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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this m still have a few minutes to fews get in your last minuteut question. if you like tweet us using #ask metro gm. mro this issue on the blueline n and yellow line across the the anacostia river.a river we'll get you up to speed onn that. that also the suspect in theuspen deadly shooting rampage in montgomery county and prince george's county due in court.nt how the victims are being b remembered this morning.orning >> first, though, a live lookoo outside. man, what a pretty picture oftue the jefferson memorial.em just gorgeous. nice way to start off your monday morning. morng it's straight up 7 o'clock, o'c, 52 degrees out there. there water lookinesg so calm. welcome everybody to fox5 news n morning on this monday morning may 9th 2016.9th we'll have weather and traffic for you at 7:05.:0 good morning i'm allison mor seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's jump into our top's story this morning. j metro he is a mess right now.orn we've got single tracking on tra
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the red line you can expect eec delays in both directions.irecon all this after yet another ano fire on the >> melanie this morning livehisg in northeast with the another day another issue, iss mel. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's yght, no surprise here sad to say but you can see that this ti train is still disabled on theln tracks here.ks now, we are right alonght ang benning road, so this is ins in between the stadium-armory-a station and the benning roadoa station and occasionally you'll see the other train, it n looks like one is coming i through here pretty p. you'll see the train on the the other track single trackingraing through h it was early in the morningheor before revenue service began,, apparently metro was doing some rail and track a tra maintenance over the weekend.e t then they run test trackses tra through the area to -- let me--l just stand by while these go go by so you can hear me. >> (sirens). >> reporter: what they do is w after they do that trackhat t maintenance work they have to run test trains over there to te make sure that everything isth i good to go and this was a test t train and as
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here, it somehow became disabled and then there was a small where we saw most of the work w the inspectors were looking at, if you can kind of see you where there's a red fire heirhe can ting wishers on the trackthk and there's some doors -- doors- looks like -- what would be that be the one, two -- the - third train, the third car inrdr this train is sort of where whe they were focusing most of of their attention.r io then they came down from theownt tracks and we haven't seen aen's lot of work being done, not a a lot of activity at this hour. tu once they figure out what thehae problem is and clear this t train out of here, then here, they're going to have to runaveo more test trains over thisver ts track again to make sure that ta it is safe before they put passengers back on that railil line and at this point guys we really do not have a time a frame for when that is going i i to get back to normal service. i live here on benning road. road. back to you guys. g >> mel, thank you.>> >> hits keep coming for theep transit system. ctran metrsio under is federal order r to get its act together after a last
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federal center station. fta threatens to shut downown metro is orders are notre complied with. the fta action came after the general manager outlined a massive one year maintenance plan that will have a significant impact on serviceer on all lines over the nextver tt year. >> we will ask metro's general manager paul wiedefeld about all of this. he'll be here for a live interview this hour right herert on fox5 news morning 7:30. 7:3 you'll get a chance also tols ask him a question that you want him to answer.want if you want that to happen youaa got tweet us. use #ask metro f.m. >> gm. >> the maryland man accused of shooting six people andng sixeol killing three of them is duethre in a rockville courtroom thisurs afternoon. 62-year-old eulalio tordilr-ol facing first degree murderirst charges.charges. >> fox5's bob barnard is live this morning in aspenmornin hill, maryland,
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giant store where there's ae ths growing memorial for one of f o the victims. incredibly bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allisonte and steve.r:an ste absolutely, guys, yeah, and it i turns out the crimes -- the murders here in montgomerymontge county were parts of an an attempted carjacking in twog itw places, one of them being thisng giants parking lot along connecticut avenue in aspenaven hill. you can see the memorial for the victim claudina mole lynam the suspecmolina.he's facing twn first degree murder, he'sgree mr being held without bond.ho we have learned that the crimehi at montgomery mall around 11:15 on friday morning was ann attempted carjacking. carjack he boxed in a woman's car car according to charging crgin documents, said i'm notaii'm not kidding i will shoot you.ot y she ran and that's when
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malcolm wynnefield, the 45-year-old man who withho w another man was coming to hero aid was shot and killed there.d that other man was wounded. wnd police saying they found eightot bullet shell casings there inase the parking lot outside the the macy's in montgomery mall. here in aspen hill, miss molina was ambushed basicallyhes in her call, also a toyota rav4 so it appears according aci to police that tordil wasas after these toyotas.. three bullet shell casingsllas here. three hours later after havingeh lunch as cross the street at boston market eulalio tordillalo was arrested. arreste when asked by police ifolic there's anything in the car he said yes there's a gun inun there, there's nobody in they trunk just a golf ball. b this all started on thursdaythua over at high point high school where leo tordil is accused of murdering his estranged wife gladys. one count of first degree degre murder in prince george's county, two in montgomerytwo county. he's d i
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1 o'clock. there are three other shooting victims, the man who came to t his estranged wife's aid ine' prince george's county and two a here in montgomery county, the two -- the woman -- the victim i of the attempted carjackingarck and another one of those good g samaritans over at montgomeryve mall guys. so, we may learn more aboutut this awful ordeal from friday fi and thursday coming up in up in court later today, guys. g >> all right, bob.ob >> thanks bob.s >> 7:06 right now.:06 ri beautiful shot behind us we talked about it just veryery pretty when we look at theooat e jefferson memorial.memori. >> yes. >> then we take a look at the nice start to the day.y. >> i'm looking all over. ove won't be quite as nice asice a yesterday as clouds increase and yes, indeed, we've got a got few showers in the afternoon a forecast. keep the umbrella handy.rellha you probably won't -- much of-uc the area is not going to get aot whole lot of shower activity. >> okay.ka >> trying to be careful about b were i say. 52 now in washington, 50 inton,n leonardto
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it's cool. 45 in frederick.redeck 46 dulles, 48 from winchester ws and martinsburg. there's your clock moving inyour very quickly from the southly and west. it's yet another frontal fno system that wants to hang upo hu across the midatlantic andlant will do so for a couple days. d the bottom line for us we'll have more clouds than sun.. you'll get some occasionaloc sunny breaks for the nexteaks couple hours and then as we ande get into the afternoon hours? ou you have the some scattered showers back in the forecast. i no severe weather. this won't be a big deal buta we'll have scattered showerstesw back by 5:00 p.m. and that tt threat will continue into tuesday, wednesday, thursday,hus friday. fr >> seems like -->> >> i'll be back for the seven day in just a minute.t a nut it won't be last w temperatures will be warmerbe w and there will be moree wille mo sunshine. we'll talk about it.l talk >> thank you tucker. >> uh-huh. >> check the roads and railsoadd this m hi, erin.n. >> the live look behind is youis beautiful. taking a look at the problems ps on the rails single trackingaiin still because of a disabledis train near stadium-armoryumrm along benning road on the tracks. stadium-armory in cheverlymory h single tracking on the ora
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and blueline. silver line operating between wiehle-reston east and eastern s market. the red line delays continue after an earlier disabled dab train at friendship heights.p h. there was a switch problem.s dealing with issues on the red r line delays if you're headedou'e to tenleytown au be prepared p check the schedule.the he you may want to keep it to to metrobus this morning.s taking a wide view our morningur commute a crash on the outer ter loop by ritchie marlboro. mlb because of that delays beginegin around four and continue up towards 50.towards you delay again north of 50 to bw parkway.kway. southbound 395 a crash between king and seminary. sinar also northbound typical delays l on 95 northbound as you comeome up past the beltway at thetway e springfield interchangefiel continuing to the 14th street bridge. 29 5 is slow south of 50. crash 66 eastbound out by the vienna metro station. s we'll keep you updated.ated crowded roads and slow rails. so back to you, allison and steve. >> in prince george's countyce g police are searching for ang for gunman who should there and killed a plan in largo in la
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block of harry s truman drive.ri no arrests in this case.this c >> in prince george's county acg lanham neighborhood is inborh shock after a man was found dead in his home on greenfieldel drive. now while police have note not officially released his nameis neighbors tell us he was a retired postal worker in his 60's. they also tell us the victim vim was at home with his sonis before he was found dead. h police say this murder is an isolated incident.nciden >> police in the district searching for a person of persof interest after a weekendrest stabbing at a bus stop in d.c.n at the minnesota avenue metro m station. the victim will survive.survi police have not said who was responsible or what led to the attack. >> ♪ >> happening today, a deadline l for the north carolina state s government to stop enforcing its so-called bathroom bill.roo officials have to tell the to e justice department how it will w handle its controversial billall which some day -- some saye rather discriminates against transgender people.r p >> w
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more on that. t whiz, good morning., >> good morning to you.d this is about more than justmoma north carolina althon ugh thisuh is kind of like the startingiken point for this whole big who b debates. de the governor of north carolina must make a decision today onn d this law or they may face a lawsuit. now just last week the justicehi department said the lawhe violates the federal civiles t rights act but a reversal is unlikely. >> it's the federal governmentom being a bully.. it's making law. it's -- and by their t interpretation. >> with the debate overh transgender bathroom useathrm ue heating up in north carolinaola governor pat mccrory has to respond to the justiced he department order to to bement o enforcing the law.enfo he's asked for more time toime make a decision but was denieden an extension.enon >> they gave the flynnthhe flynn largest state in the unitedhe ui states the civil rightss division of the justice department three working days d to respond to a pretty complex c letter and to a pomretty bigrety threat. >> reporter: the law knownheaw k as house bill two requir
7:11 am
balethrooms there correspond with the sex on their berther owe birth certificate.tifi >> transgender people know --er i've always known since i wasce five that i was a girl. a g >> reporter: erica saysca say she's been threatened by guysn using the men's bathroom andm ad feels more comfortable usingrtlu the women's bathroom. bhr >> i don't want any of myf trans brothers and sisters to s ever have to go through that. t >> reporter: but governorovr mccrory and other o conservatives say they don't want men dressing as women to t be able to use women'som bathrooms. >> the liberal democrats arealre the ones pushing forbath room laws and now president obama and one of my successors as mayor charlotte wantste w government to have bathroomo ham rules. i'm not interested in that.hat. we did not start this. t >> reporter: now, mr. mccrory won't say what his t response to the justiceo th department will be but he saysss the state could take legal lal action. in the meantime north carolinaal also getting some financial fini push back because of this. thi some concerts, some performerser not willing to perform thererf and some people not wil
