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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

4:30 am feel a little gloomy g >> all right, problems on thes t roads already. alr >> yesterday we had a hugete pothole in the outer looprd byup ritchie marlboro. crews worked hard. they got it taken care of.f. all lanes reopened right now.htw >> okay. talking about those roads thisdi morning. >> let's talk about it.'s we've got t situation where some drivers have faced a bit of aita dangerous situation.ittion. >> that area is in prince george's county where the's c beltway goes over the ritchie tt marlboro that's where annie yu isu i joining us live from theom t scene. sc annie, how is it looking outow l there this morning?e th morni >> reporter: hey, guys, good gud morning to you. well, you can certainly seeinly some of the big chunks of concrete that fell from thishi overpass but around 9 o'clock 9c last night on the outer looper l as erin just mentioned thehe lanes were shut down becausebeus of the steel plates over a pothole that became dislodged somehow. crews worked overnight so all so lanes are opened this you just have to be careful as you navigate through butouut police did tell us that they thy got several reports of debrisebs falling from the overpass near the ritchie maror
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so you can kind of see itt spread out on the side there.he police aren't sure how this happened or if the pothole p caused this to happen but youpet can certainly see the large t l chunks that came out of the t overpass. no injuries were reported. repoe maryland police urging driversri to be careful as you driveve through this roadway here, you y can see all lanes are passablere and they're all opened so just s keep that in mind as you headouh out this morning.orni. back to you in the studio. >> 4:31 is the time.:3 from the roads to the rails, a new emergency order. lots of emergency orders for oer metro that could put the brakes on the new maintenance plan. >> the federal transiteder administration says metro mustut complete repairs before moving m ahead with tracks. fox5's melanie alnwick isck is live at the ballston metrotome station with how this couldld impact good morning, mel.ning, mel. >> reporter: good morning,ter: yes, we don't really have areale good idea yet in terms of the t time frame and whether this ish going to be done during offg off hours or regular revenue
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hours. here at ballston between herewer and east falls church on theon e orange silver lines this ises t one of the locations that the te fta has directed metro to take immediate action.ion. the red line between medicaled center and van ness we knows k there have been problems along o that line and also the orange blue silver. those are the other two that t t make up the three that they the say needed emergency action. from april 23rd to may tenth, just 18 days there have been bee 15 what the feds call safety events .ev nine of those with smoke and fire. work will include cleaning track beds fixing drainage and sealing cracks as well as replace parts of the third t rail and the traction system. metropolitan washington capitol and governmentsl an yesterday on the severity of t the problems. pro afterward he said he agreese age with dot secretary
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>> if secretary fox believesel that it is unsafe, i'm in i agreement with him. as you saw before, we have noo reservations about shuttinging down the system if it's not safe. we are not sending trains outra there and putting people ineopl danger so again if thehe secretary believes it's it' unsafe, we have communicationmui with him and are able toble t verify that, no problem. probl >> reporter: concerns over arcing insulators has now led to heightened awareness among passengers. viewers have been contacting bet us about times when they seen ty flashes like this one atone national airport. airport. it was a sparking that wasg th s normal. we talked to metro about it. they said that sort ofort sparking happens when onee train moves from one thirdne rail and the the third rail isai on the other side. when pass injuries see that itht makes them worry just a little bit more than they ever didn the before. we should tell that you todayy me
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officer pat lavin will meetee with the willia wmata board and hopefully we'll get a betteret idea for the time line for thehe safe track plan which we know wo is going to be pushed back a bit because of this new safety direct. >> reporter: live in ballston, melanie alnwick, fox5 n >> family and friends sayy anied goodbye to one of the people pee killed in the deadly shopping sp center shooting spree. wynnefield was trying to helpo l a woman that police say was also shot by tordil.ordil. >> the family of the first victim that of shooting spree is having difficulty sending sen gladys tordil's body back to the philippines. set up a donation account onatio eieir web site. they're asking for your helpaskp to raise the nearly $10,000 that they need. nee >> mets fans who went to thefans pa l
