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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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10. enraged driver rams a drive virginia restaurant over and a over again. >> shocking.ckin i mean when i saw it almostlm ready to burst out in tears.n t >> police say three people weree hurt and this was no accident. n what the people who knew thene e driver are saying about this aut lunch time chaos.h timehaos and shocking allegations atg a local pre-school after motherr discovered bruises on her child. tonight, parents say the schoolo drop the ball.. >> president obama in flint today to get a handle on their water crisis.risi but parents of students in d.c. schools say he should be sayou checking the lead levels rightst here in this city. late breaking details on what'sa in the water. wat. ♪ but tonight we begin with thehe fiery crash that accept dinerse at a tysons corner restaurant rr diving for cover.di the pictures are extraordinary.. >> thanks for joining us i'mfor tony perkins.. >> i'm shawn yancy. shawn yancy. three people were hurt after alu man repeatedly rammed his suv s into the entrance to the
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one person was pinned in theinnn wreckage for a time before otheo customers cut him loose. l marina marraco is live on the ot scene. witnesses say this was nos sais accident.nt >> reporter: they say it was intentional because he keptbecak backing up and them rammingm ram again and repeatedly.front doort a total of three times beforeesb witnesses were able to pull himl out from the car. tonight police though notug releasing his identity or sayiny if he's facing any criminalmina charges but you can see here ate silver diner that cleanup c continues as they try and open o back up for business. in just seconds employees at th tysons corner silver diner d rushed to try and stop the the driver of this hummer. hum >> all of a sudden this guy jusj rammed into the building.ed i oh, my god, this guy just rammes into the building. >> reporter: on three attempts the driver tried ramming througr the front door. door jane me watkins shot it all ontl her cell phone including aa customer receiving cpr
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being pinned between the car anh the building.e din >> so i started doing compressions and he coughed and said oh, from me doing the the compressions on him, and then ii could hear his daughter say ok okay, he's responsive now.ive >> reporter: silver dinerer confirms the man allegedly behind this terrifying ordeal ia a cook here and had been out on be receive many leave for nearlv a month. >> he was fighting. it leave him alone >> workers brought out a knifeha and cut his seat belt looseoose before dragging him out of thehe burning car.. the diner's co-founder everyunr founder was sitting at theirir bethesda location when he h received the call. >> shocking. i saw my manager up here tryingy to get the person out of the car who did the damage.did the >> after today's incident a manm allegedly behind the wheel has officially been fired. f >> we have never had an incidend like this and we hope it will i never happen again, and i don'ti think we can have done anythingh to avoid it. >> repor
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cleanup continues here at silvel diner. three of the four people injurer including the the driver were transported to area hospitals.oa their injuries tonight non-lifee threatening and silver diner war hoping to open back up forp mother's day but they're sayingn monday or tuesday of next weekew is probably more realistic. live tonight in tysons corner,ne marina marraco, fox5 local news. also, in fairfax county, two t pre-school workers under arrests tonight after a mott discoveredd bruises on her four-year-oldon daughter. the child was in theirare tonon night police are concerned thert could be more victims. fox 255's tisha luce joins use s with the story. sto as parent i know how unsettlingl it is to hear your child was hurt while none else's care. c >> no one wants to hear of af child hurt or bruised especialss until place like a school whereh you trust the people in chargenc will take good care of them butt that's exactly what happened. h. now here's the timeline. tim the abuse reportedly happened od thursday of last week
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that night the victim's mothers took her daughter to the hospital and called police who immediately issued a warrant. one pre-school employee turned herself in yesterday.elf este the other turned herself in her today. now, this is a situation thatt began last week yet parents werr apparently never notified.otif >> i'll look night.lookht report drought they tell you guys or stepped a note home orse anything? >> no.>>o >> it's disheartening. you know, that you bring your kids here thinking that they'ret going to be look after, you a know, while you're at work, and, to see that, that's disheartening. >> reporter: what about thete fact that we're telling your:wer about this instead of thestea establishment? >> that's a little disheartenine as well. w had no idea.hano >> reporter: if we didn't tellnt dan and other parents about thee disturbing news, they stillll wouldn't know. k claxton has two grandsons whonsw attend james allen mcneal mcn pre-school academy where sherees and lisa are a cued
