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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  May 8, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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pass pa >> donald trump sole con tender in the party and hillary clinton squaring off against a down but not out bernie sanders. >> and there you have it. one corner. the only remaining gop hopeful. donald join the spotlight after out lasting party rifle and we have the democrats, still punching it out in the other corner it's a social bernie sanders still taking on the emailer.
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ton still feeling burn this morning. we welcome you "fox 5 news" opt hill. good to see you. it is sunday, may 8, tom fitzgerald alongside with you. good to see all of you. >> i'm vernon odom. vernon odom on ka cleary. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> how was your evening. >> it's been a wild week. >> it's been a wild night. did you read last night what happened as far as donald trump taking on the rest of these republicans. .> >> dave, aren't they taking him on a little bit. it's been caezy and it's been very interesting. >> you're supposed to to be done with this by now. reps would all fall together and they will be happy and go to cleveland. it's not happening. >> this say part of it that always gets in line. it's so rare you have the chairman of r & c fighting with trump now and that is gone. >> yes. >> listen to this. listen to
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hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics. hillary was enableer, some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> that was donald trump in spoke cane, washington. and you know, it's uncomfortable conversation he is starting, whether or not --. >> uncomfortable for hillary not him. >> i think it's uncomfortable for viewers as well. i think it's uncomfortable to talk about it and turn the whole conversation on its side from the woman card and now the man carried pulled out a little more of what he said that day he said you know what, the women get it better than we do, folks, all right, they get it better than we do and now there's a trending #mapcard. and the whole idea that the person who has been so in your faceit
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comments about women, he's now redirecting the conversation as he does so well. and look i did this poll a half hour before we went on the air asking viewers what do you think? do women have it easier? is this man card real? most of you think men have it easier than women do. just sort of will this dialogue even work in this space i don't know. >> here's the thing. you might think donald trump is loud mouth. okay? you might think donald trump is politically incorrect like you have never seen anything before all right? but i'll tell you something. donald trump is smart okay? because what have we been talking about for weeks now about trump's problem, oh, he can't win in november because he has horrible numbers with women right? >> right. >> by doing this and going after bill clinton, all right, taking bill clinton down, this is genius in a matter of fact, because what he is saying is he's going back to what madelyn albright said a up
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ago remember the special place in hell remember. >> i know, it didn't work. >> for the women that don't support other women. trump is making the point right now that hillary clinton did not support women when it came to the behavior of her own husband bill clinton when he was in the oval office. >> i think you're dead on. this is all about his numbers with women which are very poor especially nong married women which is stronghold for republicans. so this is his answer to it. remember when he called out and started playing this card, so to speak, bill clinton backed off and the war on women democrats kind of backed off on. so i think it's fascinating to see that he's trying to get this while at the same time fighting with members of his own party including paul ryan. i mean that news was huge with paul ryan and not saying he is not ready to support mitch mc connell senate majority leader on board he didn't say never. he said i can't
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to this question of what is going on this town loves to make deal it's why everybody is up there on the hill is ryan trying to cut a deal with trump along the line gets trump in the fold and. >> i think ryan deserves more credit than that they doesn't play that dirty i think he is talking about how the people feel and he expect donald to be fruiting with the democrats do you have tweets with us. >> this stuff about elizabeth warren. >> yes. >> trump needs enemies like you and i need air okay? he just cannot exist in a -- an atmosphere that does not have enemies. now that he's dispatched with reno bone enters, he's out there kalingting the
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and you know two of these were interesting. i'll throw these up. so i grabbed these off my ipad right? and this was trumen on dwiter taking on joe scar borough. joe scar borough is a guy that has been backing trump and helping trump out. >> on the show all the time. >> there's been questions of whether he could be a vp candidate right? >> right. >> and jen "b.c."joe taking on morning live and then he goes after elizabeth warren. i hope the corrupt hillary clinton chooses goofy elizabeth warren as running mailt i will defeat them both. elizabeth karen said goofy real done add trump with guy for the best words that's a lame nickname and joe scarboro said rapidly fading whatever joe scar borough. here's the thing, again, if he is taking on owe elizabeth warren and he's taking on
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you know those are two opposite ends of spectrum in a way. what's the point of this other than to just keep him hammer ago way at something. >> i don't know no one is safe from i don't know if you want to call it wrath or nickname and one person who has not gotten nickname is bernie sanders ought there defending bernie sanders against hillary clinton. >> he wants bernie sand others to run against independent. elizabeth warn is only dem extraic senator who has not backed hillary clinton. >> what do i think about the democrats. >> they have a beggar problem than they're willing toll admit