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history. >> nats ace max scherzer didace it against his former teammates the detroit tigers. scherzer made sure they struggle all night long.on struck out 20 batters. scherzer joins the likes of roger clemens terry woods and randy johnson. we knew this was bryce harper suspended onend game and fined for that outburst. and returning to the field after he was ejected.ject >> cooler heads need toee prevail gary mcgrady. mcg >> i know, i know. know. that's true. listen, i'm getting a lot of lo response on social media about the awful weather so i'mso i feeling your pain.eling i'm with you in this, too.oo here's where we are this w are morning. something we're dealing with're that we haven't realologicalealo to deal with the last couple cou mornings. visibilities are reduced in a a lot of places. you got twreo and a half milef m visibility here in the city.tyen i know that's kind of mergingf m with what the visibility fory annapolis is
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miles so watch out for.ut f that low clouds and drizzle out there this morning.ere temperature right now isther coming iatn at 58 degrees.8 deee lots of 50 out there.he which he is to 60 forto 60 or fredericksburg. little shower down to thewer south.sout that's moving on through andough there is a chance that wee tt we could have some showers today, d maybe late afternoon evening thunderstorm, too. t winds will be out of thewi southeast at fivlle to seven.ev look how much warmer today.r little bit of sun erin. eri we're make it up into the int 70's.70 we're trying, we're trying., e t house traffic out there?he >> does sound nice. 4:36 breaking news out ofout northwest. live look -- look at that huge u tree down. this is across 41st street northwest at military road northwest. traffic on military road not rd affected but 41st is not is n passable right now. right n keep it to 42nd to get aroundrod that. huge clean up.huge got to get crews out there. the i'll let you know as soon as things get pack to normal there. we'll show you where that is.s. it's south of chevy chase soo keep to it 42nd. 4d. in virginia things lookingthingo
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same with your marylandarand commute. we'll keep you updated. ued metro gearing up for servicearin at 5:00. back to you wisdom. wdom. >> thank you very much erin. coming up a former officerr accused of shooting a man ing am the back is facing civiling c rights charges. charg >> beware of what you eat. e cheese crackers in your house h might contain a potentially deadly allergen.gen. >> tracking other big stories ss trending this morninghis morning including a presidentialin candidate coming out in in support of d.c. state >> and as we head to breakwe h this morning a live lookok outside across the dmv. d time right now 4:37.:3 back right after this. t >> ♪ >> ♪ z1zqjz
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>> ♪ >> fox news morning following a troubling story froms detroit. a five-year-old girl shot and killed herself with a gun sheou found under her grandmother'sndr pillow. she was playing with the gunayin while her grandmother wasther w downstairs cooking. so far no charges have beene bee filed. at least 88 children acrossre the can countrn y have accidentally shot themselves ths or others this year. >> colorado springs planned pla parenthood shooting suspect is mentally unfit to stale trial.t. robert deer admitted to theeer d shooting last november.ast at the time he said he wanted se to save the lives of unborn u babies. two state appointed doctors doc say deer suffers from mental men delusions. >> a former south carolinar so police officer accused of o killing an unaffrmed black manlm is facing
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charges.charge michael slater is accused off killing michael playinger's trial is get to t begin at the end of october. >> ♪ >> time now is 4:41.e nois 4 let's go ahead and take a lookea at the other stories you're talking about this morning using our realtime newsg tracker.ou first up a growing number of millennials say they wouldni consider compensating the descendants of slaves. s new poll finds 68 percent of f inamericans do any other thinkoe reparations should be paid. pai however 40 percent of millennials say they do.en experts say the difference lies inni the increasingin diversity of millennials.leials support for d.c. state d. hood from democratic presidential frontrunneren hillary clinton.hiy cl in an op-ed for the washingtonhg informer, clinton says the, clhe nation's capitol is "denied ade voice in its own democracy."ocra her statement comes just weekstw before d.c.'s and finally a debate over workplace dress code gone
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a london receptionist says sheay was sent home for wearing flatnf shoes and told she needed at least 2-inch heels. she complained to upperin to management but was told it wasit legal for companies to enforce e a dress code.ssod she has since started an online petition calling for it to be illegal for a company to make women wear heels. >> wow.ow. that's crazy. >> really?>> >> hey, that's interesting ier topic. we want to know what you thinkth about this. use social media and give us mia comments and feedback on thatact story either on twitter or our o facebook page.ce p >> here's what i think of it.s i >> thank you, holly.. >> thanks. i'm sitting all day, too. too coming up fox news morningsi one local county adopts a new a grading system some educators ea say could lead to inflated and improper grades.op >> as we go break right now,k rw live look time right now 4:42. 4 back right after this. thi >> ♪ >> ♪
