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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  WTTG  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> enough is enough metro fashion complete shut down if safety does not improve. what the frat transit agency is saying metro do to make emergency repairs. >> before we get to the news a live look outside it's wednesday morning may 11. we'll have weather and traffic for you coupling up on the fives at 6:05. >> good wednesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get right to breaking news. annie yu this morning district heights scene of homicide a few hours ago. >> good morning to you steve and allison. it happened 4:30 when prince george county police got the 911 call for a the shoeing. so far we know one person is dead if you look behind yes mere they have aztec drive and gateway boulevard closed off to residents and they cannot come and go at this hour. residents waking up to unsettling news most of the activity is going on there now
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streets. they closed off aztec and gateway. there's reports there could be additional victims. police were not able to confirm that us to yet. no word on eye suspect. built we pulled up here and the public information officer is on scene he tells us he pride an update in a few minute and hopefully we can get the latest and bring it to you in a momen moment. that's the latest back to you in the studio. >> developing overnight police on the scene of a deadly sooting in southeast. a man shot in the 4,000 block of wheeler road around 10:1r5 last night later died at the hospital. crime scene there is across the street from the charter school and no indication right now the investigation will have impact on the school day today. this morning metro is in danger of getting shut down. >> federal transit administration seriously considering drastic information if they do not fix the ongoing
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safety issues. >> yesterday a general meeting was held with the managers. more of those details mel good morning. . >> good morning, yeah, what happened here thursday federal center was deemed a life safety event and the feds are now issuing their strongest warping yet and it means shorter trains and lower speetd as a way to address the power problem lemz. transportation secretary anthony fox called this video scary. exploding insulator spraying hot metal and ceramic parts on to the federal center platform moments after a train passed and infuriating was learning that metro control center refused maintenance to take tracks out of service until there was a second smoke problem later the same day. there's been dozens of power problems and smoke incidents in the last few months and secretary fox says metro yet to identify a root cause and says there's penalties of
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directives are not followed and told reporters we have the ability to withhold federal funds from metro and have ability to shut metro down and we're not afraid to use the authority we have. this is serious business one order and immediate safety stand down was fulfilled yesterday and metro general manager paul wheatfeld pulled managers into a unpress departmented meeting and they were put on notice safety is the number one 3r50eu orty and old way of doing things won't cut it anymore. . >> when he that conversation. reality they knew where they were coming from. i laid out specifically what i was expecting and if they can manage that level fine and if they cannot it's probably a good fight. >> wheatfeld told manage whaerz he called the alice role in years managing bwi airport. basically mean physical his daughter alice was not safe riding on some sort of
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service and he wanted to remind them they should think of their own family members when they're thinking whoever to put a rain in service. >> due in d.c. courtroom one of two suspect charmed in d.c. murder of an off duty secret service officer. charles sims is accused of kil killing arm you're baldwin southwest in december and motive believed to be robbery and last month police announced arrest of sims and bell any charmed in the murder of 15-year-old shot to death on metro platform in march. >> to prince a mash of attack officer gentleman okay cole sop was killed when he arrived on the scene to help. he was hit b
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ford brother koz face life in prison. >> well the caps season over after a heartbreaking loss in pittsburgh last night. washington came back from a three-goal deficit and forced over time and weng wins ended it with game winner six minutes into over time. they're prepared to play the tampa bay lightning this is later. . >> that is heartbreak. >> that's how they do it. >> heartbreak. >> all right. >> i say something i had not seen. >> the sun. >> did you see it. >> i must have missed it? >> it was only through part of the area. >> it made appearances offer the weekend. >> yeah quick appearance. >> yes. >> on sunday right sunday was beautiful we have not seen much sun since then. where are we looking today her here. >> whatever what difference does it make. that's that. >> let's dot forecast
