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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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alert coming up. >> capitals on the brink ofals t elimination.el tough loss in pittsburgh late last night. we'll break it all down, we'll w take a look ahead.he next game will be at verizonizon center.ce >> got to be good, right.ig a live look outside on thisde os thursday morning.uray mor it's may fifth, cinco de weather and traffic coming upinu on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good thursday everybody, i'mryby allison seymour. seymo >> and i'm steve cy. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi hope your morning is off to a.. >> start. let's get to an amber alert. a it's been nearly 12 hours hours since a three-year-old wasold ws last seen and he's thought toth be in extreme danger. dange >> melanie alnwick is live with the latest. the what's going on.wh >> reporter: good morning guys. wer: can tell you that this ists the home before zion williamsoni three years old was last seenlat and the spotsylvania countya cot sheriff's office says they sayst believe he's in extremereme danger.danger. part of that is because we are told that the boy's mother was assaulted before the child was abducted from the home.roe hom now, take a look
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picture. he is just three years old, barely three. he turned three back in april, april 19th.apl so, only been three for athree a couple of weeks here. h zion clinton amir williams, hese is 3 feet 5-inches tall weighss just 35 pounds and police sayics when he was taken from the t home, he was wearing only ay diaper that is blue and white with the logo from the cars c movie on it. again, he was believed to haved been abducted, that's thehe words in spotsylvania county cou sheriff's office likely abducted but they say theay suspect is 28-year-old joshuaa christopher williams, 5 feet 11-inches tall 160 pounds.he joshua williams was last ss eens wearing a navy blue and gray sweatshirt and blue jeans.lue jn now, the initial alert saidlert that the two were traveling together in a 2015 tan nissan n altima with virginia plates.a at then we found -- got an update overnight saying thathe
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the two -- the man and the child nowhere to be seen. see we did put in a request to spotsylvania county sheriff'ser office to find out where wre exactly that vehicle was foundad and at what time.t time. so far we have not received rei any information back from themch but again, this is a critical case, a serious amber alert here so they would like peopleey to take a look at these w pictures, share them, please, around the northern virginia region and please contact virginia state police or the spotsylvania county sheriff'ssh office if you have seen eithernt of these two. live in fredericksburg, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you very much.thac we're also following aolwing dramatic story out ofut o northwest d.c. this morning d.c where a man threateninghreani suicide climbed up to the bell tower of the national cathedral. police say the man went up the scaffolding that's on thethat'sh outside of the cathedral.atheal this happened just after midnight. he stayed up there for two andot a half hours before safely h coming down aroundou 2:45.:45. he's now at the
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goodwin midlantic schoolwin in dale city virginia willnia w open on time today. that's the word from schoolm sco officials after a man wass ter found shot there last night. nit that man later died at the hospital. the school says the victim says wasn't a student or a staffta member.memb police this morning are t stillhi searching for a suspecte or anyone related to this t thi case. it is the second homicide inicid two days in prince williamliam county. unty. >> also in prince williamo in county, the man accused ofe maau killing his wife and a rookiendo police officer due in court. ronald hamilton facing first degree and capitol murderapitolr charges. police say back in february heeh opened fire on officersics responding to a domesticc disturbance killing officerg ofr ashley guindon.hley two other officers were alsoels hurt. hamilton's lawyers say he'srs ss mentally impaired as a result of two tours in iraq. >> it is sentencing day forg d prince george's county man whouo killed his stepfather. steathe antoine james found guilty ofme involuntary manslaughter insl the murder of joseph newell, a a d.c. police detective newell, excuse meals say james shot newell shoe more than a dozen times back in 2013
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over yard work.or james faces up to 10 years inn prison. prison >> it took a jury in fredericksburg just threerg hours to find a man guilty ind the murder of his roommata e atm the university of mary washington. steven brill's defense team admitted he strangled gracegleda mann to death last april butstpl says he was insane at thes nsane time. the jury disagreed ande ju dis recommended brill be sentencedic to life in prison plus an additional 11 years. yea grace mann was from fallsnn was church. church >> we have an update for you ate on that deadly metrobus mro highjacking that killed ad pedestrian in northeast. the suspect keith lovingt keh lo admitted he was on drugsrugs smoking synthetic marijuanaarua and pcp before the incident. iin he made his first court appearance yesterday being bei held without bond. b loving is charged with second degree murder. murr. >> two minutes and 30 seconds 30 into overtime patrick horn h request fired a loose puck loosp between braden holtby's legsy'sg and that gave the penguins a a three-two victory. vto washington has to win three straight games now. n