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ing. >> prince george's county manor worried about a growing sunday noelle his backyard. he says every day that it rains the noellgeere his backyay gets bigger and bigger.ig county inspectors say the hole h was caused by a broken water drainage pipe under his home. h lattimore says the repairs areae expected to cost about $20,000. >> ouch. >> problem every time itverye rains. boy, oh, boy, he's in for it. >> yes, he, he is. gary mcgrady what is going whati on. >> yeah, we're in a rainyai pattern.patt it's more like seattle than itit is washington, d.c. maybe -- >> make it stop.>> >> i can't. i can't do that. we just got to ride with it. it. how's that. t >> all right. >> brighter days ahead.te maybe today we get a littler et bit of sunshine. abit of s that wilunl be nice, too. nice,o right now we're 58 degreey i went through that pretty quick but temperatures out there inur the upper 50's.esr0' here is your weekend forecast. r no, there is some sunshine in sn the weekend forecas
4:46 am
how about 74 degrees for saturday.tuay. sunday here's the deal on sunday.l on a we're going to be dry anding e d we're going to have sunshineunsh but you know what, it lookslo like this is a pretty substantial cold front thatco comes through on saturday. sur so that means much cooler coo temperatures on sunday.unda some places only in the upperer 50's and the wind is going to go be blowing just a little bita lt so it's going to be pretty chilly around here on sunday so we'll finally get the f sunshine back and then it's bac going to be in the 50's and bint the 60's.the0's. are you kidding me? this is ts this morning with futurecast. fc little bit of drizzle here, a hr lot of cloud cover, too. keep in mind the visibilitiesisb this morning are reduced some so in some spots down below 2 miles. some spots down around a mile, okay, so just keep that in mind. more fog this morning than what we've had to deal with. as we progress, notice this isei 1 o'clock. look, a little bit of sunnyit ou break here i think that will happen andapnd as we get a little sunshine insn places this afternoon, that'son' going to help to probably popbap up a shower or maybe even a thunderstorm.torm. futurecast is not too bullish th on that idea but thursday a
4:47 am
couple spots where we could we c get a shower or thunderstormndem rumbling around in the lateroun afternoon into the evening, okay. it's just going to betousgoin scattered, though, so it's it' impossible to say exactly exa where that will happen. there is a better risk of that a late this afternoon and thisnd t evening back out to the westo tt of us. as we get to tomorrow, watch wah this. this front comes through and c that's going to kick off aomo line of showers andwe thunderstorms which will moveh m on through and that will startl to change things just a littlee bit. however, it does look likeoke still another chance of somee os showers coming in as we get to saturday and the cold frontro comes through saturday. that may can kick off a showerho or a thunderstorm. much cooler on sunday.y. a temperature of 64 degreesde and next week we'll try tory crawl back out of the 60'sback into the 70's. here's erin como. com thursday morning. mning friday eve. time for traffic. tff >> friday eve and we'reriy starting you off with breakinghg news this thimorn northwest section of the the district. look at that giant downedt giand tree. this is across 41st street northwest at the intersection of military road northwest.we. military road not a
4:48 am
to get around that you'll wantln to keep it to 42nd street or 39th. that will help you steer clear s of that closure. that police just got to that location. looks like they'll try to get gt crews out there to get thingsthr cleared out of the way.d we'll let you know as soon as traffiouknc starts moving againn 41st.41st let's take a live look outsideeo on the outer loop at ritchiet re marlboro road. want to show you how traffic tra is slowing right now.lowi traffic looking good rightoo rig now. we don't have any problems. prom yesterday there was a larges l pothole taking out a lane by ritchie marlboro.e marlboro. that had traffic completely comt backed up from four past 50. 5 all lanes opened right now.nerih shouldn't be a problem. pbl yesterday several stranded drivers with flat tireswith flas unfortunately. we'll take a look at our map. m as you head into the districtis whether you're heading from f gainsville through manassas t into the district throughroh false church you're in great i shape on 66. no problems 95 on the95 o t northbound side.nort you can see all of yoursee all u virginia drive times in thees i green right now.grn right no i certainly will let you knowow when that changes.en tweet me with any questions at erin fox5 d.c. d.c we would love to hear from myov
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maureen. >> 4:48 is the t d.c. parents upset becausepsetec they weren't told about high abt lead levels in the water atelint their children's school. they met with the leaders. leads parents want to know when then h problem will be resolved.m >> the city is in the middley ni of a 30 day testing period. some parents wondered why thetsw city didn't install water water filters at all schools. sools >> i understood that the problem is that fountains mays y over time get lead and so so having filters in them is ahem s good pre-emptive measure aseasue well as a way to keep the lead d out once it's been >> what we do know is giveniv the number of times that we've tested here and the number of water sources that we've tested here at pane elementaryel school that it's unlike that there's a large scalearge sca contamination that is comingatii into the building. bld >> chief operating officer forpi d.c. public schools went on toto the led couldn't -- to say that the lead contamination ista most likely happe