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>> he's in rare form today. >> one of those days. >> 54 this morning. 54 washington. yes that is a cloud to left. good news lots of clouds across the area. how about more of the same today? . couple showers out there. we may actually see a little sun later this afternoon. here's the bright spot in today's forecast. not too much in the way of rain showers and we may for a time get fillederd sunshine later this afternoon. so it won't gorgeous but not rainy like the last up couple days. having said that we have huge showers in the forecast. >> we might have enough to get the streak going. >> i only had a tie at 2:00. into the that we want to extend that. >> let's look at erin como with traffic. >> good morning, 6:06 now and in addition to the stall we're dealing with gallows road causing da
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loop we have a crash by little river turnpike. watch for those slow downs. aside from that tag a look at metro. good news if you you take the green line. earlier train malfunction at branch avenue normal service there and no alerts for rest of five rail lines and metro bus also on time. we'll let he know if it change changes. 5 northbound stafford slow role between 6:30 and 6:10 and heavier traffic causes bigger delays and then once you get to the beltway from prince george county across the wilson bridge looking good to alexandria. let's live look outside we'll let you know when normal cop squeington picks up. mass pass avenue norm west starts to low a bit. we'll check in and see how maryland drive times are shaping up next, steve. >> as you get ready to head out on the morning
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on the morning commute ask yourself this? who are you sharing the roadway with? a truck inspection said one in four trucks had enough violations to be taken off the road. maryland state police directed more than 400 trucks to being checked out 113 of them were taken out of service. some for tire violations one was more than 24,000 pounds overweight. that's 12 tons. all violations had to be fixed before the trucks could go back out on the . >> deadly ram payment endsed in a mall. not far from boston details next. >> first american to take home a gold metal in orlando is most decorated in invick item games. we're back in 30 seconds
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>> witnesses say he assaulted several people inside a store where he stabbed more people killing 56-year-old man. the us is spepingt was shot and killed by off duty sheriff. no word on motive for
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police found no evidence of connection to terrorism. >> in race for white house donald trump now has 7% of delegates he needs to win republican nomination with no major rifleales left in the race he picked up victorys in west virginia and nebraska. he narrowed his list of vp candidates down to five or six people and will make announcement at the convention. >> on the democratic side now bernie sanders victorious in west virginia moving on to oregonhere thousand as tended a rally in salem last night. the vernon odom senator has won 19 state compared to 23 for hillary clinton and still needs to claim 66% of the remaining delegates to win the party nomination. secretary clinton needs 144 more delegates. still senator saners vowing to stay in race and fight for every last vote. >> navy s.e.a.l. candidate died in a pool training in basic in col
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james lovelace was pulled from a pool after treading water. the 21-year-old lost consciousness and later died. seal officials are conducting a investigation. last year two died in virginia beach. >> video to queen elisabeth caught on camera describing chinese officials as very rude during a state visit last year. british officials so far have not commented on what the queen had to say. >> new this morning a man described as he mowing alley disturbed was detained outside taylor swift's home. a security guard spotted him and he was taken to the hospital for a mental investigation and the singer was not home at the time. >> former u.s. marine making her country proud this morning. sarah rut ser first american to take home the gold medal at the invictus games and in fact
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verz making her most decorated competitor so far this year rment she was injured during 911 attack of pentagon and now weerz a prosthetic leg. still ahead a new major between two boxers called off we'll tell you what happened. >> as we head to break webs morning "weather and traffic on the 5s" coming up next.
