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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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ahead at 7:00 o'clock thisoc morning, a manhunt continues fos a man accused of in a deadlyy shooting in prince george'se's county that unfollowed in a i school parking lot.ot. more on the search plus latest s on the victims coming up in live report. port plus, more metro problems. dangerous sparks caught flyingly on tape this as we prepare for r big announcement about a large e scale prepare job on the aging transit major developments in the race for the white house. why house speaker paullo ryahenn he's not ready to support his party's presumptive nominee asee donald trump sparks a new new controversy over tacos. live look outside on thiss friday, may sixth, 2016.6 it is another gloomy day folks.l grab that umbrella and those rain boots weather and trafficra come up on the 5's at 7:05 but 5 it is friday. friday that is the good news.goodew good morning i'm annie yu ie for allison seymour this morni morning. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to f5 news morning prince george'sg county police are looking foreman accused killing his wiff estranged wife in the parkingwih lot at high point high school io beltsville.ll
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barnard with the very latestyat this morning.ning bob, just a troubling story alll around. >> reporter: sure is. sure i annie, steve, good morning. mrni yes.s. classes resume here on time thit morning here at high point highh school in beltsville.ll as police across the regionion remain on the look out for the t man as you mentioned whoon allegedly shot and kill hisill estranged wife here in thehen th parking lot yesterday afternoonn we have his picture here. he's 62-year-old tour dill of aa delphi. he works for the federaleral protective service and according to police there was a stay away order. we understand that was issuehati back in march to stay it way from his staged wife gladys.edy she was a science teacher at park dale high school in i riverdale, maryland.rde, that's about 10 miles southeasth of here.. we're told gladys was here att high point high yesterday tord t pick up her daughters.ghte. this was around 5:00 o'clock0 ol yesterday afternoon.eraf prince george's county police pc say man saw the couple arguing,i steppe
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shot in the shoulder.. police say then he open fire ono his estranged wife gladysla sitting in the suv.uv the family's suv and then hee took off. off students say one of the victimss daughters was nearby when thisnt all happened. hne >> yes, she saw the shooting sht happen. they came out of the building o the side where the band room ism and we just had to pull her bacb in. . she just was very shocked. shock she was out of the breath. bre the guy that specifically likece held on to pull her inside the building he walk into the auditorium, head up, shock and a traumatized from the situation.a >> reporter: now, police are considering this an isolatedlatd case a case of domestic violence but mr. tore dill, 62 yearsears older, should be consideredesidd armed and dangerous as fors f students resuming to school here later this hour, they will be met by grieve counselors for those who are here when this ala happened yesterday afternoon,
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>> all right, bob, thank you soy much for that. meantime, developing, deelon overnight in alexandria thea search for a killer man wasas found stabbed last night in the 6100 block of land cone eighty n three road. he was taken to the hospital tte where he later dd police haven't told us yet whoet the victim is or whether theytht have any information on aon on suspect. also ahead breaking newsingn from metro. trains on the red line nowe line bypassing the van ness stationea much this because of a powere outage there.outage the you saw the pictures that erin n had few minutes ago much there t it is again.agai the gates blocking access to tho escalator to get down into thene van ness u d.c. station. again, red line trains bypassinp van ness right now because of af power outage there are shuttle buses available from tenley towt as a work it round.ou. we'll keep update when they gett that back up speed and open ando again.n this new problem though this morning comes on the heels of this incident.idt another unprecedented day for fr a frightening fire on the tracka almost looks like an explosion i yesterday at federal center cte southwest. that forced metro to just shuttu down that station last night. nh >> they did work there allk t throughout the night to make to
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open. fox5's melanie alnwick joiningoi us live from federal centeromedr right now with the very latest. melanie, we just ran this reporp about the van ness station, soos it looks like more metro messets this morning. >> reporter: yeah, i got to gott tell you guys it does seem now m like every time it rains there's problem somewhere. we know that been on-goinggoin problem with water innwith wer filtration into the tunnels.e ts i want to show you some of the work that was done here at federal center overnight.veight take look at those gray pillarss those are the new insulators.nsr you can see them all up and down along the track bed here. also, they cleaned out the traca beds as well, and people i talki to this morning said they're absolutely -- they noticed the t difference as opposed wait as o looked like before.or it took maintenance crews all night overnight in thosen stations that were shut down too get this work w we also saw an fta inspector i here this morning. i asked if he was checking outig work. he asked yeah, absolutely.olel we want to show you once again a that frightening video of what a caused all of
7:05 am so it was one of these insulators that you see here that started to spark and a explode almost it look like. starting that electrical problel in federal center southwest.ouwe that was thursday morning.or just the beginning of theegin ot trouble thursday.ouble th by afternoon, it was debris onsn the tracks that spark another fire, and more like we said, problem going on g with the system for so long. l water inn fill straighting into the tunnels or improper missing insulation on cable.ab decades of neglectedcted maintenance.main smoke and fires have become all too metro general manager paul wiedefeld conducted with theit department of transportation an made that call to close twotrt downtown stations along theononh orange, blue, silver line for the night.e ni it is evidence that he is takink an aggressive stance to get thet system back in working order. >> coming out eau up withaup maintenance plan to get at thest core issues much this ismuhis something that has been ass you've read recently fortl f decades. and we have g
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this and the current approach a this is not working as we're all seeing. we have to be much moree aggressiveto. unfortunatelunfortunately it me two track system that you haveth to take the track down.own. that's what i'll be explaining. >> reporter: and so we talkedal to other riders this morning whg said, yeah, they understand.ersd wiedefeld getting high marks nos only from passenger that is weee talk to but also from some ofsoo the maintenance crews who said i they absolutely love this guy.h. they love what he is doing to try to turn this system around. we know that this track plan isi going to be coming out today iss going to cause as wiedefeld said more sacrifice from riders. working with federal partnersars and with local i think we're going to hear about some partial shut we're going to hear about a lott more single tracking and alsols this weekend we're going to see some of that a lot of disrupts t this weekend. wnd five of the six lines will havev major w
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you are planning on taking metrt this weekend please do lookk ahead at find out how that might affect your train and we'll keel you guys updated on the track ta plan when it comes out at a 11:00 o'clock this morning.orng. live at federal center i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local newsn >> we'll actually stream thatamt live on our website fox5 this morning at 11:00 o'clock. o that will be the news conference outlining the new maintenancee plan. in the meantime we'll be talking with paul wiedenefeld monday morning he'll join us on fox5 fx news morning.or. if you have a question for him h and we've been getting a lot, lt send it to us. we want to hear from you. y tweet us your question but makeb sure you use the hash tag youh y see on your screen. hash tag ask metro gm so we cane type your if you cannot watch the the interview on monday morning you can also watch us on our fox5 d.c. app or fox5 all right.all righ meantime -- good morning. mor >> good morning.or >> it's friday.>> it'frid that's the happy part. par the rain showers really movingyg in. it will be good steady rain r throughout date. umbrella weather even potentiali for local life flo
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we get an inch or two of rain. 53 cool degrees out cool conditions continue.e. leonardtown 50. 5 southern maryland getting in ann on the heavy rain. rn. 52 in fredericksburg.. lots of 52s to the north andortd west. all right. notice the rain is coming offomo the ocean moving east to west.. and area of low pressure there e east of ocean city responsible for all that moisture beingsturb thrown back at us, and the darker colors yellows nowow crossing the bay.. darker greens indicated pretty t good rain rates which will bech moving through most of ourhr viewing area over the nextea several hours.hour so again steady rain here this morning.rn again, there could be pockets oo heavier rain that can cause cau localized flooding.lood some ponding on roadways thatdws kind of thing.kind o be prepare here for a wet frid friday. good news things will taper offo late this afternoon and lookingo brighter weekend.hter i'll have those details in just a minute. >> that's good news. t a lot of moms celebrating alebti special day.ial y. >> yup. mother's day looks bright and li sunny. at least part of it. of >> awesome. all right. al erin how dot roads look. >> 7:08. roads are ms. see from the raino and
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problems on metro this morning.i live look outside the van ness red line bypassing van ness nes because of power outage crews as that locate you can see the t buses hyped up metro bus may bee facing some delays as well as wl they try to shuttle some of those passengers you can also ca hop on shuttle bus from theus fe tenley town station trafficra right now moving along justust fine. ? despite the rain outside thee van ness station metro again big delays.dela want to show you look at our map red line isn't the only linenlyn dealing with issue.g with iss blue yellow line delays in bothb directions due to signal problem outside braddock road.c r metro letting us know blueue and -- excuse me, yellow line le riders may be facing some bige delays this morning.or because of that issue. iss we'll certainly keep up posted.l now to the problems on the roadr crash activity 295 south atouth benning delays are really heavy back tot eastern avenue so be preparedre for that.for we're also tracking a crash ease bound side of the freeway at m m street several lanes blocked bck there. delays back to eighth street. et earlier crash thee 95 northbounn at 14th street bridge cleared, , but very heavy traffic leadingfa across the 14th street bridge. e and more
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gw parkway southbound the 123. 3 top side of the beltway outerayr loop jams 95 on over. ove southbound side of 95 really rea picking up as you make your wayy from howard county towards thewd beltway and same story bww parkway north and southbound.oun a lot of heavy traffic there. 95 south bound and northbound through satisfied forwardar picking up with congestion. wng. more traffic in a t back to you annie and steve.. ♪ developing this morning more evacuations from that massivefra wildfire in canada.anad more than 80,000 people haveplee left their homes.le the fire is burning near theeare town of alberta, fort mcmurray. thousands had to be airlifted a out last night because roads r were surrounded by fire. turning now to donald trump may have wrapped ud the gop nomination but he stills has long way to go to unite thee republican the most powerful elected elect republican in the country isn t still a hold out.hold out that could make trump's job much more difficult. doing will you cidar since u us now with n good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning.
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they both call themselveshemsve republicans but donald trump anp house speaker paul ryan are not exactly seeing eye to eye andye it's something that party lead leaders hope they can fix. f. >> go out and vote. andot that will be the greatest votere you ever cast.evert. okay? >> reporter: donald trump look l argali towed to the generalen election in november while thisi may have been well coming crowdo in west virginia, republicanepla speaker of the house paul ryan says not so fast. f holding out on an endorse many.. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point.his i'm not that right now. n and i hope to, though. tug it i want to but i think what is arrived required is that weist w unify this party, and i think ai the bulk of the burden onurden unifying the party will have too come from our presumptivesuti nominee. >> reporter: trump quicklyuickly respondinresponding, i am not ro support speaker ryan' as jenn date u scores the great gop gre divide. those who are backing trump andd the high level hold outs. out like former presidents george w bush and his father and the mosm recent gop nominee mitt romney.
