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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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investigating why the 175 car te train derailed and we do not have good news for commuters. amtrak, capital limited and mark brunswick train service will bee disrupted tomorrow because thosu trains share the same tracks as a freight train that derailed. no evacuations or injuries were reported, but hazardous materiah was spilled presenta one of thef train cars. a total of three cars had leaks, including the hazardous t sodium hydroxide as well as ethynol and a non-hazardous calcium chloride. now, tonight the hazmat cleanup continues. 15,500-gallon tanker, we believed that about half of thaf had leaked into the rail bed, into the gravel and ground gr underneath it and they're currently assessing all of thatf to figure out what needs to beee dug out in order to make sure it's all captured. since the derailment earlier
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scene in monitoring the air quality in and around the scene and at this point we have discovered no air quality issues. likewise we have been monitoring any impacts on water. we have not determined any issues with water related to thh spill, either. in terms of timeline for the cleanup we don't have a specific estimate. we're doing as much as we can, but safety is a first priority. so making sure that the action plan that we develop inp i conjunction with these organizations prioritizes the safety of the first responders r and also the surrounding su community. so we understand that this is a significant inconvenience toce t commuters and to this communitys so we're working as quickly as we possibly can with safety as the first priority. pri this all happened right next to the rhode island metro station and although metro doesn't sharn the same tracks because of the proximity to the derailment, the redline service was impacted all
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tells me they hope the redline service will return to normal tomorrow morning but theyç say commuters should doublecheck before heading out to catch their trains in the alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > we're returning now to the nw forecast and taking a life look outside. it has been another cold and dreary day. gwen is standing by with a look at the forecast. the storms start to move a little l closer to the i95 corridors already that boundary in place. pl let's take a look and we'll sho' you what we're talking about. right now we have a fair amount of storms to the southwest of us, but if you look towards the lee ^berg area, reston you can see that they're getting hit as well. we have a few more that moved towards the westchester area. that boundary is sitting there t and it is one of the triggers of why these storms are starting to fire up. we are looking at a little less
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that's at least some good newses and primarily because the system -- actually the storms i should say are moving into cooler air. that's at least a good sign. as we go to our maps, then, th let's take a look, 56-degrees in d.c. we see the winds coming down. dw temperatures right now into the 50s every where across the board. temperatures a little higher toi the south. we're getting it certifily floww that's moving n. that's going to boost our temperatures fort ou tomorrow. 58-degrees your overnight low. we're looking at fog developingg overnight into the early morning hours and areas to our west could see a fog advisory issued in the morning.orn just be aware of that. definitely this rain will impacl part of your commute. yo it looks like futurecast is is showing that we get a little bi of a break in the early morning hours, especially to the westto that's where we're really we concern about.n we're talking about the week we starting warmer and unsettled. tomorrow's high, can you believe it, we are going to be at
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some 8-degrees above thehe seasonal average. unbelievable because today weset couldn't get out of the 50s. of in can pennsylvania, we couldn'w get out of the 50s all weekend. so it's going to be a rereversal for us. i'll have the details and the all important seven day forecas just ahead. fox5 is in prince william county an autopsy will be performed w tomorrow on a body believed toy be a missing woman from alexandria. the body was found in a ditch near lake park. police think it was listette lopez. she was last seen walking into a cvs. police are investigating the i death as a hospital side. in fairfax county, police are, o investigating the death of a maa found floating in a creek in falls church. a passerby saw the body this bod morning on dash erial road and called police. investigators have not yet identified the man and the bodyd will be taken to the medical examiner's office and an autopsu to than conducted to determine whether the man's death was accidental or the results of foul
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to baltimore now where a man who. the man walked up to an officer sitting in his patrol car this morning and pointed a nine millimeter handgun towards him. the officer fired the gun through a window. the man's gun was not loaded. that officer was not hurt. also in baltimore, the city's police commissioner says a 13 year old boy shot by police lasy week will not be charged with a crimea. two plane clothes officers of spotted the teen walking down a street. when the boy turned the officers he had a weapon in under that. the officers ordered him to drot it but he ran. they shot the teen in the leg te and shoulder. as it turns out he was carrying a bebe gun. alonzo smith's friends and family marched the seventh district police station. smith was found last november no unconscious and handcuffed ind the custody of armed security ar guards in a southeast apartment
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smith died after his heart his stopped beating and had cocaine in his system.yste smith's mother says police are dragging their feet on her son'r investigation. my son's case has been in the i hands of a grand jury since december of last year. so we're out here rallying for justice for my son. we're rallying that they releast the names of the special policec officers that murdered my son. smith's mother says she wants wn the united nations to conduct an independent investigation of het son's death and wants to exhumex her son's body and get a second autopsy. this just in from d.c. police. . the search is still on for a little l girl and herlitt grandmother who were last seenat on saturday. take a look at this photo ando see if you recognize sherri malcolm and her two year old tatum. the two were seen in the 800 block of tatum place. if you know anything about their whereabouts, contact d.c. police. tonight a benefit was held in
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honor of fallen montgomery county officer noaa liota. the heros benefit in silvern si springs was in his memory and ad raised thousands of money for scholarsships. they raised nearly $6,000 from a ticket sales alone. still ahead, the raise for white house. how candidates are gathering up for tuesdays primary. malia obama making her college o choice, but she's not heading ha there in the fall. .