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>> back now at 6:14. this is our stop tore jury. breaking news out of prince george county where a man was killed early this morning an halix street district heights. emergency vehicles on the scene right now. no word exactly how he died and that call came in a short time ago 4:30 this morning and still very active scene more from annie yu she is there in a minute. coming up on 6
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weather and traffic on the fiv fives. >> steve, guess what i have an easy job i'm not changing my map these days with weather patterns doing the same thing over and over again. there's bus stop foreca in the 50s to start the morning and after school today generally cloudy skies. you know we may get sunshine later today. just a few showers. today less numerous with the way showers are the last couple days and of course rain showers move through overnight. let's show you that on radar. 54 in washington and 53 annapolis and 54 leonardtown and to the north and west everybody in low to mid 50s. and 54 dulles and winchester 54 as well. there's stromtracker radar and there's leftover shower even thunderstorm or two. and we're getting bit of break. even trying to get clearing out to the west. i think we may work a little bit of sunshine into today's forecast. overall pattern is still the same. we're not changeing a whole lot the way the pattern is. the that
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forecast later this afternoon and at least today won't be terribly wet it will be more cloudy than wet. stationary front is further south today with high pressure given the northeast flow that will help dry things out a little bit not a dry day but at least not as wet the past couple days. few showers expected this afternoon. you can see that reflected in future cast. there we are 11:00 with shower activity and this afternoon widely scattered showers. and i think we're generally in good shape for plans late this afternoon. beautiful. tomorrow, sorry. more of the same we'll remain cloudy with showers in the forecast. do it again friday. better chance thunderstorms friday with cold front few showers saturday average and look at that two days in a row, sunday, monday, featuring sunshine and chance to dry out after all the soggy weather. >> we're almost
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roads this morning. >> jamming up nothing crazy few areas need to be aware before you hit the road. you see that delay. upper loop crash taking out left lane beyond this point at braddock. crash by little river turnpike. give yourself extra time to get it annandale this morning and you can see agree, gloomy skies let take a look at maps. delays in ken ill worth on 295 southbound if you were jammed you can see the red zone eastern teev east capital street and police letting you know there's a disabled car reported 295 capital blocked for delays adding to typical morning congestion we'll keep an" on that one. 95 southbound norm of beltway looking good 200 to beltway and we're seeing typical delays on southbound side of 270 and same story inbound 20
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worth jam packed with a lot of kavk. and then take a look at 395 beltway to seminary slow zone as well and jammed across the 4 street bridge and volume coming in across the key as well. normal service resumed on green line early any question questions@airport "fox5" this c. or twitter. >> let's stay on the travel team how about san fan sit co>> the city to city system would run on electricity transporting passengers and cargo in pods through a low pressureub
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faster than most xhaer shall aircrafts. could be the future. >> okay. happening today officials from districts, virginia and par mar will meet to discuss homelessness. council of governments is releasing annual counts of the current homeless population which is on the rise sad any dmv and back in january officials koumented more than 12,000 homeless individuals in the area with a five% increase from last year. >> 6:19 now and coming up another corporate merger blocked by the feds. we'll fill you in. >> new idea to shorter long airport security lines and government is getting involved. what two senators want airlines to stop doing to make those lines shorter. we'll head to fox business network in new york after the break.
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> 6:21 now a check on business news. new proposal
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security lines wouldn't that be nice. first we'll check the markets and that's not bad either, lauren simonetti. how are you doing? >> it's been phenomenal market across the board was up one and a third percent and don't go away. it's the new saying on wall street not to jinx it we're not even halfway through the month. broader market things are not going well and the reason there two fold. number one oil prices are down. that affects equities and disney down in a big way. their numbers for quarter disappointed wall street for the first time in 5 years. >> hm. >> that surprise mez a little with all the news they've been micing. >> utopia "star wars". >> box office no problem. unprecedented suck he cec. a theme parks and b more important here espn sport network add wrev