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four-year-old girl.l >> what happens now? >> got to be more careful.. got to be more careful, that's,a all. >> reporter: will they be backhb here tomorrow?heom >> oh yeah. they'll be this is a great s not going to let two individuals ruin it for the rest of the guyg in there. >> reporter: even so, police p say digs and campbell like alika abused the child here early on thursday.ursday. detectives were called thatives night. >> on april 21 at approximately 11:51 p.m., we responded to the springfield health hospital forf a report of an alleged childhi abuse case. cas when we got there, the motherhe had reported seeing bruises on her daughter's arms.rm >> reporter: digs was aepter: teacher at the pre-school and-sl campbell was a teacher's aid. both employees have reportedly r been fired. f ton night both women are chargea with misdemeanor assault andlt d battery.batter police conducted an extensive investigation and presentedan their findings to the magistrate who found there was enough
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the women police are concernedrn there more victims and urgingrg parents to take closer look at their children.hi tee is a lewis, fox5 local news. now to story that you saw yu first on fox5.5 police in arlington county are e investigating reports of af registered sex offender having v strange interactions withe tera children.childr fox5 has not identified the mane because he has not been chargedc with a recent crime. but residents who live in thein blue montgomery and bon airnd b neighborhoods of north arlingtol say they've seen him at children's soccer games and ges trails leading to public parks.r police say if you've had any a interaction with that person, po they want to hear from you. also tonight amtrak traink hit and killed a perp in p montgomery county. skyfox over the scene in rock rockville the victim was hitthet near nicholson later. ler the body found behind a target on boo avenue.vee. no word on -- there's no word or how the accident happened. happe and we're told no one on board b
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let's take it outside rightt now. we have been dealing withe be gloomy, gray weather for severar days now. the question is, are we going to get any relief any time soon? s sue palka joins us now with,h, sue, good news possiblely?el >> it depends on your definitioo of soon, shawn.. and ps can i borrow your barnacle scraper. >> ut-oh.>> u >> i think by the time we get tg the weekend we break out of it.f more rain to get through beforeu that happens.atappens maybe some significant rain fori parts of the area before theehe weekend gets here.ser tonight what we're dealing witha is the cool temperatures, there, drizzle and the mist. the m there are some showers of more substance down to our south andh west but i think shore term we r get the very light stuff overnight.rn not expecting any thunderstormsr that. haven't a few strong rumblesum towards charlottesville whatsviw we've been seeing just very very light rain and the morehe m significant rain down to theowno south and west and that's what'w going to happen tomorrow, too.r, i want to you see that big comma
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around chicago and then goes all the way down to that's a big area of low o pressure and let me tell you ift this was winter, we would be fretting that thing was going tg bring us some snow. that area of low pressure isresi going to bring us more rainme r though and it's going to start o diving towards the carolinas ans then come up the coast. c so with the front still stalleda to our south a nice path for ph that area of low pressure. presr bottom line a little bit more rain tomorrow, a drizzly day day tonight but the heaviest rain wn think will be overnight tomorrow and into friday morning and then perhaps we can start chasingrt c that storm up the coast and out of here. h be ready for another cool day.od it certainly in the mid 50s to t night. we probably won't be a able to t crack the 60-degree mark againak tomorrow in many areas. areas so keep the rain gear handy.rany keep the jacket handy. h but we definitely have warmere days on the seven day forecastec and an end in sight to thiso weather pattern.ather ern you'll have to hang in there foe at least two more days and maybe some more substantial rainantiai heading our way.ading way. tony, back to you. y all right, sue,
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very much.very much. and then there was one. today gop presidential hopefulih john kasich suspended his bid for the white house. >> i've always said that thet lord has a purpose for me as heh has for everyone, and as i i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill thell te purpose of my life.if >> with no opponents left donala trump is now the republican party's presumptive nominee.. >> democratic frontrunner front hillary clinton could be forcedf to testify under oath about herr use of private e-mail serversere when she was the secretary ofrea state. conservative legal advocacy group to force her testimony under the freedoms of information act and federalal judge approved it. a spokesperson would not comment on whether she would oppose that order.der. later in the show, we'llr
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about the presidential race.l rc we'll talk about your concerns and your confidence when ite whe comes to choosing our nextour commander in chief. sarah? >> reporter: and students havets lunch at school, why not dinner one high school is serving uperg dinner for free. f i'll tell you why and who telyoo they're trying to help.o he. shawn? >> also coming up tonight we're' learning new details about theut man accused of of highjacking ai metro bus and killing a pedestrian yesterday indestriany northeast. what he allegedly did rightal before that deadly aleccident it coming up next at 10:00.t 10:00.
