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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00 the feds ordered emergency repairs for three critical locations within the metro rail system. how will it impact your commute and we're finally getting a breakdown of what an insulator actually z. >> and with lead levels at more than 600 times the acceptable level at their children's schools, tonight, d.c. parents are policing for a solution. >> and plus, d.c. police chief is addressing rising crime concerns across the city. >> we've made a lot of progres progress. >> "fox5 local news at 10" starts right now. . >> thanks for joining us on the at 10 i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> more trouble for metro rail. just after 7:00 this evening firefighters were called to investigate smoking brakes on a train pulling into the rockville metro station. and they did not find a fire. but during the evening commute a smoke issue was reported at the stadium armory station and experi
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here and trains were forced to single track in that area. . >> and what all this will mean for your commute. tisha. >> well, shawn, and tony, the short answer it will take time to fix all of these problems and get the commute here and everywhere and back to normal. metro is no doubt in dire need of some tlc and we spoke with an engineer and he blames lack of maintenance and says aging is to blame. but we asked him the question that many of you all have including myself what's insulator? >> if you have one electric conductor electricity conducting metal and another one on the other side, if you don't want any current to go between this one and the other one you put insulator in between. >> electrical engineering guy are you samuel myco says sometimes they can be faulty. >> over time aging is a problem and sometimes they get ox diesed
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deposition on top of them may create arching. >> he leads the university of district of columbia electrical engineering department where senior student project could include submitting recommendations to metro on how to fix the mounting problems. laku says issue here aging system that was neglected so long it will take a lot to get it back on track. >> the worst thing here i think is systemic problems that need to be fixed at some point. and i think we would have to find a way to schedule some way of looking at every part of the lines. >> he says that would require a shut down lasting much longer than one day. on tuesday, transportation secretary anthony fox threatened to shut down metro if it did not follow federal transportation authority directive. >> myself and the board have no president esh vacation about shutting down the system if it's not safe. we're not sending trains out there and puttingeo
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danger. >> and you can see on my left there is a bus often standby. we're going to be a seeing a lot more of these buses if there is in fact a shirt down and that will be the main way people get around ft. train and rail system shuts down. now, last year students at u d.c. submitted recommendations on how to fix the metro escalator problem and we're told some of those suggestions and solutions were used even though the problem here is more of a maintenance issue. tisha lewis, "fox5" d.c.. >> here's a look at the places trackry pairs are need topped metro red line between medical september airport van necessary station and orange and silver lines boston mu toest falls church and potomac avenue station to d & g junction on the blue, orange and silver lines. >> we expect to hear from metro safety chief for the first time tomorrow. patrick lavib will -- he started work monday and is expected to speak at metro board
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we'll have the latest developments "fox5" and on our web site at >> new tonight at 10 residents and business owners in logan circle gathered tonight to have voices heard they a2e7d aid community meeting to discuss university to combat crime in the area. marina morocco attended tonigh tonight's meeting and she joins us live with more, marina. >> tony, there were definitely a lot of questions and questions circled baca round to last year's homicide spike and we know summer is around the corner and how things stand right now the homicide count is already greater that it was at the same time last year in the district and now tonight d.c. police chief kathy linear met with the residents to address the current state of crime if you will here in the district. and so far, the chief says 75% of homicide case this year have been closed with an arrest and added more than half the homicides that happened in 2016 have occurred on the other side of
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>> we made a lot of progress and are looking good going into the summer this is beginning of where we stapt to see spikdz in last year. right now we're in good shape and want to keep it that way. the most important thing has been robberies. we started beginning of year 30 or 40% we dropped to around 9%. we're going in the right direction. the task force is objective and we can't let the pressure off. >> are you worried coming into the summer this year seeing how the trend is picking up even if slightly now. >> no, actually i'm very comfortable. robbery trend it going in the direction we aunt to go and that is the single biggest crime. >> chief asked about the current state of affairs for metro and safety as well as the -- and she says "it may not be politically correct to say this they have good police but not