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down lot of people cutting cor cord. >> you'll lutely right. >> we'll see if anything comes out of that out of the whitehouse. >> the latest where we get all our office equipment good after we talked about the baker hughes deal called off last week we have another deal tixded by the government. justice department basically saying its staples and office depot come together in 6 billion merger and less competition and business customers and staplers and pencil and paper klimz for workers they will pay higher prices. staples and office depot agre agreeing to call over the merger. the reason they want to tie up in the first place is they're suffering because of amazon and walmart and more competition. in office supply space. yet the government says this deal is not good for consumers. it's a little sticky there
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you're rights it may drive more people to online where the overhead is honestly not as much for the companies to sell stuff. let's get toe airport news anybody waited in long security line may there be help coming from congress of all places. >> #i hate to wait and now two democratic to a dot ep u.s. airlines saying we know how we'll get these crazy belong airport security down you stop charge for baggage fees you're causing so much to check their bags they're carrying everything online making lines move slower and then they give a number baggage fees mean 27% more carry on bags. one of the reasons the lines are so long. i don't know can you see the airline saying no problem senators baggage is going away. >> look how much they're makin
6:25 am
making. once you make that money why would you say no to it. i will say this lauren i did the tsa precheck recently and glorious. >> and. >> glorious. walked right through. it was amazing. you feel like you're jumping the line. . >> and that's the heart of the whole matter they cut back on security agency because when the precheck line started they thought everybody would sign up and very few people did they had fewerations to deal with the lines. it's a big problem. >> until everybody signs up for those who do you get your savrl a bargain now and save a lot of time. speaking of time. that's you'll for today lauren we'll talk to you tomorrow morning. >> see you. >> bye-bye. >> 6:25. . >> that will never happen. >> they're not going to give back. >> i wish they would. >> it used to be sox fun. late 90s they started all the fees. >> remember the 0s when you sat
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paevt back there all the time. >> no bag check. >> age may have been 18 back there. >> drinking age was 18:. >> for me maybe so too. >> showing our age. >> what's going on tuck. >> forecast because the weather is worth the same. cloud out there. maybe a shower today. >> can we keep the sfreek aliv alive. >> yes we have one, one hundredths of an inch. >> 14 days. >> 14 days measurable rain. >> today would be 15. >> today will be a close call few showers but not terribly numerous. 67 the daytime high and maybe little sunshine here and here time to time. no real changes in overall pattern. you have rain, thursday, frida friday, few showers saturday. >> okay. >> sunday looks great. >> it does. >> yes. >> all righty, i
6:27 am
to it. >> what's going on the sportsfever television network road. >> right now southbound dealing with disabled car. on the southbound side jammed past 50 solid right past that point and give yourself extra time. 50 inbound as you make your way to 295 jammed as well typical delays there. new york avenue slow by maidensburg and in addition to that nine eastbound keep in mind if you head out in hamilton traffic light malfunction highway 7:04 treat that intersection if you were to use more traffic in a few. >> we got caught up talking about the nationals. >> after a break update on that overnight and everybody is a little sleepily and no one this morning.
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>> back 6:30 trouble opt roads we're showing you backups at 2 295 southbound eastern avenue it's a stall by east capital street. big delays there taking caring of your commutes if your commute takes you in that area. welcome back to "fox 5 news morning" we will have weather and traffic with tucker and erin on the fives at 6:35. first update on prince george county and a man killed hours ago
6:31 am
heights this say live picture from the scene you see it's active. no words yet on sdaktly how he lost his life. police got the call around 4:30 this morning and as you can see an active scene. >> and developing in the district d.c. police investigating a deadly shooting in southeast. this happened around 10:15 last night and a map was shot in the 4,000 block of wheeler road and later died at the hospital. no word yet on suspects nor a motive. >> this morning the federal transit administration is threatening to shut metro down. that's if the agency does not fix ongoing safety issues and transportation secretary anthony fox says issues are serious business and that the fa could withhold federal funds for metro if things don't get better. >> let check in with the sports junkyes 106.7 fm the fan i was
