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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 2, 2016 5:00am-5:43am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> a major crash overnight onven the beltway causing bigbelt backups early on this mondayhi m morning. where it is and how to
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around it.nd i we've got you covered.goyou >> a weekend dec. and a violents during game twoey caps defense men on the bunchn for the foreseeable t future.ut. the news at 5:00 starts rights now. good morning and welcomeod to fox5 news morni mng today. td today is monday may second. s i'm maureen >> and i'm holly morris. i thanks for joining us this morning. we want to give a specialant thank you toto every g teacher r our region. today is the start of teacherf t appreciation week and all of wel us at fox5 of course crs appreciate everything that youyu do. do. >> we sure do. we are also following big roadir problems so we want to maket o e sure you're aware. a we slowed that you look on thedh inner loop at the eisenhower connector. >> happy monday, gary. [laughter][lgh >> start us off in such a dreary way. >> it real does feel that way, e doesn't it. >> yeah, listen second davend dv may hard to believe right butier weav
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there this it's mild and ertemperaturesemre second around here, maybe a little bit warmer than that tha and we'll have a chance forhanc strong maybe even severe s thunderstorms late today andte t this eveng so, a lot to get to weather-wise on this mondayis my morning. guys. >> all right. >> all right, appreciate itia gary. and another quick headliner on the commute.qu there. just a mess out there. fog, rain, you know, not aw, n great start to monday. m >> give you the same thing. t >> you can see exactly what we're up against right there. t >> there we go and it'ss monday.nday let's start with maybe some maym good news about the metroro commute. metro riders will not be impacted by the convention center x freight trai -- csx frn derailment. >> melanie alnwick joins usie live with the a details.. mel, what can you tell us. >> reporter: we saw a redor line train coming through here just a littlete while ago
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that is the good news for metro camtrak all share the same track below the ro that's where you'll see theee impact this morning on the on t capitol limited and brunswickdru line. take a look. you can see still quite the te t scene as the cleanup continues. i believe that what's going onhn right now is these crews are offloading some of that sodium hydroxide out of the tangors. to most otankers.we're waiting forf until they can clear up thelearh tracks a hundred percent and pea this is certainly what so manyan people had feared if csx hadsx h been carrying more hazardous has material. there were 15 cars in the 175 t5 car train that derailed sunday four tankers hauling sodiumiu hydroxide calcium chloride andid ethanol weree included. sodium hydroxide is also knowno as lye. it
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problems. one of those car leaks d. ems took care of a small seepage of ethanol and the calcium chloride washlorid capped off too.capp >> at this point we have pointea discovered no air quality issues. likewise we have beense whave monitoring any impacts on iac water and we have notot determined any issues with w watery lated to this spill this either. >> reporter: so, from whatrom we can tell you it sounds like the metropolitan branch trailan which is literally right inn front or behind depending onendg where you're stand but metropolitan branch trail also r going to be closed for quite some time. we don't have a time line onin that epa crews were here. they left the scene last night amtrak and marc are tellingc ar customers to please check their web sites
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service a ag wha ty where a medicalthe scene. examiner will perform anapsidaer on a body believed to be a missing woman from alexandria.ld lizeth lopez was last seen april 17th walking into a cvs as store in lake ridge.e. last friday someone found ay men body in a ditch near lakech nea ridge park. investigator believe it is lopez. the investigators willto wil positively identify the body b and did you remember some rainy cause of death. fairfax county police arecoc investigating the death of a man found floating in a creek in false false c a passerby saw the body on dashiell road. rd. the body will be taken to the te medical examiners office ande an autopsy will be conduct canned to determine whethermi we the man's death was accidental
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or the result of foul play.ul p >> the sevs new tornado siren policy. p when a tornadors insteadrsnste of sounding all sirens in thens city it's being divided upivid into the plan is supposed to prevent false warnings andt make sure there are onlyfa sirens in the area the tornado r appears but some residents sayts it's just not working. >> ♪ >> well, we may have had somehad severe weather late this wea afternoon. hopefully we don't have a need d for sirens or anything likelike that in the surrounding however, you know, there wouldou be a possibility with any severe thunderstorms that thu maybe a tornado could happen hap but again, not a great deal ofl can concern for that today.ay. here's where we are this a this morning. generally we have clouds,y wee little bit of drizzle outit odrz there. we're watch something showers, even some thunderstorms back out to therm west.s some of thatwe could clip our northwestern areas this morning however i just thinknk mainly most of us will just wilt kind of be foggy and cloudy this morning. this temperatures out there a
