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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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do. to land the big shot. >> mark: we saw chambers' most active 10 or 12 seconds of the round. then he stopped. he is not just giving away rounds at this point. he is giving away years. if he wants to have another career, make a move. >> gus: giving away money. >> mark: especially in this wide-open heavy weight division. >> one minute remaining. in the fifth round. >> mark: nice right hand. >> danny: he has to put the punch together. he can't throw one at a time. he can't let washington control the pate of the fight -- pace of the fight. washington, give him credit. he is controlling the fight with the jab and the footwork. doing a great job. >> mark: he found the distance and working with the right hand. >> danny: he is comfortable right now. doing what he wants in there. >> gus: the right hand block. in chambers' corner, begging him to let his hands go.
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the fire power to close the gap. >> danny: mentally he knows he is not a big puncher. he doesn't want to open up and get caught himself with the counter shot. closing moments of the round. >> gus: washington cruising now. >> looking good. good. >> that's good. that's yours. >> great. not wide. make him box. from his mouth to his chest. sit up and breathe. make a box from his mouth to his chest and commit to it. navigate the ring. but he is giving you opportunity. when you find the opportunity give me the hard one-two down the middle. >> mark:
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chambers' trainer what do you tell him? d/b/a -- >> danny: wake up. wake up. be hungry. go out there like a lion. eat the prey. you can't continue -- you have to be fired up. act like this is the biggest fight of your career. try to knock him out. >> mark: stop winking, stop smiling. stop frowning. throw punches. >> danny: stop posing for the camera. this is a fight. >> gus: eight rounds in heavyweight division in round number six between gerald washington in the white trunks and eddie chambers in black. >> danny: in one fight my dad slapped me to wake me up. do what you have to do to wake the fighter up. >> gus: chambers more active as we start the sixth. >> mark: it seems like washington is doing most of the slapping in
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>> gus: we haven't seen washington sit down on the punches. left hook. gets through. >> danny: combination. that is a combination. got to punch through. washington comes back with his own combination. >> mark: eddie trying to get him to throw a lot of punches with his hands down. >> gus: chambers it seems as times, guys -- i don't know if i'm correct here. it seems as if chambers is playing to the crowd more than he is trying to focus on his opponent. >> mark: i agree with you. i do think washington is beginning to accommodate him. those hands are getting lower and lower and lower.
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>> gus: chambers throwing right hand to the body. washington punches very slow now. hands all the way at his waist. >> mark: he is cooperating with him, isn't he? lowering the hands, by dropping the hands. >> danny: he is giving chambers a home run shot. you know, you have to be careful. be disciplined. i think he is controlling him. he felt chambers power and he knows chambers can't hurt him. he is confident now. >> gus: chambers and his camp surprised that washington took this fight. >> mark: judging from what we have seen, why not? >> danny: i guess his camp thought chambers had more experience and he'd school him. but washington doing what he wants.
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older fighter. he needs the experience. he needs the name on his resume. if he is going to make a run as a contender and get in the mix. he needs somebody like eddie chambers on his victim list. i like the right to the body. >> danny: the right to the body was a real good shot. >> gus: that is the end of the round. take a look. eddie chambers a little more active in the sixth. >> danny: like i said before his chance of winning the fight and laying the big shot he has to throw come bill nations like there -- combinations like there. he missed the first two and landed a straight jab to the chin. washington on the ropes. that is the key to this fight. go combination. throw a couple to open him up and land a big shot.
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>> keep the jab on. don't wait on him. wait with the hands up, i want to see a jab. especially when you are in range. all right? c'mon, baby. [ whistle ] >> toughest round. one to go. >> gus: eddie chambers, gerald washington. seventh round scheduled for eight. heavy weight. the power punch stat. take a look. what do you see? >> danny: washington is throwing more, landing more. out-working chambers. chambers wants to pick it up, man. letting the bigger guy control the fight. like i said, his key to this fight. he has to let the hands go.