6:32 am
night. >> we're with you. >> i know. >> what happened in your eyes? >> we lost to the better team, steve, for me it came down to we had a caller break it down perfectly and even strength. pittsburgh was better. the caps could score with the manor two man advantage and even strength most of the hockey is played pittsburgh is better and better in reg plan season and beat them three out of five and better in the siris beat them four out of six. they were 7-4 against the caps mostly because even strength they were better. >> they gave up two power play goals you saw the penalty there which was four minute penalty they ended up giving two goals and they had 3-0 depth they came book and she's relentlessness penguin he's in over time was too much. they had miraculous save. well, hey, maybe it's not the same ol
6:33 am
maybe it's different outcome they get bounced in second round of playoffs. >> penguins are relentless and capitals have the opportunity. they could have stom the game with all the penalties and five on three opportunities they had in the third period of time. they could not close them out and when it went into over time caps fans felt like thats with our chance unfortunately penguins dominated over time and it was matt her of time before they got it in. throw the president's prove he out an i would much rather be the team cresting at the right time and peaking coming into the playoffs and i don't care about metropolitan division banners to get hung in verizon center. don't hang the banner. >> capitals need to find a way to pass by the spot in the play wrovs and they have not found a way to do it and hopefully within the next two years they do. >> you need to tell steve who you found and who you realize
6:34 am
crystalized last night and capitals are no longer owned by ted lionzas. >> they're opened by pittsburgh penguins and it hurts me alive long capital fan top say that i lived through nine playoff series between these two teams and my team has come out on the winning end once. >> one time. you mentioned stay by -- people i thought when that happened that would be save of the season. just to knock a puck out of the area like that is unbelievable under pressure goes to another level. i think jay beagle tjosce and charles son had a heck of a ru run. if you keep those guys plague at that level maybe that helps for the next season. >> well they certainly have a really good team but coach talks fw it after the game they were not as geep and talented
6:35 am
ultimately that's what shows up and up fortunately they come out on the wrong end of it again. sadly ovemvp never made it to secretary out. >> now we're looking at this in broader terms is than the looingt you year. ge got a dunkin donuts. >> quick before we let you go you had the natss hat on. which major sports d.c. team do you see whiping a title this would be the year we finally broke through. you have to put hope into the nats. they've had a great start. sure they had a touch of the cubs but tlair the best hope. >> hard to say since 2000 they had zero, zero cham peepship games. >>
6:36 am
conference finals. >> 21. >> we don't even make it to the final four. >> laive beensh -- welcome to loserville population not sure. don't know. >> drink a lot of coffee this morning guys and i'm sure all callers will keep you awake for sure. we'll talk to you later. 106.7 fm the fan. >> you tried you had your sourcery and witchcraft and everything else. >> why are you leap ago way from me. >> i'm looking at you. >> i wanted to make sure you deposit think i was part of the curse. >> that curse is alive and wel well. >> that's what they do they don't go out and lose. they go out and lose in excruciating fashion. >> i think it was close. >> sad d.c. out of all the
6:37 am
appearances. 1988 was the last time they got baingt the second round. >> we sound like weiners and cry babies now they did a good job get them next year this is what makes it interesting. >> the people up to midnight. >> you have no sleep that's the problem. talk us to tomorrow. >> you rally back from three points and then come on. >> if you're not upset when you're i'm. >> i agree with that. >> what . >> wow like to continue. >> i love the junky. >> 54 washington. >> take the camera off us we're done. >> we'll be in the mid 50s. more of a shower and the same. mid 60s. keep umbrella handy you. >> want dramatic player. >> i'm saying you guys it's not -- we sound like cry baby this morning. >> i
6:38 am
news look at big delays right now traffic is at a coul by eastern avenue and these delays extend eastern part beping 'roid all the way down to east capital where we had a stalled vehicle taking out the right lane watch for slow doupz you're we're also jammed 50 inbound as we switch things over for a look at maps we're extremely throw other places and little river turn week eyre back up from mall owe is owed. if you pass the ving field ipt change keep keep you updated back to you. >> the oral'sest elingd cat. >> the
