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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 5, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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11. right now at hedge, a hummer slammed in a restaurant and burst into flames. >> all of a sudden this guy just rammed into the building. >> police say this was no accident. tonight the rescues and what we've learned about the driver. and two pre-school employees are at the center of a disturbing investigation. the charges they're facing tonight. ♪ and a nationwide radio tribute to prince as new details emerge about his final hours. your news starts right now. right off the top tonight that chaotic scene at a northern virginia restaurant. thank you for staying with us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. hummer repeatedly slammed into the silver diner in tysons corner and caught fire. >> several witnesses risked their lives to pull people from the wreckage. fox5's marina march
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live at the diner with more on what happened. marina. >> reporter: that's right. witnesses say that man kept ramming into the front door repeatedly and backing out. he did so three times before witnesses were able to pull him away from the car. now, tonight, employees still not identifying the man or saying whether he's facing any criminal charge but here at silver diner the cleanup continues as they try and open back up for business. >> in just seconds, employees at the tysons corner silver diner rush the to try and stop the driver of this hummer. >> all of a sudden this guy just rammed into the building. oh, my god this guy has just rammed into the building. >> reporter: on three attempts the driver tried ramming through the front door. jane me watkins shot the all on her cell phone including a customer receiving cpr after being pinned between the car and the building. >> so i started doing compressions ande
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said oh from me doing the compressions on him, and then i could hear his daughter say okay, he's responsive now. >> reporter: silver diner confirms the man allegedly behind this terrifying ordeal is a cook here and had been out on bereavement leave for nearly a month. >> he was fighting. he said get away from meme leave me alone. report roar workers brought out knife and cut his loose seat belt loose before dragging him out of the burning car. the co-founder was sitting at their bethesda location when he receive the call. >> shocking. i mean when i saw it, i'm almost ready to burst out in tears i saw my manager up here trying to get the person out of the car who did the damage. >> reporter: after today's incident man allegedly behind the wheel has officially been fired. >> we have never had an incident like this and we hope we'll never have it again and i don't think we can have done anything to avoid it. >> reporter: now, plea he have the four people injured here today were taken to area hospitals. tonight their injues
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non-life threatening. as for silver diner, they were hoping to open back up for mother's day but monday or tuesday looking more realistic. live tonight from tysons corner, marone in a marraco, fox5 local news. ♪ we're following breaking news right now out of woodbrid woodbridge. police are investigate a deadly shooting. it started on darby dale avenue. police received several reports of gunfire when they arrived they learned someone had taken the victim to nearby shopping center. that man was later pronounced dead at the hospital. at this point there have not been any arrests. we have crew headed to the scene. we will keep updated as we get more information. the man accused of highjacking a metro bus and killing a pedestrian in northeast is being held without bond tonight. keith loving made his first appearance in court today. investigators say he smoke k2 and pcp moments before hitting and killing anthony pain. a court affidavit filed in the case says loving admitted to using drugs. that same affidavit said he brought the bus to a stop at a gas station before hitting and
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>> he couldn't to do run this man over forward and backwards, sick times, i saw him going forward and then backwards like over the top much his body. it was like scary. like if we would have went in front of that bus, he was going to get anybody had wept in front of that bus. >> today we also learn that loving was in the driver's seat and refused to get off the metro bus for 10 minutes before police pepper sprayed him. loving faces second degree murder charges. fox5 in alexandria tonight two pre-school workers behind bars accuse accused accused of g four-year-old girl in their ca care. tisha lewis joins us with the latest. report roar here's the timeline. abuse apparently happened on thursday of last week. that night the victim's mother took her daughter to the hospital and called police who immediately issued a warrant one pre-school employee turn herself in yesterday. the other turned herself in today. all of this began last week and parents were apparently
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notified. >> i'll look into it. >> reporter: did they tell you guys or send a note home or anything. >> no. >> it's disheartening. you know, that you bring your kids here thinking that they're going to be look after, you know, while you're at work and to see that, you know, that's disheartening. >> reporter: what about the fact we're telling about this instead of the stab j. >> that's a little disheartening as well. had no idea. roar report if we didn't tell dan claxton and other parents about the disturbing news, they still wouldn't know. claxton has two grandsons who attend james allen mcneal pre-school academy where are the two are accuse of abusing four-year-old girl. >> what happens now? >> just got to be more careful. just got to be more careful, that's all. >> reporter: will they be back here tomorrow? >> oh, yeah. they'll be back. this is a great staff in there. not going to let two individualing ruin it for the rest of the
