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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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here and he had been working here until this accident tookk place and he was terminated today. the other part of this story ois you were just mentioning it.onin and we're going to show youhow y this cell phone right after this happened, youdy have a car that crashes andsh a starts on fire. fe. you see the flames but the people here, they run towardsunw the car.the ca they pull a guy out that had tt been pinned. pne they even helped the driver of the car.e c. one lady we spoke to didid compressions to help a man who w wasn't breathing.hi take a listen to this its amazing. >> call 911.>> call 911. >> reporter: in the secondsr: i following the crash peoplee crap rush in to help.o h we're told most of them were wer employees and customers. cusme this mobile phone video showso s a person who we are told wasd s pinned by the humvee pulled away. >> and all of a sudden this of guy just rammed into the building. i said oh my god, this guy has s just ran into the building.ld >> reporter: jannie watki
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saw it all. she says the focus then turned r to the driver. d he was combative telling tli people to leave him alone but they still got a knife to cutnic his seat belt and free him.freem >> they cut the strap and they e drug him out and he wasnd he w tussling with them the wholeheho time. >> reporter: meanwhile mnwhi rochelle white who is a nurses a began to help the person who pe had been pinned by the suv. suv >> so, i started doing compressions and he coughede and said, oh, from me doing the compressions on him and and then i can hear his daughterauge say, okay, he's responsiveespons now. >> reporter: all right, back b live now you can see the cleanup effort under wasn't that video amazing? a terrible tragedy but it wasut it wonderful to see all of those oo people who came out to help. h we are learning tonight that four people were injured, nonlife-threatening injuries. in fact one of them wasofhem was treated here at the scene, the e other three were taken to the hospital.ho at this point we still havee limited information on the
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driver of the humvee.e. we asked fairfax county policeol not long ago if they had anyad new information.ti we know that they arenoat t investigating this case but atua this point they say no. once again we know that het worked here as a cook. a c he had apparently had been on bereavement since early aprilly but a manager told me he was fired after this incident iid today. live in tysons corner mattr m ackland fox5 local n >> police say the man accused ad of highjacking a metrobus andbua hitting and killing ang pedestrian smoked k2 and pcp pcp before the crash. a court affidavit filed in thee case said keith lovingovg admitted to the drug use afterse the crash. >> that same affidavit says he brought the abouts a stop.boa s. >> paul wagner joins us lives lv with the rest of story.f story hey, paul. >> reporter: laura and sarah, keith loving waseith lin clearly not happy to be t
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as the prosecutor explained some of the into details in the case to the judge he wasth reacting to all of it. he was sighing and he wasas huffing making clearly some s indication that is he wasio unhappy with hean ring theseng details and when the judgehe j said she was going to held him without bond he looked right at the judge and said you mean u i'm not going to be able to go home? we also are learningearnn new details tonight about thisht case and the fact that police say that keith loving was lin sitting in the driver's seat sea of that bus trying to drive it over the embankment there at the crown station for 10 10 minutes before police wereore pe able to use pepper spray andry a get him out. o the affidavit filed in the case says anthony pane was panea taking out the trash at therashh crown station when keithheke loving hit him bit metrobuset pinning him against thegain dumpster and under the front tho left wheel of the bus..
