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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the fed ordering emergency od repairs for three criticalr locates within the metro rail system. >> baseball diamond belongedall to max what a night it was. how he joined the ranks of some of the league's great ofs the players. pyers. >> and a live look outside. osie let's see.see same as it was for the last 14 days. days there is your live look.r live a little cloudy out there.he it's thursday may 12th. 1 weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good morning to you, i'm allison seymour.lison se >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we're going do something aboutoa that weather in a coupleeaer i minutes when tucker and erin e join us on the us the first though happening today t the bench trial for one of thelf officers charged in the deathhag of freddie gray begins in baltimore. edward nero will go before a judge. he was involved in gray's initial detention and arrestdete in april of last year. yea nero's trial expected to last lt
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if found guilty he faces a a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. >> good samaritan that wast gunned down outside of theouide montgomery mall on friday willd be laid to rest at a. family and friends gatheredat last night for a visitation inan gaithersburg to rememberhersbu malcolm winnfel.lcolnnfe police say he was shot andt a killed by leo he tordil while helping a woman tordil was trying to carjack.arja. he also killed his estrangeds ed wife and another person in the two day shooting rampage. this morning please help the family of gladys tordilys ti with funeral costs. they want her body transported back to philippines for theilne burial. that was leo tordil's tdi estranged wife.estranged w it will cost between $10,000 and $8,000.8,00 the migrant heritage commission has set up a has s donation they're working to get gladys' ' saved visa to come to the united states to handle her h estate. >> metro's board will be'srd w
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federal government to o make urgent repairs.urgent repai >> federal transitrs administration says this work>>w must get done beforeor metro'seo big maintenance plan can move forward. how does this impact oures commute? fox5's melanie alnwick is live at the livat ballston station this morningtai with that part of the story.ry mel. mel. >> reporter: well, goodepor morning, steve and allison and a it's not clear exactly whenct w these repairs are going to get under way but we also want to t let people know it's not like nl these are some brand new problems that have popped up. these three segments that theeg fta is talking about have been previously identified in their t track maintenance plan andma also in metroin general managerg paul wiedefeld's safe tracke tr plan. it's just the two have different opinions on whatinio should take priority. por the fta is saying nope, ourg no, three segments, the ones thatneh we're talking about here need ne to go first. go fir let's take a look at the three t segments that are going to bee e affected. the red line between medicalen d center and van ness. and v nes we know a lot of that work has already been done so there t might not be major disruptionsit there. and then the orange
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silver line segment fromenfr potomac avenue to what they'rete calling the d and g junction, jt that is right where the orangere line splits off from the blueofb and silver lines before you get to minnesota avenue orin benenning road.nningoad. and then here at ballston, thett orange and silver line betweenet ballston and east falls church. now fta issued this order this d wednesday to immediately imm reduce also a it said the risk s to passengers and employees.mpls from april 23rd to may tenth, just 18 days there have been bee 15 of what the feds callhe safety events, nine with smokeho and fire.d fe. work will include cleaning track beds fixing drainage andae sealing cracks as well asl replacing parts of the third t i rail and the traction power system. wmata board chairman evansma e briefed the council of governments on the severity ofsn the problems yesterday and and afterwards evans says he s agrees with what dot secretary c fox has been saying. >> secretary fox believes that it is unsafe, i'm in agree
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with him. as you saw before, paul myself l and the board have noave n reservations about shuttingbohut down the system if it's not safe.fe we are not sending trains out there and putting people ineoe danger. so, again, if the secretary believes it's unsafe, we have communication with him and arehi able to verify that, no problem.ob >> reporter: we also want toe t show you this picture that t people were concerned abouted a yesterday saying that theyy have seen some spark over atov national airport.irpo turns out that that flash ist as just what they say is common as train travels from one third rail to another third rail. you can imagine why people areee so concerned. very much a heightened sensenede of awareness these days whense y it comes to incidents like l this. also today metro's new chief safety officer is going to beo b meeting with the metro boardet and hopefully, steve andnd allison, we will get a littleitl bit more of a time line as to lo when these particular trackse repairs are going p to begin. live in
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alnwick fox5 local news. >> thanks mel.>> in the air new details intai the mystery of flight 370.t 370 two years after it disappearedae with more than 200 people onop board the malaysian government says two more pieces of debriss discovered in south africa onn a small island are almost almos certainly from that boeing 7777 that vanished back in march m 2014. a total of five pieces off debris from that plane have been located in various spotsioo around the indian ocean.n o >> donald trump is making hisini way top washington today whereae he'll sit down with househ h speaker paul ryan to talk t about unifying the republican party. party. the presumptive nominee isumpt trying to build a closer alliance with gop officials but says if they don't want toty support him, he will "trudge forward as he has and keepee winning all the time." trump will meet with theet chairman of the rnc and senate majority leader mitchty lea mcconnell. in the 7 o'clock hour a reporter with roll call willit join us to talh k more about abo what we can expect from
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trump's trip to capitol hill.pil donald trump is coming underg u criticism for not releasing his tax returns. returns. >> my husband and i havesband d released 33 years of taxax returns. you've got to ask yourself why w doesn't he want to releaseease them? we'll find out. fin >> donald trump says he'll do so when an i.r.s. audit is a i finished which will most m likely be after then ember election. >> let's brighten things up agh little bit. six past the hour.te we know we have been dealingen a with a couple weeks ofe weekof dreariness so welcome tucker barnes. >> here's the thinking. tnk two weeks of -- notice i've'v got a beach scene behind me. >> little hawaii five-o. fe- two weeks of measurable rain, clouds, no sun. >> dreary.>> dreary. >> we're sick of it. w >> we decided we're going to'reo have to bring the beach -- bea - bring summertime here to fox5erx news >> yes. we are over it. >> ♪ >> all morning long. a are you ready for this. t >> you know it.ou k >> let's get right to