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party chairman probe bus try to play go between trauma many andy ryan. >> i talk to him this afternoono after he made his comments, andd what -- i talked to donald t trump, too and they're bothy're committed to sitting down and working, and actually talkingal this out. out. >> reporter: some republicansrea especially ryan have real rl concerns about the impact trump's nomination would have on the gop majorities in congress.r on the other hand, hillaryan hiy clinton is already latching on to those gop division divisionsr ammunition for november. now hillary clinton sees ann opportunity here to win over some republican converts. on the other hand, donald trumpn thinks some of these bernie ther sanders supporters mayeray ultimately turn around and a support steve and annie.nn >> one thing after another in this race, we will -- this is going to keeo going for months more now. n thanks. talk to you again soon. 7:12. 7:12 a crack down on e cigarettes.igr new rules and warnings froms wan
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first new information on thn jerry sandusky scandal raisingai questions about what joe paternt knew and when.he we're back in two minutes.
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>> here comes the rain. her >> looks like today is the daye for the bulk of it. >> we'll got sunshine back forrh the weekend.inth umbrella weather is here to stas >> two days look like this and i we've been waiting for it to ito rain. >> might as well just do it isn't finally deliver t >> let's just do's just do >> get it over with. w >> of course i'm having majoravg hair issues. >> you and me both.ot >> right? >> you can borrow my curlingli iron. >> i think i'm starting to get a pompadour.r (laughter). >> i can get it to sit down. to >> your hair is longer. >> thank you.hankou i've b
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>> growing the out.>> >> trying new look g. >> all right.ight here's your summer countdown.ert check this out.check all right.l righ steve, this will make you happyp >> i like everything about that. >> 45 days from today first dayd of summer. >> yay! >> never mind spring let's go ls writ to to su 45 days. 45 d and it will look just like thatt 'cause that's what summer looksr like around here.ere >> i've seen that look, yeah.t a along the potomac.g e poto it's beautiful f53 now in now i washington. hey, we're cool. we'll be upper 50s maybe one ore two of us will get to 60 today. but another cool one definitelyf jacket in addition umbrella and in addition pack your patiencekp on those roadways because it's c going to be pouring rain over o the next couple of hours. hou the darker greens and yellowsndy you see moving across the bay te see all that moisture movinge mv east to west.ea to we >> yeah. >> all moving into our >> weird isn't it the rain to ba coming from the northeast likeme that. >> little unusual this time ofuf year. so there's an area of lowre an pressure east of ocean cityf oca that's responsible for it. spins counterclockwise throwingr the moisture off the ocean muchh that's what we're dealing with.h kind of see better look at thata spin there if you look you canlu
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and towards boston as well.l. yeah, this is what worry dealind with today, and we'll have rainr for most of today. t it will start to taper offff tonight into sprinkles and light showers. we'll probably wake up with a few showersly tomorrow and then partly, partly to mostly cloudyc tomorrow afternoon maybe littlee sunshine and 70 and by sunday, s late morning, early afternoonft things look lot better forr mother' days. >> it should be nice. it >> i like it's getting warmer.. >> monday looks great for back f to work and school.l. >> okay. school cool.ol coo >> erin how are the roadshe roa looking? >> roads are mess with rain and metesro. we're just dealing with a lot ot problems this morning.prob live look from outside the vanfe ness station, power outage hasag that station closed right now. t red line is bypassing andng shuttle buses are coming andgnd making stops there to get some s of those stranded passengersas where they need to be thisd to i morning. let's go ahead and switch ithe over for lock at our maps muchus pore breaking news with here's a list of some of theo of options to get i was ryan as fas as shuttle buses concern.onrn thought shuttle buses from f cleveland park and tenley town.t keep in mind that aside from those issues at van ness, i h
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more bus options on my twitter t at erin fox5 dc. also dealing with blue andh blue yellow line delays because of ao issue out at braddock road so s caution there. there crash activity 295 southbound aa benning road delays back toack t eastern avenue.n avenue. heavy delays picking up there. t in southeast crash activityct eastbound side of the freeway aw m street. m delays back to eighth street. s aside from that we're seeinging really heavy traffic 95 traff northbound through dale city. th slow roll across the inner loopo as you make your way across thet wilson bridge into annandalennan anding see 395 basicall basicaly heads if you you're headed to yu reagan national this morning.ism thing not terrible on the way tt dulles but 66 eastbound backingi up with usual your yourself extra time. tim the outer loop from south of 50 to past bw parkway is slow. s give yourself time to getime t through this rainy fridayri morning. annie and steve. >> explosive new allegations ing the scandal involving former foe penn state football coach joeoe paterno and his assistant coacht jerry sandusky. now, this suggests that paternot may have known about abuse
7:19 am
claims far earlier than original thought. >> all right. our wisdom martin back in studis now with more on this story.n ts good morning. >> good morning to you. g a lot of people were saying oots initial whole all this stuff wal starting to come out that joet e paterno had to know somethingomt and now we're getting this those new reports claim that joa paterno actually new as early as 1976 that jerry sandusky makeske abusing children.abusing chi now this story was first repor reported by penn a judge says that insurersnsur involved in lawsuit with penn state claim that in 1976 a boy b told joe paterno that sandusky had molested reports also cite claims by unnamed assistant coaches that t they witnessed inappropriateiate contact between jerry sanduskyay and children.ldren jerry sandusky is servingvi decades in prison for sexualex abuse of 10 boys with the earliest incident happening inti 1998 much this morning theuch paterno family issued ad statement on the new revelationo they say "because of the singlel sentence in a court recor
7:20 am
insurance case joe paterno's reputation has once again beenge smeared with an unsubstantiated 40-year-old in response to this allegation o and the subsequent media hype h the paterno family is demandingd full public review of the factss ".. meanwhile jerry sandusky isduy i appealing a 45 count childld sexual abuse conviction and on thursday, was granted hearingnta for later this month as hee pursues appeals. >> i think it's fair. i thi if it's untrue that the familyam deserves a full investigation.. >> yeah, if it's untrue.nt >> hopefully bring everythinguly out to light and a decision wila be made. >> yeah. >> if it's true, however, and, d you go back 40 years, the abusee that you can have potentiallyenl stomped.omped. >> right. >> that paints a huge picture there.there. yeaeah. also be interest to go is het th where this information cames int from. if it's in this report it had tt come from somewhere.m somewhere hopefully you don't mack thisyo stuff up there and throw it outt there. maybe if they do some kind of sd query or investigation they cany figure out where thesere t allegations came
7:21 am
>> you havely they'll never knor from joe paterno. >> unfortunately. unf >> what he knew. >> right film thanks wis.ight >> all right. >> still to come this morning,me hole high school taking ascho different approach toerenoach disciplining students.ipli we'll tell was they're doing.hei >> first the fd cracking down oo e-cigarettes.ciga why this could men a big hit fot the industry. indtry. time now 7:21. we'll be bait back. ♪
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♪ north korea preparing for first party congress in thickn t years. ye the event is being held as a a rally
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the congress of the workerske party of korea comes following o moss of tension of threats afteh the cup tree's fourth nuclear test explosion back in januaryon and long range rocket launch in february.fery. more fighting in syria justt hours before a ceasein fire sett expire later today. government forces bombed rebelsb positioned just outside the citt of, but the air strikes hitit refugee camp filled with peopleo trying to flee the area. killing 30 inn clueing women and children. top un officials says this macom substitute a as a war crime. cri >> fd cracking down onn o e-cigarettes the government says it will treat e cigarettes justs like other tobacco products. prt that means they will not be abll to be sold to minors either inii person or online.on or onli e cigarette packages and adsnd must have health warnings.. cigars and hookah tobacco willcw also now be new rules take effect in thee te months. the smoke less tobacco industrys says the changes will effect eec lots of e cigarette companies ca and could cost thousands of jo jobs. all right.>>l toll tomorrow is the bigomorroit
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the jackpot right now is worth $415 million. that is expected to keep goingeg up as more tickets are being no one matched all six numbers s in wednesday night's drawing bub a few winners in virginia.nia two tickets worth $50,000 were r sold in woodbridge and virginia beach. wish that was me. >> you have the a* chance anniea just like everybody else.y e >> they were at 7eleven stores.o i always go to like the small, a you know --,. know >> you never know. >> owned -- it could be anywhe anywhere. >> it nobody tucker's pocket t right now. >> i guarantee it's not because i look. lo i got zero for sick, steve.te they shall give away a prize ifp you get no number are right.e r >> everybody would win.ld >> that's what i'm saying.ay they shall give us like $2 one s our dollar bet or $4.4. 53 now in washington.ashiton. hey, we're looking at very cooll conditions.condit notice the rain showers that'ss indicating current conditions.di rain out there, and it's goingii to be a good steady rain i'm nom sure it's good but steady rainar throughout the day today.od and in fact we can get an inchni plus of rain for parts of the
7:26 am
potential forking into. i right along the bay a coastaloa flood advisory includes potomac at georgetown.etown combination of wet weather ander high tides with the moon going o to increase the chances forhanc little flooding out there inheri places like annapolis andol georgetown later today. this is all heavy rain or aty rt least moderate rain moving m through the area.thro notice it's moving east to wests and we'll be dealing with thatei throughout the day today.ut t so wet one. bring an umbrella.mbrell an inch of rain by late thiss afternoon rain continues tonighu it will taper off probably probl seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight andn then we'll be looking at a few f showers tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow is not wash out.not sho just few showers.we might even get some sunshine bye afternoon. 70 degrees. deg early shower for mother's and then things look a lota brighter by afternoon.eron. mid 70s. mid so if you've got a picnic taking mom on i think things fingerng crossed all systems go.d al the flowers and the gardens ande the yards look let's see if traffic looks great with are rin.rein. >> such a mean hand off you know it's bad out there.oute right now a live look at wetk roads outside of the van ness vs metro station.tati
7:27 am
ness because of a power outage. they have shuttle buses helping those stranded passengers get tt where they need to be thishi morning. it's goingmo to delays on the rd line. take look at our map now.ap now aside from the red line issueses we have yellow and blue linee problems expect delays in bothot directions signal problem pbl outside of brrr'd dock road. that is causing delays and aseld for the red line the alternative to van ness for cleveland parknp dupont circle route l1 and l2 l exit at connecticut avenue. so i have all this information f details tweeted for you at erinn fox5 dc. d keeping a close eye on metron m this morning. grab your umbrella and your and patience the rest of the rail tr lines should be on time.on crash activity on our roads, 295 south at benning road delays back to eastern avenue.ern avue. heavy traffic on 50 inn sigh the beltway 295. 295 eastbound freeway cross at mrosm street causing delays pastay eighth s keep in mine the freewaysay dealing with slow hiv messing m traffic because of the rain. 395 inbound to 14th street see bridge jams and really a lot oft our area bridges are dealingng with slow-movingra
7:28 am
rosslyn into georgetown acrossos the key bridge.the keidge douglas bridge stacks suitland parkway inbound jammed four, fo, inbound slow by dannehower.anho annie and steve.annid steve. >> local high school student hig caught on camera threatening tea another student.her student. >> this morning the school saysh they are taking a differentina i approach to dealing with this wi incident. we'll tell you about the new way d.c. schools are now handling hl situations like this one. time now 7:28.:2 we'll be right back.