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forward over a curb two cur witnesses successfully pulled pe pane out from under the wheelhel before police were able to get to the defendant.dant. the affidavit also says the bus driver fought with losing and was able to take away a pair of needle nose pliers he had as a weapon before paneefe pushed him off the bus and bus drove away.y. when losing got on the bus heheb was wearing a ski mask pulledasu down just beneath his eyes andnd was breathing heavily beforebere attacking the driver.ri there were only four passengers on the bus at then th time of the highjacking whongho were all able to get off unharmed. sinitra boyle came onto the oo e scene after pane was hit andit describes what she saw. s >> i think that if you were here and you saw what happened, he wasn't giving us ample enough time to slidee this man away. i think it was because the bause curb was the only reason that t he stopped because he h continued to run this man over forward and backwards sixar s times. i saw him going forward and
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top of his body. ho >> reporter: so, if you'reyo here and the bus is here, yous , said you got a direct look att a the guy in the dritver's seat.ea >> yes. i came face to face with him.. he turned to my car smiled and proceeded to put on his face mask.mask >> reporter: he had on ate face mask. >> a face mask black heavy guy y with a great big smile the smihe whole time. >> reporter: he was smiling. h >> he was smiling the whole time. it was likeil like if he would have went inoud the front of that bus he was ths going to get anybody who wenten in front of that bus. that >> reporter: now, as you a know there's been someeen controversy in this case whereyn people were videotaping the victim on the ground.un there was also a man who was w w seen walking up and taking a t picture of him on the groundro but sinitra boyle was clear toac us saying there were a lot ofe w people trying to help him atm the time including now we know o in this court affidavit thatidat was filed that there werere wer people who pulled the victimic out from underneath the busheus while this was all going on. so, there were people there trying to help andi
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wanted to point that out and what miss boyar said happened he at the scene. live in d.c. superior court c paul wagner fox5 local news. n >> now to breaking news we are a following out of montgomery county. county. emergency crews are on theewaren scene after a person waserson struck by a train and cann killed in these are live pictures comingrc to you right now from skyfox.m y the investigation is happeningai on csx tracks behind the target store on boo the police activity is slowingis traffic in that area and is causing marc train 875 to be temporarily held at the silver spring station.tation. later westbound brunswick linewl trains will be temporarilyempory held in washington until thentil scene is cleared.ene islear so, keep that in mind if youriny commute goes through thae go area. stay with we'll bring you the updates on s the investigation as we learnigo more. it's a story you'll seeou'le only on fox5.ox5. police in arlington county arena investigating reports of a a registered sex offender having
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strange interactions with children. >> before we get to that storyet i think we want to move to john kasich and he is suspending his campaign so weig want to go to that live shot i o believe before we get to g t alexandria limon. lim is that correct? john kasich suspending his campaign, he'sn,s live with the announcement.h we want toth listen in to whatha he's about to say. >> thank you all for coming.. the first thing i have to do is to thank my great wife, karen, for the fact that she has -- [applause] she has endured my political career and also oflso course accentuated it. it. there's nobody like karen. she's charismatic.riatic she walks into a room and and people fall in love with her.ith you know, when she appeared on
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anderson cooper, john weaverer commented and beth hanson commented that if we had onlyad run karen we would have been avb lot more successful. success i happen to agree with that. and you know, emma and readea showed up. u they're so beautiful.eautif they've been so supportive. and they traveled with mehe around the country as well and l it was always such a delight a to have the family on the road and as their principal had said, don't let education getcai in the way of learning. l and i think that they learned a great deal and of course i coe want to thank the worthington wt christian staff and particularly --partic >> okay, that is john kasich there, presidential candidatesie and expected to be suspendingped his campaign and he's ofe' course thanking a lot of thanki people that have been i
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we'll continue to follow it.o fo we'll bring you updates ases they come in. >> at least one presumptive presidential nominee donald trump but we n will have more o that coming up a little bit aitt later. >> it's a story you'll seeor only on fox5.ox5. police in arlington county arere investigating reports of a registered sex officer fenderenr having strange interactions with children.with child >> police say they've gottenveot several reports about this andpb fox5's alexandria limon isxaria live in arlington with theith te story. alex. alex. >> reporter: well, guys, g first we want to be very clearer the arlington county police department says this man hasan not been charged with a recent crime. however, because they have h gotten multiple complaintscompla about the registered sex offender, they are investigating.igat >> there's a two-year-oldwoea child with a nanny and he hadndd a conversation with thenversa two-year-old child at a publiclp park and the nanny was awarewa enough to pull that child outt t of that situation which isich s exactly what the sex offender oe registry is intended for. f >> rep
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in north arlington are a becoming increasinglyncreasingly concerned after a registereda rs sex offender moved into thent t area and has had multiple oddodd encounters with children. cld >> i am a little concerned.. my middle one she's seven and, a you know, she trusts everybody.ev >> reporter: fox5 isn'torr: f identifying the man because hee has not been charged with aith recent crime.. but the police departmentepar wants the public to be aware a of the concerning reports. ror some neighbors say they've theye seen him lingering at children's soccer games,cer gams trails that lead to parks andoas to the arlington forest swimming pool that will soon wis open. police say the man is no no longer on probation,roba therefore, he does not have restrictions when it can comes s to visiting parks or talking tal to children.n. >> so, their probation couldtioc be months, it could be years yes but then once that probation pti is over the sex offender offen registry continues on forry cons years and years after that.d ar >> reporter: there are alsor: t reports that on one occasionoccn the man went into a family's backyard to leave ballos
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their children.hildre some arlington schools sent letters alerting parents.ents >> a couple weeks ago, it'st' sad that just to be aware thatt there's someone who was making contacts with kids.h k >> reporter: police warn,ol, though, there's a linein neighbors should not cross. noto >> what we can can't have is them being targeted becaused bec they're on that list.ey'r just being on a sex offenderffde list is not a >> reporter: now, police sayow if you live in the neighborhood and you'reou concerned and you want to know o who that sex offender is, yous,u can find that information on the state of virginia's sex offender registry. they also want to hear fromear o anyone else who has had interactions with him that arehe concerning. they say it doesn't it doe necessarily have to be assar crime. they would still like to hearll from you. reporting live in arlington,gt alexandria limon, fox5 local news. >> up ahead, president obama visits flint, michigan today to assess the water there. there >> meanwhile here
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officials much officials aremu announcing a massive lead l testing program at city schools. >> fitz. >> reporter: good evening. we have just gotten thoseho results tonight and they arehey eye opening for some parentsar in northeast.. we'll have a full live report r coming up next.ex >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm doing something i positive and i want boys to'm follow my footsteps.tste >> how two college students are changing the landscape of o charity with their lawn care service. sue. >> hey there laura.ra. that lawn care service isvi going to get quite a workout woo once we shut the rain off. o everything is growing likewing e crazy with all the rain and allr you can park those sunglassesuns for a little bit longer too. to. we've got showers out therewerse tonight.toni we'll show you where they areou and what you can expec wt for your thursday. fox5 news at 5:00 will bewi right back. t back.