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> five years ago, presidentar obama was keg the world;yaç the master mind behind the 911 1 # terror attacks was dead. osam bin laden was killed during a military raid five years ago. fox's garret kenny takes a look back at that day. >>reporter: it's one of thosef moments in history when everyony can remember where they were or what they were doing when he heard we got him.. tomorrow there is that we are hearing
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the president about that night and what went into his decision to green light the mission. in an interview with cn. the president said it was theirr best chance to ghetto sam a bin laden and if they didn't it could have been years beforeears they were able to find him agaii if it wasn't bin laden probablyn the costs would out weigh the benefits. we would lose face internationally because there was probably going to be a loot of difficulty keeping it secrete once the operation was started. the navy seal that fired the fatal shot that killed bin laden described that very moment in 2014. standing in two pro two feet inw front of me was the face thatat i've seen a thousand times. very quickly, but i recognized him and it was just poppop poppop. this morning to fox and friends rob o'neill said he didn't do it alone and he hopes that otherses will come out and share
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own stories from that i'm a face of a team. there's going to be 23 differenf stories to that mission. even five years to bin laden's death this story leads to increased terror around the globe, evidence that the fight against terror still rages on.n. > first daughter malia obama will follow in the ivy league tray division her she'll beio attending harvardara university, but not in the fall. they anouned her college choice today, but also said she'll be taking a gap year. she will start college in thehe fall of 2017. of it is becoming more popular to get more experience outside the classroom before extending their studies. president obama is also a harvard donald trump isd urging his fellow republicans to unite behind his candidacy. if he wins the primary onn tuesday, he says the raise he essentially over. bernie sanders says he is
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staying in the raise. fox's kristin fisher with more. >>reporter: hillary clintonli still leading bernie sandersern ahead of the indiana primary, but not by ever. though is ahead by four points.u clearly looking ahead to the general election making the case that it's time for the party too unite behind her. think of what we can achieve together. we can get everything done that i'm talking to you about if wewe work together. sanders is starting to acknowledge he's facing an up hill battle against clinton saying his faith now rests in the hands of those so-calledo-ca super delegates.egat party officials who can vote foe whoever they want at thehe convention. i would hope very much that the super delegates from thoseho states where we have won withwih big margins to respect the wishes of the people of those states. meanwhile donald trump is hoping to use bernie sanders as anan unlikely asset as he
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closer to a one on one raise saying he'll use sanders' primary attacks against clinton during the general election.le he's also calling for his own party to unite behind hisis campaign saying that competing against the republican rivals is frankly waste of money.ste the republican party has to comc together. if it doesn't come together it's going to be hard. ted cruz says he'll still confident he can win at a contested convention. there are two and only twotwo people that have any plausible path to winning the nomination.n indiana voters head to the polls on wednesday. 57 up for the republicans. in wash attorneys kristin fisher, fox news. > now donald trump may have won the primary last week in maryland, but the state's governor says he will not be backing the gop hopeful, larry hoag said his position has not changed. he was not a trump fan
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gwen told us earlier this iser perfect weather for ducks, but even some ducks can get into ge trouble in
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an officer came to the rescue of of baby duck and their mom. anne arrundel police posted photos on their facebook and an officer pulled down into thethe storm drain and he pulled out the mother and her duke also and they allowed led away.ll > we're going to soon be waddling away, too. we have a whole series of disturbances that we're going tg be dealing with. the unwanted house guest is what it is. grab the umbrella we're going to take it as it comes. we already had it over this weekend with a little bit of a t break here and there, not a total washout for the weekend. although sunshine we were very short on.on. lots of clouds and fog fog developing in the overnightvern hours. tonight we're keeping an eyeey because of the isolatedlate thunderstorms moving in. we
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it firing up. monday not a washout, but boy iy it going to be warmer. wait l until you see the l temperature for u monday. the week ahead very unsettled. n finally back to cease l until. we've been struggling to get to seasonal. take a look here to the south. really strong storms. we've seen some reports of hailo anolytes some locally heavy rainfall. winds have picked up as well with the storms. as we take a look a little l closer to the east. more to the t this has been the trend tonightr where we've had some areas that really gotten hit a little lle l harder and then some areas whers there is nothing at all.all. as you can see we're right onwer the edge in d.c. let's go in a little bit closer and take another view for youor and show you. along i81 we have some as well.l we had some warnings for shenandoah, page, so far
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warnings and watches.atc we're looking at this l also moving into some cooler air. as does, the storms will start to diminish somewhat. as we go closer to the d.c.d.c. region let's have one more look, a closeup.p. we're seeing the heavier rainfall just to the north of us. this is the frontal system that we're keeping a close eye on. it's going to move north andno then get us into a warmer pattern. the clouds really situating around, not going anywhere at all as the written moves in. today's rainfall less than p half an inch at all three airports. we certainly do need the rainfall. we've been running a deficit. 56 at d.c., 54-degrees att gaithersburg this hour, 57 at manassas.. we've got 56-degrees at martinsburg to the west and today's highs once again for this weekend in the 50s. we haven't been able to get much warmer than that and we're well blow seasonal because we shoulde really be in the low 70s.