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assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me get up to date on metro thi morning much live look from the van ness u d.c. station on the n red line. the station is closed right nown so there's bus bridges going att other red line stations. stati trains are rolling right througt not stopping at van ness u d.c.d right now because of a powerof w problem at that station.hat ati so the shuttle bus service setee up between tenley town andow a cleveland park.andark. it's been happeni
7:31 am
hour and 15 minutes. mut the problem was detector about 6:00 15 this morning. morni again heads up.ain ads u you cannot get on the trains ata van ness u d.c. right now on tht red we'll let if you know they gett that fixed.ifthat f meanwhile, service iswhile,i restored today at metro's met's federal center southwest stati station. after chris crazy minute you see right here. two fire incidents prompted antn emergency shut down federal center yesterday at 11:00 this s morning metro gm paul wiedefeldw will outline his maintenance mne plan for the entire system. sys we'll be streaming that live oni our website at then on monday morning, the gm will join us live in our fox5 fx studios to talk about this major overhaul effort and also a answering your questions. so we want to hear from u tweet them to us at fox5 d.c. using the #askmetrogm.. right now, prince george's ' county police are searching forg a man they say shot and killed k his wife in the parking lot of f high point high school in belt beltsville. police say just after 4:300 yesterday tordil caught -- cgh combat a fight with gladys
7:32 am
pick her children at the schoolh a man who saw what was going ana tried to help and that's wherea' police tordil pulled a gun and n shot the bystander and then shoo gladys tordil.or the man who was shot is expectep to be okay. b o this happened as the school wasl preparing to host a baseball game. ga thankfully no students were injured. in alexandria police are looking for killer after a manan was found stabbed last night int the 6100 block of lanconia road. he was taken to the hospital bul he later died.he die police have not told us who thet victim is or if they have any h information on a suspect right t now. in the district a special ae honor for this man firefighterig who lost his life last year int the line of duty.. local 36 will mark the one yearr anniversary of lieutenant kevank having mcrae' death by dth dedicating a fire alarm bock atm the intersection of seventh andh o streets he died responding to hisg apartment fire in northeast.thst he was 44 years old. and staying in the districtt it looks leak people will not bt getting a stipend to not committ crimes. proposal appears to be deade after d.c. mayor muriel bowser b
7:33 am
program in her budget. herud council approve the stipend asta part of a larger crime bill. all right. have you seen this video? it i certainly making the rounds rnd across social mode y kind of disturbing a student att ballou high school cursed c threatened and even put hisn put hands on a substitute teacher. in many cases something likeethe this would have led to automatit expulsion of a student butnt instead of instead d.c. schoolss are trying to take a different e >> it is called restorative resa justice the program punishes students but also offers counseling andg goal to avoid derailing theailig student's future.fut we get more on this practice prc from fox5's matt ackland. >> we,. >> reporter: this clip might t make you angry.himake a student cursing, threatening even putting his hands on han substitute teacher mr. taylor. y >> i think he's trying to push h my buttons. >> reporter: mr. taylor spoker:m to us about that classroomlassrm outbreak video looks like an lik assault but taylor describes it more as playing around or justut acting out. in fact he never reported it. >> i know
7:34 am
to me real or imagined. igi i didn't feel like he was goinge to hurt me. >> reporter: but when the clip p showed up on social media, principal doctor receives gotr involved. >> i was really upset.y set i was disappointed that a student would do this to a thi member of our staff.ur s >> reporter: the principal hadt: the power to kick out the t student.stud a senior who is close to graduation and that well itt wel could have derail his life.if so instead administratorsin decided to offer the student a program being used at d.c.. public schools calledle restorative justice.ti >> sending someone home for 10, 15, 20 days does not necessarila mean they'll own the behaviorr and actually do something somet different the next time around.. our goal sour students will begin to accept responsibilitynb for any wrongdoing, own it and i move forward in a very differend way. >> reporter: the student had to apologize, take part inn mediation, even write an essay about what he did wrong.. and he was punish. suspended for few days even told
7:35 am
but he was allowed to return to school.scho. the restorative justice programp seems to be working here at ballou high school.oo in the last year, fighting is is down and suspensions havee dropped 50%. no one is condoning these the actions a at ballou.lo mr. taylor septembered thember apology and didn't want a fewd w seconds caught on video to ruin a student for life. le. >> i definitely don't see a s continual problem with issueh that is have been addressedreed usually when issues areenssues e addressed they kind of go away. >> reporter: matt ackland,ckla, fox5 local news.ews. >> definitely interestingefin approach. you want to give possible aveose chance. you don't want to ruin theirnt life because of one incident bun you want people to learn from their mistake.thei >> positive approach.. >> absolutely. >> let's check in with tuckerhet right now 7:35. 7:3 today is our rain day.. >> wet one all day but start bus anime we got your mom's day day forecast.recast >> is it looking bright. brigh >> a got of moms gathered gat together on sunday?tother o >> yeah, my mom, my
7:36 am
>> you. >> me. >> right. rig >> just a love fest.. >> can't wait.>> let's do the mom's day forecastc and talk about rain for friday. yes, you are. are my mom is the best, too.est, there you go.e you we've got a few showers expected early sunday. somebody yesterday saw me on tht street and he's like i got golff sunday morning at 7:00.t 7 am i going get it in. i you may have a few showersew s around. it will be very light. ver we shall brighten up withn uph temperatures in the mid sundays -- wait.t in the mid 70s for sundayunda afternoon. for mother's day.s d things will be looking great.kie all right. rig there is your rain showers thatt steve mentioned.steve me it's getting steady, gettingetti heavy in spots bushing acrossoss the bay moving east to west.t tw thaw yellow and darker oranger you see and darker green all gen headed in our direct. dir get ready for a very wet morninr into early in fact we can get upwards to at inch plus of rain around here h that can cause localizedaliz flooding issues so just keep ini mine that unlike the last couplo of days where it look like it l was going to rain it didn'tn' really today it's going rain ani
7:37 am
rain heavy at times over the ov next couple of hours. cou i'm sure that's not going to dog great thing on the roadways. only 57 today for daytime high.h the rain will taper off tonightg look more closely at the weekene forecast in just a minute. i erin is back with withr >> right now we'll start you ofw with a live look outside van oui ness metro station red line redl still bypassing because of a bef power outage issue.tage iss you can see police are at that location not letting anyone int the stop.the st shuttle busing but anticipatentt delays. dela we'll take a look at our maps op right because four out of six metrox t lines this morning are dealingng with delays.elay silver line residual delays to largo. town center earlier trainira malfunction at federal trianglen here's some metro bus options o for if you you are in factn f taking the red line to get around van ness station. staon. tenley town and cleveland park.. all the details at erin fox5ox d.c. as for the blue and yellowy line delays in both directionstn signal problem outside of braddock i'm gettiadng tweets some frustrated passengers on metros waiting patient toll get through that area.
7:38 am
taking the blue or yellow lineel you may have co-workers late toe work this morning. mning eastbound side of the freeway ai m street crash adectivity delayl back to the 14th streetth s 295 north from the beltway toelw the 11th street bridge tipsips down to left miles an hour. mil earlier crash out by benning roi on the southbound side did cleac out of the way.. but we are still dealing withngw delays back to eastern avenue. your into the district slow because of all the rain. r give yourself extra time to geto around metro and the roads. roa got you cover this rough sad rou friday morning. morning back to you >> thanks erin.n coming up, powerfulerfu turbulence forces a plane tola make an emergency landing. we'll tell tell you how manyy passengers injured. iured >> massive warehouse fire sending clouds of black smokeck not air. no we'll tell you how it allt started when we come back. it's 7:38 now.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ piece of living -- historyis is leaving the district i shouls say this weekend.. the uss barry at the washingtong navy yard you've seen it manyset times. it's been there since the 1980ss but it's moving tomorrow.omro tug boats will tow it to it t philadelphia.phil it will be dismantled and thenhe that's it is going to be sold for for scrap. the ship began -- will begin itn final journey tomorrow at 7:00w: a.m.a.m. a long time fixture down at thet navy yard.. >> huge warehouse complex inse m houston went up in fla now this fire finally underal ud control but it took while.ook fire actually started in nearbyb house and the flames spread to t the warehouse
7:42 am
officials now trying to figureyo out what hazardous materials may have been in that warehouse thaa were released into the air.sed a there was at least one explosioo heard in surrounding surroun neighborhoods. wow! all right.>> two flight attendants and threed passengers were injured i yesterday after a flight wasligs diverted to ft. lauderdaleauderd airport due to turbulence. a lee giant air flight 770 traveling from pun at a can at c to pittsburgh diverted to fortef later call.l emergency crews met the blaine b and removed the injured parties. airline is now working to get uninjured passengers to their destinations. all right.all rht when we come back new music frof justin timberlake much it'se m already running in the song of n the summer category.ategory. >> it sounds like a great summem song, doesn't, esn' >> party song. par >> we'll introduce you to the new hans solo and tell you howl many actors he had to beat outht for this iconic role.ole. it's's 7:42.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> welcome balk. we are celebrating mother's dayi here on fox5 news morning with photos of your wonderful moms.nm thank you so much for sharingora these with us. this is tam knee mckenzie andcka her beautiful familiarly from fl lexington park. and this is carolyn wilson's mom mrs. neal who is 90 years old.rd she looks great. g keep zenning us your photos forf chance to be featured on air this morning. but you have to remember to use the #fox5moms. >> love seeing all the picture.c >> the number five.he nber see how she matches.ches >> i love them.>> i love them >> that's great picture. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> tucker, you going to sen i
7:46 am
a pick of you and your mom for m good day today. tod >> i saw a few weeks ago. absolutely. i'll have to find one. have >> i'm looking for one myself.os >> my mom is ut she's nice most of the time. rainy friday expected.. celebrate her. >> isn't the right answer. the >> no, no. >> i love my mom.y m let's go to the let's see. 53 in washington. washi you know she just goes -- she comes -- she comes from the simon school of truth telling. 52 in annapolis.. 50 in 52 in fredericksburg.g all right.ig we're looking at low 50s to 50s start your day. day only upper 50's here comes the heavy rain moving east to west and there you go.there you can see that heavy rain r pushing across the bay.he b so get ready here. her we'll be in for good soakingd si late morning early afternoon in fact the projections are an incn plus of rain for parts of thef t area here. that could cause localizedaliz flooding issues.sss so unlike last couple of daysf y which featured cloud cover andcl the threat of rain, today meansa business here.ness here. area of low pressure right
7:47 am
and kind of sip itself out overe the next 24 hours and slowly get push up into southeast souea pennsylvania. unfortunately we're just going'r to be in for soakinge condition around here later today.rod tonight things will start tota o taper off and gradually improvep her by tomorrow morning.or there's future cast.futu notice that heavy rain rightinit across the area around noon.d n things will start to taper offap late this afternoon still benoob drizzily with light rain around by seven, 8:00 o'clock nightoc heaviest of the rain if you'rere going tonight during the daytime hours. then rain showers tomorrows tomr morning. there we are at 11:00 tomorrow.o this should be very light tomorrow night.morr i think we'll try break out inti partial sunshine by tomorrow tor afternoon.ternoo as this area of low pressure p finally starts to get on out oft here. all right. all righ focused on mother's day. quick-moving cold front earlyt e sunday morning could bring a bri quick shower get that east of us by late morning and then we then should break out in sunshine drd things out mid 70s for daytimeay highs for our wonderful motherss and we'll be often and a celebrating all day long. 74 for mother's days and itnd looks great.s great 75 on monday with so it looks beautiful.ut all right.