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>> president obama getting ant o firsthand look at the flint t fi water his first visit to the city since its drinking watergat became contaminated with lead.wa he took a drink of the city's ct filtered water and theahe president says he normallyma doesn't engage in those typessep of stunts but he drank theut hat water to show that it isw it safely earlier the michiganhiga senate approved anotherno $128 million to address that tht >> tonight there are tight concerning new results in lead in the water testing at
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schools. schools. this afternoon data from theno late of the round of leadnd of l tests found what many parentsts are worried about, elevated eva lead levels. le it's a capitol hill montessorisi school. scho >> a special meeting set toal mo start in less than an hour at that school and tom fitzgeraldir joins us to break done whatone w this all means.ea fitz. >> reporter: yeah, well, if you're a parent here at this school there's not a lot ofre good to's find in the fact thatt you have learned out there areae elevated levels at your kid's ks school. sc now, this is the situation. they released the results tots us this afternoon. t here's what they found. elevated lead levels at the school were found in three locations.lo that was a janitor's sink and sk two outdoor water spigots. s keep in mind those are not not normally places that children cn would be drinking water but it is concerning all the sameam because it was inside a school. we talked to the residents in rn this they remember the lead scarer ts that went throughout this citytt about 10 years ago.ears ago they are concerned about thi
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and they say they want action,ct not excuses. exc does it make sense to you that we're still dealing with this? >> not at all. as many funds as come into the schools and everything thishi problem should have been haven resolved. reso >> it sholvuld have been takend care of if they knew the leadhe was here and this is an oldy building.buildi they should have been checkedn c this. >> reporter: fox5 spotted foxot several utility crews here atcrw the school but none would talk t to us today. tod lead tests were performed heree at the capitol hill montessoriir school a week ago today. t that was on april 27th. 2h. every water source in the building we're told was tested.sted those three nondrinking water sources had lead levels aboveade the epa standards. that's 15 parts per billion. so, follow this. the janitor's sync that had 140 parts per billion.. the two outdoor spigots, one had 34 and the other 44 parts p per billion. billi all three of those water sources at the school have nowav since been taken out of o
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but all of the drinking water w and that's important, the, t drinking water in this school appears to be below the epa epa threshold. now, this isn't just about this one school. schoo 17 water sources at 12 ac public schools tested positive v for elevated lead levels.evs. d.c. public schools are under for doing what some call a bad b job about keeping parents up pes to date about all of this. a parents' meeting is scheduled for 6 o'clock herer at the school and d.c. councilman david grasso says he's launching an aggressive age of the not only to test all ofnl the d.c. public schools but charter schools as well. w >> asking the city to do a full test of every school, every water source in the school to make sure that we cover every building where the kids are going to be trying togo learn.lear that's true with charter's t schools as well as traditionalrl schools. >> reporter: so, how so, h concerning is this for parents? one woman with herman son leaving the school todayl td said she's been so worried w about this she took her own h o son to their
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to have him checked out. luckily that child is fine.e. this metering does begin heredon at 6 o'clock tonight but this bt is not the end of it.t. the d.c. council has scheduled d a hearing on june 22nd to bring together all of theof t environmental and schoolronm officials in one they hope bs y that time they th have all of the data they need d to figure out if they havef ey h their arms around thiss problem.ob we are live tonight in northeast, tom fitzgerald,itzgal fox5 local news.s. >> thanks. boy is it ugly outsie i tell you what i'm tired ofred this >> i know. so is my hair.r. >> really. i mean, it's just anothert a gloomy day but we need thed t rain. we need the, you know,no moisture and it's very green,re, that's the >> yeah, that's true. all right, sue palka, i will wil stop talking about the hairheair test.test >> oh, no, i'm right there right with you, sarah. >> brutal. >> i haven't been outside in b days. [laughter] >> that's sad. s >> c
