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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> braking news out of prince george's count. >> i two people shot, one person died at high point high school in belt ville. fox5 marina morocco live on the scene, what's the latest? >> well, at this point, sources saying that police still looking for a suspect or suspect, in connection with this shooting. witnesses here saying they were walking in front of high point high, when they heard four gunshots go off in the back parking lot, now, we just spoke with a couple of students, they were here after school hours, softball game going on, about to begin, when this all took place, they were returned into an equipment room waiting for police to try to diffuse the situation, again, we under stands whomever is behind the shoot something still on the run. you can see, the street here has been shutdown. a school bus just arriving on the scene, and just behind that school bus, prince george's county command unit on the scene, as well aspirins
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is george's county chopper blades still going fast, ready to take off at any second. prince george's county police chief on the scene, as well, and again, to recap, two people shot, one person dead, sources saying this may be domestic in nature. that victim, a man in his 40's, according to sources, we're still trying to get a better breakdown of the facts here, of course, rumors are swirling, but we will wait until we get our information corroborated, as far as how this all happened happened about a as baseball-softball game was about to get underway here, at high point hi, waiting for prince george's county police chief to come brief the media. as soon as we get that we'll bring it back to you guys. >> thank up, we'll come back to you shortly, also tonight more breaking news there is time problems on metro rail. >> we are toll there are reports of smoke on the track at the federal center metro station in southwest, where also now told metro general manager paul has ordered the station be shutdown, for the
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>> also, service on the orange, blue and silver lines has been temporarily suspended between eastern market and the plaza stations, fox5's tom knits gerald live on the scene, tom, i know this has to be very frustrating evening for all of those people trying to get home during the middle of the evening rush. >> the sad thing about this, when you talk to the passengers down here, they're slugging their shoulders and saying, what, again? people have become way too familiar with this situation, and arcing insulator incident happened this morning here at federal center southwest. this is what happened from what we are told about an hour and a half ago. there was a fire, inside the track of the federal center southwest station. now, an official from the dc fire and ems told us what they unusually believe that there was trash on the tracks. we are now being told, in just the last few minute, in consultation with both the federal department of transportation and the federal transit administration, which as
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federal oversight over metro, they're going to shut this station down, for the remainder of the day, and conduct what they are saying a full third rail insulate rear place. you know full well they've been the cause of arcing incident, a lot of these fires. so what's this all mean for commuters in this commute tonight? well, it is a mess. let us show you. this is the station that we're out here, a lot of are you familiar with this federal center southwest, the silver line, the orange line, it is the blue line. people are trying to leave their jobs tonight. they're trying to get home. but are they on the trains right now? no, they are not. standing over on that corner, and they're waiting for these shuttle bus that is are coming through. now, for all intents and purposes that's your metro train right now, because the
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>> to recap, fire at the federal center southwest station, earlier this afternoon, about an hour and a half ago, dc fire and ems told us that this was a result of trash on the track; however, we are getting information in consultation between metro's general manager, the federal department of transportation, and the federal transit administration, which has safety oversights, over this subway system, that they are shutting this station down for the remainder of this evening, they're going to have these bridge buss in place
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eastern market, federal center southwest, and over at lafont plaza for the remainder of the evening they are going to conduct this third rail insulater down inside of this station. they did have arcing incident this morning, we are not clear at this point, because this is a lack of information, we're getting from metro, as exactly what caused this thing about an hour and a half ago. but that's the situation. if you are coming through here, be prepared for delays. be prepared for congestion. and be prepared to get on one of these shuttle buses if you intends to commute to the station tonight. sends it back into you. >> you warrant to be prepared for that tonight and in the future. metro will outline maintenance plan that could shutdown metro station he is or section every certain rail lines for extended periods of time. the announcement comes after a series of malfunctions of course at underground train stations, stay with fox5 for updates on metro's maintenance plans, we will stream that news conference tomorrow afternoon live. you can watch it on the fox5dc