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be into the 50s and the low 60s right across the board.oard the frontal system as i said is going to move to the north. it opens the door for more warmm air to move in so our temperatures are really going to climb. upper 70s believe it or the not, low 80 for tomorrow, that's going to be a treat.trea but office and an autopsy the ad flip side of it it's going to allow a lot of moisture to move in. we are still talking another day of unsettled weather with the showers and as well a chance off storms depending on how much off a break we get throughout thetho day because we're going to see a little bit of a break-in theeak- clouds. that is setting us up for somefr storms tomorrow. a marginal risk for tomorrow, for sunday for the thunderstorms. with this front, the timing ofin that as well as the breaks is going to be the main factor determining that.g th here's a look at futurecast forf you. as we move through tonight inro the early morning hours, we get a break-in the morning tomorrow until the early
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and a little bit more push in to the north and to the northwest. by tomorrow evening we're socking it all back in and thenn tuesday we start all over again as we get another frontal systet with a series of disturbances riding along.alon showers and thunderstorms as we said and then for tomorrow,tomo 78-degrees heading for that 80-degree mark in some of our neighborhoods, folks.. here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast.fore cold front moves through.thro behind it some cooler air. so we're going to drop from near 80 back to the 60s, but guessut what we're finally going to be closer to 60. unsettled each and every day. keep checking on fox5 every single day.. we'll be up on top of it forfo you. > still ahead at # 1, theth capitols will have to claim the lead. the defensive man is being hit with a suspension. the details coming up in
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the gaps lose game two. they're losing brooks or bits.i. we heard tonight from the nhl three night suspension. if the caps. let's not get ahead of ourselves. let's review the play.y. motto release the puck. on the right side of yourur screen. there is the hit from or particular. a nasty hit there.ere. or particular was called for two minutes there at the time.e. interference was the call. motto is questionable for the game at pittsburgh. barry trotz defended his guy after the game. we have ate treatmently capable defensive men. we are ready
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as mentioned the caps are in pittsburgh ahead of game three. here's the last minute of last tonight's game. pub drops at 8:00, game four wednesday and the series returns to d.c. for gemmative next saturday when they go back and forth. a rough stretch for the nats after being swept by the phillies, but the ultimate cure for those post sweep forward and there's no better place than to do it than at home turf. client robinson with a two-run homer, danny espinosa with a solo shot. the nats continue their tour of the show me state tomorrow night opening up a three-game set with the world series royals. stay tuned. we're back after
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here in the us we have nascar and the british, they have lawnmower raising. fans came out to sewer i, england to kick off raising season. great britain has a lawnmowernmw raising association. there is even a world championship.. it's not like jumping into ato cars because you have to learn how to lien, brake and move
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different t types of surfacesfae like grass.. >> it looks interesting.eres it's probably keeper on gas. > that's true.s >> maybe than raising cars are. we won't be doing any of thatof this week because there's going to be a little bit of rain. > oh, yeah, we've got rain. keep the umbrellas handy. that does it. the morning show is back at 4. 30.
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♪ [applause] - at least the roadside memorial will add a splash of color to that lonely stretch of highway. welcome to tosh.0. what did you do with your extra hour? i didn't set my clocks back. [whispering] i'm living in the future. tonight on the show, i tutor this troubled teen, we get some straight talk


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