7:48 am
that's weather'seathe. erin is back with roads. >> 7:47.>> we do have breaking news rightin now for the red van ness station has reopened re let's take live look outside. oi they were able to restore powerw and allow folks inside the metro station. so as you can see the scene t se there is clearing. they had he been shuttle busings watch for delays as things get t back to normal at van ness.ess. back to our maps because wee have some other problems withblw the metro line as you make youry way out around town. tn. silver line expect residual res delays in both directions earlier train malfunction atncon federal triangle. also, largo bound passengersasse between braddock and metro m center experiencing longer waitt times. times. that's because of a switchausef problem at braddock road, andk , the blue and yellow line delayss in both directions because ofecu that braddock road issue. frustrated passengers this t morning allow extra time fur taking metro to get to work on o time. time wet roads, crashes and slowndlo downs all around the dmv. d eastbound freeway still crash c seen at m street delays back tok the 14th street bridge. 295 northbound from the beltwayb to the 11t
7:49 am
you're down to about 11 miles a hour. earlier crash on the southbounde side of 295 did clear but weut still have heavy delays back tot eastern avenue.nue. 50 inbound slow new york avenuen dealing with delays by bladensburg, suitland parkwayd inbound is slow. 210 route 5 inbound towards thee bell way jamming up in those uit usual spots.l and then as you can see as wes w take look here emery grove roadr at goshen road a crash inrash gaithersburg and 270 south slowo zones because of rain.nes annie and steve.and steve. >> bridges prince's dead led to a lawsuit failed by comedian aoa friend of the singer againstsina another celebrity. >> arsenio hall is suing shenade o'connor. she accuses hall of furnishingin prince with drug. d she said investigator shows looo into hall as a supplier of drugu to prince. pnce. she also says the comedianomia drugged her in the lawsuit hallh calls o'connor's accusations fabricated lies and also says s that o'connor barely new princei and hated him. wow! >> all every day.
7:50 am
>> 7:49 right now. now. let's find out more -- what'sha' happening in the world ofeng int celebrities. our own celebrity kevin mccarthy our globe trotting friend is ini london, england this morning.s what you doing there, kev. k >> steve, good morning to youoru guys. i'm in london for a bunch offorn different films including x-men apocalypse much seeing the new tim burton movie as well aswell doing a is that so nines creed d presentation tonight.esentation i'm also interviewing justinusti timberlake in canness in an couple of days as well. by the way i just found out ind don't know if it's true that tim burton is somehow walking arouno this area that i'm in right nown i haven't seen him i'm in hotel room and apparently he's here doing press for something.someth i believe the movie miss para pr if i see him going to flip outop my engagement was to one of his films.s. so i'm very freaking out that tim burton is somehow in this ih vicinity of where i am rightm now. i don't know what i'm going to o do. >> i know you're a big tim burton fan and a also a big a b stars wars i hear there's news when it whei comes to the star wars g
7:51 am
i'm actually really excited rea about this.out i was a little nervous about the casting. they've casted a new hans solo.l so what they're doing now,gow they're going to go back andgogg doing origin story with hans wh solo and have origins of chewbacca as well and an actor named alden aaron reich you rchy might not know the name he's the new hans solo and he's reporte reportedly signed on to play thn iconic role obviously harrisonso ford played that roll for so so many, many years.. obviously recently in the toys y awake ken the episode seven.. this actor is 26 years old.. and there were over 2,000 otherh actor that is were out for the t job. there were other actor that is were in the mind sent trying tog get the roll.ol the one i really wanted was anthony inn gruber if you saw aw movie call the age of adelinene last year with blake lively heil played the younger harrison forr in that film. nailed it looked just like him.h i thought he was going get thege role but now alden got the roll. he most recently appeared inea hail caesar you know that m
7:52 am
with george clooney, and the hans solo movie doesn't start'ta shooting until january directed by the guys who did the legoo movie as well as 21 jump streete chris miller and philip lord. lr and it will be released 218 but apparently some reports areor ae saying he may appear in the staa wars movie opening up this christmas.mas this december which is called ce rogue one a star wars storyars which is a spin off also takingg place somewhere between revenge of the sith and new hope.ew h we'll see what happens there.whe i'm very very excited about thee news. i'm interested to see how thiswt actor turns out but i read a lot of places steven peeler discovee him. also francois ford copy pole lal put him in movie early on. lost these directs a good eyes s on what great talent is out i there seems like he's one of the big talents.big lent he might be a good choice.ho >> you wonder what it is foron these casting director ordior directors or producers to puto somebody over the top when when there's that much competitionmti and that many other good actors in the running. runng >> you know it's interesting.g. it
7:53 am
when a lot of these actors getog cast in iconic roles when heath ledger got cast in the joker thk everyone was like what? that'sa the worst dig of all the trailer came out for the dark knight and everyone was soo blown away by it. these decisions that are made m there's a reason for them. generally these casting peopleno get it rig heath ledger was the great t gre testify joker of all timellim obviously rest in piece amazingn actor, but same thing with ben w affleck for batman.batman nobody wanted him as batman butb he was amazing as batman. so i have faith this will turnn out pretty well. i think he's a good choice. i a really do. really d >> all right. kevin, we have been rocking tout justin timberlake's new song ews can't fight the feeling or stopo the feeling.eeling. that's's i >> yeah. have you listened to it or heare it. >> annie, i love this song.oven i listen right when i landedan this morning in london. l i'm in london and i landed andnd the song i was looking at myt m twitter feed and it popped up.pd i'm actually interviewing timberlake in couple of days ofd which i'm very excited about.ut. amazing artist.rtis i love
7:54 am
network and him and anna kendrick are in the video.e veo they released the video. vid. his mother is in the video.eo james corden the song ison i fantastic.ntasti. it's being released in combination with new movie trolo which is the animated film fromf fox coming out in october. he's tapped to perform new songs for the animated film and hee will also voice a character in it. it. >> i actually saw the trailer for troll and i wanting to seeee it. as a collector of trolls when iw was a kid. >> listen, i have -- i love thee hair. hair. i used to mess with the hair alr the time on the i'm totally with you.ou >> it's how you style it.t. you blow on the hair. hai >> you blow on it really? >> with a blow drier. drier >> she's talking about the actual dolls.olls the actual dolls and little ltl belly buttons had gems and i i used to keep them on my desk for good luck.good l also on the top of my pencils. >> she doesn't mean her school h desk. she
7:55 am
office. >> i've seen the hair.e you can actually below dry the l hair. i've seen people do it with wit troll hair. . i've seen it s >> good luck trying to find timt burton. i know if you can you will finda him.n i wouldn't be surprised if we b see a picture of you and him h later this >> thanks, kev.>> >> i'll be back 8:45.k 8 see you soon, buddy. >> awesome. let's check in with ticker b we get to tucker -- tke >> we got big news. we got big w very exciting.very a lot of response to last week'' empire finale party give away. a if you didn't win, guess what, w you can try again today. today. you could win a admission foron you an guest to fox5 big empiree season finale party it's goingti down may 18th at the howard theater.te. >> magic 102 donny simpson plusp little mo and quick silva off 93.9 will be along along withngt fox5 hosts allison seymour ander holly morris. you might see a few other foxox pfeiffers drop by from time to time throughout the evening.t tn just go to the contest page on between now and 11:59 p.m.119 p. enter tour for your chance tohae win much this not one, two, or o five people winni
7:56 am
250 winners will be selected by random drawing may ninth. nth all entrants and guests must be over 21 years old.ld keep that p .mind. tt p complete rules are online at i'm going to stop beach aree you going stop go >> give it best bes s tuck was will last year.t >> i was there last year. t had great time.ha steve, i just watched the justin video i think that he might havv taken a couple of your danceleyr moves. >> that's okay. >> all right.>> a >> just want to be clear there.e you might have a aase. 53 now in washington.n some rain showers across the area. rain will get steadier here over the next couple of hours. coupls you can see it pushing east to o west and real steady rain nowain pushing across the bay out bay o towards annapolis, you guys wili be getting in on the heavy rain. southern maryland has beenee enjoying maybe not the right rig word enduring the last couple oe hours some steady rain.. and all of us dealing withng wit pretty good rains around hered e late morning early afternoon. so today will be a soaker no so doubt about it. i things will taper off tonight tg just few showers tomorrow is not wash out. then sunshine second half ofonda sunday for our mother's day witw
7:57 am
all righty. that's all i got until eightntie minutes from now.nute erin is back. >> 7:56.>> big problems 7 continue becauses the rain and with metro heads us for you. for red line van ness station has power outage has been taken carr of, power back on there. tre earlier malfunction at federaltf triangle silver line delays. zig nat problems at braddock road affecting the yellow and blue line. lin we'll keep you posted but metrot dealing with big slow downsiglos inside the district northwest ww have crash constitution toion 23rd.rd we'll keep a close eye on our oo wet roads. wet roads keep it to fox5 news. morning. g 8:00 o'clock hour is cominglock right up. we got you covered this friday morning.