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he is controlling the fight. >> gus: washington changing to southpaw. >> danny: i don't know if that is a good idea. you are controlling the fight. you are controlling the whole fight in the right-hand stance why would you change to southpaw? get hit with a good shot and switched right back. >> gus: the right hook to the body has been effective for washington tonight. >> danny: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> mark: right now you have to wonder if chambers has what it takes in terms of power punches to take this guy out. 44 fights. 23 knockouts. i don't like the odds. >> danny: you get a lot of knockouts in the beginning of your career. when you step up in competition the knockouts slow down a little bit. >> gus: the fans restless with the inactivity from the two big
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>> danny: they have been seeing knockouts all night. they want to see another knockout. sometimes you have to appreciate the boxing. washington is controlling the pace. out-boxing his opponent tonight. >> gus: the jab, gerald washington. fighting off the back foot the whole round. the big man showing the fluid nature. of the punches. mostly flat. wouldn't you say, danny? >> danny: yeah. he could commit more and turn the shots more. a little more force. a little more power. to be more explosive. people like the explosion. they like to see the explosion fighters and the knockout. >> mark: part of it is he is moving backward. >> danny: hard to get knocked out when you are moving backward unless you are countering your opponent. here he is outboxing his opponent. happy to win on points. >> mark: give him credit for a converted football
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he looks like a fighter. >> danny: he is doing a great job. controlling the fight. he got his hands low. making chambers miss. backing up. moving forward. landing straight punches just like that. >> mark: you can learn the killer instinct. >> danny: he has to commit to the punches. never now know, he could get a knock down or a knock-out. >> gus: that is the end of the seventh round. one round remaining for gerald washington, who has been in complete control of the fight. against his veteran opponent, eddie chambers. >> he walked up with the hands up. one-two. >> gus: let's take -- >> can you do that for me? >> gus: let's take a look at the
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washington with a 68-65 advantage. >> mark: i'll go for that. i think we are in agreement that chambers needs a knockout. >> danny: i agree with it. some judges do like aggression. chambers has been the aggressor. washington has been the boxer. but in my eyes i see washington winning this fight. but you never know what the judges like. >> gus: one round remaining, though. eddie chambers still has a puncher's chance. he hasn't been free with his hands in the first seven rounds. >> mark: we have had very definitive endings this evening. it would be a shame for this one to be ambiguous, be unsettled, be questioned. >> gus: four knockouts tonight seen here on fox. with the headliner andre
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berto. redeeming himself against victor ortiz. with one of the most electric knockouts you will see against the southpaw berto. with the fire bolt of a right uppercut. >> mark: washington looks more comfortable than at the beginning of the fight. just before he threw two right hands. >> danny: washington looks like he is going for the knockout. >> mark: he is measuring him. looking more comfortable now. >> danny: his hands with more authority. >> gus: chambers what a record. 42-2. he said it has been hard to get consistent opponents due to the risk-reward of himself as an opponent. >> mark: obviously at 34 years o
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is willing to take that risk. he knows he doesn't have that much time if he wants to make more in this sport. if he wants to make a name for himself. >> danny: i think the age is not a problem. he's not worn out. he doesn't have a huge amateur background. his body doesn't have a lot of punishment. kind of pressure. >> gus: the hands all the way down for gerald washington >> mark: how many football players and exfootball players are watching this now and saying i could do what washington is doing? >> gus: that is right. >> danny: it looks easier than it is, though. i'll tell you that much. mike tyson said it best. "everyone wants to be a boxer until they get punched in the mouth." >> mark: everybody wants a heavyweight paycheck but doesn't want to take a heavyweight punch. i think it is important for washington to finish strong.