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the 50's generally speaking. spn howhere is my clicker, see if it will work there. tre for some reason my system s isn't working. worki vial to do it this way.. one bam.. there we go. there's always a workaround.orkn humid this morning with some s thunder possible thisder poiblet afternoon. af watch the temperatures jump up because we're headed into the'r upper 70's to low toe mid 80's' and again thunderstorms thisor afternoon and this ee some could potentially be strong or severe.revere. i'll talk more about that t coming up in the next weather.ta right now it's time to get to erin como on this monday >> on-time traffic brought tornb you by toyota.rougyou visit buy a foror special offers. o >> we have some updatedpd information for you in the breaking news we're tracking. tn this is a deadly crashadlysh investigation on the innerigon lo the through lanes affectedanes f after telegraph road betweenle there and thegr eisenhower of aa connector let's take a liver le look. e anleft lane and left shoulder are now getting by.ow g but as you can see a massive m backup. take the loc
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telegraph road exit there hop able p uphascene. 're dealing with otherde anes give yourself a lot of extra time to get around. aun fog is dense in some areas.ome a you'll need your low beams and use caution as you make yourio way out.n unless montgomery county debris in the road 109 went to comis road and barnesville bnese road shut down.road shut if you're taking metro rightht now all rail lines on time and e for the red line commute the rhode island avenue stop reopened at 5 o'clock this t morning after an earlier e freight train derailment from disruptions to the marctions brunswick line. all the details on my twitter tt page. maureen. >> montgomery county police will wear new badge to honore th their fallen officers.ffic
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tradition dat.ial that's when police officershe and survivors from around the an world come to the district toth remember those killed in the tho line of duty. d last night an event wasvent held in honor of one of those t fallen officers a hero's benefit for montgomery countytgt officer noah leotta struck andnd killed by a suspected drunkpectd driver while working a trafficrf stop. stop. the benefit raised thousandssedo of dollars for scholarships schp for children of fallen first responders. organizers say they raised nearly $6,000 from ticket000 te sales alone.lone a massive fire disruptsir easter sunday services at an eastern orthodox cathedral. catr >> the return of warm air alsor marks the return of black of b bears. this weekend a hungry one hungre found its way to a stockedo sto fridge. fox5 news morning returns after this. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee
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for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. >> five:10 is our time right10 i now, 55 a little chilly out there. we'll head to wisdom martinarti for a look at some of thet some other top stories on thisn t monday. >> good morning to you.d mo >> good to see you. >> good to beoo here. h good to be seen. to all right, let's start in new york city where a massive firevf caused some heavy damage to aeo historic church. the blaze started last nighted g around seven ooh. ooh. :at the serbian
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cathedral in m ittle washingtons turned little chaotic.ed lite ch per spray toray bre advocates for workers andrs a imimmigran things were peaceful otherther cities. cities. let's go colorado where aore bear, yes, a bear was the talk of one small town over thell t weekend a small bear wasaras spotted digging through a refrigerator of an apartment apt in avon. a the resident was so scared e they hid in the bedroomn locking the door to keep thep bear away. awa police were able to coax that ca bear out of the apartment with some picnic baskets.basket i
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i added the part about thee.sene games for rts onsaturday. saturl >> wow. >> we seem to do a lot of stories about bears gettingbo into things.intongs. >> yeah. >> i didn't know bears weret able to open doors and get intokn refrigerators.getors >> when you're hungry, the combination. >> smarter than the average t bare.ha >> there you go, picnico,ni basket.sket. >> thanks, whiz.ha >> thanks, whiz.>> thanks, whiz. last week it was prince george this morning his sister is all the rage on sociale o media. >> and the best of country music honored as americanrican country countdown awards award before. we do that taking a live look l outside. today is expected to be theted start of a possible five dayve y stretch of a wet morning wetorni commute.comm happy monday, everybody.ry fox5 news morning back after this. >> ♪
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morning commute. >> this is a three carerc of a e we're h tears is nowngthis i a deadly accident. accid much more details when erinri gives us her report in just aust about, oh, a minute. minut but in the meantime again aa this is a crash on the inner loop, deadly accident causing cu a traffic tieup as you can seeue from the picture right there.hee >> so f-your commute takes youuc that way allow a little extra time. and i guess gary we stilles need the rain gear.s t >> yeah,he that's right. rig kind of gloomy around here. h that's just not getting anyny better the picture there. there. you can barely see the capitolhe and there is fog this morning ft and it's reduced visibilities in some cases down to a halfs dn mile or even lower.ev low here in the city we're righte'rt around 2 miles.ils temperatures in the mid 50.ures let me show you there's warm
