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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right at the top atox rt 7 o'clock this morning there'sii an amber anglert for a little al boy kidnapped in virginia. vgi police say he's in extreme danger. we're following developmentsowin in case and we'll have themwe'l straight ahead. ahe >> also the last republican standing, donald trump gearing up for the general election as governor john kasich followsichw senator ted cruz in suspendingnd his campaign.ign our owe on the hill team joinshe us with more.ith moe. >> heartbreak in pittsburgh. overtime caps fall to the pensen in a crucial game four. we'll show you highlights andign we'll hear from fans.ans. >> first though a live look outside whether you like it or t not just kind of the sameind ofe story for this week so far. f gloomy out there but we will buw have weather and traffic onraff the 5s for you at 7:05.:0 there's hope on the seven day dy that's all i'm going to say. good morning to you, i'mni allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. cneve yeah, little rainy today.ttle r. we'll get details in a couplee minutes.s. let's start with breakingstart det
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missing spotsylvania countyaou three-year-old. we now know the man he isw the s believed to be with is theith e child's father. fhe >> now he was last seen thats e young boy 12 hours ago and a police fear, though, he is inn extreme danger. fox5's melanie alnwick is live in spotsylvania countynia o with the latest.thhe l just a troubling story, mel. ste >> reporter: it is>> troubling, steve and allison and really we're trying to put together some odd pieces here. h the house we were at earlier eai is the address that spotsylvania county sheriff'sy h office said where the boy wasthw last seen. we talked to the neighbors there. we talked to the people at thehe house. they said that's not where the little boy lived and we cameoy v here to the end of the street se and what did we find? that nissan altima. a that police said that the boy by and his mother were last in along with the suspect in this abduction 28-year-old joshuaoshu williams.willia the license plate is exactly exa the same as the one that wasat put out on that amber alert. alt i asked the spotsylvaniaylvani county sheriff's office whyriff th
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zion williams is in extreme danger. 33 tell me that the suspect,.... they tell me that the suspectuse beat the boy's mother.ot they were in this vehicles veh together. they were driving around whenind the w assault occurred. the mother managed to get out of the vehicle and then the the suspect joshua and the littlee boy took off. o or he took off in the car withhh the little we don't know why the car isar parked out here this morning. mi police told us that they still s have no sign of the two. t two. let's take a look at their pictures so you can look at loo these and share them please.le zion williams, three yearsears old, he is 3 feet tall,eet ll 35 pounds and law wearing onlynl a blue and white diaper with di logos from the cars movie onovio it and he just turned three. tee his birthday was april 19th. ap1 and again, a picture of joshuaou christopher williams, 28 years old, 5 feet 11-inches tall, 160 pounds wearing a navy blueyu and gray s
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jeans. police also told us again thehe mother was so severely beaten be she had to be taken to the hospital to be cared for andar taking care of those injuriesnj and they also tell us, steve s and allison here is the thing t that makes this such a thisuch a critical case.crit police tell me that the father, joshua williams, has has made prior threats to either eit harm or kill this little boy the and that is why they are so s desperate to find these twowo and to bring little zion home safely. sa live in fredericksburg, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. ne >> mel thanks very developing as well a t rescue high up onlo the nationaa cathedral.caedra a man had been threatening toeae committee suicide climbed tosu the bell tower just after t midnight.owmidnig police say he climbed up say he scaffolding that was on theing outside of the cathedral andhedr stayed up there for two and a ad half hours. came down just before down 3 o'clock this morning.cloc he is now at the hospital. hpi >> godwin middle school inchooli dale city virginia will open wie on time at a. that's the word from school officials after a man wasman was found shot there last night. nht
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hospital.ho the school says the victim wassm not a student nor was he a staff member.ember. police believe that they -- the this was a homicide andide a they're searching for aor suspect and in fact it's the second homicide in two days inn prince william county. meantime four people recovering today after a fiery e crash at the silver diner inn tysons corner. c you probably soraw this t incredible video pop up on your social media feedsa eds a hummer on fire after iter it repeatedly slammed into themmedt building. >> but there's a bizarre twistat to why this accident happened. annie yu has those details.etai she's outside the diner now. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodey, go morning, to you steve andg, t allison. yeah, that bizarre twist being i the driver worked here.iver he has since been fired sinceirs the incident but we understand bees on an employee. he was a cook here at thet silver diner. d this morning you can still see l it's taped off, you cannot getng into the parking lot.king l there are contractors insideorsd working on the damage. dam they tell us that the damagel us is mostly
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the inside is pretty good butoot this will take them a fewhem f days. they plan on really working onoo this over the weekend and and hopefully by monday or tuesday d they'll reopen.eo but a lot of questions stillll remaining.main police still at this hour haveta not released the identity ofntit the driver, whether he's goingin to face any criminal we understand that the worker, though -- or the ex worker was w on bereavement for about a month before this happenedfore d yesterday. we have cell phone video of p this chaotic andho scary scenece from yesterday shot by a st by witness and you can really see e that thick smoke and flames shooting out of the front of of the car in the restaurantt area. witnesses telling us the driver of the hummer intentionally ran into thento front of the restaurant.of it was the quick thinking thiin workers as well as witnessess wt jumping in to help stop all ofll this mess. they jumped into help injured customers. one customer i know received kne cpr from a nurse on site after being pinned between the car b and building so
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situation.situion. workers had to go back into the kitchen and grab a knife k and cut the seat belt off and a drag the operator of ther hummer out. all people were transportedrted with nonlife-threateninghrte injuries. they are expected to recoverte so that is the good news.he goo. but again a lot of questionsn aq still remaining and the co-founder of this restaurant rn telling us that he is in shockck and he still does not know whyw the driver or the exemployeexelo would doing that somethinghat st like this.hi >> all right tucker barnes r let's try to to somethiigngo eti about this rain that's beens b falling. >> i'm not responsible for respf that.that. >> you might be. y >> no, i don't want to takeon'tw credit for that one. o but unfortunately more clouds, c more drizzle, more cool conditions today. hang in there. for mother's day things are get to going better. this is great for the gardens ge and the farming interests and all of that around here. h >> just remember that for your y mo
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leonardtown.leonar north and west it's been 50 all morning. hagerstown martinsburg winchester, trifecta.ricta. i used to go to horse raisesrs when i was younger.en i was y >> you did. >> yeah. >> ever win anything. ever wi >> hit then trifecta a coupleol times. >> cool. >> i don't know if i was old enough to go or not. storm tracker radar looking atog cloud cover ann little drizzleti out there and a few showersho later this afternoon.r th a few showers. the rain is out to the west.hees most will remain in the mountains for the big part of br the day.ay. i'll have the seven day in a minute. i promise i promise it will brid >> 'cause it doesn't look so't good day. >> i'm sorry.>> >> that's okay.hat's okay. >> hi erin.>> h >> breaking news from metro. fm we have been telling you aboutou an issue with a fire fir department activity out at federal center.fe because of thadet metro tweeting out to let us know orangee silver and blue due to that to track problem ongoing issue, trains are temporarily holding l in both directions. both di
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federal center stop if at all aa possible trains holding atle that location. t in addition to that metroet traffic advisory crash reported 3400 block of new york avenue northeast. avenue nt watch out for reduced speedss and delays.d del you'll hit that new york t avenue slow down.ow more crash activity on the outer loop. two crash locations.ocns one before 450 delays back to 202.20 another one just beyond thatjust point at bw parkway. parkway let's take a live look outside o and show you how backed upac everything is. you can see that the outert the loop extremely heavy traffic. tf inner loop slows as well asop s usual. normally speaking we start toint back up towards the wilson th w bridge. just a yucky gray gloomy wet wet commute. again outer loop continues toont delay towards that secondse crash scene at bw parkway. par let's take a look back at ourt maples. other accidents you need to beue aware of that are causing are major slowdowns.jor slowdow inbound crash four on ther on t westbound side after dowerow house road. delays back to 301.01 and you can see d.c. police. p traffic warning you as you pass suit lands parkway hugepa slowdowns there.slow we'll keep a close eye on t
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metro situation affectingon a federal center.fede back to you. >> erin thank you. y we had breaking news fromew overseas. the country of kenya whereenyahe moments ago a woman was rescued from the ruins of an apartment complex that collapsed six days ago in nairobi. you're looking at video fromng over the weekend when that six story building crumbled duringi heavy rain. at least 12 people were killed.kill many others are missing butsing again, the breaking news thatsha a woman was pulled alive from af the rubble of that building buig six days after it collapsed.laps >> amazing story of survival. >> uh-huh. >> also breaking overseas this morning the u.s. embassy inmbsy kabul says an american citizen c was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.kidnping the incident reportedlyep happened monday.en so far no word on who ised on ws the embassy also says several other expats were targeted.. race for the white houseor john kasich calling it t quits s ending his republicanepublica presidential campaign makingtial ton trump the only persony perso still running in the gop race. . so trump is now getting readytia for the general election andio making a list
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advice presidential candidates. our sunday morning on the hill team is going join us lives with more on that at 7:30 this morning. >> hillary clinton could beouldb forced to testify under oathfy d about her use of a privater us e-mail server when she was secretary of state.te the conservative legal legal advocacy group judicial watch created the proposal to force clinton's testimony under thestm freedom of information act and d a travel judge approved it. clinton campaign spokesperson would not comment on whether she would oppose the order. >> well, we tried to break the curse yesterday. tuck joined us.ds. even had slapshot in studio.tudi holly and i were his side kickk but it may not have worked.orke. despite tying it up andit getting to overtime the capse ca could not hold on to the win w against the penguins. >> you guys did your great effort.s ef wisdom joins us now with more m on the game last nig >> steve
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part because it didn't work.tor. so i'm not going to point anypot fingers but tucker did haveckere the magic stick.. >> yes. >> i'm just saying. >> i'm pointing a finger at you because you were not ae u we believer. >> i'm not a believer, no,eliev, absolutely not.te don't want any part of that. >> this was amateur witchcraftrw much we didn't want that spell l coming the wrong way. w >> for the record i still have the magic stick. stick >> that's let me be the one to reel ito in. >> thank you allison forllon reeling there the road to the stanley cupthe e not looking so good for the caps. caps on the brink of eliminationminan after another crushing loss toio the penguins.guin here's what happened. hpe with you? 2:30 left in overtime pittsburgh scored off d a bad clearing attempt to giveoe the penguins is a three to two victory. mike weber accidentally flicky k the puck over to pittsburghburg near the crease allowing theow pens to grab their thirdirhi straight win.ra despite the loss the caps fans still have faith. f >> right now i feel like thisl s is our
