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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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fox 5 local news at 10:00. standing up for the victims of terrifying to shooting spree that spanned two maryland counties. plus, new details about the alleged shooter and the twisted fate that may have led to the capture. >> thousands of children could be exposed to water tainted to lead. our exclusive interview with the city leaders who parents say didn't do enough to protect the kids. only on fox 5, an unexpected delivery on one of our area's busiest highways. >> she was in a lot of pain and was kind of screaming while i was driving. >> nothing was going to stop this baby's early arrival, not even dc traffic. fox 5 local news at 10:00 starts right now. learning new details about the man accused of going on a shooting rampage that kille
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>> i'm tony perkins. 62-year-old eulalio tordil was ordered held without bond during his first hearing. police say that tordil shot and killed his wife, gladys tordil in the parking lot of high points had last thursday. he confronted her even though he had a protective order and a gun he previously ordered to surrender to police. he reportedly tried to car jack a woman outside of the store at montgomery county. three people shot. one man 45-year-old malcomb died. >> a short time later, tordil reportedly tried to car jack a what time outside a giant store. they found her dead inside her vehicle. they believe tordil lost his a glasses in a struggle with her and kept him from leaving the area, several houshs later, as you know officers captured tordil in a parking lot across the street. the community held a vigil
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there. just a tough, tough few date, time and location for this community. >> reporter: it really has been. the family is now trying to pick up the pieces and try and get the lives back in order but the victims from friday has absolutely no connection to their alleged killer. >> i can't believe this happened. >> reporter: three days since three different families were struck by tragedy. >> i'm going to miss her had a lot. of she was very nice and she was a very sweet person. >> she was the lack of victim shot dead that last week's shooting spree that spanned prince george and montgomery counties. she was a hero and i'm proud to know that now everybody can see what a hero he was to me and my family. >> on thursday, police say eulalio tordil shot and killed his estranged wife glads as she was picking up her children at high point high. for nearly 18
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managed to evade police until he turned up here at the montgomery mall friday morning. >> i had just come out of a training session for active shooters ironically. >> she called her husband mike just minutes before he was gunned down to tell him about an active shooter training she just attended. >> i remember thinking, i didn't get to tell him, you know, run away from danger: that was the man he was. >> reporter: his coworker called him had a remains in the hospital recovering from his gunshot wounds. we're buy to treat themselves to lunch at the mall when they heard a woman's cry for help in the parking lot. 's. >> she was screaming. running towards them and when they looked back. they ran towards her to help her. >> wind fell coincidentally a high point high graduate knew of the deadly shooting outside his old high school but his wife said he had no idea who
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tordil was. >> can't change prince george had released a picture of this man sooner making the public aware. >> absolutely. not only that but given he had a protective order of his wife he should have been dis arm. i'm truly disappointed. she wouldn't have been hurt. my husband and other person woman have been killed. everybody knew the police at least knew what to look for. but the people there had no one to avoid. they didn't know what to avoid. >> in the immediate aftermath of gladys's murder, investigators labeled the homicide as domestic. prince george's county police say their information was that tordil was a danger to himself and officers but not to the general public. >> it was very rapid. it was unfolding quickly. easier i think in hindsight to say what could have happened or should have happened. >> reporter: here at the macy's at the mall, growing memorial for all four of
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in montgomery county organized tonight vigil. they will be taking donations through the end of the month to help the surviving family members directly affected by friday's shooting spree. marina marraco local news. some of you probably don't want to be outside. the start of another wet week. turns out, we're actually breaking a record with all this rain. we're here with a -- i don't want to call it good news. it's interesting news it said least. >> it certainly is, is sean, because as of today, we've gone 13 days. that's the longest consecutive stretch we've had. and guess what it's going to get longer. not every day had a lot of rain. maybe one, 100. we believe rain will develop