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so, this is a big deal and it ai will be interesting to see howoh this all plays out a all all across the nation because this is the starting point for this i whole big debate.eb >> we'll keep watching whiz.inwh >> still to come this morningcoo a powerful storm system spawning a series of tornadoessa over the weekend.over the w we'll take a look at some of sof the >> plus there's a lot at stake t this week for the republican for what we can expect fromt from thursday's meeting between donald trump and paul ryan.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everybody. it is 7:15. nice looking shot out there. not going to be all sunny a suny skies, though, today. tucker says better pack thatackt umbrella just in case. c i don't know where oh, hey.ow >> i'm right here. >> he's in the loft thiss l morning. hey, tuck. >> allison, nice job with the jw forecast. you called it well. got a calittle sunshine outittl there e early.ere got cool temperatures.ratures. overnight lows upper 30's and u low 40's. low 52 now in the city. cit and we'll be in the upper 60's ' later today. so, of course mother's dayth worked out great with low out g 70's. today a little cooler with the cloud cover. the arrows you see all over the place because the windshe are all over the basically there's a front justro to our south and west.nd w i'll show it to you on our satellite and yup, you can see it right cgh here. see the rain showers starting to developho, a little warmittla front that will try to pusho
7:16 am
honestly not going to get through. that's why we're expecting cloud cover and the threat of o some scattered rain showers. i think the threat of showersf s will hold off until mid toid late afternoon but three,hree, four, 5 o'clock we'll haveck some scattered showers aroundeds here and then we'll keep some s showers in the forecast for the next couple of days. eventually this front will get north of us. also a it does so our higheso ou temperatures each afternoon aer will be rebounding back into the 70's so a little cooltl c today. 68 your daytime h just a couple showers outrs there this afternoon.fternoon. won't be a washout.n't be a was we'll do it again tomorrow. tor not only will we do it again i a tomorrow we'll do itmo we' wednesday, thursday, friday.y, you kind of get the idea hereder as we're going to be in for what we like to say in theayn weather world an unsettled uet week. all right. let's see if traffic is is unsettled with erin. >> traffic and rails unsettled this morning, tucker. morni grab your umbrella and yourndou patience for your ride home this after rain could cause problems onaurl the roads.oa right now mourning problems. this is 95 on the northbound o side as you head up towardsow baltimore by 32.imore 32. crash blockin
7:17 am
there and slow moving traffic t 95 northbound past 32.t 3 give yourself some extra timext to get through that area.ought . if you're headed to bwi, bww parkway may be the way to save yourself some time thiseim we'll look at ournr maples. map other crashes you need to beas aware of.heawar. 395 on the southbound side side between king and seminaryem there's a crash.rash you're slow on the inner loop,oo the usual spot across thecross e wilson bridge especially thespea local lanes and there's as d th crash on the outer loop byoop ritchie marlboro. because of that from four onfror through you're backed up as'r you head towards 50. 50 inbound slows inside thens beltway in the usual spots.he u same story 295 southbound from f 50 on past eastern avenue and then 66 right on the eastboundau side by vienna metro stationtatn there's a crash blocking the shoulder. gw parkway slows 123 to the23 th key bridge. suitland parkway slow to the douglas bridge.ridge. 270 south also slow by thewy the truck scales and then again through gaithersburg.aitherurg. let's take a different lookoo outside and so
7:18 am
you're up against this morning.morning. aside from the crash i wassh telling you about on 95 northbound by 32, 270 32, southbound that's a closerlo look at some of that sluggish ss traffic. back to you in the studio.o. >> developing this morning,is mg fire crews in alberta canadaan say they've reached a turning ti point in battling that massiveas wildfire. they're taking advantage of o cooler weather and calmernd c winds to help put out hotelp puh spots. the fire has burned nearly 400,000 acres and forcedd for 80,000 people to evacuateeopltoe their homes.eirom and here in the united uni states, violent storm systemrmym is on the move this morning. mni look at that picture. picre that's truly amazing. amang it's already produced severald r tornadoes over the weekend in colorado oklahoma kansas and nebraska. so far no deaths reported.o de now, the same system alsoystem dumped up to a foot of no, sirfi isn't wyoming. >> thiis the week the gophe could come together or split further apart. paul ryan and donald trumpnd ddr will meet this they'll talk about trying to ti unify the republican party.e
7:19 am
clear he will not change his his views or his tone. t what does that mean? fox's's doug luzader has more. >> reporter: we know thatter: w these two guys are going too sit down to speak later thiserhi week. republican house speaker paulakp ryan has made it clear that att this point he's not ready to endorse donald trump forld t f president so can trump win over folks like ryan or willill this simply deepen the gop divide?di >> and hillary was an enablern e and she treated this womenhis me horribly. just remember >> reporter: for donaldr trump thepeor general election e pivot has been almost mediateene taking on hillary clinton andlid linking her to formerher for president bill clinton's clint scandals. at the same time there isame house speaker paul ryan whonho will meet with trump on thursday to see if they can come to terms with one anothereh but trump may only go so far. f >> the important thing totant to remember is the national titular head of the party is p the nominee of the republicanubi party. he just won that overwh
7:20 am
anybody in washington thought and running as angnhi outsiderui against >> reporter: and while trumphi d says h we wants to unite the party there is still talkere about some break away ay republicans trying to fieldng f their own candidate for an f independent someone like former gop nominee mitt romney even if it was just to scuttle. scu >> i don't even know -- thatw a is and to doug's point how p driven the republican party iseb that they are seriouslyy looking at running a thirdg rd candidate just to ruin trump rui in the general electn >> repalorter: as that allhat a plays out, likely democratic nominee hillary clinton seeslins an opportunity. opportunity. she won't name names but sheut s claims that some republicans rei are reaching out to her about joining her campaign. cami >> i've had a lot of outreach ot from republicans in the lastas days who say that they are interested in talking aboutng a that. >> reporter: but before hillary clinton can reallyn ly take on donald trump one-on-one, she still has to to secure the democraticemocti nomination.nomi there's a primary tomorrow intow west virginia and it's
7:21 am
state that she could lose tot so bernie sanders.ders. in washington, doug luzader fox news. >> hillary clinton by the way c will be in loudoun countylidoout today. she has an event thisvent this afternoon toast's the balancehel between work and family.amil she has similar stops in kentucky tomorrow. >> 7:21. coming up, mercury on the how you can catch a glimpse ofle the planet today. >> big power wall winner mayne be from the garden state butthea this morning there's a newninghe millionaire in our we'll tell you where a winningri ticket was sold locally. time right now 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> 7:24. we are back now with news of a bbc journalist facingist expulsion from north koreaion after the nation says he insulted its dignity.ts his name is rupert wynnefield we hayes. he was reporting ahead of the o party congress opening there but when he attempted to board a a plane home on fry he wasry taken into custody. after questioning northqu korea's secretary generalescrer sales he report
7:25 am
facts and "spoke ill of northf korea."re >> a lot of questions about mexico's decision to relocate rl drug lord el chapo to a less a s secure prison facility. fit he was moved over the weekendhee to a prison across the border b from el paso texas and that a t prison has a poor track word tck when it comes to handlingdlin prisoners who are what they say special requirements. >> let's get another check of ar our weather. wth tucker. >> what a beautiful yesterdaybe was.s. >> gorgeous. >> it was gorgeous.gorge wish i could say the same about today. today is th not going to beo b terrible. we're getting the cloudse gettie moving in pretty quick.etty q 52 in washington. washington. winds out of the south andou west at 5 miles per hour.r h frontal system just off to our south and west is going to try to sneak back into the area. b it will bring us accloud coverod and the threat of somereat of sm scattered showers as we, pardon me, get into the -- gethe into our afternoon hours.on. so keep an umbrella handy.lla hn most of the shower activity should be pretty light but ipret
7:26 am
we'll have a few showers withweh lies in the upper 60' in thp quick look at your seven-dayyoua forecast and. that's what we call unsettled u in the weather ter not going to be a rainout but we'll have scattered showers in the forecast the nexthe couple days. that's the weather update.ther d erin is back with the morning roads and rails.d ils. >> 7:26. start you off with breakingreak news out of odenton skyfox over a serious crash c piney orchard parkway just south of strawberry lake we're getting reports of two people trapped in thatat medevac landed at thatnde tha location. you can see several firstsee responders trying to help h those people involved in thed crash. breaking news here avoid that intersection. piney orchard parkway south ofa strawberry lake we'll keep you updated on this t breaking news.king new back to you in the studio. tu in >> erin thanks very much.nk time is 7:26.>> as we have been telling youelng all morning long metro off to a rough start this morningsornig late nest a string of issues for the transit agency.e ansi >> coming up we'll get somee'llt answers right fro from the top. metro's gm will join us lives gl in studio.l if you have a question you havti want him to answer plea
7:27 am
still have time tweet it to us using #ask metro gm. back right after this. >> ♪
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♪ 7:30 right now on this monday morning.moni there are more problems forrobl metro this morning. mor there you see one of the lineshl that was leaving the minnesotana avenue station. station. single tracking. there you see on the left sidetd of the screen a train that hasht been stalled for some time now and then another train movingovn past it slowly. sloy it has been challenge for cl the aging metro system the lasts few weeks been in the news for n months now but really seriousios concerns go back years. latest cycle of dangerousanro problems started about a year a and a half ago with deadlydly l'efant plaza smoke incident. culminating with dozen of majorr problems even up to this morni morning. >> for nearly an hour dozens off passengers on sixth car yellow o train were stuck inside the tunnel as the thick black smokes began to pour into the station a darkening the cars and tunnels.s >> we're talking about theal orange, blue and silver linesr
7:31 am
which now single tracking goingg on after this fire before dawnow this mng. >> another incident on metroer i this weekend this time in i northwest d.c. on the red lineie between tenley town and a friendship heights metrots stations there. smoke was reported inside the red line tunnel and on the tra train. metro says it may have been i caused bioelectrical arcing. >> take look at this incrediblel video what appears to be -- looo at that startling appears to bet an explosion inside the federalr center southwest metro station.a here it goes again. aga. train goes by, bang, right there. tonight, emergency repairs are a underway. >> it was on thursday, on friday metro general manager paul wiedefeld announced an ambitioui plan to fix what is brokenisroke recommending a system wide shutt down every evening at midnight.. the very next day the ftata blasted him for his response tot last week fire at federalederal southwest threatening to shut down a system.te general manager paul we'd fieldd
7:32 am
