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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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prince william county as well as fairfax county you've just gone under severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30, includes manassas, of course fairfax, look at the lightning showing up with this thing, and here is something i don't see very often. they are actually expecting hail damage to vehicles in this area. so, we want you to be ready for that. let me show you the storm itself. it is loaded with lightning. in fact, that's impacting some of the live shot. it has got very heavy rain as this storm tracks to the east at 20 miles an hour, and it is about to cross into the belt way. you can see some of the green, the lighter rain showing up. strongest part of the storm, coming across 66 right now, and we do expect that to continue to produce significant hail. this is estimate, folks, but saying there could be hail to the size of 1.2 inches, not too far from gainesville, half inhale. so if you can get your car into shelter, good idea. that's pretty much the lone ranger at the moment. there is definitely more activity down to the south
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west. look at all of the lightning with, that as well, and those could also produce hail, as well as some very damaging gusts over 60 miles an hour. so the severe thunderstorm watch got expands today include dc and the suburbs, that goes until 10:00 tonight. what are the risk that we will be watching for as cold front gets ready to move and drop our temperature big time tomorrow? well, there could be gusts to 60, heavy downpours, large hail, that could damage vehicles, and a lot of cloud to ground lightning. we will keep an eye on all of the warnings, manassas, fairfax, warned until 6:30, things go downhill quickly. we will keep you ahead of any new strong storms that pop up in our region, but that's definitely the biggest one right now, what we are seeing in manassas area, jim, shawnette, i promise we will let you know not only here but facebook and twitter what kind of warnings are being headed on out. watch the skies closely tonight. >> thank up, sue. breaking news out of bridges john county man's body found in the middle of the road. >> that's right. all happening right now in brandywine. police are investigating this
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called to the scene around 2:00 this afternoon. the man's body was found here in the road along general lafayette boulevard. police at this point are not saying how the man was killed, we will stay on top of the story and keep you updated as we get information. >> we have new information tonight in the death of alexia springer, the 17 year old center ville high school student who died back in march of a suspected overdose. today the virginia medical examiner confirmed that springer died from a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol. the combination of objection i condone, morphine, alprazolam, her death has been ruled accidental, has shown light on growing problem in fairfax county, tomorrow night, county supervisor pat will hold town hall at the government center to talk about the rise of teens using drugs, and overdosing. >> meantime, three student are expected to be charged in the beating death after high school student in delaware. sixteen year old amy joyner died after a fight with several other student in the school bathroom last month. police say suspect could be charged as early as friday. reported one of the teens could indeed be charged with
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been out of school since the brawl, and police say that fight started over a boy. >> at 6:00 tonight, trump supporter attacked muslim woman outside dc starbucks. the incident happened last week, on connecticut avenue. the council on american islamic relations says american israelis relations said the vick ayatollah them she did not provoke the suspect. she said the suspect walk up to her and said i'm voting for donald trump, then started yelling obscenities, including go back where you came from. victim called police, and officer arrived. but said that the suspects actions were covered under the freedom of speech act. when the officer left, the victim says the suspect poured unknown liquid over her head, and investigators tell the incident being investigated now as a hate crime. in the district, a massive clean up effort freight tape derailed, csx now reporting more cars than they originally thought went off the track. they are making progress in clearing the site. but it is causing some big
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fox5's tom fitzgerald live tonight in northeast with the latest on that. hey, fits? >> good evening, jim. first up on the rail cars, csx originally said they were 15 cars, involved in that derail: turns out that was wrong. there were actually 16 rail cars that were involved. now, they have been working all through the day. but make no mistake. they are aware of this wet their sue was just talking about, that is on its way in here. they are trying to get as much work as they can right now. but they are racing against the clock to do what they can before this storm hit this area. now there is work has proceed today wrap this afternoon, but there was also a hazardous materials team in place here because whatever was spilled here in this derailment early yesterday morning. take a look at this. you can still see the one rail car, that is lying on it side. csx says the wheels on this car were so damage in the this derailment, they can't put it back up on to the tracks, and