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this has gone beyond exercise in debating you know this is not the oxford forum we're looking at here. they have a disillusionment with large segment of elector at and those bernie sanders people are not there for the heck of it and until hillary clinton is able to speak to them in a way after they cannot count on those people being there. they're there for bernie sanders not hillary clinton. >> and more for the party. bernie sanders he's won 18 states that's up believable accomplishment. and he says he has not states left. and when ted cruz said innocent to the end
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>> is the end all the way to philadelphia in july at the convention he's talking about the for fight. >> where is he getting money from though. >> 27 dollars donation. >> yeah. >> and million donations in 2016. >> who is giving money to bernie sanders if it appears hillary clinton has insurmountable delegate lead. >> he's laid off some workers he wants to prepare for either convention or california and they love him. he's amazing. >> i get teased a lot i like to read the actual painer. >> this is why bob loves you. >> i can't get enough. >> i love it too. >> and some of the headlines today it's not all over but this idea of crisis within gop and interesting from the post i thought on front of outlook section it says trump speaks like a middle schooler all polling titions should right and i think that this is such a great headline because of the
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donald trump brought into this race and the business savvy and the little marco and line's head and acrooked hillary clinton and goofy ease elizabeth warren this branding like america first. >> who else you can list the policies, competitors, it's been brilliant and this headline is pot on what he's done is party of his success. >> is this branding or name calling what's the difference. >> you know what i don't know the difference but it's working. >> and remember obama what was his sloganp everybody remembers hope and change. what is hillary clinton, can anybody remember? >> she has a ton. >> troubling up the hill. is that it? >> obama oosed that too. >> and that's important in politics to have a bumper stick to be simple. simple is brilliance and he is maybe some people think too simplistic you need to get to the point in politics. >> it's a great conference for history to really look back on. wha
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mates for candidates? i don't know who these two have picked for them. i have my picks. we'll be chatting about it after the break
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>> conservative, has been
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leadership and you know for the most part, has not been one of these republicans who has taken strong issue with donald trump throughout this process and lent herself on when asked the window whether or not she would be and i think she would really fall with this probably keep talking about with trump. i cannot get votes for women. i vote marsha blackman congratulations republican vice presidential nominee. >> okay i don't know if someone sent me a message when they made mine because it's smaller but little marco. >> little marco. >> i'm going with marco rubio. >> your picture of marco is little. >> it is. >> but i he has to win florida it would be a surprise and trump needs to reun any party. establishment is feeling disconnected from him. if marco rubio can forgive donald trump and get behind him that will
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vote whorz feel completely disconnected from this right now and i think choosing a woman is too obvious and predictable and i think this could be thetic tote get this donald trump. >> can he forgive is the question. >> i novrment i know. >> tom, great mind think alike. >> zana martinez would be the best pick. >> you said martinez. >> i don't think she's able to be convinced. i'm going with marsh ablackburg to back donald trump i thought i was picking a wildcard. >> [ here's what ]. >> i'm alone in my republican pick. >> is that why you rolled your eyes at me. >> i couldn't believe it. >> congratulations. you want to do democrats. >> yes. >> so, democrats you know i'm not sure we're not paging these for both hillary clinton and sanders by the way. >> i know that's true. we went with picking for hillary. >> i'm going to go with young man by the name of time kaine. you might know him. he's a senator
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but here's my reason for cane okay? former d & c chairman he knows how to run national politics, foshler governor of virginia. former lieutenant governor of virginia and former mayor of city of richmond. this guy has been in politics just about -- dog catch search the only thing he did not run for he probably would have won that. >> solid guy. >> yes. >> my pick time kaine. >> my picky elizabeth karen. all female ticket and the reason i think it's a smart move is because of the fact that hillary clinton's bigger concern is going to be losing those bernie sanders supporters to donald trump. i think she needs a pro aggressive vice president den shall candidate so those voters not in this for the party but in for bernie sanders feel there's someone on the ticket that will connect with what they believe in. i'm giving
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warren. >> i. >> do they like each other. >> they're not best buddies. >> bush and reagan deposit like each other. >> i think bush didn't like reagan, reagan liked everybody. >> that's true. >> well, tom again. >> predictable. >> i'm telling you he speaks spanish as you say -- he has to win virginia it's a purple state. i think he helps you and doesn't over shadow hillary clinton. >> i went back and forth on this let me 3eubg your brain for a minute. why did you say kane and not mark warn are you could kickoff a lot of things we said about time kaine about mark juaner why did you go cane. >> he will be vetted in the mix and so rare two virginia senators will be battling for the ticket. whoever is the vp pick is nominee at some point in the future. i think cane has more credentials and i think being in -- warner has also been governor and cane is dynamic and may be better debater.