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washington height bothered eddie's in this fight. he didn't get as close as he wanted to because of washington's fight. he felt his power a little bit. >> mark: more of the length. seven inches is a lot. it's good boxer as chambers is he could never solve that distance. >> gus: that is the end of the eighth and the final round. gerald washington should feel very positive about his performance. different story for eddie chambers. >> mark: two guys. 34 years old. each going in a different direction. washington going up. future looks bright. eddie chambers, well -- >> danny: we don't know if this is a crossroad for
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>> mark: this isn't a demonstration worthy of champion caliber fight. >> danny: you have to come back strong. never too late. >> gus: look at the motel 6 punch stat. washington-chambers. gerald washington throwing 469 punches. much more active than eddie chambers. >> mark: landing more punches. the better percentage by chambers. washington controlled the fight in my eyes. >> mark: he controlled it for large measure by the jabs. if you can out-jab your opponent and keep going, you can win the fight. that is a big rooster, fellas. >> gus: go to ray flores for the decision. >> announcer: ladies and
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we go to the scorecards. here are your score totals. judge at ringside, fernando villareal scores the contest 79-73. judges ray carona and kermit bayless see it identical. 80-72. for your winner by unanimous decision -- gerald "el gallo negro" washington! [ cheering ] >> gus: so gerald washington improves his record to 17-0-1 with the unanimous decision over eddie chambers. what a night of boxing here at the stubhub center. let's go to brian kenny to wrap it up. >> brian: gus, mark, champ, thank you so much. i'm still stunned just going back a few minutes. victor ortiz early, establishing distance. got a good rhythm going. had a knockdown as well. andre berto in the fourth round turns it around. with just one shot. but that is what makes victor
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ortiz, victor ortiz. puzzling night for a talented welterweight. now new life for andre berto in that new welterweight division. speaking of which take a look at what is coming up on p.b.c. -- the p.b.c. fight on showtime now. jack-bouta in the main vent. toe-to-toe tuesday on fs1. may 17, the major welterweight showdown on cbs june 25. keith thurman versus sean porter. that should be an outstanding fight. we hope to be back with you here on fox in july. next on fox is your late local news except on the west coast. tomorrow the geico 500 from talladega is right here on fox. 12:30 p.m. eastern time. coverage begins at 10:30 a.m. with "nascar raceday" on fs1. a lot of knock-outs tonight. a lot of thrills. andre berto is back with the exhilarating win. for gus johnson, danny garcia, mark kriegel, kristine leahy, i'm brian kenny.
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california. we are! fox sports!
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right now at 10:00, residents gather in northwest to demand answers after a recent increase in crime in their neighborhood. >> the biggest names in politics and hollywood gather tonight for the annual white house correspondents dinner. we'll have all the highlights. >> and you may want to keep your umbrella handy if you're planning on heading out tomorrow. heavy rain is expected across th
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gwen will have your complete forecast. the news starts now. good evening everyone. i'm matt ackland along with tisha lewis. we are beginning to begin with president obama. >> that's right. and you know what he is speaking now at the white house correspondents dinner. it is his last white house correspondents dinner also known as the nord prom and we had a chance to listen to him. >> let's take you to him live right now. take a listen. >> i get it. just recently a young person came up and said she was sick of politicians standing in the way of her dreams. as if we were actually going to let malia go to burning man this year. it's not going to happen. [ laughter ] bernie might have let her go. not us. [ laughter ]
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i am hurt though, bernie, that you've been distancing yourself a little from me. i mean, that's just not something that you do to your comrades. [ laughter ] bernie's slogan has helped his campaign catch fire among young people. feel the bern. hillary's slogan has not had the same effect. [ laughter ] i said how much i admire
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hillary's toughness, her smartness, her experience. you've got to admit it though. hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative to just signed up for facebook. deer america, did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall? i'm not sure i'm using this right. love, aunt hillary. [ laughter ] it's not entirely persuasive. meanwhile, on the republican side. things are a little more, i'm not sure why we say this, a little more loose. just look at the confusion over the invitations to tonight's dinner. guests were asked to check whether they wanted steak or fish, and instead a
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of you wrote in paul ryan. [ laughter ] that's not an option, people. steak or fish. [ laughter ] you may not like steak or fish, but that's your choice. [ laughter ] meanwhile, some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight. [ laughter ] the rules were well established ahead of time. and then there's ted cruz. ted had a tough week. he went to indiana. hoosier country. stood on
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called the hoop a basketball ring. what else is in his lexicon? baseball sticks? football hat? but sure, i'm the foreign one. [ laughter ] [ applause ] let me conclude tonight on a more serious note. i want to thank the washington press corps, i want to thank carol for all that you do. free press is central to our democracy and -- nah. i'm just kidding. you know
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trump! come on. [ applause ] we weren't just going to stop there. come on. although i am a little hurt that he's not here tonight. we had so much fun the last time. and it is surprising. you've got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? is he at home eating a trump steak, tweeting out insults to angela merkel?