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it will have to be lifted up on a crane, then put onto trailer, then rolled on out of here. all of the other cars were so-called re-track, then roll over to a csx facility. the leak of this sodium hydroxide here is sparking very old concerns in d.c. about moving hazardous materials through the district on freight lines. they go through neighbors, they go through the us capitol. there is massive project underway right now to expand the virginia avenue tunnel, in southeast, that just blocks from the capitol. dc elegant says she is concerned about that, toward the site today, and csx says they expect this work to continue through tomorrow. >> at this point, 125 of the 16 cars that were involved in the derailment have been returned to wheels. and will be removed from the site. so that we can get on with removing the soil impacted by the leak of sodium hydroxide from the one tank car that leak on during the
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>> now the bad news again tonight, they are not going to finish this this evening. it will begin on through tomorrow. that means big changes to the mark brunswick line. only ran three trains today. two of them have already left for tonight. so if you are headed out on the mark brunswick line, you need to know the last train out is at 7:05. that's the 881. they're going to hold it at silver springs, for 30 minutes, but it is only going to go to brunswick, if you are traveling onto harpers ferry or martinsville, you will need to take a bus to complete your trip. urging people to check early tomorrow morning on whatever changes for tomorrow morning's commute, they'll be forced to make, because of the continued response to derailment. live here in road island avenue, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> metro meantime stepping up emergency response on the rails. starting in june, uniform fire officer will be stationed at the nerve center in prince george's county, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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help coordinate emergency communication between metro and first responders, right now fire liaison on duty just monday through friday, and also during special events. setting sale and making history. the first us crews to cuba in more than ooh years is in havana watch passengers are saying about the made encouraging voyage. >> coming up next why the next time you walk past a billboard you may want to turn off your cell phone. >> and if you have a story idea give us a call on the fox5 type lynn: e-mail your tips to fox5 tips at c
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>> pre send tour ' on a cruise. >> it could be worse, hearing the love boat theme. >> pretty historic crews from miami docked in cuba this afternoon. >> that's right, the ship filled with americans, excited to visit half and a f
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phil keithing in miami with the latest. >> it is something not seen for half a century. the us own carnival cruise ship, sailing from miami, into havana. the 700 passenger ship, arriving monday morning, it will make two more stops on the south side of the island, and on the east side over the next week. >> to be a part of truly making history, and preparing for an even more positive future for everyone, is one of the greatest honors any company can have. >> the historic crews comes a year and a half since the country's restored diplomatic ties, and follows president obama's visit in march, to havana. it is not your sterio typical adventure at sea, though there is trip is government approved, and passengers will be meeting with artists, business owners, and families. it also features educational activities like spanish lessons. >> meet some of the people, eat some of the food, i think it is great bringing the countries together. >> some of my friend thought i was
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but something i wanted to always do. >> protesters demonstrating saying it will boost the reg app. >> it will depart from here at for the miami, every other week, tickets range from two to $10,000, and by the end of the year, norwegian cruise lines plans to get on board. in miami, phil keating, fox news. would you rather cruise in or fly in? >> i don't know, little of both. get the whole experience of sailing the open waters, i think that's kind of cool. >> i think it would be fun. maybe we'll plan a fieldtrip? >> sure. >> new billboards like there one being installed nation wood could be spying on you and that is not sit too long well with new york senator, chuck schumer. >> he is asking for the federal kade commission, spying billboards, can apparently collect your cell phone information without your knowledge. the billboard company then sells the information to marking firms.
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>> at this point nothing is that surprising. they can track us with everything. you buy a phone, you're getting track. >> now the billboards works with partnership with clear channel, and cheer channel says it doesn't collect personally identifiable information from consumers, operates six p 5,000 billboards nationwide. >> you remember the tom cruise move that i did that, woe walk out? you know what? i remember the first time i saw it, i thought this will probably be happening very soon. >> with your cell phone or when you brouse, i'll look adam son. com on my phone, and i go home and on my computer. >> boom. >> all over the place. >> freak i. >> little bit. >> yes, speaking of scary things on the internet there is isn't scary though, but the internet has been buzzing about first daughter malea owe bamm a she is following in her parent footsteps and going to harvard, but will take a year off first. so what's one what they call the gap year? >> scary because you sends a kid off to college, you know what is like. >> indeed. >> newest trends among millennials, more and more
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dorm like living. no thank you. >> ♪ >> the family of late musician prince, metaphor probate hearing. they're trying to figure out what will happen to his estate. his sister said he didn't leave a will orest tate, everything up for grabs, expected to be divided up evenly among his siblings. >> ♪
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it.