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in a past show you said you really feel like trump should choose a woman and clinton a man. why is that important. don't voters see through that. >> some do it's calculating. if donald trump picks a while males is over he has no shot. newt gingrich or christie no it doesn't bring you anything. >> definitely not christie i don't see christie as vp. >> and ding rich -- rubio has hispanic thing he has to do well among hispan paikz i could see rubio. >> he was establishment darry darryling going into this. there was so much love for him. i know unexpected i think picking a woman i don't know -- honestly tom you and i if you admit it we said picking trump vp who knows where he'll go with this. >> it's a give. >> it's complete give. >> i'm out of the business of trying to predict what donald trump will do. >> we just did that tom. >> but you know what this could also do vice-president time kaine
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senate seat for terri mc cal callive governor, clinton friend, former dnc chairman. >> and only one virginia. >> you need some place to go it might be here you don't know. >> i think that could happen. >> it's a long game. remember trump will pick vp first so hillary can remove that a little and respond to the pick. >> i hope he picks vince mcmahon from wdbe that would be best. >> i'm lost. okay. up next in honor of mother's day we have advice for the candidates. what would our moms tell them. we'll be . >> first we want to remind you to tweet us and be part of our team. "fox5" d.c. news on the hill. we'll be right back. in a moment.
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>> listen, engage, ft. other side has a point learn from them. if they're wrong rebut them. teach them. beat them on the battle field of ideas. >> that's president obama yesterday over at howard university. historically black university stalking tst
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at graduation. one of the things the president said was you students when you go out there and start talking about politics you have to sthop stuff where are you shouting everybody down you know anybody who disagrees with you has no right to an opinion and no right to stay what they want to say and that you need a safe space you can say what you want to say and nobody else, is allowed to say what they want to say. >> yes he feels strongly about this he's gone after donald trump and state of union. he gets most attention when he talks about trump. i liked the speech yesterday. he is loose, he likes his last few months in the white house. >> we need candidates to get that message too. people who are in the space of fighting for office to give a message of being age to share that. >> i think everything he said will fall on flat ears i expect to go to cleveland this summer and see people shutting other people out and shutting other people up because we're at a point in this country now where debate has beenre
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intransients when it comes to considering somebody else's opinion. >> it's unbelievable. >> all right. we want to talk about mother's day. today is mother's day. >> today is mother's day. >> what would your mom say to the candidates. >> i thought about this i think two pieces of advice that my mother said were important for the people in the race if you want to be heard you have to listen first. and then character is who are you when no one is watching and my last piece of advice my mom would give is they're on the road so much make sure you pack a snack. i hear that a lot. >> pack a snack. >> yeah. >> well, i think as far as message donald trump cut back on cursing. that didn't work. >> that's funny that was my mom's advice to me. >> really? >> ease back on it especially now he'll be more presidential i think that is advice he needs to take. first hillary clinton specific to hillary clinton is don't let
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donald trump get in your head. because donald trump got in the ted cruz's head by the end and ted cruz basically went off on trump. >> how do you do that though? >> it requires a lot of discipline. >> it's great but non stop with twitter and everything i mean that is -- it's good advice but i don't know how you execute it with the way the races are today 24/7. >> he also got into marco rubi rubio's head. rubio tried to fire back and tried to out trump, trump. >> yes and that was the quicket dive to danald ricklees territory anybody had. it didn't fit the guy. little marco is donald trumpald ricklees and once you play on that battle field against donald trump you will lose every time. >> i want to hear what your mom would say. >> my mother normal deangelo fitzgerald okay from west newark, new jersey. >> she always said the same thing to me. my mom is gone now but she used to say thomas, very soft spoken woman,
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for your britches. i didn't know what britches were. but i know what they are now and you know i think apply to this political campaign. these people got to remember that what this is about are what your voters need not what you need. and you know the minute it gets into this culture personality which is seems to remember don't get too big for britches you're there for them not there for you. >> but you run for office it's just you know you sort of have some of that in your psyche to feel that great advice. >> if you come on with big britches you don't have to worry about being bigger than them. just bring enormous britches. >> i don't think that's what your mom would say. ♪ . >> happy mother's day guys. fox news sunday is next thank you very much. fox news -- i am a mom, love i baby girl and love you too,
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exactly six months to election day, donald trump will be the republican nominee, but can he unite the party? ♪ we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. >> saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us. >> i didn't get paul ryan. i don't know what happened. >> the only important thing is the unification of the people. >> we'll talk with senior adviser paul manafort about trump's fight to rally the party and defeat the democrats in november. then a showdown between the feds and north carolina over the legality of its transgender bathroom law. >> this conclusion by the department of justice impacts every state,


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