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and if -- this is the timee that we have and, you know, k we've had a lot of chance in the past but it's been since s 98 since we've been in the second round of the playoffsnd o and so this is amazing and izina think we're going to -- io think we're going to go far. f >> each year doesn't affect a the next year. that's last year's history.isto history is mystery, today is a present so you know what,ou know whatever lapse today, that's tts what all that matters. mte >> that's some brilliant logicil except for what happened isor w they lost.they i'm just saying.ayin the caps now have to rallyave r from a three game to one deficit, something they'veometnt only done twice in the fran cafranchise's 41 seasons. seaso >> some of that hater aid.t hati >> i'm just giving you theg yo facts. do what you will with those wite facts. i'm all about the caps.about th i want them to go to the nextex round but the facts are -- and- you know, here's the thing.hi in sports when things startngta creeping in your head and whende you get put in a situationput like this the first thing you think about is oh, by
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we go again, here we go we haven't been to the second sn round since 98.sin 98. we had that game last nightt and we let it get away and then you start thinking and thi thinking and then the pressureer starts to build and build andui build and then you get to the t next game, must win or we go home, more pressure and then a t it becomes at some point an unbearable load.arable loa >> my goodness.>> it's getting heavy. hea >> did you hear janet jackson is pregnant at 50? that's all i'm going to same anything canng happen. >> you're saying they got ang t shot. >> that's what i'm saying. thanks >> teachers at a local higher school hitting the pickets itngt line. we'll tell you what they'rere protesting. >> winter is long gone sogone s though it still feels a littleil chilly around these parts but this year's snowstorms areowstor having an impact right in youhtn on d.c.'s wallet.t. we'll explain.we 7:13. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> there's your look outside right now. unfortunately we can't do much better than this for you looks like it's going to beda this way for a little bit. it' 51 degrees right now.ow another dreary day in the dmv, v tucker what are we going to do about db this besides wait until monday i guess. gue >> i think mother's day thing will be a lot better and we'llte get some sunshine perhaps on o saturday but today we got toot just kind of wait this one out. ou >> how bad are we talking today? >> you see behind us is what bes we're going to have later today. about 60. it's going to be be a little drizzle. dri here's the good news. not a lot of measurable rain.urr anything that's falling will be very light. i had a little drizzle drivingzv in. that's going to be about the worst of it.wo 51 in washington. new york city 47 degrees, 44grs, in boston. bos look at columbus, cool, cool, 38 degrees this morning soes still some cool ai tr out theree we are unseasonably cool thisl morning and later todayater temperatures running, oh, oh, about almost 15 degrees below normal with the cloud coverloudr and the light sprinkles andines showers
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i think today generallyer cloudy. cloudy tonight generally cloudy andy ad then we'll have a period of pioo rain overnight tonight andonig during the first half of friday which will beill b measurable. i mean, [inaudible]inaudi saturday just a few showers.. generally cloudy.ud there may be a little sun on suo saturday and then we think t we're going to have morning mni showers on sunday and then and t clear it out by earlyy ear i think most of sunday should be sunny and bright and noticeably more pleasant withpla temperature in the mid 70's and then look at next awesome. >> we'll get through today and tomorrow and then it's the t weekend. >> uh-huh.>> >> erin we always look forward to the weekend don't we.nd't we. >> always look forward to thelor weekend and today is fridays fri eve and cinco de mayo so i was looking forward to thursday asd well. unfortunately with the lightat rain in the area rough commuteel inner loop there's a crash after theea dulles toll left lane is blocked rightckedig now. part of the left shoulder asshod well. you can see that activitythctiv there. give yourself some time to getto past that delay past seven.t sen outer loop activity as we moveem our cameras over big
7:18 am
crash by 450 another closer tor bw parkway. parkway because of that mixed in withn the wet roads you can see a s huge delay there leadingng towards 450 this morning.45 a look at our maps. aside from the outer loop and inner loop crashes we'reloopshes tracking big problems with with metro.o. orange blue and silver linesr l because of a track problem at federal center southwest trains are temporarily holdingol in both directions.dicti metro letting you know to to anticipate delays there in dthen addition to that we have ao crash reported 3400 block of new york avenue. anu reduce your speeds. s big delays coming in from 295. 295 south completely jammed byad eastern avenue on theavenuen t southbound side.sout more traffic and metro updates t in a few. back to you steve. >> happening right now several d.c. public [inaudible] [indi >> bob barnard is live outsideut of wilson high school inl i northwest, just one of threethre locations where they'reon picketing today. tod bob. >> reporter: lay, guys, good lad morning. we're along the sidewalk herere nebraska avenue outside wilson o high school and the number has s grown here. it was a handful to start butult take a look here.take
7:19 am
teachers not only from wilsonm w high school but diehl middle school and also [inaudible] [inu they say they're workingay ty're without a contract.withou i want to pull one of them out t hire jim leonhard and this is i teacher appreciation week. you're saying you want to bet te appreciated as well, is thatd as the deal? >> that's for sure and you can d see on a rainy morning here in washington there's hundreds of d teachers out here who feel fee very disrespected. >> reporter: what's theor deal? you guys don't have ate contract? >> [inaudible] >> we've been patient.e've beena we've taken every initiative ini that the district has thrown at us and done it to the bestt of our ability and worked asked hard as we can for thean f children of this district andth then to be offered, you know,er, a contract of 0 percent fornt f four years and 1 percent going forward just doesn't show very' much respect in our eyes. >> reporter: now, i know innow i detroit schools have beench closed for a couple of days cous because of teachers going outoi on you guys, you're calling this an informational picket.nfor you'll be back in thell be
7:20 am
>> absolutely we'll be back.uteb we scheduled this early so we s could be back in at our a required time of 8 o'clock. >> reporter: all right jim.r: ag we've heard a lot of these a people saying we want respect. t it is teacher appreciation week, appreciate us.ek, a contract with a 1 percentce raise is not much. let me show you what the school's response is thisespo morning. we have a statement [inaudible] in good faith to negotiate ate orw contract for our teachers f for the last several years. yea we are disappointed that we tt have not made progress to dateod but we hope to resumee negotiations in the neartiations future. i so, that's the statement frommeo d.c.p.s. and as we leave youeave guys we'll show you thehow yo t teachers making their way down d the sidewalk they're heading from wilsonfroml high school down to diehlo middle school and then they'llhe go to back to the classroom clas but they want everybody torybo know they're working without aot contract and want a pay raise. i >> all right, bob, thank youha very much. coming up, who sipped thed water in flint, michigan? micha plus we'll tell you which you w state the justice departmentstie put on notice and why. ne an >> also our neighbors to theto t no
7:21 am
monster wildfire burning outld of control. whyfi efforts to stop it have he failed so far.ed soar. look at those flames. 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> an army captain suingin president barack obama arguingra the war against isis in iraq and syria is illegal because it as had not been authorizedad by congress. captain nathan smith supportsthp the war but says he can't
7:24 am
mission is inconsistent withh his oath to preserve protectrott and defend the constitution of the united states.ta >> president obama made hisdenta first visit to flint, michigan i yesterday since the drinking dnk water became contaminated withti lead and pollutants.nd ptant the president met withnt m wit residents there and even took to a sip of the city's filtered water to slow that it's safelyss he said clean water is a basic b responsibilities of government and promised not to rust until l the water in flint is safes saf once again. aga >> united states governmentd st says north carolina's n transgenderor bathroom lawhroo violation civil rights.ion north carolina's law requiresla transgender people to use public bathrooms that conformhar to the sex on their birth certificate.icate critics say the law is discriminatory.scri the u.s. justice departmentce d says the state is in danger of being sued and losing hundreds s of millions dollars in federalel funding. >> state of emergency inte o alberta canada.ala c crews fighting a massiveg a mase wildfire. there you see just how massive s it is. on tuesday, authoritiesutrities thought it was on its way to w
7:25 am
shifted and then everythingveth suddenly went out of control yesterday authorities warn that all efforts to stop theor massive fire had failed.d. military aircraft being called in to help. the entire town, 80,000n, 800 people, it's a city, have beenee forced to evacuate. in awe of the size of the flames and the impact it'sndhe p having. >> yeah, and satelliteatelli pictures are catching all thatla smoke that's coming down intodoi central parts of our country. amazing. awful.awfu hopefully they get it under i ur control soon. looking at cloudy skies, gray skies, gloomy conditions outomcd there yet again this morning.. 51 degrees winds out of the w north and east here at 10.t 1 if you liked yesterday and the day before, and the day beforeaf that, you will love today asod we've got a lot of cloud coverod out there. out just a couple light sprinkles sn and showers.sho most of what we get todaywhate e should be on the light s nothing terribly well wel organized. we have this system out to themt west but it's going to holdol off until later tonight andonigd early tomorrow. i think tomorrow morning we'remi going
7:26 am
rains around to kick off our ofr friday so keep that in mind.d. 60. not expecting any severetiny s weather. winds out of the north and east five to 10.o that's cool for this time of year. we should be in the mid 70's. i here's a quick look at theook at forecast. i want to show you the weekendee i think we get a little sunsne.hine gold cup in virginia saturday. t just got tweeted about it. i think there will be a fewbe aw scattered showers on saturday.ow a better chance late saturday, r early sunday and then we'rewe' going to clear it out in timet t for afternoon on mother's day's with temperature in the midrareh 70's.70's erin is back with traffic. >> 7:26 right now. n we're still tracking thisg t crash on the inner looph on blocking the left shoulder.ul this is out by the dulles toldol road. road delays back to seven.en. heavy traffic on the inner loop as you head towardsowar other delays to show you this ys morning and crash activity.d cr two crashes on the outer loop, one by bw parkway and anotherthr by 450.by50 delays back to 202.02. 50 other inbound side heavy hea traffic.traf 50 eastbound by 410 a crashra involng
7:27 am
overturned truck causingturned u delays. crash on four westbound after a dower house did clear.wer hous all lanes opened.lane ope look at that long line of red on four. please give yourself a lot of at extra time as you head towardsdr the beltway this morning. this i in addition want to give you age head's up for metro. met orange blue and silver passengers residual delaysrs trains are resuming service. sve they will dealing with an earlier arcing insulator atr a federal center southwest. s fire department was at that location. they temporarily halted hted trains. give yourself extra time to get through that station. s also a crash reported 3400te block of new york avenuek anu inbound. big delays there from bww parkway. back to you allison and steve. e >> erin thank you very much. >> still ahead this morning, the final hurdle may have beenmb cleared for donald trump after t his last rival drops out of the race for president. for prei down to one now on the gop the side. but now his real work >> our on the hill team joins us live next with more. 7:27. >> ♪
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familiar name in our area being floated as possible vice-president possibility. so much to talk about. maureen is in the kitchen withen on the hill team for a littlee politics breakfast chat. hmm. >> sounds yummy, good morning. i >> a lot to talk about. abo let me get a cup of coffee weee need to catch speed what's going on here. i want to start with john kasick dropping out of the race here. h hang on. walk and talk at the same time.m not a shocker.noa shoc this was spoiler of a campaign m think a lot of people thought to any way him dropping out anyonea shocked at this?