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another big story tonight, a three year old boy is safe and sounds following an amber alert and a frantic search to find him. response ill vein ya police say the father took him after assaulting the child's mother. fox5 paul wagner live in spats ill vein ya tonight with what happened on the story, paul? >> hey, sean, sigh on williams home with his mom tonight. earlier today investigators were very worried about him. in fact, they said, he was in extreme danger. so they issued an amber alert. but by noon today, we know that sigh on williams was found in another county with his grandmother and an hour after that his father was found and taken into custody charged with abducting the little boy. the sheriff's office issued amber alert last night. after investigators say the mother of the three year old was assaulted by the child's father, who then took the baby and drove off. he attacked her physically, unknown yet if he used any casino
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received some very serious injuries to her face and head and upper body. >> investigators say the child's father, joshua williams, drove off with the baby in this car which was recovered hours before the child was found unharmed, and his father arrested. after the amber alert went out, the sheriff's offers says help began arriving in waves. >> people take those very seriously, and we certainly appreciate that, in addition to that, the media coverage that we've been able to get out today also made everyone aware of, you know, what mr. williams' description was, the urgency that was created hereby his former threats against the child, and i think all of those things combined, along with some really good police work, by our detective and those assisting us, led to a successful resolution in this case, it kept him pinned down to one spot, in one
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>> captain jeff piers said he gave up peacefully after investigators founder him in a home they had under surveillance. >> when the amber alert was first put out, the sheriff's offers said the baby was just in a diaper but when found with his grandmother he was fully clothed. what's unclear at this point is when the baby was given to the grandmother, and how the baby got there. at this point the sheriff's offers not telling us that information. holding that to themselves. live in spotsylvania, paul wagner, fox5 local news. happy ending with this one, paul, thank you. to fairfax county now tonight we still don't know the identity of a man who drove his hummer into the silver diner in mcclane. it happened yesterday afternoon. the man driving the suv worked at the restaurant. he was hurt along with three other people. police tell us no charges will be filed against the driver until he recovers from his injuries. the hummer as you can see burst into flames after it hit the restaurant. witnesses say it was ju a
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chaotic scene. good samaritans helped the victim. >> the whole thing was up in flames. so we heard a bang, then we came out, but he had repeatedly apparently rammed the building and there was just flames, and chaos. they had the driver on the grounds, they had pulled him out, apparently, he was resisting, i don't know wt was trying to do, but they had him on the ground, and they were trying to subdue him. >> a spokesman for the diner says workers are cleaning up the mess, and hoping they can get that restaurant open in time for mothers day. to prince george's county now, man who killed his stepfather found out his fun i shallment today. judge sentence the antoin james to ten years in prison, he was found guilty last september of involuntary manslaughter for killing his stepfather, joseph newell. newell was metropolitan dc police detective. ten years was the maximum penalty that the judge could hands out. a jury acquitted him of the more serious charge of first and second degree murder. >> we said at the time, and we
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rendered averred that was inconsistent with the evidence. we felt that he should have been convicted of more serious crime. >> prosecutors say they believe the shooting was premeditated and that is why they wanted james convicted of murder instead of manslaughter. >> well still ahead tonight at 6:00 disturbing video shows student threatening a teacher while someone else recorded the entire exchange. but tonight, how the school is taking a different approach in handling the incident. and it might surprise you. >> then, a video after woman at a wal-mart is going viral. why she beer railed dollars a young father standing in line. sue? >> hey there, tony, cloudy, damp day again, very little measurable rain around the region, but that's about to change for friday. we've got a wet friday to get through. i'll take you hour by hour through that forecast, talking about the weekends in detail. fox5 news at 6:00 will be right back. back.
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>> beleuh high school student curses, threatens, puts his hands on substitute teacher. but despite how outrageous or violent it may seem, the substitute did not press charges. instead, mr. taylor characterized it as, quote, acting out, and recommended the senior be end rolled in a program called restore tiff justice, extensive mediation, and includes writing an essay about what he did wrong, and apologize to go mr. taylor. the teen was suspended for few days, and told co-not a fend prom. but dc public school says the restore tiff justice program may help keep the troubled teen's life on track. >> home someone ten, 15, 20 days doesn't necessarily mean they'll own their behavior and actually do something different next time around. our goal our students will begin to except responsibility for any wrong-doing, own it, and move forward in a very different way. >> that program seems to be working, and in the last year fighting is down.