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the district, d.c. rank and file according to chief lip ear she said if that number went below 3800 she would have to worry and according to d.c. police union that number currently is 300 below. marina morocco. "fox5 local news". >> the man accused of stabbing and killing kevin sirming land at the metro station has been indicted by a grand jury and 19-year-old jasper spirz was indicted on first degree murde murder, assault and armed robbery charges and incident dates back to july 4 when spirz attempted to rob southerly land on the metro. spirz said to be arraigned friday and spaces maximum sentence of life in prison. two member are in jail tonight charged with killing a transgender woman ot a montgomery county hotel. a breea and christopher raina are charged with murder and they are accused of stabbing a man at the red roof in rockville
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flake any identified her saevrl as transgender woman named kiana. they had been representing rooms at that hotel for prostitution. >> we've been investigating this very aggressively since april 16 and reaching out to the public for help. this say great store wrist community working with us to give us information that allowed us to zero in on the suspect and make an arrest. >> and she is 17 and been charmed as an adult. both men are awaiting extradition from d.c. to montgomery county. >> family and friends said good-bye to one of the people killed until the deadly shopping center shooting spree visitation was held in gaithersburg today for malcolm wynnefield feld. he was gunned down by federal protective services employee friday while helping a woman carjacked at the montgomery mall. he was remembered for his brav bravery. >> he was a frankster and jokester
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happy and he always helped everyone i think he was happy to see how much people loved them. >> the gunman is eulalio tordil and he killed another person besides his wife and his estranged wife gladys was the first victim. they are working with the family in philippines to transport her body back to her homeland for burial. it will cost $8-10,000 and tonight they set up donation account on their web site and are asking for the public's help to raisep money. >> still ahead tonight concerned parents are pressing d.c. public schools for answers and water at one school was found to have 600 times the acceptable level of lead and tonight parents ask for answers and were they left more questions. >> can a new grading system in montgomery county mean easy a's for student. how it works. sue. >> h
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>> hey, there tone yes, i shawn, are you starting to miss sunglasses? i don't think you'll need them necessarily tomorrow, too, but we've been talking about this streak of consecutive days with measurable rain. are we going to add to that tomorrow. i'll let you know what i think. we'll have a first look at bother forecast what "fox 5 news" at 10 comes right back.
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new topt d.c. parents are looking for answers and they are wanting to know why no one told them the water in their children's school tested 6 times higher than acceptable level for lead. >> they're in the process of testing all water sources in d. public schooled. they pressed school leaders for answers. sarah simmons has joined us no
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now. >> i think they got a few perhaps. parents who attend the elementary school are concernedch the school water source was found with lead level 600 times acceptable limitment they asked to meet with school and city officials tonight to discuss how they are revolving the problem. rite now the city is in midst of 30 day testing period for all 113 d.c. schools for lead levels and many parents wanted to know why not be safe rather than sorry and just install water filled areas cross the board. and right now, the department of general services installs filters if there's dangerous levels found. they say the focus is on testing at this time and parents also want better communication about test results and what's dobb address the problem and many wanted to know why not replace the pipes or water fountains and one parent felt he walked away with answers to his
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>> having filled ers in them is good preemtive measure as well as way to keep the lead out once discovered. and the number of water sources that we tested here at pain elementary school there's unlikely that there is a large scale contamination that is coming into the building. that was chief operator officer for d.c.p.s. he went on to say lead contamination is most likely happening at the point of exit from the water source. filtration is the best way to manage the process. the man who uncovered the recent flint water crisis in d.c. contamination several years ago believes the pluming in d.c. schools is a hazard noting it caused problems on at least three different occasions over the last 15 years and school district disputes that saying it's not a widespread problem and but expect the city council to take up the issue after this testing done, shawn. >> sarah, thank you. scary