7:58 am
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. boy, we have lot to get toot this hour. hou we take look outside on thisn ti friday may sixth, 2016.,01 weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:00 sorry five justs a spoiler alert it will be a lot of rain today.of rain get the details from tucker barnes. in the meantime i'm steve chevy. >> i'm wisdom martin. mar another rough one for metroet riders and we're sorry utter tot hear that us from and you haveav to hear seems like almost dailyi but it is the truth yet again yt right now.ri >> here's what you're dealinge i right delays on the red line after thr van ness station was closed forr about an hour and a half this ts morning because of a powerbecau outage. now, it is open again just reopened about 15 minutes ago.eo >> all right. bad news if you're riding metroo
8:01 am
signal problems outside ofide o braddock road have slowed things up on the blue and yellow linesn expect delays if you're headingi to the pentagon or to downtown.. we're hearing from some of yougy on our facebook page that trainn have been off loading one another, one after another attha some stations.ons also viewer robin coleman tellsl us she's been on the blue linee since 6:00 a.m. got on at franconia and has been stuck ono the tracks near reagan airportrt for a long time. tim >> all of this now on the heelse of major issues yesterday.rd. federal center southwest. this track fire that forced metro's gm to shut down thehe station for emergency repairs. this as the general manager dued to make major announcement latet this morning.orni >> let's get out to melanie o alnwick riutght now.ight she's underground at the federal center station with more.ore. melanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, mor wisdom and steve. ste you can see here when you look at the track at federal center r the work that has been doneee dn overnight.overnigh those brand new gray insulators, hundreds of them were installnsa but i want to sho
8:02 am
thing that we noticed thised morning. we've been talking about waterar inn filtration into the system. so check out on the tunnels t that's where you can see where n the leaks are. now, let's follow it all the way down and then to the track bedrk and what do we see this morningg water.water. there's still water here on thet track bed. tr that is the situation that theye do not that is one of the situationsitn that is causing all of this trouble, and it's one of the o situations that general manager paul wiedefeld says needs to beb addressed right away.way. let's take look at that video vd once again from yesterday. it's just incredible video thatt we haven't really scene so so clearly before.y before. the effect effects of those arcg insulators. this one inside the federaleder center station right next to the platform as train is leaving and that was just the beginning. ben that was thursday morning.orning then by afternoon, we were toldl debris on the track has reportedly sparked another firef and massive smoke. ske we know about this problem.roblm not only just the water in thene tunnels but improper and missi
8:03 am
insulation on cables workingor together to cause such calamityt and now after decades of neglected maintenance smoke and fires have become all tooalloo common.mmon. metro general manager paul wiedefeld he would l toll us heh conducted with department off transformation before makingtior that call to close two down doww stations taking that aggressive stance to get the system back im working order.rkinord we get little preview of thatf this weekend because there areha going to be significantca disruptions as they talk about t restoring the system back to bak working order five of the sixf s lines are going to have significant maintenance on themm through this weekend.ugthis the red line starts 8:00 o'clock tonight.t as they talk about doing that intensive care that these t tunnels need to try to mitigatee these water problems. pem so if you're taking metro thiss weekend, you definitely want tot check the schedules because in some cases some trains are 24re2 minutes between trains.s. we're going to get better lookoo at paul wiedefeld's plan forgetf this system back to order at a 11:00 o'clock this morning.
8:04 am
>> all right. 8:03 at the time mel.el we'll be streaming thistreamings morning's 11am news conferenceoc outlining the new maintenanceen plan. meantime, do you have a questioo for metro' general manager m because we want to hear from y you. paul wiedefeld will join us liv on monday at 7:30 a.m. you canyc tweet your questions using the #askmetrogm and if you can'tu c watch the interview live on tv, remember, you can always watch t us on our fox5 d.c. app and on >> let's get to prince george's county this morning where policr say a suspect g who shot andho a killed his estranged wife in tht parking lot of high point highng school is still on the loosehe e this morning wisdom. mng w >> all right.>> the search for him continues ass students head back to school sch after very scary situationituati bob barnard is live with theithe very latest in this story.. bob? >> reporter: wisdom, steve,ve, yeah. school started on time here at the murder scene.ce. high point high school. also at park dale high school in riverdale about 10 miles from here where the victim was am w science teacher.scie you mentioned the look out.lo police are still looking for the
8:05 am
tordil.rdil. an employee with the federaleral protective service still on the run this morning.ning we believe a court had ordered him to stay away from his estranged wife gladys back in bc march. the scene here yesterday where e the 44-year-old teacher, mother, estranged wife was shot andt and killed while sitting in her suvs after school.oo this was its about 5:00 p.m.0.m she had come to school we are told to pick up her daughtersrs who are students here. here. a man who saw the couple arguing intervened.terv he was shot in the shoulder andd then police say he turn the begun on gladys shot her dead hd inside the car and then he took off.of students we spoke to this morning here heading in tog in t school say it's ban veryer traumatic 24 hours. >> they're in shock. sho they didn't expect it i guess.. nobody expects a thing like that to happen. hap especial until our schools. and they're just sad about the girl. gi they've
8:06 am
ask people to pray. p i think we have pray for them. >> reporter: now, tordil wedil are told had to surrender his h weapons back in march with thata protective order. ord not a hundred% sure of his jobfj witness federal protectionn service and they're there are te also questions about hisutis relationship to the two is he the father? we know he'se the estranged husband of the victim. police are calling this ann isolated crime. cri a case of domestic violence. there are grief counselors heref at high point high sch cool tody no doubt also at park dale highh school. a troubling day for two schooll communities here in princehere george's county.'snty. guys? >> bob, thanks 80:00 sick rights now. stay on top of that story. also, bob is bundle up a little bit this morning.t a little chillthy, little wet ot there this >> we're getting used torque, i don't know if we're getting use to it doing cool temperatures for days. >> we know how to prepare forpr it. >> be prepared for rain today. i it will be steady if not heavy y at times late this morning.orni. it's moving in off the ocean soo we're seeing it move in east too west a lt
8:07 am
time of year notice darkerarke darker can greens and the yellows and reds that are nowt e pushing across the bay.ross t b that's heavy rain now pushing p into places like bowie and krava ton, southern maryland you guyss have been doing it for a couplec of hours right here in the district starting to move intogo the eastern side of town. of t so, yes, steady rain all morni morning. heavy at times later this thi morning during the earlyri the afternoon and them things willtm taper off tonight. but certainly the last couple of days kind of threatened felt fel like it was going to rain to r nothing really much happened.pee today will be good steady rainyr throughout the day.ugho make sure you got your boots, b, umbrella, rain slicker, whatevee you may need here to endure thet day. all right.all righ cool temps, 53 reagan national.. low 50s everywhere.where only get into the upper 50s witt rain throughout the day.t the d. it will taper off tonight.. weekend looks a little brighterh week look at that in just a in minute. >> all right.>> thank you tucker barnes. a bar >> erin, you've had somehasom challenges this morning.ning. >> oh, it is still challenging.g tucker i need to know outdoordo pictures for a wedding inedding they're possible tom maybe next forecast
8:08 am
>> wing little bit cloud cover c it will be just about perfect. t >> that's good news. thas go unfortunately, not good news fog our friday morning commute.ommue rain as a lot of accidents and delays a crash southern avenuenu and wheeler road southeast andet we're also dealing with a crasha in the district north capital street at chaning street see northeast.. police on location at thoset the accident scenes.accident also you can see all the red ond our map 395 inbound the freewaye backs up 295 south andnd northbound dealing with a ton oo stop and go traffic. traff northbound side from the beltwar to the 11th street bridge is bri the slowest and then earlier e crash update for you.. the freeway eastbound at 295 southbound right near the exitxt to 2a lanes have reopened vehicles on the merge line atge the shoulder there. there. from earlier crash. so throw slow it down watch forc delays with metro.delays with van ness station has reopen.eon power restored earlier malfunction on theti on silver line at federal triangle has us delayed.ed. signal problem at braddock roadr has big delays for the blue andd yellow line as you head into tho district or to pentagon sogo please be prepared for that.. we'll go head out
8:09 am
some of our wet roads. 66 eastbound out by centrevillel very slow-moving traffic intoict the district there.district thee you can see the shine watch outt for slick spots it really starta to back up as you get closer toe the beltway.w. steve.e >> err rip thank you very much. coming newspaper pictures of the devastation burning in can in a right now.ow. wildfire that continues to tha consume an entire city. cit plus why one of thene of e country's most powerful powerfu republicans is not ready to reat support donald trump.rump. we're back in just 30 seconds.e.