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weather promise we got a lot ofot a l excitement today including myncy first graphic. >> there's that sun i love. >> yes, we're at the beach,wee fox5 beach day. d all right. r that's where the beach ends. e now let's get to it. there's a quick look at howat h many days of rain we've hadof now. r 15 in a row. r 16 there dulles, bwi marshall mr 15. we're featuring cloud cover. >> okay.>> oka >> i just want to dance now.t and a few rain showers outwa she there today. it will generally be cloudy. it will be a little warmerar today, low 70's for daytimeayti highs but again the threat of a shower in the forecastow might be a little sun thisit afternoon actually after we'reee done with this show.ith i think we might get a little at sun later today with more rainho tomorrow. we'll talk all about the weekend forecast and whetherfore or not we'll actually get somect weather like this any times any soon. soon >> i feel like you need ad partner in beach crimes.ri >> you do.>> you >> save the whole thing for later i presume.resume >> yeah. >> there's more.>> >> there's a lot more.ot me. >> okay. >> who might your partner be? >> hm. >> guys. h
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>> erin, looking cute. >> we got the hat, got theot shared the sun dress. dress tucker and i have outfit changes throughout the morning r so we promise you an excitingitn beach filled fun morning with w chairs maybe some beach drinks a with umbrellas.llas lots going on here. h let's take it all in. i haven't taken this hat outut since i was in jamaica. jamca downed tree not so beachy,y, northwest section of thef the district tree down 41st andn 41a military road. r military road is opened sope s that's good news there.'s g crews working hard. h keep to it 39th or 42nd to get g around that one. o let's move things over ande th show you how things areouow t looking on our maps. map slow roll 295 southbound southbo eastern to pennsylvania. we are also dealing with heavynt traffic in laurel, bw parkway southbound, 197 through powder mill road. once you get inside the get i district 50 is slow as well towards 295 and things aregs are slowing down 66 eastboundnd through west falls church. seven to sycamore street. s right now we don't hav
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reported delays with metro. m i'll let you know if thatw if tt changes. things are slowing down on your inbound routes and i'ms going put these back on and o just kind of relax in here.e. back to you guys. t >> i think you should.hiho doing a great job. >> thanks erin.nk >> see you. big news for montgomerynews county public school studentsc this week. they will be getting asc new grading system that starts int the fall.the >> students will be especially a excited to hear that the newew system eliminates finals.mina we talked about that beforeabat but some other changes arengesre coming, too, including a new point scale to calculate cal student's grades.t's ades fox5's annie yu joins usoi u with everything you need toyou know about the big change andhea i can already hear somerom naysayers saying is this a great thing or is it giving them a false sense of fal sense security. i can already hear it, annie. an >> reporter: yeah, no, yea you're absolutely right. of course this type of change ta doesn't come withoutut you haveve hard core educatorsda or educators saying, look, loo this doesn't really give our o students the dose of realityhe y especially once they get to o concllege level and then you tn have many people, the t supporters and students sayingnt that this is good because it'st'
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gpa's, so there are two sidesreo to this but the announcementouem came down tuesday from superintendent larry bowers. bow let's take a look at the look e table. ta it's pretty a essie to followtol and gives you different combinations of grades butra basically if you get let's sayig an a in english the firsthe f quarter an b in the second quarter, you grade will end up averaging two an a so it's the upward trend for students andtue so you can kind of see the see e different combination there is on the table there.he but this is different from the previous grading system whererai teachers generally relied on a student's two quarter gradess tw an final grade but as you g mentioned off the top there theyraf eliminated final examsa that no longer is there forlo them to compare it o many people again saying thatt the new system is going to to help students get better gpa's a but you have the naysayers nsa saying wait a minute, this wai isn't giving our students the o reality once they get to college level and really preparing them for what's tog er come. back to you in the studio.u in u >> all right, annie thank youniu very much.ry muc >> well, last night what at ni game at the
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it was strikeout after waseo strikeout. count 20 of them. big night on the mound for maxhe scherzer he tied the majored thm league record for a nine nin inning game by striking out 20u2 batters in a three-two win-t over his former team them the detroit tigers.s. only 27 outs in a game so all but seven outs were strikeouts.strikeouts. scherzer shares the mark with roger clemens kerry wood andood randy johnson.on. concern rewood tweeted hiseted h congratulations to . welcome to the club. scherzer replied thanks man. thk loved watching your game as a kid. >> that's just what dreams areju made ast of. >> awesome performance.ance >> love there.>> still ahead, do you have an odd -- yeah. yea do you have an old apple ale product stashed away that youhea may have forgotten about or you can't throw away becausey be you've got all the pictures onto them? i don't know and maybe m i do. i do. they could be worth thousandse of dollars.woof dollars i'll fill in you >> or maybe a real old one. george zimmerman causingge controversy. z what he says he's going do with the gun that he u hsee'd te shoot and kill trayvon martin. we're
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>> back now at at breaking news from southrom sout america. brazil's president has beendente impeached within the last half h hour.hour brazil's senate voted tooted to suspend him from office for at a least six months.on she was brazil's first femalee president.pres there will be an impeachmentmpee trial. she's accused of hiding the
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deficits. >> it took three years but we know now that a deadly dea explosion at a fertilizerertilir plant in west texas was deliberately the blast killed 15 people including 12 first respondersesd and destroyed 500 homes.00 after hundreds of interviewser examining witness photos andhosn forensic testing investigatorses determined the fire was arson. s so far investigators haven't named any suspects. spect george zimmerman back inimmb the headlines this morning forof auctioning off the gun that he t used to fatally shoot trayvonhot martin back in 2013. this action begins -- theegins auction in just a few hours. in an exclusive interview withet fox news zimmerman explainedin why he is selling the weapon. >> hiding, not publicizing thezi sale, not putting this up for auction isn't going tot gng t insulate me from thesee radicals.di what i've decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american and i can
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do what i'd like with my possessions. >> back in 2013, zimmerman wasas found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughterse in the death of 17-year-old 17-r trayvon martin. after the trial he got his gun back. bidding will start at $5,000. still ahead a fox5 fox follow-up. remember the military veteranetn fined and threatened with jail time for painting an old bench b in his neighborhood. that happened nearly a yearne ago so nowd we're checking inhe with him to find out how itutow was all resolved.esol >> let's look outside rightoots now as we head to break onak this thursday morning.hurs it might look miserable outer there but we're bringing theingt sunshine to you this morning. wait until you see what our weather and traffic folks have for you coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. with two weeks of rain and nothing but cloud cover, wee decided we're going bring summertime and sunshine -- [laughter] you already gotten into i our beach drinks.r >> yes.
