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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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11:00. at 11:00 severe weather hit the dc region and brought with it hail and heavy rain. >> team coverage tracking the storms and damage left behind starts right now. >> thanks for joining us i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins. >> let's get to sue with the latest on tonight's weather. we were slammed by rain, hail and many place. >> we can add in the potential for flooding because the ground is saturated and while the severe elements may be winding down and pushing away, it's still raining in many areas. i think it will overnight into the morning commute. that will be a new problem going through and that is one of the last remaining warnings we have is for flash flooding in montgomery county got hit really hard with heavy rain. just show you that this flash flood goes until 12:30 and mainly areas south of rockville that got repeat rounds and a little while ago new flood
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warning got issued. this is for streams and creeks getting really full in northwest dc and southeastern montgomery county. that going in 1:30 and the real concern there is heavy rain is likely going to cause flooding along rock creek and rock creek parkway in northwest dc. flood waters are moving along there. fold crest is expected between now and 11:30. we're going to watch. as for the latest on radar, heaviest activity, the thunderstorms pushing over to the beaches across delaware. the eastern shore. we see some clearing right now in the western suburbs but we cannot say that we're done for the night. because there's still so much more we have to watch. then to cambridge, heavy rain there. we're also aware as we look at more rain still in the pipeline, that you got slammed in charles county, not just with heavy rain and also the hail that you're about to see with caitlin but i'm concerned you may also have flooding later in there is another round for you. let's spotlight
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montgomery county. this is an estimate on doppler radar air area from 2.3 to four inches of rain, stretchs from 495 almost to howard county and another area in yellow. from charles county across the bay to the eastern shore. we were all just amazed at the hail. i'm going to bring in caitlin roth, because these are the kinds of pictures we were seeing incredible that storm began that manassas and it did not give up the ghost for what seemed like hour tonight. >> still ongoing as it moves through delaware off into areas of philadelphia what's amazing about the hail. we saw many hail over two inch did i meter. i just counted five official reports that came through. just saw on twitter that has only happened we only have official reports of hail over two inch size in diameter 22 times in the history of reporting severe weather.
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here's some pictures. thanks so much to all of you who sent in your video, pictures, we just had a wonderful response. lorton virginia where it began, large hail stone there which looks all baseball size. coming down fast and furious, looks like a snow storm in your yards, jamie gross thank you for this picture from brians road in maryland. sections of southern maryland also saw the hail. we had a tornado warning for awhile across portions of charles county, thankfully no rotation was detected to the ground. we had no reports of tornado, but it looks ominous. look at this, a lot of pictures out of la plata. quite an ominous sky. this from diana and that green color, blueish looks like large hail and that's what we got. it wasn't just northern virginia and southern maryland but also montgomery county that had reports of the
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hail and this shows earlier hail tracks from tonight. the big storm that began over manassas and traveled all the way across southern maryland to the chesapeake toward your south with the bright colors, hail reports were all over the area. here's the official report that is came into us. the highest ones came down around waldorf, that the where we had report of baseball size hail in saint charles, close to three inches in diameter. remarkable. hail reports north of the district. interesting storm seemed to split on the two side of the district. there's ping-pong size. hail was huge part of the story, then the flooding. earlier we have water rescues ongoing across silver spring and montgomery county that's where we have our sarah simmons live this evening. >> reporter: flash flooding was a big issue in montgomery
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because within minutes it can go up and engulf a car and within minutes it can be completely gone. that's really the case here. in newport mill road. this area did have high standing water. and was creating an issue about an hour or so ago. we're between 9:00 and 10:00 and montgomery county fire and ems public information officer did say that between 9:00 and 10:00 tonight they had more than a dozen water rescues and issues with that. he said that firefighters responded to most who were able to evacuate those. other people were able to self evacuate. so at this point, we're not hearing about any serious injuries or anything of that nature. but you know, it is very scary which it's dark out and you come up quickly on water. you may not know how deep it is. and that was the case with a gentleman we talked to earlier who did get stuck in this water here at this intersection. he explained to us what
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during that time. >> driving back home from school. then around actually right by the light, as soon as i came over, like a huge like wave of water came at me. the water was probably up to half my tires at the time. then standing for maybe 16 minutes. firefighters came by and pushed me out. >> reporter: lucky and scary moments for him as well. and he was saying he was more frustrated because he wasn't that far from home and was just trying to get home. it can be a much more serious situation than that so he is pretty lucky. again, you know, across montgomery county it was an issue tonight. it's just a good reminder when we have the flash flooding, you really got to keep an eye on the roadway and if you see any water turn around instead of going through it. la