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suspensions dropped. >> video caught on video shame ago man for using food stamps in a wal-mart. take a look. >> okay, contact your local senator and congressman and issue complaint. vote republican. i'm sorry. i don't know what to tell you. >> according to posts on youtube with the video the woman spotted the man in front of her paying with the food stamps. she told her son see this is why go to college so you don't take hands outs. the man turned around and said he works 50, 06 hours hours per week to provide for my family. >> the video posted and viewed almost 3 million times. most of the comments accuse the woman of going too far. >> this is like the thing you talked about yesterday, with 50-cent, don't judge. you don't know what the man's situation; you don't know what got him to that point or anything. >> we need to stop it, really, civil at this in this country. take a step
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>> all right, still ahead at 6:00 tonight, okay, cupid may have missed its mark. well, people what people are saying tonight about controversial and provocative questionnaire on the dating website.
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>> we want to go back out to that breaking news in prince george's count. >> i that's right. two people shot. one is dead at high point high school in beltsville, marina morocco live on the scene with the very latest, marina, have you been able to find out any more information? >> reporter: at this point sources still saying that the suspect, at this point seems like just one suspect, still on the run, but police seem to know who that suspect s now of course, again, sources reiterating that this seems like it was domestic in nature. we do not know the affiliation of the victims and the suspect to the school at this time. prince george's county police chief, on the scene expected to brief us here shortly. i want to show you the active investigation continues here, crisis team, just pulled up to the scene, crime scene
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technicians also here, and a command unit remain here at the high school. the students who were inside when this happened, at about 5:00, after school activities, they were inside, one woman said she got text mess from 15 year old sister, and they were hiding. take a listen to what she said. >> were you around the area when you heard it? >> i was actually coming to pick up my sister. >> is your sister still inside? >> still inside. >> what did she tell you? >> just told me there was a shooting and asked to go inside. >> did she know anything else? has she heard anything. >> they just heard that somebody inside, and there is somebody potentially very critically injured. >> do you know any sense is this student teacher relate in the. >> i would hope not. this is the first time i've ever witnessed something here. and i have a son attending the school, and i've never witnessed anything this big. >> back out her life, student since release from the inside the school to their pa
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custody taking a look picture here inside at the chief, i believe who is inside the school's auditorium along with other investigators and detective, again, still extremely active scene here hoping for briefing, two people shot, one man injured, one person dead, we understand, from sources, the injured man, a man in his 40's, still don't know again the affiliation here to high point high hoping to get more clarity, but of course the very latest coming up at 10:00 tonight right here on fox5. back to you guys. >> thanks, marina. also getting you updated on the weather. it is changeable, yet remains the same. dreary, you know, rain few minutes, then no rain. >> and i want to hear this, guys? it is actually snowing, snow shoe west virginia above 4500 feet. >> wow. >> it is may. >> it is not sticking on the ground, but yes. >> it is snowing though? >> you can see on some of the cameras out there. and i got an e-mail from bob about it, as well, nice and chilly here. >> cinco de
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>> absolutely, yes, taking a little of the cinco out of the mayo if you ask me, but we do see some changes coming but i have to tell you that we will get more rain tomorrow, before this is all done, and that rain may amount to another inch of rain. a little brightening of the skies, late this afternoon, and evening, in some areas. we have not had particularly wet day but what this is our ninth day in a row with at least some showers, our total rainfall in april was under what we should get 2 inches. first five days of may we have pick up almost as much as we had all through the month of april and rainy friday ahead. probably going toned one now 3 inches in the rain bucket as we get into tomorrow. listen, we know everybody wants a break looks like the break saturday. not perfect saturday, will be some clouds, some spotty showers but the breaks begin as our area of low pressure will bring us tomorrow's rain still off the coast and departing the area