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prince william county high l school turning into quite theng after school hang out. garfield high in woodbridg ie ie now providing dinner forner students. >> it's all part of a newrt of w program that started a fewattart months ago at the school. schoo sarah simmons is here with howih this all got started. sarah. >> tony and shawn the program itself sponsored by the usda any school where at least 50% of0% students qualify for free or reduced price lunches ises eligible for the supper programm and that's for schools s nationwide.tionde
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more than just a free meal for the students.tudnt >> thank you. tha >> in some ways the garfieldar high cafeteria is home away from home for students. sd instead of gathering around then dinner table, they gather heree for a free meal.. >> thank you. >> year >> many of our kids here don'ti have the opportunity to haveppor dinner at home.dinnerho >> it's something that they would know it's taken care ofako and they don't have to worry t w about it. >> reporter: since february feby garfield high school has beenig serving up full and wellnd w balanced meals starting at 4:000 p.m. monday through and activity buses take themake home at 4:30 or 5:20. 5 they qualified for the usda program because more than 50% of the students are on free or reduced price meals. but here no one is turned away.. any student who stays for anor after school activity is welcomed.welcomed. >> so they're here for after a school help, tutorial help for various clubs, for
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sports, so they're already herer >> reporter: dinner program prom has actually turned garfield gar into a sort of after school hang out. the principal came up with the champions a special area for seniorenio students to hang out. students also supply the artworo hanging on the walls.alls >> we serving up to 200 every night dinners and as you saw s inside, students are relaxed.. it's more of also a social get c to know each other again and iia think that's what also mattersrs because they're developingevel relationships as well. >> reporter: it's a good thingdt there. ther and there's no division of lowfl income and high income studentse they are all welcomed if againfn they're in after schooler s activities.tivities garfield high is the first fst school in prince william countyt to do this, and it makes senseas tony and shawn, too, for the students whether they are qualifying for free or reduceded price lunches or not because aae lot of them eat so early like aa 10am or 10:30 a.m. -- a.
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>> for their lunch.>>ir by the time school is outs o they're hungry already. alr so it helps in that regard, toor >> i know it costs money.oney but i suspect this is somethingg we'll segro across the countryou in the years to come. com >> yeah, i mean it's been goingg on for couple of years, andears, prince william county the first school there to do it buto do it they're expecting there could be more in the >> certainly a need.>> c >> um-hmm.>> >> thank you sarah. >> sure.>> sur high school in montgomeryoog county held an event tonight tot promote awareness of sexualexua assaults on college campuses.amu students and residents gatheredt at walt whitman high school in i bethesda to share their own the personal stories and to takend k part in a group discussion.cuss the documentary the hunting h ground which details how colleges are handling the handle increasing number of sexualumr l assaults taking place onn campuses was also shown.wn >> it's important for them tor t understand that they can be in n danger especially when they'rere under the influence.nfluce danger of being attackedked sexually or harrah'sed sexuallyx and so for them to exercise caution when they're enteringy'r relationships and try to make
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>> the women's a cappella groupp performed the song till itil happens to you that's the ladyhd gaga song about sexual abuse abu that was festival of families 98ed for an oscar this past ye year. tonight another name hast aa been added to memorial nonon honoring police officers in pol prince george's county. detective colson's name was putw on memorial plaque in upperer colson was shot and killed byil friendly fire outside ofe o district three station in aprilr special ceremony was held at the county administration buildingui in his honor.. meanwhile montgomery countymeryu officer noah leotta inscriptionn was unat the law enforcementnfoe officers memorial inial gaithersburg.gait a suspected drunk driver hit him during a dui checkpoint.ckpoin his death inspired noah's law. it requires interlock devicesk d for anyone convicted of drunk du driving in maryland.ivan >> the man accused of of of highjacking a metro bus anding r killing a pedestrian ing a dest northeast being held withoutd w bond. bond keith long
10:19 pm
appearance in court today. investigators say he smoked k2kk and pcp moments before hittingng and killing anthony pain.n. court affidavit filed in the in case says loving admitted todmie using drugs.drugs. the same affidavit said youaid brought the bus to stop at a gaa station before hit and andit and killing pain.kiing >> he continued to run his man m over forward and backwards six times. i saw him go forward and thenn backwards like over the top of p his body. bod it was like scary. scary like if we would have went inavn front of that bus he was going i to get anybody who went in fronr of that bus. tbus >> today we also learned lovingv was in the driver's seat recente fused to get off the metro bus for 10 minutes before policeeol pepper sprayed him loving nowov faces second degree murdersend d charges.arge coming up rapper 50-cent apologizes after he mocked an a airport employee who is living l with autism.. >> but first concerns tonightont over dangerous amounts of lead o in dc public school water. is it still boiling over tonig tonight? of course it is. cou we'll tell was happened whenpenw parents and city officials met m to discuss the problem.