8:10 am
♪ 8:09 the time.8:09 t let's talk about the race for ar the white donald trump look aig head tok d the general leck but republican house speaker paul ryan says not so fast holding out on anast endorse many.ny although they're bothot republicans they don't see eyeah to eye. they plan to meet next week.. republican committee chairman ca priebus thinks they'll work outk their differences. hillary clinton is dealing witho fb i.e. male invn estigation.esa one much her aids waser aidas interviewed by the fbi uma abbott one of hess closest aidst while she was secretary ofecetar the government is investigatingg whether sensitive information ii was mishandled that wasedhat wa clinton's e-mails.n'mails. >> more than 80 thou san people, 80,000, in a canadian town t escaping a wildfire.ilir fire still burning in the townrn of fort mcmurray.ormcm that is in alberta.. thousands of people had to be tb airlifted last night like 8,000 people airlifted because the bec roads were completely surrounded by the fire. f the situation there is grave. g mo
8:11 am
consumed.nsum >> the private company space x successfully land the its falcol nine rocket on a drone ship inns the atlantic ocean. o it blasted off from capeca canaveral hours ago landing theg rock at sea is the best way toes recover the vehicle. vic space x plans to take nasae nas astronauts to the space stationa by the end of neck year.ea >> dallas judge ordered formermr cleveland browns quarterbackd bq johnny manziel to have no to hen contact with the alleged victimg in his domestic violence >> in order to remain out of out bond out of jail on bond judge d ruled manziel cannot contactta ex-girlfriend colleen crowley oy be in possession of any firear firearms. heisman trophy winner was inn died last month after crowley wc said he hit her and threaten toe kill her back in also in the college footbalg theme new reports claim formermf penn state football coach joech paterno may have known as earlyy as 1976 that his sift tan jerry sandusky may have been abusingbi children. a judge says insurers involvedsl in lawsuit with penn at any tim claim decades ago boy told paterno he had been molested
8:12 am
jerry sandusky according toccng reports the order also cites als claims by unnamed assistantmedss coaches that they witnessedhey s inappropriate contact betweencte jerry sandusky and children.ldre 8:12 is the time.he coming up a popular baby product is on recall list. we'll tell was parents need toar know. know >> live look outside on thislooo friday morning. morng weather and traffic coming up up next. 8:12.. ♪
8:13 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
8:14 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
8:15 am
♪ >> that's, should have playeds, that on monday, tuesday, maybe s even sunday, maybe last friday. >> nickel back.ayayicck. >> nickel back.. >> nickel back has to have somes love at some point. poi >> it would be fantastic if iti is.. >> it's creed.s >> all right. >> excellent. let's go to the forecast. >> shouldn't we brighten thingst up a little bit. bit >> thank you steve for remain rm mowing. >> steve has got your back.asot i'll bring you sunshine onshin friday no matter what. wt. time now for fox5 first five fit feet toast day. toa we got double cuteness. c >> great picture.>> great >> get this name.ame. hmm.hmm this is ryan and abby, everybody. ryan is four years old.. and abby is five. >> you know what that's the knot perfect age because they don'thd remember the bad years. (laughter).(laughte >> see they're young enough theh can appreciate the winning years. >> they've been around fort upef swing. >> that's right. >> you're absolutely right.e ab >> perfect. >> is that what it is.s >> both are diehard skins fans and as you can se,
8:16 am
having great time.e. >> tucker, can i? c >> you know i don't do theo noises any more. >> let's first frequent the foaa finger now you can do yourow >> time for poetry for our two o kids. ki i look the liberty of writingng things down. th >> okay. >> ryan and abby, not toooo shabby, happy friday to you, two, your smiling faces make mem say woo woo woo. i know this may be hard to t believe but you too are coolerlr than tucker and steve. (applause). >> yes.>> y (laughter).. >> promise us you won't do thatt again.ain >> ryan and abby -- >> and the crickets. >> that's definitely more thandi cricket worthy.ket (laughter).ter) >> enjoy the season coming up si and training camp and all thatda good stuff.. enjoy being tucker's favoriteavr fans today.. >> serenaded by wisdom that stuff is so bad it'b good, man.go m you got potential.t ntia >> words of wisdom.. (laughter). >> i'm speechless right now.ecsi isn't all right.t send us your child's picture gou to fox5 first five and
8:17 am
it if you're lucky enough to geg wisdom in the rotation you may m get little poetry as well. >> current conditions rainy dayy no doubt about it. dou vernice morning. mni we're expecting periods ofio moderate if not heavy rain latel this morning and during thend afternoon hours. enough that we can have inch plus of rain maybe some urban flooding, flooding in some of the roadways and some of the the local creeks and rivers anders a start to have issues with thee rain coming in.rain all right. heavy now right along theright e western shore of the bay. bay. annapolis, car roll, deal, dea working our way down into dn in calvert county and saint mary's' county getting very heavy rain r much that's all headed along tht 95 corridor should be movingoulb right through the city andit points west over the next couplu of hours. h as an area of low pressure juste kind of me ans east of the oceae city. it will be a wet one all day ony today. of course last couple of daysstd kind of threatened rain da-da da it's the real dole.ea rain tapers off tonight. just few showers tomorrow. tom may get afternoon sunshineshine tomorrow.tomorrow so there's something to look's s forward to. then a brighter conditions byons mother's day.mother
8:18 am
mid 70s by sunday afternoon forn all the mothers and picnics andd gardens.ens it's going to be to >> that's good.>> last time since i don't get toet come up here that often allow ma to do the honors to erin como. m >> take it away. awa >> with a little poetry. p >> i would love a poem.oem >> oh, where, oh should i go, how about little traffic withit erin como? c >> he's on roll. roll. >> wisdom, my heart just meltedl that was beautiful.ut >> now you see why i'm hardly ever up here. (laughter).(laughter). >> i why you have the reputatiot did you in nashville.lle >> let's move on.ov o >> moving on, traffic it's badsb around the area inbounda inb incidents right now suitlandd parkway near alabama also another crash 210 northbound att palmer road really slowingylowig things down across the wilson wl bridge we are all jammed up onau the inner loop, local lanes les especially prince george's inton alexandria.dria. 395 northbound forget about itti horrible ride across the 14th t street bridge with volume.ol crashes in the did trick asri a well. a crash southern avenue anden a wheeler rd
8:19 am
another one north capital streee and chaning street northeast ant then in northwest constitutionot avenue at 23rd street. s tons of red on our secondaries.s trying to get into the districtc and if you're taking metro, red line back to normal after an afr earlier power outage at van ne ness. earlier malfunction at federalt triangle. triangle still affecting the silver linel and then signal problem blue ane yellow line at braddock road rd causing big delays from the the pentagon noon city. please be prepared for that. tha live look outside wet roads ands issues across the wilson bridgeg as i mentioned. mention inner loop really stacks up topp side of the beltway really heavy traffic on the outer loop across the area of new hampshire hamhi avenue. and the reputation i was talkinl about wisdom that of just a pura gentleman. back to you to guy >> we thought nothing but that.u >> you know it. >> thank you erin como. 8:19 is the time.e a recall to tell you about.t this one involves pacifierss specifically the popular munchkin light weight latch pacifiers and clips. 180,000 pacifiers being pulledul back because apparently the clie cover can break off.can k o this could cause a potential
8:20 am
moms nationwide are set to be celebrating sunday and that andt means big bucks for retailers.a. >> lauren simonetti breaks downs the business behind mother's d day. >> if you can hear lauren, shene would talk about the people areo spending over a hundred dollarsd per person on >> okay. >> >> for moms this year. for mom whether it be flowers or takingt her just showering her in somesw way. >> right. i like dinner and cash.s a lot of people don't like cashs i was surprised when i was doins i was telling people -- >> really. >> you give your mom cash.h. why not? n >> i don't think anybody will complain about getting cash.tin. >> right. >> right. right. it is a billion dollar industry for motherdo's day. day we'll get more for that cominght up. 8:20 right now the who is the wi early favorite to win this thi year's kentucky derby.yerby the big race coming up onn saturday. might be a muddy track. t >> weather could be an why hundreds of wedding dressese from the dc area are sitting ins a texas warehouse. w
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ 8:23 right now. n happy mother's day to everybodyy out we'll celebrate our moms ae oura little later this morning, butn, in the meantime we're celebrating yours and sonya sent this out.this o great looking picture rightig there. we love to see these from everybody.
8:24 am
couple pictures this morning. patrick mccoy his mom retired aft year after being custodianun for over 30 years.30 yea he doesn't have to say say you can see the love in thatve a picture, wis.cture, w >> that's awesome. 30 years.. and there are no words tonods express, you know, the way weaye feel about our moms. there just aren't enough words.r we love our moms. m >> take a picture with your mom tell her that you love her andor share if you like. lik >> absolute.>> 8:24 is the time. tim let's talk about the firstue leg of the triple crown becausee it begins tomorrow with the t 142nd run of the kentuckycky derby. de early favorite is horse named n nyquist he's been givenn gien three-one odds much he's he's undefeated in seven career rac c and will be wearing number 13 tomorrow. jockey victor espinosa who wonhw the triple crown last year withw america farrow will try for for their straight derby win with a horse witness more.. >> i guess tuck it's supposed te be sunny in kentucky tomorrow t for the derby, right? >> mostly.os i think they got t
8:25 am
activity today and then latern l tomorrow. so the track might be a little t wet but i think for the actual race it should be okay. oka >> will they cancel it, is itt,i bad enough for them to cancelo e it. >> no, no. >> unless there's lightning.. >> there's been muddy raises. >> really? >> whoo! >> i think they'll be okay. locally we got the gold cupheot tomorrow. >> yeah, we do.>> >> how about that. >> that will be soggy from all the rain today but i don't thint it will be raining tomorrow.omro >> they race that on grass thatt could be a little slippery.y >> that camera is awful closewfo this morning. it's it's been a long week.long w let's go to the forecast.orecast rain steady heavy moderate wee got all of it moving into the area and there you can see the e working across the bay someayom pretty good rains that will be b moving into most of our viewingi area here shortly.. so already into parts of the of anne arundel county, princenty,i george's county, calvert countyu saint mary's county southern sou maryland you guys arthe gettingg pretty good dose of some rainsmr there at the moment and we'll bl dealing with this throughouthr date today.. so definitely umbrella weather w be prepared if you
8:26 am
roadways there could be pondingg out there with heavy rain movinm through. 53 right now at reagan nationala expecting up to an inch of raini today. it will taper off late thishis afternoon and this evening. enig just a couple showers tomorrow r mentioned the cold cup. yeah it will be soggy out theret but it won't be actually raininn during most of tomorrow and then we will perhaps get littleetitte sunshine late tomorrow afternoot and then more sunshine for our mother's day temperatures in the mid 70s. so it gets better from here.ere. next week looks nice.oks nice. >> that's really good news,relyg we could always use a little ait sunshine. time to mow the lawn, runn, outside, you know, normal norma springtime activities. acties >> my lawn is going to take t t multiple mows. ms >> good to know.>> good to maybe we can get you some help s out there. e. i'm just tired of reporting onti very slow roads.oa and metro problems unfortunately with the rain.wi we'll start you off with metro m delay. been talking to lot of frustrata the passengers on metro. darsey michelle perkins waserkis saying how she had been offeen o loaded on yellow line trying tog get from l'efant down to springfield fran cone eighty three several times thisve morning. both direct examination on the
8:27 am
road because of a signalause osl problem. we're seeing a lot of delaysf dl into the metro area and out of t the metro area.tro aa have patience there.nce there may want to find alternatelterna transportation this morning. m red line back to normal after aa power outage at van ness andess earlier malfunction at federal l triangle still has delays on tht silver line we'll keep updated d on that. as far as your commute, wetet soggy roads tucker mentioned the possibility for ponding because we've had such heavy rain all week please use caution. cau take it slow this morning. morni suitland parkway inbound nearoun alabama avenue there's a crash. 210 north at palmer road there'e a crash and five inbound typical slow-moving traffic startingtraa around 301. 301 is delayed. del in the distract we do have somee accidents to report.t. southern avenue and wheeler roar southeast.sout another one north capital street and chaning street. and pete piringer letting usettu know in you're headin heading oi bethesda watch for delays a funeral service for chief jack c hartley taking place on batteryb lane at 10a that's your traffic.r back to >> coming up why olympic runnern is selling space on his body too adve
8:28 am
>> interesting. also why hundreds of weddind dresses from here in d.c. are sitting in warehouse in texas ts and about to be sold. we're back with that story andry nor just two minutes.inutes.