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something they've only done oy twice in the franchise's 41hise4 seasons.ons. they've done it before. game five back home. fiv that will help saturday nightyht at verizon center. tucker, you did your best yesterday trying to lift thatyi it's not over yet. so maybe your magic is still working. >> why are we countering themhem out? >> we're not. not. well. >> sounds pretty negative,pr net steve.ev >> well, it's daunting. >> yeah. >> it's like 90 percent/10 percent now.ce we'll have to go deep into thent spell book allison, deep into d thatting. >> won't it be an even greater a story if they pull it out.. >> yeah. >> sure, of course.urse. >> you go to the have hope. [laughter][laughte >> i'm with you.. >> been a d.c. sports fan fors f too long. all right, let's go to the forecast. you guys mentioned cinco de men mayo didn't you? >> yes.. >> that's what i need, steve, se cinco de mayo celebration.celeri 51. plus i stayed up too lateooat watching.hi 50 in annapolis. annapol 50 leonardtown.eo
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know what 50 degrees is thedes magic number today.ay look at that. trifecta. cool start only about 60 a few light showers.few i got some drizzle driving in this morning. you'll be dealing with all of g that. the shower activity out to theiy west a few of those showersf th will get in here.will that's going to hold off until u late tonight early tomorrow. we'll talk about tomorrowut tomr coming up. mi we've got more rain in storento for friday as well but theelbut weekend is looking brighter. brh there's your forecast fors yours today. 60 degrees.60 bring your jacket and ang your umbrella. you'll probably want it ably little >> thank you tuck.>> tha >> just scattered showers likete yesterday. >> okay. >> erin how are the roads? roas they've been pretty rough - rough -- -- well,'s all were.'sl >> this is my protest againstin the rain. r >> is that a squid.>> ithat a >> it's a shark.ha >> it expresses my frustration against the rain. >> it's superly. >> what does it have to dodoes with rain.wi >> it's its a shark. a s >> in the water.>> i >> oh, i get it.t. >> inbound crash. >> any excuse to
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shark. >> and it's raining. raini you can see really slow movingg in as you pass suit landsnd parkway.parkwa be prepared for those delays towards the beltway and maryland commute i'm going to get out of the way there, yellow zone 270 south. 50 west in good shape from 301 to the beltway. beltw. 200 to the beltway lookingay lkg good. good outer loop top of the beltwayopo by new hampshire little bit of f slow moving traffic and yourr virginia commute is slowingte ii down as well on 66. 234 to 29 and even though 95 tho is seeing big delaysel centreport parkway to 610 in stafford red zone another anothr yellow zone as you pass daleou e city. let's take a look outside andoue show you how things are shaping up. this is a live look at 66.kt you can see as i get out of the way those brake lightske lig start to slow down after after fairfax county parkway askway a well. well. so you'll need a little bit ofe extra time there.he the westbound side of 66 towards manassas looking good. o slow down a little bit in westville as aside from that 395 jams by b duke street.duke metro is once again on time.n t i'm got you covered and again, a any excuse
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hat. steve and allison. >> 6:07 right now. a safe and free ride home ifideo you plan to celebrate cinco de mayo tonight with a couple of cocktails.s. the sober ride program is inam effect it starts at 4 o'clock 4k this it will continue throughouthrouu the night until 4:00 a.m. a.m d.c. area residents can get free cab rides home up to $30. last year on this day sober d s ride prevented more than 160 th0 people from getting behind thegd wheel after having too much to h drink. >> four people are recoveringecn today after being injured in aed fiery crash at the silver diner in tysons corner this after a hummer vehicle hummevehi reportedly slammed into thela building and then burst intors flames. >> annie joins us now from the diner where it all went downit with more on this story. annie, what happened? reporter: it was a veryy chaotic scene here yesterday afternoon.afte this happened during theduring height of lunch hour weh we understand.un those four people that youur peo mentioned are expected toxpte recover. they were transported withd nonlife-threatening injuriesre but this morning we still don't knowator the reason behind this. this police still have not identified the driver and w
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facing any charges but we dony a rgknow that he worked here as a cook over the last two years.eas and he had been on bereavementee for about a month before heeforh showed back up here yesterdayese afternoon but you can stillanti see this morning that it's i boarded up.boarde up. there's still a lot of damagef d to the front of this building bd here. this is in the tysons cornerne area. we have cell phone video of this p pretty scary scene fromm yesterday. it was shot by a bya you can see the thick smokeck and flames shooting out of theoe front of the restaurant andhe from the vehicle there. witnesses tell us th r vat the driver of the hummer intentionally ran into thean io front of the restaurant at least three times before itree burst into flames. flas. witnesses jumped in to helped i customers.stom one customer received cpr and cr workers had to bring out aring o knife to cut the seat belt and d drag the driver out of ther ouoe burning hummer. hummer. again, total of four people injured, all expected to t recover.reco the co-founder of silver dinervn tells us that the employee has
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officially been fired since this incident occurred andnciden they don't knot w why he wouldel have done this and they are are completely in shock. sho we can also tell you that the ta business will remain closed cloe for the next several d they hope to have it backtac opened in time for mother's day but it's looking more like m monday or tuesday. tuesday back to you in the studio.dio. >> that's a wild story, thank you very it is 6:10 right now. now an update coming up next on an raging wildfire burning north nr of the border. >> whole town evacuated. tn evaa plus why an army captain caa is suing the president. it has to do with the fighto against isis overseas. we are back in just 30 seconds. don't go anywhere. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside!