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worrisome new resultswo tonight regarding led water cita at tedr schools. data from the latest round of tests found elevated lead levell at capitol hill montgomery sorey school.ol officials say lead was found ata three different water locationsr there. two of the locations were wer outdoors.ouoors. one was a janitor's sing. all three water sources have been taken out of service andce the drinking water appears to be safe. safe water sources at 12dc public schools have tested positive for elevated lead levels. >> as many people that come inti the school this problem shouldrs have been resolved.have bn reso. >> it should have have beenould taken care of they knew the leae was here and this is a whole who building. they should have been checkhe >> we're moving forward now andv asking the cityin to do full tet of every school, every waterer source in the school to makeol m sure that we cover everyov every building where the kids arehered
10:24 pm
that's true at charter schoolses as well as tra traditionalradion schools. >> officials plan to retest all dc schools before summer campp begins next month. just hours after those disturbing led results were resw released, d.c. parents took parp in a town hall to voice theircee concerns. the discussion between residents and city officials was hell att capitol hill montgomery sorey. s many parents are upset how d.c.. ps is handling the issue and a those parents are complainingm about a lack of communicationckc throughout the process. parents also gained clarity onct how school officials determine r whether a water source is contaminated. president obama visitedena flint, michigan today in fact i was his first visit to the cityt since the drinking water becamem contaminated with lead.h l the president met with met w residents. he even took a sip of the city's filtered water to show it is safe. safe. he call the crisis a manmade disaster and said clean water iw a basic responsibility of the
10:25 pm
government.vernnt. >> i will not rest and i'm goini to make sure the leaders the t every level of government don'td rest until every drop of water that flows to your homes is saf to drink and safe to cook with h and safe to bathe in. >> michigan state senatee approved spending another $128 million to address there water crisis in flint.nt meantime public school publh teachers in detroit will stay oa the job now that they've been reassured they will be fullyilll paid for the school year.chool more than a thousand teachersch called out sick monday andy tuesday after the district told them they may not get paid overd the summer. sum in an effort to bail out thelut school district michiganichi lawmakers came up with $500 million in emergencyon ieme as you know donald trump is the presumed republicansumed rel presidential nominee followingwg tuesday's primary in end inn. id we are asking you do you feelu e scared or confident with thentit choices that people are making n at the polls? p >> coming up tonight a democrata and a republican political polic strategist join us to break itrk all down and we'll also be b respon
10:26 pm
comments and your questions. qut hey, guys, we'll see them next coming up here at 10:00.
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♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 10. 10. we're back now with're tonight's top stories. sri we begin with the chaos after a hummer slammed in a tysonsed ins corner restaurant. >> marone in a marraco is lives with m marina. >> reporter: tony, that carhat came around the bend here at tht parking lot and then straightn h into the front door ramming intg it repeatedly. cell phone video shows a hummere on fire as witnesses caught thee driver loose and dragged him away until today he was cook atc the restaurant.tauran three others also injured. iur but expected to be okay. the diner hoping to reopen next week.ek. tisha? >> reporter: two pre-schoolch teachers arrested an cued ofd abuse after police say a 484 ol4 girl came home with bruises on n her arm. he the incident reportedly happened at the mcneal pre-school academe in alexandria.. sheree digs and lisa campbelll
10:30 pm
and have been fired.ired parents say they were neverer notified.noti as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, fah deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward. frd. >> with that ohio governor johnn kasich dropped out of the out oe presidential race.tial r he was the final republicanepuba candidate to challenge cll frontrunner donald trump. well the indiana primary pra results had a lot of peoplef ppl talking today.tag tod what does it mean for the partyr now that donald trump is the presumed candidate for the gop,p and should the bernie sanderse e camp throw in the towel toel t bolster hillary clinton? cnton >> gop strategist jack berkmank brendan daily are here to who tepp us break it all down. d >> thanks for being here tonig tonight. >> pleasure. >> jack, i'll start with you a lost job gop leadership has nott been quick to jump behind donal trump now that he's the presumee nominee. what do you think will happy ton the party license we seek folkf start to rally aun
10:31 pm