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summons. a man's body was found in the middle of the road in a brian neighborhood. marina marraco has latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this afternoon, homicide investigation happened just yards away from this home here in the glen. it's a neighborhood that's just off of route 5 here in brian. it happened right on this road here approaching the dead end but before the wooded area. that's where police found a man lying dead in the middle of the road. he was shot and police would not say how many times or whether he was shot on the road here or hits body dumped. >> right now, detectives are looking at all possibilities to determine exactly what happened here. it's an ongoing investigation. and our detectives are looking into every scenario possible. >> reporter: the victim's family too distraught to talk
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camera. eventually were able to positively identify the victim. tonight, a sad day for that family. police still looking for anyone with any sort of information that may lead to the killer or killers. there's up to a $25,000 reward for any information that will lead to an arrest. in brian maryland, marina marraco fox 5 local news. developing in the district of massive clean-up underway after the freight derailment. now we're getting a look the a surveillance video at yesterday's derailment. look at the left side of the screen, more cars than they first thought. crews are making progress but still have quite a bit of hazardous materials to remove. >> at this point, 15 of the 16 cars that were involve in the derailment have been returned to wheels and will be removed from the site. so that we can get on with removing the soil that was impacted by the leak of sodium hydroxide from the one tank car that leaked during the
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derailment. >> in addition to removing the soil around the spill, csx will be rebuilding that rail bed. metro is stepping up with emergency response. a uniformed fire officer will be stationed at prince george's county 24 hours a day, seven days a week. he'll help coordinate. dc police are stepping up patrols around schools and playgrounds after two reports of men taking pictures of children. one incident was reported last friday. police say a man that his late 20s or 30's was spotted taking pictures of kids at a playground. three days earlier an older man was seen driving slowly towards the child. there have not been any report of attempted abductions. >> we have an update. we now know what killed 17-year-old lex ia springer. the virginia medical examiner confirms she
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combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. oxycodone morphine and a sedative were found in her system. tomorrow county leader will address the town hall to address the rise. >> you have a prescription drug and heroin problem in our community. we have it in the nation. it's a public health crisis. we need to do what we can to address it it's sad when a life a lost. >> the supervisor says they will be pushing to get drug councils back into high school. controversy giving felon the right to vote in virginia. >> fight back against the governor of executive order. here's a question for you. do you have too many best friends? researchers say there's a limit on the number of people who you should be bestys with. we'll let you know when we come back.
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allows convicted felons to run for office and sit on a jury. they say the governor overstepped his authority and say it's a political move to help hillary clinton with whom he's friends with. the governor argues people who serve their sentence should be given a second chance to exercise their civic duties. two years after a massive land slide wiped out the community. things are finally back to normal in a prince george's county neighborhood. back in 2014, 28 homes were evacuated. intense rain caused a slope failure that cracked the main road and ruptured several sewer lines. many people were out of homes for months. they were there this to afternoon to celebrate the reopening of tt community. can't imagine waiting that long and have been your life disrupted like that. >> that's a long time. i remember when that was happening. a lot of people out immediately. >> people got videos of the slopes
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dramatic. the tonight's rain not at epic as what happened that night and that week but we've had significant issues with flooding tonight. >> water rescue is out there in montgomery county. >> and showers will continue in our forecast. i don't think we're going to get rounds of thunderstorms tomorrow like we had today. we're not going to get into the 70's. you will be cooler but wanted to let you know we just stumbled across this, big tree down. this is in the 5500 block. if you can see see it there of 13th street northwest. one other problem when you have strong storms, maybe it doesn't fall right away but trees can become weakened may come down as well. really important to inspect them as best you can. hard to see there. we do know that there are power outages that were beginning to hear reports on as well. but the bulk of the activity now has begun to move over to the eastern shore. rain not necessarily done yet. which is why a flash flood warning remains in
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little bit more than an hour in southern portions of montgomery county because of a huge amount of rain they've had in this area, closing in on two and a half to four inches some areas, this is for rock creek worrying about that, over it's banks, be aware there could be flooding along rock creek parkway. storm tracker radar, lighter rain now, generally around the beltway, but all the really heavy duty storm activity, the heavy rain, lightening and maybe even still small hail has pushed east across the bay over to delaware. it's going to continue to pound them over there. there's stll severe thunderstorm watches as well as flash flood warningses as we look at all of this in motion. the heaviest of it over but we're not done with rain yet. we think more light rain may continue overnight because there's so much more in the pipeline down to our south. this may tend to go more southeast of the