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us plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. >> ♪ >> a state of emergency continues in alberta, canadata where crews frantically fight a wildfire that's being fue alen by very strongbe winds. the blaze has already destroyed 1600 homes, manyan other buildings in the city ofyo fort mcmurray. mur more than 80,000 residents thete entire population of the cityate has been forced to evacuate. ecu there's an intense effortnten under way to try to keep thoseoh flames away from the downtown area. area. imagine the entire city now. >> unbelievable. and the race for the white house now, it is a one-man o-m race on the republican side.ide. ohio governor john kasich has suspended his campaign makingmpn donald trump the only likely nominee. during an emotional speech sec kasich did not say whether he we would support donald trump.ordoa meanwhile a warning to trump from the rolling stones. o
6:12 am
stop playing their songs at trump campaign events n agn entn statement the band requested rue trump to "cease all use immediately. the trump campaign has yet to comment.comm >> new this morning, an armyy captain suing the presidenting r arguing the war against isisin i in iraq and syria is illegals ig because it has not been b authorized by congress. captain nathan smith supportsmit the war but says he can't determine if this present mission. the former brownsmer browns quarterback due in a texas courtroom.cour the 23-year-old turned himselfth in for the alleged assault ofauo his ex-girlfriend back in january. manziel posted bond. he'll appear in court today tod where he's set to plead noto plt guilty. >> feeling lucky? well, youucky might want to buy a powerballowa ticket. the jackpot is now up too $415 million.15 milli no one has won the top prizeze since march second.archec the next drawing is saturday. the last jackpot was was ba
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in j. still ahead magic miked m m fans why you might want to book a trip to vegas a live a lv look outside as we head to break on this thursdays ursd we'll see if there's more rain in the forecast from tub you can coming up next. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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zion williams last seen arounda 7 o'clock last night thoughtk to be with 28-year-old joshuala- willyeiams. police say zion is in extremere danger. da the car they were believed to b be traveling in was found fou overnight but no sign of the little boy or th te man on the t right he's believed to beveto b with.wi so if you see anything, youny y know anything, please contactasc police right away. a tuck. >> all right, steve, let's get,t to it. more fog, more drizzle. maybe a few light showers out l there early. there's your bus stoigp stop forecast. definitely jacket weather. j we're only about 50 degrees 50 r across the area.cross e a after school upper 50's, lowow 60's with just a few scatteredea showers in the
6:16 am
fields remain very soggy if sogi you have sports that kind of s thinpog outdoorsly it'ssly it' definitely soggy.fily s 51 washington, 51 annapolis, anl 50 in baltimore, leonardtownrdtw 50 degrees. look at all the 50's. you don't see all the the communities north and west typically 50 degrees veryegreesr often.n. dulles frederick hagerstown hag winchester all 50 degrees. 50 cloud cover we've got this low pressure system that's tryingte to dip down into the area it's ' bringing us the clouds and the e moisture and we do have someav s showers out to the west. w i think most of the measurable l rain will remain out to the to t west today but we'll have a hava few showers around later today t along with cloud cover andwith cool conditions only about 60 at later this afternoon. there's a bigger look.bier loo you can kind of see that bigha spin there. there's an area of lowf pressure here. when it gets off shore that area of low pressure is o when n think the rain chances get increased around here.nd here. that will be late tonight early tomorrow. there you are at 11 o'clock.1 oc most of the rain stays off to of the south and west and here weer are tomorrow morning about 8:00 a.m., we kind of piwh
6:17 am
up a lot of rain showers which will be with us for much of for the day tomorrow.the day tom that's friday at noon andn and right into i think happy hourap tomorrow afternoon we'll keepnol the clouds and some showersrs around.ound let's talk wnd. upper level low, it's not is going to be a washout on o saturday. we might even get someom sunshine but a few showers inhoe the forecast with this upperpper level low kind of hanging outgi in the neighborhood and then an cold front will drop down into the region. reg this is mother's day, early, mother's day with a fewer's day showers. however, we think we're goinghie to get some clearing in time int for the afternoon and itnoon ani should be very pleasant withsa w daytime highs in the mid 70's 7 for mother's day.fomother's day. so, you know, not a perfect per forecast but as erin likes tori say may showers bring mayng m flowers.ers. [laughter]au 60 today.>> 72 with showers early saturday. erin is up with traffic is it does this mean you're bringingni me and allison flowers this week. >> absolutely.utel >> allison for mother's day f and me because i'm a cat mother. most depressing thing i'vehi i ever said.ever right now 66 eastbound 234 to34
6:18 am
that is slowing things down.thgd you'll need a lot of extrad a ta time there.time we'll move it over for a look l at our maps right now. aas side from that we have a new crash 395 north past dukeduk street causing a big slow down n right now from the bottom of the beltway past that scene.hat. it's blocking the right shoulder but volume is heavy hea anyway.yw still looking nice across the as wilson bridge on the inner t loop coming inhe from oxon hilll no problems there. t we'll take a look at an inbound crash we have beenhave e tracking on four west aftert a dower house road.oa traffic backing back to b woodyard. give yourself extra time to to get to the beltway on four. still tracking a crash in crash prince george's county.ce g it's 50 on the eastbound side as you head towards thear the beltway. you're going to hit a scene to s taking out a few lanes out byy 410. red line normal serviceervi resumed outside friendship friei heights. the rest your metro rail linesa on time.on tim grab an umbrella you'll need'lln it drizzle in the area today, td light showers and enough toowern cause some wet conditions ontis our roads so please give yourself extra time there.e. 270 sut
