulling hoses and fighting fires as volunteers. >> i love volunteering for the county and it's just something i want to do. actually, i think it's hard for either male or female. >> reporter: regardless of gender, if you're up for the challenge, you can do the job. >> maybe in a different fashion, but we're certainly capable of doing it. we have to learn those different strategies and techniques and once we do so, we do it just as well. >> reporter: this event was her idea, a way to pass the torch. >> i'm looking at the ladies who will come along and carry on the legacy. >> reporter: the women are getting a full range of firefighter experiences. montgomery saw a lot of interest in this. about 40 women came out last night, 80 today. this county alrey
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than 100 women on its firefighting force. lindsay watts, fox 5 local news. >> it's become an epidemic. so today the drug enforcement administration in cooperation with many police departments sponsored a prescription drug take-back day. people had the opportunity to drop off un-wanted or expired medicines. the dea says they have become a public safety issue and can lead to accidental poisoning, overdose and abuse. >> congress is taking a break right now and that's not sitting well with lawmakers. democratic leaders want the republican-controlled congress to get back to work. here are just a few issues hanging in the balance. president obama's request for emergency funding to deal with the zika virus. financial help is needed to bail out puerto rico which is expected to
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tomorrow, and congress still has a long-term budget problem to solve. >> and president obama is not mincing words. he used his weekly address to slam republicans most republicans have refused to meet with garland. they say they will not fill the seat until the presidential election is decided. >> and police have found an equipment trailer that was stolen from a boy scout troop in virginia. most of the supplies inside are gone. >> this one is a tough one. we first told you about the stolen trailer last week. well, it was swiped from a church parking lot in mannasas. police recovered the missing trailer. last night is when we got the message. but most of the camping equipment that you see right there, well, it was taken. the equipment was worth about $10,000. the troop
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donations to help replace the stolen equipment. this one really has gotten a lot of talk on social media. it's really hard to believe. not only was it the boy scout stuff, it was in a church parking lot. >> any time you steal from children or a church, it just insenses people. >> it took years for the skouds to raise money. they have a camping trimp next month they're not going to be able to stay overnight. >> the community will rally and come forward. >> they've already got a donation. still ahead tonight at 6:00, smart gun technology. >> the president is pushing for more research on high-tech weapons. coming up we'll take a look on how smart guns work and the debate over their use. >> the uber driver is sick and tired of waiting for you. the company is testing out a new late policy that could increase
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>> i took the first uber ride the other day. i thought there was just a 2-minute wait. >> a new art exhibit is open beneath the streets of dc. stay with us.
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>> developing tonight protesters stormed iraq. it is home to most minute industries and is heavily secured. today is the first time protesters actually breached the compound walls. after 8 buildings collapsed.
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kenya's buildings are unfit to live in. hundreds of people came together to honor the lives of eight family members who were brutally killed. a candle light vigil was held in ohio for the rodin family. more on the tribute. ♪ i hope you're dancing in the sky ♪ >> reporter: the sky turns orange, not the sunset, the hue of balloons ascending. >> they were the best people to know. they were all kind and full of love. >> reporter: from balloons to special t-shirts, even a name change for an unborn child among the many tributes. her baby r
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honor of dana. i was planning on doing that after this happened. >> the community pulls together to help a family in deep pain. >> it helps me cope a little bit. >> it's a loving community. >> offering hugs and prayer. >> standing as one. >> it's been pretty hard but we're slowly working with it. >> reporter: for as long as it takes to heal. ♪ because here on earth it feels like everything good is missing since you left ♪ >> tonight there are still no arrests or charges in the beating death of a high school student in delaware. 16-year-old amy joiner died after a fight with several other students in the school
