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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> and i'm holly morris. maureen umeh is off today. t today is monday may 9. may >> erin como.>> en como. >> let's start with a silverilve lining for monday its not n raining for the monday morning i commute. >> okay. >> unfortunately gary says the afternoon he can't get rid of this rain thing. rai >> here's a little bit mores a i silver lining for you. y while it does look unsettled ued this week it doesn't look l quite as dreary and chilly as cl last week. week. >> okay. >> i mean, i'm trying. >> hey, i'll take anythingthin gary. >> i'm trying. >> thanks gary.>> tnks let's get to the news.t he n happening today, the marylandard man accused of shooting sixotg people and killing three ofhr of them during a two-day shooting t spree is due in court in 62-year-old eulalio tordil is facing several murder police say he shot and canan killed his estranged wife on then on friday police say he say shot and killed two othertwo o people in what appears to be attempted carjackings.jaings tonight there will be a vigil vg to honor the victims of last week's shooting it begins at 7:00
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goshen united methodist can church in gaithersburg.therur the victims rights foundationouo organized the event.vent it also put together a fundher d for the families and survivors o of the shooting. sot prince george's countyince police have not officiallye released the name of a manf a found dead in his lanham homeham this weekend. all they would say is that theod man was a retired postaltired sl worker. the man's neighbors on greenfield drive say his nameisn was kenny but that many calledal him pop. pop he's believed to have been inieh his 60's.s. neighbors also tell us theo te victim was home with his son his before he was found dead. d police say this murder is an isolated >> police in washington, d.c.inw are searching for a person of pf interest after a weekendrest stabbing at a bus stop in a northet ast. the attack happened around 12:30 sunday morning at the minnesota avenue metroota station. the victim will survive.urve police have not said who is we continue following conti metro's plan to get the system e back on track. on tra >> big changes are ahead forre
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plagued by electrical firesby e over the past few weeks. fox5's melanie alnwick is atck the federal center southwestr station. she joins us live now withuswi more. good morning, >> reporter: hey, good morning and before we get to get that big maintenance blitzig plan we want to talk a little m bit more about to these buyersr here at federal centereralen southwest. remember those last we are learning now that they t are more serious than many of us even it turns how it was an exploding insulator thatod caused the fire atin federal fer center thursday federal insectors said it s sprayed fiery metal andery tal projectiles onto the platform.l. the federal transitit administration lasted metro met managers to allow trains tora keep running, they didn't adequately inspect the track tha and the rail operationspeti control center denied a request from maintenance to take the damaged track out ofcko service. it was only after al second ased smoke incident later in theredet day that metro shut down tworo stations for eme
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repairs.repir now, fta says metro mustro prioritize safety before operational convenience mitigate fire and smoke riskokek improve emergency planning andln conduct a safety standdown of that by may 16. m this after metro general manager paul wiedefelddefe unveiled that plan to addressss safety concerns toons t rehabilitate the initiative.nitv the safe track initiative willal squeeze three years of work work into one year. yea he says it will meanlean inconvenience for all areallre commuters. co starting in june differentfe stretches of rail lines willl li be either shut down or singlegl tracking for a period of time. t metro he will also close at midnight on the weekends and there will be no more extendeden hours for special we are also told that that t safe track plan is a draft of of sorts.rts. it will be finalized. finalized. there could be some changes. that will be finalized by mayay 16. met though is feeling thehe pressure from the feds toto address all of the issues inssin the
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issued on friday, saturdayfrid saying that it could mean thatt the federal government could c withhold significant portions pi of money for metro or couldould also shut down portions oftions those lines if it feels that tha safety is at risk. back to you guys. >> all right, melanie, thankmela you very much. today metro's general manager paul wiedefeld will beld here for a live interviewinrv starting at 7:30.t 7 if you have any questions thatst you want him to answer tweeto at us and use #ask metro gm and we're going ask him live todayet at 7:30. 7 >> today in north carolina a can crucial deadline over the state's so-called bathrooms so-m law. officials have until today to stop entnforcement of the law l limiting which public pub bathrooms transgender peoples tr can use. last week the justices department told state leaders the legislation violates civil rights acts. north carolina's governmentoverm accuseaccused the governo
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didn't know. >> every company in the unitedni states of america that has over 15 employees are going g have to abide by the federal government's regulation onio bathrooms.bathroom >> the bathroom bill has had serious economic repercussionseo with many businessesany bu boycotting the state like pay pal which has now canceledn plans to bring some 400 jobs to north carolina. >> ♪ >> woar dry this morning, it'syh chilly and now we have mostlye y clear skies but that's goingbu to be changing.t toangi here's where we aree number-wise. cold up to the north and thehe a west. i guess 41 degrees in may is in pretty cold.prettyol that's where frederick isdericki right now. righ westminster a little warmerar than that.ha 52. we're 52 in the city.e a lot of 40's out there. yous can see the showers back offba to the west.ckto t they're moving in ourving i o direction. first we get the clouds. c then we get the showers. so, again, morning commute is dry.