6:19 am
to 1 50 west as you head 301 to the1t beltway looking good and 95 south 200 to the beltwayel looking good.look top of the beltway outer loop l jamming up by new hampshire as s usual. usual. we'll certainly keep youcert posted.sted that's your look at traffic.looa steve. >> kids in loudoun county have a tweet reason to be on theirher best behavior. operation chill actions likeik helping someone deterringso crime or wearing a helmet h while riding a bike all a examples of behavior that willra be rewarded. >> right. rig >> something good for doing goo good. >> do you plan to celebrate cel cinco de mayo? turns out it's i big business.usin we'll head to the fox business b network in new york city.k in n >> we'll put the dollar signslan behind that one. take a look at how the a lot president and the first lady celebrated star wars day.ed this was posted on the whiten te house twitter page.usitte the first couple dancing withcih one of the characters from the fifth season of the star warsr saga. >>
6:20 am
>> r2 d-2. >> who are these two? those? e are the storm troopers, right? okay. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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>> it's s happy cinco de mayo.pp it means big business for the b beer industry. first we'll check the markets.u joining us from fox business b network studio lauren simonetti. good morning. >> reporter: it's rainy outside, you know, you justr:w,s want to, i don't know, indulge in some comfort food like guacamole and enjoy anj margarita or a beer. b happy cinco de mayo to you.o y. >> think warm thoughts have athu little food some beveragesome bs celebrate safely.ce >> reporter: it's thursday,r: i just one more day to gete day tt through.through. >> yes. you're spending your moneyndin though. let's check the markets firsttsf though. yesterday another down day.othe i was checking looks by myy my watch futures are up a little bit today. are we going to rebound. reb >> reporter: your watch is completely correct. we are going to rebound and
6:23 am
only some stocks like l exploding in the double digitset weight watchers and zinga and craft times but oil prices up more than 3 percent. unfortunately massiveun wildfires out in canada, the t oil stands there, tragic news. however, because some of that territory is being disruptedru you have the price of crude o going up.p. >> now let's get back to the the matter at hand cinco de mayo.o . >> reporter: the beer.orte the b >> the beer, the chips, the thee salsa w whatever you want tot t celebrate with. w it all costs money.on here's what surprised me howis w much people are drinking on this day today.ay tod >> reporter: okay, we drink d more today than we he do on do super bowl sunday and sainty ann patrick's not combined but separately.arae i mean, really? really? you y drink more on cinco de mayo than you do on saint patrick'stc day? apparently. that's a consolation prize.ri as for avo
6:24 am
of those two.hosewo think guacamole. 3 million pounds of guacamole eaten today. today you'll see almost $3 billionil in tortilla >> celebrate safely but i'm going have some chips later today i guarantee you.anteeou channing tatum oh my. the magic continues when itnu wt comes to las veg >> reporter: yeah, okay, ih, ok, can't believe they haven'tbeli done this but essentially he posts a video on facebook and he says,ay oh, yeah, magic mike is coming m to the hard rock casino next net march. ma not sure how much it's goingt'og to cost. cos if these tickets are going to sell out.sellut don't know too much but we do wd know people are getting very,ngr very excited for this. however, channing tatum is not going to be part in the live >> did you get distract thereis had for a minute lauren.eau >> reporter: i d i'm a big a big fan. and this commercial by the waybe is hilarious the one that one tt you're looking at it really itr is funny.
6:25 am
>> channing tatum owns theg ta rights to the magic mike stuff, he's like the executivele producer. pr he's going to be involved in inl this in some way.thay >> reporter: big time. t totally franchising this ideade and expanding it and making itai a huge business, yeah.s, y >> he'll make the money off of o it without having to take his te clothes offer. i guess that's a win-win forinor him. just not what people want to seism he can dance, he can actaa he looks good doing so and a now, you know, he's an ep with a great business mind and abusim good dad.. i have a crush. a crush. >> yeah, i apologize we tookeoo that video down too soon, lauren. lauren. >> reporter: put it back up. p go to the part where they play with the dogs at the end. end >> man, now you just throwing tn it all in there.n >> reporter: lauren thankren tha you very much. enjoy the rest of your dayrest day. goodbye. >> see you frida tomorrow. torro it will be friday then.y th >> what happened to the >> trying to wait for it.t for >> the video in these ihe monitors. >> we got breaking weather.eakia we got fog out there andnd drizzle.izzl we need to get to it nd t immediately. let's go he to the mapsgo h immediately. [laughter] >> tuck, we could have you doing magic mik
6:26 am
that is such a smart idea. >> right.ight. >> yes. >> and you're taking maleakg mae stripping basically and nowg you're classing itba up.g it u >> you're updating it. >> franchising it and you'reandu going to make millions ofons dollars on it. >> chippendales was the lastwatl big thing. >> we're taking it to the next level. we got hula dancers comingula later. i'm going to be doing somedoingm hula dancing. dancing cloud cover, we keep it cool.t c highs about 60.ut a few scattered showers.ered sho most of the rain much like the t last couple days very lighty but it won't abbright day.ay. it will be a cloudy gloomyudy oo day. rain showers tomorrow morning t for that morning commute and plenty ofom rain i'll focus more on the weekend t in just a minute. m i'm out of town.own. >> erin what's going on. >> i'm just thinking about a shirtless men and puppiesnd ppis right now. n blame lauren. there are problems on ourpr roads. 395 northob past duke street see down to 13 miles per hour asours you head from the bottom of b the beltway to the crash scene e even though all lanes areh lane opened. allow for extra time fromero alex
6:27 am