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again and be around for the morning rush hour. we check for the rain stats. listen, we're only nine days in and three inches of rain. when you look at that compared to last month, we're making up a deficit badly needed but it is a long stretch of little sunshine, fortunately we got the break with mothers day but the clouds will be back with us tomorrow and so will the rain showers in the morning. you can also see that there is more starting to approach from the south. that's what we believe will develop and be in here for the morning rush hour. you may need to plan extra time for that morning commute. why why are we in this pattern and stuck? high pressure to the north is keeping that boundary down to the south. in place, and so a little waves of energy keeping us cloudy and can cooler as we are north thv boundary. just to give you an idea of what the future,s it's quiet out there now with a couple showers down to our south
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closer to morning, it looks as though rain will be back. i don't think it will rain this hard all day, noon it clears up. afternoon and talk more about wednesday and how temperatures are going to be stacking up. i don't think it will be quite as cold as it was last week but it feels damp and chilly out had there tonight. grab the rain gear for tomorrow morning. much more to come a bit later with the seven-day. >> thank you very much. tonight we are holding dc leaders accountable for keeping your kids safe. high levels of lead continue to be found in the drinking water at public schools and parents want answers. for the first time, leaders accused of dropping the ball agreed to an interview. talking exclusive to you are oh lindsey wa t t s. is it true they're testing drinking sources in all schools and wreck centers in the city. >> reporter: right now, every single water source is being tested. that includes the for now sets in the rest rooms. it's not just drinking fountains but this is coming after ni
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about the high lead levels. some parents still feel that not enough is being done to keep kids safe. officials we found still don't have any kind of long-term solutions. >> what i'm focusing on is how do we never do this again? and apology for making that failure and to re causing the panic and scare that some parents are feeling. >> reporter: angie from both the deputy mayor of education and director of general services. after parents left in the dark about dangerous lead level at dc schools. dgs does those tests and failed to letter the school district. >> we were testing and we were taking action. we were not reporting it and we needed to do that. i apologize for that. that has been something we focused on policy changes have been made. vigilance and testing and communicating. still communicating to address the broader problem. that test over the years keep finding cases where school water is dangerous. the most
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to the findings, water at an elementary school almost 600 times re greater that's safe. >> likely is a part ankle from soldering or came through the source which is why we put a filter on it. so that if there's ever another particle it gets caught. >> reporter: water filters are only used when unsafe levels are found. is it time to put a filter on every drinking fountain in every school? the answer, the folk now is on testing. >> once the summer comes, we can step back and say, we can ask questions more broadly. some of the bigger policy questions is the. >> reporter: is the issue cost ors maintenance? why can't that be a rely now. >> the reality now is we need to do i think we're doing how old thousands? 4,000 samples in a five-week period. >> the centers for disease control says even low levels of lead can cause irreversible
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>> we have to characterize the plumbing in dc schools as a hazard. >> we spoke by phone to mark edwards. who first uncovered the water in flint michigan. >> i think it's time to implement a bottled water policy for drinking what are the or to install filters on selected taps in the schools so students can be certain when they fill their water bottles and get water they're not being exposed to excessive lead in drinking water. >> reporter: in addition to all of those water testing done, the district is also offering free blood tests for kids at impacted schools. at this point, no child has been found to have a concerning level of lead and i are. lindsey watts. several maryland homeowners. sarah? >> reporter: tony, the purple line is said to go through the
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silver spring neighborhood. now, residents are piling on top of a lawsuit against the state transit administration. find out why next. fox 5 exclusive with the maryland parents who just welcomed their newest addition alongside a busy highway. >> you have to vote for america you have a responsibility to have a vote. . we have more of laura evans one-on-one interview with vice president joe biden. what he's saying about president obama pick for the supreme court. all of that and much more when we return. stay with us.