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police say three teenaged girls are considered persons of interest. they've been out of school since the brawl. investigators are still reviewing evidence and conducting interviews. they say there were not any weapons involved in the fight. >> to texas now where one teen girl is dead and another injured after a carnival ride accident. the girls were on a ride called the sizzler at a church carnival in el paso, texas. the teens were ejected from the ride. the girl who died hit a metal barricade. the accident is under investigation toont. investigators have not yet determined what caused the malfunction. the state of texas does inspect right but it's unclear if the vendor met the requirements. >> the white house is pushing forward with plans to curb gun violence. >> it released a progress report centered around so-called smart gun. more on the debate surrounding the new technology. >> reporter: the president outlined new steps to help curb gun
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requirements on so-called smart guns that woman date sharing mental health records with a federal background check system. with rules for law enforcement agencies which would buy and use them. the idea is similar to what we see in smart phones. these weapons can only work in the hands of their owner by using either fingerprints or hand grip identification offer by using a ring fob. president obama taking to facebook this week saying these common sense steps are not going to prevent every tragedy but what if they prevented even one. josh earnest. >> just about every other industry that i can think of, that's what people do. that's what manufacturers do, that is the source of innovation in a variety of fields. the best example is in the auto industry. >> reporter: the national rifle associatio
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doesn't oppose smart gun technology but they do oppose any law prohibiting americans from owning firearms that don't have the smart gun technology. adding in this statement at a time when we are actively fighting terrorists at home and abroad, this administration would rather focus the military's efforts on the president's gun control agenda. and some people have wondered what if the gun doesn't fire when you need it to. so far there is no evidence of any flaws. >> say for example in a heated moment where you would need a gun, you might have dirty hands or sweaty palms and would it fire? so far the technology proves to be pretty accurate. >> right now the departments of defense, homeland security and justice continue to conduct or sponsor research and expect to have a report out by october. in new york, laura ingall, fox news. >> it has been years in the making, and
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underground is showing off its first art exhibit. it used to be a trolley station but became a for gotten spot in the city. the first exhibit opened to the public today. it's a france formation of an exhibit that was first shown at the national building museum. >> 650,000 balls were brought over. we had a design contest that had submissions from around the world. 19 different countries. we had a jury pick one design and this is it. it's all the balls were made into cubes and the cubes are meant to be moved around, repurposed, put into different shapes. people can do whatever they want with it. >> the art exhibit will run through june 1st and there's plenty of time to check it out. the underground space only has room for 49 people at a time and tickets are going fast. >> have you ever been down there before? >> i haven't but i want to go
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after seeing this. >> it's pretty cool for sure. making your uber driver wait. it could soon cost you. they announced two new policies encouraging punctuality from passengers. the first paying drivers for waiting past 2 minutes. that means once you get the notification that your driver has arrived, well, two minutes later, the meter goes on. that's not such a bad idea. the second shortening the cancelation window from 5 minutes down to 2 minutes. reaction to this policy, well, it has been mixed. >> that is very good thing for driver. >> that's ridiculous. i don't think that's very fair. i would more inclined to take a via where they'll wait for you and they won't charge you. >> right now uber is only testing the program. i got to say, i try to be out there. you just used uber for the first time. >> i did. >> i try to be out there before it arrives. i notice they even say it's arriving. >> and it's still not there. >>
6:32 pm
me, did i miss it. >> i think they want to give you plenty of time so they hit the button that they're just arriving earlier. because it seems like it takes that button. >> gwen had a good idea. she said the amount of time they are running late should be the amount of time they give you as a courtesy. >> still ahead at 6:00, a norovirus outbreak on board a cruiseship. >> what the cruise line is saying about the continuing voyage.