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>> reporter: even so, police say digs and campbell likely abused the child here early on thursday. detectives were called that night. >> on april 21st at approximately 11:51 p.m. we responded to the springfield health hospital for a report of an alleged child abuse case. when we got there, the mother had reported seeing bruises on her daughter's arms. >> reporter: additions was a teacher at the pre-school an campbell was a teacher i was. both employees reportedly have been fired. both women tonight are charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. police say they conducted an extensive investigation and presented their findings to the maistries joyce straight who found there was enough evidence to charge and arrest the women. now tonight police are concerned there could be more victims and are urging anyone with information to contact them. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> disturbing indy. tisha, thank you. today a jury found a man guilty in the murder of university of merry washington student. steven vander brill found guilty
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according to the jury determined he was sane when he killed his roommate last year in fredericksburg. the defense though claimed grace man was the intented victim in series of events spurred by a disturbed and dilusional mind. got something i want to show you rather extraordinary. as we turn to the president race now. remember when the republican candidate field look like this just a few months ago? 17 candidates. each thinking they had a shot. pardon me. at the oval office. well, how times have change. today, the last chal help injury through in the towel and only donald trump remains. that last challenger was ohio governor john kasich. his decision comes a day after texas senator ted cruz suddenly pull out of the race. following a poor showing in the indiana primary. >> and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith in that the lord will show t
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>> meantime trump is vowing to reunite the gop which has been splint the by the tough and some would say bizarre primary seas season. he's also considering possible running mates. i'll tell you the question i keep getting from everybody is how much longer is this pattern going to continue? toots cold, too drizzly. too cloudy. we miss the sunshine. two more days. that's the sum receive all the twos for you. clouds and showers continue. now, tomorrow will be drizzily. not a totally wet day clouds will hang around all day but it will be off and on drizzle and light showers. where we see the rain tonight is mainly south and west. we've had some drizzle around here and you can see it moves a little closer. but from front royal down to charlottesville there have been a little bit steadier rain even a rumble of thunder here and there and i think it will remain in that area tonight although we certainly will keep a shower in the forecast overnight. what is that big comma thing spinning from chicago all the way down to athens g
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is a big area of low pressure. we've got to get that thing out of the pipeline before we can change our weather pattern. that begins to happen by friday night into saturday. now, tomorrow morning, 47 to 53 at the bus stop. definitely a little bit foggy little bit drizzly cloudy and damp. after school there could be a few showers. 55 to 62 degrees. but we don't pick up on a lot of rain tomorrow. it's really overnight tomorrow and into friday noon hour where we may pick up an additional inch of rain before this is all done if your allergies are bothering you not the tree pollen so much as the mold from all the rain we've had. we're in the 50s now. expect a cool start for your thursday morning with more drizzle and fog on the way. i'll take you to the weekend hour by hour and warmer seven day coming up in a few minutes. shawn. >> she said two days. two days. >> thank you sue. major renovations to the turf on the national mall are almost complete perhaps you've seen this. the $40 million project includes reengineered soil and a state of the art irrigation system. over the next five weeks, mo
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than 500,000 square feet of sod will be placed along the mall from seventh to 14th street in northwest. fence log then continue to block access to the lawn area until early 2017 to allow time for that new sod to take root. it should be beautiful once it's all finished. >> once it's all finish. >> it will take a way. it's a lot of yard there. >> it is. >> reporter: still to come tonight is terrible set back for the family of a disable man. >> someone stole their handicapped accessible van park right in front of their home. why they say this is such a blow to their dreams. take look at this. big hit from tonight's capitals penguins play off game. boom? >> oh! holy cow. >> yup. we'll get fan reaction to this very physical series coming up. ♪ prince had a reputation for clean living, but it appears the legendary singer was hiding a medical crisis from his fans. what we' l
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final days and nationwide tribute that was on the radio waves earlier this evening. stay with us. fox5 news at 11 will be right back. ♪