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. new tonight silver spring residents who live along the purple line route. they filed a lawsuit against the maryland transit. >> they claim the authority is short changing them on fair price for land they need for construction. sar sarah simons joins us. >>
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pass through this roadway here. then right now, there are stakes in this property right here behind us that show the sidewalk and road would eventually come all the way up to here. so you see the amount of land that it would take up. neighbors say they want to see them compensate them fairly and they say it's not happening. >> they will come up to these stakes. >> reporter: there won't be much of andrew's front yard left once construction on the purple line begin, the 16 mile light rail project will extend from beth that he is today. he's not against purple line swell, it's about just compensation. property will be diminished. the train will be, relatively close to our house. and they said they won't expect there to be any dim
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reduction in value. >> reporter: his next door neighbor say he may consider joining the lawsuit. the property value he'll likely take, he says the mta's offer is a fraction of what it should be. >> it's like taking your head of. somebody takes your hand or had break makes a difference. it's going to come from the front of the house. the that's a problem. >> reporter: and these are just a few people who are affected by this many homeowners along this route are in the same situation. construction is said to begin later on the purple line but in thes in the prince george's county section of this. we reached out to mta to get a comment about the lawsuit. a spokesperson tells us they have yet to see the lawsuit. right now, they are not making a comment. that's the latest here in silver springs, sarah
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. more trouble for metro. started with delays on the other than, blue and silver line, metro officials say there was a fire while a train involved in a track test became disabled. the test was being conduct on a, pa of track that had actually undergone weekend repairs. the fire was quickly extinguished and no one was hurt. meantime crews working on maintenance issues. transit agency gm stopped by fox 5, paul weidefeld addressed the culture of safety, recent fires, arcing issues, his ambitious plan to get metro back on track. >> some of the base things are different and it's one of the thing i'm talking on is that we're going to have the to be single tracking for long periods of time, weeks at a time. that will have major impacts and we will have to do it during commuter periods. we will have to shut down between stations. five of the areas we have to do that.
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at midnight seven days a week. we will have to continue to do early outs shutsing down at 8:00. that is to give us the true time goat out and do the work. >> reporter: it plans to finalize the rehab plans by may 16th. construction is set to begin in june. police say a body found in wood bridge is a missing alexandria woman. she disappeared last month. she was last seen on surveillance video walking into a cvs. her body was later discovered near a ditch in lake ridge park. an autopsy was completed last week. investigators have not said how lopez was killed but they are investigating her death as a homicide. 20 years in prison. that is the sentence for the drivers involved in a drag racing a crash killed three nibble in montgomery county. the crash happened on georgia
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prosecutors say they were going more than 100 miles an hour when they hit salvador ramos's car. his four-year-old daughter were all killed in the crash. the defendant's lawyers say they plan to appeal. >>. it was a wild ride for two new parents from frederick. he decided to arrive early in the front seat of a car. >> how dad is a sprang into action to help deliver the new edition. next at 10:00. the. also as we head to the break, a story that has people buzzing, new york city just passed guidelines that makes it illegal for bartenders to deny pregnant patrons. about the physical capabilities of women who are expecting. the city's restaurant will
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. story you'll see only on fox 5. a surprise delivery right on one of our areas busiest highways. >> a maryland mom went into labor and delivered her baby on the side of the highway with the help of her family. a story you will see only on fox 5: . >> imagine being in traffic and you're stuck in traffic and it's been a new arrival then you get the warm and fuzzies in your heart. >> there's always panic, too. this started on saturday afternoon. she wasn't due to give birth for three more weeks, she figured it was safe for a drive. life has a way of throwing a couple of curve balls at us. amy's water broke during the drive. they called their doctor who
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the problem was, little evan here had other plans. tiler called 911 and the next thing he knew, he and his three kids were helping her deliver had a healthy baby boy. >> as i pull off the side of the shoulder,s basically, i was saying she's in labor and baby is coming. >> everybody took an active role of helping out. had a four-year-old. eighth grader and a junior in high school. everybody was great helping dad. i don't think he could have done it without having them there as well. >> they got a whole lot of education there too. montgomery county fire workers also showed up on scene to make sure all is well. tonight you see they're back home as a family of six. >> i'll tell you what. i've given birth in hospitals. you know. >> as many do. >> my children were there, but they were not there there. after the baby was born, i can't imagine, still, w
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cool experience for the whole family to just be there. >> a four-year-old and an 8-year-old. >> and a junior high --. >> they said the four-year-old was a little freaked out by everything. >> that could be scarring. >> by the way tyler wanted to point out they helped them tidy up in the car. that was a big concern. >> kids did that too. >> little help along the way. >> what an incredible experience. i'm glad everybody is ok. beautiful little evan. beautiful baby boy. thank you, jim. coming up at 10:00. take a look these female west point grads are now investigation arrted this group picture. we're going to tell you why it's creating so much controversy. we'll be right back.
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. fox 5 local news at 10:00. we're back now with a look at tonight's top headlines. >> we begin with the shooting spree that claimed three lives.