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many couples struggle with infer tillty issues while trying to have a baby. specialists now have a way to test parents-to-be that may increase their chances of conceiving and reduce the risk of passing on certain genetic diseases. >> dr. manny alvarez with more. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention says birth defects caused by genetic disorders affect one in every 33 births in the u.s. couples now have a way to reduce their risk of passing certain
6:36 pm
>> when we do preimplantation genetic screening, we can ensure that the embryos are chromosomally normal before transferring them back and that increases the likelihood of implantation. >> reporter: fertility specialists test the genes of the parents-to-be. these results may limit the chances of an embryo from carrying a chromosomal disorder from being implanted. >> we can't fix them but we can determine which are affected by the dds and which aren't and only transfer back those that are affected. >> reporter: a diagnosis before pregnancy may sound like a designer baby but doctors say it's not the case. >> we have the technology and ability to eradicate diseases that have ravaged families for decades. they've had family members who suffered from chronic disease that's totally preventible. >> reporter: these procedures not only help limit
6:37 pm
on of diseases, but they may also help couples get pregnant faster. >> we're getting significantly higher pregnancy rates, significantly loeg miscarriage rates. we have eliminated triplets, we've almost eliminated twins. in addition to that, patients and families are having much better outcomes. >> it allows us to pick the best embryos but it doesn't necessarily get the patient's pregnant unless they have good embryos. so it doesn't em prove the quality, all it does is allow us to choose the best embryos to transfer so we can get the patients pregnant faster. >> reporter: experts say the couples are not the only people who benefit from these tests. the results may help family members who are trying to get pregnant making decisions as well. in new york, i'm dr. manny, fox news. >> and still to come tonight, concerns about the zika virus in the united states, the
6:38 pm
zika death in a u.s. territory has been confirmed. why health experts fear zika could reach epidemic levels by summer. >> and the crowds during your next trip to disney could also include a wedding party. the magic kingdom is preparing to host weddings during park hours. and you won't believe how much it costs to say "i do" at disney.
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i was hoping to be outside tomorrow on my day off. >> you can be outside tomorrow. >> with an umbrella, galoshes, what else? >> i've got some good news. it's not a washout. >> and tonight, how is it looking? >> tonight we've got the clouds. right now it's actually not that bad. in some of our areas you're seeing a little bit of drizzle, maybe a sprinkle here or there. but once we get into the late night things are definitely going to change. you can see outside with all the clouds right now and i'm going to tell you if i were a cloud salesman i would be a rich lady because the clouds are not going anywhere. well out here to the west, but this is going to start to become very widespread once we get into the later part of tonight. in the meantime some of you are seeing just a little bit of drizzle. you can see here some light
6:42 pm
of leesburg, to the south of alexandria here, some of you are seeing a little bit of that. but it is gradually going to start to fill in. unfortunately it's not going to be the greatest of nights. here is a look at all of this in motion as it moves through. definitely we're socked in with the cloud coverage here. we're going to see fog developing in the overnight hours and that will linger through to the early part of your sunday. temperatures, that's the second part of my story because it is cool out there. we should really have been in the low 70s. no such luck. take a look. temperatures right now into the 50s. 57 at dc, 54 at gaithersburg. 55 at dulles and mans as and frederick and your overnight lows in the low 50s for the most part but we will see a little bit of that warmer air starting to sneak in so to the south temperatures will be into the low 60s and to areas of the west we'll see some low 50s. here's a look at your planner for tonight then. by the time we hit the 9:00 hour
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we'll start to see a little bit of that drizzle. by the time we get to the 11:00 hour, i really anticipating us seeing things fill in just a little bit more. i want to tell you about something special happening tomorrow it happened today as well. head out to the national weather service they're having an open house with all kinds of activity. you can get a peek yourself at just how we do this job in weather. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. >> in tonight's health watch, the first death related to a zika virus in a u.s. territory has been reported. puerto rico's health secretary has just announced a 70-year-old man died in february due to complications from the mosquito-borne illness. >> the news comes as experts warn zika could reach epidemic status here in the u.s. as early as this summer. >> reporter: mosquitos ready to sting and in fact don't care that we don't have a budget
6:44 pm