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some wet spots i don't think it's super heavy rain, nothing like here's erin como mondayricomo morning, time for your morningrr commute. hey, erin. eri >> hey, gary.>> h. just got word 95 south south of 100 a crash involving avi tractor-trailer blocking a fewlo lanes. we're going get that mapped map for your next traffic reportex but wanted to get that breaking news in off the top.t in the district fire activity still has the the 3300 blocke th of being road northeastd norea closed. closed you'll need to detour around we'll keep you post-ed on how o that is affecting our northeast of the districtt of tt commute. road work in prince george's county 95 south after 21. and the outer loop afterft university boulevard, cautionca there. aside from that we aree r quiet as you make your way in w from we'll keep you update. updat that's your traffic.r t back to you. >> um canning up on fox5 newsew morning an ivy league ivy lea professor on his way to deliver an important speech has his fight delayed becauset e of a math party. >> the largest block party of th be summer coming to northerno a virginia. vgi we know captain america wonca
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enough to break any records. >> interesting. a live look outside across thes d.c. time now 4:37. fox5 news morning back rightack after this.
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>> ♪ >> this morning you can once again enjoy breakfast at thebrea silver diner in tysons it reopened on saturday less sat than a week after police say a former employee intentionallyenl
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of the restaurant and then restn said himself on fire. f >> it may not be the big jackpot but someone in someone virginia is $1 million richer. e the winning powerball ticketket was sold at a 7-eleven in mclean and matched the firstst five numbers but not theutot t powerball.po the winning $430 million430 milo ticket was sold in trenton, tre, new jersey.w jersey >> million dollars is betteron d than nothing. >> uh-huh. >> all right. are you ready for some summersor holly? >> yes. >> tired of this rain.ed >> yes. >> ready for the sun to come out. >> yes. >> this might just get you in the mood if you're not ready for summer. g a gigantic water slide threelidr blocks long arrives july 16 in tysons corner part of a traveling block party called cad slide the city. you can find a link to slide the city at >> i'm all in.>>'m all in. >> all in. >> how awesome is that?me i >> now let's take a look at's tk some of the stories that youtheh are talking about this morningsg using our realtime newsour tracker.trac first up, a new meaning to the t word math problem. p a university of pennsylvaniaa professor says he was flyinge wn from followed central new york when a fellow
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mistook the math problem thereea he was working on for arabic. ai he says woman alerted a flight attendant and the plane was plae turned around and delayed forelf two hours while he was questioning. >> sad news in the world of local d.c. punk longer john stab hasab died following his battle withew stomach cancer. the 54-year-old whose real name is john schroder was one of the original members of theer group government issue and was w known for his flamboyant stage outfits and riffs with other wot local bands. that's the government issue song that went away. >> yeah. >> y >> all right. finally, the super weekend atked the box office captain americaie civil war earning one ooh $82 million as the fifth largest opening ever for a movie. it was excellent.xcellent. >> you contributed.>> >> oh, yeah, i gave some of my v money. >> i have to go see it.sei >> coming up on fox5 newsew morning bryce harper spendsar most of his sunday watching wat pitches go by and the marylandhe
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terps on top of the worlde world right now.t. >> as we head to break thoughakh let's go ahead and take a livee look across the d.c. region. r oh, yeah, that will get youl going on a monday. monda time now 4:42. fox news morning back after this. this. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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>> all i thought is dear lordead if you can get my children cld safe. >> residents if fort mcmurray canada as they battle a a firefighter. crews are taking advantage oftao cooler weather to put out hot spots. the fire forced 80,000 people,00 to evacuate their >> nasa tweeting out a picture u of the wildfire from space.ompae this photo was taken last week e but you can see how widespreadd