7:31 am
i mean, he only won his home state and once cruz got out iott think it would have been ashaves donald trump says a little sade for kasich to stay in, and it ad was inevitable. ine he also was probably running ouo of money. >> it's amazing that the last ot last two standing one of the t people won one state in this race. >> right. >> he had new hampshire thathat second place they called victory but the guy won one state it ste feel like the team to life ofo leave. >> at the end of the day, really the only thing ted cruz won here was the race to the door. because, you know, here you goty you know a situation where the question wasn't when these guysg were going to get out. it was how much were they going to be able to clip donald trump's heels and maybe trip hip up before he gets the cleveland. it became clear he was never -- they were never going to dooing that, what's the point of's t pf staying in the race any more. t >> i did notice that john kasick did not go ahead and say i now n support trump he didn't do thatt clearly.r >> he did not do that. t
7:32 am
the lord will show me the wayhe very sort of, you know, i don'tt know, very spiritual speech he h gave here. what was the point of that? t >> that's the way kasich is on o the campaign trail.n one of his most memorablet mor moments was that hug that hehate gave to somebody.od when he's on the trail he lookse at people in the face and he says, you are special personal p made by by >> that is john kasich. kash >> he's setting himself as a vpp i'm alternative to the bombastia trump style f i'm chosen i'll be the couldn't ciliated and bring people together.le toget >> yea kasich as vice-president. >> absolutely. >> did you get any sense heou wants to be donald trump's grump vice-president. >> not now. i didn't get a lot of sense sens people would be behind >> i'll say this about john j kasich. all right. you can fill a football stadiuma with everybody who ran for theor republican nomination. i would suggest john kasich is s the one guy in this race whoe w leaves with his reputationutatn intact.. >> yes.>> >> great assessment. gsses >> everybody else came out a little bit dimin
7:33 am
getting into this mess.s m >> right. >> i don't think john kasich t did. >> what are the papers saying? n we've got a slew of them here. >> this is authentic for me. in the morning morning i show s the newspapers. i love the newspaper.spap. >> that's why bob loves you soso much because you read the hill.h >> i read the hill every day.ay >> one of my favorite headlinesl the wall street journal today they actually take us through tr the rise of trump. t you know, for people that havehh been following this every day,ry just watching the headlines hdl obviously trump has been a stars in this race, but some people io think when he became the presumptive nominee they were tr scratching their head because t they expected a ted cruz or somebody that you know mighthayw have been more predictable ondib the republican party to pull itp off.f. >> everyone new donald trump'so style. it's not like he was new to the landscape.landsc not politically. he wasn't new to the landscape.a when he started making these comments i expected some ofte so these established lawmakers too say listen that's not the tone t we need. nd. cut it off early. ely
7:34 am
>> romney came out and repute ap 88ed and what happened? trump'u numbers went up.we >> he got slammed. >> every establishment person that came out and went againstga donald trump wound up finding ui out that the primary voters in the republican party werert thinking something different. >> you can't underestimate him.a he basically beat 16 otherth people. peop >> i know.>> kno >> and so he's a great counterrc puncher when he was tack as tomt says. says he counter punched very well.y l that's what hillary clinton hasn to be worried about. >> shift gears, to hillary clinton and talk about she's obviously looking towardsokin general election but bernieon b sanders still in it.nd now we're talking about runningi mates.te that's been floated out.. democratic side a running mate a name popping up over and overndo again tim cane who i'm not'm n surprised.rpri i mean he could be a good balance to hillary clinton in t the like ability factor bringing people into the fold.o the fold. >> i think he's a main contend contender. he was for barack obama was on the very list. l he speaks spanish. snish hillary clinton does not speakcn spanish.anish i think she's probably going toi pick a man
7:35 am
that looking at women.. so i think tim cane is a veryy strong possibility. form her head of the dnc. has a lot of advertise k raise e and won't overshadow hillary h clinton which is key.inwhic >> i think also the fact he's h' catholic. he's anti abortion but pro woman choosing. choo i think for a lot of people whow may be conflicted on that thatot may be something that they lookk to as something that sells themt on this democratic ticket fitcic comes to be. >> it's funny you bring that upu too. in one of hillary clinton'sf llr recent set of remarks he was no just appealing to democrats, independence also appealing app torque, i don't remember the, ie words she said moderatemesaid mt republicans. she was appealing to conservatives because she knowsk there are republicans right now who say, i don't know if i'mnoif going to vote.o that's a very smart thing she'sg doing. >> you make good point about aut cane. he not only speaks spanish.. he likes to speak something iomt call human. that tends to be a problem for hillary clinton sometimes. s you know. with all of her resume and all l of her background andkgrod experience, she does have this,t kind of robotic nature sometimem
7:36 am
reasons bernie sanders has done so well against her is that shet does fall into this same old hillary kind of rhetoric. r >> are we getting ahead ofea of ourselves.ou isn't bernie sanders still inrne the race. >> he's still in it. >> remember him? >> here's the thing in our last minute you've gotin your pad ou. >> ronica likes her newspaper.ep i like my i-pad. >> i want to come back to trump. vp candidate. a lot of names noted as possible vp pick. pic newt gingrich i fine fascinati fascinating. >> i don't think that's goodhi idea. >> i don't know. it makes sense to me. what do you think?yo t >> here's what donald trumps whl needs to do. ooh needs to get a board room and a long table and a chair and all these 12 candidates will sis there and every week we'll watch the vice-president apprentice and -- in all seriousness -- >> might actually come down to something like that.g lit. >> we've seen that process from trump f you've ever watched thad show you've seen how he make
7:37 am
shrek. he's going to form a committee.i he says he's going get people p like chris christie on thattie t committee.commtee even suggest ben carson. so there is a template here ina place how he's going to make's this. listen the graveyard is filled e with pundants hooved wrongve wrg things about donald abn i'll stop being one of those,ho, okay? but i also know that this man knows how to pick people toe work for him. and i think we've seen a clue c how he goes about that. >> one things i'm wondering ifri will come to pass, we've had tremendous voter turnout inut these primaries now that we'reha in this getting closer tolose officially being general race r you look at the new york post yp more than half the front is i janet jackson.on will this fascination andasnati obsession with this race sort or die down a little bit now that people feel like they don't want to vote? v >> janet jackson would be a good vice-president to donald trump.a >> you never know.w this is not going to end.o e i'm sure it is the talk at yourt breakfast table this certainly a lot to talk aboutk o very exciting.veryxciting. be on the hill gang catch them t every sunday
7:38 am
here on fox5. guys, whew, we might need a nd whole pot of coffee to get through this election cycle.le a whole coffee field. f steve and allison, back to you. >> thank you so much.uc save us a us comincoming up menzel mug shot. former quarterback turns himsele in and takes an interestingerti picture.pictur >> tragic twist in the death ofs prince the man who found him ana called 911. tucker? >> hey, coming up after the ute break we'll take look at the weather forecast.we more clouds, more showers. s is there sunshine on the seven v day? i'll have all the detailsd on the weather in just a coupleu of minutes.of minutes ♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
nfl player johnny manziell expected to be in court today ti face misdemeanor assault chargea he turned himself yesterday for the alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend back in january hy posted bond and will appear in court today.t toda he's said to plead not guilty g that's his mug shot from sho f yesterday. >> developing details in the t death of prince. of pri investigator nouse looking intoo claims an addiction and painctid specialist was called to his t home hours before he was foundou dead. >> dr. howard cornfield knownnfd for his work with synthetic druu to treat pain. unlike oxycodone or morphine the drug has a lower dependency ra rate. his lawyers say he was unable tl fly to minneapolis right away ta help prince, so he zen his son. investigators are also looking at whether c
7:42 am
appropriately when he was askedd to help the super star. are you feeling lucky if sos you might want to buy auy powerball ticket. ticket. it's getting up there. u >> the jackpot is now up to $415 million. the odds of winning, who cares,c but they're one in 292 million.l so what? the next drawing is os saturday. but it's far cry from january's $1.6 billion jackpot which was split by three lucky >> all right.>> a bought a couple tickets lasttict night d not win obviously the jackpot rolled over.ed >> keep buying them. >> i'll do the same.>> i a bigger payout. pay >> coming up new concerns overoe dangerous amounts of lead in tht water at d.c. public what happened when parents metet with city officials to talkals about the problem. plus we are no longero l thinking about snow but it is it still lingering problem for the district.. last winter' storms are nowrm ae hurting the city's wallet. 7:42. 7:42. ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> more cloud cover and raindrops much this whole weekct has ban write off here in the district.of >> i'd like to hear that song s raindrops keeps falling on myep head. it was one of my favorites whenw i was little girl. was l >> we can do it for you.ou we'll get another chancether che tomorrow and maybe >> tomorrow morning we'll havew bigger rains around for the morning commute.morn generally cloudy early thiss morning.morn drizzle, gloomy.y. >> friday ev >> moody and cinco de mayo.d nc >> that's right.s ri. >> me and steve are wearing ourr purple for you
7:46 am
>> little lavender going onlaver there.there. >> no? >> is it. >> purple light. >> right. >> let's go to the forecast. fas i did the best its best i can. >> purpose pep rain today. pep . >> clouds and showers continueue today. most of the 8rshower activity wl be pretty light and remain coolc current conditions right aroundn 50 degrees for just about abo everybody and daytime highs only 60 degrees. by the way we should be in the h mid 70s. sixty three 73 degrees ourree average daytime high for thiss date. te well below normal temperature n wise later today with the clouds and the drizzle and the a t occasional shower activity.. there's your storm tracker rad radar. live stuff out there at this hour there's drizzle across thee region and measurable rain forif parts of our viewing area out tt the west.. although pretty light.y light not expecting severe weatherinse today. much like yesterday it willerdal remain cloudy throughout the dat and there may be just a few showers later this afternoon.ftn so got an area of low pressureow out in the ohio valley, and thaa will drop down, and then off the coast later this afternoon tonfo night and once it gets off theff coast we are going to see rainee
7:47 am