agreement. they're here. >> reporter: as the fight on capitol hill to fund the battle against the zika virus raises on, stunning news today thaz south florida will mostly witness epidemic levels of the disease this summer, that prediction coming from nasa. they also say the mosquito which ansmits zika is expected to spread further north and live longer this summer. miami-dade county already leads all counties with confirmed infections, 39. these cities in red most at risk. miami, orlando and from new orleans to charleston. orange indicates a moderate abun dance. the cities in yellow rank low risk. miami-dade spends $1.6 million a year on mosquito control, is asking the state for more but isn't panicking yet. >> we feel we have the resources we need to be able t
6:45 pm
appropriate spraying, surveillance and education and outreach. >> president obama is requesting $1.9 billion in emergency funding to fight zika which causes brain defects in babies. but in the senate the republican says a spending fee. the bill failed to get a vote early this week. >> health officials say the battle is extremely dependent on you the homeowner specifically removing all standing water from your property. they say all it takes is this much. a bottle cap full of water for the disease-spreading mosquito to lay eggs and thrive. >> by the way, the first commercially developed test for the zika virus will soon be available in the united states. quest diagnostics received an emergency thoertion. it can only detect the virus when it's
6:46 pm
blood and a negative test it does not rule out the zika infection. meanwhile a cruise ship that was quarantined in virginia for a norovirus outbreak. the cruise originally set sail from england more than two weeks ago. a spokesperson for the cruise line says conditions have improved and a majority of passengers, they are feeling better. the ship is still on course to continue its 34-night trip. >> many worshippers believe pope francis has healing powers. fox news chief religion correspondent lauren green has more from new york. >> reporter: reports are popping up all over the world about how hope francis has touched someone
6:47 pm
miraculously turned around, leading many to believe that francis has divine healing powers. her blood work showed no evidence of suspected lyme disease. but that was before francis blessed her. >> just a couple of days after meeting the pope, god on earth, there was activity in my blood and i do believe that miracles continuing. >> reporter: during the pope's visit last september thousands of people held up children for the pope to bless. this family was thrilled when francis kissed their baby girl. early reports show that afterwards a troubling brain tumor had shrink. months later she is still in need of chemotherapy. her parents told fox news they have a long way to go, but she's continuing to get better.
6:48 pm
her was a sign that god has been with them through unimaginable times. the catholic church sets a very high bar for such things. >> when a miracle is considered in the congregation, it's got to be something that is of divine origin and something that is of independent in action. >> she is certain francis is a miracle worker. >> when i think about those months before the pope, you know, in my head i see darkness. after the pope, so many people reached out to us and i see god's love in everyone else's heart. >> reporter: vatican experts stress that pope francis is a humble man and would say that any healing is ultimately god's doing. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> it's good to see she's doing better and so many people have the faith and maybe his touch did do that. >> the parents seem awfully happy. >> still
6:49 pm
and meditation to new heights. >> we're going to explain the latest fitness trend that is all about getting you to actually relax. >> and disney says "i do" to weddings at the magic kingdom during park hours. can you believe this? just wait until you hear the price tag. stay with us. jooch
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
. so a new way to get fit is taking yoga and meditation to new heights. >> i think i'm all for it. it's called antigravity cocooning. this work out is all about relaxation. fox's laura ingal has the details. >> reporter: meditation has hit the main stream with celebrities and athletes singing its praises. but what about the people who swear they just can't meditate. >> my mand is running around. i don't have ti
6:52 pm
i sitting here meditating. >> reporter: crunch gym in new york city might have the solution. it's called antigravity cocooning. >> it's like nap time for adults. >> reporter: the 45 minute class allows stunds to step out into their lives and step into a ham okay. it's not just about relaxation and recharges. >> if you're into lifting weights, if you're a runner or anything like that, we do a series of stretches. >> reporter: sometimes you have to schedule down time for it to actually happen. >> it's hard to carve out that time. >> reporter: students agree when you leave this class you take the calm with you. >> when you go outside you go back to the rush of new york city life, which is pretty crazy. but you
6:53 pm
pace where you realize you've gotten 45 minutes to take it easy, take a deep breath and you can finish tackling what you need to tackle which is great. >> reporter: you have to be a crunch member to take the class. there are locations all over the country. for more information check out >> i can see meditation but yoga is actually really hard. that looks like just napping. >> i did yoga once and i fell asleep and i think i would definitely fall asleep there because it looks like they're just taking a nap in a hammock which is awesome. >> do you reuse it or bring your own? >> the huge crowds you have to contend with will soon include wedding parties. >> disney world is introducing weddings during park hours.