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fires still burning and destruction that it's caused. ♪> ♪ >> meanwhile it's just rainhile after rain day after day.fter d >> let's say this, though.houg you provided a beautiful beaut mother's day. day >> yeah. >> it was gorgeous. >> it was a nice pause. >> and i thought of youwaa hougf yest yerday because of thatcaus because the weather was soe weae nice. >> thank you very much. y >> yeah.>> yeah. >> thank you very much.h. >> i thank you.nkou i'm trying to think how i spin this week so that -- it's nott's as bad as last week. w we're going to have showers. >> yeah.h. >> showers is the operativepe word. >> okay. >> doesn't look like we'resn't talking about 50's.lkin maybe 60's to 70's. >> >> we could touch 80 degrees today -- no the today, i'm n sorry new york the today, this y week. that's what i meant to say. s reagan national 52.atnal i don't want to spread rumors.s. 45 degrees for dulles. out in the suburbs it's kinds ki of. frederick started off at 41t this morning. a lot of places have bottomedce out into the 40's. clouds are going to comes g as the clouds come across acr later on next couple of hours
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of level out and then actuallyna in some cases warm up a littlepl bit even before the sun comesom up. here's where we are this's w morning at 7:00 a.m.rning at 7: this is fairly aggressive i'lliv be honest with you. there may be a light sprinkle sn coming up off of 64 and 81 but 1 i really don't think we havehink to worry about anything ing in terms of showers until after lunchtime but after lunchtime lh today listen all bets are we get into some rain, some showers, not for everybody.very it doesn't look like a lot ofkel heavy rain or anything liketh that. we're showing some showers around here on futurecast as really as early as noon. then more showers moving onn across, could be a couple of co thunderstorms farther to thes ft south there will be someerll b warmer air more unstable air there. t i think showers come across in time for the evening commute. ce not everybody gets wet.erody it's really going to be the tail the next you believe canyo days around showers. showers most of us get a little bit oftt rain others stay dry.y d tomorrow morning a few showersrs and then we get into thee geto t afternoon and evening you see ys more showers coming across so as this is the trend. t next couple day
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for us. a little bit of sunshinef sunsh mixing in and showers coming com across the area. are you get the drift here? you he? see all the cloud cover cominglo in. looking back out to the westut e it's just going to be waves of o rain coming on across andoss and we're really kind of set up intu this pattern where the jet stream is going to be movingov little areas of low pressure,w s if you headquarters across these area so that means for theo thaf next several days, we're w talking about the possibilitythi of some showers.hors cloudy this morning by 8:00 a.m. 57 degrees. 57 gree mostly cloudy with a few a f showers around at noontime andim then more later on thisthis afternoon. here is your seven-day forecast. upper 60's the next couple of days. we're into the 70's by wednesday.esday. by friday, close to 80. we may have an 80-degree 80-degr around here. her but look, every single day with the exception of sundayepto there's a chance for showers. ss here's erin como. >> what's wrong.t's wro >> too much rain in the muc forecast. >> you don't like the forecast so you blame it on me. >> tractor-trailer as
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you're coming from d.c. to.c t baltimore you'll hit thishis scene 95 southbound after 100.e1 you can keep it to bw parkway p if you want to get around thatd but i understand that this hasta cleared off to the shondulder ss all lanes should be getting by. use caution there. let'scaio forward our maps for a look in l manassas right now. now crash activity 234 north.4 n it is closed right now at suddenly manor drive.enly manor you'll need to detour around that. th give yourself extra time totimet get around that for a crash investigation. fire activity still has a portion of the 3300 block of being road northeast closedeast down so give yourself time toime get around that block there.he should be reopened soon.ed s we'll keep you updated on how that is affecting the morningng ride. and then in prince george'sce county road work outer looproo after university boulevard butou still green on our map notap enough traffic out there to thee really cause any majoror slowdowns just yet. same story 95 southbound northhn of that pointer after 21. aft 2 caution there. route oneion looking good. goo traffic moving along as you as u make your way from bowie orr farther out annapolis, same s story in virginia quiet