and overnight tonight into your morning commute tomorrow we're going to have pretty steadye prd rains around. around. so that morning commute tomorroo may be somewhat of a challenge.. not that it's always a challenge particular challenge with theen rain.ra future cast let's take quick q look. look there we are at noon. at no real light stuff here thiser there we are tomorrow morning ao 9:00 a.m. you can see we've got potentially pretty good rainsoor around and that rain willn will continue for much of the day onn friday. all moving on to the weekend veryery quickly. a few showers for the day onn saturday.turday got gold cup, lots and lots of o activitactivities going on acros city it won't be a rainout but t few showers around on saturday r along with generally cloudyy skies.ies. sunday morning our frontalur frl system comes through with a fewr showers for mother'ous day andda then clear it out in theut afternoon it looks brighter,ghr, nice, pleasant and warmer byme y sunday afternoon for mother's m' day with temperatures in the mim 70s. so it's not going to be perfecte weekend but it won't be what b t it's been the last couple ofe ll days either. i think it will gradually beduay
7:48 am
sunday. >> part of the whole transitiont then. >> look at early next week. eary >> cool. thanks tuck.thanks tuc >> i would expect he delivere de nothing less than gorgeous dayoe on sunday for mom.or >> every mom deserve it.ry mom e >> that's right. >> even cat moms, erin. (laughter).. >> best toss to traffic evertrfc steve. right now we're taking live look federal center southwest earlier arcing insulator had problems om the orange, blue and silver line.line still a scene with activity down construction workers at that wo locate. loca rains are once again moving atig that metro stop. sto watch for delays in bothelayn bh directions. we'll look at our maps mucht ou aside from that crash activityht on the inner loop after thehe dulles toll road delays back tok seven down to 19 miles per hourr 66 inbound completely jams and then 267 as you try to get on t the inner loop towards marylands jams as well. w in bethesda the inner loop is all stacked up with congestionsn by connecticut.ctut. let's take a live look outsideut some other problems you need ton be aware of. awa this is a
7:49 am
crash i just told you about onbo the inner loop by the dulles toll road. r 95 on the northbound side we're' also dealing with a crashara blocking the left shoulder, leff this is 95 northbound at lortonr road delays all the way back to dale city. cy. very slow-moving traffic. you can see the arrow truck andk all that police activity there. you're also stacked up south ats that point in stafford simply just because of the morningornig rush. no crashes in stafford rightfort now. a look back on the our maps some other issues you need to beou n aware of a lot of heavy delaysvy heading into the district.isic earlier crash did clear quitear sometime ago on 395 on the t northbound side by seminary road but you are jam pack from the bottom of the beltway inwa i alexandria through the 14thou street bridge.street bri you jam up to the eastbound sidb of the freeway. memorial bridge jams as well ael rows vessel bridge is stack andd things are very slow on suitlanl parkway issue.wa we'll keep updated.ed that's your rainy thursday t morning traffic update.trafupdae >> allison.>> >> thanks erin.>> metro has major announcement that could have a major impacta on your commute. comte general manager paul wiedefeldfd will outlin
7:50 am
that could shut down sections s for extended periods of time.f m that announcement could come as soon as tomorrow after the new n general manager briefs the metro board. two fairfax county cnt pre-school workers out a job this morning they're accused ofs of abusing a four-year-old girlg in their care.e sherri digs and lisa campbelll charged with misdemeanor assau assault. the alleged abuse happened last name at gyms l and juliet mcnean pre-school academy in alexandr alexandria. police are concerned there could be more victims. it took a jury iny i edericksburg just three hourshrs to find the mangel in the murder of his roommate at the the university of merry washington.. steve brill defense admitted hee strangled grace man to death tod last april but said that he was insane at the time. tim the jury disagreed.ised they recommended he be sentencee to life in prison plus an additional 11 years.ea grace man was from falls church.
7:51 am
new results regarding led watere testing at d.c. public schools.o public schools in the district c and other schools. elevated lead levels were foundf at three locations at capitol hill mop sorey school, two weree outdoors, one was in a janitor'r sink all three sources have been taken out of service. the drinking water, though, athg that school does appear to be safe. sa just hours after thosestft results were released dc parentn took part in a town hall to hall voice their concerns.s. many parents upset at how d.c.. ps is handling this issue. iss they say there's been a lack of communication throughout theght whole 7:51 now.51 now. steve, over to you.e, ove y al, thank you very much.u ry m metro facing serious safetyy questions we know that boths we about passenger safety on then rails and safety of metro ofro o employees on the job.on the job. >> joining us now loose lipsseip columnist will sommer with the h washington city paper.ity we talk about so much about whaw happens on the rails before we b get to the ntsb report that wash pretty scathing when it came toe metro this bus incident theis b other day really raised lot of l ey
7:52 am
saying what is next for thisor metro system?stem? >> exactly. very disturbing incident.en a man gets on the bus allegedly take as pliers threatens thepl t driver the driver gets off, thee man highjacks the bus and runser over another man at a gasas station.stat we're seeing more details cominl out about the suspect supposedlt had some issues with drugs, dru mental health perhaps but justt really another sad incident inc forpet metro.forpet m >> only so much you can do, youu know, if people are -- have illness or act ire rationallyato people will did what they feel f they have to but you can protect the driversh and protect the passengers.ers. was enough done? is it enough being done to do that. to do t >> the metro union says the bus driver's union are very unhappy. their drivers are not safe as na they can be and they say they've been asking metro for more and e it's not clear if they'rehe getting it.t. the question comes the talk hask been to build these shieldsse around the drivers to protect dt the shields but -- drivers butvs everything costs cosony metro in a hole now from the fm rail system that gets so muchh attention but now the buses as b well. the question is, where do you go
7:53 am
>> exactly right. exactly right we see metro wants more money m from the jurisdictions, from tho federal government and certainla the federal government hasn't been very willing to give it.llg they went to congress and saidnd we're not going to bail out which is quiet how that works wr the purse strings are pretty ptt tight. >> let's get to the ntsb report. this was focusing more on theren rails the smoke incident that brought a lot of this to attention.ntn. real uncovered this culture ofrf metro that date back decades dec watch was your take on that.onh. >> exactly. it's very disturbing.y disrb certainly for anyone who ridesnd the metro system, you seem, there's all this talk about, yoo know, decades of missed mis maintenance want have you now. o upcoming the new general manager paul wiedefeld says he has thiss whole big plan how to fix that,t and he's going to be talking to the metro board members tomorroo to brief them on it and whond knows when we'll see iteet relatively shortly after that. . but it's probably going mean m service cuts. >> is a decision -- is it enougg right now no matter what they dt is it enough to alleviate, you u know, the concerns of the riderr at this point? point >> that's a great question. qst t
7:54 am
far as service goes before ite t gets better. bet paul wiedefeld says we can't c keep operating at the level t l we're operating at. timewise while getting this t maintenance done. >> you've been here a long timet i've heard in the last dozen doz years i've been in d.c. i heardh a lot of people say, okay, i'mka worried about riding metro.etro i'm concerned, whatever it is. i this is the first time i herfiti people say i'm not going to ridr because of safety concerns. cce. have you heard otherwise? other >> it's very interesting. i think after the 2009 red leapd crash a couple people but thenu that was on out liar unusualiaru choice to make.oak to not ride metro now you hear h it all the >> general manager has worked to and we'll fine out what thoseute next steps are very shortly. srt let's talk some other cityit business receipt now. we had a lot of snow this year.r we know the blizzard that had tt everybody trapped for while anda of course that costs money as well. how are we looking financially n for snow removal.foal >> whole lot of money.hole the city paid out the nose andoe perhaps did not pay in the right way. obviously knew the storm wasew w coming in advance.. the
7:55 am
of snow cleaning put that inhan perspective that's more than thh city usually budgets for snowor cleaning for an entire decade. >> wow! >> in one setting. that's more than we paid forth several years combined. so the trouble is, city put soyp much of it on credit cardd literally like, you know, it's ' like you're on personal financee poor decisions and so much sonss the bank cut off the city's cit credit cards now, the credit cards are back b online but, yeah, it was a big hall and so now the city stillti working through the financial fn myhr wrath of all of that. >> unbelievable. a decades worth of financingnng costs just for snow removal in l one storm basically, right, whaa did it. exactly. >> that's it. the time we have right now ifha you want to read more aboute abt shake ups, possible shake ups ii city council races check out will's column in the loose lipss column right now in the washington city paper.ington c thanks, will. >> thanks. >> send it over to tuck. isn't that amazing tuck. >> i can't believe.>> i a decade. decad >> that's amazing.zing. yeah. that storm was amazing back inki january. let's get to the weather. we're looking at overcastot, gloomy, drizzly. got
7:56 am
forecast keep the umbrella handy. hdy although most of the rape today will be fairly light. be winds northeast at 12. 1 here's quick look at yourt satellite/radar.tellradar and it's featuring lots of cloud cover out there.cove some showers out to the west.rst some of our viewers out to theet west getting more measurableeasa rain. most of today will be just kindu of cloudy and drizzly. drizz and then the measurable rainblei will return late tonight and fod much of the day on friday.. so hang in there a few more days of this rather gloomy forecast c and then things will start tollt brighten up on saturday i thinkh we'll get at least some sunshins with just a few showers.ho and then looking much brighterur by mother's day afternoon. temperatures in the mid 70s by b sunday.nd that's good news. g all right. that's weather.ooat wea roads probably not fun.ot fun how is it looking erin. >> 7:00 vick. as you head out inside thedehe district tweets from dc policecl we have police activity insideis the district right now as wellsw as a crash. cra. there's a crash northbound onund new jersey of a just before new york avenue. the left lane is blocked. bck be prepared to reduce youre speeds there.he also police activity 22nd and a m street northwest it's 1200 to 1400
7:57 am
northwest they're blocked bck use caution there.e ca 295 inbound from north of 50 50 completely jammed up withd u congestion.coti 50 inbound same story there.ryhe as you make your way out more crash activity continues on the inner loop right after theerhe dulles toll road and delays back to seven.even. speeds under 19 miles per hour.. 267 backed up leading towards the inner loop and 66 inbound iu super jammed up from manassas ms all the way inside the beltway.w keep it to fox5 news morningorng 8:00 o'clock hour coming rightog up with more news, weather and traffic. ♪ ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling...