4:50 am
point of exit from the water source. filtration is the best way to wy manage that process. t >> maryland's attorney generaldy is suing a chevy chase companypy saying it targeted lead poisoning victims.ictims the lawsuit accuses accessccess funding of tricking 74 lead poisoning victims into baltimore into signing overinto the bulk of their settlementlemn in exchange for one time cash ta many of those victims havems been left with no money.oney attorney general brian frost frt conducted a seven month investigation before filingre fn that lawsuit. >> d.c. officials working to help prevent hate crimes hate cr against members of the lgbt l community. the mayor's office hosted a hose community meeting tuesdayti t the goal to provide lesbian lesn gay by that sexual and t transgender people withr pple information and resources toouet stay safe. stay >> the public safety meetings included members of the d.c. t police force and metro transit police. >> when any one of us are targeted, when any one of us ons are the victims of a hate bias crime it does impact all of our acts to live our lives tonls feel safe in the city that we te pay taxes, in the cit
4:51 am
live in. >> there were 70 hate crimesates reported in the district in 2014, 29 of those victims weremr targeted because of their sexual orientation.taon an additional 15 were targeted based on their genderir gde identity. startling new statisticsg about d.c.'s homelessel population.popula an annual survey by the council of governments founden d.c. has seen a 14 percent increase in homeless people in the past year while almost alm every other part of the regioneg saw a decline. dli the number of homeless homel families in d.c. soared to over 30 percent over the lastt year. city officials believe thels jump is due to the city'sity' policy on providing year round access to shelter for families. >> logan circle residents and business owners coming together with police to combat crime.crime. chief lanier talked about the current state of crime in the >> she says so far 75 percentpe of the homicide cases havee casa been closed with an arrest. anes >> actually we've made a lotwe't of progress and we're looking pretty good going into theood gn summer. summer thiss
4:52 am
of where we start to seetart tos spikes and last year where we started to see spikes. right now we're in good shape.e we want to keep that it way, though. i think the most importante thing is our biggest crimeme issue lab we starter out in the sta beginning of the year upg around 30 or 40 percent soen so we've dropped that down toto around 9 percent rht now.ight n >> the chief was asked aboutbo metro crime and how she felt about the recent crime spikeme s on metro. she said "it may not be politically correct to saycall this but they y have if policeec but not enough."but en >> it's a vitamin that'sha recommended by doctors for decades to help prevent birth bh defects.dect a new study suggests it may be b possible to get too much folicol acid. acid. >> research shows high levels of that vitamin a mother'sher's blood were linked to a higherige risk of autism in theirheir children.dren. some experts are questioning qui that new research.that r they say the findings are preliminary numbers and basedy on a small number of families fe seen at one hospital. hosta important news for giantanws
4:53 am
brand of walnut from its shelves due to a potential listeria contamination.mination. >> they were sold in 6-ounce bags with best buy dates in april 2017.apri the grocer says it hasn'titas received any reports of o illnesses related to the walll nuts. nuts. kellogs under fire forlls un adding a new ingredient to a n some of its popular snackss without warning consumers. cme this month the company began using peanut flower in someom flavors of keebler and austin ai cheese crackers. the decision has sparked food allergy concerns.rn a woman says she's worriedri that kellogs hasn't donelo hasn' enough to alert consumers especially involving a safe go to item for children. >> putting a snack that was formerly safe that that now contains peanuts is akin to in
4:54 am
loaded gun in someone's lunch box. >> kellogs says it believes itt communicated this issue aheaduea of time and the change will be clear on the label. they've decided to make austinun grilled cheese sandwich crackers without peanutut pea products starting inprod sta september. many families say that adds tott the confusion of figuring outg o what product are safe. saf >> no final exam becausenal that's going soon be a realityo for kids in montgomery countyou public high school.oo >> they're getting new grading a systems beginning in the fall.hf teachers will use a point p scale system calculated byem ca averaging marking period per many say the new system couldysm help students reach better grade point averages but but opponents argue students needsee an experience similar to what t they'll deal with in college. ce >> now for a happy ending to ato story we first brought you last year. you may remember veteran vet mickey triplet painted a picnic bench outside hisen apartment in woodi he was charged with destruction of property andy a faced a $2,500 fine and a yearny in jail. j triplet was even kicked out ofd his apartment as a result oftme >> now for the good news.