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down to the south here and itoua will finally make a run for usou severe, possibly.severe i'll talk about that in ak that second. tomorrow a little cooleratheralw area which is the slight risk sh which means we'll have today. ty there's a lot of availablelot ob moisture for these thunderstorms to tap into, tap i transport that all the way toay the grounds so expect someound heavy downpours.he hail will also be possible. psi some cloud to ground lightni
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as usual with thunderstorms soit a lot going on out there.h now, in terinmsg southeast. it's not -- i don't think it'st' doing a great jobt uld beh nighl strong, maybe even isolatedd severe. high today 78. much warmer today than where t w we have been the last severalt days. it will be humid as well. h showers, thunderstorms as iumer just mentioned possible rightosi on through the afternoon andnoon three the evening as well. 70 tomorrow with some showers. . the same for wednesday. wne 66 with clouds and showers onn thursday. as we get into the weekend, maybe a little warmer,
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but still, don't c gomy deadly crash investigation inv taking out some lanes oer ontokt 395 save yourself som tim this morning.this mor outer loop looking gd d bu avoid the inner loop at this location. we'll check in with our map. aside from that deadly crashyra investigation slowing thingss down other problems iner probles montgomery county right now.rigw debris in the roadway, 109 at comus road at that locationocat between there and barnesvilleil road, there's a closure forlosur that so please be prepared tod detour around. aroun also if you're heading outding o taking metro this morning allorl rail lines are on time.ines on
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allison alvarado have all the information forhe you. or'll keep your morning your m commute updated and i wnt.. collegeho obama.a. she plans to take a gap year a y after graduation from sidwellrow friends and t 2017. big change for the circus. c elephants performed for the last time last night in two itw ringling brother slows.ling
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palace released these adorabl fe year and florida georgia line awarded best group duo.uo this show is about
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not industry votes or evehe comg nd as we head to break t b et scene of the t deadly acchopefully we'll be o t you those pictures.ic this is the inner loop juste inp before the j exit for eisseverar long. erin will have an update right after the break. loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant.
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> back now with a look at whowi the burgundy and gold draftedft officer the weekend.cer they picked up seven newp ve players and today their gm their
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press conference to talk about t games against the cadi louis. ls matt scherzer pitching seveninge scoreless innings and the nats s continue their midwest tripst t tonight opening up a three thr game set with the world series champion royals.on r >> terrifying moments caughtrify on camera in brooklyn newokne york. this is the scene at the red the hook bicycle finals there.ycle e watch the pileup after a pace a motorcycle stalled. that crash happened right at ria the beginning of the race.e. fortunately looks like theoks le bikers were able the get upet after the accident. we're told a handful were we injured.inju >> amazing. ama check this a little kid ran onto thentohe court last night during the miami heat mourn nets game. it seems the young fan got a little bit too excited duringed the game.the you can see the kid dressed in a white shirt come running r
5:25 am
game seven of theveof the nba playoffs.a pyo the hornets couldn't take thes o heat they lost 73 to 106. 106 they got annihilated.ed we did see this and we w said this was going encourage eu other kids to do the same. >> that could be dangerous.. >> should they kick him out.i >> i don't know about that but't i want to kick mother k nature n out. >> you weren't in here holly earlier. earlier. >> this makes you want to pullk the covers back over your head. >> i was here gary, i just wasn't -- >> no, i mean --ea >> it's about the weather,, people. let's move it.t. >> okay, no problem maureen.. okay, 52 to 57 this morning pickup. pc
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cloudy okay. okay. after s even some thunderstorms outorms certainly some stroninia. vir >> okay.>> okay. >> thanks gary. busy morning already onealro the roadways erin. >> absolutely. it was busy before i even got ie into work this morning.isning. unfortunately we're tracking awi deadly crash investigationshes right now. inner loop out by the eisenhower avenue connector, coc right lanes, right shouldert still blocked even though twoeno left lanes are getting by. lan we're deal
5:27 am
significant delays extending tretch.igation let's take aio look at our maps.okt our ma other things going on thiss goia dips linercnswi disruptions from the freight train derailment we'll take a look at thattake next. keep it to fox5 news morning.