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♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. m ♪ right now at 8:00, giving you a live look outside on this thursday mornik oung. it is may fifth, cinco de mayoia weevil have weather and trafficn for you coming operate fives at 8:05.8: top of the morning to you mg i'm allison seymour.eyur >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm steve welcome to fox5 news morning.or we'll get the morning the mg started with latest on what's w' happening in spotsylvania countc right now. three year old boy has beenas missing for more than 12 hours.. >> last seen with his father bub police believe that child is ini extreme danger due to priorrior threats that the father has ma made. >> melanie alnwick has beenlnwis following this story. bll she joins us live fromowe from spotsylvania county with theh very latest for us.t fors. mel? >> reporter: good morning. yes the search is still on andna eighths desperate search foratea this little boy.this little you know, we asked the sheriff's office here here why they w the believe that the boy was in extreme dan
8:01 am
yes, indeed the father has madem prior threats against the boyheb either to harm him or to kill kl him and that is why they are so concerned.erned now, let's show you his picturec because this is the mostthis is important thing.ant t he's three years old.ea old his name is zion clinton amironi williams.wiiams 3 feet 5-inches tall, weighss just 35 pounds.pods just a little guy. he only turned three just a few weeks ago. a so really, really small here ane they also say that he was only l wearing a blue and white diaper that had cars logo -- cars from the movie i believe and again a they believe that he was with his father joshua christopherphr williams.iams. 28 years old, 5 feet 11-inches tall, 160 pounds and they saidai joshua was last wearing a navy v blue and gray sweatshirt and blue jeans. jeans so apparently last night around 7:00 spotsylvania county policet tell thus the boy, his mother
8:02 am
2015 nissan altima they earl ha look out for. f and that at some point there war an argument.ent they say that joshua assaulted the mother severely beat her anr she was able to get out of the g car and that is when joshua anda the little boy took off. o. now, at some point, the car was located, and but joshua and zioo were not found with it.ndh it. they do not know where they arey at this point. p we were able to find that car out in front of a home where neighbors told us the family hay been stayed or was staying and a so thing got little confusingeou from there.he we did talk to the charlesrles county sheriff's office aboutica finding that car. and steve and allison, this alsa is just a little strange but ini want to share it with you guys.w so what they're telling me is me that vehicle actually belongs to zion's mother who is joshua's ex-girlfriend, and we don't knoo
8:03 am
apparently we're hearing that aa friend of the mother's may havev taken the car back to thehe boyfriend's house.end's we just don't know.. so there's some very weirdryei things going on with this case.c we hope to kind of pull those -- that information out and try tot make it more clearer for folksos but the the matily what's mosths important people share that sret picture show they can try to bring zion home back to you.backo yo >> yes, share, share, share., s thank you lani a rescue high up on the national cathedral this morningg a man threatening to committ suicide climbed to the belld tol tower just after aft police say he went up thehe scaffolding that's on thehat's e outside of the cathedral. catal easted up there for 2.5 hours.5h before safely coming down arounn 2:45 this he's now at the hospital.. godwin middle school in dali city virginia will open on timee today.toda word from school officials.ic problem, a man was found shotnds there last night. night. now that man later died at the hospital.hoit the school said the victim wastw not student nor staff memberem much police this morning areice still searchg
8:04 am
however, it is the secondond homicide in two days in princenc william county.nty also happening today, the, man accused of killing his wifew and a prince william county cou police officer will be back inb court.urt. ronald ma'am milton faces firstt degree and capital murder m charges in the death of his wife crystal and rookie police pol officer ashley guindon.. two other officers were also h hur. his lawyers say he was mentallyl impaired as a result of two tours in iraq. it is also sentencing dayg for prince george's county mansm who kill his stepfather.teat police say antoine james shot joseph newell more than a dozenz times in 2013 after an argumentt over yard work. w james faces up to 10 years in10s prison. ♪ on the bring of eliminationa now the road to the stanley cupy not looking quite as good as itd was for the cap yesterday.esrd two minutes and 30 seconds intos overtime patrick horn request fired a loose puck and that gavv the penguins a three-two victimm the caps have to recallly fromel three games to one deficits to f something they've only done
8:05 am
twice in the franchise's 41 seasons.ons. game five good news here will bb back at home at verizon center c they win that they're downthe do three-two and then obviously oio every game is a must win fromt here on out. o >> that's what makes it so exciting. >> they've all been one gamell e goals so far. very close.very close. >> can't count them out.'t coun. that's all i'm saying.'s all >> i tried.>> i >> count them out. counthem >> i tried to be proactive.roace and get involved. >> it's not over.t over. >> you're right.>> >> it has defeat it mentality.. >> got to change that outlook. o >> i've been at it for while out here sports wise.e i'm discouraged. >> um glum let's go to theumet's forecast. we're looking, allison.on >> yes. >> i want to be proven >> well then, don't do it. >> okay.>> o (laughter). >> i don't know what that meansh >> don't do what? d't d >> 51 -- >> you got to believe.ot telie that's what makes it sight it st exciting. >> 50 in right around 50 l all morningor long. we got the fog, the drizzle, tht low clouds, the gloomylo conditions yet again for our thursday. not expecting much sunshinechine today.toda many you gh
8:06 am
but short lived with scattered t showers back in the forecastt today.toda hey, highs only in the upper 50s to about 60 expect a cool oneoo you might want a jacket inac addition to that umbrella.rea most of the rain we get todayet will be pretty light.. should just be generally drizzlz and light rain with a few spottt showers out there at 5:00 p.m. 0 so if you have outdoor sportsrt after school that kind of thingf you'll be attending right there. the fields are soggy but there won't be much rain falling fromf the sky. >> i'm just looking forward towa actually next week. >> next week looks great. g >> so good.>> s >> we'll talk important mother'' day weekend forecast coming up. and i'm going to take a look atk what's going on in kentucky forr saturday.rd >> oh, that's right.>> o >> um-hmm. >> big horse race. b >> yes. >> thanks, tuck.>> >> check in with erin and see ad how the roads and the rails alla things that move out there. >> it does look so hot, guys.
8:07 am
>> i love the team work.eam w i feel warm and fuzzy.uzzy. 270 southbound father hurley hle boulevard to the spur we ared ts dealing -- we'll get out of the way so you can see it. i some delays there down to t 13 miles per hour. p prince george's countyer right w four west delays 301 to dowerhouse road 13 miles an hour hour. big delays there and twitterhe update for you.. police activity it's 1200 to t 1400 block of 22nd street northwest blocked temporarily.r. there's also a crash north newew jersey of a ott out by new yorky avenue. live look outside.ook coming from lorton 95 northbounr in virginia it's a parking lotkt because of a crash taking out ot the left lane. you're jammed from dale city.alt an ambulance on that locate.oca. south at that point in staffordf dealing with big delays.g withid metro getting back to normal.. earlier arcing insulator issueas out at federal center southwesth had problems on the orange, blu, and silver lines and those haveh cleared up we'll let you knowou how metro is shaping up.ap up. back to t >> that might have been a bettee safe than anything in the capsic game last night.gaas >> it's team work makes theam w dream work.eam work. >> love it. thanks guys. th entire town evacuated raging fire closing in con
8:08 am
grow.grow. and the feds weigh in on those controversial transgenderragendr bathroom laws in north carolina. >> and powerball back up to somo big money jackpots all that'st's holly? >> hey, guys. i'm looking ahead to 9:00 o'clock and good day d.c. prince apparently tryingryin desperate toll get help forelp f addiction when he died.e d we'll take closer look at that,, and did you watch empire last night? the mother of all returns. we'll dish about that in ome. meantime, fox5 news morning isog back in just that's right seconds.