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. sdwlv we're back with what is trending on the web this wednesday morning. what you're looking up. first up rocker gene simmons taking heat fo
6:42 am
made about prince death. he was telling prince death was pathetic and bowie was tragic. saying his drugs killed himen the attorney says he does not par lays. >> the torts verse of hamilton. if you want a shot at scoring tickets you need to buy seasontic tote kennedy center for both 2016 and 2017 seasons. i tried to research it. i'm not sure how much that will cost you. for tickets to hamilton. no word yet on when hamilton will number d.c.. remember it's the touring version. finally meet scooter he's world's oldest cat just turned 30 years old this past march. his owner attribute his longevity
6:43 am
his favorite snacks he likes chicken. who doesn't. >> amazing three years old. >> 30 and counting. >> kevin mccarthy scott ago long now more coming up. if you have a news tip share it with us 202-895-3000 or drop email at@"fox5"
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♪ . >> it's 6:46 now wednesday morning and the week is -- it might look like monday, tuesday last week but it's a different day and new day. tucker will be along now. >> got the nats came of. thereafter they're making the pretty. >> it's three fingers up. first 25,000 fans get yourself a bryce harper bobblehead. >> tonight is a fun game zimmerman
6:47 am
--. >> max used to pip for fiingers and namey used to pin for nationals. . >> all right. meanwhile cloud cover and schools conditions to start the day. 60s in the afternoon. 54 washington and 53 annapolis and north and west little bit 50s out there. and generally speaking the overall pattern remains the same with cloud cover. a few showers today. here's up side of today's forecast. i think there may ab i few glimpses of sunshine or fillederd sunshine time to time and less in the way of shower activity. we're now at 1 days in a row up fresh rabl rain in record fox add another day to it. chances of rain showers are lower than the last couple day days. few scattered showers this afternoon. there's the big egg look. we'll stay in the cloud cover, today, tomorrow and cold front.
6:48 am
kick chick that will arrive on by dr.. that may kickoff thunderstorms and pattern squiling change-up a little by this weekend. sunshine around here to start saturday. and sunday looks great. i think one week between beautiful days. mother's day and the form sunday. >> high pressure north pushes front a little further south today and showers outside there and quick look at our future cast showing you showers late morning and then they're left numerous this afternoon. i think i'll have a different apier on tomorrow but hope fully weather will be the same. >> earlier traffic said. >> there it is. >> there's the day i want to talk about saturday and surprised. saturday looks great and sunday showers in the afternoon. i think much of the day will be dry. weeken
6:49 am
>> oh, yeah? ♪ . >> coye do the perkin. >> ut, oh. >> this is sunshine warnl a preview what we can expect surprised. i'm not dancing you don't want to see that in the morning. but good music for you to start the day. you're all jammed outer loop as you make your way 95 to georgi georgia. 270 jam as well. let look at maps. 395 up bound through alexandria slow moving traffic he earlier saturday, through 66. here's eye look at 295 south. there's a disabled vehicle blocking right lane of east capital street and delays pretty heavy back to 50. 50 inbound jammed and new york avenue by bladeensburg slow
6:50 am
nine eastbound dealing with traffic lights and ml function highway 7:04 and hughesville near old leonardtown road there's a cross on leonardtown road. typical slow downs 3015 in brandywine as you pass 301 upper marboro pennsylvania avenue inbound slow to beltway and work on dance moves let's replay that music back to you. >> eastern in today's health watch a possible new defense guess the theca eye russ. evils have stabbed into a subto upen of last week 400 americans have come down with the virus while traveling. >> 1 in 17 suffer from asthma and many have chronic respiratory disease and don't realize. according to national survey from jewish held most miss signs
6:51 am
chest pains and persistent cough. 1 in 200 adults announced every year. >> a money making business for a 14-year-old from alabama taylor rosenthal came one an idea for first aid vending machine. if someone scrapes knee at theme park all they have to do is get band-aid from a machine instead of all over the park. they send. >> he can get the business started and see how he goes. >> no, lay taylor lo you know what, maybe he's doing it right. that knee with you. >> that's ahead of us already. >> so it kevin mccarthy that's where our kevin is gearing up for the big interview.