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marina. >> reporter: growing memorial here at the montgomery mall and a vigil for all three fatal victims following last week's shooting spree. across montgomery county one victim's widow tonight telling fox 5, prince george's county absolutely should have released eulalio tordil's pictures to the public sooner considering his recent no contact order and known possession of guns. >> dc leaders are apologizing to parents for not letting them know about high levels of lead found in school drinking water. we have the exclusive interviews for the first time officials are explaining what is now being done to keep kids safe. stay with us for fox 5 local news at 11:00. silver is spring residents along the proposed purple line route are gearing up for a fight in court. this is where the purple line would come through here in silver springs, filed a class action lawsuit against the maryland transit administration claiming they're short changing them on fair price for the atlantaed they need for
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the 16-mile light rail project would actually extend from beth, so far, mta is not commenting on the lawsuit. to a fox 5 exclusive. it is has been three months since is supreme court an ton nine salia died. the white house is increasing pressure on republicans to give their nominee a chance. a new poll shows americans overwhelming support a hear on -- they sat with joe biden to talk about several issues, including this one. >> judge merit garland president obama's pick to fill the vacancy. the rose garden announcement was march 16th. the republican controlled senate has taken no action to pursue confirmation hearings and vice president biden, once the chairman of the senate judiciary committee say republicans are doing their jobs. >> you don't have to vote for
10:32 pm
garland. you have a responsibility to have a vote. >> reporter: senate republicans say they don't have to. siding what they now call the biden rule. biden's own words from 1992 when he was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and george w bush was president. >> it is my view that if a supreme court justice resigns tomorrow or within next several weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer, president bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the november election is completed. >> 92 you said chairman of the judiciary committee that president bush shouldn't name a nominee until after the november election. why should republicans in this case act or feel any differently? >> laura, that's not what i said. i said unless he's going to
10:33 pm
consult. and i went on to say that he should send someone up. >> if you listen to the entire statement, the then chairman goes on to say that if a president, quote, presses an election year nomination, the senate judiciary committee should consider not scheduling confirmation hearings until after at campaign season is over. >> i presided over more supreme court nominees than anyone living. every single one got a hearing. every single one got a vote in the committee. everyone of them got a vote on the floor of the united states senate. and they did it in presidential election years. so that's the biden what's called the constitution. >> senior advisory to president obama says the president has unfold his constitutional responsibilities. it's time for republicans to fulfill theirs. >> for the republicans to take this unprecedented stand over a this issue, it's a slippery slope for what's next. the fact that on the evening th
10:34 pm
>> reporter: don stuart says the white house is now dropping all pretense that this is about anything other than a campaign issue. that was laura evans reporting. at the time of joe biden's 1992 statement, there was no supreme court vacancy to fill. there was no nominee to consider and the senate never voted to adopt a rule to delay hearings until after the election. no president in the past century had a supreme court nominee go unconfirmed on the grounds that it was an election year. house speaker paul ryan made it clear he will not stand behind donald trump. but it's if donald trump asked him to he would step down as the chair of the republican national convention. first made the comments during a meeting with
10:35 pm
since trump is the likely presidential nominee he would make the move out of respect for the convention of the pair are scheduled to meet on capitol hill this thursday. democrat front runner hillary clinton isn't virginia working to gain more of the women's vote. they're considered a swing county in a swing state. that's why clinton met with young families there to talk about the struggle to say they face. clinton says there's no such things as a one-size fits all solution to equal pay, child care, special needs and paid family leave. clinton's visit to stone ridge is part of her breaking down barriers tour. the u.s. military academy is investigating a controversial photo featuring 16 black females ca admits. the cadets from west point are pictured in uniform with their arms raised in a knuckle fisted salute. the gesture could violate military restrictions on political activity. some
10:36 pm
showing support for the black lives matter movement. others were excited to be graduating and a moment of celebration. they're set to graduate may 21st, no word yet on what consequences, if any they could face. it's been a particularly tough year of losses for local police department, losing members of their own department. >> we'll take you to a memorial northern of all fallen officers in our area next at 10:00. 0.