8:09 am
>> hate to keep showing you all the views from outside because it's not too promising of a day today. if you're grabbing your jacket to head outside you'll need it.n it's chilly out there. 51 degrees right now. deg not going to to move too much mo inform canada crazy situationtin here.he it's really a tragic situation.n wildfire there continues to burb out of control.ofon this is in alberta, canada. crews fan tick klee fightingkleg this massive blaze that's beenhe burning all week on tuesday thet thought they hit under control.n didn't. the winds shifted and things got worse.rse yesterday authorities warned a that all efforts to stop thehe massive fire had failed. fled. military aircraft now being now called in to help the entireir city of 80,000 people has been e evacuated.te more than 1600 homes destroyed so far.. ♪ let's look now to the race to the white house. h john kasich calling it quitst epping his republicanepubn presidential campaign makingn donald trump the only person r running in the gop race no
8:10 am
trump is now getting ready fordf the general election and making a list for potential vice-presidential candidates.s he's forming a committee to weigh in on his running mateng e picks. pi committee will include former fr rival ben carson. meanwhile, a warning forar donald trump from rollingmp frog stones. the rock band is asked him too stop playing -- ored him to stoo playing their music at his campaign in a statement the band request the trump "cease all use immediately" trump campaign hash yet to comment.. his trump began adele, stevenn tyler, neal young asked trauma a top stop using their music at his events.hi eve they want to get paid.t to g pa. >> us government says northent carolina is transgender bathroor law violates civil r north carolina's law requires ri transgender people to use public bathrooms that conform to the sex on their birth certificate.i critics say the slawhela discriminatory.rimina. the us justice department saystn the state is now in danger of being sued and losing hundreds d of millions of dollars in in federal funding.. johnny ma
8:11 am
be in court today facing a misdemeanor assault charge hessc turn himself yesterday for theot 11 assault his ex girlfriend back in >> manziel posted bond. pd b he'll appear in court today.. he's set to plead not guilty.ui >> if you're feeling lucky picky up a couple powerball tickets.i. >> jackpot now up to $415 million.$4 the odds of winning they're one in 292 million.on we all can see somebody willingl within. next drawing is on saturday is r bought far cry from january'saro massive $1.6 billion jackpot j which was split by three lucky winners.nn so it's possible.os coming up, dozens of up, des teachers at a local school area hitting the picket line thist lt morning. bob barnard joins us live with w their story.r story live look outside right now onoi this thursday morning. capital dome.tal dom it looks pretty good. goo tuck sixty four back with sty f today's forecast.cast. unfortunately it involves littll bit of rain.y we'll get the details next. maybe weth can get little cutens in there, too. it's 8:11.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> here's a look at the whitea o house this 51 degrees a little chilly out there. let's warm things up, tuck. what can we do about that. >> i need cuteness. i need a smile.e hi n >> please, throats something.hra >> me too. >> for our fox5 first five photo of the day. d we got cuteness.ens. >>eses. >> adorable. >> so cute. so cu. >> jordan everybody.. >> jordan is two years old.ld he wakes up every morning firstr thing he says let's turn on fo fox5. >> i love that pose.os >> can we talk about that we delicious head of hair.cious heo >> that's pretty awesome. awe >> let's talk about's t
8:15 am
right now. >> everything about he's owning every aspect of that photo.o >> understand he's only two. on. do you know how little that is to have that confidence.e th coe >> that's what i'm saying. sin >> you're right, steve. >> future entrepreneur righten >> you made me so happy today,y jordan. jordan >> great smile, too, jordan.mila to send us your child's picturee go to our facebook page fox5 f first five look for that and a send us your picture and if i there's as cute as jordan we'll put them on. >> i love the tie and jeans lo look. >> the on thing that's givingin him away is the dg imple in hiss hands to let you know he's justj a little one.. >> those look like little chuck taylors he may a kevin mccarthyy in training. >> look at him.>> lk at they look more like vans to me.m >> i couldn't see the bottom. i saw the sole of that shoe.t s. >> yes. >> super cute, jordan looking jo good. >> we love it, jordan.e lo it, let's do some weather. weath perfect outfit for today. tod you want the long sleeved shirte on much it's a little cool out.. 51 now in washington.ngton hey, highs today upper 50s to to about 60.t 6 well below normal temperature te wise, and that's because of the
8:16 am
the light showers sprinklesprinl drizzle which continues across c the region and that willonnd th continue today.continue t not going get a lot of lot measurable rain today but we ari going to be lookingn at continuation of what we've beene dealing with the last couple ofo days with low clouds and a occasional drizzle occasional shower just looking at the weekend wke forecast.foreca. kentucky derby if you're y'r interested looks like thereks could be thunderstorm activity v saturday with highs about 80bou0 there. but you know i don't knowno allison if you care or not about conditions at the track.trck >> yeah, if it's muddy. yh, i >> are you talking about it? >> dry. >> i don't know why i'm talking about it. >> i care about fit you're talking aboutwh it.t. >> that's sweet. i don't know why i care. maybe i should talk about the t gold cup. >> it's fun to watch.t'fun >> that's local.c totally fun.totay f i watched three race as year.s y >> makes you want a mintly? nt help and beautiful hat g there'e your forecast.. today lots of rain tomorrow anda the first half of friday.rst ha a few showers on saturday.ur maybe a shower sunday morningdar and then for mother's daysay promise we will see sunshine with temperatures in the mid 70d by afternoon.
8:17 am
sunshine, a momma hug, h influential woman or caregiverar in your live hug it will make m you happy. >> there you go.>> you just got give us a littleusl we'll take care of the rest. res >> i'll go looking for hugs onsn sunday. sunday. >> i'll give you one.l gi you >> i feel like we should have sl taken to you gold cup.ou gol cup i forgot it's your first timersm around. maybe in the fall.mayb >> i want to go. count me in. right now i don't have the lovee light rain dealing with bigli wt problem on the roads huge delaye right now. now traffic crash update. northbound new jersey avenueer before new york avenue is cleare still dealing with police activity 22nd of a northwest. 121400 blocks are blocked rightr now detour around that.undha as for the rest your morningourg ride really slow traffic coming in from frederick down throughnh rockville. ro father hurley to the spur dipspd down to 13 miles per hour. 95 southbound the icc to the beltway bw southbound delayed dy four westbound delays fromro richie marlboro to dower hourr road. ro earlier crash that is stillr causing a lot of residual slow s traffic suitland parkway inbouny is jammed. the b
8:18 am
problems even though inner loope crash aft the dulles toll roadl did clear, delays are still bacb to springfield.gfld heavy traffic there. 395 inbound the beltway to thetw 14thhe street bridge completelyl jammed up and this is a look at the delay that's north startedrt to clear in fred bic but like ik said it starts to pick up souths of that point live lock 95 on 9n the northbound side in lorton al big crash taking out two lanes.n we are jammed up from dale city all the way through lore don. d let's city we can get live looke at that right that ri you can see that police activitt still taking out that side. s keep it to the use caution. south of that point in staffordd you jam up as well.l. steve? >> erin thanks happening right h now dozens of d.c. public schooh teachers getting back to theirir classroom after this early e morning >> they have some seriousio demands.mas. fox5's bob barnard is live is l outside wilson high school for f moment you were walking righte g along with them to get theirir take on why they're doing this.t good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve.and steve. we were with them an hour ago as they basically marched from th
8:19 am
tenley town metro station past wilson high school over to deald middle school. soo these are teachers from wilsonil high school, deal middle schoolo and elementary school thawingl they want a new this teacher appreciation weeki then wanted to be appreciated bt school administration. admin the school districtscho administration. they say they've been workingn g without a contract for years. ys that they have not had a raiseae in years. what's being caw offered is 1% raise. and these teachers said this was an informational picket.onal p it's not a walk out, a sick outt they're back in school. classes are going on as normal.r but they say they want a a contract and they want everybody to know about it. >> deal middle school lost overo third of its staff last year. la if you want to us stay around, a if you want a stable community,y sign a contract, kia, thank youy >> chancellor announced public b tal council hearing she hasas suspended negotiations untill after our election. one has nothing to do with thedw other. we want her back to the tableckh now.
8:20 am
we were down two final t f articles -- items we wanted tott negotiate.netiat compensation and grievances and she suspended negotiations negos without any input from the wtu. we have not agreed to suspendnd negotiations. >> reporter: in a statement tote fox5 news, the school system ham been working in good faith to to negotiate a new contract for ouf teachers for the last several sl years. they go on to say, we are we a disappointed that we have notot made more progress to date butot we hope to resume negotiations i in the near future. again, this a situation foron f teachers all across the districr miss davis from the washingtonei teachers union there. the but it was the teachers fromsro wilson, deal middle and merch that took to the streets todayed saying they're not going to doo what they do in detroit teacherh leaving the classrooms andssrood shutting the school system downt for two days. they just want people to knowno that they want new contract.ontc guys? >> understand. then went into the classroom.toa understand. thank you very much, bob.u ry m >>
8:21 am
up reverse the effects of aging, yes, please without doing this i when you walk around. you we've got the simple food tricks to help you look younger. youer >> first, though, the end off happy hour? why more people are trading a bar stool for theirore couch.uc coming up next. 8:21.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
be changing according tor new survey 61% of people who responded age 34 and over say or they would rather enjoy a glassg of wine at home than at a bar. b many millennials agree.gree 47% of millennials still say they would prefer happy hour th home. part of the shift is becausef th more consumers are looking tokio safe money then don't want to te pay the premium prices. pri >> or talk to people.eople. >> at the bar. >> or talk to others.s. >> stay at home now.ow. >> like this. t >> happy hour at my house is mee looking at, you know, the wall.l >> i didn't know where he wasreh going with that. >> i was a little worried forwod minute.te >> people still choose that ovee people social and paying premium. >> it's a culture shift i thinkk it's kind of like what -- eveniv like my parents did more so than i ever did, and then i get it. i everything has changed. cha >> right.ight >> yeah.. >> you're absolutely rightou people sit at home and they'r ad just -- ju >> drinking and looking at their phone. >> looking at apps.>> l let's go to the forecast.e fore. we're looking cool overcast, damp, drizzl
8:25 am
what else is new? about 50 forr just about everybody out there.t i'm trying find some warme temperatures.te how about 52 in hagerstown? ersw there you go.uo. major warm spot.warm um per 50s to about 60 laterut 0 this afternoon.fternoon more cloud cover.more c more drizzle.. blah, blah, blah.h. sorry about t best chance for rain will be overnight tonight into the dayn on friday. fri friday looks very wet by the w w way. i think morning commute tomorro we could have pretty good rainsa around. so today and tomorrow more ofomw the same. it will get a little brighter on saturday.saturday there may still be a few showerw in the forecast through sundayy morning with a cold front but by sunday afternoon i'm hoping we'n break out in sunshine for f mother's day and we'll warm thet temperatures up and then just it time to get back to work nextorn week looks gorgeous, 75 to 805 t monday and tuesday. tuesd >> super cup peer can't wait. c >> that part will certainly berw nice. >> thanks tucker barnes.erar let's check in with erin and ged a look what's happening on the roads this morning.s th mor >> new problem bethesda rock rockville pike northbound at 353 dealing with a lane blockedane b right now you can see crews at a that location this is again pass jones bridge road nor
8:26 am
side. it looks like a tree limb camelc down and is blocking that lanega right there. ri so as you head north from friendship heights into bethesdb you're going to hit this delay.l give yourself extra time there.t doesn't look like the southbound lanes right now are affected.e a crews at that location.ocio we'll go ahead and take looe now at our maps much aside fromf that issue, we are seeing othero problems around the area. are police activity in the district 22nd streit at n street rightt r now portion of 22nd street str northwest temporarily blocked b with police activity.witholic notice how 395 as you head ineai past the 14th street bridgetri you jam up. eastbound side the freeway bitey third street tunnel heavy.ea we're dealing seeing a lot of low moving traffic on the rows e vessel memorial bridge. 66 inbound gp parkway 123 to tht key bridge jammed. key bridge heavy and a lot of lt traffic as you make your waye yy inside the beltway clara bartonr and cabin john. j father hurley to the spur downon to 13 miles per hour fromr f montgomery county all the way through rockville this morning.i let me get out of the way top t side of the beltway jamsy ms completely on the outer loop.r o heavy traffic by connectic
8:27 am
the inner loop as you make youry way nut in bethesda as well. 95 southbound icc to the innero loop slow. lo same four on by parkway. inbound four delays dipping down to 13 miles per hour as you try to get to the te be inner loop slows across theos wilson bridge and suitland suitl parkway to the douglas bridgeglb also very slow. s leave early watch for wet roadsa grab your umbrella.grabour back to you.. >> still ahead big news forew janet jackson. >> five-zero.ive- >> and her family.ily it's growing. growing. and caitlyn jennifer scores thee cover of a big magazine.agaze >> kevin geeking out over this.t captain america civil wara cil w actually hits theater as very rare thursday movie review andee wait until you see what kevin is wearing today to celebrate. you don't want to miss it.