6:52 am
kev, where are you it looks gorgeous. >> it morning to you can you see and hear me okay. >> water behind you too it's beautiful. >> beautiful the film festival kicking off today guys the biggest stars in the world will be here. this is pala theelter this morning i believe we have a picture of that. that's the famous movie theater here in -- the biggest stars george clooney and julia roberts will be here for their film. woody callen dave a society kicking off the festival tonight and stew quart and huge cast members walking the car tut tonight and i'm here specifically for major inviews with a little guy named dus i'll be sitting down for that film as well. this festival is so famous growing up i remember looking at pulp fiction dvd cover and on the dvd cover it said pulp fiction won the palm door.
6:53 am
1994 when i saw the movie now looking back that's the golden palm the main thing that hold them together and that film is 194 this is surreal as a fan to be at this festival. all the was of all that won the people layery award. nice guys and a lot of those continue in and out of competition. everyone will be here for the major festival. be here it's surreal. steve, you can guess what i'm going do at mcdonald's today. you know what i'm going to do right? >> you'll get mc nuggets and frostee. >> don't tease him king. >> royal with cheese. >> that's 100% -- pulp in addition the joke about france and how they used metric system quarter pounder with cheese is called the royal with cheese
6:54 am
i'm going to have 'roy awe with cheese. i don't care about the fancy freshch food. >> live mention it so we all can hear it happen in. allison i know you're a big fap of the rock. i was weary on this story until the saw the rock's message. we know jamanji reboot has been in the works. fans want to know how this version will carry on without robin williams. twain the rock john sin reassured the reboot will pay tribute to williams and posted to instagram taking you have my word we will can ill be forever immortgageized in the mind of jananji. his family will be proud. the rock revealed casting announcements this them. week and cold news there. guys in 207 minutes here i'll be leaving and going to
6:55 am
tuesday tin and i'll have that interview "fox5" friday morning and i'll be back hopefully in the 7 and this endeavor knitly in the ten with more from can this morning. >> i know it will be tough. >> this is so cool. this is surreal. this is like look at this place. this is the ultimate film fan's dream. it's so cool. >> every morning it's christmas morning thanks keffer kelce you in ability. hello to the face back fan of the day. kia bow when and great-grandmother celebrating birthday number 8 today. >> beautiful. >> happy birthday mrs. whoaen. she says they watch "fox5" every day. and love all the generations getting together. hope you had a fantastic day today and tuck will keep the rain there as well. . >> maybe sunshine today. quickly get to the forecas
6:56 am
degrees. sun up around 6 a.m.. >> yeah. >> getting early. >> no rain out there at the moment. showers and thunderstorms last night. and you can see where it's a clean system this morning. might see a peak for a quick period of sunshine later today and i think the showers will be less numerous than yesterday. so just a few scattered showers this average. and 67 die time high. general overall pattern remains intact, thursday, friday, into our weekend. sunday looks great. . >> it did look nice. and next weekend we'll be back. >> thank you, tuck. >> i'm not being greedy, erin como good morning. >> 6:56. crash alert for you charles countsy highway 228 westbound 301 and waldorch 301 northbound at 5 caution there. five brandywine northbound side dealing with crash as well. use caution as you make your way 2
6:57 am
vehicle taking outright lane out by east capital street and delays heavy all the way past 50 so again fromed in the beltway you'll hit those slow downs
6:58 am
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:00 am
>> breaking news a few hours ago. and several shot and one person died live at the field this developing scene. >> and plus, imagine the feds, federal government shutting down metro. but that could happen if safety does not impriv on the line. harsh warning from federal officials and how metro is responding. >> and caps season came up short and end another year with disappointing loss and more on the playoff exit at this the hour. >> and i mean sizzling lot the hottest show on broadway coming to washington. so how can you get tickets to hamilton at the kimmel center not as easy as you might think. good morning to you wednesday may 11, 20 and still unfoldign in district heights where a man died


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