>> the rallying will come although i'm saying about the at gop existing in four years. in s this was pretty bad wrist. i think the gop i'll make all ma prediction you can play back thk tape i don't think there will be gop in 2020 because i thinkse ii there's too much of a break b between people in washington and people out in the field almostld like the capital and the hungere i think they'll be real change. trauma hmm rally the base. b the bigger issue is can hean h broaden the party. p. he's got to bring in african-americans and latinos lt and young female voters.s. laying out the strategy. >> i'm sorry -- sorry -- >> that's pretty big challengeta certainly his numbers with alleh of those groups are very very low, unfavorable are reallyy really hig one thing this year has been ife anything unpredictable.diable i think democrats on the onehe hand sort of look at the race re and think certainly hillary clinton should win but on theino other hand it's been suchen suc unpredictable year nobody is noi taking anything for granted.rand >> been unpredictable andctle surprising. i want to keep things real. r i season out a twit
10:32 pm
earlier this i asked, it looks like it will come down down to donald and hillary. do you think america is gettingi it 18% of the people respondingesnd said yes.. 82% said no. n and here's what we hear i'm surs you hear this on the street astt well. >> depends what you mean byn b getting it right.ig it reflects the will of thectth voters. in the republican case it i deflates the bill of the votersv on the democratic side they havv a less democratic process no pun intended because of the super delegates.detes it's still is not a for gone gon conclusion she'll be nominee but bernie sanders can credibly staa in the race because she's got to be 18 to 20% over there could bb a floor fight not ironically not in cleveland but inut philadelphia. we'll see that.we'lsee >> that's pretty unlikelyly certainly senator sanders talket about that and trying to get tht super delegates to switch. stc >> there was hash tag that wastw trending on twitter drop out hillary.hillary. at last check it had 348,000 3,0 tweets telling her to drop t
10:33 pm
bernie sanders hash tag drop out bernie trending but only 36,000, tweets to what do you think that's saying. >> bernie supporters are havepp very active on twitter andnd facebook and all social media m really. anything anything to mentionedgo about senator sanders goesde g through the i work at save the children wene tried to work with thewith the presidential candidates any timy we mention senator sanders ourde numbers go through the roof t r because his people are active. e good for them. for t a lot of young supporters andpor that's the way they communicate. they see a hash tag they'll alll jump on and send it it out. >> brendan is a minute misterutt what that reflects at a deeperee level it republicans have much m better base turn out with trumpp high numbers.bers. democrats don't.crats 't. the reason is that the base is s very unthese as tick about t bernie.bernie. my brother is a doctor, he'ss a 40-year-old doctor in seattleea he's crazy about bernie a a communist.un man i got to touch his coat. co. >> your brother is a communist.. >> proud communist.>> p i love him.i lo him he was so excited about t
10:34 pm
bernie sander's coat. coa like a young girl following roci band much it's true.'s tru >> your brother is not going to like this. this. >> despite all that as hillary r clinton pointed out today shed actually has several million mon more votes than senator sanderse and more than donald trump. tmp even though trump is bringing ig bigger numbers to the republican party bigger numbers forbe f democrats what she has to do ha and, it will take time, is at it end of the day assuming sheg becomes the nominee to try toort get some of those young bernieer sanders supporters to her side.s that's going to take some time and she's going to have to work at it no doubt about that. >> here's what i want to get tot both of these candidates, yes,ty appealing to the base, appealing to the base on the left all that kind of stuff but they both have extraordinarily high negatives, and one thing that you see whenw you start writing about this ons facebook or whatever, people who come out and say, i will never n vote for donald trump.rump. i will never vote for hillaryily out of 300 million people, how , is it that these are the two likely candidates running foror president?pr >> because you have two-partytw- system that's what two
10:35 pm
system does.em ds. your question goes back to whata i said originally it's gettingei increasingly difficult to pigeoi hole this giant 350 million m person transcontinental countryo into two parties.ti imagine france is smaller tanlln texas they have six parties. we have two.we h this is getting tough to do. to. >> we saw the tea party come c into play the last time aroundeo with the last election. ect do you think as a result of whaa we see right now we may see s third party candidate emerge strong. strong >> that's what jack is talkingwt about in terms of the gop being split. i think the danger for thehe republicans was if trump didn't' get the nomination and they hadd brokered convention and someoneo else got it he might have run aa third party. i don't think that will happen at this point.his point but it is -- it's true. t there are a lot of negativ negat both of these candidates.dite unfortunately i think you'll se negative campaign because eachau side going to want to try to drive those unfavorables higher. ordinary senator clinton hason h long track record and she canhen run on her positives. pos we don't know what's going to happ
10:36 pm