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eanes of the ihook onto dukeok t prepared. starting to see delays pick upo already because of the fog andus the light rain. it's just going to be a nastyin monday morning commute. cmu i want to help everyone get get around it. >> let's go to gary and
5:31 am
about this gloomy start to your monday. >> thatte byd b thg ht train that derailed over the week morning,i >> reporter: hey, goodorte morning. and yes, so, i was just looking at it realizing thatzint we're24 hours intors this incident and you can see still significant ds here. from what we have been able to e fa this morning therer t were initially some hazmate crews up on top of one of those tankers offloading somein of that sodium hydroxide. hydro now we're seeing some heavierea equipment moving in here, too, o so once they get all the material offloaded from the fro tankers then it will take somewk time to get those carsar actually removed from the from
5:32 am
olen they will the tankers sodium hydroxide probably thebl one you have to worry about the most.e mos also known as lye.s there was one car with sodium hydroxide that had to be contained by by hazmat crews.hazmatws d.c. fire and ems took care of a small seepage of and the calcium chloride which is not hazardous was sealed wass off too. we know there was water monitoring done, airw tori monitoring done as well. mayor bowser in a pressr boer i conference saying no concerns cn with air or water in the area. . that is the good news.the ews. bikers, run
5:33 am
branch trail sell. nc 5:33 iscee and george's cgent's count weekend an attempt to help a h patien teen t boy punched her while she wasle treating her in an ambulance.nan the crew had been called to the scene to treat the boy. family members said the teen the had too much to drink.tori no word yet on whether charges c will be filed.will let's head over to prince p william county where a medical examiner will perform anapsidara on body believed to be a missing woman from lizeth lopez went missing twoisg weeks ago last seen april 17th walking into a cvs to that are a lake ridge. her car was found days after dsf she last friday somebody found a body in a ditch. dit the medical examiner willr w positively identify the body t b and determine a causef
5:34 am >> a man who pointed a gun at gn a morning.mog. investigators say the mansty walked up to an officerer sitting in his patrol caratro yesterday morning and pointed a 9-millimeter handgun at the officer fired his guernd hi through window of the car andhe hit the man.t th he was taken to the hospital the for police say the man's gun wasan'n not the officer was not hurt.urt. also in baltimore, therehe city's police commissioner says a 13-year-old boy shot byy police last week will not bewilb charged with a crime. two plainclothes officersnc spotted the teen walking downn the street when the boy turned r towards the officers will he ai weapon in his the officers ordered him to him drop it but he ran.e police shot the teen in then leg and shoulder.houlde turns out he was carrying a bb gun. >> turning now to the rails for the white house donald trump is calling on republicans to unite behindans i his hillary clinton is calling on o democrats to get behind herehin can candidacy on though berniegh sanders says he isn't goingsn't anywhere even with his currentir track sanders is acknowledging thatedt he h
5:35 am
>> i would hope very much thae m the super delegatm states where we have won with big margins to respect the wishes of the people of those t states. >> think of what we can achieve together.oget we can get everything doneverytn that i'm talking to you aboutyo if we work together.ogethe >> reporter: indiana voters v head to the polls tomorrow.o th there are 83 delegates up foresp grabs on the democratic sideon t and 57 for the republicans. >> ♪ >> gary mcgrady is back now bk w to give us an update to thisatet gloomy monday morning.orni monday means the beginning of something new even though it's t gloomy and rainy outside.ndny ot >> and it's already may second. >> there you go.>> >> summer is right around theigd corner. temperatures are in theatur mid-50's to upper 50's. 50's. wisdom was