tom fitzgerald a covers melanie alnwick is reporting ror numerous times from metro metro incidents and metro headquarte headquarters. she is at one incident this morning. we'll have more from melanie in just a minomoment. momt. welcome thanks you for joining j us this morning.rning. >> sure. >> you sat clips l you know thes history as well as anyone as to the issues here and why riderswd are so concerned in fact one f o rider wrote to us when we asked for questions for you and y twitter questions and kimberly l wrote in her question to you, y, what's causing these numerous nu arcing insulator that is cause u the smoke and the fire in thehe tunnels she goes on to say i i carry a scarf, water and wer a flashlight as a survival kitsurt with me now on metro. mro and the question a lot ofs havee is, why should riders feel like they have to carry a survivalryr kit just to get to work in the morning. morning. >> and they shouldn't. t i mean, as you know there's beee decades of issues we're tryingrn to address it was brought up by the ntsb last tuesday in factn the same issue what i'm trying g to do is basically address thoso things and to do that it had
7:33 am
i packet on our customers.. >> we couldn't to have theseavee incidents. just this morning.just last week. last tuesday. tuesday i was with you at the nationalil transportation safety boardyoa hearing. >> right. >> somebody else who was in thao hearing that day in the back of the auditorium you may not have had chance to speak with her i don't know dr. lovie pits. p she was on the train at l'efant plaza along with carol gloveraro who unfortunately passed away in the fire incident.idt you started in november. nembe but the beginning of the hearina they actually showed thehowe t mcpherson square fire which ledh to your one day shut down. down. >> um-hmm. uhmm >> dr. pits gotly feeling sheit was watching a rerun of what shs went that was herself the night carol glover died. we caught up with her.up with hr she had to leave the hearingearg because she emotional not takeok it. i'd like to listen to what she said about this.. >> i just heard, um, the event.e it like like it was
7:34 am
i can hear the women screaming, crying, screaming for help and i remember seeing the wall of smoke.ok it was dramatic. was dramati i couldn't sit in there and a watch it. >> all right. none of us are clinicallycall trained.aid. but clearly that shows some post traumatic stress still in herer over a year since that incidentn that is a mindset of a lot of al the passengers that get on youru trains every day. d where are they at with this as i far as their sense that they'ree not going to lose their livesirl when they step on train or windd up with these images she has ini her head or god for bid somebodm who loses their life like coralc glover when we continue to havev these incidents day after day seemingly. >> right.>> that is, um, you know, i mean im it's terrible obviously to see that and to see that emotional scar that she has from that event. you know, and that's why thehy actions
7:35 am
actions i need to take in theak future is trying to obviously os make sure we never have to do to that again.. no one has to experience thatiet again. >> let's tack about your's tack actions. this is a safe track. i this is the plan thas t you unveiled on friday and, um, you know, let's be blunt because ofb the news events of friday, mayb, people have not had a chance tot fully digest this. i have read it several it's a comprehensive plan that seeks to cram five years of work into one year essentially. you started in november. n people in this city have heard h metro gms before make promises, metro forward came and wept andp we still have the same problem.. what assurances can you given yu anybody at this point with circumstance and people feelingd being what they are about they u system that this is is going too get done? >> right.>>ig one of the big things i think ii different with this approach is and it's one of things i'm thing taking a lot of heat
7:36 am
have to be single tracking forcg long periods of time, weeks at a time. that will have major impacts ans we'll have to do during commutem periods. so that's one of the we will have to shut down between stations i think there's five surge areae we have to do that. i'm reading we shut down at dowt midnight seven days a week. w we will have to continue to do early outs meaning shutting doww at 8:00 p.m. so that is to give us the truehu time to get out there and do tho work that needs to be done. i think that historically we've' been trying this whilele maintaining this level of o service that is just not sustainable.suainabl situation is you've go, what, wa 160 hours week that this servicr is running. rning that leaves you only about 33 33 hours off service right now toow get the work done. but you're getting revenue rev during those hours and there's a question that has a risen does e this metro on some
7:37 am
death spiral if you are takingek these passengers, these fares out of your finances and you ses up an even worse problemrobl financially for yourself? how do you that. >> two points.>> two 33 hours that we have to do worw it really the productive work is much lower than because when you get l out on te track it takes you about an houh and a half to set up what you do and an hour and a half to get down. do normal night if we're shuttingsn down at midnight and opening ata five we're getting two hours ofs true work.k. and again that's -- almost impossible to maintain and muchc less get at the backlog. bacog in terms of the financial impact, clearly there will be aa financial impact. you know, if uri ducing the service in effect. but i'm weighing that againstgan again both the safety and a reliability needs that we havee to so we cannot continue i thinke t what we've been doing for for decades and not addressing thata issue. is we have to take the costs nows both in terms of inconvenienceve for the customer, the financiali part of it, and but if
7:38 am
do this, in my estimation, we continue the path we've been ono for decades, and as the system s gets older by the minute, the conditions, you know, ares,ou k getting worse by the minute, you know, in my estimation you'reonu not going to get tre so that's why, you know, i've ki come up with this plan. >> we want to talk about about accountability for minute l havt been many people, fta has said i it, they came out with bigit b statement on saturday, presideni obama has talk about this beingb aging infrastructure, althoughug compared to other markets likekk boston and new york it's not is really that old of a system. however, hearing from everybodyy up to the white house yououse y yourself have said that you have inherented a search al systemys that has had years of not beingb kept up to repair. so a lot can be said about we'lw make changes down the road, but, what about what's happened hapne already that's gotten this too this point whether it has led td injury or death or whether it'ss led to problems that now cost multiples to fix? what's? ha h
7:39 am
been anyone fired because of this? will there be,s there been anyone account for theor injuries or the death as far asa employees witness metro system,s and have you -- that is as happened yet and if not, will ii happen at some point in the future?u >> um, a few thing.m, aew thing some people have already lefteal that have come on board. last week i sent out note to basically roughly 13,0003, employees at the agency about 650 of them are managers and is sent out a note basically le letting them -- reinforce wagon my priorities are. i also just reminded them because some may not know it kw that they are at will employeese and that we have -- we have toev be able to be held accountableab across the board up and down.n. tomorrow, i am holding i believe the first time in agency'sy' history a meeting that has allll those management people there ae eting, and i will make itak i very clear both in terms of what my priorities are, what myt my
7:40 am
that, you know, we're running ai multi billion dollar businessr n here with people's lives at stake, much less the economy ini this region, and that what we're going to do is make sure that ta they are doing everything thatrh they need to do from the f management side of the house too support that. >> but you've got a labor union 689 that jackie jeter theter president just said she supports what you're but can you fire people ifeoe they're not doing their job given what you're under as far as the union contract right now you see somebody not doing theit job can you fire them. t >> there's procedures in the's e union contract for issues likeuk that. but, you know, the way that i ta come at the union issue and alld of our employees, again, we have 13,000 employees, um, unless we create, you know, an atmospherer we're all moving in the same direction, you know, it's goings to be very difficult for me or o anyone to get this agency movinn in the right direction.ti so as i'm looking, you know, to, focus on the management and thee management accountability andabn how
7:41 am
to the front line employees to basically step up, to be part of the solution and we have toav t basically make sure we're sure ' working with them so that they can -- they can provide thatde a so, you know, it's all of us together to make this work for f sure. >> want to get out to melanie alnwick b we do you mentioned mi your expectations that you expect from the employees.emloye we know what riders expectationc are in a nutshell. nutsh what are your expectations?s? >> sure. it's obviously the first thingst they have to always on their ont mind is safety and that's notha something that should come up tp me. it should be things that peoplel as they see something, they do,t something about it.meth they raise their hasn't,.asn't, >> let me jump in for one for second. . one thing we've noticed in thett time you've been here it seems s like until something comes to you directly things are not do done. so do you -- can you doyou -- something to make sure that make others apparently are taking thg lead? for example, when we seee issues with some of these railsi and we saw finally the t insulators were completelyet replaced.. after you wept down there youowu look at it and it made the
7:42 am
the call to do this.e call to di are you basically now thehe decisionmaker for everything orn are you doing the work ofork everybody in the system or other people doing their jobs as welll >> what i'm trying to do is gett people to understand that theyra have to -- they have to make tok these decisions, and not bring t all these decisions to me.e. and again, that's a cultural setting, both in terms ofin tmsf management and safety, thatety,t hasn't been there. >> you'll going to get help geth start >> yeah.h. >> patrick, he's your new safett chief.f. >> um-hmm. >> he'll make $235,000 a year. y is he going to be the safety sat czar now? is he the go to guy.g >> is he the guy responsible fob it now. >> it seems like everybody doese come to you rightfully so you'ru the general manager, but whatt does patrick lavin bring startrs dag i think today is his first f day on the job.he job. >> sure.>> s. >> with this salary of his, whaw is he going to be doing?oi >> what he brings -- fir and for most if he brings 30 years of experience, 20 years basically l as an operations person win thet
7:43 am
brings that and 10 years as thee safety manager.maner so what he's going to bring isrg both in terms of, you know, we don't want to be in the the safety business shouldn't bedn doing investigations of whatstig wept wrong. it should be in the business off preventing things from goings fi wrong. and that's basically what he wt will will be doing and that'sha his focus.his >> want to get to melanie alnwick out will the in thethint field. i know you have concerns some on the riders have shared as wellhl that you wanted to bring to mr. wiedefeld this morning. morg >> reporter: yes, thank you soo much. so, again, you know, rightnow, g behind me is another example ofe the problems that metro riders d feel like they're experiencingnn on daily basis, and after theert plan came out on friday, talk, talking about it, we knew it was military like mobilization, ando it is going to be a significanta in terms of disruptions tonso the majority, sir, of what passengers are asking us is, what about us? if we're gettini reduced service, if it's takings us longer to get
7:44 am
should we have to pay full fare? why should we even have to pay rush hour fair? they're veryy'v concerned about that portion ofn it. about the costs to them whento e they're not getting the servicee they're paying for. >> i have heard that and it a understand it for sure. sure we also have to remember thatr t all the work that you're seeingg being done is paid primarily ory good portion of it is from either -- it is from the localhl jurisdictions or it's from the fair b so that's -- i mean it's just as financial challenge that we fa face. and so we have to keep to those levels. >> mel, did you have anotherdide question? >> reporter: i did.epter: i d you know, so i recall during the house hearing that the numberume one thing it seemed like thatt fta and also the ntsb .ed to ass being a real problem that needst to be fixed not just these little checklist items althought some of them are very large,arg, they said the biggest issue there is no safety oversight committee,