he change as lot and we don't dt know what he's going to do in the general.gene more presidential? what doesia? that mean.that mea >> he said he was going to be more president >> what does that mean.t >> we asked odour viewers to wei in and find out what they whe thought about this tonight andtd here's some of your responsesou tonight. >> darrell white wrote in.te i i'm way more concerned theed democrats most likely candidatea is under federal investigationes by the fbi. >> that's certainly a big one be that people have been talkingeeg about. shannon turner is very confideni america needs big change and i believe trump is the only one to finally stand up and fight forhr the importance of the people and make america great again. >> stacey bergman says i'm concerned and terrified onanterr what's to come if trump wins the presidency i don't think that hk can hold a conversation withouto insulting anyone.g yon he will get america into another war. it's frightening.ning brendan, let me ask you about ya hillary clinton statement there. because this is looming.. hanging over her head now we now hear they want to try to get her to testify under oath about thee e-mail scandals. could this, you know, 11th hour e
10:37 pm
she's indicted.s in if something like that happens,, then what happens to thens democrats.mocrat >> i don't think that's going tk happen. that's republican fantasy.can fy they all think -- think -- >> we have many. (laughter).te >> i think really not going tong happen. >> we're being given the wrap.rp real quick ax.uick a prediction for november.r >> hillary clinton. not taken for granted but igrant think she'll win. w >> hillary clinton about 75%.lit >> wow.>>. >> we appreciate it.ciate gentlemen, thanks so much for ta joining us.join it's always a pleasure of youurf on. on >> pleasure. >> i'm sure we'll see you again >> absolutely. still ahead one of john mccain'i son sounding off about an old ao navy ad that featured an interracial couple.rr the ad was criticized for f supporting mixed race families.e see how mccain is firing back aa the critics.ti that's next at 10:00. 10:00 ♪ ♪ what would you give up for more days off? a new survey says four aupnd 10 adults would takek cut in pay in return for moree vacation days. days and more than two-thirds sayrds paid time off is a critical factor
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job.job. meanwhile firm tracking private jobs reporting 156,000 of them getting added in april that is t fewer than expected. comes before this friday's monthly employment report frommt the government. another mall store getting hit i by online retailers this timee it's aero pass sal. the teen apparel chain is filing for bankruptcy and closing 154l1 stores to help save money feonef you're schedule link a jobob interview remember this.ber t timing is everything folks.. a new study says it's best to dt it between 9am and 11am that'ss because it gives bosses enough g time to repair and it's not too late in the work day when theyrk can get distracted or tired. good hint.good hin that's i'm david asman. asman.
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>> strong words tonight fromg r senator john mccain's son much n that's not him right there. h r he actually slam the people whoo criticized this recent old navyd ad featuring interracial coupleu >> a lot of people took to o social media lasf t week after e retail chain released this pho photo. jack mccain who's married toed t black woman quickly responded.po >> the navy pilot tweeted photoo of himself and his wife both in uniform at their 2013 wedding. i with a message that said, eat it. >> i was surprised at the sur negative response to the ad to begin with. >> i am too.>> i a this is america, people.eo i mean, you see people of all a different races, religions together.geth. what have we been called foral years the great american meltinl pot. po >> i've seen this in other add campaign.mpai >> people got mad at thegot maat cherrios ad a new year's ago.go. let's talk about rapper 50-cente he's apologizing after he sharea a video that shows him mockingng an airport employee that
10:43 pm
autism.auti >> in the video the rapper rpe accuses andrew ferrell of beingg high. the 19-year-old airport workerr didn't respond to the musician's taunts 50 crept says he hasas personally apologized to theo teenager and called the incident an unfortunate misunderstanding. >> i'll tell was to me it's at' lot bigger than an unfortunatene misfortune. >> as mother of a child on the autism spectrum i'm appal.pp stop judging books by theirheir covers. you saw this young man. m not only does he have autism hem also has anxiety disorder abouto dealing with people in theplin e public. you just don't know what you'rer doing. so don't just make assumptionsss and make fun of people. peopl it made me really really angrylg when i saw this and i couldn't help but pull a tony perkinsyer right now.righnow. (laughter).au >> i'm sorry. i'm >> don't call it pulling a tonyy perkins.perk >> i was angry at what 50-centnt did.d. shame on i hope if you're watching right now it wilatl make you think twi before you just label peopleeo before you bully people, before, you make fun of people. peopl learn
10:44 pm
>> good for you. >> we're all different. all >> well said. >> okay. i'm sorry. >> very tony perkins like.ns >> thank you coming up tonighton at 11:00 dramatic new detailsnei about the final days of prince.c >> find out who the legendary la singer was reaching out to one day before he died.. plus, donny simpson talks about tonight' nationwide tribute to t the purple one. o >> and we're heading back to bko that restaurant where this t chaotic scene played out today. a hummer slammed into the diner repeatedly sending self peoplefo to the hospital. the hpita what we've learned about theut e driver coming up tonight atup ta 11:00.:00.