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yes, we'll bring summertime and the beach to yohiu thisrio h morning all morning long as -- hawaihawaii 5-0. 5 let's go to the forecast.t. fox5 beach day has arrived. thank you for bearing with usriw and.d. >> indulging our beach >> yes, we have to do d something here. yes, the beach day has arrived. not going to feel like it so much outside early this morning. >> uh-uh. >> feel like surfing now. 58 now in washington.n wa 57 in annapolis, 55 in leonardtown.onow dulles 57, manassas 57. 57. i like hanging out here when i h do the >> i like this.>> i >> cloud cover and fog.. no measurable rain showere activity. although we're expecting a few showers to develop laterer so, i'd be prepared for. that here's the good news.odew we might get a little sunshineen later this afternoon. afternoon. thought we might yesterday.estey we didn't but prospects arespts out there today we could.ld down up the road this coldp th front will get in herewi tomorrow so we have another day of rain showers and thenhen things will start to get a
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one more round of rain showers on saturday afternoon with ah cold front but i think byhink sunday we'll get a chance tohanc really dry out. o know maybe not beach weatherbe a but nicer weather for the end e of the weekend. weekend there's futurecast a at 11:00. futurecast not loving the ideade of a lot of rain around here. hr maybe we'll get some sunshine. h we have more rain on theon t horizon that gets in heren that tonight and that's tomorrowand h afternoon with our cold frontwio moving through so we do haveave lots of changes in the way of of more rain showers on the way. w. >> look at that sunshine.k at that's what we're waiting for.. >> yes. quick look at the weekendnd forecast.forecast. that's your saturday afternoonyr forecast. another frontal systemot brings us another round ofhe shower. that's why we're doing beachan re d day. got to brighten things up.rightu by sunday breezy and cool andzy very nice. n all i'm already wearing a hat hm. >> yes. >> here's your seven day.ven d 73 today.od shower or storm in then th forecast tomorrow.reca lots of clouds around throughgh saturday and then sunday looksyo nice. sunny and breezy.nn maybe not quite beach weather.e. >> sit down for traffic. >> do i get to hang out.
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>> teamwork. >> we got it going here.t it >> look at that. you get to hang out. >> got my toes in the water.toe. >> get rid of those clouds. of unfortunately you are sittingel right now not in front of a froa beach but in fluff a downeda dow tree. this is in the northwest section. crews are working hard towo clear that, 41st street shutethu down at military road.d. military road traffic moving.d v you saw that car flowingar flowi behind me. take 39th or 42nd to get around that closure.arou police are on location. lat if you see flashing lights between chevy chase and frienden hip heights that's why.igthat we'll show you a look at ourow y maps and some slow soaps.oa lot of slow moving trafficing ta into the district morning asicng you head out. 95 is jammed 630 to 610 in stafford, really slow dalely city to 123 as you cross the occoquan.oc 66 east slow 234 to the carhe c rest area. aa. jammed in west falls church chu where tucker is sitting between seven and sycamoresycamo street. a stall on the 14th street bridge causing slow traffic onsr 395 inbound and then we'ree also seeing delays in marylandn 95 looking good from the icc to the beltway.