7:45 am
the only rail system in thete country that has three t jurisdictions involved, they, seem to believe that if a safety oversight committee gets back tt up and operating that that willw make a difference. diffe so when do we think that will happen and do you believe thato will make any difference ayot a? >> it will happen right now as w you can imagine with threeit t jurisdictions the issue iss getting all three legislative bodies and executive branchesncs basically to come up with that program, virginia and the district -- virginia andni maryland and the districtistrt reached an agreement memory of upping to do that and they willw bring to their different legislative bodies as soon as s they can win their psych so that's going to happen. hpe i think it does make a a you know from my perspective,eci you know, it's just about thehe safety whether it's fta playingg that role, whether the safety commission, it doesn't matter from my perspective.tive it's h
7:46 am
mandated by law and i think is a good thing. t just so you know internally i'vv done some things which we did wd not have which was my own internal auditing section too basically look at these same thm issues rather than wait foratheh outside group we should be doind this regular on-going basisis audit wagon we do to make sure,r a, the work was done right thata we continue to main at any timet and we're continuing to monitort it and that is one of the onef functions of the inter stateerta officers as well. a >> as i read through the smartrt track plan the thing that kept jumping out at me to myself i'vv got some work to do.k to d we've got a lot of work to do.o. doing our jobs and getting thiss information out to peopleeo because over the next year thisa is going to be a majoraj disruption in people's lives. l >> um-hmm.>> >> the light at the end of thed tunnel looks pretty good if this work but we've all got to do ouo jobs to get this. t i want to talk to you about transparency.trar right out of the gate, one of of things that people look at youok and said this was a breath o
7:47 am
fresh air you talk aboutk a transparency, that metro was mes going to deal with the public ii different way and one of the onf ways you deal with the public ic how you communicate. we've got a situation in the city where metro' communicationa seems to be breaking down and dd some really important ways withw its main megaphone which is thei media. we had an incident over year ag man was doing hand stands on the tracks.trac that video appeared on one television station.tion television station channel four said they obtain they ob i don't know how you obtainn metro security video.ideo. somebody gives it to you.oou we had an incident two weeks ago csx train went off the tracks.c. that appeared on channel they said they obtained it.ned we later had to get it from fr metro.. metro security video. this happened again at federal center southwest where yrc gets that video, none.,on other television stations areons given that metro security video. so somebody is leaking this to
7:48 am
is favortism going on. o but the fact of the matter is is whether somebody watches channel four or five or seven or nine, n all of these people are metro riders, and they need this information.n so is part of the focus on the n new way of doing business atst metro a new way of communicating to your megaphone which are w ae these television broadcasterssin and these radio broadcasters and these news organizations in then city. >> because it seems to be notem that way right now. n we'd like to know why. >> you know, from pry perspective, you know, i spreadr myself as wide and as far as i i can with any media. >> you're always available. >> i don't know.on kno i mean, with this agency and with this town, as you know, a lot of things get out throughuth all kinds of sources and,, upping, i can't, you know, i'm m not sure where that's happening in some cases. i'm not sure it's coming from us i can be coming from lots of sources but from where i sit whe i've been out
7:49 am
you've talked to -- >> you are always out there.the let's put it out there. out the i've talked to you more times than any other metro generalal manager with probably the exception of dan tanger lien. l you are always available.vailabe >> i will continued to that.nt the other thing as you know wewe did put out the customerr accountability report on ourt or website where i'm trying toryint again put out things that we dod so people can see where we are, what we're committed to and hown we're getting there.inthere >> what i'm talking aboutt talk selectively sending this videoeo out to certain outlets when w everybody needs to see this.eehi the people who watch four, fivef nine and a they all need to see t it's critical. cti >> i agree. i agree. >> can we get an assurance fromr this this will stop?to >> from what i control, yes. but, again, there's lots off other who's are sources for soms of she is stuff. stuff >> the problem we had on thursday one once the video wass obtained by channel four we putp in three requests for that videv and we were told by your pr department it was not availb
7:50 am
we cannot have it even though this was metro security video iv don't think anybody can obtainbt that unless it comes from metroo w we finally told your pr pr department that we were talkingt with you directly, suddenly ityt became available.ille then it was e-mailed too everybody except channel fourxc who apparently already had theed video. vide so that's where apparentlyery there's some break downak information goes to one place op over others when as tom pointedp out you would think that youwou will want to get it to everybodo at the same time so that everyty rider out there of yours wouldru be able to have the latestatt safety information.maon >> right. right. >> i agree. and again, but i'm not certain how that first video got out. o >> let's talk about how you're u feeling. i had questions from twitterm ti people said why is he doing this? you know, every time youu go to on an interview like this or go to the national pressionap club, you know, people are are hammering with all of thesef the questions which you have responsibility for back toack to november. but you've been granted a systes that for 40 years has been allowed to decay. dec i remembers
7:51 am
road metro in its first monthssm and it was like going to disneye >> um-hmm. >> it doesn't feel like disneyes land.nd >> right. rig >> how is this for you to be ini charge of this right now knowini that people say these thingsse i about metro and feel this way wy about metro?? >> i remain extremely positive. you know, i come acrosscr employees throughout entirente agency and you know, fieldie employees, i come across customers that are basically --c they get it.they they understand where we've been and they understand that wet needing to places and i thinkn t they understand that we are -- a we are really working to doki t that. i think there's an appreciationp of that and i think that what w continues to drive me.ntues to e >> i want to jump in that for at second because we want to get to holly because she's been getting questions from facebook viewerse >> in the past there has beenasb lot of single tracking and delays and people have not ph
7:52 am
seeing new arcing insulator tas very step may be at least that t physical presence where people p say, if you're going tooing inconvenience or commute give uv something to show we're workingg towards the future.ure. holly has been live mentioningen on facebook throughout thisouout interview right now.inno she's getting a lot of commentsc from folks right now as we talk. >> we'll still be on facebook mr. as we continue to talk to you. and you've addressed a lot of ao questions that people haves that asked. a lot of concerns about can we w have a lesser fair until you fif the problem? you addresseded that. i've seen numerous commentsomnt about safety.sety. what are you going to do to up the security on metro trains and buses? >> right. as you know, we've had terrible incidents, terrible tragedieses recently.nt you know, we have a totally open system. sy we serve all types of communities.unit a lot of what happens on our stations and trains reflect andd our buses reflect community.omm. it's just, you know, that's what we have. hav we have done a number of
7:53 am
everything from when our buse buses,ing when some are ourg whr buses we have videos when youhe get on the bus you see you'ree being recorded.or as you've seen we've had -- we h have a tremendous close circuitt television system where whe basically if anything occurs we're catching people you know within hours of it.thin hours so we're trying to get that t message out.e out. like, you know, don't be -- b don't be stupid.. you'll get caught, but, youu know, i think that works for you and me. some of the situations we'reions dealing with with people, youpeu know, under all kinds ofl kindso influence or other issues, ituei doesn't work as well. wel so we have to put more resources >> right. >> we have done that.e ha we've taken people thateoe th basically were not out in the oe field to put them out in the field. we took police that were basically dealing with collecting dollars and revenues from the machines we backfilledl that with contractors to put lat enforcement people out into thee area.. we're zeroing -- every day we do basically we -- we ramp up 2:000 p.m. to around 7:00 because an
7:54 am
area where we have issues. iss we're doing communication withh the different police forces.or we do different communicationsmn with the we follow social media couldn'tu antly because a lot of thist of plays out on social media so wes can anticipate it. i so we will continued to that and literally we do a metro stat s we're monitoring the data and then applying our resources that way.way but it's a very large system. >> sure.. >> you've got 490 officers.s. you've got 64 special. sci is that enough because a lot ofl people tell us they just don't n see these police officers.. >> right. rht >> we're running out of >> i want do get one thing inhi before we go, too. >> can you use more policepo officers? yes, you can always.. weary cuting now we just graduated a number ofrf people. op we have i think 15 in the the academy right now. n our police have to be basicallyc police officers that cover allll three jurisdictions. they have to have that hat capabilities so it's -- yout'--y know, it's a roar detailed detai
7:55 am
one. >> i want to make sure i'm get this in because i'm representinn the people. numerous people that have saidas you're doing an mazing job. that we are ganging up on youg p right now, that you inheritedit this system that was just majo majorly flawed.jorly la did you know what you were ge g getting into when you took thiss job? do you walk around every e day with just a pitt in your iyo stomach that goes, what am going to face today? tay >> obviously i knew what i wasas walking into with this job. the depths of it maybe a little bit deeper than i thought.. (laughter).aughte >> but this job, this is a 24-n- job i know it.t. unfortunately we have an i've been up since pretty much m since midnight.sinc we had a person that was hit ata union station that, you know, had done something on their ow o owned to that. so there's a terrible situationi but we worked through that. tha almost at 2:00 o'clock to deal a with that issue and we've beenee dealing with other issues this s morning that's the nature ofat't what we do. and what, you know, gets lot off i think
7:56 am
are a lot of people workingng extremextremely hard every minuo get the system working, to deala with the issues they have touese deal we are moving 1.2 million.2 mli passengers a day.ay so, you know, we're doing a lotl of work, and it's unbelievableva when i see the commitment that t lot of these people have and and that hurts me when i hear other people -- >> as you leave here justav remember all the times i've the spoken to you, you've handled hd every hard question, whether, ganging up on you or not, with grace and with deliberatenessatn and looked at straight in theaih eye and you have given usve g answers even if we haven't likel the answers sometimes. please remember the people whob are interested in metro caren me about metro and that's why w there's so much focus aboutus a this. >> thank you, tom. >> mr. wiedefeld. thank you for joining us.u fo we appreciate it this morning. i we'll take a short break and b a back with your days headlines coming up at the top of the houu and we thank general manager m paul wiedefeld for joining usng this half hour.f more fox5 news morning comingng right after the break.t after t.