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through stafford and quantico.u. back to you.backo yo >> questions remain around thene decision to transfer convicted t drug lord el chapo to a prison closer to the united states. sta >> experts on the both sidesbo say it isth a minimum suitinimum facility in a region regio controlled by el chapo's cartel.cael. back in the united statesth where that officials say legalic settlements between penn stateen and former coach jerryoach j sandusky went backa s far as 1971. this was 40 years before his arrest for sexual abuse of sual boys. this is the first confirmationco of the time frame of abusee abu claims.aims the disclosure comes as president state's president criticized claims that joe that paterno knew about the abuse as far back as 1976. 197 fleece florida say afl universityee of alabama football player is brain dead. he was declared brain deadea after one day he was found was u shot in a car in west palmst p beach. the case is being classified c as a homicide. hic police are looking
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witnesses to the shooting. sot >> inn an arizona man facingin manslaughter charges after a deadly wreck which killed the wl sister of former supreme courtec justice sandra day o'connor. >> police in tucson say jaredin barns was driving under the influence when he crashed head on into a car driven by 77-year-old anne day. day were you also a formero forr state senator.enat meanwhile four people infoel utah what injured when a salt as lake city passenger train derailed.ra at least two were in serious condition.condion. 14 people were on the train at the time. we're told speed you may have my been a factor.en a the cause of the crash is still under investigation.nves closer to home thiser to t morning an investigation continues into why a carnival ci cruise ship hit a passenger png walkway when it arrived in i baltimore yesterday no one was hurt when the ship s made contact with the gang way but pieces of the plank broke apart and damaged a few parkedfe cars. the ship also sustained someedom damage. dama passengers on board say theys ty heard the crash and felt someom minor shaking.hking nearly a year after he wasft shot and can killed inside the
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historic south carolina churchrh rather clem plenty pick kneeick will be honored at thet national cathedral. >> this widow will accept his doctorate of theology pinkney was a student at the seminary me and eight others ma were killed in 2015 duringuring today's ceremony a personaler letter from president obamaent o will also be read. r >> happening today innioday maryland, a new center to help p victims of human traffickingrafi will celebrate its grandts g opening. >> the support advocacy freedom and empowerment or safe center will providee services.rv the university of maryland andma university of marylandf maran baltimore teamed up for thee te project. today's grand opening beginsopen at 9:30 at the university ofityo maryland. tonight in prince williame county members of the citizenf z police academy alumni alu association will honor policeorl officers killed in the line ofif duty. >> they're hosting a memorial er for friends and family membersye of fallen police officers. offi. the event begins at
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woodbridge. the tribute will honor fallenle prince william county policeount officer ashley guindon. guindon slaw shot and killed whileled we responding to a domestic callicl in february and two othertwo officers were injured.e jured. >> happening today a memorialng in the district to t honor four fallen united states capitol police officers who died onic the job. >> the memorial service is being held at the congressional auditoriuerminudom atrium. it starts at 9:00 and there0 an will be several road closures cu in that area that drivers willet need to be aware of.f. the following street closures ce will be in effect indianand avenue in northwest thirdest t street to sixth street intreet i northwest, the roads willoads w reopen around noon. n >> also today in maryland, thea, naval academy is going high goih tech. the school is debuting a newg exhibit featuring interactiveerc touch screens a massive map of school grounds an area dedicated to its graduates andtd hundreds of photos thatosha highlight life on campus.pu now if that isn't cool enoughis the academy is alsothe ac celebrating the launch of o google street view.