6:20 am
270 jams by the truck scalesckls and 50 inbound jams as you get to metro is on time tucker so tke that deserves a rounds of applause.apause >> that's a great forecast.a gro >> steve and allison we would wu love if you would join ourf beach party.yo careful if he gets if he g one of those umbrella drinksdr he might fall asleep in thateept chair. >> valid point, yeah. v. >> thank you so much. m they're trying.ey'r >> i love it. ie >> bare with them. t >> i think it's greater.s gat we need it. >> now for a happy ending to a o story we first brought youroug last year. you might remember veteran mikey triplet. tet >> mickey triplet paint addnt a picnic bench and he wasic b charged with destruction of property.proper he faced $2,500 fine an yearne a in jail. he was also kicked out of hisofh apartment. well, now those charges haverges been dropped. dropp triplet was awarded $6,500 for5r the pain and suffering caused from his eviction. evict >> good ending.>> goond a little happy ending.nd results are in. next, airlines ranked highestst for passenger satisfa
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>> and do you have an oldo you a apple product laying around? yi? it could be worth thousands ofof dollars. we're going to head to the foxef business network in new york for the details coming up right after the break. ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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>> back now with a new list ofw america's favoritewi airlines.s join us from the fox businesses network studio laurenen simonetti.mone happy friday eve, my dear. d happy friday ev good thursday morning to you. y >> do we have favoriteo we hfavi airlines any?airlines a >> reporter: i know, what ar: i headline,, r >> right. >> reporter: a, there's a a favorite airline and the nugget in this story is that customer satisfaction with then airlines is at a 10 year high. >> what. >> reporter: really? what about those long lines at thelo airport. let me give you the story.ngyour jd power looked at ninet ni different carriers trad additional carriers and lowal c cost ones.cost o on the administration did side of things they say alaska t is our favorite airlines ali followed by delta american airnr
6:24 am
the reasons, fares down, on dow time performance up. up. and we are starting too tolerate baggage fees.gage are you kiddin fg me?dd m >> what. >> reporter: right now these are the low cost carrierscaie jetblue number one for the 11th year in the row. r >> steve is passing me a note. he says where is virginir america on that list? it'sa the best. >> reporter: oh, well, okay, so alaska air is buying them. t >> oh. sorry, steve. >> reporter: i've nevere nev flown virgin. vgi i've also wanted to. t >> he's giving that a bigt a b thumbs down.thumbs d let's talk about your old od apple products. i know i have some of these oese early ipods.po what's the catch here? h >> reporter: okay.or you can be tens of thousands of dollars richer allison ifis i those old apple gadgets are in the original sealed >> okay. who in the world has that?ha >> reporter: people, you know, some people, i can tell ct you the following.the followi i can tell you that -- heret --r let me get the exact makes and k
6:25 am
models the special edition u2 ipad back in 2004 sold for $350 it just fetched $90,000. $90,000. >> okay. >> reporter: 90k. repor and ebay has a list of what wha they think certain products pro are worth so $15,000 for aor a sealed five gig first generation ipod classic. class >> what about an unsealed onelee that had you in an old purse that's scratched up? >> reporter: five dollars. dolls >> lauren thanks for tryingthant anyway. five bucks is better than b nothing. we'll see you >>e reporter: >> remember that u2 one came c out and it was 350 bucks and regular ones were 300 bucks.uc >> you would have opened it.ld . >> and i would have opened it.od o so it would not be. s >> somebody had the foresightgh to know that a decade later it would be worth thousands.hoan >> not me.e. hello. >> hi. good morning. morni >> i wasn't ready for all thatrt sunshine. >> doing all i can here.oing trying to bring sunshine tosh your morning.your >> you're doing it.>> y >> as we got cloud cover and cer the threat of a few moreewor showers today. today. 15 days
6:26 am
measurable rain.asurable rain. >> but it might end today. >> it might end today becauseecu it might be generally cloudy.lo in fact we might get a little sunshine this afternoon.erno >> but tomorrow will be rainy. >> rainy tomorrow, rain showers for saturday.ers that's why we're bringing thengn sunshine. 58 now in washington. i upper 50's at then momentomen across the region. the rio we're looking at low 70'sow 7 today. so, a little bit warmer thanha what we've had the last coupletl days. that's if we get the sunshine. . all right. we got a little fog out there.h. low clouds. drizzle across the area. area. again, looking for the for the possibility of a couple breaks e today but we can't take thee th threat of a few showersrs developing much like muchike yesterday. we thought we would get a few showers and we had pretty muchwe a day of steady rain so there you go. today 73.y tomorrow 77 way cold front. 77 that's more rain. r few showers saturdaywe sat afternoon. saturday morning looks ld sunday looks great. >> okay. thought we were turning the the corner on the weekend.eekend. >> weekend looks good. >> lexy excellent will let'sce get a lookll at traffic. tffic >> slow ride
6:27 am
stall on the 14th streetn bridge. left lane is blocked so watch for delays kicking if in asf ias you head towards that point. typical congestion from theng bottom of the beltway.beltwa 295 southbound owe south atd e t benning road dealing with aroli crash blocking a lane causingana additional congestion on 295. virginia slow through staffordod and dale city 95 northbound.y 66 is backing up through tou manassas and centreville andtrid we're also dealing with slow traffic to sycamore streetto sym from seven. once you get in west fallst ll church. in addition to that marylandyl is slow on 270 south and 50nd 5 metro is on time.n good news for you there. back to you. >> thank you erin. t you appreciate it. i coming up, still ahead newhd demands for metro to makes for e repairs coming from themirom federal government.overnm >> also sports junkies join uss will bryce harper's one game suspension hold up? we're going to be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:30. welcome back to fox5 news morning on a thursday morning. we'll have a sunny weather andcd traffic coming up on the 5son t at 6:35. 6 if you haven't seen tucker and erin tune in. you'll know what i'm talkingng about. first we go to metro.rswe gm the board will discuss newiscu n orders from the fta. f officials saroy metro mustus complete urgent repairs toent rr three critical locations lat before moving a ahead with wit safe track.ra those locations are the redhe blue silver and orange line. lin this teen behind bars arrested for impersonating ang police officer.po police say 18-year-old tyson-oln rasher walke