5:36 am
110 percent correct when heen said to tell you to use bea iool stable siatng tong become rain. rai humid today.humid t showers and thunderstorms late day through the evening some of those thunderstormsnder strong, maybe even severe. sever i'm going for 78 here in town today. little more sunshine.e sun we could get to 80. little less sunshine, we couldel be 76 or 77 degrees. 77 gr down to the south, 83 degrees3 r in fredericksburg and again a just watch out later today for d these thunderstorms. some heavy rain i think, too,, with these 'cause there's ather' lot of available moisture inva the it's very tropical.'s vy tr it's going to be even moreor tropical late this afternoon.. here's erin como also wearingoea blue i'm the only one not wearing n
5:37 am
>> we were all feeling bluere a acation.t's soupyouther deadg bigrash cau delays on the inner loop. on live look approaching the eisenhower connector fromnhowerf telegraph road through thisaph point you're parked. anft lane and left shouldere getting by. gett deadly crash investigation blocking the right lanes. i would suggest exiting atsugg telegraph road avoiding theid inner loop at this locatio tn taking duke street over toe stre 395. you can see the outer looputer p some traffic picking up asking a well. quick look at our maps rightouas now. w. aside from that big crashig c investigation that we'reig tracking, we do have some do sm other problems this morningems i out in falls church thank you t to lisa gave us a heads upea traffic lights are out ine in arlington at the lee highway hig area out by washingtonngto boulevard. we'll get to the rest of thesete tweets with your next look at la mta disruptions as well. back to you. >> thanks erin.>> tnks 5:37. we want to let you know aboutnoa a school closing in northern virginia.
5:38 am
the mini howard campus is clos again mini howard campus todayd >> every day this months honoring the memory of theirhe fall again. a >> a study suggests moreuggests children in one particulararcu state are being exposed to marijuana smoke at a veryt a v young age. fox5 news morning back afterac this.
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help is a sign of strength not t weakness. one in four americanss f lady. million noma monday. m dermatologists designated way w as skin cancer awareness monthrs its a reminder to protect your y one person dies from melanoma mn every hour. h several doctors and hospitalscts are offering free basicferire screenings throughout theeningsh month of may.mont new study out involvingnvol children, marijuana andna a
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emergency room visits. visit it found one in six infants hosp symptoms of bronchitis testedesd positive for exposur finding suggests secondhands sea marijuana smoke may be a rising child health concern asha the drug increasingly becomesyec legal in more states.e s everybody's afraid ofever something, right? whetherer it's snakes heights ors or something more serious but nowow researchers believe they ares closing in on a cure for fear. it involves erasing the fearhe f attached to a memory. m the idea to block the storagetoa of the old memory with a drug d or introduce new informationormn that changes the way thehe memory feels. f researchers are using mri's u m learn more about when a memory m is the most vulnerable.rable. this could be the key to t treating ptsd.d. holly and wisdom. >> all right. >> fascinating. >> it is. >> coming up comedian amy schumer creating a lot of buzzfz over what she posted on socialeo media. she told her fans sorry no more selfies.more sel >> as we head to break
5:43 am
look outside at the scene of sco that deadly a it's causing some majors. erin como update after the break.