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experience tv with xfinity x1. >> if sure ' people person, and you loved your college, there is an alternative very similar to dorm style living. but it isn't cheap. but it is different. fox5's bob barnum explains. >> you might consider this a group home for millennials. >> i don't know if it is long-term, but for right now really good place to be in. >> the first communal apartment community in the dc area, from the folks who brought you the we work concept. >> these are apartments, not unlike other apartments, they're just in the context
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these terrific shared spaces, and programming and services so you never have to worry about cleaning, never have to worry about trying to find dinner party on the weekends, that kinds of thing, all-pro gram into we live, because it is about not just like, you know, where do you hang your hat, but actually how do you live your life. >> said they offer everything from studio and one bedroom apartments with a murphy bed, to three and four bedroom units with two bath. >> if you're coming into a studio, paying about $1,600 a month. if you're coming in to a three bedroom, paying about $875 per person per month. so that's kinds of the ballpark. >> base in the this old 12 story offers tower on south clark street in -- >> oh, we apologize, very cool piece. >> interesting. >> i can see how that idea might work for some people. and t for others. >> for others it is not. i kind of like the solitude. there is some times you go home, you don't want to deal with anything. i have the option unfortunately for the family, you don't. >> they're usually all asleep. >> true. >> you want to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the nightn
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get a glass of water, you can't do it there you. >> can't, or else you'll get dirty looks. >> if you would like to learn more about it go to also coming up we will be talking to you about first daughter malea owe bamm, a made her college decision in case you didn't hear, following in her parents' footsteps and going harvard, but she will wait a year, though, taking a gap year after she graduates from high school, and she is not alone. in fact, recent pole found number of american students took gap year has increased more than 20%. many colleges are now encouraging a delayed entry, give student time to recharge after high school and build work or life experiences. >> i'm -- before i decided to go to college i was thinking about taking a gap year just because i don't know sometimes people just need to like figure things out. >> i think it would have hurt me personally if i took one, and i didn't. >> so student who take gap years say they feel more focused when it is time to start college. no word yet on malea's he can act plans for her gap year. now, i will tell you, i
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part of the reasoning behind this was she will be able to start her college career not technically while her father is in office. so it won't be the same, i mean, i'm sure she will still have security, but won't like it would be if she were to start in the fall. >> i think it is smart. >> i also think considering the microscope she and sasha have lived un for eight years, give her time to decompress, be normal. >> yeah. good decision. >> i wish i could get a gap year right now. >> i snow. >> don't we all. >> and somebody who sent two daughters college you feel this great pressure to do your kids what everybody else is doing, i'm glad this is starting because i think my girls could have used it, too. >> yes. high school is hard. you're going to be working all your life. >> tougher, tougher, tougher. you got tough job tonight. >> really cooking up quickly. had some new severe thunderstorm warnings go up. started out with a lot of clouds, fog, cool, dreary weekends, wet weekends, soggy weekends, i lover this picture, isn't it just beautiful? >> gorgeous. skyfox looking down the potomac river, and that's where our weather is coming from. we have actually added some
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warnings, since i last spoke with you, just few minute ago. so, your first clue is we're saying bye bye to the blue skies, and watching some of the huge cumulus anime bus clouds going up loaded with rain. here is the latest, talked about this little bit ago. severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30 for fairfax and prince william county boy do i think it is hailing, really hard down in that area. now we have new one. that storm has expanded so we have severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00 for the cities at fairfax falls church that will include portions every all of the counties. let me get out. arlington, fairfax, small portion every southwestern montgomery, and prince william county until 7:00. it is all from this same store though. and it really is loaded with lightning. but migrate err concern is the possibility that it is producing some hail on sort of the south and western flank of it, in fact, one of the tools we have here is the ability to look inside the storms and see if there is a hail core forming, right around the brent ville area, we think there may be some hail that
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2 inches in diameter. so that would be like a pingpong ball. that would not surprise us, because other storms have been able to do that down to our south and west. but that's going to dent your car. so if you can, try to get it covered up little bit. and maybe even some one inhale in the northern part of the county, not too far west of oakdone, one storm, and that's really pretty much the only thing we have here right now. because most everything else is down to our south and west. wherever one's under severe thunderstorm watch. but as i put this in motion to show you all of the lightning, i want you to look at the northern end of that, how quickly, because this is just looping for one hour, how fast everything is beginning to develop out to our south and west, south every front royal. so we expect to get a little busier before things settle down, and i would not even be surprised if we keep some of this rain in the area overnight. like 3:00 in the morning, i could see it still happening. just little while ago, storm prediction center did expand, severe thunderstorm watch to include the dc suburbs, again, a lot of activity will continue to develop in the big driver tonight is this fron