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>> i know. >> we don't have as much rain out there now but it certainlyv is very gray and damp feeling. most places reporting cloudynglo skies but there are a fewew showers around and, hey, weey can't even completelypl eliminate the possibility of apo rumble of thunder and youssder y certainly need your jacket ifac you head out temperatures in the 50's to near 60 degrees.0 ge let's show you where thingsheret are right now on radar becauseau most places again dry butut right down toward the heart theh wood area moving closer to interstate 95 we do have some i don't see any lightning withy these so just some light to moderate rain with those. t we'll put them in motion and moo they're just kind of moving mg generally to the east. east. so, they'll cross 95 here in 9 the next 30 minutes or so. and then up toward interstate it 81 hagerstown to winchester aes few more showers and there may indeed be something trying toino develop right here rightght re r around the leesburg area so ares we'll get in a little bit closer in on that and you can c see that north of thethf middleburg area. a not a lot of activity butity we're not going to rule it outut overnight because our frontt ou that has passed us by to bringob in the cooler temperatures is
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our south and that willt wil promote waves of energy ridingrd along that front and we'll see s that continue tonight.tinue nigh so it will be damp. d there could be more showers later tonight maybe even a eve a little bit of fog.ttle bit o you know, something we we expected to get shed out that hasn't got washed out isgo the pollen.the polle so many people saying to me today that they feel really uncomfortable, they'remf sneezingor more. in fact josh one of our producers tried to pretend hereh had been watching the notebook n but i think he's just allergic. the mold is so high right nowsoh and actually trees areal tre moderate to high so whileo w we've had some rain, mold really likes water and maybe may that is what your allergen isns right now. temperatures around the regiones on the cool side a. cool . cambridge only 54 degrees.4 deee east and northeast windsea w bringing in those coolerr temperatures.ur the damp conditions. c it's only 60 here in days.e i think that may havdays.64 forr a quick look at how things arehg going overnight.vern we'll keep a chance of anc
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shower in, not a ton of rainain and slowly falling into thelinge mid-50's by the time we get to o 11 o'clock.11 i'll let you know if we have he any dry spots and sunnier andun spots as we look towards theords weekend and of course thursdaydf and friday.d fr full forecast coming up a bitp b later. back to you.back t >> thanks, sue. thanks, coming up, a sesame street std scandal.cand >> a popular kid's show fires fs back at a company using bert and ernie selling kits thatellit aren't for kids. >> insensitive rapper 50-cent50 apologizing tonight for a video mocking a disabled dab worker. worker. >> paying tribute to prince,trio the song that will be playede on radio stations nationwideatnd at exactly 6:07 tonight and the reason why ahead. >> ♪
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>> trending tonight rapper rappe 50-cent is apologizing afterng r he shared a video of himself hse moki
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employee. in the video which has beench hs removed from instagram thetaam t rapper makes fun of the the 19-year-old and accuses thed an teen of being high.h. the worker didn't respond to red the taunting.auin 50-cent has said he personally apologized to the teen andnnd called the incident anent a unfortunate misunderstanding.nd. okay. sesame street is threatening to sue a company that used bert and earn fleefl in a campaign aimed at sexualai health awareness. >> okay. o this is the ad showing bertwier saying see ernie, you've got e nothing to worryrn about.bout everything is positive.ite the tag line then says, helpel us take std testing out of the e stone tmz reports the company did not get permission to use bert r ernie's likenesses.ikeness. they have now removed all bert t and ernie images from its web site and says there was no intent to tarnish the sesame street brand.street bra not a good use of -- of >> should have known.