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 live lookl outside on this monday morning.. it's may ninth, 2016. weather and traffic for you on the 5's at 8:05.. good monday morning, everybodily i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.he welcome to fox5 fuse morning. the maryland man accused ofn shooting six people and killingi three of them during a two-day shooting spree is due in rock rockville courtroom thise troom afternoon. 16 -- 62-year-old eulalio tordil is facing first degree murder mr charges. police say he shot and kill hiss his estranged wife on thursday s outside of their daughter's higs school. then oh and friday police say hp shot and killed two other people at two different shopping areasa in montgomery county.. other news now, messy metro monday.nd the orange line single trackingk between stadum
8:01 am
cheverly and the blue line bluee single tracking between stadiumi armory and addison road afteroaa another early morning fire it's' unclear exactly where the fire happened. 8:01 now. n today north carolina crucialia deadline over the state pots sop called bathroom law.d room officials have until today toodt stop enforcement of the lawhe l which limits the public bathro bathrooms from transgenderoms people. it limits the ones that they can use. now last week the justice department told state lighterstt leaders the legislation violatea the federal civil rights act.igt yesterday on fox news sunday s north carolina governor accusedc of the government of bullying.. as metro faces a federal aed order to improve safety andnd track maintenance or be shutten down the new in general managerr paul wiedefeld laid out his plan to get the train on track.ra he joined us. us >> did what mr. wiedefeld say satisfy passengers? we want tot get reaction now from someonemom who knows all about metro's meto issue the man responsible for
8:02 am
joins us by phone right now.ow good morning. m >> good morning.d >> what was your reaction, sir torque that lengthy interview we just had? h? >> i thought it was greatht it r interview.terv you asked good questions.uestios he gave the best answers i thini he can. >> what would you like to ask to him if you want to add on to tht interview and the questions whaw do you know from the generalom r manager. >> big question i actuallyctua e-mailed him about this i've yey to hear a response. rpons when he unveil safe track planla he asked everybody he saide s everybody needs to sacrifice. i'm wondering what he'se' sacrificing and what the metro executive team is sacrificing? i are they taking the pay cut? are they -- that doesn't seemee very fair to me.e >> we also talked about a new aw person that was brought on boarb to oversee what are your thoughts about that?at? >> well, i think general managen touched on a really key topic tp when he said that he wanted to get everyone at metro moving in the same direction.
8:03 am
they have there. you have all the different dif departments are actually hostill to each other.. so i don't know if one safety officer can remedy that. >> let me ask you this, because you know, a lot of the peoplehe that you hear from on wither ara people that are seeing physicall problems whether the trains ares stuck or they're running hyped or the unfortunate issues withsw the smoke, et you know, that's typically whene people become the most vocal moo when they're personallysoll inconvenienced. metro is trying to do a lot off things it sounds like behind thh scenes as well.wel do you think they need to theed sprinkle in a few physical psi things that rider which is see as well to kind of put on an better pr show if nothing elsene so riders know things are beingi done? do you think those behinn the scenes changes kind of get lost? lo >> yeah, i don't think metro's n pr is very good at all, and i -i you know, you mentioned actionss that that were taken after thefr thursday fire and sort of dog d and pony show when the new insulators were brought in
8:04 am
shopping carts. i don't think that's the kind ot reaction riders want to see. i think they want to seeink proactive action.ct not reactive.cte >> sir you exposed a couple of o things that go on win the metro infrastructure. a term called pencil whippingl p and then also veterans of the t system not getting performancean review.revi what does this say about the workings that we don't see? >> i think that people probablyl don't want to see that stuff honestly.nest i talk to several metro sourcess who have been there for long lon time. they've never had performanceerm review ever. >> what do you think -- we'vee' heard -- you take got with theit bad, and people complain aboutmp the problems out there.out the. we've also heard people sayingp this is the general manager m trying to take a fresh starttart here. what are you hearing not just hn from riders but from your y sources win metro as far astro s their reaction to this generalel manager and his plan for the future? is it positive? is it negative? is it mixed, is it, s more of same?
8:05 am
>> honestly i think people are surprisingly willing to give the new gm the benefit of the doubtd and, you know, i am, too torqueu degree, but as you mentioned inn the interview, we've done this before.fore cato came in with big safetyy plan. pl the next one came in with a bigb safety plan and yet here we area i think that the new gm is moree candid than others have been. be i think time will tell that's really sorry to be trite but be time will tell.te >> in the meantime unsuck metro remain. >> i think so.>> i t >> all right.>> aig >> definitely hearing from people knowledge doubt about itd there's the twitter handle ifit you'd hike to check out someha m the comments online. the anks for joining us again.on we do appreciate it. it. >> no problem.. >> 8:05. let's check in with thickercker barnes.barnes one thing we cannot complainom about the weather, 13 straight h days of rain, something likeethe that, tucker.that >> it's been 12 if we getif w showers this afternoon numberume 13, steve.te yeah. that's a record for the d.c. area. little filtered sunshine early,y 55 now in washington.ashito
8:06 am
6 miles per hour.r hou the day starting promising herer but we are going to get more and more cloud cover moving in out of the south and west and and eventually see this rain showerr activity developing out in weste virginia and southwestthwest pennsylvania some of that willis try to move in.y to this is actually a frontalro system see it right there and te that's going to hang up acrosscr our area the next couple of da days. so we'll keep clouds with some scattered again, scattered showers noted going to be heavy rain butin scattered showers in theowers he forecast locally for the afternoon tonight, tomorrow, honestly into the next seventev days. here's a quick look at the seves day forecast catch you up sincen we didn't get to the last halfth hour. more details on this but upperpr 60 today's with some afternoon showers.ower we'll talk more about the nextee seven days coming up.. don't get too upset h this is not going to be ao be a complete washout much that's a s look at wet. let's do traffic. erin? er >> i haven't seen in you while.s you areeound.aun >> i'm walking into the studio right now. i wanted to say hi to steve andd allison in studio a err woo arrw tracking delays on the innernn loop and dealing with a crash ac out by connecticut avenue anu causi
8:07 am
outer loop commute and i wish ih wore better shoes.ho you're the best.rehe bes thank you tucker.ucker team work.. team work hit with the this is 66.s 6 dealing with a crash causing big delays back to past 123 so be prepared for that one. one heavy traffic leading towards t nutley street you can see thehe crash blocking the rightng the g shoulder there.lder okay. let's go ahead and switch thingi over.ov this is look at other employs oo delays we're tracking knifeckin north there's a crash thatrashha cleared by 32.eared traffic getting back to normalga at that location. locat we'll go it head and switch s things over for look at ourt o maps. other slow downs like i dow mentioned the inner loop a crasa by connecticut betweenen university boulevard. outer loop typical slow down 95 to georgia and let's good aheada and forward our maps much asidea from the top side of the beltwab dealing with issues as we take cidar you can see we're also tracking a crash on the inner in loop by georgetown pike another ow outer loop crash on theer l shoulder from ritchie marlboro r from four to 50 heavy congestion inner loop jams usual slow downw across the inner loop and if lod you're taking metro keep in minn new problem vienna bou
8:08 am
ranch line off load fog medical emergency affecting the newctine carrollton commute. cte additional looks at all railail problems next.ob back to you. >> a high school studentoo studt speaking out after she wasft she banned from the prom. we'll tell you why school sch officials wouldn't even let here in the door. >> a yearbook mistake causesau quite the stir in one california high school.high the up correct name printed aunt photo.
8:09 am
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bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ it is prom season and forona one pennsylvania teenager itnagr will be a day to remember buteme for the wrong reasons. reaso >> high school student anya wolw was banned from attending her prom on friday after wearing a tuxedo instead of a dress to the dance.da she was told that her a the tire violated the prom dress code.od which was establishe
8:12 am
advance. ad she says the school's decision d was unfair because she always aw wears pants. she says that her classmatesma have always accepted who she isi and it was never an issue untilu prom night. a yearbook mistake causeskes quite the stir at one california high school. >> eleventh greater at a highig school who was wearing a had a d job in yearbook photo pho misidentified as student namedad isis.isis the muslim student is upset ups about the mistake.abouthe some think it was an accident. n others demanding answers. awers the school has apologized forloi what it does call a mistake. still aheastelai how a capsr a special fan for her birthday.y donald trump and paul line willl meet this week. can they work it out in methe g. we'll check in with fox's bret baier coming up 8:00 their.