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air and this very warm unstable air that we have overhead. so we think potential for more to develop. process, at 7:00 tonight this is predict son whatever may happen over the next several hours, future cast, it still has a lot of activity at 10:00 tonight. specially through maryland, down through the northern neck, maybe the eastern suburbs of dc as well. a little bit of rain overnight, pausing at 4:00 in the morning, almost to the point where we've had too much rain now after going so long without much. brush fire danger but may add inch to inch and a half. i would not be surprised if we have flashflooding issues later tonight as well. tuesday morning for your commute, still be some rain that lingers in the area, but i think it will be much drier in the afternoon. and we could pop few more things late day, specially if we get little bit of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. but it really looks more like more clouds than anything else. the other thing that's going to be changing, as we go through this week, is it will be getting little bit cooler again, we got close to the upper 70s if not 80 degrees,
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culpeper 83, dc, 74 degrees, but it look like temperatures will head on back down into the 60s, and the front that comes through, on tuesday, is going to stall just little bit to our east. so that will allow more waves of low pressure to develop, and, while we have dry periods wednesday, another front is going to be approaching the area. so we've got so many front coming through here, i feel like we're running amtrak station here with these front. running the track and what you don't see now on this seven day forecast, is a whole lot of 80s. but 68 tomorrow. that's going to feel a lot colder with some showers. wednesday, about 68 degrees, scattered showers, possible. can't rule out showers even on thursday and friday. okay, this saturday, yeah, looks drier for mothers day on sunday, temperature every 75. right now, so far so good for the weekend, but definitely feeling like we're continuing much of what we had last week this week. >> here we go, we're ready for it. >> all right, good. >> thanks, sue. this is really cool. balance reason i mossee cope lands has her own
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team one mattel to launch her very own doll, of course miniature version of coke land, barbie dressed in a bright red leo tarred, and too too, in honor of barbie's you can be anything campaign. she says it is an honor to inspire the next generation of kids. how cool? cool?
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>> true story all about ice. filed a $5 million lawsuit against starbucks ice to coffee ratio.
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contain over just half the drink they're actually paying for. starbucks, has called the law sued absurd, also says ice is an essential come pope of an iced beverage. >> okay. >> i don't think she will give 5 million. >> i don't think she is either. sue all of the potato chip companies in the world, too. >> right? >> good luck with that. >> exactly. >> my little addiction, potato chips. i've been talking about the possibility of large hill, prince william county showed some of the estimates. just got confirmation that they've had hail to the size of 2 inches, in dale city. that is not a good sign, because it means the storm is potentially rotating, and now you see, our radar, that was pulled up, showing not only in yellow, severe thunderstorm warning but bit of rotation indicated on radar, which is the spinning symbol you see there, very close to dale city. that's also an area where they had some large hail. so going to have to watch very closely to see what happens, this storm is clearly very strong, severe, damaging, and if anything changes, such as a tornado warning gets issued, we will certainly keep you updated here at fox5 and on social m
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into the evening hours, you know, about when do we see this maybe clearing up, or -- >> things should get better as the sun goes down, sean, so we lose some of the heat. but these storms could still be strong even until 10:00. under a watch until that late. >> all right, keep an eye on twitter. keep an eye on facebook. sue will have everything you need to know. >> meantime that's it for fox5 local news at 6:00. >> thanks so much for joining us, see you back here tonight at 10:00. "tmz" is next. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope...
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it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: the plot thickens with the kardashians break-in at blac chyna's. >> there's a sex tape that came out of blac chyna and tyga. all of a sudden over the weekend there was a safe broken into. harvey: oh, my god, this may be the setup. this is a booklet out there. this is what you do. >> you know who wrote the book? kris kardashian, who happens to be the future daughter-in-law. harvey: welcome to the family! >> justin bieber's dad, jeremy bieber, had an insane engagement party. they had a bunch of animals there. camels, tigers, kangaroos. they also had like naked sushi, where girls are completely naked. >> oh, my god, naked girls with food on them and wild animals? that seems like a really bad combo. >> al sharpton is pissed off at the white house correspondents'


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