6:31 am
security at potomac mills in woodbridge to report a shoplifter. he identified himself as ase as officer he had a replica firearm and handcuffs on himuffm at the time. t good samaritan gunned downan outside of montgomery mall onerl friday will be laid to rest res today. today. family and friends gathered f gt last flight for a visitation vin to remember malcolm winnfel. wil that happened in police say law shot and killed by eulalio tordil while helping a woman that tordilt tor was trying to carjack. steve to you. >> let's get to the morning. t lots to talk about with your w y washington nationals.ationals max scherzer what a game last flight on the mound against his former team.hi let's check in with the sports junkies 106 f.m. the fan.6 f.he max scherzer unhittable, untouchable.unuc he got hit but he fanned a a lot. >> he had like no-hitternoit stuff. st always funny with him, he'se's either amazing or gives up aes p bomb. he gave up two home runs runs yesterday but the 20dat th strikeouts
6:32 am
the 20's strikeouts was just -- how many balls? >> 23 balls. b >> 23 balls. >> 90 percent >> he was unreal last night.ight >> we had four balls when wellsh threw out the first pitch andith that was just four pitches.itch >> i threw a >> mine was right in the middle of abe's midsection. mide mine was a strike.mi >> abe is 30 feet tall to be honest. >> he has a big strike zonerion there. >> it's true. but it was a nice performance.rn jordan zimmerman coming back into town, he was obviously obvo pumped up. pump both guys pitched very well early on. it was an important performance fox max because he's been the one guy on thee staff that hasn't reallyf th gotten on track.rack. >> right, yeah, he neededd that. that that just goes to show you how talented he is.lent he is. >> oh, yeah. >> we were talking about earlier steve these guys are so blessed there they have rockets attached to their arms coming out of the womb. out it's incredible how hard theyhay can throw for nine innings for f 120 pitches and he waseas throwing 96 in the last inningan
6:33 am
>> unbelievable. he showed his stuff last yearlaa with the no-hitters.o-tters. great to see those guys having fun celebrating at the end ofnd the game of the hopeful thatef now gets them to enjoy thehe game a little bit more. m bryce harper, we kind of expected some federalout fromlot that outburst the other night. . looks like if i'm readingke i between the lines here or atneso least from the major league maju baseball officing lurch this is what we were talking abouter the suspension more aboutn mo going back on the field after being kicked out than what he said to the umpire.e. >> right. r >> i guess they're considering i that confronting the umpire. thr i don't know.i i think it's a joke. a he is appealing it.t. that's why he played last why hy night. but i mean they've determinedy'd that, you know, obviously it's a rule you can't go back onou c the field when you've beeneee ejected and i guess evenven further you can't confront the umpire. >> i think that's the bigb thing 'cause there's some s precedent even recently whereevl people have been ejected, eject managers, players and they'veply come back on the field andon they haven't been suspendedn snd but i think it's thehe combination coming back on the field and then going right upht to the umpire and say
6:34 am
blank you. >> you can't say that. >> a little extra muster. m >> it's not the best look. i said it's going happen going opposite. opposite. >> the capitals unfortunatelyitt the caps season over.ele tocaday is the clean out thean t locker if you guys were down thereuys and you're hanging out withgingt the guys as they're cleaning clg out their lockers and they'rey' not in a horrible mood what would you be talking aboutou bek with them as this season seaso wrapped up? >> i think you'd say>> i congratulations on a greattionsg season despite the fact thatha it's the same spot that theyhatt seem to end in every year. y by the way, props because eb got to shave his beard. bea have you noticed that.ed tha >> look at that.hat. >> now, he says he looks likelol a 35-year-old right now. i don't know about that. >> maybe 30. 30. >> i shaved a good 10 to 15ved years off, steve.years >> i don't know.>>'t >> i look handsome today.some >> take the hat off and wet and might add a few years. >> easy. >> steve i would ask ovie ifvi he wants to play in my foursome today.od >> caps are playing golf rightpa around the corner.nd t
6:35 am
>> they have plenty of piecesf p in place. they're going to tweak it, they always do every year, there's always contracts theyay have to deal with but i would w be piterfectly happy to bring b this crew back and make another run at it.anot the key pieces i don't think there's any problem with your goaltending.goalnd obviously you love your firstr t two lines. maybe you add a little bitttleit defensively there. the brooks orpik is getting up inn age, he did cost you a littleyo bit in the playoff run but forun the most part i love thiss team. team. >> i agree. >> you want to combat the comba style of the penguins, smaller quicker skaters maybe add somebody like that on your l lower pieces on your roster tote help compete with the speedpete that we saw from the because the penguins aren'tn' going anywhere from the looks fs of things so if you have to tweak the roster to kind ofind compete with >> it's flies to go into thes to off season knowing that most of those pieces are in place inp this time. this time. >> right. >> steve, i watched 12 hockey h games in the playoffs.s i won't watch another one theh n rest of the othe >> yeah, i know.ea >> that's for sure. tha >> it's going to go until julyij so it's probably a good time a o