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>> ♪ it's a june tee littles tune for monday morning, 8:15.a >> we don't need it. warm up factor. coolness. >> we got cool picture. >> coolness like cutey wanesst coolness.cone >> gotcha. >> you know what time now. time for my fox5 first five. f >> that's super adorable.. >> i need help with the name.. >> kalleigha i think. think >> all right. a this is kalleigha, everybody. eo going kalleigha.ha. kalleigha in is three months o old. >> little one.>>ittl >> and loves getting up early every mor
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nice and early. and >> we're here for her and her mom caregiver, daddy, grandmom,d whomever we're right here forer you when you get up in theen yon middle of the night.ddle >> she's beautiful.he's b >> really precious. r >> aww. >> we love your picture to send us your child'spi picture go too facebook page, click on fox5 d.c. and send in acute picture e like that we'll get it up on tht air this week.r this week. >> how lucky she gets theetshe barbershop quartet. >> because everybody let's sings it together. >> ♪ baby face >> it's a i was m you're boutut full. >> that's enough of that >> not just of her. >> you can't get enough siloughs phone eith that's another instant -- insnt >> you don't think so.nk >> not used enough.noh. >> 55 now in washington.5 noin i hey, we're a little cool outoo there. upper 40s north and west.t. guess what? clouds are back in the forecast maybe a shower aree two this afternoon.ftnoon not going to be washout.asut not going to be severe weather.. >> i thought you says he saideai the clowns are back in theowre b forecast
8:17 am
>> clown show bro. >> clowns are back in thes forecast yeah. ah all right. clouds moving in, yes, maybe some clowns moving in as well wl teter. with a few showers that have non developed very quickly out in west virginia and some of thoset will slide in our region laterrr today. be on the look out for a few o r showers this afternoon and we'll keep clouds in the threat ofhe f showers in the forecast the nexh couple of days.ecoup of it's a frontal system once agaia that this has been a prettyy persist 10 pattern the lasthe ls couple of weeks hanging outangio across the area. if we get day 9113 in a rove measurable precipitation believi it or not threat of a shower in the forecast right through the t end of the week.d of we'll talk more about it. 68 today. t a little cooler with cloud coveo and few showers this afternoon.. >> thank you, tuck., tuck. >> um-hmm. >> let's check in with erin getn a look what's happening thes ppn roads, the rails, trying to gett to work this morning at 8:17.7. >> hi, erin. e >> we do have delays on 66 earlier crash cleared but this i is by 123 heavy traffic pleasee allow for extra time to get through that area.ugh that are yo
8:18 am
as you make your way towards tht beltway and then inside thee beltway as well.beltwa wel look at our maps right now. we have another crash right nown in rockville.e this is its this one involving g schoolbus if we can get look ata our maps.ap pete piringer tweeting out okaya knoll drive and casey line in rockville collision involving a small schoolbus.all scbu some lanes blocked no known injuries at this time but we'll certainly keep you posted onkeep that breaking news. break we'll forward our maps now in nw montgomery county as well.ountyl crash activity inner loop aftera university boulevard causing some slow downs.wn typical outer loop jamup from 9m to georgia average speedge checking in about 13 miles pers hour. you're still slow 270 southbound towards the spur taking a wide e view of our morning commute alss on the inner loop out by b georgetown pike a even though that's 66 crash did clear you can see how heavy traffic is and thew n a crash c blocking the shoulder out by richie marl bow delays from fou past that point as you head upeu to 50. also, metro updates for you. vienna bound orange off load foa medical emergency next train atn the new carrollton pla
8:19 am
we'll forward our maps ands a single tracking continues we'ves been dealing with these probleml all morning long with metro. mro disable train at stadium armoryr you're single tracking on theinn orange line stadium armory to cheverly on the blue linee l stadium armory to addison road. silver line trains oping between wiehle-reston east and eastern market.rk law enforcement officers betweer fifth and fourth streett northwest.rtt. typical congestion in thel coesi district on our bridges, keyes y bridge, douglas bridge, hem alla moving slow.ving slo back to you.back >> thanks erin. thankin rare site in the sky happening i right now. >> the so hiv called transit off mercury began earlier this this morning as a planet treks acrosa the face of the sun. s the whole process takes aboutesa seven hours.ho. however, experts say you shouldo not look directly at the sun. really that's good right. right. >> is what i always her.s any who -- who -- >> you today might see an extra black spot. >> you need to certified eclipse glasses and if you can get acant pair of those, isn't that so is stream the whole thing online. n
8:20 am
time. >> no worries. no, i'm going need them laterher today.da also today hundreds ofoday wounded veterans from aid roundd the world will compete in the invictus games. >> prince who are recentre r michelle obama on hasn't for the opening ceremony last night in n orlando, florida, nearly 500 athletes from 14 countries willl compete over the next four daysy still waiting for the winnew of saturday's massive powerballa drawing to come forward. >> you know what i said about i on twitter? i don't want to hear bout odds again. b one person wins the whole thingi forget the odds. o you can win it.n wi the ticket is worth $429 million. m it was sold at 7eleven in trenton, new 7eleven there. the joyce evans spoke witness clerkc who sold that beautiful lucky tick.. >> probably like messing withy m me,, r >> reporter: they weren't. louis sand val sold the onlynl winning tick to the nearly $430 million powerball jackpot. >> wow, i can believe this.evehi like amazing. amazi >> reporter: wow. so y
8:21 am
you don't know who in the worldw >> no, we have no idea who is the person. person. we have nothing.we >> reporter: nothing is what justin navarro's ticks holdd checking them just in case.e. >> actually these are my moms.ym she told me to check them and td see just in case.ase >> what happened?appe >> reporter: george hendersone n had to be the only customer in the store who hadn't heard thedt news.. >> sold here? >> damn i should have came herer >> someone got lucky. >> reporter: they sure d youe yu guys go back and look at the tape.ta. >> we did. d there's so many people that bought lottery that day we can'c really tell who it was. >> reporter: but did you look? >> yeah.>> i was curious.ou >> reporter: chris who calls himself the rat boy comes hereeh several times a day. d >> but you don't have thate t ticket? ti >> no. no. no. everybody saying i got it but ii don't got it. i'm telling you right now, i noi don't got it. >> don't call me. >> they think it's a woman thatt played every day they went backk and look they had the time theee ticket was sold and the ownerol said he thou
8:22 am
their regulars who got the tick. beautiful.tifu >> buys ticks all the time. trenton's slogan is trenton makm the world takes is on bridge. b i like it's in trenton newnt n jersey. >> on the train, way to gon, trenton. way to go new go new . >> that was fox's joyce evans roaring. here at home while it's not thet big jackpot a million dollars powerball ticket was sold at ada 7eleven on dominion drive inn mclean.l take home message buy your tickets at 7eleven. >> two for two. >> the is it the end of the road for one of rock's most famous fm couples.uple >> the outrageous gift that kanye gave kim for mother' daysy it's like a symphony. we're back in just two minutes. ♪ what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch?
8:23 am
you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
8:25 am
♪ >> special washington capitals w fan attende attended very firsts this weekend. look at that young child on the sam boned veng 93. that's gert friedman.ried she will turn 101 years old tomorrow. how exciting is that? she looks great. >> wow! >> got to attend game five forae her birthday. during one of the inter missions the capitals invited her on toi the ice to ride on the zamboniam usually they do that for the fot little kids, al, that's why it's awesome she got to do it.o >> and tonight -- >> game six set for tomorrow inw pittsburgh g for her and happy,y happy birthday to you. y you'll be 101 years old.ears old >> that is -- i'm keeping thatha in my conscious she is.s sh i want to
8:26 am
active as she is.e i >> right. going hockey game at a hundred r years old. >> that's what i'm doing.s wh >> i love it. i love t. >> looking good.d. >> maybe she was their lucky wac charm. >> i was about to say maybe wemb need to have her go toed thave pittsburgh tomorrow night.ur >> you mean she works betterghno than trying row move the curse?r >> we did what we can. >> fake wizard outfits. >> we might have moist allison.. we don't know yet. don'tnow >> 55 now in washington.ashingto in case you miff it last week we made an evident to lift thetoift capitals curse. >> yeah.ea >> it didn't work that day butty we didn't say when it was goingi to tart start working. wki >> we just need to win series. 52 at dulles.ul 54 at bwi marshall.all. clouds and very quick-moving showers coming in from the west. so i think by late morning early afternoon few scatter showers s around won't be a washout, buthb after beautiful day yesterday, e it's not going to be that allll over again.. cloud cover with showers today.d bring an umbrella.a a frontal season will hang up across our area for the next the couple of more clouds with the threat of o more showers very unusual unu pat
8:27 am
it. 68 today.od >> 68.>> we'll take it.we >> thank you. >> all right. t let's check in with erin onein more time with a look at thek at traffic.affic. 8:27. >> 8:12. dealing with delays on our roady and dealing with delays fromth d metro right now and marc. train 523 on the marc line 810 perryville departure expected te operate close to 15 minutes min watch for that one. red line unfortunately 30nately minutes late delays due to due t switch problem outsidesi friendship heights.ip speed restrictions near bethes bethesda. so red line definitely slowingni down this morning.s and previously tweeted lettingtg you know off load at landover lo for medical emergency next train departed now carrollton still s sel single tracking by stadium arm rear.arm rear. silver line operating between really wes tin as well as a clarendon.en look at the roads neck.t road back to you allison and steve.te >> thanks so much.nks souch. fox's bret baier joins us live i to break down the latest on thee race for the president.. >> later can i cigarettes helpth you stop smoking? one expert weighs i
8:28 am
we're back in just two minutes.