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what's he doing? the republican establishment is incredulous that he's their most likely nominee. incredulous, shocking. they say donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world. miss sweden, miss argentina. miss ajerbajan. and there's one area where donald trump's experience could be invaluable, and that's closing guantanamo because trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground. [ applause ] all right. that's probably enough.
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i've got more material. [ cheers ] no. no. i don't want to spend too much time on the donald. following your lead, i want to show some restraint. because i think we can all agree that from the start, he's gotten the appropriate amount of coverage, befitting the seriousness of his candidacy. i hope you all are proud of yourselves. the guy wanted to give his hotel business a boost and now we're praying that cleveland makes it through july. >> all right, president obama there. good evening everyone. once again. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm matt ackland. >> and i'm tisha lewis.
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weather. while the rain stayed away for the most part, today that likely will not be the case tomorrow. >> after the president, let's start out with a look at the forecast tonight and tomorrow and say hello to gwen. hey gwen. >> what a hard act to follow. >> exactly. >> nonetheless we've got to talk about this forecast because the rain is already starting to move in. let's take a look at radar. we'll show you what's going on right now. and we spoke about this in the earlier show that it would start to get more widespread by the time we got into the late night and that's exactly what's happening. some of you are seeing pockets of heavier rainfall than others but it is moving its way through and it's going to be lingering in the overnight hours right through until the early part of your sunday. with it we'll see some fog as well. it was a cool day today, temperatures below the seasonal average by a long shot. we should really be in the low 70s. no such luck. we only hit into the 50s today at all three airports. and as we take a look at current conditions right now, it's 55 degrees currently at dc, and
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the south southeast and that's pretty much going to be the pattern tonight with those winds. right now elsewhere 54 at mannasas, 53 at baltimore, annapolis at 56, 52 at frederick and 53 degrees at dulles. so your overnight lows expected to be into the 50s pretty much everywhere, a little warmer to the south where that wind starts to move in. we're looking at 60s as far as quantico and fredricksburg is concerned and in the upper to mid 50s for areas to the north northwest. overall 52 degrees, southeasterly winds, clouds and drizzle. we're talking some fog as well and during the early morning hours you can anticipate some of that lingering through. the good news is sunday is not a washout we're going to get a bit of a dry spell before it's all said and done and that's at least some good news for us. an upper air pattern is going to keep us into the 60s as we move into tomorrow as well but the good news is it's going to be a little bit warmer. the wet pattern continues. i'll have the
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in just a bit. back to you. >> in recent weeks we've seen a spike in crime in one of the safer parts of the district. earlier today concerned residents attended a community meeting to discuss an uptick in crime. >> mayor bowser and council member mary cheh was there. alex? >> reporter: one of the most recent and most concerning crimes happened monday when a wilson high school student was stabbed in the leg on his way to school during an attempted robbery. it was that incident, along with other recent crimes, that prompted this meeting. >> my biggest concern is going to be the safety of the kids as they move. >> reporter: dozens of people spent their saturday afternoon at a community meeting to discuss the recent concerning crimes in ward 3. specifically near tenley town and wilson high school. >> i was hoping to understand
10:31 pm
after the reporting of the crimes and to understand what the community felt about improving safety for our children. >> reporter: one of the focuses of the meeting were two incidents where area students were stab stabbed or robbed at knife point in the past two weeks. >> one of the things that's crucial is we have to have police presence and we have to have police presence immediately beyond the school and the subway and expand it further. >> reporter: residents of the dc neighborhood that's dotted with large homes, up scale condo buildings and restaurants say crime in and around the metro station is another concern. the goal of the meeting was to start a conversation about combatting the recent wave of crime. >> and i think we heard a lot of good suggestions about how the students travel from the school to the subway. how the community itself might participate in protecting the students
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crime. >> reporter: council member cheh tells me she does believe the city has the resources available to make some of those changes including adding extra light in some cut-throughs that students use to get to and from school and also adding extra uniform police officers especially during those crucial times when students are heading to and from school. reporting live in tenley town, alexand alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> police tell us a man was stabbed at the gallery place station. someone attacked the man while he was standing on the platform. that man was taken to a hospital for treatment. he is expected to survive but tonight police are still looking for the person responsible. >> a dc man is in police custody tonight charged with killing his daughter's boyfriend. investigators say the shooting happened this morning on 21st northeast. neighbors tell