8:29 am
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oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! ♪ i love that song. >> isn't that sentiment that tha probably 99% of the people outth there are saying right now. >> ♪ >> 8:30 right now. n look
8:31 am
it is little dreary out there.he we'll check in with tucker in a few minutes with the deal on thd rain rolling across the areaossa today. prince george's countyeo police are searching for a man who they say shot and kill his wife in the parking lot of thiss school. school high point high school in belt beltsville. it happened yesterday about 4:3r in the afternoon. the suspect tordil got into a fight with gladys tordil his his estranged wife while she was she waiting to pick up her children. a man who saw what was going ong tried to intervene when police say tordil pull out gun and shos that bystander and then shot hit estranged wife.ife she died at the scene. sne the man who was shot is expectep to be okay.y. this happened as the school wasw preparing to host baseball gameg no students were injured all tol there were students in the area. in alexandria, police are pe looking for a killer a man wasaw found stabbed last night in the 6100 block of lanconia road andr taken to the hospital where he h later died.dd police haven't toll us who theho having tim or header they have any information on the suspect. meantime service restored r today at metro's federal center southwest
8:32 am
after this, you cannot misss that, a huge arcing incident,nc two fire incidents actually actl prompted an emergency shut downc at federal center yesterday.terd this morning, at 11 a.m. just a little more than 2.5 hours fromo now metro's general manager will outline his maintenance plan fon the entire system.ys there will be rider sacrifices.e be prepared for that. tt. we'll stream the announce manynn life on our website fox5 dc.comc and then on monday morning theyi general manager will be hereer w with us to talk about it. he'll join us in the fox5 studios to talk about thebout t overhaul effort and answer yourr questions. so if you have a question abouto metro for the metro jenn ratchth manager, tweet us your questiont very important here when youhe tweet your question use the hass tag ask ghetto gm so we can fine >> all right.>> all rig it looks like people won't bee w getting a stipend not to commiti crimes. proposal appears to be deadearse after d.c. mayor bowser didn'tt include money for the program ii her budget. the council approved the styd te penn as part of a larger crime
8:33 am
bill.ll in texas 2,000 weddingding dresses collected from aro maryland woman accused of embezzling will go on the auction block.ion b annie has more on this story. >> 2,000.>> 2 >> hopefully they weren't oneslt people were expecting to geterex married in.married in. >> that's the big question.n. they're sitting in the warehoush right now the dresses are goingi up for auction. they were all seize frome al maryland woman who ran a bridali shop right outside of d.c. and. kept her business a float byat y embezzling from a non-profit shh worked now the dresses were shipped too central texas by the us marshall service and now they're off thee rack and going up for bid by bid auction nears.ucti u.s. marshals are hoping to eare back must money lost in thatt embezzlement case.ment ce. the auction comes just in time t for the busy wedding season. sso >> we tried to time it so ift so there were june brides out thert that were looking for wedding dresses, we'd have some s as they say timing is everything
8:34 am
everything. >> also, auctioning off dressess suitable for prom andm bridesmaids and the cash fromthr the auction will help reimburser crime victims typically it's only a frack of what was love. freck those wedding dresses ares expected to fetch less than aha hundred thousand while the embezzlement case that broughtt them to texas exceeded 500 -- $5 million,.$5 m excuse me. cuse m >> wow. w >> it's not your traditional waa of getting a wedding dress.eddis i'm wondering if these brides will be able to try them on. probably not.ot >> you're going to geting to g discounted price for sure. f >> that's true.>>t' >> good deals out >> huge difference from am hundred thousand to 5 million 5l they must be really bigy big discounts.nt. >> retail value probably.bably >> pay fort alter race, right. g >> yeah. >> thanks annie. >> year welcome.come >> 8:34. coming up on 8:35.:3 let's bring tucker barnes in ann couple seconds early to talklyol about what we're dealing with dt today which is unfortunate al ul very colorful map out there, tre tucker. >> lots and lots of rain. of r in fact some heavy rain moving m across the the look at the darker colors the yell
8:35 am
i'm not indicating thunderstormm activity that's very impressivev very heavy rains now workingin into right on the western w western shore of the bay andhe d unfortunately this is all heade in our direction here as an area of low pressure off to our easts throwing the moisture back on top of expect steady rain through out t the morning.or could be at times a heavy rain i late morning early afternoon.. and as mentioning all morningor there might be localized lal flooding ponding on the roadwayr that kind of thing with thisng s heavy rain expected so of coursf last couple of days rathersat dreary and gray and threatened. today is the real deal. dea area of low pressure right heret the it will kind of spin itselfs out and push up into southernn pennsylvania.sylvan southeastern pennsylvania over the next 24 things are going going to t brighten up by tomorrowy tor afternoon and by sunday we mayay be in for some very pleasantan conditions for mother's day.r's 53 right now at reagan national. here's look at the day planneraa again temps don't get out of tht 50's today with rain showers s throughout the afternoon. t aft. if you're headed
8:36 am
the rain showers should be little lighter by six, seven,ixe 8:00 o'clock tonight. ock t steady rain the next severalt s hours. all right. more weather in just a minute. i look at the weekend. a are rin is back. >> 8:36 right now. we are still dealing with a lotl of on our roads inbound incidenn suitland parkway near alabamama avenue.en 210 north of palmer road.d. metro bus due to an accidentid indian head highway and palmerae road buses to southern of ath dealing with delays.with days we have wet roads other crashesh inside district as well.. vehicle crash southern avenueer and wheeler road. r police on that north capitol street and chanini street northeast all of our of majors 295 north and southbound 395 dealing with delays earlierr malfunction at federal triangle causing delays on the silver sil line. because of a signal problem at braddock blue and yellow lineell serious delays this is a text ii got from my aunt nancy she work irs downtown. downtown. she said it took me over an hour on the yellow line to getet downtown the train meant 5 milet an hour half the way with that t and the rain she said she'sd she ready for her work day to be over. i understand that.
8:37 am
a lot of frustrated passengers r on the blue sand yellow line.lon a lot of feedback on facebook. any issues tweet me at erin foxx testimony c.imony c if you have alternate forms of r transport avoid the blue and yellow line into downtown just a lot of problems out there.h in other direction as well we'rw getting feedback it's taking atg lot of time to get from will hei fan down to springfield franconia.. crash reported constitution atio at 23rd street.d s these delays across the 14th street bridge, 11th streettr bridge, all of our inbound ournb bridges slow.low. let's take look at soggy wetet roads. you can see 295 southbound by eastern of a huge slow downslow there.the. from 50 on in we're just dealini with a crawl. northbound side from the bottome of the beltway past lavatory lav road and then also keep in mind, 50 inbound jams new york avenuee inbound jams outer loop top sid of the beltway montgomery county it's at a crawl as you pass new hampshire if you have an early morning flight to catch factorto into a lot of more time to get t to the airport this morning asog well. back to you
8:38 am
>> erin thanks.n thas. let get to work if you canif y n today. it's friday at least.daat lea >> yes. >> coming up olympic runner does something unique auctions offtif part of his body for advertisinn during the olympics. we're going to tell was the going rate was.going all right. all right. little bit later on keviniter o mccarthy joins us live fromliveo london for today's fox beat.oxea we're back in two minutes. ♪
8:39 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
8:40 am
8:40 this morning. d.c. fire and ems just sharedd u these touching photos.tos this is from
8:41 am
streets in northwest d.c. local 36 commemorating the one year marking the anniversary ofo the death of firefighter kevin mcrae.ra they dedicated this fire alarmia box at the intersection oferseco seventh and o to mcrae.. the lieutenant died responding to an apartment fire infire i northwest d.c. he was 44 years old. former nave quarterbackuaer keenan reynolds might be able tl chase his nfl dream after he was drafted by the ravens in the sixth round. rou secretary of the navy ray mavism says reynolds might be able to t play football and serve out five year naval commit many in the c off season. >> isn't that >> back to the david robinson days. he had to sit out. had >> i remember that. another player that got drafted to the nfl i believe who also ao went to the to navy. to i can't remember his name rightt now who had the same kind of k o deal. he can play and then serve outdo his time and didn't have to do the david robinson thing and sia without years. >> bring a lot of attention toon the navy and playing in the nfl. >> he's good, too.
8:42 am
he was >> probably won't be a>> quarterback for the ravens no. >> he ran a lot. >> he did run a lot.did rua lo >> it is the most lucrative ever awarded to female athlete. softball pitcher monica abbott a signed a landmark deal to pitch for a fast pitch lea how much is it worth you think? 20 million? 30 million? >> how about abbott will get $1 million paid over six years.y just for references.ce like 150,000 -- 160 to us hand s >> something like that.omet the most wnba player is make isi 10 nip thousand dollars year. y >> all right. >> not there with the men. men >> it's kind of hard when youfen don't have the big mass suvassu lucrative tv contract to pusho s those salaries up. u real hard deal. >> still working just as hard ar an athlete. >> absolutely. >> two time olympic runner haso sold part of his body for adord space fort olympic. >> nicky simmons auctioned off 9-inches of space on his
8:43 am
shoulder for $21,800 on e-bay. simmons is protesting us olympic committee rules that say athletes can't rare logos on their bodies this auction wass only for the right shoulder. sho the left is already reserved to ties caffeinated gum companyum that he owns. c did this in 2012 but this time he's doubling the amount they earn. >> seeing what the rules theregh are as well. >> yeah. >> talk about sleeves.le >> all over your body.>>ll o whatever you can get the moneyot for put it on me.e. >> million dollar athletes.lete >> we'll check in with our buddy kevin mckathy.athy he took a little flighte fli overnight ended up in lon he lon know land. we'll find out why he's therend' and more about captain americami which you saw as well. yeah! >> big thumbs up on that one.mb we'll talk about a live look outside on this friday morning.rn weather and traffic coming uptro next. next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
8:46 am
mmmm, yoplait. >> we are celebrating mother'sce day just a little bit earlyle today. we know everybody will be busyod with their moms on sunday so wew want to get that celebrate out. i love pictures like this.e t young, old we've seen people,pl you know, who are up there inn age, they're still greatll g pictures with their mom and seea the little ones with their moms. we love ithe. this is lynn nel and super hero mom is -- that's great picture. super hero mom an laci a two time breast cancer survivor.r. >> awesome. >> congratulations. c keep celebrating with your moms.