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>> -- bert and ernie. >> odd. >> ♪ >> the opening line there fromi the hit song nothing comparesom you to has led to yet another tribute to the late musician,ia, several radio stations including kcmp in prince'snce' home state of minnesota will play prince's version of the song today at 5:07 central time. time. that marks seven hours and 13end days since his death on april 21st.21. and coming up tonight at 6:00 he will be joined by donny simpson.pson he'll be talking about theut the death of one of music's's biggest names.ames. >> a disabled boy's van is stolen. what's being done tonight toonho recover the vehicle.cove >> cancer break through? why w for the first time scientistscit are beginning to use the word tw cure when talking about new treatment.ea >> plus, a bio tech firm in in maryland is developing a zika
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vaccine.e >> and cuban catwalk.nd cuban ck chanel hosting. their firstir fr ever fashion show in cuba.uba. >> and a 10-year-old boy hacks instagram and gets a $10,000 reward.ward find out who it was from straight ahead.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at5 5:00.00 >> a young d.c. boy's life wasas transformed after getting into an accident just a few daysew d after receiving his first car.a. >> 12 years later he lives hisve life in a wheelchair andai depends on a handicappeddica accessible van to get around. well, yesterday that van was vaw stolen from right in front of of his home. fox5's ronica cleary is here ier with that story.wi tha ronica, what -- i mean, what mea are people thinking? think >> such a sad story andd ry hopefully we can bring some awareness and if somebody seesob it they can help this familyhe find the van that they need so s very much. muc rafael scott is 29 ye
5:32 pm
and he has a contagious smile.mi he lives with his loving hisovin mother who is passionate aboute helping him live a fulfilledulfi life. yesterday the family's van wasmv stolen and they came to fox5 for help. never, never quit.uit. a sign that hangs in rafaell scott's bedroom along withh posters of his favorite >> he never lost his dream of working with cars or being around cars.ars. his favorite car is a mustang. a >> reporter: that's gailhas scott rafael's rafael was injured in a car accident 12 years ago while visiting lincoln technical thn institute on friends andriends family day.faly d he suffered a traumatic brainic injury and is now a parapreachap psychiatric anparaplegicand thed accessible van was stolen. stole >> it was parked. it 15 minutes come back in the com hose
5:33 pm
yawl 'cause i needed help.caus >> reporter: so, rafael howr: did you sfeel when you found out someone took your van again?ai >> i was sad. >> reporter: you were sad? s >> yeah. >> reporter: and tell mete about why you want to go to lincoln tech. >> well, i love cars.e cars. >> reporter: you love cars.ars. >> every part. p >> reporter: gail explainedr: she has been working to try toor find a way for rafael to fulfill his dream and go to lincoln tech.h. but without their van, it will l be impossible. impsi >> he can ride the bus but he bh can't get to lincoln tech. t i want him to get to lincoln tech. i want him to fulfill hisulfi h dream. >> reporter: well, the scott sco are waiting to hear back from the insurance adjuster and they also filed a policepolice report. the car is a 1998 dodge caravan and gail described it g as a bluish purple van. v frankford any information,iorma, please contact the metro m police department.t. back to you. y >> all right, ronica, thank you.
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fox5 cares is our stationta campaigned to highlight theht t work of charitablehatabl organizations and nonprofitsons here in our community and asnd you know fox5 partners withs wit the leukemia and lymphoma lym society on events throughouts tg the year.thar. well, this morning lls gathered some of the top some e cancer researchers to discussis cutting edge treatments.reatnt the top five take aways from fro today's annual researcheah breakfast.kfast. number one, cancer research ise focused on targeted therapyd thr and immunotherapy whichch provide better results andts fewer side effects. number two, there are severalev new drugs recently released to treat mood cancer blood cancers be used on other types of typ cancers. number three, there are neweeer leads in the beat aml number 4lls has invested inv $67 million that was last yearyr alone to fund this kind off research and number five, a f cure is in sight. that's what they said today
5:35 pm
and i spoke about that with w dr. carl june.carl june. he's one of the leadingdi researchers on immunotherapy.. >> our patients now are nre returning to normal lives. l >> reporter: we know thathat the immune system is able to abl cure infections and now we'reow' directing the immune system tosm cancers and the data is that what we have is that the patients who are respondingho a they're very durable. we now know for the first targeted immune therapies that t lasted out because they out started about a decade ago, ago many of those patients are patit fine and with no evidence ofnce cancer more than a decade later.te >> it's pretty incredible.dibl dr. june says chemo can't can differentiate between healthy ha and cancerous tissues so iterou can cause devastating symptoms m when trying to treat cancer. immunotherapy uses your ownerap immune system to do that sameth work and as a result there areee often little to no side sid effects and the results as youty heard from him are long