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called police this morning to get his daughter's boyfriend out of the house after a fight broke out. residents say police told him to leave but they saw when he showed up again later in the morning he allegedly shot and killed him. residents, tired of the crime in their neighborhood had planned a safety walk this evening just blocks away from where today's murder took place when word of the killing became known, the walk was moved to 21st street. neighborhood commissioners joined together with residents to send out a message that they want to take their community back. and they say residents must do their part. >> would like for us to try to work together. if you see something, don't be scared to call the police. call the police. take back your community. do not be scared to call the police. if you don't want to give your name, you can be
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call the police. >> the anc commissioners we spoke with tonight say they are worried about a spike in violence and urge residents to contact them with their concerns. >> and in montgomery county, the fire department is reaching out to women and hoping they will join their ranks. the recruitment event was held today specifically for women. as fox 5's lindsay watts reports, they were literally shown the ropes. >> reporter: in the time santell brown has been a firefighter, she says she's watched the profession change. >> sometimes change is not always easy but certainly we've come a long way over the years. we've had women in the fire service, we have them all throughout the ranks now. from firefighters all the way up to assistant chiefs. >> reporter: montgomery county fire's
10:35 pm
just about telling women they can do the job. it was about showing them. >> this is not just a male-dominated profession anymore. we're coming in and we're doing a great job at it. >> reporter: for some of the women here, this hands-on experience was brand new. but others have already been out there, pulling hoses and fighting fires as volunteers. >> i love volunteering for county and it's just something i want to do. actually, i think it's hard for either male or female. >> reporter: brown agrees. regardless of gender, if you're up for the challenge, you can do this job. >> we can do it, just maybe in a different fashion. but we're certainly capable of doing it. and we gist have to learn those different strategies and techniques and once we do so, we do it just as well. >> reporter: this event was her idea, a way to help pass the torch. >> i'm looking at these ladies who will come along and carry on the legacy. >> reporter: the women here today are getting a full rang
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check this out. montgomery county saw a lot of interest in this. about 40 women came out to a similar event last night. this county already has more than 100 women on its force. >> president obama continues to talk. let's take you there now. >> does not require you shedding your objectivity. in fact, it is the essence of good journalism. it affirms the idea that the only way we can build consensus, the only way we can move forward as a country, the only way we can help the world mend itself is by agreeing on a baseline of facts when it comes to the challenges that confront us all. this night is a testament to all of you who devoted lives to that idea, to push to
10:37 pm
on the truth every single day. so i want to close my final white house correspondents dinner by just saying thank you. i'm very proud of what you've done. it has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. and with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out. [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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congress is taking a break right now and that is not sitting well with some lawmakers who say there's plenty of unfinished business that needs to be addressed. democrat leaders want the republican-controlled congress to get back to work. here are just a few issues hanging in the balance. president obama's request for emergency funding to deal with the zika virus. financial help is needed to bail out puerto rico whic
10:41 pm
expected 20 go into default tomorrow, and congress still has long-term budget problems to solve. >> and president obama is not mincing words about the congressional recess. he used his weekly address to slam senate republicans for not holding a hearing on his supreme court nominee. the president nominated garland to the high court 45 days ago. most senate republicans have refused to meet with him. they say they will not fill the seat until the presidential election is decided. now to the race for the white house. voters in indiana will cast their primary ballots on tuesday, but today the republican presidential race shifted to california as the candidates spent time in the golden state looking for votes. fox's john roberts reports. >> reporter: the indiana primary may be tuesday, but this weekend is all about the great state of california. >> california is
10:42 pm