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school without ever settinget foot inside. >> that's awesome.>>hat's awesom >> super. >> yeah. feeling a little adventurous? eo if so you might want to plan atp trip to ohio. o >> fun people in ohio.ple inhi >> that's where you'll findyou'f the world's tallest fastest and longest rollercoaster.lercor it opens this weekend at cedar c point amusement those brave enough to hop on hop board will shoot nearly 20early stories high before fallingal 214 feet at a completelyompletel vertical 90-degree angle.0-de sounds like fun.ikeun but not for me.e. oh, yeah, you'll also be going g 75 miles an hour.75 good times. >> hopefully you just didn'tus d lose your breakfast watchingst that video. >> a lot going on on that ride. >> woo. >> from frightening to cute.ute. researchers in oklahoma spent the weekend tagging babying ba eaglets in hopes of learning moral about the bald eagleaboubd population. they were eight weeks olde ei making them just a little bit l older than the national
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arboretum's two baby eagles. e >> bald eagles take about four, four and a half yearsnd ah before they get that whitehead e and tail that most peoplemosteol identify with a bald eagle. these clicks about eight weeks they're 8 pounds or so andpoun they are pretty wellel developed. >> the tagging will allow sciegintists to study the birdsb over the next four years. yea one of the eaglets was even e equipped with a cellular transmitter that cann information on where, how high h and how fast she flies.w fast si >> in this morning's sports breakfast the nationals, the nation's baseball -- nationals o fell to the cubs four toe cub three. >> if you watched the game you probably noticed that bryce harper didn't get toic swingo s very much. very m the game was somewhat historical because well let meee just tell you why. the cubs watched bryce harper hr six times. harper was also hit by a pitch a as well. as w so he's on that level nowev where they don't even want ton t pitch to him.h toim. >> pitching around him.aroundim we made the call. >> yeah. >>
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that.that. >> that's when you know youou ku >> great news for universityri ofew maryland's a lacrosse team. the terps extended theirir winning streak to 13.o navy will play the number four f seed yale on sunday. >> ♪ >> clouds are coming in this morning. it looks like it does lookike d like the rain will hold off holo until we get through thehrough t morning commute. we're talking about showers later on this afternoon after lunchtime all bets are off. so, pickup time it's chilly.hi range is pretty good 42 effort to 52.to2. northwestern suburbs will bete the cold of the this morningrn and here in town we'reth up int the lower 50's. 5 after school temperatures willre be lower to mid 60's a couple spots in the upper 60's with ash few showers possible lateat today. here are numbers this morning. a lot of low 40's out there t
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large.larg we've dropped off a little bitof more here in we're down to 50 degrees now. fredericksburg is stillicburg sitting at 52.2. notice the clouds on the i'll watch and see if we ande develop a couple of showers sho this morning but i really reall think it's mostly dry. temperatures by 11:00 a.m., 63 degrees.63 we'll warm up into the upperin p 60's.'s some showers possible againblag mainly in the afternoon.erno we're going to erin como now. >> 4:56. even though we have a raina rain free monday morning commute, we still have a lot ofll ha problems you need to be aware ba of starting off in manassas mana crash activity 234 prince4 p william parkway right now isrk shut down on the northboundorbo side at suddenly manor drive.ri you'll need to use cautionse c around that intersection. that s we'll let you know as soon as y that reopens.that r still tracking astilacking tractor-trailer crash inailer ah howard. this is going to affect yourg to commute if you're heading fromef baltimore towards thee to district. 95 south after 100 cautionau there. you may want to keep it to bw tb parkway to get around thatrounha one. headed to bwi this morning 95 mg north before. bef w parkway northbound i quiet. qt fire activity right now 3300iv block ofei
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and you can also tweet me and ma let me know what you're what y seeping on the roads at erinn t fox5 d.c..c want to help you get to worktoor and school on time. t that's a good way to start week. back to you guys. >> coming up albert at a wildfire has grown so largeas g that it is now threatening the neighboring province.hb >> pretty soon you andor everyone else will be at a greater risk to be the subjectoe of an irs audit. ait we'll explain when we return.n >> as we head to break here'sd a quick look atto the morning tr stock futures. time now 4:57.time n 4 back in a moment. ent.
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>> ♪ this is fox5 news t morning. >> straight ahead on fox5 news morning the man accused of terrorizing the residents ofdens two counties and murdering murde three people is due in court today. >> federal transitransit administration issues a series of emergency of directives forte metro transit.o rans what's wrong with metro andnd can can it be fixed? today tody fox5 lopes to find someind answers from metro's general manager. >> good morning documentmo welcome to fox5 news morning. today is mon5 day, may 9th, i'm holly morris. mri >> i'm wisdom martin today. tod is that national women'swomen's checkup day. the goal of dan the week is tos ensure that women are healthy ha and up to date on


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