crowd across the 14th street bridge.brid inbound crash activity fourivito west after dower house road. traffic backing up past p woodyard road so for your four o inbound commute towards the beltway be prepared to leave l early. in addition to that as we take w a look at our twitter update upd still tracking this crashs that's been out there for sometime in prince george's, i eastbound 50 an overturnedn truck blocking a lane.50ane. red line normal service service resumed. metro he is looking good. goo back to you. >> er ring thanks.s. 6:27. as we go to break, coming upomg next an update on an amber alert that we talked about in spotsylvania county alvia c three-year-old boy said to be bi in extreme >> we shared this image on image social media as well. w plus the capitals returnrn home getting right to get business. just a few day s to get ready ready for a huge game five onfi o we'll check in with the sports junkies next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:30 everybody. welcome back to fox5 newse morning. giving you thatba panoramic viec of the dmv. d little cloudy o there. t tucker and erin will be alonge g shortly on the 5s to let you tot know about your weather andnd your traffic. tra first though at 6:30 a desperate search breaking news right now under way a search s for a missing three-year-oldee-- in spotsylvania county. c the boy is from spotsylvaniaylni county. co his name is zion he was last seen aroundseen aron 7 o'clock last night.o'clock lat he is thought to be with with 28-year-old joshua williams. police say zion is in extreme danger. the car they were believed to
6:31 am
overnight.ovni no sign of the missing toddlerod nor the suspect.nor the susp two fairfax countyo fafax preschool workers out of a jobob this morning accused of mng abusing a four-year-old girl in their cherie digs and lisa campbell cb charged with misdemeanor mmean assault. police say the alleged abuse abu happened last month at james atj l. and juliet mcneil preschool p academy in alexandria. a police are concerned therern were more victims. >> ♪ >> 6:31 right now.>> time for the morning line. the capitals on the brink ofls r elimination right now.t n. that sounds kind of negative. nt they're still alive but odds but against them now.ains let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan.he what's up guys. >> we're grumpy because we stayed up late. and it was a heartbreaking was overtime loss.over >> steve it's over.>> it's done. it's done. >> it's our video producing prou falling asleep outside the osi gluer it's not over. capitals historically have als o 10 percent chance of comingrice back andnt winning in seven games. is it probable? no. n
6:32 am
10 percent. >> by the way steve theseth games are not good for any oe ff us. i'm staying up way too late. lat i'm sedentary. i'm consuming alcohol duringnsum the >> please, i was on the couch until 11:30 last night.l 11:30 n i'm right there with you. i'm exhausted. exhau >> my blood pressure is spiking throughout the game.g to it's really bad for you. for >> if i didn't do this for a living i would give up on giv sports. [laughter]ghte >> sports is heartbreaking.rtbrg >> we're not in a good place ind mentally right now steve in case you couldn't tell.el >> you k our producer said it's just sports like in the grand scheme of things. thi >> you ever been to the game eve with him when the terps aren ths sising. it's like being at a funeral.un >> he starts crying.>>ar >> i think he might be maturing. >> but just sports is payingying all your bills right now.ills >> i know. >> that's true. >> my point is we're fullypot is immersed in it.immers we can't get away from it. >> it was crushing when yourushn saw that game winning goal g there which you just aired, jus, you know, comes off of holtby oy and then they put it in andnd it's like
6:33 am
games to one. even though the odds were noter with the capitals when they're c down two games toap one, they still, stat activity ickilyac had about a 40 percent now teams that are down three to one in this situation it'sisn a 10 percent chance.en it just seems like the samehe sm result that we've seen for f this washington capitals team time after time after timete which is not getting past the second round of the playoffs.nd >> and you got to be extra mentally if you're the players. lurch what do you think wasat the difference. dthdifferen the only thing i could see -- honestly watching the game the m caps were in the penguins zonegz so much i was confident they were together to win that became. beca seemed to me look the oneed t thing the penguins didg ui different is they tookishey advantage of every misstep andip made something happen. h >> they do. they just didn't make the'take mental mistake that the caps cap made. backstrom at the face off atm at center ice gets beat by a 40-year-old. you have to win that game.o witt you go to the stop that shot.ho and then there was a couplee other break downs.k they just
6:34 am
mistakes that pittsburghittsburg didn't make over the scores of e three periods and for me that fm was the difference.iffere >> seems like murray --urra >> we can't -- you have to-- y have a perfect shot.t. look at beagle. beagl he's like top right but you have to be able to -- >> that's the perfect shot. s >> i think this is somethingom the capitals have done in thetav past and haunting them in thehe series they seem to want too w wait for that perfect setup,tup that perfect shot. sho murray has been great butea sometimes you get that luckyha bounce, sometimes you get that deflection if you throw the t puck on the net 45 or 50 o times. you gen t that puck that goesgos off somebody's skate or their back that fluky goal and the capitals 50 haven't gotten't goe those in this series.ose in >> the other play mike webber me turning the puck over.uc >> yeah, right.>> >> in the ot. ie o that can't happen.apn. >> but here's the thing,thing, steve. steve. i want to change the narrative a little bit for caps fans f out are out there and justor claiming it's the same old choking dog. >> do it. >> i'm not convinced that itvint is because i think it's a veryer good caps team.s tea d
6:35 am