this republican primary. >> reporter: ted cruz spoke at the state's gop convention today pushing hard against donald trump and comparing him to hillary clinton. >> and hillary clinton and donald trump are flip sides of the same coin. both of them support the same policy issues. >> reporter: trump addressed the same gop leaders yesterday and seemed to imply he may not be so concerned about party unity. >> there should be and there has to be unity. now with that being said, would i win, can i win without it? i think so. >> referee: governor kasich is also stopping in california and hitting hard against trump. >> i'm not interested in anything he has to say. it's the same old blather. >> on the democrat side both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are taking a break but bill clinton was stumping for his wife in indiana turning his sights on the republicans. >> this is what they do. they decide who they don't want to run against and they dump on them like crazy. >> hilary
10:43 pm
delegates shy. but the sanders campaign is vowing to push on. >> we intend to win every delegate that we can, so awhen we go to philadelphia in july, we're going to have the votes to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any political party has ever seen. >> a new poll out in indiana shows ted cruz with a solid lead but another shows donald trump ahead. 57 delegates at stake, it's a must-win for both candidates, then they go on to california. with 172 delegates, it is the biggest of the remaining prizes. >> donald trump may have won this week's maryland primary but the state's governor says he won't back the gop presidential hopeful yesterday governor larry hogan told reporters his position has not changed even though trump won all of the state'
10:44 pm
last month hogan said he was, quote, 23409 a trump fan and didn't think trump should be the republican nominee. >> fox 5 is joining forces with the hill to keep you up to date on the white house. >> they discussed all things politics starting sunday morning at 8:30. fox 5 news on the hill tomorrow right before "fox news sunday with chris wallace." we'll be right back. >> this week on fox news sunday, how close is donald trump to wrapping up the republican nomination? we'll sit down with the fop front runner. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then ted cruz names a running mate before this week's crucial indiana primary. we're asking him about moves that are called either daring or desperate. and this program marks it's first 20 years. we'll take a look back at some unforgettable moments. all this week on "fox news sunday."
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following the death of firefighter nicole mittendorff, the fire chief in fairfax county is taking aim at a local website. now we're learning this isn't the first time they've been involved in an investigation. >> fairfax underground was asked just three months ago to remove information that was written about a different female fairfax county firefighter. fox 5's jennifer davis has more on a story you saw first on fox 5. >> reporter: fairfax county fire chief riche bowers lashed out at the people who post vial and vicious comments about others. >> you need to clean up this blog. people need to act right. i am appealing to, and i'm using the media here, to the person that hosts this site to one, take the l
10:49 pm
two, turn the site off if people aren't going to act right. >> reporter: the creator and administrator of fairfax underground responded to the chief's comments in an interview with us over face time. >> this is clearly a deflection of blame. it's very easy. basically it's a chalkboard for a bathroom stall. when someone comes and writes graffiti on a chalkboard, you don't blame the chalkboard. you blame the author. it's pretty author that the author of these malicious posts is a firefighter and it seems like he's trying to deflect blame away from the author and on to the website. >> reporter: chief bowers says he was unaware of the cyber bullying on the site before nicole mittendorff's death. since people post anonymously, he has no proof the comments came from within his department. these posts are
10:50 pm
thread about a variety of subjects. police issued a court order in fub asking him to remove those as part of an ongoing police investigation. >> a couple months ago actually i was served a court order for this very same discussion thread to reveal the identity of another poster who had a very similar post to this one about miss mittendorff, basically calling a female firefighter some lewd names. and that post was removed. >> reporter: he says he also deletes personal attacks when abuse reports are made. he says that never happened in connection with the mittendorff comments. if her family asks, he says he will delete them. but he also says doing it now for him, amid all this controversy, would feel like covering up a problem. >> reporter: >> my only interest is for the public to see the truth. if you look at the thread in question, and granted i haven't read through all of these. i'm really just a janitor. it's pretty awful. there's a lot of things. it's n
10:51 pm
woman. there's a lot of female firefighters who have been talked about very poorly and it just looks like a culture of machoism. >> reporter: jennifer davis, fox 5 local news. >> the department has launched an internal investigation into the posts about mittendorff and now are implementing zero tolerance harassment training for department. the fire chief also plan toss write a letter asking for the comments about mittendorff to be removed. let's switch subjects a little bit and talk about the weather. the rainy weather coming tomorrow but not a wash-out, right? >> not a washout tomorrow, but it's already arrived on our doorstep. we've got some rain out there now. grab the umbrella if you're heading out for the midnight hour, folks. you're going to need it. here's a live look outside and some of you seeing some clouds and showers and heavier rain and maybe some of you it hasn't reached yet but it is becoming much more widespread now and i anticipate that happening right through in the