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>> it has been a tough year of losses for local police department. montgomery county officer prince william county officer and prince george's county detective were all killed, fox 5 photo journalist take us to memorial to honor the local officers who have fallen. >> without belittling the courage with which one has died. we should not forget those acts of courage with which officers have lived. he wanted to serve our community. he would not be deterred. do my best never to forget the impact of our leadership decisions on the people that really do do this job. the patrol officers and the detectives who are out here doing this each and every day. >> who have given their lives protecting the cities and the communities they swore to protect. >> maybe
10:42 pm
year, this service seems so much more important. don't dwell on the dangerous part of the job, you develop on the part that you're serving the public and helping people. that's what we go to work to do every day. it's been a tough time for police officers lately. an extremely tough time. really shouldn't be. they are such a special group of peop people. >> they are out there every day making sure' we can go home sa and we have our freedom and we don't recognize that enough giving everything they can and their devoti
10:43 pm
>> i've comes to terms what with is do is closure, if you can say that's closure. again, to me, she was just my mother. still be honored is also like wow. i never knew that there was this much impact that she had on the cit city. >> they served and that i am now going to take this journey and complete it for her. >> certainly appreciate their sacrifice and their service. >> it's a moving piece. coming up at 11:00, dramatic
10:44 pm
deadly shooting spree as we hear from the widow of a victim. >> the controversy that's making national headlines. why this teenager says it's unfair. she was kicked out of her prom. the man shooting this video thought he was about to see the demolition of this building. that story is tonight at 11:00.
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neighbors trash collections schedules were routinely changed or i should say recently changed but many people say their trash has yet to be picked up. for some people, it's been several weeks and the trash is sitting out there. caitlin roth joins us. >> also we weeks of horrible weather and the trash continues to pile up. it's rain and soaked and residents have a lot they're dealing with here in prince george's county. here's what happens, they were originally notified, the residents of
10:48 pm
county on april 27th their trash and recycling pickup would be reduced to one day a week instead of the usual two or three times, to take effect may 2nd on a once a week tuesday through friday basis. the change in pickup service was designed to provide residents with just one trip to the curb a week. it was also find that most people weren't utilizing the twice a week pickup with people have been less trash now, and more recycling in recent years the county deemed it unnecessary to have two pickup days per weak. reducing the schedule would save the county money. however, several residents of prince george's county have contacted fox 5 and said their trash was never picked up last week. and here monday, after a weekend, they're still waiting. in carla's case, her trash hasn't been picked up in three weeks. it got so bad, she had to move her trash inside her garage. that move attracted mice to her maryland house. she says it's been an ongoing problem and with weeks of trash
10:49 pm
collar is reaching her breaking point. >> it's become a problem. i started calling the county on april the 21st. and today when i came home, they had picked up three bags, they said they're going to make it out. i'm investigating it. >> i said they came out and got three bags and the rest of trash as you can see it's still here. i hate that i had to do this, i called them up and i said guess what? i'm going to call fox and i'm going to have you guys put on blast and i'm going to poll people on facebook to see who else is having this problem. come to find out, this county-wide. >> carla did have a lot of response on her facebook page. the county maintains they notified all residents through direct mail correspondence. two sets of door hangers and an online address look-up tool t more information is available at that website. it is once a week dot my
10:50 pm
u.s. >> if they won't pick up the trash, it doesn't matter how much you notify them. door hangers? that's annoying. >> i feel for them. >> more rain. >> i think showers for our morning commute. i have to tell you about the important story the dangerous story that was unfolding today in oklahoma. we were watching this at 5:00 and 6:00. this is what happened tonight in oklahoma. there was in particular a huge huge very damaging massive tornado on the ground went through the community of withinwood and connerville. cross crossed reinstate 35 t they were describing this not just a tornado warning but an emergency which is an had enhanced version of a warning. they were so concerned with the number of people going through reinstate 35 highly had populated area. this massive tornado w
10:51 pm