8:47 am
keep zenning us your photos.. you see right above where itre says happy mother' days. #fox5moms. #fox5moms. use that on your picture so weo can find that great picture ofro you and your mom and share it. a >> that is cool.isool. >> bravo! >> to all the moms. >> all right. right we try to loosen up on fridays.. >> it is friday.>> i >> it is friday.>> >> it's rainy so we're trying tt brighten up things across thes area. area let's get to it.let'get >> what are you going to do t forking.rk >> are you going to walk?ou >> wait a minute. g>> wai >> i got to get somt e ofa thi, tucker. tucker on a friday. puppy baby monkey. mke >> there it is. >> ♪ >> yay! >> all that credibility leaptt r out the window.e wiow. >> ♪ (laughter). >> okay. >> here's round two. >> you guys are so embarrassing. >> ♪>> >> that was eve
8:48 am
expected.. >> for now on i'm walking alone. 45 days until summer. steve you sol it man.t you sol it.u so you gave it -- annie you lookk great. 53 in washington.asng we got cool conditions to starts your day. d. upper 50s to about 60. aut that's it for daytime highs another cool one definitely jacket weather and very heavy rains moving in from the east. the rain will be very steadyte around here through late morninr into the afternoon hours. hrs in fact we're looking at thekina potential for upwards to an inch of rain and of course the soil,i the row ways are prettyre saturated after days and days os drizzle and light rape across as the area potential is there we w could do localized flooding mucc this very heavy rain pushing towards baltimore and drop downw into our region here over theher next couple of hours.of hours low pressure right here to the east.. and just throwing moisture backb on us. that area of low pressure willul kind of meander up into of me southeast pennsylvania and falll apart.. and we'll be looking at improving condit
8:49 am
last really rainy day.ay tomorrow we'll have a few f showers around and then thingsn will get a lot better here byerb mother's day.ay. there's future cast 1:00 o'clo 1:00 o'clock. steady rain across the unfortunately the showers stayy in the forecast throuthgh sevenn 8:00 o'clock tonight tight particularly out to the west ast that big swath of moisture mst pushing out into westerno weern maryland and the mountainsnd a things should quiet downhould qu overnight. i think we'll have clouds and cd few sprinkles and showers earlye tomorrow morning and then we mam break out in little bit of sunshine by late afternoon tomorrow.. don't did he say spyer spring s will be back in big way by earli next week. 70s perhaps low yet 80s by nextn tuesday. with lots of sunshine a chance a to finally dry out. out so we do have improving weather on the way. there's your seven day.. 58 today. tay 70 tomorrow. 74 on sunday. all right.. guys. back to you. (laughter). >> there are no words.. (laughter). >> leave it at that. >> >> leave the words up to annie right now she has to tell uss tl what's comin coming on good day. >> i'm still recovering from that. all right.right. just
8:50 am
be live in the loft with us thii morning. it is a jam packed show she's the mom of basketball star kevin durant. ra dan durant is here to talk about the new movie about her life the executive producer queen latifah also live in the studio the russo brother who's directorredo what could be the biggest be ths blockbuster of the year captainn america civil war a lot of you f looking forward to that.ard tot. also, here live you know themvem from the hit reality show s braxton family values.s. the beautiful and talented tracy and tawanda stop by from loveov and hiphop peter guns all thatla drama and we dish about the real housewives of potomac with oneh of its stars charisse jordan.or plus we might have few surprises one may -- one star may or mayam not be joining us via skype on this flashback friday. friday. can you guess who? don't miss m minute this morning.nute thi good day d.c. starts in a few. . see you soon.oo >> it's a packed show.cked sho >> it is. >> looking forward to it. forrdt jam packed.m pad >> let's things rolling at'shi 9:00 o'clock b we get we got aot lot of response last time we di
8:51 am
the empire finale party giveartv away. if you did not win last time, t you have another chance to win today. you can win a admission for your an guest to our fox5 big empirer season finale party. par it will be may 18th at the howard theater. theater. >> that's right. magic 102 donny simpson littlee mo and quick silva they'll behe' there along with fox5 hostost allison seymour and holly morrir and many other fox pfeiffers will stop by as well. sto go to the contest page on between now and 11:59 p.m. to enter.o ent. 250 winners will be selected byd random drawing on may ninth.. all entrants and guests must bee 21 or older.ld police he complete rules at >> wisdom has been sitting onngo his hands all morning because he just like wait to go get going for this big review when ithen comes to the movie he saw last t night. kevin is all the way in londonon but because of the wonders of of technology and skype he can join us now and you
8:52 am
together when it comes to then big movie.big movi >> wisdom martin --artin >> yes. >> i know you saw the movie las night 7:00 o'clock.. morning good to you steve as well. i'm in london i'm here for a bunch of films i have oh get tot your review wisdom you know me m gave it a five out of five my first five of two to us 16 so us far and amazing act film.. but yesterday you were rocking the team iron man gear and i'mra rocking my team cap gear.ea >> okay. >> talk about what you thoughtou about the movit e but also why e you seem team iron man? >> kevin, as far as your reviewe goes i agree with it a hundred%n on the movie it was phenomenal.e the the action the way theyhey blended all the charactersharacr introduced panther and brought b in the new spiderman i thought i it was phenomenal.henol. i thought it was great -- this- is xen can't wait to see that too. i twenty eight thought it was great the way they brought ity h all in. all as far as why i'm team iron man, kevin you can't see this but i got captain america cuff links i on today. on today. but i'm not switching because ii brought iron man, too., t i'm just saying. sing. here's why i
8:53 am
>> okay. >> captain america blindly -- i don't want to give away too much. i'll just say his buddy buckyucy barnes is a problem for me. m that's all i'm going to say. to. i don't want to give it away. a bucky barnes doesn't do it foret me. i don't get it.i dot ge i'll just leave it at that.ha >> my buddy tuck key barnes isns problem for me all the time. >> what is he doing.oi >> he's bringing you down.s br >> that's right.>> tha >> at some point you got to cut the cord. cor that's all i'm going to say.. >> reality a fine line. >> tuck key barnes might be thee best thing steve chenevey has h ever said on live television.isn that makes me so happy.appy the reason why you were seeingg x-men trailer just now whenowhe wisdom was talking about amounto america i'm here in london for x-men apocalypse sitting downtid with the cast emceeing the filml tomorrow.morrow jennifer lawrence, oliviali monday, james mca soy and seeine a sneak peek of assasinses creec tonight based on the very famoum video game also here for the movie trolls we've
8:54 am
the justin timberlake song alloa morning i'll be sitting down with him next talk about that song and more. but back to captain america, ami wisdom and i are nerding outerdi about it.. wis, tell me that 17 airport a seen wasn't one of the coolestoo action scenes you ever seen inrn your life? wasn't that scenee amazing?am >> it was i got to give it to you. you. i'm in the going to watch itheng like you watched it kevin overee and over again but it wasas incredible and it was intense.en i got tell you, black panther pr and spiderman were veryery impressive.essive i mean it was good.oo >> you also said that if youou haven't seen all the otherth movies you would still enjoy this. >> kevin said this as well. sai you can still walk in there andr just sit down.just s it was easy to follow.ollow. i thought it was simple. simpl i thought the -- it was just waj great all the way around.un. my kids went with me. m we had put our hands over ourve ears for couple of the curse tur words but it was otherwise ittht was good. it was excellent movie.ov >> keeping up with this coming upiu at 10:15 this morning the russo
8:55 am
brothers will be live in studio the directors of that film. fil they also did the winter soldiel stay tune at 10:15 this morningr i'll be back at 9:40 with the new casting for hans solo alsoss the justin timberlake brand neww video and also the hilarious james corden carpool karaoke where he had george clooney,lo julia roberts and miss gwen stefani in the car for the t karaoke.ok all that coming up at 9:40 this morning.moing >> can't wait, kevin i love those carpool karaoke. >> i do too.o too. >> they're awesome. ty're >> kev, have fun over there. the >> team cap. >> team iron man. >> team cap. >> you can fight it out.ou c this is why we have toan put six time zones in between the two o you just to keep yoube separatet (laughter).r). >> thank you kevin 8:55.:5 tuck key barnes it's your turn. >> ♪ >> i owe you for that steve. let's get to it. it very clever.ry c all right. rain showers yet steady andad a heavy at times throughout dateou today. in fact we're getting very heavy rain now pushing just northa
8:56 am
east of baltimore kind ofre k spinning down into an a rhawn a dell county, crofton, bowie youw guys in prince george's county c here in the city, too, we'll bee dealing with heavy rain over the next couple of hours as this ast batch of rain moves in from the ocean.n and we'll vol good steady rainar around here into the afternoonfr hours. upwards to an inch, inch and ah half of rain for much of the area. so yeah.soeah. wet all over here with highith g temperature of 58. tomorrow little bit ofit improvement. just a few showers maybe ahowe a little afternoon sunshine.she i think much more pleasant pasan conditions can be expected by b mother's day. day particularly in the afternoon.n. finally get a chance to dry outt and then back to a more springpr like pleasant dry pattern byatte monday mid 70s with sunshine.e all right.l r plenty more coming up the nexttt couple of hours weather wise. let's get last look at traffictf with erin. >> 8:56.>> we're still dealing with reallyr big problems for the blue ande u yellow line on metro.. signal problem outside braddockk road. because of that as you head inay from virginia you'll hit big h b delays on metro and then heading outbound past l'efant plaza. those delays continue.ontinue. try to find dif
8:57 am
transportation this morning maybe keeping it to the bus mucc take live look outside.utde a lot of delays lingering lge because of the rain. theai four is dealing with very heavyy traffic across the thomashomas johnson bridge.ndg you can basically stacked theree that is because of a crash so a lot of extra time to get througu that traffic has been basicallyl parked for a little while now. n you can see how wet the roadshea are as well. 50 at 424 a crash on thesh on eastbound side right now you cay see traffic is slowing towards t that p even though we're easing volumee wise i'd still say get an earlyy start any commute questions atia erin fox5 d.c. keep it to fox5.ox good day at 9a is coming right up. ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
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♪ straight ahead, a shootinghg outsider of a maryland high h school leaves a mother dead. dea her estranged husband thehe suspected gunman still on thetil loose this morning.orni. we'll have a live report. metro melt down moren problems on the red line today.y 24 hours after an undergroundnd fire ball shut down service.erve the transit agency now setyn to announce major changes andnd that could mean more sacrificess from riders.. what is required is that wew unify this party. party >> donald trump may clinch thene republican presidentialdent nomination but he has long wayg to go to gain the party's trust. plus that controversial cinco dd mayo tweet and how this likely november rival respond the.. ♪ later, can't stop the the feeling.feel for the first time in almost alm three years justin timberlake


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