next year. next yea i think and i'm not a sophisticated hockey fan but iut just think we went up against a a better team.better we knew deep in our gut thatut pittsburgh was hot, they wereey playing as good a hockey asoc anybody in the league.y in t we've had a troubled historyor against them and i just thinkndh we went up against a better b team. if we were playing the t islanders or another team in the second round i feel like fee we would advance.w >> we said all all >> they happen to be better.y >> the hot goalihae is theliis toughest thing to beat andeat that unfortunately has beennate the entire season with bradenitr holtby and that's why the capshe were winning so much. souch. they found somebody who is hissh match. these have been one goale ha bee it could go either way. you can'ldt write them off yetmf because they're still alive but great games butes b frustrating for a team that that just was the best team in thehe nhl all season to be down in ana position that they haven't h faced all season. >> just reminds you thought re that in hockey more than anyre other sport, right, can rig anybody argue the regularegular season is just it's literally meaningless.niles 82 games of just
6:36 am
drivel. >> at a lot of i get to look i l at a president's trophy banner n next season.xtea >> there you go.>> there one more thing at verizoneriz center. we tried. tucker did the whole full cakes bit getup yesterday withry the wizards hat and everythings trying to lift this curse buthae didn't work last night. [laughter] >> see you guys. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> he's right i am a loser.os >> it's not over. >> it's not over. it's o >> maybe you were just setting u the stage for the greatestat come back of all times.ack of al >> perhaps you're right, per perhaps. >> i'll be your side kick inic removing curses any day. >> let's go to the the . i got to do my weather forecast.forecast yeah. i need to let it go. >> it's not over.s >> you need to channel all your energy to positivity forit saturday. that's what you need do. >> i'm letting it go. 51 in was
6:37 am
annapolis 52 in quantico. q 50 right around 50 forun50 everybody. near 60's this afternoon.ftno the clouds sorry about that,bout the drizzle, the light showerigs activity continues for another o day. in fact for a few more days and then it will get a littlet t better this weekend but we're bw looking at generally the sameame conditions we had yesterdayes with the damp conditions and ais little drizzle out there. dri there's a bigger look.oo area of low pressure droppingro down from the ohio valley will give us some scatteredtere showers, keep conditions cools o only about 60. we should be in the low 73 degrees is the averageve daytime high now. now well below normalmal temperature-wise. >> let's see how we're doing sed on the roads if we're above orve below normal. what going on erin. >> loot going on righlot owing . 50 eastbound crash blocking several lanes.ral. traffic heading from 295 to fro the beltway slows just thatway left lane getting by right now n so give yourself some extrae ex time. 50 on the inbound side jams
6:38 am
202 as usual.s u we'll move it over to a look at our maps to a look at our a thursday morning commute. outer loop new crash at 450. 45. slowdowns as you head fromrom upper marlboro towards bw parkway. outer loop jams from 95 on towards inner loop across the wilson bridge slows and we also have a this metro update that iis m upd wanted to tell you about f aut you're taking metro orangeet silver and blue passengersers experiencing delays to largoargo town center new carrolton. earlier train malfunction attion capitol another inbound crash right rigt now. this is four west after dowerft house road. traffic really slowing down d because so many folks take t four inbound back to crane highway. you'll need a lot of extrad a l time to get through that scene. one lane is blocked.on we have a crash on 395 inbound5 just past duke street. average speeds take up to t about 13 miles per hour at theat most bottom of the beltwayot past that toscene.hat sce slow again towards the 14th the1 street bridge.ri traffic coming from 270 south 20 slows by the truck scal
6:39 am
gaithersburg. you can see that yellow zoneyeow there. we'll take a look at theook the virginia times nex allison. >> also coming up next themingpe state that's taking a majorat'sn step to help stop teenagers teea from picking up a bad habit.ab >> plus another magazine cover for caitlyn jenner and this t one's creating a lot of buzz this morning coming up in the fox beat.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> what is trending on the t quarterback this morning? sois these are the stories you're engaging with right now on social media. msocial le mt's check it out in california you now have toavo be 21 years old to smoke. the state's governor signed that new law making it the t second state in the united in ti states to raise the minimum minm age for buying tobacco tob products from 18 to 21. 2 let us know how you feel abouteu that. that politics just hours afterft donald trump became the likely l gop nominee the conservativeth web site red state urged the senate to confirm presidentsidet barack obama's supreme courtupmu nominee merrick garland forick f fear that a president hillarysi clinton would nominate someone more and finally, the clock hask run out on embattled teen retailer aero postal: how do od you say it? i like to call it abercrombie and fitch. this company filed for filed for bankruptcy yesterday a
6:43 am
losing money for 13or 1 consecutive quarters.uarters. the company said it would bet we closing 113 stores in the in addition to its 41 stores ste in canada. meantime they'll be shoppingshop themselves to potential buyers.buyers i suggest abercrombie andabercro fitch.tch. >> i see. >> how do you say it again. aga >> aero postal.osta >> does that mean airplane inn i a different language.angue. >> air post i guess. gue i don't know what it has to do d with clothes though.thes t >> that's what trending.s you know what awh hot topic is. raising the >> in california. >> california. >> they're putting marijuanati on the ballot to make it legal. >> let us know was think. t >> still ahead kevin back withkw a review of captain america civil a rare thursday reviewarur and a reminder as we head toea break if you have a news tipaves share it with us. 2,028,952,00us:
6:44 am
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>> breaking news this morning.ns a desperate search continues for a missing three-year-oldthrr boy in spotsylvania county.ou now we know zion williams isamsi believed to be with hish father. that's the man on the right. 28-year-old joshua williams.s. that's three-year-old zion on the left. the pair last seen aboutnbo 7 o'clock last night.clocst n now, police say zion is inn extreme danger. apparently they found theiround vehicle but have not found either father or the son. if you know where they are orw r you hear anything or you seenytu anything please call the p police right away. awa >> it is 6:46 now. now want to get the late of the on