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family of disabled man need your help tonight. their handicapped access sylvan was stolen from right in front of their dc home. raphael scott is 29 years old. 12 years ago he was injured in car accident while visiting lincoln technical institute in columbia maryland. he's now a paraplegic. his mother has been working to find way for him to go to lincoln together. that will ow be up possible especially without their van. >> he can ride the bus but he can't get to lincoln tech. i want him to get to lincoln tech. i want him to fulfill his dream. >> the scott do's not have a picture of the van but say eighths bluish purple 1998 dodge caravan again a blue issue purple 1998 dodge car have a van. if you have any information, please call police. we have dramatic new details about the investigation into the death of prince. the music icon was apparently seeking help from an addiction expert the day before he
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prominent doctor in california says prince's representatives reach out to him saying prince was dealing with a grave medical emergency. the doctors doctor says he couldn't make the trip but he zen his son in his place. it was the son who called 911 the next morning after he and two staffers found prince unresponsive in an elevator. these new revelations are raising questions about whether prince was receiving appropriate care for an alleged prescription painkiller addiction. the dea and the us attorney's office are now joining local officials in the death investigation. ♪ in the meantime radio stations nationwide paid tribute to prince this evening. they played the song nothing compares to you at 6:07 this evening. that marked seven hours and theen days since his death. those of course are the songs original opening
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earlier tonight we spoke with local radio icon donny simpson with magic 102.3 who took part in that tribute. >> when he first presented the idea to me and asked me did i want to be part of it, absolutely. without a doubt. we're playing the song now. i think it's a great way to honor him. ♪ >> the minneapolis station that organized the event followed the ballad with one of prince's fun tee eighty three tracks, my name is prince. ♪ it's certainly -- >> a lot of them, you know. >> the circumstances surrounding his death are certainly sad. >> yes. >> it's something we see time and time again. not just with famous people but with -- with, you know, non famous people as well. >> we've been talking about it a lot recently in the news. hiding the addiction. >> and getting addicted to the painkillers. >> prescription painkillers, yeah. that's a big problem. all right. sue,. >> it's sad we don't want to be addicted to the weather we have going on right now. we certainly would be happier with sunshine and warmer temperatures
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>> i think i need to do an intervention on this weather. >> please. (laughter). we'll take that. >> help! >> friday night i think we will be begin to seat end but we're going to have a loftran get through between now and then. i've had a lot of people telling me allergies are going crazy today. worse than usual. mold is getting really high. so all the rape contributing to that. and it's also keeping us cool, cloudy and drizzly tonight. i don't think we'll have a lot of rain tomorrow. it's going to be cloudy drizzly day with few showers i think the better chance of that substantial rain where we make up another inch or so is going to be overnight tomorrow into the first half of friday and then more showers friday afternoon. we've had the drizzle today. we still have our showers we're watching to the south and west. a couple of rumbles of thunder not out of the question here but locally i think we're just going to deal with drizzle or showers. same thing tomorrow morning and again not terribly wet day. this the big player as we've been talking about upper level low pressure system. kind of cut off and that's going to be migrating down to the south and when it starts coming up the coast it
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big rain on us. the inch or or so. i don't expect flash flooding fg that when that happens steams and creeks you need to be aware are to be getting full. future cast doing really great job of showing you what's going to happen. notice how d.c. and points north and east kind of stay in the clouds and the drizzle but the rain showers continue down to our south and west. that's the same thing tomorrow morning. charlottesville on south to roanoke get the more substantial rain. maybe even one to 3-inches down here a little bit of concern about that. 6:00 o'clock tomorrow night, d.c. still dry, drizzle again doesn't show up that well. but watch what happens as we go through the overnight. here comes our low pressure coming up the coast. and now it's able to throw back more rain. that will begin about three, four in the morning tomorrow. 6am commute looks like it could be featuring some batches of moderate to heavy rain. we see even more heavy rain friday toward the noon hour, and then after we get past about one to 2:00 o'clock, it scatters out just as some showers. even as late as friday night at 10:00 still dealing with showe
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will be earlier in the day and finally on saturday, some sun. our low pressure will continue to move away. we'll have some dry hours. i just have to say that very late saturday into first part of the sunday morning there could also be a brief shower with a front that comes on through but it's not going to be the same type of pattern we were in sunday afternoon certainly look beautiful. in a nutshell weekend 72 degrees saturday. 75 on sunday for mother's day that's an improve many. can't rule out a shower. there might be another one saturday night into sunday morning. with the front all things considered it will feel a whole lot better than it will most of this week. so tonight, 48 to about 51 degrees. with drizzle or showers. and on your seven day forecast, two more days near 60. this the worst of it then we brighten up considerably again can't rule out a shower over the weekend and look at that nice warmup next week. monday 76 degrees. tuesday 80. and wednesday 82 degrees. all right. that's your forecast. we got to get over to jim to get the latest on that caps pennsylvania matchup.
