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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  May 1, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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late. not me, though, i got plenty of sleep last night i didn't go to the darn thing. >> right. >> good to see you. >> yes, yes, it went late. obama was a little late to the dinner. but he is good. he's good at those things. >> the man's comedic timing is unparalleled you enjoyed the weekend as well. >> up believable. we'll get to that first legitimate talk politics next primary in indiana voters there head to the polls tuesday. there's 57 delegates up for grabs in indian and right to now trump holds lead in the delegate count followed by cruz and kasich and trump main tapes a slight lead in the polls out of indiana. 38% and real clear politics poling average 57% for cruz and case sick far behind with 18%. >> let's not forget about this indiana this is crucial to ted cruz. it's a must win for him. the reason being, if ted cruz cannot stop indiana and a few
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wallace talk about this. it's not officially over or mathematically over but for all intents and purposes bob it will be over for ted cruz because donald trump will just about have done everything he knees to do to systematically look lock up the nomination. >> cruz is clutch and had to win iowa and wisconsin and won wisconsin and polls are a little all over the place. it's jump ball. but i agree. if he doesn't win this thing is basically over. >> i would not -- i would not write cruz out. as he said he does win. he's the one that consistently beats trump. interesting thing this is lins which is not overrulely alliance whatever you wants to call it they came out with this decision cruz and kasich where cruz would take indiana after a lot of preliminary voting happened. they say 66,000 people in gop party took to the polls and preliminary voting and something
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it believe it in and cast the vote for kasich and short sidedness may well be the deal breaker for cruz. >> i'm not sure how much alliance it will be failed flirting and almost it seemed toll dissolve on contact within hours of kasich and cruise announcing this and kasich was out there saying i'm not going to tell voters who to vote for. so how is that alliance. >> it's a bad alliance especially when a few days after the alliance and cruz saying there's no alliance and one of kasich's top advisers tweeting out cryptically i hate liars. i think that's something that it was i think not a bad move because remember rick santorum and newt gingrich saw this in 2012 and couldn't deswhid was vp and who was president. it's des pir ration time for kasich and cruz. >> there was also other development this week protests
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donald trump rallies not quite like to though. this was a different tone. there were violence that broke out and small fires we believed that were set as well this was the scene when donald trump was making his way is this a taste of what we see in cleveland. this summer because we know there are always protests at every political convention there are protests at democratic conventions as well. this sets the stage. . >> certainly i immediately thought of cleveland when i saw this happen. i think it's a little unfair when this is reported. is it all goes to trump. many are opposed to trump causing violence and there's trump supporters accused of violence as well. it continues to speak to the aminger that's at a different level than we're used to. i'm not su
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responsibility or role is in this. if these are democratic supporters should it be a democratic candidate saying it's wrong. should not encourage this either. too much of the responsibility i think gets pegged on trump. there's a lot of people envok envokeing anger we see in this country through this race and maybe we're all a little to blame. >> if they're reacting to what trump is saying he's responsible for what comes out of his mouth. so why wouldn't they. >> there's a lot of people who believe in what he says. if he's not saying go and do this -- where does that line start and stop. it's what a lot of people think and it speaks to the bigger picture of this whole election which sun heard of. we never have seen anything like it. >> ted cruz got people talking this week when he chose former rivral carly fiorina as pick for vice-president that's before he secured nomination this move was not made in decade. here's why he said
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make the best running mate. >> carly is brilliant and capable and yet she experienced the hard scable world of being a woman professional in a business world that extracts a price. and with that, i am pleased to introduce to you an extraordinary leader, my friend and the next vice-president of the united states carly fiorin fiorina. >> and i am prepared to standby his side and give this everything i have to restore the soul of our party to defeat donald trump and defeat hillary clinton and to take our country back. >> there you have it. >> there you go. >> i don't get this move. because at a time where you got this republican race whittled down to three people. ted
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yet another face and this one seemed to go over like a lead ball on what are you doing ted cruz you're fighting for your life right now where are you making a vp pick for nomination you might not probably get. >> no, listen. i think it's a hail mary type of move. i think, though, he had to try to do something to change the momentum just because trump was dominating and been on this big streak. i think it's probably not going to work. he had to try something. >> i think it was strategic move. i don't think it will help him win here. the last time we saw 1976 reagan did this when he selected swiker to be a president. president ford one the nomination. reling an went on to be a two-term president and ted cruz because it is unlikely he will win this race even though not admitting it he is thinking long term. carly fiorina and him