colorado yesterday where i believe we had about 11 reports of tornados and it mostly went through rural areas but you can clearly see there was damage to some structures and some vehicles. but some of the video of those tornados just jaw dropping, and really very close up by some of the storm chasers, and there were a lot of chasers out tonight. all of these red circles indicate where a tornado touched down today and you can see southern oklahoma was hit hard. some of those moved up into nebraska as well as iowa and you can see the storms moving away. other tornado reports farther north into nebraska. the great damage appeared to be in oklahoma. they may be looking at a third day tomorrow. so i tell you all of that because the fact that we're so cool is preventing us from having severe weather outbreaks may and june typically the season but we've been running so cool with these days of light rain and northeast freezes. we're getting a bit of a pass on the early part of our severe weather season. that will continue tomorrow
10:52 pm
be building, and we do building that they will be rain back in here for the morning commute. let's run you through the futurecast. 7:00, 8:00, allow a little extra time for morning commute. there will be red roadways and in these yellow areas there could be moderate rain around 8:00 in the morning, by noon, 1:00, a lot of it is pushed away. the afternoon should be drier but late in the evening, after, say, 8:00, we may see another round coming through, could be a round as late as 11:00 and we'll have to watch down here towards char lotsville to see if he were get another rumble of thunder down there,s this is happening because of a stalled frontal boundary we have to our south. the showery pattern is going to continue. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. listen, we needy to warm up a little bit. the second half of the week, looks like it will feature warmer temperatures and looks like we can get back into the 70's. that doesn't mean we're off the hook with rain, but warmer. our best of storms this week appears to be on friday. looks like we'll have also a wa
10:53 pm
70's, and that could promote not severe weather but just a good chance of storms coming through ahead of a frontal boundary that will be approaching. clearly, another unsettled week ahead. but at least it's not as cool as last week and the pattern hasn't changed a lot but the temperatures will change a little bit. we're going to call for a lot of clouds tomorrow. showers in the morning, a break in the fan, and maybe another round tomorrow evening and night. wednesday we should have more sunny breaks that helps us get up to about 72 degrees. but there could also be about a 30 percent chance of a shower. meanwhile, on the cool side today,s and temperatures at this hour mainly in the 50's to 60 degrees. not much will change. we will make sure you have that rain gear handy not for yourself but the kids at the busstop tomorrow morning 50 to 56, after school few showers as well i think it will be much wetter in the morning than afternoon. fox 5 accu weather seven-day forecast thursday 75, the drive the day this week is thursday.
10:54 pm
shower but not great. the wettest day may be friday after tomorrow morning. through the weekend. i know you don't want to hear about this, there could be showers saturday, sunday 68. monday, 69, even a chance of showers then. looks like we're going to extends our record breaking run and tomorrow will be day 14 with measurable rain and that's the longest stolen streak we've had including today, 13. jim, do you have a streak you can top with that? i think we can talk about one that broke. how about that? nates trying to snap. tonight a major piece of championship puzzle is sticking around. chelsea james with the washington post. steven strawsberg have reached a seven-year contract worth -- that's 175 million, it's expected tomorrow and the highest ever given to pitcher undergone tommy john surgery. we'll tell you about it on the
10:55 pm
mound, coming up at 11:00 there's a lot they don't look forward to. the caps in pittsburgh ahead of games six against the penguins tomorrow, it's do or die with the caps down three games to two, but what the capitols do have is brook back on the ice, he was suspended after this nasty hit on the penguins. he's been out since game two or big took responsibility. he he didn't say think he returned the penalty. or big won a sustainly cup for the penguins in 2009. >> great reception to the fans there. something you just got to block out. i think i'll be a little more -- just another game for me. sta stand. motion-wise, i don't think it will be any different than any other playoff game i played. >> he's going to g
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the forecast keeps up. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with the news at 11:00.
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this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00, dramatic new details about the suspect in last week's deadly shooting spree. the mistake that police say helped them take him down as
11:00 pm
hear from the wife of the victim. high levels of lead in the drinking water dc public schools. parents are demanding answers and tonight, dc leaders are answering questions in a fox 5 exclusive. problems at the prom. >> i always been like this. ever since i was little. >> why this teen says it's unfair that she was kicked out. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with new details about the maryland man suspected of killing three people in a shooting spree. thanks for staying with us. i'm sean yancy. >> tony perkins. 62-year-old eulalio tordil made his court appearance today. a judge ordered him held without bond. >> he's suspected of killing his wife gladys we learned she a protection from abuse order against him. tordil used a gun in the spree that he was previously ordered to surrender. >> the next morning, tordil shot three people outside it's


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