10:52 pm
keep that umbrella handy so we're going to be in this wet pattern for days to come. sunday is not a washout and that's some good news for you. the week ahead is going to be pretty unsettled. also temperatures in the 7-day forecast, they're going to be hiding up so we'll get a little bit of a rise after that. here's a look at radar for you. you can see we've got pretty widespread rainfall. in the 6:00 show all of this was well to the west. quite a different story now as we can see straight across the i-95 and stretching up to clarksburg to the south. we're seeing a fair amount of it now. we have a wide swath of it, low pressure system with an associated front and this is all happening into the course of tonight as it moves its way through. so just be prepared if you are heading out anywhere, you're going to have to definitely be prepared. temperature-wise, that's the second part of my story. because it is cool in comparison to where we s
10:53 pm
daytime highs should have actually been in the low 70s, but not quite today. we actually only hit into the 50s. so a little bit the cooler side. 55 in dc, 53 in baltimore, 52 degrees in frederick this hour. 54 in fredricksburg, 52 at winchester and 51 degrees in martins burg. we've got this light south southeasterly winds and that's going to help to boost our temperatures as we move late tonight into tomorrow and your overnight lows for tonight mostly into the 50s but we'll see a few 60s to the south where that warmer flow is coming in. so it's not going to be all bad but we will warm up tomorrow actually closer to where we should be temperature-wise right on the seasonal mark, 68 degrees in the city, we've got 70 at quantico, 71 at mannasas and 68 degrees at dulles. for tonight it's going to be cool and wet. we've got that frontal system to deal with it, it moves to the north, it looks like thunderstorms to the south of us. i think we're going to be okay for the d
10:54 pm
we're going to be pretty well capped and i don't see us being able to get much stability for a storm to pop up or two but i can't rule it out. marginal risk is well to the south of us. as far as accumulations are concerned, half an inch to just over an inch is expected before this weekend is over. we're going to end up seeing showers in the morning hours with some fog and then we're going to get a dry break in the afternoon, but late afternoon that rain is going to move back again. that's why it's not a washout. future cast showing you here, 5:00 in the morning, we get through until about 1:00, we're going to start to see this moving out, we get a little break here until we get into the late evening and we start to see it fire up all over again. moisture moving up the atlantic seaboard into the course of the week. be prepared for that, we're going to have to deal with this because of the jet stream and we're going to deal with clouds and showers almost every day on the 7-day forecast. 52 degrees, for tonight and tomorrow, we are talking our high of 68 degrees with the
10:55 pm
here's a look at your fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast. monday is the day it's going to be the driest of all because we're going to get some pretty good breaks before we start to see showers moving in. but the rest of the week is really, really unsettled. >> i'm looking forward to monday and wednesday, based on your 7-day forecast. >> okay. >> 70s. all right gwen. t so much. remember you can track the weather 24/7 on the go with your mobile device. just download the fox 5 news and fox 5 weather app. search dc news and dc weather in your app store. the apps are free. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a portuguese father is melting hearts online. this video of
10:59 pm
disabled son strapped to his torso has gone viral. the video has been viewed more than 2 million times. so many were people were moved by the clip, you can clearly see the joy on the young boy's face and i could watch this video all day long. how amazing. >> i've watched it several times look at the joy in his face. dad even wipes his mouth just to think to stand, he's probably never stood before. >> that moment. to provide that moment as a parent to your child is just incredible. >> that's the dad of the decade. i was going to say year, but it's the dad of the decade. >> the nba playoffs are well under way, the wizards are not going to be a part of it. but earlier this week the wizards introduced the man they say will change that next season. the new head coach talked to jim lokay. >>
11:00 pm
a fan base that gets really excited about the head coach. and there's been a great response building up to your hire. that has to feel pretty good to have that response from the fans. >> well, yes. you want people to know that you're prideful in your job. i will do the best i can do every night. i will give ted the ownership, ernie the fans, everything i have. and i'm thankful and i'm privileged and i'm honored and humbled by this opportunity. >> how do you change the dynamic moving into next season? >> whenever you lose and don't make the playoffs you have people who aren't very happy and whoever coined the term that winning is the best deodor ant was a genius. these guys are like brothers. they're very close. we have a


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