8:29 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
8:30 am
iding free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me ♪ 55 degrees right now at 8:30.ig: seeing a little bit of sunshines out there. chance of rain later today.atert nothing it's been that way every day for the last two weeks. weeks beautiful day yesterday.tiful yt >> um-hmm. >> get you caught up on newsnew headline.head happening today the maryland ma accused of shooting six people over two hiv day crime spree c killing three of them due ing courtroom this afternoon in ro rockville. 62-year-old eulaliot
8:31 am
facing first degree murder de mr charges. bob barnard this morning live ii aspen hill outside the giantnt store where there's growing the memorial for one of thosene otho victims there this morning.thisi bob, good morning.ood mo >> reporter: hey, steve, s another vigil here tonight asona welch this is it.t. this memorial in the spot wherew claudine ya molino was shot kennel in her car on fridayriy morning just before noon here ie what police are calling anling a attempted carjacking.jackin you see her photo there. candles, balloons and flowers.we the man who is accused of in hen murder was arrested just a short distance from here in another ao shopping center parking lotking across the street after having n apparently grabbed some coffeeec and lunch at a boston market. leo tordil facing three counts c of verse degree murder it alle t started we can take you back toc last thursday outside high point high school where mr. tordil toi allegedly shot and kill his estranged wife gladys.lady according to just releasedd charging documents from prince george's county, an
8:32 am
was shot there coming to her aia says that he approached the carr saw the tordils fighting.ig he asked is everything okay? oa and that the man there said, sd, yes, i'm her husband, and then t that victim, that shooting sho victim said he heard gunshots.uh he ran and was police say that gladys tordilys was shot multiple times as she s sat in her car there. t then on friday morning, the shooting over at the montgomeryg mall parking lot outside the macy' the victim there apparently had made a return, r came out and saw that mr. tordil had blocked her car in tried to carjack her toyota rav four thee same car that was here in the t parking lot at giant, that the e gunman said, i'm not kidding iod will shoot you.ot he wanted her car. c she ran and was shot. s but so were two men who came too her aid. malcolm win felled one of thoset a 45-year-old from clarksburg hg was shot and killed there and then police and prosecutors says to
8:33 am
parking lot tried to carjack miss molina and shot her dead as well. a short time ago, a woman whoanw says she's a long-time friend of miss molina who found out it was she who was killed here on here friday came to his vigil and spoke to us. sp >> she was beautiful friend with me. all my live sister, you know, k two weeks ago, two sundays agoua we go to the restaurant lastt week she call me you not comingm to church. next sunday we go to meet again. you kno it's very -- i feel very very, you know... i don't know whatno can i say, you know. >> reporter: three murder victims, one accused killer. k he'll be in court at 1:00 o'clock in rockville todayy prince george's countyy prosecutors saying they'll let l the cases pl
8:34 am
montgomery county before they bring leo tordil to prince tprin george's county to face one murder charge there.ha two counts of first degree dege murder here today in montgomery county, guys., guys. and mr. tordil will make his me first public court appearance aa 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> bob, thank you.nk y get on to the race for theer white house root rootw donald trump taking on two rivals hillary clinton and alara reluctant republican partyarty joining us now bret baier hosto of special report. good morning, brett. >> hi, steve, how are you. a >> big meeting between paul ryar he of the not yet ready andea donald trump.donald tru what do we expect to happen?? >> listen house speaker saider s he's not ready to sign for some gop nominee.go nomin it's a big there are policy differences dis between ryan and trump, and really what republicans up oncap capitol hill have been workingoi on expect that meeting thursdayy to try to iron out those differences and to get the speaker on board, remember, here as the speaker of the house is h
8:35 am
convention in july. jul so donald trump has some work tk do to get republicans on boardnb ahead of that july 18thh convention start.tart >> couple things that we'rethine dealing with right of course, just on the gop side, drum many coming out yesterdaytd saying he doesn't see the need for party unity.for of course he's been taking thatg kind of bullish approach from the start and then you havet things the article inan thele it washington post which literallye the headline is, two intense the dislike candidates hillary h clinton and donald trump goingag head to help for presidency.rede can you remember a race likeu re this, brett, that had so much oc this bizarre row world going on as we're this close to electiont no. no in fact, these unfavorablenforae numbers are unbelievable.nbelie we've never seen two candidatese of the two major parties with hire unfavorables, and lower favorable numbers. num it is really stark, and we'll aw see if those numbers turn around but right now trump has higher unfavorables than clinton onlyin just by little bit, and it's it' likely to be a
8:36 am
race going forward.orward >> that gap is closing betweens the two as we get closer toser t november. brett, we'll see you on speciale report tonight. >> thanks, steve.s, steve >> you got it. 8:36 right now. now let's get over to tucker barnese and get look at the tuck? tu >> thanks, steve.>>hank clue cover moving in and rain a showers back in the forecast byb afternoon. not going to be rain out bute io we'll have scattered showers.. currently 55 in washingtonng reagan national is 52 and 54 up5 in bwi marshall.arsh here's your rain shower activitv and again frontal system that'st just going to be kind ofe ki wandering and wavering through r the area later today with no win real change in the forecastorecs here.he the next couple of days we'llay keep the threat of a couple of o showers around. i'll show you the seven dayyou coming up.comi there's your forecast for thistr afternoon. 68 your daytime high. >> your queue is down in the control room. >> if we can close it that woulo be great. be >> erin you got traffic.u got t. >> i do have traffic. i d a lot of it to get to. 8:36 rig
8:37 am
taking a look what's going on gi around the area. university avenue right now wern are dealing with a crash. it's by carol avenue.venu university boulevard carol of ao big delays headed inbound.nb so caution as you head out inuti that area. aa. aside from that, let's go aheada and switch things over for lookr at our maps. o m other slow downs other crashes h around the area that you need to be aware of before you head outt marc train right now dealing d with some delays on 523.. silver line off loading atding rosslyn for door problem, andema red line delays up to 30 minutem switch problem outsideut friendship heights. delays by bethesda.delays by so please be repaired as yous head out for metro still single tracking on the orange line, stadium armory and cheverly.vey silver line is still right nowit only operating between we'llly reston eastern carrollton.ll a mess of delays for metro thist morning. live look outside.ootsi other delays as you make yourr way out southbound rockvilleocki pike dealing with a crash seen s out by nicholson. it's just behind me let me stepm out of the way there.of the the give yourself -- extra
8:38 am
get through that intersection. we'll go ahead and switch thetc over and show you what elsehat s you're up again.u're u earlier crash on 66 by 123. 1 did clear out of the way. way still heavy delays and beltway delays as well outer loop 95 too georgia.gegi more updates in just a few. few back to you allison and >> still to come this morning kanye's big surprise for kim onm mother's day.ther's day >> and it's over for the for t osbourne >> say it isn't so.>> i >> i know. k >> okay.y what led to the split after all these years next. >> sharon!
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> here's a look at the white house. 8:40. the road to the white house continues. we'll find out in november what happens there. the road may be ending for one f rock's most famous couplesn now. no >> i'm genuinely sad about thist i thought they had like a quirki little love affair.le lovaffai >> they made it work for so mano years.ars. >> 50 years, ozzie and sharon sn osbourne have reportedly brokenb up after more than 30 years ofea marriage.marr e news reporting the two quote mutually ozzie would temporarily move out of the home that they share. s you going sources say sharon accused of of ozzie of having another affair.i i mean she's so famously spokeoy about him being -- -- with the nanny or whatever it was. whatew i guess you can only take soe much. >> he's now been invited tonow d leave. >> kanye going all out for goi l mother' days for his wife.. hired a 12 piece orchestra to come play in their home. home. everybody's home has room for rf orchestra.chestr >> kim woke up to their playingp in their living room yesterdayin
8:42 am
there's a picture too of them looking down.g dow daughter north was there toorthe watch the group played severalev songs including music from north's favorite movie frozen. >> nice when your alarm clock ik an actual orchestra.ctuaorch >> here it is.. >> ♪ >> i thought that was tomorrow.o >> it was.>> it was >> it was for a second. it >> little frozen.>> little annie. whole medley going on there.ey o >> segment the bar pretty high.h still ahead are e-cigarettes effective in helping smokersmo quit? we'll talk about thatut a and kevin -- kevin -- >> good morning allison and steve um ear here in london ido just sat down with james j lawrence and james mche will fol for. my interview of jennifer jenni lawrence is coming up in the 9am hour. i miss you back in d.c.k i love you so much and i'll see you live in the 9am hour this morning.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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♪ raising the bar for your tuck. you ready for this.u ady >> let's ♪ .> boom. >> keep the music going.p the mi >> let me just say this. say t >> somebody pointed out, we hade the black and yellow.w. we like to wear yellow on mond mondays to cheer it up but wee look the penguins.. >> game day.. >> game is >> i wore green.>> i wore gr >> no apologies.s. >> okay. o ♪ >> there's a little ozzie fore o you. >>
8:46 am
>> oh, yeah.h ozzie keep rocking on. even though you got kick out ofc the house.the house keep rocking. rocng >> go ahead and walk yourself ys over. >> this is great song.hi great . >> eighths good song. >> ♪ >> i do -- i feel like a new man today.toda >> i have a bat for to you getog in the mood.oo >> ozzie did not eat the bat. b >> that's what popular lore rusu tells us. i'm going believe it.going belit didn't he just bite the head off a bat off. o >> he bit the head but he didn'e eat it. eat it. >> i thought it was rubber one.. >> the old thought it was a rubber one. >> like tucker eating quail on n the show or pigeon.rigeo >> i didn't know it was alive.le thanks. that was one of my gloriousorio moments here. he. >> beautiful mother's day were a had with lots of sunshine.. nice breeze out north and west.w the memories.or all right.allight today guess what? clouds areud back. i'm terribly sorry.or along with cooler air but itut t won't be terribly cold. c 55 now in a little cool this morning.orng 59 in leonardtown holding to the 40s west and
8:47 am