6:47 am
weather. >> unfortunately got a couplely more days of this. t how are your allergies. >> fortunately i don't suffer from allergies.from all >> steve. >> better than they were a couple weeks ago. >> yeauph, that was when the tha trees are they are starting to let it up a little bit. medium -- this is your allergy report from late yesterday.te trees are now medium. m it's mold spores causing thein problem. if you're having allergy issues likely trees and mold. ml grasses remain low.gras good news is the rain showersn e and the persistent wet weather a lab helping out a little bit as far as tree pollen.ol 51 now in washington, 50 up in0p baltimore. north and west everybody --rydy look at that.ok at that by the way i just noticed thatia the lottery is going to be 415 million on saturday soo maybe 50 -- i guess we can't do 50. storm track radar we got cloud cover. cove some light showers across thehos area particularly out to the out west. we're mostly just doingust d drizzle here locally and it and will be another cloudy day, another cool days, high temperatures o
6:48 am
with a few showers workingor through this afternoon.ugh most of it should be prettyy light as this storm system just kind of meandering here off to our west and what's wha going to happen is this area tha of low pressure is going tooi dip down and when it emerges whg off the coast we're going to start to get some more more impressive moisture, more impressive rain showers thrown back on us late tonight and lat early tomorrow.omorro i think our morning commutemm tomorrow is going to have a lot of raiungo around. at 11:00 most should be prettyty light. 8 o'clock tomorrow could bek mod periods of heavy rain tomorrownr during the day.during the day. that's tomorrow at noon so plan on some wet conditions coni around here today and particularly tomorrow and thenoo things get saturday i think we get aeet little sun with a few showers. early showers mother's day and then clearing out by early afternoon with temperatures in the mid 70's. so, a brighter sunday and then n beautiful next week.beautiful ne all right.l ri that's your weather upday. erin is back with the roads. ros >> fire department activity onmn metro at federal center.ederalen because of that delaysof building on blue orange and tend silver. we'll keep you updated but so far it's coming in as fire as departme a
6:49 am
center metro stop. aside from that crash activity outer loop before 450 delays0el back to 202 so watch out for for that one.thne in addition let's see if we can forward our maps much weaps have a bunch of other issuesr going on this morning.his there's an inbound crash fourrau west after dower house road. rd. really causing several milesa ml of backed up traffic right now t as you make yourra way inn towards the beltway thistw morning. so please give yourself extra ye time there. traffic advisory you're going yu to see some delays northbound pennsylvania avenue atsylv suitland parkway. par because of that a lane isan i still blocked.lo aside from that we'll show youh what else is going on around aun town. town we're getting updates thates t there's another crash righther now in the district.istrict. crash reported on the 3400 the40 block of new york avenue northeast.rt reduced speeds always backed up any way thisup time of morning and look atd at that red line behind me. m that is 295 on the southboundthn completely jammed up from f north of 50 all the way downow past eastern we'll certainly keep you k updated and again thatdate breaking news with metro m federal center as well. back to you.back >> in the district, concernedrn parents gathered just hourser js
6:50 am
of the round of lead testingesti at d.c. public schools. schools it found that elevated levels lv exist at capitol hillisl montessori school.moesso the lead was found in threendn h locations, two outdoors, oneutoo in a janitor's sync.'s the drinking water appears to be safe.afe. they plan to retest all d.c..c schools before summer campumme begins next month.begins >> flood victims in texasn tas getting much needed help fromelo nfl running back adriennek aden peterson donating $100,000 for relief efforts. efforts. flash floods destroyed dozensdsd of houses and killed south kill korea people there.repeop peterson will travel back tol bt his hometown the today to get tg a firsthand look at the damage. >> near two months after weo learned the verizon centermoveri will host arena football nextalx year today we'll find out who will coach the new team.ew t the announcement will come by facebook live. l this is a new day everybody.a it isne d.c.'s first indoor indo football team since the d.c. armor back in
6:51 am
seem that long ago. >> you're thinking i don't remember that so much. tha >> and i don't remember that.ont >> chicago cubs picker jonickern lester making an incredibleak play after catching the ball,inh the ball got stuck in his glove oh tossed the wholeoh t thing over and then the first tf baseman is like i want to dropro my glove because i need two bec hands to catch this one. cat >> is that okay? is that regulation. >> as long as the ball gets toth the base you're in were shape.iw but i love it that the first t r baseman just dropped his glove s picked it up there. it counts. as long as the ball isg as touching the base, there you the go.. [laughter] >> second time lester has made l that play. he pulled it off last season as w watch it one more time.e. got it.t i toss the whole thing . >> [laughter]>>laught >> and you're out.>> you >> kevin is here right now. n >> does he need a bigger big glove? i think that'sov i th dramatic. >> it got stuck in thestuc the >> you know what makes my day. d you want to explain. w >> no explanation. n >> i feel like we need theke wd theme music. mus >> moo inn my head it's like.e. >> no explanation except forxc today is the release of captain america civil war and i'm nerding out. what's the nerdest suit iuit
6:52 am