8:28 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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8:30 am
♪ welcome back you can almost see a littlealmoe glimmer of hope in that shot tha right but, yeah, little foggy start tt the day once again. a hang on to next week, sunny s skies and warmer temperaturespeu around these parts.around the >> all right. let's get sunny disposition ofsf kevin mccarthy.kevicarth there's the music, kev.sic, k >> thank you, mack. m mack does our audio. i wore pac-man suit today. s t there's no reason for it.for it but it's a nerdy day. d captain america civil war isn am opening up today in theaters anr i thought this was the nerdy yesterday suit i possibly had. >> do you remember the name ofme the ghost now that we talk about it. it >> inky, pink key, blinky andlik collide. >> you got it. >> yay! captain a
8:31 am
war opens today inca this movie will blow your mindou from all aspects in regards toet action, comedy and drama. d russ so brothers are proving a g themselves as some of theselv greatest film makers work dag. this film delivers on everyn level you can possibly imagine.e prior to this, captain americata winter soldier was my favorite t film in the marvel cinematicinet universe what that means is, in, that universe you have films f like iron man one and two and avengers one and two, you haveae thor, thor two, captain americaa one, two, three, ant man, m guardians of galaxy. all in the top of my head butdut those films are great.. but this blows them all away. aa this is the best film so far in the mcu and beauty of this moviv the action is great, the comedyc is great. gat every cast member spiderman,, best spiderman you've he haveoue seen on camera in any movie.. he has a major role in this filf of the black pan cher isck panr incredible. cad wick boseman plays blackla panther howard university.rsit iron man fighting capt
8:32 am
here's why, though. though. people are wonder buying that's right fighting. basically the world's governments want to control thet avengers after all the damageshd and fights that happened in the previous films.previous fms iron man is for the control. con captain america is against these government control.nt contr so that's why they're fighting g lot more did he tail there.. simplified story line. but i'm telling you right now rn there's a 17 minute actionction sequence in this film that isil worth the entire price of mission. i joke earlier i would pay $20 y to watch it on loop for three t hours. >> we took you seriously. serio >> i really would. realluld >> we're going to take you up oe that. >> this scene was shot with all i max cameras.i max cameras. here's the cool thing.he coo when you're watching it in i max theater, it actually belows up s to the full i max screen brag s those 17 minutes. minut it's incredible.redibl important note, there are two ending credit scenes. when the movie is over, you'llvu be watching the credits, onerede scene in the middle, one scene all the way at the the so stay all the way to the to t the end of the movie. >> dead pool he's be back i'llek be back with the sequel.equel. >> two of those. nothing like it's worth it. worth
8:33 am
you have to see ha it's ama >> i'm going contact the studioe and get that 17 minute scene ann give you $20 to watch it forch f four hours. >> it's the airport scene. s my first five out of five of o 2016.2016 >> love it. love . >> it's may. m i've only given. giv this and dead pool are the two t best movies of the year no year question. 100% worth seeing.theein see it in i max. spiderman is amazing. >> neither will be nominated for -- >> it will not be much this n movie isot amazing. azi >> maybe mtv movie award. a >> this movie like the dark the knight it does have a balance bn with a story telling is good.s . not just a general super heroer movie it actually work as ak a stand alone super hero film.o it works very very well. wel >> will we ever see -- see >> tuck is giving you the -- the >> will we ever see marvel coming together to put everyr to super hero in one movie. >> justice league versus the vet avengers. avenge don't get me started inform casr you haven't heard the big news,w janet jackson is confirms she'ss expecting her first child with her husband. husba just last month the 49
8:34 am
announced she was delaying her r unbreakable world tour to planou for a family now jackson will be 50 in less than two weeks. wee good for her. some other notable stars who had a baby after turning 40 madonna and halle berry. b i actually love this.e i think this is great she'sat s having a baby. >> good for her. her >> lot of questions.>> lot is it too old? i don't think dk so. i think, you know, what if you're ready, have the baby.y. you're 49 years old.. >> she wants to do, this is whaw she's always wanted why not. n >> what do you think, allison. a >> i'm excited.>> i'm >> you just turn 50.>> i'm excited as a 50-year-old 5yr person a 50-year-old person is n going to be b and so, you know, i've always'va want add boy. want add boy. >> are you ready for number four. fo >> mark, get ready.>> mark, >> i know. i k >> from the comfort of van fat fair sports illustrated caitlyn jenner is set to post nude for e the magazine. jennifer won gold medals 400 years.ars.
8:35 am
of the 1976 montreal summer this is all according toding resource at the us weekly and however rep for the 66-year-olde told the huffington post "no comment on any future plans at s this time". >> that is creating -- i postedp it on my facebook i've never seen more devicive comments. >> oh yeah very polarizing plar issue. >> go to my facebook page kevin mccarthy fox.rthy will you buy the issue? willouw you look at the photos? tell ul what you think. you >> cool. >> thanks, guys. >> of course they will. oy >> of course they will.f co >> 8:35 right now. n it will stir up controversy.ont. no doubt about tucker barnes what do you haveae for us? >> have you seen -- this new tse movie is better than supermanup versus batman.n >> it is better than batmanat versus >> can we get the title right. r >> best action scene ever inscer comic book film. it's 17 minutes of of onee fighting. come on. >> okay, all right. spiderman is in it. >> and black panther. pan >> we do that every day. d sometimes we fight for 17 1 minutes.
8:36 am
sometimes days.times s. >> reagan national 51 degrees. 50bwi 51 out at dulles. out i'm going to go, kev. k >> let's go >> i didn't say i was goining to completely sober but i'm going g to go. we got cloud cover and little l drizzle out there to start your day. day just a few showers later thisert afternoon.afrn it will be on the light side bud it's going romaine gloomy andy very cool with highs only aboutt 60 and we've got more rain in store overnight tonight into the day on friday. fri in fact tomorrow looks very wetw i'll have more dough tails onmo friday and the weekend forecaste coming up. coming 60 today with spotty showers. se all right. am i going to erin? eri >> yes, you are i'm walking inai right now. now we're still tracking a downed ad tree taking out lane on roc rockville pike out in bethesda. problem there is earlier crashrh did clear. cle >> thank you kevin.ou kev i was walking from the traffic a office and reporting traffic ata the same time. me inner loop after dulles toll afl road delays back to springfieldf still a live look outside thougg want to show was that fallen fle tree is doing in bethesda toetsd rockville pike.ik northbound side by jones bridgeg road, right now crews are are
8:37 am
jones bridge on the northboundto side to cedar lane and the a southbound side.ut that could start to causeau significant delays comingg inbound into friendship heights in the district give yourselftr extra time there as you can seee northbound side already back upc look back at our maps right noww aside from this issue, you cans see the rain on that stretch ofh road watch out for slick for s conditions. we are dealing with a closurelig because of police activity aivit northwest section of thert district as wellhw.s well 22nd and n aside from that ally our inbounu bridges are stacked up. 395 as you make your way fromouf the springfield interchange atch the beltway through the 14th t 1 street bridge you're slow.'r s father hurly boulevard to theo t spur huge delays there as you a head to rockville because ofeec congestion getting to the spur.s once you hit kensington thingsnt do start to open up a littlee bit. four west stays very heavy fromm mel wood road to dowerhouse dowr road. metro is back on time. t earlier problems with theith orange, blue and silver linesill because of arcing insulator outr at federal center has clearedasd out of the way. thing are starting to back toar normal on all our raitil lines.n in addition to that, suitlandt,d parkway inbound is very veryery slow.