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opposed to north and west what you should expect is this shower pattern is going to be locked in for the next several days, showers in the forecast tomorrow. the bulk of them earlier in the day. can't rule them out. hit or miss in the afternoon with a temperature of 68 for our high and kind of the same deal for wednesday, although i think there will be dry periods and sunshine on wednesday. futurecast is updated and a good handle on showers and storms that have pushed east's seeing the lighter rain re more cloudy conditions off to our west at 11:00. let's take this out to 3:00 in the morning, scattered showers. maybe even one or two downpours little bit heavier. how about your morning commute? i would expect there to be rain, especially 95 and east. scattered showers by 8:00 a.m. north and west of the city. we get a break around noon. cloudy, still be a few showers here and there and then a few more could bubble up tomorrow afternoon at 5:00, notice brighter colors, for thunderstorms developing down 95
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towar towards. these storms may be able to find more energy and spotty showers at 11:00 tomorrow night. will you notice the temperature drop. we dropped to 62. 50's to our north, as the front swings through, it will pull in cooler air, showers an cooler cloudier day expected. you're going to find it a lot last last week in terms of the not having a whole lot of sunshine. let's wrap it up with your seven-day forecast so you can see we're going to keep showers and two particularly cooler day, thursday and friday, 60 on thursday, with showers, 63 on friday. can't rule them out over the weekend. we warm up just a little bit. hits or miss showers for monday, but a drier day next monday. we've made up that deficit for sure. now is time to have a look at sports and send it over to jim. >> before we get to sports we're going to go back to the severe weather that hit the dc region, brought down another big tree and several cars on north
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with that. >> you'll see here the trunk and the right there that branch splitting right on to the road. two cars appears were driving down the street here, we're just about a block away from where nebraska and fox hall intersect and each car going in i think direction driving when the tree branch came crashing down on top. we understand no injuries thankfully but you can the hazard lights there from the cars that remain under that tree branch and thankful the it appears that this is the only damage in this area here, crime scene tape still up. of course, traffic having to go around this at this hour, thankful the not a lot of traffic. at least not here in this part of northwest, but as we've been driving out here, particularly on the beltway entering montgomery county, heavy traffic because of the rain. we've seen this water throughout the region. here in northwest, sprinkling water right now. back to you guys. >> marina
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let's talk sports, split decision, the caps are going for the upper hand on the let's take you to pittsburgh. caps marcus joanne son, by the penguins chris la tank he goes down. you would think he would give some kind of suspension. we shall see it all comes down to timing. meantime was able to return to the game. he did get revenge with a hit of his own. third period caps nick maneuvers around braden, he scores giving the team a 3-0 lead. the caps were not down or out. lasering past matt murray it's 3-1. under a minute. rebound coming to justin williams. caps can't do it, they lose 3-2 and trail two games to one.
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they're letting the quarterback go. he came over as a free agent last year from the 49ers but tore his knee up on thanksgiving during practice. that was it with josh norman and third rounder. without culliver. meantime, bryce harper cooled off since his tour. he was so hot. he was named the national league player of the month. best 24 runs batted in. tonight the mats and kansas city against the defending champs, ryan zimmerman, runners. drives one, drives run to right field over orlando, michael taylor home on a double. another run scored on daniel murphy. 2-0. bottom of third, jose gets the strike anthony cuts down. third trying to steal rally.
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that's the lead. 2-0. i keep looking over here. i'm reading and i drop things. >> you're excited. >> i am. big sports didn't work out for the caps but there's lot of hockey left. there is had a lot left. >> fingers crossed. we have more exciting news tonight. ballerina has her own barbie, the american balance lay to launch her very own dollar. the barbie is dressed in bright red lee tarred. she might be dressed like that in horn of the cap. miss ty copiland says it's an honor to inspire the next generation of kids. very cool.
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. how many people do you consider to be your best friend? scientists say there should be a limit.
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are only capable of having five best friends. the size of a human brain -- most people like to stick to the five or less rule. >> i thought best friend really meant your best friend out of the whole lot. i think five is excessive. >> seems excessive to me too. >> don't use the term best he friend. good friends. >> i don't think there's anybody that's superior. >> i have one best friend. it's my husband. i have a lot of great friends but my husband is my absolute best friend. >> my best friend from high school and college are both in the dc area. i think it's a little bit different best friends from different time of my life. >> i'm just saying. >> they're sleeping. >> we're just playing. otherwise we're good for the rest of the night. >> i think we'll have little bit of rain but no thunder or hail. watch for flooding. good night, ever
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: the plot thickens with the kardashians break-in at blac chyna's. >> there's a sex tape that came out of blac chyna and tyga. all of a sudden over the weekend there was a safe broken into. harvey: oh, my god, this may be the setup. this is a booklet out there. this is what you do. >> you know who wrote the book? kris kardashian, who happens to be the future daughter-in-law. harvey: welcome to the family! >> justin bieber's dad, jeremy bieber, had an insane engagement party. they had a bunch of animals there. camels, tigers, kangaroos. they also had like naked sushi, where girls are completely naked. >> oh, my god, naked girls with food on them and wild animals? that seems like a really bad combo. >> al sharpton is pissed off at the white house correspondents' dinner.


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