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>> busy night. first game of the caps ended in overtime. could history repeat itself as the caps try to even up the series and make this best of three. let's go to pittsburgh. early first period caps tom wilson lifting night the penn zone. jay gets there first and back hands past murray. one to nothing caps just like that. then in the second peer, it's all tied up at one. the penguins winter it in the face off. the center into the cap zone 39-year-old matt gets there first. beats the goalie. pennsylvania up two-one later in the second justin williams forces a turnover. he's out there. he waits and then he goes and finds john carlson who goes high pass murray. carlson's fourth of the pass season. they go to overtime. but then just 2:34 into overti overtime, the caps mike web kerr tries to clear it. penn scores the game winner caps lose three-two. here it goes. and this all it took. 2:34 left patrick horn reques
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in. that's it caps now trail the series three-one. game five saturday night at the verizon center. speakinspeaking of the verizon . brody logan is there for the watch party. i was hoping it was going to stay to overtime. you were talking to fans as they were scoring before. >> reporter: yeah, i was hoping we would time that out a little better like we did before the game actually in the first period. it was a game like atmosphere here at the verizon center only about a quarter of the way full. but it didn't sound that way. fans were cheering. fans were booing sidney cosby and then the span about two minutes and 342nd it went from elation to deflation. and overtime loss here at the verizon sent. i'm here with sad caps fan, i'm sorry, man. what are your emotions right n now? >> well, man, like, when john scored that goal in the second period i was really hyped even thought okay we'll get back in this. and we're going to tie it and get them going back forward once i saw that goal scored by horn request, i don't know how to
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and no u. it's some weird name. felt like my heart pressure dropped like a ton. and, upping, i just -- >> it's all right. the pressure and the entire building dropped. you can feel it here when that goal was scored. and jim, i believe caps fans everywhere are hoping a little bit of that three-one heartbreak the caps have felt will turn around on the penguins come saturday night. >> there you go. it will be exciting end to the series brody thank you very mu much. horn request the strange name. in the meantime the nats won 13-two against the kansas city today. >> wow! >> fantastic. >> dulling the pain a little b
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look at this incredible video out of alaska gone viral. keep watching the water. some people at a marina up close encounter with a -- holy cow. >> wow! >> wow! >> perfect timing. >> i was waiting for the incredibleness to show up. >> that's a hump bac
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how could it be right there? the fisherman who shot this video says the whale obviously i had not seen it before. look at that. he says the whale had been hanging around the marina for the last few days to feed on fish there. by the way hump back whales can grow up to 49 feet long and weigh as much as 35 tons. >> it makes me a little sad you don't want it to get stuck there. you want it to go back further out. >> we have no indication it got stuck. hopefully it's fine. >> that's amazing. >> i never seen anyone that close up. >> not at all. >> literally happens in the moby dick movie. >> that's a little bit different situation. >> great ending. >> more recent reference. thanks, jim. >> get off my line. get out of my water. (laughter). >> that does it for us tonight. >> always a pleasure to have you guys with us. >> that movie is coming out. (lau
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