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combed front monday, could produce quick shower. will keep on moving. looks like after we get that thing out of the pipeline, that frontal boundery, the sun is going to return on sunday afternoon. and the sun is going to stay with us, for a beautiful conclusion to the weekend. and it looks like next week really warms up nicely as well. so, wanted to show you where the rain is tonight, we do have few showers around, that are very, very light. but, overnight, the heavy rain that we're seeing across the carolinas will start to push in friday is wet. and then the next 36 hours, this is a model prediction of how much rain may fall. showing an inch for dc, an inch and a half for annapolis, 1.2 for dullos, 1.1 foremen as is, obviously that's an awful lot. more rain on saturday rated ground, not flashflooding concern necessarily, but certainly be aware, rivers and streams could be filling up. not much to fill up the rivers and streams tonight. very light rain. mist and drizzle and it will be later tonight, before we see all of this, which is an area of low pressure, begin to start pivot up the coast and swing in
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direction. the low down across the carolinas now producing some heavy rain down there this will bring the rain and showers in here tomorrow morning for the commute and for the afternoon. both commutes look wet this could be our wettest day of the week. 6:00 future cast tonight again not showing much around our area as expected. by the time we get to midnight, showers begin to show up again. they get heavier getting closer to the morning, and you can see waist going to start pivoting in. by the noon hour we have some moderate rain, still raining at 6:00. friday night plans, keep the rain gear handy, but you can see our spinner, the storm trying to leave. so by 8:00 in the morning saturday, most areas seeing clouds, you might still be seeing some showers to the south and east, and then that begins to break up for some sunshine before saturday concludes, and then we will watch for the front to come through. meanwhile we've only been in the 50's today, these are the high temperatures. can we do better than that tomorrow? probably not. 58 degrees, again tomorrow. but, as we see that area of low pressure, and
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air moving out of town, we should be able to touch 70 on saturday, 74 sunday, and bring on the warm stuff next week, monday through thursday of next week, much drier, much warmer, much morissette recalled. >> nice, mothers day looking pretty good. >> really is, just couple of hit or miss showers, not the best weekends in the world but huge improvement over this week. >> sure. >> thanks, sue. we'll be right back.
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>> people are blasting the website, free controversial question. >> here is the question: would the world be better if people with low iq's weren't allowed to reproduce? that question was posed as part of the screening
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for that site. an user, who has learning difficulties, was horrified when she saw the question on the okay cupid website. men cap a learning disability charity calls the question inapropriate, offensive and discriminatory, and they want it removed from the site. cupid says the question and similar ones are used to help match potential partners based on interest and value. >> so they didn't back down from it at all, in fact, just like, you know, it is what it is, part of our screening process. >> part of our questions. >> am i considered to be someone in the library. >> there go. >> or a ballgame. >> or the grocery store. >> boy, am i glad i don't have to do that. >> i know? >> i'm sure everyone else is glad i don't do that either. so we have little rain out there tonight. not anything more than drizzle or mist locally, couple of very light showers. after midnight it starts to pick up. heavier rain tomorrow. tomorrow feels like a wash-out to me. but we should start breaking out, see some
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warning of warm things up saturday afternoon into sunday, briefly interrupted with morning showers sunday mothers day. >> not too bad at all. >> obviously lots every breaking news today. the shooting at high point high school, the problems with metro, this evening, we will have updates on all of that coming up tonight on the news at 10:00. >> that's right, keep an eye on our twitter and our facebook pages, at fox5dc. and we will see you tonight at 10:00. "tmz" is next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it looks like as donald trump secures the nomination, another door has shut. >> mark burnett, we asked -- >> your former host donald trump, would he have a chance of coming back to "celebrity apprentice"? >> if he loses, i don't think he will do what he did before. harvey: i hear arnold is fantastic on "the apprentice." >> did you hear that from arnold? [laughter] >> allasandra ambrosio had the classiest nip slip i have seen in a long time. her boob comes out but she looks like a work of art. >> she looks like the statue of david, but without a dress. >> and likely without a penis. >> alec baldwin, showed up with wife hilaria. after an incident


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