i bought this for like 100r ke bucks on whatever the sitehe sit was, same site that makes mes those crazy suits i wear allazst the time but this is like a full on pacman suit pants suit s everything. and i have my captain american i tie bar on. >> you're representing.'r >> rocking out today.oc come on. >> this is a rare dakiy todaydad because we typically don't get g movie reviews until friday.ri >> right. this movie is being released rea at 7:00 p.m. tonight.onht everybody is excited to see captain america this film will blow your mind yi from such a cinematic cinemat standpoint. an here's the cool thing t thehingt rooster brothers are back they y will directed the film thatt began with the winter soldier. r this film captain america ame civil war exists in the marvel cinematic universe. there's 13 films that includein iron man onec and two, capitolwc plane america 12 and three three guardians of the galaxy ander man this film as so many great films but this movie itself blows all of those out of the water. theater it's better than all the the avengers movies.ov >> is it because everybody'sse y in it or is it because it's
6:53 am
just common a better way.better. >> that's a great question andga it's done in a better way.r w it's done in a way where thehe t story telling works, thehe action is amazing, the comedyy amazing, drama is amazing.zi here's the beautiful parteautift about this movie the introduction of black of panther chadwick bows plan who went to howard university hewa is one of the best parts of ene entire film.rde e also spider-man, this is the best spider-man you've everr- seen on and his character tom holland tl plays him, it's the mosts thost accurate to the comic book b i've ever seen on here's the cool's there is -- here's spider-mans p right here. >> yes. >> there's a 17 minute action 1 scene in this movie that takesv place in an airport where youhey see all the guys runningni towards each other. other that scene alone is worth the entire price of admission. admis i would -- i said this beforehif but i would watch that on a loop for four hours for $20, fo0 that one scene. >> i'm going to call you on that. that. >> if you will do this. >> a hundred percent. perce >> kevin if you face time live for four hours i will give youve $20.$2 >> we ha
6:54 am
it. it. >> have you ever seen a movieeem called agent -- what is the movie with the eyes -- >> clock work orange.ork >> don't do it.>> that's going to be you. you'oire not going to be in the real universe that 17 minute17 n scene was shot in full.was i max. when you're watching it, it i expands to the full. f i max scene.i ma there are two ending creditre scenes when the movie is overve there's a scene in the middlehel of it and all the way at theaytt end as well so stay in yourtainr seat until the end of the film. my first five out of five of 2016.16 next to "deadpool" it's thepool' best movie of the year. >> you got to get to this kevin 'cause there's hope for'sp me after all. f >> in case you missed the big te news janet jackson confirms coni she's expecting her first hir child with her husband. >> almost 50 years old. >> right. e s she looks amazing. >> she looks amazing but she's e almost 50. >> i know. >> so, go ahead, this -- >> just last month theth
6:55 am
delaying her unbreakable worldae tour to plan for a family. jackson will be 50 in lessn l than two your birthdays are close.irth >> yes, we're all 1966 babies. >> some other notable starsnotaa who had babies after turningerug 40. >> no, like 50. after 40 is not 50. >> madonna and halle berry had babies after 40. >> but this is 50.>> >> here's the i think -- i think it's i amazing first of all.g ll i have met people who have had babies that old perfect. >> really. >> mark is coming home this weekend. >> uh-oh. >> ready for another babynothery shower. >> that's a facebook live live mention if i ever heard of everf one. from the cover of vanityty fair to sports illustrated illut caitlyn jenner is set to poseete nude for the magazine wearinghe nothing m but an american flagna and her olympic gold medal.edal jenner won it 40 years agoon40 y setting a decathlon record at the 1976 montreal summer mon games. this is all according to aaccoro source that us weekly h
6:56 am
a rep for the 66-year-old toldll the huffington post there waserw no comment on any future plans p at this time. te. >> we will wait and see.t anee got to get to tucker barnes b get a can check on then the forecast. that 20 bucks is coming your way. >> i'll do it.wa i'l >> tuck. >> tony randall didn't startrand his family until his lately 70's. u 70's. >> but he didn't have thee badiby. >> i'm going to say tuck every c time you can come on. you c com >> i got to do weather.eather but is this like another superhero beat each other up.. >> iron man and -- there is fighting. >> let's go way better. l's g >> i liked batman versus versu superman. >> 51 at reagan national. nio 60 today. cloud cover. sprinkles, showers, more ofs, s the same. not much change in our weatherur pattern.tter our best chance for rain is going to be tomorrow. tomorro we'll improve it a little bit lt this weekends. i'll talk more about saturday st and sunday coming up but you b y can see mid 70's and at least sunshine by mother's day b afternoon. erin is back with the roads. rds >> huge delays lingering on 50 o on t
6:57 am
metro delays as well on thel blue orange and silveril residual delays in both both directions.diio earlier fire departmentier activity at federal center.l in addition to that we have a wv crash on new york avenue ave inbound delays there from bw frb parkway on through. thr let's take a live look a livok we're seeing delays as well as you head out.u ad this is on 50 eastbound aound a crash by 410. by 4 lanes blocked.s blo keep it to fox5 news morning. mi much more traffic news and weather as we continue. >> ♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right at the top atox rt 7 o'clock this morning there'sii an amber anglert for a little al boy kidnapped in virginia. vgi police say he's in extreme danger. we're following developmentsowin in case and we'll have themwe'l straight ahead. ahe >> also the last republican standing, donald trump gearing up for the general election as governor john kasich followsichw senator ted cruz in suspendingnd his campaign.ign our owe on the hill team joinshe us with more.ith moe. >> heartbreak in pittsburgh. overtime caps fall to the pensen in a crucial game four. we'll show you highlights andign we'll hear from fans.ans. >> first though a live look outside whether you like it or t not just kind of the sameind ofe story for this week so far. f gloomy out there but we will buw have weather and traffic onraff the 5s for you at 7:05.:0 there's hope on the seven day dy that's all i'm going to say. good morning to you, i'mni allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. cneve yeah, little rainy today.ttle r. we'll get details in a couplee minutes.s. let's start with breakingstart det


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