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>> montgomery county public high schools are geting a brand new grading system and typeal exams will be eliminate eliminated starting fall 2016 semest area instead teachers will use a point scale tim calculated by averaging marking period. grades. many people say the new system could help students reach better grade point averages and some educatesers are concerned about the great inflation. they say students need experience similar to what they will deal with in college. >> time to take a live look outside ew i guess that is fog. and for the 15th straight day and i believe the sun has taken some kind of vacation. sue palka is here to tell bus that, hey, sue. >> people are highly revent full for this right, tony? we're forecasting hot summer and as soon as these clouds depart we'll get hot in a big hurry. when we start getting hot days remember these fondly. although you know what il
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days in a row of measurable rain here in reagan national dulles 16 and bwi marshall. will we make it 15, if the rain passes tomorrow to get us up to 16. right now i'm thinking we might not make it. i expect groundhog day cycle to continue because i think we'll have a lot of clouds. we'll probably have drizzle and there will be a few showers that develop late day. but i think this will not be one of wetter days we get through tomorrow. tonight, one system departing that area of low pressure that brought us a half inch of rain earlier today. there's showers out to the west han tend to be running more south and west. and i kind of think we'll see that again tomorrow. but the bulk of the day tomorrow i believe is going to just be cloudy and maybe a little bit of drizzle and tony i heard you give that big, fat, ew when we showed the fog. fog may also be a concern tomorrow morning maybe enough to slow us down in a few spots. there's a lot of moisture
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little bit of drizzle. visibility is not bad now. temperatures have not budged and we're stuck in basically upper 50s and i think that's where we'll be all night. but wanted to take you forward with what we think will be happening with fog already we're beginning to see es drop around the region not terrible. but fog is being aggressive in showing a very poor visibility tomorrow morning and this is pausingle:00 in the morning. we would get better but fog and not rain may be our concern going forward tomorrow. we'll burn it offer pretty quickly and at the bus stop that's what i want you to ket the kids ready for. fog and ovrp with fog a little bit of drizzle. that will be round. after school, we might get a glimpse of sunshine. little bit. i think it will be more clouds than sun tomorrow and range of 68 to 75 after school and maybe a few showers after dark tomorrow. but, hopefully we can stop this streak at 15 but i have to tell you we're not quite out of the woods yet but i see drier days and wa
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and we'll talk about that with the 7 day forecast later. shawn, tony. >> thanks sue, we'll keep umbrellas handy. >> now to "fox5" follow up do you remember the military veteran find and threatened with jail time for pateing an old wood bench. >> resolution for the man that was trying to improve his community. we'll explain why he's smile . >> and as we head to break tonight we want to know what you think about the story. it's causeing a stir on social media and discover magazine published an article that tells preteen girls how to physician a bathing suit based on size and curves. >> it recommended girls curvy should wear types that fit like a bra and while straight up and down figures can add curves with patterns the parents explained and magazine ceo apologized do you see a problem with this the. tweet us using #fox5dc
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>> sdk c. officials are working to prevent hate crimes for members of the lgbt community. tonight the mayor's office hosted inform time community meeting to arm transgendzer people with information to stay safe. dozens turned out for the event. public safety meeting included members ever the police force and metro transit police. >> when anyone us are target odor victims of hate crime it impact our abilities to live our lives. . >> and in 2014 police say there were 70 hate crimes reported in the district and 29 victims
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were targeted because of sexual orientation and additional 15 were targeted based on gepder identity. >> startling stat ekz now about d.c. homeless population annual survey by counsel of governments say d.c. seen 14% increase in homeless people in the last year and every other part of the region saw reductions and number of hom homeless familys in d.c. soared to more than 30% over last year and that's more than the you been number of homeless singal dults and city officials believe the june surprise due to city policy of providing year round access to shelter for families. >> still ahead, remember the northern virginia grandfather who was fined and threatened with jail time for painting a bench in his neighborhood? >> nearly one year later we're checking in to find out how it revolved. >> an hor honor for ocean city maryland. "usa today" ranked it amongst 20 best american board walks. >> it's called one of the most iconic bo