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10:46 pm
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about.
10:47 pm
because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. the company johnson &e co johnson has been ordered to payn a woman millions of dollars after one of its oio popular products was linked to herked tr ovarian cancer.. >> caitlyn roth is here now with more on that on at s >> reporter: that's right tonyha and shawn. swn south dakota woman will receivee a settlement of $55 million froo pharmaceutical company johnson & johnson.hnso she says years of using thehe compani' talcum powder causederd
10:48 pm
now ruling comes as the companya is facing more than 1200 1 additional lawsuits.ti law accusing johnson johnson of not adequately warning consumers about potential cancer risksis from its talc based products.rou the company paid out $72 milliol in similar lawsuit back in february. attorneys claim the companym new about the risks of talc andd ignored them. >> johnson & johnson is known &i for over 30 years that talcum tl proud increases the risk ofkf ovarian cancer many our experts testified that about 10% of all ovarian cancer diagnoses andnd deaths each year related toed to talcum powder.talcum powder. this is the tip of the iceberg.g >> johnson & johnson does plan d to appeal the case saying otherr medical evidence shows theirowir products are blameless. bmeless and the american cancer societye weighs in that the risks of tall are focused on women who use it regularly. that would be the actual talcumu powder that they use regularly.
10:49 pm
research company in maryland isl developing a vaccine for the the zika virus.. baltimore based farrow biological hopes to begin clinical trials this fall itt would take two to three years os trials before they know if theo vaccine is successful against seek casm mosquito born virus ii an epidemic in parts of southf o america and cdc is concerned con cases in the u.s. will spikeill this summer. sum does it not usually causenousua dangerous illnesses.ness but is linked to serious birth b defects.defects. so i think a lot of people are e worried about zika as we gete into the warmer months. mosquitoes haven't come out yett but they're about to.ut t the good preliminary research is they're doing things with thisit clinical trial. tal very scary news about the talcum powder.powd everyone has used baby powder ae some point.nt. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> for years.>> >> inn clueing on baby, yes, an, so it is just linked to women aa this point. but very scary.ry sca >> it is. i >> thank you, caitlyn., ca. >> sure. >> appreciate it. i s
10:50 pm
giving us an update on the weather. there was -- i went out earlier and there were -- it was cold. it felt cold. c it was little >> i was walking down wisconsinn avenue with my umbrella up.lla i was the only one with anan >> your hair looks fabulous. >> got it under control but itu was such a fine mist. i felt foolish with the umbrella but tonight we have more of the same. >> okay. >> maybe few more showers thator are going to effect some of theh areas south and we have.. tomorrow also lighter rain. r but tomorrow night into friday,i that's when we're going to get the grand finale with maybe anbn inch of rain rolling into town.. so we'll take you through each of these time frames and, yes, brighter, drier news also in thn seven day forecast and a changea in the pattern coming your way y but for tonight it is going to t be that mist or drizzle, and, ad there have been a couple of of rumbles thunder down to ourder t south toward the charlottesville area.. nothing strong or we'll rohave more clouds, moreoe areas of drizzle and a few a showers on thursday.da bu
10:51 pm
likely to see the heaviest rain, overnight tomorrow into fridayy morning. and we think that could beould substantial and maybe evenbeve produce an inch or more of rainn into weekend, things will beging to dry out. to you'll see that coming up ineeto just a moment. here's what we have tonight.we h again just very light stuff. more substantial rain has been b just down to our south.outh around the harrison burg area pushing into locust dale.t d rumbles of thunder down there. e but around our region, it isn, i really just the light test off rain. here is the big player thoughr h this is a big upper level area a of low pressure and it's going to meander tomorrow it's goingwg to move to the south into theohe carolinas and then it's going tt come up the coast. when it does that's correct it'' going to be able to deposit thee most rain on us at that timehaim time frame thursday night into u friday.frid. here's future cast going forwarf overnight.ov can keep showers out of the swes forecast tonight.onht but the much better chance of seeing that shower activity isys south and west of d.c. even 8:00 in the morning we morw might have few light showers s around who are but the bulk ofuk that rain south and west
10:52 pm