6:54 pm
receptions will take place at other parts of the resort. the orlando sentinel reports custom wedding packages for 100 guests, get this, how much do you think it costs? $75,000. the imagine particular kingdom has hosted weddings for two years but only at 7:30 in the morning before the park opens. weddings are expensive. >> but that's uber expensive. for 100 guests? >> you just got married. would you want to do it at disney? >> no. i wouldn't. >> but people love disney. i know a lot of disney world lovers out there. still ahead tonight at 6:00, severe weather strikes. >> how people in parts of texas and oklahoma are dealing with the damage tonight as the threat of tornadoes and flash flooding continues.
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6:57 pm
edly storms are hitting parts of the south central u.s. this weekend. a grand mother and four of her grandchildren died in floods outside of dallas. tornadoes have also been reported in the region. multiple homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. the region isn't out of the woods just yet. forecasters say storms can continue through the weekend as the system moves east. but chances are more severe weather taper off by monday. >> thankfully we're not having that type of weather around here. but it's again quite soggy lately. >> oh, yeah. but you know wh
6:58 pm
last night to tony and shawn, we have some good news out of this. and it's that we're going to get great, beautiful green lawns and wonderful pretty flowers. >> that means i have to mow my lawn twice next week. >> yeah, probably. but just look at it as a good workout. >> that's true. >> put a positive spin on things. you know how i roll. there's the fog and clouds outside it's going to get worse as we move into tonight. some of you aren't seeing anything right now, some of you are experiencing a little bit of a light shower maybe or some drizzle. but it's going to become more wide spread before the night is over. so keep the umbrellas handy. that's the first thing on my weather headline for you. sunday, good news. it is not a total washout. and the week ahead is going to be unsettled and then we going to see temperatures on the rise. it's been on the cooler side, much cooler over the last couple of days but things are going to change there. let's take a look at the radar, this is where the main swath of
6:59 pm
this is going to be moving our way. some of you are right in that. take a look at that i-81 corridor there and as we head to the east just a little light shower and drizzle activity we are going to start to see this fill in once we start progressing into tonight because all this is going to move to the east. we're socked in with the clouds right now. they're not going anywhere at all. we're going to see fog develop in the overnight hours. this is going to be mainly what we're going to deal with overnight and into the first part of your sunday. as i said, sunday is not a total washout. highs today, oh, they were chilly. same as yesterday, in the 50s. we should be about 71 degrees much so we are way off the mark here. and this is because we've had this easterly flow coming in off the ocean so it's kept us kind of cool. things are going to reverse tomorrow because we're going to start to see more of a southerly flow and that always brings in some warmer air. we're in for a little bit of a warm-up. 57 degrees in the nation's capital, the same at
7:00 pm
56 at baltimore, 55 at frederick and dulles and mannasas and 53 degrees to the west at martinsburg. you're overnight lows tonight expect to be prime rarely in the city in the 50s. it will be a little warmer to the south, low 60s there. 58 at dulles, 56 degrees at hagers town and 60 degrees at culpeper. and as we take a look at what we're going to be dealing with in terms of highs tomorrow, we're going to get that warmer air advantage. so here we are in the upper 60s and the low 7 0s. but we're still going to have the wet weather. i'm talking about showers in the early part of the day tomorrow with the fog, and then we're going to see a bit of a break. but for tonight it's going to be cool, it's going to be drizzly, we're going to see the rain move in in the overnight hours and when we get into tomorrow, we'll get a break by the afternoon and then we're going to see the showers push in all over again as this frontal system moves more to the north. so i'm going to say anywhere from about maybe up to about 2:00 and then maybe from 2:00 to


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