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coast and popular place toss spot everyone from psych tloyingts street performers. we'll be right back passion pass
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passion pass >> we're back with a look at tonight's top stories impacting you. >> another metro malfunction. tisha lewis is live in rock will with the latest. tisha. >> it sparked conversations of a major mets row shut down and this time ordered possibly by the feds. your directives from the federal transit administration ordering mets tro tackle urgent repairs to three critical locations before they start work on the massive maintenance program they announced just
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last week summer around the corner and as the temperatures start to rise so do the concerns about crime in the district. d.c. police chief kathy linear addressing residents at the local hotel and although the homicide rate is heighter this year than last year during the spike the chief says she feels comfortable going into the summer months. sarah. >> d.c. parents wants to know why snoun told them water in the children's school tested 6 600 times higher than acceptable lead. those questions about the high level of led and the focus now is testing and rest testing all the water sources in the school. d.c. ps expects the city council will address the issue after the 30 day testing period. shawn. >> prince george county police are looking for the gunman that shot two men district heights officers were walled here 4
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this morning and they find a driver whoa was found shot to death. police believe the shootings are connected and robbery was the moytive. >> to twisted hit-and-run investigation of prince william happy it happened overnight in woodbridge a woman got into a fight with ronald aewers and mic ol lamar. nicole stole her phone and took off with boyfriend on bicycles and there was a headley hit-and-run and the victim was nicole lamar. they arrested him at the scene and faces robbery charges. >> police in prince will yunl county arrested a teenager for imperson nateing a police officer. tyson rasher was arrest the light night at the potomac mills mall why woodbridge. the teenager walked up to mall computerty and identified hi himself as a prince william county police officer. >> he had a replica
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his person and set of handcuff and officerable items that makes a reasonable person believe he was hochd. >> rash ser held without bond and sketched to make court appearance next month. >> new tonight at 10 update to a story we first drought you last year. >> a would bridge virginia veteran that tried toy spraws up into his barment complex will have --. >> shawp, tony, mickey triplets a disabled vehicle ran and washington d.c. corrections officer paint aid picnic pench out the apartment and charged with disinstruction of of property and after maintenance water spotted giving the bench a fresh coat of white paint he reported him to managers in the appoint toe mack ridge police office and they called police and kept charges and even though
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lease he has no -- for the past several months with little money and failing health triplet and public defender has been fighting management. >> today in court tables were turned charges were dropped and made an appearance. >> it's an old picnic table i painted light i didn't paint with graffiti or anything like that. it was actually improved. the police officers said it they said in court and i give honor to honesty when you ask something and you tell the truth. if you asked my would do i it again i will always help someone that's in my nature. i would wants the same help extended to me even if it does get me in
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remains helping somebody that needs hen i'm willing to help. that's me. >> well along with having charges dropped he was lass warded a sum in return for pain alleging suffering cause frdz his eviction during the whole pros anden been declared he was maliciously sought after and should never have been charged in the first place. potomac ridge has yet to contact on the matter. tony, shawn, sending it back to you guys. >> thank you indicates lynn i'm glad this is resolved and i think it's terrible they put him out of the apartment. his granddaughter was coming for a visit and he wanted it to look nice for her and her community. shame on them. >> glad it's resolved this way. >> the prenatal supplement linked to increase risk for autism. >> plus kellog company is adding ingredient to popular snack foods some believe could trigger an alermic reaction in
10:34 pm
why parents should be concerned ahead at 10. >> all right. you may unfasten your seatbelt now because tush you lent relationship between flyers and airlines a new reporting finding satisfaction with u.s. airlines hitting 10 year high and jet blue and alaska airlines topping list this year and customer giving high marks for card, fees, inflight service, package handling anything else. >> it was more tush ulent day for people of staples and office depot after the government blocked merger plans over monopoly concerns. all three major indexes and dow taking back. >> and millennials going out a lot but not shelling out a lot. and while they sat around 26 grand
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>> that's business, i'm neal caputa?