8:38 am
those inner loop delays wanted to show you in arlington gw southbound 267 heavy trafficvyra there as well.ere asell. back to you. >> erin, thank you very much.ha. appreciate it. still to come this morning why g magic mike fans might want to wt book trip to vegas. >> and prince harry in the united states. s all the detailtas on his trip next. ♪
8:39 am
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♪ >> welcome back. gray skies but it's notes butt'o dampeninda
8:41 am
we're excited, right, tucker, enthusiastic about next week ane when it will be a little bettert take your umbrella maybe today.y capital dome for you.. kate middleton visitedis london national portrait gallery yesterday to crew view her own h vogue cover photos. two pictures from vogue photo shoot displayed at the galleryl as part of an exhibition markini vogue's 100th anniversary.ersa duchess of cambridge is thes t cover girl of the issue of british vogue celebrating 100ng years following in the footstepf of lady diana who graced the cover of the fashion magazineag thee tim. >> kate's brother-in-law is state side this week.statde t prince harry is in florida thisa weekend he'll be hosting the invictus games. yesterday he took part in a polp match in palm beach. the match and annual fundraising event for his charity which w supports young people in peoplen southern africa living with hivh star wars day the presidentp and first lady celebrated inte i >> the video posted on the white house's twitter page last nightg first couple dancing with two o th
8:42 am
um, the robot r2d2 right thereit here come the two there you go.u this is not the first time stare wars characters just showed upwe at the white house. hse storm troopers made an made a appearance at the white house a for the easter egg roll. maybe they just camden out and u waited for this moment. mom >> added security never hurts.ur how about this? facebook founder mark zuckerberg holdingi a meeting with the crew. cre he posted this picture onn facebook with the caption team meeting. et all star wars people thereeothe zuckerberg still running theun t show. >> oh yeah.>> o >> we'll hurry up. up. looking younger by changing youn diet. we'll tell you what foods to eat and how often to eat them. e t >> we'll tell you why magic mike fans may want to book a trip to vegas. back in two minutes.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ well, there it is littleer dreary. different view of the drearinesa out there. t going to stick around throughouu date. >> same idea. s >> what are we looking at, tuck. >> we're looking at cloud cover, drizzle, you might encounter a shower cool conditions. >> the same thing start toame i finish today.finiod >> yeah. >> ♪ >> am i walking? >> i can get the cap off my thermostat so my house is reallr cold right now. n first world problems.s >> i can't talk right now.alrigw i'm walking.i'm ing. >> walking like a dog.>> w got anger in that walk. walk. ♪ >> here we
8:46 am
>> i'm coming back. (laughter).auter) >> should i do the weather? wear >> highlight of my day.igf my here we government clouds andveo showers. (laughter).(lgh >> who was that sinking by thest way. >> sounded like dmx.. >> i thought it was,, i'm not sure of the lyrics whats he was sayg >> let's hope it was rated g. rt >> i thought we were going tooi drop the puck and then we'ren w going to roll. going that's what he said. >> we can have used that lasthat night i guess.. >> 31 washington.hington 48 in gaithersburg. everybody near 50 degrees.deee it's another cool start to youry yay. only about 60 today.. so cloud cover, drizzle, fog, f maybe a shower or two but mostlm we'll be looking at very light rain today. tay this activity out to our westo r going to hang out there for mucf of the afternoon and then as wen get into the nighttime hours anu by early tomorrow our area ofrea low pressure will kind of dipwid down and re-emerge off the coasc once it does that it will start to throw moisture back on us. on friday looks wet with rain
8:47 am
around for a good majority ofriy day particularly in the morningn hours. hour here's future cast could be aura few showers lots of cloudsloud today. highs about 60. 60 certainly does drizzle out there that's tomorrow morning at 6am 6 morning commute tomorrow likelyo to have pretty good rains arouno and we'll have intermittentmittt steady rain throughout date.ate. we might get upwards of an inchn of rain during the day tomorrowr as that area of low pressuref ls hangs out.t that same area of low pressure s still be with us saturday w morning a few showers around saturday. i think saturday will be aturda little brighter than what we've been dealing with the last dealw couple of days probably get adaa little sunshine but a few showers around from time to time on saturday. and then a frontal system earlys sunday will come through with aa few more -- i know the patternae here does not look great butreat this cold front should get fardt enough south and east of us byy mother' days that we're able too finally dry thing out bring back the sunshine and the warmer war temperatures by sunday afterno afternoon. so hang in i promise it gets better. b not so much today.od but as we get into the weekend w brighter and brighter and then d early next week looks great.k le 75 to 80 monday, tuesday withsd
8:48 am
all right.all right that's the latest.that the i'll practice my walk, guys.s. back to you. >> first we're going to rock tok
8:49 am
>> s thursday that means ome. o one more time. >> ome.. >> we got the >> we're also celebrating sipping sin so much fun. f. you cannot turn away.. must see fox5 tv did i sell it. >> no. no. >> yes. >> did you.ou >> okay. >> you kind of sold it likeold k you're down you need a little bit cinco de mayo we've got a band we've got some food. must see. fox5 tv.v. >> yes! >> stay tuned.y tuned. >> we'll be watching.>>e'll >> thanks guys.nks gu coming soon to las vegass magic mike. >> chaning tatum announced a nen life stage version of his his successful stripper movie m franchise much this is genius.i. secondly the actor whose lifesel inspired the original film released video with cosmo tollot pan magazine to reveal live shov will launch in march of next year. year unfortunately tatum is not settt to appear in the life show butw i'll bet he'll do a couple of emce
8:50 am
>> i would think so. i >> to kick it off. >> get early tickets.. he hinted to fans he hasn'td ane totally ruled out the possibility though of shaking his groove thing.s groove t >> show up one time random tollm get the beds out there. the maybe this will be the day he'll be here. >> have you checked out beyonce''s new album let me let made. a lot of folks speculating inng this couple in trouble.e in jay-z is sharing his side of thd story perhaps.erps reports are surfacing the rap te icon is recording songs that t will reveal his version of versi events surrounding the rough patch in his eight year marriagi to the queen. queen beyonce' that she shedthe light on perhaps or maybe it's i just art who are we, we don't -n she's selling records, right? dr people think that maybe she shes light on relationship in her hbo video special lemonade.. the beehive will be bugs.eug jay-z is in it.n >> how genius they are as are entrepreneurs they can putur can normal conversations out therert and force people to pay money tt hear them.hehe >> buzz. >> and talk about them and theyb both make millions more.oullns m >> the buzz.>>he b very arctic the poetry cherie sites it'ses i other people's poetry
8:51 am
so why can't be look at as art. we think we know these folkshe that's why we're all invested.t. okay. the cleveland cavaliers pute on greatest shoot out in nba history.hiory >> from long range. from r the team set an nba record drained 25, three pointerseeoi against the hawks.nse haw impressive still the cavs surpassed the past season of 21f they didn't intend to make history. history just happened.d wisdom smirking in the background check this out. chicago cubs pitcher john lester i got the ball, i'm just goingl to toss it over i can get theet ball out of my mitt i'll throw the mitt over.t o how crazy is that? tha >> crazy. >> he's done it before.e's it >> he through the ball and thebd glove to first base. be first baseman had to drop his mitt to catch the mitt with theh ball in it with both hands and, yes, it counts as an out. thinking on your feet. f in today's health news, eating right not only good for
8:52 am
your health also good for your r skin. fox's medical team deena centofanti shows us thou reversv the clock with a few food swapss >> i'm got my pen and my paper.p i'll all ears.i' all good morning, deena.ning, d >> good morning. we're so used to putting stuffts on our skin but this time we'rew talking about what to eat to because it really starts froms f the inside out. let's start what should put on your bagel. cream cheese go for almondor a butter this is why.tter almond butter is filled withd w mono unsaturated fatty acids,ty and that's good for inflammation, it's zooming tos o the skin, the mono unsaturated feat acids good for your skin yr the protein in this protein is n building block for your skinou that's good. all right if you're drinkingnk morning coffee as i am, you am,y might want to switch to greenore tea.tea at least incorporate a cup or two green tea is super powerful when it comes to fightin fightie radicals that's what we'rehat'wt trying to do to, you know,no reduce aging and just make our o skin helt
8:53 am
more powerful than vitamin c antioxidants in this green tea.n i know it doesn't taste -- youa- kind of have to get used it to. okay.>> if you're having white breadg we which i know is so delicious,elc forget that. you can't have that any more.haa because of the sugar spike. spie sugar is really your skins ene enemy. whole grains are better.r. whole wheat bread.t b the sugar causes inflammationmmt and that inflammation triggers g oil production.ct all kinds of stuff.ionds so if you clean out your dietr that way, you might notice youre skin looking better.r. tomatoes you think of pressure s tomato would be better for yourr skin eating that versus canned but in fact the lycopene in in processed cooked tomatoes isoes much better for your skin.kin. lycopene actually can helpan hp prevent damage from uv rays. r that's why in the summertime, s, eat a lot of watermelon or foods rich in lycopene like cannedd tomato.. okay. allison, chocolate, um, this isi milk chocolate which is very ver tempting to me. but you want to go for dark chocolate.
8:54 am
dessert, this is dark.k. it's 72 persica koy. persica this is called the twilightli delight which is from my very fr own pantry. i have this hidden away fromwa other family members. but this dark chocolate filledtl with antioxidants and that, tooo gives you healthier skin a lot to be said with what's happening on the inside and how that reflects on your skin. skin. >> all right. so we'll look better and now tow do something for our heart hrt gardening might be the trick to health.he >> reporter: yeah.>> this is something that you mighn want to think about if you'reou dealing with a lot of stress inr your life or you need more m exercise and you don't know whaw to do start a garden or gettingt out side and doing yard work yar because the benefits are prettye impressive.pres mental and physical benefits gardening equivalent of 30 minutes of aerr bow bic exercise.xerc they did a study in sweden people who garden every day --
8:55 am
setting every day.evday not to be ignored are mental men benefits you get out there,he you're out, you're disconnectede probably from the stresses of technology, you're diggingig nought earth you're breathing ii fresh air, and the soothingthing effects of that brings down your blood pressure.blood pr kit have a strong give you more mental clarity.lari michigan state study found andoa reduces stress.tres so there's a lot of benefits to just getting outside and working with your hands.. you feel tremendous sense of ses satisfaction. all of those things combineds cd together to have great, you know, head to toe benefitsefits garden hook new?ook new >> okay. i'll get out there first i gotri to pluck some weeds.ds deena, thank you so much for yos joining us v a healthy day.. >> thanks, >> okay. tucker barnes, over to you.r y. what's going on outside? outsi >> you've got it right behindht you allison.yoson gray skies and drizzle and morem of the same here this afternoono as we're not going to see to temperatures warm up a wholeatur lot. maybe we'll get to 60 if we'rege reagan national now 51.ional now 51 dulles.
8:56 am
bi. marshall 51 degrees.hall 5gr it's clouds, it's drizzle, it's dreary conditions expect dadxp might be a peek of sun sheen s s here or there.r there for the most part we'll keep thp clouds intact with a little bitt of light rain from time to time. most of the rain shower activiti will hang out to our west todayw it will get in here latere later tonight and tomorrow looks wet.w it looks like a real rainy day tomorrow with an area of low ofl pressure just to our south anduh east. weekend looks a little brighterh more on this coming com the best chance for goodor sunshine sunday afternoon forern mother' days.mothdays. temperatures in the mid 70s.atu by the way monday, tuesday of o wednesday next week look great,e 75 to 80 with sunshine much it'c going to get better.into g >> let's see if roads are's sar getting better with erin.ith er. >> oleo, no, with all thiss drizzle, wet roads, delays andnd accidents continue.tie rockville northbound by jone jonesville road good news there. tree limb down. they were able to clear it outle of the way. w new crash 295 on the southboundo side out by benning road huge rh delays there.lahere 66 on the eastbound side out by 29 in centreville a crash. csh thee 95 northbound remainsd em extremextremel
8:57 am
of the beltway to the 14th the t street bridge. bridg outer loop from four all the waw up to the bw parkway is extrem extremely jammed and 50 inboundb you're coming in from annapolisp you'll hit huge delays no alerta for metro right now.tow we'll let if you know thatlet i any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c on twitter. ttter allison and steve? on good day new details on investigation into the prince'sc sudden and pregnant at almost 50. 5 janet jackson confirms rumorss that have been swirling foring weeks fertility expert willl weigh in on the pros and cons on being pregnant at 50 years old.s back in a moment.
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead breakingreak news. ne a three-year-old missingissi allegedly taken by his an amber alert has been we'll have live report.t as i suspend my campaign today --y -- >> last man standing.t ma donald trump now running for tht gop presidential nomination unrivaled but his work is justsi getting started.ttg we'll tell you why.. mystery solved.mystery solve we now know who called 911 the e day prince died. die why his friends were so worriedi about him.t him but now, there are new questiono about what role a doctor mayoctm have played in his sudden death. and later, janet jackson's s pregnancy shocker.prnanc the pop starry sealing she'sli s pregnant just days before her h 50th birthday.thda she's also dropping a brand newd music video.cid


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