6:36 am
course. cakes you going the keep thee ep beard? bear >> of course because i'm lazy'ml and i hate shaving. [laughter] >> fair enough. >> the beard is staying. sta >> thanks guys.>> ts gu junkies 106.7 f.m. the familiar. >> you guys got yourself fee.elf >> i can't wait to seat finaltin result. re >> it's going to be great.s in >> we decided since i can'tan't bring sunshine to the forecast i'm going bring sunshine tounsh you. >> do you have on sunscreen or o is that a bad makeup job. job >> i'm all in. i'm all in. in. >> he does look pretty bright.yi >> i've got the suntan lotion on. >> are you going surf today.f t >> i'm going surf later. l i'm going hold that off. o i can't get hurt early. ear let's go to the for let's go to the maps.o th m thank you very much.thanyou getting lots of nice comments. t billy says thank you so much for -- >> loving your beach party this a.m. >> getting lots of people ppl happy that we're trying to ato least get some sunshine outome e there. there. >> got to do it. >> yeah, we got to do
6:37 am
58 in washington, 57 dulles,ul 56 bwi marshall. hey, cloud cover, fog, mist, fo, blah, blah, blah, more of theahf same this morning as we're looking at the threat of a few showers this afternoon. your forecast for thisast for evening, a little warmer than yesterday, 73.erda can't completely toss theely ss shower out of the forecast butfe we may get a littlcae bit of sunshine later with winds out w of the south and east at fiveine to seven. >> wouldn't feel right if wet fe didn't have a little raine a lin today. to >> well, we're 15 in a row. r might as well go 16. >> let's do it.'s do i >> let's do >> okay. where is erin. >> off the record we're goingoig to shatter it. it. >> i've enjoyed her outfitsutts today. >> thanks allison. 6:37. 6:37. we'll surf a little bit later. t right now we'll talk about the slow ride. 395 northbound a lane taken t out of the 14th street bridge. 1 jammed up from the b4tottom of the beltway through. 295 southbound a crash atc benning road.benn jammed from north of 5050 through that point. point. 50 inbound inside the beltway bw really jams up.s up. 210 northbound typical t congestion on indian head highway. high
6:38 am
and kerby hill road.oa slowdowns on five, branch branc avenue in brandywine as well wel as 301 usual spots. spots. heavy traffic as you make yourau way outside the beltway inelay laurel. la bw parkway southbound 197 top powder mill road.po notice how 95 on that 95 hat southbound side big red zoneed z leading from the icc to the outer loop slows from 95 toltro5 georgia.or that's the heaviest trafficvit i 270 on the southbound sidethbo very heavy traffic 85 to the truck scales. right now metro is on time and we want to hear from you.. tweet us. we'd love you to join in thee yo beach party. let us know if you have any have song requests to add to the party just like this one.e th you can tweet me at erin fox5 f d.c. or at tucker fox5. f steve and allison twitters as well.ll. bill says loving you haveing yo beach party surf's's up. joe says love the clearly he's talking about tucker. we'll be right back. keep it to fox5 news morning.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> we're back now at 6:41 with what's trending on the webk this thursday morning.inhurs first up report for d.c. state s hood from democratichood presidential frontrunnerti hillary clinton. she says the nation's capitol is "denied a voice in its own democracy.y. ." her statement comes one monthonh before d.c.'s primary..'pri next up a 72-year-oldp 72-y woman in india defying the odds and giving birth to her first can child. she's 72.s >> what. >> she says sh we hearne husband decided to go through thr fertility treatments last yeart to fulfill a life long dreamlong of there's. the baby boy conceived from aedm donor egg.nor eg now, some media outl
6:42 am
reporting the couple got pregnant in order to stake ar tk claim in a controversialontrersl family property.rt >> what?>> w >> finally a doughnut lovers dream overseas. krispy kreme in london londo unveiling a doughnut atm. for two pucks they can enjoycan the nutella doughnut. all proceeds go to a british a i cancer charity.harity no word if the machine will make its way to the u.s. w if it does, al, we will be there. >> okay. still ahead -- i can't evenan't thin. still ahead lesson learned.son what happened after serenaer williams sampled her dog'sog's food. the tennis star post add video v all about it.l ab we'll have that for you next.oux and a reminder before we we take tout break if you have abru news tip share it with us. call 2,028,953,000 or e-mail28,a your tips to fox -- 202-895-300s or e-mail your tips to
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> not prettiest start to the day outside on this thursday morning. good news is tomorrow's friday and we're goingst bring i was bi little bit of the beach to you you'll find out in just aboutt a 30 seconds.econds great game at the ballparkge last night. nig mac of max scherzer 20zer 20 strikeouts ties a major leagueor record. we have something else for youtl to get down to the ballpark to enjoy. two weeks away from an awesomen day for fox5. the annual weather day atay a nationals park and tucker tke leads our team on this everyhisv year and he gets pumped up for p it every year as well. >> listen it's two weeks fromksm yesterday.yester may 25th, 1 o'clock
6:46 am
thousands of school kids and this is great.reat. d.c.'s well represented thisenti last year they had somead se testing issues but we haveut wev d.c. schools that are going to be well represented.ell re we cannot w kids from around the regionhe ro maryland virginia as well will w join me and the fox5 weather wth team and a very special guestpei for app special presentation that morning. m then, get this -- this iss awesome.awesom you get weather day and then you get to seat nats beat thenaa mets. >> and then you get to doo do something good for somebody else.else. >> yeah, this year thes y the nationals are donating oneonatie dollar for every ticket sold s for our weather day game to gam the leukemia and lymphoma lymom society an organization fox5 of course is proud to partnerar with.wi if you want to come to theto t game, even if you can't comee to weather day, if you come tooo the game the nationals are are going to donate a dollar of dll your ticket to help the leukemia and lymphoma society. e >> not just for kids.ot jt fo we want adults to come down ass well. we we can raise $40,000 foror leukemia and lymphoma societyoc if they sell it out and that ant wod