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. >> elected officials and community leaders join hundreds of workers today and they have thousands of save my store petitions in landover maryland and workers are calling on the company to save hundreds of jobs now threatened by a recent corporate merger with swedish company. >> we av
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i mean we bust buts for you every day and continue as usual. time to take care of customers. please give us an answer you know? >> i'm certainly not going to comment and what i'll tell them since i get that i'll have that conversation. thank you very much. >> merger would affect workers of 8 giant location as cross the d.c. region and tonight's health watch also a giant the stores now pulling a specific wrapped of wall nets from shells due to potential wisteria contamination and grocery chain stops sales of wood stock, walnut hall ofs and pieces and the contaminated pieces have best by dates april 2017 and giant says it's not received any reports of any illnesses related to the wall nuts. >> speaking of food issues kellogs is unfair tonight for madding a new ingreedest to popular snacks without warning consumers. this month they began using peanut
10:40 pm
keebler and us stoyn it sparked allergy concerns. the woman behind the blog snack she is worried telling owes has not done a lot especially a safe, go-to item for children. >> putting a snack that was formerly safe that now contains something that can cause reactions like 350e nuts is akin to in high bermly putting a loaded gun in someone's lunch box. >> it believes it communicated ahead of time and it will be clear opt label and also decided to make sure austin grilled cheese sandwich crackers without peanut project now inging in september and that adds to confuse of figur figuring out which is of a and which is not. >> all right it's
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recommended by doctors for decades to help prevent birth defects. a new study says it may be possible to get too much folic acid. it shows high levels of aville min in mother's blood is linked to higher risk of autism. however some are questioning the research and they say findings preliminary numbers and based on a small number of families seen at only one hospital. >> coming up at 11:00 tonight new orders from the federal transit administration, what metro needs to do that could slow down your commute. also tonight ghost ship was found stranded on a beach. mist tier yaws details surrounding this oil tanker. >> and family claims their child's schools sparked a car fight. we'll tell you what happened and hear from the family and check out the damage tonight at 11.
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>> ain
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is worried about a problem his car. >> if the rain continues to fall the hole in his backyard is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. city officials said theres with a broken water drainage pike underneath the home and he claims since the drain was nut before he moved to this house he should not pay to fix it. >> i gut the grass back here. my legs a couple years ago went down up to my knee and you know thank god is i didn't go all the way in. but why force it back in. if they're back here for entertaining people can't come back here this is an eye sore. >> he says he received an estimate to fix the problem and it will cost 20,000. >> all right. let's find out what is happening with weather across the region. >> it's raining. sue palka is it going to stop any i'm soon
10:46 pm
my comment, low. >> that's right there's fog out there and we'll continue to see fog in the morning. >> fog horn leg horn has arrived in the studio, i'll do the weather [ laughter ]. >> we were stretching as best we could. >> aunt sue didn't start the computer up we were doing maps hi to run back and do that. >> we were smith. >> you're right to come in on the fog. that's the big weather story tomorrow morning and fog and maybe drizzle which is usually the close companion top areas of foingz. areas of fog could be on the thick side too. the only way we keep the street going we get measurable rain at reagan national. drizzle yet, ovrp that doesn't really stack up. so the bottom line is going forward stillry lot of clouds tomorrow and we will begin to see milder temperatures in the next few days and yes, some drier day are in sight. starting sunday we'l
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run of possibly three days that are dry. this month of may is different than last year's month of may which was very, very hot. this oneing cooler and wetter with 3" already in the first 11 of may and we'll probably still get a bit more lane. here's another headline we want to you have a heads up on. there's a strong are front coming through saturday night and some northern communities sunday morning could have a touch of frost here and. there we're all over the place during this month of may. >> wanted to show you spinning area one third to half ibch of rain earlier today still on eastern shore against delaware and slowly but surely moving along way and few more showers working their way from north down to south. but all of these we believe will bypass d.c. we'll still get drizzle out of the deal and as we can see the fog is beginning to grow. these were high temperatures today. i think we can do better than that tomorr
10:48 pm