martinsburg. cloud cover look at these quickk moving band of showers reachingh our neighborhood just south and west down towards culpeper a sprinkle or shower already andlr this is will be a frontal system that's once again going to hanga up across our area and for us f that means lots of cloud cover.v we'll keep temperatures cool tho next couple of days and we'veofn got to throw some showers backac in the forecast. f not going to be wash out but ant time we get a front this close c to our region, we got to be concerned with clouds andith lod showers. both of those back in the t forecast today.od sorry about we thought this front would stas far enough south we would be ini for mostly sunshine a few daysed ago. it look like it will be littleil closer to that. to that. there's future cast.s fu shower activity very light. lig if you've got outdoor softball, baseball, lacrosse field hockeyc whatever you may have later this afternoon i think the showers s should be pretty light most ofh the outdoor activities should be fine.. then clouds overnight.louds ovei we'll do it all over againin tomorrow with cool temperaturese an few showers around that'
8:48 am
a few showers around for thedor morning commute.g co there's your seven day. s day 68 today.68 67 tomorrow. t we'll get the front just northth of us. that means 70s around her by hey wednesday, thursday and fridayri notice we keep a cloud an showee in the forecast all week long. n not going to be a rain out.nut not raining every minute here ae couple showers around each day.y that's weather update. steve? toss it back to you.ou >> check in with holly and hllya wisdom fine out what's coming uu just a few minutes when good day d.c. starts at 9:00 o'clock.. >> fox5 viewers you asked for ii and you've got it.t. >> metro general manager in ourn studios we'll play the highlights as he answers some oe your questions reaction to thena interview that wept live forlivf almost 30 minutes on fox5 newss morning.morn >> live at 9:00 a.m. new detaili about that horrible shooting shn spree in montgomery county andey prince george's counties that tt left three people dead.eopl dea also new at 9a we are live withh dr. oz. he will tell us why may is the best time to lose weight plus he'll share the type of coffeefc you should be drinking.ou be dr. >> how about all of it. >> yeah. >> also all new, live in the the loft, legendary
8:49 am
burns he's here. >> i just ran into him in the hm green room.n rm. >> he's i was m can't wait tos t talk to him.tahim. all new on the 10a, ladies, whaw you should be wearing right noww we'll have the hottest fashionss for spring.r >> and we go behind the scenes of empire at 10:30 because goodo day d.c. is just minutes eight away.ay. minutes away. >> i was somebody guys.y uy see in you a few.see in y in the world of entertainment nn surprise captain america civilra war topped the box office. offi. the money came just shy of $200 million in the openinglionh weekend. not only number one, the fifthhh highest domestic opening ever. e rounding out the top threeop jungle book still did well but far behind at $21 million. milln and mother's day in third placee at $9 million.9 mill it was captain america weekend e to average price of gasoline jumped by 9 cents gallon over the pastt two weeks. now the average 2.27 a gallonal for regular.regular. you may have noticed increaseice here in the region in then the e district the average twicegi now $2.40 per in virginia, 2.08 and in.0and in maryland
8:50 am
gas prices not the on thing onhn the rise.the rise. fruits are going up too. a goi the cost of peaches this summerm may sky rocket because of the blizzard in february and thethe cold temperatures and the a t freezing in the early stages of spring.spring. some experts describe it as a aa valentine's day massacre of of peach blooms. crops across the northeast lost 90%.90 farms lost 90% of their crops tt the minute freeze.ez not so peachy there, al. steve knew study has founduf that e-cigarettes are sickenic morgue and more children under m the age ofor six.. the study says about 14 childred per month taken to the hospital when the study started baaing ii 2012. 2012 it rose to about 223 per month.n by the time the study ended.nd this was last year. y now, all of this comes afterer last week' as announcement by the fdai will soon begin regulating e-cigarettes in the same way they oversee tobacco products. more than half of all adults whw tried to quit smoking tried t e-cigs to help them cut down.ow
8:51 am
helping smokers quit? here witr a break down dr. shilpi agalwarw a physician board certified in i family medicine.ine and our guest on mondays.on hello. >> good morning. >> so are they helpful in i helping people quit smoking? si the answer is we really don't d know >> okay. >> when you look at e-cigarettei and all of the data, they may potentially be less harmful that cigarettes and some are showingi it contains products like from a al did he hide new study thattut came out of the uk they wereyer showing when they compare the vapor from e-cigarettes to typical tobacco, contrast thataa with studies that come outco out before saying well, the vapor v from e-cigarettes has from al a did he hide in it and otherndth chemicals in it.emicals we don't know. it's too early to say and forndf that reason i would say it'say ' dangerous for to us just say e-cigarettes are manage better
8:52 am
>> how do they work? is thishis one? >> this is an e >> how do they work. wk >> they have a coil on the a cot inside along with a battery. it heats up the liquid that doee contain nicotine and then whentw you smoke or inhale in thatt vapor, you're getting theing the nicotine and also sometimes som getting a flavor that could be strawberry or bubble gum andegun that's important to note becaus if you look at the new fda regulations, that really are holding much tighter controltero over the way that these productt are marketed to. t if you have bubble gum flavor and strawberry flavor ---- >> adults does not normal goalmo for that. >> but who, the children do. do. >> right. >> you see that 3 million middll and high schoolers are now usinu these e-cigarettes.s >> my kids told me they see thee in their schools.choo >> yeah. you don't smell the smoke so ase aparen it's challenging to knowg if your child is usingng e-cigarettes or not. n and nicotine it has both ah stimulant and kind of relaxingag effect. so it's another type of drugrug that ch
8:53 am
more inclined to use.d tose >> okay. you brought some other ways to t quit without going from one fro advice to possibly another aer advice. >> it's important to reallypo focus onrt quitting and remembem that even if you are a smoker,, you may have to quit fewt different times but that's stils better than continuing to smoke. >> okay. >> so medications you can speak to your doctor about medications. there's things like wellbutrin and chantix you may have seenavs the commercials and the waycialh those work they attach, theyttat help the body by attaching tongo the nicotine receptor in our ino brains and cutting those cravings out. so those are really good optiont for people who are having h trouble traditionally trying tog quit smoking.moki >> you've got over the counter t things. >> over the counter you can gete nicotine replace many. m you've got the loss sevens. sev you can get the patch to use. u those also will help to you quii smoking over a course of eight e to 12 weeks. wee. i've got these weights here h because exercise is a great g adjunct when you are trying torn quit smoking and in generaln g because it boosts the chemicalss in the brain that are similar tt nicotine you're not going to
8:54 am
then a lot of about that oral fixation.fixation. >> it's leak sitting there doini whatever, you got this. the whole it's hard to say justt exercise or do one of these.hes. >> exactly.>> usually have to do a combinatioi of all of these to actually beye successful in quitting and evend still sometimes you quit formesu little bit you pick the back up but there's so many health mhea benefits after two to five yeary of quitting smoking, your risk s of stroke decreases to that of t somebody who doesn't smoke atmoa all and then 10 years after quitting your chance of gettingt lung caps sorry is cut by 50%. 5 so that's really good incentivee for you health wise to want toot quit smoking. not to mention allison, thesehee products are really expensive.. >> um-hmm.. >> it's expensive to buy e-cigarettes 20, $25 to buy a b pack of cigarettes it can be 10, $15.$1 >> right. >> it's a big financial investes many too you're not only helpinl yourself to save money that wayw burt obviously helping with youy health. >> you talk about if you stop y th
8:55 am
what about if you don't stop? u give us the headline.eae >> if you don't stop obviously s risk of stroke increases, riskes of heart attacks, the smoke really gets into the lungs and a we see lung cancer number oneumn reason why we're seeing so manym cases of lung cancer is from smoking. >> all right. i know it's hard but -- >> keep at it. keep at it.. really.real i mean you can quit for a littll bit that's still going to be b more beneficial for you thanhan going and smoking long term.ger it can be tough,. t >> you can do it.>> you >> yeah. >> you can do it tweet me i'll e give you some tips. >> thanks so much. tha >> sure. >> all righty. tucker, i believe it's your' time. >> it is my time, allison, for r the next 17 seconds. seconds let's do it. 57 now in washington.ngto winds south sun east at five. yes, a gorgeous mother's day. d not such a great monday as we'v' got cloud cover and the interesr rain showers back in the sho forecast. most of this rain showerain sh activity actually it looks loo pretty impressive there. tre. should be on the light side. but by late morning earlyngar afternoon a few showers across s the area.the ar we'll keep clouds in the cin t forecast and with the shors
8:56 am
and the clouds around we'll keep temperatures on the cool side this afternoon.. upper 60s for daytime highs.hs do it again tomorrow with a fewa showers and get the front justnj north of us by wednesday,sday thursday and friday.sday a pump temperatures a little bit.. don't did he say spyer this wili not be a repeat of last week.oft little more sunshine than lasthl week and temperatures should bed milder.ilder so i know it looks ominous there.there. honestly this week looks aoo little brighter than last week.e notice i said a little brighterh erin.. >> a right now, 8:56. 8:5 we have gig problems universitys boulevard eastbound shut down an carol avenue. a big crash scene there.ash scene this is look a tt the delay.el traffic is backing and as they t wait to divert keep yourself extra time through that area. westbound university boulevardur looking much better. betr. we'll switch it for our maps mas aside from that tracking other delays 414 to the wilson bridgei inner loop slows to 13 miles pep hour.ur 210 north at fort washingtonhing boulevard a crash.ard cra and for metro still singleine tracking big delays on four of o our six lines. disable train at stadium armory, single tabbing on the orangeng
8:57 am
blue line stadium armory andy ad did you son and silver line oping wean wiehle-reston east and clarendon. crend red line delays there as well.e. back to you.. all coffee brands are the be same. which ones are best for o dr. oz will join us on good dayd d.c. d. he'll have the answer for usor s plus emmy award winning filmilm maker ken burns will join us wii live in the i to talk about new honor he's ad to go his already lengthy resu resume. good day is next. it's 8:57.
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead demanding dan answers after years of neglectec substandard service, fires andia deadly accidents, metro's general manager says he has a hs plan in place to get transit tns agency back on track. tck >> we are going to have to bego single tracking for long periodr of time. weeks at a time. that will have major impacts anc we'll have to do it during d commuter >> this morning paul wiedefeld in the fox5 hot seat answeringni your questions about the statehe of metro system. still more questions thansta answers after a federal policeal officer went on a deadly two-day shooting spree as he gets set gs for his first court appearancera what we now know about his h possible motive, how eludedlude authorities and how this victims are being remembered. >> hillary was an enabler andnal she treated these women horrib horribly. just remember this. r >> trump versus clinton theem t presumptive gop presidentialsint nominee making a pivot turningor his attention to his livelyiv november rival but this morning


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