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>> ♪ >> back now with another live look at the deadly crash onwide the beltway in alexandria. little bit of an update two left lane are now getting by. by. this is on the inner loop.on t it's just before the exit for eisenhower avenue.nue. nonetheless, as you can s
5:46 am
there from the live pictureom tl it's going to be some, some s rg let's get overor mcgradorning. oking down from our tower camera, six or 700 feet up in the air there.. listen at the surface here's her some of the visibilities. a mile an quarter or soor so official the for the airportir below a mile actually down townt a half mile manassas culpeperul over to winchester, too. too frederick is, too.oo below a mile in gaithersburg. you kind of get an idea of o what's happening out there.appe. this afternoon we warm up.p. upper 70's low 80's. 8 depends on how much sunshine sse we get.we get. thunderstorms late today asrmlae well. some could be strong. maybe even so we'll keep an eye on that.n a late day through the evening hours, okay.urs, okay. tomorrow cooler, upper 60's to right around 70 degrees. 7de a few spots lower 70's. 7 frontal system comes throughs tr so i think more like showers shs tomorrow. could there be a thunderstormerr during? yes. yes but mostly just s
5:47 am
there. some sunshine, too.e, here t i-95 i-9 surrounding metrootrgithrough most of most o again, we could have some storms severe even producing pdu wind gusts of 60 miles peres hour or greater. so, we need to watch out forchut the possibility of a little a lt bit of wind damage with thoseho thunderstorms.understo obviously heavy downpours.ownpou it's going to get more andor more humid today so a lot ofa to available moisture for these thunderstorms to draw into and bring that rain right down toai thn e ground. groun hail certainly possible and asnd usual with thunderstormswi because that's the defthinitionf you start getting some thunderor or some lightning and thunderthe there.ere. here's how futurecast sees a few showers late thiss afternoon and this evening. concentration of thunderstormsof to the south of the citye initially but look what happens through the evening hours. all there comes up throughug the area with potential of some of m heavy rain.e tomorrow we're drier but you buy see what's happening down tope w the -- up
5:48 am
west, more showers comeweom through late in the daythe sevee is a chance of showers.hae of not a unhine. sunin we'll have plenty of rain thisns week. >> we're already dealing with a lot of breaking news thisrein morning. first you're taking a look atin a deadly crash investigation,esi lanes blocked just two leftt o lanes getting this is the inner loop as youin approachne the eisenhower avenua connector. several miles of backed ups of p traffic. all the way back to route one re right now. if you want to avoid that exit x at route one.tene breaking news on the outer t out loop some lanes blocked ated a rockville pike for a brand new crash. let's switch it back over for i a look at our maps rightt now.. aside from that big delay andbia the one developing on thede outer loop at rockville pike a p portion of 109 is shut down in montgomery county betweenomery n comus road and barnesville road because of debris. 270 south delays are p
5:49 am
heavy already from 70 to the70 highway. hhwso be preparedo be brunswick line big disruptionist demanding answers. yesterday alonzo smith'sal s family and friends rallied atdsi good hope road southeast andoad marched to the seventhev district police station. p smith was found last november unconscious in handcuffs inandcf the custody of armed security sc guards at a southeastrd apartment building. d.c. medical examiner ruled smith died after hiss htm eeara stopped beating and he hadad cocaine in his system. smith's mother says police areee dragging their feet on hern h son's investigation.tigati >> my son's case lab in the
5:50 am
we're rallying that they that s. >> smith's mother says shesays wants an independentnt investigation of her son's death and wants to exhume hertoe son's body and get a second andc autopsy. >> well, following the death f of firefighter nicoleol mittendorf fairfaxiref county f cheech richie bowers lashedowerd out friday at the people who posted vial and vicious comments about her on the webuth site fairfax underground.ergr this isn't the first time this has happened. the site was asked just a fewus months ago to remove r information about a different female fairfax county cou firefighter. the owner of the on line forumor is defending his web site. s >> this is clearly a deflection of blame. it's a chalkboard or a bathroom stall and you don't d't blame -- when someone writes wrs graffiti o
5:51 am
> het blame the chalkboard y says stolen trailer last week. w it was swiped from a church chu parking lot in manassas. msa that equipment was worth about $10,000.$10, the troop has started to receive donations to help to h replace the stolen equipment.qut >> last night an event wasn evew held in honor of one of those t police officers that haveat h fallen, a hero's benefit forit montgomery county officer noah leotta who was struck and suc killed by a suspected drunkpectd driver while working a traffic stop last year is who was who ws recognized.recogn the benefit happened i
5:52 am
spring.ri it raised thousands of s alone.o a cruise liner froma se eng wd wihte rovirus docked cleaning. passengers were put on buses ons and sent to d.c. for a day of d sight the cruise continued on its journey as schedule. sed the ship originally took off from england about two weeks ago. about 150 passengers got sickick and were quarantined when the ship docked in norfolkn nor virginia last week.rgin >> you're told to wash yourwashr hands, you're told to use the sanitizers, you're told to be careful and i do. i it is not the ship that iss sick and giving us thes norovirus, it is thet ishe passengers who are not doing dng what they're told. >> wrap up on may 20th.