6:47 am
>> let's do it.>> >> great. >> and it's a day game, too. >> it's a 1 o'clock hopefully the sun will be out. >> yeah. >> so the theme here today isemd we're bringingay the sun to you since i can't deliver on theel seven-dayiv forecast. >> and the reason lined thishe r is we're now, what, 14 almost4 m 15 straight days.15 straight da. >> i think it's 15 days now n with measurable rain.surable ra. yesterday was another washout. t >> all the time out there. the >> let's just bring it home. j let's do what we cusan today.any >> people are over it.e are er . >> right, i think they are.thiny >> you look like you're overke v it. >> i'm over it. let's go to the forecast.orecas. here's some happy news. new 39 days until summer. sme >> hey, hey. hey. >> all right. >> seems like a long time but b i'm not going to say anything.g. >> well, it is spring after sg a all. should be a little bitittle bit brighter than it's t 15 days, steve, that's thes t fishtail at reagan national with measurable rain. dulles 16, bwi 15. good chance we keep it goingp today with a few showers showe today. 58 in washington, 55 in 5 leonardtown. it's mild out there to startto your day. upper
6:48 am
clouds, fog, drizzle out there early. earl we're thinking we may get a wy t little sunshine later today as s the dynamics are suggestinguggeg that we try to get a littlee dry air in here for a time of t look at new york and boston. bos they have been rejoicing inoici fine conditions for days.or d low 70's in boston what was hoping we'll nose h down a little bit of drier airbi and that may help out but the overall theme is to keep the ket clouds and showers around for a the next couple days.xt coue da. mild start to our saturdayo with sunshine s this is your weekend forecast fc and then another frontro saturday afternoon brings us additional shower activity.cty. sunday remember last sunday, sd, last time we had a full day ofyf sun? >> i do. mother's day. >> we'll do that again thiss sunday.suay >> excellent. cool with mid 60's.0's. things will brighten up.p. if we can't brighten you up inbu the studio we'll try tory t brighten things up on theht seven day. >> you're doing a great job soab far. >> we're trying. >> erin is helping so far. >> stephanie just requestedaniej the song cool summer onon twitter.twitter. i told her we would see whatwoua we could do to get that in.
6:49 am
want to sit downing relax, put p my sunglasses on. feeling very zen this morning. unfortunate cloudy outside. outi stall on the 14th streetl bridge.on 295 southbound at benning road road we're dealing with a ac 50 inbound is all jammed up.llae good news is the outer loop by ritchie marlboro road, thatboroa has cleared up. up. yesterday huge pothole causedleu big problems.g pro all lanes now opened and you a y can see traffic looking reallyel good there. good tucker is getting organized oand with the cooler.wi the he's so relaxed by this traffic report.cepor virginia commute 95 backed up b through stafford 630 to 610. t61 same story through dale city. we can just see your hand comeue back into the shot tucker.ucker. 66 eastbound 234 to the car rest area another red zone and a a heavy traffic as well suitland parkway inbound i silver hill to stanton. four ritchie marlboro backs up to dower house. on 301 northbound cedarvillece to five low traffic. tra you know the drill.u ow t these are t
6:50 am
zones we deal with every day. 270 southbound jams 85 to thend truck scales and once again asns you pass father hurley.urle we're dealing with a lot of wito heavy traffic all over town soeo give yourself extra time. 66 really slowing on theng on inbound side through arlingtongl as well. let you know if any other bigr crash scenes develop.h we're tracking a downescd tree northwest.northwest. forty-first street stilly-fi blocked at military road.oad. we'll make sure we keep you pope francisd there.he if news. aside from the fact we'reom having a beach party while i'm e doing traffic tucker gets tokers take a nice little relaxed napex metro is on time.o is o t what do we have in the cooler ce there? do you have any treats e for me yet. r >> all kinds of stuff.ll k not allowed to get in here for e another hour.r hou >> we'll make sure we keep you updated with weather andted witr traffic before we break intobe the cooler with our little umbrellas, right? rig >> do you need me to applyly some suntan lotion.tan lotion. >> you know you're such aw yo gentleman. i so appreciate that. that. >> just let me >> oh, boy. boy [laughter] >> all right. see you guys in a minute.ut >> led out to the west coast cot right now. in cal
6:51 am
working -- stop wildfires assisting firefighters withers w clearing the brush that could fuel wildfires. wilires. they're letting goats roam r simi valley eating the dry brush. despite getting rain thisnhi winter there that wet weather w has not made a deep impact onon the brush. >> this morning d.c. publicrn school parents arein demanding i answers about elevated leadvad e levels in the water in theirhe children's schools. sch parents with kids at panes p elementary extremelyly concerned. tests showed a water source at the school had a lead level of o 600 times the acceptableccepbl limit. right now the city is in thee process of testing the water w at all 113 d.c. publicublic schools. parents are wondering why theer city just didn't install water t filters at all schools.choo >> i understood that the the problem is that fountains may over time get lead and so having filters in them is aem ia good pre-emptive pleasure aslea well as a way to keep the leadpa out once it's been discovered. . >> what we do know is given the num
6:52 am