4:55 am
the charges, they've been dropped. a judge ruled he was maliciously targeted by the apartment complex. com >> if you ask me would i do itdt again, i would always help help someone. that's in my and i would want the same typeet of help extended to me. m even if it does get me in trouble sometimes.omet. if it means helping somebody som that needs help, i'm willing i'm to help them. that's'se. >> good for you.>> in addition tooo having the charges dropped triplet waswas awarded $6,500 for the painor pn and suffering caused by hisi eviction. >> ♪ >> time now to talk weatherno with gary mcgrady and we'rew sick of the rain but whatmc ygru going to do?goin do? >> well, everybody's sick of sic it, wisdom., wdo >> yeah. >> everybody's in the samerybo boat together and trust me, ie, hear you on social media especially. some of those things i'm getting i've harsh to be honest. ho i can take it.i ca i'm a big boy.i'm g b il
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one to one and a half mile visibility for annapolis.nnapis parts burg two and a.wo a a winchester is down to a halfaf mile visibility.ilit these are kind of going to bend all over the place this pce morning. i don't anticipate any type of o a dense fog advisory or or anything like that. i'll watch it closely, though,ol for you. for definitely more mild this mor morning. everybody in the upper 50's out there. martinsburg 56, frederick 57.rek here in town right around 58 degrees.58 degrees. watching this morning for ahi few showes rs.w showe so far they've only been downy n to the south of us and they're ' moving on.movi right now i think really just drizzle, clouds, reduced ruc visibility. we're going to get a littleg bit of sunshine in spots atto a. they'll help get temperatures up into the lower to mid 70's.0. haven't seen that in awhile. here's erin como, thursdayhursda morning, traffic time. >> friday eve, gary, 4:56 right now.t now. still tracking the breaking bak news out of the northwest north section of the district.he distc large downed tree blocking blocg 41st street completely atty a military road.tary keep in mind though for your early morning ride military m road is not af
4:57 am
to get around this closurelo keep to it 39th or 42nd 39tr depending on can whichpeing direction you're coming we'll let you know as soon asass crews are able to move that mov tree and reopen that road.ha r let's take a live look on 270. as you cruise from hyattstown all the way down to the spur,heu things looking really nice.yic no problems as you pass by father hurley. h things looking goodly in goodlyn height town and frederick.ow we don't have any of that t typical congestion. you can see a lot of wide w opened cameras behind me. m we'll switch it over for aitch look at our maps.look a if you're waking up in virginia, 95 on the northboundth side also quiet from dale citylt to woodbridge.oo i'll let you know if and whenoud that changes. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. wisdom and maureen. mau >> donald trump could be softening his stance when ithisw comes to house speaker paul p ryan and other leaders in the in republican party. >> and the trial of an officerri charged for his alleged role in the death of freddie gray begins today in baltimore. as we head to break halere's a quick look at this morning's mni stock futures.
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fox news morning back after this. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f ea straight ahead on fox newsoxh morning the federal government r orders metro to make critica


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