5:36 pm
lasting. dan brown, meantime, was m diagnosed with cml, that is a rare form of blood cancer.loodae he got into al targeted targe therapy trial 16 years ago andro he's been in remission every since. he's living proof of theoo progress and he was there this t morning and i spoke with him. hm >> if you describe it tof people, it sounds likeyo scienci fiction. i mean, it's that t incredible and yet it's happening now.. >> five partners with lls for their annual light the night campaign. you've heard us talking abouts a that. sarah and i have been very bee involved in that and we want we you to be a part of in the fall but there are many other ways to get involvedget throughout the year and we'llndw link you to the lls web siteit so you can learn more aboutore what they do throughout the year. that will be on our web site.oui >> amazing what they can dot cn with that money and how manyow n strides we're making when it're comes to medicine.s to medicin >> it is such an exciting timeg right now. n >> all right.>> a also an exciting time as a a vaccine research company in coma maryland is developing a vci
5:37 pm
baltimore based ferris fer biological hopes to begin begin clinical trials this t it would take two to three to re years of trials before t researchers know if a vaccines is successful against zika. the mosquito borne virus is i already an epidemic in partsar of south america and the cdcrice is concerned cases in the u.s... will spike this summer. s zika does not usually cause serious illness but is linkeds l to serious birth defects. >> that's another issue we heans have to get under control.ontrol >> we have to get the caps the c under control.undecont >> yeah. we had similar colleaguess trying have a little fun withttt it try to buck the tide.k the t. we have to give you hav perspective.perspect tonight is game four, pens andsd caps. i want you to take a look at lot this because we have -- givese w you an idea of really whatllha they're up against here.gainster the lower seed in a series upa s two to one which would be the penguins generally win game gam four. four that's a 58 percentpercen possibility.po when they're up three to onereee it's a 90 percent in those cases the odds are o
5:38 pm
caps one in seven versus the pens in the playoffs. last time they won a secondey wc round 1998 but today ouroday o friends at good day d.c. took matters into their own handsds trying to break whatever curse the caps have with theca hav penguins. take a look. >> toil and trouble, may the mae caps break the chains of their recent and with these wordshesew that we mumble and hope for a victory will surely crumble.le >> go caps. >> they're drinking out of that cauldron actually.ctua >> yes. now here's the other question.ue is tucker a witch or a war or ar lock with that hat? >> maybe both.aybeoth. [laughter] >> it doesn't matter as longn't as they broke the curse.he c >> the mysteries of tucker barnes.rnes when i was coming in today he cd said oh you got to see what wet did. >> oh, okay.>> oka >> very impressive
5:39 pm
>> and the whole world saw. >> they broke the curse.ur >> that's true, that's give them if seats. sea by the way while you were ater work today the nationals nations raking in a series finalee against the royals. royal bryce harper bloke out a bloop o rbi single. sgl in the fifth bryce makesryce excellent contact and does what bryce does best launching a solo homer. the nats crush the royals. roy now they're five on a one on a a road trip which begins tomorrow night against the red hot chicago cubs.o c one of the burgundy and gold's ' very own giving back to the community. communit ryan kerrigan unveiling hisin thirdg annual kerrigan cornerac at the hsc pediatric center in e the program provides patients pe and families access tos t technology for relaxation communication and therapyicat which is huge for kids and forf families during hospital stays. kerrigan's corner stocked withcd laptops tablets video game
5:40 pm
>> it's really neat.ll. especially to see the girls oflf the foundation for the pastr tht through years and the number of kerrigan corners we've beenno able to open throughout theophru area. these are always really fun days and really rewarding toarng see the kind of impact we'reactr able to have on the community.n. >> great.>> >> he's very involved.s ry >> i love that man. love at m >> he does -- he's awesome.s aws >> he does it with the christmas parties with the kids.ds >> make a wish, too. >> he's a giver.e's iver >> he's a giver.s a >> all right, thanks.ll >> coming up, end r of happy hour? where most americans ame say they'd rather drink after rt work. >> and why instagram paid a 10-year-old $10,000 after hed 00 found a flaw in their social media app. >> and a lawn service called raising men is changing thengg t landscape of charity.ha how the company is doing moreoim for the community than just cutting lawns. hey caitlin. caitl >> lawns have been growingha over time thanks to all theth rain we've had and that wilanlil continue.