tested here at pane elementarye school and the number of water r sources that we've tested here h at pane elementary school e there there's unlikelyle that t there is a large scaleargeca contamination that is comingion into the >> the city council is the expected to take up the issueta after this round of testing is done.done. >> today we're going hear fromeg caps players and the headplay coach one last time this tim thi season. they will speak to the media med after they clean out their lockers this morning in arlington. in the moon time the russianti hockey federation says it isaysi calling up forward alex ovechkin and his teammates formf the world championships. russia's next game is against an denmark. that game is actually today inod moscow.scow. exciting time for theci maryland men and women'sti wom's lacrosse teams.ea both entering this weekend's wke ncaa tournament as the number nm one seeds. that makes the university ofnivt maryland the first school in t r lacrosse tournament history to y earn that rank at the samehat time for men and women.or a the men face the winner of the quinnipiac
6:53 am
on sunday. good luck to the terps. >> a 10-year-old kansas citysasc girl setting incredibleredi fitness record by doing more than 2,000 kyleigh bass actually did d 2,110 to set the project fit america >> i could never break that n be record. good for her. in today's fox beat serena x williams went on snap chat tot a tell her viewers a little bit avenue funny story.. serena brings her dog clip when she travels. >> the hotel provides a doggie menu and she said the food looked so good she wanted to s try it for herself. herself. what happened next. n let's hear from >> let's fast forward to twod to hoursly i just ran to the toilet like -- like i thoughti g i was going pass out.s g pass bldon't think it's consumable ca for humans . for >> [laughter]lahter and, um, they should have h wrote that.ha really sick.ic >> serena williams went on tot o say that she
6:54 am
full. >> looked good.d g she tried it. and now i will not ever bee doing that. t >> she tried it and she tried it. >> she d kevin usually joinssuas us at this time in the at morning. he's super busy eels at the at largest film festival, the most prestigious the cannes then film festival. fti >> next hour kevin will telll el us about his sit he'll share a story about how ah he ran into two fox5 viewers in we're going to check in withto t him live in about an hour.our. >> that's going to be exciting. >> right now let's say good morning to our fox5 facebook fan of the's day.of the d it is schler rita cookieitco whiting. there she is.e is. sherita is celebrating aebrang birthday >> all right. >> happy birthday sherita. hope you have a fantastic dayst today. she picked one of those niceed s sunny days to pose with these we washington skyline, thee monuments in the background pretty picture. >> pretty cookie aches loveco it.e >>
6:55 am
>> all right. >> tuck is going try to bringngg you some sunshine today one way or another.way >> we're doing all we can dng a here. >> working hard.>> >> two weeks plus of rain w showers across the area at least measurable rain. r >> mental sunshine.sunin >> unfortunately fog -- fog - >> does that make you feelat ma >> that makes you feel better.u >> i'm getting so much twitter suggestions that we get the grille going, it's 5:00,0 somewhere, right, there wehtthe just get this beach partyar really going. g >> i love it.>> >> okay.>> oka >> i have a change of outfitut for both of you guys at 7:00.:0. >> awesome. >> let's do the forecast. do that's what we're looking at locally. clouds. clouds. once you hear a little musicus like that, though ---- >> that puts in you as you a different mood. >> puts you in a differentyou place, doesn't it. doe winds are calm with more of the same expected today.same it will be a little warmer,earme low 70's with some cloud coveroc and the threat of a few showers around here thisthis afternoon. cold front tomorrow is going t to bring us additional showerna activity and then as we gete get into saturday and sunday --da once you're on
6:56 am
everything slows down.eryt >> isn't it great. i >> yeah. maps don't want to move. there's no hurry. >> take it for what it wha >> i'll be back with the seven day in a minute. ain 73 today with generally cloudy d conditions might be a little mit sun an few showers. sho >> you make me happy, tucker.r. >> i'm trying. try >> you and erin are doing it. dg >> okay. o speaking of erin.ri hello. >> good morning. exciting we have outfit out changes but right now we haveav slow traffic 395 northboundorthd stall on the 14th streeton t bridge. this crash 295 south of 295th benning road moved over to thert shoulder. really jammed up for that yourtu maryland commute into thend c district. 95 south red zone 200icc toc to the beltway. btw southbound side of 27085 to5 the truck scales and thennd t again father hurley to theley tt spur. ur 58ist 410 to 201 slows down as well. same story in virginia. virgi in stafford you're jammed.or jammed through dale city andough you're also jammed on theja on eastbound side of 66 as you as make your way out past 234ast 23 coupling from manassas to fro centreville you slow again bygab west falls church and then in fredericks burg t c
6:57 am
keep it here to fox5 for the 7 o'clock hour on our beach party day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.oxe >> right now at 7 o'clock thisci morning the second trial in tri the freddie gray case getsase g under way today and it will bell much different than the first f one. we are live in baltimore.alti >> plus, metro in crisis.
7:00 am
the feds ordering emergency repairs at three tracke t locations and it must be done d before metro can move forwardwa with its big maintenance we'll tell you how it wilcel impact your commute. >> donald trump in he's hoping to win supportuppo from gop leaders includingludi paul ryan that man rightthat mar there. the five things you canyu expect from that meeting coming up this hour. h >> and a big night on theight o mound for the nationals maxthe l scherzer. what he did against his oldis o teammates to join the ranks of o some of baseball's best >> only three players haverepla done before ever. >> monumental. good thursday morning. mni i'm allison seymour. sey it's may 12th, 2016.h, >> and i'm steve chenevey. sve c welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's get right to it. tit. happening at a the bench trialei begins for baltimore police officer edward nero in the death of freddie gray.ddieray. he's the second officer in thefi case to go to >> bob barnard live in live i baltimore with more on what on may be ahead in this trial.rial bob. why a bench trial in the firsthr placism allison


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