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similar policies and she's a female in the republican party well liked it's a smart alliance they've been on the trail together and everybody watching them together said this would be his pick say it and pretend like you're this front runner as you go into intdian ado or die. >> it's true reagan was two term president but not until 1 1980 he lost in '76 and that pick of swik ert went over like a lead balloon at at convention because gerald ford was sitting president not elected but for him to do this, though, seems like he's distracting from what he's trying to do is pay attention to ted cruz. up stayed they spent 24 hours paying attention to carly fiorina somebody else taking attention to this is former speaker of the house john boehner. there was a little video of him last night with the president as they were talking about how you condition conduct yourself after you leave hovs. baiper was funny in that and had sharp things to say about senator
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senator ted cruz listen to this. >> i have nev worked with a more miserable sop of a [bleep [bleep]. >> he did not say son of a gun i can promise you that. clearly john boehner was not of the mind of saying anything nice about ted cruz but veronica did this go too far and does this -- is this another example of the kind of rhetoric we've seen in this campaign cycle. >> i don't think it's good for cruz it addsed to narrative and conversation that ted cruz is not a likable guy. it's not good for him. however you feel about boehner it's another person saying he's difficult to work with. ted cruz came out with tweets or was speaking and said i talked to the guy a handful of times. why would boehner make it up. whether it's true or not or ted cruz is tell the truth it's not good for the conversation abo
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speaking of vice-president dep shall candidates some people talked about whether or not donald trump should pick a female to be his vice presidential candidate. this is not what we're talking about. there was a gal on poll women versus men following election. 44% of men versus only 31% of women. and that gap continues to expand. would donald trump's selection of female perhaps assist with the way people think about him and now bringing in the woman's card with hillary clinton date and i don't know if it will be considered panderring the interesting thing about ted cruz choice with carly fiorina whether or not you agree with the decision it seems authortic decision you don't want trump to choose a woman and then say he choose a woman just to choose a woman. >> we talked to female lawmakers and they said he should consider a
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rice, martinez, governor of new mexico that supported rubio. kelly is running for reelection. one woman he will not page sarah pallin. >> definitely not sarah pallin. you obviously saw an example of his problem with the female vote when dealing with carly fiorina during this race. it will be a big hurdle any female vice presidential pick of trum top get over things he said in campaign that royld women the wrong way. it won't go away and i don't know if selecting a female running mate will make it go away as well. >> sure. >> donald trump talked a little of foreign policy is as well. >> that whole vp announcement stole the news psych frl donald trump. he delivered that foreign policy speech in washington d.c. and opened by saying we need to "shake the rust off american's foreign policy" and criticized the policy of
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he said slow to go to war and deal making with russia and china the major take away from donald trump is what he called america first. take a listen. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else has to be first. has to be. and that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. >> we go back through history before world war ii isolation of this movement to keep fdr from entering world war ii to take on nazis called themselves america first. how do you not going the that at some points and not name your foreign
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isolationist movement at that point kept us out of world war ii and there were contradictions within the speech itself. >> he had a gap he mispronounc mispronounced tanz aknee awhich is hard but i don't think there is anything new here we didn't see a lot of specific but he want to appear presidential it was more muted than donald trump speech. this is are we going to see the more presidential trump i don't think we'll see it consistently until the general election. >> on the prompter and off the cuff there are two different donald trumps. >> they are two different. the america first that was theme suggested to himible in "new york times" interview where they said would you consider calling it america first. i was surprised that when he came out and took it and went with it that you know he -- it was not -- you go back to looking at what's about published it was not his idea someone else said how wow sum up the policy i thought that was interesting he took it and
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ran with it. it's fit what you expect of donald trump. we have to look at the democrats ahead of tuesday's primary coming up next. >> and highlights from the white house correspond engs dinner where the glitz, glam and jokes in apple supply. stay with us.
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r better health.