5:41 pm
pattern for the next couple ofef days plus will the weekend beeee any brighter? i'll have thel he weekend at your seven-dayse forecast when fox5 news at 5:00 returns.urns >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ chanel brought a taste of its designs to cuba. cub chanel shut down one of theone f main boulevard to host a show.ho carl lager if he would debuted his 2017 resort collection which he says was inspired by the cultural richness of cuba.ub celebrities were in attendance. >> prince harry has arrived inrr the united states touchinged s down in florida thisfla th afternoon. aftern didn't you feel the earth e slake when he
5:45 pm
the prince is preparing forpang the invictus games being held in orlando this year.ear. prince harry -- darn it. we scheduled our trip to florida at the wrong it features competitors whoho are wounded veterans from fro countries around the world.eorl. before the games start harryrt will be playing polo for ae plaf children's charity.ri he joked he may have to bringe a a crowd on the trip because bec american kids might notghtot actually believe he's really ary prince especially during ag a stop at disney world.or >> he's not really dressed upy e like a prince.rinc >> no, he's not. >> not what you would expecthat like a >> i love following hiskee foini adventures because he does as lot of good in this world butord he's also known to have a good a time. >> yes, he is. >> we'll see what he gets upee e to.. yeah. yeah >> maybe there's sun on there's way perhaps. >> yes, i do think we have todot wait a couple of days butays there is sun in the way and in i the forecast.the i know it's been such a gloomy g couple of weeks and we stilld tl have to get through tomorrowom and friday but then for thefo weekend at least the weekendhe looks so much better than lasthe weekend so w
5:46 pm
that. it is an important weekend,orta, right, laura. >> yes, ma',. >> best of the year. b we got to deliver something nice and we will probably haveb a much nicer picture than whatha you're seeing outside rightde r now. plenty of clouds and fog as we are socked in with the cooled i dreary weather yet again andinnd not seeing too much rain heren h in washington but it'sn bu it' definitely been very cool.ry coo storm track radar shows thesehos showers over the past few pt hours have really nod noty nono moved so much. muc for the past three days we've watched showers and stormsto fire up but not the case foror today. to and in fact some of these t areas just seeing the same t sae pockets of some heavierer showers over them at the same tm time. let's see if we can zoom in oncn any of these areas and shownd s them for you.ou. down there around heart woodheao in northern virginia you guysvin seeing heavier showers right there. these are not even are ne thunderstorms. we're not really even flaggingng any lightning on them but up b towards western maryland aswesta you head towards hagerstownagert also seeing some showerssome sws around martinsburg there, toore, so that's the area of
5:47 pm
this evening. e we've got a whole batch of bat f rain though back towards our west in pretty potent low poteno pressure system. we've gotten cooler over the past two afternoons and todayer really chilly.realhilly. you needed a jacket.needed 60 degrees in washington. wasngo 55 in baltimore. bti 55 gaithersburg.sburg. and 54 out in martinsburg.artibu it's a cool day all across thehe northeast.rtheast. 46, that's it for boston, 50 bo5 new york, 54 pittsburgh and 52nd out in columbus. so, notch fox futurecast showsas watch all these showers stay in the same exact spot forsp tonight. that system not really pushingus it into washington.asng we'll just have the clouds andoa fog throughout tomorrow morning. most of the day thursday, drizzle, some mist but a lot of that falling rain out towards our west.rds our w we're really making up for thehe rainfall deficit in april.pril friday the storm is over usver and you can see these waves of heavier rain spinning over us
5:48 pm
especially friday m. so, that drive in could be ad b little challenging and any a outdoor plans on friday are inre jeopardy especially in thesp first half of the day asec the t rain by friday evening, happy hour h start to the weekend stillto t some drizzle. it's not great but it looks like most of that b heavy rain i has pressed out. so here's hawhat we're dealing with next couple of days.f day low pressure slowly arriving. an we just have one storm systemor after another.after a drizzle and showers noforers or tomorrow. steadier rain as that lowha pressure system moves over usyse and that will be on fridayn fria mostly in the early hours.ours once we get to the weekend w finally starting to at least atl see some sunshine. s with that storm moving out, can't rule out a shower on on saturday but at 72 degrees it2 will be mostly i think a very nice day. nice day mother's day itself sundays da looks absolutelyy beautiful,utf mild at 75 degrees. 75 de low temperatures overnightmper mainly in the 50' we're notly going to fall tooo f far from where we are right now with a couple showers. showe high temperatures tomorrow apera lot like today.lo this is a cool rainy day, d 60 degrees is it for the high temperature.te seven-day forecast showersforece likely through friday and then we reall
5:49 pm