5:53 am
history.y. the first u.s. cruise to cubaard not everyone is happy aboutpy a the w democracy.democr >> 5:53 is the time and today the washington redskins general manager scotco mccloughan will hold al h press conference to talk abou the redskins draft picks.raft p. this gets under way in gets der ashburn.hb seven new players will suit uplu in burgundy and golds including josh doctson.oc >> a royal birthday. bth let's switch gears a bit herea is being celebrated today. princess charlotte turning one r year old and to celebrate kensington palace released rea these adorable photos of the the little princess. princess. >> all right.>> all they were taken by her mth
5:54 am
the dumps of cambridge kateate middleton. yoondering about harryrle's ado- >> it has collar. it >> her style is from a spanish retailer m and h its for sale fr on line if you want to buy let's talk about aim pleaime amy schumer is changing herng tune because she will pose foros pictures with fans but only onyn her >> it started after a bad runad in with a fan in greenville.reen she took to instagram tota describe how he ran up to her h and put a camera in her face.e. when she asked him to stop hetoh refused all of this in front inr of the man's she ended the post sayingt sayig because of this incident sheofst will not take pictures with w people anymore.ny but after some backlash by her followers schumer had a changea of heart. of hea imagine that.hat. she tweeted this message.his i'll still take pictures with nice people when i ch
5:55 am
but i don't owe yoey no.o. >> don't ke ffen>> all right. all tiorme nur face also her 44th b. >> nice.>> n vicki tells us she's been a loyal fan for a decade. dec she watches us on her tv and mobile devices and says that tt she likes that we interactkes at with her on social media.ersoci thanks for tuning in. we hope you enjoy your birthday.hd. >> ♪ >> here's the forecast for at fa a. >> can't you give her a littlerl better weather on herer birthday.hday >> i wish i could. i happy birthday, we can saye c that. 61 -- we put her face on tv. t that's pretty good.'stty 61 this morning, cloudy.lo humid at noontime.nte. 75. little bit of sun today. bit o that's going to jump the going temperatures and we'll have a wv chance of some severe weatherear this aft that's really the headline soean in the yellow area thatre includes the d.c. area, allre the suburbs,
5:56 am
into maryland, there's aes this afternoon through intohrous s atening so watch outer for. very gloomy this week. not just for vicki's >> but anybody celebratingeleb this week.this >> yeah. wish i had better news.s. >> yeah. >> busy morning on the roadsmorr right erin.ght >> that's right.>> t 5:56 holly and we're alreadyrelr seeing more problems picking up. a deadly crash investigationnvei on the inner loop bottom of the beltway approaching the eisenhower avenue connector.e cc big delays extending the route e one. exit there if you want to save v yourself some time. gloomy wet commute. we have a new crash on theshn outer loop. it's approaching 355 rockvilleie pike and big delays as youels as lead up to that location asocio well.well earlier outer loop crash did crd clear by connecticut avenueut au but we're dealing with a lot w of slow moving traffic there. t. debris in the roadway takingdw t
5:57 am
mews morning. back for your 6 o'clocknusts
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 aoxah messy monday commute. aea deanddly accident on thet oe beltway leaves trafficsra crawling in parts of the innerpt loop. and this weekend'sd thiskend derailment could still
6:00 am
your commute today.oday th tuspended as the caps get is responding to the multi m game suspensio.ns eah. monday morning mayy y nd. man, it is gloomy out weather and traffic coming g upn on the 5s at 6:05. good monday morning to you,o y i'm allison seymour.alli >> and i'm wisdom martin inso w for steve chenevey.fostev welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's get right to thatt' breaking news right nowews regarding your commute.yourommu major delays on the beltwayhetw right now. this comes after a deadly three-car accident on theiden inner loop just before thee the exit for eisenhower avenue.r a now, it's been this way for for several hours. hou >> let's check in now withckw w erin for what you can expectu ce if you are headed that wayd a this morning. good morning. >> you saw that.. traffic parked from route one thro ave connector because of a deadly crash in


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