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>> we have not seen hillary clinton say that about herself that she's a front runner but bob is she not saying that because there's this constant thing about not wanting to anger sanders supporters. >> remember back in 2008 she took a long time to get out even after barack obama had clinched she stayed around for a couple -- few days i think that's part of the reason and unity reason are why she's trying to tread cautiously. sanders is staying into this until california in june. >ho
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until someone is saying bernie standers has to stay out of the race. >> i don't know if he's doing damage to the party by staying in. it i think that's why there might not be the same amount of pressure on him to leave and while hillary clinton is not calling herself the presumetive nominee after winning tuesday she's directly appealing to bernie sanders voters. she's not calling herself it but certainly acting as if she were presumetive nominee. >> in a way i don't know clip ton's people would feel this way is it a good thing in the sense it keeps hillary clinton in the news cycle and there's this constant story and from sanders perspective it seems to be acknowledgment this week. that we are closer to the end than we are to the beginning and that he feels he has made significant processes and maybe moving hillary clinton a little more to the left than she probably would have been had she not had a significant challenger in
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realistically the only thing that can stop hillary clinton is fbi. and we have not heard from them and jane sanders bernie's wife. >> she wanted him to wrap it up a bit. >> that's the only thing that could dhaink the dynamic. . >> between donald trump and hillary clinton it gave us a taste of general between them with the woman's card things and hillary clinton firing back with a sale of a woman's card that looked like a subway card they handled that well. >> you used to cover governor chris christie in new jersey and there's been a lot of talk about eye roll heard around -- they need to stop putting christie's behind donald trump because every time they do the christies team to do something more interesting than trump. what did you make of that m
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>> i think you make a good point stop putting the christie's behind --. >> mary pat is successful business woman in her own right and she had been the bread winner in the household for many ears and i don't want to read into whether or not it was a real eye roll or not but do i believe it could have been? definitely. . >> in congressional district 8 raskin beat out two major democratic competitors and congressional district four anthony brown in what i call a surprising victory beat out glen rive. there were republican primary winners as well these races are decide edly democratic and for many
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they just won that race. >> we touched on races last week. anthony brown even though had had unsuccessful run for governor last year he represented big chunks of prince george county in house of delegates for years it's an area he knew very well. what did you make of jamie raskin though. david trone's money and kathleen's name recognition were powerful in that race and here comes james jury and is able to beat all of it. >> it was basically courting case. david tron spent 12 million dollars daen not win. >> we're not talking about senate seat. i think it was very, very unusual to see remember as you mentioned last week ras kin didn't get endorsements of "washington post". it was courting the ground game. >> a lot of bottles of whine 12 million. >> president obama host his final white house dinner last night. it attracted the
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politicians and friday the ikd kicked off celebration with party of own in canadian embassy. tom was also there. i got -- downstairs or upstairs this is my new buddy canadian mounty and this gentleman was gracious, nice, and he took every selfie that everybody at the party asked minimum to get. after bob cue sack he may have been most photographed man at that party. it was really a great time. >> it was a great time and wl weather cooperated sprinkle aid bit but fine. >> dpaird to today. >> it was a beautiful day. that was fun evening. >> obama let's show obama last night. really had his counter part larry willmore. >> feel the burn. feel the burn. that's a good folk slogan. hillary's slogan as not had the same effectment you'll see t
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same effectment you'll see this. [ laughter ]. >> you have to admit it though, hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative that just signed up for facebook. ted had a tough week. he wept to indiana. who is your country? stood on the basketball court and call the hoop a basketball ring. but sure, i'm the foreign one. and it is surprising. you have a room full of reporters. celebrities. cameras, and he says no. and is this dinner too tacky for the donald? >> i tell you i have seen i think 7 of the 8 and he's gotten better every year. he'll be a tough act to follow, whether trump, cruz or clip to ton. >> here's a tougher act to final t
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the audience was one of the most famous routine. >> that's what they knew he had gotten bin laden and nobody in the room knew. >> he was tough act for the comedian last night to follow. >> my favorite moment was when the president of the united states literally dropped the mic. what a moment. he was fun next he was on poin point. it was not too mean you know sometimes it's hard on these speeches where it get too mean. he left his eight years in a great tone. it was very moving as well he seemed to have tiers in his eyes at the end. its with a very well played evening for the president. not so much for larry i don't think he was funny and jokes fell flat. but he even admitted he had a touch act to follow. >> his opening line i'm pleased to speak to you here at my last and might be the last white house correspondence dinner so much has gotten criticism over the years it's not just one dinner any more it's parties on thursday, friday, there's a brunch
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and you know has it out distanced original purpose to have an evening with the president of the united states that made light of a national affairs issues. it has grown into a monday strosty now. >> and i think obama's numbers have gone up partially because 2016 has been a circus and they're not way up. but he actually made no note of that. >> i would love to see the jokes they cut out. there was a lot of material. >> record. >> record amount of material. >> well, our picks for top and bottom of the hill are next. . >> but first be sure to join in on the conversation. today and throughout the week. tweet us. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. back with the picks for top and bottom of the hill. it's our look who had the best and worst week for the race at the white house and nod to bob as editor in chief of the >> on top hillary clinton. she's in cruise mode and it looks like she has this thing pending fbi investigation she's on top. >> she is and on the bottom ted cruz. that vice-president ben shall selection this week surprised a lot of us and you could argue didn't play well. >> all right that does it for this week. we want to remind you all the political head blinds continue up next fox news sunday with chris wallace. >> ear always online
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how close is donald trump to wrapping up the republican nomination? today the gop front runner, only on "fox news sunday." ♪ i consider myself the presumptive nominee. absolutely. >> but can he bring the party together? >> the biggest senators, the biggest congress people, we have unbelievable support. >> trump one-on-one. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then ted cruz makes a series of dramatic moves before this week's primary in indiana that could be make or break. >> there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. >> he even names a running mate. >> and the next vice president of the united states, crl


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