over the weekend, begin therekei drying out process, for ann isolated shower.ho next week looking much better mt into the 70's. 7 then finally into the 80's as a we get a warm up.p. 80 degrees on tuesday, 82 onsda2 wednesday. that's a look at your a seven-day forecast. ln-day fo now let's head bacrekca to laura and sarah. an >> just got to get through the showers. >> few more days.ew m >> let's head over to tony ande shawn for a look at what's coming up next on fox5 localox5 news at 6:00.:0 we need sun.d >> and we need sunshine and ween need it stat. >> yes, i'm with you shawn. swn >> we're going to change thehae mood up a little bit new details as you guys have already talked about arekedbout coming in about the death of legendary musician prince. p also d.c. radio he legend lg donny simpson will join uss live for the nationwidenwid tribute for the man known as his royal badness or of courseoe the purple we'll have that special s tribute song.eong. >> more trouble for johnsonblfo and johnson.ns the company already
5:50 pm
two huge lawsuits over claimslam its baby powder led to cancerr in two women. wait until you hear how manyw m other people are now suingowui that company. comny >> and then if you've everu' e come out of anesthesia afterehei surgery, you know you're'r pretty groggy when you firstrogg wake up but wait until you seeis what it did to this teenager. te his parents say it changed his h entire we'll show it to you coming upop tonight at 6:00. >> very curious. [laughter]
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
>> ♪ >> happy hour as you know itt is changing and more and more m americans are trading a barding stool for their couch. more comfortable, right. >> apparently. according to a new survey 61 percent of people aged 34 ofe and up say they would ratherwou enjoy a glass of wine at home ao than at a restaurant or a
5:54 pm
winery. wine it is more -- it is cheapert isr being at home that's for sure.e. >> yeah. y >> many millennials agree with h 47 percent say they preferhe happy hours at home.ppy part of the shift is becauses b more consumers are looking toooo save money and tone want towa t pay premium prices at a bars atr and it makes sense 'cause they e do mark it up for sure. sur >> yes, they do. do. >> a flaw in your instagraminstm app has been fixed thanks to a 10-year-old from finland. fla >> very smart instagram paid the boy $10,000o$ because he found a serious bug s in the app's comments feature. f the boy found that he couldt heu delete other people's comments p byeo putting malicious code in the comment field.the instagram which is owned by oed facebook couldn't officials the boy is the youngest personhy ever to get paid through its bug bounty the 10-year-old told a finish f newspaper he wants to work in cyber security when he growsero um. um this is a good start.ood sta >> i don't think he needs to't t wait until he grows up.ows u i think they can hire him >> i think so. >> meanwhile a group of men in alabama are
5:55 pm
one lawn at a >> rodney smith noticed anith n elderly man struggling to cut his lawn last year and got ant d idea. id the college student started raising men lawn care service.. in his spare time he cuts he c lawns for the elderly disabledtl or single mothers in need.eed. soon after starting the service smith got more help. hel he has a team of more than 20 t young men who also volunteer and cut lawns. >> wow. >> that's so great. >> it is. >> the equipment and othert' ano materials needed to keep thene t effort going are paid for byy donations to raising men's goo fund me page. p so go there if you want toou help out. >> amazing.>> amazi >> yeah. >> absolutely amazing.utel i love what difference iterei makes for the community and it i spreads kindness and peoplekind get inspired by seeing whated they're doing. >> starts with one b person. p >> starts with one person,s exactly.actl >> thank you for joining us. us. fox5 local news a at 6:00 startt right after the break. bak >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00 shockinging video of a daring rescue afterea a hummer went up in good evening, i'm tony >> and i'm shawn yancy. sha you can see the images behind bn me. it happened outside a popular restaurant in tysons corner c during the lunch rush.lunch r this was the soon outside the silver diner tysons corner. cne that hummer actually slammed into the restaurant and senttau three people including the iludg driver to the hospital. fox5's matt ackland is live is v on the scene tonight.on matt, let me ca ask you, how is everyone doing. doing. >> reporter: hi shawn.awn. we're hearing everyone isry doing three people were taken to the hospital, one person treatedpere her but everyone should bee shlb okay. as you were saying reallye ng ra amazing video.g vid at this point we don't have'tave much information on thisorman th driver but witnesses say henessy pulled up in that humvee, heee,h hit this building behind me. m he backed up and then he hit
6:00 pm
the big story here tonight,onht though, is all of the people that were around, there wereherw people inside, there were therew people outside, they saw this ti humvee, it started on fire butut still they ran toward it, they e pulled people away including idi the driver. take a look for yourself. >> call 911 now. >> reporter: in the secondsr: following the crash people rush in to i help.el we're told most of them were wer employees and customers.usme this mobile phone video showsho a person who we are told was was pinned by the humvee pulled away. >> and all of a sudden thisa su guy just rammed into the building. i said oh my god, this guy hasas just ran into the building. >> reporter: jannie watkinsanwat saw it all.sait a she says the focus then turnedhd to the he was combative tellingel people to leave him alone but they still got a knife to cutfeo his seat belt and free him. >> they cut the strap thent drug him out and he wasnd he tussling with them the whole thw time. >> reporter:


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