so it spins and pips that's this area of low pressure up over u e ohio that's going to beng to be traveling down to the carolinas. bulk of the rain misses uss u tomorrow.moow. drizzle an few showers can't beb rule out. but then things really change ag we get into overnight and into t friday morning. here comes the it's c coming up the coast and it's pivoting in pretty heavy hy rain moderate rain maybe evenven toward the beaches rumble ofble thunder can't be rule out.ut so rough morning commute on o friday. iday not so rough tomorrow.w. still getting heavy rain at thee noon hour on friday as ours system is still coming up the ut coast. this would be a real goode a snowstorm if it was cold enougho and by 10:00 o'clock friday'clof night and into the afternoon,on it's just a scattering oftterin showers and that will be thel beginning of the end of this weather pattern and drier days coming.mi but i've got to tell you surfacr we'll be still be cool tomorrow. drizzle, have those showers thee best chance following the area a of low pressure to the southwese and then eventually as it comes up the coast for our areaa overnight and into fridayrida morning and into the early ely afternoon. soth
10:53 pm
much rain could we possibly getg out of this? heaviest down toto the south in the purple but weet can pick up on and top of what w we've already had an additionalo inch of rain by the time we gete to friday night.y night. so that's not flash floodinglo material but that does means m streams and creeks will be ate bank full.nk full. you think with all the rain that the pollen would be wash out wh today but i have to tell you tey that with all of the rain moldn is the problem now. it's quite high. hh. tree pollen has been in theeen t moderate range today. tod but we're definitely going toyot see temperatures and rain a keeping the pollen countdown bub not the monthly count. cnt 60 days.60 day we'll be right around 60 degreee tomorrow. we'll wrap it up with our fox5 x act cure weather seven day sev forecast. two more days near 60. heaviest rain friday.y and then can we break it down oo saturday? maybe a spotty shower as a front crosses us saturday a night into the first part of pat mother's day.ther mother' days looks really good.g here's a look at your day. 75 the high will be if we havefv any showers at all very lighty l early in the morning withorni wt temperature of 57 at 8:00. 66 at noon. n
10:54 pm
and next week, looking mightyy warm and toasty and we'll be ouo of this weather pattern by thene all right. that is your accu weather sevene day forecast.cast. jim, i'll bet you've got bige g news on ice tonight. tonht >> we have lot to talk about su sue. caps of course on the ice inse pittsburgh as we speak for crucial game four against ther t penguins trying even the series up at two games a peace headinga into game five at the verizon three minutes tom wilson sendsds it into the penn zone. beagle wins the race to thee puck. it's one to nothing caps.o nothc later in the first period,iod, trevor daily hooks? trevor? to daily got activated afterfter crystal tank was suspend his shot deflects off crosby tips it in. ts it it goes through the leg of holes bee. game tied at one all.. late second period caps down aaw goal justin williams on the o steal gets in front of john carlson.carl carlson gets it past murray.ra to even it at two and it looks o like they are going into overtime.
10:55 pm
it up. hold on two-one overtime.. sometimes that tv in your living room isn't enough for stanleytal cup play off. uncle ted, he's out of town, cac i use your house with a big a b screen? accept your uncle ted is ted lenis and his house at he the verizon center.r another watch party. pty brody logan is there and caughta up were i was couple of fans. >> two-one. how do you feel? what is theee temperature of the caps fans.of >> right now i feel like this ii our year.. and this is the time that wee have and, you know, we've lost l chances in the past. but i've been since '98 since we've been in the second rounden of the playoffs, and so this is amazing, and i think we're goinw to -- i think we're going to gog far.r >> i'm a long time d.c. residend and strong believer in thero diehard fan. long loss dc teams not doing toi well but this team is something special.ecial. clearly ---- >> clearly -- clearly something special.specia >> something speal
10:56 pm
>> each year doesn't affect thet next year. that's last year's mystery.ystey we have a today, that's all thaa matters. >> keep it wool keep you updated coming up at 11:00. >> be right back. ♪
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this is fox5 local news at
11:00 pm
right now at hedge, a hummeu slammed in a restaurant andnd burst into flames.s >> all of a sudden this guy jusj rammed into the building.nt >> police say this was no accident. tonight the rescues and what w we've learned about the driver. and two pre-school employees are at the center of a disturbing investigation.gati the charges they're facingacin tonight. ♪ and a nationwide radio tribute to prince as new details emerge about his final hours. your news starts right now. n right off the top tonight thatht chaotic scene at a northernorer virginia thank you for staying with usayh i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. hummer repeatedly slammed into the silver diner in tysonstyso corner and caught >> several witnesses risked their lives to pull people fromm the wreckage.eckage fox5's marina march rocco is live at the diner with more onhr what happened. marina.


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