have less rain and we may have a few peaks of sunshine. on ballas answer it will be more clouds than sun. 359 the temperature is stuck for hours and you might wanted to get told. weaver been surrounded by apartmenter temperatures even that hour 67, and raleigh 64 degrees and we have east wind all about the wind direction and coming in off the ocean this time of year. and it means it will be cloudy and cool. we keep that going tomorrow. listen, only a few showers tomorrow. not a particularly wet day. but still kind of sdamp feelin feeling. we change thingsp a little friday. notice warm front moving on through and that pops temperature to mid to upper 70s as a stronger cold front gets closer and that could men thunderstorms on friday afternoon. we'll watch for that that could have heavier rain with him. tomorrow morning, fog, driin driingle, lot of cloud cover, 35:00,ness there's a little rain now west. but here d.c. and watch where the showers
10:49 pm
i don't think we'll got a day 16 in streak. i'm glad you like that tony. >> some areas won't get wet that's not to say but not as wet as other days. >> friday morning starts ot dry. watch what happened in the average. by 3:00. thunderstorms. clearing western suburbs and raining hard eastern suburbs and if you have a ball game taking in own baseball friday night the boot ball orefield may be a little bit wet. it's been hard to get the games in. we snrs how frustrating this has been for everybody. with warmer day friday we dry things out before sure and storms come in and could be an average thunderstorm on saturday and here comes the dry stretch. surprised, monday, tuesday, i don't have any rain got forecast there it will be cooler on sunday and breezy but generally a nice day. and next chance of a shower we think after we get through add will be in next week. that's your devin day forecast jim to you for
10:50 pm
>> nats fans who went to the park tonight 1-1 gets, what they ended up witnessing history the guy that made it happen good it again hisfarmer team. matt faced detroit tigers rubber match of 3 game sit. >> this is -- here's kinsler and jamie martinez at bat. what happens wif. with 35,000 people on their feet this happens james mccann the pitch and swing and 20 strikeouts for sure and tonight he is high for major league strikeouts carry wood and rand joy johnson none of them walked a single batter to the game. >> it was about the eighth inning when i puncheded out somebody said i was 18 that's the first time i heard the number. i had a
10:51 pm
>> you had to go through serious hitters and jd and victor and all those guys over there they're unbelievable. they gave me a heck of a time tonight. >> all this excitement on bryce harper with suspended today by major league payable for south burst rejection and returning field for the win. there's a fine in there too and he's appealing it he'll continue to play greater on your own bobblehead night. 6. >> meantime up tonight over shadows this and caps fans will not forget the nail of nick bonino any time soon. and that means capitols begin the 22 team to won the president's trophy in 30 year existence and failed to win the stanley couple. only 8 teams done that. worst is sufficient a promising season to go long. >> if you don't go that far the window lows and if you have not gotten
10:52 pm
frustrating and the sense of more calories sets n and you don't know if are you ever -- i mean sgeingt into the playoffs is so darn hard you don't know if you will get to the playoffs next year. because you just don't know. . that say look at sports. we'll show you exactly matt scherzer what a historic night. it was bad day altogether. >> certainly does help. good stuff. >> still ahead a behind the scenes look at a recording station and i don't feel like anybody else. >> and the video we cannot stop but share. . >> and in the courtyard and cameras are rolling asthma ma duck led her babies to the river for the first time. don't they look like royalty.
10:53 pm
look at the school kids. >> fantastic. >> awe. >> it's like they're acknowledging people on either side. >> it's like hello like the royal parade through towns.
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>> if you watch tonight's epod
10:57 pm
loft shockers. tell me you didn't watch. we will not get spoilers tonight >> you tweeted and i read it. >> i didn't tweet anything. all right. what you saw tonight we can talk about was another original song. >> we're giving you behind the scenes look into the recording studio where actor and singer song hemmingway means to him. . >> don't date a writer you'll become a story line or lyric signature because you'll become a lyric
10:58 pm
a lyric >> we asked you about feedback caeting buzz on social immediate discovery girls magazine published an article that tells
10:59 pm
years how to choose a bathing suit that flatters their bodies. >> 8 to 12 years. >> parents were upset and magazine ceo apologized. here's what you're saying tonight. this first tweet here i don't see anything wrong with the magazine helping girls choose the physician swimsuit. >> carol anne says articles like that has been around for years it's adds vice for young girls to know what to look for to feel confident. >> and i believe the girls shouldn'ting targeted to focus on curves or body aside from being healthy not good. >> trish s writes i don't see anything wrong with the baimin baiminging suit add in magazine not like they satisfied wear this, if you want the boys to holler. >> i don't have boys but i am a woman when you put that in 8 to 12-year-old magazine it questionsable
11:00 pm
cosmopolitan geared to adults. >> if it's not overrulely sexizing things at all i think it's okay. >> thanks for feedback tonight we appreciate it. >> "fox5 local news at 11" starts now. dan cuella right now at 11:00 metro mess. more power problems and more emergency repairs and threat of shut down. what you need to know. >> then, crime fighting in the district. tonight, chief opens up. >> the most important thing is biggest issue is robbery. >> and did a child's shoes spark a car fire. >> i'm glad my son was not wearing it at the time. >> we'll take a look at damage done. your news starts rights now. >> and we begin tonight with metro's maintenance crisis and


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